The King of Kungfu in school 91-95

Chapter 91

"Bang."The dead man's body bounced again, his eyes opening and closing.

The vice president watching from the side was completely new to this, and was truly shocked and curious.



Tang Zichen's forehead was covered in cold sweat.

"I have to succeed, if I don't save her today, I'll be a murderer, damn it."

Tang Zichen didn't want to take the blame for such a scandal.

"Bang."One failure after another, with each failure, the temperature of the deceased's body dropped by one point, meaning that the likelihood of success dropped by one point, and once the deceased's body temperature was completely gone, there was no need to waste effort, and it was useless for his uncle to come.

Outside the emergency room, Zhang and Li Xuan'er were extremely anxious, while there were also several doctors and nurses who had heard about what had happened inside, a person who had been declared dead and was still being resuscitated by a young man, and out of curiosity, those doctors and nurses were also waiting outside.

After Tang Zichen failed a dozen times, finally, the deceased opened his eyes and did not close them again.Tang Zichen was delighted that Aunt Zhang's brain had revived and her heart was contracting and beating, just a little slowly.

Aunt Zhang's body temperature rose, helping to transport blood and allowing the heart to completely recover its transfusion function. First URL

Sure enough, a moment later, Aunt Zhang exhaled sharply, as if a drowning man had finally been resuscitated by artificial respiration.The Vice President saw a life revived, and a solemn feeling of respect arose as he looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was so happy, not only did he save Aunt Zhang's life, he had successfully done the Resuscitation of the Dead for the first time, however, Tang Zichen suddenly felt a sudden heartache, because his teacher's wife and uncle no longer knew that he had succeeded.

Tang Zichen was not idle and immediately cut the pulse of Auntie Zhang's body to find out the cause of her death, or else she would still die again.

In less than a minute, Tang Zichen found out that Auntie Zhang was poisoned and the poison had penetrated into her organs.

After finding out the cause, Tang Zichen performed acupuncture and detoxification again to remove the poison.

After about fifteen minutes, Tang Zichen performed the second acupuncture technique to remove the toxin from Auntie Zhang's body.

Auntie Zhang was extremely weak, but her life was saved.

Tang Zichen was sweating profusely.

The Vice President was respectful of Tang Zichen and was busy handing Tang Zichen towels.He witnessed Tang Zichen resuscitate a dead man into a critically ill poisoned patient, and then followed it up by turning the critically ill poisoned patient into someone who was now all intact.

"Alright."Tang Zichen said with a wipe of sweat.

Tang Zichen walked out of the rescue room, but there were many doctors and nurses waiting outside.

"How's it going?How's my wife?"Zhang pounced on the question.

The vice president smiled, "Congratulations, your wife is alive and well."

"Pah-pah."All the doctors and nurses who were waiting outside were moved to applaud.

Li Xuan'er looked at Tang Zichen with tears shining in her eyes, and some of the nurses were also moved to cry, not all because of Tang Zichen's medical skills, but for a life to be saved.

Tang Zichen just smiled slightly.

Those doctors'

Health and nurses immediately flocked into the resuscitation room to see the revived patient and witness the miracle.

The security guard came to the vice president's side and said a few words.

Then the vice president said to Tang Zichen, "You come with me."

Tang Zichen came to a monitoring room.

Seeing the surveillance, a mysterious doctor wearing a white coat and a mask went into Aunt Zhang's room.

At this moment, however, Zhang was currently going through the procedures regarding the special assistance, preparing to apply for it and observe the follow-up before being discharged home, without any idea of what was happening in the ward.This was again a private hospital, and only one bed was arranged for each ward, so there were many opportunities to take advantage of the situation.

The mysterious doctor came out in less than half a minute and then disappeared into the corridor, as he was wearing a lab coat and a mask, and he didn't know who he was, but he was sure it wasn't someone from the hospital.

Tang Zichen said furiously, "Fuck, don't let me find you."

At the hospital, the police came, but at Tang Zichen's request, the hospital didn't reveal to the police that he had rescued the patient, but only wrote down that Aunt Zhang had been injected with poison and was successfully rescued in the end.The police took the surveillance video and left without much concern, it must be unlikely for such a case to be solved.

At this moment, not far from this hospital, a man was staring at the hospital, he was the one wearing the white coat posing as a doctor, he was waiting here, when it was about time, he would enter the hospital again to confirm whether Zhang's wife was dead or not, then he would report back.

Tang Zichen was standing in front of the window sill of the vice president's office with a cup of hot tea in his hand, having just rescued Aunt Zhang, Tang Zichen had expended a lot of internal strength and spirit, and the vice president asked him to come up and take a break.

Tang Zichen stood in front of the window sill and saw a man in front of the hospital's front door to the left with a strange gaze, always watching the hospital.Especially when the policemen who came from the hospital came out, the man looked weird again and pretended to buy something, as if he didn't want to attract the attention of the policemen.

"There must be something wrong with him, I think nine times out of ten it's the person who injected Aunt Zhang with poison."Tang Zichen's eyes chilled, although he was guessing, he felt certain in his heart.

Tang Zichen said to Vice President Meng Lun, "President Meng, if it's alright, I'll leave first, I still have to go back to school."

"Okay, little brother Tang, can you tell me your number?"

"Uh, okay."Tang Zichen gave his cell phone number to Meng Lun.

After that, Tang Zichen quickly left, naturally, to catch that suspicious character, Tang Zichen wanted to find out who was trying to murder Aunt Zhang's life.

Mole stood under a bus stop sign, his eyes looking in the direction of the hospital, he had a large mole on his face, so he was called Mole.Today, Brother Lei ordered him to come on an errand, to assassinate a man at Bright Hospital.As a well-trained man, killing someone quietly couldn't be easier.All he needed to do now was to go back and report the death of that person once he was sure that he was dead.The police had just been here, so the mole couldn't enter the hospital right away, and would need to wait a little more patiently.

But at this moment, a hand was quietly placed on his shoulder.

The mole turned back, who was tired of living and dared to take his shoulder, but the head was only halfway back, a fist had already reached the eyes, the mole lost consciousness at once.

When the Mole woke up, he found himself in an alleyway, pinned against a wall by a man who made it impossible for him to move.

"Who are you?"Mole asked in busy fear, this man must be good at something.


"Say, why did you go to the hospital to kill someone?"

The person who asked the question was none other than Tang Zichen.

"Why should I say."The black mole still wanted to resist.

"Bang."Tang Zichen punched him in the abdomen.

"I'll kill you if you don't say it."

"You tell me what you are first."The mole also tried to get out who Don Zichen was.

"If you don't say anything else, you'll only have to die."

The black mole felt the threat of death and was busy saying, "Yes, Brother Lei told me to do it cleanly."

"Who is Brother Lei?"

"Brother Lei is Dan's right-hand man that he brought back from Peace and I'm from Peace and I'm from Peace and I'm from Peace and I'm from Peace."

"Nima, who the hell is Brother Dan again, if you fool around I'll kill you."Tang Zichen said furiously. Remember the website

"Don't, don't, Brother Dan is Li Zi Dan, whose father is Li Qing Yuan.Brother Dan learned this morning that his father and younger brother were ruined by some one defeated dog thief, so he brought Brother Lei and I, along with a few other brothers, back to deal with the aftermath.I just received an order from Brother Lei to go to Bright Hospital and kill a man, and that's all I know."

At this moment, in another part of Linjiang City.

A tall man, about thirty years old, with a gloomy face was standing in front of the window, looking out dazed.

This man was Li Qing Yuan's eldest son, Li Zidan, who was also Li Ziming's brother.

At this moment, one of his men walked in.

"Brother Dan, I'll take care of things, so rest well and don't be too sad."That underling who came in said.

Li Zidan's face sank, he had just returned from the field this morning, overnight his father and brother had become invalids who couldn't take care of themselves.Li Zidan vowed not to stop until he took revenge.

"How about the police?"Li Zi Dan asked through gritted teeth.

"The police still haven't found any strong evidence of a single defeat."The henchman said.

"Bang."Li Zidan smacked the wall so hard that his handprint was immediately printed on the white wall.

"One Defeat Red Dust, I, Li Zidan, am at odds with you, and I won't stop until I take your head."Li Zidan said with red eyes.

Although Li Zidan didn't hang out in Linjiang City, he was quite famous in Linjiang City as he worked under a big power in the capital city.

"Brother Dan, last night, your father was supposed to inject Zhang Dali's wife with the xxx potion, leaving her in a complete coma and resuscitated to die a few months later.Unfortunately, it was ruined by a kid, your father's plan didn't work, but he became an invalid for it, it's so unworthy."That underling said angrily, he also thought that the reason why One Defeat Red Dust was looking for his father must be because of this matter.But this matter was something that Li Qing Yuan did not succeed in doing, so he felt wronged by being wasted.

"Is Zhang Dali's wife still alive right now?"Li Zi Dan asked.

"Brother Dan don't worry, he has already arranged for someone to go to the hospital, he will report to me after confirming the death of Zhang's wife."

"She should have died, my father and brother are useless, how can she live, she should die to make amends for my father and brother."Li Zidan's gaze was cold, seemingly blaming his father and brother on this incident of Zhang Li, if not for this incident, how would his father and brother be found by a single defeat of red dust.However, the trigger of the incident was not dead, but his father and brother were useless, and Li Zidan was extremely unhappy, so he had someone go and kill Zhang Dali's wife to make amends for his father and brother, and then there was the hospital that happened

A scene.It was just a pity to run into Tang Zichen, who had brought Aunt Zhang back from the dead and out of danger, which was something Li Zidan and the others never expected.

Li Zidan asked with a grim face, "Hasn't there been any news about the mole yet?"

"Brother Dan, don't worry, I don't worry about the mole doing his job, he'll inform me when he confirms that it's done.However, Dan, why don't you kill Zhang Dali as well, Zhang Dali should also go and make amends to your father and brother.If your brother hadn't been involved in this matter of running over and killing Zhang Dali's daughter, I'm afraid he wouldn't have been found by the self-proclaimed chivalrous dog thief in one defeat, and I think Zhang Dali should also go to his death."

Li Zidan said, "I didn't come back to provoke the Linjiang City police, but to take revenge.Now that Zhang Dali is still under the attention of the police, killing Zhang Dali risks causing trouble, so it's not too late to kill Zhang Dali later."

That underling nodded, then looked at his watch and said, "The mole has been gone for so long, it should be done, I'll make a call and ask."


"Li Zidan?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows raised, not expecting Li Qingyuan to have a son, he seemed to be quite powerful.

"You know Brother Dan?Who the hell are you?Why do you want to arrest me?"The black mole asked.

Tang Zichen was depressed, he was now in a dilemma, this matter was triggered by One Defeat Red Dust's identity and he was now involved in it as Tang Zichen.If he went to find Li Zidan, Tang Zichen's true identity and One Defeat Red Dust would be even more mixed up together.Tang Zichen didn't want to mix himself with his side business, One Defeat Red Dust, and the more mixed up he was, the easier it would be for the police to find out the clues.

"Forget it."Tang Zichen originally wanted to go find Li Zidan, but thought that it was better not to get caught up in his true identity, and if necessary, let One Defeat Red Dust handle it.

Tang Zichen thought of this, slapped the black mole unconscious, then pulled open a dirty sewer manhole cover next to it, threw the mole right in, then covered the manhole cover and floated away.

When Tang Zichen returned to the hospital, Li Xuan'er was trying to call Tang Zichen.

"I'm here."

"Where have you been?Thought you'd run back to school yourself first and not wait for me."Kaylee Lee.

"How could I be so cultured, I just went to sell two bottles of water."Tang Zichen handed Li Xuan'er the bottle of Coke he had just bought in passing.


Tang Zichen went to the parking lot to get his BMW and drove Li Xuan'er back to school with him, presumably school was already in session, but he had only come over to treat Aunt Zhang during the lunch hour, but he hadn't expected so much to happen.

In the car, Li Xuan'er worshiped, "You're really amazing, what kind of person are you?Suddenly I feel less and less acquainted with you."

"Haha, don't think about it so much, anyway, I'm your good friend, if you have any difficulties, you can look for me to solve them."

Li Xuan'er remembered her father's illness, now it was confirmed that the surgery was done in this hospital, and the price was so affordable, when it was really very thankful to Tang Zichen, I'm afraid that she was not only the first night, the whole person dedicated to Tang Zichen was not enough to return his kindness.

Li Xuan'er said, "The girl you like, that's the little sister you're talking about, right."While Tang Zichen was chatting with the vice president, Li Xuan'er heard Tang Zichen mention his little junior sister.

Tang Zichen felt an inexplicable soreness in his heart and nodded bitterly.

"Your little junior sister must be excellent, can she also heal?"

Tang Zichen's eyes went into a trance and said softly, "Of course they do, and they're better than me."

"Ah."Li Xuan'er was shocked, his little sister was so good, her medical skills were even better than Tang Zichen.

"Oh, when we were studying medicine with Shisuniang, I was very playful and ran off to drink with my senior brothers at every turn, while Little Sister was very serious about everything she did, it's no wonder she wasn't better than me.Every time I went to drink with my brothers and sisters, the little sister would make a small report, and then the teacher aunt would come and take us back to face the wall.Now that I think about it, I'm so sorry that I didn't cherish it and listen to my master and mistress properly."Tang Zichen was filled with remorse now that he thought back on it, it was the loss that he knew how to cherish.

"It's still not too late, huh?"Kaylee Lee said.

"Oh."Tang Zichen didn't want to say too much.

"Is your little sister also good at martial arts?"Li Xuan'er asked again, for some reason she kept focusing her questions on Tang Zichen's little sister.

"Of course it's powerful, I will, and so will she."Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, so is your little sister beautiful?"Li Xuan'er was a little nervous to ask this question, because in her heart she unconsciously compared herself to Tang Zichen's little sister, and this comparison was far from her.Now, there was only one beauty that could be contrasted with it.

Tang Zichen remembered his little senior sister and that scene, her graceful body, her stunning face, it was fascinating, Tang Zichen smiled sweetly at the corner of his mouth, "Beautiful, so beautiful that I would forget to breathe."

"Oh."Li Xuan'er sighed deeply in her heart, no wonder Tang Zichen would say before that he didn't need those girls in school to chase after him, he couldn't look down on the meaning, so people's sweetheart was actually such an excellent woman, those so-called school flowers in school, how could they compare with Tang Zichen's little senior sister.His younger sister's medical skills were better than hers, her martial arts skills were not much worse than Tang Zichen's, and she was the most famous Jiang Hu beauty, or a childhood sweetheart.

"Alright, let's not talk about it."Tang Zichen didn't seem to want to talk about it anymore, the more he thought about it, the sadder he became.No matter how beautiful the images were, they were all in the past, and even though Tang Zichen was reluctant to leave, he had to learn to forget the past, the past, the deep marrow of her.

Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er returned to Baiyun Middle School, and indeed classes were already in session. One second to remember to read the book

Li Xuan'er hurriedly ran back to the classroom, but Tang Zichen walked slowly back to class 32.

Back to class 32, everyone look at Tang Zichen's eyes are a little different, awe with a hint of trembling, Tang Zichen all dare to throw people down the stairs, who the hell dare to offend Tang Zichen, be careful of being thrown down the stairs by him.

Of course, there was another reason, Tang Zichen had been recognized by the students on campus as the number one villain of Baiyun Middle School, and no one was more evil than him.

On the hallway of one of the school's classes.

"Had I known you were so useless, I might as well have admitted Tang Zichen that day."Song Yu'er and her bodyguard Liu Yue were constantly complaining.

Liu Yue was very depressed, every time Miss was dissatisfied with him, just one bite of Tang Zichen, it made him to collapse, the three words Tang Zichen could hear calluses.

"Miss, can you please stop mentioning Tang Zichen every time."

Song Yuer slavishly said, "I'm going to mention, Tang Zichen Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen is just more ox than you, you are not ox at all, I thought my grandfather hired me from the mountains as a bodyguard, must be very ox, didn't expect it to be as ox as Tang Zichen."

Liu Yue was sweating cold, he was going to hate Tang Zichen.

"Miss, I'm your bodyguard, I'm here to keep you safe."

Song Yuer shook her head and ears, "I don't want to hear it I don't want to hear it, I want you to be an ox, I want to

The is a very bullish bodyguard, just as bullish as Tang Zichen.Liu Yue, can't you be as bullish as Tang Zichen?The bodyguard I hired is silent and not at all interesting anymore, I really regret that day I didn't ask my father to admit Tang Zixin, I would have been better off admitting Tang Zixin."

"Ahhhh."Liu Yue was mad with anger and said this again.

Liu Yue was annoyed, Song Yu'er was too hard to serve, as a bodyguard, he felt he was competent enough to protect Song Yu'er without anyone harassing him.But Song Yu'er just wanted to make a noise about him becoming an evil young man, just like Tang Zichen, a so-called cow.

"Miss, if you keep this up, I'll have no choice but to tell your father the truth."

"Don't you dare, if you do, I don't want you as a bodyguard anymore."

Liu Yue was distraught, he really didn't want to lose this beautiful lady ah, when he was still on the mountain, he heard that this mission was a thousand gold lady, very beautiful, so he came here with his ass, and with the good wish of the mission being over and soaking up the lady together, but the result was like this.

"Miss, do you really want me to become an evil young man as well?"Liu Yue asked in a fiery voice.

"Yeah, yeah, if you also become an evil youngster, wouldn't it be even more that no one would harass me."

Liu Yue disdainfully said, "I want to protect you, I don't need to rely on the reputation of being an evil youngster to scare people away.However, since you want me to become an evil youngster, then I'll become an evil youngster, as long as you're happy, I'll do anything."

Song Yu'er immediately clapped her hands and said, "Yeah, you're the good bodyguard, tell me quickly, what do you need to do to become an evil youngster?"

"To become an evil young man, first, you must be good at martial arts, and second, you must be evil, shameless and nasty, this is simple for Tang Zichen, but it's hard for me.However, for the sake of Miss, I'm willing to give it a try."

"How to try?"

Liu Yue said, "I'm going to the ladies' room now to make a hooliganism, you wait for my good news."

After saying that, Liu Yue bit his teeth, and went to the ladies' room on the sixth floor.

Song Yu'er excitedly said, "Liu Yue, cheer up oh, I'm proud of your courage, I'm here waiting for your good news oh."

Liu Yue stood at the entrance of the women's toilet and didn't go in immediately, as if she was cheering herself up.

"What the hell, open-minded, in order to make a lady happy, what is it to go into the women's restroom and bully girls, ah ah ah."Liu Yue inside a roar, walked in to the ladies' toilet, but now there is no one in the ladies' toilet, because it is still in class.If no one knew, wouldn't it be the same as going in for nothing, Liu Yue hid in the grill of the women's toilet and had to wait until class was over and a girl came and started peeing in front of him.

Song Yu'er sat in the classroom, her heart full of anticipation, hoping that Liu Yue could succeed, although this method was to imitate Tang Zichen, as long as she could succeed in being among the evil few, it didn't matter if she imitated or not.

"Bell bell bell."Class was over.

Many girls walked out of the class to go to the bathroom.

One of them, a fat girl, said as she walked out, "Little Lotus, did you bring 'Anti-Chen Spray' with you to the toilet?"

"What's an anti-sin spray, huh?"

"It's the one sold by the shop in front of the school, I heard that the shop owner made it homemade with chemically synthesized, super-spicy pepper spray, called Anti-Chen Spray, meaning: spray to prevent Tang Zichen.It's a must-have for girls to go to the bathroom, and it's sold in several shops outside the school. Almost every girl in our school has a bottle of it, and even the cleaning ladies in the school have it on their person, just in case.If the evil young man Tang Zichen goes to the girls' restroom to molest us again, just spray him hard."


"Wow, I'm also going to buy a bottle of anti-sensure spray in front of the school after school, how much is it?"

"Three dollars, it's not expensive, it's a must-have for girls in our Baiyun Middle School to go to the bathroom, my mom told me to bring it with me, in case Tang Zichen takes advantage of us and suffers the loss."The fat girl said, fortunately Tang Zichen didn't hear, or she would vomit.

After Liu Yue heard the bell, he immediately stood up from his hiding compartment and prepared to start his evil plan.

Liu Yue stood in a conspicuous place in the women's toilet, belt undone, ready to start peeing.

In his heart, Liu Yue said, "What the hell, I didn't expect that I, Liu Yue, would also do such a shameless thing, but in order to win the heart of a lady, I'm also fighting."

At this time, Liu Yue heard a girl coming.

Liu Yue immediately peed in public, striving to see just before the girls came in.

However, the girl coming in from outside was walking very slowly.

Liu Yue's heart was anxious: "Who's outside, hurry in, if you don't come in I'm going to finish pulling..."

At this time, three girls entered the women's toilet at the same time.

A glance at Liu Yue. The first website

The three girls were stunned first, obviously not expecting a boy to pee in the ladies' room.

Liu Yue purposely whistled and looked like a very grizzled man, the only pity was that the three girls were all ugly, and one of them was fat.It would be nice if there was a pretty girl like Liu Xiangyun coming in, why was he so unlucky, Tang Zichen was so lucky.

"Ah."The three girls really shouted.

Liu Yue continued to whistle and pretend to be proud.

At that moment, that fat girl yelled, "Anti-Chen spray."

"Swoosh."A spray shot at Liu Yue's eyes, and Liu Yue, who was whistling 'proudly', immediately covered her eyes and screamed.

"Ah, what is it."Liu Yue felt her eyes were in pain.

The other girl was also busy taking out anti-shen spray.

That fat girl said, "Bai Chan, I'll spray his eyes, you spray his bottom, see if he still dares to eat our tofu in the future."

"Good."That girl named Bai Chan went to spray Liu Yue's bottom at once.

However, Bai Can frowned, "There's nothing underneath him, how come I didn't find it?"

"How is that possible, look for it more carefully."The fat girl said as she sprayed into Liu Yue's eyes.

That girl Bai Chan said, "Is it this worm-like thing?"

The fat girl said, "Definitely now, squirt."

"Swoosh."That girl named Bai Chan immediately sprayed at that thing Liu Yue, but, the target was too small to spray.

Liu Yue roared, "Stop, if you don't stop, I'm not going to be polite."

The fat girl raged, "You're taking a piss in the ladies' room, you still have a reason, keep spraying him to death."

With Liu Yue's skills, these girls naturally dried up at once, but he was unreasonable after all, not daring to take action against these three tough girls at the moment.

Liu Yue was on fire, why was Tang Zichen so smooth in the women's toilet to molest girls, but he was so uneventful that he just happened to run into the girls along with the spray.Liu Yue where to know, this is all thanks to Tang Zichen, since Tang Zichen that thing fire, the school entrance kiosk owner felt business opportunities to come, indeed, anti-chen spray sold fire, has long been quietly popular among the school girls, dare not say 100%, at least a hundred

Eighty percent of the girls were carrying anti-sensure spray with them.

"I'll spray you to death, see if you still dare to go to the wrong toilet and pee in our girls' toilet."The girl named Bai Chan scolded.

Liu Yue heard what this girl said, even more depressed to death, he obviously came on purpose, but he was treated as if he had gone to the wrong toilet, wouldn't he suffer this for nothing.

Liu Yue was unwilling inside: "I didn't go to the wrong toilet, I came here to deliberately molest you guys.Whoever dares to spray me again, don't make me rape her."

The girl named Bai Chan skimmed, "Keep spraying ah."

Liu Yue saw that the three girls were endless, so she had to throw the three girls on the ground with a hard slam.Liu Yue quickly zipped up and left first.

Liu Yue rushed out of the women's toilet, depressed to the core, when that fat girl chased after her.

"Wait a minute."

"What else do you want?Don't force me to be rude to you."Liu Yue glared at her angrily, her eyes were still hot and painful at the moment, all thanks to this fat girl, this fat girl's weight was big, and Liu Yue had just put in a lot of effort when she dumped her.

The fat girl lowered her head and asked somewhat shyly, "You just said that whoever sprays you again, you will rape her, is it true ah?"

Liu Yue was about to fire up and say yes, don't think he's joking with you.However, suddenly seeing this fat girl looking shy and her face still red, she not only frowned, "What do you mean?"

The fat girl looked at Liu Yue as if she was spoiled, then blushed and lowered her head, "People just sprayed you so much, then you can find a time, in the street, under the bridge, in the field."After saying that, the fat girl turned around and ran into the women's toilet with a shy look.

Liu Yue was stunned for a few seconds before she understood the meaning and got mad with anger.

Failure ah, Liu Yue inwardly shouted out his failure, Miss is still in the class waiting for his good news, if Miss knows this, how can he still mix.

Unfortunately, Liu Yue could only go back to class to reply Miss.

Song Yuer saw Liu Yue back, busy asking: "How is it?It's a success, right?Hey, why are your eyes so red?"

Liu Yue lowered her head and said, "I'm sorry, Miss, it failed."

"How did you fail?"

Liu Yue said, "It's not my fault, it's because I had such bad luck, I just happened to meet the girl who was carrying the spray at any time, so I had to run away first, and I snatched one of that spray back."Liu Yue intentionally snatched a small bottle of spray back and used it as evidence, aiming to make the lady understand him.

Song Yu'er took the spray and looked at the words on it, her eyebrows furrowed and read, "Anti-Chen spray?Instructions for use: when Don Zichen appears in the ladies' room, quickly open the lid, then aim the nozzle at Don Zichen's eyes and press hard enough to spray.What's with this, what's with the name Tang Zichen?"Song Yu'er was in a fog.

At that moment, a girl in the class saw Song Yu'er holding an anti-criminal spray in her hand and said, "Hey, Yu'er, you bought anti-criminal spray too, don't you have a bodyguard, why did you buy it?"

"You have it too?"Song Yu'er looked at the girl in confusion.

"Of course la, most of the girls in the class have bought it, look, it's mine, three dollars a bottle, fireproof and anti-tzu-chen, it's a must for girls to go to the bathroom oh, with it, mom no longer has to worry about Tang Zichen going to the ladies' room to molest us."

Song Yu'er stirred her feet, gas, "Tang Zichen, it's you again."Song Yu'er walked out of the classroom, angry to find Tang Zichen to settle the score, it was hard to convince Liu Yue to go as an evil youngster, but the result was ruined by a bottle of anti-chen spray.


"Tang Zichen, you get out here."Song Yu'er stood at the back door of Class 32 and yelled at Tang Zichen, who was sitting in the last row.

Tang Zichen looked out the door, and Song Yu'er was standing in exasperation.

Tang Zichen walked out.

"What for?"

"Tang Zichen, it's all because you ruined me."

"What did I do to spoil you?It's ruining your marriage or your marriage bond."

"You're the marriage, your whole family is marriage."Song Yu'er snorted.

"Something to say, nothing to walk away from, if you're here to bullshit me, Tzu-Chen will excuse me."

Song Yu'er suddenly didn't know what to say, and found that it seemed too impulsive, she didn't know why such a fart had to come to Tang Zichen, it didn't seem like there was a need for it, right?

However, Song Yu'er saw Tang Zichen looked like he was impatient with her, feeling very unpleasant, usually every boy seeing her all eyes look straight at her, hating to say something to her, but what does this Tang Zichen mean, a look of impatience.

"Tang Zichen, this Miss is a school flower, you can't talk to me like that."Song Yu'er grievously said. Remember the URL

"You're the only one who's still a school flower, and Zichen I'm Bancho didn't even say anything."Tang Zichen smiled slightly.

Song Yu'er was suddenly angry and funny, spat her tongue and said, "Ban Cao also has the nerve to be proud in front of this school flower, really shameless."

"I'm the first evil youngster, I'm already shameless, do you believe I'll pull your pants off."Tang Zichen made a move to scare Song Yu'er.

Song Yu'er, however, wasn't afraid in the slightest, humming, "Don't scare me with your evil youngster status, you can only scare the average student, I'm not afraid of you, my grandfather can take care of you in minutes.Moreover, my bodyguard will soon become an evil youngster, and then I will be a lady with an evil youngster bodyguard, and you, an evil youngster, are one level lower in front of me, I'll see how you can still get your way in front of me."

"Hahaha, with that silly bodyguard of yours, Liu Yue, you can be on equal footing with me?"

"I swear, I'll own the evil bodyguard."Song Yu'er walked away with a hum.

Tang Zichen looked at her graceful and slender back, this mischievous chick, her figure was top-notch, and the curves of her body from behind were really hot.Tang Zichen's lips curled slightly and smiled, "What a childish chick."

Song Yu'er returned to the class and went to find Tang Zichen to settle accounts, but instead of settling the accounts, she gave a depressed stomach.In particular, she said that Liu Yue would definitely become an evil youngster too, and Tang Zichen's look of contempt for her made her cringe.

"I'll make Liu Yue become an evil young bodyguard, for sure."Song Yu'er said inwardly.

Song Yu'er thought about it for a few minutes, then suddenly had a clever idea and smiled hehehe.


Song Yu'er immediately took out her cell phone and opened the campus, saying in her heart, "It seems that relying on Liu Yue is never going to become an evil youngster, and it will take Miss Ben personally to do it."

Tang Zichen stood in front of the back door of class 32 and stretched his waist.

At that moment, Tang Zichen saw Jin Hu wearing slippers, holding a cigarette in his mouth, crackling to class, and also changing his hairstyle, like a rooster's crown, which was particularly conspicuous.

Jin Hu wasn't there for the last class, but came to class only after the second class.And the school rules state that any student

No slippers, no leaving late or early, no long hair, no smoking.But Jin Hu seemed to have it all accounted for.

Jin Hu came to the corridor outside the classroom and saw Tang Zichen standing at the back door, so he turned to the front door and entered.

Tang Zichen also wanted to say a few words to Jin Hu and ask him where he cut his cockroach hair, but he didn't expect Jin Hu to enter the class at the front door, as if very scrupulous Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen just remembered that when he had just come to class, many students in his class had a deep tremor in their eyes towards him.

"Wang Qiang, have you noticed that the students in the class seem to look at me a bit differently?"Tang Zichen returned to his seat and asked Wang Qiang.

Wang Qiang said, "What do you think, you're now the number one villain of Baiyun High School."

"Uh, the number one villain?"Tang Zichen was stunned, wasn't he the sixth evil youngster.

"Isn't the First Evil Shao Fang Hong?When did it become me?"Tang Zichen was baffled.

"Just in the morning when school was over ah, you threw Chen Zhijie off the sixth floor, the story spread, you even dared to wrestle someone to death, totally more evil than Fang Hong.On the campus forum, you've already been ranked as the number one evil young man."Wang Qiang said, there seemed to be a hint of worship in his eyes, and when the evil person was evil to the end, he also became a general person who did not dare to offend, a devilish existence.

Tang Zichen was now a devil-like existence, why wasn't he a god-like existence, because he was the Evil Shao.

"Oh, the First Evil Shao, a bit interesting."Tang Zichen smiled.

Wang Qiang said, "Moreover, you, the First Evil Shao, are far more trembling than the previous Fang Hong, you are simply the First Evil Shao of a devil-like existence."

"The Devil-like Existence's First Evil Shao?"

"Well, many people on campus said that, and everyone said that you could already be on par with the 'god-like existence of the first mad young man'."

"Wow, so I'm famous."Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly.

"Yes, although the previous Fang Hong was also the First Evil Shao, he was only the First Evil Shao, and your ferocity has already made the entire school tremble, the First Evil Shao of Devil-like Existence, is none other than you.You open the campus and see how people comment on you, you'll know everything."

"Good."Tang Zichen also used his phone to open the forum on Baiyun Middle School, and indeed many very hot posts, with the most comments reaching over ten thousand.

Tang Zichen was not only commented as the number one evil youngster, but also added an honor to the recognized, the number one evil youngster of the devil's general existence.On par with the God-like Existence's First Evil Shao.

It was like, Northern Qiao Feng, Southern Murong.

Of course, there were many posts cursing and abusing Tang Zichen, and those who were not used to it, naturally, would not give these so-called Evil Shao and Maniac Shao any good looks.But they were all venting postings that didn't have much in the way of replies.These posters must be the reality that they don't dare to be vocal, and only dare to vent on, in reality if Tang Zichen found them, they would definitely all be scared to pee, after all, even Maniac Shao Chen Zhijie was scared to pee.

As the forum slipped down, it was almost all posts about Tang Zichen.However, Tang Zichen suddenly saw a post that wasn't about him, it was a post that had just been posted less than ten minutes ago, and it already had over three hundred comments.

Tang Zichen curiously hit open, it was posted by a friend called 'Farewell That Flower Season'.

"Hello, I'm Song Yu'er, I want to reveal something, the bodyguard my father hired for me, called Liu Yue..."


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