The King of Kungfu 141-150

Chapter 141

Tang Zichen dodged the surveillance along the way, picking dark corners to walk, and soon he was a long way from the Floating Pond Park.

About half an hour later, Tang Zichen returned to Liu Chenming's house.

Tang Zichen entered the room unnoticed.

"Young Master."When Jin Gui saw Tang Zichen return, he was busy shouting excitedly.

"Shh."Tang Zichen shushed, then told Jin Gui to go back to his room.

Tang Zichen changed into his pajamas and walked down to the living room, where Liu Chenming was still watching TV.

"Uncle Liu, it's after one o'clock, still watching."

Willow Chenming said excitedly, "Zichen, have you watched it or not, it's so wonderful ah, so wonderful that I can't even describe it with words."

"Oh, Uncle Liu, is it that exaggerated?"

"Never exaggerate, that One Defeat Red Dust is really a strong man, that Captain Xu, is also very powerful, but unfortunately, he is still one step weaker than One Defeat Red Dust, and in the end, he seems to have let One Defeat Red Dust escape.The scene where One Defeat Red Dust and Captain Xu fought on the water was too far away to see anything because of the live broadcast sight, otherwise it would have been very exciting."Willow Chenming said with unsatisfied intentions.

"Uncle Liu, go to bed early."Tang Zichen yawned and went back to his room to sleep. One second to remember to read the book

And Liu Xiangyun has already gone to bed, she is not well, she can not stay up late.

At two o'clock in the morning, a defeated red dust ran away without a trace, Xu Mei Qian also had to go home first, very frustrated.

The first thing you need to do is to take off the sword hilt that is fastened to your waist, and in an instant, your pants slipped off, even your panties.Looking down, the shrink band of the panties had also been cut and had no elasticity.

"Ahhhh."Xu Mei Qian roared in anger, since she was a child, the first time she was so slighted and cut her panties.

Tang Zichen quickly went to sleep, seemingly in an instant, switching back from a defeated state of red dust to Tang Zichen.

The next day, Linjiang City News, overwhelmingly publicized what happened last night, and even the foreign news media, also reported some of it.

Tang Zichen ate breakfast and leisurely drove his BMW, driving the lady to class.

"Did you watch the live broadcast last night?"Xiang Yun Liu asked.

"I watched it for a while, then turned it off when I realized there was nothing to see later."

"I heard it was wonderful."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Wonderful my ass, you really think it's as clear as watching a movie, but it's just a few sneak shots."

"Well, that one defeated Red Dust is indeed a chivalrous man of great strength, I heard that even Xu Mei Qian was defeated by her."

"Hahaha, Miss, we are students, what does this have to do with us, just learn about it, don't pay too much attention to it."

Liu Xiangyun nodded her head.

Tang Zichen didn't want his true identity and talk too much about the one defeat.

"Chu En Ling, you're a bitch."


When Tang Zichen walked into the school gate, he just happened to see a boy beating a girl in the distance, and for some reason, the boy looked very uneducated.

"Oooh."The girl was beaten up and cried out, the boy grabbed her by the hair to the next row of bicycles, clattering, a row of bicycles were knocked down, but the boy did not stop, and continued to rush up to the girl's head and kick as hard as he could, doing it very viciously.

"That's too much."Liu Xiangyun saw the situation when furious.


; However, when Liu Xiangyun saw that Tang Zichen didn't intend to go up to rescue her, she couldn't help but frown, "What are you still standing there for, why don't you go up to save that girl."

Tang Zichen said, "Miss, it's not my business ah."

"You're a vicious young man, and you're indifferent to someone beating someone in front of you?"Liu Xiangyun anxiously, turned her head and looked away again, the boy after kicking the girl's head, and kicked the girl's lower abdomen, lower abdomen so wildly kicked, the uterus are easy to damage, future infertility are not impossible.

Xiangyun Liu was anxious to cry, as if it hit her.

"Tang Zichen, I order you, go up and take care of that scum."Liu Xiangyun gasped.

"Miss, didn't you always think I was bad, what if I hit him too hard and maimed him?"

"Count me in for the fight this time."Xiangyun Liu said anxiously.

"Okay, then I'll be rude."

After saying that, Tang Zichen rushed up to the far side.

The boy was still fighting and was now picking up a broomstick to hit the girl who had fallen to the ground.

Tang Zichen rushed up and grabbed the boy's broomstick, the man was about to hit down with the broomstick, but suddenly he noticed that he was pulled back and looked up.

Tang Zichen said, "No matter for any reason, you are beating a girl so violently, even I, the First Evil, can't stand it."

After saying that, Tang Zichen kicked that boy in the balls.

"Ah."The man screamed as Tang Zichen kicked him in the chest again, and with a swoosh, the violent man flew away and fell ten meters away.

Tang Zichen didn't use his hands because he didn't want to dirty his hands, so he kicked him twice, but of course, his two kicks weren't the usual two kicks.

Tang Zichen looked at the bruised and shivering girl on the ground and asked, "Are you alright?"

The girl raised her head to look at Tang Zichen, her watery eyes filled with gratitude, of course she also knew Tang Zichen, the famous First Evil Shao, she used to hate Tang Zichen, these evil Shao, but she didn't expect that this evil Shao saved her today, this made her think that the First Evil Shao wasn't as bad as everyone said.

"What's your name?"

"Tang Evil Shao, my name is Chu En Ling."

"Tang Evil Shao?Oh, that's an interesting name."Tang Zichen didn't even know that people called him Tang Evil Shao in private.

"Who was that boy who just beat you up?"

"Li Boji."

Tang Zichen turned around and walked away without asking any more questions, if he appeared too concerned, he wouldn't be in line with his status.

At that moment, Liu Xiangyun shouted, "Tang Zichen, come here quickly."

When Tang Zichen looked, Liu Xiangyun was standing in fear in front of Li Boji, while the boy called Li Boji fell on the ground and didn't move.

Tang Zichen said, "Miss, it's bad, he's dead."

"What?"Liu Xiangyun screamed out.

"Miss, you asked me to hit this, it has nothing to do with me."Tang Zichen was busy skirting the relationship.

"You you you."Liu Xiangyun exhaled and pointed at Tang Zichen, not expecting Tang Zichen to kill someone and immediately shirk responsibility.

"There was no light or heavy hand on my hand, this violent man is not a martial arts practitioner, how can he withstand my kick, if it was those students who practiced martial arts, maybe it would not be dead."

Liu Xiangyun roared, "Tang Zichen, you're still not a human being, you're still not nervous at all when people are dead."


"What am I nervous about, you said yourself that you're counting, didn't you?"

"You you."Liu Xiangyun was so depressed she was about to cry.

"I let you fight, but you can't kill anyone, what now?"Liu Xiangyun was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan.

Tang Zichen said, "It's okay, your father should be able to handle it."

"It's all your fault."Liu Xiangyun panicked and pulled out her phone to make a call.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Alright, alright, I'm just messing with you, how could I be so irresponsible.He's not dead, he's just passed out."

"You're deliberately angry with me, huh."Liu Xiangyun punched Tang Zichen a few times in anger, then exhaled and walked away.

Tang Zichen looked at the violent man lying on the ground and kicked him into the gutter next to him, saving him from lying on the road and affecting others' walking.Of course, Tang Zichen didn't say that the violent man didn't die, but the injury was inevitable, and for this kind of scum who was so cruel to girls, Tang Zichen didn't pity him.

Tang Zichen caught up with the lady, Liu Xiangyun exhaled and stared at Tang Zichen, however, Liu Xiangyun inside is not really angry with Tang Zichen, but rather feel, Tang Zichen deliberately angry with her, she also fake angry, so the feeling is a little warm.

That violent man was soon discovered by the doorman and reported to the security office.

A few guards from the security section raged, "Who hit him?" First web site

The doorman said, "It's the Don."

"Oh."The security guard immediately lost his voice, Tang Evil had fought, and the security guard didn't dare to utter a word.

Tang Zichen's fame had become deeply rooted in the hearts of people in Baiyun Middle School, especially after his last fight with Zhao Ritian, completely replacing Zhao Ritian's fame in the school and becoming a ruthless character that no one dared to mess with.

However, during the first class, everyone suddenly discovered that on the campus of Baiyun Middle School, a student had made a post: thank you Tang Evil Shao, thank you for saving me.

The girl who made the post was the one called Chu En Ren, who told the whole story.

Unfortunately, immediately a friend called 'Love Fairy' abused: "Shameless navy, Tang Zichen that idiot will do good?Stupid dog shit Tang Zichen, go to hell."

Chu Eun Ren was very depressed, she felt very much that Tang Zichen was the only one posting, but she didn't expect to be questioned.

Tang Zichen was playing with his phone even, when Wang Qiang brought his phone to Tang Zichen.

"Zichen, look, someone is calling you names and calling you stupid dog shit."Wang Qiang said exasperatedly.

Tang Zichen smiled indifferently, "Just scold, there are already enough people scolding me, however, it's no use, I'm still sitting here fine."

Wang Qiang said, "However, I'm very upset to see someone scolding you."

Tang Zichen didn't take it seriously.

Wang Qiang helplessly continued browsing the campus posts.

However, once Wang Qiang refreshed, he suddenly found a new post.

It was another post from that friend called 'Love Immortal': "Attention students, Tang Zichen has replaced Zhao Ritian's prestige because he blew up Zhao Ritian, and has probably wanted to drift his identity recently, deliberately looking for someone to post that he's a good guy and make up a bunch of stories, so don't believe it.Don't believe it. If Don is a good guy, then there are no bad guys in the world.Here, I greet Tang Dumbbi: Tang Dumbbi, aren't you awesome, aren't you the number one bad guy, come on, come bite me."

"Zichen, look."

Wang Qiang exhaled and showed the post to Tang Zichen.

"It's this person again, this person is sick."Wang Qiang said.

Tang Zichen frowned and looked at the post.

Underneath this post, there were several replies.

Night Hitomi said, "Are you really not afraid of trouble if you curse the First Evil like this?"

The Earth Governor said, "Did Tang Zichen steal the owner's woman ah, Tang Zichen is now at least the number one villainous young man who has overpowered Zhao Ritian, extraordinary ah."

Tease me to death said, "I'm deeply worried for the owner of the building."

The friend called Love Fairy replied: "Fear him a chicken hair, I post anonymously, he knows what a ball ah, everyone has the guts to top up this post, let Tang dumbbi see, I would like to see, Tang dumbbi what reaction, anger?Freak out?Hahahaha, come on, come bite me."

The friend called Love Fairy thought that Tang Zichen couldn't find his true identity, so he was very bold.

This post was really picked up by many many good people, and by the fourth session in the morning, there were already more than three thousand replies.

Wang Qiang said angrily, "Zichen, you should do something about it, this friend called Love Fairy is really very annoying, and you didn't offend him, he completely thought he was posting anonymously and couldn't be found, so he was very disrespectful to you.He purposely let everyone top up the post so you could see it and see how you are."

Tang Zichen was speechless, "He succeeded, I really can't do anything about it, how would I know which one is him with so many students at Baiyun Middle School, forget it, Wang Qiang, be a little more generous of heart, this kind of person only dares to vent on, I, Tang Zichen, don't bother to take action against him."

"Ugh."Wang Qiang sighed helplessly and refreshed his post again, that Love Fairy was still posting.

The love fairy said, "Fellow students, let me tell you a story, last night, Tang Zichen patted his chest and promised to Liu Xiangyun that this time I will exceed ten seconds, I will break the record of my life.In the end, Tang Zichen said he couldn't do it in the sixth second.Liu Xiangyun was very upset, what a useless, not as good as my dad, hahaha, everyone say, is this story good."

When Wang Qiang saw this new post, his hair stood on end in anger.

"Zichen, if you don't get angry, I'll have to despise you, people have scolded you like this."Wang Qiang handed the post to Tang Zichen.

After reading it, Tang Zichen was indeed angry.

"This son of a bitch, where did I provoke him, even if he defames me, he still defames Miss."Tang Zichen was really angry this time, the post actually said that Liu Xiangyun was incestuous with her father, and that Tang Zichen was only six seconds.

Wang Qiang laughed, "Are you still calm now?"

Tang Zichen was indeed unable to calm down, feeling like his lungs were about to explode.Originally Tang Zichen was ignored, a trash on the posting just, in reality not dare to put a fart, but, this trash somehow vilified him, to the extent that he could not bear.The most important thing is, this is not to scold Tang Zichen alone, but even Liu Xiangyun and Liu Chenming are added together ah, how to endure it.

Tang Zichen immediately logged into the campus on his phone and made a post.

"That one called Love Fairy, don't you fucking want to hang around?"Tang Zichen's post said.

Tang Zichen was already a celebrity on campus, and Tang Zichen's post immediately caused onlookers and thousands of replies all of a sudden.

The nickname concert place said, "Wow, is it a good show again?"


The concert place said, "Wow, is it going to be good again?"

Only chasing after Jiangnan said, "That love fairy is really bad, this time I suddenly sympathize with the First Evil."

The idol came and said, "That love fairy is really damn bold, if it was me, I wouldn't dare to mess with the first evil youngster even though no one knows about it up there."

At this moment, in class 32, Liu Xiangyun's table was busy pushing Liu Xiangyun.

"What for?"Xiangyun Liu looked at her table strangely, and her tablemate handed the post on her phone to Xiangyun Liu.

Liu Xiangyun was confused, but, in a short while, her face turned blue and her body began to tremble.

Tang Zichen is now furiously reading the posting, that love fairy in the face of many people's accusations, but also smugly said: "I'll mess with him, how to drip, have the guts to bite me ah, even if I pass by the Tang idiot, he does not know it's me, can what, I day him fairy board.Hahaha."

The love fairy also very arrogant tone, because he knew that no matter how how he was, that was on, in reality no one knew who it was.

At this time, there was a stir in the front of the class, and something seemed to have happened in front of the class.

Wang Qiang was busy saying, "Zichen, it seems like Liu Xiangyun is crying."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was busy looking over at Liu Xiangyun, and sure enough, Liu Xiangyun was sobbing on the table, but she wasn't crying out loud. Remember the URL

Don Zichen scrambled up.

"What's wrong?"Tang Zichen asked.

Liu Xiangyun didn't dare to look up and just cried sadly.

Tang Zichen looked to Liu Xiangyun's table and asked, "Did you bully her?"

Liu Xiangyun's tablemate was shocked, busy, "How dare I, yes, yes, geez, I should have known not to show her."

"What exactly did you do to him?"Don Zichen asked.

"I just saw a post about her on campus and handed it to her to read, but she cried shortly after reading it.

Tang Zichen already understood what was going on.

Tang Zichen was already furious about this matter, but he didn't expect to have Liu Xiangyun read it and cry.

Just then, the bell rang for the end of class.

Everyone walked out of the classroom.

Only Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun were left, along with Wang Qiang.

Tang Zichen said to Wang Qiang, "You go eat first, you don't have to wait for me."


Only after Wang Qiang left did Liu Xiangyun raise her head, her face full of tears.

"Miss, I'm sorry, it's all because I caused this."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Xiangyun wiped her tears and said, "It's none of your business, it's just that person is so damned."

"Miss, don't worry, I will handle this matter."

"How are you going to handle it, you have no idea who he is."

Tang Zichen took out his phone and made another post, "That one called Love Fairy, I'll give you half an hour to delete all your posts that slander me and post an apology, otherwise, I, Tang Zichen, will not let you off lightly."

After posting, Tang Zichen said, "Alright, Miss, I'm sure that person will delete the posts right away, as long as the posts are deleted, it's fine, you'll only be angry with yourself, let's go eat."

"Mm."Liu Xiangyun heard Tang Zichen's comforting words, feeling very useful and warm.

Xiangyun Liu asked, "Where are we going to eat?"

"You usually go where you go, but I'm going with you today."

"I like to go to the cafeteria."

"Then go to the cafeteria."

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun went to the cafeteria to eat.

At this moment, in a fast food restaurant outside the school, a student refreshed and saw Tang Zichen's post, and the boy who was eating with him said, "Did Tang Zichen say something again?"

"He told me to delete my post that defamed him and post an apology or he won't spare me, you can't say it's ridiculous."The boy who spoke was the one whose campus name was Love Fairy.

The boy who was eating with him advised, "People are getting angry, you should delete it quickly and stop at an appropriate time."

That boy a mouthful: "Why should I delete, in reality I am indeed afraid of him, but online, why should I be afraid of him, I will play with you to the end, hahaha."

After saying that, the boy immediately replied to Tang Zichen's post: "Tang dumbbi, I'll delete your mombi's post ah, you let Liu Xiangyun sleep with me for ten days and nights, I might consider deleting the post."

In the cafeteria, Liu Xiangyun ate half of the food feeling little appetite, so she took out her phone to see if the campus post was deleted.

This look, Liu Xiangyun was anxious, not deleted at all, and also threatened to let her sleep with her, Liu Xiangyun immediately showed the post to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was on fire, having never seen such a person who deserves to be beaten up.

Tang Zichen immediately replied, "Did you delete it or not?Do you really want to play with me?"

Quickly, the other returned, "Play with your mommy than, Don Zichen, I don't mind playing with your mom, really, I have a hundred ways to get your mom out of bed and there's nothing I can do about it."

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen was shaking with anger, if this person was in front of him, Tang Zichen wouldn't beat him until he turned into shit, Tang Zichen would take his last name.

This post, of course, instantly caught fire on campus.

Tang Zichen, who had been silent on campus for two days, was back on the headlines today.Yesterday and this morning, the hottest person on campus was Liao Jia Yuan, the Sealed Swordsman, and instead, no one said anything about Tang Zichen, but now, Tang Zichen was on fire again.

In just an hour, this post, already as many as 20,000 comments.

The friend called Love Immortal, who also continued to reply to some arrogant words in the post, said that he had a hundred ways to make Tang Zichen look bad on campus, and Tang Zichen, however, was helpless to do anything about it.

Yes, Tang Zichen was indeed helpless.

During the first class of the afternoon, the school sounded an announcement: "Hey, hey, students whose campus name is 'Love Fairy' are asked to delete their posts immediately, thank you for your cooperation."

The person broadcasting the announcement was the Director of Instruction.

However, after a few minutes, everyone saw the post again from the person named Love Fairy: "Hahahaha, I actually asked the director to broadcast, Tang dumbbi is really shameless, I told you, on campus, I have a hundred ways to make him unable to see it, now you all see it.Unfortunately, I'm just not going to delete it, Don Dumby, pissed off at you, come on, come bite me, throw me off the building."

The entire campus was watching Tang Zichen's jokes, not expecting that the man who had beaten up all of Zhao Ritian in reality would be so helpless.

Tang Zichen was in no mood at all throughout the afternoon, looking at the campus where that love fairy was still arrogantly replying to others.

During the third class of the afternoon, Tang Zichen had a brainstorm in his head.


Tang Zichen thought of a person.

"Intelligent person."

Tang Zichen thought of the little beauty who was a hacker, wasn't she a hacker, maybe she would be able to find the friend called Love Fairy.

Tang Zichen was so elated that he immediately logged into the qq and found that little hacker beauty.



"I'm here, I'm here, a defeat, you're finally paying attention to me."The little hacker beauty was delighted.

"Call me Tang Zichen."

"Wow, is that your real name, it's so nice, then I'll call you brother Zichen, brother Zichen, what do you need my help with?"

"Yeah, you go to the campus White Cloud High School forum and help me find a guy whose name is Love Fairy."

"Okay Le, small matter at one end."

Tang Zichen was excited, he had been holding back all afternoon, and he could finally let off some steam.That bitch, if Tang Zichen spared him lightly, he would follow his surname, thinking that he couldn't find his real person, on top of dying to slander and abuse him, Tang Zichen would immediately let him know what it meant to be self-made.

After about five minutes, the little hacker beauty sent a message over.

"Brother Zichen, found him, his real name is Yao Xiaoyan, he's in senior two class 15, his phone number is xxxxx."

"Fuck."Tang Zichen stood up and immediately went to the senior two school building.

Wang Qiang was busy chasing after him and asked, "Zichen, what are you doing?" One second to remember to read the book

"Brutalize that bitch."

"Ah, you know who he is?"

"Already know that."

"I'm going too."Wang Qiang flamed out.

At this moment, in Senior Two Class 15, the student named Yao Xiaoyan was playing with his phone with his head down, and his tablemate said, "Xiaoyan, it's almost done, I'm worried if you go on like this, what if he finds out it's you?"

Yao Xiaoyan trailed off: "Che, I'm anonymous, he found a bird hair, I'm partial to playing with him to the end."

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen arrived at senior two class 15.However, the teacher was in class.

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked the door open.

The teacher who was in class was shocked, and when he saw that it was Tang Zichen, he lost his temper and asked, "Tang Shao, what are you doing?"

And when Yao Xiaoyan saw Tang Zichen coming to his class, he panicked and had a bad feeling in his heart, and his hand that was posting trembled involuntarily.

Tang Zichen stood on the podium and bellowed, "Yao Xiaoyan, stand up for me."

Everyone suddenly looked at the student called Yao Xiaoyan.

The moment Yao Xiaoyan heard Tang Zichen shout out his name, his urine suddenly raced out and clattered along his crotch, and his body couldn't stop trembling.

Tang Zichen found Yao Xiaoyan at once according to everyone's eyes.

Tang Zichen looked at Yao Xiaoyan, his heart was on fire, so it was this kid who was slandering him.

Tang Zichen walked over to Yao Xiaoyan.

"Ah."Yao Xiaoyan cried out in fear, at this moment, he wanted to die, he even looked at the teacher and shouted, "Teacher, save me, teacher, save me."

However, that teacher didn't move a muscle, the other party was Tang Zichen, he didn't want to die to stop Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's big hand grabbed Yao Xiaoyan's hair and dragged him out of his seat.

Wang Qiang was busy taking out his mobile phone to film.

Tang Zichen dragged Yao Xiaoyan to the edge of the podium.

Yao Xiaoyan cried out, "Don't ah, oooooh, brother Chen, don't ah."

Tang Zichen really damn want to laugh, on top isn't it arrogant, left one sentence Tang stupid than, right one sentence Tang stupid than, why now become a minister brother.

The teacher standing at the side of the podium was busy whispering: "Tang Shao, you are an adult, almost two sentences of education will be enough."


sp; Tang Zichen glared angrily at that teacher and roared, "Do you believe I'll throw you down the stairs?"

That teacher was shocked, and was busy saying, "I didn't say anything, you continue, students, let's go on with the lesson and pretend nothing happened."Then, that teacher picked up the chalk and immediately continued with the lesson.

Tang Zichen grabbed Yao Xiaoyan's hair and slapped it left and right.

"Slap slap."

Tang Zichen himself couldn't even remember how many slaps he slapped, and when he stopped, both sides of Yao Xiaoyan's face were completely swollen into a pig's head, and his teeth had fallen out.

Finally, Tang Zichen grabbed his arm and twisted it, cracking it and breaking it.

"Ah."Yao Xiaoyan screamed in pain as he cried out, "Brother Chen, I was wrong, Brother Chen forgive me, I won't dare to do it again, oooooh, Brother Chen, please bypass me, oooh."

Tang Zichen stepped on his head and said, "Within three minutes, I'll get to your apology post, and with an attitude that satisfies me, otherwise, you watch."

After saying that, Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

"Woohoo."Yao Xiaoyan ran back to his seat through the pain, handed his phone to his table, and cried, "Hurry up, help me make an apology post."Because his right arm was broken.

Yao Xiaoyan's table sighed and immediately used Yao Xiaoyan's phone to make an apology post: "I'm sorry, Brother Chen, I was wrong."After editing the post, the same table asked, "Is this okay?"

Yao Xiaoyan cried and roared; "No, not sincere enough, I'll read, you write."

"I'm sorry, Brother Chen, I'm sorry, Liu Xiangyun, I was wrong, I Yao Xiaoyan am a slut.I'm cheap, I'm shameless, I'm not human, I'm an animal, I'm a son of a bitch, I'm a turtle."

The same table was busy frowning: "Xiaoyan, no need to be so cruel."

Yao Xiaoyan cried: "No, not cruel enough, I'm a son of a bitch, I'm your grandson, please hold up your hands and spare me."

The same table finished editing this post for him word for word, and then immediately sent it out.

Yao Xiaoyan saw the post sent out, his body only loosened up, sitting on the ground and crying, he was really scared, so he just scolded himself very harshly, that is, he was worried that Tang Zichen was not satisfied, Tang Zichen, he now thought of his appearance a shiver.

Tang Zichen returned to the classroom and took out his phone, the post had been sent out.

Wang Qiang laughed: "This is cool, this bitch, look at how arrogant on before, see you real person, before you do anything to wet your pants, hahaha."

Tang Zichen said, "Give me the video you just took."


Tang Zichen showed the video to Liu Xiangyun.

"Miss, are you satisfied this time?"

After reading it, Liu Xiangyun was also very relieved, and looked at Tang Zichen with gentle eyes and said, "Thank you."

"Alright, it's good that you're relieved."

Soon, there were many explosive posts on campus, all of which were videos as well as photos of the brutal beating that Yao Xiaoyan had just received.

Everyone has a cold sarcasm, where was the arrogant love fairy before, long ago said, he is so grippy, will be a big deal.

At the moment in Linjiang City, a home, Liao Jiayuan face is still swollen, last night by a defeat red dust beaten two slaps, swelling to now has not gone down.

Liao Jiayuan has always had a fire in his heart, he wanted to go to help the police to arrest One Defeat Red Dust, at least to have a few sparring sessions with One Defeat Red Dust, so that he can gain some face in the school.As a result, that wicked One Defeat Red Dust, two fingers collapsed his sword and slapped him twice, saying in public that he should go home and eat more milk before coming back.This incident had become the laughingstock of the entire Linjiang City, bringing shame to his parents as well.


Not only was he in a bad mood today, but his parents were in a bad mood as well.

"Fuck."Liao Gayuan scolded in anger.

At this time, one of Liao Jia Yuan's hairy children came, his name was Wu Shao Jie, he was a dude who lived not far away, Wu Shao Jie's father was also the backbone of Feng Yun Tang.

"Jia Yuan, how are you?"Wu Shao Jie walked into Liao Jia Yuan's house, only to see a fat man with a swollen face sitting inside.Wu Shao Jie yelled at once.Why at my friend's house?"

When Liao Jia Yuan looked up and saw that Wu Shao Jie actually didn't even recognize him, he was on fire and lifted his foot and kicked at Wu Shao Jie, cursing as he said, "I'll kick you to death, you uncaring thing, you don't even know me."

However, never expected that Wu Shaojie would suddenly take out a spray.

"Anti-Chen Spray."

"Ah."Liao Jia Yuan's eyes were sprayed, and he screamed out in pain.

Wu Shao Jie did not know martial arts, and seeing this fat man, he actually dared to attack him, and lifted up a kick and kicked Liao Jia Yuan's crotch.

"Ah."Liao Jiayuan screamed again.

At this time, Liao Jia Yuan's mother came out. The first website

"Wu Shaojie, what are you doing?"

"Aunty, this fat man tried to hit me."

"What fat boy or not fat boy, he's my son."

"Ah, when did you get an extra bastard son?Does Uncle Liao know about this?How dare you lead it to your home."

"Lead you ah, he is Liao Jiayuan."

Wu Shaojie was busy taking a closer look, and he really did look a bit like Liao Jia Yuan.

"Ah, Gar Yuan, it's really you ah?How did you get like this?"

Liao Jia Yuan wiped his eyes with water and then glared at Wu Shao Jie, Wu Shao Jie was busy apologizing and Liao Jia Yuan's mother was busy trying to persuade him, so Wu Shao Jie didn't get beaten up by Liao Jia Yuan.

"Jia Yuan, I'm sorry, I really didn't know it was you, why is your face swollen like this?"

Liao Jia Yuan's mother exhaled, "Last night, I was slapped twice by a defeat of red dust, at that time, my face was only slightly swollen, but I didn't expect that after I came back, my face became more and more swollen, and now my whole face is swollen into a ball."

Wu Shaojie said, "Auntie, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit Jia Yuan."

"It's fine, you didn't mean to either, who made Jia Yuan's face swell up like this.By the way, what did you just spray Jia Yuan with?"Liao Jia Yuan's mother asked.

Wu Shaojie took out the spray and said, "Anti-Chen spray, it's a best seller in our school's commissary, many girls in the school are using it, I also bought a bottle in passing for fun, I didn't expect that it would really come in handy."

When Liao Jia Yuan heard him say that it came in handy, he suddenly glared at Wu Shaojie.

"Anti-Chen spray?A best seller?"Liao Jia Yuan's mother said doubtfully.

"Yeah, it's a must-have item specially used to prevent Tang Zichen from going to the girls' bathroom, Tang Zichen you should know, it's that number one villain at Baiyun Middle School, he even beat up Zhao Ritian two days ago, now Zhao Ritian doesn't even have any momentum in school, I feel suffocated for Ritian."Wu Shaojie and Zhao Ritian were also very familiar with each other, considered friends who grew up together, because Zhao Ritian's father, who was Liao Ga Yuan's father's right-hand man, were both from the Windy Cloud Hall.

Liao Jia Yuan's mother hummed, "I've also heard about this person, Tang Zichen, alright, you guys talk, I'll go cook, Zhao Qitian and a few others will come to the house for dinner tonight."

Right here.

When, Zhao Ritian and his father, Zhao Qitian, and Liao Jia Yuan's father, Liao Buffalo, and a few other men walked in together.

Zhao Ritian saw Liao Jiayuan, whose face was swollen into a ball, almost didn't hold back his laughter, let you pretend than to capture a defeat of the red dust, now know that this than pretend can't be.

Zhao Ritian saw Liao Jiayuan this appearance, inside is very happy, because usually Liao Jiayuan in front of them are very grippy.

"Jia Yuan, are you alright, I came over to see you, heck a defeat of red dust, I Zhao Ritian is not finished with him, but he beat you up like this."Zhao Ritian said to Liao Jiayuan.

Liao Jiayuan snorted, "Okay, don't be hypocritical here."

Zhao Ritian smiled and looked at Wu Shaojie, smiling, "Wu Shaojie, you've come over so quickly."

Wu Shaojie said, "I came over before class ended, I wanted to find Jia Yuan to discuss a matter, one of my little brothers, was beaten up."

Zhao Ritian asked, "Beaten up by who?You can find me for this, I'm at least the first madman, I can still help with this little help."

Wu Shaojie shook his head, "It's because you can't help me, that's why I wanted to come to Jia Yuan, I didn't expect Jia Yuan himself to be so miserable, I'm too embarrassed to mention it."

Liao Jia Yuan frowned, "What is there to say directly."Although he had been beaten by a single defeat, it didn't mean that he had no strength.

Zhao Ritian said, "Wu Shaojie, you know Gar Yuan, he doesn't normally fight, so it's better for you to find me."

Wu Shaojie smiled, "This morning one of my little brothers, Li Boji, was beaten by Tang Zichen, Ritian, it's not that I'm not looking for your help, but you really can't help me, you yourself just got beaten by Tang Zichen."

Zhao Ritian was all uncomfortable and angry.

"So, I had to come find Gajuan."

Zhao Ritian felt a bit of face damage and clenched his fists, remembering Tang Zichen very unhappily.

Liao Jiayuan was already in a bad mood today, and now, hearing Tang Zichen's name, his heart was fierce: "Tang Zichen?"

"Yes, Gajuan, Tang Zichen beat up one of my younger brothers for no reason, Tang Zichen's momentum in the school now, I'm sure you know about it, it's simply his world.Even Ri Tian has been cleaned up by him, I'm afraid no one can punish him except you."

Zhao Ritian said, "Unfortunately, Gajuan doesn't care to take action against someone as lowly as Tang Zichen."

Liao Jia Yuan looked at Zhao Ritian, clenched both fists and said, "Wrong, I have nowhere to vent my anger, and with the face I lost last night, I'm afraid that in the school, my reputation as a Sealing Swordsman is shaken.Just in time, I need a killing to warn the monkey, to restore my prestige in the school.And Tang Zichen, who is the hottest character in the school these days, is just right for me to strike."

Wu Shaojie said excitedly, "Great, Jia Yuan, it's really great that you're willing to do it."

Liao Jiayuan's face chilled and commanded, "Wu Shaojie, go to the campus and make a post for me.Tell everyone that next Monday, I'm going to clean up Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen's glamorous days at school will be over."

"Okay, but why do you need to post?Wasn't that notice to him in advance?What if he finds out and deliberately avoids you?"Wu Shaojie was puzzled.

Liao Jia Yuan snorted, "What do you know, this is called momentum building.I'm now sweeping away my prestige, and I desperately need a massive event to restore my prestige.Unfortunately, defeating the first and second place of the genius experts, I can't do it at all, the two of them are simply perverted in strength.So, I can only take on Tang Zichen, who has been the most popular in the school lately.Beat Tang Zichen to shit, and the scene will be even bigger than the last time Zhao Ritian dueled him, then I can also restore my prestige in the school."


"Well, trust me, this area is my strong suit."Wu Shaojie said with a beat of his chest.

Wu Shaojie immediately opened the campus and immediately saw a post with over 30,000 replies, and when he opened it, it was the same post where Tang Zichen brutally beat up Yao Xiaoyan.

"Jia Yuan, take a look, Tang Zichen has become the headline on campus again today, this is a video of him brutally beating a student this afternoon."

Liao Jiayuan clicked it open, sure enough, Tang Zichen was so pretentious, he dragged out the student called Yao Xiaoyan, grabbing him by the hair.

Liao Jia Yuan grunted, "Ahh, Tang Zichen, sure enough, he's so good at pretending, unfortunately, his good days are coming to an end."

Zhao Ritian stood to the side without saying anything, but he was quite looking forward to this day next week.

At this moment, four or five adults, including Liao Ga Yuan's father, Zhao Ritian's father, and Wu Shao Jie's father, were discussing something important on the other side of the living room.

Liao Jiayuan's father, Liao Shui Niu, said, "You all saw, my son, Jiayuan, what a swollen face he has now, I really regret that I didn't go to the scene last night to assist the police."

Liao Shui Niu, as the third hall master of the Feng Yun Hall, his strength naturally could not be underestimated.

At this moment, at Liu Chenming's house.

On the grass behind the villa, Tang Zichen was teaching Wang Qiang how to practice martial arts, and Liu Xiangyun was sitting next to him, watching with her gills in interest. Remember the URL

"Legs should be straight, waist should be straight."Tang Zichen said loudly to Wang Qiang, whose forehead was constantly sweating.

"Alright, take a break."Tang Zichen said.

At that moment, Liu Xiangyun immediately brought a cup of tea to Tang Zichen.

"Miss, how nice of you to bring me tea."Tang Zichen smiled hehehe.

"You're my personal bodyguard, I care about you just as much as I care about my subordinates, so don't think about it the wrong way."Liu Xiangyun said with a bit of a blush on her pretty face, and then remained watching from the side.

In the distance, Liu Chenming watched them laughing and smiling, seeing his daughter in such a good mood, he felt quite peaceful inside.

After the sky gradually darkened, Tang Zichen let Wang Qiang go home first.

Tang Zichen went to take a shower, then went downstairs to eat dinner.

At the dinner table, Liu Chenming asked, "Zichen, what are you going to do tomorrow, the weekend after tomorrow?"

Tang Zichen shook his head, "I don't know, I haven't thought about it yet, does Uncle Willow have any arrangements?"In fact, Tang Zichen had an arrangement within him, but he hadn't decided on it yet, Tang Zichen since he promised to cure Liu Xiangyun, he always went to make an effort to find out if there was anything he needed.

Liu Chenming said, "Tomorrow, if you are fine, come with me to the Linjiang City Enterprise Summit, all the owners of some big enterprises in Linjiang City and so on."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

When Liu Xiangyun saw Tang Zichen go, she was also busy saying, "I'm going too."

Liu Chenming laughed, "You can meet them if you want."

Tang Zichen asked, "What's the corporate summit for?"

"It's just a networking banquet for various entrepreneurs, bosses, famous people, and so on in Linjiang City, it's kind of a very big event."

"Good."Tang Zichen seemed to understand why Liu Chenming had invited him, because such a place was full of entrepreneurs and bosses, and it was inevitable that there would be some climbing competition.

At that moment, Tang Zichen's phone rang.

A glance showed that it was from Wang Qiang.

Tang Zichen immediately picked it up.

"Hey, Wang Qiang, what's up?Are you home yet?"

/> "Just arrived, Tzu-Chen, something big has happened, hurry up."

"What big thing happened?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

As soon as Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun heard about it, they also looked nervously at Tang Zichen.

Wang Qiang said, "Go to campus and see for yourself, alright, I'll hang up and take a shower."


Hanging up the phone, Liu Chenming was busy asking, "Zichen, what's the big deal?"

Tang Zichen was also confused, "I don't understand, Wang Qiang told me to go to the campus to see it myself."

Liu Xiangyun immediately picked up the phone on her desk and entered the campus.

Immediately a post caught her eye.

Liu Xiangyun read it out, "Fellow students, I am Sealing Swordsman Liao Ga Yuan, I hereby announce something, next Monday, I will hang Tang Zichen, please tell the students who see it to tell each other to tell Tang Zichen to be ready to be hanged by me."

The content of the post was very short, just this one sentence, but the post was sky-high.

It actually reached more than 40,000 comments, for no other reason than the fact that Bai Yun High School, the third strongest genius expert, known as the Sealing Swordsman, Liao Ga Yuan, was going to hang Tang Zichen next Monday.

The forum has exploded.

Play Nima said, "What's going on?Why did the Feudal Swordsman suddenly announce that he's going to hang Don Zichen next Monday?"

Inertia imagines saying, "Is it possible that the Don is too grippy to cause the feudal swordsman's displeasure?"

The idiot said, "Support the Sealing Swordsman and hang Tang Zichen."

Ye Batian said, "Fight it, fight it, I love to watch the fun."

Next Heaven said, "Tang Zichen will be killed, stand posted as proof, Sealing God Swordsman, although he was slapped away twice by a defeat, but not Tang Zichen can be compared to him."

No longer light mosquito incense said: "Liao Jia Yuan's identity, huh, Tang Zichen will be played to death."

Liu Chenming looked at Tang Zichen nervously.

"Zichen, why is this happening, why did Liao Gayuan beat you ah?Did you offend him somewhere?"

Liu Xiangyun was also very nervous about Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen, however, had a kind of anger inside at the moment, why did everyone like to provoke him, and now he even brought the school matter to his home, Tang Zichen very much disliked this.

"Uncle Liu, don't worry, it's fine."

Liu Chenming said, "How can I not be worried, that Liao Jia Yuan, even I know him, he is the son of the third master of the Wind Cloud Hall, Liao Shui Niu, besides, this Liao Jia Yuan is already a remarkable figure in the school."

Tang Zichen was shocked, he didn't expect Liao Ga Yuan to be the son of the third hall master of the Wind Cloud Hall, that's quite a background.

Tang Zichen was furious: "I don't care whose son he is, it's no use to be the son of the King of Heaven."

Liu Xiangyun said: "Then what now?You don't seem to have offended him, do you, so why did you suddenly announce that you were hanging?"

When Tang Zichen heard the word hanging, it was heck of a lot of anger, actually daring to use the word hanging on him.

Tang Zichen a huff: "Who hanged who, not yet certain, Miss need not worry, well, eat, do not care about these fart."

Liu Xiangyun oh, although she said she had confidence in Tang Zichen, but her heart still inevitably worried, what if Tang Zichen could not beat Liao Jiayuan?After all, Liao Jia Yuan was a Sealed Swordsman ah, in the White Cloud High School, it was by no means an illusory name, which Liao Jia Yuan had said last night when he faced a defeat of red dust.


After dinner, Tang Zichen sat down and prepared to watch TV.

At that moment, Liu Xiangyun shouted, "Tang Zichen, come to my room."

"What for?"

"Make up classes."

Don Zimmer was depressed.

"No make-up."Tang Zichen refused, he was already bored enough at school during the day, but he still came back at night to make up classes, sick.

Liu Xiangyun grievously pouted, Tang Zichen did not listen to her words, suddenly a little depressed, from the side reaction Tang Zichen heart no her position, a person sullenly went back to the room.

It was only after ten-thirty that Tang Zichen lay down to rest.

After lying down, Tang Zichen took out his mobile phone to play, to this world, Tang Zichen also slowly learned to sleep before lying on the bed to play mobile phone.

Tang Zichen opened the campus, that post of Liao Gayuan, the number of comments straight up to sixty thousand.

At this moment, at Liao Ga Yuan's home, he received a phone call from someone who was the second place on the genius master list of Bai Yun High School, this person who was the second place on the genius master list was called Fang Xu, and I heard that he was the personal disciple of an expert.Liao Jiayuan was no match for this Fang Xu, otherwise Liao Jiayuan would have wanted to take his place in the ranking. One second to remember to read the book

However, Fang Xu suddenly called Liao Jia Yuan, who felt surprised and answered in a panic.

"Hey, Fang Xu, why are you suddenly calling me, remember we don't have such a good relationship, right?"Liao Jiayuan said that this Fang Xu was not often seen at school because he was completely focused on martial arts and reading exams were no longer his focus, so Fang Xu was often absent from school.

Fang Xu huffed, "Liao Jia Yuan, although I am not often at school, I am at least a student of Bai Yun High School and I often follow the affairs of Bai Yun High School.I've seen your posts on campus, and you're playing with these rotten people like Tang Zichen, do you think it's funny?"

Liao Jia Yuan snorted, "You called me specifically to say this?You're in charge too much."

Fang Xu said, "Liao Jiayuan, originally I had a bit of respect for you, after all, you are White Cloud High School, genius expert list, ranked only third after me, I treat you as someone on the same level as me, but I didn't expect that you were so low that you got involved with those rotten people in the school like those evil young maniacs, your image, instantly pulled down, at the same time, also made me feel that my image alsoPulled down by you."

"Hahaha, Fang Xu, if there's nothing else, I'll hang up."

Fang Xu finally said, "Liao Jiayuan, don't think I don't know that you yourself were beaten by One Defeat Red Dust, just want to take out your anger on Tang Zichen and achieve your restoration of your prestige in the school, remember, from this moment on, you have become trash in my heart, just like what Tang Zichen Zhao Ritian's stream."

Fang Xu said and hung up.

Liao Jiayuan cursed at the phone, "Grass you, strength stronger than me is great ah, if it were someone else, dare to talk to me like that, I'll kick you to death."

However, if they really wanted to fight, they were simply no match for Fang Xu.

However, Liao Jia Yuan still decided to hang Tang Zichen next Monday, because he had to restore his prestige in the eyes of all the students in the school by hanging Tang Zichen.Otherwise, those students would still be talking behind his back about how he was slapped into a pig's head twice by a single defeat of red dust.

The next day, after breakfast, Liu Chenming left his home with Liu Xiangyun and Tang Zichen and headed to the Linjiang City Summit site.

The place where the summit was held was in a five-star hotel, and it was also next to Linjiang Lake, where there were several cruise ships and many bikini-clad beauties lying on them!

The feeling of a grand sea and sky feast was indeed very grand.

At the entrance of the hotel, there was a sign-in table, and after Liu Chen Ming signed in, he led Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun into the hotel.

A large row of delicious food was placed there inside the hotel, and there were many wine servers walking around with trays of wine to serve it to the dignitaries there.

Liu Chenming said to Tang Zichen, "Zichen, all the food here, you can take whatever you want to eat yourself, and you can also drink if you want."


"I'll go over there first to say hello, you and Xiang'er do whatever you want."

"Uncle Liu, you go ahead."

Liu Chenming saw his acquaintance and was busy walking to his acquaintance.

When Liu Xiangyun saw the cake on the table, she immediately had an appetite, and was busy taking two plastic plates and cutting some for Tang Zichen as well.

"Here."Liu Xiangyun handed it to Tang Zichen.

"I don't like eating these."

"It's already cut, do you want me to take it back."Liu Xiangyun glared at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen laughed and took the plate.

At that moment, a group of people came in through the door, Tang Zichen looked up and one of them was Zhao Ritian.

Zhao Ritian saw Tang Zichen and was stunned.

A man who walked in front of Zhao Ritian asked, "Ritian, what's up, you met a friend?"

Zhao Ritian huffed, "Friend fucking friend, no."Enemy is more like it, friend?

The Wu Shaojie behind Zhao Ritian said, "Uncle Liao, he is Tang Zichen."

That person who was called Uncle Liao was Liao Jiayuan's father, Liao Shui Niu, who, as a member of the Linjiang City Feng Yun Tang influence, naturally couldn't do without them for a summit event like today.Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the door, he ran into the legendary Tang Zichen.

"Yoho, you're the legendary Tang Zichen, the number one evil youngster of White Cloud High School's fame."Liao Shui Niu looked at Tang Zichen with a beard and a face full of bantering expressions.

Tang Zichen asked nonchalantly, "I dare not, who is your Excellency?"

Behind Zhao Ritian, Wu Shaojie roared, "You don't know Uncle Liao either, something that doesn't open your eyes."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "It's not like he's a well-known figure, what do I know him for."

Liao Shui Niu was upset inside when he heard Tang Zichen say that he wasn't a well-known figure, a school bully also dared to ignore him like that, even if you become number one in school, when you come to society, you're still scum.

I'm not sure if your master can speak as tuggy as you when he sees me," Liao Shui Niu said, "Tang Zichen, you really have some of the momentum of a vicious young man.You are following Liu Chen Ming, right, Liu Chen Ming, huh, what a lowly common businessman."

Standing behind Tang Zichen, somewhat afraid, Liu Xiangyun guessed right away that this person must be Liao Buffalo, the third master of the Wind Cloud Hall, one of the three major irregular forces.

Just at this moment, Liu Chenming, who was talking to a friend from the business world, aimed his eyes towards the entrance and saw Tang Zichen and Liao Shui Niu standing together as a group of people, Liu Chenming was busy walking up to his friend who was chatting with him.

Willow Chenming said, "Hello, Senior Liao."

The friend who came up with Liu Chenming was also busy greeting Liao Buffalo, "Hello hello, Senior Liao, I've heard a lot about you, I'm Qi Yunshan, the CEO of Heng Yuan Company."


Liao Shui Niu didn't look at that so-called Heng Yuan old boss Qi Yunshan, in their eyes, any old boss was many levels lower.

Liao Shui Niu looked at Liu Chen Ming.

Liu Chenming felt a slight sense of threat inside.

Liao Buffalo said, "You are Liu Chenming, the general manager of Changliu Group."

Liu Chenming smiled and nodded, "Yes, I didn't expect Senior Liao to know me, I hope Senior Liao will take care of me."

"Care, hehe, of course I'll take care of you, but this bodyguard you hired seems to be a bit short on eyesight.What did he just say?"As soon as Liao Buffalo turned back and asked the person behind him, Wu Shaojie behind him was busy saying, "Uncle Liao, he just said that you're not a well-known person, he doesn't know you."

Liu Chenming was busy saying: "Senior Liao, although Zichen is the bodyguard I hired, they are all still children, so don't get along with him."

Liao Shui Niu snorted: "Alright, today's occasion is not suitable for me to be general knowledgeable about him.Discipline your bodyguards well in the future, or else you will easily get into trouble."

After saying that, Liao Shui Niu walked away, but another man walked up, Zhao Ritian's father, Zhao Qitian.

Liu Chen Ming and the other bosses were also busy greeting, "Hello, hello, Zhao."

Zhao Qitian looked at Tang Zichen and said, "I'm Zhao Ritian's father, Tang Zichen, you almost killed my son that day, boy, I'll remember this." The first website

Liu Xiangyun immediately exhaled and said, "No it's not, it was Zhao Ritian who tried to kill Tang Zichen with a knife first."

Tang Zichen said, "So what if you remember, don't think of yourself as powerful."Tang Zichen still wanted to say something else, Liu Chenming was busy interrupting him, laughing, "Zhao, all of them are children, playing around in school, Zhao, you should be more responsible."

Zhao Qitian snorted, "Willow Chenming, I advise you to behave yourself, Tang Zichen has already started to attract the attention of the Feng Yun Hall, be careful of setting yourself on fire."

After saying that, Zhao Qitian walked away, after all, Tang Zichen was a student, they were all respectable people, overly tangling with Tang Zichen would also disgrace their image, so Zhao Qitian didn't say anything more.

Zhao Ritian looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, your good days at school are over."

"Yeah?"Tang Zichen left his mouth in disdain.

The one beside Zhao Ritian, Wu Shaojie, said, "Tang Zichen, you wouldn't know, would you?Next Monday, the Sealing Sword Warrior, Liao Gayuan, is going to hang you."

"Hahaha, what a hanging, why don't you see him here today?Let him come and hang me now."Tang Zichen said.

Wu Shaojie said, "It's not appropriate for Gajuan to be here today, you only dare to speak out because he's not here, if he's really standing here.You might have peed all over the hotel red carpet."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't you have his phone number?Come on, call him now and tell him to come hang me, do you dare?"

Wu Shaojie gasped, "Just fight."

However, Zhao Ritian stopped him, Zhao Ritian huffed, "Alright, don't waste your breath with him, let's see if he's still laughing next week."

Wu Shaojie put down his phone and walked away with a hum to Tang Zichen.

There was a reason why Liao Jiayuan didn't come today, Liao Jiayuan was slapped twice by a defeat of red dust, his face is still swollen like a ball, how would he dare to appear on this occasion, it would disgrace Liao Buffalo, so Liao Jiayuan honestly stayed at home.

After Zhao Ritian and Wu Shaojie left, Wu Shaojie said, "Why don't you let me call Jia Yuan, can't you see that kid Tang Zichen is so arrogant, I would hate for Jia Yuan to hear such arrogant language from Tang Zichen."

Zhao Ritian snorted.

"What if Gajuan finds out and can't hold back and actually rushes here to beat up Don Zixin?Jia Yuan is still swollen like a ball, you let Uncle Liao lose face in front of so many big people, Uncle Liao still won't take care of you."

"Ah, I didn't think of this aspect going, it seems that I was indeed impulsive.But it doesn't matter, next Monday, Jia Yuan will definitely hang Tang Zichen then, so what if I wait for two more days."

Willow Chenming said, "Zichen, that group of people just now are the people from the power of the Feng Yun Hall, it's better to offend less."

"Uncle Liu, next week Liao Jia Yuan is going to beat me up, do you think, there is still a possibility of not offending them?Unless I let him hang me, but do you think that's possible?So, be prepared to offend them."

Liu Chen Ming didn't know what to say and was so scared that he could only take one step at a time.

Liu Chen Ming went back to chatting with the other bosses, while Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun both ate their food.

Tang Zichen said, "Why aren't you talking about me now?"

"Says you what?"

"Before, you always said that I wasn't a qualified bodyguard, I was always causing trouble for your father, now I'm going to get involved with the big power that is Windy Hall and make your father and you get involved in danger again, why don't you say a word."

Liu Xiangyun said, "I believe you, besides, what will come will come, it's not like you took the initiative to mess with them, it's people who want to mess with you in the first place, no matter what will happen, as long as you're by my side, I'm not afraid of anything."After saying that, Liu Xiangyun felt her face burning, crap, wouldn't that be a bit ambiguous.

However, Tang Zichen obviously didn't think in that way.

Soon, coming to more and more people, Tang Zichen saw many familiar figures from the school, such as those few evil youngsters and the like.There were also those few mad youngsters, Tang Zichen also saw the usual ones, those rich youngsters, the dude, all came with their families.

"Tang Zichen."At this time, a beautiful figure appeared in front of Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen took a look, it was Shangguan Rou.

Tang Zichen hadn't seen her for almost a week.

"Shangguan Zou."

"Tang Zichen."Shangguan Rou looked at Tang Zichen with a very seductive gaze, coupled with her beautiful body and angelic face, where would an ordinary man be able to resist.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the shoes of a woman who has been in the shoes of a woman for a long time.

Unfortunately, where did Tang Zichen need to be reminded by Liu Xiangyun, Shangguan Zou to seduce those young boys is still fine, seducing Tang Zichen is obviously not practiced enough.

"Something wrong?"Tang Zichen asked indifferently, his voice revealing a hint of inner strength.

The buzz backfired, and Shangguan Rou's eyes returned to normal, smiling, "Tang Zichen, you're here too."

Inside Shangguan Rou's heart, however, she was amazed, "My fawning technique doesn't even have the slightest effect on Tang Zichen, this man really isn't that easy to pick up."

The reason why Shangguan Rou hadn't been seen for several days was because, she was back at the family headquarters.The last time Shangguan Rou received her father's order to pick up Tang Zichen and finally seduce him into signing her family's 'deed of sale', Shangguan Rou felt that it wasn't easy for Tang Zichen to succeed and she had to raise her 'level', so she returned to her family's headquarters and studied the'Charming', she used to rely entirely on beauty, but beauty didn't work for every man, but now that she had learned the art of charming, her entire charm had risen by more than one level compared to before.Shangguan Rou had planned to go to school next week and start charming Tang Zichen, but she didn't expect to run into Tang Zichen here, so she immediately charmed Tang Zichen, and as a result, Tang Zichen wasn't even attracted by her charm.

"No, I want to try again."Shangguan Rou reluctantly tried again.

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Shangguan Rou said, "Tang Zichen, I like you."After saying that, Shangguan Rou again fawned over Tang Zichen, emitting a very strong air of charm all over her body, making it seem irresistible for men to adore her.Tang Zichen was suddenly shocked when he heard Shangguan Rou say that she liked him, and then took a look at Shangguan Rou's beautiful world, and could not wait to hug her in general and get away with it.Tang Zichen's heartbeat accelerated a lot, putting aside all the evaluation, Shangguan Rou is indeed so beautiful, no matter the body and face are impeccable.

Tang Zichen whispered, "You really like me?"

Shangguan Rou nodded her head incessantly, "Mm-hmm."A shy, infinite, loving woman-like.

Liu Xiangyun couldn't watch anymore, she also felt that Shangguan Rou was too charming, Tang Zichen seemed to have a bit of a wrong heartbeat and breathing, Liu Xiangyun was busy pinching Tang Zichen behind his back, her heart cursed, "Tang Zichen, you bad guy, I won't allow you to have feelings for Shangguan Rou."

At this time, Tang Zichen sobered up, his heart was horrified, it turned out that Shangguan Rou could charm, he had just almost been hit by Shangguan Rou's charm.Tang Zichen who woke up, his brain was clear, his heartbeat was no longer accelerated, his breathing was also smooth, only, the eyes were the first sense, looking at Shangguan Rou still felt that she was beautiful.Of course, the main reason was that Shangguan Rou was beautiful in itself, that's why her charming technique was so powerful, if an ugly girl could charm, once the other party was awake and her eyes looked at the ugly, she would immediately reveal it.But Shangguan Rou wouldn't, because she was beautiful in her own right, so even if she was awake, she would immediately get tricked a second time.

Tang Zichen's internal strength surged into his mind, allowing him to wake up completely.

Shangguan Rou was now delighted: "Yay, Tang Zichen really can't resist my charm, I didn't expect it to work the second time I cast it, I'm about to soak him."

Shangguan Rou slowly walked towards Tang Zichen, Shangguan Rou's lips, red and moist, extremely alluring, like a red apple, one couldn't help but want to bite into it.

However, just when Shangguan Rou thought she was about to succeed, Tang Zichen suddenly said, "Are you done making fun?Want me to kick your ass?"

"Ah."Shangguan Zou was stunned.

"Shangguan Zou, save it." Remember the URL

"Don Zichen, I really like you, can't you just give me a chance?Besides, where am I not good enough for you, my family conditions, everything is better than Liu Xiangyun."

Tang Zichen trailed off and his mouth came up to Shangguan Rou's ear to say something.

Shangguan Rou's face turned pale and said angrily, "Tang Zichen, you are shameless."

After saying that, Shangguan Rou exhaled and walked away.

Liu Xiangyun asked, "What did you say to her?"

"Nothing."Tang Zichen didn't want to tell Liu Xiangyun.

"Must tell me, did you whisper in her ear that you wanted to invite her out for a room or something?Why else would she call you shameless."Liu Xiangyun looked like she was breaking the casserole to the end.

"Miss, don't be so curious, okay?"

"No, I just want to know that you're my personal bodyguard and I'm nominally your superior."

"Miss, if you really want to know, I'll have no choice but to tell you.Didn't Shangguan Rou just say that her conditions, everything is better than you?So, I told her, "Is your black fungus also superior to other people's pink fungus?"

"What do you mean?"Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen in puzzlement.

"No way, you still don't know after all this, do you want me to explain it to you?"Tang Zichen broke out in a cold sweat, he was too pure for a cross-dresser to know, but the lady didn't even know.

"I don't even know what it means, you must explain."

"Miss, come on, it's really

The not-so-good thing to say."

"I don't care, you must say mean."

"Miss, don't blame me then."Tang Zichen's mouth went to Liu Xiangyun's ear and explained the meaning of the two words.

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun blushed suddenly.

"You you you, you're so shameless."Liu Xiangyun blushed and pointed at Tang Zichen, shaming her to death.

"Miss you are very unreasonable, it's obvious that you want me to explain."

"Hmph."Liu Xiangyun exhaled and glared at Tang Zichen, feeling as if she was embarrassed.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen harrumphed and laughed.

Liu Xiangyun calmed down and was still a bit happy inside because at least Tang Zichen liked her powder.

"You you, how do you know that Shangguan Zuo is black?Did you really have that with her?"Liu Xiangyun was embarrassed and asked.

"Ah, Miss, don't accuse me wrongly."

"Then how do you know she's black?"

Tang Zichen said, "Actually, I'm just blindly guessing, whether Shangguan Zuo is black or pink, who knows."

"Oh, then how do you know that I'm... I'm... pink."Liu Xiangyun lowered her head in shame and said.

Tang Zichen laughed hehely, "Miss you're icy clean, if it was black, I wouldn't believe it to death.Besides, that evening, you changed your clothes naked, a casual glance would have understood it."

"You you you."Liu Xiangyun remembered that day and stomped her foot in anger.

Tang Zichen was busy, "Alright, alright, don't talk about this kind of topic anymore, Miss, you need to quit lusting, so don't even think about this aspect."

"Who thinks about it, huh, ignore you."Liu Xiangyun glared at Tang Zichen and headed for the entrance of the hotel, as she happened to see someone she knew, Meng Wenqi.

Shangguan Rou walked back to a middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man was her father, Shangguan Salt.

"How is it, Zoe."Shangguan Salt asked.

"Dad, I told you, this Tang Zichen is not easy to deal with, I just performed a charm on him, but unfortunately it failed."

But Shangguan Salt smiled, "This shows that he does have some skills, the greater the skills, the more our family will like him.Zuo'er, it's up to you, if you really can't do it, let your master do it."

"No need, it hasn't reached that point yet."Shangguan Rou was still quite confident inside, just now she had at least made Tang Zichen almost confused, Shangguan Rou herself was a beautiful woman, implementing the charming technique was even more like a tiger.

"Sister Wenqi, you're here."When Liu Xiangyun saw Meng Wenqi and Meng Lun and the others coming, she immediately ran up.

The people who came with Meng Wenqi, apart from Meng Lun, there was also a middle-aged man who was Meng Wenqi's father, called Meng Wenhua.

"Uncle Meng, Grandpa Meng."Liu Xiangyun was also busy greeting Meng Wenhua and Meng Lun politely.

Meng Wenhua chuckled, "Xiangyun, how long have you been here."

"We've also just arrived not long ago."

Tang Zichen also came over.

When Meng Lun saw Tang Zichen, he walked up with a smile.

Naturally, Meng Wenhua had also heard of Tang Zichen and he also had great respect for Tang Zichen's medical skills, and his eyes immediately went to Tang Zichen.

Meng Wenhua was about to greet Tang Zichen, but Meng Lun was the first to say, "Brother Tang, you're here too."


"I'm here with Uncle Willow, Meng, why are you here too?You're not a business owner, so why are you here?"Tang Zichen said.

Meng Lun laughed, "Although I'm not the boss, I'm a well-known figure in the Chinese medicine world ah."

"Even at that level you have the nerve to speak so loudly."

"Hahaha, Brother Tang, before you appeared, I was the number two person in the Linjiang City's medical community.You tell me if I'm qualified to attend today's summit."Meng Lun didn't mind Tang Zichen saying that he was bad, because his medical skills were truly worthless in front of Tang Zichen.

"Really? Then who is the number one person?"Tang Zichen asked.

Meng Wenhua, who was standing beside Meng Lun, smiled, "Of course it's that Su Yang who is known as the 'Linjiang Wonder Doctor'."

Meng Lun said, "Of course, Su Yang is still a far cry from Brother Tang."

Just at this moment, a cold snort came from the doorway, "Who's farting where."

Tang Zichen and the others looked towards the door, only to see an old man about the same age as Meng Lun walk in, and seemed to be full of displeasure when he heard Meng Wenqi's words.

Meng Wenqi: "Trouble, he heard us, he is the most famous Chinese medicine master in Linjiang, Su Yang, and the Chaoyang Hospital was opened by his son, Su Pingrong.There's very fierce competition with my father's Bright Hospital, which is the two largest private hospitals in Linjiang."

"Oh."Tang Zichen oh, Bright Hospital and Chaoyang Hospital, are the two most famous private hospitals in the area, open and hidden competition is probably inevitable. One second to remember to read the book

When Meng Lun saw Su Yang coming, he laughed and said, "Old Su, long time no see, you're in good spirits."

Su Yang snorted, "Who are you saying is inferior to whom?Are you saying that I'm not as good a healer as you?"

Su Yang just thought that Meng Lun was saying that he was not as good a doctor as Meng Lun.

Meng Lun laughed, "Su Lao, I can be in no mood to argue with you about who's better at medicine, you are the number one famous doctor in Linjiang City."

Meng Wenqi, who was standing beside Tang Zichen, but left her mouth open: "What number one famous doctor, hype up, my grandfather is indifferent to fame and fortune, just don't want to speculate."

When Tang Zichen heard Wenqi's words, he seemed to understand a bit, the Meng family and the Su family, I'm afraid the relationship is not good.

At that moment, another boy walked in at the door, Tang Zichen recognized him at once, it was Su Yuhao, one of the five madmen of Baiyun High School.

Su Yuhao saw Tang Zichen and was stunned.

"Why are you here?"Su Yuhao frowned at Tang Zichen.

"Why can't I be here."Tang Zichen said.

Meng Lun and Su Yang, who were looking at each other in all directions, couldn't help but look at Tang Zichen and Su Yuhao as well.

The middle-aged man beside Su Yang was busy asking, "Yuhao, do you know him?"

Su Yuhao said, "Dad, he's that No. 1 evil young man from Baiyun High School, Tang Zichen."

"Ah."Su Yuhao's father was shocked, Tang Zichen's name, he had already heard from his son, but he had never seen a real person, he didn't expect to see a real person for the first time today.

Su Yuhao's father seemed to be very disdainful of Tang Zichen, and with a snort, "So that infamous number one evil youngster of Baiyun High School is you."

Tang Zichen looked at Su Yuhao's father with a pop at the corner of his mouth and didn't say anything.

That Su Yang looked at Tang Zichen a few times and said, "Young man, the last time my grandson was beaten up at school, you were the one who did it, right?"


bsp; Tang Zichen nodded his head directly and said, "It is precisely me."

From the other party's perspective, it was a very arrogant tone of voice for Tang Zichen to say precisely I am here so directly.

Sure enough, Su Yuhao's father's eyebrows jumped and said in a threatening tone, "Tang Zichen, everyone has a bottom line, even though you are a student and are acting recklessly in school, you should remember, please think twice before doing anything and see if you can afford to provoke him."

"Hahaha, tiny Linjiang City, is there anyone I can't afford to provoke?"Don Zichen said.

"You."Su Yuhao's father was a bit shaken by Tang Zichen's arrogant words.

Su Yuhao saw that his father was suffering from Tang Zichen's anger, he was heartbroken and said angrily to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, please show some respect to my father, don't come at me if you have something to say."

Tang Zichen said, "Your father is not a big man, not a relative, why should I respect him, as for coming at you, huh, Su Yuhao, are you sure you can handle it?Why don't you and I set up a time next week and have a solo fight?"

Su Yuhao remembered Tang Zichen's ruthlessness, his body shivered, even Zhao Ritian couldn't play with Tang Zichen, he, better save it.

Su Yuhao tongued a bit wimpy and said, "You you, you are less arrogant, next week Liao Jia Yuan will deal with you."

Su Yang laughed coldly, looked at Meng Lun and said, "Meng Lao, this silky uneducated brat seems to have a shallow relationship with you, Meng Lao, it really surprises me that you would hang out with such a person, it's no wonder that your medical skills are regressing in the past few years."

Meng Lun laughed, "To tell the truth, Tang Zichen is a forgotten friend of mine."

Su Yang spoke in a very despicable tone with a snort, "I think you have Alzheimer's, let's go."

Su Yang didn't want to talk to the Meng Lun family any more and entered the depths of the hotel.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Su Yuhao, do you have an appointment next week?"

Su Yuhao panicked and quickened his pace, cursing in his heart, "Date your sister, who is dating you."

Su Yuhao's father was not satisfied with his son's performance, and after walking away, he grunted, "Yuhao, you've disappointed us too much, you and him are both students of Baiyun Middle School, why should you act as if you're very afraid of him."

Su Yuhao was depressed, "Dad, it's not that I'm afraid of him, it's that Tang Zichen is really very ruthless, the number one villain of Baiyun Middle School, even Brother Ri Tian can't play with him, how dare I, he just said he wants to ask me out next week, I'm a bit afraid to go to school now."

"Pah."Su Yuhao's father slapped the back of Su Yuhao's head and said angrily, "That's all you've got, before I told you to keep a low profile at school and cause less trouble, you were crazy to the point of no return, but now when I want you to be crazy, you act like a wimp.Your performance makes us all lose face, what is Tang Zichen, so what if he is the number one evil young man, no matter how evil he is, he is just a student, we are all students, your family background is not worse than his, why should you be afraid of him."

Su Yuhao plucked up his courage and said, "Seems a bit reasonable, alright, I'll try and see if I can get mad in front of Tang Zichen."

Meng Lun looked at the Su family who walked away and sighed deeply.

Meng Wenhua said, "Dad, forget it, our Meng family, and the Su family is just like this for the rest of our lives."

Meng Lun said to Tang Zichen, "Brother Tang, that grandson of Su Yang, called Su What Yuhao, has a grudge against you at school?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "I've beaten him up before."

Meng Lun laughed wordlessly and said, "The Su family, they are all rather narrow-minded, it's better to have less contact with them in the future."


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