The unknown Heir 881


"Brother Chen, it's your turn!"

Once Qi Xiaoyun finished, he looked to Chen Hao to remind him.

It was Chen Hao's turn to start throwing the second round of bowling.

This round Chen Hao knew he couldn't be zeroing in, or at least hitting a few anyway, or else he wouldn't really be able to get the score back later.

Chen Hao picked up a bowling ball in his hand and slowly walked up and stood in front of the slide.

"Brother Chen, take a bold shot, even if you can't hit it, it doesn't matter, you still need more practice!"

Just listening to Qi Xiao Yun behind him, he preached at Chen Hao again, drawing another big laugh from the people around him.

Chen Hao closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them.

Taking a step, Chen Hao threw the bowling ball in his hand.

The bowling ball rolled into the slide, and this time, it wasn't crooked or rolled out of the slide, but rolled straight towards the bottle in front of it.

This caused Qi Xiaoyun and the others to show their surprise. 


Hit, but it was only five knockdowns.

This round Chen Hao got five points, a difference of twelve points from Qi Xiaoyun, the score wasn't particularly large, after all, there were still six rounds left, a total of eight rounds, and whoever had the highest score at the end was the winner.

"Not bad, Brother Chen, you're still very talented, hitting five!"

Qi Xiaoyun foxily came up towards Chen Hao and praised him unfailingly, in fact his heart was full of displeasure, he didn't expect Chen Hao to be so lucky that he hit five.

But in Qi Xiaoyun's opinion there was still no threat, he still didn't think that Chen Hao could win himself, he took the thousand pieces.

The competition continued, third round.

Qi Xiaoyun was still using his usual moves.


A crisp sound cut through.

In the third round, Qi Xiao Yun hit nine and gained nine points, now totaling twenty-six points.

After each round of Qi Xiao Yun ended, the surrounding people would cheer, while the end of Chen Hao was met with jeering voices.

To be honest, all of these people watching were actually idiots who were just trying to kiss Qi Xiao Yun's ass.

Chen Hao's own true strength had yet to be brought out.

It was Chen Hao's turn to start the third round of tosses.

Chen Hao picked up the ball and threw it without saying a word, much more skilled than the previous two rounds.

Anyway, each round Chen Hao would use a different strength and technique to show off.

Firstly so that he wouldn't have to make Qi Xiaoyun doubt, and secondly it was also considered to represent the way he was progressing step by step.

This was the only way to create a great change in everyone's perception of him.


Hitting successfully again, this time hitting seven balls, Chen Hao now had a score of twelve, fourteen points shy of Qi Xiaoyun.

Each time, Chen Hao would control the force very well.

Seeing Chen Hao hit again, Qi Xiaoyun's face had begun to change, becoming slightly ugly, he didn't expect Chen Hao to improve so quickly.

Qi Xiaoyun knew that he couldn't let up anymore, he had to suppress Chen Hao and pull the score up.

"Brother Chen is really improving fast, I won't let you go next!"

Qi Xiaoyun began to speak deliberately towards Chen Hao again, and even made it so obvious that he was letting the ball drop.

Chen Hao smiled in his heart, who didn't know yet.

Very quickly, Li immediately entered the fourth round.

Qi Xiaoyun was concentrating on the bottle in front of him, the bowling ball in his hand squeezed tightly.


In the next second, Qi Xiaoyun violently threw out the bowling ball in his hand.


An impact sound sliced through, unfortunately, this ball Qi Xiao Yun missed, the bowling ball hit the side of the chute and slid out, nullifying his score for this round.

This made Qi Xiaoyun's eyebrows furrow, he didn't think that he would make a mistake at this time, it was really too unsatisfactory.

"Oh, this mistake of class leader is really timely, looks like I'm going to catch up!"

Chen Hao also immediately seized the opportunity to mock back at Qi Xiaoyun.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Qi Xiaoyun's heart was incomparably gloomy.

But he was unable to refute it, who let this mistake be his own doing.

"Oh, yeah, but Brother Chen has a chance!"

Qi Xiaoyun deliberately smiled bitterly towards Chen Hao in response.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

It was Chen Hao's turn to start the fourth round.

This round Chen Hao is going to completely give the score back, at least bring the score closer to only a few points, so that it's not too obvious, and also allow Qi Xiaoyun to continue to fool around a bit more.

Chen Hao got up, took the ball, retreated, and threw.

The entire movement was done in one go, and the momentum was as wonderful as flowing clouds.

The bowling ball landed on the ground and rolled steadily out of the chute, hitting ten bottles right off the bat.


This caused everyone around them to be inordinately surprised, not expecting Chen Hao to hit all of them.

Qi Xiaoyun's face was already ugly, his eyebrows tightened, his heart filled with displeasure.

Chen Hao's score was now twenty-two points, just four points different from Qi Xiaoyun, one more round and Chen Hao would be able to surpass Qi Xiaoyun.

"Squad Leader, it looks like I'm going to catch up to you!"

Chen Hao did not forget to remind him towards Qi Xiaoyun.


Qi Xiaoyun smiled dryly, feeling very embarrassed.

Then, Qi Xiaoyun immediately started to take the ball for the fifth round.

The last round was because he was too eager to win, so he hadn't put his form to good use, but this round he couldn't be so anxious.

As the saying goes, you can't eat hot tofu if you're in a hurry, you still have to be calm.


The bowling ball landed and rolled down the slides.

The ball didn't leave the chute, but instead hit ten bottles steadily, and once again, Qi Xiaoyun got a ten.


"Sarge is so good, hitting all of them again!"

Seeing Qi Xiao Yun hit all of them once again, the surrounding onlookers were also once again shocked out.

The corners of Qi Xiaoyun's mouth rose once again, he knew that he was finally playing normally, he was going to make Chen Hao look good this time, he would definitely not let Chen Hao win this competition.

But this was no change in appearance at all for Chen Hao.

Chen Hao was indifferent, standing calmly, as if he wasn't worried or concerned at all about Qi Xiaoyun hitting all of them.

At this point, an idea had arisen within Chen Hao's heart.

Rather than winning over Qi Xiao Yun by a large margin, it would be better to have an infuriating score that was one point short.

A one point difference in winning over Qi Xiaoyun, I'm sure Qi Xiaoyun would be furious.

Thinking about it made Chen Hao find it very interesting.

"Brother Chen, it's your turn, you're not frightened of me, are you?"

Qi Xiaoyun stared at Chen Hao and reminded him, watching Chen Hao remain motionless made him feel incomparably relieved, and all the shame of the mistake he had made earlier was instantly recovered.


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