The King of Kungfu in school 96-100


Tang Zichen was stunned, but it was sent by Song Yu'er.

Hehe, Tang Zichen immediately looked down.

"Liu Yue was hired by my grandfather from a deep mountain, originally to protect me, who knew that he had lured the wolf into the house.There's a small village in the deep mountain where Liu Yue came from, and last year, that small village was in a panic.Hundreds of female donkeys screamed in the middle of the night, widow Wang's underpants were frequently stolen, the door of the nunnery outside the village was knocked on every night, and dozens of sows were accidentally pregnant.Just a few days ago, the investigation finally came out that it was my bodyguard, Liu Yue, who did it.When my father learned that he was such a person, he wanted to drive him away, but he couldn't even do so with his martial arts skills.He also said that if he wanted to drive him away, he would beat my whole family to death, I'm so scared, I can only vent here, I hope he won't see me, otherwise I'm finished.People say, such a beastly thing, is he considered a lesser evil?"

Tang Zichen laughed after watching, This childish girl is really doing everything to make her bodyguard surpass me.

Wang Qiang also entered the campus to watch.

"Holy shit, is that bodyguard of Song Yu'er really so beastly?"Wang Qiang asked.

"Do you believe that?"Tang Zichen was aware that Song Yu'er was determined to have her bodyguard become an evil youngster, and then she had an evil youngster bodyguard as if her status was higher than Tang Zichen's, so she must have used everything she had in mind, so Tang Zichen didn't believe her outburst.

Wang Qiang said, "However, even if there are exaggerations, but this is Song Yu'er's personal outburst, perhaps the words are exaggerated out of anger towards Liu Yue ah."

This post made by Song Yu'er just had more than five hundred comments, and now in just a few minutes, there were two hundred more comments, so it seemed like this post was going to be on fire.

Is Song Yu'er really going to have the Evil Young Bodyguard?Don is busy reading the comments below.

Hurt doesn't matter and says, "Really?A beast." A second to remember to read the book

Total not barely turned stubborn and said: "It should be true, can't see it is someone's lady out to reveal ah, if it is an outsider's reveal may not be credible, but this is Song Yuer's own reveal ah, credibility is higher."

Rascal: "Wow damn, is the seventh evil youngster of Baiyun High School really going to be born?"

Jing you love me more love you said, "As the saying goes, a family shame does not spread outside, Song Yuer personally exploded, it must be true, and it is only here to vent in a million different ways.Damn, Liu Yue this beast, let's all recognize him as the seventh evil youngster, so that more people will know his ugly face, just like Tang Zichen."

Tianfu Avenue stripped naked and said, "I agree to recognize Liu Yue as the seventh evil youngest."

Sitting in front of the grave molesting ghost said, "I also agree, the seventh evil youngster of Baiyun High School was born."


Right now, in Song Yuer's class, Song Yuer was constantly refreshing her phone, seeing the comments soaring and all recognizing Liu Yue as the seventh Evil Youngster, Song Yuer was excited.

"Yay, kung fu doesn't pay off, I finally have the evil young bodyguard."Song Yu'er was excited inside.

And at this moment, Liu Yue was already crying in the toilet.

Of course, at this moment, there was another scene happening in the school's playground.

White Cloud Middle School, the five mad youngsters were sitting together.

They were respectively.

The first mad young man: Zhao Ritian.

The second berserk youngster: Long Xiaofei.


sp; Third mad young man: Su Yuhao.

The fourth youngest: Wang Qirong.

Fifth Berserk Shao: Chen Zhijie.

Zhao Ritian was full of displeasure at the moment, and everyone didn't dare to speak when they saw that Zhao Ritian didn't speak.

Zhao Ritian looked at Chen Zhijie and asked, "Zhijie, is your injury alright?"

Chen Zhijie was full of anger: "Nothing serious, just very upset in my heart, damn it, I was thrown off the building by someone, and now the whole school knows about it, I feel so ashamed, I don't dare to see anyone."

The second maniacal youngster Long Xiao Fei said: "You this point is nothing, Sun Tian is more depressed than you.In the past, the campus villain was nothing, that first villain Fang Hong did not know how many times he was screwed by Sun Tian.But now, the newly emerged No.1 Evil Youngster Tang Zichen was actually rated as the No.1 Evil Youngster that can be on par with RiTian, and exists like a devil.Isn't this clearly trying to slap Brother Ritian's face?Everyone knows that Zhao Ritian is the god-like existence of the First Madshaw."

The several Mad Few all looked at Zhao Ritian.

Zhao Ritian was indeed full of displeasure, Zhao Ritian's two eyebrows twisted and said, "Not bad, I, Zhao Ritian, am actually considered to be on par with Tang Zichen who came out of nowhere, isn't this an insult to me, Ritian?The most talked about post on campus is my Zhao Ritian, how domineering it was.I am everywhere and nowhere, even many elementary school students use my name Zhao Ritian to pretend to compare.And now, a nameless junior, actually dared to share my name, and even the existence of a demon, I pooh, can a demon be on par with a god?Those ignorant students on campus, they might not know that casually taking someone else to be flush with me is harming Tang Zichen."

The third mad youngster Su Yuhao said with a sneer, "Who doesn't know that the previous number one evil youngster, Fang Hong, has been dealt with by you for countless tons.Moreover, Ri Tian you are not only the first mad youngster, but also the seventh ranked person on the White Cloud High School's list of genius experts.That group of ignorant students who ranked Tang Zichen as the devilishly existent number one evil youngster not only disgusted you, but also clearly wanted to push Tang Zichen into the fire pit."

Fourth mad youngster Wang Quirong said, "Brother Ritian, you shouldn't be depressed either, I think that those ignorant students on campus must be because Tang Zichen is so evil that no one can clean him up anymore, that's why they deliberately rated Tang Zichen as the same person as you, to deliberately cause your displeasure and use you to clean up Tang Zichen."

Zhao Ritian nodded, "There's a possibility that he wanted to borrow my hand to clean up Tang Zichen, so that's why he rated a nobody on par with me."

The second mad youngster, Long Xiaofei, said, "Brother Ritian, let's not talk about the fact that Tang Zichen is on par with you now, but let's talk about the fact that Chen Zhijie was beaten up.Because our Fifth Mad Shao Chen Zhijie was beaten up, that bunch of ignorant students, all thought that our Mad Shao's momentum has been completely inferior to their Evil Shao, thinking that the Evil Shao is more awesome than our Mad Shao."

Zhao Ritian snorted, "What a bunch of ignorant ants."

The third Mad Shao, Su Yuhao, said, "Brother Ritian, right now the entire campus forum is discussing this matter of Chen Zhijie being beaten up, it seems like they are waiting for our reaction ah, if we don't respond in time, in the future, our Mad Shao will be completely inferior to the Evil Shao in everyone's mind."

Everyone looked at Zhao Ritian.

Zhao Ritian snorted, "It's not simple, you guys also catch the Sixth Evil Shao out and beat him up, won't that be the end of it."

The second mad youngster, Long Xiao Fei said, "The sixth evil youngster is Wu Minghao, so let's catch Wu Minghao out and beat him up wildly, and give them a little bit of a taste of the evil youngster."

At this moment, the fourth mad youngster Wang Cuirong said, "Wait a minute, you guys look at the campus, the seventh evil youngster is born."


"The Seventh Evil?"

Several people were busy opening the campus, and sure enough, Song Yu'er made a post accusing her bodyguard Liu Yue of being a beast, and there were already over three thousand comments below, all accusing Liu Yue of being a beast, and recognized as the seventh evil youngest.

Zhao Ritian asked the second mad youngster, "Long Xiaofei, isn't Song Yu'er your chase?"

Long Xiaofei said furiously, "Hehe, yesterday I went to look for Song Yu'er, I wanted to invite her to dinner, after eating if you are willing to stop by and get a room, but I didn't expect that I was stopped by this Liu Yue.This Liu Yue is a bit strong, I can't beat him, I'm worried about how to chase Yu'er later.I didn't expect him to be such a beast, and my Rainer has fallen into a wolf's den."

Zhao Ritian said, "Since the seventh evil youngster has been born, the last ranked evil youngster is this Liu Yue.Then by the way, let's give this seventh evil youngster a good beating in response to Chen Zhijie's beating, and let those stupid students on campus know that the mad youngster is not easy to mess with."

Long Xiaofei frowned, "But, I can't beat that Liu Yue, Brother Ritian, aren't you going to do anything?"

Zhao Ritian left his mouth, "Is this kind of low-level opponent worthy of my Zhao Ritian, if the other genius experts in the school knew about it, how would I still be able to hang around.I'm not just a mad youngster, I'm more of a genius expert, only genius experts on the same level as me are worthy to fight me, Zhao Ritian.Those evil youngsters are clearly not qualified enough."

"What about Tang Zichen?"Fourth mad young man Wang Quirong asked.

Zhao Ritian snorted, "If Tang Zichen hadn't been rated by everyone as being on par with me, I, Zhao Ritian, wouldn't have paid attention to a nobody, Tang Zichen.You guys send a letter to Tang Zichen for me, telling him to post on campus himself that he doesn't deserve to be on the same level as me, so I can stop seeing him in general.After all, his being on par with me wasn't self-proclaimed by him, it was sealed by those ignorant students, as long as he goes to post to make it clear, then it's fine, and I, Zhao Ritian, can understand."

Long Xiaofei nodded, "Okay, but what if you think Liu Yue is lowly and unworthy of your hand, and we can't beat him?"

Zhao Ritian said, "A few more people go, and then if you can't, use some tactics." The first website


Tang Zichen sat in the classroom while the teacher was teaching, Tang Zichen closed his eyes and cultivated his internal strength.Tang Zichen only needed to spend an hour a day cultivating his internal strength.

Soon the second class was over.

Song Yu'er's post finally exceeded three thousand comments, and the consensus was that Liu Yue was the seventh evil.

Song Yuer said to Liu Yue, "Liu Yue, not bad, you are now the image of an evil youngster."

Liu Yue was very depressed, Miss finally made him become an evil youngster, now the class looked at him with a wary gaze, just now even a girl who looked similar to Phoenix was tightly covering her chest when she passed by him, as if she was deeply afraid that Liu Yue would do something to her.After all, Liu Yue was able to do it to both a donkey and a sow, she was still a person no matter what, right?

"Miss, congratulations, your wish has been granted, as long as Miss is happy, I don't care."Liu Yue said with a bitter face.

"Don't be bitter with a face, let's go, let's go pretend to compare, and walk around the corridor."

Song Yu'er was walking in the corridor, Liu Yue was following behind her, many students saw and pointed at Liu Yue with a hint of fear at the same time.

"I never thought that even the old lady would be able to do it."

"Tsk, Song Yu'er is really tragic."

Liu Yue heard some students discussing secretly, that depressed ah.


sp; Song Yu'er laughed like a little kid, "See, I feel awesome right now, this kind of bodyguard is only interesting, let's go, let's go to show off in front of Tang Zichen."

"Why are we going to Tang Zichen?"Liu Yue was dissatisfied with the question.

Song Yu'er snorted, "Now my bodyguard is also an evil youngster, he is also an evil youngster, my status is invariably a level higher than his, of course I have to show off in front of Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen had just finished running his internal force when Song Yu'er passed outside the classroom, swinging and enjoying herself, with Liu Yue following behind.

"Tang Zichen."Song Yu'er called out by the window.

Tang Zichen walked out.

"Yo, isn't this Miss Song?What's the point of bringing this bodyguard of yours to blindly stroll in front of my class."Tang Zichen chuckled.

Song Yu'er said, "Tang Zichen, you're now speaking more politely to me, now my bodyguard, Liu Yue, is also a campus villain."

Tang Zichen said with amusement, "That's really something to congratulate you on."

Song Yu'er snorted proudly.

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Yue and laughed, "Brother Liu, don't be surprised, I didn't expect that in the blink of an eye you're also a campus villain, and so evil."

Liu Yue snorted, "No matter how evil I am, I'm not as evil as you."

"Hahaha, Brother Liu, dozens of sows are accidentally pregnant, your hit rate is quite high."

"You."Liu Yue was depressed.

Song Yu'er beckoned, "Alright, Liu Yue, let's go, let's go somewhere else, remember, you and he are both evil, don't feel inferior to someone in the future."

Tang Zichen looked at Song Yu'er's back as she swaggered around pretending to be a comparison, he couldn't help but laugh, "What a brain-dead chick, fortunately I didn't take it as your bodyguard, compared to my lady, my mind is not on the same level at all."Tang Zichen was glad that Liu Xiangyun wasn't an ungrown child like Song Yu'er, otherwise it would have been difficult to serve, Liu Yue must have been miserable to spread such a lady.

Song Yu'er had finally fulfilled her wish of wooing around with her evil bodyguard, and it was really cool.

Just at this moment, the bell rang.

"Liu Yue, let's go, go back to class first, continue tomorrow oh, right, you also properly act very evil ah, otherwise I always feel that you and Tang Zichen are still very different.As soon as Tang Zichen stands there, it feels like you're so awesome that you don't dare to be approached."Song Yu'er instructed.

"Oh."Liu Yue Oh sounded and entered the corridor, but at this moment, a bucket of lime was suddenly splashed on Liu Yue's face behind the door.

In the next moment, another spoonful of water was splashed on his face, the lime mixed with water, immediately made Liu Yue blind, his face was hot, plus the anti-criminal spray was sprayed at the end of the first class, Liu Yue was in extreme pain.

"Bang."Before waiting for Liu Yue to react, a muffled hit Liu Yue's back of the head.

But Liu Yue is not a vegetarian, although her eyes are blind, but her ears listen to the sound, to the place where the stick hit, at once caught a person in her hands and pressed against the wall.

"Miss, run."Liu Yue a shout.

"Bang."Another muffled stick struck.

Unable to see, hands and feet busy, Liu Yue could only hear the sound of the strike.

"Wow."Suddenly, a piece of wire covered Liu Yue's body, restricting Liu Yue's hands and feet completely.


Right after that, several strong chains wrapped around him and Liu Yue was tied up.

"Who is it."Liu Yue yelled in anger, suffering the pain on his eyes while having to deal with sneak attacks and all sorts of vile tactics that left him completely defenseless.

"Hit, hit hard."A voice came.

Then, a few sticks served down.

Liu Yue struggled extremely hard, but he was wrapped in wire and then there were chains tying him up, and his eyes were blind again, so he couldn't react at all.

After a few sticks beaten for about three minutes, a voice came out, "Seventh Evil Youngster Liu Yue, you remember, we are Campus Fanatics, Tang Zichen beat our fifth Fanatic Youngster Chen Zhijie, now we beat you too, it's even."

"You guys just wait."Liu Yue yelled in anger.

"Do you still have the strength to resist now?Still arrogant, keep fighting."

Another burst of sticks.

Liu Yue was angry and furious, if he came openly, these three Maniacs would never be his opponent, but they were lime and sneak attacks and wire and all, even though Liu Yue's martial arts were much higher than them, he would inevitably be at a disadvantage.

The three people who plotted against Liu Yue were the Second Mads, Third Mads, and Fourth Mads. Remember the website

Song Yu'er was now cowering in the corner in fear, she really didn't expect that Liu Yue had just become the seventh Evil Shao and was beaten up by the campus fanatics.The reason was that Tang Zichen had beaten up their Fifth Mad Major Chen Zhijie, and they had come to retaliate against the Evil Major as a way to get back their face.

The second mad youngster Long Xiao Fei walked up to Song Yu'er and said, "Yu'er, you remember, you are my Su Yuhao's woman, we mad youngsters are not the so-called evil youngsters can afford to offend, Liu Yue, this beast, is just the beginning of our revenge action against the evil youngsters, you have to wait for me, I will protect you for the rest of your life."

After saying that, Long Xiaofei ordered to the other two, "Go, drag Liu Yue to parade around the campus."


So, one of the three madmen pulled a chain and dragged Liu Yue, who was tied up by the wire, down the stairs.

"Ahhhh."Liu Yue let out an exhausted roar, poor he was tied up to death and couldn't exert any power at all, his eyes were painful and blind, wondering if he was blinded by lime.

Song Yuer watched helplessly as his bodyguard was dragged away by the three madmen.

Song Yu'er didn't know what to do, and stirred in depression, "I blame Tang Zichen, I'll go and settle the score with him."

Song Yu'er immediately ran to class 32.

Song Yu'er angrily stood at the door of Class 32 and shouted, "Tang Zichen, you come out."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen looked at Song Yu'er somehow, what's wrong with this brain-damaged girl again, she came to him for the third time this afternoon.

Tang Zichen walked out.

"Miss Song, if you come to see me two after three times, I'll think you're secretly in love with me, I don't think you're a childish chick."Tang Zichen said.

"Tang Zichen, it's all your fault."Song Yu'er said crying, Liu Yue was dragged away, she felt scared and didn't know what to do.

Tang Zichen was shocked to see Song Yu'er, a childish girl, crying, and this crying made Tang Zichen feel a bit unable to mock her anymore.

"What are you crying for?"Tang Zichen asked somehow.

"I, my bodyguard was beaten up."Song Yuer cried out.

"Uh, didn't you just bring Liu Yue around pretending to compare?Why get hit all at once."Don Zichen.

A whiff of cold sweat.

"It's not all your fault, you beat up Mad Major Chen Zhijie in the morning and they came for revenge.Liu Yue was just promoted to Evil Shao, and became a victim of your struggle.Just now in the corridor, no one expected that suddenly a bucket of lime and a bucket of water at the door would be thrown at Liu Yue, and then a very thick chain was used to tie Liu Yue up.Liu Yue was beaten desperately with their sticks, and finally they dragged Liu Yue away, what should I do, it's all your fault."

"And this, but it's not right to blame me, who made you so vain that you didn't let Liu Yue become an evil young man, would this happen?"Tang Zichen sweated.

"People, they just want Liu Yue to be as awesome as you."

"I'm awesome?"

Song Yu'er nodded her head in embarrassment, "Very cool, I so want you to be my bodyguard, how about you come and be my bodyguard, I'll make my dad pay you three times your salary."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Who cares, I can't afford to serve a lady like you."

"What's wrong with people, they want a figure, they want a face, and they want money, think about it."

"Alright, do you still want to save your bodyguard, do you think you can do right by Liu Yue with what you've said?"

"Me."Song Yu'er was speechless for a moment.

Tang Zichen walked to the entrance of the building and really saw a floor of lime and water tsk.

Song Yu'er said, "Liu Yue was dragged downstairs by them, they said they were going to march on the campus."

Tang Zichen was speechless for a while: "Just like that and still bodyguards, this point of martial arts, or back to the mountain to practice more before coming back."Saying that, Tang Zichen chased down the stairs.

Song Yu'er grunted, "They suddenly attacked, splashing people's eyes with lime and water, don't you know that lime and water will have a chemical reaction?There were three of them again, and it was only to be expected that Liu Yue would completely let her guard down and take a loss.Liu Yue's martial arts skills aren't necessarily weaker than yours, if it was you just now, you would have been hit too, and Liu Yue was sprayed with anti-chen spray in the last class."

Tang Zichen trailed off, if it was him, not to mention lime, something even more powerful would have never been able to hurt him.

"Who were the three people who beat up Liu Yue?"Tang Zichen asked.

"It's the second mad youngster Long Xiaofei, the third mad youngster Su Yuhao, and the fourth mad youngster Wang Kuirong."

Tang Zichen found the three Maniacs on a path under the school building, and sure enough the three were preparing to drag Liu Yue around in a parade.

Tang Zichen chased after them.


The three madmen saw Tang Zichen appear and looked at Tang Zichen with some fear.

That Long Xiaofei snorted, "You are Tang Zichen."

"Let go of Liu Yue."Tang Zichen ordered.

At any rate, Long Xiaofei was the second mad youngster, how could he just let go, and hummed, "Tang Zichen, campus mad youngster and campus evil youngster, always well water does not offend river water, you beat our mad youngster first, now we also beat one of you evil youngster, we are even."

"Get even your sister."Tang Zichen instantly rushed up and grabbed Long Xiaofei.

"Bang."Tang Zichen threw Long Xiaofei and threw him ten meters away.

"Ah."Long Xiaofei fell to the ground, screaming so much that he was afraid that he had broken his bones.

The other two Maniacs looked at Tang Zichen in horror and said, "Tang Zichen, don't mess around, do you know who our First Maniac is?It's the god-like existence of Zhao Ritian, he's still the seventh ranked genius expert, if it wasn't for the fact that Zhao Ritian was too lowly and didn't want to do anything to you, he would have dealt with you long ago."


Tang Zichen's feet pointed at the ground and lightly flew towards Su Yuhao and Wang Cuirong, instantly grabbing the two men by the hair before throwing them more than ten meters away and falling down beside Long Xiaofei, the three mad youngsters screaming.

Song Yu'er looked at Tang Zichen's mighty posture and couldn't help but exclaim, "So fierce, why is such a fierce evil young man not my bodyguard."

Song Yu'er also looked at the three mad youngsters rolling on the ground, they were screaming in pain, Song Yu'er's eyes rolled, immediately took out her phone and went up to take pictures, she was going to send it to the campus, she was going to be the first to explode.

Tang Zichen said in his heart, this girl is also too heartless, her bodyguard is still tied to the ground, not to go up to rescue, and even went to take pictures.

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Yue who was tied up on the ground.

Liu Yue felt very ashamed, all bodyguards, mixed up like this, really enough.

Tang Zichen said, "How are you?For the sake of us traveling together, I can save you."

Liu Yue snorted, "I don't need you to save me, and I'm not traveling with you."

"Fine."Tang Zichen walked away, don't pull down.

"Ka-ching, ka-ching."Song Yu'er took pictures of the three madmen who fell to the ground wailing from every angle.

Song Yu'er's mind turned over with joy at the thought of the vigor she posted to the top. One second to remember to read the book

Song Yu'er smiled hehehe as she took pictures, "Still mad young, I'm going to expose your true faces, let everyone see how mad the so-called mad young are, hahaha."

Tang Zichen walked over and said to Song Yu'er, "Have you finished taking pictures yet, why don't you go over and save your bodyguard."

"Geez, it's just as well to save them later, I need to quickly film the evidence of these three maniacal youngsters' wailing.By the way, why don't you do a close-up and make a comment as well."Song Yuer pointed her phone at Tang Zichen.

"Shoot again and I'll throw your phone."Tang Zichen said.

Song Yu'er pursed her lips, moved her phone away, and continued to shoot the madness, the name of the posting she had thought of, it was called 'The Wail of the Madman'.

Tang Zichen said, "There's nothing else I'm leaving."

Only then did Song Yu'er stop taking pictures, looked at Liu Yue, still tied to the ground, depressed: "I hate you, it's all because you caused my bodyguard to look like this, if it's also posted on, I've lost all my face."

Tang Zichen said, "Miss Song, your bodyguard, Liu Yue, is not on the same level as me, it's best not to compare him to me, or you'll be so angry with yourself."

"This time it's an accident, he will definitely not lose to you."

"Silly girl, looking at your body doesn't look like it hasn't matured, why is your brain like a child that hasn't developed yet?"Tang Zichen glanced at Song Yu'er's breasts, quite big, not like a child's ah.

Song Yu'er saw Tang Zichen aiming at her boobs, took off her shoes and threw them at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen flicked his finger and a coin popped out, knocking down the shoe that flew towards him.

Tang Zichen left without looking back.

Song Yu'er looked at Tang Zichen and was angry and depressed, had she known Tang Zichen was so cool, she really wanted to admit Tang Zichen then, but now it was too late to regret.

Tang Zichen returned to his class, and the third period class was about to end.


p; Tang Zichen packed his school bag and prepared to leave school.

At this time, the fifth mad young man, Chen Zhijie, came.

The whole class saw Chen Zhijie appear and wondered how he dared to come in the morning when he had just been thrown downstairs by Tang Zichen.

Chen Zhijie walked into class 32 without any fear.

Just as everyone was confused, Chen Zhijie took out a letter and said, "Tang Zichen, this is the letter that our No. 1 Madman Zhao Ritian asked me to give to you."

It suddenly dawned on everyone that Chen Zhijie had come to deliver the letter, and it was still Zhao Ritian's letter.

Chen Zhijie's mission was to deliver a letter to Tang Zichen, while the Second Third and Fourth Berserkers were responsible for going to fight Liu Yue, and I'm sure Chen Zhijie still doesn't even know that the three Berserkers who were responsible for going to fight Liu Yue have been miserable.

The reason for arranging for Chen Zhijie to deliver a letter to Tang Zichen was because Chen Zhijie had been beaten by Tang Zichen and had lost face in Class 32, and now Chen Zhijie was going to deliver Zhao Ritian's letter, virtually borrowing Zhao Ritian's reputation and saving face somewhat.

Tang Zichen raised his head, looked at Chen Zhijie, and grunted, "Zhao Ritian?Oh, why is he afraid to come himself?"

Chen Zhizhijie trailed off, "Tang Zichen, do you think that you deserve the treatment we received from Brother Ritian personally?Also, our brother Ritian told me to tell you not to be arrogant and keep a low profile in the future, just like that No. 1 evil youngster Fang Hong before, otherwise it's hard to guarantee that nothing will happen."Chen Zhijie said, he was now deliberately paying lip service to Zhao Ritian in front of the whole class, in order to use Zhao Ritian's name to let him save some face from the beating he received in the morning.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen burst out laughing.

Chen Zhijie said, "Tang Zichen, I think you should know that Zhao Ritian, our first mad youngster, has an even higher layer of status, and that is the seventh ranked genius expert.Are you laughing now to conceal your inner scruples?Or do you want to maintain your image in front of your class?"

"Do I need scruples?Are genius masters very strong?"Tang Zichen scowled, he had already beaten up the eighth place Qiu Hao, where could the seventh place be stronger.

Chen Zhijie snorted, "Whether a genius expert is strong or not, you yourself should know better than anyone else, otherwise how come you didn't get ranked on the genius expert list?Don't force a smile, or care about what Zhao Ritian wrote to you about."

"No matter what it says, I have no interest in knowing."Tang Zichen said, and Tang Zichen thought that it was nothing more than some words of warning to him.What kind of skill was writing a letter if such a person didn't dare to come to him personally, and if he dared to come personally, Tang Zichen would definitely throw him downstairs.

Chen Zhijie said, "Alright then, I'll open Zhao Ritian's letter for you."

Chen Zhijie opened the letter and then read it out, "Tang Zichen, I am Zhao Ritian, I heard that you were recognized as the number one evil youngster on campus and that you were also named the 'devilish number one' on campus, people compare you to me, Zhao Ritian, and we have the same name as each other.Tang Zichen, with you also want to be on the same level as me?It's ridiculous.Of course, it would be inhumane of me to pick on you for it, since you didn't seal it yourself, it was sealed by those ignorant students on campus.But even if it was sealed by someone else, you've already insulted me.So, I now give you a chance, you go to the campus to send a real name post, to announce to the whole school teachers and students, you do not dare to be on par with me, so the teachers and students do not compare you to me Zhao Ritian, and you take the initiative to ask everyone to cancel your demonic existence of the title.As such, I, Zhao Ritian, can stop bothering you, and I hope to see your post before class tomorrow.First generation Mad God Zhao Ritian."


The class was quite surprised to hear the contents of the letter, but it turned out that Zhao Ritian felt that Tang Zichen didn't deserve to be on par with him and asked Tang Zichen to take the initiative to post a clarification.

Tang Zichen didn't expect it to be something like this, and thought it was some words of warning to him.

Chen Zhijie said, "Tang Zichen, although you don't receive the letter, I have delivered it, so you can see for yourself.Of course, if you think you really deserve to be on par with Zhao Ritian, you can go ahead and not post it."

After saying that, Chen Zhijie threw the letter away and drifted out of Class 32.

After leaving Class 32, Chen Zhijie seemed to be in a much more relaxed mood, his heart took a sulking breath, the face he had lost by being thrown off the building by Tang Zichen in the morning seemed to have finally recovered some of it, but of course, he knew that he was borrowing Zhao Ritian's momentum.

"Brother Ritian, thank you."Chen smiled as he left the school building.

"Bell bell bell."It just so happened that the third period dismissal bell also rang.

While everyone packed up and went home, they were also secretly discussing whether or not Tang Zichen would go post, and if he didn't, whether or not he would be beaten up by Zhao Ritian.Everyone knew that Zhao Ritian wasn't just the number one campus berserker, he also had a higher identity, the seventh ranked genius expert.

Tang Zichen was just a campus evil youngster, everyone knew that it was not at the same level as a genius expert at all.

Wang Qiang said as he packed his bag: "Zichen, go back to the evening and post quickly, the campus gang of boring students is really, you are recognized as the first evil less, but also evaluate what the devil, you and Zhao Ritian on par, this is to push you to the fire pit.Zhao Ritian's people are also the number one evil youngster and a genius expert, I'm definitely not happy to be on par with you ah, I wouldn't be happy if it were me."

"Oh."Tang Zichen felt funny, feeling that these students, aren't they too idle, so boring ah, no matter what campus ah, campus evil youngster ah, campus mad youngster ah, all of them made him feel very speechless and childish.Although Tang Zichen was only 18 years old in his previous life, the same age as the current high school students, but the current high school students had never been out of the society, their thoughts were too single and childish.The first time I was in the hospital, I had to go to the hospital to see if I could find a doctor. The first website

"Zichen, don't laugh, I'm serious, Zhao Ritian is famous for his title, sun and earth and ants, wolf and tiger and leopard."

"Alright, endlessly, I'm not bothered to get to know these students in general, it's simply boring, when will it be over if this continues.I'm an evil youngster, I originally wanted to live a quieter life, no one to trouble me, I didn't expect things to happen one after another, when will it end."

Tang Zichen carried his bag and walked out of the class, this time, Tang Zichen decided not to play with them.

At this moment, in a corner of the campus, the three mad youngsters declined in sitting on the ground, their hair messy, a mess, listlessly smoking cigarettes.

"Fuck, what to do?If Song Yu'er really blurted out the scene we've just been so humiliated by, how are we still going to hang around."

"Three madmen fell to the ground and howled, I'm going to collapse when I think about it myself, I'll be laughed off if I'm still called a madman like this."Su Yuhao said mockingly to himself.

"Call Song Yu'er, exchange with her, we also took pictures and videos of Liu Yue being beaten by us, if Song Yu'er exposes us, we also expose Liu Yue, we'll all lose face together."Wang Kui.

Rong said.

Long Xiaofei cryptically said, "No need, Song Yuer that little bitch, don't look at her silly, her brain can be flexible, she already took away our phones, all those pictures and videos we took of Liu Yue are gone."

"What?When did she take our phones?"

Long Xiaofei said, "When Tang Zichen threw us out, all of our phones fell out, I saw Song Yu'er pick up all of our phones, and she also said that there must be Liu Yue's in our phones as well, and she wants to destroy the evidence.If you don't believe me, you guys feel your pockets and see if there are any more phones."

The other two madmen touched their pockets, and sure enough the phone was gone, and it fell out when Tang Zichen threw it out.

Wang Cuirong said to Long Xiaofei: "Xiaofei, you've been chasing Song Yuer for so long, maybe Song Yuer still has some feelings for you, why don't you make a phone call to him at night and ask her to be merciful and not send it out."

Long Xiaofei nodded: "Song Yu'er still likes me a bit, I'm still after all sure of this, I'll go back at night and make a phone call to talk to her."

At this moment, Song Yu'er hummed a song and walked all the way out of the school entrance, Liu Yue followed behind dejectedly, with several injuries on her body.The reason why Song Yu'er was in a good mood was naturally because she had taken those precious photos, only waiting for her to expose them, which would definitely sensationalize the campus then.Being able to discredit those few maniacs, Song Yu'er couldn't even be upset.

"Liu Yue you cheer up ah, don't worry, no one knows that you were beaten up by the three mad youngsters, Miss Ben already took away their phones, I've destroyed the evidence of them beating you up, you're still my that seventh evil young bodyguard."Song Yuer said.

Liu Yue said with a bitter face, "I'm not because of those evidence, but I feel unhappy, how could those three bastards be my opponent, I was actually plotted against, I'm on fire, I Liu Yue as Master's closed door disciple, it's too humiliating for Master."

"Alright, alright, you'll call back some other day."

"Definitely."Liu Yue said furiously.

Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang also walked out of the school entrance together.

Tang Zichen said to Wang Qiang, "Wang Qiang, come home with me today, go to my place first, I'll teach you how to practice martial arts."

"Okay."Wang Qiang was extremely excited.

"Let's go."

Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang came to the parking lot together, Liu Xiangyun drove herself, so there was no need to wait for her, and that Beetle of Liu Xiangyun's was parked next to Tang Zichen's BMW.

However, Tang Zichen was seeing Liu Xiangyun depressed and stepped out of the car.

"Miss, what's wrong with you?"Tang Zichen shook down the glass and asked.

Xiangyun Liu was depressed, "It's broken, it won't start."

"Uh, how come your car broke down when it was fine?"

"How should I know."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Miss, then take my car."

Liu Xiangyun thought about it, pulled open the back door of Tang Zichen's BMW and exhaled and sat in it.

Wang Qiang sat in the passenger car, turned back to Liu Xiangyun hi and said, "Liu Xiangyun, I'm also going to your house to play oh."

Liu Xiangyun frowned, "Tang Zichen, why are you bringing strangers to my house?"Liu Xiangyun also had no affection for Wang Qiang.


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