The King of Kungfu 111-120

Chapter 111

Tang Zichen stood on the balcony of the room, Liu Xiangyun also walked out of the balcony, the two looked at each other, Liu Xiangyun pursed her lips and lowered her head, some shy look, after tonight's events, Liu Xiangyun's image of Tang Zichen had obviously changed much, much more.

"Hey."Liu Xiangyun fed a soft voice to Tang Zichen.

"Miss, what can I do for you?"Don Zichen asked.

"In the evening in the car coming back, it was me who misunderstood you, I wanted to say, I'm sorry."Liu Xiangyun points, with the impression that this is the first time she has spoken so softly to Tang Zichen.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Alright, it's over."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Tang Zichen, if you're so great, why do you still want to be a villain at school?And doing so many things that I can't understand, like writing that love letter to Shangguan Zou, and the one in the ladies room."Liu Xiangyun's face instantly reddened as she talked about this.

Tang Zichen smiled, "The kind of person I am is not for others to say, by my heart."

"But you really dared to kill."Liu Xiangyun remembered Tang Zichen throwing Chen Zhijie down the stairs and still felt fear.

"Let's be honest, with my martial arts skills, do you really think you'd throw Chen Zhijie to his death?I had figured he'd be hanging from a tree." One second to remember to read the book

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun was stunned, so that's how it was, she thought Tang Zichen really dared to kill.

"Alright, Miss, it's getting late, you've expended a lot of energy in treatment today, get some rest."Tang Zichen said.

But Liu Xiangyun didn't want to rest, full of energy, previously very resistant to Tang Zichen, for the first time no longer resistant to Tang Zichen, suddenly very eager to talk to Tang Zichen more.

"Let's talk again, it's the first time since you've been my bodyguard that I've talked to you so calmly."Liu Xiangyun.

Tang Zichen felt Liu Xiangyun's change of attitude towards him, full of friendship, and actually felt quite comfortable in his heart, so that when he was a bodyguard was also happier.

"What do you want to say?"Don Zichen asked.

"Tell me about you, where do you come from?Why such a high level of medical skill?Who else is in your family?"Xiang Yun Liu was curious.

"Oh, everyone has things they don't want to talk about, so, sorry, miss."

"Oh, okay."

"Miss, it's late, get some rest."

"Well, good night, Tang Zichen."Liu Xiangyun smiled at Tang Zichen, then went into the room.

Tang Zichen suddenly felt warm in his heart when he saw Miss smile at him for the first time.

"Good night, Miss."

Liu Xiangyun lay on the bed, not a trace of sleep, her mind was filled with the images of tonight, Tang Zichen showing that awesome medical skill, and Tang Zichen facing Li Zidan's gang, protecting her and her father, and the image of Tang Zichen's finger going through the wall, lingering.

Liu Xiangyun knows that Tang Zichen's bad image seems to have become insignificant in her heart, completely overshadowed by his other charms.The feeling towards Tang Zichen had gone from being disgusted and hating to drive Tang Zichen away to now feeling safe inside with Tang Zichen protecting her.

Tang Zichen also lay down, but it was not yet ten o'clock, and there was no sleep, so Tang Zichen took out his phone to play, and then accidentally opened the campus of Baiyun Middle School.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen was attracted by two posts.

The first post was posted by Song Yu'er at seven in the evening.The title of the post was: "Come and see, everyone, the howl of the mad young."

The content said, "During the third class in the afternoon, the campus's three rabid youngsters, Long Xiaofei, Su Yuhao, and Wang Quirong, were brutally beaten by Tang Zichen."Photos as well as videos were also posted.

This post was so hot that it had over 20,000 comments.

Every comment was incredible and shocking, as if there hadn't been such a strong post in a long time.<

br />

The second post, on the other hand, was even hotter, the number of comments actually reached a terrifying 40,000, it was sent by an anonymous person, the content was exactly the letter Zhao Ritian wrote to Tang Zichen, asking Tang Zichen to automatically post on the campus forum by tomorrow morning, saying that he didn't deserve to be on par with Zhao Ritian.

When Tang Zichen saw this post, he also suddenly just remembered this matter, sweating, Tang Zichen actually forgot, if it wasn't for the fact that he just happened to see this post, Tang Zichen might not have remembered at all.

This post was so hot that it had over 40,000 replies, it was simply going to burst the rhythm of the Baiyun Middle School campus.

The fact that it was so fiery was a testament to how alarming the content of these two posts were, especially the one about Zhao Ritian's letter to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen laughed wordlessly and didn't take this matter to heart, throwing his phone at his bedside and preparing to go to bed early.

But at that moment, Tang Zichen's phone rang.

Tang Zichen picked it up and saw that it was Liu Xiangyun, who was calling him at such a late hour.

Just live next door still what to call, Tang Zichen did not answer, but went to the balcony and said to the next room, "Miss, what can I do for you?"Tang Zichen thought that Liu Xiangyun was in some kind of trouble or needed some help, so he hurried out to ask.

Liu Xiangyun was dressed in her sleep and came out in another robe.

"Miss, what can I do for you?"

Xiangyun Liu smiled apologetically, "It's nothing."

"Then why did you suddenly call me?Thought something had happened to you."

"Just couldn't sleep just now, playing with my phone in bed, I happened to enter the campus and saw two very hot posts that already had 40,000 comments, so I was surprised and wanted to call you to tell you to check it out."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I've already seen them."

"You've seen it, then why don't you have any reaction on your face?"Xiangyun Liu said in surprise.

"What reaction do you want?It's an ordinary thing."

"It's still called an ordinary thing ah, a post that can exceed 20,000 comments on campus is a big deal that's a big deal."Liu Xiangyun said.

"Oh, a sensation is a sensation, I'll just ignore it."

Liu Xiangyun asked, "That Song Yu'er said that you beat up three madmen in your third class in the afternoon, and it wasn't a light beating, is that true?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "It's true, I didn't expect this childish girl to really explode."

Liu Xiangyun said, "You're also too shocking, Mad Shao in the eyes of us ordinary students, that's a remarkable existence, usually mad to the point of being outrageous, you actually beat up three at the same time, no, plus that Chen Zhijie, all four.No wonder that post was so hot and sensational throughout the school."

It was now the age of connectivity, so anything that had more than 20,000 comments on campus was definitely a sensation on campus.Although Liu Xiangyun hadn't personally seen every student learn about this, she was sure that over 80% of the students and teachers at Baiyun High School knew about it.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, felt that it was a very common thing and didn't even take it to heart.

Liu Xiangyun said, "Also, the second post, which is even more explosive, actually has more than 40,000 comments.With so many comments, it means that at least ninety-five percent of the students and teachers at Baiyun High School knew about it."

"Oh, just know, I'm not afraid."Tang Zichen said.

"Tang Zichen, in the second post, the letter Zhao Ritian wrote to you must have been sent up by one of the students in our class."

Tang Zichen said, "Just send it, don't tell me you don't know who it is, and even if you do, it's not good enough to trouble him."

Liu Xiangyun asked, "You haven't gone to the campus to post a clarification until now, it's all my fault, if you hadn't been busy with my business all night tonight, you would have had the time to post it long ago."

Tang Zichen was baffled, "Why should I post?"


"Didn't that Zhao Ritian ask you to take the initiative to post on campus?Until tomorrow morning before class, or else he'll find you trouble."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Trouble finding me, I, Tang Zichen, didn't take it seriously at all, if I didn't happen to see that post, I would have forgotten about it myself."

"Ah, you can forget even such a big thing."Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen speechlessly, if it was her, she would have been trembling with fear, this was a big deal.

"Hahahaha, a little fart can be called a big deal, alright, you don't need to worry about these things for me, I, Tang Zichen, am at least the number one evil youngster, what's the point of being the number one evil youngster without some skills.It's okay, get some rest early."

"Oh."Tang Zichen went back to his room and went to sleep.

Today's relationship with Tang Zichen became better, and Liu Xiangyun also felt happier than before when she rejected Tang Zichen, and would never have believed that she would say so much to Tang Zichen before.

Tang Zichen lies on his bed and opens the campus again.Liu Xiangyun said that at least ninety-five percent of the teachers and students of the entire Baiyun High School knew about this, which means that this is really big and Tang Zichen has to pay attention to it.

You Meng dashingly said, "Damn, it's ten o'clock and Tang Zichen still hasn't posted, what does Tang Zichen want?"

Tomo Kongyi said, "I've waited so long for Tang Zichen to post, I've refreshed over and over ah."

Tomo let me go down alone said, "It seems that Tang Zichen is not going to post, don't tell me that Tang Zichen really isn't afraid of Zhao Ritian's warning."

Tomo Ao Tian said, "If Tang Zichen still doesn't post, I swear, tomorrow he'll be smashed by Zhao Ritian and stand posted as proof." First posting URL

Tang Zichen looked through the comments of various friends, it seemed that many people were waiting for him to post, not knowing that Tang Zichen himself had almost forgotten about it.

At this moment, in a bar.

Zhao Ritian, Long Xiaofei, Su Yuhao, Wang Quirong, Chen Zhijie, five people were sitting together, they had also just called out, and everyone had just arrived at the moment.

With a gloomy face, Zhao Ritian took out his phone, opened a post from the campus and said, "Is this for real?"

Zhao Ritian's face was on fire, and the post he opened was the same one that Song Yu'er had blasted.Zhao Ritian only found out half an hour ago, and when he did, he immediately called the other four people to come out.

Long Xiaofei, Su Yuhao, and Wang Quirong lowered their heads.

Chen Zhijie still didn't know what had happened because he was a little busy tonight and didn't visit the campus, but when he opened the campus now, his face changed.Trembling, he said, "No way, Xiaofei, Yuhao, Kui Rong, weren't you guys responsible for beating up Liu Yue this afternoon?Why would Song Rainer blast out a video and post of you guys being beaten up and howling as you rolled on the ground?"

Zhao Ritian looked at the three of Long Xiaofei and said loudly, "Tell me if this is true."

Long Xiaofei raised his head, Zhao Ritian clearly saw a bit of a bruise at the corner of his mouth, because the bar was dark so he couldn't quite see it clearly.

Long Xiaofei said, "Brother Ritian, you've seen it all, Song Yuer exploded, it's true.This bitch, I thought I was still a little bit attached to her, I told her not to explode out, to give some face, but I didn't expect that she still exploded out."

Zhao Ritian raged, "Why didn't you tell me then?If I hadn't just gotten on campus to see if Don Zichen had posted, I wouldn't have known about it at all.If you had told me then, I would have rushed over and beat the shit out of Tang Zichen right then and there."

Su Yuhao said, "Brother Ritian, it's not that we didn't tell you at that time, but we felt, too ashamed to be told."

"Bang."Zhao Ritian slammed the table and roared, "Don't dare to be known?It's been so long, Tang Zichen has beaten up Maniac, and you guys still don't dare to be known."


bsp;Wang Quirong asked, "Brother Ritian, didn't you say that you don't care to take action against a low-level person like Tang Zichen?That's why we didn't inform you then."

"Bang."Zhao Ritian slammed the table again and roared, "I, Zhao Ritian, do disdain taking action against low-level people, but, when people are bullying their heads, will I still go to the trouble to talk about this?Mosquitoes are cheap enough, right?When a mosquito bites you, will you not swat it because it is too lowly?"

Long Xiaofei said, "Brother Ritian, we were wrong, we won't do it again, we will tell you first."

Chen Zhijie asked, "Brother Ritian, so what now?We've been beaten up by the five big madmen, I've been beaten up, and now the three of them have been beaten up.The five berserk youngsters, four of them have been beaten up, they can't even hold their heads up in school."

Zhao Ritian's face was cross, five major mad-shares, four of them had been beaten, Zhao Ritian couldn't even be angry, although he wasn't just a mad-shares.It was because he wasn't just a mad youngster that he was even more fiery.

"Yeah, Brother Ritian, what should we do now?Song Yu'er has already exploded out, sensationalizing the whole school, just now on campus, the online number actually reached more than 10,000 people."Wang Quirong said, to reach such a large number of online people, it was indeed terrifying, equivalent to so many students looking at them like, the interconnected era was indeed different.

Zhao Ritian looked at Chen Zhijie and said, "Zhijie, help me enter the campus to see if that Tang Zichen has posted yet?Today's fiery post isn't just the one posted by Song Yu'er, there's also a letter about my letter to Tang Zichen, I'm sure all those 10,000+ students online are waiting for Tang Zichen to post it."

As soon as Chen nodded, he took out his phone and went into the campus to see if Tang Zichen had posted it.

After a while, Chen Zhijie said, "Brother Ritian, I didn't see any posts from Tang Zichen, I flipped through several pages."

Zhao Ritian slapped the table in annoyance: "What the hell, this Tang Zichen wants to die ah, from the afternoon to now, so long ago still no post."

Long Xiaofei said, "Could it be that Tang Zichen didn't receive your letter?"

Chen Zhijie immediately denied it, "Impossible, I put out the belief of Rittenberg in front of Class 32, the entire class."

"So that means that Tang Zichen really hasn't sent it out yet, what does he think about it?Don't you dare not send it?"

Zhao Ritian's face was cross, if Tang Zichen didn't post, he would definitely lose face greatly.

Right now, at Liu Xiangyun's house, Tang Zichen looked around the campus and noticed that every student was waiting for him to post, as if many of them wouldn't be able to sleep if he didn't post.

"Or, post it."Tang Zichen said in his heart.

"It's not a good idea not to post like this, making those bored students wait, not sleeping tomorrow will affect their classes, I'd better post, let them rest early after."Tang Zichen was really a good guy who cared about his students, seeing that everyone had been online without sleeping in order to wait for him to post, he was going to post.

Tang Zichen immediately made a post with the title: "I am Tang Zichen."

It read, "Hello, I'm Tang Zichen from Senior Class 32, and seeing that everyone has been affected to sleep in order to wait for me to post, I had to hurry out to post.Alright, without further ado, here's what I said to Zhao Ritian: Zhao Ritian, you asked me to post and make it clear to everyone that I don't deserve to be on the same page as you, in fact, I forgot about it.When I received your letter this afternoon, I didn't take it seriously at all, let alone post it.I, Tang Zichen, did not take you seriously at all, and even less as an opponent.You must be confused, what exactly do I take you for?You can understand it as...shit, yes, a pile of shit, a pile of shit, a mouthful of shit.You are the rotten shit, stinky shit, on your stupidity, also worthy of playing with me, think too ridiculous, Zichen I think dirty hands lazy to pay attention to you, but you this stinky shit more and more, disgusting so many students are not sleep, finally send you four words, stupidity thing.All right, I've finished posting, Zhao Ritian, are you still satisfied with my post?If you're satisfied, give a good review, and go to bed early, guys."


Many online alumni, suddenly a refresh, saw the post sent by Tang Zichen, suddenly as if chasing to read the update, immediately excited to open.

However, when you see the contents of Tang Zichen's post, each and every one of them seems to be hit with adrenaline, such a strong post, where can still sleep, Nima ah, immediately reply.

Muddled through life said, "Holy crap, is this the rhythm of a life?"

Loneliness and Wine: "Don't you want to die?"

Yaya: "Oh my God, am I not seeing things?"

In short, in an instant, this post of Tang Zichen's exploded, at least on this forum of Baiyun Middle School, as if an atomic bomb had been dropped.

Within a minute, the number of people who saw the online refresh reached three thousand, that is to say, within a minute, this post of Tang Zichen's was at least over two thousand replies.

The extent of the fire was outrageous, but of course, some people posted more than one.

At a certain bar, the five of Zhao Ritian were still drinking.

Wang Quirong said, "Brother Ritian, it looks like Tang Zichen won't be posting an apology to you tonight, or he would have already done so."

Zhao Ritian snorted, "Anyway, I gave him a deadline of tomorrow before class, if he doesn't even post by the deadline, don't blame me Zhao Ritian for bullying him." Remember the URL

Just at that moment, Chen Zhijie shouted, "Brother Ritian, it's posted, Tang Zichen has posted.Oh my god, there's already over 8,000 replies, I didn't even see his post five minutes ago, it must have been posted in these five minutes, there's 8,000 replies in five minutes, holy shit, so many people online."

Zhao Ritian heard Chen Zhijie say posting, and smiled proudly, "This son of a bitch, finally posting, I thought he really wanted to fuck with me and wasn't going to post, almost made me Zhao Ritian overestimate him.Really gutless, still devilish existence of the first evil youngster, if he has the guts, don't post try."

Su Yuhao was busy: "Brother Ritian, Tang Zichen that silly urine, how dare he do with you, he must have been in draft before, you see, isn't this finally posted."

"Hahaha."Long Xiaofei and Wang Quirong thought of Tang Zichen looking like a wimp in front of Zhao Ritian, and they both laughed out loud with pleasure.

But Chen Zhijie, but his face was ugly and stammered, "Brother Ritian, Tang Zichen is posting, but, but, his post, geez, you guys should read it before laughing."

Zhao Ritian was busy taking out his phone to look at it, and so were the three Long Xiaofei.

"...I, Tang Zichen, didn't put you in my eyes at all, much less treat you as an opponent.You must be confused, what exactly do I think of you as

What's that?You can understand that...shit, yes, a piece of deserve to play with me even with that stupid shit..."

"Bang."Zhao Ritian was trembling all over and violently smashed a zap of beer on the table.

Long Xiaofei, Su Yuhao, and Wang Quirong, who were also trembling all over after reading the post, looked up at Zhao Ritian and saw that Zhao Ritian's face was suffocating red, and on his neck and hands, all of his veins were bulging, like an enraged leopard.

Chen Zhijie cautiously said, "Brother Ritian, appease your anger."

The other three, however, did not speak, this was not the right time to speak, be careful of pissing off this angry leopard, his anger, any admonishment was no longer useful.

At Song Yu'er's house, Song Yu'er was lying on her bed, looking at her phone.

"Yay, power, Tang Zichen is so powerful."Song Yu'er suddenly jumped up in excitement, she was a person who was afraid of the world, Tang Zichen seemed to be going to do it with the famous Zhao Ritian, she was so excited that she couldn't wait for dawn and fly to school right away.

Song Yu'er also immediately replied, "What time is the fight tomorrow?Who knows say."

This brain-dead chick, people Zhao Ritian hasn't even replied yet, she asked what time the fight started.

Tang Zichen was lying on the bed, somewhat speechless, he just went to the bathroom, once he came back, thousands of replies, how many people must be online ah, Tang Zichen had to admire the interconnectedness of this era.

At the bar, Zhao Ritian slowly calmed down, if Tang Zichen was in front of him at the moment, he did not say anything, beaten into shit.But he wasn't there, so it was useless to be angry.

Zhao Ritian took out his phone and made an angry post.

"Tang Zichen, very good, don't miss class tomorrow if you have the guts, first class in the morning, I, Zhao Ritian, will come to you, clean my neck."

Zhao Ritian's post, the number of words was small, but it seemed that every word could see the anger he was filled with.

Tang Zichen refreshed his phone and saw Zhao Ritian's post, also in just a few minutes, seven or eight thousand replies.

Tang Zichen shook his head and laughed wordlessly.Tang Zichen wasn't interested in continuing the 'remote conversation' with Zhao Ritian on it, it would be better to settle it in person tomorrow.

Tang Zichen was trying to sleep when Liu Xiangyun sent him a text message.

"Did you sleep?Zhao Ritian is going to beat you tomorrow."

Tang Zichen was speechless when he saw Miss's text message, not realizing that Liu Xiangyun was also secretly concerned.

"Miss, go to bed early."Tang Zichen returned.


"Oh, well, goodnight then."Xiang Yun Liu replied back, but Tang Zichen didn't reply.

Tang Zichen really went to sleep this time.

Nothing was said all night.

The next day, after breakfast, Liu Chen Ming went back to work on his business, his daughter he had completely handed over to Tang Zichen, whether it was her condition or her safety, he was very relieved.

Tang Zichen drove the BMW, carrying Liu Xiangyun, this time Liu Xiangyun did not sit in the back, but in the passenger seat, and also took the initiative to chat with Tang Zichen.Tang Zichen's relationship with the lady became better and he was also in a good mood.

"Zhao Ritian is going to beat you up today, aren't you worried at all?"Shannon Liu asked.

"Why are you worried?"

"He's on the list of genius experts,"Xiang Yun Liu said.

"Oh."Tang Zichen just laughed, the Genius Expert List, Tang Zichen used to think that he was really an expert, but after he blew up Wei Ming and Qiu Hao, Tang Zichen no longer believed those people's words.

"Do you think I'll be able to train martial arts in the future?"Liu Xiangyun suddenly asked.

"If you get better, of course you can, if not, it's best not to, you should not only abstain from sex right now, but also try not to do anything harmful to your Yin Yuan and take care of your body." One second to remember to read the book

Xiangyun Liu pursed her lips, and said angrily, "What kind of quitting, talking so badly, making it sound as if I'm a very lustful person."

"Oh, human nature is natural, anyone is lustful inside."

"You're the natural color, you all dare to do that in the toilet."Xiangyun Liu blushed, the scene of that day flashing in her mind.

"Uh, let's forget about the past, haha, alright, it's time to go to school."

And right now, Bai Yun Middle School was unusually quiet, in the past at this time, the whole school was very noisy, but today, it was filled with a strange kind of quiet.

So quiet because there was no one in the school?

In front of the No. 5 school building, there were many students standing on the lawn, all waiting for something, no one was making loud noises, and a tense atmosphere filled the room.

"Why isn't Tang Zichen here yet?"

"Should be here soon, it's all of us who are early, what time did you get here today?"

"I'll be there at six, how about you?"

"I got here at six ten, a full hour earlier than usual."

"It wasn't just us, almost the whole school came half an hour to an hour early."

"Yeah, who let it be two sensational figures from the whole school who did it, if we miss this kind of thing, we may not have it next time."

Everyone was whispering as they waited for Tang Zichen to arrive.

Upstairs, downstairs, in the lawn, there were all students.

And not far away in the corridor of the classroom office building, several teachers were standing there.

"Teacher Wang, you're so early too."

"Hahaha."The one called Teacher Wang laughed somewhat awkwardly.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about, after all, this is really a sensation on campus."

"Yeah, Tang Zichen is a recent topic of conversation, and even our teachers will be interested in it if we fuck with Zhao Ritian."

Chen Tianming also stood beside him and didn't say anything, of course inside Chen Tianming wanted Tang Zichen to be beaten up.

There was also Tang Zichen's former fifth class teacher, Zhang Hui, standing silently in the corridor of the upper floor .

Zhang Hui was incredulous inside, Tang Zichen could even fuck with Zhao Ritian, Zhang Hui had to admit that he was several levels behind Tang Zichen, he used to pretend to be in front of Tang Zichen, but now it was ridiculous to think about it.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun walked into the school gates together.

"Why do you feel so quiet today?"Liu Xiangyun was confused.

Tang Zichen also sensed the uneasy atmosphere now.

Suddenly, a student shouted from the front, "Tang Zichen is here, Tang Zichen is here."

The crowd stirred, and the campus, which had just been quiet, was suddenly lively.

All eyes looked over to Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, but there were so many students standing on the front lawn of the building where he was taking classes, and when he looked up again, the corridors of the other surrounding buildings were also all filled with students.

All of the students, their gazes shot towards Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun who were walking towards them.

"Ah."When Liu Xiangyun saw this, she was a little scared, being stared at by so many people, her body was as if many ants were biting.

"What should we do?I'm so scared."Xiangyun Liu felt scared as she saw everyone's eyes on them.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't be afraid, but are these students really so bored that they're waiting here early in the morning."

"What now?"

"As usual, back to class first."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Xiangyun subconsciously followed Tang Zichen's footsteps and entered the corridor of the fifth school building.

Those students who had been watching earlier, seeing Tang Zichen coming and going to his class without moving, were talking loudly.

Of course, many students saw Liu Xiangyun and Tang Zichen coming to school together, everyone was confused, has Liu Xiangyun, the school beauty, been taken care of by Tang Zichen?

Just then, an Audi TT rushed into the front of the No. 5 school building, and Song Yu'er scrambled out of the car, shouting, "Is it on?"

"Uh."Everyone suddenly looked at Song Yu'er.

Song Yu'er looked like she was in a hurry and was busy shouting, "I'm late, has the fight started or not?"

Looking at Song Yu'er's appearance, she made it look like she was watching the Olympics, leaving everyone speechless.

A student said, "Not yet, Tang Zichen just arrived, he's upstairs now."

Song Yu'er was busy beating her chest and smiled, "Not late, yay, I thought I was late when I saw so many people here.By the way, where's Zhao Ritian?Hasn't Zhao Ritian shown up yet?"

"I don't know, Zhao Ritian should be here soon too."

"Yay, the fun hasn't started yet."Song Yu'er was excited, causing her to drive straight into the school.

Tang Zichen sat down in his class, many of his classmates had been crowded in the hallway before, but now that they saw Tang Zichen coming, they all entered the classroom as well.

Wang Qiang had also already come.

"Zichen, you're in a big mess."Wang Qiang said.


"Just look at this atmosphere today, this crowd of onlookers will know how big this is."

Just then, there was another stir from the crowd downstairs.

Needless to say, it was definitely Zhao Ritian coming.

Many students immediately ran out of the classroom, and sure enough, Zhao Ritian had come to school.

Zhao Ritian shouted, "Has Tang Zichen fucking come yet?"


At this time, Wang Quirong came out from the crowd.

Wang Quirong said, "Brother Ritian, Tang Zichen has arrived, and just recently, he's in his class right now, so hurry up and beat him up."

"Fuck him."Zhao Ritian roared.

However, the scene was so big that Zhao Ritian didn't expect it, and Zhao Ritian felt that he wouldn't be sorry if he went up to Tang Zichen empty-handed to find him.

So, Zhao Ritian looked around and saw the cafeteria not far away, Zhao Ritian immediately ran to the cafeteria.

Everyone was puzzled.

"Why did Zhao Ritian run to the cafeteria if he didn't rush to Class 32 to clean up Tang Zichen?"

"Is Zhao Ritian hungry?Let's go to the cafeteria and eat first?"

While everyone was discussing, we saw Zhao Ritian holding a kitchen knife in his left hand and rushing towards the school building.

It suddenly dawned on everyone that Zhao Ritian wasn't going to the cafeteria to eat a full meal first, but to get a knife.

Oh my god, oh my god, is this, is this really a rhythm that is going to kill someone? First web site

As expected, the whole arena was incomparably sensational, and amidst the sensation, it seemed that many students were still trembling with a slight tremble.

Zhao Ritian sword eyebrows furiously erected, the left hand kitchen knife, kitchen knife is used to cut bones, any one of the light out, is enough to make many students scared to death.

Many students were frightened, but at the same time, they couldn't help but exclaim, "Tyrannical, mad, worthy of being God's first mad young man."

Zhao Ritian once again rushed to the No. 5 school building and yelled, "Where is Tang Zichen?"

Wang Quirong whispered a reminder, "Ritian, you just said that la, change it to something a little more crazy."

Zhao Ritian kicked at Wang Quirong and said angrily, "Do you fucking think I'm pretending to be more than I am?Don't you fucking see the anger I'm feeling at the moment?"

Wang Quirong was scared shitless and ran away in a panic.

No one dared to talk about it anymore, and they all held their breath and stared at Zhao Ritian.

Zhao Ritian had remembered by this time, just did ask where Tang Zichen was, Wang Quirong said in the class.Zhao Ritian took a trip back to the kitchen knife, a moment to forget, Wang Qirong thought he was pretending to compare, take the knife again and again to shout where Tang Zichen, the results of Zhao Ritian is not pretending to compare.

Zhao Ritian thought nothing of it, with a knife rushed up the school building.

This scene scared the students to tears.

"Oooooh, it really is a rhythm that is going to kill someone, oooooh, what should we do?"

"Oooooh, I don't know ah, I've seen the bloody picture of Don Zixon, oh my god, call 120."

"What's the point of calling 120, let's just call the funeral car."

"Oooh, I'm so scared."

In short, most of the girls were already crying in fear when they saw Zhao Ritian rushing towards Tang Zichen's class with a knife.

And the boys' heartbeats accelerated in vain.

Those few maniacs trembled, "Damn, Brother Ritian isn't pretending to be a match, he's playing for real."

Long Xiaofei said thoughtfully, "Could it be that Brother Ritian is about to do another big, crazy, outrageous thing?"

The first madman, and the first villain, finally, finally...

The mighty dueled, and all the students were already frightened.

In the teachers' office building, the teachers who were watching were equally sensational.

The scene of Zhao Ritian charging into the school building with a knife, they all naturally saw it, and the teachers were shaking with fear, as if Tang Zichen's corpse was about to be dragged out.Even teachers had never seen such a thing as a dead body with their own eyes.

"Oh my god, it's not really going to be a death, is it?"A teacher was incredibly nervous and said.

"Do you think there's any chance of not killing someone today?You don't even think about it, this is a tragic fight between two people of what level.The First Evil Shao and the First Mad Shao, tsk, tsk, what kind of existence is the First Evil Shao?You wouldn't know it, would you? That's a ruthless character who dares to throw people right off the building.And what kind of an existence is the First Berserker?That's also an existence that dares to pick up a kitchen knife and is insanely crazy.Both of them are such ruthless characters that when a tragic fight breaks out between them, do you think it will be on a small scale?Would you just cross your fingers and be done with it?So, I can no longer think of a way to not kill someone today.Damn, not to mention, my heart feels like it's going to jump out.I can't even look down when two ultimate tough guys have a bad fight."One teacher shuddered.

Another teacher said anxiously, "But, but, but, even if Zhao Ritian is ruthless, is it really okay to kill someone?All of us teachers are standing here and we're not going to stop it?Is that really good?"

The teacher next to him replied, "Even the principal doesn't dare to stop us, we?If you're not afraid of death, go.A ruthless person at the level of the First Evil and the First Madman is no longer something we can interfere with.Besides, that Zhao Ritian is someone with an irregular power background, so maybe people aren't afraid of death at all."

The reactions of the students and teachers aside, let's not talk about it.

In other words, Zhao Ritian took the knife and rushed from the first floor, straight to the sixth floor, and then headed to Tang Zichen's class 32.

"Ah."At this moment, underneath the school building, many students had screamed out when they saw Zhao Ritian getting closer and closer to class 32, even though the tragic event hadn't happened yet.

Zhao Ritian thought in his heart that now that he had a knife, he was finally worthy of today's scene.With so many students and teachers coming to watch early in the morning, Zhao Ritian himself would feel like looking down on himself if he came to Tang Zichen empty-handed.

"Woohoo."If you listened carefully, you could still hear the frightened cries of many girls.

The whole school was terribly quiet, everyone didn't dare to speak, everyone's breathing accelerated, and this dreary atmosphere was trembling.

Soon, Zhao Ritian reached Class 32, and at this moment, the students standing in the corridor of Class 32 ran away into the distance.

Zhao Ritian stood in front of the window of Class 32 and saw at a glance that inside the classroom, Tang Zichen was sitting in the last row.

Zhao Ritian flew up and kicked the window frame.

"With a loud clang, the entire stainless steel window fell off and flew down inside the classroom, shattering all the glass.

The onlookers downstairs, as well as the students who were watching from other places, heard this sound of shattering glass and subconsciously shouted, tense to the extreme.

At this moment in the classroom of class 32, except for Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun, there were no other students, because the other students were frightened and ran while crying when they saw Zhao Ritian coming with a knife.

In the classroom, it was quiet, nightly quiet.

Liu Xiangyun looked at Zhao Ritian, trembling, while Tang Zichen, sat there toweringly still.

Finally, Tang Zichen looked at Liu Xiangyun and said, "Get out."


"But what about you?"Xiang Yun Liu cried.

"You go out first."Tang Zichen looked at Liu Xiangyun, the way the lady was crying was really heartbreaking.

Liu Xiangyun had to cry and walked out of the classroom.

The corridor outside the classroom was also empty of anyone who didn't want to die and dared to lie on the ledge to watch, so the corridor outside Class 32 was empty.However, the corridors in Class 31 and Class 33 were crowded with people.

Tang Zichen and Zhao Ritian, one standing at the front of the classroom and the other at the back of the classroom, were staring at each other, and of course, Zhao Ritian was holding a knife, while Tang Zichen was empty-handed.

This was destined to be a protracted confrontation at White Cloud High School, the First Evil and the First Mad, representing each other's 'evil' and 'madness' to the highest realm of characters.Only one person in this classroom will go out alive today, perhaps.No one can guarantee that the first evil and the first madness will not lose their senses and kill someone in a tragic fight, but looking at this situation, it is certain that there will be human lives.Human life, this is such a big thing, the onlookers have long been trembling with fear, can only be in the next two classes in the corridor, as well as downstairs lawn, other teaching building windows, nervous and anxious onlookers, but no one can see inside the classroom.

Tang Zichen looked at Zhao Ritian, and Zhao Ritian also looked at Tang Zichen, as if they were the strongest people belonging to two separate groups.

"Aren't you tired of holding a knife?"Tang Zichen asked with concern.

"Are you so nervous that you're afraid of dying?"Zhao Ri Tian also asked.

"With you, it's not enough to make me feel nervous."

"With two knives, it can't make me feel tired." Remember the URL

"Zhao Ritian, the sun and the sky and the earth and the ants, the wolf and the tiger and the leopard, is worthy of being the first mad young man of White Cloud High School, the sky and the earth and the ants, the tiger and the wolf and the leopard, is really a god-like existence."Tang Zichen said.

"Tang Zichen, who loves to go toe-to-toe with people who think they have superior abilities, if anyone wants to play with you, you have a hundred ways to make him stay, while others are helpless.You've broken a teacher's ribs, thrown someone straight down the stairs to their death, and jerked off in the toilet, you really are all evil and worthy of being the number one evil boy in Baiyun Middle School.It's just a pity that you don't deserve to be a devil, because, I, Zhao Ritian, am not convinced."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a loud laugh.

The people in the two class corridors next door heard the laughter, but they didn't know what was happening.

Tang Zichen said, "I, Tang Zichen, love to beat people into submission."

Zhao Ritian's face veins popped up.

"Tang Zichen, come on, you're evil, I'm crazy, I'm sure once you do it, no one will be able to stop it, maybe you'll be lying dead here today, I'll ask you one last time, are you sure you're not afraid of death?"

Tang Zichen said, "Zhao Ritian, I'll also ask you one last time, are you sure you have the strength to play with me?"

"Fuck you."Zhao Ritian instantly rushed up while performing his knife technique, "Pig Killing Knife".

Tang Zichen seized Zhao Ritian's kitchen knife in a flash.

Tang Zichen had wanted to defeat him within a few moves, but Tang Zichen suddenly wanted to play with him because this Zhao Ritian was clearly much stronger than Qiu Hao.

"Dang dang dang, dang dang."The classroom emitted a sudden clash of gold and iron.

The kitchen knife in Tang Zichen's hand clashed fiercely with the butcher knife in Zhao Ritian's hand, and each collision also produced sparks.Tang Zichen's kitchen knife was the bone chopping type, very thick and heavy, while the butcher's knife in Zhao Ritian's hand was even heavier.

The two of them were in the classroom, fighting incessantly.

Of course, that was for others, for Tang Zichen.

It was just playing with Zhao Ritian, in that world of Tang Zichen, he was used to using a sword, in this world, it was rare to use a kitchen knife once, so it was not bad to go with Zhao Ritian for fun.

The students in the two class corridors next door felt their hearts go into overdrive when they heard a clanking sound of iron striking, it seemed to be very intense, but no one dared to rush to the class 32 corridor to see it.

"The first style of the Pig Killing Knife."Zhao Ritian suddenly slashed with a diagonal slash, which was derived from killing a pig and shaving its hair.

Tang Zichen raised the back of the kitchen knife and shocked Zhao Ritian's back, Zhao Ritian's sharp-filled slash instantly dissolved, even almost throwing out the butcher knife.

Zhao Ritian was shocked, Tang Zichen's martial arts skills were unbelievable and completely unexpected.

"The second style of the Pig Killing Knife."Zhao Ritian made another leap in the air and broke down from the top of his head, this move was fast and accurate.

Tang Zichen's kitchen knife met it, topping a third of the butcher's knife out, and pushed diagonally, suddenly removing the force of Zhao Ritian's impromptu chop from the air.

The blade of Tang Zichen's cleaver swam around the butcher's knife like a butcher's cow, and soon the blade swam to Zhao Ritian's handle.

Tang Zichen snapped, "Off."

Sure enough, Zhao Ritian was forced to take off the butcher knife in his hand, as Tang Zichen's chopper had already swam to his wrist, and if he didn't take off his hand, his wrist would be cut off.

With a "clang" sound, Zhao Ritian's butcher knife fell to the ground.

"Ah."Zhao Ritian took a few steps back, having just used the knife with Tang Zichen, he discovered that Tang Zichen's knife skills were incomparably subtle, and his pig-killing knives were not even on the same level.

Zhao Ritian looked at the butcher's knife that had fallen to the ground and was shocked and angry.

Where did Tang Zichen use any saber technique, Tang Zichen casually threw a few knives, just playing with him.

Tang Zichen snorted, "God-like existence of a mad young man, but that's all."

Zhao Ritian raged, "It's just an appetizer, do you really think that's all I'm capable of?"

Tang Zichen shrugged off the chopper in his hand, and the chopper flew out the window, uttering a sound as it plunged into the hallway wall.

"Ah."The two classroom corridors next to the people, a frightened scream, have a few more steps back.

Zhao Ritian angrily said, "Grifter, I'll let you taste my Zhao Fist."

Saying that, Zhao Ritian bounced on both feet and Zhao Jia Fist was displayed.

Tang Zichen, however, wasn't in the mood to play boxing with Zhao Ritian anymore, as his opponent's level was too low to draw interest.

Tang Zichen stood motionless, just as Zhao Ritian's punch was about to come up, Tang Zichen suddenly grabbed Zhao Ritian's fist, Tang Zichen's shot was so fast it was unbelievable.

Tang Zichen grabbed Zhao Ritian's fist and twisted it viciously.

"Ah."Zhao Ritian let out a scream.

The corridor outside, as well as the lawn downstairs, suddenly trembled as they heard the scream.

Liu Xiangyun was incredibly anxious outside, she was afraid that the one who let out this scream was Tang Zichen, then her heart would break, she didn't know why she was suddenly so nervous about Tang Zichen.

Zhao Ritian slammed his other fist into Tang Zichen again.

"Ah."Zhao Ritian let out another hysterical scream.

Hearing the screams inside, many girls cried again, surely the fight was so brutal, not to mention the rumbling sound of overturning tables and such naturally.

Xiangyun Liu couldn't control it anymore and wanted to rush over, however, she was held back by a few girls.


Zhao Ritian's two arms hung down weakly.

Tang Zichen said, "End it, Ritian."

After saying that, Tang Zichen shot a foot at Zhao Ritian's chest.

Zhao Ritian's body whirled towards the window and his body crashed into the frame of another window.The tremendous force knocked the frame of that window out, and then, Zhao Ritian flew down the stairs, along with the window.

"Ah."At this moment, no matter if it was the students in the corridors of the two classrooms next door or the students on the lawn below, almost everyone screamed out as they saw a person flying down the stairs and even knocked the window down with him.

In full view of the public, even the window, but, because the window was larger, when it fell to the top of the tree, it hung on the top of the tree all at once.Only then did everyone see clearly that the person who had fallen down with the window was Zhao Ritian, not Tang Zichen.

As everyone was looking at the top of the tree wondering if Zhao Ritian was dead, they saw Tang Zichen standing on the corridor wall of the sixth floor.

Tang Zichen didn't even think about it, from the sixth floor corridor fence, he leapt down the stairs.

"Ah."Many people screamed in fear, Tang Zichen jumped off the building.

As Tang Zichen jumped in the air, he raised a fist and smashed it at Zhao Ritian, who was hanging at the top of a tree.

"Bang."Tang Zichen slammed his fist on Zhao Ritian, hitting him from the classroom to downstairs. One second to remember to read the book

"Wow."A sound, Zhao Ritian was slammed by Tang Zichen's fist that jumped down from the sixth floor, his body sank, and the trunk of the tree that supported them all broke, and with a clatter, the entire tree broke, and the two of them landed on the ground with the branch, and the window frame, with a clatter.

Tang Zichen landed on the ground with one foot half kneeling on the ground, and that fist, which was still on Zhao Ritian's belly, removed that fist from Zhao Ritian's belly.

Zhao Ritian was rolling on the ground, in pain, beaten by Tang Zichen, this psychopath actually jumped down from the sixth floor to fight.

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen and Zhao Ritian without uttering a word, the silence was terrible at the moment.

Tang Zichen originally wanted to let it go like this, but on second thought, since it was the first evil, it seemed a little insufficient, otherwise a little sorry for such a big scene today.

Anyway, Tang Zichen knew the severity and wouldn't really kill anyone.He just jumped down and punched Zhao Ritian, apparently very fierce, but in fact, secretly Tang Zichen held Zhao Ritian to the ground, so that Zhao Ritian reduced some of the damage, otherwise he would have long since not died or seriously injured.

Thinking of this, Tang Zichen lifted Zhao Ritian, who was moaning and rolling on the ground, above his head.

Tang Zichen held Zhao Ritian with one hand and swept the crowd in silence, in a pose as powerful as if Dong Cunrui was holding a dynamite pack.

Tang Zichen also learned to pretend to compare, and yelled, "Who else?"

All the students and teachers onlookers shuddered when they heard this loud roar from Tang Zichen and couldn't help but take a few steps back.

"Exactly who else is there?"Tang Zichen yelled again.

The scene was silent and trembling.

Tang Zichen bellowed, "Who else is there in the madness?"

This time, Tang Zichen added the word Mad Few.

Suddenly, the crowd, the four Mad Shaws trembled.

It turned out that Tang Zichen was shouting that there was someone else, and he was shouting that there was someone else who was berserk.

"Oooh."Long Xiaofei several people were scared to cry, and now everyone's eyes were focused on them.

"Maniac Shao and whoever else, come out."

Long Xiaofei, Su Yu.

Howe, Wang Quirong, Chen Zhijie, and the four of them immediately ran out.

"Brother Chen spare his life."Long Xiaofei was the first to kneel at Tang Zichen's feet.

Wang Quirong looked at Zhao Ritian who was being held up above his head, looking like he didn't know if he was alive or dead and was scared to piss out.

Tang Zichen looked at the four madmen kneeling in front of him and said, "I'll give you guys a chance..."

The four of them were busy saying, "Thank you thank you."

However, as soon as Tang Zichen said the second half of his sentence, the four of them immediately peed out in fear.



"Giving us the chance to go together?"

"Don't, Brother Chen, how can we be your opponent, don't say we'll go together, it's useless for the whole family to go together, oooh, Brother Chen, spare your life."

Tang Zichen saw the four mad youngsters trembling in fear, a snotty nose and tears, but he also stopped at good times.

Throwing Zhao Ritian, who was holding up Zhao Ritian in his hands, to the ground, he said, "Zhao Ritian, now, are you still on par with me?"

Unfortunately, Zhao Ritian fainted.

"Hmph."Tang Zichen swept a glance at the onlooking students and teachers, grunted, and left the campus in full view of everyone, today he really wasn't fit to go back to class, he should simply miss a day of class.

Only after Tang Zichen left did everyone relax.

Tang Zichen drove his BMW and left the school.

At that moment, Tang Zichen received a call from Vice President Meng Lun.

"Hey, Brother Tang, where are you?"


"Oh, it's nothing, that friend of yours, Kaylee Lee, her father is getting ready to come into the hospital for surgery today, right now, are you?"

"Oh, I'll come over then."Tang Zichen was going to miss school today anyway, so he might as well go to the hospital to keep Li Xuan'er company, I'm sure she's nervous, because this kind of surgery is also risky.

Tang Zichen arrived at the hospital, at the moment, Li Xuan'er was in a doctor's office, looking at the documents in her hands, she seemed to be in pain.

Tang Zichen walked in, that doctor in the office was busy greeting Tang Zichen, his name was Wang Xiaoqiang, he was Vice President Meng Lun's son-in-law, Meng Lun asked his son-in-law to personally be the main surgeon for this surgery, it did seem meaningful enough.

"Hello, Senior Tang."Wang Xiao Qiang extended his hand to Tang Zichen.

"Hello, doctor."

"Senior Tang, just call me Wang, Vice President Meng has already explained to me, don't worry, your friend's relatives' business is my business.By the way, I'm Vice Dean Meng's son-in-law."

"Uh, thank you, Dr. Wang."Tang Zichen smiled quite gratefully, and then looked at Li Xuan'er, only to see that she seemed helpless.

Wang: "It's like this, this operation is risky, the risk is about twenty-five percent, before the operation, the patient's family must sign off on it, in case the operation fails, the consequences must be borne by the family."

"Ah, twenty-five percent risk, are you kidding me, wouldn't that mean that one out of four people who undergo this surgery will fail and die?"

Tang Zichen wiped out a cold sweat, the risk was too high, one out of four would fail.

Wang Xiao Qiang smiled helplessly, "After all, this is one of the biggest surgeries in the medical world ah, ordinary tertiary hospitals can't do it, the entire Linjiang City, only the First Hospital and our Bright Hospital can do it.Of course, failure doesn't mean death, the concept of failure is that it didn't work, maybe paralyzed, maybe replaced the spine for nothing, maybe even worse, maybe death."


"I sweat."Tang Zichen was speechless, no wonder Li Xuan'er felt so helpless looking at that signed document.

Wang Xiao Qiang smiled, "Patient Li Jinbao's health condition, if he doesn't do the spinal replacement surgery, he won't live for more than a month, while if the surgery is successful, in exchange for peace, of course, if it fails, there's no worse outcome."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Wang Xiao Qiang said, "Senior Tang, then I'll go see if the operating room is ready, so you can supervise your friend to sign as soon as possible."


After Wang Xiao Qiang left, Li Xuan'er looked at Tang Zichen speechlessly, Tang Zichen saw Li Xuan'er's body trembling.

Tang Zichen boldly held her hand and found that Li Xuan'er's hand was cold and icy.

"Don't worry, since Vice President Meng gave me this face, he will naturally send the best main surgery hospital, I think that Dr. Wang, just now, should be one of the best."

"But, I'm so afraid that the surgery will fail."Li Xuan'er said with tears in her eyes, full of tension.

"Don't worry, I will also go into the operating room and I will try my best to help, you also know that although I don't know how to operate, I also have some medical skills."

Just then, Meng Lun walked in and smiled as he said, "If you have mutual assistance, I think the risk will be much less." First URL

Meng Lun walked into the office and saw Tang Zichen's hand holding Li Xuan'er, his heart thudded, Meng Lun had always wanted to set Tang Zichen up with his granddaughter Wen Qi, now he saw Tang Zichen holding Li Xuan'er's hand, he couldn't help but feel a little nervous.

"Meng Lao, thank you, I think your son-in-law should be of a very high level."

"Haha, of course, he is a very authoritative expert in this area, alright, hurry up and sign, the operation is about to begin."

Li Xuan'er had Tang Zichen by her side and quickly finished signing the papers.

The patient pushed into the operating room, and Tang Zichen followed, and surprisingly, Meng Lun also followed him in.

Wang Xiao Qiang said, "Dad, what are you following in here for."

Meng Lun smiled, "Brother Tang has come in, how can I not come in."

Meng Lun had always been a great admirer of Tang Zichen's medical skills, Tang Zichen could potentially perform his medical skills, how could Meng Lun miss it.

Wang Xiao Qiang could only stop when his father-in-law did this to him.

In total, more than a dozen doctors, all of them entered the operating room.

The dozen or so doctors were not here to have a good time, and each of them played a very important role.

Wang Xiao Qiang asked the dozen or so doctors, "Have you all had enough to eat?"

"More than a dozen doctors have nodded."

Meng Lun and Tang Zichen, however, were standing in a corner of the operating room, there was nothing for Tang Zichen to do now, Tang Zichen was coming in just in case.

Meng Lun said, "Once this surgery starts, it can't be stopped until it's done, they won't have any time to rest until it's done, and after this surgery is done, at least more than 70 hours have passed."

"More than 70 hours?Wouldn't that be three days and nights?Let them go three days and nights without food, rest or sleep?"Tang Zichen was shocked.

"Oh, it's not like that, there's a time period in the middle, there's a few minutes for a new batch of people.That's what I told you yesterday, this surgery, a total of more than twenty doctors are needed, now these ten doctors are the first batch, after 40 hours, they will be replaced by the next batch of ten doctors, the next batch of ten continue to complete more than 30 hours, this surgery is considered completely finished.Those three main surgeons, of course, are the ones who must be involved from start to finish.They have to last the full 70 hours, and in fact, the failure rate for such a surgery is so high, here takes up the percentages

Ten of it, three days and nights without sleep, you have to be fully focused, and honestly, you'll really go down."

"Damn, it's really a super surgery."Tang Zichen thanked these doctors from the bottom of his heart.

Meng Lun said, "Brother Tang, now that you're here to help, I'm even more relieved."

"What do you need me to do?"

"If you can always ensure that these doctors are mentally alert, this will already reduce the risk of this operation to ten percent."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, "Don't worry, I have a solution for that."

All Tang Zichen had to do was to insert a few needles into them, and they were guaranteed to be awake at all times, not even hungry.

Tang Zichen asked, "What if they have to pee and poop halfway through the procedure?"

Myron laughed, "That's not a problem at all, they're all wearing diapers."


"Yes, it's the usual diapers for babies, in adult size of course."

At this time, Wang Dao said, "Alright, everyone get ready, the surgery has officially begun, I hope everyone will work together to complete this surgery."

After saying that, the entire operating room seemed to enter a tense atmosphere, as if Tang Zichen and Meng Lun were afraid to speak.

Tang Zichen was observing this world's surgery for the first time, so his interest was very strong, the word surgery was new to Tang Zichen, it was a novel medical technique.

The surgery officially began.

Tang Zichen and Meng Lun watched from a side that didn't affect them.

Only that Dr. Wang Xiao Qiang picked up a scalpel and made a cut from the side of the spine of the patient's waist, with a slow stroke.

The principle was quite simply, to put it horribly, it was just like separating the keel when killing a pig.

Soon, the flesh outside the patient's spine was cut open, exposing the spine inside.

Tang Zichen felt creeped out, it was simply like a pervert killing someone.

At this moment, it seemed like there was a bit of trouble, and a doctor next to him suddenly said, "The patient's bleeding suddenly increased."

It was natural to bleed when slicing open a patient's flesh, but as long as it was within a certain range, it was fine, but at this time, Li Jinbao's bleeding had increased dramatically, and if it couldn't be controlled, none of the following operations would need to continue.

Wang Xiao Qiang frowned, the patient's body was too poor to hide the blood, and the operation was only just beginning now.

Wang Xiao Qiang did not hesitate, "Inject 50ml XXX."

It was injected quickly, but still, that doctor said, "The patient's bleeding volume continues to increase, the injection of XXX is ineffective, according to this situation, the patient will lose too much blood in about twenty minutes, if the bleeding volume cannot be controlled, it is recommended to stop the operation."

Wang Xiao Qiang was helpless for a while.

Tang Zichen suddenly said, "I can help him stop the bleeding, and even be able to bring his bleeding volume to zero."

"Ah, wouldn't that make his blood flow stop completely?How is that possible."Wang Xiao Qiang was shocked.

"Oh, it's nothing, I can make his body enter a state of fake death, his heartbeat will stop beating and his blood will no longer flow."Tang Zichen was no stranger to this trick, in his world, it was a common tactic used by some people to fake their own death.

Those doctors all looked at Tang Zichen with incredulity as well as suspicion, it sounded ridiculous, the surgery was very rigorous, there was no room for any mistakes, Wang Xiao Qiang looked at Meng Lun.

Meng Lun did not hesitate, "Let Tang Zichen try."


Tang Zichen quickly went up, and Li Jinbao's surgery was temporarily stopped.

Tang Zichen took out the silver needles he had already prepared, and stuck seven or eight needles in various parts of Li Jinbao's heart, brain, etc. A few minutes later, the cardiac monitor next to the operating table, suddenly dripped, representing the heartbeat curve into a straight line.The doctors next to it shuddered, because usually when they see this state, it means the patient has no heartbeat and is dead.

Tang Zichen said, "It's okay, the patient has no heartbeat now, it's a fake death, but this machine of yours is pretty accurate."

Those few doctors had to look at Tang Zichen with deep admiration.

After saying that, Tang Zichen quickly removed the silver needle from Li Jinbao's body and smiled, "Alright, you can continue to start."

The surgery continued to begin.

This time, the doctor who was specifically responsible for testing the patient's physical state said, "The patient's bleeding, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, all values are zero, I think there is no need for me to stay here anymore."

Wang Xiao Qiang was very excited, before when the bleeding, it would definitely affect the surgery, but now a cut down, no blood, can see clearly, so that the surgery followed the original does not need more than 70 hours.

Tang Zichen returned to Meng Lun's side, Meng Lun smiled, "You're amazing, admire."

"Haha, just a small trick."

Meng Lun said, "I truly hope you can come to work at the hospital, it would be too wasteful if you don't use such a brilliant medical skill to save lives and heal injuries.For example, this kind of needle technique of yours to fake a patient's death can be applied to many, many surgeries, even any open heart surgery.Think about it, open surgery, the patient will not bleed, midway even more will not occur in the heart blood pressure and other abnormalities, the success rate, do not know how many times up.I really hope you come to work in the hospital, don't waste your brilliant medical skills ah, you are now working as a bodyguard, it's really too condescending." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen smiled, "Since I've already taken the path of a bodyguard, it's natural to go all the way to the end, but of course, if I don't want to be a bodyguard one day, coming to be a doctor would be a good choice."

Meng Lun saw Tang Zichen's medical skills once again, and wished even more desperately for his granddaughter to come along with him.

Meng Lun tested the waters and asked, "That Li Xuan'er, she's not your friend, right?Is it your girlfriend?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's really my friend."

"Just now I saw you holding her hand, I thought it was your girlfriend."

Tang Zichen shook his head with a somewhat blank gaze, "For the time being, there is no consideration of such an aspect."

Meng Lun smiled, and they stopped talking.

Because Tang Zichen let the patient enter the fake death state, so the operation behind it was exceptionally easy, there would have been worried about the patient during the operation, all kinds of emergencies, but now there was no worry about this aspect at all, the patient directly faked death, the heartbeat was gone, completely like a dead corpse, what else could emerge.

At this moment, outside the operating room, Tang Zichen's phone rang.

Li Xuan'er look, the call is Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er do not know whether to answer, Tang Zichen can not bring the phone into the operating room, so let Li Xuan'er hold.

Li Xuan'er thought that maybe it was something important, so she picked it up.

"Tang Zichen, where have you been?Not back to class yet."Xiang Yun Liu said.

Li Xuan'er hesitated and said, "I'm Li Xuan'er, Tang Zichen went into the operating room, I have my phone on me, so take a leave of absence for him."


sp; "Uh."Xiangyun Liu was stunned, Tang Zichen was even with Li Xuan'er, for some reason, Xiangyun Liu was a bit uncomfortable inside, she didn't even feel this way before.

"Why did he enter the operating room?"Xiang Yun Liu asked.

"The doctor said that the risk of failure is much lower with him here."

"Why is Tang Zichen in the hospital?"

Li Xuan'er didn't want to keep it a secret, and said, "My father is having an operation, the operation is very risky, Tang Zichen is a brilliant doctor, having his help can greatly reduce the risk."

"Oh, that's fine."

Liu Xiangyun hung up the phone, feeling uncomfortable with the feeling that Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er were quite close.

Finally, Xiang Yun Liu pursed her lips and looked like she was aggrieved, humming, "Tang Zichen is my personal bodyguard, what's the point of being so close to Li Xuan'er when he doesn't stay by my side."

In the operating room, Wang Xiao Qiang spent three hours to remove the human spine, the removed spine, Tang Zichen observed that two-thirds of it had turned black and even stinky.

Meng Lun said, "If it wasn't for your help to fake the patient's death and remove the patient's spine, it would have taken at least nearly twenty hours, but now, it only took three hours."

"Oh, actually, I'm also betting, what if after I put the new spine on later, I try to withdraw the patient from the fake death state, but I can't wake up?"

"Ah, no way,"Mellen was shocked.

"This is something I've never done before after all, and God knows if I will."

Wang Xiao Qiang started to put a brand new spine on Li Jin Bao.

Wang Xiao Qiang looked at the time, it was noon, and smiled, "Doctor Tang, Dad, you guys go rest, now the patient doesn't have any sudden symptoms appearing, the content of the twenty hours is completed in three hours, I don't think there's any need for you guys to watch here, if this situation keeps going so smoothly, I think this operation will be completed by evening."

"Good, then Brother Tang and I will go for lunch."

Tang Zichen and Meng Lun walked out of the operating room.

Seeing Tang Zichen and Meng Lun come out, Li Xuan'er and her mother were busy saying, "How's it going?"

Meng Lun said with a smile, "The situation is very good, thanks to Brother Tang's excellent medical skills, the original twenty-hour operation has now been completed in three hours, and the operation is now almost half complete.If nothing else, it will all be completed by evening."

"Ah, so fast."Li Xuan'er was surprised and delighted, before it was said to take more than seventy hours, now even by evening, it's not more than twelve hours ah.

"You'll have to thank Divine Doctor Tang for this."

Li Xuan'er's mother was busy thanking, "Thank you, Divine Doctor Tang."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Auntie, you're welcome, raise your hand, besides, Xuan'er and I are friends.Have you guys eaten yet?"

"Not yet."

"Why don't we go have lunch together."

Xuan'er Li shook her head, "We want to stay outside and we can't eat now."Li Xuan'er's mother was busy screwing her daughter and smiled, "Doctor Tang, you go to lunch with Xuan'er, I'll let Xuan'er treat you."

Li Xuan'er reacted and busily said, "Yes, Tang Zichen, I'll treat you to dinner."

Meng Lun smiled, "Alright, it's better for you guys to stay here, today at noon, I'm going to treat Brother Tang to lunch, you guys can do it some other time, hehehehe."


Tang Zichen then left with Meng Lun.

"Meng Lao, where do you want to invite me to dinner?"

"To my house, of course, and I'll give you a taste of my granddaughter's handiwork."

"Uh, your granddaughter."

Meng Lun brought Tang Zichen back to his home for a purpose, that is, to let Tang Zichen and his granddaughter, Meng Wenqi, come into contact with each other, Meng Lun was very confident in his granddaughter's beauty, it would be great if he could get on good terms with Tang Zichen, the young divine doctor.

Right now, Meng Wenqi was cooking at home, two hours ago, his grandfather sent her a text message, asking her to prepare lunch and have his grandfather's best friend over for lunch.

Meng Wenqi thought that it must be those old friends of his grandfather's, so she left the office and went home to cook, because she was a good cook, and his grandfather always let her cook whenever he had old friends over.

Meng Wenqi looked at the clock, it was almost twelve o'clock, grandpa and his best friend hadn't returned yet, and was about to make a phone call when Meng Lun led Tang Zichen into the villa hall.

"Grandpa, you're back."Meng Wenqi came out from the kitchen and froze when she saw Tang Zichen, nodding slightly to Tang Zichen, "Hello, Tang Zichen."

"Hello."Tang Zichen also gave a slight nod in salute, and found Meng Wenqi wearing an apron, looking like a housewife, with soft white skin and slight red lips, very eye catching and beautiful, with an unexplainable charm.

After greeting Tang Zichen, Meng Wenqi looked towards Meng Lun and asked, "Grandpa, where's your best friend?" One second to remember to read the book

"Haha, Kiki, Tang Zichen is my best friend ah."

"Ah, you said buddy is him, I thought it's those old friends of yours."

"What? No, no, Mr. Tang is my forgotten friend, is the food ready?"

"Alright, you can eat now, Tang Zichen, come over and eat."Meng Wenqi greeted Tang Zichen with a smile.

"Thank you."

Meng Wenqi was still polite to Tang Zichen, although she didn't feel that way about Tang Zichen, but after all, Tang Zichen's medical skills were there, and she had to count on Tang Zichen to treat Liu Xiangyun.

Tang Zichen sat down to eat and asked, confused, "Meng Lao, where are the others in your family?"

Meng Wenqi said, "My parents and the others usually don't eat at home at noon, but if Grandpa hadn't asked me to come back and cook today, I would have dealt with it at the office just the same."


"Tang Zichen, you eat the food."Meng Wenqi gave Tang Zichen some food.

When Meng Lun saw this scene, he was cheerful and thought that they must be having a scene, otherwise why would his granddaughter be so polite and give Tang Zichen his food.In fact, where did Meng Lun know that Meng Wenqi was polite to Tang Zichen, all because Liu Xiangyun's illness needed Tang Zichen to save her, not because she liked Tang Zichen, Meng Wenqi already had someone in her heart.

Just then, on the restaurant's TV, Linjiang City's midday news was playing.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the latest news from this station is that Li Qing Yuan's son, Li Zidan, has returned to Linjiang City yesterday to deal with the funeral of Li Qing Yuan and Li Ziming.The police are also still on the lookout for One Defeat Red Dust throughout the city, and there is no progress at the moment.Likewise, Li Zidan is also using various methods to find One Defeat Red Dust in an attempt to capture him and avenge his father's death.Only, like the police, Li Zidan seems to be unable to find the

To any traces of the One Defeat Red Dust.This morning, Li Zidan, eager to avenge his father's death, suddenly announced that he would choose the most extreme way to find out the One Defeat Red Dust.At present, we have confirmed that Li Zidan has kidnapped Zhang Li and his wife, who are nowhere to be found.Li Zidan threatened to kill one of Zhang Dali's husband and wife at 3pm today if he didn't go to the Fragrant Garden Villa to look for him.The police are also officially involved in this matter, and also hope that Li Zidan will not do anything wrong, and also hope that One Defeat Red Dust, will come out and take some responsibility."

Tang Zichen, who was eating, as well as Meng Lun and Wen Qi were all shocked.

"In order to find out the One Defeat Red Dust, Li Zidan grabbed Zhang Dali and his wife to threaten them, it's too despicable."Meng Wenqi gasped.

Meng Lun, however, said, "This is obviously a trick, it's all broadcasted on TV, how would the police let Li Zidan kill someone, this is definitely a trick for the police and Li Zidan to cooperate with each other to lure out One Defeat Red Dust, and then lay down the sky to arrest One Defeat Red Dust in one fell swoop.If One Defeat Red Dust wasn't stupid, he wouldn't be able to see this trick, it's too low."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything, seemingly pondering, did he really go looking for Li Zidan this afternoon?It was obvious that this was an attempt to entice him, and anyone with a little intelligence would know that Zhang Li and his wife were not really captured and could not have been killed.

After dinner, Meng Lun invited Tang Zichen to play chess.

Making tea on the side, Meng Wenqi smiled and said, "Tang Zichen, my grandfather's chess skills are very good, you better be mentally prepared to play chess with my grandfather."Of course, Meng Wenqi still had one more thing to say, which was that Meng Lun's chess skills were also very bad, but she felt that Tang Zichen couldn't win against her grandfather, so there was no need to say that.

"Oh, yeah?"Tang Zichen was quite interested in a smile, Tang Zichen was known for his high chess skills, and when he met his opponent, he was really interested in playing two games.

Twenty minutes later, Meng Lun broke out in cold sweat.

"How could I lose to you, I haven't lost since two years ago, it's impossible."Meng Lun looked incredulous and also his face pulled down, very unhappy, people with poor chess skills are really unbelievable.

Tang Zichen laughed, and said in his heart, his skill in qin, chess, calligraphy and painting was far stronger than medical skills, Meng Lun was not even a match for Tang Zichen in terms of medical skills, and he still wanted to win him in chess, what a dreamer.He was not even aggrieved before Tang Zichen was upset, but he was upset first and his face pulled down.

As a granddaughter, Meng Wenqi knows very well that her grandfather's chess character is really very bad.Losing a chess game would make him angry at people, so, afraid that her grandfather would be angry at Tang Zichen, Wenqi was busy comforting: "Grandpa, it's just chess, it's just losing."

But Meng Lun said, "There is no reason, why would I leave out this move?"

Meng Wenqi said, "Grandpa, Tang Zichen played with you for twenty minutes before he beat you, that means you guys are equal, it's just that he had better luck in this game."Meng Wenqi always pay attention to grandpa's face, afraid that grandpa will get angry and smash the chess bowl, met with grandpa who has such poor chess skills, also speechless.

Tang Zichen secretly a mouth, twenty points to win him is to give face, but also the strength is equal, cut.

In the past, when playing chess with his old friends, it was common for them to quarrel and smash the chessboard.

At this moment, Meng Lun lost to Tang Zichen, and suddenly turned the tables on him, asking, "Did you cheat?"


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