The unknown Heir 888

Chapter 888

Night fell.

    The entire surroundings fell into silence and pitch blackness enveloped.

    In the courtyard, the five of Chen Hao sat around the fire.

    There was a large piece of meat on the fire.

    This was something Chen Hao had kept in his bag without taking it out, just to save it for dinner at night, he wouldn't take all the food out to the villagers.

    It was good that there was this large piece of meat, finally allowing the five of Chen Hao to have enough to eat.

    "Brother Chen, do you think Fuma's gang will come back to trouble us?"

    Lei Lie was then a little worried as he asked towards Chen Hao.

    "Don't worry, tonight you and I will take shifts, you will sleep first and then sleep for two hours before switching shifts with me, so you can detect any movement once it happens!"

    Chen Hao reassured Lei Lie and then spoke up to offer.

    After all, they were familiar with this place, and they had no idea what the situation was like around them.

    So the only way was for the two of them to take turns on duty, which would prevent Fuma's gang from coming to attack them.

    The main thing was Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo, Chen Hao would never let the two of them suffer any harm and must protect them, as well as Fan Lao.

    Hearing Chen Hao's proposal, Lei Lie didn't have any opinions and directly nodded his head to agree.

    Until late at night, Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo lay together and fell asleep leaning against Chen Hao's side, while Fan Lao was sitting alone and meditating.

    Lei Lie leaned against a pillar and slept.

    Only Chen Hao, who was sitting in front of the fire, looked up at the sky.

    The sky in the mountains was still very beautiful, a bright curved moon hanging high in the sky, the moonlight shining down, and the stars in the sky, twinkling very dazzling.

    To be able to see this kind of starry sky in the deep mountains, it really makes people feel relaxed, it is not at all the picture that can be seen in the city, in the city can only see neon lights with all kinds of street lights.

    Tonight, it was Christmas Eve.

    A night where nothing happened.

    It seemed that Fuma and the others were still self-aware and didn't take advantage of the darkness of the night to find trouble with the five Chen Hao.

    In the morning, all one could hear was the sound of a noise outside.

    Chen Hao woke up in a row and went out to check, only to see a group of villagers gathered around a well not far away discussing, everyone's face was very ugly, something should have happened.

    Curiously, Chen Hao walked towards the villagers.

    Upon seeing Chen Hao's arrival, the villagers surrounded Chen Hao.

    "Is it you?"

    One of the villagers just pointed at Chen Hao and questioned him.

    Chen Hao looked confused and surprised, not understanding what was going on.

    "What's happened?"

    Chen Hao was surprised and asked.


    "Did you kill Vuma yesterday when he offended you?"

    The villager pointed at Chen Hao was an angry question as he said, pointing to the well in front of him.

    After hearing this, Chen Hao went up to check.

    At first glance, he saw a corpse floating inside the well, and the corpse was Fuma.

    Seeing this gave Chen Hao a sudden shock, he did not expect Fuma to die, and he died in the well.

    "How did he die?"

    Chen Hao looked at the surrounding villagers in confusion and asked.

    "Didn't you kill him?You're still acting ignorant now, who else but you feuded with him yesterday!"

    The villagers put the blame for the murder on Chen Hao.

    "I didn't kill him, I didn't come out of that house all night last night!"

    Chen Hao explained briefly.

    But he knew that he would definitely not be able to convince the villagers with this explanation.

    So the best way was to find out the true cause of Fuma's death.

    No wonder he said why Fuma was so quiet last night and didn't come to trouble himself, he had died here.

    Although some bad guys get their comeuppance, this couldn't come soon enough.

    "Let's not talk so much about it, let's retrieve the corpse and take a look first!"

    Chen Hao was again instructing the villagers.

    The villagers then made a concerted effort to fish out Fuma's corpse.

    Once fished out, they saw that Fuma's face was completely spent, and it was impossible to see Fuma's real face, as if he had been scratched by sharp claws.

    Chen Hao squatted down and carefully examined the cause of Fumo's death.

    Through some examination, the true cause of Fuma's death was a blood mark on his throat, which caused Fuma to bleed to death.

    "The one who attacked Fuma should have been something with claws, it wasn't me who killed him, you can see his face and throat, it was obviously caused by claws, and where did I get the ability to do that?"

    Chen Hao looked at the surrounding villagers to analyze and narrate.

    After listening to Chen Hao's analysis, the villagers also felt that it made perfect sense and all of them instantly dismissed the idea of Chen Hao's murder charge.

    But what exactly did Fumo die in the hands of?And what happened late last night?And where were all of Fuma's boys again?It was all still a mystery.

    "No good!"

    "Not good!"

    "Dead man!"

    At that moment, a young villager rushed over, shouting loudly as he ran.

    Seeing this young villager in such a panic made the villagers wonder.

    "What's going on?What's going on?"

    One of the villagers then asked the youth.

    "Vomana.The gang is dead in the house!"

    The youth looked at the crowd with a frightened face as he narrated.

    Hearing this, everyone couldn't help but tremble, this was something that the crowd really didn't expect.

    Chen Hao then immediately followed the villagers towards the place where Fuma's men's gang lived.

    When he arrived at a dilapidated courtyard, he saw all of Fumo's men lying there, each of them dying in the same manner, with an extra bloodstain at their throats, exactly the same as Fumo's. Chen Hao knew after looking at them that they were all dead.

    When Chen Hao looked at them, he knew that these people had all died at the hands of the same person.

    "What the hell is going on?"

    "Yeah.How did that happen?"

    "Is.Is.It's the ghosts out of the mountains!"

    "No way, absolutely not!"

    At this time, the villagers began to make bold speculations and discussions one by one.

    Chen Hao didn't care about what the villagers said, but quickly returned to his own residence.

    Lei Lie's four men had woken up.

    Upon seeing Chen Hao return from outside, Lei Lie asked; "Brother Chen, where did you go so early in the morning?"

    "Fan, please come with me!"

    Chen Hao did not reply to Lei Lie's words, but instead spoke towards Fan Lao on one side.

    When Fan Lao heard this, he followed Chen Hao out.

    Lei Lie was also curious and also hurriedly followed, following behind Chen Hao and Fan Lao, he didn't know what exactly was going on, but looking at Chen Hao's face he knew that the situation was definitely not simple.


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