The King of Kungfu in school chapter 11-15

Chapter 11
Tang Zichen finished his shower and came to the living room, his face unmoving.

Xiaohuan and Jin Gui were busy walking in from the balcony.

Xiaohuan said, "Young Master, sit down for a while, I'll cook dinner right away."

Tang Zichen said, "Waiting for you to cook, Ben Shao would have starved to death."

That Jin Gui smiled, "Young Master, then I'll make you tea, read all day."

Tang Zichen said without being salty, "No matter how tired you are, it's enough to clean you up."

"Oh!"Jin Gui blanched.

Tang Zichen took a shower, refreshed, and sat down on the couch, right on the TV remote.

The TV suddenly turned on, and the person on the TV just happened to shout, "Dare, who told you to sit down."

Tang Zichen was shocked and immediately stood up.

Tang Zichen stared at the man in the TV picture and vigilantly asked, "Who is your Excellency and why are you lurking in my house." Remember the URL

The man on the TV laughed, "Hahahaha, don't ask me who I am, I'm here to take your little life."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Taking my little life, so arrogant, then let the horse come."

Jin Gui, who was making tea, looked at Tang Zichen silly.

However, the TV screen turned and jumped to another person, only to see that person plop down on his knees, "Senior spare my life, senior don't kill me."

"Huh?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed.

Tang Zichen looked at Jin Gui and asked, "What's going on here?Who are the two men in the box?"

"Ah, young master, are you all right."


"Young Master, this is a television, not a box, there aren't really people in it, it's like a play, but in the form of real images and characters."

It suddenly dawned on Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen had seen some operas made up by Jiang Hu literati before.

Tang Zichen couldn't believe it, "This world's opera texts are like this, they really are more advanced."

Tang Zichen immediately looked at it with relish.

After Tang Zichen learned to use the remote control, he immediately became a TV fan.

It was late at night, the two maids had gone to bed, and Tang Zichen was still mentally watching a TV drama.

Tang Zichen watched urban type TV dramas because by watching this type of drama, Tang Zichen could learn a lot of things about the world.

For example, there is a thing that can transmit sound a thousand miles away, as long as you press a number that represents someone else, you can talk to that person a thousand miles away, which is called a mobile phone on TV.

In addition, Tang Zichen had understood a lot of these Arabic numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 after watching the television.

Tang Zichen watched it all night long.

This night, Tang Zichen had gained so much.

Yesterday, Tang Zichen was at a loss about the world, ignorant and unknown.And today, Tang Zichen had gradually uncovered the mysteries of this world, no longer feeling so mysterious.

Tang Zichen believed that he only TV, he will soon understand this world.

The day had dawned and the sun had risen.

"Today and tomorrow are weekends, I don't have to go to school for the next two days, what should I go and do?"Tang Zichen said internally.

"Those two maids, the sun has risen and they're still not even up."Tang Zichen suddenly got a little angry.

Tang Zichen arrived at the two maids' room.

"Bang bang."Tang Zichen knocked hard on the door.


sp; "Shit, let's still let people sleep."Jin Gui was on fire, probably still awake, and opened the door to the room, and roared at Tang Zichen, "Rubbish, you're looking for death."

However, Jin Gui hadn't finished his sentence and suddenly knelt down.He just thought, in his confusion, that Tang Zichen was still that trash, so he broke into a rant, but once he finished yelling, he remembered that Tang Zichen wasn't that trash anymore and immediately kneeled down in shock.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped it hard.

Jin Guiton was suddenly slapped away.

"Young Master spare your life, Young Master spare your life, oooooh, I didn't mean it, I forgot, I'm sorry, I just woke up, I haven't remembered yet, Young Master spare your life, Jin Gui won't dare to do it again."Jin Gui even kowtowed and begged for mercy, almost peeing out of fright.

And at this moment, that maid Xiaohuan also woke up and was wrapped in a blanket, sitting on the bed, looking at Tang Zichen in horror.

Tang Zichen sneered, "I'm sure this is how I was bullied by you guys in the past."

"Young Master, please spare me, I won't dare to do it again."Jin Gui kowtowed desperately.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at their room, and his heart became even more furious, saying, "The room I sleep in, ordinary, the room you guys sleep in, why is it so big and beautiful.Who exactly is the maid and who is the young master now, why do I feel like I am your maid?"

Jin Gui's face was so white, even Little Ring was so scared that he crawled up and got on his knees to beg for mercy.

Xiaohuan was wearing three points.One style sleeping, right now the body was exposed to Tang Zichen's eyelids.

Xiaohuan's skin was soft and white, and his body was also good, Tang Zichen could not help but take a few more glances.

After Xiaohuan saw Tang Zichen's gaze, he deliberately pushed his chest forward.

Tang Zichen grunted: "Xiaohuan, what are you sticking out for, think I've never seen it before, get out.From now on, this room is mine, you guys go sleep in that room of mine."

"Yes yes yes."Jin Gui panicked and nodded.

Tang Zichen walked out of the room, Xiaohuan was a little disappointed to see that the young master didn't seem interested in her.If Young Master was interested in her, she wouldn't mind having something happen with Young Master.

Tang Zichen went to the bathroom sink and squeezed a little toothpaste to brush his teeth.

Tang Zichen hadn't known about brushing his teeth this way, all from watching TV and the computer.

After brushing his teeth, Xiaohuan and Jin Gui also got dressed.

The two of them seemed like they couldn't wait to leave.

: "Young Master, wait at home, I'll go out and buy you breakfast."

And Jin Gui was also busy saying, "Young Master, I'll go out to get you money ah, take out the remaining 30,000 yuan to bring you."

Tang Zichen hummed inside and said straight if he wanted to escape.

Xiaohuan and Jin Gui didn't wait for Tang Zichen's answer, they hurriedly opened the door of their home and entered the elevator.

In the elevator, Jin Gui was relieved and said, "Finally, I can leave this foolish young master, I will never come back again, we will take the remaining 100,000 pieces and go away."

But Little Ring was depressed and said, "Pity about the house, alas."

Soon, the elevator landed on the first floor, from the seventeenth floor to the first floor, it was less than a minute.

However, when the elevator door opened, Tang Zichen was standing outside, and Xiaohuan and Jin Gui were startled when they saw Tang Zichen.

"Ah, young master, you, where did you come down from."

Tang Zichen snorted, "No way to escape."

Xiaohuan was busy, "Young Master, what did you say, escape, why can't I understand."

"Alright, your whispers last night can't be hidden from this young master's ears.You guys wanted to take the rest of your money and run away early in the morning, think twice."


"Ah."Xiaohuan and Jingui's bodies trembled.

Tang Zichen grabbed Jin Gui's ear and dragged him out of the elevator.

"Young Master, it hurts."

Tang Zichen dragged Jin Gui until he was outside the building before releasing him, ordering, "Go, go to the bank now and take out the rest of the hundred thousand and give it to me.Don't try to beat around the bush with me, or you really shouldn't blame me for being impatient."

"Yes, Young Master."Jin Gui didn't dare to argue anymore, and honestly took Tang Zichen to a nearby bank.

Honestly, he withdrew a hundred thousand dollars.

Tang Zichen had seen banks on TV and already knew what a bank was, the equivalent of a money bank in his world.

Jin Gui heartbrokenly handed over ten bundles of money to Tang Zichen and said, "Young Master, it's all here, the whole hundred thousand."

"Very well."Tang Zichen smilingly took the money and said, "Forgive you for not daring to trap me again."

"Young Master, don't worry, I won't dare to do it again, Jin Gui will definitely serve Young Master well."Jin Gui was busy offering his services, but his mouth grunted, "I'll serve your sister, I'll escape as soon as I find an opportunity."

Tang Zichen stuffed 100,000 yuan into the two pockets on either side of his pants, the two pockets on the back of his ass, and the two pockets on his chest.However, because each pocket couldn't be completely filled, the money stuffed in each pocket was exposed halfway, making it especially conspicuous. A second to remember to read the book

Little Ring reminded, "Young Master, if you reveal your money like this, it will be easy for a thief to see you."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "That little thief dares to steal me, feel free to come."

Tang Zichen resolutely walked out of the bank.

As expected, passersby immediately looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen walked rampantly, not afraid of being looked at.

"Where's the stupid goods ah, is this showing off wealth, showing off wealth also at least change the floor goods on the body ah."

"I see is a demolition of a rich man, Nima, the first time I saw such a show of wealth, the whole body six pockets, each pocket exposed half a bundle of money."

Passersby saw it and pointed at it.

Jin Gui really couldn't walk down behind Tang Zichen, feeling humiliated following Tang Zichen, busy saying, "Young Master, I'll go back first."

Little Ring was also busy saying, "Young Master, I'll also go back first."

Tang Zichen snorted, "If you're not afraid of having your legs broken by me, then go back first by all means."

"Woo."The two of them suddenly showed clothes that were worse than crying.

Tang Zichen ordered, "Today, you're not going anywhere, you'll follow me wherever I go, and if you dare to leave me for half a step, I'll break your legs."

"Young Master..."

"Did you hear that?"

"Yes!"The two of them nodded their heads with reluctant faces.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Let's go, accompany Ben Shao to have a good look at the world, hahaha."

Xiaohuan plucked up courage and said, "Young Master, take the money and put it in my bag, I'll hold it for you, I can't snatch it away anyway with your strength."

Tang Zichen thought to himself, fine, a hundred thousand dollars stuffed on his body, it's uncomfortable to walk around.

No longer being watched by passersby, they only felt much more relaxed.

Tang Zichen walked along the street, stopping to take a look at anything new when he encountered it, and then sighed, "This world, it really is more advanced."

An hour later, Tang Zichen passed by the entrance of a hospital and found a large crowd of people around it.

Tang Zichen said, "There's excitement over there, go over and take a look."

"Yes, young master."The two maids were extremely reluctant.

Tang Zichen went up, only to see a young and beautiful girl kneeling in front of the hospital, that young and beautiful girl kept crying and pleading to the onlookers, " father is seriously ill, he has to pay 100,000 yuan immediately, otherwise the hospital won't do anything to save him, please help me, I'll pay you back, please..."

Tang Zichen was taken aback when he saw that woman.Tang Zichen had seen this beauty before, yesterday at noon when he was eating in the cafeteria with his tablemate Wang Qiang, this beauty walked into the cafeteria and caused a sensation, then Wang Qiang told Tang Zichen that this beauty's name was Li Xuan'er and she was the commoner flower of Baiyun High School.

Tang Zichen was heartbroken to see such a big beauty crying and begging the crowd here.

However, there were many onlookers, but no one was there to help.

At this time, a nurse came out and said, "Li Jinbao's family, have you collected any money, if you don't pay the money quickly, it will be too late even to save her."

Li Xuan'er was so anxious that she almost fainted.

Li Xuan'er hesitated, then bit her teeth and said tearfully: "As long as which kind-hearted person, right now, is willing to help me pay this 100,000 yuan, I Li Xuan'er vowed that afterwards, I will definitely... give my word, I Li Xuan'er will never go back on my word..."

"Wow!"The crowd of onlookers stirred, looking at Li Xuan'er's beautiful face, graceful body, and voluptuous curves, leaving a trail of drool.

However, 100,000 is not a small amount of money, will stand here, indicating that are living in the old city, living here is not extravagant to take 100,000 for a beautiful student in exchange for a promise, besides a verbal commitment, brain bad before really take out 100,000 out to her.

Sure enough, someone in the crowd said, "You mouth a promise in exchange for a promise, who knows if you're cheating money."

Li Xuan'er was so embarrassed, if she didn't have to, she would never do such a thing.

Tang Zichen sighed, the road was not fair, he really couldn't be as cold as others.

It just so happened that he had another hundred thousand.

Tang Zichen called Xiaohuan over.

"Bring me the money."

Xiaohuan was shocked, "Young Master, are you crazy, 100,000 for a verbal promise from her?"

"Cut the crap, take it out."

Xiaohuan tightly covered her bag and said anxiously, "Young Master, you have to think twice, it's really not worth it.Or else this way, I'll also promise you with my body, and I'll only take ten thousand, although I'm not that young, but I promise, definitely more capable than her."

"Fuck you, bring it."Tang Zichen bellowed.

"Young Master, don't be fooled by her beauty ah, you've seen my body, I'll only take ten thousand, I'll never lose money."

"Fuck you."

Tang Zichen snatched Xiaohuan's bag over and took out his 100,000.

Xiaohuan was very aggrieved and cursed in her heart, "Bastard, isn't my mother even worth 10,000 yuan?"

Lisette saw that no one was willing to lend a helping hand, and turned to walk inside the hospital in a lost state.

"Wait."Tang Zichen shouted.

Li Xuan'er panicked and turned around, only to see a boy coming with a large stack of money.However, Li Xuan'er was stunned when she saw Tang Zichen because Li Xuan'er had seen Tang Zichen at school.Li Xuan'er felt very embarrassed and humiliated, she would rather be a rich person in the society than an alumnus.

Tang Zichen walked forward, holding ten bundles of hundred dollar bills in his hand, and said, "Here is exactly one hundred thousand dollars, take it to save your father first."


When Li Xuan'er was so helpless, she was moved to tears when she saw this life-saving 100,000 pieces.

Although it was embarrassing, but saving her life was important, Li Xuan'er didn't have time to think about anything else, busy saying: "Thank you, Tang Zichen."

"Er, how do you know my name is Tang Zichen."

Li Xuan'er said awkwardly, "I'm also a senior in high school, I've heard of you.Don't worry, even though we're classmates, I'll definitely honor what I just promised.When I'm done, I'll keep my word."

The onlookers all looked at Tang Zichen with envy, soon they would be able to have this beauty, of course, there were also people who scolded Tang Zichen for having his brain kicked by a donkey and definitely getting water.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Li Xuan'er, you misunderstood, I didn't give you 100,000 because of your offer.I, Tang Zichen, am of high moral character, this is something that everyone knows, I will not take advantage of this.You don't need to give me anything in return, so hurry up and pay the money."

Immediately, someone scolded Tang Zichen for being an idiot, so it wasn't exchanging a hundred thousand for ah, but giving someone a hundred thousand for nothing, never seen such an idiot before.

Li Xuan'er looked at Tang Zichen, extremely touched, and didn't know what to say.

Tang Zichen smiled, turned around and left.

Li Xuan'er busily said, "Tang Zichen, thank you, I'll look for you later."Li Xuan'er hurriedly ran into the hospital after saying that, she didn't have time to say anything more to Tang Zichen now, and hurried to pay the money.

Li Xuan'er finished paying the money at the hospital, after watching her dying father sent to the rescue room, Li Xuan'er only hurriedly ran out of the hospital gate, unfortunately, just now the crowd of onlookers has already disbanded, Tang Zichen has long disappeared. The first website

Li Xuan'er stood in front of the hospital, unable to say how moved she was.

Tang Zichen, with two maids, continued to walk down the street, looking east and west.

Originally, he had a hundred thousand yuan, but this turned out to be a gift, and all of a sudden, he became a poor man again.

Along the way, that little ring still muttered desperately, seemingly dissatisfied with Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen did not bother to pay attention to her.

In Tang Zichen's world, it was common for people to help each other out when they saw injustice.In Tang Zichen's world, it was common to see people who were full of chivalry and righteousness risking their lives to help strangers, so Tang Zichen really didn't feel anything about this small amount of money.

Tang Zichen wandered the streets for another half hour, it was already noon, and his stomach rumbled.

Tang Zichen hadn't eaten breakfast, he was very hungry.

However, he had no money left.

Tang Zichen said to the two maids, "Do you have any money on you?"

The two maids were busy shaking their heads, but in their hearts they hummed, "Nima, finally know that you also need to eat ah, 100,000 yuan said to send, starving you."

Tang Zichen sighed, "Looks like we'll have to eat another tyrannical meal again.Let's go, there's a restaurant over there in front of us, go over there and eat a tyrannical meal."

Tang Zichen was the first to head to the restaurant in front of him.

Tang Zichen himself felt humiliated after eating a Hegemonic meal twice in a row.

The two maids were baffled, so they could only follow Tang Zichen to the restaurant in front.

Tang Zichen ordered a table of food, and when he was almost finished, Tang Zichen said, "When you finish eating later, run as fast as you can for as many pieces as you can."

"Young Master, are you really planning to eat a Pauper's meal?"Xiaohuan stunned jaws asked, what was in this young master's heart, and really wanted to eat a bully meal ah, thought he engaged in humor.

"Don't worry, experienced, the second time to eat a tyrannical meal, all right, I'm done eating, ready to run."

At this time, Xiaohuan took out a hundred yuan from his pocket and said, "Young Master, actually, I still have a few hundred yuan la, I don't need to eat a bully meal."


;Tang Zichen glared: "You guys even cheated this young master out of money, take out all the remaining money you have on you."

Jin Gui glared at Xiaohuan.

The two of them obediently took the few hundred dollars they had on them to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was rich, so naturally, he didn't need to eat a tyrant's meal, and happily finished the bill, pocketing the remaining few hundred, making sure to save and spend it.This world without money is difficult to walk, Tang Zichen just came to this world has been deeply experienced.

At this moment, at the People's Hospital, Li Xuan'er's father was pushed out from the rescue room.

Li Xuan'er and her mother were busy pouncing on him.

"How is it?Doctor."

The doctor said, "Congratulations, this life is saved."

Li Xuan'er's tears came out, and Li's mother was busy shouting thank you to God.

However, the doctor said, "The life is saved, but don't be too happy yet, the patient is in a very bad condition, his spine is severely damaged and will likely continue to deteriorate, so please be prepared to pay for the follow-up treatment.If it continues to deteriorate, then only his entire spine will have to be replaced."

"Ah!Doctor, you're scaring me!"Mother Li cried.

"What am I scaring you for."

Li Xuan'er was busy asking, "How much medical expenses should we probably prepare for?"

The doctor said, "If the spine is replaced, it will cost at least two million, you should always have this money ready, don't pay it and delay the treatment."The doctor said and left, with today's medical technology, it is possible to replace the human spine.

Mother Li was literally going to faint when she heard that so much more money was needed, she could only earn two and a half thousand a month at most, she couldn't even take out the one hundred thousand this time, let alone the two million that would follow.

Li Xuan'er held her mother's hand and cried, "Mom, as long as my life is saved, it's better than anything else, the money will always find a way.Besides, Dad may not continue to deteriorate, just in case it doesn't."

Mother and daughter hugged and wept together, the poor were really suffering from an expensive disease.

Tang Zichen finished his meal and led the maids to continue shopping.

The two maids really didn't want to follow Tang Zichen blindly strolling.

Jin Gui begged, "Young Master, please let us go back first."

"If you don't want to have your legs broken, then go back first."Tang Zichen said without turning back.

The two maids didn't dare to speak anymore.

Tang Zichen asked, "By the way, how much money did I just rob from you guys?"

"About six hundred."Jin Gui said.

"Six hundred, how long can you eat it."

Jin Gui said, "With the way you eat, it's probably just a day or two."

Tang Zichen scratched his head, depressed, "What if you eat it all?I don't want to eat tyrannical meals anymore."

Xiaohuan was upset, "Knowing that you have no money, you still say you'll give away 100,000."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm not the one who will not save a person if I see an injustice on the road.Alright, I'm asking you guys, what will it take to get the money?"

Jin Gui said, "The only way to make money is to go to work."

"Work?Where do you work?"

"Like working as a waitress in a hotel, ktv, and other places."

"About how much money can you make?"

"Brace yourself for three thousand dollars."

"Is three thousand a lot?"

"Not much, just five times the six hundred dollars you have on you."


Tang Zichen broke out in a cold sweat, "The six hundred dollars I have on me, you guys said you can only eat for one or two days, so wouldn't it be like working for a month and only being able to eat for less than ten days?"

"If you save, it's okay to last a month."

Tang Zichen shook his head in succession, "No, no, that's not a good idea, is there any other way to get more money?"

At this point, "If you want to get money fast, go rob a bank."

"No, the bank's money is the people's, in the end it's the people who lose, how can I, Tang Zichen, do such an unjust thing."

"Then go rob a corrupt official ah, now that the country is fighting corruption, you go rob a corrupt official, it can be considered as a contribution to the anti-corruption cause."

"It's better to let the country do such a small thing as fighting corruption, I won't get involved."

"Then go rob those rich people who do unknown business, we have a very famous underground money bank in Linjiang City, called Van Gogh Money Bank, that boss is doing serious business on the surface, but secretly he is loan sharking and collecting black accounts, the police can't do anything with him without evidence, so simply you go rob his money."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Yes, all of his money is scavenged, if I, Tang Zichen, rob the rich to help the poor, it's a chivalrous thing to do."

"Ah!"Jin Gui and Xiaohuan were shocked.

"Young Master, you're not kidding, are you?You really want to rob the owner of that Van Gogh Money Bank, huh?"Xiaohuan is busy asking, she's just saying. Remember the website

"Does this look like a joke to you?"Tang Zichen was serious, in his world, there were also chivalrous people who robbed the rich and gave to the poor, and their chivalrous spirit was praised by all the people.

Jin Gui wiped his cold sweat, "Young Master, if this is caught, but he will go to jail ah, although everyone knows that they must have done something illegal, but even the police can't find evidence, if you rob him, the police will definitely arrest you.After all, if there's no evidence, then his property is still protected."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Can we catch Ben before we say anything, with Ben's skills, if I can't do this little thing of robbing the rich to help the poor, how can I still come out."

Jin Gui was busy shaking his eyes at Xiaohuan, and Xiaohuan immediately understood.

The two of them suddenly thought together, if Tang Zichen was caught stealing, with the other party's background relations, not a decade or eight years can come out?That house is theirs now, yay.

Little Ring said happily, "Young Master, I support you in robbing the owner of the Van Gogh Money Bank."

"Yes, young master, the owner of the Van Gogh Money Bank, raiding the people's money, if not rob him who else.Go quickly, go to his home, I heard he has a small vault in his home."

Tang Zichen frowned, "It's not good in broad daylight like this, after all, it's theft, it's still more appropriate to go in the middle of the night, it also saves people from getting hurt."

"Hmph."The two servants scowled for a while, speaking so nicely, it turned out that they didn't dare to go and make excuses.

In fact, Tang Zichen really planned to rob the rich and give to the poor in the middle of the night, today, seeing Li Xuan'er selling her body to save her father, Tang Zichen felt that this world, in essence, wasn't much different from his world.The poor were still poor, the rich were still rich, he had the ability to do it, so why not help the poor?While theft was bad, he stole from the bad guys.In his world, the chivalrous man who robbed the rich and gave to the poor was always talked about.Even if it was a criminal act, it was worth committing, and chivalry was only for the people.

After a day of shopping, Tang Zichen only returned home at nine o'clock in the evening.

As soon as the two servants returned home, they were exhausted, having accompanied Tang Zichen for the entire day today.

Xiaohuan said, "Young Master, I really can't do it anymore, I'm going to take a bath, and after that I'm going to go to bed first."

Jin Gui and Xiaohuan quickly went to bed, while Tang Zichen's mind was planning tonight's robbery of the rich to help the poor, Tang Zichen was by no means joking, he was playing for real.

Tang Zichen immediately rummaged through his closet and found a black outfit, then found himself a black cloth that he used to cover his head and face, exposing only his two eyes.After all, he was from the Jiang Hu world.

At about two midnight, Tang Zichen jumped

Out of the window, like a spider crawling on the outer wall of a high-rise in the neighborhood.

Tang Zichen had watched television, so he knew about a thing called 'surveillance', and of course, he knew about the fingerprint thing.

In the night, Tang Zichen traveled through the city's buildings, whether it was a thirty-story high-rise or a low-rise private house, Tang Zichen was like no man's land.

Tang Zichen quickly found an upscale neighborhood, he had already stepped on the spot during the daytime, the owner behind the Van Gogh Money Bank lived in this upscale neighborhood.

Tang Zichen arrived at the home of the owner of the Van Gogh Money Bank and went around the back.Pressing his hand on the wall behind the villa, Tang Zichen's internal strength was so profound that the wall cracked with a forceful shock.However, under Tang Zichen's exquisite internal strength, the cracked wall did not collapse with a bang, but just left a small hole.

Tang Zichen's nimble body like a cat entered inside in no time.

Tang Zichen saw the monitors in every corner inside, Tang Zichen grabbed a handful of gravel and threw it at each monitor.

"Crackle."All the monitors on the wall were shattered by his gravel.

Tang Zichen quickly found the safe in the basement, his hand pressed on the combination lock of the safe, and with a shock of internal force, the combination lock was destroyed and the door automatically popped open, in front of an expert like him, no combination lock was useless.However, at this time, an alarm also sounded.

Tang Zichen took out the black sack he had prepared and swept the money from the safe into the black sack in one go, a whole big sack.

Tang Zichen backed out in the blink of an eye.

However, before leaving, Tang Zichen left a line on the wall: borrowing money to help the poor, thanking the patron.'A defeat of red dust' toast.

By this time, many people had already come down from upstairs, and Tang Zichen knocked them down in one fell swoop, then drifted away.

In that world of Tang Zichen's, those who robbed the rich and gave to the poor would usually leave a message telling others that he was robbing the rich and giving to the poor, a narrow-minded act, not stealing for his own use, otherwise, what was the difference between them and the flying thieves who robbed homes.

Naturally, Tang Zichen would also leave his name, One Defeat of the Red Dust, or he would have to take the name of a flying thief.

Of course, 'One Defeat of the Red Dust' was the name he had given himself.

Tang Zichen carried the sack on his back and disappeared into a dark corner, there was no way those people could leave Tang Zichen behind.

About ten minutes later, many police cars arrived, and the entire upscale neighborhood was buzzing with police cars.

Although the owner of this underground money dealer had illegal business, there was no evidence, so his property was still protected by the law.

At the moment, Tang Zichen, carrying a sack on his back, flew through a low residential house.

The people who lived in these low houses were undoubtedly poor.

All of them were asleep at the moment.

Tang Zichen flew on the roofs, quietly, and when he saw the poorer roofs of the houses, Tang Zichen would hang upside down on the roofs and throw in bundles of money through the windows or other doorways.Each bundle was ten thousand dollars, and some threw in several bundles while others threw in one bundle, and depending on the situation, it looked like the poorer the bundle, the more he threw in.

Then they darted quietly to the next house.

In this way, Tang Zichen carried a sack of money, and soon half of it was given away, and it really looked like a martial arts soap opera in which martial arts experts robbed the rich to help the poor.

At this time, Tang Zichen came to the roof of a house, a low single-storey small house, the tiles are covered with grey plaster tiles.It was 2:30 in the morning at the moment, and the lights were still on in this household.

Tang Zichen sent it all the way over, every household was already asleep, why was this one still awake.

Tang Zichen immediately lay down on the roof and heard someone talking inside the house.

"Mom, you go to sleep, I'll watch Dad."A girl said.

"How can I sleep, your father only had the operation today, but we brought him home at night, what a sin."A middle-aged woman cried softly.


The girl also cried, "Mom, don't be like this, it's because we don't have the money, if we didn't have the money, how could we save that hospital fee.That 100,000 today is just the surgery fee, it doesn't include other expenses."

Tang Zichen was shocked, "It's actually Li Xuan'er, that's too much of a coincidence."

Tang Zichen saw their family in such hardship and felt pity for them, the 100,000 just given to them today was nothing more than the surgical fee.There were all sorts of other expenses on top of the surgery fee, and they couldn't afford such exorbitant fees, so they could only do the surgery and go home on the same day.

At this time, Tang Zichen heard Li Xuan'er's mother sobbing again, "Look at your father now, nine times out of ten, he will continue to deteriorate, if the spine is replaced, it will cost two million, oh my god, where are we going to get it, woohoo."

"Mom, don't think about that yet."

Just then, a sack flew in through the window.

"Bang!"The black sack fell to the floor.

"Who?"When Li Xuan'er's mother and daughter shouted, they were busy looking out the window and saw a blurred shadow standing outside, and that shadow said, "This money, take it to save your loved ones."

Of course, Tang Zichen's voice changed.

"Money?"Li Xuan Er was busy looking into the sack, and by God, the sack was full of money.

"Who are you?" One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said, "My name is One Defeat Red Dust."

Tang Zichen said, leaped to the roof, landed on the roof without even a sound, blinked and disappeared into the darkness, really came and went without a trace.

Li Xuan'er's mother had poured out all the money in the sack and poured out a bed of money, the two mothers and daughters looked at a bed of money stayed.

Li Xuan'er's hands trembled and counted the whole two hundred and ten bundles.

"How much?"Mother Li's voice trembled as she asked.

"Mom, the whole two million one hundred thousand."

"Ah."Mother Li almost fainted when she heard the amount.

"Who was the one who just called himself a defeated red dust?Why are you giving us so much money in the middle of the night?"

"I don't know."Li Xuan'er shook her head blankly.

Mother Li said, "Never mind so much for now, put the money away, saving your father is important."

"But the origin of this money is unknown, just in case."Li Xuan'er frowned.

Mother Li said, "Compared to your father's life, the unknown origin is nothing, the worst case is that I will go to jail later."

Li Xuan'er nodded her head blankly.

Tang Zichen soon returned to the Songtao neighborhood, of course, Tang Zichen couldn't go through the front door, but climbed up the seventeenth floor and jumped into the house through the window.

Only after finishing did Tang Zichen go to bed beautifully.

At this moment, in the upscale district, the hot-bodied Xu Mei Qian roared, "Investigate the surveillance of all the places around here for me, and don't let go of any corner."


Xu Mei Qian looked at the words engraved on the wall and said angrily, "Robbing the rich to give to the poor?Hmph, I don't care who you are, I will catch you, daring to rob a house in my territory."Xu Mei Qian doesn't believe that it's really robbing the rich to help the poor, what era is this?

However, Xu Mei Qian had also heard that this owner wasn't a good person either, and there were suspicions of illegal sources, but the police couldn't just ignore it just because they heard it wasn't a good person, the police talked about evidence, and until there was evidence, she had to follow the law to protect anyone's property.

"Captain, no traces were found, it's obvious that this was the work of a martial arts expert."One of the men returned to report.

"A martial arts expert would still need to rob a home

Shed?Would a martial arts expert lack money?"Xu Mei Qian's eyebrows furrowed.In this world, martial arts masters were very popular everywhere they went, and it was impossible for them to be reduced to a home invasion and robbery.

Therefore, Xu Mei Qian was baffled by tonight's home invasion and robbery, she didn't quite believe that it was done by a martial arts expert.

Early the next morning, in a poor residential area of Linjiang City's Old Town, all the families were getting up one after another.

At this time, many people suddenly found a bundle of money in their houses.

"Where did you get the money?"

Although many people didn't know where the money came from, the residents who got it didn't go out and yell loudly, but the family looked at the money and frowned at it like it had fallen from the sky.

At that moment, they turned on the TV, and the morning news was all over the news, saying that someone had stolen from a rich man under the guise of robbing the rich to give to the poor.

Those poor residents who somehow got 10,000 or 20,000 yuan, after watching the TV and the news, and then looking at the money that appeared out of thin air in their homes, they suddenly wondered if it was really the person in the news, codenamed 'One Defeat of the Red Dust', who robbed the rich to give to the poor and threw it to them, right?

That's ridiculous. Is there really such a thing as robbing the rich to give to the poor?Plots that only happen in martial arts TV shows really play out in real life?

However, whether it was or not, those poor people who got money out of thin air would not make a sound.

At her home, Li Xuan'er watched the TV news and was stunned, robbing the rich to give to the poor?

However, Li Xuan Er's heart was filled with mixed emotions, the man in black she saw last night turned out to be the same wannabe thief who was wanted by the whole city at the moment, a defeat of red dust.

"Should I take the initiative to hand over the money?Or is it silence?"Morality and law struggled within Li Xuan'er's heart, in the end, it was her father's life that prevailed, and Li Xuan'er chose to remain silent.Otherwise, also too sorry for a defeat of red dust, just, this person's thinking, how do I feel a bit unable to figure out, what era, still robbing the rich to help the poor, did he come from the world of martial arts?

At the police station, the director roared, "Xu Mei Qian, I give you three days, if you don't solve the case in three days, I'll remove you from your post."

Xu Mei Qian gritted her teeth, "Don't worry Chief, I will catch that Wang Yang Bandit."

"Don't go yet."The director roared, although he said on his lips that if the case wasn't solved in three days, Xu Mei Qian's position would be removed, but it was just words.

Xu Mei Qian was so young that she had become the captain of the criminal police, the captain of the narcotics brigade and so on several captain positions, holding several positions, not because she had a big backstage, but because, Xu Mei Qian's martial arts skills were so high, it was the Public Security Bureau that had spent a high price plus favors to bring Xu Mei Qian, who had such high martial arts skills, here.How could they really just withdraw it.

Xu Mei Qian walked out of the director's office, full of anger, she is a famous expert, the Public Security Bureau paid a high price to hire her, but today in her territory such a thing happened, if she can not solve the case and catch that river bandit, she herself is embarrassed to hang around here.

At six in the morning, Tang Zichen was still exhaling.

At this time, Xiaohuan and Jin Gui quietly woke up.

"Keep your voice down, let's hurry up and escape in the car before the young master wakes up."..

Jin Gui smiled, "Good thing we bought a BMW 5 series at that time, it's finally worth a little money."

"Quickly go."

The two of them hurriedly opened the door, entered the elevator, and went down to the first floor in flames, while at this moment, Tang Zichen was still snoring.

When they reached the first floor, the elevator door opened and Tang Zichen, wearing his pants, was standing at the door of the elevator, looking down at the two maids and smiling, "Good morning, two of you."

"Ah!"Xiaohuan screamed, looking at Tang Zichen in disbelief, who had just left the house when they were clearly snoring.

"If you want to leave, you can, take out the car keys."

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