The unknown Heir 894-895


Chapter 894

Then, the five of them returned to the house once again.

    "Knock knock!"

    Just then there was a burst of noise coming from the house, like someone knocking on something again.

    "Brother Chen, do you hear something knocking again?"

    Brother Chen immediately looked at Chen Hao, wary and confused, asking questions.

    Chen Hao nodded towards Brother Chen and replied, "Mm, I hear you."

    After saying that, the five of them immediately started searching around the area.

    Soon, Chen Hao found the location where the sound was coming from.

    The location wasn't anywhere else, it was coming from the very middle of this disc.

    "It's here!"

    Chen Hao pointed at the disc and reminded the four of them towards Brother Chen.

    The five of them immediately gathered around the disc and stuck to it and began to listen.

    "Knock.Knock knock.Knock, knock, knock!"

    Against the disc, the banging sounds inside were even more pronounced, and they were orderly.

    "Brother Chen, do you think there's someone down here?"

    Brother Chen had a sudden idea and asked towards Chen Hao.

    "Listening to this voice, it's not that there's no such possibility!"

    Chen Hao also agreed with Brother Chen's words, feeling that it was very likely that only a normal person would make this kind of orderly knocking sound.

    "Brother Chen, look around to see if there's anything strange, maybe you can open this disc up!"

    After a pause, Chen Hao immediately gave a command towards Brother Chen.

    Following Chen Hao's instructions, Brother Chen immediately did as he was told and hurriedly searched around the disc.

    After searching for a while, it turned out that Brother Chen had found a strange place.

    "Brother Chen, come see!"

    Brother Chen shouted a reminder towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao hurried over to Brother Chen's side and looked at a pull ring on the disc in front of him.

    There should be this chain attached to the inside of the pulling ring, and it looked like it should be able to be pulled out.

    "You all back off a bit, I'll pull it, if anything goes wrong, exit immediately!"

    Chen Hao looked at Brother Chen and spoke to the four of them, then had them retreat to the side a few meters away.

    Then, Chen Hao stretched out his hand to grip the pull ring tightly.

    At this moment, the four of Brother Chen were all holding their breaths and staring at the disc in front of them with full concentration, ready to prepare for their escape at any moment.

    As Chen Hao closed his eyes tightly, he pulled hard in his hand.


    Only the sound of chains rubbing sounded, so crisp and loud that it surrounded the entire house.

    Chen Hao didn't care about that anymore, he just pulled out the chains all the way to several meters in length.


    As the chains were pulled out, the disc separated into two halves, opening a huge opening.

    After the disc opened, Brother Chen's four men didn't dare to step forward and stood to the side watching the disc closely.

    As soon as Chen Hao threw the chain on the ground, he himself stepped forward and approached the edge of the disc to take a look underneath.

    After one look, Chen Hao's brows furrowed at once.

    It was seen that there was a monster covered in long hair locked underneath, like a strong ape.

    "Brother Chen, what's underneath?"

    Brother Chen then cautiously and softly asked towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao waved his hand towards Brother Chen's four men and did not open his mouth to answer, wanting them to see for themselves.

    When Brother Chen's four saw this, they had no choice but to come up to the edge of the disc to view it.

    "Old Fan, according to your insight, do you know what this is?"

    Chen Hao looked at Fan Lao and asked in confusion.

    Old Fan fell into a moment of contemplation.

    After pondering for a while, only then did Fan Lao slowly spoke up and replied, "This should be a black monkey, I remember a story that once the Ghost Clan people raised a black monkey and used it specifically to help them capture some people, it could be this black monkey!"

    Hearing Fan Lao's words, Brother Chen stared up.

    "Then wouldn't this black monkey be a ferocious beast, so let's just keep it locked up!"

    Brother Chen quickly narrated towards Chen Hao and Fan Lao.

    Such a vicious black monkey, of course, must not be released, otherwise it will definitely cause endless harm.

    Unfortunately, Brother Chen was too late, the black monkey had already escaped from its bonds, but was trapped under the disc.

    Now that the disc was open, the black monkey naturally had to escape.

    In the next second, the voice dropped and a roar sounded, the black monkey jumped up from under the disc, actually leaping out from the bottom of a few meters, which was enough to show its powerful jumping ability.

    Chen Hao and the five of them quickly retreated to the side and had a tight standoff with the black monkey.

    The Black Monkey stared at Chen Hao's five men, pounding his chest with his hands.

    But very soon, the Black Monkey rushed out of the house, and then disappeared into the Noble Palace, it did not attack Chen Hao's five people.

    It did not attack Chen Hao and the others. This made Chen Hao and the others wonder, thinking that the Black Monkey did not even threaten them, which really surprised them.

    But this was a good thing for them, one less trouble was better than one more, otherwise the five of them really didn't know how to deal with this black monkey.

    "Alright, let's quickly find an exit and leave, it's not a good place to stay for long!"

    After a while, Chen Hao suggested towards the five Chen brothers.

    No one knew exactly what kind of danger would appear next.

    Although neither the black monkey nor the centipede from before had attacked Chen Hao's five people, it didn't mean that they weren't a threat.

    If they continued to stay here, I'm afraid that it wouldn't be so simple when the time came.

    Hearing Chen Hao's proposal, the three Chen brothers also agreed, and they all wanted to leave here quickly.

    However, Fan Lao was calm, these situations were nothing to him at all, not even a look of fear, appearing incomparably relaxed and unruffled.

    Later on, Chen Hao and Brother Chen started looking around for an exit.

    But soon, their exit was not found, but a new entrance was found.

    After entering this new entrance, there was a new palace.

    There was a huge golden sandalwood coffin in the palace, the four corners of the coffin were each suspended by chains, and the entire coffin was suspended in mid-air, several meters above the ground.

    "I go, I never thought there would be a place this big in here, there's too much space in this mountain too!"

    Brother Chen couldn't help but sigh again, his eyes widening.

    This expedition was really too incredible for him, and it was truly an eye-opening rhythm for him.

    "This must be the place where the coffin of the Ghost Clan's first ancestor is stored, and the one lying in this coffin is definitely the Ghost Clan's first ancestor!"

    Fan Lao, on the other hand, preached with a look of excitement and went to the bottom of the coffin to view around it.

    "Fan Lao, then wouldn't it be ten thousand years since this Ghost Clan Ancestor was born!"

    Chen Hao was also immediately alarmed after hearing this.


Fan Lao nodded his head and responded, "That's right, over the past ten thousand years, how many people have tried to find the coffin of the Ghost Clan's first ancestor just to get the ghost bead in the coffin?"

    "The ghost beads?Fan Lao, you've come for this ghost bead, right?"

    After hearing this, Chen Hao asked towards Fan Lao.

    "Yes, I came here for this Ghost Pearl, and this Ghost Clan can help me have a new body."

    Fan Lao spoke up to explain.

    After hearing this, Chen Hao didn't have any opinion, he had originally come to help Fan Lao, so he didn't really have much of an idea about this ghost bead.

    "Then let's open the coffin!"

    After checking it out, Chen Hao proposed towards Fan Lao.

    Fan Lao nodded instantly, he was already a bit impatient to get the Ghost Pearl.

    "Zhen Ji, Zhou Nuo, you two go stand far away from each other, and if anything goes wrong, leave immediately through the entrance!"

    Chen Hao reminded the two towards Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo.

    Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo, on the other hand, walked nicely to the entrance and stood there, not daring to move around, keeping a close eye on Chen Hao's three men.

    "Come, Brother Chen, you go and put down those chains on both sides, I'll put them on this side!"

    Chen Hao looked at Brother Chen and commanded.

    After saying that, the two of them split up and disarmed the chains on each end.


    As the chains were lifted, the coffin fell to the ground, and a cloud of dust was created around it.

    A coffin that had been stored for tens of thousands of years must have been covered in dust long ago, and this wasn't a surprise.

    Then the next step was to open the coffin.

    "Brother Chen, you stand at the other end, I'll push the coffin open on my side, and you hold the lid together!"

    Chen Hao was again commanding towards Brother Chen.

    "Okay, Brother Chen!"

    Brother Chen didn't have any comments and immediately did what Chen Hao said.

    Then, Chen Hao pushed the lid on the coffin open with great force.

    As the coffin was pushed open, everything inside the coffin was presented in front of them.

    There was only a corpse that had rotted beyond decay inside the coffin, and there were many treasures that accompanied the burial.

    Fan Lao then came up and stood in the coffin and searched for it.

    "Where is the Ghost Pearl?"

    Chen Hao asked in confusion.

    "It's in his throat!"

    After looking at it for a while, Chen Hao spoke up and preached because the corpse's throat was protruding, like something was stuck in it.

    After speaking, Chen Hao took out a small knife and slit the corpse's throat.

    As the throat was slit, a blood red bead was revealed inside, which was the legendary Ghost Bead.

    Chen Hao used his hand to remove the ghost bead and handed it to Fan Lao.

    "Fan Lao, this is the Ghost Bead, right?"

    Chen Hao asked towards Fan Lao.

    Fan Lao's hands trembled a little and said excitedly, "Yes, this is the Ghost Pearl, gosh, I didn't expect the preservation of this name to be intact!"

    But at that moment, the corpse that was in the coffin actually turned into a trail of ashes and disappeared.

    Upon seeing this scene, Chen Hao couldn't help but furrow his brows, feeling that something didn't seem quite right.

    Fan Lao held the ghost bead and kept talking to himself in excitement before walking off to the side to admire it alone.

    Chen Hao and Brother Chen looked at each other, and neither of them bothered with Fan Lao, anyway, this time they had completed their mission of acid death and gotten the Ghost Pearl, then they could leave this hellhole next.

    "Alright, let's get out of here!"

    Chen Hao then spoke up and suggested.

    Hearing Chen Hao's words, Brother Chen and the three of them did not have any comments and immediately packed up their things, then prepared to leave.

    However, at this time, Fan Lao stood unmoved, his body trembling continuously.

    "Fan Lao, we can leave now!"

    Brother Chen shouted a reminder towards Fan Lao.

    I saw Fan Lao turn his head slightly and stare at Brother Chen with bloodshot eyes.

    "I'm going, Brother Chen, look at Fan Lao!"

    When Brother Chen saw Fan Lao's appearance, he was shaken and hurriedly shouted at Chen Hao.

    After hearing this, Chen Hao also quickly turned around to take a look.

    Upon seeing it, Chen Hao was also fiercely shocked, he did not expect Fan Lao to turn into this appearance.

    "Old Fan, what's wrong with you?"

    Chen Hao asked towards Fan Lao, his brows furrowed and his appearance unusually heavy.

    It was a pity that the Fan Lao of this time had long since ceased to be the Fan Lao of the past, he was now a monster that craved blood.

    "Brother Chen, look, there's a hint of red light at Fan Lao's throat!"

    Brother Chen was shouting at Chen Hao again.

    Chen Hao looked along and indeed saw the red light coming out of Fan Lao's throat.

    This made Chen Hao immediately understand after looking at it, it seemed that Fan Lao had swallowed the Ghost Pearl, which was why he had also become a blood-sucking monster, which meant that he had become a Ghost Clan member.


    Fan Lao opened his own mouth, which was filled with blood flowing out, and kept shrieking.

    In the next second, Fan Lao raced towards the four of them, and it seemed that he was eating Chen Hao's blood from his mouth as if he was a plate of food, trying to suck the blood out of them.

    Living people were the most attractive to the Ghost Clan, as the blood of the living was the freshest.

    "You guys quickly withdraw, I'll deal with him!"

    Chen Hao reminded the three of them towards Brother Chen behind him and then rushed up himself.

    Brother Chen, on the other hand, quickly escaped with Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo and hid outside to watch the situation inside.

    Only then did Chen Hao light up his Star Profound Sword and slashed directly at Fan Lao.


    A crisp slash, only to see that the Star Profound Sword couldn't even hurt Fan Lao.

    At this time, Fan Lao's body was like steel, and the sword was unable to pierce his skin.

    The unconscious Fan Lao would not recognize Chen Hao, and directly swung his hand towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao's reaction was swift, immediately taking a step backwards to dodge Fan Lao's attack.

    Fan Lao, on the other hand, jumped up and lunged at Chen Hao, trying to knock Chen Hao down with his body.

    Chen Hao, of course, would not give Fan Lao such an opportunity, and quickly lifted his foot and kicked Fan Lao out of the way.

    But this kick didn't do much damage to Fan Lao, not even enough to scratch the itch.

    Soon, Fan Lao recovered to climb up once more, opening his bloody mouth and rushing even more frantically towards Chen Hao.

    "Soul Locking Chain!"

    Chen Hao shouted and threw out the soul locking chain from his hand.

    The soul locking chain directly bound Fan Lao, making it impossible for him to move.

    After being bound, Fan Lao's entire body began to struggle wildly, and if it had been an ordinary rope, it would have already broken.

    Without saying a word, Chen Hao rushed to Fan Lao's side and stretched out his hand, poking it directly at Fan Lao's throat.

    With Chen Hao's jab, the Ghost Bead spat out of Fan Lao's mouth.

    It was only after the ghost bead came out that Fan Lao calmed down and his eyes regained their initial color.

    It seemed that it was indeed this ghost bead that was causing the problem.

    It was only after a while that Fan Lao regained consciousness and woke up.

    "What's wrong with me?"


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