The unknown Heir 871-873


Great, about a moment later.

Only Chen Hao's palm had been tightly wrapped in the water current, and the appearance of his palm lines could be clearly seen underneath vaguely.


In the next moment, the stone wall behind Chen Hao and Hong Weng burst open.

The fish intestine sword in the stone wall immediately flew out, and the surrounding water flow was instantly dispersed and disappeared.

"Chen Hao, go get the Fish Intestine Sword!"

When Hong Weng saw this, he immediately gave a reminder towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao looked at Hong Weng for a moment before he hurriedly stepped forward, stretched out his hand, and firmly gripped the Fish Intestine Sword in front of him with one hand.

The moment the Fish Intestine Sword was gripped by Chen Hao, a power instantly surged out of the sword, surging from the hilt into Chen Hao's palm, and then from the palm of his hand into Chen Hao's body.

Within a short period of time, Chen Hao felt a sense of uneasiness coming from the location of his dantian.

This feeling was incomparably familiar to Chen Hao.

What was it?

It was precisely the rhythm of the energy that was about to break through one's dantian.

It was about to break through again, making Chen Hao's heart astonished with joy, it seemed that the energy contained in the Fish Intestine Sword was indeed powerful, just like the same situation when he first obtained the Star Profound Sword.

Chen Hao hurriedly sat down, took out the Celestial Spiritual Fruit from his storage ring, and took a quick swallow.

Along with the effects of swallowing the Heavenly Spirit Fruit, Chen Hao smoothly broke through into the second stage of the True God Realm cultivating soul strength.

In just half a month's time, Chen Hao had raised his realm one after another, and only Chen Hao could do it so quickly.

"Chen Hao, how are you feeling?"

After Chen Hao had eased up, Hong Weng was concerned and asked towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao smiled indifferently and responded, "Oh, Senior Hong Weng, I'm fine, I just broke through, the energy contained in this Fish Intestine Sword is truly powerful and has raised my own realm by another level!"

As he said these words, Chen Hao's tone revealed surprise.

Honestly, Chen Hao knew that he had to thank Hong Weng properly.

If Hong Weng hadn't brought him to this place, how could he have obtained the Fish Intestine Sword and raised his realm up, all thanks to Hong Weng.

"Senior Hong Weng, thank you very much for bringing me here and for allowing me to obtain this Fish Intestine Sword, but why is this sword called the Fish Intestine Sword?"

Chen Hao first thanked Hong Weng and then asked him with suspicious curiosity.

Hong Weng would smile and open his mouth to explain, "Hehe, this Fish Intestine Sword is actually really called the Sword of Courage - Fish Intestine, it is one of the Ten Great Sacred Swords of the ancient past, the energy you just got in your body is the power of Courage in the Fish Intestine Sword, it will bring you extreme strength to yourself, only if you have exceptional courage can you get the recognition of the Fish Intestine Sword. "

After listening to Lai Hong Weng's explanation, Chen Hao suddenly came to an understanding.

To speak of courage, Chen Hao was indeed very powerful, otherwise he wouldn't dare to take on the task of saving the world by himself.

That was why Chen Hao was able to gain the recognition of the Fish Intestine Sword and obtain the power of courage in the sword.

"But Senior Hong Weng, what are the names of the other nine of the Ancient Ten Sacred Swords and where are they? What happens when you get ten holy swords?"

Immediately afterwards, Chen Hao asked towards Hong Weng with great curiosity about the Ten Ancient Sacred Swords.

Now that he had obtained one, then of course Chen Hao wanted to get the remaining nine holy swords as well.

"The Ten Ancient Sacred Swords are: the first Sacred Dao Sword - Xuanyuan, the second Benevolent Dao Sword - Zhanlu, the third Empyrean Dao Sword - Red Sky, the fourth Awesome Dao Sword - Tai'a, the fifth Noble Dao Sword - Seven Star Dragon Profound, the sixth and seventh respectively are the Swords of Passion - Gan and Mo Wu, the eighth Brave and Extinct Sword - Fish Intestine, the ninth Peerless Sword - Pure Jun, the tenth Elegant Sword - Bearing Shadow."

"Each holy sword carries a power of its own, and anyone who can gather ten holy swords will be able to possess strength beyond the ten thousand realms, and will then be the most powerful existence in the world!" Hong Weng earnestly and patiently narrated a detailed description towards Chen Hao.

This made Chen Hao listen with such surging emotions and boiling blood that he felt that he must gather the Ten Ancient Sacred Swords in order for him to have a chance to gain strength beyond the Ten Thousand Realms so that he could fight the Ancient Demon God.

"Senior Hong Weng, do you know the location of the other nine holy swords?"

Chen Hao was again asking towards Hong Weng.

Hong Weng shook his head slightly and replied, "I don't know, if you want to get the Ancient Ten Sacred Swords you'll have to find them yourself, but I know of two, one is the Sword of Valor-Fish Intestine in your hand, and the other is the Sword of Wei Dao-Tea is located."

"Sword of Wei Dao-Tea! Located where. Please also bring me forward senior!"

When Chen Hao heard this, he was delighted, he never expected Hong Weng to know where the two holy swords were located, so that he could sit on both of them.

"Don't worry, you are destined to be with me, besides, you did receive the recognition of the holy swords, you are the one who is destined to receive them!"

Hong Weng, on the other hand, responded with a smile towards Chen Hao.

"Senior Hong Weng, thank you for bringing me here, I was able to get this sword all because of your help, your kindness I, Chen Hao, will definitely repay you."

Chen Hao then looked at Hong Weng with a thankful face and said.

"Hehe, thanks are not necessary, after all, you are the one who is destined to get this sword, and I am just a leader, I only hope that you can make good use of this sword." Hong Weng also said with a very indifferent expression as he waved his hand towards Chen Hao.

Hong Weng didn't want to know how Chen Hao would repay himself.

In fact, to be frank, if it wasn't for the fact that Chen Hao was the one who was destined for this sword, I'm afraid that he himself would have taken the sword first, would he have waited for Chen Hao to arrive.

But some things were just predestined by fate, so Hong Weng had no way to make changes.

Chen Hao then left the Water Curtain Cave with Hong Weng and went back outside.

Only to see that the sky outside had begun to turn somewhat white, and it would soon be time for dawn.

Chen Hao was also surprised after taking a look, it was unexpected that they had already been inside for so long, and all of a sudden it was already going to be dawn's rhythm, I have to say that time flies really fast.

"Swish la la!"

Just at this moment, a vague sound of movement sounded in the surrounding woods.

After hearing this sound, suddenly Chen Hao and Hong Weng were both alert and looked around.

Chen Hao even held his Fish Intestine Sword tightly in his hand, ready to strike at any moment.

"Is it Chen Hao?"

At that moment, a familiar woman's voice sounded out from the surrounding jungle alone.

Yes, this voice was exactly Zhen Ji's voice.


"Miss Jen?"

Chen Hao was also suspicious and asked towards the jungle.

"Chen Hao? It's really you!!!"

After confirming that it was Chen Hao's voice, Zhen Ji spoke in an excited tone.

Then only Zhen Ji came out of the jungle with her own family members.

"Miss Zhen, what are you doing here?"

When Chen Hao saw Zhen Ji arrive, he was surprised as well.

Zhen Ji, on the other hand, walked directly in front of Chen Hao and said with a joyful smile, "I knew you must still be alive, we've been looking for you for two days and finally i found you, why are you here?"

Hearing Zhen Ji say that, Chen Hao looked at Hong Weng beside him for a moment.

"Er. Let's talk about this back, where's Zhen Ji and the others? How's it going?"

 Chen Hao was embarrassed, he then asked towards Zhen Ji with concern, remembering the four of them in his head.

"Don't worry, they're already fine, they're resting in Zhen's house right now."

Zhen Ji responded with a smile towards Chen Hao.

Hearing Zhen Ji say that, Chen Hao was instantly relieved.

"Who is this?" Zhen Ji then asked with a puzzled look at Hong Weng, who was standing beside Chen Hao.

Chen Hao looked at Hong Weng, then he looked at Zhen Ji again and introduced him, "This is Senior Hong Weng, he is the one who saved me."

"Hello senior Hong Weng, my name is Zhen Ji, I am the eldest miss of the Zhen family, thank you for saving Chen Hao."

Zhen Ji also spoke with thanks, looking at Hong Weng.

Hong Weng instantly revealed a smile to look at Zhen Ji in response, "No need to be polite, it should be done, saving a life is better than creating a seven-stage pagoda, it's also my honor to meet the eldest miss of the Zhen family."

Hong Weng certainly knew something about the Zhen family, and this was the first time he had ever met one of them.

"Chen Hao, then let's go back to the Zhen Family."

Zhen Ji then suggested towards Chen Hao.

Now that Chen Hao was fine and he had found it, it was time to return to the Zhen Residence, after all, it wasn't a good thing to be outside for too long.

After hearing this, Chen Hao also looked towards Hong Weng and asked, "Senior Hong Weng, why don't you come back with us? I could also as well thank you."

"Yes, Chen Hao is right, Senior Hong Weng can come back with us if you don't mind." Zhen Ji also echoed Chen Hao's words and proposed towards Hong Weng.

Hong Weng, on the other hand, smiled and shook his head as he looked at the two of them and replied, "No need, I won't go."

"Well, in that case, I'll thank Senior Hong Weng here, and I'll definitely thank you when I have the chance."

Seeing that Hong Weng was unwilling to go back with them, Chen Hao had no choice but to agree, and then he looked at Hong Weng once again with a serious and sincere thank you.

"Oh, good, you guys go back, be careful along the way, remember what I said, make good use of it."

Hong Weng again did not forget to instruct towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao nodded his head firmly in understanding after hearing that, he understood what Hong Weng had told him, in fact he himself understood even without Hong Weng's words.

After saying that, Chen Hao followed Zhen Ji and the others and left, gradually disappearing into the jungle.

Not long after Chen Hao and the others left, a violent movement was seen once again in the entire surrounding jungle.

Immediately afterwards, a shadow was seen to pop out of the jungle with a dozen or so black-clothed people, and they landed in front of Hong Weng.

"Patriarch Hong Weng, how's it going?" The shadow walked up to Hong Weng and looked at him with a sinister and bizarre expression as he asked.

Hong Weng, on the other hand, looked at the shadow and spoke, "I've already given the Fish Intestine Sword to Chen Hao, so you can go about your business next."

"Hehe, it's still Patriarch Hong Weng who has foresight, just as you had everything expected."

The dark shadow smiled gloomily with a cunning expression on his face as he boasted towards Hong Weng.

"Heh, if the Blazing Tiger was unkind at first, then don't blame me for being unrighteous, I'm going to let Hong Lie Hall be completely ruled by me."

Hong Weng said with a cold smile, the corners of his mouth slightly raised in a complacent curve, his eyes filled with a stern look.

"What about Chen Hao and the others? Do you want me to go and finish them off?" The dark shadow asked again towards Hong Weng.

Hong Weng raised his hand towards the shadow to stop him, "No need for now, we still have use for Chen Hao and the others, besides, the Fish Intestine Sword is still in his hands, at least wait until he helps us finish off the Lie Hu and the others before killing them."

"Yes, everything is at your command, Patriarch Hong Weng." The shadow nodded respectfully towards Hong Weng and responded.

And at this moment, Chen Hao was completely unaware that the original Hong Weng was with the black shadow for a while.

Soon, Chen Hao followed Zhen Ji back into the Zhen Residence.

By the time she returned to the Zhen Residence, the sky was already completely bright and the sun was hanging straight above the sky.

"Zhen Ji, Lei Lie!"

At that moment, Chen Hao shouted towards Zhen Ji.

When they heard Chen Hao's voice, Zhen Ji and Lei Lie, who were asleep in their room, woke up and rushed out of the room.

When they saw Chen Hao, they were overjoyed and rushed towards Chen Hao.

In the next second, Chen Hao was hugging the two of them.

"Chen Hao, you scared the hell out of me, I thought I'd really never see you again!"

Zhen Ji struggled to pat Chen Hao's back and said, looking very excited and happy.

"Brother Chen, we were all so worried about you! It's really good to see that you're okay."

Zhou Nuo also spoke with excitement and trembling, looking at Chen Hao & said.

"Hahahaha, I'm all right, I'm blessed I didn't die!"

Chen Hao also smiled and patted the two of them on the shoulder to comfort them.

At this moment, only Gao Zicheng and Lei Lie also came out from inside the room.

"Brother Chen!" Lei Lie stood at the door of the room looking at Chen Hao and shouted with a smile.

After hearing that, Chen Hao released Zhen Ji and Zhou Nuo and walked straight towards Lei Lie.


Before Chen Hao could reach Lei Lie, he only saw Zhen Ji directly rushing in front of Chen Hao again, standing in front of him and staring at him.

Chen Hao was suddenly stunned, completely confused as to what exactly Zhen Ji wanted to do.

"What's wrong?"

Chen Hao asked as he looked at Zhen Ji suspiciously.

Then, only Zhen Ji pulled Chen Hao's neck and directly kissed Chen Hao's mouth.

Chen Hao was shocked, where would he have thought that Zhen Ji was so active.

Even Lei Lie and the others were astonished, and then they kept sneaking smiles.

Seeing that Chen Hao had returned safe and sound, Zhen Ji also came down with a sigh of relief, as long as Chen Hao was fine.

"You still know to come back? I thought you died out there."

Zhen Ji glared at Chen Hao angrily in a bad mood.

Chen Hao awkwardly touched his head and smiled towards Zhen Ji, "Hehe, how could it be, I have a big life."


At this moment, a mountain range that was surrounded by flames was far away on the other side.

I saw Hong Weng leading the black shadow and other mutants walking inside this mountain range.

The entire mountain range was filled with all kinds of magma and flames, giving an incomparably scorching and terrifying atmosphere.

They came here in order to help Black Shadow get the Ancient Sword, the Sword of the Way of Might.

Both the Sword of Vigorous Path and the Fish Intestine Sword belonged to the ancient era, and it could be said that the two belonged to the opposite sex, with different energies, and anyone who got one could possess the energy within the weapon.

The Fish Intestine Sword was now given to Chen Hao, and the Sword of the Way of Might was soon to be owned by the Black Shadow, at which time the Black Shadow's power would become very strong, and it would have even more strength and confidence to take Blood Dragon City.

Soon, they walked in through a hole.

When they entered, the surrounding stone walls were floated by all kinds of magma, like a vein.

"This is Tai Ah's Cave, and it is the Sword of Wei Dao that is placed in this stone pillar in front of you." Hong Weng stepped forward and looked at the stone pillar in front of him and narrated towards the shadow.

Everything in here was actually not much different from what you saw in the Cave of Fish Intestines before, it was also the same stone pillar, the same palm-printed stone mound, it was just that the surroundings were hotter and scalding.

"This is the ancient Sword of the Way of Awesome, which can possess the energy of fire." The black shadow suddenly showed a face full of surprise to exclaim.  

"Go and place your hand on that stone pillar, naturally the stone pillar will transmit fire power into your body, only then can you open the stone pillar and get the Sword of the Way." Hong Weng gave another detailed instruction towards the black shadow.

After hearing that, the black shadow just immediately followed Hong Weng's instructions and walked up to the stone pillar, stretched out his own hand and placed it on the stone pillar, adhering to the palm pattern on the stone pillar.

In the next second, the entire stone mound began to change, crimson flames spread all over the stone mound, and the flames poured into the palm of the shadow's hand.

Suddenly, the black shadow felt a stinging and burning hot sensation.

"It must be endured, this is something that must be experienced to obtain the Sword of Mighty Dao." Seeing the shadow's face become painful, Hong Weng hurriedly warned towards the shadow.

To give up at this time would be to give up halfway, and then you wouldn't get the Sword of Mighty Dao at all.

Hearing Hong Weng's words, the black shadow also endured the pain and burning sensation coming from his palm, and the veins on his entire arm were terrifying.


In the next second, only the black shadow's entire body shrieked at the sky.

Within an instant, a flame rushed straight out from the shadow's body and wrapped around the shadow's entire body.


Immediately afterwards, only a cracking sound came from behind them, very loud and resounding throughout the cave.

That's right, it was the stone pillar that had exploded and was cracked open by the powerful flames.

Only the Sword of Mighty Way was exposed to the air, presenting itself before the eyes of Black Shadow and the others.

The hilt of the Sword of Wei Dao was wrapped by a fiery red line, while the sword had a dragon tattoo on it, looking very shocking.

The shadow had also completely eased up and walked quickly to the stone pillar, reaching out his hand and grabbing the hilt of the Sword of Mighty Way, pulling it out of the pillar with great effort.

The moment the Sword of Mighty Way was pulled out, another huge fire light like a fire dragon rushed out from the blade of the sword.

"Hahaha, I've finally obtained the Sword of Mighty Dao! The heavens will soon be mine!"

The shadow held the Sword of the Way of Might in his hand and burst out laughing incomparably cocky.

One must know that with the Sword of Mighty Dao, it was a surge of strength for the shadow, killing could be said to be in the blink of an eye, and it was still bloodless.

The characteristic of the Sword of the Way of Might was that killing could melt it, not even bones could be seen, not even a bit of blood could be seen, it could be said to be an extremely terrifying existence.

"Now that you have the Sword of Mighty Dao, you promised to do what you promised me, after taking Blood Dragon City, you will give it to me to take charge of it, this is the condition we agreed on before." At this time Hong Weng walked up to the dark shadow and looked at him to remind him.

This was Hong Weng's agreement with Black Shadow, to help Black Shadow get the Sword of Mighty Dao so that Black Shadow could go and take Blood Dragon City and then hand it over to Hong Weng to be in charge of it, so that Hong Weng would become the supreme ruler of Blood Dragon City.

As for the Fish Intestine Sword, it was because only after the Fish Intestine Sword was taken away could the Sword of Wei Dao be taken down.

To put it bluntly, the Stream Sword was used to suppress the Sword of Wei Dao.

After all, fire and water were incompatible, and this truth still existed.

When the dark shadow heard Hong Weng's words, he smiled wryly.

"Master Hong Weng, I still don't know how powerful this sword is, so how do I know that it will definitely help me take down Blood Dragon City? I have to test it first." The dark shadow stared at Hong Weng with a very strange look as he said.

"Don't worry about that, without the suppression of the Fish Intestine Sword, the power of the Mighty Dao Sword can be said to be greatly enhanced, and any swing you make will cause great damage to the surroundings, even if you slash someone, it will melt them in an instant." Hong Weng, on the other hand, smiled as he explained towards the shadow, not even knowing that the danger had already descended above his head.

"Heh, is it? Then it looks like I'll have to test it with one."

The black shadow sneered and gave a sinister glance at Hong Weng at once.

Upon seeing the shadow's divine reaction, Hong Weng frowned tightly, feeling a sense of foreboding.

"You, what do you want to do?"

Hong Weng's voice was slightly frightened as he asked towards the shadow.

"Hmph! Doing what? It'll kill you!" The dark shadow's mouth raised with a dark smile.


As the words fell, the shadow directly whipped out the Sword of Wei Dao in his own hand to slash at Hong Weng's head.


Only a loud scream was heard from Hong Weng.

All of a sudden, Hong Weng's head was surrounded by a fiery light, and then various fiery cracks began to appear on Hong Weng's entire body.

Yes, this was exactly the powerful power that the Sword of Mighty Dao exerted.

Just like Hong Weng himself had said, once the Sword of Mighty Dao slashed at a person, it would instantly melt the human body away.

But this ending was exactly what Hong Weng didn't expect to happen directly to him.

After a few seconds, Hong Weng's entire body was melted and turned into a puddle of flames.

"Hmph, with the Sword of Mighty Dao I still need you? Want to take control of Blood Dragon City? Dream on!"

The dark shadow cast a cold glance at the puddle of flames and snorted with disdain.

To the black shadow, Hong Weng was merely a pawn to help him obtain the Sword of Mighty Dao.

Now that the Sword of Mighty Dao was in his hands, the shadow naturally couldn't use Hong Weng.


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