The unknown Heir 874-875


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That night, the entire Blood Dragon City was struck by a tremendous turn of events.

Blood Dragon City's Hong Lie Hall was wiped out overnight, and Hong Lie Hall's master, Lie Hu, even died a miserable death, being cut into pieces.

In an instant, Blood Dragon City was on tenterhooks, and all the great families were in fear.

On this day, Chen Hao and the others were resting in the Zhen Residence.

Suddenly, a black shadow leapt down from the sky, followed by a few black-clothed men, and directly entered the Zhen residence.

Chen Hao's & his companions were immediately alert, and they showed their weapons to stare at the shadow in front of them.

"Chen Hao, these people are not good, they are very powerful, not easy to deal with!"

Zhen Ji stuck close to Chen Hao's side and muttered softly towards Chen Hao.

The shadow in front of him was emitting a powerful killing aura, and his strength was at least above the third stage of the True God Realm.

Chen Hao also nodded his head unquestionably, which he was certainly aware of.

"Who are you? Why did you come to us?"

After a pause, Chen Hao took the initiative to question the black shadow.

Thinking that he hadn't even interacted with this shadow, why did the other party come to trouble them?


"Hand over the Fish Intestine Sword and I can let you off the hook!"

Just listen to the shadow squeeze out a sentence from his own mouth after smiling coldly.


Chen Hao instantly turned pale.

It was unthinkable that the shadow had come for his Fish Intestine Sword, and how did he know that he had obtained it?

"What fish gut sword? I can't understand what you're saying!"

Chen Hao did not acknowledge it, but deliberately pretended to be ignorant and replied.

"Cut the crap, don't play dumb with me, Hong Weng that old immortal is the one who let the Fish Intestine Sword be obtained by you, now you better hand over the Fish Intestine Sword, otherwise I will send you to meet with that old immortal!"

The dark shadow would not believe Chen Hao's ghostly words and issued a threat in a gloomy tone.

Hearing this, Chen Hao knew that it seemed like something must have happened to Hong Weng.

"What did you do to Senior Hong Weng?"

Chen Hao frowned tightly and looked dark and slightly angry as he stared intently at the shadow and asked.


The dark shadow burst out laughing.

"Chen Hao, you really are too naive to call that old immortal a senior? You're just being used by Hong Weng, who deliberately gave you the Fish Intestine Sword in order to help me obtain the Sword of Mighty Dao-Tea, and then let me come and exterminate the Blood Dragon City's Hong Lie Hall, and finally make him the ruler of the entire Blood Dragon City, and you will also end up dying in my hands!"

The dark shadow recounted everything that had happened and the reason for it.

Chen Hao was shocked to hear it, he couldn't believe that Hong Weng could be someone who would be like this.

"What do you mean? What do you mean you can't get the Sword of Weido until I get the Fish Gut Sword? Is there any cause and effect to this?" Chen Hao was somewhat confused and continued to ask.

"What you don't know yet, you have to get the Fish Intestine Sword if you want to get the Sword of the Way, and only after the Fish Intestine Sword is taken away will the Sword Locking Stone of the Way be opened, so I can get the Sword of the Way!"

The dark shadow patiently conducted an explanation towards Chen Hao.

Now Chen Hao understood all of it, and it seemed that he himself had really been used.

After saying that, the shadow just showed the Sword of Wei Dao that he had obtained and held it tightly in his hand, the Sword of Wei Dao emitted a powerful crimson flame, and its sword aura was overpowering.

"Hand over the Fish Intestine Sword and I'll spare your lives, or I'll let you feel the Sword of Mighty Dao's sword Qi!"

The shadow continued to warn Chen Hao word for word, forcing Chen Hao to surrender the Fish Intestine Sword.

But Chen Hao would not compromise so easily.

The Fish Intestine Sword was one of the Ten Great Sacred Swords of the Ancient World, and he could not easily obtain one, so how could he hand it over so easily.

Moreover, Chen Hao felt that the shadow might not be able to defeat him, and if he could defeat the shadow, he would be able to obtain the Sword of Mighty Dao, so a thought surfaced in Chen Hao's mind.

"Miss Zhen, Zhen Ji, you all retreat first, I'll deal with him!"

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Hao immediately instructed the four of them towards Zhen Ji and Zhen Ji.

The shadow in front of him was something only Chen Hao could fight against, and Zhen Ji and the others were no match for him at all, staying would only result in being killed.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Zhen Ji and the four of them did not have any objections, they knew that they could not be a burden to Chen Hao, so they immediately looked at each other and quickly retreated to leave.

"How about this, just the two of us come to a life and death battle, if I lose, you take both my life and the Fish Intestine Sword, but you have to let my friends go, how about it?"

After seeing Zhen Ji and the four of them leave, Chen Hao looked at the black shadow again and proposed.

Without even thinking about it, the dark shadow directly agreed, "Yes, you can, but there is no chance that you can beat me, because I have the Sword of Mighty Dao in my hand!"

The Shadow was incomparably confident, feeling that Chen Hao would definitely not be a match for him, and having the Sword of the Way was like having the ability to rule the entire world.

Often being overconfident was arrogance.

Chen Hao and Black Shadow were both equally strong at the third stage of the True God Realm, so it was really not certain who would win or lose.

Subsequently, both of them had shown their swords and stared at each other motionlessly, both waiting for the other to make a move.


At that moment, only the shadow shouted and directly cut out a sword qi filled with firelight.

The sword qi struck towards Chen Hao menacingly.

Of course, Chen Hao did not have any fear, and at the same time, he waved the Fish Intestine Sword in his hand, cutting out a sword qi filled with sparkling water.

Water and fire were incompatible, and they were mutually exclusive.

I'm sure the dark shadow had forgotten this.

One must know that the sword of Weidao could only be opened after the Fish Intestine Sword was taken away, which meant that the Fish Intestine Sword was compatible with the sword of Weidao.

In the same way, water governs fire.

Only the Water Wave Sword Qi that Chen Hao had cut out was instantly dispersed by the Fire Light Sword Qi that the black shadow had cut out.

The dark shadow was dumbfounded, not expecting this to be the case.

Chen Hao took the opportunity to quickly take advantage of the situation and threw out a depicted talisman from his storage ring.

The talisman burned into ashes in the air, and a few thorny veins of vines instantly wrapped the shadow in a death grip.

"Star Abyss Power!"

In the next second, Chen Hao lit out his Star Abyss Sword, pointing it at the sky and shouting furiously.

A violet vortex of lightning flashed in the sky, and a beam of lightning flew down from the vortex, pouring into the Star Abyss Sword in Chen Hao's hand.

Chen Hao slashed out with his sword, and in an instant, white light appeared, and the sword's Qi proudly ran through the black shadow's body.


A loud scream from the black shadow was met with ashes and smoke from the flood of white light, and he was directly killed by Chen Hao.

To his death, the black shadow had never dreamed how easily he would be killed.


Once the black shadow died, the surrounding black-clothed people also fled quickly.

With their own bosses dead, there was no point for them to remain.

Only after the black-clothed people had all left did Chen Hao walk forward and pick up a black gold token on the ground.

Two large characters were engraved on the black-gold token: "Ghost Sect".

When he saw these two words, it made Chen Hao's brows furrow, wondering what kind of power this "Ghost Sect" was.

However, Chen Hao could guess that this "Ghost Sect" must be a mysterious organization.

"Chen Hao!"

At that moment, only the four of them and Zhen Ji rushed in from outside.

Zhen Ji ran directly to Chen Hao and asked with concern, "Chen Hao, are you alright? Any injuries?"

Chen Hao smiled indifferently and replied, "Don't worry, I'm fine!"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Zhen Ji and the others were relieved, as long as Chen Hao was fine.  

Chen Hao then took the Sword of Mighty Dao, which was erected in midair, in his hand.

The moment he touched the Sword of Mighty Dao, instantly, Chen Hao felt a scorching power surge from the hilt into his palm and then down his palm into his dantian.

In an instant, Chen Hao felt a fiery sensation emanating from his dantian.

The fiery sensation was accompanied by a tingling pain that continuously struck Chen Hao's dantian, and it was from the power in the Sword of Mighty Dao that this power came from.

"Chen Hao, what's wrong with you?"

When Zhen Ji saw this, she immediately questioned towards Chen Hao.

"You guys stay away from me!"

Chen Hao shouted out a warning, then one person walked to the side and sat down.

Zhen Ji and the others didn't dare to step forward, and could only stand quietly and stare at Chen Hao closely, hoping that nothing would happen to Chen Hao.

At this moment, Chen Hao sat down and took out the Celestial Spiritual Fruit and swallowed it into his stomach.

As the Celestial Spiritual Fruit was consumed, the scorching heat in Chen Hao's body did not diminish, but instead became even more intense.


Chen Hao tilted his head back to tear his voice apart and shout.

A bead of sweat the size of a pea was already running down his forehead, enough to see how powerful it was, causing Chen Hao to feel incomparably painful.

In the next second, Chen Hao's entire body collapsed and fainted from the pain.

"Chen Hao!"

When Zhen Ji saw this, she lost her voice and ran up to check on her.

Zhen Ji also hurriedly had Chen Hao carried into the room to lie down and rest.

At this time, the Sword of Wei Dao and the Fish Intestine Sword had disappeared, turning into a halo and entering Chen Hao's body.

It was only after about a day that Chen Hao gradually awoke.

Chen Hao slowly opened his eyes and looked at everything in front of him in confusion, only to see Zhen Ji lying on the edge of the bed sleeping in a very adorable manner.

All of a sudden, Zhen Ji woke up, fiercely raising her pretty head and staring her beautiful eyes at Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, you're awake!"

Seeing Chen Hao wake up, Zhen Ji greeted with a happy face.

Yesterday, when Chen Hao suddenly fainted after shouting, it scared the few of them and they thought that something had happened to Chen Hao.

But now seeing that Chen Hao was fine, it made the stone hanging in Zhen Ji's heart settle down.


Chen Hao nodded his head slightly and responded softly.

Chen Hao still felt very weak, as if he didn't have any strength at all.

But there was one thing that made Chen Hao feel very pleasantly surprised, as his own strength realm had once again been upgraded to break through, entering the fourth stage of the True God Realm.

But just why was his body still so weak even though he had already broken through? This was a question that puzzled Chen Hao.

As he fell into thought, Chen Hao thought of something, could it be the reason for the Sword of Wei Dao!

Before fainting, Chen Hao not only felt the scorching power of the Sword of Mighty Dao pouring into his body, he also felt as if his body's power was being continuously absorbed again.

It seemed that this Sword of Mighty Dao was indeed special, more powerful than the Fish Intestine Sword.

But why was that shadow possessing the Sword of Mighty Dao but not Chen Hao's opponent?

The reason was that Shadow was not a predestined person, so he couldn't inherit the most powerful power of the Sword of the Way of Might, that's why he couldn't compete with the Fish Intestine Sword in Chen Hao.

Chen Hao was different, he was a predestined person and had received the approval of the Sword of Mighty Dao, so he could possess the mighty power of the sword.

After thinking about it, Chen Hao felt that this must be the case.

Chen Hao then stretched out his hand and took a Celestial Spiritual Fruit from his storage ring to consume it.

The Heavenly Spirit Fruit could not only help him break through, it could also repair and restore his own strength and injuries, so it could be said to be a special effect medicine.

It was only after taking the Celestial Spiritual Fruit that Chen Hao felt his strength return and his body stabilized, this Celestial Spiritual Fruit really was a good thing.

After recovering, Chen Hao got out of bed and left the house with Zhen Ji along with him.

Only to see Lei Lie and the three of them sitting outside in the courtyard chatting.

"Brother Chen, you're awake!"

Seeing Chen Hao wake up, Lei Lie immediately exclaimed and hurried to Chen Hao's face to take stock.

"Brother Chen, how are you feeling? You okay? You don't know what a shock you gave us yesterday!" Gao Zicheng was also a little post-scared as he asked towards Chen Hao with concern.

Chen Hao would smile and shook his head and replied, "I'm fine, yesterday the power of the Sword of Mighty Dao was too strong, so it dashed me over, but I'm much better now!"

"Brother Chen, I can feel that the power in your body is much thicker, so it should be another breakthrough, right?"

Lei Lie was very perceptive and looked to Chen Hao and asked.

"That's right, it's true that I have broken through again, I'm now at the fourth stage of the True God Realm, which surprised me as well!" Chen Hao did not deny the answer.

Having broken through two stages of strength in three or four days in a row, it could be said that Chen Hao was simply too powerful, and was truly envied.

"Brother Chen, you're really too powerful, the fourth stage of the True God Realm, you've broken through continuously, you're simply a god!"

Gao Zicheng smiled and praised towards Chen Hao.

One had to know that some people could not break through a stage in their cultivation for decades or even a hundred years, but now Chen Hao had broken through so easily, if those people knew about it, they would not be able to vomit blood.

"Hehe, okay, I'm just lucky!"

Chen Hao, on the other hand, spoke with a very modest and light smile.

"By the way, brother Chen, this black gold token fell from your hand yesterday, where did you get it?"

Lei Lie then handed the black gold token he held in his hand to Chen Hao with a curious and puzzled question.

"This was dropped after that shadow's death, what? You know this token?" Chen Hao replied with a simple explanation and asked Lei Lie in turn.

Lei Lie could not help but nod his head and spoke out.

"This is an exclusive item of the Ghost Sect!"

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