The King of Kungfu in school 462-470


Chapter 462

By this time, the other four teams had already finished playing, without exception, all of them were pre-ranked further ahead to win, and none of them after the pre-ranked fifty, except for Tang Zichen, who hadn't played yet now, and was in pending.

The Vice Dean said, "Alright, hurry up."

The vice president didn't care if Tang Zichen wanted to use a weapon.

Su Jian roared, "Kid, I'll let you see my weapons, don't be so ignorant in the future."

After saying that, Su Jian's feet stomped on the ground, and his muscles swelled up as if balloons were inflating.



Su Jian punched out, and the air buzzed loudly, the vice president beside him nodded, being able to make the air rattle showed that this kid was strong and had practiced his fist to the fullest.

"Heavenly Thunder Fist."

"Boom."It was then that Su Jian's true fist technique erupted, and the punch went out as if heavenly thunder was rolling and the wind was rising.

Tang Zichen made a flipping leap in place, and Su Jian's punch smashed into the ground, immediately smashing a hole. A second to remember to read the book

"Heavenly Thunder Double."

Seeing how easily Tang Zichen dodged his first move, Su Jian took out an even stronger force, his fist shadow blasting at Tang Zichen like a cannonball.

This time, however, Tang Zichen didn't dodge anymore and met it, flipping his right palm and bringing up a whirlwind, the whirlwind formed a vortex that collided with Su Jian's fist shadow, and suddenly, the whirlwind vortex wrapped around Su Jian's arms like a vortex, and Su Jian's body spun 360 degrees in midair before falling heavily.

"Bang."Su Jian's body raised a cloud of dust.

"Ah."Su Jian was now stupid, he didn't even know how he had lost his fist.

What Tang Zichen had just tried to perform was the Whirlwind Fist Technique, which was a result of Tang Zichen's deep impression when he had sparred with a boxing expert in his previous life.

It seemed that this Whirlwind Fist Technique was indeed quite awesome, otherwise Tang Zichen wouldn't have been so impressed in his previous life, and he could learn it just as deeply some other day.

The vice president looked at Tang Zichen in surprise, "You've even practiced the fist technique, then what did you just say about the knife breaking?Are you pretending on purpose?"

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Vice President, this is really a misunderstanding, I'm really good at using the sword, and as for that fist technique just now, to be honest, it's the first time I've ever performed it."

"Pretending to compare."

Tang Zichen was helpless, there was nothing he could do if people wanted to say that he was pretending to compare, then let's pretend to compare, Tang Zichen was clear in his heart that he wasn't pretending to compare anyway.

Su Jian crawled up from the ground, snorted at Tang Zichen, and then left in a huff.

The vice president shouted, "Everyone, the 50 strong battle is over, congratulations to all the students who entered the top 50, the following will be the 30 strong battle, everyone will rest in place for half an hour and then start immediately."

Tang Zichen was also resting in place, in fact, Tang Zichen didn't need to rest at all, but the rules had to be fair, so that everyone who had just fought was fully rested before starting.

In the distant crowd of spectators, the healing students cheered, but the two elders of the Tang family were even more shocked, Tang Zichen seemed to be more than fifty, he could still enter even further ahead.

Right now, that Tang Zhenghao was a bit nervous inside.


nbsp; "Damn, this trash actually managed to enter the top fifty, I hope he will be eliminated in the next round and never enter the top thirty again, otherwise it will be the same as I was in the beginning, I, Tang Zhenghao, will never allow a trash to surpass me, never."Tang Zhenghao, who was always calm, was now tense inside, he used to think that even if Tang Zichen was no longer trash, he would never reach his level, but he didn't expect that now he was actually pushing straight to his level.If he was surpassed by Tang Zichen, then what face would he have for Tang Zhenghao.

"God bless, never ah, let him stop at the top fifty, bless ah."Tang Zhenghao looked anxious as he prayed inwardly.

That Tang Zilan was also praying inwardly, "God, there's no need to be so nice to a loser, even if he enters the Top 100, he's actually allowed to enter the Top 50.God, let him stop being in the top fifty, don't enter the top thirty again, if he does enter the top thirty again, the Tang family will really take him back into the family, no ah."

Likewise, Liu Xiangyun was secretly praying, "God, bless Tang Zichen to enter the Top 30, although I'm already satisfied if he enters the Top 50, if he can still enter the Top 30 again, then of course it's even better, so I'll have more face.Chu Yiyun has such a genius fiancé, if my boyfriend can enter the Top 30, he won't be any worse than her, so bless it."

The half hour break time was quickly approaching.

"Fellow students, the break time is over, what will soon take place is, the Top Thirty Grand Finals."

"In this round, the top thirty battle, those who were pre-ranked in the top ten yesterday will automatically advance, those behind forty will still battle two by two, the loser will stop, and the winner will enter the top thirty.Do you understand the rules?"


"Well then, still a crossover duel, that is, the 11th place, duel with the 50th place, and the 12th place with the 49th.Two groups of two at the same time, please ask the pre-ranked 11th and 50th to come forward, and the pre-ranked 12th and 49th to come forward."

Unfortunately, Don Zichen was about to fight in the first round.

Since Tang Zichen was previously 52nd, Tang Zichen defeated 49th ranked Su Jian, so Tang Zichen took over Su Jian's spot.

Tang Zichen will fight the person who was pre-ranked 12th.

Tang Zichen walked out, standing across from him was a student from the Sword Law Department, the third ranked of the five strongest experts in the Sword Law Department, named Cheng Wei An.

"Swoosh."Cheng Wei'an pulled out his sword in a flash and pointed it at Tang Zichen.

At this moment, Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian were both a bit pale.

"I didn't expect that the top thirty would fight against our third ranked expert in the Sword Art System, Cheng Wei An, oh my god, is there any chance of winning?"Liu Xiangyun said nervously.

Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian are both from the Department of Sword Law, the top five experts of the Department of Sword Law are trained by the department head, this Cheng Wei An is ranked third ah, Tang Zichen actually met him in the battle of the top thirty.

At the base camp of the Sword Law Department, the Department Head of the Sword Law Department shouted, "Cheng Wei An, dry burst him, a healer, can't hinder you, my goal for you is top ten, don't give me defeat."

The Department Head of the Sword Law Department, his goal was to get at least three into the top ten, so the third ranked Cheng Wei'an was one of his goals to get into the top ten, how could he be hindered by a healing department of Tang Zichen.

"Sword Art Department, Cheng Wei'an, please teach me."Cheng Weian held his sword and looked at Tang Zichen with contempt, Tang Zichen was pre-ranked 49, while he was 12, so Cheng Weian was not even considering Tang Zichen as an opponent, and it was justified to scorn Tang Zichen.


With a cupped fist, "Healing, Don Zichen, please."

"Where are your weapons?"

"Weapons, oh, the only knife broke yesterday, well, as a mark of respect, I'll find a weapon, not empty handed, or say I'm bullying you."

"With you, bullying me?"Cheng Weian's face was furious, pointing at Tang Zichen's sword as if he couldn't wait to kill him.

Tang Zichen looked around and saw a stick on the ground in a corner not far away, Tang Zichen picked up the stick and ran back to his original spot.

The audience at the War God Martial Arena saw Tang Zichen's sword and stick, and they were talking.

"Who is this, isn't this messing up?"

"Even with a found stick?Even if they're of the stick magic system, their sticks are all made of steel ah."

"This is an abject insult to the third expert of the Sword Art System, Cheng Wei An."

Sure enough, that Cheng Wei An was green with anger when he saw Tang Zichen pick up a stick, and he said he wanted to show respect by picking up a stick to fight with?

"You fucking dare to insult me."Cheng Weian raged at Tang Zichen. The first website

Tang Zichen scowled, "What are you, worthy of my insults?A pre-ranked 12, really thinks he's something, a look down on the 49th ranked dog's eyes, I respect you before looking for a stick, if I don't respect you, I'll just use a finger."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Cheng Wei An's anger came out laughing, a finger, a good finger.

In the distance, the student of the Sword Law Department shouted in displeasure, "What kind of trash healing department, Cheng Weian, beat him, grass him, dare to insult the genius of our Sword Law Department."

Cheng Wei'an, who was the third ranked in the Sword Law Department and the idol of many female students, was now very upset to see his admirer being insulted by a healing department, and roared to burst Tang Zichen.

"Shoo."Cheng Wei An killed with a sword, his sword Qi was like a pot of cold water, covering Tang Zichen in an instant.

"Give me a fall."Cheng Wei An had just finished his sentence, and the sword was already pointed in front of Tang Zichen's nose.

But at that moment, Cheng Wei An felt a bit of pain in his lower abdomen.

Tang Zichen grunted, "Let's look down somewhere at you first."

When Cheng Wei An lowered his head, he only saw Tang Zichen's rod against Cheng Wei An's lower abdomen.

"Ah."Cheng Wei An was horrified, he hadn't even noticed when he had been stabbed in the lower abdomen.

"What swordsmanship department third, thought how awesome, and the head of the department personally special training, I pooh, I almost lost my roots when I did it, if it wasn't a stick in my hand, I'm afraid you would have to break your offspring."Tang Zichen said.

"Fuck you."

"Swoosh."Cheng Wei An stepped on both feet, a flip attacked Tang Zichen from another angle, this time, he danced his swordsmanship airtight, he didn't believe that this time Tang Zichen could still attack his lower abdomen, just now he was just negligent, only focusing on the sword out and forgetting to defend.

"Killing God One Slash, two swords in one."Tang Zichen used a stick as a sword, although its power was greatly reduced, it was still very fierce, Tang Zichen's killing god slash was of a very high grade, ordinary people would never be his opponent.

"Wow."The fierce breath tore through the air, and suddenly the wind and clouds changed, Cheng Wei An felt a coldness only top his heart, and in the next moment, several spider cracks appeared in Cheng Wei An's sword.

"Bang."Tang Zichen shot up with a kick, and Cheng Vian was kicked into several

Ten meters away went, and the sword in his hand was broken into good pieces.

Tang Zichen threw the stick away and grunted, "If I used a real sword, you would have flown nowhere long ago, arrogant in front of me, what a frog in a well."

Yes, if Tang Zichen wasn't a stick, but the knife he had picked up in the past, then Cheng Wei An would be even worse off.And if it was a very good knife, it would be even fiercer, perhaps killing him directly as well.It was time for Tang Zichen to go find a good weapon as well.

At this point, the entire audience was truly horrified for the first time after seeing Tang Zichen's strength.

A Healing Department, pre-ranked 49, had actually used a stick to defeat the third of the Sword Art Department.

Even the department head of the Sword Art Department turned pale.

Not only him, those who were pre-ranked top ten, were now looking at Tang Zichen with intense battle intent in their eyes, and they also seemed to have no certainty of victory within them.

Tang Zichen had entered the Top 30, and because he had defeated Cheng Wei'an, Tang Zichen's pre-ranking had directly become 12.

This meant that Tang Zichen's final ranking would be around 12, referring, of course, to the fact that Tang Zichen couldn't squeeze any further behind him, but if Tang Zichen was still able to move forward, then his final ranking would be even higher.

At this point, in the crowd of spectators, Tang Zhenghao was looking very ugly, Tang Zichen had directly turned his pre-ranking into 12, which meant that Tang Zichen had surpassed him back then.

Tang Zhenghao's pre-ranking back then was about 27, and when he participated in the Top 20, he failed to enter the top 20, and his final ranking was 28.At this time, Tang Zichen's pre-ranking was already 12, having surpassed him back then.

Soon, the battle of the top 30 was over, and everyone rested in place for half an hour, with the battle of the top 20 continuing after half an hour.

Bo Mingxi shouted: "Top 20 final battle, start immediately, similarly, the pre-ranked top 10 students, directly promoted.Those who are pre-ranked 11 to 30, still use the crossover style two-two duel."

Tang Zichen looked at the pre-ranked 29th, Tang Zichen would duel with this pre-ranked 29th, if Tang Zichen lost, it meant that he didn't enter the Top 20, and his final ranking became 29, and was replaced by the other party.

Tang Zichen and the woman who was pre-ranked 29th stood against each other, this woman was the second ranked freshman in the Sound Law Department.

"Sound Law Department, Wu Yan, please teach me."

"Department of Healing, Tang Zichen, please give advice."

The two of them took a shot at each other according to the rules.

Suddenly, Wu Yan began to attack, her specialty naturally being sound attacks.

"Oooooh."Wu Yan paused to make a whimpering sound as if she was crying, but only Tang Zichen, who was facing the enemy head-on, knew that every syllable of her voice carried a strong impact, and every sound was like a spike that pierced Tang Zichen's brain nerves.

However, Tang Zichen did not move a muscle.

At that moment, Wu Yan changed her voice again.

"Owl, owl, owl."This was the cry of a learned wolf, and the attack from this sound was stronger.

But Tang Zichen remained motionless, as if completely unaffected.

"Alright, let's end it."Tang Zichen moved and flew to Wu Yan's side, slapping her away.

Wu Yan, the second newest expert of the Sound Law Department, was no match for Tang Zichen's sound attack.

At this moment, the first expert of the Sound Law Department, the second pre-ranked Gao Chao, gazed at Tang Zichen, this Gao Chao, who used a flute, was far more powerful than Wu Yan.


After Wu Yan was knocked out, she looked at Gao Chao and said, "It's up to you."

Tang Zichen defeated Wu Yan and made it into the top 20 without any suspense at all.

In the crowd of spectators, Tang Zhenghao closed his eyes and exhaled a long breath, Tang Zichen was already top 20, and had unquestionably surpassed him back then.

Tang Zilan was also full of death.

Those two elders of the Tang family, however, were excited.

"Twenty strong ah, really twenty strong ah, tsk tsk, is he really the trash we expelled from the family back then?"

"Oh my god, in the history of our Tang family, all the children who came to the Martial Academy, none of them have entered the top twenty, he's the only Tang family child who has entered the top twenty."

These two Tang patriarchs seemed to be so excited that they had forgotten that Tang Zichen had already been expelled from the family.

Liu Xiangyun cried in excitement as she hugged Xu Mei Qian.

Xu Mei Qian patted Liu Xiangyun's shoulder and comforted him, "Don't cry, don't cry, be calm, the competition isn't over yet, maybe he can still make it to the top ten."

"Mmhmm, I'm proud of him and proud of him, he'll always be my idol."Liu Xiangyun said with tears and laughter. Remember the website

Xu Mei Qian gave her a blank look and laughed, "Don't be so fleshy okay, ouch, goose bumps all over the place, hahaha."

Tang Zichen didn't feel any excitement, although many people were excited for him at the moment, such as all the students of the Healing Department, Chang Sun Wu Yan, Wen Qiang, and other people.

But Tang Zichen himself, was quite calm, just top twenty, what was there to be excited about.

After the top twenty finished, there was another half hour break, then continued.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the next one will be, the Top 10 Grand Finals.The Top 10 Grand Finals, still using the crossover style, two against two, the pre-ranked first with the 20th; the second with the 19th."

Tang Zichen looked at his opponent, the pre-ranked 9th ranked person.

At this moment, the person who was pre-ranked 9th was also looking hard at Tang Zichen, he, was Chu Yiyun's cousin, Chu Wantian.

Tang Zichen and he had met before.

Chu Wantian was now clenching his fists, he had thought that Tang Zichen's one chicken feather to survive would be to enter the top 100 and he was heading straight to the championship, but he had never expected that Tang Zichen would now happen to be an opponent with him in the battle of the top 10.

"Tang Zichen, I swear, I'll beat him up, and I promised Yiyun that I'll beat him up, I'll never let him get in the way of my entry into the top 10, never."Chu Wantian said through gritted teeth, his gaze fiercely staring at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen, however, looked at him indifferently, as Tang Zichen did not consider him an opponent, Tang Zichen's true strength had never been forced out, and this Chu Wantian, definitely did not have that ability to force out his true strength.

Among the crowd of spectators, there were also Chu Juhua, and the two elders of the Chu family who were equally excited.Of course, there was also Chu Yiyun's fiancé, Wang Peng.

"Wan Tian, come on, defeat him and keep the top ten."Chu Juhua shouted, and the two elders of the Chu family were also very nervous, they purposely came this time, Lord Chu Wantian's performance, so that Chu Wantian could bring glory to the family.

But Chu Yiyun didn't shout, let alone shout to blow up Tang Zichen or something like that, if it was in the past, she would have wished Chu Wantian to blow up Tang Zichen, but now, she didn't have the same nasty feelings towards Tang Zichen anymore, instead, her heart was filled with gratitude, moreover, Chu Yiyun also felt guilty inside towards Tang Zichen, she used to treat Tang Zichen like that, looking down on him and mocking him.Tang Zichen, on the other hand, did not come down on her because of her former attitude, but rather

It was very generous to save her.Tang Zichen's spirit of repaying her grievances with virtue, Chu Yiyun was very touched, that's why she was moved to guilt for her previous attitude.

Chu Yiyun silently said inside his heart, "Don Zichen, come on, you are a good man, my sister meeting you is indeed her good fortune.I, Chu Yiyun, swear that from now on, I will never look down on anyone again, I won't be sarcastic towards anyone, thank you for saving me regardless of my past, your generous style is worth learning from."

Of course Chu Yiyun didn't dare to say these words inside, it wouldn't be good if her mother knew, her mother still hated Tang Zichen.

"Go for it."

The first to appear was the first genius of the Sword Art Department, Yang Yijian, against the 20th ranked pre-ranked Cai Yunyun.

Yang Yi Jian one sword second.

The second to appear was, the super strong player of the Sound Law Department, Gao Chao, against the pre-ranked 19th ranked Hu Xiaotian.

Gao Chao was defeated with a flute.

The third player, Gai Wei, from the Hidden Art Department, took on XX, who was ranked 18th.

Gai didn't lose by one second.

The fourth player, the strongest freshman of the Baseball Department, Gu Li, faced Qi Xueyun, who was ranked 17th.

Gu Li fell from the poison and Qi Xueyun entered the top ten.

The fifth contestant, Peng Hu, the strongest freshman in the Archery Department, was pitted against the 16th ranked Qi Xieyun.

Peng Hu won big and entered the top ten.

The sixth contestant, Shangguan Rou, took on the pre-ranked 15, Yang Jin, who danced a little apple after half a minute, causing the whole room to laugh.

Shangguan Zou's charm was a complete victory over Yang Jin.


The ninth one to appear was, Whip Style, Chu Wantian, against the pre-ranked 12, Tang Zichen.

"Go for it."

Tang Zichen and Chu Wantan looked face to face.

"Tang Zichen."Chu Wantan said through gritted teeth.

"Something's wrong."Tang Zichen snorted.

"Swoosh."Chu Wanden flew in with a whip, his whip like a spirit snake, pouncing and biting Tang Zichen.

"Ghost Wheel Flash."Tang Zichen didn't bother to bother with him, he suddenly performed his Ghost Wheel Flash, Tang Zichen's body suddenly disappeared, and while everyone was stunned, Tang Zichen suddenly appeared in front of Chu Wentian Tian.

"Ah."Chu Wantian was completely unable to make any resistance in time, and was suddenly hit in the chest by Tang Zichen's palm, and flew away with a bang, cracking his sternum.

Chu Wantian was defeated in seconds.

At this moment, the strongest person in the Hidden Arts Department, Gai didn't, looked at Tang Zichen in horror, because Tang Zichen had just suddenly disappeared for a bit, this was Hidden Arts ah.Gai didn't be able to believe that Tang Zichen could actually know Hidden Arts, what was this person's origin, a student of the Healing Department, how could he even know Hidden Arts.

"Congratulations to the following students for entering the top ten of the Freshman Competition: yang yijian, gao chao, gai no, qi xue yun, peng hu, Shangguan zhou, lin lan, guo jin ming, tang zichen, hu hai yun."

"Pah-pah."The audience erupted in warm applause.

"Below, what will take place is, the Top 5 Battle, the rule of the Top 5 Battle is, out of the 10 of you, you challenge whoever you think you can defeat, if they accept your challenge, then the fight will begin, and the winner, will enter the Top 5.Understood?"


As soon as the words left his mouth, Yang Yijian focused his attention on Tang Zichen.


Tang Zichen's heart thudded, could it be that this number one expert in the Sword Art Department wanted to challenge him?

Sure enough, Yang Yijian was the first to say to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, I challenge you, do I dare to fight?"

Yang Yijian was challenging Tang Zichen because Cheng Wei'an, who had been third in the Sword Art Department, had been defeated by Tang Zichen, so he was eager to fight Tang Zichen.

At that moment, that invisibility technique Gai didn't also came over and said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, I also want to challenge you."Tang Zichen's Ghost Wheel Duel just now belonged to Stealth, so Gai didn't really want to fight Tang Zichen and PK the height of the Stealth technique.

That sound law system's superiority also said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, do you dare to fight me?"Because Tang Zichen had just defeated Wu Yan, the second best sound law expert, in seconds, and Gao Chao liked Wu Yan, so, he wanted to please Wu Yan, to defeat Tang Zichen.

Shangguan Rou also walked in front of Tang Zichen and smiled flirtatiously, "Tang Zichen, you really came to the end, come on, have a real battle with me, I would love to see you square dance."

Tang Zichen looked at the four people who challenged him, Yang Yijian, Gao Chao, Gai Wei, and Shangguan Rou.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Tang Zichen said, "There are actually four people who want to challenge me, I don't know if it's me, Tang someone who makes you feel too powerful."

The Sonic Method's Gao Chao hummed, "I'm challenging you, not because you're awesome, but because I'm most confident of defeating you."

"Yo yo, so it's because you think I'm the best to defeat, in that case, let's go together." One second to remember to read the book

The four of them turned pale, and the three words 'together' were spoken.

Even the entire audience trembled.

At this time, the vice president came up and asked, "What's going on with you guys?"

"Vice President, we'd all like to challenge him."Guy didn't say.

The vice dean looked at Tang Zichen and asked, "They all want to challenge you, but you can choose to agree to one of them, you can duel with whoever you agree to, don't waste time, understand."

Tang Zichen said, "Vice Dean, Tang is not talented, what if I agree to all of them?"

"Tang Zichen, you're kidding.Yang Yijian is the most promising champion, while Gai Wei is the most promising runner-up, Gao Chao is the most promising third, the most promising top three, and you want to challenge them all at the same time?In the history of the Martial Arts Academy Freshman Competition, this has never happened before, so don't joke about it, or don't blame me for being unjust if you get blown up.If it were you, you'd be furious too, it's a barefaced insult to them."

Sure enough, Tang Zichen looked at Yang Yijian, Gai Wei, and Gao Chao, all three of them had angry looks on their faces at the moment, but Shangguan Rou was smiling, still full of feminine charm.

Tang Zichen said, "Vice President, what if I'm not afraid of being killed by them?Come on, since they're challenging me at the same time, be prepared to be insulted and beat me up if you can.I, Tang Zichen, send the four of them a message: how about I just insult you."

"Ahhhh."Gao Chao yelled in anger, just insulted him, how about it, he Gao Chao, but the most hopeful to become the third place, but today he was so insulted.

Yang Yijian also had a red neck, the sword in his hand was trembling, as if the sword couldn't help but get angry.

That Hidden Arts Department's Gai Wei, however, laughed furiously, "Since you are so crazy, then I will fulfill you, I, Gai Wei, have never lost among my peers in my life."

The audience was boiling at the moment.

"Is Tang Zichen going crazy?"

"I think he's pretending, I swear, Yang Yi Jian will end him with just one sword."

"If he's really strong, then I admire him, if he's faking it, then I hope he's crippled, this kind of person is really too much to handle."

"It's so infuriating, how dare you insult my Sword Art Department's first day genius like that."

"And the first day genius of our Hidden Arts Department."

"There's also our Sound Art Department First Day One Genius."

"And our first day genius of the Department of Ecstasy."

Tang Zichen shouted, "Come on, don't waste time, that who, have a sword to lend me."

A top thirty student on the scene threw his knife at Tang Zichen.

"Wow, nice knife."Tang Zichen exclaimed, this knife was much more fierce than the one he had picked up before, and I'm sure it would be twice as powerful to perform the Killing God's Blade Technique.

The vice president snorted, "Tang Zichen, you're asking for it, Yang Yijian, Gai didn't, Gao Chao, Shangguan Zou, since he's asking for it, let's give him a little bit of credit."

"Good."The four of them nodded at once.

Gai didn't of the Hidden Arts Department was the first to attack.

"Swoosh."Gai didn't's figure disappeared, and he cast Hidden Art to secretly kill Tang Zichen, inevitably causing him to fly away with a blow.

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth rose, "Little trick."

Tang Zichen slashed in a certain direction.

"Ah."Gai didn't suddenly show up, practicing concealment, once his concealment was discovered, then it was equal to being vulnerable, the reason why concealment was powerful, but it was invisible, but Tang Zichen discovered where he was hiding at once, being attacked at his side, Tang Zichen cut him off, without the advantage of concealment, Gai didn't in front of Tang Zichen was useless, because his martial arts realm was only in the middle of the inner door.

Yang Yijian didn't move, which made Tang Zichen strange, didn't he say four people together?

In fact, Yang Yi Jian was a proud man who didn't care to join forces, he was waiting, if Tang Zichen couldn't beat the other three of them, then he wouldn't deserve to make another move.

Gao Chao and Shangguan Rou attacked almost at the same time, Gao Chao used his flute, his flute's melodious sound killed the back of Tang Zichen's head.

And Shangguan Rou used the charm technique.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, why did he laugh?Because Gao Chao's flute attack was ineffective against Tang Zichen, so Gao Chao stood by like a fool and played the flute.And Shangguan Rou's charm was also ineffective against Tang Zichen, so Shangguan Rou was also throwing charm around like a fool.Both of them were standing seven or eight meters away from Tang Zichen, one was playing the flute and the other was throwing winks, they just didn't dare to come close to Tang Zichen, because they didn't have melee ability, and if they got too close, if Tang Zichen pounced on them, like smashing the superb flute, then how could he talk about flute attacks.

So, Tang Zichen laughed, is this a joint effort of Nima?Tang Zichen was standing there all alone and was about to yawn.

Shangguan Zou was anxious inside.

"What's going on?Why is that, last time my charming technique was able to confuse Tang Zichen ah, why is he fine at all now?"Shangguan Rou exerted her charm even more, exuding a strong charm all over her body, and the charming eyes were thrown even faster.

Tang Zichen said to Shangguan Rou: "You are squeezing your eyes, are you in a rut, what, are you throwing fawning eyes at me?But why do I feel like you're not charming at all, hahaha."

Tang Zichen said to Gao Chao again, "Your music was taught by your math teacher, right, how come your pitch is so bad, and can't you have some nice flute sounds anymore."


Gao Chao was also frustrated, his voice attack had reached the extreme, but it was as if Tang Zichen was completely unaffected.

Gao Chao kept signaling to Yang Yijian, as if reminding Yang Yijian to quickly attack Tang Zichen, with him and Shangguan Rou assisting beside him, the three of them together would win.However, Yang Yijian did not move a muscle.

A few minutes later, Shangguan Rou stomped her foot in anger, not bothering to do any more charming, and shouted in frustration, "Tang Zichen, can't you let me happily surpass you for once, why is it that no matter how strong I am, I'm still so weak in front of you, I've had enough."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "There's something wrong."

Gao Chao suddenly stopped playing the flute, his face was white, it was obvious that Gao Chao had overdone his sound attack and was mentally exhausted, but, ironically, he had overdone it, while Tang Zichen had nothing to do with it.

Gao Chao looked at Yang Yijian and grumbled, "Brother Yang, what do you mean?Shangguan Rou and I launched sound and psyche attacks on Tang Zichen while you stood by."

Yang Yijian didn't even look at Gao Chao and said, "You guys are finished aren't you?Then it's my turn, sorry, I don't care to join forces with you, because, Tang Zichen isn't worthy of having me join forces with someone."

Tang Zichen smiled sarcastically when he heard Yang Yijian's words, "Really arrogant, fine, then come with me alone, I'll let you know if you're worthy."

"Buzz."Yang Yijian swung his sword with a buzzing sound, Tang Zichen saw that his sword seemed to be immobile, but it was actually trembling slightly all the time, just like an electric fan, when the speed was extremely fast, at first glance, it looked like the fan leaf wasn't turning.

"I'm sure the sword should have two skills."Tang Zichen said, the fact that he was able to reach this level with a single sword out, showed that Yang Yijian's comprehension of swordsmanship had reached a different level, at least to the point where he had a sword like a sibling, no wonder Yang Yijian was so arrogant.

"Tang Zichen, I, Yang Yijian, will only produce one sword, you better bring out your strongest skill." First URL

"Fine, that also likes to be done in one cut."Tang Zichen raised his sword.

And Yang Yijian also raised his sword, without a sword, it would be amazing.

Everyone was silent, Tang Zichen and Yang Yijian, in everyone's mind, were unquestionably treated as the two strongest freshmen of this year.

"Buzz."Suddenly, Yang Yijian moved, his arm suddenly moved in an electric flash, that movement was very, very fast, and at the same time, his sword came out, as if a bolt of lightning struck out, a sword came out with a dazzling radiance.

And Tang Zichen did not hesitate, his reaction and movement was not slower than him in the slightest.

"Killing God Saber Technique, two swords in one."


Tang Zichen's saber Qi ripped open from his blade, and the air was sliced open like cloth.


One sword, one saber, both of them were the strongest strikes, and they collided directly with each other.Then, it would depend on who had the better saber or sword technique, or who had a higher comprehension of the saber or sword technique, who would overpower whoever.

Tang Zichen's God Killing Saber Technique was at least an eighth grade martial art.

And Yang Yijian's Lightning Sword Technique was probably also a sixth or seventh grade martial art.

Tang Zichen's God Killing Saber Technique was clearly more than one grade higher, and Tang Zichen's comprehension of the 'Saber' was also clearly many times higher than Yang Yijian's, this was a duel that had no suspense at all.Of course, that was only for Tang Zichen.


p;The Killing God Saber Technique was like a devil's hand at once, tearing through Yang Yi Jian's Lightning Saber Technique, and the faster the speed of his sword, the more powerful it would be, but unfortunately, his sword out speed was still not fast enough.

"Wow."Yang Yijian felt Tang Zichen's blade Qi attacking him, like a wind formed by millions of blades, blowing past his body in one go.

Yang Yi Jian was shivering, his clothes were disheveled and bloodstained.For so long, his Lightning Sword Technique had never been able to strike only one sword and the opponent fell, but today, it was him who fell, his sword Qi was like paper torn apart by Tang Zichen's blade Qi.

There was silence in the arena, watching Yang Yijian standing there bloody.

Vice President Bo Mingxi looked at Tang Zichen in surprise, not expecting Tang Zichen to be a dark horse, originally Bo Mingxi was ninety percent sure that Yang Yijian would win the championship, but he lost to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said to Yang Yijian: "Brother Yang, your comprehension of swordsmanship is the highest among the freshmen, and your swordsmanship is probably also a very advanced martial art.Alright, I'm sure my match is over."

Tang Zichen looked at the vice president and smiled, "Am I the champion now?"

"Of course, Tang Zichen, I declare you the overall winner of this year's Freshman Competition."

"Thank you."Tang Zichen wasn't very excited, but rather the many spectators at the scene were excited, Tang Zichen's goal from the beginning was to be the champion, which was just a matter of course, as Tang Zichen knew his strength well.

"Tang Zichen, you can rest next to me now, you've become the champion, but you haven't come out after the third place."

"Good."Tang Zichen walked to the side to rest.

Bo Mingxi said to Yang Yijian again, "Yang Yijian, you can also rest, you are the second place winner of this year's Freshman Competition, I believe no one has any doubts."

Next, the remaining seven people continued to compete.

Yang Yijian walked up to Tang Zichen and asked, "Your swordsmanship, the grade is higher than mine, right?"


"My Lightning Sword Technique is already part of a very top-notch martial art, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe there's still such a high-grade sword technique.My Lightning Sword Technique is a seventh-grade martial art."

Tang Zichen said, "Yang Yijian, even if you use a ninth-grade martial art, you won't be able to win against me.The main thing that determines the level of one's strength is the martial arts realm; the second is the comprehension of the sword, etc., which is the 'intent'; the third is the martial arts secrets; and the fourth is the weapon.The sword I used before was a found one, but I was still able to defeat you.Because my comprehension of the sword is in no way comparable to yours."

Yang Yijian asked, "Can you tell me what level of comprehension you've reached with your intention for the sword?"

"Oh, I already have a knife in my heart, is that answer enough?"

"Ah."Yang Yijian's body trembled, a knife in his heart?

"Impossible, only a strong martial artist who has reached the level of innate heaven would probably be able to comprehend the level of 'sword in the heart', how could you."Yang Yijian said incredulously.

"Hehe."Tang Zichen smiled, he had already reached the innate realm in his previous life, so his comprehension of the sword and reaching the level of 'having a sword in your heart' was nothing unusual at all, of course, what Yang Yijian said was also true, generally speaking, without reaching the innate realm, it was difficult to comprehend the level of 'having a sword in your heart''s level, many many innate experts may not be able to comprehend it.


Only then did Yang Yijian said, "Tang Zichen, I'm convinced that I lost, you're right, even if my Lightning Sword Technique is a Ninth Grade Martial Art, I can't win against you.I didn't expect that you're only at the late stage of the Inner Gate, and your comprehension of saber intent has reached the level of 'having a sword in your heart', while I, at the end of my life, would be considered an introduction to the comprehension of 'having a sword in my hand'.Your random saber is probably better than someone else's moves of at least fifth grade martial arts."

Tang Zichen patted Yang Yijian's shoulder and smiled, "Brother Yang, you're not bad either, late Inner Gate, you can reach the comprehension of 'having a sword in your hand'."

To have a sword in one's hand is to have a sword like a hand and foot, with a sword in one's hand, that sword is just like his own hand.

As for Tang Zichen, having a sword in his heart was as if the sword was in tune with his mind, which was a kind of comprehension of swords and other weapons, saber intent and sword intent, collectively known as intent.

Generally speaking, only those who had reached the Houtian realm were able to comprehend the 'sword in hand' intent, while those who had reached the Innate realm were able to comprehend the 'sword in heart' level.Therefore, Yang Yi Jian was also already very strong, at least in terms of comprehending the sword.

However, no matter whether it was Tang Zichen or Yang Yijian, there was still a long way to go before the transcendent comprehension of 'no sword is better than a sword' or 'no move is better than a move', which was already completely beyond the comprehension of those at the innate realm.

The top ten were quickly determined.

"Below, I announce the top ten of the Newborn Competition."

"First, Tang Zichen."

"Ohhhhh."Many cheered for Tang Zichen, but some were filled with displeasure and very jealous.

"Second place, Yang Yijian." Remember the URL

"Ugh."Yang Yijian's cheers were noticeably less, as he had been expected to come in first place and ended up second, so instead, he felt a bit disappointed.

"Third place, Peng Hu."

"Fourth place, Qi Xueyun."

"Fifth place, Shangguan Rou."

"Fifth place, Gao Chao."


"I declare this year's Freshman Competition, successfully closed."

It was over, the three days of hot and lively New Student Competition came to an end.

Everyone left the War God Martial Field one after another, and talked loudly to each other, those weak, outer door level, and even inner door level, didn't understand the difference between Tang Zichen and Yang Yijian, so they just discussed about winning and losing, what with a sword in their hands and a sword in their hearts, where do they understand at this level.

That night, Tang Zichen hosted a banquet at the Genius Restaurant, inviting his roommates Wang Xing and Su Jinhe, as well as Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun and her roommates Bai Ling'er and Gao Yun, and Wang Chaofeng and Bai Yijun, who had come with Linjiang City.Of course, Tang Zichen also invited Yang Yijian.Tang Zichen felt that Yang Yijian was quite good, and it was good to make a friend.Yang Yijian seemed surprised to see Tang Zichen invite him, and was very happy to come, although he lost today, he was convinced of his defeat and quite admired Tang Zichen inside.

"Let's all toast to Tang Zichen and congratulate him on becoming the first place in this year's Freshman Competition."


Everyone drank it all, even the girls drank all the wine.

Yang Yijian said, "Brother Tang, you won first place in the New Student Competition, so I'm sure you'll be leaving the Martial Arts Academy for a better place soon."

"Uh, why would I leave the Martial Academy?"Tang Zichen asked rhetorically.

"If you become the first, you will be eligible to become the Qin Gu Family, Senior Qin Feng's entry disciple."

"Haha, this matter ah, we'll see.

"Tang Zichen smiled, Tang Zichen's heart is not rare, what Qin Gu Family, Senior Qin Feng, what to pretend than ah, but also the entry disciple, Tang Zichen only has one master, that is, the previous master, no longer in this life to pay homage to the master.

At this moment, somewhere in the Martial Academy, the two elders of the Tang family were discussing something.

"Should we go back to the family to report this matter first, or should we go to Tang Zichen first?"

"Let's go find Tang Zichen first, Tang Zichen won first place and his comprehension of swords is probably at the level of 'having a sword in his hand', such a talent is definitely already being targeted by many families."

"That's right, with such talent, which family in the Yanhuang Empire wouldn't want to recruit him, it might not be long before he receives a bunch of marriage letters, we have to hurry."

"Right, he's at the Genius Restaurant, we'll look for him when his celebration banquet is over."

Also at this moment, there were people who were very uncomfortable in their hearts, namely Tang Zhenghao and Tang Zilan, especially Tang Zilan, who had a deep sense of frustration inside.

Tang Zhenghao was fine, after all, he was at least a third year student and already an expert in the Houtian realm, and in a short period of time, Tang Zichen wouldn't be able to catch up with him that quickly, but he also felt pressure.

The other uncomfortable one was Chu Juhua.

The elder of the Chu family just told her, "Make sure to recall Liu Xiangyun to the family, Tang Zichen became the first place in the New Life Competition, and Liu Xiangyun is his girlfriend, after recalling Liu Xiangyun to the family, perform the bestowal of marriage and marry Tang Zichen.They were already boyfriend and girlfriend, and it was almost a done deal, just missing Liu Xiangyun's return to the family."

However, Chu Juhua personally disliked Tang Zichen very much, Tang Zichen suddenly flew into a rage, and how uncomfortable he felt, besides having to be her son-in-law.

At the Genius Restaurant, Tang Zichen and those he had invited to the banquet happily ate and drank, only ending the banquet at around ten o'clock at night.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun walked to the dormitory together.

Just a short distance away, two people stopped Tang Zichen, not to stop him, but to call a halt to him.

Tang Zichen saw that it was those two elders of the Tang family.

"Something wrong?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Hey, Tang Zichen, congratulations, you're the winner of the Freshman Competition."

"Oh, although it's true that I should congratulate you, but it's my business, what exactly do you have to say."

"Tang Zichen, although you don't want to admit it, you are, after all, from our Tang family's bloodline."

"Are you trying to say that I'm a child of your Tang family?"

"Yes, the blood in your veins is our Tang family, we really want you to come back to the family, your parents, and your relatives are waiting for you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Sorry, I don't have that plan."

In Tang Zichen's heart, his relatives were his master, his teacher's wife, his little sister, and other brothers and sisters, suddenly letting him add a bunch of so-called relatives he didn't even know, Tang Zichen couldn't do it.

"Tang Zichen, expelling you from the family back then was indeed the family's mistake, don't worry, the family will definitely apologize to you solemnly, I hope you'll come back, don't drift out there alone, come back to the family's embrace."


The two Tang family elders were stunned there.

"Xiangyun, let's go."Tang Zichen pulled Liu Xiangyun and turned to go.

"Tang Zichen, don't you even want your parents anymore?"One of the Tang patriarchs shouted.


"Parents?Did they ever come looking for me after I was expelled from the family?What kind of parents."Tang Zichen trailed off, he wasn't really Tang Zichen anyway, Tang Zichen didn't want to call a stranger Mom and Dad.

"Tang Zichen, truth be told, before you were expelled from the family, you had a fiancée, among the elders who betrothed you back then, I was one of them, I've seen your fiancée, back then she was only fourteen or fifteen years old, but she was absolutely beautiful.Moreover, she is also in the Martial Academy."The Tang Family's seven elders said.

"Sorry, not interested."Tang Zichen refused without even thinking about it.

"Tang Zichen, don't you want to know who your fiancée was back then?"

"Don't want to know, not interested, I already have a wife."Tang Zichen said, Liu Xiangyun's heart was very sweet when she heard Tang Zichen's words, in fact, Liu Xiangyun was worried that Tang Zichen would dislike her now that she was powerful.

That Seventh Elder had to say, "Truth be told, that fiancée of yours back then, she is Qi Xueyun who won the fourth place in the New Life Competition, if you return to the family, then the marriage is still valid, if you don't come back, the marriage will naturally be yellow.Come back, that woman Qi Xueyun, you saw her during the competition, beautiful isn't she, as long as you come back, she'll be your fiancée."

Tang Zichen was stunned at the moment, while Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen with a nervous face, Liu Xiangyun never expected that Qi Xueyun would be Tang Zichen's fiancée, such a dogged thing.

Tang Zichen was stunned for a moment and laughed, "In order to get me to go back to whatever Tang family, you guys are really trying hard to make up this kind of lie too."

"Tang Zichen, why would I lie to you, among the elders who engaged you back then, I was one of the participants.Although that girl was only fourteen or fifteen years old back then and has grown up a lot, there's no way I could have mistaken her."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Nonsense, how could I not know."

"How would you know, a family marriage is something that's not up to you to decide, and there's no need to inform you at all." One second to remember to read the book

"Alright, I won't believe it, even if it's true, where so what, I'm just me, not from any family, don't bother me."After saying that, Tang Zichen walked away with Liu Xiangyun in tow.

The two Tang family elders sighed and had to go back to the family first.

Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen nervously, "Are they telling the truth?Is Qi Xue Yun your fiancée?"

"Don't listen to their nonsense, but it's just to trick me back into the family, unfortunately, they are using this to tempt me, it's ridiculous, am I the kind of person who would be tempted because of beauty?I already have a woman as beautiful as you."

"But, that Qi Xueyun's poison technique is so powerful, having won fourth place, her future is boundless, where can I compare to her."Liu Xiangyun was still worried about being abandoned.

"That person of hers, it's not like you haven't seen her before, a face that owes her millions all day long and never pays back, what man would like that, at least I don't.Alright, let's go back to the dorm, we won't just celebrate at the restaurant tonight, we'll celebrate some more when we get back to the dorm, hahaha."

"Nasty."Liu Xiangyun blushed.

At this moment, in the Poison Arts Department of the Martial Arts Academy, a man was talking to Qi Xueyun.

"Let's go home, Xueyun."

Qi Xueyun didn't say anything, which showed that there was no resistance within her to going back to her family, after all, she wasn't abandoned, nor was she expelled from the family just because the family was trying to climb a stronger

of the family, pledged her to a loser, that's why she ran away from home.

"Xue Yun, for so many years, the family has been sending people to look for you, but the Yan Huang Empire is just too big and completely unable to find you.Back then, our Qi family was in a precarious situation, and in order to preserve the family, we had to climb up to some stronger family, that's why you were promised to a person in the Tang family who was heard to be of average talent.Back then, you all thought he must be trash.Now you see, back then waste doesn't mean forever waste, he must be who you know, he is Tang Zichen, now you see how strong he is.Go home, he'll be your fiancé from now on, he's so brilliant, I'm sure you won't dislike him either."

Qi Xue Yun still didn't say anything, but stopped the ingredients of a poison she was concocting.

Although Qi Xueyun didn't have any feelings, it was true that she didn't reject Tang Zichen inside, and it was already very rare for her not to reject someone.

"Regardless of whether you admit it or not, you will always be a member of the Qi family, the Qi family has raised you so much, except for the marriage, which didn't go through your consent, nothing else has ever treated you badly, it was all because you were headstrong and ran away from home."

Only then did Qi Xue Yun say, "But there, I can't feel the warmth of home anymore, my parents are both dead."

"Your parents are dead, but your uncle, and cousins, cousins, and so many other clansmen, aren't they."

For a long time, Qi Xue Yun nodded, "Well, I'll go back sometime, I'm not saying I'm not a member of the Qi family, I just don't have the desire to go back."

"Oh, you need a family, I believe Tang Zichen will also go back to the family, the marriage you had back then is still valid, you will get married and have a happy and warm home."

Qi Xue Yun was startled inside a family, a happy and warm home?Her heart had forgotten what happiness and warmth were.

"I'm going back to the family then, we'll wait for your return."

"Mm."Qi Xue Yun nodded.

That elder of the Qi family left with a smile on his face, for him, he was really happy, the family had produced a genius of poisonous arts, moreover, he was also engaged to an even more genius, this was a double blessing, he had to hurry back to the family and report this happy event, so that everyone in the family would rejoice.

Originally, this time he had only come to participate in the freshman competition of another child of the Qi family, but he did not expect to find Qi Xueyun unexpectedly.Unfortunately, the other child of his family didn't even enter the thousandth place.

That night, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun went crazy all night.

The next day, Tang Zichen got up to go to class.

Tang Zichen walked into the first year classroom of the Healing Department.

"Crackle."All the students were clapping desperately, everyone looked at Tang Zichen with eyes filled with worship, even Zu Dangzhi's teacher was willing to worship Tang Zichen, Zu Dangzhi's status as a five-grade healing master was completely incomparable to others.

"Haha, you all don't have to be polite."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Tang Zichen, you're a bull, I worship you."

"Tang Zichen, I love you."

"Tang Zichen, please accept my knee."

"Oh, everyone sit down and calm down."Tang Zichen said.

Zu Tangzhi also told everyone to sit down, don't worship too much, people are just legends.


In short, the class made a disturbance for a long time before the class calmed down.

It's not that she didn't say anything, it's just that she couldn't interrupt when a large group of students surrounded Tang Zichen.

The first thing you need to know is how to make sure that you're going to be able to get the best out of the situation.

Halfway through the class, a teacher shouted outside, "Tang Zichen, someone is looking for you."


It was no surprise to anyone, after all, Tang Zichen was different nowadays, and there were bound to be more people looking for him.

Tang Zichen arrived outside the first grade school building and saw an incredibly slim woman standing there.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as this woman was actually Chu Yiyun.

"Chu Yiyun, what are you looking for me for?"Don Zichen asked, not very impressed with her after all.

"Tang Zichen."Chu Yiyun smiled slightly at the tone of voice that didn't mind addressing her.

"Something wrong?" First web site

"Tang Zichen, thank you, if you hadn't saved me that day, I wouldn't exist in this world anymore, thank you."Chu Yiyun said sincerely, after bowing deeply to Tang Zichen, being so serious, it made Tang Zichen a bit uncomfortable la.

"Alright, you don't need to thank me, I saved you because you are after all Liu Chen Ming's daughter, and also because you thought Liu Xiangyun her a glance last year, otherwise, I wouldn't have saved you."Tang Zichen said.

"Well, I know, thank you anyway."

"Nonsense really, in the future I advise you better learn a little on the human side, it turns out that you're not very good, at least nothing in front of me, but look at you once, how self-righteous you were."

"I accept your lesson, I will remember it."

Tang Zichen doubted whether or not he saw how Chu Yiyun, who was in great distress, had changed so much, had she really realized the true meaning of life?

"I don't care if you really get it or if you pretend you do, this is over and don't bother me again."

"Will you let me do something for you?"

"No need."

"Don't worry about it, I just want to repay some of your kindness, nothing more."

"No need."

"Good, then I'll leave first."Only then did Chu Yiyun leave.

Tang Zichen felt that she had changed quite a bit after her great misfortune, and she definitely wouldn't have said these things to Tang Zichen before.

Tang Zichen threw his head back and didn't return to the classroom, coming back to his usual place to practice martial arts.


The sound of sword whistling came from time to time.

Tang Zichen was not so much practicing martial arts as he was comprehending sword intent.

Tang Zichen's comprehension of the sword reached the level of 'having a sword in his heart', however, Tang Zichen himself realized that he had not fully comprehended the sword in his heart, at best, he had comprehended it to the level of entry, and that he had comprehended it in his previous life.

"I'll strive to comprehend the 'sword in my heart' greatly, that way, the more powerful the same sword technique I can display will be.With my current, sword intent of having a sword in my heart, coupled with my eighth-grade martial art of saber technique, and my ninth-grade martial art of sword technique, it should be no problem for me to fight the Inner Gate Grand Success.The priority now is that I need to quickly break through the martial arts realm to Inner Gate Perfection, after all, the martial arts realm is the foundation."

The next day, Vice Dean Bo Mingxi called

Don Tzu-Chen went to see him.

Tang Zichen arrived at Bo Mingxi's office.

"Tang Zichen, this is, the Qin Gu Order, take it."

"What is the Qin Gu Order?"

"The Qin Ancient Order is the token of the Qin Ancient Family, with this token, you can go to Senior Qin Feng of the Qin Ancient Family and ask him to accept you as a disciple, but of course, whether or not you can become one will depend on your chance."

Tang Zichen said, "I see, there's not much need for that."Tang Zichen didn't care for this.

The vice president frowned and said, "Tang Zichen, don't start being arrogant just because you have a bit of strength, although you are the new champion of the Martial Academy, but, you should know that there are many strong people and even more geniuses in this world.Your strength might be quite ordinary if you were placed in the four major island protection families."

"Oh, yeah."

"Alright, you can go and try, the day after tomorrow is the time when he recruits disciples."

"Alright, let's go have some fun then."

Tang Zichen smiled.

Booming West inwardly said, "This Tang Zichen, he started to float after getting the championship, if he continues with this mentality of thinking he's great, he's bound to not achieve much in the future."

If Tang Zichen knew what Booming West was saying about him inside at this moment, I'm afraid Tang Zichen would have to laugh.Nothing accomplished in the future?Tang Zichen had reached the Innate Realm at the age of 18 in his previous life, who hadn't achieved anything?He, the vice president, was now only innate.

Tang Zichen wasn't interested in any Qin Gu family inductees, so there was naturally Tang Zichen's reasoning.

But since he had obtained the Qin Gu Order, let's go and have a look at it, so as to save others from saying that he was wasted and snatched away his only opportunity without even going there.

Not long after Tang Zichen left Booming West's office, he ran into a person.

"Hey, it's you, huh."Don Zichen laughed.

"Huh."That person snorted at Tang Zichen, not sure if it was jealousy or displeasure.

This person was the first inner class freshman that Tang Zichen had spotted when he came to Martial Island by plane and had just gotten off the plane.

At that time, Wang Chaofeng spit on a senior's shoe, forcing Wang Chaofeng to eat it, and then Tang Zichen took action and violently beat that senior, thus Tang Zichen exposed his strength.Ridiculously, at that time, this person, one of his followers suggested that he should take out Tang Zichen, the reason being that Tang Zichen looked strong and would it pose an obstacle to him entering the Qin Gu Family.Of course, this was what this person's follower said.So although Tang Zichen heard it at that time, he didn't put it in his heart, but he didn't expect to run into this person again today, and the New Life Competition was also over, his wish to enter the Qin Gu Family was completely shattered, and he didn't know how many places he was in the New Life Competition.That henchman of his in the beginning was also really too ridiculous.

"Hey, what's your name?"


"Coyote?Where's that henchman of yours?"

"Back in the family, why are you asking him."

"Do you remember me?When I first came to Martial Island, just after I got off the plane, I beat up a senior and then exposed my inner door level strength, and that henchman of yours, whispered to you: young master, this person is likely to threaten you, just in case, should I find a chance to secretly kill me so that I can't participate in the freshman competition."

"You actually heard that."

"My ears aren't deaf, hahaha."

Crow Wolf blushed, being pointed out by Tang Zichen, so ashamed, now that the New Student Competition was all over, he didn't even enter the top fifty, it was ridiculous, back then, he came to the Martial Arts Academy with full confidence, aiming for first place, getting the Qin Gu Order and becoming Qin Feng's disciple, the result, ridiculous ah ridiculous.


Tang Zichen didn't bullshit with the coyote anymore and turned away, a weakling only.

"You know what?Genius Restaurant Special Report, the second expert on the Martial Arts Academy's Inner Door Perfection List, Zheng Congliang's confession failed, so ashamed."

"Wow, who did Zheng Congliang confess to?"

"It's one of the first year's hospital flowers, Xu Mei Qian, her body is so great, I've jerked off so many times in private, but unfortunately, we hangers-on are only jerking off."

"Doesn't Zheng from Liang have a girlfriend?"

"Split up ah, how can that girlfriend of his be on par with a first year courtyard flower."

"Zheng Congliang is the second strongest person in the Martial Arts Academy's Inner Door Completion List, how could he fail to confess."

Tang Zichen happened to be passing by and heard two seniors on the side of the road discussing.

Tang Zichen came to a halt.

"Two seniors."Tang Zichen called out.

"Hello, Tang Zichen."The two second year seniors saw Tang Zichen and greeted Tang Zichen warmly, Tang Zichen won the first year championship, they naturally knew about it, although they were second year, their realm was not as good as Tang Zichen's first year. Remember the website

"What were you guys talking about?"

"Genius Restaurant heard the special news, the second strongest person in our second year Inner Door Perfection Ranking, Zheng Congliang, failed in his confession, by the way, the object of his confession is your first year's freshman courtyard flower, Xu Mei Qian."

"Oh, so Zheng Congliang is strong?"

"Of course, Martial Arts Academy, the second place in the Inner Perfection Rankings, the top three hundred of the last Freshman Competition."A senior said.

That senior continued, "Xu Mei Qian's reason for rejecting Zheng Congliang is that she has someone she likes, a new disciple of the four major island protection families.Zheng Congliang is very unhappy about it, and it's still in the special report of the Genius Restaurant, causing a big stir, so if you want to know more, go to the Genius Restaurant."

Tang Zichen arrived at the Genius Restaurant, and sure enough, the Genius Restaurant was still special reporting on this matter, and everyone was talking about it, after all, Zheng Congliang was the second best expert on the inner door's completion list, and he wasn't a small person.

"One Defeat Red Dust is a disciple of the Four Great Island Protecting Families, is Zheng Congliang crazy for wanting to challenge One Defeat Red Dust?The talents and strength of the disciples of the four Island Guardian Families are in no way comparable to the students of our Martial Forest Academy, even if Zheng Congliang is the second best expert on the Inner Door Completion List."

"Cut, that so-called one defeat Red Dust, at best it's only the late Inner Gate realm, I don't believe that the second expert of our Martial Forest Academy's Inner Gate Completion List can't win against one of their Four Great Island Guardian Families' late Inner Gate, deadly unbelievable, everyone knows that a higher level of realm crushes people."

"Right, deadly unbelievable, I support Zheng Congliang to beat the One Defeat Red Dust."

"One Defeat Red Dust that trash, since he is a disciple of the Four Great Guardian Island Families, then stay well in the Guardian Island Families, run to our Martial Arts Academy to pick up girls, to hell with it, don't they have any women in the Four Great Guardian Island Families?Machine Buster, and came to our place to pick up courtyard flowers."

"Nonsense, the female disciples of their four major island guardian families must be dinosaurs and ugly as hell, so they came to our Martial Academy to pick up girls."

"If we let One Defeat Red Dust soak up our academy's courtyard flower, then there will be more disciples from the four great island protector families coming to our academy to soak up girls, and then all the pretty ones from our academy will be soaked up by them.I grass, this is absolutely not okay, this is no longer a trivial matter of Zheng Congliang's failed confession, firmly do not allow the girls of our academy to be picked up by the disciples of the Four Great Guardian Island Families, otherwise there will be a second, third, and fourth One Defeat Red Dust coming to our academy to pick up girls in the future."


"We've already boycotted the entire courtyard, and are determined not to allow a defeated red dust to come to our academy to pick up girls, if he dares to come, beat him up."

"Right, the entire academy is boycotting."

"Our academy's beauties can only be chased by our academy's boys, no outsider's turn."

Tang Zichen sat in the Genius Restaurant for just ten minutes, and his ears were deaf to all the boycotts.

For this matter, it seemed that all the boys of the Martial Academy were upset, the four major island protection families, why should they come to the Martial Academy to pick up the hospital flowers.Although everyone didn't necessarily support Zheng Congliang chasing after Xu Mei Qian, they definitely supported getting rid of the One Defeat Red Dust.

Tang Zichen was really speechless from what he was hearing, the last time Tang Zichen appeared as One Defeat Red Dust, Tang Zichen just casually said that he was the new disciple of the Four Great Island Guardian Families.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that everyone knew about it, evolving into a disciple of the Four Island Guardian Families coming to the Martial Arts Academy to pick up girls.With the talent and strength of the disciples of the Four Island Guardian Families, that would definitely pick up all the courtyard flowers, not even leaving a pretty one behind, and as a boy in the Martial Academy, of course he was very upset.

Tang Zichen quietly left the Genius Restaurant.

Right now, in the Sword Art Department, Xu Mei Qian was very annoyed.

"Sister Mei Qian, it's okay."

"What does Martial Arts Union mean?Just because people say, I'm a hospital flower, I don't even have the right to choose happiness?Do I have to find a boyfriend at this college?Couldn't it have been the four Island Protectorate families?"

"Sister Mei Qian, those second year seniors are too bullying, and that Zheng from Liang, it's disgusting."Liu Xiangyun said.

At that moment, a student came over and said, "Xu Mei Qian, someone is looking for you."

Xu Mei Qian looked outside the Sword Law Department martial field and saw that it was the second year martial arts alliance again.

"Go out and theory with them."Liu Xiangyun snorted.

Xu Mei Qian and Liu Xiangyun decisively went out.

One of the boys in the second year martial arts alliance said, "Sister Xu Mei Qian, how are you thinking about it?"

"What right do you have to influence my feelings."

"Sister Xu Mei Qian, we're not stopping you from liking the disciples of the Four Great Guardian Island Families, but we can't let that happen.That whatever you like, One Defeat Red Dust, he's a disciple of the Four Protective Island Families, and if he soaks up our academy's courtyard flower.I dare say, if this matter reaches the Four Island Guardian Families, then there will be two, three, four, five, many more male disciples of the Four Island Guardian Families coming to our Martial Arts Academy to pick up girls.Every single one of their disciples from the Four Great Island Guardian Families is very talented, and at that time, I'm afraid that our academy, all the prettier ones will be seduced by the male disciples from their Four Great Island Guardian Families."

Liu Xiangyun said, "What kind of sophistry are you guys talking about."

"I'm sorry, I don't care what kind of crooked reasoning it is, in short, this matter, our second year martial arts alliance is in charge, will never allow any one defeated red dust to come here to pick up girls, to pick up just wait until you graduate, not in the martial arts island, as you guys soak.Well, this matter concerns the sexual welfare of our entire Martial Arts Academy boys, so you should know how much resistance there will be.If you don't believe me, go to the Genius Restaurant and see how many boys are against it.I will now go and get a joint signature from all the male masters on the Inner Door Perfection List and the Inner Door Great Perfection List.I'll also look for co-signatures from all the male experts on your Year 1 Late Inner Gate List.The first place on your Year 1 Late Inner Gate Master List is Tang Zichen, we'll go now and get him to participate in the joint signature, and when that one defeat of Red Dust dares to come, all the masters who participated in the joint signature will deal with him and never let any girls get picked up by the disciples of the four great island protector families."


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