The unknown Heir 882

Chapter 882

Chen Hao nodded his head before picking up a bowling ball and throwing it straight out without doing anything at all.

Watching Chen Hao throw the bowling ball out, Chen Hao just hit all of them.

It was also a full base, which was simply too shocking.

"Sarge, it looks like I've mastered the technique, sorry, I hit all of them as well!"

Chen Hao smiled and turned to look at Qi Xiaoyun and said.

Now the score was Qi Xiaoyun thirty-six points, Chen Hao thirty-two points, still a difference of four points, there were still three rounds left, this match would soon be over, who would win and who would lose?

"Okay, Brother Chen, let's see who actually wins the last three rounds between the two of us!"

Qi Xiaoyun narrated towards Chen Hao.

After speaking, Qi Xiaoyun did not hesitate to pick up the bowling ball and start the fifth round.

The bowling ball rolled out quickly and straight towards the middle of the bottle.

In fact, there are many different kinds of bowling lines, each line will have different power and number of hits, not all of them will be hit, sometimes even roll out of the chute in the end if it is unlucky.

This ball, which Qi Xiaoyun had aimed and calculated, would definitely hit all of them.


The ball hit the first bottle, and as the first bottle fell down, the second, third, and fourth after it also fell down.

The final score was nine down, which meant that Qi Xiaoyun won five points for the fifth round, for a total of 45 points.

The next step in the process is to find out if there are any problems with the game.

As long as Chen Hao hit all of them, the gap would only be three points.

Without waiting for Qi Xiaoyun to open his mouth, Chen Hao got up to take the ball and very casually threw it towards the slides.

The bowling ball rolled right out, quickly hitting all the bottles, ten points!Home run!

Another ten-run homer, again shocking the crowd.

The score was now only three points apart, it was the last two rounds, the time to decide the winner was about to arrive.

Qi Xiaoyun's expression was heavy now, he had developed a sense of crisis, if he didn't play well in the last two rounds and couldn't hit all of them, then he would most likely lose to Chen Hao.

"Sorry, squad leader, I hit all of them again!"

Chen Hao pretended to look at Qi Xiao Yun with a very innocent and embarrassed expression and said.

Qi Xiaoyun's heart hated Chen Hao so much that he could not wait to press Chen Hao to the ground and beat him violently.

But he knew there was no way he could do that, otherwise he would appear to be too petty.

The sixth round began.

Qi Xiaoyun picked up his bowling ball and walked up to the front, by this time he was already a bit worried beyond measure.

The more it made Qi Xiao Yun nervous, he knew that he must not lose to Chen Hao, or else he would be too ashamed of himself.

Only after hesitating for a moment did Qi Xiaoyun throw out the bowling ball in his hand.

However, after this ball was thrown, it changed dramatically and was directly crooked.

Seeing this scene, Qi Xiaoyun knew that he was definitely finished, and the ball would definitely not get a good score.


But the good news was that he still hit four bottles and got four points, so now he had a total of forty-nine points.

"Oops, squad leader, you seem to have missed again."

Chen Hao immediately seized the opportunity to remind him towards Qi Xiaoyun.

Qi Xiaoyun thought angrily in his heart, "I know, I still need you to say it."

Now Qi Xiaoyun only hoped that Chen Hao would also make a mistake for the best and not get a good score, so that he would still have a chance to turn the outcome of the round around.

Unfortunately, Chen Hao wouldn't give him such a chance.

Chen Hao immediately picked up the bowling ball, and then walked up and threw it out.

Chen Hao didn't even look at it, he just turned around with a face full of confidence, just like the first round of Qi Xiaoyun.

The wheel of wind and water turned, and it was finally Chen Hao's turn to taunt Qi Xiaoyun.

Crackling and popping, the bowling ball hit all the bottles, or a home run.

Chen Hao's score instantly surpassed Qi Xiaoyun's.

The score was now fifty-two to forty-nine, and Chen Hao had three more points than Qi Xiaoyun.

It was immediately into the final round, the seventh round.

In this round, Qi Xiaoyun knew that he had to adjust his form and must hit a home run before he could do so, otherwise he knew he would not win against Chen Hao.

But he was actually worried that Chen Hao would come up with a home run in the final round as well.

If Chen Hao came up with a home run in the last round as well, then he would still end up losing.

So, he could only pray and pray that Chen Hao made an error.

After thinking about it, Qi Xiaoyun picked up the last bowling ball and walked up, standing in front of the slides and taking deep breaths to adjust his state.

"Squad Leader, come on!"

"Sarge, you're going to win!"

At this time, the surrounding students were also shouting drumbeats towards Qi Xiaoyun.

Hearing these words of encouragement, Qi Xiaoyun's confidence increased, as if all the strength had been found back.

Then, Qi Xiaoyun threw his hands out and steadily dropped the bowling ball in his hands into the chute, rolling in a straight line towards the bottle.


One hit, all ten bottles hit.


When he saw this scene, Qi Xiaoyun immediately jumped up in excitement and cheered.

He finally hadn't let himself down.

It was Chen Hao's turn, the final round, the round that would decide the winner, if Chen Hao got all the bases loaded, then Qi Xiaoyun would lose, if Chen Hao made a mistake, then the winner would be Qi Xiaoyun.

The final key was on Chen Hao's shoulders.

Chen Hao took a look at Qi Xiaoyun's score and it was fifty-nine, which meant that he only needed to reach sixty, which meant that he only needed to hit eight to win against Qi Xiaoyun.

Eight was just eight, too simple for Chen Hao.

Chen Hao picked up the bowling ball, adjusted the strength in his hands, and threw the bowling ball directly.

The bowling ball rolled out in a straight line and directly hit the bottle.

With the sound of the bottles falling, it ended up hitting a total of eight bottles, just as Chen Hao had wished.

The final score was sixty to fifty-nine, and Chen Hao had won the contest.

Qi Xiaoyun stood there, looking at the scene with some disbelief, he didn't I thought that he would lose to Chen Hao who had never played bowling before.

Of course, that was just what Qi Xiaoyun thought, but in fact, Chen Hao had already played bowling.

"Squad Leader, I'm sorry, I won, but I know you're strong, it was just to take care of me, that's why you lost to me on purpose!"

In order not to embarrass Qi Xiaoyun too much, Chen Hao still smiled humanely.

This was also to give Qi Xiaoyun a step down, no matter how much he was also Zhen Ji's class leader, he still had to give face somewhat.

When he heard Chen Hao's words, of course, Qi Xiaoyun also quickly took this step down.


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