The unknown Heir 879


The three of them pushed open the door of the banquet hall and walked in.

As Zhen Ji and Gu Ruoting entered, they instantly attracted the attention of everyone inside.

"Great beauty Zhen is here!"

An excited man's voice rang out.

Immediately afterwards, a man in a blue suit hurriedly walked over to the three of Chen Hao.

"Zhen Ji, you've come, you've been waiting for you!"

The man in the blue suit greeted Zhen Ji with a smile, his eyes revealing an intense joy.

This man was Zhen Ji's class president from her college days, named Qi Xiaoyun.

"Oh, class president is very important, a class reunion with one less person won't be unexciting."

Zhen Ji, on the other hand, smiled faintly.

Looking at Qi Xiaoyun in front of her, it made Zhen Ji feel that she was still the same annoying person as before. The first website

The main thing was that Qi Xiaoyun kept calling her herself Zhen Ji, which made Zhen Ji uncomfortable to hear, after all, her relationship with Qi Xiaoyun hadn't been that good, and the two of them weren't particularly familiar with each other.

But with so many people present, Zhen Ji had no way to say anything, they were all classmates, and there was no need to damage their face.

"Eh, Zhen Ji, that's not right, if you don't come, then what's the point of our class reunion."

Qi Xiaoyun hurriedly seized the opportunity to say towards Zhen Ji.

Chen Hao, who was standing to the side, kept staring at Qi Xiao Yun and felt that Qi Xiao Yun was too good at pretending.

In fact, Chen Hao could see what Qi Xiaoyun was thinking, wasn't it just that he wanted to get Zhen Ji.

But unfortunately, Chen Hao would not give him that chance.

"Zhen Ji, this is the class leader you mentioned before, right?"

Only Chen Hao deliberately came up and embraced Zhen Ji, smiling towards Zhen Ji, he just wanted to do it on purpose to show Qi Xiao Yun, to let others know that Zhen Ji was his woman.

Zhen Ji was not surprised to see this action of Chen Hao, instead she felt warm and secure in her heart.

"Mmhmm, that's right, he's my squad leader, Qi Xiaoyun!"

Zhen Ji, who looked like a good and lovely girl, snuggled up to Chen Hao's shoulder and replied.

Seeing this scene, Qi Xiaoyun was suddenly dumbfounded, he had not expected this to happen at all.

"Zhen Ji.This is?"

After a pause, Qi Xiaoyun was a little embarrassed and asked towards Zhen Ji.

Without waiting for Zhen Ji to open her mouth, Chen Hao greeted Qi Xiao Yun with a smile, "Hello class leader, introduce yourself, I'm Zhen Ji's boyfriend, I'm Chen Hao!"

Hearing this, Qi Xiao Yun's heart was suddenly shaken.

He didn't expect Zhen Ji to have a boyfriend, and he didn't even think that she would bring her boyfriend to the class reunion.

Not to mention Qi Xiaoyun, the other students around him were also shocked.

They all knew how crazy Qi Xiaoyun had been to pursue Zhen Ji, but he had always been rejected by her.

But now Zhen Ji even has a boyfriend, can this not make them surprised and unbelievable, wondering what kind of person Chen Hao is to win Zhen Ji's heart.

Qi Xiaoyun was very unhappy in his heart at this time, but he couldn't express it and could only act as if nothing was wrong.

"Hello hello!"

Qi Xiaoyun revealed a smile to greet Chen Hao.

Immediately afterwards, the reunion officially began.

Everyone sat down and sat at the dining table to eat, drink and chat.

Chen Hao sat at the table with Zhen Ji and Gu Ruoting, and of course, Qi Xiaoyun.

"Come, Brother Chen, I'll drink a toast to you!"

It was only then that Qi Xiaoyun took the initiative to stand up and raise his wine glass, smiling as he toasted Chen Hao.

When Chen Hao saw this, he also politely stood up and returned the toast towards Qi Xiaoyun, "Oh, thank you, Squad Leader!"

After saying that, they both drank at the same time.

"Hehe, Brother Chen is a good drinker, it seems like he definitely doesn't drink less on a regular basis!"

Seeing that Chen Hao finished his drink so readily, Qi Xiaoyun opened his mouth to laugh and poke fun at him.

"Where, where, where, I usually don't even drink, just a small drink or two, I'm not really good at drinking!"

Chen Hao very humbly responded towards Qi Xiao Yun.

Chen Hao could tell that this was actually Qi Xiaoyun testing himself, but since people were testing him, Chen Hao of course had to pretend to cooperate with them, he wanted to see what exactly this Qi Xiaoyun wanted to do.

"In that case, then Brother Chen will have to be a bit more today, after all, you are Zhen Ji's boyfriend, it must not be simple to be Zhen Ji's boyfriend, I wonder where Brother Chen is high up right now?"

Just listening to this, Qi Xiaoyun started asking questions towards Chen Hao.

It was clear from this that the comparison was definitely going to start, and it seemed that Qi Xiaoyun wanted to get back a bit of confidence and advantage from other aspects of himself.

But no matter what Qi Xiaoyun did, it wouldn't help, because Chen Hao felt that there was no way for him to be comparable to himself, he was not on the same level at all.

"Hehe, class leader is joking, high wouldn't dare to be, it's just a little business of my own."

Chen Hao very calmly smiled and looked at Qi Xiaoyun in response.

Qi Xiaoyun was delighted after hearing this, thinking what kind of occupation this was, there was no way to compare it to his own.

"Brother Chen is humble, come, Brother Chen, let's have another drink!"

Qi Xiaoyun was again toasting Chen Hao with his wine glass, he was trying to get Chen Ge drunk.

Of course, Chen Hao would not let Qi Xiao Yun have his way, because Chen Hao's drinking capacity was simply beyond what Qi Xiao Yun could imagine.

Soon, the first stage of the class reunion ended.

The party was over, then of course the entertainment was next.

"Dear classmates, I have nearly booked the upstairs entertainment hall, please join me up there for some fun, I will pay for all the spending tonight!"

Just listening to Qi Xiao Yun, he shouted loudly at the surrounding students.

Hearing this, the surrounding students shouted loudly as well, making Qi Xiao Yun feel good that he was the moment of all attention.

The crowd then went upstairs to the entertainment hall.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was sitting on a sofa on the side with Zhen Ji and Gu Ruoting.

"Zhen Ji, this class leader of yours is very generous."

After sitting down, Chen Hao couldn't help but poke fun at Zhen Ji.

In fact, Chen Hao's words were full of sarcasm, but he actually knew that Qi Xiaoyun was trying to show off, to make himself the center of attention, to make everyone think that he was successful.

Zhen Ji didn't speak after hearing this, she wasn't even interested in anything about Qi Xiao Yun.

The only thing that happened was that Qi Xiaoyun walked over to the three Chen Hao

(You get it right? Three Chen hao)

"Brother Chen, so you're here, why are you sitting here?Do you want to go bowling with me?"

Qi Xiaoyun walked up to Chen Hao with a smile on his face and suggested towards Chen Hao.


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