The King of Kungfu in school Chapter 6-7

Chapter 6

"Pop!"Tang Zichen didn't even look, his feet kicked, Wu Minghao's bottom was unsteady and broken, and with a casual kick, Wu Minghao's entire body tumbled to the ground, eating a mouthful of dust.

    "Ah, Brother Howe isn't even an opponent."The three younger brothers were shocked, Brother Howe's martial arts skills were at least in the top twenty in the school ah.

    Wu Minghao gritted his teeth and flipped up with an upright, but he was beaten by a psychopath so badly that he was on fire.

    Wu Minghao made another move, the Wild Crane Double Claws, which was even more fierce than the move he just made.

    Tang Zichen grabbed Wu Minghao's wrist at once, what Wild Crane Double Claws, just like a rooster being chased by a mad dog, waving its claws haphazardly.

    Wu Minghao felt his wrist was clamped by an iron vice, Wu Minghao cold sweat.

    Tang Zichen threw Wu Minghao upwards, and Wu Minghao spun three or four times in mid-air before finally falling heavily.

    "Ah!"Wu Minghao let out a scream.

    Tang Zichen walked up, Wu Minghao panicked and shouted, "Mercy, mercy, good man."

    The three younger brothers looked at their boss incredulously, oh my god, Brother Howe was shouting for mercy, was this still Brother Howe who was running the campus?

    Tang Zichen shook his head and sighed, "I didn't expect that in this world, such three-legged cats would even dare to come out and be a yuppie hooligan, alas."Tang Zichen remembered that in his world, there were many hooligans, but even the weakest hooligans were stronger than them by an unknown amount ah.

    "Good man have mercy, I don't dare, wooooooo."Wu Minghao cried as he begged for mercy, he no longer had the momentum of the Five Great Villains, if he didn't beg for mercy, be careful of being wasted by him.

    The three younger brothers had also already broken their nerves, and also kneeled down in panic, shouting 'good men spare their lives'.

    Tang Zichen saw that the four yuppies had begged for mercy, and didn't bother to get along with such a low-level person.

    Tang Zichen bellowed, "Get out."

    "Yes yes yes!"The four of them immediately got up and rolled away in disarray, the Porsche not caring.

    However, the four didn't completely roll, and after running a few dozen meters, they hid in a bush.

    "Brother Howe, what kind of person is this psycho, this martial art is too high."

    Wu Minghao's heart palpitated, "What the hell, I didn't expect this psycho to be a great expert."Wu Minghao wiped a handful of blood from his face, his hands were still shaking.

    Those few boys were also palpitating, their eyes staring over at the parking lot.

    They saw that psychopath standing in front of the front of the Porsche, which was still emitting a croaking alarm.

    Tang Zichen got a little angry and said angrily, "You beast, are you going or not?"

    "Bastard, if you keep croaking, I'll waste you."

    "Quack, quack, quack."

    Tang Zichen's face chilled and he said angrily, "Bastard, since you're so blind, you can go to hell."

    Tang Zichen raised his palm and slammed it into the hood of the car.

    "Bang!"The front of the car heaved down, the front wheels instantly crushed and burst, while the rear of the car instantly warped into the sky and flew five or six meters high before hitting the ground straight on.The Porsche was scrapped in the blink of an eye.

    A youngster stammered, "Brother Howe, your Porsche, was killed by a psychopath...."

    Wu Minghao was scared silly, this neuropathy, his martial arts skills were too high.

    The security guard heard the noise and rushed out, while Tang Zichen, had already disappeared.

    Tang Zichen was walking down a street by himself, aimlessly.

    A few dozen meters behind Tang Zichen, a Mercedes Benz quietly tracked Tang Zichen.

    "Grrrr."At this moment, Tang Zichen's stomach rumbled loudly.

    Tang Zichen gulped down his saliva and looked at a large stall on the side of the road, where several people were eating.

Tang Zichen licked his lips, then walked into the large stall.

    Tang Zichen sat down at an empty table and shouted, "Xiao Er!"

    The people at the next table were all looking at Tang Zichen.

    Tang Zichen saw that no Xiao Er came to greet him, and shouted again, "Xiao Er."

    Still no one came to greet him, instead everyone was looking at him.

    Tang Zichen muttered, "How come the service of restaurants in this world is so bad."Tang Zichen remembered that in that world of his, before he entered the restaurant, Xiao Er greeted him with a smile and said, "Guest, please come inside, the greeting is especially warm.

    "Xiao Er."Tang Zichen shouted again.

    At that moment, a woman came up, startled, looked at Tang Zichen for a few seconds, and asked, "Do you want to eat?"

    "I want to order food."

    The woman brought the menu to Tang Zichen, who didn't know exactly what the dishes were and casually scratched out five or six names.

    After ordering, the woman said, "Wait here, I'll bring it up to you soon."

    "All right."Tang Zichen smiled, finally able to eat.

    After the food was served, Tang Zichen ate with great pleasure, halfway through the meal, Tang Zichen shouted, "Xiao Er, serve the wine."

    The woman who had just looked at Tang Zichen stupidly for a few seconds, then gave him two bottles of beer.

    Tang Zichen laughed, "The bottles in this world are even like this, the mouth of the bottle is too small, it's not cool enough to drink."Tang Zichen flicked his finger and the bottle cap flew off, Tang Zichen picked up the bottle and poured it into his mouth.

    "Pooh pooh!"Tang Zichen just drank it and spit it out.

    "Xiao Er, what kind of wine are you, like water, worse than water, open a black shop ah you, give me a change."

    The woman brought a bottle of sorghum to Tang Zichen.

    Tang Zichen gulped it down, laughing: "This is cool."

    Tang Zichen suddenly remembered the days when he used to drink and eat meat with his senior brothers in big gulps while his senior sister danced with her sword to aid in the fun, those days were endlessly memorable.And now that he was alone in this strange world, never to return, he suddenly felt a bit sad.Tang Zichen couldn't forget his relatives, especially his senior sister, who was only seventeen years old, one year younger than him, but she was already the most famous beauty in the world.Tang Zichen guessed that every time he peeked at his junior sister in the shower, she actually knew, but she pretended not to know.Now that he could never go back, his senior sister no longer had anything to do with him.The number one beauty in the world, or even if she knew he was peeping in the shower, it was all a blur, in his world, he was just a dead man.

    Tang Zichen gulped down the sorghum, and he's already oozing tears at the corners of his eyes.

    After a bottle was finished in the blink of an eye, Tang Zichen shouted, "Xiao Er, come again."

    The woman looked at Tang Zichen in amazement, a bottle of sorghum, less than a minute to fill it up.The woman brought another bottle up, and Tang Zichen shouted, "Not enough, five more bottles."

    The woman didn't say anything and brought up four more bottles.

    Tang Zichen had pain in his heart and drowned his sorrows through wine.

    After five bottles were finished, Tang Zichen didn't ask for more, though with his drinking capacity, he could still drink more.

    "Xiao Er, pay the bill."

    This time the woman knew she was being called and immediately came over.

    The woman said, "A total of 235."

    Tang Zichen wasn't sure how much 235 was, and pulled out his wallet.

    Tang Zichen saw the photo of the upperclassman Zuo, and this time Tang Zichen knew that the checkout was not allowed.So, Tang Zichen looked for other pieces of paper, but unfortunately, there was only one piece of paper left except for that photo.

    Tang Zichen handed that piece of paper to the woman.

    The woman was stunned, what did Tang Zichen mean by giving her 5 yuan?

    "Junior, how much change is left?"Don asked, he only had this one left to save and spend.


The woman's face immediately darkened, and she took out five dollars and wanted change.

    "Not enough."The woman yelled, flaming.

    "Ugh!It's not enough."Don Zichen laughed a little awkwardly.

    "You spent 235, you gave me five dollars, and you want change?"

    "Oh, so what now, this is all I have,"Tang Zichen said.

    At that moment, a few other men from the kitchen came up, and the woman said, "He wanted to eat a bully meal, knowing that he only had five dollars on him, but he ate more than two hundred."

    A burly man said angrily, "Kid, you don't want to hang around if you dare to eat a tyrant's meal at my place."

    Tang Zichen laughed, "Misunderstanding, I really don't want to eat a tyrannical meal."

    The woman said, "Call the police."

    The other man immediately called the police, the police station was nearby and came in a few minutes.

    A man and a woman came, and the woman was the captain.

    Tang Zichen looked at the policewoman and found that it was a beautiful woman with a super hot body, Tang Zichen couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

    Tang Zichen already knew that calling the police meant reporting to the authorities, and after the stall owner reported to the authorities, Tang Zichen didn't resist, he wasn't a scoundrel, so he waited at the stall for the constable to come.I just didn't expect that this world was like this, and there was a beautiful woman as a constable.

    The beautiful policeman asked loudly, "Who dares to eat the bully meal."

    Tang Zichen busily said, "Your Excellency, it's me, I'm eating a bully meal."

    The beautiful policewoman was furious, admitting so crisply, this is not putting the police in his eyes ah.

    The fiery policewoman walked up to Tang Zichen and said angrily, "You're the one who eats hegemonic meals?"

    "Yes, my lord."

    "My lord?"The fiery policewoman frowned.

    Tang Zichen said, "But, my lord, I don't really want to eat a bully meal, I just don't have enough money for food."

    The woman from the big stall said angrily, "Officer, don't listen to his sophistry, he ate and drank more than two hundred, but he took five dollars to me at the checkout, if this isn't trying to eat a king's meal, how dare he be so arrogant.Even if he took five dollars to me, he still dared to tell me about the change."

    The beautiful officer looked at Tang Zichen and yelled, "Take out your ID card."

    "What's an ID card?Never seen it."Don Zichen said.

    "What, so drag."Fiery female police in a rage, completely do not put her in her eyes ah, told him to take the ID card actually said ID card what something, the police as a monkey dump.

    Fiery policewoman bad temper, a sudden kick over, deal with this kind of small punk, fiery policewoman is never polite.

    However, Tang Zichen thigh a little side, fire explosion policewoman kicked the air, almost to a split.

    The Fire Explosion policewoman was even more furious, but also a little surprised that Tang Zichen was able to dodge his kick.

    The big stall owner was busy saying, "Officer, see, this is a scoundrel, he even dares to play you guys."

    Tang Zichen really didn't know what an ID card was.

    The fiery policewoman asked the male policeman to search Tang Zichen's body and found his wallet, but there was no ID in the wallet, only a photo.

    The fiery policewoman ordered, "Take him into the car and bring him back."

    "Yes!Captain."Tang Zichen was taken to the police car by the male cop and did not resist.

    The beautiful police officer asked the stall owner, "How much did he eat?I'll pay for him up front."


    The beautiful officer paid and got into the police car.

    Tang Zichen sat in the back of the car and looked unblinkingly at the male officer driving the car.

    Tang Zichen asked, "Officer, what will it take to make the car obey?"Tang Zichen stopped calling adults and called them police officers instead, because the owner of the large stall had just called them police officers as well.

    The beautiful officer and the male officer were stunned.

"What did you say?"

    "I mean, what would it take to make this car obey."

    The two policemen furrowed their brows deeply, not understanding what this guy was talking about at all, and seeing as how Tang Zichen looked serious and didn't look like a psychopath, then, he was deliberately playing them.

    "Don't talk, behave yourself."The fiery policewoman bellowed.

    Tang Zichen saw that the two constables didn't answer him, so he had to stop.

    Back at the police station, Tang Zichen was taken to an interrogation room where the fiery policewoman personally interrogated him, she didn't need to come here personally for this, but she had a very bad impression of Tang Zichen, and no punk had ever dared to play her.

    "Resist to be strict and confess, I'll ask you to answer."The fiery policewoman said seriously.

    "Yes, officer."Tang Zichen obeyed with a nod.

    "What's the name?"

    "Don Zichen."


    "What's a career thing?"

    The fiery policewoman's eyebrows jumped and knocked on the table in warning, "Don't pull a rascal with me, I'll be careful to put you in detention, so behave yourself."

    Tang Zichen didn't know what a profession was, so he said, "No."

    The fiery policewoman asked again, "Age?"

    This Tang Zichen made a mistake, Tang Zichen was eighteen years old in his world, but how old was this world Tang Zichen didn't know.

    "I don't know."Tang Zichen answered truthfully.

    The fiery policewoman yelled, "Give me some cooperation."

    "I really don't know."Tang Zichen said with an innocent face.

    The fiery policewoman asked again, "Home address?"

    Tang Zichen was busy saying, "I know this, the Songtao neighborhood."

    "Be specific, which building, a few zeroes."

    "I don't know."

    The fiery policewoman slammed the table and yelled, "Tang Zichen, if you don't cooperate, don't blame me for being rude."

    "I really don't know."

    The fiery policewoman looked at him angrily, but Tang Zichen wasn't intimidated by her eyes and smiled hehehe, "Officer, you're so good-looking, you must be the number one beauty constable in the famous Jianghu."Tang Zichen showed a series of beguiling smiles.

    The fiery policewoman was expressionless, "Who else is in the family?"

    "I don't know."

    "Any bad habits?Like taking drugs and such."

    Tang Zichen asked, "Is it a bad habit if you like to peek at your sis in the shower?"

    "Bang."The fiery policewoman slapped the table and said angrily, "Tang Zichen, are you still playing with me?"

    "Uh, no, you said yourself that you were frank and lenient, and you're still not satisfied that I've confessed to something so private."

    "You........................"The fiery policewoman threw the pen in her hand.

    Tang Zichen's head flicked off.

    Tang Zichen said to himself, this beautiful constable, she's so hot-tempered, just like her boobs, burst.

    "You're good, I'll see how long you can talk tough, I'll detain you until you're willing to cooperate voluntarily."

    The fiery policewoman walked out of the interrogation room and ordered to a male officer, "Little Zhang, detain him."


    Tang Zichen didn't resist and was taken to a detention room in the police station.

    Tang Zichen looked at the bars, and that's how he knew he was being locked up.

    "Damn, I'll have to go to jail even if I eat a tyrannical meal."Tang Zichen was speechless, of course, it was impossible to hold him in this small detention room.

    "Kid, reflect well, it's no good to go against the police, whenever you're willing to cooperate properly, you'll be released."That policeman said, slamming the iron door of the detention center shut.


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