The King of Kungfu in school 161-170


Chapter 161

Willow Chen Ming asked Ring, "Where's Miss?"

"My lord, the lady hasn't gotten up yet either."

"How can that be, she hasn't been drinking, how come she hasn't gotten up yet."

"Master, Miss really hasn't come out yet."

Hearing this, Willow Chenming immediately rushed up the stairs.

Tang Zichen saw how hurriedly Willow Chenming was rushing, and knew that it must be bad.

Tang Zichen rushed up as well.

"Bang bang."Liu Chen Ming pounded on the door of Liu Xiangyun's room and shouted, "Xiang'er."

Tang Zichen came up and said, "Uncle Liu, go away."

Willow Chenming made his way out of the way, Tang Zichen gripped the handle and used his inner strength to shake the door open.

Liu Chen Ming rushed into the room and saw that Liu Xiangyun was lying on the bed with a pale face, her eyes closed and her breathing very weak. Remember the URL

"Xiang'er."Liu Chen Ming instantly cried out in fear, Tang Zichen was also busy going up and holding Liu Xiangyun's wrist, Liu Xiangyun's skin was cold, as cold as if she had grabbed a popsicle, her eyelashes also had a hint of white frost on them.Tang Zichen was horrified, Liu Xiangyun's pulse was weak.

Liu Chenming cried, "Xiang'er, wake up ah, daddy was wrong, daddy will never drink again, I'm to blame for being drunk, wake up ah, don't leave daddy behind."

Tang Zichen said, "Uncle Liu, Miss is not dead yet, can you be auspicious."

Liu Chenming was embarrassed, busy: "Zichen, you quickly look at Xiang'er."

Tang Zichen asked, "Has Miss been like this before?"

Liu Chen Ming nodded, "Well, the cold poison attack, every time it used to happen, it used to look like this, and then it was treated in the hospital for a month or two before it got better, and it's so dangerous that if you're not careful, you'll die, so you have to save Xiang'er."

"Don't worry, it's just a cold poison attack."Tang Zichen Dao, Liu Chenming saw Tang Zichen's words so relaxed, his heart was relieved.

"Well why is this happening, she hasn't had a seizure for almost a year ah."Liu Chenming said.

Tang Zichen held Liu Xiangyun's pulse, as if he already knew why Liu Xiangyun had a sudden cold attack.

Liu Xiangyun's yang energy was insufficient to calm the cold, and it was obvious that Liu Xiangyun hadn't quit sex, Tang Zichen had told her that she had to quit sex and couldn't even think about it.

"Alas, I'd better treat her first."Tang Zichen took out the silver needles, and over the next half hour, Tang Zichen allowed the cold in Liu Xiangyun's body to evaporate, and Liu Xiangyun soon woke up.

Liu Chen Ming was relieved, in the past, it would have taken at least a month for Liu Xiangyun to wake up, and it was fraught with many risks of death.And now that she woke up so quickly, Liu Chen Ming was once again impressed and grateful for Tang Zichen's amazing medical skills.

When Liu Xiangyun opened her eyes, she didn't say anything, and her face blushed as she looked at Tang Zichen and pursed her lips, as if she thought of what she had been kissed by Tang Zichen last night.

Tang Zichen said, "What's the blush for, no need to be polite, it's just a hand up."

Liu Chenming said happily, "Xiang'er, you scared me to death."

"Dad, I'm fine, aren't I."Liu Xiangyun said, looking at Tang Zichen in a strange way, but Tang Zichen had no idea.

Inwardly, Xiangyun Liu said, "It seems that he really doesn't know anything."

While Liu Xiangyun was relieved inside, she was also slightly lost.Tang Zichen did not

Knowing what he did to her in his sleep, so that it wouldn't have to be awkward to meet her later, it's just that he didn't know that he kissed Liu Xiangyun, and Liu Xiangyun felt like something was missing again.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of what you are doing and how you are doing it.

Liu Chen Ming asked, "Zichen, why would Xiang'er suddenly have a seizure ah?"

Tang Zichen didn't want to say why, after all, it wasn't honorable, so he said, "Maybe Miss slept too late last night."

Willow Chenming blamed herself, "It's all because we were drunk."

"It's fine, Uncle Liu, with me here, this seizure is not called a problem at all, you don't have to blame yourself."

"Thank you, Zichen, it's really good to find out you're here."

"It's just a show of hands."

"Xiang'er, then you'd better get up and eat your lunch."

"Oh."Liu Xiangyun threw up her tongue, embarrassed that she slept until lunch.

Liu Chen Ming left Liu Xiangyun's room, his daughter might need to change her pajamas after all.But Tang Zichen didn't walk out, and after Liu Chen Ming left, Tang Zichen said, "Miss, I just told your father that it was because you slept too late, and that was because I didn't want to tell the truth.Do you want to know why you suddenly had a seizure?"

"Why?"In fact, Liu Xiangyun herself had somewhat understood within herself.

"I told you before that you must abstain from sex, you can't even think about men and women, let alone touch any lust, you didn't listen, the reason why you had a seizure, is because you touched your lust."

Liu Xiangyun stared at Tang Zichen, and said in her heart, "I moved lust, it's not all because you kissed me and took my first kiss yourself, and you're still blaming me over here and saying sarcastic things."However, this was something that Liu Xiangyun did not dare to say.

"What are you staring at, you know it's embarrassing to be spoken out by me ah, I just didn't say it in front of your father, I've been polite.If something like this happens to you next time, I'll have to be honest with your dad."

Liu Xiangyun was still staring at Tang Zichen, who knew nothing about what happened last night, and felt just as aggrieved to blame her now that something had happened.

"Alright, I won't say more, I know you're also an 18 year old girl, it's impossible to completely remove the seven emotions and six desires, but you have cold poison in your body right now, the lust created by lust is very damaging to your yang energy, once yang energy can't suppress the cold poison, it will strike.Trust me, I will heal you, and when you get better, you will be able to do whatever you want like a normal girl."

"Oh, thanks then, I'm going to change my clothes, aren't you going out?"Xiang Yun Liu said.

"Oh."Tang Zichen got up and left Liu Xiangyun's room, closing the door on the way.

Liu Xiangyun climbed down from the bed and said with her mouth full at the closed door, "Still blaming me, you don't kiss me, don't hug me like that, how did I develop lust, caused me to sleep one night, only in the early hours of the morning attack, bad guy, kissing someone irresponsible even, but also to wrongly accuse me."

Liu Xiangyun muttered and took off her pajamas, revealing a snowy white manly body, then changed into the clothes she wore everyday.

After brushing her teeth and washing her face, Xiangyun Liu walked down to the living room and everyone had a lunch.

In the afternoon, Liu Xiangyun was alone in her room doing homework, Liu Chenming went to the office, Wang Qiang came to find Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen then simply trained Wang Qiang.


In the evening, Wang Qiang trained for the afternoon and went home.

Liu Chen Ming returned from the company very early.

Xiangyun Liu asked, "Dad, you went to the office today, nothing happened to you, right?"


"They didn't retaliate when Tang Zichen hit Bai Maoquan yesterday?"Xiangyun Liu asked worriedly.

Willow Chen Ming shook her head, "I don't understand, that Bai Maoquan is still in the hospital, I'll ask around at night to see which hospital he's in and ask what his condition is now.If there's a chance to remedy the situation, then remedy it."

Tang Zichen came out and said, "Uncle Liu, don't waste your energy, Bai Maoquan is richer and more powerful than you, what can you remedy him with."

"That's right."Liu Chenming said helplessly.

At this moment, in the White Cloud High School stadium, there were many hydrogen balloons hanging, each with a large character attached to it, which happened to form a pair of couplets.

The first couplet: the first evil young rotten evil young.

The next couplet: sealing the sword warrior true sword warrior. A second to remember to read the book

Across the board: cleaning up the portal.

On the spot, Wu Shaojie took a picture of the couplet and sent it to Liao Jiayuan.

Zhao Ritian was also at the scene, Zhao Ritian looked at the huge couplet and said, "Not bad, not weaker than my sun and earth and ants, Jia Yuan will definitely like the scene you set up, but there are a very large number of students' families here tomorrow, the momentum must be sufficient."

"Of course, let's go, go home, just wait for tomorrow to hang Tang Zichen and clean up the portal."

Wu Shaojie and Zhao Ritian led a few workers away from the school.

After they left, the principal looked at the grand scene of the stadium set up as if it was some sort of press conference, and shook his head speechlessly.

"Headmaster, you just don't care, what did that Liao Jia Yuan take the school stadium for, and set up such a grand scene in advance, our school building inauguration ceremony wasn't so grand in the past ah."A secretary beside the principal said.

The principal laughed, "It's none of my business."

On the forum at Baiyun Middle School, someone soon broke the news.

Tang Zichen and Liu Chenming's father and daughter were having dinner together, and after dinner, Liu Xiangyun opened the campus and said, "Did you see it?"

Liu Xiangyun handed a few pictures to Tang Zichen, who immediately recognized it as the school's sports field, making it so grand.

"Look at the couplet on top of that hydrogen balloon."Liu Xiangyun said.

"The first evil young rotten evil young, seal the true swordsman, heh."Tang Zichen laughed coldly, what level of person wrote this couplet, it sucks.

Campus this post, the number of replies is as high as seventy thousand.

Liu Xiangyun turned off her phone, not bothering to pay attention.

There was nothing to say all night.

The next day, a new week dawned.

This day could be a day of historical significance for White Cloud High School.The third strongest person on the Genius Master List, in the name of cleaning up the gates, had a go at the first evil.

Therefore, the parking lot of Baiyun Middle School was already full before seven o'clock, which was a clear indication that many, many parents of students were here today.The posting of the window of Linjiang is really extraordinary.

As for the students of Baiyun Middle School, that's even more needless to say, as soon as they got up, they didn't even have time to eat and went straight to school.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun, the two of them were still the same as usual, Tang Zichen even more didn't even think about it.

Tang Zichen drove Liu Xiangyun to school with him after having breakfast.

Sitting in the passenger car, Liu Xiangyun asked, "Were you really drunk last night?"


nbsp; "Nonsense, it's so refreshing to drink, I wonder when the next time I drink so refreshing will be."Tang Zichen said laughingly.

Xiangyun Liu asked again, "After you went home last night, you don't remember anything?"

"Why are you asking this all of a sudden when you're already completely dizzy."

"Oh, nothing."Liu Xiangyun pursed her lips, being kissed by Tang Zichen, it seems that he really doesn't have any consciousness at all.

Xiang Yun Liu said to herself, "Forget it, why are you thinking so much, my body can't think about any of this right now, is Tang Zichen going to be responsible for me if he knows he kissed me in his sleep?It's not ancient."

When they arrived at the school, Tang Zichen was just about to pull into the parking lot and found that it was so dense that they couldn't squeeze in long ago, and even the road outside was packed with cars.

"What's going on, so many cars today."Tang Zichen wondered.

Liu Xiangyun said, "This is still needless to say, surely many people from the society came to see Liao Jia Yuan clean up the gates... I didn't expect that there are really so many parents of students coming."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, a little unexpectedly.

Liu Xiangyun suddenly said, "If so many family members really came to see Liao Jiayuan clean up the portal, then those people must be supporting Liao Jiayuan, wouldn't that mean you don't have a group of friends and relatives?No, I have to get my dad to come right away."

Xiangyun Liu immediately called.

"Dad, you should come to the school right away and support Zichen."

Liu Chenming said, "I'm almost there already, I just saw the Linjiang Window forum, many people said they went to the school to watch Liao Gayuan hang Zichen, then I came right away."

As soon as Liu Xiangyun's phone hung up, she saw her father drive up.

Tang Zichen parked the car and entered the school with Liu Xiangyun, Liu Chenming and her father and daughter.

The school was also crowded with cars, and Tang Zichen saw several eye-catching hydrogen balloons in the direction of the stadium from a distance.

Xiangyun Liu asked, "Are we going to the sports field now?"

Tang Zichen thought about it and nodded.

The three of them walked towards the stadium.

At this moment, in the sports field, Liao Jia Yuan was sitting in the center of the sports field, his eyes were closed, at his side, a sword was stuck in his side, he sat there motionless, as if he was quietly waiting for Tang Zichen to arrive.It must be said that the way Liao Jia Yuan sat there with a sword stuck in his side and his eyes closed and unmoving, was very imposing, and in layman's terms, very able to pretend.

The scene was already crowded with students.

"Wow, the pose of Liao Gayuan sitting there waiting is really handsome."Many girls looked at the motionless Liao Gayuan and were simply dazzled by his handsome posture.

On the podium, Liao Shui Niu was laughing at his son who was sitting motionless in the stadium.

Next to Liao Shui Niu, there were many parents of students who wanted to flatter him as well as the stream of social bosses and big brothers.

"Senior Liao, your son is worthy of being a God Sealing Swordsman, look at that posture, even I want to worship him."A boss said that his son was also studying at the school.

Liao Shui Niu chuckled, "This kid, really, hehehehe."Liao Shui Niu was proud of himself.

At this moment, Liao Jiayuan, who was sitting in the middle of the stadium, secretly opened his eyes and scanned the podium out of the corner of his eye.This action of his was not seen by anyone, otherwise people would say that he deliberately pretended to be there with his eyes closed.

Liao Jiayuan saw the podium, his father laughing, there are many people praised him, other stands, many students are also full of admiration look at him, Liao Jiayuan heart hehehe smile, and immediately continue to close his eyes, quietly waiting, there is a sword inserted in the side of the sword, this sword, play the role of embellishment, deep the 'swordsman' two words meaning interpretation out, no wonder everyone was his pose to the handsome dizzy.


At this moment, Tang Zichen walked into the sports field, with Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun following behind him.

All the students in the stadium immediately turned their eyes towards Tang Zichen, and the stadium, which was roaring with discussion, suddenly quieted down.

A group of Linjiang City's big figures on the podium also unified their gazes towards the entrance of the stadium.

A middle-aged man snorted and said, "That idiot Liu Chenming."

Everyone else laughed, because it looked like Tang Zichen had brought Liu Chenming and his father and daughter without any momentum, and compared to Liao Gayuan's dizzyingly handsome momentum at the moment, it was like hitting a stone with a pebble, and it was especially stupid.

Tang Zichen stood at the entrance of the stadium and swept a glance at the entire field.

Liu Chenming said incredulously, "Zichen, there are so many people, I didn't expect so many people to come early."

"Uncle Liu, calm down."

At this moment, Liao Jiayuan who had his eyes closed secretly opened his eyes again to scan and saw Tang Zichen walk into the sports field, but Liao Jiayuan didn't get up and continued to close his eyes, looking like a master of quiet waiting.

Liu Xiangyun saw in the middle of the sports field, Liao Jiayuan sitting on the ground with his eyes closed and a sword by his side, Liu Xiangyun asked in confusion, "What is Liao Jiayuan doing sitting on that ground?"

Tang Zichen looked over at Liao Jia Yuan, who looked like he was meditating, and said to Liu Xiangyun, "Pretend to be a comparison." First URL

Xiang Yun Liu giggled.

Willow Chenming said, "Now that everyone knows you're here, is he still sitting there with his eyes closed pretending to compare, is he asleep?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's possible, then stay until I wake him up."

Tang Zichen picked up a piece of mud and threw it at Liao Jia Yuan with a swoosh, and said, "I'll let you pretend to compare."

"Pah."A ball of mud suddenly hit Liao Jia Yuan's face.

The whole audience gave a wow, obviously greatly unexpected, did not expect Tang Zichen to directly throw mud at Liao Jiayuan's face once he entered, without even saying a single over-the-top word.

Liao Jia Yuan suddenly opened his eyes, his original image was very high, and he was suddenly knocked back to his original form, and he roared with fire, "Who the hell hit me with mud?"

Tang Zichen shouted, "So you weren't asleep, I thought you were asleep and didn't even know I was coming, but you were still sitting there on the ground and didn't move, so I woke you up."

"Tang Zichen, were you the one who threw mud at me?"Liao Jia Yuan's heart that angry ah, if he had known that Tang Zichen would suddenly throw him with mud, Tang Zichen as soon as he came, just get up and forget about it, now before maintaining a very good swordsman image, he was smashed by a mud.

On the podium, Liao Shui Niu was trembling with anger, his son was smashed with mud, how humiliating.Just now many people were praising his son for sitting there, simply like a generation of chivalrous men, but now no one was talking.

Liao Shuaniu jumped off the podium and walked over to Tang Zichen.

A group of people behind Liao Shui Niu followed suit.

"Tang Zichen, you've finally come."Liao Shui Niu's eyes said viciously.

Tang Zichen looked at Liao Shui Niu and smiled slightly, "Who is your Excellency?"Tang Zichen deliberately pretended not to know.

Liao Buffalo was really angry: "Tang Zichen, you deliberately pretended not to know me, you don't fucking want to mix."

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "I didn't expect that Liao Gayuan would even invite his grandfather to help out."

"What did you say?Who did you say was his grandfather?"Liao Shui Niu's eyebrows twisted.

"Oh, Your Excellency yourself does not give your name and history, Tzu-Chen I can only judge based on your appearance."

"Are you fucking blind?"Liao Shuaniu felt humiliated by Tang Zichen in public and wanted to do something, but today was his son's battlefield, and he couldn't steal his son's thunder.He could only hold back for now.

At this time, Wu Shaojie said, "Tang Zichen, what the hell are you pretending to be, didn't you meet Uncle Liao at the summit last Saturday, and now you're still pretending not to know him."

"Oh, so you are Liao Buffalo ah."Tang Zichen nodded his head in sudden realization.

Zhao Ritian said, "Tang Zichen, you are insolent, you dare to call Uncle Liao by his name."

Tang Zichen laughed, "It's not like you're a big shot, why can't you call him by his name, you fucking call me by my name, I haven't even beaten you up yet."

"You."Zhao Ritian exhaled, turning his head to look at Liao Shui Niu, whose face was already blue.

"Tang Zichen, good, very good, it seems that it really is very necessary for my son to clean up the portals today, just this evil young man of yours, you really have reached the stage of lawlessness, if you don't clean up the portals for Baiyun Middle School, that's still a problem."Liao Shui Niu said.

Tang Zichen snorted.

Liao Ga Yuan came up, and now the mud on his face had been wiped clean.Liao Jia Yuan's heart was so hot that he smashed the mud on his face before he even fought, and this debt would definitely be settled later.

"Tang Zichen, I'm going to clean up the portal, are you ready?"Liao Jia Yuan asked.

Tang Zichen said: "Sealing Gods Cheap Chivalry Really Cheap Chivalry, not bad."

Liao Jia Yuan laughed: "Tang Zichen, I don't need you to flatter me, it's too late to suck up to me now."

Tang Zichen gave him a white eye and said, "I'm talking about bitchy bitchy, Liao dumbass."

"You you you."Liao Jiayuan couldn't breathe for a moment.

Liao Shuaniu saw his son being teased by Tang Zichen so much, and he had just been teased by Tang Zichen, he felt like his lungs were going to burst, he hadn't been this angry since he was born.

Liao Shui Niu raged, "Jia Yuan, stop nagging, fight, fight to the death."

The big shots behind Liao Shui Niu all trembled when they heard Liao Shui Niu's words, as if they had never seen Liao Shui Niu so angry before, and they all looked at Liu Chen Ming unbearably.One could imagine how miserable Liu Chenming would be in the future.

At this time, Xu Mei Qian came over with two policemen.

Many of them called out, "Captain Xu."

When Liao Buffalo saw Xu Mei Qian appear, his eyebrows furrowed, as if he didn't like Xu Mei Qian's appearance here.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Liao Jia Yuan, I don't care if you want to clean up your house, but I advise you not to violate the police's bottom line, do you hear me?"

Liao Shui Niu caracal eyebrows said: "Xu Mei Qian, you are so idle, a defeat of red dust not to arrest, what are you doing here."

Xu Mei Qian said: "Liao Shui Niu, I don't care what kind of Feng Yun Hall Third Hall Master you are, as long as you anger the police, I will still arrest you and put you in jail."

Liao Shui Niu's face was very unhappy, but he didn't dare to confront Xu Mei Qian, Xu Mei Qian represented not herself, but the country, not to mention him Liao Shui Niu, even the strongest expert in front of this giant of a country would be hitting a stone with an egg.

"Captain Xu, so, you came today to save Tang Zichen?"Liao Shui Niu asked.

Xu Mei Qian said: "I just came to tell you, don't touch our bottom line, our bottom line is to kill people as well as beat up the invalid, other than that, whatever."

Liao Shui Niu snorted and turned his head to say to Liao Jia Yuan: "Son, do you hear me?Later on, you'll break one of Tang Zichen's legs and drag him in front of Captain Xu so that she can test whether he's violated their bottom line."


Liao Jia Yuan gritted his teeth and said: "Good."

Xu Mei Qian huffed and said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, I told you a long time ago to keep a low profile and don't cause any trouble, but you didn't listen, so you'll have to watch out for yourself today."After saying that, Xu Mei Qian took the two policemen and went to the side.

Liao Shui Niu was already holding a grudge and yelled, "Jia Yuan, don't do anything yet, clear the door for Bai Yun Middle School."

"Yes, Dad."Liao Ga Yuan shouted in response.

The crowd immediately dispersed, leaving an open space of more than twenty meters.

Immediately about to do it, all the students at the scene as well as their parents watched without blinking.

Of course, some of Liao Gayuan's female fans cried out, "Sealing Swordsman, defeat the number one villain, and return our quiet campus."

With a wave of his hand, Liao Jia Yuan signaled for those fans to be quiet, and soon, that group of fans quieted down.

Tang Zichen told Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun to take ten steps back.

After the fans quieted down, Liao Jia Yuan shouted loudly, "Tang Zichen, you are doing evil, lawless, bullying in the school, without discipline, all the teachers and students dare not speak out.Today I, Liao Jia Yuan, will clean up for Baiyun Middle School..." before Liao Jia Yuan finished speaking, suddenly a ball of mud flew into his mouth and stiffened his mouth.

Only Tang Zichen impatiently said: "Are you fucking endless, you bottom still have to whine to how long?Do you know that the whole school has given up classes to come here?If you don't want to fight, Tzu-Chen I'm going back to class." Remember the URL

Not far away, Xu Mei Qian said speechlessly, "This Tang Zichen, this can pretend to be a comparison, he has made Liao Jia Yuan too ashamed, I'm afraid Liao Shuaniu is even more furious."Xu Mei Qian looked over at Liao Shuaniu, and sure enough, Liao Shuaniu was shaking with anger, her son was twice thrown mud by Tang Zichen, and this time he even gagged his mouth.

Liao Jiayuan's mouth full of mud, quickly used his fingers to snap out the mouth full of mud, Liao Jiayuan pointed at Tang Zichen and roared: "You you you, Tang Zichen, I'm not finished with you."

Saying that, Liao Jia Yuan drew his sword, Weng's A sound.

And Tang Zichen empty-handed, Liao Jia Yuan saw Tang Zichen empty-handed trying to fight him, roared: "You damn it, don't you want to be empty-handed?Are you looking down on or trying to get killed?"

Tang Zichen looked at the side of the stadium, where there was a broomstick, and immediately went up to it and pulled out the stick.

"Come on, Bitch Warrior, let's see how deep your bitchy ways are."Tang Zichen said wielding the broomstick.

Liao Jiayuan's face was the color of pig liver, Tang Zichen was waving the broomstick there, this was an outright insult to him.

"Tang Zichen, I'll let you know, my sword skills, how deep they are."Liao Jia Yuan gritted his teeth.

"I'm talking about cheap methods, bitch's bitch."

"Grass you."Liao Jia Yuan rushed up in anger.

"Sweep across ten thousand horses."With a swing of Liao Jia Yuan's sword, he swept towards Tang Zichen in a graceful stance.

"Baton-beating Cheap Warrior."Tang Zichen deliberately shouted and swept a stick at Liao Jia Yuan's back.

"Bang."Liao Jia Yuan was swept to the ground by Tang Zichen's stick and ate mud again, the mud that had just been in his mouth hadn't even been cleaned up yet.

"Ah."Liao Gayuan, in shock, flipped over with a perch on the ground while stabbing Tang Zichen's lower plate with a sword.

Tang Zichen's body bounced lightly, and Liao Gayuan's sword sliced through the bottom of Tang Zichen's foot.

"Stick hit the dog's head."Tang Zichen condescended and swept a stick at Liao Gayuan's head.

"Bang."Liao Jia Yuan hit the ground head on again, knocking the dirt on the ground out of a head shape as well.

"Ahhhh."Liao Jia Yuan yelled in anger, as if he could hardly stand it anymore.

Not far away, Xu Mei Qian secretly said, "This Tang Zichen, he's really good at two things, and his light skills are even better."


p; Liao Jia Yuan slapped his hand on the ground and bounced up again.

"Tang Zichen, I fuck you."Liao Jia Yuan was so anxious and angry that his swordplay was all messed up.

Tang Zichen grunted and shouted, "Buffalo a stick."

"Bang."Tang Zichen swept a club at Liao Jia Yuan's hands, and suddenly, Liao Jia Yuan's sword came out of his hands, and both of his hands were suddenly skinned and bloodied.

"Ah."Liao Jia Yuan screamed as he looked at his hands, which were skinned open and bleeding.

"One stick to seal the cheap."Tang Zichen swept the last stick at the right side of Liao Gayuan's face, and Liao Gayuan's head flew off to the left.

"One more cheap."Tang Zichen's body floated and swept another stick at the left side of his face, so the swordsman, who was flying out in the left direction, suddenly changed direction and flew out in the right direction.

Liao Jiayuan fell to the ground on the right side, both sides of his face were swept by Tang Zichen's stick, and immediately swelled up, his newly pig-headed face, immediately returned.

Liao Buffalo was trembling with anger as he watched his son turn into a pig face again.

The audience was silent.

Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen with great excitement, having such a bullish bodyguard by his side, so secure.

At the scene, that Song Yu'er enviously aimed at Liu Xiangyun, regretting very much that she didn't admit Tang Zichen in the first place.

Liao Buffalo walked towards Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen."Liao Shuaniu yelled through gritted teeth as he walked.

And Tang Zichen ignored him, walked up and grabbed Liao Jia Yuan's feet, dragged him in front of Xu Mei Qian, and asked Xu Mei Qian, "Officer, help me see if I've violated your line."

When Liao Buffalo saw Tang Zichen ignoring him and also dragging his son in front of Xu Mei Qian in front of him, he almost fainted.

Xu Mei Qian glared at Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, although you do have two strikes against you, please keep a low profile, you are so arrogant, aren't you really not afraid of trouble?"

Tang Zichen clapped his hands and smiled, "With the police officer here, I'm not afraid of anything."

One of Liao Buffalo's men asked, "Brother, what should we do now?"

Liao Shui Niu's eyes were cold, as if he had already made a killing plan.

Xu Mei Qian walked up to Liao Shui Niu and said: "Liao Shui Niu, can this farce end today?Although your son did get beaten up quite badly, but compared to just now when you had Liao Jia Yuan break his legs, Tang Zichen has already done it much lighter, at least he didn't break Liao Jia Yuan's legs, don't you think?"

Liao Shui Niu knew that it was inappropriate to do anything else today, and besides, he had started a killing spree against Tang Zichen, so he had to bite his teeth and snort at Tang Zichen, "Kid, I'll remember you, wait for me.And you, Liu Chenming, I'll remember you too, let's go."

Liao Buffalo told his men to take his son with them and left ashen.

How could Tang Zichen not see the murderous intent in Liao Shui Niu's eyes towards him, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen very disdainfully snorted with a shift of disdain.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Tang Zichen, you are on your own, go."

Xu Mei Qian also took the police officer away.

"Take care, officer."

Tang Zichen originally wanted to leave the stadium with this, but suddenly felt that something was missing.

Tang Zichen turned his head to that Wu Minghao and said, "Wu Minghao, you just shouted Liao Jia Yuan Jia Yuan, beat me up, it seems like you shouted very loudly ah, go back and write me a review letter."

"Tang Zichen, you?"Wu Minghao's father was standing nearby, shaking with anger as he heard Tang Zichen ask his son to write a review to him.

"Don't write?We'll see what happens then."Tang Zichen grunted and walked away, Wu Minghao's father was the father of the summit that day, the one who confronted Liu Chenming.

Liu Chen Ming saw the surnamed Wu's angry old face, and his heart was also happy.


After Tang Zichen walked away, Wu Minghao looked at his father anxiously and said, "Dad, what should I do, do I really write a review letter to him?"

Wu Minghao's father gritted his teeth, "This god damned Tang Zichen, he's too bullying, so you just don't write and see what he dares to do."

"Dad, what if he hits me?"Wu Minghao said fearfully.

"Why are you just like this, aren't you also a lesser evil?We're all evil youngsters afraid of his balls."

"Dad, now even Liao Jia Yuan can't play with him, what am I, how about changing schools."

"Pah."Wu Minghao's father saw that his son actually said transfer school, it was too disappointing for him, and slapped him with anger, "Does he really scare you that much?You worthless thing."

Tang Zichen returned to his classroom, and the students and parents in the sports field gradually dispersed.

The school slowly restored order.

There was no doubt that today's Baiyun Middle School campus was dominated by Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen's name was deep in almost every student's heart.

The third place in the White Cloud Middle School genius master list had become Tang Zichen's honorary title.The other genius experts had to call out 'Brother Chen' with respect when they saw Tang Zichen.

At lunchtime, Li Xuan'er made a phone call to Tang Zichen, congratulating him on becoming the third best genius expert at White Cloud High School. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen also greeted her dad's condition, and Li Xuan'er said that she was recovering well now.

Li Xuan'er had been taking care of her father in the hospital these days, and with her academic performance, she would have no problem not coming to school for a month.

Tang Zichen said that he would go to the hospital this afternoon to give her father a checkup as well as recovery treatment.

Li Xuan'er thanked him a thousand times.

In the afternoon, Tang Zichen spoke to Liu Xiangyun and went to the hospital, although Liu Xiangyun did not say no to go, but her heart was very nervous, wondering whether Tang Zichen liked Li Xuan'er, whether he took advantage of the treatment to go on a date in passing, and most importantly, Liu Xiangyun's heart was very confused at the thought of Tang Zichen and Li Xuan'er having sex.Before Tang Zichen himself said that the hair on her car was Liu Xiangyun's, shocked in that Beetle of hers, Tang Zichen also said that his BMW is bigger and wider, made more comfortable.Could it be that they met today and would be in the car that again?

Liu Xiangyun has been so distracted since Tang Zichen left that she's not even halfway to class.

Tang Zichen came to the hospital and saw Li Xuan'er, he hadn't seen her for a few days, and when he saw her today, he really missed her a bit.Li Xuan'er was wearing a grey sweater and black underpants, with a pair of light-colored boots on her feet, still as plain as before, but fascinating.

"Tang Zichen."Li Xuan'er's gaze was somewhat blazing, it had been several days since she had seen Tang Zichen, in fact, Li Xuan'er missed Tang Zichen so much inside, but she didn't dare to take the initiative to call him, that's why her eyes were filled with blazing heat and she could not wait to jump into his arms once she saw Tang Zichen today.

"Let's go, go see your father."

"Mm."Li Xuan'er nodded her head.

When Tang Zichen arrived at the hospital room, Li Jinbao was in good spirits.

"Dad, this is Don Zichen."Xuan'er Li said.

This was the first time Li Jinbao had seen Tang Zichen, as he was either unconscious or being resuscitated before.

"Uncle Li, the recovery is good, you will be very healthy, there is nothing wrong with the rest of your body, now that the biggest problem has been lifted, enjoy your life."Tang Zichen said with a smile.

Li Jinbao held Tang Zichen's hand.

, tears flowed out, choking on his words, his lips trembled, and only after a long time did he say two words, "Thank you."This voice of thanks was from his heart, these days, he had been listening to his wife and daughter tell how Tang Zichen helped him, but he had never seen Tang Zichen in person, originally there was still a lot to say to him in person, but at the moment, he could not say anything, the gratitude in his heart turned into tears.

"Uncle Li, no need to be polite, it's just a show of hands, Xuan'er is also my good friend, if there is anything you need in the future, don't be too troublesome, just let me know, what Zichen can do, he is obliged to do, what he can't do, he will do his best."

Tang Zichen said, even Li Xuan'er cried, this selfless spirit, no one else.

"Thank you."Li Jinbao said with tears in his eyes.

"Alright, I'll give you a body check, then I'll give you a recovery treatment, and finally I'll give you a few targeted medicines."

Tang Zichen immediately gave Li Jinbao some checks, and indeed everything was fine, then gave him acupuncture, the main purpose of this acupuncture was to make the meridians in his whole body clear, so that his new spine could completely match his original body.

After all this was done, Tang Zichen gave Li Jinbao another pair of medicines.

When Vice President Meng Lun heard that Tang Zichen had come to the hospital, he also came to the ward with a jolt.

After Tang Zichen finished prescribing the medicine, Meng Lun took a look at the medication list, originally wanting to see how Tang Zichen used the medicine.

However, Meng Lun found that there were three herbs that Tang Zichen had never heard of in the list of medicines he prescribed.

"What is this Ten Thousand Goat Grass, Vermillion Blood Red, and Fuxi Worm?"Meng Lun asked.

"Chinese medicine, huh?"

"Why haven't I heard of these three herbs?"

"No way."Tang Zichen was somewhat speechless, what kind of world was this, not even a full range of medicinal herbs.

Helpless, Tang Zichen this prescription is useless, those three medicines are not available, unless Tang Zichen Tang Zichen himself to pick them.

Tang Zichen said, "It's just that, I'm free on the weekend, I'll go around the mountains myself."

After diagnosing Li Jinbao, Meng Lun invited Tang Zichen to his office for tea again.

After Tang Zichen left, Li Jinbao said, "Good man."

"Yes, so young, so capable, and still high in martial arts, I don't know what kind of girl would be lucky enough to be worthy of him.I heard Xuan'er say that he has a sister who is even more skilled in medicine than him, perhaps only a woman as outstanding as his sister would be worthy of such a good boy."Xuan'er Li's mother said.

Li Xuan'er sat with only desolation in her heart, pushing down the thoughts that had already sprouted within her, as if Cinderella didn't dare to dream of a prince.

Tang Zichen came to Meng Lun's office for tea.

"I heard that you beat up Liao Buffalo's son."Meng Lun asked.

"That son of a bitch, he made his own death."

"I didn't know about it until I just read the Linjiang Window, had I known, I would have said anything to bring the school to support you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Meng also likes to visit the Window of Linjiang forum?"

"To get to know Linjiang City, it's the fastest and most convenient place to visit, so I'll visit occasionally.By the way, did Wenqi call you."

"Called what?No?"

Meng Lun frowned, "This girl, didn't I give her your phone number?"

Tang Zichen understands what's going on, it must be Meng Lun who wants to set them up and gives Meng Wenqi's phone number, but unfortunately Meng Wenqi didn't call Tang Zichen.


"Meng Lao, don't toss around nonsense, your granddaughter is the flower of Linjiang City, one of the two top beauties of Linjiang City, I'm just a student from Baiyun High School, how can I match her."

"Nonsense, your medical skills are so high that even I'm ashamed of myself, it's her who's not good enough for you."

"Oh, that's just standing in your shoes, now that western medicine is rampant, how many people like Chinese medicine, how many people are delving into Chinese medicine, many people don't care about Chinese medicine, no matter how high my medical skills are, I'm not even a fart in front of those people who don't care, not everyone's thinking is the same as yours."

Meng Lun cunningly argued, "But even so, your martial arts skills aren't bad, isn't that even defeating Liao Shui Niu's son?"

"Hahaha, Meng Lao, Liao Jia Yuan in Linjiang City, is nothing.People take it as a child, the entire Linjiang City, there are many people with high martial arts skills, Wen Qi is the city flower, so her vision is naturally high."

At this point, Meng Lun smiled bitterly, as if he heard Tang Zichen think of something in his words.

Meng Lun said, "Brother Tang, don't tell me, this girl, she really wants to be angry with me, in fact, I asked her, she said that she had fallen in love with someone else, I asked her who it was, she said that it was One Defeat Red Dust, do you think it would make me angry, One Defeat Red Dust that kind of figure she also dared to fantasize.Of course I didn't allow it, I scolded her and gave her your number so that she could develop with you properly, but I didn't expect that she didn't take my words to heart."

"Haha, Meng Lao, I told you, she is one of the two top beauties in Linjiang City, she has high vision, how can she look at me.Alright, you can stop tossing around, I'm leaving, class is almost over, I have to go back to school to pick up Miss."

"Well, I'll catch up with you another day."

Tang Zichen left the hospital and greeted Li Xuan'er before he left, it just so happened that Li Xuan'er had to go home to get her things.

So, Tang Zichen stopped by her house to give her a ride. First URL

Only after that did Tang Zichen return to school.

Back at school, classes were almost over in the evening.

After Liu Xiangyun got into the car, she sniffed the front seat and then went to the back seat and sniffed.

Tang Zichen was baffled, "What are you doing?"

"Nothing doing."Shannon Liu said, sniffing for a moment, and then Shannon Liu asked, "A girl has been in your car this afternoon, hasn't she."

"You're a dog, you can smell that too."Tang Zichen said speechlessly.

"It's just a woman's intuition."Liu Xiangyun said sourly inside, it was obvious that Tang Zichen had entered the car with Li Xuan'er in the afternoon by going for medical treatment, as to what happened, Liu Xiangyun didn't need to ask.

The whole way home, Liu Xiangyun are silent, are Wang Qiang and Tang Zichen are talking.

In the evening, Tang Zichen still teaches Wang Qiang some martial arts until it ends at dark.

Right now in the hospital, Bai Maoquan was much better than last Saturday after three days of treatment and rest, and was able to sit up in bed.

"Liu Chenming, you wait for me."Bai Maoquan's hatred gnashed his teeth, causing him to lie in the hospital bed for three days and two nights.

Bai Maoquan summoned all three of his bodyguards to the bed, making it seem as if he had to account for the aftermath, all three of which he had hired at a high price.

"Boss, give the order, we've been waiting for a long time for you to give the order."One of the bodyguards said.

Bai Maoquan gritted his teeth and said, "You three, if you complete the mission tonight, I'll give you ten million rewards each."

R /> The three bodyguards were shocked, ten million each, and came to their senses.

Bai Maoquan's willingness to take out 30 million out of rewards was also a clear indication of his hatred for Liu Chenming as well as Tang Zichen.

"Boss, just tell me what to do, to maim or kill, just a word from you."The three bodyguards said fiercely.

Bai Maoquan said, "Go to Liu Chenming's house, beat Liu Chenming until he is crippled, and then take that bodyguard of his, and kill him.Finally, Liu Chenming's daughter... "Bai Maoquan suddenly fell silent, he was going to say, capture Liu Chenming's daughter for him to play with, but before he said anything, he remembered the doctor's instructions, he can't get close to women for half a year.Because his stomach is very fragile, once drastic movement, it will lead to sagging, engaging in women is obviously a very drastic action, the doctor specifically explained not to.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on the new product for a long time.After these three things are done, I'll give you ten million each, and then you can run away immediately."

"Yes, boss, we'll go now."

The three bodyguards left the ward, these three bodyguards had been waiting for three days to finally get their boss's orders.

Tang Zichen had just finished eating and was watching TV with Liu Chenming.

At that moment, Willow Chenming's phone rang.


"It's me, Mr. Liu, Bai Maoquan has just sent three of his men out of the hospital, I'm sure they've gone to find you."

Liu Chenming said, "Well, I know, thank you, Doctor Gao."

"You're welcome, take care of yourself, by the looks of Bai Maoquan, he's starting to take revenge on you guys."

Willow Chenming asked, "How is Bai Maoquan's injury?"

A few seconds later, Liu Chen Ming hehely laughed and hung up the phone.

Tang Zichen had heard everything about the phone call they spoke about.

Willow Chenming said, "Zichen, Bai Maoquan's injuries are much better, and he has just sent three of his men down.Those three men of his are all experts, he hired them with an annual salary of over ten million, and they're on their way here now, can you do it?"Willow Morning asked, he was a little nervous and worried inside at the moment, already on his way here ah.

Tang Zichen smiled indifferently, "I'll know when I come."

About half an hour later, three men in black arrived at Liu Chen Ming's house.

"Willow Chenming, Tang Zichen, and where's Liu Xiangyun?"One of the men in black asked, while Tang Zichen and Liu Chenming were leisurely making tea and watching TV.

Tang Zichen said, "My Miss is upstairs, the second room on the third floor."

The man in black nodded and said, "Good, then there's no need to go up and invite her down now, once you two are taken care of, we brothers three will go up and gang rape her ourselves.Lao San, is the camera ready yet, the boss has ordered it to be recorded and transmitted to Linjiang Window."

"Youngest, it's already ready, 1080p HD, how many hairs are clearly captured."

Liu Chenming heard the word gang rape and trembled inside, sure enough, Bai Maoquan would not let them off lightly.

But Tang Zichen laughed, "Gang rape?I'm afraid the three of you don't even have the strength to be gay."

"Get gay?Don't worry, the boss only let us gang rape Liu Xiangyun, he didn't tell me to get gay with you guys."


"I'm talking about the three of you fucking yourselves."

"Tang Zichen, you're still laughing, you're a little campus bodyguard who also dares to beat up our boss, you're really too long for life."

"That idiot Bai Maoquan doesn't even know how to repent."Tang Zichen shook his head.

"Stop nagging and go up."Three black-clothed men pounced on Tang Zichen and Liu Chenming.

Tang Zichen slapped his hand on the tea table and the triple tea cups bounced up, then Tang Zichen slapped his palm and the three bouncing tea cups quickly flew towards the three men.

"Pop, pop, pop."The three teacups hit the three men on the forehead with precision.

Then, the three fell down without a word.

Tang Zichen left his mouth, hired with an annual salary of ten million, but this was so useless.

Willow Chenming was quite surprised that Tang Zichen was let down so easily, this ten million hired is too useless.In the past, Liu Chenming envied Bai Maoquan for hiring three experts.

Willow Chenming was busy asking, "What happened to them?"

"Dizzy." Remember the URL

"Ah, you just slapped three teacups on their foreheads and they fainted, they're Bai Maoquan's experts who were hired with an annual salary of ten million."Liu Chen Ming was incredulous, ten million a year.

"Experts?Uncle Willow, please don't insult the word expert, okay."

Willow Chenming was speechless for a while.

Tang Zichen walked up, took out a piece of twine, and tied the three so-called experts, into a ball, like a dumpling.

"Zichen, what about them now?"Willow Chenming asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Uncle Liu, you can watch TV by yourself, I'll be back in a minute."

"Where are you going, do you, do you want to throw them into the river to feed the fish?Never kill anyone, that's the police's bottom line."Willow Chenming was shocked.

Tang Zichen wiped his cold sweat and said, "Uncle Liu, it turns out you're even tougher than me."Tang Zichen hadn't even thought about the idea of throwing it into the river to feed the fish.

"Ah."Liu Chenming was stunned.

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's not so much about feeding the fish, I just want to send this human dumpling to Bai Maoquan and settle your business matters with him, didn't you say that his company has already broken the contract.Alright, I'm leaving."

Tang Zichen grabbed the human meat dumplings with one hand, as if he had lifted a garbage bag, and walked out the door.

Tang Zichen went to the carport, pulled open the Porsche's trunk, threw the human dumplings in, and drove away.

At the hospital, Bai Maoquan lay on the bed, gritting his teeth, "Liu Chen Ming, this is what happens when you offend me, my uncle, who is the first deputy head of the Chemical Dragon Hall, you are so fucking unenlightened, you also dare to offend me."

Just then, Bai Maoquan's cell phone called, and at first glance, it was from his uncle.

"How's it going now?"The voice on the phone said coldly.

"Uncle, it's fine, I've asked my bodyguards to take care of them, if I can't drive around later, you have to help me with the aftermath ah."Bai Maoquan said, no wonder he dared to let someone gang rape Liu Xiangyun, kill Tang Zichen and maim Liu Chenming, this is someone backing him up.

The other side said, "Liu Chenming is a person with little power, what's the catch, there's no harm in killing Liu Chenming and throwing him to feed the fish."

"Thank you uncle, I'll call you when I need to, I don't need your help for now, my three bodyguards aren't free meals."

"Hmm."After saying that, the other party hung up the phone.

At this moment, outside the window of this hospital room, Tang Zichen handheld the

King 'human dumplings', heard the phone call from Bai Maoquan inside.

Tang Zichen's heart raged, "Bai Maoquan that uncle, is also too ruthless, throwing Uncle Liu into the river to feed the fish is no harm."Although the police in this world played an important role, but, for such dark methods, God knows nothing, what can the police do without evidence.

Tang Zichen was outside the window, silent for a while.These people, since they dared to speak out about throwing Uncle Liu into the river to feed the fish, that was enough to show that they definitely dared to do it, and might even have done it. If one day they did it quietly while Tang Zichen was away, or while Uncle Liu was on a business trip, who would Tang Zichen go to?I knew that the irregular forces were unruly, but I didn't expect it to be so unruly.

That's why Tang Zichen was dull when he heard their phone call, because Tang Zichen was afraid.

It seemed that Tang Zichen had always underestimated the guts and tactics of these irregular forces.

Tang Zichen had to have a plan, don't wait for Uncle Liu to really be quietly done away with by them and then regret it.

After Tang Zichen finished his silence, he rolled over and entered the ward.

This ward was a senior ward, and there was only one person, Bai Maoquan.

"Who?"Bai Maoquan was shocked.

Tang Zichen threw a human dumpling onto the hospital bed.

"The three black-clothed bodyguards wailed in distress."

Bai Maoquan looked at the three bodyguards, tied into a ball, and was horrified to see Tang Zichen.

"You you."

Tang Zichen said, "Bai Maoquan, is this the bodyguard you spent ten million dollars to hire?I'm sending it back to you now."

"This, how is this possible, you're nothing more than a campus bodyguard."Bai Maoquan shuddered.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped over, and Bai Maoquan fell to the ground with blood coming out of the corner of his mouth.

"Bai Maoquan, what am I going to do with you now?Do we throw you out, or assassinate you and take you to the fish?"

"What do you want, this is a hospital."

"So what if it's a hospital?Did anyone see me climb in through the window?"

"You."Bai Maoquan's body trembled, looking at Tang Zichen in horror.

"You you, you're not really going to kill me, are you?Is it a crime to kill someone?One defeat won't spare you."Bai Maoquan said shakily.

"One Defeat Red Dust?"Tang Zichen was stunned, this fool actually used the name of One Defeat Red Dust to scare him, did he know that One Defeat Red Dust was standing right in front of him.

"Yes, One Defeat Red Dust, specializing in dealing with people like you who have a disregard for human life, you'd better not mess around."Bai Maoquan warned.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen gave a cold laugh.

Tang Zichen asked, "Bai Maoquan, Liu Chenming and his daughter, if you still dare to mess with them, then you'll know if I dare to kill you, everyone has his bottom line, the police have their bottom line, and I have mine, I won't kill you today because you haven't stepped on my bottom line, but that doesn't mean I don't dare to kill you, do you hear me?"

Bai Maoquan subconsciously nodded his head, the three bodyguards were all tied up in a ball, he was now looking at the fierce Tang Zichen, how could he have half the courage to speak out loud.

Tang Zichen asked, "What are you going to do about your business with Liu Chenming?"

Although Bai Maoquan was unhappy in his heart, he had to give in for the time being and said, "The part about signing a contract with him, I will fulfill it."

"Unfortunately, I don't believe you."Tang Zichen took out a silver needle.

"What do you want?"


Tang Zichen pressed Bai Maoquan onto the bed, then the silver needle was quickly inserted into his abdomen and removed a few seconds later.

Tang Zichen said, "Now that you've become half a eunuch, if I'm satisfied with your performance at some point in the future, I'll naturally relieve you."

Bai Maoquan immediately felt it, and sure enough he couldn't feel it just as well anymore, but most importantly, it also turned black.

"Ah."Bai Maoquan shouted and almost fainted.

"What did you do to me?"

Tang Zichen said, "Every month, Bai Maoquan, you must come to me to administer needles, otherwise, you will become a complete eunuch."


"I believe you should know what you have to do."Tang Zichen didn't bother to talk nonsense with him, jumped out of the window and walked away.

Bai Maoquan panicked and yelled for the doctor while pressing the call button on the bedside table, and soon the doctor arrived and immediately examined Bai Maoquan.

Unfortunately, the doctor is helpless and doesn't even know what's going on, why it turned black, and now has no function other than to urinate.

A furious Bai Maoquan had to call his uncle, it seems that this matter can't be solved by him, so he must let his uncle help out. A second to remember to read the book

About an hour later.

An old man in his sixties arrived at the hospital with a very prominent scar on his face, looking very fierce, he was Bai Maoquan's uncle, the First Vice Hall Master of the Hua Long Hall, and his name was Yu Wei.

"Uncle, look, woohoo."Bai Maoquan said in front of his uncle's face.

His uncle burned it with his cigarette and asked, "You really don't feel anything anymore?"

"Don't feel anything, the cigarette doesn't even burn."

His uncle smashed the cigarette butt against the ground.

"Uncle, you have to decide for me, that Tang Zichen said I have to go to him once a month to get an injection, or else it will fall off automatically and turn into a eunuch completely.What am I going to do?That Tang Zichen, his strength is not ordinary at all, my three bodyguards that I hired with an annual salary of ten million dollars were all put down by him."Bai Maoquan cried out.

A man standing next to his uncle gritted his teeth and said, "Dad, I didn't expect a little campus bodyguard to have some tricks up his sleeve, what should we do now?"This man's name was Yu Long, and he was Yu Wei's youngest son.

Bai Maoquan's uncle's gaze was cold as he said, "Don't rush to do anything yet, find out his background first, but, never let him go."

"Dad, leave this matter to me I'll handle it, cousin was a good normal person and turned into someone like a eunuch, this can never be swallowed."

"Swallow it?Heh, if Maoquan does become a eunuch, I'll let him eat the eunuch."Yu Wei said.

Tang Zichen returned home.

Liu Chen Ming was busy asking, "How was it?"

"It's okay, Uncle Willow, it's settled, as long as Bai Maoquan has some sense, he'll never offend us again."

"That's good, you know, we're dealing with those evil forces now, this was something I wouldn't have dared to think about before."Liu Chen Ming was sobbing, if it wasn't for Tang Zichen, how would Liu Chen Ming dare to offend those people, so inside Liu Chen Ming was like walking on thin ice, if one day Tang Zichen couldn't do it anymore, then it would be the end of the line with him.

"Alright, Uncle Liu, go to bed early, I'm going back to my room too."

Tang Zichen went back to his room to take a shower, then logged in to his qq with his phone, thanks to that little hacker beauty's help last week, he found out who the Love Fairy was, it's been a few days, and he still hasn't thanked her properly.

"Hey, are you there?Hacker."Tang Zichen sent a message over.

"There it is, brother Zichen, you finally talk to me.

La."The little hacker beauty was delighted.

"This morning, thank you for helping me find the love fairy."

"You're welcome la."

"Alright, that's it then."Tang Zichen didn't like to chat, mainly because he was too tired of typing.

"Don't, let's talk again, it's only a few words at a time."

"I don't want to type."

"What's your phone number?I'll call you."

Tang Zichen thought for a moment and sent the number out.

A short while later, Tang Zichen's phone rang.

Tang Zichen picked it up.

"Hello."A silver bell-like voice came from the phone, very nice.

Tang Zichen was shocked, it was a female, and the voice was so nice.

"Hey, brother Zichen, why aren't you talking?Speak, huh?"

Don Zichen said, "You're a woman?"

"Nonsense, knowingly."

Tang Zichen really hadn't thought about whether she was male or female, subconsciously thinking it was.

"Alright, so be it."Tang Zichen felt like there was nothing to talk about with someone he hadn't seen before.

"I'm speechless, are you busy?Can't you just have a nice chat with me."

"As much as I appreciate you helping me out, I don't know you."

"Ouch, count me scared of you, you can call me Maya, now you know me, right?"

Don Zichen said, "Still don't know each other, I don't like to talk on the phone with people I don't know, it feels weird, thanks for the other day, I'm hanging up."

"No hanging up."The other guy yelled.

"Uh, what the hell do you want."Tang Zichen was speechless, was this hacker sick, so fond of talking to him.

The hacker little beauty said, "Alright, alright, count me as being afraid of you, the password for my space is 556677, go look at my photo album, after meeting my real person, so that's always a familiar face, right?"

"Space?What space?Where.How long does it take to drive?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Ahhhh, count me in, open the QQ video, it's always okay."The little hacker beauty exhaled.

Tang Zichen picked up his phone qq, clicked on accept video, and suddenly saw the other side.

Tang Zichen saw on the picture of the phone, a girl who didn't look too big, wearing a pair of orange eye frames, no lenses, looked very cute, this cute girl also stuck her tongue out at Tang Zichen, so adorable.

"Now you've seen it, you're satisfied, we're considered acquaintances, right?"The phone, that one.

Don muttered, "Why is it so small?"

"Where are people young, they are fifteen years old."The other side coquettishly pouted, then puffed out her chest, that chest could probably be compared to Xu Mei Qian, Tang Zichen was shocked, the chest and the tender face seemed to not match ah.

The little beauty smiled and said, "Brother Zichen, I didn't expect you to be so handsome, you're a little handsome."

Tang Zichen indifferently said, "Fine, just a class grass."

"Wow, it's still a bancho, so do you think I'm pretty?"The little beauty asked, then blinked.

Tang Zichen said, "It's okay."

The little beauty was not happy: "You're talking nonsense, people are the most beautiful, lovely and smartest invincible junior high school flower, how come it's just okay in your eyes."The little beauty's voice suddenly sounded like a petulant whine.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, whether you are a school flower or not, it has nothing to do with me, if there's nothing to do, hang up, I'm going to sleep."


"Why are you so desperate, people have been videoing you."

"Remember, don't reveal my identity."Tang Zichen instructed.

"You're so boring, brother Zichen, how about we fall in love?A lot of girls in my class are in love."

"What's a romance?"Tang Zichen's brow furrowed, never heard that word before.

"It's just falling in love ah, so mom and dad won't know lah, in reality, my mom and dad won't let me find a boyfriend, so let's fall in love."

Tang Zichen whipped out a cold sweat, "There's something wrong."

"Brother Zichen, okay."

"Bye."Tang Zichen hung up the phone, chatting further, endless, this hacker, looking at her so bull, thought she was a very big person, did not expect the age to be so young, and quite childish.

Tang Zichen lay on the bed and thought to himself, "I have to make some plans, cultivate some of my own forces, otherwise I'm always in a passive position, and I have to do everything myself.But how am I supposed to cultivate my forces?"

Tang Zichen no longer thought much about it, it wasn't something that could be done in a day or two, Tang Zichen wanted to cultivate some power of his own, and it wasn't mainly for his own sake, but for the sake of Liu Chenming's father and daughter, Tang Zichen couldn't be a bodyguard here forever.

The next day, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun still go to school together, but, Liu Xiangyun seems to be a bit silent. First URL

"There's something wrong with you since yesterday evening, Miss, what is it?"

"Nothing."Xiangyun Liu didn't seem to like to talk.

"Miss, can't even I say it?"Tang Zichen became more and more confused.

Liu Xiangyun snorted, "Yesterday afternoon, did you take the opportunity to treat Li Xuan'er's father and did you do that with Li Xuan'er again."

"Which one?"Don said, puzzled.

"That's the one."

"I really don't know if you don't tell me."

"Cha Zhen."Liu Xiangyun gave Tang Zichen a blank look, having to make it so clear to her.

Tang Zichen recalled yesterday evening when Liu Xiangyun asked if a woman had sat in his car in the afternoon, and Tang Zichen suddenly understood that the original matter was this.

Tang Zichen nodded, "Yes, didn't you ask yesterday evening, I told you that it was Li Xuan'er who had entered my car ah."

"You you you, hmm, I'll never speak to you again."Liu Xiangyun was so angry that she wanted to cry, turned her head to look out of the window, her heart so aggrieved, so simply say it, even if it's just to deceive her a little ah, there is no her existence in her heart.

"Miss, this BMW is my own, if it's that car of yours, then it's understandable that you mind it so much."Tang Zichen said in his heart, minding too much, my own car still won't let me drive Li Xuan'er, Tang Zichen won't spoil her.

There was a slight mist in Liu Xiangyun's eyes, but she looked out the window so that Tang Zichen wouldn't notice.I'm not the one who has the right to ask so much of you," Liu Xiangyun grumbled.Moreover, I'm still an unsound person, which is like Li Xuan'er, except for her family background, everything is better than me."

Tang Zichen was speechless: "Of so serious?It's perfectly normal, and you're too small-minded."

"I don't want to talk."Liu Xiangyun looked out the window into silence, the more she said the more her heart felt pained.Thinking seriously, she wasn't who Tang Zichen was, it wasn't like Tang Zichen went to her house to be his boyfriend, he was just her bodyguard, what right did she have to be heartbroken.What does Tang Zichen want to do with any woman, even if it's to have a prostitute, it's none of her business, really!

Is ridiculous, thinking of this, Liu Xiangyun laughed at herself.

Arriving at the school, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun had just sat down in their class when Liu Xiangyun's phone rang.

Upon looking, it was her father calling.

"Hey, Dad, why are you calling me all of a sudden, have you arrived at the office yet?"Liu Xiangyun asked.

However, the voice on the phone was not Liu Chenming.

A cold voice said, "Call Tang Zichen, within ten seconds, if Tang Zichen doesn't receive the call, then wait to collect Liu Chen Ming's body."

"Dad."Liu Xiangyun suddenly screamed, the whole class was shocked, Tang Zichen was busy standing up from his seat.

And Liu Chenming's face was pale, and he immediately ran to Tang Zichen with his cell phone.

"What's wrong?"Tang Zichen asked.

Liu Xiangyun cried out.

Tang Zichen was busy taking the phone.

"Who's looking for me, who the hell are you?"Tang Zichen asked angrily.

"Tang Zichen, you don't need to know who I am, in half an hour, if Bai Maoquan's bottom isn't healed, then collect Liu Chen Ming's body."

"You dare."Tang Zichen gritted his teeth.

"There's not much time, the clock starts now."After saying that, the other party hung up.

Liu Xiangyun was busy rushing, "You have to save my dad ah, why is my dad being kidnapped ah."

"Miss, don't worry yet."Tang Zichen calmed down, he only had half an hour, and if he rushed to the hospital to treat Bai Maoquan, half an hour might be just enough.

However, Tang Zichen didn't like to be threatened, but Tang Zichen didn't even know where Liu Chen Ming had been caught.

Suddenly, Tang Zichen remembered someone, the hacker little beauty, and didn't expect to have to trouble her again.

Tang Zichen immediately called her number.

"Wow, brother Zichen, you're looking for me again, did you promise to fall in love with me?"

"Maya, I don't have time to talk to you right now, I need you to do me a favor."

"What favor?"

"Find someone for me, but I can only give you his phone number."

"But, I'm not home right now, I don't have a computer, but I'll be right back, forty minutes tops."

"Forty minutes?"Tang Zichen's brow furrowed, he only had half an hour to spare now.

"Forget it, it's too late, I only have half an hour, let's do this first, I'll talk to you later."

Tang Zichen hung up the phone and immediately rushed to the hospital, it was too late, so he had to go to the hospital to treat Bai Maoquan first.Although Tang Zichen didn't like to be threatened, but Uncle Liu's life compared to Bai Maoquan's lower body, everyone knew which was the lighter, if they really killed Uncle Liu, then doing nothing could make up for it.And after treating Bai Maoquan and saving Uncle Liu's life, there would be plenty of opportunities to settle scores with them later.

The little hacker beauty also immediately rushed home, although it was too late, but in case there was still a need for her help later, it was better to go back to standby first.

Tang Zichen spent twenty minutes continuously running red lights to get to the hospital.

Tang Zichen went straight to Bai Maoquan's hospital room.

At the moment, Bai Maoquan was waiting for Tang Zichen's arrival with his legs crossed.

Liu Xiangyun is also anxious to follow Tang Zichen, the crap that just happened on the way to school has long vanished.


When Bai Maoquan saw Tang Zichen coming, he still had his legs crossed and was humming a bit of a proud posture.In his heart, he said, "I thought it was really much more than a bull, but I still came immediately as soon as I received the call, machine it, it's still too young to fight with me."

Tang Zichen said, "Can we start the treatment now?"

Bai Moquan pretended not to hear.

"I said, is it ready for treatment?"Tang Zichen yelled.

Bai Maoquan said, "There's no hurry, let's wait another half hour."

Tang Zichen looked at the time, there were still seven minutes left.

Tang Zichen said, "Bai Maoquan, if anything happens to Liu Chenming, I'll be the first one to throw you down from here, now you have to wait for another half hour, okay yes, then we'll wait together."

Bai Maoquan was shocked, yeah, if his cousin really killed Liu Chenming, wouldn't he also have no life to live, thinking of this, Bai Maoquan was busy saying, "You can start the treatment."

Tang Zichen grunted, and without saying a word, he directly inserted two silver needles into Bai Maoquan's abdomen.

"Ah."Bai Maoquan cried out in pain, Tang Zichen didn't even have to take off his clothes to accurately pierce the acupuncture points.Three minutes later, Tang Zichen took the silver needles out.

Tang Zichen said, "Call immediately and tell him to release Liu Chenming, although I don't know who that person is yet, it must be someone who is related to you." Remember the URL

Bai Maoquan said, "I need to make sure that it's really cured first."

Tang Zichen told Liu Xiangyun to go out first, so as not to see anything disgusting.

Bai Maoquan verified that it really wasn't half a eunuch anymore.

Bai Maoquan was so happy that he immediately called, "Hey, cousin, it's cured."

"Very good."

Hanging up the phone, Tang Zichen walked out of the hospital room.

Liu Xiangyun was busy asking, "How's it going?Is my dad still going to be okay?"

"Don't worry, I'll call your dad's cell phone again and see."

Tang Zichen immediately called Liu Chenming's cell phone and was quickly picked up, but the person who answered was not Liu Chenming, it was the same person who had called him before.

"Can we release Willow Chenming now?"Tang Zichen said coldly.

"Tang Zichen, count on you to know what's good for you, or else you'll be waiting to collect Liu Chen Ming's corpse, but although Liu Chen Ming's death penalty can be avoided, it's hard to escape alive, so this is a lesson for you, behave in peace from now on, don't be ungrateful."

"What do you want?"Tang Zichen's face chilled.

"Hahaha, no need to be nervous, removing quite his arm is just."

Ka, the phone hung up.

Tang Zichen raged, "Son of a bitch."

At that moment, the little hacker beauty called.

"Brother Zichen, I'm back home, do you still need my help now?"

"Thanks, and you'll help me find out where this number is right away."


Tang Zichen reported Liu Chenming's phone number to the little hacker beauty, and about two minutes later, the little hacker beauty found out the exact location.

"Brother Zichen, it's in Brilliant Daxia, about three hundred meters from your current location, but I don't know how many floors, so go to the Brilliant Building first and I'll determine the exact location of the other party based on your location."


Brilliant Dasha, it was near the hospital.

Tang Zichen jumped out of the window and directly leapt over the roof, three hundred meters, not twenty seconds later, Tang Zichen was standing on top of the Splendid Dacha building


Based on Tang Zichen's location, the little hacker beauty determined the exact location .

"Brother Zichen, your location is about eight floors further up."

Tang Zichen immediately jumped off the roof of the building and jumped in through a window as he descended to the eighth floor.

This floor, which happened to be the eleventh floor, was an office building in this building, but it was an empty office, and the company that had previously worked there had just closed down.

In one of the offices on the eleventh floor, Willow Chenming was tied up with her hands behind her back and tape over her mouth.

A man held a folding knife in his hand, his eyes eerily looked at Liu Chenming with a disdainful smile and said, "Liu Chenming, you're a small business owner, I'm really curious, how dare you play with me, are you worthy of playing with me?"

Next to this man stood two of his men, two men who were now rubbing their fists.

Liu Chenming whimpered, but was helpless.

"Thinking that you've found a bodyguard who's not bad at martial arts and you're arrogant, what a mouse's eye, Linjiang City is full of experts, even I don't dare to be too high profile, you little man, ridiculous, ridiculous.Now, can that Tang Zichen save you?"The creepy man asked, full of contempt and derision.

One of the men said, "Brother, what to do with him?"

At this point, the eerie man didn't want to say anything more and ordered, "Break one of his arms and leave it here, I'd like to see if that Tang Zichen has the ability to find him, if he doesn't even have that, he's not worthy of playing with me."

But at that moment, Tang Zichen's voice sounded behind him, "I'm here, do you think it's worthy to play with you?"

The creepy man turned around and saw Tang Zichen standing in the doorway, his face full of incredulity and fear, it was too soon.

Liu Chen Ming saw Tang Zichen appear so quickly, excited and incredulous at the same time.

"Tang Zichen, you actually found your way here so quickly."The eerie man was shocked, he couldn't figure out if he had left some flaw somewhere, the only flaw, should be that Willow Chenming's phone had a positioning function, it turned out that he had neglected, he had underestimated this high school student's skills.

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Chenming, Liu Chenming was still intact, it seemed he wasn't late, they hadn't started on Liu Chenming yet, thanks to the help of the little beauty of the hacker, Tang Zichen now realized that it was quite good to have a hacker to help, otherwise Tang Zichen probably wouldn't be able to find the place tomorrow.

"Brother, he's that ungrateful Tang Zichen ah, I thought he was some kind of character, but it turns out he's a yellow-haired kid."The two men teased, as Tang Zichen looked very young, only eighteen years old, and his beard hadn't even grown out yet.

The creepy man waved his hand, "Go."

The two men immediately walked up to Tang Zichen.

"Kid, do you know what kind of person our big brother is?You're too young to fight with our big brother, go back to school for a few more years."

"Yeah?"Tang Zichen's gaze was cold.

"What's the nonsense with him, go."

Tang Zichen's figure moved.

"Slap."Two palms struck the back of their heads, and the two men fell to the ground, unconscious.

The gaze of the gloomy man was cold, these two men, both martial arts level 20 ah, knocked out in one go.

"Tang Zichen, I really underestimated you, strike fast, accurate and ruthless."The eerie man said.

"You're next."Tang Zichen charged up towards the gloomy man.

The gloomy man made his move in an instant, he was still confident in his own strength.


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