The unknown Heir 876-877


"Lei Lie, what exactly is this Ghost Sect?"

Chen Hao asked curiously.

Lei Lie then described it in detail to Chen Hao.

It was only after hearing it that Chen Hao and the others suddenly realized that the Ghost Sect was the place where the so-called ghosts existed, and that dark shadow from earlier should be the Ghost Sect's person.

"Then how do we get to the Ghost Sect?"

After a pause, Chen Hao ventured to ask.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Lei Lieton stared at Chen Hao in great surprise.

The Ghost Sect wasn't something that ordinary people could go to, it was the Ghost Realm Realm, a place where lonely ghosts existed and everything was ruled by the Ghost King.

"Brother Chen, this Ghost Sect is not a good place to go, it's better not to go there!"

Lei Lie gave an emphatic reminder towards Chen Hao.

"Lei Lie, don't worry, since this matter is related to the Ghost Sect, I think we should go there and investigate it properly!"Chen Hao, on the other hand, patted Lei Lie's shoulder and reminded him.

Why did the Ghost Sect come to Blood Dragon City and still want to seize this Ancient Ten Sacred Swords, a mystery that Chen Hao was puzzled by and must be solved.

"Alright, since you insist on going, then I'll accompany you!"

Lei Lie knew that he could not persuade Chen Hao and could only choose to accompany Chen Hao.

Lei Lie then told Chen Hao the time and location of the Ghost Sect's opening.

Two days later, it was midnight.

This was the day that the Ghost Sect's gates were opened.

On this day, all ghost spirits would head here and enter the Ghost Sect.

Chen Hao and Lei Lie arrived at the gate of the Ghost Sect, and as for the three of them, Zhen Ji, Chen Hao did not let them follow along so as not to attract too much attention.

There were many ghosts outside the gate.

This was the first time Chen Hao had seen so many ghosts, and it was simply too incredible for him.

"Lei Lie, these ghosts won't hurt anyone, right?"

Chen Hao leaned close to Lei Lie's ear and whispered towards Lei Lie.

Lei Lie shook his head slightly and replied, "Don't worry, it won't, it's Peace Day, no matter what ghosts are, they can't harm other ghosts."

Hearing Lei Lie's words, Chen Hao was instantly relieved.

However, the two of them only had twelve hours to be precise, Chen Hao only had twelve hours to be precise.

Once the time was up, he would have to leave the Ghost Sect immediately, or else he would never get out and would become a ghost and remain in the Ghost Sect.

Soon, the hour had arrived and the gates of the spirit world were officially opened, and all the ghosts swarmed in.

Lei Lie brought Chen Hao instead to enter the Spiritual Realm Gate.

After entering, what caught their eyes was a huge ghost town with many ghosts setting up stalls, just like the kind of shopping in the olden days.

This was one of the most enjoyable days for ghosts to come to this ghost town to play and buy some of their own things, but they weren't trading ordinary coins, but coins that the ghost town specifically used, and they needed to go and exchange them to do so.

"Lei Lie, is everything around these edible?Look how hungry I am!"

As he walked along the road, Chen Hao saw some food all the way around him, and seeing how hungry he was, he immediately asked towards Lei Lie.

"Oh, you can eat it, but you'll lose a lot of yang energy after you eat it, because these foods are from the netherworld and not for humans to eat."

With a faint smile, Lei Lie immediately narrated towards Chen Hao.

Hearing this, Chen Hao became discouraged and didn't dare to have any more thoughts, he didn't want to lose his yang energy.

"Let's go, let's take you somewhere!"

Lei Lie then said towards Chen Hao before walking quickly towards a house not too far away with Chen Hao.

After walking in, it turned out to be a huge casino.

This casino was a casino on the Ghost Sect, not the same as the real one.

"Lei Lie, why do I feel like the ghosts around me can't see me?"

At that moment, Chen Hao seemed to have discovered something and immediately asked towards Lei Lie.

He felt as if he was completely ignored, the ghosts around him didn't notice him at all, and what was even stranger was that some of them even went right through his body.

"Because you're not a real ghost, they can't detect you, and the fact that no one is allowed in here."

Lei Lie immediately explained towards Chen Hao.

After hearing that, Chen Hao was delighted, wouldn't that mean that he was invisible.

"Chen Hao, it's up to you next, you use your undetectable ability to cooperate with me in a bet here, we'll win some coins so we can buy some things."

Lei Lie looked at Chen Hao and suggested.

"Okay, Lei Lie, no problem, just watch me!"

After hearing this, Chen Hao agreed without a single comment, it was a good feeling, he finally had a use for himself.

Then, Lei Lie let Chen Hao go to one of the innermost seats, where he could peek at everything very well.

Lei Lie, on the other hand, went to the table and sat down, and as he had just squeezed between these ghosts, Lei Lie used his hand speed to steal a coin from one of the ghosts and used it as his own capital.

Then, the ghost standing in the middle of the table was the only one who began to shake the dice in his hand.

After shaking it for a while, the ghost covered the dice, and that was when Lei Lie looked towards Chen Hao who was located at the back.

After a quick peek, Chen Hao gave Lei Lie a sign.

"Bet small!"

Lei Lie shouted immediately after seeing Chen Hao's hand gesture.

After shouting, Lei Lie pressed all the coins in his hand into the small position.

After betting, the ghost in the middle opened the dice of his men.

When they opened it, the number of points inside was indeed small.

This caused the surrounding ghosts to cry out, they all didn't expect Lei Lie to be so powerful that he had earned over in one go.

But Lei Lie didn't just end and stop.

Since they had all come here, then of course they had to make a ruthless profit.

Soon, the second round began.

As before, the ghost in the middle began to shake the dice in his hand.

After shaking it for a while, it was covered once again.

At this time, Chen Hao, who had been at the back, reported the number of points he saw to Lei Lie through hand gestures.

After Lei Lie saw it, he immediately bet all the coins in his hand again.

"Still bet small!"

Rayleigh shouted out, betting the coin on the small

The ghost in the middle then opens the dice again.

At a glance, it was true that the points were still small.

Once again, Lei Li had won, but this time the amount won was even more than the last one.

"Alright, alright, I've had enough, I'll stop playing!"

As the saying goes, stop in moderation, and Lei Lie would not continue.

You know that in reality there are rules in the casino, and no one can leave if they win money, but of course this place is no exception.



Before Lei Lie could take a step, a few ghosts stopped Lei Lie.

The ghost in the middle also stepped out and walked right up to Lei Lie, staring at him and saying, "It's not that easy to walk away after winning."

"What?You can't afford to play?Or can't afford to lose?"

Lei Lie stared at these ghosts and asked coldly, not expecting these ghosts to be exactly the same as the people outside the real world, unable to play and start shaking a rogue, to be a ghost would still be a rogue ghost, really let Lei Lie be convinced.

"Heh, you can either continue to play here until you lose all these coins for it, or you can hand over these coins and leave, two paths, as you choose!"

The ghost in the middle also sneered and stared at Lei Li in warning.

It seemed that this ghost wasn't going to let him leave at all.

If that was the case, then Lei Lie wouldn't let them get away with it.

"Is it?What if I don't choose either?"

Lei Li looked at them again and asked.

"Then don't blame us for being rude!"

The ghost in the middle gave a cold snort and then waved his hand at the surrounding ghosts.

After that, the surrounding ghosts rushed towards Chen Hao and the two of them.

These ghosts were starting to make a move, so of course Chen Hao would not bypass them.

Chen Hao instantly drew out his Fish Intestine Sword and slashed out.


In one fell swoop, the Fish Intestine Sword directly wiped out a few ghosts.

Seeing this scene, the ghost in the middle was surprised, it didn't expect Chen Hao to be so powerful and possess such a powerful weapon.

"You.You're not a ghost, you're a human!!!"

This ghost in the middle snapped out of it.

"Oh, just so you know, how's that?Are you still going to stop me?"

Chen Hao revealed a wry smile as he looked at the middle ghost and asked.

Now that middle ghost wouldn't dare to be arrogant, it even lowered its head towards Chen Hao and responded, "Don't dare, don't dare, you please you please!"

Only when he heard this did Chen Hao smile in satisfaction before he left the casino with Lei Lie.

After leaving the casino, Chen Hao and Lei Lie found a place to sit down.

"Wow, so much money!"

Chen Hao's eyes lit up as he looked at the large bag of coins that Lei Lie was holding in his arms.

"Oh, this isn't real money, but it's money from this Ghost Sect."

Lei Lie smiled lightly towards Chen Hao and explained.

The Ghost Sect's money could only be used in the Ghost Sect, so there was no way to go to the real world to use it, and even if there was more, it would be useless.

"Lei Lie, I'm so hungry, what should I do?"

That's when Chen Hao said towards Lei Lie, whose stomach was already starting to rumble.

"Alright, I'll look and see if there's a place where you can get something to eat, you'll have to find a place to spend even this much coin!"

After hearing this, Lei Lie also immediately proposed towards Chen Hao.

After saying that, Lei Lie brought Chen Hao with him and immediately searched throughout the Ghost Sect.

Soon, Lei Lie arrived at a very large restaurant, which looked similar to the one in reality.

Lei Lie walked in with Chen Hao.


Lei Lie shouted loudly as he entered.

Only a man in white clothes came out from inside and greeted Lei Lie and the two of them with a smile.

"Oh, what do you two want to eat?"

The boss looked at Lei Lie and the two men and asked.

Hearing this, Lei Lie and the two were shocked, they did not expect the boss to be able to see Chen Hao.

"You Can see me?"

Chen Hao was a little surprised as he looked at the boss and asked.

"Of course!"

The boss smiled and responded towards Chen Hao.

Upon hearing this, Chen Hao immediately looked towards Lei Lie, feeling a little worried.

"Lei Lie, it can't be that the effects of my medicine have passed, right?"

Chen Hao was surprised and asked towards Lei Lie, then he quickly took out his phone to check it.

At a glance, it hadn't been twelve hours yet, it was only too two hours.

But why could this boss see himself?This filled Chen Hao with amazement and puzzlement.

"Boss, why were you able to see him?"

Lei Lie was also curious and asked towards the boss.

"Oh, because I'm the same person as you guys!"

The boss smiled faintly and explained.

It was only after Lei Lie and Chen Hao heard this that they suddenly understood.

"You're also a combination of human and ghost?"

Lei Li asked suspiciously.

The owner nodded and replied, "That's right, exactly, introduce yourself, my name is Huang Gang, I'm the owner of this restaurant, I specialize in receiving people from the real world here."

"Hello Boss Huang Gang, I'm Lei Lie, he's my friend Chen Hao, the two of us are a bit hungry so we wanted to come here to get some food, since we're not a combination of human and ghost, we can't eat food from the Ghost Sect!"

Lei Lie then introduced himself to Huang Gang and then told Huang Gang a bit about the reason for coming here.

"Of course it's no problem, don't worry, I can give people food here!"

Huang Gang immediately agreed.

After saying so, he led Lei Lie and Chen Hao to a table inside and sat down.

"Boss Huang Gang, does this place get a lot of people from outside reality?"

After sitting down, Lei Li asked towards Huang Gang.

"No, most of the people who come to me are mostly ghosts, very few people from reality come here, besides, I only come here to operate when the door to the spirit world is open, and you guys are the first people from reality that I've met this time."

Huang Gang immediately explained towards Lei Lie and the two.

"Right, by the looks of you, you shouldn't be an ordinary person, you're a realist, right?"

Huang Gang then looked at Lei Lie again and asked.

Lei Lie was stunned, he did not expect to be seen by Huang Gang.

"How did you see that?"

Lei Lie was surprised and asked.

"Oh, the people who come to me are all cultivators, there won't be anyone else!"

Huang Gang explained with another light laugh.

"Then wouldn't you also be a cultivator!"

Lei Lie stared at Huang Gang's sermon, since Huang Gang was also a combination of human and ghost, he must be a cultivator as well.

"Oh, not really a cultivator, it's just that I became like this because of an accident."

Huang Gang explained with a helpless grin.

There really weren't many people who could become a combination of human and ghost, some by accident, but others by research.

But Lei Lie and Zhen Ji were the ones who turned into a human-ghost combination through accidents.

Soon, Huang Gang served a lot of food in front of Lei Lie, all of which were some real-life food.

Seeing this food, both of their eyes lit up.

"Come, hurry up and eat something, there's not enough left!"

Huang Gang then said towards Chen Hao and the two of them.

After saying that, Chen Hao and Lei Lie both immediately began to gobble up a meal.

"Right, you guys should have come here for the Ghost Spirit Pearl, right?"


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