The King of Kungfu in school 106-110

Chapter 106

Tang Zichen but did not think so much, the left and right hand at the same time on Liu Xiangyun's pulse, every time Tang Zichen more serious treatment, are two hands at the same time the patient's pulse of both hands.

Meng Lun, however, frowned slightly, somewhat puzzled why Tang Zichen wanted to take the pulse of both hands, because the pulse of both hands are the same, isn't this superfluous?

Tang Zichen quietly felt Liu Xiangyun's pulse, although it was weak, Tang Zichen's face was calm.

A few minutes later, Tang Zichen let go of Liu Xiangyun's hand, and Liu Xiangyun blushed slightly, thinking that Tang Zichen had finished his diagnosis.

But Tang Zichen said, "I still need to listen to the heartbeat, so you're more than welcome to bear with me, miss."

Tang Zichen didn't wait for Liu Xiangyun to speak, his hand pressed directly on Liu Xiangyun's chest.

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun trembled, Tang Zichen was clearly playing a rogue and pressing her chest.

But Liu Chenming and Meng Lun couldn't bear to look at her and turned their heads, but they didn't suspect that Tang Zichen was taking the opportunity to woo her, and in fact Tang Zichen was indeed not, because although Tang Zichen pressed his hand on Liu Xiangyun's chest, he didn't feel the weakness at all, but the heartbeat.

After about two more minutes, Tang Zichen said, "Alright, it's done."

"How was it?"Willow Chenming was busy asking.

"Oh, the situation is not bad, than I expected to come Meng Lao has been treating and maintaining Miss, otherwise Miss would not be in such a good condition now." First URL

Liu Chen Ming gratefully looked at Meng Lun and said, "Uncle Meng has been treating Xiang'er regularly for her since she was a child."

"Well, now that Miss's body is doing well on the outside, but not on the inside, her monthly periods are abnormal, not even twice a year, and she can't do anything to let out her Yin Yuan until her cold illness has cleared up, otherwise her health condition may decline drastically."

"What is the leaking of the yin yuan?"Wen Qi was puzzled.

Tang Zichen said, "It's just having sex with men, not just having sex, you can't even think about it, in layman's terms, Miss must quit lusting."

Liu Xiangyun was so depressed that she blushed with shame, humming, "Who's lusting, you're the one who needs to quit lusting."Tang Zichen asked her to quit lusting, making it sound as if she was a very horny person.

Wen Qi rolled her eyes, a little embarrassed, should have known not to ask, causing Xiangyun into embarrassment.

Meng Lun smiled, "I've also instructed Xiang Yun on these."

Liu Chenming was busy asking, "Then what's the cure?"

Tang Zichen said, "Of course there is a way, but I'm only thirty percent sure of treating it well, I'm blaming it on the fact that I didn't learn well before, but don't worry, with me here, death is definitely out of the question."

"Good, good, that's enough."Willow Chenming said happily.

Tang Zichen hesitated and said, "But, renewing your life is only renewing your life, until Miss is healed, all that I just said is still there, menstruation is abnormal, she must also always abstain from sex, how can this be considered good."

Liu Chenming sighed, "It's better than having no life at all."

Wen Qi's face is a little gray, Xiangyun sister is too poor, if she can't be cured, even if her life is renewed alive, she can't have a boyfriend or a husband in the future, she can't have children.

But Liu Xiangyun was satisfied: "It's okay, I'll be fine on my own in this life, I was going to die, and now I can still live for so long, what am I asking for so much, I'm already satisfied."

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Good, you have a good attitude, that's one of the factors why you've been able to remain so stable now, continue to have such an optimistic attitude."

"Good."Liu Xiangyun gratefully looked at Tang Zichen.

"Then I'll start by giving your body a thorough cold chill now."



p; "You lie down, face up."

Liu Xiangyun immediately lay down flat on the couch.

Tang Zichen took out a couple of 12's long needles and ordered again, "Take off your top."

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun was stunned.

Willow Chen Ming was busy saying, "Zichen, why don't you go to your room."

Liu Chen Ming felt that it was a bit indecent to be right in the living room, even if you didn't take off your clothes, because Liu Xiangyun was lying face up, and her figure was all too obvious.If you take off your clothes again, it's still okay, although there are no outsiders, it's always bad after all.

Meng Lun also said, "Yeah, go to your room, Little Morning and I will have some tea here."Although Meng Lun wanted to see with his own eyes how Tang Zichen administered the needles, Xiangyun was a girl after all.

"Fine."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

However, Liu Xiangyun's face was a bit scared, don't forget that Tang Zichen was also a vicious young man at the same time.

Tang Zichen seemed to have seen the struggle in Liu Xiangyun's heart and said, "If you're worried, you can have Meng Wenqi accompany you."

"Mm."Liu Xiangyun busily nodded.

The three of them went up to Liu Xiangyun's room and Wenqi closed the door.

"Lie down."

Liu Xiangyun lay down, but never dared to take off her clothes.

Tang Zichen picked up the needle and frowned, "Hurry up."

Wen Qi advised, "Sister Xiangyun, it's okay, it's a treatment."

Liu Xiangyun hesitated, "But, I've never been seen by a man before."

Wen Qi laughed, "If you don't treat and die, then you'll just be burnt to ashes, you'd rather be burnt to ashes or be looked at by a man ah."

"Oooh."Liu Xiangyun was very depressed and bitter.

Wen Qi went up to help take off Liu Xiangyun's top, Wen Qi was about to pick up Liu Xiangyun's underwear when Tang Zichen said, "No need, that's fine."


Liu Xiangyun relaxed a lot.

Tang Zichen scanned Liu Xiangyun's ample breasts, as well as her belly without a hint of fat and with snow white skin, and marveled at the beauty of her body.However, Tang Zichen didn't look too much and didn't show any evil eyes, Tang Zichen wasn't so undecided.

"It might hurt a little, bear with me."


Tang Zichen stabbed down with a needle.

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun really screamed in pain.

Wen Qi stood on the side of the creepy feeling that a needle this long was sticking down from Xiangyun's belly button.

Wen Qi was afraid: "I don't dare to look, I want to go out."

Xiangyun Liu was busy praying, "Sister Wenqi don't go."

"Ugh, okay."

Tang Zichen continued with the second silver needle, and all of a sudden, Liu Xiangyun's entire chest and belly was covered in silver needles.

And all of Liu Xiangyun's skin was burning, as if it was unbearably hot, and Wen Qi held Liu Xiangyun's hand tightly.

Downstairs, Liu Chenming was incredibly nervous, although it was drinking tea, and yet distracted.

Meng Lun smiled, "Don't worry, Tang Zichen's acupuncture technique is extraordinary."


"It seems that Xiang Yun is destined to have a nobleman."

"Yeah, I was just recruiting a bodyguard, but I didn't expect that he's also a divine doctor, hehehehe."Liu Chen Ming smiled proudly.

But Meng Lun chanted, "He even knows martial arts."


Willow Chenming said, "Not only will he, but he's also very powerful, at the very least, Lu Guan, the son of Lu Bing, the deputy head of the three major irregular forces of Linjiang City's Wind Cloud Hall, is no match for Tang Zichen.During the interview for the bodyguard at that time, that Lu Guan even threatened me, and Tang Zichen beat him up."

"That Lu Guan, who is also a famous genius expert of Wind Cloud Hall after all, it seems that Tang Zichen is really capable of writing and martial arts.But his history, he never revealed it."

Liu Chenming thought about it and said, "He didn't tell me much either, he only said that he was an outcast son who was expelled from his family."

Meng Lun laughed, "This is a lie, with his medical and martial arts skills, that family would expel him?"

"Oh, yeah, he just didn't want to tell the truth, just a few perfunctory remarks, but I won't ask questions if he doesn't want to."

"He also mentioned his uncle, who is a miraculous doctor that no one in the world knows about, but I can't think of anyone who's right, what a mysterious man.But I have the feeling that there is no malice within him."

In the room, Liu Xiangyun was sweating profusely.

"How much longer?"Liu Xiangyun asked, she felt a heat radiating from every pore in her body.

Tang Zichen said, "Just bear with me for another ten minutes, it'll be about time."

"Ten more minutes, I'm about to burn up."

"Oh, don't worry Miss, the more you feel burning up, it means the better the effect, once if you feel like you can't burn up one day, then there's nothing I can do, because it means the cold disease has entered the bone marrow, fortunately you have someone to help you with it since you were young, otherwise you wouldn't be able to move at all now." Remember the website

On the other hand, Wen Qi said, "My grandfather didn't do much to help her with her health, he just used some very expensive medicinal herbs and boiled them out for her to take a bath once a month.Do you know the value of those herbs that she soaks in once a month?Twenty million.The reason she was so stable now without seizures was all piled up with money.

Every month 20 million to hit the bottom, a year is 240 million, no wonder Liu Chen Ming desperately trying to make money, but also really burning money ah.It's also fortunate that Liu Xiangyun has a good father who will make money, if poor people, how can they survive until now.Once the cold disease strikes, every pore in the body is emitting a cold air, like an air conditioner vent, how can one endure it.

As Liu Xiangyun endured the heat, she asked, "Will I have to soak those expensive potions after that?"

Tang Zichen said, "I'm giving you a cold now, it's actually the same principle as those expensive herbal baths you're taking.However, it's best if you soak, it's obviously greatly beneficial to you, so why not."

"Ah, then my dad isn't going to have to work his ass off to make money again."Xiangyun Liu was disappointed, she would have loved for her father to be home with her every day.

"You don't have to die now, there's plenty of time to spend with your father in the future.Besides, don't I have a thirty percent chance of curing you, just in case I get lucky and cure you."Tang Zichen smiled.

Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen gratefully, suddenly feeling that Tang Zichen wasn't so damned anymore.

Liu Xiangyun couldn't help but say, "Tang Zichen, you obviously have such great skills, why did you choose to be an evil young man and do those shameless things, otherwise, how nice."

"Hahaha, Miss, that's about right."Tang Zichen pulled out Liu Xiangyun's needle.

Liu Xiangyun was busy getting up, feeling her body filled with heat, no matter how many clothes she wore in the past, it felt like her body was chilly, even in the middle of summer, she had never sweated a drop.And today.

It was the first time she was sweating so much, the first time her body felt hot.

"Sister Xiangyun, go take a shower."


And Tang Zichen put away the silver needles and said, "I'll go out first."

When Tang Zichen came downstairs, Liu Chenming and Meng Lun were busy getting up to ask how things were.

"Oh, don't worry, at least for a month or two, Miss's body will feel no different from a normal person.However, I heard that what kind of potion she soaks every month, I think it's quite beneficial, if there are conditions, it can't be broken."

Liu Chenming nodded, "Of course, I'll fight to the death to earn that money back.Zichen, it's been hard on you."

"You're welcome, raise your hand."

Willow Chenming said, "That, Zichen, I only hired you as a bodyguard before, so I'll pay you a hundred thousand a month, now if it's still a hundred thousand, I'll be embarrassed myself, I'll give you a million a month."

But Tang Zichen laughed, "Uncle Liu, I'm here to be a bodyguard, as for treating the lady, that's just a hand up."

"But how can I, just now Uncle Meng said that with your medical skills, if you were to become a rich man's personal doctor, you'd at least earn millions, if not tens of millions, per month."

"Alright, Uncle Liu, what kind of private doctor am I going to be, since I'm already in the bodyguard industry, I have to be loyal to it, alright, let's stop talking so much and eat dinner."

Liu Chenming felt guilty, but Tang Zichen was not a person who put a lot of weight on money, and besides, Liu Xiangyun wanted so much money to burn out every month.

Xiangyun Liu came down after her shower, refreshed and happy to eat dinner with everyone.

After dinner, Meng Lun and Wen Qi almost proposed to leave, and Liu Chen Ming's father and daughter walked them out.

After leaving Liu Chenming's house, Wen Qi drove, Meng Lun sat in the back seat and smiled, "Qi Qi, what do you think of Tang Zichen as a person?"

Meng Wenqi said, "The medical skill is indeed quite high, grandpa you are not even on the same level as him."

"Yes, my medical skills are indeed far inferior to his, I am willing to bow to him.However, that's not what I'm talking about, what do you think of Tang Zichen as a person?"

Wen Qi seemed to understand what Grandpa was trying to say and smiled, "Very good, young and promising."

Meng Lun laughed, "It would be great if Tang Zichen could become my granddaughter-in-law, what do you think, Qiqi?"

"Grandpa, can we stop joking?"Wen Qi was busy being nervous.

"Kiki, grandpa isn't joking, grandpa is serious."

"Grandpa, don't say such things in the future."Wen Qi seemed to resist.

"Didn't you say he was nice?The medical skills are so high, they surpass your grandfather me, where are you going to find one better than him."

Wen Qi remembered someone in her mind, a man in black who didn't know his appearance, but she would always remember that warm embrace.The corners of Wen Qi's mouth swelled up in a curve and smiled, "That's just how you feel, I don't feel that way."

Meng Lun didn't say much, in short, he felt that Tang Zichen was an invaluable talent, it would be a pity to miss it.

At this moment, in a villa not far from Liu Xiangyun's house, Li Zidan was sitting in the living room, continuously smoking a cigarette.

Not long after, one of his men walked in.


"Brother Dan, the black mole has been found."

Li Zidan turned back and saw the mole standing there with a terrified face, he had sent the mole to the hospital today to kill Zhang Dali's wife, but he hadn't expected to be missing until now.

"Mole, you still know how to come back, just a little thing like this you can't do well, how do you follow me, where have you been this afternoon?"Li Zi Dan asked angrily.

The black mole was busy, "Brother Dan, I did go to the hospital at noon to be Zhang's wife, but who knows, I hadn't confirmed the death of Zhang's wife yet, suddenly a young man found me, that young man knocked me out, took me to an alley, forced me to ask some things, and then threw me into the sewer, I was unconscious until the evening."

"Knock you out?With your strength, is it that easy to knock out?"Li Zi Dan frowned.

"Brother Dan, if I lie to you, heaven will strike five thunderbolts."

Li Zidan asked, "What did you say when that man cornered you?"

The black mole shuddered, "I, Dan, am sorry, I told you everything."

"So, you were pressured to tell even me?"

"Dan has mercy."

"Rubbish."Li Zidan pressed the cigarette in his hand to the mole's face, and the mole didn't dare to resist, letting the cigarette burn. A second to remember to read the book

Li Zi Dan looked to another of his men, called Ding Lei.

Ding Lei said, "Brother Dan, the mole didn't lie, but I've found the person who threw the mole into the sewer."

"Who is it?"Li Zidan's face was stern.

Ding Lei said, "It's the same brat who meddled last night and saved Zhang Dali's wife from waking up.We're also looking for him, but we didn't expect that he'd show up at the hospital again this afternoon, once again saving Zhang Dali's wife and throwing the mole into the sewer, the kid who's ruining our good fortune two after three in a row."

"What's his name?"Li Zidan's voice was a bit hoarse as he asked.

"His name is Tang Zichen, he's a student at Baiyun High School, currently a campus bodyguard for the daughter of a local entrepreneur, Liu Chenming, he's quite skilled in medical arts, and I heard that he also knows a bit of martial arts."

Li Zidan said furiously, "What the hell, how dare you meddle in my business, find him for me."

Ding Lei said, "No need to look for him, that Liu Chenming's home is here, same villa area, no need to walk ten minutes to it."

Li Zidan was stunned, not expecting that actually that nosy brat to live so close.

Li Zidan said, "A defeat of red dust can't be found for a while, I wanted to kill Zhang Dali's wife to vent my anger first, but I didn't expect this kid to ruin my good fortune twice in a row, so don't blame me for being rude.Ding Lei, take a few brothers with you and go to what Liu Chen Ming's house right now and cripple them."


At Liu Chenming's house, Tang Zichen was bathing.

And Liu Chenming and his daughter were watching TV and chatting.Since Liu Xiangyun didn't have to die, even if she couldn't be cured, she could still live to be eighty years old, so both father and daughter were in a very good mood.

Just then, there was a clanging sound from outside, as if the villa's iron door was kicked open.

"What's going on?I'll go out and take a look."Wu Ma busily got up and went outside.

However, as soon as Wu Ma reached the entrance of the hall, Wu Ma's body suddenly flew backwards in, as if someone had kicked her.Wu Ma's body flew down on the restaurant's wine cabinet with a loud clatter, knocking it over, and Wu Ma was unconscious.At the same time, five fierce-looking men entered the living room.

"Ah."Liu Chenming stood up, while Liu Xiangyun screamed and was at a loss for words.

Liu Chenming kept his daughter firmly behind him and looked at the five men who came in, busy asking, "Who are you guys?Why did you break into my house."

The five men who came were Li Zidan and his four men.

Li Zidan's face was gloomy as he asked, "Where is Tang Zichen?Let him out."

"Don Zichen?What do you want with Tang Zichen?"Willow Morning was busy asking.

"Do I need to report back to you?"Li Zidan's gaze was cold.

At this time, one of Li Zidan's men behind him said, "Brother Dan, that girl isn't bad, she's very pretty."

Li Zidan looked at Liu Xiangyun, who was indeed a national beauty, Li Zidan didn't like to be long-winded and directly said, "Take her away."

"Hehe, good."The tall man walked towards Liu Chen Ming.

Liu Chen Ming said urgently, "Don't you come over."Shielding Liu Xiangyun tightly behind him.

That tall man smiled hehely and walked towards Liu Xiangyun and said, "It's rare for Dan to see you, it's your good fortune."

Just at this moment, a book suddenly flew down from upstairs.

"Pah."The book hit the back of the head of the tall man who wanted to take away Liu Xiangyun, and that tall man fell down with a muffled voice.

Li Zidan and his men immediately eyed the second floor of the villa, only to see a youth standing on the stair railing on the second floor.

Tang Zichen was furious that he had found his way home and was so open and aboveboard, far more furious than even that time Lu Bing had sent someone.

Tang Zichen jumped straight down from the second floor and stood in the living room.

When Liu Xiangyun and his daughter saw Tang Zichen appear, they felt a sense of safety, as if they were not so afraid anymore.

Li Zidan stared into Tang Zichen's eyes and asked with a fierce face, "Are you Tang Zichen?"

Tang Zichen also had a cold face and said, "Yes, I am, but I will never let you go today no matter who you are.I, Tang Zichen, usually don't actively provoke people, but I never show mercy to those who dare to actively provoke me."

Li Zidan smiled with an angry face, "It's true that a newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger, although you don't want to know, I still have to tell you, my name is Li Zidan.Tang Zichen, do you know why I'm looking for you today?You're the one minding your own business, no matter how miserable you'll be today, you're asking for it."

Tang Zichen heard him give his name, and instantly knew what they were after.It must be that Tang Zichen had saved Zhang Dali's wife and made Li Zidan upset with him, so he found this place to get back at him.Seeing that Liu Xiangyun was beautiful and wanted to take Liu Xiangyun away, did they know that Liu Xiangyun was weak and wanted to quit sex, of course, that wasn't the point, the point was that Tang Zichen was on fire.

"I don't care what kind of Li Bullet or Li Cannonball you are, I'm giving you two choices, first, kneel down and kowtow 50 times to my frightened lady and boss to admit your mistakes, then leave; second, I'll twist your legs and then be thrown out by me."

Li Zidan heard Tang Zichen say this, his heart was harboring fire, his father and brother were ruined, can't find a defeat of the red dust to take revenge, his heart was already fuming enough, so he looked for Tang Zichen to vent his anger, did not expect, Tang Zichen are so grippy, the heart's depression has not yet been vented, but also add fire to the fire.

With a wave of his hand, Li Zidan said, "Ding Lei, go up and twist his legs, I don't want to see arrogantly standing in front of me and talking to me."

"Yes."Ding Lei flipped over in place, and his entire body flew up to Tang Zichen like a fish leaping a dragon's door.


Tang Zichen was shocked, this man called Ding Lei seemed to be not weak, at least stronger than anyone Tang Zichen had ever fought.

Unfortunately, it was still not enough in front of Tang Zichen.

In his anger, Tang Zichen didn't have any intention of breaking up a fight with him and rushed straight up, not seeing how Tang Zichen was going to do it, and in the blink of an eye, he grabbed Ding Lei who hadn't even gotten close.


"Ah."Ding Lei let out a scream, not even understanding that his legs had been rigidly bent.

Tang Zichen threw Ding Lei towards Li Zidan after he had broken his legs, and said, "Are you next?"

Li Zidan's body trembled as he looked at Ding Lei's bent legs.

Liu Chen Ming saw how strong Tang Zichen was and was greatly heartened, just now he was a little worried that Tang Zichen couldn't beat the other side, because dealing with that arrogant momentum when he entered the house scared him to death.Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen's back and suddenly felt that Tang Zichen was so brave, and her previous image of Tang Zichen's evil young man was suddenly turned upside down.

Li Zidan just didn't see how Tang Zichen shot at all, so he felt deeply scrupulous at the moment.

That mole whispered, "Brother Dan, now you believe me, I've already said that he's an expert, easily breaking Brother Lei's legs, even you may not be able to do it ah.Or, forget it, after all, you came back to find a defeated Red Dust to protect your revenge, he's just a nosy person, it's not worth fighting like that ah."

Li Zidan's face chilled and he said angrily, "Do you think I'm inferior to him?" First web site

"Dan, forget I said anything, you continue."The black mole's body trembled.

Li Zidan's face muscles trembled and said, "Tang Zichen, count me as having underestimated you, but you're actually a master."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I don't need to, because I've never put you in my eyes."

Li Zidan was extremely upset, but he wasn't sure of winning, and the mole was right, it wasn't worth wasting energy fighting with Tang Zichen, finding a defeat to avenge the red dust was the most important thing.

"Tang Zichen, the purpose of my return this time is to find One Defeat Red Dust, so I won't fight you yet, but remember, don't meddle in my meddling, or I don't mind fighting you to the end."Li Zidan said coldly.

Tang Zichen's sword eyebrows shot up and said, "Do you want to leave so easily?Is this a place where you can come and go as you please?"

The mole was busy asking, "So what do you want?"

"Kneel down, apologize, and kowtow 100 times."

Li Zidan's face was cold, he had decided not to fight with Tang Zichen for the time being, leaving his energy behind to find a defeat of red dust, but he didn't expect this Tang Zichen to be ungrateful.

"Tang Zichen, don't you give a damn, I've had a hard time deciding not to fight you for the time being."Li Zidan roared.

Tang Zichen snorted with disdain, "It was hard to decide not to fight me?Ridiculous. Do I have to beg you not to fight me?Come on, if you want to fight me or not, I don't care, don't make me say it three times, if you want to leave, get down on your knees and kowtow 100 times.Or, be thrown out after I break your legs, your choice."

Li Zidan was furious.

"Tang Zichen, you forced me to do this."

Tang Zichen said disdainfully, "With just you, you're not qualified for me to force it."

Li Zidan's gaze was cold, as if he had made a killing wish, and he gritted his teeth, "I, Li Zidan, today my loved ones have just been

Harm, I advise you not to take your own life."

"Heh, the murder of your loved ones is none of my business, Li Qing Yuan and his sons, many deeds of injustice will lead to their own death, they deserved it."

"Ahhhh."Li Zidan yelled in anger, originally Tang Zichen was not his enemy, just a nosy person, seeing that Tang Zichen's martial arts skills were not weak, Li Zidan thought that now was not the right time to have another enemy of this level, however, Tang Zichen did not even know how to take advantage of the situation, moreover, now that he heard Tang Zichen say that his father and brother deserved it, the fire inside Li Zidan had been completely ignited, instantly treating Tang Zichen as an enemy.

"Tang Zichen, if I don't kill you today, how am I going to face my father and brother who can't take care of themselves."Li Zidan's eyes were bloodshot, and he looked at Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun's father and daughter and said through clenched teeth, "None of you will escape."

Li Zidan had decided to kill, so naturally he would kill everyone and remove the evidence, leaving no one alive.

When Liu Chen Ming saw Li Zidan's murderous gaze, his body trembled and he looked at Tang Zichen nervously.

Tang Zichen, however, didn't feel the slightest bit of fear for Li Zidan's murderous gaze and sneered, "Just in case you can't do it."

"Die."Li Zidan killed up towards Tang Zichen.

"Ten Finger Mad Dragon."

Li Zidan reached Tang Zichen in an instant, his hands were like the Nine Yin White Bone Claws, each finger was enough to penetrate Tang Zichen's body.

Tang Zichen raised two fingers and shot so fast that it was almost impossible to see with the naked eye, pointing at the ten-fingered Li Zidan's chest at once.

"Bang."Li Zidan's chest, as if he had been shot, instantly pierced a hole, and a bloody mist flew out of his back with a bang.

This was Tang Zichen's self-created martial art, the Yin-Yang Finger, and it was the first time he used it when he came to this world.Tang Zichen's Yin-Yang Finger, when it reached a profound level, could completely hurt people through the air, and now Tang Zichen couldn't do it through the air yet, but the power could already be seen.

Li Zidan fixed there, not moving, he felt his upper body was completely immobilized and numb, there was pain in his chest, as if something had penetrated his body, there was still a hole in his back, the wind was blowing coolly into his body.

Tang Zichen's kick flew out and kicked Li Zidan to the hall door.

It was ridiculous that he dared to let out wild words to kill Liu Chenming's family even with these two, but today he was lucky enough to learn Tang Zichen's yin and yang finger.

Black Mole and the other three little brothers panicked and jumped to Li Zidan's side.

"Brother Dan, are you alright?"Mole was busy asking.

"Dan's lost a lot of blood, like he's been shot."Another.

"Ah, shot, despicable, using a gun."

Tang Zichen was a bit depressed that he was being called a gun for such a high and mighty yin-yang finger.However, there was no injustice, who let his yin and yang finger, it was indeed similar to being shot, putting a hole through a person's body, and if it hit the head, the head would have to be pierced as well.

Tang Zichen walked up to Li Zidan, stepped on Li Zidan's chest and said, "Li Zidan, I didn't kill you this time because I want you to reform, I think you understand what I'm saying, get out of here, if you mess with me again, you definitely won't be so lucky."

Li Zidan felt his whole body numb, he couldn't even speak with his mouth, but the fear inside him was already written on his face.Of course, Li Zidan also thought that he had been shot, but to be able to ignore his ten-fingered mad dragon and penetrate him so easily, that was enough to say it all.


Li Zidan was quickly taken away by his men.

Tang Zichen was busy walking into the house to see the unconscious Wu Ma, fortunately there was no serious problem, Tang Zichen gave her a few acupressure points and then asked Jin Gui to help her to rest in her room.

Liu Chen Ming's heart was palpitating, "Will this gang come back?"

Tang Zichen apologized, "Uncle Liu, I'm sorry that I got you guys into trouble, they're here to find me.But don't worry, Li Zidan shouldn't have the guts to mess with me again, unless he's really not afraid of death."

Liu Xiangyun asked, "Do you have a gun on you?"

Liu Xiangyun's face seemed to be a little disappointed because she felt that Tang Zichen didn't defeat Li Zidan by force, but by a gun, so she suddenly felt that Tang Zichen wasn't omnipotent and not as powerful as she thought.

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Xiangyun and seemed to see a hint of disappointment in her eyes, and Tang Zichen understood what Liu Xiangyun was thinking at once.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Isn't Miss a little disappointed?"

Liu Xiangyun subconsciously nodded her head and said, "Maybe a little, after all, relying on a gun doesn't mean that you defeated that person."

Liu Chenming was busy saying, "Xiang'er, don't talk nonsense, even if you use a gun, it's not something that an ordinary person can hit.The fact that Zichen was able to hit that Li Zidan already shows his strength."

"Oh."Liu Xiangyun was helplessly oh, but she was still a little disappointed inside. Remember the URL

Liu Chen Ming looked at Tang Zichen and smiled, "Words, don't mind, it's fine, it's a skill to be able to defeat someone with a gun."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a laugh.

"What are you laughing at?"Liu Xiangyun asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Miss, please take a good look."

Tang Zichen raised two more fingers, then quickly clicked them on the wall.

An invisible stream of air surged out from the tips of his fingers.

"Swoosh."The thick wall was instantly pierced through a hole, of course, a small hole of a few centimeters, through which you could see outside.

"Huh?"Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun were both shocked.

Tang Zichen said, "Miss, it's okay for you to belittle me, but please don't belittle my self-created martial art, the Yin-Yang Finger.I didn't use a gun, I used my Qi, condensed in my dantian, and then through my fingers, I struck through the wall.Miss, I am afraid your so-called spear cannot penetrate this wall, right?How can it be compared to my Yin-Yang finger."

Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen with incomparable trepidation, it turned out that it wasn't with a gun, but with qi yes, although they didn't understand what qi it was.

After Liu Xiangyun knew that Tang Zichen wasn't using a gun, the disappointment she had just felt towards Tang Zichen was swept away, and instead, she became even more impressed with Tang Zichen's strength.

Liu Chenming smiled, "Xiang'er, it's clear this time, a single finger can go through a wall, and its power far exceeds that of a gun, this martial art, it's just too strong."

"Mmhmm."Liu Xiangyun nodded her head in succession.

Tang Zichen said, "Wrong, I'm not strong at all now, forget it, I don't understand even if I tell you guys."Tang Zichen's strength now is not comparable to the past, talking too much would be tears, he would still be suspected of pretending to compare, so it would be better not to say anything.

Tang Zichen went upstairs, hoping that Li Zidan wouldn't mess with him again, or else Tang Zichen would have to transform into a defeated red dust and destroy him.

Tonight, Tang Zichen's Yin-Yang Finger had pierced his body, but it hadn't injured his internal organs, which was intentional on Tang Zichen's part.Firstly, Tang Zichen didn't want to kill anyone with his true identity, making him a murderer for the sake of a Li Zidan was not worth it; secondly, this was Liu Chenming's home, a murder here would definitely bring trouble to Liu Chenming.However, Tang Zichen wasn't sure that Li Zidan would know what to do, in case he didn't know how to behave again and was ungrateful to Liu

It would be troublesome for Tang Zichen to do it even if Morning Glory or Liu Xiangyun did it, and he could only hope that he knew his part.

Tang Zichen returned to his room and found his computer turned on.

"Hey, I didn't turn it on, why is the computer turned on?"

Tang Zichen walked up to the computer, only to see a txt file open on the desktop, there were several lines in the file.

"One Defeat Red Dust, come out here, I know it's you, don't pretend."

"One Defeat Red Dust, what the hell are you doing, did you go on another mission of justice?"

"Oooh, one defeat, come out, I'm your intelligent person, don't you want an intelligent person?"

Tang Zichen saw the text on the computer and remembered, before he didn't understand the computer, he thought there was an intelligent person inside the computer, so he asked the intelligent person for the address of Li Ziming's house, but he didn't think the other party was a hacker.Now Tang Zichen already knew what a hacker was, so, exposing himself, if this hacker reported him, wouldn't he be finished.

Tang Zichen immediately typed, "I'm here."

"One Defeat Red Dust, you've finally come, no, Liu Chen Ming, you've finally come."The computer immediately appeared with the text typed by the hacker.

Tang Zichen suddenly felt a hint of fear, but he actually said Willow Chenming's name.

"How did you know?"Donzie asked.

"I'm an intelligent person, I know everything."

"Alright, I already know you're a hacker."

"Well, if you know I'm a hacker why are you asking, I went through your IP address and instantly confirmed the address, the Willow Chen Ming's house.Your other identity is a defeat of red dust, hahaha."

Tang Zichen felt threatened and typed, "If you dare to tell anyone, I don't mind going to exterminate you."

"Hmph, I helped you and you threatened to kill me, you're so heartless.Besides, do you know who I am?Do you know where I live?"

Tang Zichen was stunned, yeah, he wasn't a hacker, where did he know who the other party was, male or female, big or small, nothing, and threatening them, it was ridiculous.

"What do you want?"

"Don't worry, I won't do anything, I just want to say, I'll go ahead and do it without any worries, you can ask me anything you want to know in the future, I'll give you technical support, so that my hacking skills, also have room to play.This is my qq, you add me.

"QQ? No."

"No way, you don't even have a qq.But, it's okay, who let me be a hacker, I'll hack one for you right away, hey, I found it, there's a high ranking qq called ***, I hacked him, give it to you."

Within a few minutes, the other party got a qq for Tang Zichen and logged in on Tang Zichen's computer.

"Alright, we're already friends, let's chat on the QQ."

After saying that, that little hacker beauty on the other side stopped hacking into Tang Zichen's computer and sent a message to Tang Zichen with a qq.

Tang Zichen clicked on it and saw that the other party's avatar was a pig with glasses.

Tang Zichen asked, "You're a pig?"

"You're the pig."The other party sent an angry expression.

Tang Zichen typed very slowly and really wasn't interested in chatting, so he simply stopped typing and didn't know anyone anyway.

"Hey, where's the guy?Not talking again?"The other side sent several messages in a row, that hacker little beauty is so depressed, she is so active to give Tang Zichenqq number, Tang Zichen said no q, she also took the initiative to steal one for him, but also took the initiative to add him, take the initiative to send him a message, she is so active, Tang Zichen but still do not give a damn about her.


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