The King of Kungfu in school Chapter 8-10

Chapter 8

Tang Zichen snorted in disdain, "Want to put young Master Ben in jail?You guys are still a little young."

    Tang Zichen leapt to the ventilation window on top of the detention room, and with a casual pull, he twisted and bent several sturdy iron railings.

    Tang Zichen's entire body sprang out of the detention center, like a gecko, hands and feet on the wall, brush a few seconds, along the outer wall to the roof of the building, then leap on the roof, jump to another building twenty meters away, then leap again, and jump to the roof of the next large building, so jumped several times, Tang Zichen disappeared into the night, drifting away.

    And at this moment, in the police office, a police officer said, "Team Xu, we found the girl in the photo in that kid's wallet, that girl is called Shangguan Ruo, the daughter of Linjiang City, the chairman of Thousand Beauty Company, Shangguan Salt, who is a senior in Baiyun Middle School."

    The fiery policewoman asked, "Can we contact her?"


    "Contact her right away."


    At this moment, in a villa of a certain manor.

    Shangguan Rou had just finished eating and was sitting in the gazebo making a phone call.

    "Hey, Hao Hao, what are you doing."Shangguan Zou called Qiu Hao.

    "Shangguan Rou, I said, let me calm down for a few days, okay?"The other party was impatient.

    "Aigoo, why don't you believe me yet, am I such a bad person that in your mind I'm just a random person who has an affair with a handsome guy?"

    "Cut!"The other party's phone hung up.

    Shangguan Rou stomped her foot in anger and said under her breath, "What are you, daring to hang up on me."

    At this time, a middle-aged man came over and asked with a smile, "Zoe Zoe, how's the progress?"

    "Not good!"Shangguan Ruo exhaled and said that this middle-aged man was Shangguan Ruo's father, called Shangguan Salt.

    "Zoe, I have wronged you.As you know, we were sent by our family to create a business in this Linjiang City, there is a lot of commercial competition here, it is inevitable to offend some black and white enemies, the more strong people to serve us, naturally the better.Qiu Hao is ranked eighth in martial arts in Baiyun High School, quite a potential, if you can use your beauty to get Qiu Hao to willingly sign a contract of sale or something, that would be perfect.What? You haven't gotten it yet?What's going on?With your beauty and our family history, this should be easy to pull off."

    "Don't mention it, piss me off."

    "What's wrong?"

    "This morning, a Tang Zichen wrote a love letter to me with very explicit content, which was seen by Qiu Hao.Qiu Hao went so far as to think that I was having an affair with Tang Zichen, and no matter how I explained, it was useless."

    Shangguan Salt asked, "Is that Tang Zichen very strong in martial arts?Your school has never heard of this genius."

    "Can't do martial arts at all, Tang Zichen thought, he's handsome, would I care about the rest of him because he's handsome, how naive."Shangguan Rou said with a scowl on her face, then snorted, "That bastard Qiu Hao, has always been inferior to his looks, what a nutcase, his ugly looks is none of my business, think Miss Ben really likes him?Hmph, this little Linjiang City hasn't got a man that this lady is interested in."

    Shangguan Salt said, "Zoe, do you want me to find someone to fix that Tang Zichen?How ungrateful is that?A toad wants to eat swan meat, and doesn't look at what level he is."

    Shangguan Zou said, "Forget it, it's already happened, what's the use of fixing him, a lower class slinger.It wasn't a big deal in the first place, the fault is that he does look a bit handsome, Qiu Hao too

Jealousy is what makes it so.Alright, I'm going to take a shower, don't worry, I'll charm Qiu Hao and then make him sign a sales contract with our company."

    "Haha, dad has confidence in you."

    Shangguan Zou had just walked to her room when her phone rang.

    "Hello."Shangguan Rou picked it up.

    "Hello, this is Detective Captain Xu Mei Qian from the main police station, I've caught a suspect here, we found your photo in his wallet, can I have a few minutes of your time to assist us in our investigation."

    "Uh, he has my photo in his wallet, what's his name?"

    "Do you know this man, Don Zichen?"

    "What? Tang Zichen, it's actually him."Shangguan Rou was shocked.

    "You know him?"

    Shangguan Zou huffed, "Know him, he's a student from Baiyun Middle School, in the senior three class five.He just wrote me a love letter in the morning, but I ruthlessly rejected it."

    When Captain Xu heard Shangguan Rou say that, he suddenly remembered that the stall owner said that Tang Zichen drank six bottles of white wine and that Tang Zichen wept as he drank.

    Xu Mei Qian suddenly realized, "No wonder."

    "What's hard to blame?"Shangguan Rou was busy asking.

    "Just now we caught him at a big stall, he ordered a table of food by himself and drank six bottles of white wine, the owner said that when he drank, he still had tears in his eyes, so he was rejected for confessing to you and drowned his sorrows through alcohol."

    "Ah!"Shangguan Rou was stunned and said in her heart, "No way, Tang Zichen was rejected by me, but he felt so bad that he drank six bottles of white wine and cried while drinking."

    "Alright, now that his identity is confirmed, it's fine, sorry to bother you."

    "Oh, it's fine."

    Hanging up the phone, Shangguan Rou hummed, "In the morning, he still said that I had small breasts and didn't like it, but at night, he drank six bottles of white wine, his mouth is so contemptible."

    Shangguan Rou was not moved by Tang Zichen's behavior in the slightest, but instead felt that Tang Zichen was an idiot and a trash man.

    Shangguan Rou sighed, "Unfortunately, no one is perfect, if... he could be so infatuated with me, how good would it be... alas."A young man flashed in Shangguan Rou's mind, a young man who was extremely talented in martial arts.

    Every young girl had a flawless dream lover in her heart, and Shangguan Rou was no exception.

    At the police station, Captain Xu said, "Bring Tang Zichen out, his identity has been established, this guy was rejected today's confession, before he ran off to drink six bottles of white wine and eat a tyrannical meal, it's not enough to be detained.Educate him and let him go."


    However, a minute later, that police officer ran back and said, "Team Xu, that guy is not in the detention room."

    "What? Not in the detention room?"

    The fiery policewoman ran to the detention room where Tang Zichen was being held, and it really wasn't there, the iron pillar was forcibly twisted and bent on the tiny ventilated iron window at the top of the detention room.

    A police officer said, "Team Xu, this kid's strength is too much."

    The fiery policewoman looked at the twisted iron pillar and was also shocked, it seemed that this brat had also practiced, no wonder he was able to dodge her kick during the big stall.

    "I originally wanted to educate him and then release him, but he doesn't even put the Public Security Bureau in his eyes like that, so don't blame me for being rude."

    "Team Xu, what do you want?"

Chapter 9

"I want to arrest him, this kid is so lawless, if we just ignore him, then where is the authority of our police.In this world, no matter how good the martial arts skills are, they never dare to openly provoke the authority of our public security, not to mention that this district is a high school student who has learned a little bit of sketchy martial arts skills, and he dares not take the police into account."The fiery policewoman said with a bite.

    Tang Zichen was walking down a street when a bus happened to stop at the stop.

    Tang Zichen looked up and saw that the front of the bus had 'Bus No. 8, Jing Yang Gong to Songtao District' written on it.

    "Huh? To Songtao neighborhood?"

    Tang Zichen had a smart idea, and saw many people getting into the car.

    Tang Zichen busily ran up and asked the one driving, "Going to the Songtao neighborhood?"

    "Can't you see, it's the last shift, do you want to get on?"

    "Yes, yes, yes."Tang Zichen scrambled into the car.

    The driver saw he wasn't putting in a coin and said, "Hey, a dollar."

    "Put it on the tab first, right?"Don Zichen said.

    The driver snickered for a moment, and the other passengers all cast contemptuous glances.

    The driver wanted to drive him off, but thought better of it, not bothering to offend such a scoundrel for a piece.

    Tang Zichen's wallet is still in the hands of that hot policewoman, where is the money to insert coins.

    Forty minutes later, Tang Zichen got out of the car and immediately saw a gate with 'Songtao District' written on the door.

    "Oh my god, I've finally found 'home'."Tang Zichen was excited inside, because Tang Zichen was completely ignorant of this world, and in his heart, the Songtao District was his harbor.

    However, the Songtao District was so big and had so many people, where was his home?

    Just then, an old man came with a bag of rice.

    "Zichen, why are you back so late."

    Tang Zichen looked at the old man in confusion.

    The old man handed the bag of rice to Tang Zichen and said, "Don't just stand there, help me carry the rice."

    "Oh."Tang Zichen carried the bag of rice and followed that old man, saying in his heart, "This old man is not my family, is he?Grandpa?Father?"

    The old man walked ahead, entered an elevator, and finally stopped at the seventeenth floor.

    "Here we are, thank you."The old man said gratefully.

    Tang Zichen was stunned, "Ah, you're not one of my family, huh?"

    The old man was baffled, "Zichen, what nonsense are you talking about, I'm your next door neighbor."

    "Oh, next door neighbor, I'm going home then."

    "Thank you for your hard work, would you like a cup of tea."The old man asked.

    "No, thanks."Tang Zichen walked out of the old man's house and looked to the opposite door, since he was a neighbor, the opposite door must be his house.

    Tang Zichen took out the key and twisted it a few times, and it did open the security door.

    When he opened the security door and saw the home inside, Tang Zichen was incomparably excited.

    It was not an easy journey back.

    The home was dark and no lights were lit.

    Tang Zichen tried to call out, "Father, Mother, my son is back."

    No one answered.

    "Strange, no one is here?"Tang Zichen scratched his head.

    Tang Zichen closed the door of his house and stood by the living room's window sill, looking out at a tall building and lamenting, "The houses in this world are really more advanced when stacked like boxes."

    Just at this moment, the sound of a key opening the door came from outside.

    Tang Zichen was shocked, "Is my family coming back?"

Don tapped his chest, a little nervous.

    The door opened and a man and a woman walked in.

    The male said, "That loser, he's still not back this late."

    The female said, "Whatever he's doing, he'd better die outside and never come back."

    "Just what I wanted, in that case the house becomes ours too."The man chuckled.

    At that moment, the female turned on the light in the living room, and suddenly saw Tang Zichen standing in the living room, watching them like a ghost.

    The woman cursed, "Tang Zichen, you're looking for death, you came back without turning on the light, you want to scare my mother to death."

    Tang Zichen looked at the man and woman in front of him in confusion, the man was about thirty-five years old and the woman was about thirty, and the woman was also full of foxy breath and not bad looking.

    Tang Zichen dared to conclude that the man and woman were by no means his parents, who were they?

    The male yelled at Tang Zichen, "What are you waiting for, don't go cook dinner yet."

    Seeing Tang Zichen's indifference, he said angrily, "Yoho, you're still not listening?To cook?Hear that?"

    Tang Zichen didn't say anything and stared blankly at the man.

    When the man saw that Tang Zichen was still indifferent, he slapped Tang Zichen's face.

    Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, daring to hit him and grabbed his hand in a flash.

    "Bang."Tang Zichen twisted, and the man's body spun around a few times and fell onto the coffee table, shattering it.

    The other woman was shocked and looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, then knelt down and said in fear, "Young Master spare your life, Young Master spare your life."

    The man reacted and also begged for mercy, "Young Master spare your life, it's all because I was confused.".

    Tang Zichen looked at the man and woman, their bodies trembling as they kneeled before him and begged for mercy.

    Tang Zichen was puzzled, "What status am I, anyway?These two are so fierce all of a sudden, and all of a sudden they're calling me Young Master and sparing my life."

    The woman asked in a small voice, "Young Master, don't you have the talent to practice kung fu?"

    Tang Zichen said, "I can crush you with one finger, and you say I have no talent.Say, who the hell are you two?"

    "Huh?"They were both stunned.

    "Young Master, what's wrong with you?Don't you know us?"

    Tang Zichen said, "I had an accident in practice today, I'm so confused right now I can't even remember who I am."

    "Ah!"They were both shocked.

    "Don't ah, speak quickly, who am I and who are you."Tang Zichen ordered loudly.It didn't matter what they would suspect now.

    The woman said half-heartedly, "Young Master, my name is Xiaohuan, his name is Jingui, we are both your servants."

    "You're both my servants?"

    "Yes!Young Master, you really don't remember?"

    "If you are my servants, then why are you so arrogant?Especially this son of a bitch who just dared to hit me."Tang Zichen pointed at the man called Jin Gui.

    Jin Gui nervously lowered his head.

    "We........"The woman named Xiaohuan was also nervous and didn't know what to say.

    Tang Zichen said, "Alright, we'll deal with this matter later, quickly say, who am I."

    Jin Gui said, "Young Master, your name is Tang Zichen, you were originally a young master of the Tang family's grandson.Because you didn't have the talent to practice martial arts, you were bullied by the family.About two years ago, you were framed by a few other young masters of the family, and the head of the family drove you out of the family in a fit of anger, leaving you to fend for yourself.And the two of us, who turned out to be your parents' servants, were entrusted by your parents to follow you out of the Tang family and take care of you."

Chapter 10

It suddenly dawned on Tang Zichen that the Tang Zichen of this world wasn't from an ordinary family, what kind of Tang family's young master Sun, but unfortunately he was driven out of the family, and he didn't know what the original Tang Zichen had done so badly that he would be driven out of the family.

    Tang Zichen asked, "What level of existence is the Tang family?"

    That little ring said, "I don't know what level of existence, but anyway, the Tang family owns several large groups, and the Tang family's business is involved in a wide range of businesses, what with e-commerce, medicine, manufacturing, and so on.In short, the Tang family is very rich."

    Tang Zichen asked again, "What serious things have I done that would drive me out of the family?"

    That Jin Gui said, "Because...because you peeked at your cousin's fiancée in the shower."

    "What?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, how come he was peeking at the bath again.

    Nima, it was because he was peeking at his little sister's bath that his soul was reborn into this world, I didn't expect that the Tang Zichen of this world was also peeking at someone else's bath and was expelled from the family.

    Tang Zichen was really speechless.

    Tang Zichen said, "It's just peeking at a bath, it's not like being kicked out of the family, right?"

    Xiaohuan said, "Young Master, you are a loser in the Tang family who can't do martial arts, while your cousin, a very promising genius in the Tang family, is also a little-known martial arts expert.You peeked at his fiancée's bath, it's a miracle that you're still alive, at that time, if it wasn't for your mother fighting to the death to protect you, you would have been killed alive by your cousin."

    Jin Gui said, "Yes, young master, you have no status in the Tang family, you are defeated and lustful, and you dare to peek at someone's fiancée bathing, so who will you kill if you don't.Moreover, your cousin's fiancée is also a powerful woman, from a family not weaker than the Tang family, even if your cousin doesn't kill you, she will still kill you.No one would dare to say anything about the Tang family's grand master or anything else, who would defend a loser.Later, your mother fought to the death to protect you before you picked up a life and then drove you out of the family, you were no longer a Tang family member from then on, you had nothing to do with the Tang family."

    Tang Zichen laughed, "So tragic."

    "Young Master, why are you still laughing."

    Tang Zichen said in his heart, "It's none of my business, it's not like I peeked at whoever that was bathing."

    Tang Zichen asked again, "What happened after that?"

    Jin Gui said, "After that, your mother gave you a sum of money, and then quietly let us leave the Tang family with you.Because we were afraid that your cousin wouldn't be relieved and would find you again and do something to you, so we fled far away and came to this Linjiang City and lived here, and it's been almost two years now."

    Tang Zichen was already clear about his current status and his heart was at peace.

    Tang Zichen looked at the two maids, Xiaohuan and Jingui, and smiled.

    Xiaohuan and Jingui felt creeped out when they saw Tang Zichen let out a dark laugh.

    Tang Zichen suddenly asked, "When I was kicked out of the family, how much money did my mother give me?"

    "Ah!"The two maids were in a panic.

    Tang Zichen guessed when he saw Xiaohuan and Jingui's reactions, nine times out of ten, the money his mother had given him had been spent by these two maids.

    "Say it, how much?"

    "Less, young master, it's not much, just under three million."Jin Gui said.

    Tang Zichen didn't understand what the concept of three million was.

    "Now where's that money?"Tang Zichen asked, Tang Zichen knew deeply how important money is in this world because of the overlord meal.

    The male supporter Jin Gui stammered, "Shao, young master, we used that three million to buy a house here, using your name, if you don't believe me, you go to see the real estate certificate."

    "What house is so expensive, it needs three million."

Jin Gui said, "We spent two million on the house and several hundred thousand more on renovations, and that's not much left."

    "Really?So how much is left?"

    "Thirty thousand."

    "Give me the rest of the money,"Tang Zichen ordered.

    "Yes, I'll take it out tomorrow and give it to you."Jin Gui said.

    Tang Zichen nodded his head, though he didn't quite understand the meaning.

    Jin Gui was a bit surprised that Tang Zichen hadn't asked him to take out his bank card.

    After all, Tang Zichen didn't understand this world yet, where did he know about this bank card thing.

    "Alright, I'm going to take a bath, serve me quickly."

    Xiaohuan led Tang Zichen into the bathroom and adjusted the hot water for Tang Zichen before coming out.

    "Young Master, the clothes are at the door."Xiaohuan said.

    "Yeah, got it."

    While Tang Zichen was enjoying his bath, Xiaohuan and Jin Gui came to the balcony and whispered.

    "Jin Gui, the young master doesn't seem to be normal."Xiaohuan said.

    "Yeah, he didn't even ask for the bank card, I told him to take it out tomorrow and give it to him, and he actually nodded."

    Xiaohuan added, "This trash, he used to be a trash who couldn't do martial arts at all, now why is he suddenly so good at martial arts."

    "The hell knows."

    "Will you really take out the money to him tomorrow?"

    Jin Gui a snort: "The idiot only took out the money to him, early tomorrow morning, we'll just take the rest of the money and leave.Now that this punk is so strong, this house seems unexpected, if we don't leave, we won't even be able to use the rest of the money in the card."

    Xiaohuan asked, "How much money is left on the card, anyway?Is it really only thirty thousand?"

    "Hehe, fooling that idiot, but it's true that it's not much, there's only a hundred thousand left."

    "Ah, so little ah, the original madam gave the young master's bank card, a whole five million ah, after we bought this house, at least two and a half million left, this is only two years, only a hundred thousand left."Xiaohuan said full of questions.

    Jin Gui impatiently said, "Come on, it's not like you don't know how we spent the money in the past two years, we don't have any jobs, and we'll spend all the gold and silver mountains."

    "Okay, so tomorrow we really don't care about that loser and just leave?"

    "Or what, really work for him as a maid?Before, it was just for the money. Now what?Do you think there's a future in following him?"

    Xiaohuan was full of reluctance, "This house was bought with twenty thousand square meters, it's worth two million, do you really just don't want it?"

    Jin Gui snorted, "Xiaohuan, you really think this place is your home, if Young Master was still as useless as before, he might have been able to turn the house into ours, but don't even think about it now.Don't forget, it's Young Master's name on this property deed."

    "Why were we so stupid when we bought the house in the first place, why did we write his name."

    "We had just left the Don's at the time, how could we have had the guts to do that.But I didn't expect that two years after this turn of events, no one from the Tang family has come to look for him.It seems that the Tang family really drove him out of the family, had we known that, we wouldn't have been polite when we bought the house in the first place."

    At this moment, in the bathroom, Tang Zichen was drenched in hot water, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, humming, "These two villains are really playing a trick on me."

    The whispers of the two maids on the balcony had already been heard by Tang Zichen.

    With Tang Zichen's martial arts skills, at this distance, even a mosquito buzzing would be able to hear it.


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