The King of Kungfu in school 101-105


Tang Zichen said, "Wang Qiang wants to practice martial arts, go to where I live and teach him, Miss, if you want to learn, I can teach you a move or two."

"I don't want to learn from you, and also, less unrelated people will be brought to the house in the future, you've already arranged two of your people."Xiang Yun Liu said.

"As your family's bodyguard, I still have that right."Tang Zichen didn't care about her, anyway, Tang Zichen being her bodyguard was a way to make a living or to help her father, Liu Chenming, that's all.Liu Xiangyun, the big sister, had never been kind to Tang Zichen, although Tang Zichen did molest her in the ladies' room first, but that was a misunderstanding.Tang Zichen doesn't want to change his image in her mind anymore, so let nature take its course, be it evil or beast, anyway.Tang Zichen only do his own job, he is not picking up girls, no need to aggravate himself to fulfill Liu Xiangyun or anything.In addition, Tang Zichen doesn't like Liu Xiangyun, and when compared with his sister, he can't find a comparable one in the entire Linjiang City.Tang Zichen will not be like Liu Yue, because he likes the lady, he has to satisfy her and obey Song Yuer in everything.

Tang Zichen stopped talking to Liu Xiangyun, and Liu Xiangyun didn't talk much to Tang Zichen either.

After a few minutes of silence in the car, Wang Qiang said, "By the way, Zichen, where did you go at noon?I was hoping to find you for dinner."

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "I went somewhere with Li Xuan'er to do some personal business."Tang Zichen didn't want to make it that clear because he didn't want to get too involved with something that was associated with One Defeat Red Dust.

Wang Qiang thought not pure, immediately thought of that aspect to go, saw Tang Zichen smile is still a bit ambiguous, immediately misunderstood, thumbed up: "You bull than ah, big noon to do things, not more interesting at night?"

Tang Zichen reckoned that he didn't understand the word love interest and smiled, "I didn't have time in the evening, so I went out to do something at noon while I had a bit of free time, but I didn't expect to come back after tossing and turning for so long, and I thought I'd be back soon, after all, that could be done in just a few minutes."Tang Zichen was talking about giving Aunt Zhang acupuncture and detoxification.

"Awesome, so how long did you engage in that?"Wang Qiang asked with ambiguous eyes.

"An hour or so."Tang Zichen said.

"Wow, jianghu veteran, ah, very experienced." Remember the website

"Oh, it's not bad."

Liu Xiangyun in the back row frowned and said angrily, "If you guys keep talking nonsense here, let me off, I'll take a taxi myself."

Wang Qiang was busy smiling at Liu Xiangyun, "Sorry ah, I forgot you are still sitting in the back."

Tang Zichen saw that Liu Xiangyun was really baffled, he was having a serious conversation with Wang Qiang, but he still got mad and said, "Wang Qiang, don't pay any attention to her, she's really growing in temper."

Liu Xiangyun saw that Tang Zichen actually still has reason, angry, "Stop the car, I'll take my own taxi back."

Tang Zichen said, "I won't stop."

"I'm jumping out of the car if you don't stop."

"I locked the doors and the windows, you can't jump.Xiangyun Liu, it seems you really are getting unbelievable."

Liu Xiangyun cried out, she felt so wronged, it was obvious that Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang were ignoring her, there talking about Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er doing that kind of thing, she protested and actually called her unbelievable.

Tang Zichen saw Liu Xiangyun actually cried, a big head, in the afternoon he was still sighing, think Liu Yue's Miss Song Yu'er is a brain-damaged girl, his own Miss is much more mature, but I did not expect that Liu Xiangyun is not better than Song Yu'er at all, always chaotic fury.

Tang Zichen was really afraid that she would cry all the way back, so he had to aggravate himself and said, "Alright, alright!

, you don't let us talk, then we'll just shut up all the way, it's always okay."

Liu Xiangyun cried for a while and then stopped crying, Tang Zichen really speechless, crying pear-shaped, a look as if Tang Zichen had done something to her.

After that, Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang shut up all the way until home without speaking, Liu Xiangyun arrived home still exhilarated, greeting did not even get off the car.

Wang Qiang said, "Zichen, isn't it a bit too much to treat your lady like this?How else are you going to make her feel good about you."

"Excessive?How over the top?"

"Zichen, it was indeed our fault just now, we talked about something like that in the car, people who are girls definitely don't want to hear it."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, "What kind of things did we talk about?"

"Didn't you go to a room with Mavis Lee for business at noon?"

"When did I ever say anything like that?When I say go on an errand, I'm going to the hospital for an errand, why are you always thinking so impurely?"

"Ah, no, so why are you hey smiling so silvery when I ask you?"

"You're the one laughing so silvery."Tang Zichen glared.

"Hahaha, that's a misunderstanding, I'm sorry, well, it's my dirty mind, because I always thought you and Li Xuan'er were a good match."

"She and I are just friends, don't talk nonsense in the future."Tang Zichen didn't like jokes like this, every time he talked about his feelings, a wave of sadness would come inside as a bone-deep face would immediately flash in his mind.

Tang Zichen arrived at the villa door and saw Liu Chenming standing at the door.

"Zichen, you're back."Willow Chenming smiled.

"Uncle Liu, back from a business trip so soon."Tang Zichen said.

"Well, because something came up tonight and I had to rush back."

"What's so important?"Tang Zichen asked curiously.

Liu Chen Ming's face was a bit not too good, and he said bitterly, "Regarding Xiang'er's illness, every month on today, a famous doctor will come to treat Xiang'er."

"Oh? What famous doctor?"Tang Zichen asked.

Liu Chenming was obviously in a low mood because of talking about his daughter's condition, so he didn't want to talk about it and smiled, "Let's not talk about that, right, Zichen, how's the family these days?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "Don't worry, everything is safe, of course, occasionally Miss has a little temper."

"Xiang'er is very sensible at times and not so sensible at others, I hope you'll be a little more responsible, don't behave like her."

"Of course."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Liu Chen Ming hesitated and suddenly said, "That, Zichen, did you smash a student's Porsche last week?"

"Ah."Tang Zichen was stunned, hadn't this been going on for days?At that time, Tang Zichen had just come to this world and thought the car was an animal, but when he saw that car was disobedient, he shot it to death in anger.

"Oh, it's fine, I've already compensated the other side for you.In the future, you'll also keep a low profile in school ah, I heard that you broke the English teacher's ribs again today, that teacher is hospitalized."

Tang Zichen was very apologetic, "Uncle Liu, I'm sorry for causing you trouble, but in the future, you don't care about these things, I'll bear and be responsible for them myself."


"Oh, it's not a big deal, I've asked the company secretary to negotiate with the other side to handle it."


Liu Chenming said again full of helplessness, "Zichen, last Sunday night, you and Xiang'er went out, did you have a scrape with someone named Lu Bing ah, you also hit Lu Bing himself."

"Ah, Uncle Liu, you know about this too."Tang Zichen was speechless, he was really good at remote control, he knew everything even when he went away on a business trip.

"Oh, don't misunderstand, I'm not accusing you, your original intention was to protect Xiang'er, I understand.However, there are times when it might be better to lower your stance a little bit.For example, this time, because you offended Lu Bing, I ended up getting screwed by him and lost over ten million.Of course, money is a small matter."

"What? Losing more than ten million."Tang Zichen was annoyed, he was only a hundred thousand a month, he had to do ten years to equal this loss.

"It's fine, I've already taken care of this, I'm sure Lu Bing won't come looking for trouble again."Liu Chenming said helplessly, hiring Tang Zichen as a bodyguard, things were really one thing after another, and he had lost over ten million.Of course, Tang Zichen also had the good side of making sure he didn't have to worry about his daughter's safety, and from that point of view, losing any amount of money would be worth it.

Tang Zichen saw Liu Chenming say that, the more guilty he felt, people are giving him compensation for the smashed and crippled Porsche, and finding someone to negotiate with the English teacher's family to deal with the situation, and because he lost more than ten million.

Tang Zichen found that no matter how good his martial arts skills were, he could only protect Liu Xiangyun, but he couldn't take care of all aspects, Tang Zichen felt that he really wasn't a qualified bodyguard.

"By the way, who is this?"Liu Chen Ming looked towards Wang Qiang.

Tang Zichen introduced, "Uncle Liu, he is my classmate Wang Qiang, he wants to learn martial arts, I asked him to come here and I will teach him." A second to remember to read the book

"Oh, then you guys go ahead and get busy."


Tang Zichen brought Wang Qiang to the grass behind the villa, ready to teach Wang Qiang some martial arts right here, too profound definitely can't learn, can only pass on some lowly ones, after all, Wang Qiang is only starting to learn martial arts now, missed the best age, starting from a young age is the best.

Wang Qiang said, "Zichen, Liu Xiangyun's father is quite easy to talk to."

Tang Zichen nodded his head and said, "He helped me wipe my ass so much, I owe him too much, this society is really complicated, it's not easy to mix."

Tang Zichen felt that the structure of his world was relatively simple, for example, whoever was high in martial arts, and the landlubbers and whatnot wouldn't dare to mess with it, and would worship it.

But this world didn't seem to be the same, no matter how high the martial arts skills were, people would still plot behind your back and secretly screw you.Even the strongest expert would be dragged down in the face of such a complicated, undercurrent society, and all one can say is that this is not a world where martial arts is the most important thing.

Tang Zichen immediately began to teach Wang Qiang martial arts training, starting from the most basic of tie horse steps and other basic skills, this is not a short process, Wang Qiang to learn, he must also put in some hard work.

Outside the villa, a small car drove in, and when Liu Chen Ming saw it, he was busy welcoming it.

"Uncle Meng."Willow Chenming respectfully pulled open the car door.

An old man stepped out of the car, it was the same Vice President Meng Lun that Tang Zichen had met at Bright Hospital at noon.

Willow Chenming seemed to have great respect for this Meng Lun, not just because he was the one who gave his female

The famous doctor who treated the child, all the more so because he was an elder.

At this time, a woman came down from the driver's seat of the car, and that woman also respectfully called out to Liu Chenming, "Uncle Liu."

Liu Chenming looked at this beautiful woman and laughed, "Wenqi, come here."

"Yeah, send my grandfather over, I'm also dropping by to have some fun with sister Xiangyun, I've been busy with work, I haven't seen sister Xiangyun for a month."

Liu Chenming chuckled, "Wenqi, you, you're so capable, you've started your own company, I heard that you've made a good name for yourself."

"Uncle Liu is joking, it would be nice if I had half of your talent in business."

"Wenqi, don't be too modest, you're still young, take your time."Liu Chenming looked at Wenqi with a smile.

This Wen Qi, if Tang Zichen saw it, he would definitely recognize it as the same female CEO who was tied up to the hotel and almost defiled by Li Ziming.

At that moment, Liu Xiangyun happily ran out from the villa, shouting, "Sister Wenqi, Grandpa Meng."

Vice President Meng Lun looked at Liu Xiangyun with a smile, while observing Liu Xiangyun's face, and noticed that Liu Xiangyun's face wasn't too good and was a bit worried.

And Wen Qi was busy going up to Liu Xiangyun, kind and heartfelt, pulled Liu Xiangyun's hand, touched Liu Xiangyun's face and said, "Xiangyun, I haven't seen you for a month, let me take a look, have you lost weight."

"Sister Wenqi, I'm fine now."Liu Xiangyun was happy, today her dad was home again and Sister Wen Qi was here, Liu Xiangyun was in a good mood, while usually most of the time, her dad was away and no one was with her, she was lonely.

Wen Qi looked at Liu Xiangyun a moment of sorrow, Liu Xiangyun's illness Wen Qi naturally knows, and also knows that Liu Xiangyun will not live long, and now is just helping her to try to renew her life and live a little longer.Wenqi didn't dare to think about it any longer for fear that she would cry with sorrow.Liu Xiangyun was someone she had known since she was a child, and before Liu Xiangyun's father had divorced and was still in that family, they were playmates.It was just that fate played tricks on her.

Meng Lun asked, "Xiao Chen, why do you feel that Xiangyun's face is getting worse?It wasn't even like this last month, was it?"

"Ah."Willow Chenming's heart trembled with worry.

Willow Mornington was a worried man, "Uncle Meng, how?"When he heard Meng Lun say that, he was so nervous that he was like crying out.

But Meng Lun was a nationally renowned doctor, there was no mistaking it.

"Is Xiangyun suffering from some mood disturbance this month?"Meng Lun asked.

At this time, Liu Xiangyun said as if she was suing, "Grandpa Meng, it's all because dad is partial to finding me some kind of bodyguard that I keep getting angry."

Once Wen Qi heard that, she was busy saying, "Right, sister Xiangyun, I was just about to ask, I heard that you have found a bodyguard, I also want to find a bodyguard, how is that bodyguard of yours?"

Liu Xiangyun said, "Sister Wenqi, if you're looking for a bodyguard you must find one of better quality, that bodyguard of mine is so bad, I don't even want to talk about it.However, my dad is partial to him, Grandpa Meng said that I have poor qi and blood, it must be because I'm always angry out of that bodyguard these days."

"Ah, is it that bad?What bodyguard."Wen Qi looked furious, and even pissed off her employer, this bodyguard is too substandard.

Meng Lun looked to Liu Chenming and asked, "Is what Xiangyun said true?No wonder I said why don't you look right, you obviously don't look as good as you did when you came last month."


Liu Chen Ming helplessly said, "It's true that this happened, but I had no choice ah, before at school, a pervert deliberately got that shameless thing in front of Xiang'er while she was going to the bathroom.That's why I ignored Xiang'er's objections and got him a bodyguard."

Meng Lun looked at his granddaughter, Wen Qi, and even nodded indisputably, because his granddaughter, who was also tied up to the hotel and almost defiled, wouldn't have dared to imagine the consequences if it wasn't for the mysterious man in black who saved her, as well as the one defeat that killed Li Ziming.So, Meng Lun was quite supportive of the fact that Liu Chen Ming was looking for a bodyguard for his daughter, but he was going to find a bodyguard for his granddaughter.

Wen Qi said, "Uncle Liu, even if you want to find a bodyguard for Xiang'er, then find one of good quality ah, look at how angry you made Xiang Yun."Wen Qi was incomparably distressed.

The first thing that you need to do is to find a bodyguard for Xiang'er, which is really quite good, like that deputy head of the Feng Yun Hall, Lu Guan or something, which was easily cleaned up, and I'm quite relieved to have him to protect Xiang'er."

Wenqi said, "Uncle Liu, where is that bodyguard of Xiangyun, call him out, I will definitely train him well, what kind of bodyguard who is angry with his employer."

Willow Chenming said, "He's still busy, he'll be back later when he's done, let's go in first, don't just stand around outside."

Liu Chenming invited Meng Lun and Wen Qi to enter the villa's house.

Liu Xiangyun and Wen Qi had been holding hands, Liu Xiangyun was all happy, rarely could she be seen so happy.

Sitting down in the living room, Liu Chenming was busy making tea.But Liu Xiangyun and Wenqi went upstairs arm in arm, whispering some girl talk in Liu Xiangyun's room.

Liu Chenming and Meng Lun chatted about Liu Xiangyun's condition, and Liu Chenming immediately didn't look too good.

After about ten minutes of chatting, Meng Lun excitedly said, "Xiao Chen, there's another piece of good news to tell you this time." The first website

"What's the good news, did you find some better cure?"Willow Chen Ming was busy asking.

Vice President Meng Lun laughed, "That's not true, but I think it would be better news than this.Today at noon, I met someone at the hospital, this person, whose acupuncture skills are so high that it has simply overturned my imagination, no, overturned the perception of Chinese medicine."

"Ah, there really is a divine doctor with such a high level?"Liu Chenming was pleasantly surprised.

Meng Lun chuckled, "I don't know if it's a divine doctor or not, I've only seen his techniques in this aspect of acupuncture treatment at noon, it's so shocking.Do you know that this man, he brought back to life a man who was declared dead by a doctor, by his unimaginable acupuncture skills."

"Ah, no way."Willow Chen Ming kind of listened to the sky, how could someone who was declared dead be saved again.

"Of course, that deceased person's body temperature didn't go completely cold, just his heartbeat and brain stopped working."

"But that's the same as death."

"Well, I also find it amazing, so that's the good news I have to tell you, this person, I will definitely introduce you to him someday, I just got to know him today, I'm not good enough to mention this Xiang Yun thing."

Xiangyun Liu and Wen Qi came down from the stairs, Wen Qi heard this and excitedly shook her grandfather's hand and said, "Grandpa, is there really someone who can cure Xiangyun's sister's illness?"

Meng Lun said, "Wenqi, don't get excited, everything is

Can't even be sure first, I'm just saying that this person is so good at acupuncture, maybe he'll be able to cure Xiangyun, but not for sure, and I'll have to wait until I contact him again then to know."

Anyway, Wen Qi was crying with excitement.

Liu Xiangyun was standing at the top of the stairs, hearing Grandpa Meng say this, her heart was also excited and looking forward to it, if she could stay alive, who would want to die so early ah, she hadn't fallen in love yet, she hadn't gotten married yet, she hadn't had children yet, she still had so many things to do.However, Liu Xiangyun's mind immediately sobered up again, it's better not to hold any hope yet, lest it doesn't work then and she has to endure the pain of that disappointment.

Meng Lun looked at Liu Xiangyun and said peacefully, "Don't worry, the person I'm talking about, he will definitely have a different approach, even if it doesn't work again, there is definitely a way to extend the life expectancy aspect."

Liu Chenming asked, "Uncle Meng, is the person you're talking about a better healer than you?"

Meng Lun said, "His attainments in acupuncture and moxibustion, I don't think anyone in the entire country can compare with him in other aspects, such as identifying and using medicine.Alright, let's not discuss this matter for now, we'll talk about it later, Xiangyun, come over here, I'll cut your pulse."

Tang Zichen was teaching Wang Qiang basic exercises not far behind the villa, on a piece of grass, Tang Zichen held a stick in his hand, and Wang Qiang used it to correct him if his posture wasn't right.

"Ah."Wang Qiang is squatting horse stance, his feet are already going numb, Tang Zichen didn't teach him anything today, just a tie horse stance.

Tang Zichen said, "You want to become a master, the moves are not the most important, but the basic skills, your basic skills are solid, in the future you practice any martial arts moves you are handy.Now for the first month, I will teach you these basic skills, be sure to give all the basic skills a solid practice."

"Good."Wang Qiang bit his teeth, he had had enough of being bullied at school, being despised, not having a woman to like etc., this time when he met your help, he would die to change his fate.

Tang Zichen saw that it was getting late and it wasn't appropriate to practice for too long a day, so he said, "Alright, that's it for today, you go back and take a nice hot bath."

Wang Qiang immediately sat down on the ground with his feet so sore that he could hardly get up.

Tang Zichen wanted to keep Wang Qiang down for dinner, but Wang Qiang refused, this wasn't Tang Zichen's home after all.

Wang Qiang took the bus home by himself.

Tang Zichen entered the villa hall, there was not a single sound in the hall, Tang Zichen thought that no one was there, but when he walked in, several people were sitting quietly in the hall, just no one was talking.The one sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed, giving Liu Xiangyun her pulse, was Meng Lun, the vice president of Guangming Hospital.No wonder it's so quiet, so Meng Lun is diagnosing his pulse, we can't disturb him.

Tang Zichen eyes to the woman next to Liu Xiangyun, even more shocked, is not this the night, the woman he saved in the hotel?It seems to be called something like Wen Qi, why is she here.

Wen Qi raised her head and looked at Tang Zichen, her eyes a bit confused, Liu Xiangyun whispered, "He's that bodyguard."

Once Wen Qi heard that it was Liu Xiangyun's unqualified bodyguard, she really didn't give Tang Zichen a good look and glared at him.

Tang Zichen looked at Meng Lun and smiled, "Your pulse is very one-sided like that."

Meng Lun was concentrating on taking his pulse and didn't pay attention to Tang Zichen, nor did he hear it for a moment.


Wen Qi snorted, "What do you bodyguard know, my grandfather is a famous old Chinese doctor in the country."

Liu Xiangyun also glared at Tang Zichen and said, "No one will treat you as mute if you don't speak, don't embarrass me in front of Grandpa Meng."

Tang Zichen left his mouth open.

Liu Chenming smiled somewhat awkwardly.

Meng Lun still had his eyes closed, but he had heard some of Tang Zichen's words.

Meng Lun was somewhat disturbed and said with a reprimanding tone, "Be quiet, do your job as a bodyguard, I've been keeping my pulse for fifty or sixty years, and it's still your turn to say no?"

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, this vice president, just take a pulse, eyes closed so tight why, a look at the level is not high, like Tang Zichen, left and right two hands, at the same time to take the pulse of two people, but also while chatting.

Tang Zichen went to the toilet.

After about three minutes, Meng Lun stopped, opened his eyes and said to Liu Chenming, "The situation is similar to the past, just slightly more unstable than last time, it should be because Xiangyun has been suffering too much this time, what we need now is to stabilize Xiangyun's situation.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.I'd like to see what it takes to make it right."Meng Lun was already not too fond of Liu Xiangyun's bodyguard, and having just heard Tang Zichen's ravings, he very much wanted to reprimand him in person.

Tang Zichen was in the bathroom and was busy coming out when he heard, "I'm coming."

Tang Zichen walked down the hall. Remember the URL

Meng Lun was taken aback when he looked.

"Why are you?"Meng Lun stood up all of a sudden, but, because of the inappropriate force, and just sitting for a longer time to diagnose Liu Xiangyun's pulse, his waist was instantly twisted, and the old bones just didn't work.

"Grandpa, what's wrong with you."

"Uncle Meng, how did you twist your waist."Liu Chenming and Wenqi were busy helping Meng Lun.

Tang Zichen was really speechless, there's no need to get excited like this to see him.

Tang Zichen walked over, Wen Qi looked disgusted, "It's all your fault, don't touch my grandfather."

Tang Zichen left his mouth open.

After Meng Lun sat down, slightly less painful, he looked towards Tang Zichen and said, "Brother Tang, why are you here?"

Liu Chenming and Wenqi, as well as Liu Xiangyun, were shocked to hear Meng Lun call Tang Zichen Tang brother.With Meng's popularity and academic level, those who could be called brothers with him were at least on the same level as him, how could Tang Zichen, an eighteen-year-old brat, let Meng call him brother Tang.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Vice President Meng, there's no need to be so excited to see me, take a look, flash your own waist."

Meng Lun laughed awkwardly and said, "Brother Tang made you laugh, old, not useful, ashamed of shame."

Liu Chen Ming busy asked, "Uncle Meng, you know Tang Zichen?He's that personal bodyguard of Xiang'er ah."

Meng Lun laughed incredulously, "I really didn't expect that the one, the one whose acupuncture technique is almost unmatched in the world today, the one who can bring the dead back to life, is him ah."

"What?"Willow Chen yelled out.

"Ah."Both Xiang Yun Liu and Wen Qi stared in disbelief.

This, bullshit.

Right, Tang Zichen is only eighteen, Doctor?

Tang Zichen smiled, "Vice President, you're overpraised, I'm not a divine doctor, my rudimentary medical skills are worlds apart compared to my senior uncle and senior sister, even compared to my senior sister, I'm far inferior, how can I live up to the word divine doctor, hehehehe."Although Tang Zichen's mouth said that he couldn't afford to be a doctor, his heart was still listening cheerfully, the feeling of being flattered was quite comfortable.

"Brother Tang, you're really joking, if this level of yours is still just crude, then I'm afraid I have to count it as skin deep."Meng Lun laughed.

Tang Zichen was telling the truth, the people he was comparing himself to were his uncle and his teacher's wife, compared to his uncle and his teacher's wife, he could only be considered to be a sauce, compared to his little sister, Tang Zichen was inferior, who made him playful before.

However, Tang Zichen neglected this world, not his world, Tang Zichen had previously kept a low profile in terms of his medical skills, not revealing them because he knew that his medical skills were only at a half-hearted level and didn't dare to show them off.Unexpectedly, the medical skills of this world could be called divine even at his half-assed level, Tang Zichen could only heave.

Liu Chenming couldn't help but say, "Uncle Meng, you really weren't joking, were you?Is Tang Zichen really the miracle doctor you're talking about?"

Wen Qi and Liu Xiangyun also looked at Meng Lun with cutting eyes, this is too incredible.

Meng Lun said: "This is still false, I just met him at noon, he came to give that Zhang vigorously wife acupuncture detoxification, then Zhang vigorously wife was mysteriously injected with poison and died, it is Tang Zichen using his magical resurrection technique to save the life, and even the poison was removed.I saw it with my own eyes, and there was also his friend called what's her name, Li Xuan'er.I was hoping to introduce Tang Zichen to Xiang'er later, but I never thought that he would be Xiang Yun's bodyguard."

"Ah, Tang Zichen is a divine doctor."Liu Chenming stared at Tang Zichen blankly.

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Uncle Liu is laughing, I wouldn't dare to be a divine doctor."Tang Zichen was used to hearing people call him Uncle Shifu God Doctor, now they called him God Doctor, it felt strange, if his wife heard it, she would definitely scold him, "Even you half a bottle have the nerve to accept the title of God Doctor?I wouldn't even dare to accept the title of 'divine doctor' in front of your master uncle."Tang Zichen could really blush when he thought about it.

Liu Xiangyun on the other hand suddenly remembered that on the way back from school in the evening, Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang were discussing ambiguous topics, and thought that Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er went to a room, but now when she heard Grandpa Meng, she realized that Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er didn't go to a room at noon, but said that they went to the hospital for business.

Liu Xiangyun was embarrassed, it turned out that she was too dirty-minded, what people said, and what she thought, is not the same thing at all.Of course, Liu Xiangyun also felt guilty for losing her temper with Tang Zichen at that time, no wonder Tang Zichen called her unbelievable.

Meng Lun saw that Tang Zichen was so modest and low-key with such a high medical skill, he suddenly felt embarrassed to mix, he was usually used to being respected, just now Tang Zichen said that his pulse was not right, he was actually a bit upset inside.

"Zee."When Meng Lun wasn't paying attention, he moved a little violently, and a pain came from his waist.

"Grandpa, how are you doing?"Wen Qi was busy asking.

"Uncle Meng,."Liu Chenming also withdrew his eyes from Tang Zichen and looked nervously at Meng Lun.

Tang Zichen stood up and said, "All go away, I'll take a look."

Liu Chen Ming and Wen Qi subconsciously walked away a bit, Tang Zichen came to Meng Lun, Meng Lun smiled slightly and said, "Thank you, Brother Tang."

"You're welcome, you lie down, back up."


"Good."Meng Lun endured the pain and lay down on the couch.

Willow Chenming and the others were watching, wondering if Tang Zichen was really that good at healing, and if he was, wouldn't he have a character explosion?Recruiting a bodyguard, it turned out that this bodyguard was also a divine doctor, what luck was this.

Tang Zichen took out a silver needle, short and not too long.

Tang Zichen pressed it on Meng Lun's back, and after identifying the painful spot where Meng Lun had sprained, he stabbed down on that spot.

"Wow."Meng Lun felt a sense of relief, and the tense muscles in his back relaxed greatly.

Tang Zichen only needed a silver needle, because sprains like this were too common for him, when his brothers and sisters used to practice martial arts and such, bruises and sprains these were too common, everyone gave each other needles, even his big brother who had the worst medical skills would be able to do it.

Using a silver needle, Tang Zichen pricked Meng Lun's back in three places, and in less than ten minutes, Tang Zichen said, "Alright, it's fine."

Meng Lun sat up, and sure enough, it was just like it was before he hadn't sprained it.

"Wow, that's amazing."Meng Lun was amazed, usually when other people sprained their injuries, they would stick plasters that invigorated blood and eliminated stasis, and they would be fine after a day or two, while Tang Zichen was fine for ten minutes.

However, how could the effect of pasting plasters be as fast as Tang Zichen's acupuncture.

"Come on, Vice President, don't be surprised by everything, if you move to be surprised, I won't be able to help but say that your medical skills are poor again." One second to remember to read the book

"Heh heh."Meng Lun didn't mind smiling.

Liu Chenming was completely convinced this time, Tang Zichen was really the divine doctor Uncle Meng said he was ah.

Wen Qi was now looking at Tang Zichen, no longer giving as much face as before, while Liu Xiangyun's face was a bit complicated.The first time I saw this, I was very happy and looking forward to it, as I had a long life ahead of me and a lot to do.But she didn't expect that it would be Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was a shameless and evil young man ah, in Liu Xiangyun's heart, how could the two images of Tang Zichen couldn't be dovetailed.

Meng Lun said, "Brother Tang, let me introduce you, this is my granddaughter, Meng Wenqi."After sitting up, Meng Lun was busy introducing his granddaughter to Tang Zichen, he was so anxious to introduce his granddaughter to Tang Zichen, in fact, Meng Lun had a little idea inside, we were all about the same age, if Tang Zichen and his granddaughter had eye contact and could get together, Meng Lun would be very happy to see it.

Wen Qi looked at Tang Zichen and smiled, "Hello, thank you for saving my grandfather."

"Oh, it's just a sprain, talk about saving so serious."Tang Zichen nodded slightly, this was the second time he had seen Wen Qi, it was just that others didn't know.

Willow Chenming was busy being excited, "Zichen, it's really hard to believe, you're still a miracle doctor, I'm just looking for a bodyguard, I didn't think I'd be so lucky."

Tang Zichen said, "Uncle Willow, bodyguard is my proper profession, the medical art is just a little knowledgeable, huh?"

Liu Chenming was busy saying, "Zichen, help me take a look at Xiang'er, actually I should have told you about Xiang'er's illness long ago."

"I already know."Tang Zichen said.

"Uh, how did you know?"Willow Chenming wondered, this was something that the general public didn't know about, and Wu Ma would never talk nonsense.

"Oh, Miss messed up the other night.

When throwing a temper tantrum, no he's pitiful and told me to stop pestering her."

Xiangyun Liu heard this and pouted, "You're the one throwing a temper tantrum."

Meng Lun laughed, "Alright, don't talk so much, Brother Tang, tell me, how do you want to cure this disease of Xiang Yun, do you have a way?"

Tang Zichen scratched his head, at the moment Tang Zichen regretted that he hadn't studied properly, if it was his uncle and his teacher's wife, they would definitely be able to cure it, even if his sister had five points of certainty, but Tang Zichen didn't study seriously at first, so I'm afraid that the certainty of cure was only thirty percent.

Tang Zichen said, "I won't hide it from you, I've disappointed you, Miss's illness, it's a bit tricky, I'm afraid I only have a thirty percent hope of a cure."

Meng Lun was horrified as he heard, "What did you say?Thirty percent?Is it a treatment or a cure?"

"Yes, I'm only thirty percent sure of the cure, if it was my uncle or teacher's wife, it would be one hundred percent, but I'm really sorry that I didn't learn everything."Tang Zichen felt sorry.

However, Meng Lun was excited to hold Tang Zichen is hand and said: "Thank you, thank you so much."Even Liu Chenming on the side heard Tang Zichen's words and was thrilled, and Liu Xiangyun was also on fire inside, rekindling her desire for life.

"Uh, what's wrong with you guys?Why aren't you disappointed that I'm only thirty percent sure of a cure?"

Liu Chenming smiled excitedly, "Zichen, I'm so happy to hear you say that there's a thirty percent hope and that it's still a cure.Do you know that before there was absolutely no hope of a cure, and even if you renewed your life, the hope of getting Xiang'er over the age of twenty was less than 10%.And yet you say that there is a thirty percent certainty of a cure, gosh, this news is really great."

Meng Lun was also excited, "Yeah, I'm really afraid that I might have misheard cure as opposed to treatment, Brother Tang, say it again, is it a cure or a treatment?"

Tang Zichen was speechless, "Nonsense, of course it's a cure.If it were a cure, don't say I'm at my current level, even five years ago, I would have been a hundred percent sure of it."

"How do you say this?If treated, how many years can you keep Xiang'er alive?Can Shannon live to be thirty?Even twenty-five."Willow Chenming said nervously.

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes and said, "Renewing my life is not a problem for me at all, eighty is the minimum standard."

"What? Eighty years old."Willow Chenming really cried, this news was really great, before the hope of being able to live past twenty years old was less than 10% ah.Now Tang Zichen actually said that he could at least renew his life to eighty years old, what's the point of worrying about that, those who weren't sick may not live to eighty years old either.

Liu Xiangyun was also excited at the moment, Wen Qi and Liu Xiangyun both hugged each other tightly, as a way to vent their inner excitement.

The haze that covered Liu Chen Ming's head seemed to have suddenly swept away and the sky turned clear.

Liu Chen Ming was busy saying, "Zichen, then you should quickly help me check on Xiang'er's condition."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded, his heart was somewhat speechless, in Tang Zichen's heart, he didn't think of Liu Xiangyun's illness as a big deal, otherwise he would have been nervous and anxious on Liu Xiangyun's behalf, although Tang Zichen was only thirty percent sure that he would be cured, but renewing his life was definitely not a problem.

"Xiang'er, come over here and let Tzu-Chen take a look."Liu Chenming said to Liu Xiangyun.

Liu Xiangyun blushed, her heart was a bit complicated as she walked to Tang Zichen and sat down, a man she was originally disgusted with, but suddenly needed him to save her life.


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