The unknown Heir 889

Chapter 889

Soon, Chen Hao brought Old Man Fan to the well.

    "Old Fan, take a look, he was attacked by an unknown thing and died in this well yesterday!"

    Chen Hao pointed at Fumo's corpse on the ground and asked towards Fan Lao.

    Seeing this scene, Lei Lie also revealed his shock.

    "Brother Chen, isn't this the Fumo that we saw yesterday, he.How did he die!"

    Lei Li ton was in awe, his face full of incredulity.

    Who would have thought that Fumo would be dead after meeting only yesterday and after this night passed, this was too weird and strange.

    Chen Hao ignored Lei Lie's words as he locked his gaze on Fan Lao's body.

    After staring at the corpse in front of him for a while, Fan Lao spoke out of his mouth.

    "This is exactly what the Ghost Clan did!"

    "The Ghostbusters?"

    Chen Hao was dumbfounded after hearing this.

    "That's right, only the Ghost Clan would have such sharp claws, killing people invisibly, and look, this corpse still has tooth marks on its neck, which means the blood must have been sucked out of it!"

    Fan Lao opened his mouth to continue his narrative.

    "Fan Lao, are you saying that the Ghost Clan is most likely in the mountains and forests around us, can why weren't we attacked last night?"

    Chen Hao was very confused and asked towards Fan Lao.

    After hearing Chen Hao's confusion, Fan Lao spoke up to explain, "That's because the Ghost Clan is afraid of fire, last night we had a fire, so the Ghost Clan people didn't dare to come in, I guess this person came out in the middle of the night, and then was targeted by the Ghost Clan and attacked!"

    After listening to Fan Lao's story, Chen Hao was able to understand that it seemed like the Ghost Clan was responsible for all of this.

    "It's not advisable to stay here for long, we have to leave soon!"

    It was only then that Fan Lao spoke up again to remind Chen Hao.

    After saying that, Old Fan turned around and left.

    Chen Hao took another look at Fumo's corpse on the ground before returning with Lei Lie.

    After they returned, they simply cleaned up, and then Chen Hao left his residence with Lei Lie and the four of them before heading into the deep forest.

    Before leaving, the five of Chen Hao did not make a single move, not daring to let the people of the village find out, or else the five of them would not be able to leave.

    Soon, the five of Chen Hao entered the deep forest.

    Along the way, the five of them were very vigilant in looking at the surrounding forest.

    "Brother Chen, what do you think this Ghost Clan person looks like?"

    As he walked on the road, Lei Lie asked somewhat curiously towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao wasn't really sure about this, and he had never seen a Ghost Race person before.

    "Old Fan, what do you think?"

    Chen Hao, on the other hand, asked towards Fan Lao.

    "The fingers of the Ghost Clan are very sharp, like the claws of an animal, they can easily tear the skin of a person, their favorite thing is to drink blood, they are very sensitive to the smell of blood!"

    Only Fan Lao spoke up and narrated towards Chen Hao.

    To put it bluntly, the Ghost Clan was the so-called Ghost Sucking Clan that lived by drinking blood.

    "If they are such terrifying monsters, why do we need to find them?"

    Lei Lie was very uncomprehending as he asked towards Fan Lao and Chen Hao.

    When they heard Lei Lie's words, neither Chen Hao nor Fan Lao went to respond to him, because only Fan Lao and Chen Hao themselves knew about this matter for the time being, and they couldn't go and tell Lei Lie's trio the reason yet, only after finding the Ghost Clan's territory would they know everything.

    But until then, the five of them had to be careful of the Ghost Clan's sneak attacks.

    After about a while of walking.

    Only the entire surrounding bushes began to rustle a bit, creating a great deal of noise.

    Chen Hao's five men immediately stopped walking and looked vigilantly at the surrounding bushes.


    In the next second, a group of people in camouflage uniforms rushed out from the bushes and surrounded the five of Chen Hao.

    "Brother Chen, who are these people?"

    Lei Lie immediately asked in a low voice towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao shook his head slightly, his eyebrows furrowed, and he honestly didn't know exactly what these were.

    But judging from the clothing alone, these people were definitely not simple.

    Immediately afterwards, a level-headed man stepped out from the crowd and walked straight up to the five of Chen Hao's men.

    "Who are you guys?"

    The flat-headed man stared at the five of Chen Hao and asked.

    "We are merchants who have come here to play!"

    Chen Hao immediately spoke up and replied.

    "A merchant?"

    Hearing Chen Hao's reply, it suddenly made the flat-headed man suspicious.

    "Impossible, you are definitely not merchants, this is not a place where merchants would come!"

    The flat-headed man immediately denied Chen Hao's words and directly glared at Chen Hao and spoke coldly.

    "And who are you guys?Why are you here?"

    Chen Hao, in turn, questioned the flat-headed man.

    "We are the ones who came to explore the Ghost Clan's territory!"

    The flat-headed man did not hide anything, but simply looked at Chen Hao and replied.

    "You are also here to search for the Ghost Clan territory?"

    This caused Chen Hao to cry out in shock after hearing this, he did not expect these people to have the same purpose as them.

    "You guys too?"

    The flat-headed man was also surprised as he stared at Chen Hao and asked.

    After saying that, the flat-headed man motioned for his own men around him to put their weapons down.

    "Introducing myself, I'm Zhang Lie, the captain of this team!"The flat-headed man extended his hand towards Chen Hao and introduced himself.

    After hearing that, Chen Hao also reacted immediately and stretched out his hand to shake it with Zhang Lie.

    "Chen Hao!"

    "I can't believe you're also here to find the Ghost Clan's territory!"

    After a brief acquaintance, Zhang Lie chatted with Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao nodded slightly and then looked at Fan Lao behind him, finding that Fan Lao did not react at all, which put Chen Hao at ease, indicating that Fan Lao did not have much animosity towards Zhang Lie's group.

    "Do you guys know the exact location of the Ghost Clan's territory?"

    Chen Hao then asked towards Zhang Lie.

    Zhang Lie pulled out a map from his pocket and spread it out for Chen Hao to see.

    "Our current location is here, and the Ghost Clan's territory is in this mountain, so we will need to dig a passage into the Ghost Clan's territory at that time, just so we can enter the Ghost Clan's territory!"

    Zhang Lie recounted the detailed plan to Chen Hao.

    After hearing it, Chen Hao understood, and could tell that Zhang Lie's group had come prepared and had planned everything out.

    But this was good, they were both looking for the Ghost Clan's territory so they could join forces together.

    After a brief rest, Chen Hao and Zhang Lie and the others continued their journey.

    This drive was another two to three hours of travel.
    At last, the crowd was at the predetermined location.

    "Chen Hao, this is it!"

    Zhang Lie reminded towards Chen Hao.

    After saying that, Zhang Lie waved his hand towards the team behind him.

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