The King of Kungfu in school chapter 16-20

Chapter 16

Jin Gui played dumb and asked, "Young Master, what key?"

"BMW Series 5, hand over the keys."Tang Zichen glared.

Jin Gui only had to honestly hand over a bunch of car keys to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen took the car keys and grunted, "Alright, you guys can go now."After saying that, Tang Zichen's figure moved and rushed up the stairs in the blink of an eye, no matter how fast the elevator was, it wasn't as fast as he was.

"Wow."Xiaohuan saw Tang Zichen's body dash up the stairs like a string of shadows, dumbfounded.

"Young Master's lightness is too high."

Jin Gui urged, "Xiaohuan, hurry up, although we don't have a BMW anymore, we can still start afresh, we can definitely live happily ever after."

Xiaohuan huffed, "Who's going with you, I've decided, I'm going to stay and be the young master's maid."

Tang Zichen took the car keys and went back to sleep, sleeping until nine o'clock at once.

After waking up at nine o'clock, Tang Zichen walked out of his room, the house was quiet, and it seemed that the two maids had indeed left.

Tang Zichen didn't feel sorry for them, it was just that he would be alone in the future, not yet accustomed to the world, no one to explain to him. The first website

Tang Zichen turned on the TV, which was broadcasting news about the home invasion that happened at two in the morning today.

Tang Zichen watched with pleasure.

The news said that a total of 3.8 million cash had been stolen from the theft.

3.8 million was a big number, so it was big news in Linjiang City and caused a big stir.

Tang Zichen was shocked to learn the amount, 3.8 million for his own use, at least he wouldn't have to worry about food for years.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen was robbing the rich to help the poor, and he would never leave a single penny for himself.Otherwise, it would go against the chivalrous spirit of robbing the rich to help the poor, and would be disreputable to the people of the world.

Tang Zichen turned off the TV and prepared to go out for breakfast.

"I only have a few hundred dollars left on me, what should I do?"Tang Zichen got sad, not expecting to come to this world and worry about food every day.

"In this world, if you don't have money, it's really hard to eat a meal."Tang Zichen muttered and went downstairs.

At this moment, downstairs in the Songtao neighborhood, there was a Mercedes Benz parked, the same one that had followed Tang Zichen the previous evening.

Tang Zichen got off the floor and walked out of the entrance of the community, preparing to go to a restaurant for dinner.Don't ask him why he didn't cook it himself, where would Tang Zichen use an induction stove.

Tang Zichen walked out of the gates of the Songtao community, more than ten meters behind him, that Mercedes-Benz car slowly followed up.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, "It's this car again, what is he following me for?"

In fact, Tang Zichen had already noticed it, he had felt it when he came home from school the evening before, but the day before yesterday he was unfamiliar with the world and thought that cars were animals, but now he was not so unfamiliar with the world and knew that cars were not animals.

Tang Zichen turned at an intersection in front of him and disappeared from the Mercedes Benz driver's view.

The Mercedes-Benz driver immediately accelerated to catch up and also turned towards that intersection.

However, after turning around the intersection, the Mercedes driver still didn't see Tang Zichen's figure.

"Huh disappeared, where did he go in a flash?"

Just then, Tang Zichen's voice came from the backseat of the Mercedes, "Why are you following me?"

The driver of the Mercedes turned around and was shocked to see Don Zichen sitting in the back seat of his car.

"Gah!"Mercedes let out a screech of brakes.


"You you, when did you sit behind me."The driver of the Mercedes Benz looked at Tang Zichen in horror, not even sensing Tang Zichen getting into his car at all, of course, he left the rear window glass open, otherwise Tang Zichen wouldn't have been able to get in.

Tang Zichen said seriously, "I'm asking you, why are you following me?You won't get a chance if you're not honest about it."

"No, no, no, I'll say I'll say."

"Hurry up and say it, I'm still in a hurry to go to dinner."

"Hello, I'm Song Daitian's driver, I went to the school to pick up Song Daitian's daughter that day, but I didn't think I'd be late, and Miss went back first in her classmate's car.As I was about to go back, I saw you smash a Porsche with a slap, I was shocked, you are definitely an expert in deep hiding."

Tang Zichen said, "Cut the crap, it's none of your business whether I'm an expert or not, why are you following me, what's your purpose?Did you see that I still have a few hundred dollars in my pocket and want to rob me?"

"Senior, I don't have the strength to rob you, I don't mean any harm by stalking you."

"Then what do you want?"

"It's like this, our boss was looking for a campus personal bodyguard for his daughter, and I'm a martial arts practitioner and know some experts in the field, so he asked me to ask around as well to see if there were any suitable introductions for him.I just happened to see you, so, I wanted to get to know you a little better and then I followed you, that's all."

"Uh, campus personal bodyguard?"

"Yeah, it's a popular profession these days."

"You're stalking me because you want me to be your boss's daughter's bodyguard?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Oh, if you're willing, you can certainly give it a try."

"Why would I want to be your lady's bodyguard, is it lucrative to be a bodyguard?"

The driver was busy saying, "I don't know if it's profitable or not, but I definitely won't treat you badly.I'm following you just to see if you have any plans in this regard, senior, how about giving it some thought?"

Tang Zichen said, "Do you think I'm so good at martial arts that I would easily be a bodyguard for someone?"

The driver smiled, "Senior, you're right, so I have no illusions, just give it a try, since you don't have the intention, then forget it, sorry to bother you."

Tang Zichen busily said, "Wait a minute, for the sake of you being so sincere, as long as the salary is still okay, it's not impossible, if I can pay five thousand yuan per month, I think I can reluctantly agree."

The driver was taken aback: "What? Five thousand yuan."

Tang Zichen was stunned, busy changing his words, "Then four thousand yuan."

"Ah, four thousand yuan?"The driver was shocked again.

"Not even four thousand, that's a minimum of not less than three thousand."

"Three thousand?"The driver stared at him.

Tang Zichen clenched his teeth and said, "How about two thousand for each side."

"Senior, are you kidding me, two thousand?"

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth, "A thousand, that's okay, right?"

The Mercedes driver was even more incredulous: "Senior, can you stop joking?A thousand?"

"Damn it, five hundred, it really can't go any lower, if it goes any lower I really won't consider it."Tang Zichen was depressed, a moment ago he had said five thousand before reluctantly agreeing, but he didn't expect that in the end he had taken the initiative to drop to five hundred, this was too unruly.Where is it that people wanted to recruit him, it was obvious that he was a deadbeat who wanted to do this job, and also said that he wouldn't be an easy bodyguard, he beat his own face ah.

The driver laughed, "Senior, you're really joking, with your price, you must be at least fifty thousand."


"What, fifty thousand a month?"Don was incredulous.


"Shit, then I just offered five thousand, you ah what ah, thought I was a lion."Tang Zichen really wanted to slap him to death, causing him to ruin the high and mighty image he was maintaining.

"Oh, Senior, do you really have the intention to be a bodyguard for our lady?The price can still be negotiated with our boss if you're not satisfied."

Tang Zichen now even food was a problem, what else was there to be willing to do, in fact, in Tang Zichen's heart, he incomparably cherished this job opportunity, not to mention five hundred, I'm afraid that as long as he was in charge of food and accommodation he would be willing to do so.Tang Zichen found that, coming to this world, he became so unrestrained, a few meals can let him be someone else's bodyguard.

Tang Zichen smilingly asked, "That, minding the meals?"

The driver smiled, "Senior, don't worry, once you're accepted, food and lodging will be included."

"So good, then what's the hesitation, I'm willing."

The driver smiled, "However, senior, there are some things I must explain first."

"You say."

"Our lady is a very difficult girl, and our boss is feeling a headache, so you should be prepared.Of course, she loves a little fuss, but she's not bad in nature.Also, our boss has entrusted other people to find bodyguards besides me, so there are other people competing with you, and you have to pass our boss's interview to be our lady's personal bodyguard." Remember the website

"No problem, it's a piece of cake."Don Zichen smiled.

"Good, then you'll wait for my call or I'll pick you up this afternoon."

"I don't have a phone."

The driver was stunned, how come people didn't even have cell phones nowadays.

"Oh, then I'll give you my spare phone to use for now."The driver took a cell phone to Tang Zichen.

"Thanks."Tang Zichen accepted it unceremoniously, Tang Zichen's heart was already not going to return it.

Tang Zichen got out of the car and said goodbye to the driver of the Mercedes, the Mercedes drove away, he would come to pick up Tang Zichen for the interview in the afternoon.

After that, Tang Zichen went to a hotel to have lunch, because he found a new job and was in a good mood, so Tang Zichen ate all the remaining hundreds of dollars at once.

After lunch, Tang Zichen returned to his home in the Songtao neighborhood, studied the phone, and accidentally dialed out a number.

A pure female voice rang out from the phone: "Hello, Uncle Tang."

Tang Zichen was shocked to hear the voice on the phone, it was the first time in his life that he received a phone call, and he was so polite when he opened his mouth and called him uncle.

"Hehehe, you're welcome, Uncle Tang is also polite in this room, whose child is that, what a good boy."Tang Zichen chuckled.

The other end of the phone was stunned, then furious, "You're not Uncle Tang, who are you?"

Tang Zichen said, "I'm Uncle Tang, my surname is Tang, my name is Tang Zichen, aren't you calling me Uncle Tang?"

"Bastard, how dare you trick me."

"Cut!"The phone hung up.

Tang Zichen looked at the phone lovingly and smiled, "You can really transmit sound for a thousand miles, it's amazing.Nima, when I was young, my master forced me to practice Thousand Miles Voice Transmission and punished me by not eating for three days.If Master knew that in this world, a small cell phone can truly transmit sound a thousand miles, I'm afraid that Master himself

Don't even practice it anymore, hahaha."

Tang Zichen's childhood practice of a thousand miles of sound transmission work, just a good name, not really a thousand miles, at most a few kilometers range across the air, and very exhausting internal force.

At this moment, just that Mercedes Benz driver, the phone on his body rang, a look is their lady called, busy pick up.

"Hello, Miss Rain."

"Uncle Tang, I just called your other number, why didn't you answer it?"

"Ah, Miss Rain, this, sorry ah, that phone, I'm lending it to someone else for a while."

"Who is he?"Miss Rain asked angrily.

"Uh, Miss Rain, he's the personal bodyguard candidate I found for you, his name is Tang Zichen, I was going to pick him up this afternoon for an interview with your father, but he doesn't have a cell phone, so I'll just lend him that cell phone for him to use temporarily."

Miss Rain said angrily, "Just tell him not to come for the interview, I will call my father and never hire him even if he comes for the interview."

"Ah, Miss Rain, why?"

"How dare this Denton ronin take advantage of me, I would never want someone like that as my bodyguard."


"Oh."Uncle Tang Oh sounded and frantically dialed Tang Zichen, but unfortunately no one answered.

Because Tang Zichen didn't know how to answer the phone.

At this moment, in a certain place, a young man was preparing to go out, and a middle-aged man behind him instructed, "Go for it, Wei Ming, you can definitely become Song Yu'er's personal bodyguard.You're the tenth ranked expert of Baiyun High School, and you're also recognized as the school's grass, so whether it's martial arts or face value, there's no reason why you can't become Song Yu'er's bodyguard."

This man called Wei Ming smiled, "I know, uncle, I'll try my best, Yu'er is originally the woman I have a crush on, she almost had an accident last month, I hate that I can't protect her personally.This time her father happens to be looking for personal bodyguards, so I can justifiably stay at her house, and then, day in and day out, I will definitely be able to make her fall in love with me."

In another part of the city, a young man dressed in black smiled slightly and looked at himself in the mirror, his mouth agape, "Perfect."

A follower by his side was busy saying, "Young Master, with you on board, is there still a girl who can't be set up?You're one of our Linjiang City, one of the three major irregular forces, that Song Daitian may not dare to disrespect you, and it's Song Daitian's honor that you can be his daughter's personal bodyguard."

"Hahaha."This man laughed loudly and snorted, "Song Yu'er, I am bound to win."

Similarly, at this moment, on a highway not far from Linjiang City, a young man of about eighteen or nineteen years old, carrying a snake skin bag on his back and a straw hat on his head, was walking along the highway towards the toll station of Linjiang City.This young man laughed hehely, "Finally arrived at Linjiang City, after walking for three days and three nights, my legs are broken.However, the task given by Master this time is very simple, to personally protect a thousand gold lady, or a super beautiful thousand gold lady.Hehehe, I like this kind of mission the most.Master, don't worry, I will definitely take care of your old friend and protect his granddaughter properly, hahaha, beautiful girl, I'm coming."

Saying that, this teenager exerted his lightness and bypassed the toll station and entered the city.

Also at this moment, at the Linjiang City Railway Station, a soldier king wearing a camouflage uniform and carrying a bag walked out of the station.This soldier king looked strong and muttered in dissatisfaction, "Commander, I'm used to being born and raised, but you're asking me to protect some thousand-strong lady, alas."


In the Sontao neighborhood.

Tang Zichen was studying his phone when the sound of a key opening the door came from outside.


At that moment, Little Ring and Jin Gui opened the door and came in, carrying many vegetables and fruits in their hands.

"Young Master, you're up."Xiaohuan asked enthusiastically.

"Hm?Aren't you guys gone?"Tang Zichen looked at Xiaohuan and Jin Gui in confusion.

"No ah, we went out to buy food for you young master, I'm going to make a nice lunch for young master at noon." ..

"Did I hear that right, now you are given freedom and you are not leaving."

"Young Master, Xiaohuan and I have decided that we will be your servants."Jin Gui fawned with a fawning smile.

Tang Zichen shook his head speechlessly and beckoned, "Just right, come here and teach me how to use a cell phone."

"Ah."Xiaohuan was stunned, but still enthusiastically taught Tang Zichen how to use a cell phone. One second to remember to read the book

At this moment, in a certain building in Linjiang City, there was a luxurious and spacious office.

A middle-aged man was sitting in the office when an old man in his sixties walked in.

"Dai Tian."That old man called out.

"Uncle Li, did you find out who attacked Rain last time?"The middle-aged man asked.

"No, I guess it's not that easy.By the way, the personal bodyguards hired for the lady, the candidates are almost all together, at two o'clock in the afternoon, you can conduct the personal bodyguard interview."The old man named Li Bo reported.

Song Daitian nodded and asked, "Who are all of them?"

Uncle Li said one by one, "The first candidate, called Liu Yue, this Liu Yue is very strong, his master is in the top ten of the Yan Huang World's strongest killers.If it wasn't for the fact that your father once had some friendship with his master, he definitely wouldn't have been able to hire him to come down to the mountain to protect Miss Yuer.Your father wants this Liu Yue to become Miss Yu'er's personal bodyguard."

Song Dai Tian nodded and smiled, "My father has really put in a lot of effort for this granddaughter."

The old man continued, "The second one is, you entrusted the army's Commander Lan to find him, called Chen Jiang, with your relationship with Commander Lan, naturally you won't find a bad one for you.I heard that this Chen Jiang is a soldier who has carried out countless death missions, and is also good enough to be a personal bodyguard for a lady."

"What else?"

"The third one is, the youngest son of our Linjiang City Feng Yun Hall, Lu Bing, named Lu Guan.Lu Guan has always been Lu Bing's proudest son, and he took the initiative to apply to be a lady's bodyguard.Lu Bing is the vice head of the Wind Cloud Hall, and his son took the initiative to want to be a lady's bodyguard, if we don't give him face, we're afraid it won't be good.After all, in Linjiang City, there aren't many who dare not give face to the Wind Cloud Hall."

Song Daitian frowned, appearing a bit irritated, and asked, "And?"

"There's a fourth one, the one you asked the principal of Baiyun Middle School to find, the principal of Baiyun Middle School nominated a student named Wei Ming, this Wei Ming, who is also a student of Baiyun Middle School, ranked tenth in martial arts, is also quite suitable to be a lady's personal bodyguard."

"Well, there shouldn't be any more."

The old man smiled, "There's another one, you entrusted that driver, Little Tang, to help see if there's a suitable one, and the driver, Little Tang, also recommended one."

"Little Tang?Oh, I just casually said it, and he took it seriously."Song Daitian laughed speechlessly, with his connections, why would he entrust a dead plane to find a bodyguard, but it was just a casual remark.

The old man said, "What Little Tang is looking for is, a man named Tang Zichen, I don't know what this Tang Zichen is

The origin, I've heard that it's also from Baiyun High School, but among the geniuses and strongmen of Baiyun High School, I've never heard of Tang Zichen."

At this moment, Song Daitian's phone rang.

"Hey, Yu'er."Song Daitian kindly said.

"Dad, I heard that you're interviewing me for a bodyguard this afternoon, isn't that right."

"Yu'er, don't worry, dad will find you one that's enough to protect you, and what happened last time will never happen again."

"Dad, there's a guy named Tang Zichen, he absolutely can't be hired."

"Uh, why?"

"Dad, this Tang Zichen is a rogue, she took Uncle Tang's phone this morning and called me, deliberately taking advantage of me."


"Alright, that's it."

Song Dai Tian laughed wordlessly and said, "Uncle Li, then let that Tang Zichen not come to the interview, after all, it's a driver looking for a driver with limited vision."

"Dai Tian, I'm afraid that Little Tang has already informed that Tang Zichen, so wouldn't it be a bit unkind to suddenly ask him not to come now?He's not going to be hired anyway, whether he comes or not will be the same result, so why suffer the tongue, and also embarrass Little Tang, after all, Little Tang is an old driver who has been with you for twenty years."

Song Daitian said, "Alright, for the sake of Little Tang's face, then let this Tang Zichen come for an interview, but, will never hire him."


In the Songtao district, Xiaohuan and Jin Gui personally cooked a sumptuous lunch for Tang Zichen.

"Young Master, is it delicious?"Jin Gui asked.

"Well, it's good, tastier than the restaurant's, and restaurant food is always greasy.Especially after going out for a meal this morning, I always feel a bit uncomfortable in my stomach, and I don't know what's going on."

Jin Gui Dao: "Young Master, you must have eaten gutter oil."Jin Gui secretly laughed: "Young Master's martial arts skills are so high, but he was also dried out by gutter oil, gutter oil really is infinitely powerful."

Xiaohuan said, "Young Master likes to eat it, Xiaohuan cooks it for Young Master every day, okay, Young Master."

Tang Zichen vigilantly asked, "Suddenly so good to me, you want to hit my body again ah."

"Young Master, where are you going, Young Master's martial arts skills are so high, Xiaohuan is willingly being your maid this time.".

Jin Gui asked, "By the way, young master, that big theft in the early morning, was it you who did it or not?"

"Don't ask so many questions, alright, thanks for lunch, I have an interview this afternoon, I'm going to take a lunch break."

At one o'clock in the afternoon, Tang Zichen's phone rang, and it looked like it was the driver of the Mercedes that had called in the morning.

"Hello."Tang Zichen picked it up.

"Senior, I'm downstairs, come down, I'll pick you up for a company interview."

"Okay, I'll be right down."

Tang Zichen went to the bathroom mirror and touched his hair and took care of his clothes before he walked downstairs and saw the Mercedes Benz from the morning waiting outside.

"Senior."The Mercedes driver was busy pulling open the door and invited Tang Zichen to get in, then drove out of the neighborhood.

"Who was the woman who called me at noon?Why do you call me Uncle Tong?The boy is polite, but a bit mean."Tang Zichen said.

The Mercedes driver laughed bitterly, "She's our lady, she's not calling you Uncle Tang, she's calling me.Since I'm surnamed Tang just like you, you can call me Little Tang."


"Uh, what a coincidence, so it's the original family, then I'll call you Little Tang, and you shouldn't call me senior either, call me Tang Zichen."

Little Tang smiled bitterly, his heart was filled with mixed feelings, Tang Zichen had already offended the lady, it was not necessary to bring Tang Zichen to the interview anymore, but it would be a bit not good if he was suddenly not brought to the interview.

Little Tang already knew that it was impossible for Tang Zichen to be hired, so he intentionally said, "Zichen, you have to be mentally prepared ah, this interview, in addition to you there are four others, the other four are all very outstanding young people."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, with my conditions, your boss has no reason to refuse ah, this job is good, I will definitely fight for it."

"Oh, just try your best."Little Tang, the driver, smiled bitterly.

Finally arriving at the bottom of a tall building, the driver: "Zichen, this is our boss's company, the boss is on the 18th floor, let's go to the 18th floor."


Tang Zichen arrived at the eighteenth floor, the driver, Little Tang, led Tang Zichen to the door of a receiving room and said to Tang Zichen, "Zichen, you can wait inside first, someone will notify you to enter our boss's office for an interview when the time comes."

"Oh, good."

Tang Zichen walked into the doorway of the receiving room and saw at a glance that there were already four young men waiting there.

Those four men suddenly looked at Tang Zichen. The first website

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Four brothers, I am courteous in this chamber."

"Hmph!"One of the youths, dressed in black with an evil look, scowled at Tang Zichen, seemingly extremely disdainful.This youth was someone from the Wind Cloud Hall of the Three Great Irregular Powers, called Lu Guan.

The youth who was closest to Tang Zichen and was still wearing a camouflage uniform instead smiled slightly at Tang Zichen and said, "Hello, you're also here for an interview, I'm Chen Jiang."

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "I'm Tang Zichen."


That peasant worker-like young man, he was squinting his eyes to assess Tang Zichen, this peasant worker-like young man was the expert who came down from the mountain, called Liu Yue, at the moment he still had a snake skin bag by his side, he also had a straw hat hanging on his back.

Liu Yue said to Tang Zichen, "This fellow, looking at your relaxed state as you walk in here, you seem to be very confident about this interview."

Tang Zichen also looked at this migrant-looking youth and smiled, "This farmer uncle..."

"Who do you call Uncle Farmer?"Liu Yue roared and flamed.

"Ah, are you also here for an interview?Oh, sorry, I thought you were here to sell produce."Don was busy apologizing.

"You."Liu Yue was so angry that she wanted to attack.

"I'm sorry ah, misunderstanding, a martial art, it's mainly because of your dress, you look too much like a farmer uncle."

"Hmph."The peasant-looking Liu Yue snorted, no longer paying attention to Tang Zichen and focusing on the youth on the ledge.The youth standing on the ledge was called Wei Ming, who was precisely the tenth ranked expert of Baiyun High School, and among all of them, including Tang Zichen, this Wei Ming was the most handsome looking.Therefore, everyone felt that this most handsome person was the biggest threat.Except, of course, Tang Zichen, who felt that he was the most handsome.

The youth standing by the ledge turned his head to look at Tang Zichen with a cold face, but he didn't seem to know Tang Zichen.

Five people were sitting in the receiving room, and they didn't speak to each other.


br /> The TV in the reception room is on, and the TV has started to broadcast about the big theft case in the early morning this morning.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.Tang Zichen did not know that the world is the rule of law country, only no evidence yet, no matter how bad he is protected by the law.Moreover, in the eyes of the police, Tang Zichen, a thief, was even worse than the owner of the Van Gogh bank.The police do not believe that Tang Zichen is really robbing the rich to help the poor, he himself did not keep any money.

The host of the TV broadcast: " two o'clock in the morning today, the vaults of XX households in the XX upscale district were robbed, with 3.8 million in cash disappearing, which is the largest amount of money in burglary cases since the founding of the People's Republic of China.The Public Security Bureau first judged that this burglary, either a long-planned team, or a martial arts master.But is it the work of the burglary team, or a martial arts master?For this reason, today at noon, the Public Security Bureau invited Linjiang City's super expert, Senior Liang Qihua, to go to the scene of the incident for an hour-long observation.Here, let's see what Senior Liang Qihua said."

The phone screen immediately switched, and a man of about forty to fifty years old appeared, this man was very middle-aged, with a red face, he looked like a martial arts practitioner, and his martial arts skills should not be weak.

This man said to the reporter's microphone: "From the scene traces, definitely not a professional theft team, see this fallen wall did not, this is the use of internal force to tear down.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.This person's internal force was able to shatter the safe, his martial arts skills are definitely not weak, and there were no traces left at the scene, his light skills are very good."

Tang Zichen looked at that Liang Qihua and said in his heart, "This person, however, has some eyesight."

The young man in the receiving room who looked like a migrant worker, a mouthful, "This shameless thief, I, Liu Yue, will catch him, for sure."

That black-clothed youth, Lu Guan, snorted: "Where is the migrant worker who doesn't go to the construction site to move bricks and comes here to pretend to be something."

Liu Yue looked coldly at the black-clothed youth and said, "If you don't speak, no one will treat you as dumb, and if you sneer in front of me again, I will throw you down directly."

"In Linjiang City, there is no one who dares to openly mess with me, not even Song Dai Tian, just you?"

The migrant-like youth instantly struck out with an extremely strange technique and grabbed the black-clothed youth's neck, and the black-clothed youth was suddenly unable to resist, his whole body going cold.The migrant-like youth said, "Do you really want me to throw you down?"

The black-clothed youth broke out in a cold sweat, this youth who was like a migrant worker was very strong.

"Cough."At this time, there was an untimely coughing sound, everyone took a look, the one who made the coughing sound was Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Both of you, just take it easy."

The young man who looked like a migrant worker glared at Tang Zichen and said, "You one who came to make up the numbers, you better shut up."

Tang Zichen said, "Who says I'm here to make up the numbers, I haven't even interviewed yet, how do you know I won't be hired, I can tell you, none of you are going to steal this job from me, I'm waiting to be hired before my next meal is even served."

"Hmph, a fool's errand."That black-clothed youth snorted at Tang Zichen.

That soldier king in camouflage uniform, though, had been very calm, probably related to his military background, he had been watching the news on the TV and hadn't paid any attention to the struggle between the civilian youth and the black-clothed youth.

At this time, that soldier king looked at the TV and said, "This shameless thief, he will definitely be caught by me."


Tang Zichen asked, "Soldier King, it's not like he stole your money, not to mention he robbed the rich and gave to the poor, the family that was robbed is not a good person."

"The state will judge if he is a good person or not, even if he is not a good person, is he free to steal his money?Even if his money comes from a dirty source, it belongs to the state and the state confiscates it."The King of Soldiers said righteously.

"That warrior, he robbed the rich and gave to the poor, shouldn't everyone praise him for his chivalry?"

"Warrior?Robbing the rich to give to the poor?Ridiculous, only a fool would believe that there is still robbing the rich to help the poor in this world.I will do my best to help the public security of Linjiang City and arrest this thief."Soldier King Chen Jiang swore and said.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Damn, I robbed the rich to help the poor and helped those poor people, why didn't I hear praise?Is the world different?I have good intentions and I'm still being criticized."Tang Zichen was depressed, the result was not at all what he had imagined, it should have been talked about.

At this moment, an old man around sixty years old walked into the reception room and said to the five people, "Everyone, sorry to keep you waiting.Now Mr. Song is ready to start the interview, Liu Yue, you'll be the first to enter Mr. Song's office for the interview."

"Yes, Uncle Li."That migrant-like youth smiled and nodded, he actually knew that old man and called him Uncle Li.

When Liu Yue had just arrived in Linjiang City, it was Uncle Li who personally picked him up.

Liu Yue walked into an upscale office where Song Daitian was sitting in an office chair.

"You must be Liu Yue."

"Hello, Uncle Song." Remember the website

"Haha, Liu Yue, quickly take a seat, I've heard of you for a long time, but I didn't expect that I would actually be able to invite you down the mountain."Song Daitian excitedly stretched out his hand and shook Liu Yue's hand.Song Daitian suddenly had a smart idea, wanting to test whether Liu Yue was really as powerful as the legends, so, shaking hands with Liu Yue, Song Daitian suddenly used force.

Liu Yue smiled slightly, and with a shock of internal force, Song Daitian's hand was suddenly shaken apart and his palm became numb.Song Daitian was shocked, he really was an expert.

"Uncle Song, no need to be polite, I just followed my master's orders to come down to the mountain to complete this mission, leave the safety of your daughter to me."

"Good, I'm relieved to have you to protect my daughter."Song Daitian was thrilled, Liu Yue's strength was undoubtedly many times stronger than his, worthy of the legend.

"Second one, Chen Jiang, you go in for the interview."Ten minutes later, that old man called out.

The King of Soldiers stood up and walked out of the receiving room to the office next door.Song Daitian was busy saying, "You must be Chen Jiang."

"Hello, Uncle Song."

Song Daitian shook Chen Jiang's hand and said with a smile, "The candidate that Commander Lan introduced to me is really good, so sit down."

However, that soldier King Chen Jiang smiled, "Uncle Song, I won't sit down, your daughter doesn't need me to protect her anymore, the first Liu Yue who just came in, he is strong enough to protect your daughter.I was sent here by Commander Lan to protect your daughter, but you already have a strong enough candidate, so I won't participate.I'll take my leave, sorry."

Song Daitian sighed, "Chen Jiang, I'm really sorry, that Liu Yue just now, my father asked someone to invite him down from the mountain."

"Uncle Song don't need to be sorry, I understand, then I'll leave first, I'll make it clear for Commander Lan."

"Okay, thanks."

Soldier King Chen Jiang walked out of the office in a flash.

"Third, Lu Guan."

That black-clothed young man walked out of the receiving room and entered the general manager's office next door.


p; Song Daitian looked at this black-clothed youth.Not getting up to greet him, he smiled and said, "Lu Guan, sit down."Song Daitian knew very well that this Lu Guan was trying to hit on his daughter, and he would never lead a wolf into his home, but it was just that Lu Guan's father was the deputy head of the Wind Cloud Hall of the three major irregular forces in Linjiang City, so it was a bit difficult.

Lu Guan smiled and sat down, "Mr. Song, I won't beat around the bush, I express my condolences for the attack on your daughter not long ago.So, I've applied myself to come and be your daughter's bodyguard, what do you think?Of course, my father also wants me to protect your daughter."Lu Guan purposely mentioned his father to put pressure on Song Daitian.

Song Daitian said, "Lu Guan, thank you for your kindness, my daughter already has a personal bodyguard, please return."

Lu Guan's face was cold: "Song Dai Tian, don't look at the monk's face to see the Buddha's face, are you sure you won't consider it?I'm afraid my father will not be pleased."

"Thank you for your kind words."

"Hmph."Lu Guan got angry and said, "Song Daitian, you'll regret it."

"The three major irregular forces are not powerful enough to make people feel intimidated in Linjiang City, besides, your father is only the deputy hall master, please return."

Lu Guan exhaled and walked away, not expecting Song Daitian to not give face.

"Fourth one, Wei Ming, please go in for an interview."That Uncle Li came to call, and that handsome looking Wei Ming walked out of the receiving room.

Tang Zichen was the only one left in the receiving room.

Tang Zichen always felt that today's atmosphere was not right.

When Wei Ming entered the general manager's office, Song Daitian smiled and said, "You must be Wei Ming, please sit down."

"Hello, Uncle Song."

"I've heard about you from your principal, he admires you, no wonder he recommended you to be my daughter's personal bodyguard."Song Dai Tian said.

Wei Ming was busy saying, "Does Uncle Song have a suitable candidate in mind?"

Song Daitian smiled, "There, so I have to say sorry to you, I've already called him on the phone from your principal's side."

Wei Ming knew at once that he couldn't be Song Yu'er's personal bodyguard and said anxiously, "Uncle Song, I'm really suitable to be Yu'er's bodyguard."

"Wei Ming, just because you're so suitable, you're the schoolmaster of Bai Yun High School, right, my daughter is the school flower, so I'm afraid that what I don't want to happen will happen."

Wei Ming smiled sadly, "Uncle Song will be afraid because he thinks I'm not good enough for Yu'er, right?"

Song Daitian didn't say anything, acquiescing.

"I'll take my leave."Wei Ming got up and left.

Song Daitian said, "I'm sorry, I hope you can understand."

"I won't give up chasing Yu'er."

Wei Ming walked away.

That old man came to the receiving room and shouted, "Tang Zichen, it's your turn."

Tang Zichen said, "Finally it's my turn, why am I last ah, am I the finale ah?Usually the finale is the most important one, haha, there's a show."

That Li Bo smiled slightly, but in his heart, he snorted.

Tang Zichen walked into Song Daitian's office.

Song Daitian didn't get up to greet him, sitting in his office chair, and didn't have the intention to shake hands with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Hello, boss."

"You must be Tang Zichen."Song Daitian asked.

"Yes, Mr. Song, may I ask when I can start working?"


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