The King of Kungfu in school 131-140

Chapter 131

After the applause of the whole school, what was left was a heated discussion, this announcement of the principal, as if a bomb was dropped on the school, blasted all the teachers and students were shocked.A defeat of the red dust, in everyone's mind without a doubt is a master, and Liao Jiayuan actually dared to help the police to arrest him, it seems that all of a sudden, Liao Jiayuan's compulsion, has been rising rise rise rise rise, rise to the height of a defeat of the red dust, suddenly that little heart of worship, pounding pounding pounding, jumping all over the campus every corner.

In class 32 is similarly so, several girls who particularly adore Liao Jia Yuan, moved to tears flowing.

"Brain-damaged to such an extent, Tzu-Chen I am willing to worship."Tang Zichen looked at the several crying girls and shook his head and sighed.

A girl sitting two rows in front of Tang Zichen heard Tang Zichen's words and said back unhappily, "What do you know, what kind of person is a defeated red dust?If it were you, would you dare to help arrest him?You'd be scared to pee hearing someone's name.With such guts, Liao Jia Yuan must be confident in his sword skills before he dares to assist the police in dealing with One Defeat Red Dust.You, on the other hand, are still souring here, so if you have the guts, go too."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud, those girls saw Tang Zichen didn't dare to say that he would also go and only dared to laugh, they were incomparably contemptuous, they despised this kind of person the most, saying how others were so and so, but they didn't dare to do anything at all.

Wang Qiang said, "Zichen, I have to say that Liao Gayuan going to assist the police in arresting a defeat of red dust is really unexpected for everyone, and it is also expected that the whole school is reacting so violently at the moment.Actually, I'm quite impressed, after all, that One Defeat Red Dust, as everyone knows, is a very powerful figure."

"Is that so?"Don Zichen smiled.

It took a long time before all the classes calmed down and proceeded to classes.

Tang Zichen had finished writing the entire English text in silence, Tang Zichen had a good memory, although he didn't know the meaning, he memorized it.

Tang Zichen and Wang Qiang were going to have lunch.

At this time, Liu Xiangyun came over. Remember the URL

"Where are you guys going to eat?"

"Off campus, ah."

"I'll go with you."Xiangyun Liu said.

"Uh, Miss, why are you suddenly going to dinner with me."Tang Zichen asked.

"You're my bodyguard, of course I'm going to go to dinner with you, and I should pay for the meal too."

Tang Zichen smiled and went to dinner with Liu Xiangyun, and Wang Qiang, together.

At this moment, on the corridor of the school building, Song Yu'er was having a disagreement again.

"I don't care, I don't care, I want you to also go and help arrest One Defeat Red Dust, then let the principal broadcast it in the whole school, can't you see, just now that Liao Jia Yuan is so awesome, if you also go and arrest, then you can also be so awesome, and I, as your employer, am even more awesome."

Liu Yue was busy saying, "Miss, this really isn't a joke, that Liao Jia Yuan is going to die, it's his death, there's no reason for me to go to die ah.Do you know that tonight at twelve o'clock, One Defeat Red Dust is just one of the party characters, there is another party character, it's the golden-ranked killer of the Skeleton Organization ah."

Song Yu'er made a scene and said, "Then you'll arrest One Defeat Red Dust and whatever skeleton killer together."

Liu Yue flowed with cold sweat, "Miss, you stop it, that

A Skeleton Organization assassin has reached the Gold rank, and I'm a Bronze rank assassin, a hundred of my lives aren't enough to kill someone.I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," he said.Liao Jia Yuan doesn't know the inside story, it's his business to go and die, I, who know the inside story, have no reason to send him to his death."

Tang Zichen just happened to walk down the hallway, and heard Liu Yue's words, and trembled inside.

"Yo yo, isn't this Miss Song and Big Bodyguard Liu?"

Liu Yue didn't have a good feeling for Tang Zichen, stopped and said, "Miss, let them go first, we'll go behind."

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Yue and said, "Great bodyguard Liu, you seem to know something inside ah, what do you mean by the skeleton organization you just mentioned?"

"It means nothing."Liu Yue didn't want to tell Tang Zichen at all.

Song Yu'er was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, if you beg me, I'll tell you."

"Fine, Song Yu'er, I'm begging you, just tell me."

Song Yu'er saw that Tang Zichen was indeed begging her, and proudly said, "The group of people who kidnapped Zhang Dali and his wife yesterday and forced One Defeat Red Dust to show up are from a killer group called Skeleton, that person's code name is 'Blood Man', and is a master at killing people without blinking an eye, hearing that One Defeat Red Dust claimed to be a chivalrous warrior, and specialized inActing on behalf of Heaven, so they were very upset with One Defeat Red Dust, and then they wanted to destroy One Defeat Red Dust."

Tang Zichen snorted internally, Nima, so that's what happened, Tang Zichen thought that the gang was found by Li Zidan, but he didn't expect it to be a killer who had never dealt with him at all.Because seeing a defeated red dust is unpleasant specially came to kill him.

Tang Zichen looked at Song Yu'er and smiled, "I didn't expect that even the police didn't know the identity of the other party, but you knew."

Song Yu'er proudly said, "This is all from my bodyguard Liu Yue, Liu Yue has someone on the road, Tang Zichen, don't underestimate my bodyguard in the future."

"Hahahaha, of course, never underestimate big bodyguard Liu."Tang Zichen said a mouthful and laughed hehehe.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun had already walked away.

Tang Zichen and the three of them ate at a more upscale restaurant off campus, which Liu Xiangyun would pay for anyway.

During the meal, Wang Qiang opened the campus and sighed, "Zichen, in the morning, the entire campus was still discussing topics related to you, but now, it's all about Liao Jiayuan.On campus, your popularity is completely overshadowed by Liao Gayuan, no one is interested in you at all anymore, it's like you and Liao Gayuan aren't even on the same level anymore."

"Alright Wang Qiang, eat your food, what do I want all that limelight for."

Tang Zichen sighed inwardly, on campus, the day before yesterday, there were almost all posts about him, but today, it seemed like everyone forgot about him, Liao Jia Yuan replaced Tang Zichen as the talk of the campus.Of course, the difference was that everyone's posts were all about worshipping Liao Ga Yuan, and for a time, the Sealing Swordsman made countless students worship him.

In the afternoon classes, Tang Zichen was all about cultivating his internal strength, after all, he had to go to the Floating Pond Park in the evening, and Tang Zichen didn't know what kind of situation it would be like then.Perhaps being killed by that assassin codenamed Bloodman, or perhaps being captured by the police who had set up Tian Luo Di, anything was possible, so Tang Zichen spent more time in the afternoon to get ready.

In the evening after school, Tang Zichen still drove Wang Qiang and Miss home.

However, Tang Zichen went around to the hospital to check on Li Xuan'er and her father.


Li Xuan'er's father has been transferred to a general ward, the doctors say the surgery was an unprecedented success, and Li Xuan'er is finally no longer worried about her father's life, and is grateful to Tang Zichen and all the doctors who helped her, especially Tang Zichen.

However, Li Xuan'er still has one more thing that worries her, and that is about the One Defeat Red Dust.One Defeat Red Dust had been a great gift to her family, and tonight at twelve o'clock, it would be a matter of One Defeat Red Dust's life, Li Xuan'er did not want good people to be arrested, and had been silently praying for One Defeat Red Dust.

Tang Zichen saw that the hospital did not need her anymore, and the lady was still in his car, and after a few short words with Li Xuan'er, he left first.

Back home, Tang Zichen still taught Wang Qiang to practice martial arts first, no different from usual.

However, as the sky gradually darkened, the entire Linjiang City seemed to enter an inexplicable atmosphere of tension, because, tonight at twelve o'clock, is destined to be an extraordinary twelve o'clock.

The first thing you need to do is to take a shower and come to the living room, where you can watch TV with the father and daughter of Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun.

Willow Chenming saw Tang Zichen coming down from his bath, she was busy shouting, "Zichen, you should come over here too, gosh, I'm feeling nervous right now, and you're even thinking of teaching others martial arts."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Uncle Liu, it's none of our business, what are you nervous about."

Liu Chenming said, "Even though it's none of our business, it's a sensation in Linjiang City ah.Tonight at twelve o'clock, Floating Pond Park, it's destined to be a battlefield, I really want to know what the outcome will be ah, on one side is a defeated red dust, on the other side is a mysterious kidnapper, and there is also the police who have already set up a skyrocket, tsk, I'm getting nervous now.I really want to go to the scene and see it."

"Then why not go to the scene and see?"

Liu Xiangyun said, "It's just been broadcast on TV, all citizens are not allowed to go near the Floating Pond Park tonight, otherwise it will cause manslaughter and the police will not be held responsible.Think about it, who else would dare to go to the scene ah, this is not looking for death." One second to remember to read the book

"Oh."Tang Zichen Oh.

Willow Chenming hehely smiled, "But don't worry, although we can't go to the site, someone has already secretly set up a camera in the Floating Pond Park during the day, so I'm sure there will be a live broadcast.Even if we can't, that radio station will definitely be able to broadcast every moment's progress at all times."

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed and sipped his water, which made Tang Zichen feel that he had to do a thorough job of keeping secrets, and no matter if it was voice or martial arts, there couldn't be the slightest shadow of a link to his true identity.

On the TV, the host of Linjiang Special News said, "So far, we have six experts in Linjiang City who have confirmed that they will do their best to assist the police in arresting One Defeat Red Dust and that gang of evil forces tonight.The first one to bear the brunt is Senior Liang Qihua."

A picture of an old man with radiant eyes appeared on the TV screen, and Tang Zichen instantly recognized that he had seen this person on TV before, the one who had identified how Tang Zichen had committed the theft on the spot by an expert after he had stolen the bank.At that time, Tang Zichen thought that this person must be an expert, but he didn't expect that he would be among those who assisted the police in arresting the one defeat.

When Liu Chenming saw that Liang Qihua, he said excitedly, "Senior Liang Qihua was even involved, hahaha."

Tang Zichen saw that Liu Chenming

Ming looked excited and was busy asking, "Is this Liang Qihua very powerful?"

Liu Chenming said, "Zichen, you don't know this, Liang Qihua is one of the more famous figures in the field of martial arts in Linjiang City, one of the leading martial artists in his fifties, rumor has it, his Wind Bell Sword Technique, wonderful.Wow, I'm really looking forward to it, I wonder how Senior Liang Qihua will blossom tonight, will he be able to defeat One Defeat Red Dust and that mysterious gang of kidnappers?"

Liu Xiangyun wasn't much on this, but now that she saw her father's excitement and the involvement of whatever Liang Qihua, who even her father admired, was involved, she was also starting to look forward to twelve o'clock tonight a bit.

On the TV, the host said, "Let's call senior Liang Qihua next."

The TV was immediately dialing Liang Qihua's phone, and in a short while, Liang Qihua picked up.


"Hello, Senior Liang Qihua, we are the hosts of Linjiang City TV's special chatter show tonight.I heard that you will be assisting the police tonight, arresting One Defeat Red Dust and that gang of mysterious people, how are you preparing now?"

Liang Qihua sullenly said, "One defeat, I'm dying to meet him."

The host asked again, "What do you have to say now about tonight at twelve o'clock?"

Liang Qihua said, "There's nothing to say, I, Liang Qihua, will do my best tonight to take down all criminals who dare to disrupt the peace of Linjiang City, alright, I'm practicing my skills."

He hung up after saying that.

The host said, "It seems that Senior Liang Qihua is very well prepared, just waiting for tonight.Just now we said that six experts have confirmed to assist the police, apart from Liang Qihua, who are the remaining five?The second one, he is our Linjiang City, the expert with the name of Boxing Dragon, Ishii Hong."

"Wow."Liu Chen Ming heard Ishii Hong's name and gave a wow.

Liu Xiangyun said, "Dad, what are you wowing for, is this person also famous?"

"Nonsense, Ishii Hong, he's the same ultimate bodyguard king hired by the White Tower Group in Linjiang City, ah.The White Tower Group, because of this Ishii Hong, even the three major irregular forces don't dare to mess with him, this person is very famous in Linjiang City, he's an absolute power level expert, tsk tsk, I didn't expect him to be involved, it seems that the police really have a very strong power ah, I'm really worried that One Defeat Red Dust and that mysterious expert won't dare to appear."

Tang Zichen sat on the side, watching the TV and didn't speak, for Tang Zichen, he was taking the opportunity to get to know his opponent, after all, tonight's battle was a bit big, the police had waited so hard for such an opportunity, and would never miss it easily.

"Who is the third for expert?"

"He is the Linjiang Xie family, young expert, Xie Zhilin, I think many people aren't unfamiliar with mentioning Xie Zhilin.He's not very old, less than thirty years old, but he's already a famous expert in Linjiang City, ten years ago, when Xie Zhilin was still studying at Baiyun High School, he was one of the top three people on the Baiyun High School's genius expert list.The fact that Xie Zhilin was able to become a famous expert in Linjiang City in just ten years was a testament to his strength.Tonight, let's wait and see."

"The fourth, is Li Xinchun, a strong man in his seventies, twenty years ago, he was the head of Linjiang City's Public Security Bureau, the current position of Chief Captain Xu Mei Qian, there is no need to doubt his strength at all."


"Fifth place, Bai Wuya, this is a strange woman, she went from being an obscure rural woman, she taught herself and made it big, setting up her own martial arts school in Linjiang City."

"The sixth, still a woman, her name is Yue Ling Shan, not to mention, the daughter of the head of the Yue Clan in Linjiang City, the Yue Clan is also a dominating presence in Linjiang City."

One by one, the host briefed the six experts who were sure to assist the police, and none of them were nameless.

Finally, the host added, "Of course, in addition to the above six well-known experts, there are other martial arts powerhouses assisting the police, such as, the soldier king from abroad, Chen Jiang, and the genius expert from Baiyun High School, Liao Gayuan."

At this moment, thousands of families, sitting in front of the television set, the students of Baiyun Middle School felt especially proud when they heard Liao Jia Yuan's name.

And at Song Yu'er's house, Song Dai Tian heard Chen Jiang's name and his brows furrowed, "Chen Jiang is even still in Linjiang City."

Chen Jiang was the same soldier king who had come to apply for Song Yu'er's personal bodyguard, and that soldier king was in Song Daitian's company at the time, and when he saw the news on TV broadcasting One Defeat Red Dust's bank theft, he vowed to catch One Defeat Red Dust.

Liu Yue said, "Uncle Song, this Chen Jiang, it wouldn't be the one you met during the interview, right?"

"Well, he was introduced by Commander Blue, and if you hadn't come, I'd have been pretty sure he was Rain's bodyguard."

"Oh."Liu Yue wasn't too happy inside, this Chen Jiang was sick, he Liu Yue didn't even go to participate, Chen Jiang went to participate a bird, stealing his limelight.

Liu Yue snorted, "Uncle Song, I'm sure this Chen Jiang doesn't even know who the other party is, ah gold-ranked killer, he's going to die." The first website

Song Dai Tian immediately called Chen Jiang, but unfortunately, Chen Jiang still decided to go and assist the police, and the man was quite righteous, perhaps it had something to do with his military background.

At Liu Chenming's house, Tang Zichen and the others finished watching TV before starting to eat.

After dinner, Liu Xiangyun grabbed Tang Zichen and went to her room to mime in English, Tang Zichen was helpless.

This matter will not say more, here omitted 1500 words, so as not to be said water.

Soon, it was ten o'clock at night.

Tang Zichen walked out of Liu Xiangyun's room and was forced to read for the rest of the night.

Tang Zichen came to the living room, where Liu Chenming was watching TV.

"Uncle Liu, still watching TV."

"Zichen, you come and watch too, the district TV channel really is live."

Tang Zichen looked towards the TV, and sure enough, the TV screen had Floating Pond Park in the background, constantly switching between the several hidden cameras in Floating Pond Park.

Tang Zichen saw on the TV that the entire Floating Pond Park was filled with police, and there were police guards all around the park, so the public couldn't enter the park.

From time to time, several narrations were heard on the TV, "At this moment, less than two hours before twelve o'clock, in the Floating Pond Park, it is very quiet at this moment, no one else except the police guarding the park."

"Very many residents are lying on their windows in various high rises on the far side of the park, towards Floating Pond Park."

"It was bound to be a different midnight."

"We set up dozens of cameras in Floating Pond Park during the day, basically ensuring that every corner will see some."

At this moment, in one of the high-rise apartments in Linjiang City.

Three men were watching the television.

One of the men said, "Brother Bloodman, it seems the police really want to kill two birds with one stone."


The man known as Bloodman snorted disdainfully, "The police, they're all a bunch of losers."

"Oh, also, you're a gold-ranked killer, if the police could catch you, you'd already be in jail."

The killer with the codename Bloodman said, "I hope, a defeated Red Dust appears tonight, otherwise, it's also a real waste of my Bloodman's look specifically for him."

"Brother Bloodman, what if he doesn't show up?"

Bloodman's face screwed up, "I'll be disappointed in him if he doesn't show up, and if he dares to call himself a chivalrous man who stands in for Heaven, but doesn't dare to come out and face me, then I think highly of him."

Xu Mei Qian deployed on the scene right now, vowing to take down One Defeat Red Dust as well as the mysterious man tonight.

Thousands of households in Linjiang City were guarding in front of their televisions.

"Six experts assisting the police have arrived."The live commentator on the TV suddenly said, the picture saw six experts in front of a white police car, Liang Qihua, Shi Jing Hong, Xie Zhilin, Li Xinchun, Bai Wu Ya, and Yue Ling Shan.

Of course, there were also a dozen or so unknown strongmen, including Chen Jiang and Liao Jia Yuan.

At this moment, at the scene, Liao Ga Yuan was extremely excited.

Xu Mei Qian shouted, "Everyone, please be sure to listen to my command in a moment, don't rush up as soon as you see someone."

"Then when will you rush up?"Liao Jia Yuan asked, Liao Jia Yuan's aim was to have a fight with One Defeat Red Dust.

"I'll say then that tonight's event is mainly a contest between that mysterious man and One Defeat Red Dust, at least let them finish their contest before starting to do anything."

Everyone nodded.

Tang Zichen watched the TV, it was already eleven o'clock, Tang Zichen stood up and said, "Uncle Liu, there's nothing to see, you should go to bed early."

"Zichen, don't you want to watch something so exciting?"Willow Chenming was a bit confused about Tang Zichen.

"Oh, it's just the police catching a thief, what's there to get excited about, we'll know the result tomorrow when we watch the news, I'm going to bed."

"Alright, good night then."

Tang Zichen didn't go straight to his room, but went to go to Jin Gui's room first.

"Young Master, what are you looking for me for?"Jin Gui was busy asking.

Tang Zichen whispered, "Go to my room."

"Yes, young master."

Tang Zichen went upstairs and Jin Gui came to his room.

"Young Master, you're not really going out, are you?You should think twice."Jin Gui advised, Jin Gui and Xiaohuan were aware of Tang Zichen's other identity, and thought that Tang Zichen wasn't planning to show up, but I didn't think that Young Master was actually planning to show up.

Tang Zichen said, "After all this, can I still not show up, Jin Gui, after I'm gone, you disguise yourself as me and sleep in my bed."

"Okay, but you."

"I don't have to worry."

Tang Zichen looked at the time, it was eleven fifteen, almost time to leave, after all, it was still a bit far from the Floating Pond Park.

Tang Zichen took out a set of black nightclothes from his locker and immediately changed into his nightclothes, masking his face, leaving only his eyes.

Tang Zichen, who had changed into his nightclothes, immediately changed his voice and said, "Jin Gui, I'm leaving."

"Young Master, be careful with everything."Jin Gui was busy.

Tang Zichen nodded, opened the window, and instantly disappeared into the night.Of course, Tang Zichen hadn't forgotten to bring the sword that Liu Chenming had given him, and Tang Zichen had also wrapped a black cloth around the hilt of the sword, just to avoid being able to see anything.


Jin Gui was busy closing the window, but how could he sleep, immediately turned on the TV in Tang Zichen's room, and also had to watch the live broadcast in his room.

Tang Zichen was now standing on top of a tree not far from the villa, and the leaves on the top of the tree were only slightly bent, which showed Tang Zichen's lightness.

Tang Zichen gazed in the direction of the Floating Pond Park and said, "One Defeat Red Dust is here, codenamed Blood Man, I hope you don't disappoint me."

"Swoosh."After saying that, Tang Zichen stepped on the leaves with his toes, and his entire body flew out more than ten meters.

Similarly, at this moment, on a tower in the other direction, a man with scars on his face put a golden mask on.Then he picked up a sword hilt on the table and with a clang, an incredibly sharp sword shot out from the hilt, a sword he had spent hundreds of millions of dollars to buy.

This man, was Code Name Bloodman's killer.

Codename Bloodman gently wiped the sword, his fingers were cut by the sword in a flash, blood dripping onto the sword.Bloodman licked his own blood off the sword with his tongue, while his gaze chilled and said, "One defeat of red dust, I hope you don't waste my expression, show me."

After saying that, Codename Bloodman also leapt out of the window of the tall building, and behind him came the voices of two men, "Big Brother Bloodman, waiting for you to return."

And Bloodman's figure had disappeared, his figure leaping between the buildings.

It took Tang Zichen about half an hour, relying entirely on his lightness, to finally arrive at a tall building not far from the Floating Pond Park.

Tang Zichen was standing on the parapet on the roof of the building, with dozens of floors of exterior walls under his feet, it looked very dangerous, but Tang Zichen was standing extremely stable, even if he fell Tang Zichen would not fall to his death, because Tang Zichen only needed to point his feet on the wall, he could use the reaction force to stop the fall, or grab the wall.Of course, it does not mean that Tang Zichen will not fall to his death, if there is no force point, Tang Zichen will also fall to his death, such as falling from the sky, there is no wall for you to step on, it is impossible to power out of thin air, then only the part of falling to his death, otherwise Tang Zichen in his previous life would not fall off the cliff. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen gazed at the nearby Floating Pond Park.

The time was already very close to twelve o'clock.

At this moment, at the entrance of the Floating Pond Park, a man wearing a golden mask was standing on a tall electric light pole.

It was seen by many people, but the man with the golden mask didn't seem to be afraid of being seen.

Xu Mei Qian and all the other police officers saw it at first.

Xu Mei Qian immediately said, "Don't do anything rash, everyone."

And in front of the televisions of thousands of households, all the viewers were excited.

In the live screen, immediately switched a lens, see a golden mask man, standing on the roadside lamp pole, this scene is really long-awaited viewers feel blood boiling, even the commentator behind the live broadcast at the moment as if the national football goal as excited wow shouted: "appeared appeared, in the distance of twelve o'clock ten minutes left, a wearing a golden mask, heightA man of about 1.8 meters was standing on top of a tall electric light pole at the entrance to Floating Pond Park.Looking at the way he was standing, the lines were not moving, the light work was definitely unusual, he really was a master."

Many of the policemen at the scene were very nervous at the moment, some of them even pulled out their guns and pointed them at the man standing on top of the electric light pole.

Xu Mei Qian told all the police not to do anything rash, there was no point in shooting him now.


bsp; The six experts who assisted the police in Linjiang City were now looking at the man on the electric light pole, and a boiling blood surged up, as if they wanted to immediately rush up and fight him, and capture this man on the spot in front of thousands of families.

The audience in front of the television was just as excited as the people there.

"It seems that this man with the golden mask, who completely ignored the police, should be the mysterious person who kidnapped Zhang Li and his wife and killed them.And One Defeat Red Dust, up until this moment, there was no sign of him, will One Defeat Red Dust show himself tonight?It's still an unknown, but hopefully the one defeat will show itself and that the police and the best of the best will work together to bring them both in."The live commentator was excitedly explaining.

At the scene, the man in the golden mask looked at the police surrounding the Floating Pond Park and snorted disdainfully, "They're all trash."

The enraged Liang Qihua immediately wanted to go up for a fight, but was stopped by Xu Mei Qian.The main event now was not the police and him, but One Defeat Red Dust and him, One Defeat Red Dust hadn't even appeared yet, so what was the police getting together for.

After the golden masked man finished humming, his feet clicked the electric light pole, his whole body light as a swallow, stepped on the top of the park's trees and flew into the center of the Floating Pond Park.The man in the golden mask stood on one of the rocks in the middle of Floating Pond Park, which was like a rockery.

The viewers in front of the TV saw the picture of the man in the golden mask stepping on the top of the tree and flying into the middle of the Floating Pond Park, and shouted with excitement.

The golden masked man stood on a rock, ignoring anyone, silently waiting for One Defeat Red Dust to reveal itself, though he didn't seem to have much expectation of it.

"One Defeat Red Dust, I hope you will reveal yourself, otherwise, the other hostage will surely die."

Tang Zichen stood on the tall building, and the man in the golden mask appeared as far as Tang Zichen could see.

Tang Zichen felt that it was almost time for him to reveal himself.

Tang Zichen leapt down from the roof of the several dozen-story building, as he was halfway to the top, Tang Zichen's feet pushed a little harder on the wall, Tang Zichen's body diagonally shot into the high-voltage power lines next to him.

A few seconds later, Tang Zi was standing steadily on the high-voltage power line.

Tang Zichen suddenly moved his body and ran along the high-voltage power line.

Soon, Tang Zichen ran out of the end of the high-voltage power line, and Tang Zichen jumped down and stood by a river.On the other side of the river was the Floating Pond Park.

At this moment, Xu Mei Qian's walkie-talkie suddenly rang out, "Team Xu, a defeat of red dust has appeared."

"Where is it?"Xu Mei Qian became excited, her body's blood was boiling along with it, One Defeat Red Dust, how familiar these four words were to her, but the real person had never seen a trace, she had even dreamed of One Defeat Red Dust, right now, the person she had dreamed of seeing finally appeared, she had an unexplainable tremble inside, as if her fatal enemy had appeared.

"Team Xu, on the other side of the South Toilet River in the Floating Pond Park, a black-clothed man who appears to be One Defeat Red Dust was seen running down from the high-voltage power lines, he seems to be getting ready to come over."

At this moment, the camera on the live TV also immediately switched.

The narrator shouted out excitedly, "Appear appear appear, One Defeat Red Dust appears, he is standing on the opposite bank of the Floating Pond River, he is dressed all in black, hidden in the darkness almost unnoticed."


Seeing One Defeat Red Dust appear, at the moment, thousands of families felt like the highest tide.

The live feed was pulled away, and a black-clothed figure was zoomed in, it was One Defeat Red Dust standing on the other side of the Floating Pond River.

Just as everyone was excited to see the legendary One Defeat Red Dust, they suddenly noticed that One Defeat Red Dust was moving.

A defeat of red dust feet point, jumped into the river, toes like a dragonfly, stepped on the surface of the river, fast speed to the park on the other side of the river and fled.

The live commentator shouted: "water drift, a defeat red dust water drifting light power, stepping on the level as if walking on the ground, quickly rushed to the other bank.Quickly, quickly, switch the camera to the other side of the river."

The camera switched for a moment, and from the front, I saw One Defeat Red Dust cross the 100-meter wide river in seven or eight seconds.

When it reached the opposite shore Floating Pond Park, One Defeat Red Dust fiercely bit the surface of the water with both feet, and the whole person flew lightly up towards the shore.Then, a defeat of red dust stood on the top of a large tree on the shore.

The live commentator excitedly said: "One Defeat Red Dust has already flown over the Floating Pond River, and is now standing on top of a tree, seemingly observing the situation.His paws are just lightly stepping on the tender branches at the top of the tree, and his entire body seems to be suspended in mid-air."

"Wow."At this moment, all of the viewers in front of the television were as excited as if they had been hit by chicken blood, looking at the television camera without blinking at the image of a defeated red dust standing at the top of the tree.

It had to be admitted that many citizens were really worshipping One Defeat Red Dust at the moment, and they could not wait to kneel in front of One Defeat Red Dust and lick his feet.In the past, many citizens saw the news, what Shaolin Temple Wu Zeng, on the surface of the river to lay a piece of wood, all the way over, said that it is light water floating.Nima, look at a defeat of red dust, more than a hundred meters of the river, toe point water, not even wet shoes over, and it only took seven or eight seconds.

At the home of Willow Chenming, Willow Chenming sat in the living room, and saw One Defeat Red Dust standing at the top of the tree, excited fists clenched. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"A defeat of red dust, ahhh."Liu Chenming couldn't help but roar a few words, even though he was over forty, he was still ignited at this moment.

At Song Yu'er's house, their entire family was sitting in the living room.

Song Yu'er was full of adoration, "One defeat of red dust, get on with it."

Liu Yue also couldn't hold back the excitement in her heart, having just seen the image of One Defeat Red Dust lightly leaping over the river, Liu Yue knew that One Defeat Red Dust was a super expert.

Song Daitian was also excited, busy asking, "Liu Yue, how is this One Defeat Red Dust's light power?Do your light features compare to his?"

Liu Yue was busy saying, "Uncle Song, you can't be serious, I'm compared to him, one heaven and one earth.That lightness of a defeated red dust is simply divine, I actually worship him a bit, I really don't know who is stronger between him and the golden killer Bloodman."

At the Bright Hospital, Li Xuan'er looked at the big TV outside the hospital and watched that black shadow, her heart was both excited and moved.This black-clothed man was the second time for her to see it.

"A defeat of red dust, come on."Li Xuan'er said nervously.

At this time, the TV camera changed everything to the center of the Floating Pond Park, only to see the man in the golden mask still standing on that big rock, and being in the middle of it, he didn't seem to know that One Defeat Red Dust was coming from the Floating Pond River in the south.

Xu Mei Qian and the others at the entrance of the Floating Pond Park, upon hearing the report from the intercom, immediately said to everyone, "One Defeat Red Dust is coming over from the Floating Pond River in the south, let's go in immediately, as long as we guard around that golden masked man, we will definitely see One Defeat Red Dust reveal himself."

"Yes."Everyone rushed into the center of the park, those six experts from Linjiang City were also trembling with excitement at seeing One Defeat Red Dust finally reveal himself.

There was even less need to say about those people like Liao Jia Yuan.

Tang Zichen stood on the top of a tree on the other side of the river for a while, he just wanted to observe the terrain, after all, the police had laid down the sky this time, and had so many experts to assist, in case it wasn't so easy to escape afterwards, observing the terrain well in advance was also beneficial to leaving afterwards.

After observing for a few minutes, Tang Zichen did just that, his toes pointing at the branches, the whole person to the center of the Floating Pond Park flying, Tang Zichen stepped on the branches and leaves of the trees, easy and fast flight.

At this moment, in the middle of the Floating Pond Park, the man in the golden mask seemed to sense something, and his eyes looked in a certain direction.

Sure enough, a few seconds later, a silhouette swooshed and flew down on another large rock, and the man in the golden mask, more than twenty meters apart, looked at each other.

Xu Mei Qian and the others also entered the center of the park.

Xu Mei Qian immediately saw a defeated red dust dressed in black, Xu Mei Qian had not seen him for so long after capturing him, and now seeing a defeated red dust, Xu Mei Qian could hardly control her inner impulse.

Xu Mei Qian couldn't help but shout out, "One Defeat Red Dust."

Tang Zichen looked over to Xu Mei Qian and smiled slightly, "Captain Xu."

"One Defeat Red Dust, you have committed a heinous crime, and today I finally get to see you."Xu Mei Qian shouted.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Sorry, Captain Xu, I didn't come to find you today."

The golden masked man on the other side now laughed out loud.

"One defeat of red dust, you sure didn't waste my expression, you still came."The golden masked man said full of bloodlust.

Tang Zichen looked towards the golden masked man and said, "Codename Blood Man, you injured the innocent and killed Zhang Dali's wife in order to draw me into manifestation, today I will take your little life on behalf of heaven."

The golden masked man laughed maniacally and took out the hilt of his sword, stirring, the sharp blade ejected, wanting the moonlight, the sharp blade shining.

"One defeat of red dust, you actually investigated my origin, you seem to be somewhat capable.Then, you should also know that I'm here specifically for you, and you call yourself a chivalrous man, don't you?You want to do God's work for him?Today I, Bloody Man, will let you die under my sword, and see how you can still do justice to the heavens."

Tang Zichen also instantly took out his sword hilt, and with a swoosh, the silver sword ejected, also shining under the moonlight.

The scene was silent, and all the viewers in front of the television were even more nervous, not daring to breathe loudly, looking unblinkingly at the screen, the two who had drawn their swords, the two masters were about to fight, and could not miss even half of it.

Just at this moment, a shout suddenly came out, "Wait."

Tang Zichen and Bloodman, who were about to fight, were interrupted by this shout.

Everyone looked towards the place where the shout came from and found that it was Liao Ga Yuan.

Liao Jia Yuan couldn't control himself, really.

Tang Zichen saw that the person who shouted was Liao Ga Yuan, really fucking speechless.

Xu Mei Qian looked at Liao Jiayuan and asked, "Liao Jiayuan, what are you doing?It's not time for the police to do anything yet."

Liao Jia Yuan said, "I'm sorry, Captain Xu, I couldn't help it."


Liao Jia Yuan didn't wait for Xu Mei Qian to speak again, his feet stomped on the ground and jumped on a large rock, Liao Jia Yuan took out his sword and said to Tang Zichen, "One defeat of the Red Dust, before you duel with that bloody man, will you dare to fight me first?"

Tang Zichen wondered if there was a mistake, no, everyone wondered if there was a mistake, Liao Jia Yuan actually preempted to fight with One Defeat Red Dust.

That golden masked man couldn't help but frown, he didn't know what Liao Jia Yuan's origin was, and thought that he was some powerful person found by the police, so he was suddenly interrupted and didn't make any noise, so he could take the opportunity to see One Defeat Red Dust's sword skills.

Tang Zichen asked, "Who are you?"

Liao Jia Yuan said, "My name is Liao Jia Yuan, I'm a student from Baiyun High School, I'm good at swordsmanship, and I'm known as the Sealed Swordsman in Baiyun High School.A defeated Red Dust, can you dare to fight me first?"Liao Jia Yuan raised the sword he was holding.

Tang Zichen looked at Liao Jia Yuan, speechless to the extreme, did he really not know how many catties he was?You want to fight him first?Tang Zichen felt insulted by him.

Xu Mei Qian stomped her foot in anger, but Liao Jia Yuan had already jumped up, it was not good to go up and pull him down, and looking at Liao Jia Yuan saying the four words of God Sealing Swordsman, it sounded awesome, did this Liao Jia Yuan really have some remarkable skills?

At this moment in front of the TV, many viewers were expecting a duel between a defeated red dust and a golden masked man, suddenly disturbed by what God Sealing Swordsman Liao Jia Yuan, that depressing ah.

Of course, there were also many students from Baiyun High School, who were very excited at the moment and were shouting in front of the TV, "Go for the God Sealing Swordsman, go for it."

"Sword Warrior, come on, it's time to win glory for Baiyun Middle School."

At Song Yu'er's home, Song Yu'er grumbled and looked at Liu Yue, saying, "See see, I told you to go too, you prefer not to go, now such a good wind, let Liao Jia Yuan out." The first website

Liu Yue said, "Miss, in my opinion, Liao Jia Yuan is embarrassing himself."

"At least he dares to go up and challenge One Defeat Red Dust, even if he loses to One Defeat Red Dust, no one will say that he is weak, he loses with pride, if he gets lucky and wins, then he will immediately be famous in the city, do you understand ah you, you don't dare to still make excuses."Song Yu'er pursed her lips in dissatisfaction.

When Liu Yue thought about it, it seemed to make some sense.

But is that really the case?

Tang Zichen looked at Liao Gayuan for several seconds.

Liao Jia Yuan threw the sword in his hand and said, "One defeat of red dust, come on, let me seal the sword warrior to meet you."

"Heh."Tang Zichen's eyebrows twisted into a line, only that it was wrapped in black and no one saw it.

When Liao Jia Yuan saw that One Defeat Red Dust was silent, he said, "One Defeat Red Dust, why don't you do it?If you lose to me, I will catch you, you better not lose to me, I don't care what kind of chivalrous man you are, all you do is make an enemy of the police."

Tang Zichen said, "Kid, you really want to fight me?"

Liao Jia Yuan said, "One defeat of red dust, I seal the God Sword Warrior, I am not a wandering name, if you don't believe me, just go to Bai Yun High School and ask."

Xu Mei Qian almost wanted to vomit, not a prodigal name, don't believe it, go to Baiyun Middle School and ask, such words also dare to say, just like a person who said, I Zhang San is not a prodigal name, don't believe it, go to my village and ask and know.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Kid, you have courage, since you're not just a name for nothing, I'll fulfill you once I lose the red dust, you can come up here."

Liao Jia Yuan adjusted his breathing, he still had some confidence in his sword skills, otherwise he wouldn't dare to come out and challenge One Defeat Red Dust.

"Swoosh swoosh."Liao Jia Yuan played with his sword skills in place, then leapt over to One Defeated Red Dust, not far from One Defeated Red Dust

To a distance of ten meters, the light skill he performed stepped on a stone twice before he flew to follow Tang Zichen.

"Storm Sword."The sword in Liao Jia Yuan's hand flew as if it had changed into dozens of swords.

"Thrust."Liao Jia Yuan stabbed at Tang Zichen with a sword that he thought was incomparably proficient.

Tang Zichen, however, didn't move a muscle at all.

As Liao Gayuan flew up to stab, in what seemed like less than the blink of an eye, he saw two of Tang Zichen's fingers clamp down on Liao Gayuan's sword.

"Ah."Liao Jiayuan was shocked, not even a single move had been made yet, his sword was clamped.

Tang Zichen didn't want to waste time with him and shook his fingers.

"Crack."Liao Jia Yuan's sword broke into dozens of sections and fell all over the floor with a clatter, leaving only a hilt in Liao Jia Yuan's hand.

"Ah."Liao Gayuan opened his mouth wide.

At this time, Tang Zichen extended a palm.

"Pah."A slap to the left face.

"Pah."A slap on the right face.

After the two slaps, both sides of Liao Jiayuan's face immediately swelled up, as if he had returned from a failed plastic surgery in Korea.

Tang Zichen grabbed Liao Jiayuan's collar with one hand and said, "Kid, go back to your mother and eat more milk before you come back."

After saying that, Tang Zichen threw Liao Jiayuan with one hand.

"Bang."Liao Jia Yuan slammed down on the feet of Xu Mei Qian and the others.

"Nuh-uh."Liao Jiayuan shouted out two times in a huff and was slapped twice by a defeat of red dust, his face immediately swollen into a pig's head, even his speech was affected and he couldn't say complete words.

At Song Yu'er's house.

Song Yu'er saw Liao Jiayuan's appearance, laughing cramped.

"Go back to your mother and eat more milk before you come back, hahaha, laughing to death."Song Yu'er covered her mouth and laughed.

Liu Yue said: "Miss, do you still feel Liao Jia Yuan's scenery now?It's simply a disgrace to the family."

At Liao Ga Yuan's home.

Liao Ga Yuan's father and mother, seeing this scene happening on the live broadcast, were embarrassed, especially Liao Ga Yuan's mother, One Defeat Red Dust's words, 'Go back to your mother's and eat more milk before you come back', seemed to have deeply stung her.

Liao Jiayuan's father heavily snorted: "One Defeat Red Dust, you dare to insult my son, do you think that I am easy to bully in Wind Cloud Hall."

Liao Ga Yuan's father had become intensely upset with One Defeat Red Dust.

On the spot, the golden masked man snorted: "One Defeat Red Dust, can we do it now?I don't have so much patience to wait for you."

Tang Zichen said, "Bloodman, so you're holding out for certain death today."

"What did you think?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "Good, you kill innocents indiscriminately, and I do the same to you, with a will to kill, in that case, let's fight to the death."

"Hahaha, once I defeat Red Dust, I will take your head."After saying that, the sword in Bloodman's hand shook and fiercely shot up at Tang Zichen.

"Swoosh swoosh."Each of Blood Man's sword swings were very meticulous and tight, as if it was difficult to find a flaw in his swordplay.

"Not bad swordplay."Tang Zichen smiled and was instantly ignited with battle intent, it seemed that this Blood Man could indeed have a good battle with him.

Tang Zichen also stabbed out with his sword, his sword looked unimpressive, but the Blood Man who was his opponent was trembling in his heart.Tang Zichen's sword stabbed as if it came with a huge force clash.


"Clang."Their swords instantly clashed together, striking a shower of sparks.

The Bloodman was able to take a few steps back.

Bloodman's heart was shaken.

"Oh no, the strength of a defeated Red Dust is so far beyond my expectations that it knocked me back with a single thrust of the sword."

However, the Bloodman was merely shocked, not afraid.

"Hahaha, One Defeat Red Dust, it seems you have some strength, no wonder you dare to threaten to act on behalf of the heavens.Well, I, Bloodman, consider you an opponent from this moment on."The Blood Man filled with a bloodthirsty laugh.

"Swoosh."The Blood Man raised his sword again to kill, each sword carrying a sharp murderous aura as he took the initiative to attack Tang Zichen sword after sword.

Tang Zichen's sword danced as well, responding to the blood man's attack.

Tang Zichen wasn't actively attacking at the moment, they were both on the defensive, one attacking and one defending, they were jumping over and over between the various stones, a shower of sparks of gold and iron rubbing out from each other's swords.

Tang Zichen wasn't really in a hurry to attack, wanting to figure out the Bloodman's sword routine, so Tang Zichen didn't really take out his strength.

Once Tang Zichen took the initiative to start attacking, Bloodman might not be somewhat above Tang Zichen like he was now. Remember the URL

"Thunder Sword."Suddenly, Bloodman changed his attack method, Bloodman was a little anxious as he saw that his own initiative was powerfully blocked from his body by Tang Zichen every time.

The Blood Man struck down with a sword in the air, which seemed to gather half of his body's strength.

Tang Zichen was busy raising his sword to block, Blood Man's enormous power feedback on Tang Zichen's arm, Tang Zichen felt a little sore and numb, this is the reason why this body is very weak.

Tang Zichen had to marvel, this blood man had some strength, at least one of his thunderbolts made Tang Zichen feel numb.

Tang Zichen flipped over in mid-air, unloading the remaining power of the Blood Man's strike.

"Poison Tiger Drill Heart."However, before Tang Zichen's figure had stabilized, the second move of the Blood Man had already arrived violently.

"Swoosh."Blood Man's sword stabbed straight at Tang Zichen's heart.

"Ah."Tang Zichen's heart was slightly shocked, the two consecutive fierce attacks of the Blood Man had caught Tang Zichen off guard.

Tang Zichen now no longer hesitated, seemingly very seasoned, his body turned and the Blood Man's strike passed by.

Tang Zichen finally stopped defending and started attacking as well.

Tang Zichen's sword shook, the sword undulated like a wave for a while, at the same time, Tang Zichen dragged his sword in a sudden 360-degree spin, and suddenly, Tang Zichen's sword was like a heavenly maiden scattering flowers, thrown beautifully and indefensibly.

That's right, Tang Zichen's sword technique was called Heavenly Maiden Scattering Blossoms, but unfortunately, it was only Heavenly Maiden Scattering Blossoms First Sky.

"Dang."Bloodman's sword felt like it was impacted by an ocean wave, suddenly playing away from the direction of the attack, almost impossible to control.

But at this moment, Bloodman was forced to move away from the direction of Tang Zichen's attack, giving his body a huge defensive gap.

Tang Zichen's sword, from this one gap, pierced in at once.

"Puff."Tang Zichen's sword pierced into Bloodman's chest and out through his back.

"Ah."The Bloodman looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"Why is this happening?"The blood man looked at Tang Zichen and said, at the moment the blood man felt his body was leaking, causing him to shiver, and after one sentence, an involuntary stream of blood came up from his throat.


Tang Zichen said with a blank expression, "Your sword skills are good, but unfortunately, it's still a weak one."

"No, I'm clearly starting to gain the upper hand just now."Bloodman shook his head.

"The upper hand?No, it wasn't the upper hand, it was the fact that I was only defending and not attacking aggressively.But I admit, if I don't attack and only defend, I'm afraid I'll really fall into a disadvantage.The last sword, called the Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers, is not enough to resist with your martial arts foundation and your level of sword skill, so the simplest sword of my Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers gives me a chance to penetrate directly into your chest.If your martial arts foundation was higher, or your sword skills were more subtle, perhaps, my Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flower's sword would not be able to penetrate you.Pity, pity."Tang Zichen looked into the Blood Man's eyes and said, "It's a pity, but it's no pity, this kind of person doesn't deserve pity.

Blood Man's blood kept coming out of his chest, his body felt colder and colder, so much so that he wanted a warm embrace.

"Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers?Hahaha, hahaha."The Bloodman let out a loud laugh, the more he laughed, the faster the blood in his chest drained away.

Bloodman never thought that he would lose, let alone die.

"Bloody Man, go to hell and pay for the life of those who died at your hands."After saying that, the sword Tang Zichen stuck in his chest was instantly pulled out.

"No."The Blood Man yelled and covered his chest with both hands, but there was no way to stop the blood from flowing out of his chest like a hose.

All the policemen at the scene felt shocked when they saw that one defeated Red Dust had won and killed the other.

In front of the TV, many viewers were now looking at One Defeat Red Dust and the dying man in the golden mask without blinking, without uttering a word.

The golden masked man struggled for a while, as if his body had no strength, because Tang Zichen had pierced his heart with his sword, or else he might have had a chance to escape.

The golden masked man quickly collapsed, his eyes looked at the stars in the sky, and he muttered a sentence, "I, the Blood Man, died here, I am not happy, I am not happy."

Then, the Bloodman never uttered another word, his eyes widened, and he died unwillingly.

The viewers in front of the live TV set were silent for a while, after all, a life had died right under their noses.

Tang Zichen, however, was unmoved, damned man, dead of its place.

Xu Mei Qian was worthy of being a captain, while all the police were still looking at the dead golden masked man, Xu Mei Qian was the first to react, Xu Mei Qian shouted, "Surround him."

"Yes."All the police immediately surrounded Tang Zichen, and those six experts, as well as that Chen Jiang, surrounded Tang Zichen in all directions southeast and northwest.

Tang Zichen wasn't in a hurry to flee.

Xu Mei Qian's hand reached out and slipped out a sword hilt from her sleeve, and in the next second, the hilt ejected with a buzz.Xu Mei Qian looked at him Tang Zichen said, "A defeat of red dust, today I'll see how you can escape, I haven't slept for several days to catch you, I advise you to restrain yourself immediately."

"Hahaha, Captain Xu, I, One Defeat Red Dust, do not want to make an enemy of your police."

Xu Mei Qian snorted, "Don't want to make an enemy of the police?What you are doing is not just an enemy of the police, an enemy of the law, an enemy of all the people."

Tang Zichen laughed, "I have my code of conduct, if the world is fair, why do I need someone like me to show up in one defeat."

"Don't be sophomoric, you burglarized a home, involving three to four million dollars, and privately crippled another person, today I will bring you to justice."


Tang Zichen said, "Very loud-mouthed, if you were really capable of doing that, wouldn't you have caught me long ago."

Xu Mei Qian was about to make her move when Liang Qi Hua said, "Captain Xu, you and later, let me take a look at this One Defeat Red Dust first."

Xu Mei Qian thought, it's fine, let everyone consume Tang Zichen's internal strength first, and then Xu Mei Qian should be able to do it at the end.

"Good."Xu Mei Qian nodded her head.

Liang Qihua smiled at Tang Zichen and pulled out a hilt the size of a kitchen knife from his waist, then, with a clanging sound, the hilt ejected a large sword.Unlike a sword, Liang Qihua used a sword, so all his hilts were the size of a kitchen knife.

Liang Qihua said, "A defeat of the red dust, let the old man learn your masterstroke."

Tang Zichen did not speak.

Liang Qihua took off his jacket, revealing a sturdy body.

"Drink."Liang Qihua bounced on a big rock with both feet, bouncing to seven or eight meters high, then raised his big sword and slashed down at Tang Zichen from the sky.

"Swoosh."The power of the big knife was like a lightning bolt striking down.

Liang Qihua was a powerhouse, so Liang Qihua was confident in himself, because Tang Zichen used his sword, it was obvious that he was not powerhouse with his sword, his swordsmanship, there was no technique, it was just power, breaking skill with force.Let your one defeat red dust how ingenious the sword technique, directly to break it with power. A second to remember to read the book

"Buzz."In the blink of an eye, Liang Qihua's great sword had already reached Tang Zichen's head, the blade had not yet fallen, the wind of the blade had already come.

Tang Zichen raised his sword in a split second, the speed of his sword rising was extreme.

Liang Qihua who chopped down from his head only saw a flash of sword light as if it was illuminated by a mirror reflection.

"Ah."How could Liang Qihua dare to chop down further, the first reaction when you can't see with your eyes is to immediately move away, otherwise maybe the enemy's sword is in your chest in the next second.

Liang Qihua flipped in mid-air and leapt to the side.The slash he gathered strength on was unloaded by itself.

Tang Zichen's mouth was slightly curled, counting his timely reaction, if Liang Qihua had really cut down just now, Tang Zichen's sword would have pierced his chest at this moment.Tang Zichen dared not to do any dodging and only shot a sword, naturally he had his ability.

Liang Qihua looked at Tang Zichen and seemed a little frightened.

"One defeat of the Red Dust, it seems that your sword skills are indeed brilliant."

Tang Zichen only said, "You are not my opponent, I advise you to stop here."

Liang Qihua was stunned, not expecting Tang Zichen's first words to him to be this, and felt anger in his heart.

"One defeat of Red Dust, you are too conceited.Just now, I almost split you in half with a single slash with a thousand pounds of force, and in the end, if it wasn't for the moonlight shining on your sword and reflecting off your eyes, do you think you would still be so relaxed at this moment?"Liang Qihua said.

Tang Zichen said, "Was it really the moonlight that blinded you?Since you want to fight, I might as well fulfill you once I lose the red dust."

Liang Qihua bellowed, "Look at the sword."

"Buzz."Liang Qihua raised his sword, the blade made a buzzing sound and slashed diagonally at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen stabbed out with his sword, this time, Tang Zichen didn't use the Heavenly Maiden, dealing with a powerhouse like Liang Qihua, it required a four-two technique.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen's sword suddenly resembled a soft whip, like a sinuous snake, and wrapped around Liang Qihua's wrist in a flash.


Liang Qihua's wrist hurt, and the large sword he was holding instantly came off and flew a few meters away, his hands suddenly empty.

/> And Tang Zichen's sword, pointed at his throat.

Tang Zichen said, "I told you, you are not my opponent, do you have to have the knife come off like now, and be pointed at deep throat by my sword before you think that I was a kind reminder?"

Liang Qihua looked into Tang Zichen's eyes, angry and furious, it was humiliating to have a sword pointed at his throat.

"A defeated red dust, if you want to kill, kill."Liang Qihua yelled.

Tang Zichen's sword pointed at Liang Qihua shook, the back of the sword hit Liang Qihua's face, and with a crack, Liang Qihua flew out five or six meters while a red mark on his face.

Tang Zichen said, "If I were to know that you are a person who disregards life and does bad things, I will come to kill you."

At that moment, Shi Jing Hong, one of the six masters, seemed unable to hold back.

"One defeat Red Dust."Ishii Hong shouted.

Tang Zichen looked at Ishii Hong, in the evening, he had heard from Liu Chenming, this Ishii Hong, seemed to be an expert invited by a certain group in Linjiang City, since he was there, the three major irregular forces in Linjiang City didn't dare to mess with him easily.

"One defeat of red dust, then let me also come to meet you."Shi Jing Hong said.

Tang Zichen said, "Come along, it's getting late, I have to go home and sleep, my wife is waiting for me at home."

Shi Jing Hong huffed, "Still want to go home, I think you'd better go sleep in jail."

Tang Zichen's main purpose for saying that his wife was waiting for him at home was to confuse the police, especially Xu Mei Qian.

However, right now in front of the TV, many female viewers, hearing that One Defeat Red Dust had a wife, were a bit sorry, although One Defeat Red Dust was wanted by the police, many people still admired him quite a bit.

Especially at this moment in a certain villa, Meng Wenqi heard One Defeat Red Dust say that his wife was waiting for him at home, her heart suddenly hurt, Meng Wenqi was busy consoling herself: "The person who saved me that day, definitely not One Defeat Red Dust, definitely not, definitely not."

Ishii Hong saw One Defeat Red Dust so not to put him in his eyes, but also said together, the heart felt very unpleasant, usually he was in the group, by the boss and so on all the shareholders worship, but at the moment, but by One Defeat Red Dust so not to put in his eyes.You know, at the moment, the group's boss as well as the shareholders must be watching the live broadcast, which made Shi Jing Hong feel a bit ashamed.

Shi Jing Hong coldly snorted, "One Defeat Red Dust, although you are indeed quite powerful, you don't need everyone to go together yet, let's talk big after we win."

After saying that, Shi Jing Hong slapped the stone beside him.

"Ka-ching."The stone beside him cracked.

The many policemen who surrounded the area were overjoyed, slapping the boulder with a slap, bullby ah.

Xu Mei Qian was also slightly shocked, so much power, Xu Mei Qian couldn't do it, she wasn't a powerhouse.

In front of a TV set in one of the luxurious living rooms, a boss-looking man excitedly said, "Mr. Shi, bull, fuck a defeat of red dust."

This man was the boss of the group that Shi Jing Hong worked for, and worshipped Shi Jing Hong's strength.At the moment, he desperately wanted Shi Jing Hong to Dry Death One Defeat Red Dust, in that case, Shi Jing Hong would definitely become famous, even his company would become famous.

This boss's wife was also sitting on the side, watching for so long, finally seeing their family's ultimate bodyguard appear on stage, in a very excited mood, just like watching the Olympics, finally seeing their country's athletes take the field.This boss's wife was so excited, "Honey, Mr. Shi won't let us down, he's really very strong, that bedpan in our room was made by him... err...!"This boss's wife immediately covered her mouth, but a look at her husband, who was watching TV in excitement and didn't seem to be listening to her at all, made her heart palpitate and beat her chest, so close that she almost told the real reason why the bedpan collapsed for no reason at all.


At Liu Chenming's house, Liu Chenming excitedly said, "Is Shi Jing Hong really powerful, worthy of Boss Zheng's worship of Shi Jing Hong as a Bodhisattva, tsk tsk, will he shatter a boulder with a single slap, a defeat?"

At the scene, Tang Zichen took a look at the cracked rock, which was almost half a man's height, and was indeed quite large.His slap to crack the rock was indeed very effective, immediately making many of the policemen with guns at the scene excited and impressed.

Shi Jing Hong heard the cheers of praise from many policemen and unconsciously raised his head, this should get back some of the face that had been despised by a defeated red dust.

Tang Zichen said, "You are willing to shatter stones to fight me, so how can I not fulfill you, but I hope that your strength is worthy of your courage."

Shi Jing Hong snorted, "I'll let you know once you lose the red dust."

Shi Jing Hong put his hands in a fighting stance.

"Where's your sword?"

Ishii's red face filled with pretentious scowl, "Sword?What is a sword, what is a sword, I have a sword in my heart, and a sword without a sword."

Tang Zichen's brows furrowed as he asked, full of sarcasm, "So, you have reached the point where a man's sword is one?"

Ishii Red put his power-filled fist in a pop and said, "My iron fist is the strongest sword of all."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head full of contempt, having a sword in his heart, even daring to say such words, this kind of martial arts realm, being this kind of outburst, Tang Zichen had a very angry feeling inside.Because even in Tang Zichen's previous life, he was far from reaching this kind of martial arts realm.Even this fart, Shi Jing Hong, who hadn't even reached the outer realm of martial arts, dared to say that there were four words of sword in his heart. The first website

"Drink."Shi Jing Hong shouted, his voice like thunder.

Shi Jing Hong stomped on his feet and shot up at Tang Zichen, his fists like iron balls, possessing the power to open mountains and break rocks.

"Buzz."Ishii Hong's giant fist grazed the air and exploded against Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't want to bully him empty-handed with his sword, but this Ishii Hong's tone was so arrogant that he dared to say it even if he had a sword in his heart, then don't blame Tang Zichen for not giving him face.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen waved his sword, facing Shi Jing Hong's attack, Tang Zichen did not meet Shi Jing Hong head on, instead, he waved his sword while using his light skills to avoid it.

Ishii Hong chased after Tang Zichen as he fought.

After about ten seconds, Tang Zichen suddenly withdrew his sword.

Ishii Hong said, "What?You're not going back?How long do you want to hide?"

Tang Zichen did not reply to Shi Jing Hong, but raised his sword and flung it in front of Shi Jing Hong, and a breeze was suddenly blown.

The breeze blew on Ishii Hong's body, then, all of the clothes on Ishii Hong's body, as if turned into pieces, like falling flower petals, scattered with the breeze.

And on Ishii Red, there was nothing left but her underwear.

"Ah."Ishii Hong was shocked to see that she was naked and only had panties left on her.

Everyone on the scene was shocked, a defeat of red dust only took ten seconds, swoosh swoosh a flurry of sword and flower dance, and then quietly Shi Jing Hong's whole body clothes to shatter into flower petals, and did not scratch Shi Jing Hong an inch of skin, this sword skill level, is not ordinary.

Tang Zichen said, "How is my shredded clothes technique compared to your just shattered stone technique?"

"A defeat of red dust, you."

"Ishii Red, I wanted to give you face, but you're too arrogant, sword, what is a sword, sword, what is a sword, there is a sword in your heart, and there is no sword.Is it really good for you to pretend to compare like this?This martial arts situation

How can the realm be insulted by err like you.Therefore, today I shatter your clothes as a warning to you not to pretend too much in the future, or you will be struck by lightning."

Tang Zichen thought that after he said this, someone would applaud for him, or at least his eyes would show it.However, it turned out that no one seemed to be listening to what he had just said, and everyone's eyes were focused on Ishii Hong's panties.

"Why is Ishii Hong wearing these panties?"

"Geez, lace edges with a pattern, this is clearly a woman's panties."

"Ishii Hong looks like an iron man on the outside, how come she's wearing lace panties."

Tang Zichen looked towards the only remaining panties on Ishii Hong, and sure enough, at a glance, it was clear that they were women's panties, no wonder everyone was not listening to Tang Zichen anymore, they were all looking at his panties, Ishii Hong was wearing women's panties, it was really surprising.

And at this moment, in some luxurious living room.

That boss shook his glasses and said to himself, "Strange, that panties that Mr. Shi is wearing, why does it feel a bit familiar, like I've seen it somewhere."

And the woman beside this boss, who was now looking at the panties that Shi Jing Hong was wearing, turned blue in the face.

Shi Jing Hong busy covering the bottom, at the moment embarrassed, a grown man wearing a woman's lace panties, really humiliating to the point of humiliation, the key is this panties, a big story.

Xu Mei Qian is worthy of being a righteous policeman, and did not discuss and mock like the others, and immediately shouted out to relieve Shi Jing Hong.

"A defeat of red dust."Xu Mei Qian shouted, immediately focusing everyone's attention on her.

Ishii Hong took the opportunity to jump away and disappeared into the deep woods of the park.

Tang Zichen looked towards Xu Mei Qian and smiled, "Captain Xu, it's not too late, how long do you still want to toss around."

"A defeat of red dust, no arrests, so what if it's late."

"Captain Xu, it's late at night, you're so young and beautiful, why don't you go find a man to enjoy yourself and grab me for what."

"You're a thief, I'm a soldier, a defeated red dust, I'll never let you escape today."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

Those four remaining experts immediately pounced on Tang Zichen, these were Bai Wuya, Xie Zhilin, Li Xinchun, and Yue Ling Shan.

"One defeat of red dust, look at the sword."Yue Ling Shan killed up as fast as she could.

Xie Zhilin, Bai Wuya, and Li Xinchun followed suit.

Tang Zichen snorted softly as he looked at these four.

"Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers."The sword in Tang Zichen's hand shook, and the sword rolled like a wave, then the sword qi was so longitudinal that his entire body rotated 360 degrees, and a peerless sword qi attacked the four people who were killing at the same time.

"Ah."Those four people shouted at the same time, and Tang Zichen's matchless sword Qi violently pushed them outwards.

A single move of the Heavenly Maiden made the four men retreat more than a dozen steps back, and, in their hands where they held their swords, their sleeves were strangled into cloth.

Tang Zichen, seeing that he had defeated the four men who had rushed up with a single move, immediately tapped his toes against the stone and flew away as light as a swallow.

"Where to go."Xu Mei Qian raised her sword to catch up.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen flew away in mid-air, stepping in the void, and when he encountered tree tops or branches, he would also use his strength to make himself fly faster.

However, what I didn't expect was that Xu Mei Qian's lightness was also super strong, seemingly not weaker than Tang Zichen's, and she caught up with him in the blink of an eye.


One by one, they flew over the tops of the trees in the park.

Soon, Tang Zichen flew to the river bank.

When Tang Zichen turned around, he saw Xu Mei Qian coming after him with great speed.

"Ah, what great lightness."Tang Zichen was genuinely surprised when he saw Xu Mei Qian's lightness.

"One defeat of red dust, you can't escape."Xu Mei Qian said.

"Really?That depends on whether you have the ability to catch up to me."Tang Zichen laughed lightly and jumped into the river with a bit of a toe, then a bit more on the surface of the river, stepping on the water and quickly flying over to the other side.

Xu Mei Qian also flew into the river and stepped on the surface, catching up with Tang Zichen at a speed not weaker than Tang Zichen's.

Tang Zichen smiled back, "Captain Xu, your lightness is not weak."

"A defeat of red dust, I'd better advise you not to make a fearless resistance, if you voluntarily confess your crime, I can petition my superiors to be lenient with you."

Tang Zichen said in amusement, "Captain Xu, don't say such childish things."

Tang Zichen suddenly stopped on the water. Remember the URL

Xu Mei Qian saw Tang Zichen stop and immediately accelerated to fly up.

Tang Zichen took out his sword with a resounding sound and laughed, "Captain Xu, it's rare to see you, it's really hard to say that I don't have a couple of moves with you, let's just leave it, we'll be on this river, if you win me, I'll be at your mercy once I lose the red dust."

Xu Mei Qian stood on the river about five meters in front of Tang Zichen, sword in hand, and snorted, "Arrogant, but I hope you keep your word."

"Of course."

By this time, those policemen as well as the others had caught up to the other side of the river and watched from afar as Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian stood against each other in the middle of the river, and both of them were standing on the water.

"Tsk, what a strong lightness."

"One Defeat Red Dust's light skills are powerful, I didn't expect that Captain Xu's light skills are not weaker than One Defeat Red Dust's."

The crowd all sighed in admiration when they saw the two's light skills.Of course, the viewers who were in front of the television set at the moment were also suddenly impressed, mainly by Xu Mei Qian, because everyone didn't expect that Xu Mei Qian's light skills could compete with One Defeat Red Dust to the extent that she was worthy of being the chief captain of public security.

"Swoosh."Xu Mei Qian didn't say a word, immediately sending her sword, after all, it was on the surface of the water, and she had to use her light skills and fight against the enemy, ordinary people absolutely couldn't do it.In the entire Linjiang City, there were probably no more than thirty people who could do it.

As soon as Xu Mei Qian's sword came out, it immediately made Tang Zichen feel a hint of coolness, which went straight to his heart.

Tang Zichen also dabbed at the surface of the water with his toes, the sword in his hand slicing through the water, sword qi coming out through the water and heading straight for Xu Mei Qian.

"Swoosh."Xu Mei Qian's body moved her sword, dodging Tang Zichen's sword qi while keeping his attack intact.

"Awesome."Tang Zichen's heart praised, and at this moment, Tang Zichen seemed to finally feel that he had a good opponent.

"Buzz."Xu Mei Qian's sword had already reached Tang Zichen's chest.

Tang Zichen waved his sword and flicked a spark on his chest, Xu Mei Qian and Tang Zichen retreated several steps at the same time, only to hear Tang Zichen laugh, "Not a bad opponent, I'm afraid that golden masked man can't even win against you."

The sword in Xu Mei Qian's hand plunged into the water, using the water's faint resistance to stop her retreating body.

Tang Zichen, however, didn't use any to stop her body, which showed that Tang Zichen's strength was slightly higher than Xu Mei Qian's.

Xu Mei Qian snorted, "You're no match for me either."

After saying that, Xu Mei Qian injected her internal energy into her sword and slashed at Tang Zichen, a visible white wave of energy

and hurriedly attacked Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's mouth popped open, also an instant a sword qi met it.

Their sword qi collided together.

"Bang."The two sword energies collided and it was like a cannonball exploding in the water, blasting out a wave over ten meters high.

"Wow."The crowd watching from the shore exclaimed, this was a scene that could only be seen on martial arts television.

The wave that was created hadn't yet fallen into the water, and Xu Meimei stepped into the wave.

"Swoosh Swoosh."Xu Mei Qian's sword danced in a stunning pattern that dazzled the eyes and left people with no way to feel.

Tang Zichen's sword shook and once again performed the first style of Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers.

However, Xu Mei Qian was not repulsed by Tang Zichen's Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flower, and their swords intertwined fiercely.

"Dang dang dang."A sound of gold and iron clashing on the river, so intense.

"Shoo."In the end, neither of their swords clearly distinguished a height, and they drew a perfect arc from each other, brushing past each other.

Tang Zichen seemed to smell Xu Mei Qian's alluring body fragrance as he brushed past her side.

To be honest, Tang Zichen hadn't had such a smooth battle since he came to this world.

Xu Mei Qian's strength was also truly powerful, of course, it wouldn't be difficult for Tang Zichen to win against her if he really wanted to.

While Tang Zichen was stunned, Xu Mei Qian suddenly turned around and attacked Tang Zichen from behind.

Tang Zichen's body sank violently, and when the tip of his nose was only one centimeter from the river, he flipped over and stabbed Xu Mei Qian's lower abdomen with a diagonal sword at a tricky angle.Xu Mei Qian didn't expect Tang Zichen's light control to be so exquisite, a move she thought she couldn't do.It seemed that Xu Mei Qian had to admit that One Defeat Red Dust's lightness was above her.

Xu Mei Qian couldn't dodge the sword no matter what, and watched as it stabbed at her lower abdomen.

However, Tang Zichen suddenly withdrew his sword and didn't pierce into Xu Mei Qian's lower abdomen, but he cut Xu Mei Qian's belt open with this withdrawal.

As soon as Xu Mei Qian's belt opened, the front of her pants started to slide down.

"Ah."Xu Mei Qian subconsciously shouted, this shout, the lightness dissipated, and with a clatter, Xu Mei Qian fell into the water.

Tang Zichen smiled apologetically, "I'm sorry, I unintentionally hurt you, but I unexpectedly broke your belt.However, it still means that you have been defeated."

"One defeat, you're shameless."Xu Mei Qian scolded angrily.

"Shameless is shameless, Captain Xu, I'll see you later."Tang Zichen made a move to fly.

Xu Mei Qian gritted her teeth and said, "One Defeat Red Dust, wait for me, I will catch you."

Tang Zichen stomped on the water and his body catapulted five or six meters away, reaching the other shore in a few seconds.

However, there were already policemen guarding the other shore.

The cops saw a defeat of red dust coming and fired in fear.

"Bang bang bang."For a while, shots were fired everywhere.

Unfortunately, how could Tang Zichen be afraid of their guns, to Tang Zichen, it was just the same as a hidden weapon.

Tang Zichen flipped over and flew up to the building next to him, disappearing into the night.

Xu Mei Qian is still in the river, angry and annoyed, the belt has been broken, the trousers are loose, causing her to dare not get up, if people see, it is really shameless.

"Once you lose the red dust, I'm not done with you."Xu Mei Qian slapped the surface of the water and it created a wave, so she had to use the hilt of her sword to buckle her pants so they wouldn't slip off.


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