The unknown Heir 886-887

Chapter 886

"Oh, no, I'm going to go to the bathroom first!"

    Qi Xiaoyun smiled faintly, and then he said towards Chen Hao.


    Of course, Chen Hao wouldn't try to break him down, but nodded his head.

    After saying that, Qi Xiaoyun hurriedly got up and left, heading straight for the toilet.

    He finally considered himself to have escaped from Chen Hao's clutches and never dared to mess with him again.

    Soon, tonight's class reunion ended without a hitch.

    Chen Hao left the hotel with Zhen Ji and drove back home.

    "Chen Hao, it looks like Qi Xiaoyun wasn't spared from being teased by you today!"

    Once she returned home, Zhen Ji smiled and teased Chen Hao.


    When he heard Zhen Ji's words, Chen Hao burst out laughing.

    "Who asked him to mess with me, then of course I won't let him go, besides, aren't you happy that I'm teasing him?"

    Chen Hao said as he smiled towards Zhen Ji.

    After hearing this, Zhen Ji of course nodded in response, "Of course I'm happy then, that guy has been pestering me since college, finally someone can make him look bad!"

    To be honest, the way Chen Hao behaved at the reunion tonight made Zhen Ji feel happy about solving a troublemaker for herself.

    I'm sure Qi Xiaoyun will not come back to pester her herself in the future.


    At that moment, only Lei Lie opened the door and walked out.

    "Brother Chen, Miss Zhen, you're back!"

    Lei Lie walked out and greeted the two of them towards Chen Hao.

    "Lei Lie, it's so late and you're still up?"

    Zhen Ji asked towards Lei Lie in confusion.

    "I ah.I'm waiting for you guys to come back ah, I have something to give you guys, it's from Fan Lao!"

    When Lei Lie heard this, he immediately explained to Zhen Ji and Chen Hao.

    "Fan Lao sent this to us?What is it?"

    Chen Hao became suspicious as soon as he heard it, then he quickly asked towards Lei Lie.

    Lei Lie walked back into his room and took out a box and handed it to Chen Hao.

    "Just this box, I didn't open it to look at it, there's also a letter, it should be from Fan Lao!"

    Lei Lie stared at Chen Hao as he narrated.

    After Chen Hao listened, he immediately took the box and opened it.

    Once it was opened, there was an incense bag inside, emitting a burst of fragrance.

    "Wow, it smells good, what is this?Why would Fan send you a scented sack?"

    Lei Lie sighed after smelling it, and then he curiously asked towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao's brows locked up and his face became suspicious.

    Seeing the change in Chen Hao's face, both Zhen Ji and Lei Lie felt that something was wrong, so it must be that this scent bag must represent something happening.

    Chen Hao did not suddenly ah Lei Lie's words, but opened the letter that Fan Lao had written to him and then read it.

    After reading it, Chen Hao's eyebrows grew tighter and tighter, frowning into a line.

    "Brother Chen, what's wrong?What's going on?You look so ugly, don't you?"

    Lei Lie hurriedly asked towards Chen Hao with concern, he had never seen Chen Hao look like this before.

    "Yeah, Chen Hao, what did Chen Hao say?"

    Zhen Ji was also very curious and asked.

    "This incense bag is a ghost attracting incense, it's specially used to attract ghosts, Fan Lao said that he was going to a place called the Ghost Clan to explore the secrets about the Ghost Clan and wanted me to go with him, that's why he sent me this incense bag, I had agreed with Fan Lao that if I encountered anything important, I would use this incense bag as a signal!"

    Chen Hao then explained towards Lei Lie and the two of them.

    It was only after hearing Chen Hao's explanation that the two suddenly came to understand that this represented a signal.

    "But shouldn't this be a good thing?"

    Lei Lie was surprised again with a question.

    Chen Hao shook his head and spoke, "It's not that simple, I've heard of the Ghost Clan, it's an extremely fierce place, it seems like Old Fan must have encountered something to go to the Ghost Clan."

    Normally, Chen Hao and Fan Lao never used this scent bag to mail each other.

    Once it was mailed, it meant that something significant was happening and they desperately needed each other's help.

    "Then when do we leave?"

    "Tomorrow morning at nine!"

    Chen Hao spoke out about the time of departure, time was very tight.

    "Zhen Ji, Lei Lie, the two of you go up and shout up Zhou Nuo right away, you three pack up your things and leave with me tomorrow morning!"

    Chen Hao then immediately instructed Lei Lie and Zhen Ji.

    This time, a great deal was at stake, so of course Chen Hao was going to bring the three of them along, one more person was one more strength.

    "Okay, I got it!"

    Zhen Ji also did not have any opinions and directly agreed.

    The four of them then spent most of the night at home packing up their respective bags to prepare for tomorrow's departure.

    Of course, it was difficult for Chen Hao to sleep this night.

    The next day, early morning.

    Chen Hao and the four of them woke up early in the morning.

    After a simple wash and breakfast, Chen Hao and the four of them set out immediately.

    According to the predetermined plan and time, Chen Hao let Lei Lie drive to the entrance of Linhai Expressway, where Fan Lao would be waiting for them.

    After half an hour's drive, the four of them arrived at the entrance of the Linhai Expressway.

    They saw an old man wearing a black trench coat, a black hat, and holding a sandalwood scepter sitting on the side of the road, and with a glance, they knew it was definitely Fan Lao.

    Chen Hao asked Lei Lie to park the car next to Fan Lao.

    Then he opened the door himself and went down to greet him.

    "Old Fan!"

    Chen Hao shouted respectfully towards Fan Lao.


    Chen Lai only responded indifferently and then got into the passenger seat with Chen Hao's assistance.

    Then Chen Hao was again the one who drove Lei Lie out of the driver's seat, letting him go to the back seat and drive by himself.

    It wasn't that Lei Lie wasn't a good driver, but the next place they went to only Chen Hao and Fan Lao knew how to get there, so it was the worry that Lei Lie would drive the wrong way and get lost.

    "Fan Lao, is there anyone else who wants to come with us?"

    Before departing, Chen Hao asked a question towards Fan Lao.

    Fan Lao shook his head slightly and didn't say a word, just quietly leaned back in his seat.

    With sunglasses on, Fan Lao couldn't see his face and eyes, not knowing whether his eyes were open or closed.

    Then, Chen Hao started the car and just blasted out the throttle, driving into the entrance of the Linhai Expressway.

    "Lei Lie, this trip to the place will take up to ten hours, the three of you can get some sleep, you must be tired after getting up early today!"

    On the way, Chen Hao suggested towards Lei Lie's three men.

    Lei Lie's three men also nodded their heads.

    Once they were on the highway, there was no way to go down and rest with them, unless they reached some rest area.

    Soon after, Lei Lie's three men leaned back in their seats and slept.

    All at once, the entire car was silent, only Chen Hao was engrossed in driving the car, and Chen Hao and Fan Lao did not talk.

    The ten-hour long journey was tough for normal people, but for Chen Hao it was a simple matter, and he was not tired at all.


It wasn't until eleven o'clock at midnight that Chen Hao's group arrived at the Green Xuan Realm.

    The Ghost Clan's territory was located in an ancient deep mountain forest in Qingxuan Realm, and from ancient times to this day, there were few people who would go there to look for the Ghost Clan.

    However, it was a good thing that there were still some hotels and inns open around the area at midnight, so Chen Hao and the five of them finally had a resting place to stay.

    After Chen Hao opened up a room, he let everyone go to their own rooms to sleep, and tomorrow morning, they still had to officially leave for the Ghost Clan's territory.

    The next morning.

    The five of Chen Hao woke up early, checked out of their rooms and left, driving to the deep mountain forest.

(Hope you understand "The five of Chen Hao"?😉)

    After a forty-minute drive, the car could only be parked at the foot of the mountain, and there was no way for the car to enter the deep mountain forest, so the five of Chen Hao could only choose to walk.

    The five of them packed their bags and hiked into the deep mountain forest.

    "Wow, the air in this place is really fresh, it's rare to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it feels really good!"

    Lei Lie sighed aloud as he walked.

    It was true, the environment in this mountain forest was much better than that of the city, the air was fresh and surrounded by grass and trees everywhere.

    After walking for half an hour, the five of them arrived at a village.

    This village was built by the Ghost Clan people in this, leaving the existence of all the Ghost Clan people, the local customs were all very different.

    The five of them, Chen Hao, walked into the village.

    With the arrival of the five people, they instantly attracted the attention of the surrounding Ghost Clan people, and everyone put down their things and stood up to stare closely at Chen Hao's five people, their eyes filled with vigilance.

    "Who are you guys?"

    In the next second, a man in a leather jacket stepped out and blocked the way of Chen Hao's five, glaring at the five hostages and asking.

    The five Chen Hao immediately stopped in their tracks.

    "Hello, we are merchants from outside!"

    Chen Hao smiled and looked at the man in front of him and said.

    "Hmph, merchant, I tell you, don't hoodwink me, we've seen a lot of people, say, are you here for the treasures in the mountains and forests?"

    The man snorted coldly and questioned in a very bad tone.

    This caused Chen Hao's brows to furrow as he listened, it seemed that these Ghost Clan people were much harder to deal with than he had imagined.

    "Lei Lie, bring out the food!"

    After a pause, Chen Hao instructed towards Lei Lie.

    After hearing this, Lei Lie immediately reacted and took all of some food out of his backpack and handed it to Chen Hao.

    After receiving it, Chen Hao handed it to the man in front of him.

    "We are merchants, here to exchange some goods with local products in the area, look, these are the goods we brought!"

    Chen Hao hurriedly just looked at the man and explained, not wanting the man to see anything different.

    It was only after hearing Chen Hao's words that the man relaxed his guard and received the food from Chen Hao, then took it in his hand to check it out.

    All of a sudden, the entire surrounding Ghost Clan also surged up and surrounded the five men of Chen Hao.

    All of a sudden, the five people of Chen Hao became the most popular people in the entire village.

    However, as a result, all the food Chen Hao's five people had brought with them had been scavenged cleanly.

    This caused Lei Lie's three men to be a little worried.

    If they didn't have the food, then what should they eat next when they entered the deep forest?

    "Get out of my way!"

    At this moment, a thick voice rang out.

    After the sound, a man with a big belly came over with a group of very scruffily dressed youngsters.

    "Yo, outsiders, what's some good stuff you brought?"

    The big-bellied man looked at the five people of Chen Hao and asked.

    As soon as Chen Hao looked at these people, he knew that they were definitely not good people, they must be the kind of people who were bandits and bullies in this village.

    But of course, Chen Hao didn't want to have much to do with these people, and responded with a smile, "They're all just some food, they've all been traded away by the people in the village."

    When he heard Chen Hao's words, the big-bellied man picked his head up.

    "Introduce yourselves, my name is Fuma, I am the leader of this village, since you have come to our village, you will have to hand over something as a gift, otherwise it will be hard for me to let you stay in the village!"

    First, Fuma introduced himself, then he was looking at the five of them preaching again.

    It seemed that this guy was trying to extort some money ah.

    What village boss, to be frank, is just a hooligan, bullying the honest people.

    But Chen Hao and the others weren't honest people ah, and Chen Hao would not let these people bully them even more.

    "Yo, these two beauties are pretty good looking."

    Right at this moment, Fuma locked his gaze on Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo at the back, and a weird grin appeared at the corner of his mouth, staring at Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo for a long time, unable to move his eyes.

    When Chen Hao saw this, he hurriedly walked over and blocked in front of Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo, staring at Fuma and said, "This big brother, we are merchants who came here to do business, and now that we have sold all of our merchandise, it's time for us to leave!"

    After saying that, Chen Hao stretched out his hand and pushed it towards Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo behind him.

    "Slow down!"

    "I said can you guys go now?"

    "Are you taking my words as fart, I said you can either leave something behind to get out of here, or you'll never leave here!"

    Fuma glared at Chen Hao in a high and furious manner, not giving Chen Hao the slightest indication that he was going to put him in his eyes.

    Chen Hao's face was instantly gloomy after hearing this.

    This guy was really giving face and shame, was bound to fight him to the end.

    Fine, then Chen Hao wouldn't let them off the hook, daring to hit his attention, he really was tired of living.

    "Then what do you want us to leave behind?"

    Chen Hao turned slightly and stared at Fuma and asked.


    "Either hand over all the money you have on you, or leave these two women behind!"

    Fuma looked at Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo behind Chen Hao with a wicked expression and suggested.

    "Then what if I refuse to do both?"

    Chen Hao responded directly towards Fuma.

    "Mud, boy you don't fucking understand human language do you, if you refuse, I'll have you chopped up right now!"

    Vomo's mouth was full of filthy curses.


    In the next second, Fuma's entire body was jerked out.

    That's right, Chen Hao had made his move.

    This Fuma had such a foul mouth and dared to have thoughts about Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo, then Chen Hao should teach him a lesson.

    Seeing that his boss was smacked away, Fumo's minions reacted and rushed towards Chen Hao.

    Without saying a word, Chen Hao quickly kicked out.

    "Bang bang!"

    With kick after kick, Chen Hao directly kicked out all of Fumo's goons.

    It was simply foolish to be so vulnerable and dare to find trouble with Chen Hao.

    The four of Lei Lie stood to the side, quietly watching all of this, they knew that with Chen Hao here, they would be fine.


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