The King of Kungfu in school Chapter 1-5

Chapter 1
Baiyun Middle School, Senior 3 Class 5, all the students were listening to the teacher's lecture carefully.

    Suddenly, one of the dozing students stood up and looked around in amazement.

    The teacher on the podium roared: "Tang Zichen, what's wrong with you?Sit down for me."

    But the dozing student muttered, "I'm dead, aren't I?Where is this place?What a strange place."

    Tang Zichen looked around and saw that there was a black panel on both the front and back walls, and he didn't know what it was for.There were many young boys and girls sitting in the entire room, and they were all looking at him at the moment.

    Tang Zichen immediately arched his hands to everyone and asked, "Fellow brothers and sisters, may I ask where this place is?Why am I here?Why is this place so strange."

    "Hahaha!"The whole class burst out laughing, all of them secretly saying, what's wrong with Tang Zichen today?

    The teacher on the podium roared in anger, "Tang Zichen, if you don't sit down, don't force me to get angry."

    Only then did Tang Zichen look towards the podium and said, "May I ask this brother, are you calling me?Is my name Don Tzu-Chen?"

    The teacher's face darkened and he actually called him brother, was this a game to him?

    The teacher was about to get angry, but Tang Zichen's tablemate was busy pulling him down.

    The teacher glared angrily at Tang Zichen for a while before continuing his lecture.

    Tang Zichen looked at his tablemate and smiled, "Brother, you are...?"

    "What's wrong with you today?"Wang Qiang at the same table was busy asking.

    "Brother, do you know me?"

    Wang Qiang wiped his sweat, crazy, Tang Zichen must be crazy.

    "Zichen, class is in session right now, stop talking nonsense, be careful of the teacher throwing you out of class."

    "Class?How come I've never heard of this place in Jianghu."Tang Zichen muttered softly.

    Wang Qiang shook his head speechlessly, ignoring Tang Zichen and continued to listen to the lesson.

    At that moment, Tang Zichen turned his head and shone his face on the window glass.

    Taken aback.

    "This isn't me, who is this?"

    Tang Zichen was shocked to see himself, he didn't even look the same.Tang Zichen was so stupid that he didn't move for a full ten minutes.

    Tang Zichen felt incredulous that he had been caught by his teacher's wife because he had peeked at his little sister in the shower and accidentally fell off a ten thousand foot cliff while running away.Tang Zichen only remembered that he finally only had time to yell, "Who the hell built the house so high."After that, Tang Zichen knew nothing more, then woke up and found that in this strange place, even his name and appearance had changed.

    It was then that a flash of light came to Tang Zichen's mind, and a nearly impossible word came to mind: soul rebirth?

    "No way, right?"

    Don didn't move for another ten minutes, unable to accept such a ridiculous fact.

    "Ringing!"The bell rang for the end of class.

    Everyone walked out of the classroom.

    Tang Zichen suddenly felt an urgent need to urinate and busily asked his tablemate, "Brother, may I ask where the latrine is?"

    Wang Qiang wiped his cold sweat again and said, "Tang Zichen, stop it, okay?"

    "Brother, I'm really in a hurry."

    Wang Qiang helplessly said, "Go out and turn left, at the end."

    Tang Zichen scrambled out of the classroom, and at the end of the corridor, he really smelled the smell coming from the latrine, and instantly confirmed that this was the latrine.

    "A thatched room in this world, surprisingly .

It really is more advanced."Tang Zichen said under his breath.

    Tang Zichen didn't know what men's and women's toilets were, and walked straight into one of the doors.

    At this time, there was no one in this toilet.

    Tang Zichen immediately went to undo the waistband of his pants.

    "Huh?What's with the belt?"Tang Zichen was so clueless about the belt that he couldn't even get it undone after half a day.Suddenly, Tang Zichen touched a zipper, went down and pulled it open.

    "Wow, so these pants, you don't even have to undo your belt to go to the latrine!It really is more advanced."Tang Zichen said under his breath, then clamored to release it.

    After spreading it, Tang Zichen shook it and smiled, "Not bad, like an eagle, but it didn't let me be reborn in this body for nothing."

    "Ah!"Suddenly, there was a scream, and Tang Zichen looked up to see a gorgeous woman looking at him incredulously.

    "Ugh!"Tang Zichen was also stunned, why did the latrine suddenly enter a beautiful woman.

    The beautiful girl screamed and covered her eyes in panic, she was completely dumbfounded at the moment.

    Tang Zichen entered the women's toilet even if it was fine, but he actually did not pee on the squat toilet, right at the entrance, peeing against the wall, and a line of yellow urine was flowing on the floor at the moment.Peeing against the wall was fine, but he was actually playing with that thing of his on his own there.

    "Rascal!"That beauty blushed shamefully, cursed and fled, she so regretted coming to this toilet and polluting her eyes, how could there be such a pervert.

    "Girl, this young man did not mean to blaspheme, I hope you will forgive me!"Tang Zichen immediately caught up with him.

    "Rascal, why are you still following!"

    "Miss, please don't misunderstand me. I am a man of good moral character and I am not ashamed to do things that humiliate women.If you want to blame it on yourself, why didn't you knock on the door before entering the toilet?It was you who trespassed and caused the misunderstanding, everything has nothing to do with this young man!"Tang Zichen was downright cunning and pushed it cleanly in one go.

    That beautiful girl's heart that anger, this pervert, what is he saying, crepe, and in the blink of an eye shifted the responsibility cleanly.

    "Are you sick, I'm going into the ladies room, what am I knocking on!"The pretty girl roared with anger.

    "Then don't blame me, try to find out who doesn't knock before entering the door.If you're reasonable, you're the one who took advantage of my body being looked at!"Don said roguishly.

    "You, shameless!Nasty."That beautiful woman walked away with a curse in anger.

    Tang Zichen muttered, "Are all the people in this world so unreasonable?I was the one who occupied the toilet first!Barging in without knocking on the door yourself, and blaming others."

    At this time, a boy who looked like a tug passed by the door, and at once saw that angry beauty as if she had been wronged by something.This beauty is called Liu Xiangyun, is his boss's inner woman, at this moment, seeing his sister-in-law as if she was bullied, she was furious.

    "Sister-in-law, who is bullying you?"The trolling boy was busy asking.

    Liu Xiangyun was already very angry, and heard a punk student call himself sister-in-law, and became even angrier, roaring, "Who is your sister-in-law!"

    "Hey, hey, sister-in-law, who the hell is bullying you, anyway!Tell me, I'll take care of him, won't I, this kid?"The tugging student one pointed at Tang Zichen.

    Liu Xiangyun thought to herself, even if their big brother was annoying, he wasn't as annoying as this pervert who ran into the ladies room.This pervert can't be described with words, the degree of abomination, surpassing their boss countless times.In her heart, Liu Xiangyun said, "Good, let this bumbling student teach him a lesson, or else this pervert will be a nuisance to many girls in the future."



Xiangyun Liu exhaled, "That's him, he ran into the ladies room."

    "What!"The bumbling student was taken aback and was busy saying, "Sister-in-law, he didn't do anything to you, did he?"

    Xiangyun Liu gasped, "He just jerked off in there, I, I...!"Liu Xiangyun really didn't have the face to say anything else, all that was lingering in her mind at the moment was Tang Zichen's ugly stuff, she turned around and ran away.

    That punk student was furious: "Which class are you from, you? You're bolder than our bosses who don't even dare to masturbate in the ladies' room.What the hell, you defiled our sister-in-law's eyes, if I don't vent my anger for her today, how can I face my boss."

    Tang Zichen said, "Are you being reasonable or not, I was the one who occupied the latrine first."

    The muddled student was speechless and sneered, "Are you insane?You occupy the latrine first?"

    "Yes, she walked in without knocking, can't blame anyone else."

    The gangster student's brain was a little insufficient, how it felt to the bull, hummed, "You fuck, you play me isn't it, I'll just beat you up and say it again, even our boss's woman dares to make light of it, you're tired of living."The gangster student rushed up towards Tang Zichen.

    Tang Zichen took a few steps back, his eyebrows furrowed, "What do you want?"

    "Kid, although our boss is not in school today, but our boss is not something you can afford to offend, you better lie down honestly and let me beat you up."

    Tang Zichen snorted, "It's just as well that you don't make sense, but you still want to beat me up."

    "Fuck you, if I don't beat you up today......."

    "Pah!"Suddenly, the bumbling student was slapped away before he could finish a sentence.

    The student raised his head in a panic and looked at Tang Zichen with wide eyes, his face burning with pain.

    I saw Tang Zichen snort, "A gangster like you, and you still want to bully this youngster!Ridiculous."


    "Pop!"Don slapped again and the bumbling student flew off again, hitting his head on the ceiling and falling back down.

    "Ah!"The mixed students screamed, blood streaming down their faces, looking at Tang Zichen in horror.

    Tang Zichen said, "Go back and tell your boss that it was your sister-in-law who went into the latrine without knocking on the door in the first place, and it wasn't my intention to desecrate her.If you come to trouble me again, be careful I'll beat up your boss."

    Tang Zichen turned around and walked away, Tang Zichen had seen more than his fair share of this level of gangster.

    That gangster student monster looked at Tang Zichen like a monster, beating up their boss?Doesn't he know who their boss is?

    Tang Zichen thought that Liu Xiangyun, just now, was really their sister-in-law, and felt a little sorry, such a stunning beauty, but the name has been taken, this posture, not worse than his little sister.

    Thinking of the little sister, Tang Zichen suddenly felt like going back to his world, this world are very unreasonable, not at all meaningful, or go back to peek at the little sister bath cool.

    Tang Zichen went back to the room called class, he was very unaccustomed to this strange place, his heart prayed hundreds of times to go back, but there was no miracle.

    Tang Zichen was incomparably depressed, should have known that he would rather be caught by his teacher's wife peeking at his sister's bath than run away.

    The bell soon rang, and this class of senior three and five was a self-study class, where everyone was quietly studying on their own.

    Tang Zichen couldn't go back to his world, he could only be forced to accept the reality, looking through the drawers of books and notebooks, thinking much

Get to know this place.If you can't go back, you'll have to survive in this strange place.Fortunately, he actually knew the words of this world.

    At this moment, a super beautiful girl walked into Senior 3 Class 5 and said loudly, "Who's name is Tang Zichen, stand up for me."

    Tang Zichen didn't react the first time, because he wasn't called Tang Zichen before.

    That super beautiful girl said loudly again, "Tang Zichen, you mangy toad, please stand up."

    Only then did Tang Zichen realize that he was being called, as the eyes of the entire class were looking at him.

    Feeling baffled, Tang Zichen put down his notebook and stood up.

    The beautiful girl walked up to Tang Zichen, her face filled with anger, and she was holding a love letter in her hand.

    The super beautiful girl said in a high voice, "You are Tang Zichen?"

    "Uh!What can I do for you?"Tang Zichen asked, his eyes scanned the beautiful girl's breasts, visually measuring that they were smaller than his senior sister's, but this beauty's face and body were top-notch.

    "Tang Zichen, even you deserve to write me a love letter?You're such a rustic, how dare you try to chase me?Have you ever taken a piss in the mirror?Do you know that this love letter of yours is causing the boy I like to misunderstand?"The beautiful girl slammed the love letter in her hand on Tang Zichen's face.

    The students in the class were suddenly talking.

    "Tang Zichen wrote a love letter to school flower Shangguan Zou?"

    "No way, is Don Zichen, the turtle, worthy of someone?"

    "Tang Zichen is too self-conscious, trying to catch up with Shangguan Rou."

    Tang Zichen felt baffled, he had just arrived in this world, who did he write love letters to?

    "I didn't write you a love letter."Tang Zichen looked innocent.

    "And you say you didn't?This love letter is clearly signed, Tang Zichen, Senior 3, Class 5.You're still sophomoric, do you have any self-awareness, why don't you write a love letter to a sow?You're such a grifter, you even dislike sows, and you're still trying to chase me, don't you think it's ridiculous?"

    Tang Zichen said: "I really did not write a love letter, only children write love letters.If I really liked you, wouldn't I just ask the matchmaker to go to your house and propose a marriage.With this condition of mine, there's no reason for your parents to refuse ah."

    "What!"Shangguan Zou felt a little spun out of her head.

    "Hahaha."The whole class laughed, so Tang Zichen was still going crazy.

    Shangguan Rou stomped her foot in anger and shouted, "Tang Zichen, you're playing with me, what are you, and you dare to play with me."

    Shangguan Rou suddenly kicked at Tang Zichen, but she happened to be wearing a skirt.

    Tang Zichen was quick-eyed and instantly grabbed Shangguan Rou's kicking foot.

    "Ssshhh!"Shangguan Zou's skirt was instantly torn with a big gap, and the safety pants she was wearing inside were exposed.

    "Ah."Shangguan Zou screamed, busy covering the gap in her skirt with both hands.

    "Ugh!"Tang Zichen was stunned and helplessly looked at the cloth he was grasping in his hands, saying in his heart, "This body is so weak, I couldn't even control my strength in time to rip off her skirt.Alas!Tearing a woman's skirt, such a nasty act, why did such a noble man like me do it."

    "Tang Zichen, you!"Shangguan Rou was angry and furious, but she was also a little surprised that she was born into a gentry family and had at least practiced, but she was torn by Tang Zichen's skirt.However, Shangguan Rou put this down to an accident.


"Sorry, I didn't mean to,"Tang Zichen said.

    Shangguan Rou covered her skirt and said through clenched teeth, "Tang Zichen, I'm inconvenienced right now, I don't care to bother with you.I'm warning you, don't like me anymore, you don't deserve it.Moreover, I'm not afraid to tell you that the person I like is Qiu Hao from the school, and I took the initiative to chase him.I'm afraid there's no one in our school who doesn't know Qiu Hao, so please have some self-awareness and don't intrude into my life again."

    As soon as the class 5 students heard the name 'Qiu Hao', they were sensational.

    "Wow, Qiu Hao, my idol!"

    "Only a strong man like Qiu Hao deserves to have such a beautiful girl!"

    "Tang Zichen is a piece of shit when compared to Qiu Hao."

    Tang Zichen heard the reactions of his classmates and was surprised what kind of person this Qiu Hao was to have so many brothers praising him.

    Tang Zichen said to Shangguan Rou, "Although you're not bad looking, your boobs aren't very big, and I don't like them either, so don't bother me anymore in the future."

    "You!"Shangguan Rou was gnashing her teeth in anger, if not for covering her skirt, she really wanted to rush up and kick him to death.

    "Tang Zichen, you're talking so badly, but just to find a step down for yourself, in fact, you know how much you like me in your heart.You want a step down today, I'll give you that step, hmm."Shangguan Rou glared at Tang Zichen with a huff, covered her skirt, and walked out of Senior 3 Class 5.

    The students in the class all looked at Tang Zichen, which those girls to Tang Zichen a face of contempt, very much despised Tang Zichen this gripe, to be able to talk to the goddess is not bad, actually still think that people breast small, breast small and also people write what love letters, obviously is not able to eat grapes say grapes sour.Shame on you, neuropathy.

    The boys in the class, but also the Tang Zichen as a fool, super despised.

    A boy in the front row laughed back: "Tang Zichen, you're a bull, you dare to chase after Shangguan Rou, one of the famous Four Great School Flowers.Daring to be a rival to Qiu Hao, I do admire you."

    Tang Zichen immediately heard that this boy in the front row said admiration on his lips, but his tone was filled with mockery and contempt.

    However, Tang Zichen didn't bother to get acquainted with this kind of low-level person and laughed it off.

    At this time, Tang Zichen's tablemate said, "Zichen, that love letter was indeed written by you, in fact, you might as well admit it generously, or at least frankly, why bother arguing?You've made all your classmates, as well as Shangguan Zou, look down on you even more."

    "Ugh!"Tang Zichen was stunned, and indeed he had written it?So, this body he now occupies was previously controlled by another person, and the love letter was written - by another person.What about the person who previously occupied this body?Did he die suddenly?

    "Oh, yeah."Tang Zichen smiled and asked, "By the way, who is Qiu Hao?Looking at your reactions, it seems like you guys are a great guy."

    "No way, you don't even know about Qiu Hao?You're kidding."

    "I really don't know."

    Wang Qiang at the same table looked at Tang Zichen strangely, why was he so abnormal today, in the first class, Tang Zichen was all still normal ah, and was still discussing with him what would happen after Shangguan Rou received the love letter.But in the second lesson, Tang Zichen woke up after dozing off and went crazy.

    Wang Qiang said, "The reason why Qiu Hao is worshipped by everyone, it's because, he can do martial arts."

    "What? It's because he can do martial arts?"Tang Zichen was very uncomprehending, in his world, any cattle herding child that was grabbed would be able to do martial arts.

    Wang Qiang gave Tang Zichen a blank look and said, "Difficult 

Tao knows martial arts. Isn't that enough?Martial arts is something that the rich play with, or only those who are fortunate enough to know it, but ordinary people simply don't.Those who know martial arts are able to block ten with one, and all students are envious."

    Tang Zichen looked at the same table speechlessly.

    Wang Qiang continued, "Qiu Hao, not only knows martial arts, he is ranked eighth in martial arts in Baiyun Middle School, and has a great reputation in Baiyun Middle School, worshipped by many teachers and students.He is the prince charming in the eyes of the girls, so Shangguan Rou also took the initiative to chase him."

    Tang Zichen smiled bitterly and said in his heart, "This world, what a strange world, martial arts, I knew it when I was three years old."

    It was soon noon when school was over, and Wang Qiang, who was at the same table, said, "Zichen, let's go to eat together."

    "Uh, dinner!"Tang Zichen's stomach grumbled at the sound of rice.

    "Good."Tang Zichen followed Wang Qiang and headed to the cafeteria.

    Tang Zichen looked at the cafeteria curiously and saw that Wang Qiang took a plate, he also took a plate and followed Wang Qiang.After buying the food, Tang Zichen saw Wang Qiang pull out his wallet and take out a piece of paper with a head printed on it to pay the bill.Tang Zichen also emptied his pocket, and indeed he pulled out a wallet with a photo of Shangguan Zou in it.Tang Zichen followed Wang Qiang's example and handed the photo to the cafeteria owner.

    The cafeteria owner stared at Tang Zichen stupidly, what did it mean to give him a photo?The cafeteria owner felt his head was a little short, what did the student mean?Bullying him to be honest?

    Tang Zichen saw the boss looking at him stupidly and urged, "What are you waiting for, take the money."

    The cafeteria owner endured his anger and said, "Classmate, don't bully others too much."

    Wang Qiang, who had finished paying his bill, turned back and saw Tang Zichen handing over Shangguan Zou's photo, confused, "Zichen, what are you doing?"

    "Check out ah."

    "Ah!"Wang Qiang was stunned.

    "Didn't you just check out with a piece of paper with a human head on it?"

    "Holy shit!"Wang Qiang almost fainted when he saw that Tang Zichen still looked like a serious man.

    "Zichen, don't scare me, okay."Wang Qiang looked at Tang Zichen worriedly.

    Tang Zichen frowned, when Wang Qiang was busy paying for Tang Zichen's meal.

    "Alright, I'll treat you."

    "Oh, thanks, I'll treat you next time."

    Tang Zichen followed Wang Qiang to an empty seat in the cafeteria and sat down.

    Wang Qiang looked at how Tang Zichen was eating, but it wasn't like he was abnormal ah.At this time, Wang Qiang remembered a news on the Internet, somewhere a man driving a BMW seven series, red street light intersection speeding, at two hundred per hour hit and killed someone.It was only afterwards that he found out that the BMW driver was suffering from 'acute transient psychotic disorder'.

    Wang Qiang suddenly looked at Tang Zichen with pitiful eyes.

    As Wang Qiang ate, he carefully spoke to Tang Zichen.

    Just at this moment, there was a stir in the cafeteria, and everyone looked up to see a beautiful woman walking in at the entrance of the cafeteria, so it was no wonder that it caused a stir.

    Tang Zichen also saw it and exclaimed, "So pretty."

    Wang Qiang said, "Her name is Li Xuan'er, she is one of the four school flowers of our school, the same name as Shangguan Rou."

    "Wow, the school flower, no wonder she's so pretty."Tang Zichen said under his breath, "There are so many beauties in this world."

Wang Qiang laughed, "When you wrote your love letter to Shangguan Rou, I suggested that you might as well write it to Li Xuan'er.Because Li Xuan'er comes from the bottom of the social stratum, a commoner school flower, it's obviously easier to chase than Shangguan Rou.You didn't listen to me, and you even told me that you're more handsome, so maybe Shangguan Rou doesn't care about your status because of your handsomeness.Once you succeed, Shangguan Rou's family is so rich, you can follow her to eat and drink spicy food."

    "What!"Tang Zichen looked at Wang Qiang incredulously and sweated, "Such shameless words, was it really me who said that?"

    "Nonsense, now you know the result, although you're quite pretty, but unfortunately, a rich girl like Shangguan Rou, who also knows martial arts, can't possibly fancy you.Of course, even if you chase after Li Xuan'er, you won't succeed.Although Li Xuan'er's family is poor, but she has excellent academic performance, one of the four school flowers, there are many boys chasing her, and you won't be able to match her."

    Tang Zichen laughed, "Don't say that, I'm embarrassed to say it."

    Wang Qiang said, "In fact, I've already told you that we, the grippers, shouldn't want to eat swan meat, but you're partial to it.You are just a little more handsome than the average boys, but you haven't reached the school grass level ah, support the death is also class grass level, besides, this world, handsome is useless.It's only useful to have money and power, and martial arts."

    "Haha!"Tang Zichen smiled, money and potential he didn't know, but martial arts, Tang Zichen wasn't worried at all.Even though he had just arrived in this world now and was just taking control of this weak body, it was impossible for ordinary people to be his opponent.

    The problem Tang Zichen needed to solve now was how to survive in this strange world.Moreover, Tang Zichen didn't even know the identity of this body yet, whether it had parents and relatives and such, where it lived, and who else was in the family.All of it was unknown.

    Wang Qiang asked, "Tzichen, tell me the truth, what's wrong with you?Why is it that when you doze off and wake up in the second period, you look like a psychopath.But sometimes it doesn't look like you're a psychopath."

    Tang Zichen smiled, "I don't know, I just can't remember a lot of things."

    Wang Qiang said, "It can't be true that you're suffering from acute transient psychotic disorder, right?"

    Tang Zichen was busy nodding, "No need to suspect, it must be this disease.So, I'm completely unaware of my own identity now, can you tell me?"

    Wang Qiang was stunned, this was too serious, he even forgot his own identity.

    Wang Qiang said, "Actually, I don't know your identity either, even though we're at the same table, you kid always feel mysterious and never say anything about your family.I only know that you live in the Songtao neighborhood, and you never reveal anything else."

    "Ah."Tang Zichen never expected that even a tablemate wouldn't know his history.

    Tang Zichen smiled, "It's fine, I just suffer from acute transient mental disorder, I'll get better sooner or later."

    Tang Zichen also didn't want people to know that his current body and soul was no longer the same Tang Zichen from before, since Wang Qiang said that he suffered from this disease, he simply assumed that he really had it.

    After lunch, Wang Qiang went back to his classroom first, Tang Zichen walked around the school alone, he hadn't even gotten to know the world properly.

    Tang Zichen looked at all the strange and new fresh things, especially that big 'box', Tang Zichen looked around it non-stop.Unable to understand why that box, after people sat on it, was able to move.Was it an animal unique to this world?

    After skirting around the entire campus and beyond, Tang Zichen sighed deeply, "This 
A world that is indeed more advanced."

    Then, only then did Tang Zichen return to that room called 'classroom'.

    However, there was already a teacher in the classroom, and that teacher saw that Tang Zichen had finished half of the class before coming, and said angrily, "Tang Zichen, where have you been?Why are you so late."

    "Uh!"Tang Zichen was stunned and said, "I, I went to the gate to see that box-like animal."Tang Zichen now knew that this person standing at the podium, called the teacher, was the teacher in his world, so Tang Zichen answered the gentleman's question truthfully.

    That teacher's eyebrows furrowed, completely unable to understand what Tang Zichen was saying.

    "What are you talking about?"

    "It's that zoo by the gate, isn't that where they keep all those box-like animals?Sorry, sir, I was delayed there for a bit."

    "The zoo?Box animals?Don Zichen, what the hell are you talking about?"

    Tang Zichen said, "It's just to the left of the main entrance, a row of them closed, there are several colors, box-like animals, this animal runs very fast."

    The teacher finally understood, Tang Zichen was actually talking about the cars in the parking lot in front of the school.Oh my God, the teacher was suddenly silly, and the entire class was unified.Nima yah, the parking lot was said to be a zoo, and those cars were said to be box animals, and they were still locked up in the zoo.

    The entire class was quiet, and everyone stared stupidly at Tang Zichen, who went crazy in the morning, but didn't think he was still going crazy in the afternoon, and didn't even recognize the cars.

    The teacher no longer knew what to say and beckoned, "Come in."

    "Thank you sir."Tang Zichen walked back to his seat.

    Tang Zichen was still quite respectful to Mr. Teach, in his world, Mr. Teach had a high status because he could teach everyone to read and write, and those who were literate were well respected by everyone.In some small villages, there weren't many literate and cultured people in the entire village.

    After Tang Zichen sat down, Wang Qiang whispered, "That one is called a car."

    "Oh, car, car this animal, it runs too fast.By the way, I've searched around it for a long time, I couldn't find its mouth, doesn't it eat?"

    Wang Qiang was going to faint, he was wondering if this was Tang Zichen.

    "Hey, tomorrow weekend, you'd better go see a psychiatrist, I hope you'll get better soon."

    "Who's the weekend?"

    "On weekends, meaning tomorrow and the day after, don't come to class here.You can be at home, free to move around."Wang Qiang was so tired of communicating with Tang Zichen.

    However, the three classes in one afternoon finally simmered down, of course, during which that teacher inquired about what had happened to Tang Zichen, and everyone said that Tang Zichen had been going crazy since the morning, so maybe he was having a nervous attack.

    After school, everyone picked up their bags and walked out of the classroom.

    Tang Zichen felt a little lost as he watched everyone keep leaving, because Tang Zichen didn't know where he was going.

    "Zichen, let's go, I'm going home first, see you next week."Wang Qiang said as he carried his bag.


    Wang Qiang also left, and in the end, Tang Zichen was the only one left in the class.

Tang Zichen was really helpless on his own, watching everyone go home, but he didn't know where to go.This world was so advanced, there were so many things he couldn't understand, and he was afraid he would be lost if he walked out of the school.

    "Sister, master, senior brothers, I really miss you guys.This hellhole is completely incomprehensible, where do I go from here."Tang Zichen muttered to himself.

    It was getting dark, the students had all left, but Tang Zichen was lying alone on the table, his eyes unfocused as he looked out the window at the darkening sky.

    "Have I really been sitting here all this time?"

    "No, this Don must have a home in his own right.I want to go home."

    At that moment, Tang Zichen remembered that at lunchtime, Wang Qiang said that his family lived in some Songtao neighborhood.

    "Songtao neighborhood, is Tang Zichen's home in Songtao neighborhood?Well, I must find the Songtao District, although I'm not familiar with this world, I at least know the words of this world."

    Tang Zichen resolutely left the classroom and walked out of the school gate.

    Tang Zichen looked at the zoo in front of the school again, the cars that were closed had disappeared, only a few were still closed there.Tang Zichen saw at noon that as long as a person sat inside the box, the box would run up, it seems that these box animals are psychic, maybe their IQ is much higher than a horse.

    So, Tang Zichen resolutely walked to the zoo and came to one of the white cars, but couldn't sit in it.This is simple, Don Zichen blows the glass out with one punch and jumps inside.

    "Wow, this stool is so comfortable to sit on, this animal is really more advanced."Tang Zichen smiled.Then, like the people he saw at noon, Tang Zichen sat in it and put his hands on that round circle, which was supposed to resemble a saddle.Tang Zichen said to the car, "Car, go to the Songtao neighborhood, drive."

    Tang Zichen saw that the car was not moving, and shouted a few more times, "Drive, drive!"

    And at this moment, not far from the school entrance, four boys were smoking, and suddenly, one of them heard the car croaking alarm, turned around, looked towards the parking lot, and yelled, "Oh shit, Ho, your Porsche is smashed, God, who is so bold as to steal Ho's car, does he want to die?"

    The other three were busy looking back, all of them were stupid, here, there was actually someone who dared to touch Brother Howe's car.

    These four people, one of them was precisely one of the five most vicious youngsters of White Cloud High School, Wu Minghao, known as Brother Howe.He was able to become one of the five most vicious youngsters because he was good at martial arts and had money to take care of a bunch of gangster students, so he became one of the five most vicious youngsters and rampaged around the school.

    When Wu Minghao saw that his Porsche was smashed, he was stupid, anyone who dared to touch his car would be beaten up by him, but right now it was smashed.

    After reacting, Wu Minghao raged, "Damn, how dare you steal my car right under my nose."

    "Go, go over and waste him."One of the men shouted, and the four of them immediately rushed to the parking lot.

    Rushing to the Porsche, they did see a man sitting in the main car, but couldn't see his face because it was dark.

    The people who stole the car didn't even panic, as if they weren't afraid of being caught, and one said to himself, "Car, you're down to support a voice, go or no go."

    "Quack, quack, quack."

    "Don't just croak, don't just croak, others sit in and leave immediately with a bang, why do I sit in and you croak and refuse to leave, I'm warning you, my patience has a limit."

    Wu Minghao and his three men heard the car thief's words and were silly on one side.

    "Brother Howe, this -->>

Who's the car thief talking to?"

    "He's talking to the car, holy shit, Brother Howe, it turns out he's a psycho."

    Wu Minghao was on fire, his Porsche was actually smashed by a psychopath.

    "Hey!"Wu Minghao shouted.

    Tang Zichen, who was in the car, looked out the window and saw four people standing outside, four people looking at him fiercely.

    A youngster yelled, "Don't come down yet."

    Tang Zichen was confused and jumped out of the car window because he didn't know how to open the door.

    "What are you doing?"Wu Minghao asked angrily.

    "Uh, go home ah."

    A younger brother said, "Brother Howe, don't bullshit with him, see he doesn't have any money to pay for it, just maim him."

    Wu Minghao gave an order, "Fuck, give me a good beating.I didn't expect that I, Wu Minghao, would be smashed by a psychopath even though I'm criss-crossing the campus, this spreads out, how else am I supposed to hang around the school, give me a hard beating."

    "Yes, Brother Howe."The three little brothers immediately surrounded Tang Zichen with a hehehe smile.

    Tang Zichen looked at the three hooligans that surrounded him, his eyebrows furrowed and said, "What are you guys doing?"

    "Kid, do you have any idea whose car you're stealing?Why do you even ask."

    Tang Zichen said, "When you go out and rescue people in the river, everyone will encounter some difficulties, but I just want to borrow it, and I'll bring it back once the weekend is over."

    "Bring it back?What the fuck did you say."The three goons looked at each other.

    Tang Zichen looked at the three hooligans, with colorful hair, odd shapes, and a large earring on their ear, they didn't look like good people at a glance, and hummed, "I don't think you're serious people either, maybe you're just a bunch of hooligans who robbed homes.Just because you guys say this car is yours, does it have to be yours?"

    One of the little brothers was depressed, "Shit, why are we talking so much to a psycho waste, fight."So, this little brother was the first to rush up, the other two were not far behind, the time to perform in front of Brother Howe had arrived.

    The little brother who rushed up first, smashed a punch into Tang Zichen's face.

    Tang Zichen's face was cold, so this world, just like his world, was full of such Jiang Hu scum, rogues and hoodlums.

    Tang Zichen easily grabbed the smashing fist.

    Tang Zichen's hand twisted, and with a 'crack' sound, that little brother immediately let out a scream, his arm was instantly twisted off, and he was in pain.

    Tang Zichen kicked, and this little brother whose arm was twisted flew out eight or nine meters.

    The other two little brothers also happened to rush up, and Tang Zichen grabbed them with his left and right hands, grabbing their colorful hair.

    "Bang!"Tang Zichen grabbed their heads and ruthlessly clashed them together, and they collapsed to the ground screaming.

    Wu Minghao looked at Tang Zichen in surprise, not expecting this psychopath to have practiced.

    Wu Minghao's sword eyebrows shot up and looked at his three little brothers, it was so miserable in a split second.It seemed that he could only do it himself.

    "I'll let you taste my Wild Crane Fist."Wu Minghao bit his teeth and pounced on Tang Zichen.

    "Wild Crane Into Action" Wu Minghao took Tang Zichen's neck straight.

    Tang Zichen a mouthful, this martial arts, is too bad, in his world, I guess any random pig breeding child could second him.


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    1. my secound time... hope they can make a movie series of it..

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