The King of Kungfu in school 151-160


"Don't worry, I know my own limits."

Meng Lun said, "I'm not worried about you, I'm worried about Xiao Chen ah, Xiao Chen is alone with her daughter, it's really not easy to fight here.It's not easy to do business here, Xiao Chen doesn't have any strong backers, so let's offend as few people as we can."

Tang Zichen could see it in Meng Lun's eyes, but I'm afraid that the care of Liu Chenqi was able to do such a stable business all these years, the care of the Meng family was indispensable, the Meng family was definitely more powerful than Liu Chenqi alone.

Meng Lun gave a wink to Meng Wenqi, as if reminding his granddaughter to quickly communicate more with Tang Zichen ah.

Meng Wenqi was helpless.

Meng Wenhua also saw his father making eyes at him and said in his heart, "Could it be that father wants to set up Wenqi with Tang Zichen?"

Liu Xiangyun took Wen Qi's hand and said, "Sister Wen Qi, let's go find something delicious to eat and walk around in."

"Okay."Wen Qi and Liu Xiangyun walked away.

Tang Zichen naturally followed them.

After the three of them left, Meng Wenhua said to his father, "Dad, you don't want Wenqi and Tang Zichen to walk together, do you?"

"What?What's wrong with that?"Meng Lun asked rhetorically. First URL

"Dad, there's no bad ah, it's just that, Tang Zichen is a few years younger than Wenqi, graduated, Tang Zichen is still a senior in high school, so the ages are not equal."

Meng Lun snorted, "A difference of four years is nothing, Tang Zichen's medical skills are much higher than mine, this kind of talent can't be found if you miss it."

"Dad, you can't just look at medical skills ah, medical skills aren't the most important thing to our Meng family, the most important thing is martial strength."

Meng Lun knew, of course, but he was in medicine himself, so he couldn't resist Tang Zichen, who was so powerful in medical skills, Meng Lun said, "Tang Zichen, also knows martial arts."

"But, that martial arts skill of his, you know, it's not enough, this level of martial arts, back to our family headquarters, a big handful.How can the person Wen Qi is going to marry in the future be of this level in martial arts, besides, even if you're determined to set him up, the family wouldn't be willing."

"My granddaughter, I want whoever is willing, in short, I just like Tang Zichen, I just want to set up Wenqi with Tang Zichen.The family is looking for someone with high martial arts skills, let the rest of the family find their granddaughters, and my granddaughter is going to match Tang Zichen anyway."Meng Lun seemed to have already decided that Tang Zichen was the one.

"Oh."Meng Wenhua smiled helplessly, he didn't comment, but he knew that the family would definitely not allow it, he was the father who didn't have any decision power at all, while Meng Lun, presumably, still had some decision power, but the resistance must be great.

Tang Zichen followed Liu Xiangyun and Meng Wenqi, they both tasted the delicious food they saw and forgot about Tang Zichen.

"Hi."At that moment, a small hand patted Tang Zichen on the back.

Tang Zichen turned around and saw that it was Song Yu'er, Song Daitian and Liu Yue were also there.

"Miss Song, it's you, oh, and Brother Liu, and Boss Song."Tang Zichen smiled at the three Song family members.

Song Dai Tian's impression of Tang Zichen however was not good, what good was a campus number one villain.

However, Song Yu'er seemed to appreciate Tang Zichen, Song Yu'er smiled and said, "Tang Zichen, how are you thinking about it?"

"What's the consideration?"

"Well, you didn't take my words seriously, didn't I tell you to come and be my second bodyguard?I'll triple the price.

Money."Song Yu'er looked at Tang Zichen expectantly.

"Haha."Tang Zichen laughed, amused by the words of Song Yu'er, a brain-damaged girl, who really wanted to dig at him, even in front of Song Daitian and Liu Yue.

As expected, Liu Yue's face went white when she heard it.

Song Dai Tian heard it, but was very angry and reprimanded: "Yu'er, what are you doing."

Song Yu'er pursed her lips and said, "Daddy, I want to dig Tang Zichen over from Liu Xiangyun."

"Nonsense."Song Dai Tian looked at Liu Yue and reprimanded.

"I'm not fooling around, I'm serious."

"Yu'er, I'm going to punish you if you keep fooling around, have you considered Liu Yue's feelings?"

Song Yu'er said, "I didn't say sacking Liu Yue, I was thinking, let both Tang Zichen and Liu Yue become my bodyguards, that way, won't I be safer at school in the future, dad, don't you want me to be safer?"Song Yu'er didn't dare to imagine that image, with two bodyguards, Tang Zichen and Liu Yue, it was too beautiful.

Song Dai Tian snapped, "Yu'er, if you keep messing around, daddy is really angry."

Song Yu'er was very aggrieved pouting her mouth, making a tantrum, "You simply I don't care about my daughter's safety, and said you care about me, everything is fake, let me be killed by the bad guys."

"You you you."Song Dai Tian was furious with Song Yu'er.

Tang Zichen said, "Song Yu'er, come on, save it, I'm not going to be your bodyguard."

"Why?"Song Yu'er looked at Tang Zichen puzzled.

"No why."

"I'll offer five times the salary."Song Yu'er held out five fingers.

"Cut, I'm not short of money."Tang Zichen said.

Song Dai Tian looked at Tang Zichen and spoke in an unpleasant tone, "Tang Zichen, I don't care what number one evil young man you are, I beg you, please stay away from my daughter in the future, okay?Yu'er's character is too simple, especially easily tempted, besides, your lady Liu Xiangyun, her appearance is not worse than Yu'er, so why bother."

Tang Zichen said, "Boss Song, you underestimate me, do you think I am interested in Song Yu'er's beauty?Don't be ridiculous, your daughter, not my type, forget it, words don't bother you."Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

Song Yu'er heard Tang Zichen say it wasn't his dish, and exhaled, "Hey, Tang Zichen, you're the one who's not my dish, your whole family isn't my dish.I just wanted to hire you as a bodyguard, you're too self-righteous, you're pissing me off."

"That's enough."Song Dai Tian yelled at Song Yu'er.

Song Yu'er pursed her lips, "It's a pity that such a good bodyguard missed out like this."

"What's so good, what's so good about him?What number one villain, to put it bluntly, he's a campus hooligan."

Song Yu'er cunningly said, "His martial arts skills are very high."

Song Daiwei said, "If his martial arts skills are so high, why doesn't he go catch a defeat of red dust?It's just pretending to be a match in front of you kids, so capable, go and have a couple of fights with One Defeat Red Dust, do you believe that people will swell his face with a slap?"

Song Yu'er was unconvinced, "Tang Zichen he's still young, it's not fair to compare him to One Defeat Red Dust when you yourself worship him, it's not fair, in the future Tang Zichen and One Defeat Red Dust are so old, he might even be more powerful."

"Alright, stop comparing him to my idol."

Tang Zichen took a glance, Liu Xiangyun and Meng Wenqi had gone far away, these two women, forgot Tang Zichen in the back of their minds.


Liu Xiangyun and Meng Wenqi soon left the banquet hall, and Tang Zichen followed them out.

Outside was a lake, many people were playing on the yacht, Liu Xiangyun and Meng Wenqi went to the boat to play, Tang Zichen did not follow again.

Tang Zichen suddenly saw Xu Mei Qian walking towards him, with several policemen in tow.

Tang Zichen recoiled, remembering the battle with Xu Mei Qian that night, this girl was the strongest opponent Tang Zichen had ever encountered.

Tang Zichen smiled in relief, he was Tang Zichen now, not a defeated red dust, what was there to be nervous about, besides, Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of her, at most, he would just run away.

"Tang Zichen."Xu Mei Qian called out as she passed by Tang Zichen's side.

"Uh, officer, why are you calling me."Tang Zichen said.

"Nothing, by the way, behave yourself in school from now on."

"Officer, did I do something wrong?"

"Tang Zichen, a lot of students have called 110, saying that you hit someone at school, although you have not yet reached the level of the Public Security Bureau to arrest you, but you kid better behave yourself, don't make trouble at school, or I won't joke with you, don't think that you have some power, twist the bars of the detention center, I just don't care with you, hear me."

"Oh, I see."Tang Zichen nodded his head. Remember the URL

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product.

Meng Lun snorted, "A difference of four years is nothing, Tang Zichen's medical skills are much higher than mine, this kind of talent can't be found if you miss it."Your sister is the number one genius expert at Baiyun Middle School, if Tang Zichen isn't more honest, simply ask your sister to beat him up so that this brat can learn a lesson and see if he still dares to make a fool of himself at school."

Xu Mei Qian smiled, "Forget it, I'm just educating him, after all, he's just a student, and he's not a vicious person."

The Linjiang Summit, to put it bluntly, was a large party, those bosses, gathered together in twos and threes to boast and show off to each other, there was no substance to it.Of course, there were also some pragmatic ones that might lead to many deals today.

Tang Zichen was a hundred times bored, wandering around by himself to experience the grandness of the party.

Right now.

By one of the summit's flower beds, Willow Chenming was holding a wine glass in her hand, talking and laughing with a group of bosses.

One of them, a young-looking man, smiled, "Boss Liu, I heard that you found a bodyguard for your daughter."

"Oh, Mr. Bai, you're well-informed."Liu Chen Ming smiled slightly, it seemed that he didn't like this Mr. Bai very much, because this Mr. Bai, who was divorced from his ex-wife, actually told Liu Chen Ming how he would be his son-in-law when we last discussed business.So, Liu Chenming didn't like Mr. Bai, but, after all, we had business cooperation, so it wasn't too good.

Mr. Bai smiled: "Mr. Liu, if you're looking for a bodyguard, why don't you squeal to me."

Willow Chenming said, "What? Is there always a good candidate for Mr. Bai?However, I've heard that Mr. Bai does have a few experts with martial arts levels of over 20 under his command."

Mr. Bai laughed, "Mr. Liu, your daughter is looking for a bodyguard, how can you let the people under my hands go, I have to protect her personally anyway, hahaha."

The group of bosses around them also

Haha laughed, out of their group of seven or eight people, Bai was undoubtedly the most powerful in the business world, not only Liu Chenming, but several other bosses, all of them had business with Bai, so the group of people were especially giving him face.

"Oh."Liu Chenming just smiled and sip the wine in his hand, his heart wasn't too happy to ridicule the aspect about his daughter.

General Bai's name was Bai Maoquan, thirty-seven years old this year, the business is quite big, of course, he backstage everything is harder than people, the business is even bigger is also normal.

Bai Maoquan had seen Liu Chenming's daughter and felt shocked at the time, not expecting Liu Chenming's daughter to be so beautiful, since then, Bai Maoquan often dreamed of Liu Xiangyun.Especially after divorcing his wife, Bai Maoquan seemed to have a different idea.Although he was twice as old, he was only thirty-seven, so he wasn't very old.

At that moment, a General Manager Wu said, "I've had the pleasure of meeting General Manager Liu's daughter, she's so beautiful looking."

"Really?No wonder Bai would want to leave the big boss alone and go to school to be a bodyguard for Chief Liu's daughter."

"Hahaha."The seven or eight bosses laughed and laughed, but the only one who laughed was Liu Chenming who only smiled slightly.

"Hey, didn't Mr. Bai just get divorced, this single ah."One of the bosses said.

"Yes oh, you don't say I didn't even think of this going, no wonder Bai is so enthusiastic, could it be that he wants to be a son-in-law to Liu."

"Hahaha."Everyone laughed again.

Liu Chenming's face was already showing displeasure, but unfortunately, those bosses seemed to be deliberately ignoring it.

Bai Maoquan lifted his wine glass and laughed, "Don't talk nonsense, I'm an old man, and people's CEO Liu's daughter is still in her third year of high school."

That General Manager Wu was busy saying, "General Manager Bai, you're too modest, you're the youngest CEO among us, thirty-seven years old, and you're young and promising.Besides, being a senior in high school, that's almost eighteen years old, an eighteen year old girl is a flower, it's the most youthful time."

"That's right, a girl is eighteen years old, all the development that should be developed is almost developed, my little honey, also only eighteen years old."

"Hahaha."Everyone was laughing again.

Liu Chenming stood to one side, his face a bit heavy, the wine glass in his hand gripping much tighter without feeling it.

On the other side, that General Manager Wu looked at Liu Chenming and hummed in his heart: "Liu Chenming, do you really think that General Manager Bai is doing business with you because of your strength ah, that last time, that big order of fifty million yuan, if it wasn't for General Manager Bai's sake for your daughter's sake, how would he give you that big order."

Thinking about it, General Manager Wu immediately said, "I think, why don't we be frank, we are all businessmen, General Manager Bai, be honest, are you really interested in someone's General Manager Liu's daughter.Today, General Manager Liu is also here, so simply let Liu give a quick word and accept you as his son-in-law or not."

"Right right right."Everyone coaxed for a while, then looked at Bai Maoquan.

Bai Maoquan acted as if he was embarrassed, just like under everyone's forced confessions, he smiled and said, "Well, don't make fun of me, men, which one doesn't love a beautiful woman, since the last time I happened to see General Manager Liu's daughter, I started to sleep uneasily.Walk also want, stand also want, sleep even more want, tea and rice."

Willow Chenming's fingers gripped the wine glass hard, and he felt a wave of nausea when he heard CEO Bai's words, and he was still teared up.

"I'm at least a run of four people, and there have been marriages, but, the first time so thumping heart, as if it was the first love."


"Hahaha."Everyone laughed.

Bai Maoquan said, "Don't laugh, I'm telling the truth."

People didn't say it with their mouths, but they sneered in their hearts, saying that Bai Maoquan you're so suave, but also too shameless.Slept with a woman not a hundred also eighty, but also first love like feeling, really have the face to say it.

"Mr. Bai, since you're so tedious, and the man is unmarried and the woman is unmarried, why don't you just ask Mr. Liu here today to see if you meet someone's standards for recruiting a son-in-law."

"Yes, yes, Mr. Liu, you've seen Mr. Bai's affection, so take a stand, it's fine if you can, but not if you can't."General Manager Wu said.

Everyone looked at Liu Chenming.

Liu Chenming smiled and said, "Fellow CEOs, don't make fun of me."

General Manager Wu was busy saying, "General Manager Liu, how is this a joke, General Manager Bai is all teared up, why don't you take pity on him and marry your daughter to General Manager Bai."

"Hahaha, right right right."

Liu Chenming's heart ten thousand grass nimas ran through, but after all, he was a somewhat cultured person, just laughed, "Okay, let's talk about business."

That Wu immediately despised in his heart, and, what, people are not looking at your daughter's sake, which have you any business, Wu laughed: "Liu, you are too boring, men without women, do business?" One second to remember to read the book

Liu Chen Ming's gaze shot to General Manager Wu, as if he had heard something from him.

General Manager Bai smiled, "Alright, we all work together often, don't hurt the harmony."

General Manager Liu smiled, "What General Manager Bai said makes sense, come on, I'll toast you all."Without waiting for everyone's reaction, Liu Chenming picked up the goblet in his hand to show his appreciation, and then drank it all himself.A wine waiter next to him immediately went up and filled up Liu Chen Ming's glass.

Everyone looked at Liu Chenming without blinking, but did not raise their glasses to drink.

The company's CEO, Mr. Wu, said: "Mr. Liu, you're a bit boring, Mr. Bai is not good enough for your daughter.Bai is not even forty years old, in terms of career, much more than you, in terms of strength, also much stronger than you, you ah, it is better to think about it, in the future your daughter looking for a husband, may not have such a good man."

"Yes, Mr. Liu, it's okay to be a senior in high school, the book still reads, right."

"Right right right."Everyone is busy coaxing, is an individual can see, everyone is holding Bai Maoquan's stinky feet, Willow Chenming is nothing ah.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to get the most out of it, but I'm not sure if you'll be able to find a way to get the most out of it.Willow Chenming drank it all in one go.

Everyone didn't say anything else because they saw determination on Liu Chen Ming's face.

Bai Maoquan's heart seemed to be very unhappy, feeling that Liu Chenming was a bit uninteresting, I like your daughter, only good for you no harm, after the family, do any business is easy to say, but Nima rejected me in public.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on the development of the new product.Today anyway, we've opened up, I don't want my cheek, I'll just say it, yes, I'm in love with your daughter."

Willow Chenming shuddered, how disgusting, Willow Chenming treats his daughter like a pearl in the palm of his hand, how can he allow such a person to tarnish his daughter's innocence.

Willow Chenming pulled down his face and said, "Mr. Bai, I can only say I'm sorry, my daughter is indeed still young."

Bai Maoquan saw that Liu Chenming had directly refused, and now also said with a sunken face, "Oh, how small?Eighteen years old, right, which boss here has never slept with an eighteen year old lady, I'm sure you, yourself, must have slept with eighteen year old women in those places in heaven, do you think those eighteen year old ladies you slept with, are they young?Can't get in?"

Willow Chenming was already very unhappy, the words were so fiery that he really wanted to slam the wine glass, but he still held back.

"Mr. Bai, you say that, you also have a daughter, I heard she's twelve, right, and a son, eight years old.The father of your two children, you like my eighteen year old daughter, don't you think?A little too much?"

"Oh, love, you can ignore anything, I love your daughter, that's enough.Like us as bosses, which little honey is not in his early twenties, who will find thirty-something little honey.I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, and I'm not going to be able to do anything about it.Mr. Liu, think about it, marry your daughter to me, and you don't have to answer me in a hurry, you can answer me in three days."

Willow Chenming directly said, "No need to think about it, it's impossible."

After saying that, Willow Chenming gulped down a mouthful of wine.

The other bosses didn't say anything, looking like they were watching a good show.

Bai Maoquan's face turned cold and gulped down wine as well.

Bai Maoquan said, "Mr. Liu, you really think so little of me?"

Willow Chenming said, "Sorry, it's a matter of principle."

"Well then, if you think so little of me, then I guess you don't think so much of that business of ours."

Willow Chen Ming's face shivered and said, "We signed a contract."

"A contract?Oh, so what if it's a contract, I don't want that batch of goods."

Liu Chenming was furious, how could he have never thought that Bai Maoquan was such a shameless person, that batch of fifty million goods, if he didn't want it, then Liu Chenming would have to pay for it.

"Mr. Bai, is this really necessary?"

Bai Maoquan said, "I told you, I like your daughter, if it wasn't for that, do you think that batch of 50 million orders would have been signed with you?Your company's strength is far inferior to that of Mr. Wu."

Wu is the one who just made Willow Chenming very disgusted, the last time Tang Zichen smashed his son's Porsche, Wu is the one who asked him to compensate him for the original price, in fact, even if he smashed it, it's impossible to compensate him for the original price, counting the second-hand price, but considering what happened in the mall, he didn't bother with him, so he compensated him for the original price.

Willow Chenming had an unexplainable depression in her heart at the moment.

Willow Chenming said, "Mr. Bai, if you really want this, then we'll have to see you in court."

Bai Maoquan left his mouth and said, "I have plenty of people in official circles, Willow Chenming, you should know my background, black and white, all eaten up."

Willow Chen Ming's fingers holding the wine glass seemed to be trembling.Of course, Liu Chen Ming knew Bai Maoquan's strength, he couldn't play with him.

The other bosses didn't interrupt, that General Manager Wu saw that Liu Chenming was angry and about to go crazy, his heart was great.

The company's CEO, Mr. Wu, deliberately smiled and said: "Mr. Liu, why do you need to, it's rare that Mr. Bai likes your daughter, Mr. Bai is only 37 years old, and now he is divorced.In the future, Mr. Bai will still have to call you Dad, right?"


"You shut up."Liu Chenming couldn't help it and yelled at that General Manager Wu.

General Wu face a pull, said: "I kindly advise you, what are you angry at me, line, line, as I said nothing, offend General Bai, I'll see if your company goes out of business."

Willow Chenming shivered with anger, as if he was completely dependent on Mr. Bai for survival, but also collapsed.

Bai Maoquan said, "Mr. Liu, we're all adults, we've all fought in the mall for so many years, you should be very clear about the interests involved.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.In short, in a word, I, Bai Maoquan, will treat you well..."

"Pah."At that moment, a brick flew onto Bai Maoquan's head, and a hole was instantly smashed in Bai Maoquan's head, blood pouring down.

"Who."Bai Maoquan shouted, who the hell dared to smash him.

At this moment, twenty meters away from Bai Maoquan, Tang Zichen was coming along, and he was the one who had just thrown that brick.

Tang Zichen was furious, and as he walked, he picked up a wine glass from a wine waiter's plate beside him, and with a "swoosh" sound, the glass flew straight at Bai Maoquan again.

"Pah."Bai Maoquan, who was still on fire and shouting who was smashing him, suddenly snapped the back of his head again and flew a wine glass, almost killing him.

"What the hell, who smashed me?"Bai Maoquan yelled, two bloody holes in his head, and he was already bleeding all over the place.

Everyone was also shocked, the crowd all of a sudden roared, even Willow Chenming trembled, because there were too many people, and for a moment did not know where the bricks and wine cups flew from. First URL

At that moment, Tang Zichen's voice came from ten meters away, "It's your father me."

Everyone looked towards Tang Zichen at once.

When Bai Maoquan saw the person who smashed him appear, he was on fire, smashed his wine glass on the ground, and roared, "I'll grass you..."

Before Bai Maoquan could finish a sentence, Tang Zichen instantly bounced to Bai Maoquan's side and kicked Bai Maoquan away with a punch.

Bai Maoquan flew up and into a flower bed in the back.

Tang Zichen blinked and jumped up again, grabbing Bai Maoquan's collar.

"Was I the one who grassed you."Tang Zichen punched Bai Maoquan in the eye, and Bai Maoquan's eye instantly turned into a panda's eye.

There was panic and many bosses took a few steps back.

Willow Chenming reacted, busy running up and shouting advice, "Zichen, don't don't."

After all, Liu Chenming was cultured and would not hit anyone no matter what, but Tang Zichen wouldn't talk to you about cultured, anyway, he was the number one villain of Baiyun High School, and the whole school knew that the number one villain was unreasonable.

Although Bai Maoquan had practiced a little bit of three-legged cat, but where was he a match for Tang Zichen.Tang Zichen grabbed him by the collar and pinned him down in the dirt of the flower bed.

"Do I grass you."

"Bang."A punch to Bai Maoquan's belly.

"Ah."Bai Maoquan screamed in pain.

"I'll fuck you mother."

"Bang."Tang Zichen punched fiercely, cursing with each punch, causing Tang Zichen to say foul words for the first time, Tang Zichen had never said foul words like grass you? before, mainly because this man was so angry that he made Tang Zichen angry.

The movement here immediately caused a sensation.

On the cruise ship by the lake, Liu Xiangyun said, "Hey, something seems to have happened over there, go over and take a look."

Meng Wenqi nodded her head.

When Liu

When Xiangyun ran over with curiosity, but she was shocked, she was planning to watch the fun, but it turned out to be related to her.The only thing I can see is that her dad is pulling Tang Zichen, while Tang Zichen pinned a man down in the flower bed, punch after punch, her dad can't pull.

Liu Xiangyun was momentarily dumbfounded, Tang Zichen scolded as he beat her, "You bastard, with this old pig head of yours, you also dare to like my Miss, I'll go you bastard."

"Bang."Tang Zichen himself didn't even know how many punches were thrown.

Meng Wenqi's eyebrows furrowed deeply, and Liu Xiangyun and the two of them hurried up to help and pull Tang Zichen down.

"You stop it."Liu Xiangyun pulled Tang Zichen and pleaded, it was definitely wrong to hit someone like that.

Wen Qi took the opportunity to ask, "Uncle Liu, what's going on ah?Why is Don Zichen so angry?"

Liu Chen Ming was busy, "He's Bai Maoquan, he said he likes Xiang'er and wants to marry her, Zichen probably heard him and rushed up to beat him up, stop it, hurry up and help pull Tang Zichen away, if you keep fighting you'll kill someone."

"I'm dizzy."Meng Wenqi was speechless for a while, so that's what happened.

And when Liu Xiangyun heard that, for some reason, she felt happy inside, Tang Zichen beat him furiously because Bai always liked her, how could Liu Xiangyun's heart not feel happy, suddenly feeling that Tang Zichen's beating movements had become handsome.

At this time, Xu Mei Qian came, Xu Mei Qian is here today, naturally she is maintaining the safety of the place, after all, the people attending the summit are not small people.

"Stop."Xu Mei Qian yelled.

Xu Mei Qian rushed up, grabbed the clothes on Tang Zichen's back, violently pulled Tang Zichen away and threw him backwards, Tang Zichen was thrown out several meters.

The onlookers were shocked, the police flower is indeed powerful, just now Liu Chen Ming three people could not pull Tang Zichen, she pulled away with one hand.

In fact, Tang Zichen knew that Xu Mei Qian was coming, and when Xu Mei Qian pulled him, Tang Zichen deliberately didn't resist much because Tang Zichen didn't want him to have anything to do with a defeat, and deliberately pretended to be weak in front of Xu Mei Qian.

Bai Maoquan, who was beaten until his nose was swollen and his mouth was vomiting blood, was helped up by the police and looked so weak that his face could no longer be seen in its original form.

Xu Mei Qian raged at Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, you're too insolent, I've given you the chance to mend your ways again and again, but you're making trouble again and again."

Tang Zichen said, "He deserves it."

Xu Mei Qian yelled, "Bring me to the security room."

Two policemen came up and pulled Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen laughed, looked at the one standing in the crowd, and said, "Is Wu Minghao your son?Tell your son to wait for me."

"Shut up."Xu Mei Qian saw that Tang Zichen actually dared to threaten someone and shouted.

That General Manager Wu was shaking with anger and looked at Liu Chenming furiously, saying, "Liu Chenming, this rascal is the bodyguard you hired?"

Liu Chen Ming was helpless, but it was really a relief to have just beaten up Bai Maoquan, although it was not good to beat people up like that.Liu Chen Ming said, "Mr. Wu, Tang Zichen is the number one villain on campus, I think you should know that, your son Wu Minghao, I remember that he is also one of the villains on campus, let your son go find Tang Zichen, it's useless to talk to me."

After saying that, Liu Chenming was also taken away.

General Manager Wu was furious, he didn't expect Liu Chen Ming to be such a scoundrel, he actually said to tell his son to go find Tang Zichen.

Of course, Mr. Wu knew that his son was in school, where to play with Tang Zichen, this is not into the intention to anger him.

Tang Zichen was brought to a security room in the hotel.

Liu Chenming and other parties were also brought in, and as for Bai Maoquan, he was probably sent to the hospital.


"Tang Zichen, you're too bold."Xu Mei Qian slapped the table.

Tang Zichen laughed, "He deserved it, if One Defeat Red Dust were here, I'm afraid they would all kill him, I just beat him up."

Xu Mei Qian was furious, "Tang Zichen, if you mention One Defeat Red Dust to me again, I won't be polite to you."Xu Mei Qian was on fire as soon as she heard the four words One Defeat Red Dust, feeling a heat on her pants, she suddenly remembered the severed belt, and the underwear.

Soon, the two fathers, Meng Lun and Meng Wenhua, came.

Meng Lun looked at Tang Zichen is very speechless, even hit people, medical skills are so high, at least the image also follow up ah, this image out who believe you are divine doctor ah.

Meng Lun said, "Captain Xu, can you give me a face, this matter can be dealt with simply."

Meng Lun's face was still relatively large, Xu Mei Qian finally nodded and said, "I can let Tang Zichen go now, but then I can't guarantee how Bai Maoquan will retaliate later, of course, it would be best if you yourselves can find him privately."

"Thank you, we'll take it private ourselves, and besides, Bai Maoquan definitely doesn't choose to let your police interfere, we all know that,"Meng Wenhua said.

Xu Mei Qian nodded, in fact, there were too many such grudges in Linjiang City, the police couldn't manage it and weren't too willing to intervene, let them fight to the death in private, and the police wouldn't bother if they didn't go beyond the police's bottom line anyway.The police mainly protect those commoners, not the personal grudges of these rich people, the commoners don't have the strength to defend themselves, they can only rely on the police.Now Tang Zichen beat Bai Maoquan, Bai Maoquan's power is extraordinary, naturally will not be willing, the two sides will definitely have a confrontation, neither is a good person, the police intervention is meaningless.

Xu Mei Qian waved her hand, "Let's go let's go."

Tang Zichen and the others left the guard room. Remember the website

Meng Lun said, "Little brother Tang, the police let you go, but that doesn't mean it's okay.Bai Maoquan's side definitely won't let you go, but there's no telling how he'll deal with you now, so you have to be careful."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "I don't take him seriously at all."

Meng Wenhua said, "Bai Maoquan has ties to Linjiang City's Hualong Hall, which is one of the three major irregular forces."

"The Fengyun Hall has dealt with him, so what about the Chemical Dragon Hall."Tang Zichen said.

This matter was just a very small episode for the entire summit.

After leaving the guard room, Liu Chenming said, "Uncle Meng, Wenhua, I'm not in the mood to continue the summit here today, so I'll take Zichen and Xiang'er back first."

"Fine."Meng Lun nodded.

Liu Chenming and Tang Zichen Liu Xiangyun left immediately.

Tang Zichen said, "Uncle Liu, did I cause trouble for you?"

Liu Chenming smiled, "How is it possible, actually, you hit that Bai Maoquan, I feel very relieved inside, this shameless one, actually dared to hit Xiang'er's idea, you hit it good, hit it hard."

"Uh, Uncle Liu, didn't you and that Bai Maoquan have business to do, now wouldn't all your business be yellow."

"If it's yellow, it's yellow, it's all worth it."

"Uncle Willow, it's good if you can really think that way, you must fight back when you're oppressed."


bsp; "Oh, that's true, but you know that, with how I have the strength to play with them, I'm just a merchant at the bottom of Linjiang City.Now I'm worried about you, what if you can't cope with it, Xiang'er and I are counting on you now, if you fall, our father and daughter will be finished."Liu Chenming said.

Liu Xiangyun was also busy nodding her head, in the past, Liu Xiangyun was afraid that Tang Zichen would offend people, like that time Tang Zichen beat up Lu Bing from Windy Hall, Liu Xiangyun had been blaming Tang Zichen for getting her dad killed, the reason why she was so afraid was because her dad was just a bottom of the barrel businessman, he couldn't play anyone else here.And now, Tang Zichen has offended so many rich kids at school, and today he also beat up Bai Maoquan, Liu Xiangyun can't even imagine how both their parents would live if Tang Zichen fell down.

Tang Zichen smiled and understood what their father and daughter were thinking.

Tang Zichen said, "Uncle Liu, you just have to believe in one word, the entire Linjiang City, I didn't put it in my eyes, in the future you are in Linjiang City, despite your arrogance, I am your strong backing."

"Haha, Zichen, you're so crazy, but I like to hear it."Liu Chen Ming's heart swelled with blood, the entire Linjiang City didn't put it in his eyes, although he didn't know if it was true or not, but it sounded invigorating.And let him be arrogant in the future though, Willow Chenming thought about it and felt quite exciting.

"Uncle Liu, it's still so early to go back, so why don't I teach you some fighting techniques today."

"Good."Willow Chenming was excited.

Tang Zichen and Liu Chenming three people arrived home, only 10 o'clock in the morning, Tang Zichen immediately taught Liu Chenming some fighting skills, Liu Xiangyun happy on the side to watch, she liked this feeling so much, Dad and Zichen are at home, the family is so happy, hey, why do you want to add Zichen, Liu Xiangyun suddenly blushed, but no one paid attention to her just.

At the moment in the hospital, Bai Maoquan lying on the bed, head tied with gauze, the body with a cast, a good look miserable, gauze wrapped like a mummy, even the words can not speak well, but from his eyes, it is clear to see the boundless anger.

The doctor said that his stomach was almost pierced by Tang Zichen, and now it was extremely fragile, and for at least three years, he couldn't eat too much food for fear of bursting in case it gave out.In addition, he couldn't get out of bed now, and he couldn't eat for a few days, so he could only get nutritional injections.

Bai Maoquan bit hard ah, in his heart, "Liu Chenming, you give me wait."However, because the bite was too forceful, Bai Maoquan suddenly screamed out, two teeth fell out of his mouth.The doctor was busy saying, "I told you not to move and you're still moving around."

Bai Maoquan cried out, "I didn't move."

"You just bit your teeth, you can't even bite your teeth now, you've been beaten so badly that your gums are loose, and when you bite your teeth, they fall out."

"But I'm so angry inside, I need to let it out,"Bai Maoquan said holding back.

"You can't bite your teeth even if you're very angry."

"Ahhhh."Bai Maoquan yelled in anger and couldn't even bite his teeth for a bit when he was beaten to the point of lying on the bed.However, at that moment, two more teeth fell out of Bai Maoquan's mouth.

"Doctor, what's going on?I didn't clench my teeth, why are they falling out again?"

The doctor said, "You just yelled and bellowed your teeth out."

"What?"Hearing the doctor's words, Bai Maoquan trembled with anger, holding fire in his heart, but he couldn't bite his teeth, but he couldn't even yell, was there any fire in the world that was more suffocating than this?


At this time, the doctor was busy pressing his body and said, "You can't tremble, if you continue to tremble your stomach is afraid that it will sag again."

Bai Maoquan could no longer control it, two lines of tears silently flowed down, this miserable degree, even he himself could not watch.He was full of anger, can't vent it, can only hold it in his belly, this feeling is worse than death, Bai Maoquan vowed, will never let go of Liu Chenming and others, this hatred, will not stop.

Tang Zichen taught Liu Chenming some fist and footwork for the entire day, and in the afternoon, Wang Qiang came and also practiced with Liu Chenming for the afternoon.Liu Xiangyun is very happy today, serving them tea and feeling so warm inside, hoping that this happiness will never end.

In the evening, Liu Chenming treats them to dinner at an outside hotel, and Wang Qiang also goes with them.

At this moment, at Liao Jiayuan's house.

Wu Shaojie hurriedly walked in.

"Gar Yuan."

"Shao Jie, you're back."Liao Ga Yuan said with a pig face on top.

"Yeah, this year's corporate summit was a lot of fun, and I even met that local star of our Linjiang City and took a picture with him."

Liao Jiayuan trailed off: "I'm not interested in these stars, tell me about other things, are there any beautiful women or anything."

Wu Shaojie said, "Of course there are plenty of beauties, but guess who I ran into at the summit today?" One second to remember to read the book


"Don Dumbass."

"Don Dumbass?What's a dumb guy like Tang Zichen doing there?Is the summit where people like him can go?"Liao Jia Yuan was upset, he stayed at home all day with a pig face and didn't dare to go out, while Tang Zichen could go to the summit to play.

Wu Shaojie said, "That Tang Dumbbi, today at the summit another windfall, I heard, that CEO called Bai Maoquan, likes Liu Chenming's daughter, then Tang Dumbbi was upset, so he beat up Bai Maoquan, beat up that hard, this matter is spread to the Linjiang Window Forum, causing many citizens of Linjiang City to discuss.If you don't believe me, take a look on the Linjiang Window Forum and make sure there's a video."

Liao Jia Yuan picked up his tablet and opened a forum called 'Linjiang Window', which was the most famous forum in Linjiang City, just like the campus was for the students of Baiyun Middle School.The campus was mainly for the students of Baiyun Middle School on it, while the Linjiang Window was a place for the entire Linjiang City citizens to gossip.

Open the Linjiang Window forum, at first did not see any posts about Tang Zichen, butchering the version is all about a defeat of the red dust, the most beautiful police flower Xu Mei Qian, and so on big characters.

Tang Zichen was a figure of the moment on campus, but in Linjiang Window, it could only be said to be a fart.

However, although Tang Zichen was a fart to the forum of Linjiang Window, that Bai Maoquan was not a fart.So, after flipping down a bit, I really found a post about Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen was able to get on Linjiang Window's hot post, it seems that he borrowed Bai Maoquan's light.

The post reads, "Linjiang City's famous entrepreneur Bai Maoquan, this morning at the Enterprise Summit, was viciously beaten by Baiyun Middle School's first evil young man, Tang Zichen, currently Bai Maoquan has been sent to the hospital, I heard that he was beaten very badly."

This post also added a video in which Tang Zichen punched Bai Maoquan severely, beating him so badly.

Although this post wasn't a firepost, it had been four

Over 10,000 comments now.

&nbs like before said: "Oh my god, Bai is so miserable, he was beaten by a vicious student, I feel suffocated for him."

Yo-Yo said, "I'm most disgusted with those evil students at Bai Yun High School, they're pure food wasting garbage."

Skeleton Elf said, "That evil youngster Tang Zichen, I really hope he gets expelled from White Cloud High School, a waste of teaching resources."

Meng Han said, "One Defeat Red Dust, come out and clean up this number one evil youngster, Tang Zichen, didn't you kill Li Ziming before?This evil young Tang Zichen, also let him go on the road earlier ah, to accompany Li Ziming."

Liao Jia Yuan flipped it over and laughed, "This idiot Tang Zichen even went to Linjiang Window to embarrass himself, look at this comment, scolded this idiot Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen is notorious at Baiyun Middle School, and now at Linjiang Window, he is probably going to be notorious too."

Wu Shaojie smiled hehely, "Jia Yuan, don't worry, that Bai Maoquan is not a vegetarian, he will never let up, Tang Zichen and that dog master of his, Liu Chenming, sooner or later will be made into shit by Bai Maoquan, Bai Maoquan's uncle, is the first vice hall master of Hua Long Hall, that shit Tang Zichen, I'm afraid he doesn't know Bai Maoquan's backstage, I'm afraid he is trembling right now."

Liao Jia Yuan nodded and said, "That dog master of his, Liu Chenming, is also really cheap to the point of no return, there is also Liu Xiangyun, slut alone, it is estimated that the night is not less by Tang Zichen day, no wonder today Tang Zichen so angry to beat people, someone wants to day his than, not angry to beat only strange."

"Hahaha, Jia Yuan, insightful ah."Wu Shaojie gave a thumbs up.

Liao Jia Yuan put the tablet computer towards the sofa and said, "Alright, let's not talk about this, Shao Jie, how's the thing I asked you to do?"

"Uh, what is it?"Wu Shaojie was confused.

"Grass, nigga, I just told you yesterday, but you forgot.What am I going to do next Monday?"

"You're going to hang Tang Zichen ah."Wu Shaojie was busy.

"And then what?Did I ask you to help me with my campaign?Make the scene sensational, even more sensational than the last time Zhao Ritian fought miserably with Tang Zichen, do you fucking take my words to heart or not."

Wu Shao Jie suddenly had a bright idea and smiled hehehe, "Jia Yuan, are you sure you want the scene to be sensational?"

"Nonsense, I want to create momentum, the more people I stomp Tang Zichen to death in front of, the more I can restore my prestige in the school.I've been slapped into a pig's head by a single defeat of red dust, I've been holding a lot of anger in my heart, I also desperately need to find someone to vent my anger, Tang Zichen is the most suitable person, you quickly create momentum for me."

Wu Shaojie smiled, "Jia Yuan, I've already thought of a way.Hehehe, didn't Tang Zichen beat up someone at the summit today?It also went on the Linjiang Window Forum, and now the forum has so many citizens scolding Tang Zichen that trash, it's just as well, we'll go to the Linjiang Window Forum and make a post, saying that you, Liao Jia Yuan, are going to clean up the portal for Baiyun Middle School."

"You're flying the banner of cleaning up the portal at this time, surely many people will support you.Then, in your father's name, we will invite the parents of the students of Baiyun Middle School to go to Baiyun Middle School next Monday to watch you clean up the portal, hang the number one villain, and punish the dregs Tang Zichen.I think the scene will definitely be very sensational when the time comes, Tang Zichen beat up people at the summit today, many people are upset with him, plus your father's name, I dare not say anything else, at least the parents of the five mad youngsters, and a few parents of the evil youngsters, I'm afraid that they will be very interested in going to the scene to see how you clean up the portal and punish the number one evil youngster."


Liao Jia Yuan clapped his hands, gave a thumbs up, and laughed, "Excellent, excellent, Shao Jie, you really are worthy of being the hairdresser of my Sealing Swordsman, tsk tsk.This idea of yours, just three words, excellent."

Liao Jia Yuan was very satisfied with this proposal of Wu Shao Jie.

At this moment, Tang Zichen, Liu Chenming, Liu Xiangyun, and Wang Qiang, the four of them were eating at an upscale hotel room.

Tang Zichen raised a glass full of Maotai and said, "Uncle Liu, come, I'll toast you."

"Haha, Zichen, don't dare, count me in, to you, thank you for coming, really, every time I think of you in my home, beside Xiang'er, I have two words inside, at ease.Thank you, I'll definitely drink this cup."

"Uncle Liu, you're too kind, I want to thank you for taking me in, otherwise I wouldn't even know where in the city I'm drifting."

Liu Chenming laughed, only thinking that Tang Zichen was telling jokes to ridicule him, with his skills he still needed to drift.


Tang Zichen drank it all in one go, then exhaled boldly, the wine was so painful, it was also his first time to come to such an upscale place in the hotel with Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun, and he was in a great mood.

Liu Xiangyun saw Tang Zichen's entire glass of wine, drinking like a drink and filling it with a very cool look, she couldn't help but say, "You drink so much, don't let my dad carry you when you go back later."

Wang Qiang said, "Liu Xiangyun, how is Zichen's drinking capacity ordinary, three bottles of liquor is just an addiction for him." First URL

"I don't believe it."Liu Xiangyun said with a pout.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Miss, I'm planning to drink a lot tonight, so help me bring two more cases of liquor."

Liu Chen Ming was shocked, "Zichen, can you really drink that much?"

"Uncle Willow, come to this world... city, I haven't even had a good drink yet, so let's get drunk tonight."

Seeing Tang Zichen's heroic tone, Liu Chenming also couldn't help but get his blood pumping and said, "Good, then I'll accompany you to get drunk, I haven't had such a good time today for a long time."

Liu Xiangyun immediately looked at her father and said angrily, "Dad, why are you drinking so much."

"Haha, Xiang'er, it's rare for Zichen to come out to dinner with us today, and we're all in such a good mood, your father and I have never dared to get drunk in all these years, but today, no matter what, I'm going to have a good time with Zichen."Liu Chenming said excitedly.

Wang Qiang also said, "Then I'll also have a drink, anyway, tomorrow Sunday, get drunk and sleep for a day and a night."

"Hahaha, drink."Tang Zichen directly bit open a bottle of wine, it was no longer meaningful to use a glass, so just blow the bottle.

Of course, Liu Chenming and Wang Qiang, but they didn't dare, if they drank like this, they would fall down in a few minutes.

Liu Xiangyun was quite torn, she did not want her father to drink so much, but had no choice but to stare at Tang Zichen, but in her eyes, looking at Tang Zichen where is a complaint, is clearly an unexplainable sense of happiness.

Willow Chenming drank a few cups, her stomach was on fire, so she called a break before drinking.

Willow Chenming casually took out his phone, opened the desktop a software, Linjiang window forum shortcut desktop open software.

Linjiang window slaughter version, naturally a defeat of red dust.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the latest posts on the One Defeat Red Dust.


Liu Chen Ming saw several new posts, all talking about a defeat of the red dust, although Liu Chen Ming did not reply, but still silently clicked a praise.

Just at this time, Liu Chen Ming saw a post that was talking about Bai Maoquan being beaten, Liu Chen Ming clicked it open, after reading it, he was busy saying to Tang Zichen, "Zichen, your beating Bai Maoquan today was posted to the Linjiang Window Forum, more than 40,000 replies, and, everyone scolded you ah, and there are people requesting One Defeat Red Dust to come out, exterminate you, and go to keep company with Li Ziming.Zichen, is this going to happen?"

"Uh, what happened?"

"Those unsuspecting citizens, seeing that you're the evil youngster of White Cloud High School and beating up people at the summit, have been commenting and demanding that One Defeat Red Dust exterminate you.I have to be worried, what if that One Defeat Red Dust really appeared in the middle of the night and killed you, that Li Ziming is also a student."

Tang Zichen heard this and laughed, "Uncle Liu, how can Li Ziming be on par with me, I'm just beating people up, it's not like I'm disregarding life or treating people's lives like dirt, One Defeat Red Dust wants to act on behalf of heaven, and the person he's looking for isn't me ah, don't worry."

"But, those citizens who don't know right from wrong, always reply in their posts, saying that they let One Defeat Red Dust take care of you, what if One Defeat Red Dust also often goes to the Window of Linjiang to stroll around and sees it?"

Tang Zichen chuckled and said in his heart, "I'm just a defeat, and I'll kill myself?"

Wang Qiang asked, "Uncle Liu, what is the Window to the River?"

"Linjiang Window, is the most famous free forum in Linjiang, just like your Baiyun Middle School campus forum, very, very many Linjiang citizens hang out on the forum, whether they are commoners or rich businessmen, or police social celebrities, all of them are regular visitors to Linjiang Window.Here is a free forum, refer to the Baiyun Middle School campus will know.It's precisely because this Linjiang Window is so influential that I'm worried."

Tang Zichen took out his cell phone and said, "I'll also go on Linjiang Window for a stroll."

Tang Zichen also entered the Window of Linjiang, and at a glance, most of them were posts related to One Defeat Red Dust.

"Uncle Liu, how are all of them One Defeat Red Dust ah, look at the first most fiery, 1.28 million comments, tsk tsk, Baiyun Middle School campus is a firefly compared to this Window of Linjiang."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Chenming said, "The active users of Linjiang Window are the entire Linjiang City, and the total population of Linjiang City is nearly five million, so where can your little Baiyun Middle School campus be compared to this forum of Linjiang Window.Your Baiyun Middle School is only tens of thousands of people."

Tang Zichen laughed, "No wonder I can't find my name, I'm the hottest person on the Baiyun Middle School campus."

Liu Chenming said, "The people that Linjiang Window is concerned about are all big names, such as a defeat of red dust, and that police officer Xu Mei Qian, as well as those Linjiang City's super masters, celebrities with high fame and prestige, the second most are the three major irregular hall masters, deputy hall masters and so on.So, you're the number one evil youngster of White Cloud High School, huh, looking at the entire Linjiang City, it's just too insignificant."

"Haha."Tang Zichen just laughed, although his Tang Zichen's name was insignificant in Linjiang Window, his mysterious identity was one of the hottest characters in Linjiang Window.

Tang Zichen looked through the posts of Linjiang Window, in addition to a defeat of red dust, there were many postings of Xu Mei Qian, many of which exploded with photos of Xu Mei Qian's life.The company's products have been sold in the U.S. and Europe, and the U.S. and Europe have been the most successful.


"Uncle Liu, Xu Mei Qian is very popular in Linjiang City, look at this Linjiang Window, so many people are paying attention to her."

Liu Chenming said, "Xu Mei Qian is recognized as the number one beauty in Linjiang, her popularity was already high, the last time she fought a battle with a defeated red dust, her light skills were excellent and she was out of the limelight, so naturally her popularity is even higher."

At this time, Liu Xiangyun proudly said, "My sister Wenqi is the second most beautiful woman in Linjiang."

Liu Chenming chuckled.

"Meng Wenqi?That granddaughter of Meng's?"

Liu Chenming said, "Yes, although Wenqi isn't as popular as Xu Mei Qian, she is also frequently posted in the Linjiang Window, and she and Xu Mei Qian are both recognized by many as the Linjiang City Flower."

"Oh, I didn't expect that girl to actually be the Linjiang City Flower."Tang Zichen laughed speechlessly, Meng Lao still wanted to set him up with Meng Wenqi, if he really got together with Meng Wenqi, then Tang Zichen would have to become a thorn in the side of many, many Linjiang City men.

Wang Qiang asked: "Liu Xiangyun, why aren't you famous in the Linjiang Window Forum ah?I think your beauty is no worse than Xu Mei Qian ah."

Liu Xiangyun blushed shyly when Wang Qiang said that and smiled, "Don't talk nonsense, where am I compared to a police flower."Liu Xiangyun was being praised for being very beautiful, her heart was very comfortable.

Tang Zichen said, "That's right, Wang Qiang, don't talk nonsense, how can my Miss be compared to Officer Xu."

When Liu Xiangyun heard this, she was not happy, pursed her lips and looked at Tang Zichen, she was very depressed, Wang Qiang said it didn't matter if she was beautiful or not, in her heart, the key was Tang Zichen. Remember the URL

"I'm ignoring you."Xiang Yun Liu looked angry.

"Hahaha."Liu Chen Ming laughed and said, "Come on Xiang'er, I can't tell that Zichen is deliberately teasing you."

"I don't care."Although Tang Zichen was teasing her on purpose, Liu Xiangyun was very sensitive inside, even if she was doing it on purpose, she felt unhappy.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, Miss, just kidding with you, in my heart, you're much prettier than that violent girl Xu Mei Qian."

"That's more like it."Liu Xiangyun nodded contentedly, though she knew that it might be comforting to her.

Liu Chenming said, "Your Baiyun High School also has a few school flowers, but they're all still high school students and won't be noticed by the citizens of Linjiang City, and the two hottest city flowers on Linjiang Window are Xu Mei Qian and Meng Wenqi, both women who are out of society.These two women are probably the dream lovers of men in the entire Linjiang City, huh?"Liu Chenming laughed, that Bai Maoquan and the like would naturally also fantasize about Xu Mei Qian in private, but unfortunately, it wasn't their fantasies at all.Even Meng Wenqi, Bai Maoquan couldn't afford to fantasize, or else Bai Maoquan, these people, wouldn't have already made a move on them.

How did Liu Chenming know that Meng actually wanted to set up Tang Zichen and Wenqi, if this matter was spread to the Linjiang Window Forum, it would definitely set off a hurricane, and it was unknown how many people would be disgruntled.

Tang Zichen secretly thought, inwardly said: "Meng Lao also really thinks highly of me, actually want to introduce the city flower granddaughter to me, hehe, I Tang Zichen is really insignificant to the whole Linjiang City, but Meng Wenqi is the famous city flower of Linjiang City.Fortunately, Meng Wenqi also doesn't look down on me, she doesn't look down on me as a high school student either.

Right, the person she likes is naturally the One Defeat Red Dust of a higher level.But then again, I am the one defeat red dust ah, but unfortunately, not enough to be humane."

Tang Zichen was very touched by Meng Lun's affection, he didn't know about Lingjiang Window before, so he thought that she was just an ordinary granddaughter.Now that she understood, she realized that she wasn't an ordinary granddaughter, she was a big boss, and even more famous city flower, Meng Lun was really looking up to Tang Zichen by fixing up his city flower granddaughter with her.

Right at this moment, Liu Xiangyun screamed.

"Ahhhhh."Liu Xiangyun seemed to see something horrible, her eyes staring at the phone screen, her face pale.

"What's wrong?Xiang'er?"Willow Chenming was busy with concern.

Xiangyun Liu said, "It's not good, this time something really big has happened."

"What big thing has happened?"

"Liao Jia Yuan, he, he, he actually posted in Linjiang Window, this psychopath, isn't posting in the Baiyun Middle School forum enough?Running to a forum as large as Linjiang Window to post.Tzu-Chen was posted in Linjiang Window today, brutally beating Bai Maoquan, who is already a deeply detested person by many citizens.Unexpectedly, Liao Jia Yuan saw the opportunity and came back to step on it again."Liu Xiangyun said exasperatedly.

Willow Chenming was busy entering the Linjiang Window Forum to see what was going on.

Sure enough, a post was searched out, and it read as follows, "Dear Linjiang City fathers and mothers, I am a senior student at Baiyun Middle School, my name is Liao Ga Yuan, and I am the son of Liao Buffalo.Currently, I am the third in the genius master list of Baiyun Middle School, and I am known as the Sealed Swordsman in the school.I heard that our school's number one vicious youngster, Tang Zichen, actually fought against a boss at the summit.Such dregs, such a vicious youngster, I, Liao Jia Yuan, really can't bear to see it.So, I'm going to clean up the gates for Baiyun High School.My father, Liao Buffalo, and I would like to welcome the parents of all students to come and show our solidarity with them.On behalf of Baiyun Middle School, I hereby apologize to the parents and folks of Linjiang City, it is the misfortune of Baiyun Middle School that has produced such an evil student as Tang Zichen, and I also assure all the parents and folks that next Monday, I, Liao Jiayuan, will do my best to clean up Baiyun Middle School and ruthlessly punish Tang Zichen, the black sheep.Thank you."

"Too angry, what is Liao Jia Yuan, actually put up the banner of cleaning up the gateway and put himself on the moral high ground, I can't stand it."Liu Xiangyun said exasperatedly.

Tang Zichen finished reading, just a mouthful: "What a step on me ah."

Liu Chenming said, "Zichen, what to do about this, because of what happened during the day, your image was already very low in everyone's eyes, and now Liao Jiayuan has made another post like this, and also threatened to clean up the portal, making it seem as if you are a very hateful person at Baiyun Middle School.Liao Jiayuan also brought out his father Liao Buffalo, if I'm not wrong, he must be trying to make more parents of students, go to the school next week to see how he will hang you and make you lose even more face."

Wang Qiang said, "Zichen, Liao Jiayuan is a Sealing Swordsman ah, are you sure about this ah?If you are unsure, simply don't go to class next week and let Liao Jia Yuan go through the trouble for nothing, when many parents of students go to school but don't see Liao Jia Yuan cleaning house, Liao Jia Yuan himself will lose face."


Tang Zichen laughed: "Wang Qiang, I'm not happy to hear you say that, just a Liao Jiayuan, you actually asked me not to go to class next week.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the next two years.Fine, since Liao Jiayuan wants to be beaten up so badly, then I, Tang Zichen, will do him a favor and I will see how he will lose face in front of all the students as well as their parents."

Tang Zichen also had a fire inside, this kind of person, really owes to clean up, and made the scene so big, then Tang Zichen didn't mind playing with him.

At this moment, at Liao Gayuan's house.

"Jia Yuan, look, this post of ours, with the previous post of Tang Zichen brutally beating Bai Maoquan as a prelude, I think it will definitely be a fire.It's only been sent out for less than five minutes, more than 10,000 comments, worthy of the Linjiang Window, the flow of people is just fierce ah.Let's take a look at everyone's comments."

Friend Jin Zhonghao said, "My son is also studying at Baiyun Middle School, I hate this kind of campus hooligans, support Liao Jia Yuan, next week to beat up Tang Zichen, I will definitely go to see."

Stranger Xuan said, "Liao's son is going to clean up for Baiyun Middle School, wow, that's awesome, support Liao, support Liao Gayuan."

Contempt of the world said: "Clean up the Tang Zichen kind of scum raw it, since a defeat of red dust does not show up to clean up, then, I am very supportive of Liao Jia Yuan to clean up this scum, to create a safe and happy campus for our children, agreed to praise.Next week, I will be there."

: "For the sake of my child, I will definitely go to the school."

Wu Shaojie excitedly said, "Jia Yuan, see, many people said they will go to the school to see you clean up the portal, for their children."

"Hahaha, it's good to come."

Wu Shao Jie asked, "Jia Yuan, is this scene big enough?" One second to remember to read the book

Liao Jiayuan patted Wu Shaojie's shoulder and said, "Shaojie, thank you."

In another villa in Linjiang City, a middle-aged man frowned, "Next week, Liao Jia Yuan is going to clean up the school and punish Tang Zichen."This middle-aged man's surname was Wu, and his son's name was Wu Minghao.This man snorted, "Liu Chenming, you're finished, the bodyguard you hired beat up Bai Maoquan this hasn't even started to settle, now Liao Buffalo's son, Liao Jia Yuan, is going to clean up Tang Zichen, hahaha, I'll see how you do."

In different homes, many people who loved to visit the 'Linjiang Window Forum' saw it, but of course, some people laughed and blinked and forgot about it.Others were filled with interest, especially the families of the five mad youngsters, as well as the parents of several evil youngsters, who were very happy to see that someone had finally come out to deal with Tang Zichen, the first evil youngster.It seemed like they had been waiting for this day for a long time.

At Xu Mei Qian's home, Xu Mei Qian had lain down to rest, these days she was busy with the One Defeat Red Dust case and hadn't been resting well, today she wanted to rest early.Xu Mei Qian who was lying on the bed played with her phone, entered the Linjiang Window Forum and saw that post.Xu Mei Qian sighed, "This Tang Zichen, alas, why is Liao Jiayuan a good enemy of Tang Zichen?There's no telling what will happen next Monday, and it's good that I'm also dropping by to take a few cops to Baiyun Middle School.Liao Jiayuan is the son of Liao Shui Niu, in case the shot is neither light nor heavy, it would be troublesome to kill someone."

After Xu Mei Qian finished speaking on her own, she turned off her phone and lay down to sleep, she was naked in her nest, she was surprisingly a person who liked to sleep naked.If this was spread to the Linjiang Window Forum, there was no telling how many men would have to jerk off in their dreams.

At the hotel, Tang Zichen four

Man, he really was drunk.

Tang Zichen had drunk three whole boxes of liquor, and at the moment he was all drunk and his face was red.

Yes, Tang Zichen's three boxes of white wine had gone down, and he was so drunk that he had almost collapsed as well.

As for Wang Qiang and Liu Chenming, they had already gotten down.

Liu Xiangyun looked at the three of them, very depressed that her father was already drunk and unconscious.

"What now?"Liu Xiangyun said to the dizzy Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Let the waiter get a room for Wang Qiang, the three of us, you drive and go home."

Liu Xiangyun coquettishly gave Tang Zichen a glance, immediately went to the waiter, paid the bill, and gave Wang Qiang a room, and asked the waiter to help Wang Qiang to his room to sleep.The three Tang Zichen, on the other hand, were driven by Liu Xiangyun.Tang Zichen, carrying the unconscious Liu Chenming on his back, stumbled to the car, threw Liu Chenming to the back, and got himself into the front passenger seat.Tang Zichen, although dizzy, but at the moment has not fallen, three boxes of liquor, is not a joke, the total sum of Tang Zichen drank 19 bottles, at the moment he feels more and more can not hold up.

Tang Zichen, his mouth full of wine, said, "Before I fall down, hurry back."

"Who told you to drink so much."Liu Xiangyun gave Tang Zichen a glance, and when she saw Tang Zichen squinting his eyes, she asked somewhat sadly, "Are you really dizzy?"


"Then you're still drinking so much."

"What do you know about a woman, what's the point of getting drunk if you're not drunk, that's what's cool."

Liu Xiangyun left her mouth open, stepped on the gas pedal and whirred away.

Back home, Tang Zichen was weak, and Liu Xiangyun was busy going to call Jin Gui and Xiaohuan up.

Jin Gui and Xiaohuan both carried Willow Chen Ming into the house.

Liu Xiangyun shook Tang Zichen and asked, "How are you?"

Tang Zichen opened his eyes and climbed out of the car himself, his whole body had stumbled, and Liu Xiangyun was busy helping him.

Tang Zichen was helped up to his room by Liu Xiangyun, while Liu Chenming had been helped back to his room by Jin Guihe and Xiaohuan.

Liu Xiangyun said to Jin Gui and, "It's okay, you guys go to bed, I'll help Tang Zichen up."


Tang Zichen was helped to his room and collapsed onto the bed in no time, his brain had completely burned up.No matter how strong an expert was, he would still get drunk, unless he deliberately forced the alcohol out while drinking, but then, drinking wouldn't be half as interesting.

Tang Zichen collapsed on the bed and whirled, and Liu Xiangyun took off his shoes and then covered Tang Zichen with the blanket.

Liu Xiangyun looked at the time, it was almost one in the morning, and was ready to go back to her room.

"Don't go."At this time, Tang Zichen suddenly said half asleep.

"What did you say?"When Liu Xiangyun looked back at Tang Zichen, she saw that Tang Zichen was exhaling, so she was talking in her sleep.

Liu Xiangyun wanted to leave, but suddenly, Tang Zichen pulled her by the hand and said, "Don't leave me."

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun couldn't contain herself and was suddenly pulled into Tang Zichen's arms.


Xiang Yun Liu blushed with shame.

"You let go of me."

However, Tang Zichen's hand was holding her in a death grip, and Liu Xiangyun couldn't get away, but when she looked at Tang Zichen again, he was still snoring.

"You're a bad guy, deliberately taking advantage of me."Liu Xiangyun was shy and angry, but she didn't struggle, allowing Tang Zichen to hold her in his arms, an unexplainable feeling inside, this feeling was so sweet.

"I miss you so much."Tang Zichen said with a snore.

Liu Xiangyun knew that Tang Zichen was talking in a dream, but still asked, "Who do you miss?"

"I love you so much,"Tang Zichen said again.

Liu Xiangyun's heart skipped a beat, and she blushed, saying in her heart, "This bad guy, is he talking about me?"

Xiangyun Liu couldn't quite believe that Tang Zichen was saying this to her.

Tang Zichen was already unconscious, and in his dream, a woman, standing on the edge of a very, very high cliff, cried out, "Don't you want me?Where the hell have you been, I've missed you so much, oooooh."

Tang Zichen was floating right in front of this woman, but it was as if the woman couldn't see Tang Zichen, as if Tang Zichen was a ghost. The first website

Tang Zichen looked at the woman who was also crying and shouted, "I'm here, I'm here."Tang Zichen wanted to pounce on her, but it always felt like there was a transparent membrane through the air and he couldn't go forward.

"Oooh."The woman was holding a carved wooden statue in her hand, which Tang Zichen had once given her, and she was facing the cliff, crying with a broken heart, "Do you really not want me anymore?You said that you would stay with me for the rest of your life."

Tang Zichen shouted anxiously, "See, I'm here ah, I said that you won't leave, I won't abandon, we'll be together for the rest of our lives."

"Oooh, I really miss you."

"Sister, I miss you so much too, I'm not happy here at all, no one knows, I miss you every second of every day."

"You're so cruel, abandoning me, come back to me, oooh."The woman shouted into the air at the cliff, but she couldn't see Tang Zichen in the air, no matter how hard Tang Zichen responded to her, she just couldn't hear or see.

Tang Zichen was so anxious, so anxious that he wanted to rush up and hug her and never let go again in this life, but there was always an invisible membrane between them.

In the room, Tang Zichen's mouth kept saying, "I love you, I can't live without you, I want to stay with you for the rest of my life."

And hands, but tightly holding Liu Xiangyun do not relax, Liu Xiangyun are almost strangled by him.

When Liu Xiangyun heard the dreamy sounds from Tang Zichen's mouth, she was both shy and confused, why would Tang Zichen say love so strongly?Is she the one he was talking about in his dream?It's the same Lisette?Or was it someone else?

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen's body trembled and said, "Don't leave."

Liu Xiangyun hadn't reacted yet, but suddenly, a fiery, wine-stained lip was stamped on her lips.

"Ah!"Liu Xiangyun went blank, Tang Zichen's hot lips on her small mouth, Liu Xiangyun's body trembled a few times, the moment's horror made her forget what to do.

About half a minute later, Liu Xiangyun returned

God came over and scrambled away from her mouth, taking a big intake of breath as if she hadn't been breathing for the last half minute, her face red to the roots of her ears, her lips still feeling hot as if Don Zixon's lips were still imprinted on her lips.

"Oh God, I've been forcefully kissed."Xiangyun Liu's head was spinning a bit, a bit incredulous that she had just been kissed somehow, her first kiss gone.

Tang Zichen, however, was asleep, and Liu Xiangyun didn't even know if Tang Zichen was doing this on purpose or if he was really asleep, first he said all these words I love you, and then he suddenly kissed her at the end, but now he was purring all over the place.

Liu Xiangyun struggled to get up from Tang Zichen's bed, shy and angry, looking at Tang Zichen pursed her lips and hummed, "Bad man, you kissed me and still snore like this."

Liu Xiangyun put Tang Zichen's blanket covered, then closed the door back to his room, the face is still hot and hot, the lips are still numb, some incredibly first kiss was taken by Tang Zichen.

I don't know if Tang Zichen woke up and didn't know anything, Liu Xiangyun lying on the bed, but can no longer sleep, all still a little numb.

The next morning, Tang Zichen woke up.

But Tang Zichen wiped his face, wet, but even cried in his dreams.

Tang Zichen's heart swelled with sorrow, last night, he had a long, long dream, he dreamed of his senior sister, who stood on the edge of a cliff every day crying, asking him why he abandoned her, and if he had forgotten their vow.That sad appearance, Tang Zichen didn't even dare to think back after waking up, afraid that he wouldn't be able to bear the pain.

Tang Zichen covered his heart, his eyes were sightless, murmuring, "Sister, I really haven't abandoned you, I haven't forgotten our vow, you won't leave, I won't abandon, we'll be together for life, I really haven't forgotten, I, every minute and every second, miss you so much."After saying that, two lines of tears slipped from the corners of Tang Zichen's eyes, and his entire body lay down in the cotton quilt, hating to die there in general.This feeling was like a dream where he couldn't hold his senior sister no matter what, and she couldn't see him or hear what he said, like two people separated by yin and yang.

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen violently lifted his head up from the cotton quilt, tears had blurred his vision.

Right now, no one could see his weak and helpless side, Tang Zichen knew that the more he thought about it, the more his heart ached, and even though he was reluctant to do so, he had to force himself to forget the person he couldn't forget.Tang Zichen bit his own lip, pulled out two silver needles from the bedside table and violently inserted them into his skull.Then, Tang Zichen fell onto the bed.

When Tang Zichen woke up again, it was already twelve noon.

Tang Zichen pulled out the silver needles from his head, it wasn't as bad now as it had been in the morning, Tang Zichen was afraid that if he didn't control himself in time, he would fall into a love demon, perhaps, this was a weakness he couldn't overcome.

Tang Zichen washed his face, buried his feelings in his heart, and walked out of the room with a confident smile on his face again as usual.In front of others, Tang Zichen never showed his inner pain, especially in front of people like Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun, those unknown pains, he silently endured inside.

Tang Zichen walked down to the living room, where Liu Chenming was making tea and massaging his temples.

Tang Zichen harrumphed, "Uncle Liu, get up."

"Zichen, you've slept until noon too."Liu Chenming said with a smile.

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Yeah, I got drunk yesterday, but I slept late today."


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