The King of Kungfu in school 121-130

Chapter 121

Tang Zichen got upset when he heard this and cursed in his heart, "I still need to cheat when I play chess with you?I gave you face to win you for so long, but you actually insulted me."

Tang Zichen also pulled down his face and said, "Meng Lun, if you lose, you lose, you cheat, do you still want your old face."

"I don't believe I'll lose to you, you're only how old, I don't believe it, you're definitely cheating."

Tang Zichen was about to reply, Meng Wenqi was busy giving Tang Zichen a wink and handed him a note.

Tang Zichen took a look at the note, it read, "Please be more forgiving, my grandfather is a super bad chess player, just let him go."

Tang Zichen sweat shame, he said well, before it was fine, after a game of chess after dinner, but actually face pulled down the face, disowning the person, so he is a chess character super bad person.

Since Meng Wenqi has said so, Tang Zichen gave her a face, not bothering to argue with him.

At that moment, Meng Lun said, "One more game, I don't believe you've won me."

"Come on."Tang Zichen nodded, Nima, such a dish of chess, if it wasn't for the fact that Meng Wenqi had cooked a delicious table, Tang Zichen wouldn't have bothered to waste time with him.

This game, Tang Zichen drank tea while playing chess leisurely, because Meng Wenqi said to give him face, so Tang Zichen deliberately took thirty minutes to win him.

"How is that possible."The moment Meng Lun lost, he shouted and scattered the chess pieces all over the floor. The first website

"Grandpa, don't be like this, he's Tang Zichen, how can you be like this."Meng Wenqi panicked and advised.

"I don't care who he is, how can I lose, it must be cheating, it must be cheating."Meng Lun exhaled.

Tang Zichen was really upset and grunted, "Meng Lao, you have to have a degree of poor chess skill, is it that every time someone else plays chess, they give in to you, so they spoil you with this problem?Do you know that I gave you face and that's why I endured until thirty minutes to beat you.You, damn you, didn't even acknowledge your loss."

Wen Qi was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, please stop saying that, just back off."

Tang Zichen snorted, "No backing off, I don't care if he's an old man."

Meng Lun bellowed, "Kid, come again if you have the guts."

"Come on, if I let you this time, I'm your grandson."

Tang Zichen had a fresh round with Meng Lun.

This time Tang Zichen didn't let him, and three minutes later, Meng Lun lost.

"Ah, losing so soon?I don't believe it, again."

Another game, and two minutes later, Monlen lost again.

"What? You lost in two minutes?I've never been beaten so fast in my life, again."

Another round.

This time, it was less than a minute before we lost.

"Ahhhh."Meng Lun seemed to have suffered a mental blow.

Tang Zichen had already caved in to his chess play, so he won faster than ever.

"Come again."Meng Lun bellowed.

Tang Zichen threw the chess piece away and said, "Come your sister, you're such a bad chess player, so don't come and defile me."

"What? You actually said I'm a poor chess player."

"Very, very poor, not only chess skill is poor, even chess character is also poor, I didn't even need to use two minutes to win against you, just gave you face and you still called me a cheat, hahaha, now you're beating your own old face."

Meng Wenqi was busy pulling Tang Zichen: "You say less two sentences ah."

"What, afraid that I will fight with him ah, is your grandfather my opponent?"

"You you you."

Meng Lun coughed in anger.

After a few minutes, Meng Lun seemed to wake up and burst out laughing.

Wen Qi nervously said, "Grandpa, are you okay?"

"Hahaha."Meng Lun was still laughing.

Wen Qi glared at Tang Zichen, "My grandfather isn't mad at you, is he?I've told you, my grandfather's chess skills are super bad, and every time he plays chess with someone, he almost gets into a fight with them."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "I'm also a bad chess player, every time I play chess with someone, I almost kill someone."

"You, so speechless."Wen Qi stomped her foot in anger, busy helping her grandfather shouted, "Grandpa, are you alright?"

After laughing a few times, Meng Lun looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Brother Tang, you're good."

"What?Still not convinced?"

"No, I'm convinced, it seems you are not a good person, I'm at least an old man, and you won't let me have a moment, I play chess like a fool, and I don't even know what I'm doing every time.So, I fight with people almost every time I play chess, but the vast majority of people, looking at my age and my achievements and status, will let me, while you, on the other hand, won't let me.Rather interesting."

"It's enough to give you face when I let you take so long to lose such a stinky chess game."

"Alright, alright, now that I've recovered from my chess-obsessed state, let's not talk about this anymore."

Tang Zichen said, "It's nothing, I'll see."

Meng Lun nodded, "Good, Wenqi, you take him to the hospital, I'm going to take a lunch break."

"Good."Wenqi nodded her head.

Tang Zichen walked out of the hall, behind him, Meng Lun gave Wen Qi a wink and whispered, "Grandpa has already created an opportunity for you, don't miss out on such a nice man."

"Grandpa, what are you talking nonsense."

"Alright, you understand yourself, grandpa is going for his lunch break."

Tang Zichen sat in Meng Wenqi's Maserati car and headed towards the hospital.

Meng Wenqi said, "Tang Zichen, I hope you don't take what just happened to you to heart, my grandfather's chess character is bad not for a day or two, and it's not once or twice that he's gotten into a fight with someone, I was supposed to go to the office first just now, it was because I was afraid my grandfather's chess character was bad and got into a fight with you, that's why I saved it for last.Unexpectedly, he really did get into a fight with you again."

"Haha, it doesn't matter, your grandfather is also a good natured person, he will laugh it off afterwards and won't get angry about it, so that's good."

"It's good that it won't affect the relationship, I was counting on you to help my Xiangyun sister with her illness, it's not good to offend you."Wen Qi smiled.

Tang Zichen suddenly asked, "By the way, when you just went out, your grandfather quietly asked you to grasp the meaning of coming, what does it mean?"

"Ah, you heard that?"

"Heard a little bit."

Meng Wenqi bit her teeth and decided to make it clear to Tang Zichen, so she said, "Okay, Tang Zichen, I'll cut to the chase, my grandfather wants me to go out with you.But I don't want to, don't be angry, it's not that you're not good enough, you're already good enough, it's just that I already have someone in my heart."

Tang Zichen smiled indifferently, "No harm in that."

"Don't you want to know who the person in my heart is?"

"I don't like you, why do I need to know, you can tell me if you want to, it doesn't matter if you don't want to."

"It's a man I've never seen the real face of either, I was kidnapped to a hotel a few days ago, I thought I was finished on my own, but the man in black suddenly appeared and saved me, I swore then and there that whoever could save me, I would marry him.I had already decided on him in my heart, even though I didn't know who he was, but I decided on him anyway, and I'm sure I'll meet him again."


Tang Zichen's heart thudded, wasn't he the one that Meng Wenqi was talking about who saved her?

"Meng Wenqi, how dare you decide that this ethereal man is someone you've never even met, much less known, what if he's an old man?"

"I'll marry even an old man, and besides, I hugged him then, and I could feel that he was a young man, never more than thirty years old, and I had already decided on him.Tang Zichen, although my grandfather tried to set us up, I can only say I'm sorry."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, then cursed, "Stupid."

Meng Wenqi snorted, "How do you know what I'm thinking, you're not me, you don't even know what was going on, in short, I've decided that if I don't even meet that person again after ten years, I'll only reconsider other men.If you haven't married after ten years, come find me again."

Tang Zichen was speechless, a man she hadn't met before, she also dared to fall in love.

Meng Wenqi sent Tang Zichen to the hospital and then went to her office.

When Tang Zichen arrived at the door of the operating room, Li Xuan'er and her daughter were still waiting there, and it looked like neither of them had eaten.

Tang Zichen then walked out of the hospital and packed two rice noodles.

"Li Xuan'er, auntie."Tang Zichen walked up to them with the rice noodles, and they were busy looking up.

"Doctor Tang, you're here again, actually you don't have to work so hard, you should go back and rest."Li Xuan'er's mother was embarrassed to say, Tang Zichen came again in the morning and again in the afternoon, how come there is such a nice person, it feels as if his relatives are operating inside. Remember the website

Li Xuan'er is also quite embarrassed: "Yes, Tang Zichen, I owe you too much, go back to rest, I've caused you to miss class in the morning, wouldn't you come back in the afternoon, how can I be embarrassed."

"Oh, friends, I will do my best, why be sorry.You guys haven't had lunch yet, it's more than two o'clock, so hurry up and eat something."Tang Zichen took the packed out, Li Xuan'er's mother saw all moved to cry, Li Xuan'er's mother said more than once, how can there be such a good person in the world, so good that they are embarrassed to accept people's goodness.

"Thank you, Tang Zichen."Li Xuan'er was grateful, they had no appetite, but Tang Zichen had packed it all in, saying it would be bad if they didn't eat.

"Alright, don't be so polite, you guys take your time eating, I'll go in."

Tang Zichen went into the operating room to see how it was now.

Li Xuan'er's mother and daughter ate the rice noodles, their hearts warmed.

Li Xuan'er's mother said, "Tang Zichen is so good to our family, too, so good that I'm forced to think blindly."

"Mom, what do you have to blindly think about?"Li Xuan'er arose.

"I wonder if it's because Don Zichen likes you?Why else would you be so nice to us?Don't blame Mom for imagining things, it's just that he's so good he can't stop imagining things."

"Mom, which is not the case."Li Xuan'er was busy.

"Alas, Xuan'er, if there is, you should quickly say yes, whether he wants you to be his girlfriend or wife."

"Mom, what did you say."Li Xuan'er blushed, why did her mother suddenly say such words.

"I'm not joking with you, although I didn't allow you to fall in love at school before, but this time, if Tang Zichen is really after you, you must give me your promise, even if he wants to play with you for a few years, get tired of playing with you and discard

You, too, must promise.We're poor, but we have a gift to return the favor."

"Mom, you're too complicated in your thinking."Li Xuan'er said speechlessly.

"It's not that Mom's thoughts are complicated, but reality has forced me to think blindly."

Li Xuan'er pursed her lips and said somewhat aggrieved, "Mom, don't talk nonsense, how can Tang Zichen chase me, people already have a sweetheart, do you know, people's sweethearts, medical skills are even better than his, and they also know martial arts.What am I, am I worthy of him?"

"Oh, so."Mother Li felt a bit disappointed again when she heard her daughter say that.

"Don't say such humiliating things in the future, luckily no one heard you, or else you'll die of laughter."Li Xuan'er said, feeling very aggrieved inside, in fact, she was already clear that it wasn't that Tang Zichen liked her, but she already liked Tang Zichen ah, unfortunately, she knew that she didn't deserve it.Her mother also told her not to reject Tang Zichen's pursuit, in fact, this made Li Xuan'er feel heartbroken inside, if only she was really so happy.

Tang Zichen walked into the operating room, the doctors in the operating room looked relaxed, and it was going very smoothly.

Wang Xiao Qiang said, "Senior Tang, it's almost done, it will take up to three more hours to complete this surgery.It would have taken more than 70 hours to perform the surgery, but now it's so fast, we are shocked, it will be a medical miracle."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't tell anyone about this later, make it known to the world, I won't have a quiet day."

"Don't worry."Wang respected Tang Zichen although he didn't understand why Tang Zichen was reluctant to announce the world with such a high medical skill.

Tang Zichen's heart wasn't in saving the heavens, so occasionally saving people was fine, but making him tired like a dog to be a doctor wasn't the life he wanted.

Even Tang Zichen had a feeling that he probably wouldn't last too long as a bodyguard.

He hadn't understood the world yet and had to condescend to this city first to acclimate himself to it.

Someday in the future, once he understood the world better, Tang Zichen might leave here to pursue the martial path in his heart.

For Tang Zichen, the motivation for him to live in this world was to make his martial arts realm constantly improve, Tang Zichen wanted to reach the legendary Stepping on the Void realm, breaking space and returning to his original world, this, was Tang Zichen's inner goal.Being a campus bodyguard, healing the sick and saving people, all of them were just a matter of necessity at the moment.

Tang Zichen watched in the operating room, the intact spine, slowly being mounted on Li Jinbao's back, the magic of modern medical surgery, Tang Zichen was also truly amazed, at this moment, Tang Zichen could not wait to share with his teacher's wife as well as his uncle, perhaps, his teacher's wife and his uncle would be incredulous.

By about six in the afternoon, Dr. Wang smiled and said, "It's done."

"Pah-pah."The doctors in the operating room applauded.

Wang Xiao Qiang said, "Don't applaud yet, the patient is still in a fake death state."

Then, everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen understood that it was all up to him whether he could witness the miracle next.

Tang Zichen was also quite nervous inside.

Tang Zichen walked over and began to stick needles into the patient.

About ten minutes later, the machine next to the operating table, suddenly dripped, and what was originally a straight line, suddenly fluctuated to come.


Seeing this scene, all the doctors cheered, it was successful, at least Tang Zichen had gotten the patient's heartbeat back to beating.

Wang Xiao Qiang was busy saying, "Quickly, check the various conditions of the patient's body."


All the doctors immediately got busy again, checking the patient's entire body to see if there were any abnormalities, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and so on.

In the end, after the doctors' careful examination, all the conditions of the patient were within expectation, except that the patient was still in a coma.

Then, Dr. Wang announced that the operation was successful.

Walking out of the operating room, many doctors and nurses rushed to the news, applauding and cheering.

An operation that took more than 70 hours turned out to be a success, and it was done in the evening.

At this moment, Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun were also standing in the group of nurses outside the operating room door.

Liu Chenming smiled and followed the applause, giving it to the doctor as well as to Tang Zichen.

The patient was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit, and if it survived the 24-hour danger period, then it would be considered a real success, but for now it was perfectly fine. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen walked up to Liu Chenming and smiled, "Uncle Liu, what are you doing here."

Liu Chenming said, "I heard that you were here to help with a great operation, so I came over to take a look."

Actually, it was Liu Xiangyun who sued, saying that Tang Zichen was incompetent as her bodyguard but hadn't seen anyone all day, and then Liu Chenming happened to be fine, so he went to the school to pick up his daughter and dropped by the hospital to take a look.

Tang Zichen said, "It's fine now, let's go home."

Tang Zichen is in the hospital parking lot, drives his BMW, and goes back to Liu Chenming's house.

But Xiang Yun Liu seemed to be angry and never spoke to Tang Zichen.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.Besides, Zichen is going to help with the surgery today, and people are tired after a long day, so they have to suffer from your face ah."

Actually, Liu Xiangyun herself didn't even know what she meant, before yesterday, she didn't bother to care where Tang Zichen went.Today, however, she was very concerned that Tang Zichen was really angry for not seeing anyone all day.

After returning home, Tang Zichen parked the car, Willow Xiangyun is taking Willow Chenming's car back, at the moment after getting off, Tang Zichen smiled at Willow Xiangyun: "Miss, how is school today during the day ah?Nothing happened, did it?"

But Xiang-Yun Liu, with a huff and a huff of exasperation, carried her bag into the villa.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen touched his head.

Liu Chenming said helplessly, "Zichen, don't mind ah, Xiang'er might be a bit angry, she said you haven't seen anyone all day today, what she meant was that you're his bodyguard and you're not allowed to run off without her permission.I've already persuaded her, but I didn't think she'd still be angry, and to be honest, I can't understand how she could mind this so much."

Tang Zichen laughed, "I see, but she's right, today is indeed a dereliction of duty on my part, as her bodyguard, I really shouldn't stay away from her, next time."

Willow Chenming smiled, "No need to accommodate her too much, sometimes she's just not very sensible."

Liu Xiangyun returned to her room, threw her bag on the bed, and saw her father chatting with Tang Zichen below.Actually, Liu Xiangyun didn't blame Tang Zichen at all inside, but why was she so upset about this

The incident was so concerning, she herself didn't quite understand.Perhaps she was jealous because she felt that Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er were quite close, and that was the root cause, saying that Tang Zichen had neglected his duties was just an excuse.However, why would she feel jealous and uncomfortable when she felt that Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er were quite close?Liu Xiangyun was confused herself.

Wang Qiang didn't come to martial arts practice today, and it was already on the late side.

When Tang Zichen arrived at the third floor, the door to Liu Xiangyun's room was closed and Tang Zichen knocked on the door.


"Don't disturb me."Liu Xiangyun's voice came from the room.

"Are you still angry?"Tang Zichen asked.

Liu Xiangyun didn't answer.

Tang Zichen touched his head, it's not too bad to miss a day of work.

Tang Zichen was ready to make it clear to Liu Xiangyun, so he entered his room and flipped over from the balcony.

At this moment, in Liu Xiangyun's room, Liu Xiangyun is ready to take a shower and is standing in front of the wardrobe looking for clothes, her room comes with its own bathroom, so naturally she took off her jacket in her room before taking a shower.

Tang Zichen was on his balcony, turned over and walked in through the small door of the balcony.

"Out of a word, froze there, only to see Liu Xiangyun only wearing underwear standing in front of the room wardrobe, Tang Zichen from the side, Liu Xiangyun's body is flawless, the abdomen is flat and smooth, without a trace of bulging fat, that body curve is too beautiful, Tang Zichen can not move his eyes.

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun suddenly screamed and took clothes to cover herself.

Downstairs in front of the villa, Willow Chenming heard the screams and was busy shouting, "What's wrong?"

Tang Zichen was embarrassed, he didn't expect Miss to be changing clothes, and now that Liu Chen Ming was asking questions below, Tang Zichen would definitely be suspected if he immediately returned to his room, so Tang Zichen could only feign calmness and say as if nothing had happened, "Miss, I was negligent today, so don't be angry, okay?"

"You get out."Liu Xiangyun bellowed.

Downstairs when Liu Chen Ming heard the conversation between Liu Xiangyun and Tang Zichen, he knew what had happened, it turned out that Tang Zichen had flipped into his daughter's room and gone to apologize to her, so he laughed and stopped bothering upstairs.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product.I won't lie to you, Song Yu'er wants to spend three times her salary to dig me over."

"What? Song Yu'er wants to dig you up."Liu Xiangyun was shocked and suddenly felt a sense of nervousness, as if she was a little afraid that Tang Zichen would really be poached by Song Yu'er.This Song Yu'er was too damned, how could she be like this, digging up people.

Liu Xiangyun pursed her lips and hummed, "Who's angry, I'm not angry."

"Then why did you start being cold and ignoring me as soon as you saw me in the evening."

"I just, just don't like it when you disappear all day and I don't answer my phone when I call you."

"Uh, phone calls?"Tang Zichen took out his cell phone, and it turned out that there were several missed calls from Liu Xiangyun.

"Hey, sorry.Today, Li Xuan'er's father is having a spinal replacement surgery, it's very risky, I have to be present, I'm sure you can understand."

Liu Xiangyun huffed, "I don't want to hear this from you, you're my personal bodyguard but you're around other girls all day, whether it's my bodyguard or another girl."


"Khan, of course you do, okay, next time, I'll take my leave from you first even if something comes up, okay?"

Xiangyun Liu pursed her lips and snorted, in fact she was satisfied in her heart and said, "I'll ignore you if you do that again."

"Hehe, good, sorry just now, I didn't know you were changing clothes."Tang Zichen subconsciously aimed at Liu Xiangyun's pair of beautiful legs, although Liu Xiangyun covered the key with her clothes, those legs were exposed.

"Roll."In a hurry, Liu Xiangyun threw the clothes covering herself in her hands at Tang Zichen, and all of them were suddenly exposed again.Xiangyun Liu panicked and took a piece of clothing to cover herself, already blushing.

Tang Zichen took it as it came and smiled, "I'll leave first then."

After saying that, Tang Zichen walked out of the balcony and jumped next door to his own room in a flash.

Only when Liu Xiangyun saw Tang Zichen leave did she put down the clothes that covered her, and stomped her feet with a blush.What was surprising to her was that she had just been seen by Tang Zichen, but she didn't even think she was that angry, instead she felt there was a hint of titillation, and Liu Xiangyun herself was speechless.The last time she saw Tang Zichen's one, she was furious, but this time, Tang Zichen saw her naked, and she didn't even feel angry.

Tang Zichen also took a shower, then went downstairs.

Willow Chenming was watching the TV, which was playing the news.

On the news, the host said, "At three o'clock this afternoon, a defeated red dust didn't go looking for Li Zidan, who has killed Zhang vigorously's wife."

Then, a picture appears on the screen, in which Zhang Dali's wife is lying in a pool of blood, while next to her, tied up with twine, Zhang Dali is shrieking in pain. First URL

Tang Zichen was shocked to see this scene, the deceased was exactly Zhang vigorously's wife, Tang Zichen was incomparably familiar with her.

Tang Zichen sat down on the sofa with anger in his heart, his eyes staring at the direction of the television.

"I thought that this was a bitter trick between Li Zidan and the police, the police would never let Li Zidan kill someone, but I didn't expect..."

The screen turned, a masked man, holding a bloody knife in his hand, took a video of himself, the masked man said, "One Defeat Red Dust, didn't you call yourself a chivalrous man, you were already informed that at three o'clock this afternoon, if you don't show up voluntarily, you will kill someone.You, however, disregarded life and allowed Zhang Dali's wife to be killed.In one defeat, you disregarded life, and I also sentenced you to death.I'll give you one more chance, tomorrow night at twelve o'clock, Fuyutang Park, if you don't come again, then there will be a second life that will die."

Tang Zichen trembled with anger, but Tang Zichen noticed the eyes of the masked man who spoke, and felt that he wasn't Li Zidan himself.Li Zidan shouldn't have such a strong Qi, and this masked man who spoke with a strong medium Qi, was definitely an expert.

Then, the news screen suddenly turns and jumps to the Public Security Bureau, where Li Zidan is sitting in handcuffs.The news anchor says that Li Zidan has been arrested, but the person who carried out this case is not Li Zidan and his men. Li Zidan refuses to tell the police about the gang of black-clothed men who kidnapped and killed the one who lost the red dust.

At this moment, at Song Yu'er's house, Liu Yue saw the masked man on the TV and was shocked, "It's the people from the Skeleton Organization, oh my god, how is this possible, the people from the Skeleton Organization have come to kill One Defeat Red Dust."

Song Dai Tian heard Liu Yue's words, busy asking, "How do you know?"

"Uncle Song, I used to be a killer too.

The hand, how could I not know.It's just too surprising that someone from the Skeleton Organization would show up here."Liu Yue said.

Song Daitian asked, "Is the Skeleton Organization strong?"

"Crap, it's on the top of the list in the whole world killer organization."

"Ah, so strong."

"Well, that's why I'm shocked that they showed up here to kill a defeated Red Dust, it's incredible, and I don't know who the main person who did it this time is.What level is the killer."

Song Daitian asked, "Do killers have levels too?"

"Of course, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Purple Gold, and Diamond."Liu Yue said excitedly.


Song Yu'er, however, was not interested in this, instead, she was looking at the campus, to her, it was more interesting to have an evil bodyguard similar to Tang Zichen's level, Song Yu'er was also planning to dig into Tang Zichen.

Liu Yue thought about it and immediately made a phone call out.

"Hey, senior brother, what are you doing?"Liu Yue asked.

"Liu Yue, why are you calling me all of a sudden, by the way, how are you doing protecting that Miss Thousand Gold?"Liu Yue's older brother asked.

"Well, okay, it's just a little too boring."

"If you're bored, then come back, now every time there's less of you in the mission, it feels like something is missing."

"Hehe, it's boring, but I still like it here.By the way, senior brother, I want to ask you something, do you know about this, I just saw people from the Skeleton Organization, coming to our city and trying to kill a defeated Red Dust, do you know about this?"

Liu Yue's older brother laughed, "Nonsense, no matter how you say it, he's also a member of the circle, someone offered a reward of 20 million to take the life of a defeated red dust.In the Skeleton Organization, the guy codenamed 'Blood Man' took the job."

"Ah, Bloodman?How is this possible, Bloodman is a gold-ranked assassin, his shot prices are at least fifty million, how can he take on a twenty million mission?"Liu Yue asked in shock.

"You don't know this, the key to Bloodman taking on this mission is not the money, but the person One Defeat Red Dust.One Defeat Red Dust claims to be chivalrous and doing the righteousness of God, Nima, this is a barefaced hit on our killer's face ah.The Bloodman of the Skeleton Organization must be very unhappy with this One Defeat Red Dust, so he took this mission, he didn't go for the money, even if it's free, the Bloodman might still go and kill One Defeat Red Dust."

"Wow, One Defeat Red Dust is so hated."Liu Yue was incredulous, these days on, One Defeat Red Dust was being recognized by more and more people.

"I don't know, in short, as killers, we are a bit uncomfortable with this kind of self-proclaimed scapegoating, I guess, we killers, naturally, belong to the kind of people who disregard life, and One Defeat Red Dust is going to scapegoat these people who disregard life."

"I'm afraid that One Defeat Red Dust is going to be finished, there's almost no way out for the Bloods from the Skeleton Organization."

Liu Yue's senior brother laughed, "That idiot One Defeat Red Dust is purely looking for his own death."

Liu Yue ended the call with his senior brother, returned to the living room, and said to Song Daitian, "Uncle Song, I've already asked, that masked man just now is the Skeleton Organization, code-named Bloodman's golden assassin.I'm afraid that a defeat of Red Dust will be the end of the line, Gold-ranked assassins, there are almost no failed missions."


Song Daitian exclaimed, "Liu Yue, you guys are amazing, even the police still don't know who it is, and you know the identity of the other party while sitting at home."

Liu Yue was smug, "Of course, I'll know just by making a few random phone calls."

At this moment, the police station.

Xu Mei Qian smashed a fist on Li Zidan's face.

"Say, who are those people who kidnapped Zhang Li and killed Zhang Li's wife?"

Li Zidan was incredibly depressed at the moment.

"Captain Song, I really don't know who it is."

"Li Zidan, are you still not cooperating?Now that Zhang's wife is dead, do you have to wait until Zhang's wife is dead too before you say anything?Do you know that we, the police, will all be on your head for the death of Zhang Li and his wife."

Li Zidan was about to cry, reiterating over and over again, "I really don't know who they are."

"You still say that you don't know, if you don't know, why did people specify in that news broadcast at noon that it was you who did it?"

"They wronged me." Remember the URL

"Looks like you're not telling the truth."Xu Mei Qian was furious, but everyone had misunderstood the police.

Everyone thought that the police had cooperated with Li Zidan and used the bitter meat trick in order to trap One Defeat Red Dust, that is, to arrest Zhang Li and his wife.

But in fact, the police were really wronged.

The police did not do this at all, and the noon news from the TV station was sent to the TV station by a mysterious person who asked to broadcast it out.At that time, the TV station's people immediately contacted the police, although the police knew, but for the safety of the hostages, let the TV station broadcast out, at the same time, the police immediately took action.Arrested Li Zidan, and, set up a heavenly place in Li Zidan's house, and also used this matter to arrest One Defeat Red Dust.

But as a result, One Defeat Red Dust didn't show up at three o'clock in the afternoon.

What's more, the police also learned that Zhang Dali's wife was killed.

Xu Mei Qian immediately interrogates Li Zidan, Xu Mei Qian and other police officers believe that this was planned by Li Zidan, and since Li Zidan has been arrested and controlled beforehand, it is impossible for the hostage to die even if One Defeat Red Dust did not show up at three o'clock, because Li Zidan has already been arrested.

But as it turned out, the hostage did die, and the group of hostage takers were not Li Zidan's people at all, and Li Zidan was innocent of any wrongdoing.

But Xu Mei Qian believes that even if they are not Li Zidan's people, then Li Zidan should know the identity of the gang.

But Li Zidan was dying to make Xu Mei Qian angry, and now time was passing by minute by minute, and by midnight tomorrow night, if a defeat of red dust didn't appear, it was obvious that Zhang Li would be killed just like his wife.The police, on the other hand, would bear the curse of being willing to have a hostage killed in order to trap One Defeat Red Dust.

"Say it or don't say it."

"Oooh, I really don't know, I was arrested by you guys at one o'clock noon, how am I supposed to kill anyone."

"I didn't say your people did it, but you must have hired someone to do it."

"Hired someone?Who can I hire, I can't even beat you, don't be so ridiculous, okay."

Xu Mei Qian saw that Li Zidan was just not cooperating, and a minute passed.


p; Li Zidan felt very wronged, in fact it really has nothing to do with him, that bounty to kill a defeated red dust, is not Li Zidan at all, is someone else.

Xu Mei Qian walked out of the interrogation room, her deputy Yu Xiaomou was busy coming up and asked, "Team Xu, has Li Zidan explained?"


"Could it be that the gang really has nothing to do with Li Zidan?"

Xu Mei Qian was a bit confused, "I'm not sure, this kind of person is too good at pretending, if he admits it, then Zhang Li's wife's death will have nothing to do with him."

"Then what now?"Deputy Yuu asked.

"Only while deploying, go through the whole city and find out where that gang is hiding.If we don't catch that gang before midnight tomorrow night, then we can only set up a Tian Luo Di in the Floating Pond Park to ensure the safety of the hostages, while at the same time, if a defeat of red dust shows up, come and kill two birds with one stone."Xu Mei Qian said.

"There are not many police officers in our Public Security Bureau who are good at martial arts, against that kind of expert, ordinary police officers are obviously useless."Deputy Yu.

Xu Mei Qian frowned, indeed, ordinary policemen could only catch ordinary people, but against One Defeat Red Dust and that group of mysterious people, it was obvious that ordinary policemen couldn't.In the Public Security Bureau, the one with the strongest martial skills was of course herself, and then a few of the deputies' martial skills were also okay, the others were ordinary police officers who could only point three-legged ones.

Xu Mei Qian immediately said: "Linjiang City Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, many experts, the Public Security Bureau martial arts strong police officers are not enough, it seems that the only way to mobilize publicly on television, so that Linjiang City's experts take the initiative to come to assist the police, to participate in this one-two action."

Yu Xiaomou was shocked, "Captain, would it be too much of a what if we mobilize Linjiang City's experts to come to assist the police on TV with such a fanfare.They'll run away as soon as the wind blows, not to mention the fanfare."

Xu Mei Qian shook her head, "No, that gang of mysterious people who kidnapped Zhang Dali, they all dared to send a letter directly for the TV station to broadcast, why aren't they afraid of our police knowing about it, this shows that they don't take the police seriously at all, so we openly mobilize our experts to participate in their arrest, they won't take it seriously just the same.That group of mysterious people's goal is to defeat Red Dust in one go."

"But if we really mobilized many experts to come and assist the police, even if that group of mysterious people don't take us seriously, One Defeat Red Dust may not dare to show up."

Xu Mei Qian said, "Although I'm not sure if One Defeat Red Dust would dare to appear, but now that the hostages are in the hands of that gang of mystics, even if One Defeat Red Dust doesn't appear, it's enough to make that mystic retreat with knowledge and save the hostages.The primary objective of this One Defeat Red Dust operation was to save the hostages before it was a double-edged sword.Moreover, if One Defeat Red Dust really dared to show up, he definitely wouldn't be scared because our police have found many experts, because One Defeat Red Dust dared to go against the police, so naturally he didn't take us even more seriously."

"Yes, right chief, I'll do it right away."

Deputy Yu Xiaomou, immediately went to take charge of mobilizing Linjiang City experts to assist the police, while Xu Mei Qian went to vigorously search the entire city, it would be best if he could find the hiding place of the mysterious people in advance, although the possibility was very small.

Tang Zichen sat in the living room, seeing the news on the TV just now, not knowing what he was contemplating.

Tang Zichen had a surge of anger within him, he had twice saved the dying Aunt Zhang from death, but he never thought that Aunt Zhang would end up dead.Was it really fate that she was destined to die and couldn't be saved?

Willow Chenming said, "What are you thinking, Zichen."


"I was thinking about Aunt Zhang's murder, after all, I rescued her twice and she ended up dead."

Willow Chen sighed, "Yeah, how unlucky that has to be.Forget it, you did your best."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Willow Chenming smiled, "Zichen, I have a gift for you."

"A gift?"Don was startled and gave him a gift.

"Yeah, you come with me."Willow Chenming smiled and walked upstairs.

Tang Zichen followed to Liu Chenming's room, where Liu Chenming took out a sword hilt from the bedside table, the hilt was about 15 centimeters long and very delicate.

Tang Zichen was puzzled, "Uncle Liu, what do you mean by taking out a sword hilt?"

Willow Chenming handed the hilt of the sword to Tang Zichen and smiled, "This is a gift I brought back for you a few days ago on a business trip, I thought you would like this sword as you are a martial arts practitioner."

"Sword?"Tang Zichen looked at the sword hilt in his hand, somewhat baffled.

Liu Chenming said, "This sword, priced at 3.8 million, you press that small hole at the end of the hilt." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen picked up the end of the sword hilt, and sure enough, there was a tiny little hole in the depression at the end, just not too easy to press.

The buyer claimed that the speed of the sword's ejection reached a terrifying 0.5 seconds.

Tang Zichen pressed, and suddenly, the hilt of the sword shook, and a sharp sword ejected out, originally just a hilt, but now became a full sword.

It turned out that the body of the sword was hidden into the hilt, ejecting the sword when it was needed, and shrinking into the hilt if it was not needed.

Tang Zichen exclaimed, "Wow, what an amazing sword, so convenient."In Tang Zichen's previous world, swords were common, almost everyone who practiced martial arts held a sword in their hands or carried a sword on their shoulders, regardless of gender or age.It felt like holding a long sword wasn't very convenient some times.Now it's good that the sword is shrunk into the hilt, so you only need to carry a hilt, and you can fit it in your pants pocket.

Liu Chenming smiled, "You're a martial arts practitioner, how could you not know, no need to be so modest, it's just a small gift, it's good that you like it.How about you take a look at this sword?I do not understand."

Tang Zichen held the sword in a heartbeat, it seemed that as soon as he grasped the sword, his blood had an overwhelming passion in it, Tang Zichen looked at the sword and suddenly remembered his old sword 'Drinking Blood'.

"Good sword."Tang Zichen wiped his sword on his finger and immediately saw blood.

Liu Chenming laughed, seeing the blood on Tang Zichen's finger, he naturally stepped back a bit, he always felt a bit scared inside when he saw these injuries.

"It's good that you like it, but of course, it's not a very good sword, after all, the price is there."

Tang Zichen said, "Three hundred and eighty thousand isn't expensive enough?"

Liu Chenming smiled apologetically, "It's middling, but usually the worst swords are over a million, and these three million swords are middling.I know a client who carries around a golden sword that's worth up to twelve million, and he also said that his golden sword is only medium-quality."

Tang Zichen was taken aback, the sword was actually so expensive in this era, but yes, the craft needed to be very fine for the sword to shrink into the hilt and be practical.

Willow Chenming this 3.8 million sword, Tang Zichen felt that it would do, at least it looked ok on the outside.

Willow Chenming said, "Ten million level swords are not even

It's considered top-notch, but usually super experts use more than a billion swords and use different materials.This sword of mine is just to let you practice for fun, I hope you don't mind."

"Uncle Liu is polite, where would I mind."

"Well then, you try your hand first."

"Mm."With a nod, Tang Zichen jumped out of the window of Liu Chen Ming's room.

Then he floated to the ground on the grass outside.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen flew in his posture, the sword in his hand seeming to merge with his arm, each dance bringing up a sharp wind, the sound made by swinging the sword, and the wind chiming.

Liu Chen Ming stood on the ledge and smiled, "What a master, a sword can dance so radiantly."

Liu Xiangyun also finished her bath and heard the sound of swooshing below the villa, and was busy walking to the window, and immediately saw Tang Zichen practicing his sword on the grass below.The posture was so beautiful and handsome, there was a kind of martial arts TV like people practicing sword, Liu Xiangyun suddenly felt a heartbeat, very worship like.

At this time, Tang Zichen suddenly stomped on the ground, the whole person spun around and shot into the sky, swoosh swoosh screeching incessantly, the body was suddenly high above the villa's roof.

"Wow."Jin Gui and Xiaohuan, who were watching from the first floor, were stunned.

Tang Zichen, who flew into the air, flipped over and fell headfirst to the ground, the sword in his hand shot straight at the ground, and as he was about to land on the ground, Tang Zichen struck out with his sword and suddenly, a large chunk of the turf on the ground was overturned by his sword Qi.

Tang Zichen's qi sank to the ground and put the sword away.

Having just practiced for a little while, Tang Zichen felt the hot blood in his body and had the feeling of going back in time.However, it was true that the sword wasn't that good, but it would get by.

"Pah-pah."Jin Gui and Xiaohuan were busy applauding.

"Young Master is great."

"I love you, Young Master."Xiaohuan shouted with a florid face.

Tang Zichen contracted the sword and pocketed the hilt, so he could carry it to school later.

In fact, in this era, many people also carried their swords with them, but they just went in their trouser pockets or purses.

Willow Chenming said, "Zichen, awesome, watching you soar in the air, my blood is boiling."Willow Chenming said.

"Haha, Uncle Liu, at your age now, even if you start practicing martial arts, you'll only be able to play on the ground, leaping a few meters high seems difficult."

"I'm just saying, where do I have this talent, alright, get ready for dinner."

Liu Xiangyun also came down from upstairs and looked at Tang Zichen, having an uncomfortable feeling all over, she didn't even have this feeling when she hated Tang Zichen before.

In the evening, Tang Zichen was watching TV in the living room.

Liu Xiangyun said, "Tang Zichen, go read, no TV."

Tang Zichen was stunned, today Miss is in charge of a lot ah.

"Miss, did I hear correctly, you drove me to study?Why do you care about me."

Liu Xiangyun didn't know why she was bothering Tang Zichen.

Liu Xiangyun huffed, "You're my bodyguard, if you study too badly, I'll lose face too."

"Che, no one at school knows I'm your bodyguard."Tang Zichen was speechless, that was a lousy reason.

"Anyway, you can't be like this in the future, you need to study well too."

"Miss, you read your own, what do you care what I do, I'm not that material."


"If you can't, I'll teach you."Xiangyun Liu said, suddenly blushing a bit, was that what she really wanted to say?She taught Tang Tzu-Chen to read?Why would she want to teach Tang Zichen to read?Previously hated Tang Zichen to stay away from her, this problem Liu Xiangyun also did not know.

Tang Zichen shook his head, "Miss, you're too lenient, I'm TV, I don't have time to read."

Liu Xiangyun stomped her foot in frustration, she went upstairs to read herself, she really wanted Tang Zichen to do her homework with her, and then she taught Tang Zichen, this feeling, may feel very interesting, at least inside the hope.

But Tang Zichen wouldn't do it.

Tang Zichen saw the lady go upstairs to read on her own and shook his head speechlessly, "The better the relationship with you, the more you manage, this is not as good as when the relationship was bad before, let me do what I want."Tang Zichen is also a bit of a headache, if Liu Xiangyun is to tube him this and that, Tang Zichen will definitely head, to her and can not hit can not scold, annoyed will be annoyed, Tang Zichen found that the previous relationship with the lady is very poor, but also better, what he does Liu Xiangyun do not look at a glance.

Tang Zichen watched TV until 11 p.m. and went to bed.

A night without a word.

The next day when he woke up, the first thing Tang Zichen did was to call Li Xuan'er and ask about her father's situation last night.

Li Xuan'er saw that Tang Zichen called early in the morning to care about her dad, and a warmth welled up inside her that was indescribable.

Li Xuan'er said that her dad woke up at two o'clock last night, the doctor checked him and said that he was in very good condition, and by this evening, if he was still in such a good condition, he could be transferred to a general ward to recuperate slowly.

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After Tang Zichen had breakfast, he asked Xiaohuan to go to the hospital and help Li Xuan'er.

Xiaohuan pouts and walks away, seemingly unwilling to do so, but Tang Zichen doesn't care if she's happy or not, just go when he tells you to go.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun get ready to go to class.

Liu Xiangyun's car, which broke down the night before, has been repaired and returned.

Tang Zichen thought that Liu Xiangyun would drive herself, so he drove the BMW and got ready to go out.

"Wait."Liu Xiangyun shouted.

"Uh, Miss, what's wrong?Didn't you get your car fixed?"Tang Zichen asked.

Xiangyun Liu said, "I won't drive by myself anymore, it's a waste of gas money and it'll make the road more crowded, so I'll take your car with me to and from school from now on.Don't worry, I'll reimburse you for the gas."

"Oh, okay."Tang Zichen was helpless, and found that the lady kind of liked to stick to him, when the relationship was bad in the past, he couldn't even invite her.

Tang Zichen drove the car and sped off all the way to the school.

Liu Xiangyun sat in the passenger car and turned on the car's radio.

"Listeners, the following we interrupt a newsletter, I'm sure you all already know, these two days Linjiang City, the street about a defeat red dust news, especially yesterday after several mysterious people kidnapped Zhang Dali and his wife, to blackmail a defeat red dust show up.Unfortunately, One Defeat Red Dust did not show up for some reason, which led to those few mysterious strong men killing Zhang Dali's wife, and

And he threatened to kill Zhang if he didn't show up tomorrow night at twelve o'clock at the Floating Pond Park, if he didn't show up once he lost the red dust.Of course, it was twelve o'clock tonight.There were still fifteen hours to go until this moment, but the whole city seemed to be tense, because no matter which street or alley, the police could be seen out and about.But this particular newsletter that we're going to insert today is not about this incident, but about the Linjiang City Police.Let's hear what the Linjiang City Police Chief has to say."

Xu Mei Qian's voice rang out from the radio.

"Everyone, this is Xu Mei Qian, and I'm sure you all already know about the One Defeat Red Dust, a man who boasted of justice, set up a private court, and killed people in vain.And because of this person, a group of mysterious people were provoked to arrest Zhang Dali and his wife to blackmail One Defeat Red Dust into showing up, and now one of the hostages has died, for this matter, the police are deeply sorry.However, the police will do their best to rescue the other hostage, Zhang Dali.Tonight at twelve o'clock, that gang of mysterious people, will meet with One Defeat Red Dust in the Floating Pond Park, the police have now surrounded the Floating Pond Park, I hope that gang of evil forces do not challenge the police's bottom line.In addition, the police take this opportunity to publicly mobilize the entire Linjiang citizens, hoping that some martial arts citizens will take the initiative to come and assist the police and help the police catch that gang of mysterious people as well as One Defeat Red Dust.Thank you, that's all I have to say."

The radio sounded the host's voice again, "Alright, listeners, this interruption of the newsletter is over, it's simply one sentence, I hope that my friends in Linjiang City who are listening to the broadcast, if you are an expert in martial arts, please go to the Public Security Bureau and assist the police in apprehending One Defeat Red Dust as well as that mysterious man who kidnapped Zhang Dali and his wife.Then, let's continue our 'Voice of Linjiang' program."

The radio started the previous program again.

Tang Zichen held the steering wheel in his hands, not knowing what was going on in his mind.

Tang Zichen didn't expect that the police had already set up a Tian Luo Di in the Floating Pond Park, and had openly mobilized Linjiang City's experts to assist the police, and come at twelve o'clock tonight.Even if One Defeat Red Dust doesn't show up, then at least we can have a one-two punch.

Liu Xiangyun said, "One Defeat Red Dust isn't a fool, he definitely won't show up tonight, unless he doesn't know that the police have already laid out the sky."

"Oh, Miss, we little farts, we'd better read our own, what's the point of caring about those high and mighty matters."Tang Zichen acted as if he was not interested in a single defeat.

Liu Xiangyun laughed, "Criminal activities have been described as high and mighty by you, but it's also true that it's none of my business, but you, instead, can go help the police and participate in this operation, and if you really arrest One Defeat Red Dust and that group of mysterious people tonight, you've also made a merit."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Why should I help the police arrest One Defeat Red Dust, One Defeat Red Dust is such a noble person, he is my idol."

Liu Xiangyun threw out her tongue and said, "Whether One Defeat Red Dust is a noble person or not is yet to be proven, if he really is a good person, then I will support him mentally."

Soon came to the school, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun entered the class together, everyone saw Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun in pairs, all thought Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun have been good, heart silently said: "A good cabbage, all let the pig to provide, alas."

Tang Zichen's beating up of Zhao Ritian yesterday was still fresh in the minds of the students at Baiyun Middle School today.Tang Zichen, the number one evil youngster of Baiyun Middle School, had completely surpassed the number one mad youngster.


Right now, on the campus, the topic of discussion was no longer Tang Zichen and Zhao Ritian, no one was comparing Zhao Ritian to Tang Zichen anymore.

In the playground of Baiyun Middle School, Zhao Ritian had bandages wrapped around his body, sitting in a corner of the campus, one hand operating his phone, he would look at the campus, and smashed his phone in depression, roaring, "Grass."

"Brother Ritian, what's wrong?"The evil youngster Chen Zhijie asked.

"Damn, I entered the campus and browsed down from top to bottom, but there was not a single main post about me, Zhao Ritian, what a tiger falling down and being bullied by dogs."

Chen Zhijie said, "Brother Ritian, don't worry about it, after all, you were just beaten up by Tang Zichen yesterday, and it has already seriously affected your prestige, before you have established your new prestige, I don't think there are any main stickers about you on campus."

Zhao Ritian asked, "What about Long Xiaofei, Su Yuhao, and Wang Quirong and the three of them?What's taking so long, didn't we agree to have a meeting at eight, and now it's fifteen minutes past."

Chen Zhijie was busy saying, "Brother Ritian, there's no need to wait, they won't come."


"Long Xiaofei said he doesn't dare to get too close to you now for fear of being beaten by Tang Zichen."

"Fuck, a bunch of unrighteous people."

"Brother Ritian, you shouldn't be angry, after all, Tang Zichen is gripper than you, it's understandable that they are worried about being beaten by Tang Zichen." Remember the URL

Zhao Ritian snorted, "What a mouse's eye, I'm not as strong as Tang Zichen, but I still have my connections, packing up Tang Zichen, with my Zhao Ritian connections, is that a matter?"

"Is it possible that you have some kind of plan, Rittenberg?"

Zhao Ritian said, "You should know that I have a background of irregular power in Linjiang City, the district Tang Zichen, I don't even care about it, I'm not going to say anything, here we go."

Zhao Ritian's gaze went to the other side of the playground, and a boy with a steady pace came.

This boy with a steady pace, one look at the aura of his walk and one could tell that his strength was not ordinary.

When Chen Zhijie saw this walking boy, he was shocked and shouted with some excitement, "Feng, Sealing Swordsman."

That's right, this boy was the White Cloud High School's genius expert, Liao Ga Yuan, who was ranked third on the list, and because of his amazing sword skills, he was called 'Sealing Swordsman' by the students.

Zhao Ritian saw the man walking up and smiled, "You don't know, God Sealing Sword Warrior Liao Ga Yuan, is the son of our Third Hall Master."

"Third Hall Master?"

Zhao Ritian grunted, "The Wind Cloud Hall, the third master of the three major irregular forces in Linjiang City."

Chen Zhijie's body trembled, Wind Cloud Hall.

Just at this moment, Liao Jia Yuan walked over, his appearance somewhat indifferent.

"Zhao Ritian, why are you looking for me?"The Feudal Swordsman asked indifferently, seemingly not quite looking up to Zhao Ritian.

Zhao Ritian smiled, "Jia Yuan, of course I have something to look for you.As you can see, I'm now covered in wounds from that Tang Zichen's beating."

Feudal Swordsman Liao Jia Yuan snorted, "So what."

"Jia Yuan, don't be like this, my father is at least one of your father's right-hand men, I am now being beaten up so badly, you also feel that you have no face ah."

The Seal Swordsman trailed off, "Zhao Ri.

Heaven, you relied on the fact that your father was the right-hand man of the third master of the Wind Cloud Hall and had some influence in Linjiang City, you were arrogant and rampant in the school, and now that you've been beaten up, you still have the face to come to me.Do you really think that with your seventh place ranking as a genius expert, you can become the number one young maniac in Baiyun High School?Funny. If your father didn't work for my father, who gives a shit about you?You've already been beaten up by a genius expert ranked ahead of you."

Zhao Ritian was depressed, "Jia Yuan, you're a Sealing Swordsman, you really aren't going to help me out and teach Tang Zichen a lesson?"

The Seal Swordsman said, "I am not the least bit interested in the rotten things between you evil and madmen, so don't look for me in such rotten things."

After saying that, Liao Gayuan walked away.

Zhao Ritian helplessly looked at Liao Jia Yuan's departing back.

Chen Zhijie said, "Brother Ritian, this Sealed Swordsman is too disgraceful."

"Shh, keep your voice down."Zhao Ritian panicked and shushed.

"You want to die, Liao Jia Yuan is the son of the third hall master of the Wind Cloud Hall, you don't want to fucking die.What kind of power is the Wind Cloud Hall, exterminating your whole family without blinking, my father is just his father's subordinate, what's strange that he doesn't give me face."

Chen Zhijie nodded his head in fear, "I never thought that the famous God Sealing Swordsman of White Cloud High School would be the son of the third hall master of the Wind Cloud Hall, not many people in the school even know about it, right?The Feudal Swordsman is too low-key, if I had such an awesome background, I would've been running rampant in the school."

Zhao Ritian smiled bitterly, "Everyone's aspirations are different, if Liao Jia Yuan's aspirations are just to be a mad or evil youngster at Baiyun High School, then he's not worthy of being the son of the Third Hall Master.Didn't you see that the way he looked at me just now, he very much despised me?In his eyes, I, the No. 1 Mad Youngster of Baiyun High School, am too useless.Of course, Tang Zichen, that number one evil youngster, is also despised in his eyes."

"It's also true that the sons of the third hall master of the Wind Cloud Hall really all have different perspectives, the number one mad youngster who is high and mighty in my eyes, while others look down on him."

Liao Jiayuan, who walked out of the stadium, with a cold mouth, snorted, "I, Liao Jiayuan, am not a person who fights with you rotten people in school, my eyes, my ambition, you rotten people will never be able to experience."Liao Jiayuan's eyes were on the society, the school was dominating, it was too low, it was not his cup of tea, only a no-good person would think it was awesome to be the school's dominator.

A few seconds later, Liao Jia Yuan clenched both fists and secretly said, "The police have openly mobilized all the experts in Linjiang City to assist the police in arresting One Defeat Red Dust as well as that mysterious expert tonight, I, Liao Jia Yuan, the Sealed Swordsman of White Cloud High School, will not miss it.Although my strength is not enough to be ranked among Linjiang City's experts, but I am not timid, I will go to fight with experts like One Defeat Red Dust.Perhaps I can improve my own strength from the battle.Hmph, for me to go and save face for Zhao Ritian and some rotten person like Tang Zichen, it's ridiculous.I, Liao Jia Yuan, am the one who dared to go to assist the police and fight with a strong man like One Defeat Red Dust, for me to go and hang out with you rotten people is simply an insult to my character."

On the playground, Zhao Ritian took out his cell phone and made a call out.

"Hey, Ri Tian."

"Dad, I've just called Liao Jia Yuan, unfortunately.He still looks down on me and doesn't even bother to go to Tang Zichen for me."Zhao Ritian said.

On the other side of the phone, Zhao Ritian's father, Zhao Qitian, was a bit saddened to hear his son say this, his son being looked down upon by the Third Hall Master's son wasn't very pleasant.His son was bullied at school and wanted to ask Liao Jia Yuan to help out, but people looked down on his son.


"Then I'll go and talk to the Hall Master."

Zhao Ritian said, "Dad, why don't you just get someone from the society to teach Tang Zichen a lesson, you have so many experts under your hands, just send any one."

Zhao Qitian said, "Now the police are cracking down hard, because of the One Defeat Red Dust, the police's anger is rising at this time, the hall master has ordered to go down, everyone keep a low profile.Also, this is your matter in the school, it's really not a big deal for the Wind Cloud Hall, if other forces know about it, they will instead laugh at us for being incompetent.So, if you can solve it internally in the school, try to solve it internally, don't let people laugh at you."

Zhao Ritian trailed off, he was on the verge of being killed by Tang Zichen, and he still didn't send someone to fix Tang Zichen.

Zhao Qitian hung up the phone and immediately went to find the Third Hall Master of the Wind Cloud Hall and asked the Third Hall Master to call his son, Liao Ga Yuan, before asking Liao Ga Yuan to help Zhao Ritian.

At this moment, Liao Jiayuan arrived at a house at the foot of the hill behind Baiyun Middle School.

A teacher in the house was holding a stick and rehearsing on flat ground.

"Teacher Ping."Liao Jiayuan shouted.

"Jia Yuan, come here, what is it?"That teacher stopped rehearsing.

Liao Jia Yuan complimented, "Teacher, your Five Elements Eight Trigrams Stick, the power has increased a lot, I don't know when we will be able to reach your martial arts realm, ah."

That teacher smiled, "Alright, don't compliment me, what are you looking for me for?" One second to remember to read the book

Liao Jia Yuan said, "Mr. Ping, at twelve o'clock tonight, the police have a double-edged operation, did you know that?"

That teacher Ping nodded: "Of course I know, Linjiang City news, newspapers, radio, all said rotten."

Liao Jia Yuan gritted his teeth and said: "Teacher Ping, tonight I want to go to assist the police and arrest One Defeat Red Dust and that mysterious person."

Teacher Ping was shocked: "Are you crazy, that figure like One Defeat Red Dust, is it something you can get close to?You don't want to die."

Everyone's impression seemed to treat One Defeat Red Dust as an expert, and even this very strong teacher Ping felt that he was not on the same level as One Defeat Red Dust.Therefore, at this moment, hearing that Liao Jia Yuan was going to assist the police in arresting One Defeat Red Dust and the others, they were taken aback.

Liao Jia Yuan said, "Teacher Ping, if I can fight with someone like One Defeat Red Dust, I think that I can improve my combat ability and so on by a lot."

"You don't want to die, are those people good people?Beware that you don't even have a life."

Liao Jia Yuan smiled, "Teacher Ping, I've already made up my mind."


"Oh, Teacher Ping, you should know that the students in the school, say that I am a Sealed Swordsman, this is enough to show that I am a sword idiot, if I can improve my strength, a little risk is nothing."

At this moment, Liao Jia Yuan's phone rang, and at a glance, it was his father calling, the third hall master of the Wind Cloud Hall, a trembling level figure in Linjiang City.

"Hello, Dad."

"Jiayuan, did Zhao Ritian call you?"

"I found it, he asked me to go and help him vent his anger."

"Then you should quickly go and help him out, after all, Zhao Ritian's father is my right-hand man, and Zhao Ritian is considered one of our Fengyun Hall's people."

"Ugh, okay."Liao Jia Yuan nodded his head with great irritation.

Hanging up the phone, that teacher Ping asked, "What else are you going to do?"

"Mr. Ping, I'm going to go find Tang Zichen and warn him."


br /> Teacher Ping was disgusted when he heard Tang Zichen's name and said, "Jia Yuan, why do you get mixed up so much with those vicious young maniacs, these people are all useless, muddling through, your goal is to become a martial arts strong, the goal is so low, could it be that you also want to compete to be a campus vicious young man or maniac?"

Liao Jia Yuan laughed, "Teacher Ping, don't laugh at me, how could I Liao Jia Yuan compete to be some evil young maniac, I have no choice, my father has instructed me, I always have to go there, even if it means something."

"Alright, if you really want to go tonight to assist the police in catching a defeated red dust, be careful.I'm sure that place has already been set up, so there shouldn't be any danger, and if you can really fight with an expert like One Defeat Red Dust, it might be very rewarding for your sword skills.Those rotten people like Tang Zichen, you should focus less energy and thoughts on them."

"Don't worry, I'll just go and warn them."

Liao Jiayuan left, and that teacher Ping resumed his stick practice, his five elements and eight trigrams, his voice roaring like a tiger's as he went through his drill.

Tang Zichen was sitting in the classroom, the teacher hadn't come to class either, Tang Zichen was bored and playing with his phone, Jin Hu, in the next row, was frying gold flowers with his sidekick.


"Haha, I shunzi."

"Three sevens."


The Golden Tiger was blowing up a little too loudly.

Tang Zichen turned his head, frowned and said, "Hey, hey, hey, keep it down, who told you to play cards during class time, did I tell you to play cards?Do you have any regard for me?Believe it or not, I'll throw you downstairs."

Jin Hu and the three of them trembled, panicked and put the cards away, then quickly left the classroom.

Jin Hu felt very ashamed, he was at least one of the evil youngsters, but he was so disgraceful.

Jin Hu cursed angrily, "What the hell, gripe, grass."

"Brother Tiger, forget it, we can't afford to provoke, can't we afford to hide?"

Jin Hu had cursed Tang Zichen's ancestors for eight lifetimes, and now, he only had the courage to curse behind his back.

After Tang Zichen finished cursing Jin Hu, Liu Xiangyun also turned around and saw Tang Zichen playing with his phone.

Liu Xiangyun in the full view of the public, walked up to Tang Zichen, put a pair of avenue: "class playing mobile phone, have not put classroom discipline in your eyes ah, know to teach others to play cards do not know to reflect on their own play mobile phone ah.Confiscate."

Liu Xiangyun snatched Tang Zichen's cell phone away.

Tang Zichen was stunned because he didn't expect Liu Xiangyun to suddenly come over, but in the past, Miss was pressured not to get too close to him in front of his classmates.

"Miss, what are you doing?"Tang Zichen asked somehow.

"Mobile phone confiscation, this is English class, the English teacher was beaten by you and is still in the hospital, you are still playing with your mobile phone here, copy this English text until you can write it silently, I will explain the meaning to you one by one when you go back at night."

"Damn, don't go too far, you read your book, what do you care what I do, I'm really speechless."Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed a black line.

"I'm a class committee member, I'm biased to mind you, or you'll throw me downstairs."After saying that, Liu Xiangyun took her phone and went back to her seat, and really confiscated Tang Zichen's phone.

Tang Zichen stared at Liu Xiangyun for several minutes, in his heart depressed, this lady, really the better the relationship with her, the more control over the more, class still does not let him play with his phone, but also let him mime English, but also to explain the meaning to him, the ghost is interested in knowing what those English means.


But, Tang Zichen is a big man, can't go over to Liu Xiangyun theory and grab the phone with her because of this fart, and she is a lady anyway, can't really throw her down the stairs.

Tang Zichen could only sit down with a very depressed butt.

The students in the class were amazed that Liu Xiangyun dared to talk to Tang Zichen like that and even surrendered his cell phone, fortunately Liu Xiangyun is a school flower beauty, otherwise she would have been thrown downstairs by Tang Zichen if she dared to do so in front of him.

Only a few minutes ago, Tang Zichen was bored to death and looked at the English that Liu Xiangyun had just asked him to write in silence.

"Forget it, I'm bored anyway, it's fine to copy the English, I haven't used the pens of this era properly."Tang Zichen only knew how to write with a brush, so when he thought of this, he was suddenly a bit interested, so he started to write silently.

Not long after, there was an unexpected visitor at the door of the class, it was Liao Jia Yuan.

After seeing it, the class of 32 was immediately excited.

"God-sealing Swordsman."

"Wow. Sword Warrior, Sword Warrior is here."

"Wow."Many girls immediately cast their eyes of adoration as well as love when they saw the God Sealing Swordsman Liao Gayuan.

Tang Zichen also looked up, what swordsman, and thought that a real expert had come.The first time I saw those girls in the class cast ambiguous eyes, Tang Zichen speechless. The first website

Liu Xiangyun looked at Liao Jia Yuan, not like the other girls, instead there was a hint of disdain in her eyes, inwardly she said: "What kind of Sealing Swordsman, not as good as my Tang Zichen.Hey, why did I say my Tang Zichen?When did Tang Zichen become mine?Really not impatient, people are just your bodyguards, but they've actually changed into you."Liu Xiangyun blushed and panicked, covering her face as if she was embarrassed.

Liao Jia Yuan found Tang Zichen, then walked up to Tang Zichen with contempt in his eyes and said, "Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen looked at Liao Ga Yuan for no apparent reason, and wondered in his heart, why did he come to him again, this stupid school, is there any end to it, do you want to make Tang Zichen repeat it again like he did with Zhao Ritian?They weren't tired of it, and Don was tired of it himself.

"What for?Yes?"Tang Zichen looked at Liao Jiayuan, seeing the endless contempt in Liao Jiayuan's eyes, Tang Zichen smiled happily instead, as if laughing at Liao Jiayuan's ignorance, but unfortunately, who could understand Tang Zichen's smile.

Liao Jia Yuan snorted: "Tang Zichen, I am not interested in playing with you, you evil youngsters, and those so-called mad youngsters, in my eyes, are nothing more than some rotten people with no aspirations, just dregs who hang around the school, how can I, Liao Jia Yuan, be the same as you."

Tang Zichen said, "If you talk yourself up so much, then what are you doing here looking for me, isn't this a crime of being cheap."

"Tang Zichen, please watch your words, I came to find you today to warn you not to bully Zhao Ritian in the future, although, Zhao Ritian is also a worthless person in my eyes."

"Hahaha, I see, you're the first madman well, look at this tone, open and close your mouth rotten man, what else is a Sealed Swordsman, far more mad than that day ant Zhao Ritian ah.I propose that you be recognized as the first mad young man of Baiyun High School, what do you all think."

"You."Liao Jia Yuan's heart exploded with anger, he despised the so-called Mad Less Evil of White Cloud High School, much less would he degenerate to compete to be the Mad Less Evil!

Shao, but now Tang Zichen actually said that he recognized him as the first mad youngster, exploding him with anger, how would he, Liao Jia Yuan, go as what first mad youngster, this is a red defilement.

"Tang Zichen, don't push me, even if a mosquito is provoked, I will shoot him to death."Liao Jia Yuan's face was cold.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed and said, "The words you said, I have heard many people say them before, what Qiu Hao, what Zhao Ritian, all of them have said them, look at their current situation and you will know the end of saying this."

Liao Jia Yuan snorted, "Tang Zichen, don't compare me to the stream of Zhao Ritian, in my eyes, you are just as rotten as Zhao Ritian, I, Liao Jia Yuan, don't care to fight you.I'm not afraid to tell you that I, Liao Jia Yuan, am ready to participate in the police operation to arrest One Defeat Red Dust and the others at twelve o'clock tonight.I am a person who dares to fight with One Defeat Red Dust, while a rotten person like you is not qualified to fight with me, the Sealing Swordsman.That's all I have to say, Tang Zichen, I advise you to take care of yourself."Liao Jia Yuan kept his pride as a Sealed Sword Warrior and walked out of class 32.

Some students in the class shouted, "Feudal Sword Warrior, come back to our class when you have time."

"God-forging Swordsman, I love you, you are my idol, woo-hoo."A girl looked at Liao Gayuan's back and cried and said.

Liao Gayuan, the Feudal Swordsman, had so many fans in class 32, so you can imagine how many fans he had in the whole school.

Wang Qiang said, "Mixing up to the level of Liao Ga Yuan, he is really good enough, third on the genius expert list, known as the Sealed God Swordsman, his sword skills are unparalleled, tsk tsk."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Is it so exaggerated?"

Wang Qiang smiled, "Of course, I'm not a fan of his, but there's no denying that people have super fans in the school, just look at the reactions of some of the students in our class, the four words "God Sealing Swordsman" have penetrated deep into their hearts."

Tang Zichen didn't bother to say anything, only a deep slur.

Tang Zichen continued to write in English silently, and the arrival of the Sealing Swordsman didn't affect Tang Zichen in any mood.

Not long after, the school radio suddenly rang out, "Hello, hello."

It was still broadcasted by the principal himself.

After two feeds, the principal's voice was immediately heard, "Dear students, allow me to broadcast a major event, our school's genius expert, Liao Jiayuan, will be participating in the police operation to arrest One Defeat Red Dust and the others tonight.Liao Jiayuan is the third on our school's list of geniuses, with unparalleled sword skills, and has been awarded the title of "Sword Warrior of the Gods" by the students, he has the courage and strength to assist the police in arresting the Wang Yang bandits, this is not only his honor, but also the honor of our Baiyun High School.This is not only his honor, but also the honor of our Baiyun High School. I have just called the Public Security Bureau to inform them that they are extremely grateful to Liao Jiayuan, and also highly praised our Baiyun High School.With a warm round of applause, we hereby give a big round of applause to our God Sealing Swordsman, and hope that he will display his superb sword skills tonight and successfully help the police to arrest a defeated Red Dust and win the highest honor for our Baiyun High School."


After the principal finished speaking, the whole school applauded, and the applause resounded through every class and every corner of the school.

"Wow damn, that's awesome, the God Sealing Swordsman dares to go and fight One Defeat Red Dust."

"Sealed God Sword Warrior, I love you."

"Sealed God Swordsman, you're so great, why are you so great, I'll always worship you, I'll always support you."


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