The unknown Heir 884-885

Chapter 884

"Five fours!"

    After hesitating for a moment, Chen Hao shouted.

    "I'll drive you!"

    Chen Hao had just finished shouting, and Qi Xiao Yun directly chose to open Chen Hao's dice points.

    Hearing Qi Xiao Yun open himself, Chen Hao wasn't a bit surprised, but instead, Chen Hao felt a surge of joy in his heart.

    Because everything was in Chen Hao's own anticipation, all he was waiting for was for Qi Xiao Yun to open himself.

    Chen Hao cheerfully lit up his dice points.

    "Sorry, brother Chen, it's still me who won, looks like you'll have to pay a little more to play this!"

    Seeing that Chen Hao had still lost, Qi Xiaoyun said again, deliberately pretending to be embarrassed, but the words sounded full of mockery.

    At this time, Qi Xiaoyun was already completely immersed in the joy of a victor, and in his eyes, Chen Hao was no longer a match for him at all.

    "Willing to bet and lose!"

    Chen Hao simply said, before pulling out another five hundred and handing it to Qi Xiaoyun.

    Qi Xiaoyun really had a face full of joy.

    Zhen Ji on the other side saw this scene and also looked at Chen Hao.

    "Chen Hao, if it doesn't work forget it, it's better not to play!"

    Zhen Ji was a little worried as she asked towards Chen Hao, this is already a thousand pieces of loss.

    Although a thousand was nothing to them, but five hundred for a game, if they continued to lose, it wouldn't be such a simple number.

    "Oh, don't worry, Zhen Ji, don't worry, look, the show has just begun, besides, I lost all the money I won from the front of him with a thousand dollars, I haven't even lost my own money yet!"

    Chen Hao explained towards Zhen Ji.

    Hearing Chen Hao say so, Zhen Ji could not say anything else.

    Then, the duel between Chen Hao and Qi Xiaoyun continued.

    The next time was when Chen Hao was going to really exert his strength, the thousand pieces had already been returned to Qi Xiaoyun so that Chen Hao could let go and win against Qi Xiaoyun.

    Soon, the two of them immediately shook the dice again.

    This time, Chen Hao just shook them a bit and then put them down.

    "Brother Chen, it's still you first!"

    Qi Xiaoyun still reminded towards Chen Hao.

    In this game, Chen Hao heard that Qi Xiao Yun's dice points were four fours and one three.

    And his own was four twos and a five.

    "Three twos!"

    Then, Chen Hao opened his mouth to shout.

    Hearing the number of points Chen Hao shouted out, Qi Xiaoyun also immediately followed suit and shouted, "Three fives!"

    "I'll drive!"

    However, this time, Chen Hao would not let Qi Xiao Yun win and directly took the initiative to choose to open Qi Xiao Yun.

    This made Qi Xiao Yun dumbfounded, he didn't expect Chen Hao to directly choose to open himself.

    Unfortunately, Qi Xiao Yun had no choice but to open his own dice.

    Chen Hao also opened his own dice.

    "I'm sorry, squad leader, but I only have one five, so you lose!"

    Chen Hao looked at Qi Xiao Yun very calmly and said.

    Qi Xiaoyun couldn't believe what was happening in front of him, he didn't expect to lose, and he lost so straightforwardly.

    "Okay, I'm willing to bet, here's five hundred!"

    Although Qi Xiaoyun was a little less than pleased, he still handed over five hundred yuan to Chen Hao, which was to be handed over before the money was even warmed up.

    But this had only just begun, the next good thing was still to come, Chen Hao would not just let Qi Xiaoyun lose such a simple five hundred yuan.

    "How about it, squad leader, do you still want to come?"

    Chen Hao had a very interesting expression as he looked towards Qi Xiao Yun and asked.

    How could Qi Xiao Yun stop just like that, of course he was going to continue.

    "Of course, continue, it's only been a few games oh brother Chen, but I won't let you next!"

    Qi Xiaoyun directly agreed, again using the same words as before towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao's ears had long been listening to it were about to become calloused, feeling that Qi Xiaoyun was really too confident as well.

    The more confident he was, the more often he would end up becoming arrogant, and it would all end badly.

    After saying that, the two of them immediately picked up the dice once again, and shook them in their hands for a while.

    Chen Hao simply shook them twice before putting them down.

    Qi Xiaoyun, on the other hand, shook them for a long time.

    Even so, Chen Hao still heard the points of Qi Xiaoyun's dice, no matter how long he shook them, it was useless, and still couldn't escape Chen Hao's ears and hearing.

    Just kidding, how could Chen Hao's ears and hearing be understood by Qi Xiaoyun.

    "Brother Chen, it's finally my turn to go first this time!"

    After putting down the dice, Qi Xiaoyun directly reminded Chen Hao.

    Whoever loses will be the first to shout anyway, and Chen Hao is clear about this rule.

    Just what if Qi Xiaoyun was to shout first?It was impossible for him to win anyway, but he was just doing some crossbow work.

    Chen Hao listened with his own ears, this game of Qi Xiao Yun's dice points were three sixes, a five, and a four.

    In other words, Qi Xiao Yun's dice points for this game really weren't very good, and the chances of winning were even lower.

    "Three twos!"

    Only Qi Xiaoyun shouted.

    This took Chen Hao by surprise, never would I have thought that this Qi Xiaoyun would be so bold as to shout out a number that was not on his dice points, it seemed that this guy was trying to trap himself.

    Of course, Chen Hao would not let him get away with it.

    However, Chen Hao didn't directly choose to open him either, otherwise it would be too obvious.

    "Three fives!"

    Chen Hao, on the other hand, opened his mouth and shouted out the number of points in his dice points.

    For such a shout of his own, Qi Xiaoyun also definitely didn't dare to open him, after all, the chances of three five points were still very high.

    "Four fours!"

    Soon, Qi Xiao Yun was shouting again.


    As soon as Qi Xiao Yun's voice fell, Chen Hao directly chose to open Qi Xiao Yun.

    This can't be blamed on Chen Hao, shouting out four fours, and none on Chen Hao's side, so when is Chen Hao waiting to not open?

    Qi Xiaoyun was stunned when he heard the dice.

    At first glance, Chen Hao didn't even have one four, he himself had one four, so that meant that he was the one who had lost.

    Qi Xiaoyun's face came down, he didn't expect it to be such a result, he had played himself to death again.

    "I'm sorry, oh class leader, it's me who won again."

    Chen Hao also deliberately pretended to be embarrassed and said towards Qi Xiaoyun.

    Qi Xiaoyun's heart was very unpleasant, but he didn't have any little way out, after all, there was still Zhen Ji and Gu Ruoting sitting around watching, he couldn't possibly go rogue, right?

    In desperation, Qi Xiaoyun could only hand over the last five hundred remaining pieces from the thousand pieces he had just won back from Chen Hao from his wallet.

    What was this called?It's called returning things to their rightful owners.

    "Sarge, I think it's better not to play with it, it's not good to play with it too much!"

    Once he got the money, Chen Hao smiled and proposed towards Qi Xiaoyun.

    You think this is Chen Hao's good intentions?

    No, no, no, think too much, Chen Hao is saying this on purpose, just to provoke Qi Xiao Yun.


"Play, go ahead, I only lost a thousand dollars, fear not, I'll win next!"

    Only to hear Qi Xiaoyun say very confidently, still still choosing to play with Chen Hao.

    When Chen Hao heard that, he was delighted, this guy was not only trying to send money to himself, but he was still looking for abuse, so he couldn't blame himself.

    Against some people, one must not show mercy.

    The two of them then picked up the dice again and shook them.

    Qi Xiaoyun stared at Chen Hao, but couldn't see anything different about him, he somehow always felt that there was definitely something small about Chen Hao that made him feel very different, but he couldn't tell what it was.

    After shaking for a while, they both put the dice down at the same time.

    In this game, Chen Hao's count was four twos and one one, which was also known as a leopard.

    On the other hand, Qi Xiaoyun on the opposite side had four threes and a two.

    Both of them had good dice points, and seeing their dice points made Qi Xiaoyun himself smile with a delighted smile, which was also filled with confidence.

    "Come on, squad leader, you can shout first!"

    Chen Hao motioned towards Qi Xiaoyun.

    Qi Xiaoyun took off and shouted, "Four two!"

    It was still the same routine as before, Qi Xiaoyun still wanted to shout other points to trap Chen Hao, but it was a pity that he was going to give Chen Hao a leg up again in this round.

    "Four threes!"

    However, Chen Hao would not fall for the deception and instead shouted out Qi Xiao Yun's points.

    Qi Xiaoyun's eyebrows furrowed slightly after hearing it.

    He thought about how Chen Hao knew his points, but he quickly dismissed that thought, thinking that Chen Hao must have shouted them out randomly.

    "Five two!"

    Then, Qi Xiao Yun shouted again.

    "Add one, six twos!"

    Chen Hao immediately opened his mouth to shout.

    Qi Xiaoyun was stunned again after hearing it, he didn't expect Chen Hao to be so quick to even think about it.

    The two of them, now that they had shouted up to six points, it could be said that it was becoming more and more dangerous, and if he continued to shout, he was afraid that he would be in the rhythm of being opened by Chen Hao.

    Therefore, Qi Xiaoyun could only choose to go and open Chen Hao.

    "Fine, I'll open you, I don't believe you have six twos!"

    Qi Xiaoyun directly opened his dice to reveal it and stared at Chen Hao very confidently.

    Only a pity.Everything was not as Qi Xiaoyun had hoped.

    "I'm so sorry, class leader, I do have six twos, and more than six, and mine is a leopard!"

    Chen Hao looked at Qi Xiaoyun proudly and said.


    This shocked Qi Xiaoyun.

    He didn't expect Chen Hao to be a leopard, no wonder Chen Hao dared to shout out so confidently right away, it had already been a plan.

    This had really caused Qi Xiao Yun to suffer a great loss.

    "Fine, I'm willing to bet!"

    Qi Xiaoyun could only say honestly, and then he pulled out five hundred dollar bills from his wallet again and handed them to Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao received the five hundred and handed it directly to Zhen Ji behind him.

    "Here, Zhen Ji, keep it for me, it's rare for someone to be so generous,"

    Chen Hao smiled and said towards Zhen Ji.

    Hearing Chen Hao's words almost made Qi Xiaoyun spit out a mouthful of old blood in anger.

    He really was incomparably angry, but who let him lose, if he got angry, I'm afraid that people would say that he couldn't afford to play himself, and he certainly couldn't lose this face.

    Anyway, it was only a loss of fifteen hundred dollars, it was nothing to him.

    "Still coming?Squad leader?"

    Chen Hao then looked at Qi Xiao Yun and asked, he didn't believe that Qi Xiao Yun would still play with himself after this.

    "Of course, go on!"

    Qi Xiaoyun had a gambler's temperament, and it seemed that he wouldn't be comfortable until he won Chen Hao.

    This was good, Chen Hao wanted to see exactly how much longer Qi Xiao Yun could hold out.

    "Alright, but class leader, you were the one who proposed the game just now, it's my turn to propose a game this time, we have to switch, don't you think?"

    Chen Hao stared at Qi Xiaoyun and suggested.

    "Fine, Brother Chen, what do you want to play?"

    Qi Xiaoyun was also quick to agree to win against Chen Hao no matter what Chen Hao was going to play anyway.

    "How about this, let's play guessing points."

    "The rules are very simple, we each have five dice, guess the opposite point, if the point you guess is close to mine, even if you win, on the other hand, if you lose, then you have to pay the difference between the point and the point you guessed, how about one point one hundred dollars?"

    Chen Hao immediately recounted the rules of the game to Qi Xiaoyun.

    Qi Xiaoyun also found it interesting to hear and agreed without even thinking about it.

    "Yeah, no problem!"

    After saying that, the two of them directly began to pick up the dice and began to shake them.

    Honestly, if one had a gambler personality, then it would be easy to get addicted to playing these games once they were played, and Qi Xiaoyun happened to be this type of person.

    After they shook the dice a bit, they covered them down.

    "You guess first!"

    Chen Hao said towards Qi Xiaoyun.

    "I guess your points are twenty-five!"

    Qi Xiaoyun immediately opened his mouth and guessed the points higher.

    Chen Hao, on the other hand, opened his mouth and said, "Then I guess your points are nineteen!"

    Although Chen Hao had heard how many points Qi Xiao Yun had, Chen Hao definitely couldn't follow the specific number of points, it must be more or less less or more, but it must be to win Qi Xiao Yun just the same.

    After saying that, the two of them showed the dice together.

    When they opened it, Chen Hao's dice were twenty points, while Qi Xiaoyun's dice points were sixteen points.

    In other words, in terms of the difference in points according to the guess, it was Chen Hao who had won, as Chen Hao only had a difference of three points, while Qi Xiaoyun's guess had a difference of five points.

    "Squad Leader, it looks like it's your turn to pay tuition now!"

    Chen Hao also looked towards Qi Xiao Yun with a smile to remind him.

    Qi Xiao Yun's psyche was incomparably dark, he knew that Chen Hao must have experience playing this, that's why he had to deliberately play this game with himself.

    But now that he had played, there was no way he could go without playing, otherwise it would be too damaging to his face, and to Qi Xiao Yun, face was very important.

    Qi Xiaoyun immediately pulled out five hundred yuan from his pocket and handed it to Chen Hao.

    Another five hundred dollars went out, and it was starting to hurt Qi Xiao Yun a little bit, he really hadn't won a single penny, he was always losing money, and even if he had money, losing like this would still make him feel bad.

    This can't be blamed on Chen Hao, who has always wanted to play with Chen Hao, it can only be said that Qi Xiaoyun himself is just asking for trouble, provoking who is bad has to provoke Chen Hao.

    "Squad Leader, do you still want to play?"

    Only Chen Hao was looking at Qi Xiao Yun again and asking.

    Having suffered two losses, Qi Xiaoyun certainly wouldn't continue on.

    He knew that Chen Hao must have an unknown strength, and now that he was finally able to see it, he also knew that Chen Hao had been pretending that he was weak, thus causing him to always belittle Chen Hao to end up in such a situation.


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