The unknown Heir 878


"The Ghost Pearl?"

After hearing this, Chen Hao developed a fox's face.

He had really never heard of this Ghost Spirit Pearl before, the first time he had heard of it.

"What?Don't you know that?"

Huang Gang was surprised when he saw Chen Hao's confused color and asked.

Chen Hao and Lei Lie shook their heads at the same time.

"The Ghost Spirit Pearl is a treasure of the Ghost Sect, it is said that possessing the Ghost Spirit Pearl can increase one's cultivation several times, so it is something that many soul cultivators want to fight for, and you don't even know about it?"

Huang Gang was really surprised as he stared at Chen Hao narrating, his face full of incredulity.

"Then where can I get this Ghost Spirit Pearl?"

Chen Hao asked directly.

Since this Ghost Spiritual Pearl was so precious, it suddenly made Chen Hao extremely interested, thinking that he could consider getting it.

"It's not that easy, the Ghost Spirit Pearl is in the hands of the Ghost Sect's Ghost King, it's a treasure in the Ghost King's palm, it's not a simple thing to get the Ghost Spirit Pearl, there have been many soul cultivators who have died at the hands of the Ghost King!"

Subsequently, Huang Gang is again towards Chen Hao revealed the color of doubt narrated some.

It could be heard from Huang Gang's words that this Ghost Spirit Pearl was definitely not an object, and there was also that said Ghost King, the Ghost King was the lord of the Ghost Sect, not something that an ordinary person could defeat.

"Where is the Ghost King?"

Chen Hao continued to ask curiously.

"The Ghost King is in that deepest ghost cave, it's its territory, and there are many ghost soldiers and ghost generals guarding it, so it's impossible to enter easily, and even if you go in you'll be hard pressed to get the Ghost Spirit Pearl."

Huang Gang immediately replied out, telling Chen Hao the exact location of the Ghost King.

"How long is the Ghost Sect open for in total?"

After a pause, Chen Hao asked towards Huang Gang.

To be honest, this was also Chen Hao's first time coming to the Ghost Sect.

Although he had heard from Fan Lao once, this time was considered to be the time he actually came to experience it in person, and it really made him feel different.

"One month, but it's all closed during the day and opened at night!"

After hearing this, Huang Gang immediately replied towards Chen Hao.

After hearing this, Chen Hao nodded his head with a meaningful expression as well.

Since the Ghost Sect continued to be open for a month, this meant that he had enough time to discuss plans on how he should go about getting the Ghost Spirit Pearl.

If Chen Hao didn't know about the Ghost Spirit Pearl, then he wouldn't have bothered.

Now that he knew, Chen Hao wouldn't let go of such a good opportunity.

"Okay, Boss Huang Gang, I need your help, I'm going to get the Ghost Spirit Pearl!"

Chen Hao then looked at Huang Gang righteously and suggested.

After hearing this, Huang Gang was abruptly shocked, he didn't expect Chen Hao to actually want to have thoughts about the Ghost Spirit Pearl.

"Chen Hao, it wasn't me who said ah, this Ghost Spirit Pearl really isn't that easy to get!"

Huang Gang was a little worried and reminded towards Chen Hao.

"Well, I know, that's exactly why I'm interested, the harder it is to get something the more I want to try it Chen Hao, maybe I'll succeed!"

Chen Hao looked at Huang Gang with a determined face as he narrated.

After hearing this, Huang Gang had no choice but to agree.

Alright, tell me, what do you need me to help you with?"

Huanggang asked directly.

"I haven't come up with a plan yet, I'll tell you what to do when I have one ready!"

Chen Hao didn't reply to Huang Gang, but instead reminded him towards Huang Gang.

"Okay, no problem, if you have a plan ready, just tell me, I'll do my best to help you!"

Huang Gang was very quick to agree to it without any comments.

At this moment, Huang Gang had completely considered Chen Hao and the two of them as friends.

Since they were friends, they naturally had to help each other out.

"By the way, I have a good thing here that I can give to your apprentice!"

Just then, Huang Gangton remembered something and quickly stood up and said, before heading inside the house.

After a while, Huang Gang came out with a hangtag and handed it directly to Lei Li.

"What's this?"

Lei Li received the listing and asked with a moment of confusion.

"This ah."

"The Ghost King token right?"

Without waiting for Huang Gang to explain, Chen Hao directly spoke the name of this hangtag in Lei Lie's hand.

"That's right, the Ghost King token, it's exactly what's on a ghost, so that your disciple can freely enter and leave the Ghost Sect, even if the effects of his medicine have arrived!"

Huang Gang looked at Lei Lie and explained to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao and Lei Lie were happy to hear it, never would they have expected that Huang Gang still had something like this.

"Thank you, Boss Huang Gang!"

Lei Li hurriedly thanked Huang Gang.

"Alright, it should be dawn soon, the Spiritual Gate is closing, so I'll have to pack up and leave here!"

Right after that, Huang Gang looked at the time and noticed that it was almost early morning, so he quickly reminded Chen Hao and Lei Lie.

"Well, good, Boss Huang Gang, we'll be leaving first then!"

Chen Hao also stood up and said towards Huang Gang.

After saying goodbye, Chen Hao left with Lei Lie.

The two of them left the Ghost Sect directly and immediately.

When they left the gate of the Ghost Sect, the sky outside was already white with fish bellies, indicating that it would soon be dawn and the gate of the Ghost Sect would be closed.


"The fresh air is so nice and comfortable!"

As soon as they came out, Lei Lie looked up at the sky and exclaimed aloud.

And then I saw that the waterfall behind the two of them had also recovered, with countless splashes of water, representing the official closing of the Ghost Sect's gates.

"Chen Hao, I'm having a class reunion tonight, why don't you come with me?"

At that moment, only Zhen Ji suggested towards Chen Hao.

"What time?"

"Seven o'clock!"

"Okay, no problem!"

Chen Hao agreed to go after a brief conversation with Zhen Ji.

Since it was Zhen Ji's class reunion, then of course Chen Hao had to accompany her there together.

Hearing Chen Hao's promise, Zhen Ji also revealed a delighted smile.


Chen Hao drove with Zhen Ji to attend her class reunion.

Tianhe City, Dynasty Hotel.

"Zhen Ji, it seems that all your classmates are still very rich."

Chen Hao smiled at Zhen Ji and joked.

Zhen Ji also responded with a faint smile, "It's been a long time since I've met with them, and this time it was them who sent me the invitation, so I only knew about this reunion thing!"

After saying that, Chen Hao parked the car and then walked into the hotel with Zhen Ji.

"Zhen Ji!"

Just at this time, a call came from behind the two of them.

Chen Hao and Zhen Ji immediately turned around to see that it was a woman in a long purple dress, walking towards the two of them with a smile on her face!


Jenji burst out in shock.

After a brief exchange of pleasantries, the three of them immediately headed upstairs.

The reunion was in a huge banquet hall.

"I heard that this reunion was booked by the class president alone, oh, it seems like a lot of money was spent eh!"

Zhen Ji and Gu Ruoting were talking as they walked.


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