The Unknown Heir 880


"Bowling?Eh, I haven't really played it."

Chen Hao said after hearing that, he pretended to be suspicious for a while.

If he was going to pretend then of course he would pretend to the end, he wanted to have a good time with Qi Xiaoyun.

"It's fine, I'll teach you ah, come on, let's go play!"

After hearing this, Qi Xiaoyun did not have any doubts and directly said happily towards Chen Hao.

"Fine, then I'll go have some fun with you!"

Chen Hao directly agreed and then looked to Zhen Ji.

"Zhen Ji, I'm going to go play bowling for a while, and you guys can talk here for a bit!"

After hearing this, Zhen Ji also naturally did not have any opinions, she knew that Chen Hao must have her own thoughts, so she naturally would not stop her, she could only say that it was not a good choice for Qi Xiao Yun to find Chen Hao, and Qi Xiao Yun would definitely regret it when the time came.

Soon, Chen Hao followed Qi Xiaoyun to the bowling area.

Qi Xiaoyun and Chen Hao occupied a lane by themselves.

"Come, brother Chen, I'll teach you how to play, just watch me!"

Qi Xiaoyun smiled towards Chen Hao and then picked up a bowling ball in his hand.

Qi Xiaoyun stepped forward and threw the bowling ball in his hand after pulling it forcefully towards his back.

The bowling ball quickly rolled away from the slide.


A shot into the soul, a direct hit.

This bowling ball from Qi Xiaoyun directly knocked down all the bottles.

When Chen Hao saw this, he knew that Qi Xiao Yun was definitely experienced in bowling and was a very strong person.

It seemed that Qi Xiaoyun had deliberately come to find him to play bowling with just to bully himself.

But he also thought too much of himself as weak.

For bowling, Chen Hao had played with it and was very experienced at it.

It was only so that Qi Xiaoyun wouldn't see it, so Chen Hao deliberately said that he wouldn't just to make Qi Xiaoyun reveal his true nature.

Since he wanted to play, then Chen Hao would have a good time with him.

"Come on, Brother Chen, try it!"

At that moment, Qi Xiao Yun picked up a bowling ball and handed it to Chen Hao and said.

Chen Hao received the bowling ball, stepped forward, pretended to be very rusty, and followed Qi Xiao Yun's actions before, throwing out the bowling ball in his hand.

But unfortunately, Chen Hao's ball was deliberately thrown crooked, and none of them hit.


Seeing that Chen Hao hadn't hit it, Qi Xiaoyun burst out laughing.

"Brother Chen seems to need more practice, just practice a few more times!"

Qi Xiaoyun deliberately pretended to be kind and reminded towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao didn't bother with him, but continued to pick up the bowling ball and deliberately practice.

This Qi Xiaoyun was also really stupid, not being able to see anything at all, not being able to tell that Chen Hao was pretending.

If it had been any other professional, I'm afraid I would have been able to tell that Chen Hao was definitely a bowling player.

After about a while, Qi Xiaoyun then looked at Chen Hao again.

"Brother Chen, seeing as you've been practicing for so long, shall we have a match?Play a hand?"

Qi Xiaoyun suggested towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao knew that Qi Xiaoyun was about to begin to reveal his true nature.

It was true that Qi Xiao Yun was here to compete with himself and then ruthlessly abuse himself to humiliate himself.

All of this had already been revealed to Chen Hao, but Chen Hao was just unwilling to pierce it.

Of course, Chen Hao wasn't the type to be uncooperative.


Just listen to Chen Hao and he directly agreed.

"That way, the contest must be somewhat of a gamble, what do you think of a thousand dollars a hand?"

This is when Qi Xiao Yun looked at Chen Hao suggested, his heart had already made a careful plan.

Chen Hao had a cold smile in his heart, looking at Qi Xiaoyun was like wanting money like crazy, a thousand dollars a hand.

"Yeah, no problem!"

After a pause, Chen Hao just agreed.

Anyway, things like money didn't matter to Chen Hao, and besides, he wouldn't necessarily lose badly, everything was under Chen Hao's control.

"Squad Leader, don't bully someone's boyfriend Zhen Ji too badly, or Zhen Ji will be angry!"

One of the male students who was sitting at the side watching the show then joked towards Qi Xiao Yun, his tone revealing his sarcasm towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao didn't bother with these people, anyway, everything would be known later, Chen Hao would hit them hard in the face and give each of them a silent slap on the face.

If you want to bully yourself, you don't weigh your own weight, is he so easy to bully?

"Come on, Brother Chen, let's take turns one at a time and see who ends up with the highest score!"

Qi Xiaoyun immediately told the rules towards Chen Hao, and he was already a little eager to abuse Chen Hao viciously.

Chen Hao nodded slightly and did not speak.

Soon, the machine set up all the bottles, and the competition began.

The first thing to start was Qi Xiao Yun, who picked up a bowling ball and threw it directly in the air, landing and rolling out in a perfect arc.

After throwing it, Qi Xiaoyun didn't even look at it, full of confidence.


A crisp crash sounded.

In the first round, Qi Xiaoyun hit all of them and got ten points.

In total, there were ten bottles, and knocking one down counted as one point.


"Sarge is awesome!"

"Yeah, Sarge is so handsome!"

Seeing all of Qi Xiaoyun's hits, the surrounding students cheered, each of them praising Qi Xiaoyun.

Within a moment Qi Xiaoyun was immersed in enjoying the pleasure.

It was Chen Hao's turn, Chen Hao got up and picked up a bowling ball, this ball Chen Hao of course will not directly show his true strength, because it has not yet come to that time.

So this ball, Chen Hao would intentionally miss a shot no matter what.

After thinking about it, Chen Hao casually threw it out, and the bowling ball quickly rolled out, right out of the chute, the score nullified, and this round was zero.


This scene caused the surrounding people to laugh, thinking that Chen Hao was too much of a vegetable.

However, Chen Hao didn't pay any attention to those people.

This was Chen Hao doing this on purpose, so give them all the laughing they want.

The more they mocked now, the more painful it would be to hit them in the face later.

"Ew.Brother Chen, it's fine, everyone misses at some point!"

Qi Xiaoyun deliberately held back a smile and looked at Chen Hao to reassure him.

Qi Xiaoyun then picked up the bowling ball as he spoke and began the second round of tosses.

The machine had already placed the bottles once again, and the second round began.

Still the same as before, Qi Xiaoyun resolutely tossed the bowling ball in his hands.

The bowling ball rolled down the chute and quickly rolled towards the bottle.


Successful impact.

But this second round was not as smooth as the first, Qi Xiaoyun just knocked down seven bottles and gained seven points.

In fact, this was Qi Xiaoyun, he deliberately let Chen Hao a bit, otherwise it was too impersonal, no matter what, he was also Zhen Ji's boyfriend, he did not want Zhen Ji to be angry with him then, feeling that he was completely bullying Chen Hao.


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