The unknown Heir 883

Chapter 883

After saying that, Qi Xiaoyun took out his wallet and pulled out a thousand yuan and handed it to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao naturally took it with alacrity, he deserved this money, there was no shame in not taking it.

Chen Hao then returned to Zhen Ji's side after gesturing towards Qi Xiaoyun again.

Seeing Chen Hao return, Zhen Ji asked towards Chen Hao, "Why are you back?"

"Oh, nothing, just a quick game, then I felt a little tired and came back first!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly towards Zhen Ji and explained.

Naturally, Zhen Ji did not have any doubts and believed Chen Hao's words, she did not know about what had happened between Chen Hao and Qi Xiaoyun.

In fact, even if she knew, Zhen Ji would not say anything, but would think that Chen Hao had done a good job.

After another while, only Qi Xiaoyun came over with a few bottles of wine and dice, and directly walked over to Chen Hao and sat down in front of him.

"Brother Chen, we didn't have enough fun playing earlier, how about we play some new ones now?"

When Qi Xiaoyun sat down, he revealed a smile and looked at Chen Hao and asked. 

On the other hand, Zhen Ji took a look at Qi Xiaoyun and couldn't help but furrow her brows, thinking about how Qi Xiaoyun had come looking for Chen Hao again.

Chen Hao also sneered in his heart, this Qi Xiaoyun really has a ghastly spirit, he just lost to himself earlier and now he's even coming back to find his own trouble, he really doesn't see the rhythm of the coffin without shedding tears.

Since that was the case, Chen Hao definitely no longer hid his strength, let's play nice with Qi Xiao Yun and let him know that he himself wasn't easy to provoke.

"Yeah, no problem, I wonder what class leader wants to play?"

After a pause, Chen Hao just promised to smile and asked towards Qi Xiao Yun.

Upon hearing Chen Hao's promise, Qi Xiaoyun immediately lit up the dice he held in his hand and placed them in front of Chen Hao.

"Play dice, ever play?"

Qi Xiaoyun asked towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao gave a slight nod and replied, "Well, played a little!"

"Well then, I won't tell you the rules then, but how about we play some bets, how about five hundred a game?I'm sure you're not too far off from this amount of money, Brother Chen, besides, you just won a thousand dollars from me earlier oh!"

Qi Xiaoyun was proposing towards Chen Hao again, his heart filled with displeasure towards Chen Hao, thinking that he must get back the humiliation that he had lost before.

That was too careless of him before, but he was a veteran of this next game, he would definitely be able to completely crush Chen Hao.

"Okay, no problem, since the class leader has said so, then of course I will give face!"

Chen Hao didn't have a single opinion, so he just agreed to it quickly.

Zhen Ji, who was sitting on the side, also looked at Chen Hao with a surprised face and reached out her hand to pull Chen Hao's clothes.

"Chen Hao, don't you dare mess around!"

Zhen Ji whispered a reminder towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao cast a reassuring glance at Zhen Ji.

"Don't worry, it's fine, I have a sense of propriety!"

"Yeah, Jenji, you have to trust Brother Chen!"

Qi Xiaoyun also said towards Zhen Ji.

After hearing that, Zhen Ji didn't go to say anything more and could only quiet down, she believed in Chen Hao's words and believed that Chen Hao would definitely not mess up.

After saying that, Qi Xiaoyun handed the dice to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao received the dice and then immediately shook them.

Dice were something that Chen Hao had already touched, so he already had a great deal of proficiency in them, and wasn't afraid to play with Qi Xiao Yun at all.

And Chen Hao also had an unknown skill, which was listening to the sound to distinguish the points of the dice.

This wasn't something that any ordinary person could do, only Chen Hao could.

So to play with himself, Qi Xiaoyun was really too young to be a match for him.

After shaking the dice together for a few seconds, they covered the table.

"Brother Chen, you can shout first!"

Qi Xiaoyun smiled and suggested towards Chen Hao, giving Chen Hao the opportunity to shout first.

Chen Hao naturally accepted and immediately opened his mouth to shout, "Three sixes!"

"Four sixes!"

As soon as Chen Hao finished shouting, he only heard Qi Xiaoyun immediately shout, then Chen Hao's number was added by one more.

Chen Hao was analyzing the dice points according to the dice points he had just heard, he knew that there were definitely only two sixes on Qi Xiao Yun's side and two on his own, so he must not be able to go open, the only way was for him to deliberately lose a few rounds first, so that he would be in a better position to deal with Qi Xiao Yun first.

"Five fives!"

After thinking about it, Chen Hao opened his mouth to shout once again, this time shouting a different number.

Hearing this shouted number from Chen Hao suddenly made Qi Xiao Yun smile wryly.

"I'm open!"

In the next second, Qi Xiaoyun just chose to open Chen Hao's dice points and shouted.

Chen Hao had no choice but to open his own dice.

At a glance, their dice points didn't add up to five fives, only three fives, so it meant that Chen Hao had lost this game.

Of course, it was all under Chen Hao's control, and he did it on purpose.

"Brother Chen, I'm sorry, but you lost!"

Qi Xiaoyun looked at Chen Hao and reminded him.

Chen Hao also looked indifferent, anyway, isn't it just five hundred yuan, it's just as well to return the money he won from Qi Xiao Yun's side earlier.

Using Qi Xiaoyun's money to return it to himself was a great sense of mockery.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the product and make sure that you have the right product.

It was evident that Qi Xiaoyun was a person who regarded money like life.

"Brother Chen, let's continue then!"

Qi Xiaoyun, who had tasted the sweetness, immediately said towards Chen Hao.


Chen Hao immediately responded.

After that, the two of them picked up the dice together once again to shake them.

With a few more seconds of shaking, the two of them covered the dice on the table once again.

"It's still you first, Brother Chen, you lost the last game!"

Qi Xiaoyun was still giving Chen Hao the chance to shout first.

Chen Hao directly opened his mouth and shouted, "Three fives!"

From the time he had just shaken the dice to the end of the day, Chen Hao had completely heard Qi Xiaoyun's dice points, which were a total of two threes and three fives.

On the other hand, Chen Hao's own was two fives and three threes, exactly the opposite of Qi Xiaoyun's.

In this game, Chen Hao, of course, still chose to lose to Qi Xiaoyun.

"Four fours!"

Qi Xiaoyun, on the other hand, shouted a number that neither of them had.

To be honest, Chen Hao really wanted to drive Qi Xiaoyun at a time like this, but he held back.

Chen Hao didn't want to let Qi Xiao Yun lose so soon, but he had to at least play a few rounds to keep up and let Qi Xiao Yun bask in the pleasure of being a winner first.

That way, Chen Hao would be able to defeat Qi Xiaoyun without any effort later on.


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