The unknown Heir 866-870


"Chen Hao, you just rest for a few days now, and leave the rest to us!"

Zhou Nuo was again instructing towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao had no choice but to obey, and then lay down to continue recuperating his body.

A few days later.

Zhen Mae's sister Zhen Ji came knocking at the door of Chen Hao's room early in the morning.

"Chen Hao, Chen Hao, are you there?"

But after waiting for half a day, there was no sound from Chen Hao in the room.

This made Zhen Ji confused and immediately pushed the door in to take a look.

At first glance, there wasn't even a ghost shadow.

"Where did this guy go? Is he gone?"

Zhen Ji was filled with amazement at the thought.  

After giving it some thought, Zhen Ji walked out quickly to take a look at the back garden.

When she arrived at the back garden, she saw that Chen Hao and Quan Lie were sitting on the stone pier, their eyes closed, looking like they were enjoying themselves.

When she saw this, Zhen Ji couldn't help but roll her eyes.

It turned out that Chen Hao and Quan Lie had already gotten up and gone to practice, so no wonder she saw there wasn't even anyone in the room.

"Chen Hao!"

After a pause, Zhen Ji walked over to Chen Hao's side and softly shouted.

When Chen Hao heard it, he flicked his eyes open.

"Miss Zhen, it's so early, have you come here to practice too?"

Chen Hao saw that it was Zhen Ji's arrival and looked at Zhen Ji with a delighted smile and asked.

Zhen Ji took a look at Quan Lie beside Chen Hao and found that Quan Lie did not have any change in his appearance or actions, which made Zhen Ji let out a sigh of relief down, she knew that Quan Lie was not an easy person to mess with and was afraid that he would be angry if she came to Chen Hao.

It seemed that Quan Lie also felt Zhen Ji's gaze, and immediately opened her eyes, then got up and leapt out, leaving the back garden in a very sensible manner.

When Chen Hao saw Quan Lie's actions, his heart warmed, and he knew that Quan Lie understood what he was thinking and didn't want to stay and bother.

Zhen Ji certainly had a high heart as well.

"Chen Hao, why are you up so early?"

After Quan Lie left, Zhen Ji looked at Chen Hao with confusion and asked.

"I'm used to waking up this early every day."

Chen Hao explained simply.

This habit was something that Chen Hao had developed since he was a child, getting up early to practice his martial arts would greatly help and improve his body and martial arts.

"Let's go, I'll take you somewhere!"

Zhen Ji then proposed towards Chen Hao.

Before Chen Hao could react, Zhen Ji took the initiative and went to pull on Chen Hao's hand towards the door of the house.

Having no choice, Chen Hao could only allow Zhen Ji to pull him.

Soon, Zhen Ji pulled Chen Hao to a bun shop.

"Come, I'll treat you to breakfast, but this bun is delicious, I come here every day to eat it!"

Zhen Ji pulled Chen Hao to sit down, and then she shouted at the shopkeeper, "Xiao Er, bring three cage buns!"

"Okay, I'll be right back!"

Naturally, the second shopkeeper knew Zhen Ji, so he didn't dare to slow down a bit.

No, less than a minute later, Shop Er was carrying three cages of fragrant buns on the table in front of Chen Hao and Zhen Ji.

"Come, eat quickly!"

Zhen Ji pushed a cage of buns in front of Chen Hao, and then took a huge bite herself without caring about her image.

It had to be said that Zhen Ji's appetite was still amazing.

Chen Hao just ate one cage of buns, while Zhen Ji ate two large cages of buns by herself.

"Er. Miss Zhen, you. You're too good at eating."

Chen Hao was very direct and looked at Zhen Ji and said something while touching his head in some surprise.

Zhen Ji lifted her head and looked at Chen Hao.

"This young lady is naturally a big eater, what's the drop?"

Zhen Ji, with a proud expression on her face, picked her head and looked at Chen Hao and asked.

While Chen Hao listened, he hurriedly shook his head for a while, afraid that Zhen Ji would then lift the table.

After breakfast, Chen Hao headed to the Blood Dragon City's martial arts training ground with Zhen Ji.

There was a martial arts training ground in every city, where people of martial arts came to compete against each other, and every year they would hold different competitions.

When they arrived at the martial arts training ground, there were already many people sparring with each other inside.

Seeing Zhen Ji's arrival, many people showed their respectful expressions and made way for Zhen Ji, which showed that Zhen Ji's influence in the Blood Dragon City was still great.

The strong were always superior and respected, even though they were women.

Zhen Ji found a very partial position and stood right inside with Chen Hao.

"Chen Hao, I want to spar with you!"

Zhen Ji looked at Chen Hao and suggested.


Chen Hao was very quick to agree.

He had promised to teach Zhen Ji martial arts, so sparring was definitely a must, only by constantly sparring could he progress his martial arts even faster.

After saying that, the two of them walked to their respective positions.

"Are you ready?"

Zhen Ji looked to Chen Hao and asked a question.

"Come on, get ready!"

Chen Hao directly nodded towards Zhen Ji and responded.

As soon as the words left her mouth, Zhen Ji stared at the ground and her entire body rushed towards Chen Hao.

Zhen Ji's speed was not slow, and she had arrived directly in front of Chen Hao with a powder fist.

Still the same as before, Zhen Ji's attack method hadn't changed at all.

So. So Chen Hao could easily defeat Zhen Ji all at once.

Chen Hao turned slightly sideways and with his hand outstretched, he grabbed Zhen Ji's arm and dragged it to the ground.

With such a tug, Zhen Ji's center of gravity was unstable and she was about to fall towards the ground.

Fortunately, Chen Hao was holding her, and only then did he not let Zhen Ji fall to the ground, or else she would really lose face.

When the surrounding onlookers saw this scene, they also revealed their surprise.

For how powerful Zhen Ji's skills were, this person were not unaware of it.

In the past, Zhen Ji had never missed coming here to spar with others, until finally no one dared to challenge Zhen Ji head-on, which meant that Zhen Ji was in a solitary kind of situation.

But now, Zhen Ji was easily defeated by a young kid.

This was of course something that shocked everyone immensely.

"Come again!"

Of course, Zhen Ji wouldn't just concede defeat like that and immediately steadied herself and said something towards Chen Hao.

She didn't believe that she wouldn't be able to survive a single move in Chen Hao's hands.

"Miss Zhen, wait a moment!"

Hearing Zhen Ji's words, Chen Hao called out to Zhen Ji.

Zhen Ji turned around to look at Chen Hao in confusion.

"What's wrong?"

"I think you need to make a change in your attacking style, if you're still attacking like that, no matter how many times you attack me, you're still going to get knocked down with a single move!"

Chen Hao spoke out about Zhen Ji's own problems, and he hoped that Zhen Ji would make a change.

"Is there anything wrong with the way I attack?"

Zhen Ji was a little puzzled as she asked towards Chen Hao.

She had always used such an attack method, and she felt that there was nothing wrong with it, so why did Chen Hao say that?


This was not the case, although Zhen Ji's attack method was strong, the weaknesses exposed were too obvious and it would be easy to catch a flaw.

That was why Chen Hao was able to defeat Zhen Ji so easily.

Anyone else who was stronger than Zhen Ji would have also been able to defeat Zhen Ji easily, there was no doubt about that.

The opponents that Zhen Ji had encountered in the past were all weaker than herself, so those opponents would not be able to see the flaws in Zhen Ji's own strength to defeat her.

But not when she encountered Chen Hao, who had been trained by Quan Lie's hands, and could have a very unique insight and analysis of the martial arts moves and attack paths.

"Zhen Ji, what I said is true, think about it carefully, your attack path actually has a big flaw, you just attacked blindly and went forgetting to defend your own flawed spot, that's why I caught your weakness and defeated you at once!"

Chen Hao looked at Zhen Ji with a serious expression as she narrated the explanation.

Zhen Ji didn't get angry after hearing that, instead, she felt that what Chen Hao said made sense.

On second thought, she felt that she had indeed revealed a big flaw, and it seemed that she herself had never realized it before.

"I understand, Chen Hao, thank you for your reminder and guidance!"

After a pause, Zhen Ji thanked Chen Hao.  

This was a great help to Zhen Ji, no wonder she herself had been flat and unprogressed on the path of martial arts all these years, she was limited to one attack method.

As long as this attack method was broken, then her own strength and martial art would improve.

Listening to a gentleman's words is better than reading a book for ten years ah, Zhen Ji's inner thoughts at this time were.

But a habit wasn't so easy to change, let alone an attack method, it would take a lot of energy and time to make the change.

Zhen Ji then proceeded to start cutting up with Chen Hao again.

This time, Zhen Ji listened to Chen Hao's words and made a change to her attack method.

Although this change made Zhen Ji a little awkward, it at least did not allow her to be defeated by Chen Hao so quickly, and she still survived one or two moves.

It was only after nearly an hour of sparring that the two stopped and sat down on chairs to rest.

The two were already sweating profusely at this point.

"Chen Hao, thank you so much for today, if it wasn't for you reminding and guiding me, I wouldn't have progressed so fast!"

As she sat in her seat, Zhen Ji thanked Chen Hao from the bottom of her heart.

Zhen Ji's martial arts had obviously improved a lot after the exchange of ideas with Chen Hao, but there was still a big gap between her and Chen Hao.

At this moment, only Zhou Nuo hurriedly walked in through the door together with Lei Lie.

"Chen Hao, it's bad, something's happened!"

Zhou Nuo looked ugly and shouted anxiously at Chen Hao.

Surprised and frowning slightly, Chen Hao stared at Zhou Noor and asked, "What's going on? Why are you two nervous?"

"Lin Zilan and Gao Zicheng were captured by the Hong Lie Hall, we just fought them, but there were too many of them, so the two of us couldn't save them both!" Zhou Nuo recounted the situation.


When Chen Hao heard this, he let out a loud cry of anger, he dared to attack his friend, it seemed that this Hong Lie Hall was truly too arrogant.

"Let's go, let's go to the Hong Lie Hall!"

After a pause, Chen Hao then spoke up and proposed.

After saying that, Chen Hao took Zhou Nuo and Lei Lie and prepared to leave, he was certain to save Lin Zilan and Gao Zicheng.

"Chen Hao, wait a moment!"

Only Zhen Ji opened her mouth to call out to Chen Hao.

"Miss Zhen, is there anything else? My friends are now being captured by the Hong Lieh Hall, I have to go rescue them right away!" Chen Hao stared at Zhen Ji and asked in confusion.

"Chen Hao, don't be in a hurry, listen to me first, the people of Hong Lie Hall are not so easy to deal with, their Hall Master is at the third stage of the True God Realm, just us people going forward is probably no different from getting killed!" Zhen Ji reminded towards Chen Hao in a long-winded manner.

The third stage of the True God Realm was much higher than the rest of them, and apart from Chen Hao who was already in the True God Realm, the rest of them only had the strength of the True Man Realm.

Therefore, Zhen Ji did not want the three of Chen Hao to go to their deaths.

"Even so, I have to save them!" Chen Hao didn't care so much, even if he was powerful, he was going to save Lin Zilan and the two of them.

Lin Zilan and the two had voluntarily followed themselves out on an adventure, and now that they had encountered such a thing, if Chen Hao didn't care about them, he would simply be inhumane.

"In that case, I'll have someone investigate the situation first, and then we'll think of a way to rescue them."

Zhen Ji suggested towards Chen Hao.

After hearing that, Chen Hao also paused, so he gave a slight nod and chose to agree.

After all, Zhen Ji was right, it was better to investigate the specific situation first before discussing a strategy to deal with it, attacking rashly would definitely be troublesome.

Since the people of Honglie Hall had arrested the two Lin Zilan, it meant that they must have already guessed that they themselves would go to the rescue.

After saying that, Zhen Ji walked out and sent someone to Hong Lie Hall to find out the news first.

At this time, in Blood Dragon City, in Hong Lie Hall.

Only Lin Zilan and Gao Zicheng were both tied up in the Hall of the House.

The hall master, Liehu, was high above the two, staring at Lin Zilan with a gloomy face, while Cui Xu was standing off to the side with his men.

"Hall Master, these two are that brat's companions, caught by us now, I'm sure that brat will come to the door to save the two of them, so we can just have a jar to catch a turtle." Cui Xu raised a sinister smile at the corner of his mouth to say towards Lie Hu.


Lie Hu snorted in disdain.

"Those who dare to kill my Hong Lie Hall must die, first put them in the dungeon, then keep them under strict guard, orders go down, everyone brace yourself, be prepared for that brat to come to the rescue at any time, this time they must be made to come to a dead end!" Then Liehu gave a stern command.

As the words fell, Lin Zilan and Gao Zicheng were dragged down, directly into the dungeons of the Hong Lie Hall.

"Brother Gao, it looks like the two of us will be finished this time!"

In the dungeon, Lin Zilan sighed helplessly towards Gao Zicheng.

"Don't worry, I'm sure Chen Hao will come to save us, he will care if we live or die!" Gao Zicheng, on the other hand, reassured towards Lin Zilan.

Gao Zicheng still believed in Chen Hao, he was convinced that Chen Hao would definitely come to save him, and would definitely not ignore the two of them.

Indeed, on this side, the four of them had quietly come to sit down in a restaurant not far from Hong Lie Hall, sitting by the window and watching Hong Lie Hall, discussing a strategy to deal with the situation.

"I had someone investigate, your two friends are currently being held in the dungeon of Hong Lie Hall, and the dungeon is right behind the main hall of Hong Lie Hall, if we want to save them, we have to break through the main hall!"

Only Zhen Ji opened her mouth to analyze towards the Chen Hao & his friends.


"How do we save them? It seems that the Hong Lie Hall is heavily guarded, look, there are Hong Lie Hall men guarding the surroundings, and there is a Hong Lie Hall man patrolling every now and then, we will definitely be discovered if we rashly go there like this." Lei Lie looked at the situation of the Hong Lie Hall in front of him and narrated towards Chen Hao.

The three of them also agreed with Lei Lie's analysis of the situation.

Indeed just as Lei Lie had said, the Hong Lie Hall's guards were very tight.

It seemed that they were already prepared to prevent Lin Zilan and Gao Zicheng from being rescued, waiting for Chen Hao and the others to take the bait.

"Miss Zhen, what is your advice?"

At this time, Chen Hao looked to the side to ask Zhen Ji for her thoughts.

Hearing Chen Hao ask herself, Zhen Ji also fell into a deep thought, he was also very clear about the current situation and knew that it was really difficult for them to rescue.

"Unless we can draw some of the attention away from the Honglie Hall's men, there's no way we can go in to the territory of the Honglie Hall's men, let alone rescue them." Only after thinking for a moment did Zhen Ji slowly open her mouth to propose towards Chen Hao.

"You're right, it's the same as what I was thinking, I was thinking the same thing, it definitely won't work to rashly break in to rescue them."

We only have to draw their attention away so I can climb in through that wall over there and rescue the people."

Chen Hao was also seriously looking at the crowd as he narrated.  

"Chen Hao, you tell us what we should do, we'll do whatever you say."

Lei Lie then looked at Chen Hao with a determined expression as he said.

"Yeah, Chen Hao, you just explain."

Zhou Nuo also echoed Lei Lie's words as he preached towards Chen Hao.

"Good, then I'll start splitting up, Zhou Nuo, Lei Lie, the two of you climb in with me from the fence, I'll rescue the people, you're responsible for covering me, Miss Zhen, you'll have to trouble yourself to help attract the attention of the rest of the Hong Lie Hall."

Chen Ge then instructed first towards Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo, and then towards Zhen Ji.

"Okay, no problem! Watch me!"

Zhen Ji listened and agreed without any comments.

"You guys wait for my signal, as soon as my side moves, you guys will move immediately, and we'll meet up in the woods outside of Blood Dragon City when we're done."

Zhen Ji said as she looked at Chen Hao again.

Chen Hao nodded slightly after hearing this, the success or failure of this rescue operation would depend on them.

After saying that, Zhen Ji headed back, she was going to take charge of disrupting Hong Lie Hall so that she could draw all of Hong Lie Hall's attention to her.

At this moment, Chen Hao was taking Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo with him and quietly moved to the bottom of the fence, it was fortunate that the fence was so high that it couldn't be discovered at all, giving Chen Hao a perfect concealment and cover.

After arriving under the wall, the three of them looked towards the location of Zhen Ji and the others not far away, quietly waiting for the signal that Zhen Ji would give them.


In the next second, just a rushing fire light up, a fire rushed straight into the territory of Hong Lie Hall's men and set one of the houses inside on fire.

This instantly caused the people of Hong Lie Tang inside to panic and rush to put out the fire.

Seeing this, Chen Hao knew that it was a signal from Zhen Ji, and then the three of them immediately took action.

After getting the signal, Chen Hao climbed up the fence with Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo.

After climbing the fence, Chen Hao and the three of them looked around and found that the Honglie Hall's men who were watching were also attracted by the movements of Zhen Ji and the others.

The three of them quickly passed through the main hall to the dungeon at the back, poking their heads out at the entrance of the dungeon to take a look at the two Honglie Hall men in front of them, and only after confirming that they hadn't been discovered did Chen Hao slowly and carefully pull out his Star Profound Sword.

In the next second, Chen Hao stepped forward with an arrow, struggled to swing his own sword, and sliced right through the neck of one of the Hong Lie Tang's men.

In an instant, blood splattered everywhere, and this Hong Lie Tang subordinate was killed cleanly by Chen Hao.

Another Hong Lie Tang subordinate also reacted and immediately swung out his long sword to strike down at Chen Hao's head.

Fortunately, Chen Hao reacted quickly, dodging the long blade with a sideways movement and raising a foot to kick it out, then Chen Hao rushed up and impacted the Hong Lie Tang subordinate's stomach.

Instantly this Hong Lie Tang subordinate suffered a pain and his entire body bent down.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, punched him in the head, instantly killing him.

In a short period of time, Chen Hao swiftly finished off the two Hong Lie Tang's men, his speed and techniques were very fast and sharp, not giving them any chance to react and fight back.

Chen Ge's skills were so powerful that the Hong Lie Tang's men were simply unable to withstand it, and anyone else would not have been able to do them any harm.

After finishing off the two guarded Hong Lie Tang men, Chen Hao cut out a sword and struck at the dungeon's chains.


With a crisp snapping sound, the chains were directly split by the Star Abyss Sword.

It had to be said that this Star Abyss Sword was still very sharp and hard, but it could even break iron chains.

As soon as the chain was broken, Chen Hao pulled open the cage door and went in to check on Lin Zilan and Gao Zicheng.

However, at that moment, Lie Hu and his men came out from the residence hall in a rage, and took a quick look in the direction of the dungeon, and found that Lin Zilan and Gao Zicheng had disappeared.

Lie Hu then looked around, and suddenly found Chen Hao & his companions climbing up along the wall.

"Hm? That kid's coming to the rescue, chase him!"

The Blazing Tiger then turned to the sky and roared at his men, filled with rage.

After roaring, the Lie Hu led his men towards Chen Hao & the others.

At this moment, Chen Hao had already sent Lin Zilan and Gao Zicheng out, and Zhou Nuo and Lei Lie were also following outside.

"Zhou Nuo, Lei Lie, you guys take the two of them and go first, I'll distract them!"

Chen Hao commanded towards Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo.

"Chen Hao."

"Cut the crap and leave, or none of us will be able to leave later!"

When he heard what else Zhou Nuo wanted to say, Chen Hao snapped at him in a stern voice.

After hearing Chen Hao's order, Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo had no choice but to obey, and then they pulled Lin Zilan and Gao Zicheng away quickly.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, ran in the other direction after climbing over the fence, he had to lure these Hong Lie Tang men away.

At this moment, Lie Hu and the others had also chased them out, and once they came out Lie Hu and the others found Chen Hao who was running away towards one side.


"Go after him and kill him!" Lie Hu gritted his teeth and ordered.

The Blazing Tiger then took a dozen or so and chased after Chen Hao in the direction he had escaped.

One had to know that the Hong Lie Tang's pursuit speed was extremely fast, and soon they had caught up with Chen Hao.

At this time, Chen Hao was also desperate, he was forced by the Blazing Tiger and the others to a cliff, with the abyss at the bottom.

"Hmph, kid, let's see where you're going to escape this time!"

The Blazing Tiger snorted with a mocking face.

Chen Hao frowned and stared at Lie Hu with a heavy look, he did not expect Lie Hu and the others to catch up to him so quickly.

"Do you think you can finish me off?"

The corners of Chen Hao's mouth lifted, revealing a strange curve as he looked at Lie Hu suspiciously.

Lie Hu was also slightly stunned after hearing this, he did not understand the meaning of Chen Hao's question, knowing that Chen Hao was now at the end of his rope.

"Heh! Do you have anywhere to run now? There's an abyss behind you, if you jump! Of course you'll fall to your death!" Lie Hu coldly stared at Chen Hao and preached.  

"Is it? Let's try it then." Chen Hao heard a scornful cry.

After saying that, Chen Hao turned his entire body towards the cliff behind him and plunged straight into the cliff.

Lie Hu was also surprised, where would he have thought that Chen Hao would choose such a way to understand himself, preferring to commit suicide rather than fall into his hands.


Lie Hu then snorted coldly before turning around and leaving with his men.

Lie Hu knew that Chen Hao would definitely be dead this time, and with such a high cliff, there was definitely no hope of surviving.

But was that really the case?

The truth of the situation would certainly not be as Liehu wished.

After falling into the pitch-black abyssal gorge, Chen Hao did not die, but was saved by a large tree from which he was suspended from its branches, while below was a swiftly flowing river.

The powerful impact had knocked Chen Hao unconscious, and he hadn't even known that he had survived.

At this moment, on the other side of the forest.

Only Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo had arrived at the grove outside of Blood Dragon City with Lin Zilan and Gao Zicheng.

"Lei Lie, Zhou Nuo, you guys are here, I thought you guys had some kind of accident."

Seeing the return of Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo, Zhen Ji, who had been waiting for a long time, also hurriedly came up to greet the two of them, and again hurriedly asked someone to help carry Lin Zilan and Gao Zicheng down.

"Hm? Where's Chen Hao? How come I haven't seen him?"

Right after that Zhen Ji immediately reacted towards Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo, he did not see Chen Hao's figure.

"He told us to leave first, he went to distract the Hong Lie Hall on his own."

Lei Lie frowned and replied with a heavy look.

"What? It was too dangerous. Zhen Ji was also fiercely shocked upon hearing this.

One had to know that Chen Hao was facing so many Hong Lie Tang alone, how could he be a match, he would definitely be in great danger.

"Miss Zhen, please wait for us here for a moment while Zhou Nuo and I go in search of Chen Hao."

Lei Lie then instructed towards Zhen Ji.

"No, it's too dangerous, now that the Hong Lie Hall has started a careful search for us, you guys going like this is a clear sign that you'll be arrested."

Zhen Ji directly opposed Lei Lie's proposal and said.

"Miss Zhen, if Chen Hao doesn't come back, we won't live alone!"

Lei Lie, on the other hand, turned around and righteously looked at Zhen Ji and firmly preached.

After saying that, Lei Lie brought Zhou Nuo back the way he came again.

Zhen Ji also sighed helplessly and was touched in her heart, she never thought that Chen Hao could have such a brother, it was really good.

But when Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo searched for Chen Hao, they arrived at the cliff that Chen Hao had jumped off from before.

Only the two of them found a jade talisman that had fallen from a rock at the cliff.

When they saw this jade talisman, they were shocked and their eyes welled up with tears.

How could the two of them not know about this jade talisman, which was exactly what Chen Hao carried with him.

"No, it can't be!"

Zhou Nuo quickly walked forward and picked up the jade talisman in front of her, looking up at the cliff and abyss with an incredulous expression on her face, she shook her head and said to herself.

She knew what this jade talisman meant if it fell here, it meant that Chen Hao had fallen into this abyss and canyon.

"Zhou Nuo, calm down, we have to trust Chen Hao, he will be fine."

Lei Lie also came up and patted Zhou Nuo's shoulder to comfort him.

Neither of them wanted to believe that Chen Hao would die, firmly believing that Chen Hao would definitely still be alive.

The two of them searched and waited at the cliff for a long time without finding Chen Hao's figure, before they both left with their heads hung in despair.

After returning to the woods, Zhen Ji only saw Lei Lie and Zhou Nuo returning, with Chen Hao's jade talisman in their hands, so she knew that something must have happened to Chen Hao.

"Miss Zhen, Chen Hao he fell into a cliff, we only found this, this is the jade talisman he was carrying." Lei Lie's face was gloomy as he looked at Zhen Ji and preached, then he extended his hand and handed the jade talisman to Zhen Ji.

Zhen Ji's heart was pounding, incomparably heavy, and raised her hand to slowly receive the jade talisman that Lei Lie handed over.

"Let's go, let's go back to Zhenji's house first to make a discussion, we can't just get discouraged, not finding Chen Hao doesn't mean that something has happened to him." Zhen Ji then cheered up and looked at Lei Lie to cheer up with Zhou Nuo.

"Miss Zhen you're right, we don't believe that Chen Hao will die like this, he must still be alive, we must cheer up, Zhou Nuo, you must cheer up." Lei Lie also immediately cheered up towards Zhou Nuo after hearing Zhen Ji's words to motivate him.

After hearing Lei Lie's and Zhen Ji's words, Zhou Nuo also raised her head and stared at her own beautiful eyes and nodded firmly in response.

"Alright, let's hurry up and leave here first, this place is not safe after all, it will be bad if Hong Lie Hall finds out then."

Seeing Zhou Nuo easing up, Zhen Ji also hurriedly ordered towards the crowd.

It must be known that right now this territory but the people in Hong Lie Hall were still chasing them, so there was really no way they could go to escape if any critical situation happened.

After saying that, Zhen Ji and the others quickly got on their horses and left, quickly heading back towards the Zhen family.

Of course, Lin Zilan and Gao Zicheng were also brought back to Zhen's house.

Underneath the stone wall was a fire, there was an old man in a black robe sitting inside, the old man looked very mysterious.

Who exactly was this person? Why did he save Chen Hao?

It was only after a few more moments that Chen Hao began to react slightly and slowly opened his own eyes.

After sitting up and seeing the man in front of the fire, Chen Hao just frowned and looked heavily alert.

"Who are you? Did you save me?"


"May I ask who Senior is? Why are you here?"

Chen Hao once again asked towards the black-robed old man, still very curious about the identity of the old man.

Although this black-robed old man looked scruffy and not very good, one look and one could tell that definitely this person was not simple.

"I'm someone who is hidden in the deep mountains."

The black-robed old man replied in a thick tone towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao was slightly shocked upon hearing this, never expecting that there would still be people living in seclusion in such a place.

"I don't know senior's name?"

Chen Hao then continued to ask curiously.

"Just call me Hong Weng, Flood of Flood, Gong Yu Weng."

The black-robed old man introduced himself towards Chen Hao without any hesitation.

As night fell, a curved moon hung above the sky outside, the moonlight shining down, giving a secluded feeling.

At that moment, Chen Hao left the cave with Hong Weng and went outside.

"Senior Hong Weng, where are we going?" Chen Hao followed behind Hong Weng and asked towards Hong Weng in confusion.

Now that it was pitch black outside, both of them were walking in this deep jungle but it was a very dangerous thing to do.

Moreover, Chen Hao didn't know exactly where Hong Weng was taking him, it looked very mysterious.

Hearing Chen Hao's question, Hong Weng did not go to answer, but just walked forward on his own.

After roughly ten minutes of walking, Hong Weng brought Chen Hao to a high mountain water screen.


Just the sound of the water curtain in the darkness was very loud, like the sound of running water gurgling.

"What is this place?" Chen Hao looked around the entire surroundings and asked with curiosity.

"Follow me!" Hong Weng took a glance at Chen Hao and faintly preached.

After speaking, Hong Weng walked towards the water curtain in front of him.

Chen Hao was surprised at this, not expecting Hong Weng to just walk right through the water screen in front of him and disappear.

After being dumbfounded for a few seconds, Chen Hao followed suit and cautiously walked up to the water screen, stretching out his hand to test it out first.

After touching the water curtain created by the water screen, Chen Ge's hand went right through it, then the whole thing was sucked in.

By the time Chen Hao reacted, the water screen was already behind him, and he actually went straight through it to get inside.

Seeing this scene made Chen Hao think of an image.

And this image was from the Journey to the West, this place was like the Water Curtain Cave of the Great Sage of Qi Tian.

"Senior Hong Weng, what kind of place is this?" Chen Hao looked at all the surroundings in surprise and asked towards Hong Weng.

The space inside was very large, and there were all sorts of glowing stone walls that looked as if they were as vast as the stars.

It was the first time that Chen Hao had seen such a wonderful place, never would he have thought that there was such a feng shui treasure outside the border.

"Come here, I'll show you this!" At that moment, Hong Weng, who was standing not far away, waved his hand towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao was stunned at first after hearing that, and then he immediately walked quickly to Hong Weng's side.

As he approached, Chen Hao realized that located in front of Hong Weng was a huge stone pillar that was several meters tall and it still appeared transparent, as if there was something placed inside.

"What is this?" Chen Hao was curious again.

"This place is called the Fish Intestine Cave, while this stone pillar holds an ancient long sword called the Fish Intestine Sword." Hong Weng looked at Chen Hao as he seriously narrated.

"Fish Intestine Sword?" Chen Hao was confused and dumbfounded after hearing this, wondering why this name was so strange.

Then, he saw Hong Weng take out another drawing from the inside of his clothes.

Hong Weng took out the drawing and spread it out to present it to Chen Hao, on it was a man with a clear eyebrows and a sturdy body, and it was exactly the same place as the drawing as this fish intestine hole, and on it were also two people, just like the two of them were in the exact same location as the picture.

"Hm? Senior Hong Weng, isn't this painting where we are now?"

Chen Hao also immediately sensed that something was wrong and asked Hong Weng with confusion.

Hong Weng, on the other hand, raised the corners of his mouth and revealed a wry smile.

"That's right, this painting tells the exact picture that the two of us are in right now, this painting is what I got here in the first place, and when I saw everything on the painting, I knew that I was destined to bring someone here one day, and that person is you."

A little later, Hong Weng just looked at Chen Hao with a determined expression and said.

Now Chen Hao was just even more surprised to hear that, he felt how everything looked so unreal, but everything on this painting was exactly the same.

"Senior Hong Weng, what is this all about?" Chen Hao was wondering and looked at Hong Weng and asked, he wanted to know all the secrets about why this place had appeared? And this painting as well as this sword in front of him.

"Chen Hao, you are the one who is destined to be the one, the painting depicts exactly why I came here with you and then you should remove this sword from this stone pillar." Hong Weng looked at Chen Hao and said.

"Why am I the one who is destined to be here? Can't it be anyone else?"

Chen Hao still looked at Hong Weng with a bit of disbelief as he asked.

"I've been waiting ever since I got this painting, waiting for someone to come, if you're not the fated person, why would the two of us meet? Why did I just happen to save you? In fact, it was already meant to be, you're just going to meet me."

Hong Weng walked up to Chen Hao and stretched out his hand to carefully explain.

"What exactly is the use of this Fish Intestine Sword?"

Chen Hao looked at the Fish Intestine Sword in the stone pillar in front of him and asked.

"This Fish Intestine Sword is an ancient longsword, and it is said that the person who obtains it can possess the power to control water, and you are the one who possesses the qualification."

Hong Weng looked at Chen Hao seriously as he explained.

Looking at Hong Weng talking so seriously, Chen Hao felt that he wasn't lying to him, not to mention that he didn't feel that Hong Weng needed to make up such a reason to lie to him.

"Then what should I do to get this sword out?" Chen Hao looked over at Hong Weng suspiciously and asked.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Hong Weng walked to Chen Hao's side and pulled him to the side of a stone mound.

This stone mound had a palm tattoo on it, and there were some things in the tattoo.

"Put your hand on it!"

Hong Weng instructed towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao was stunned at first, then slowly reached out and placed his hand on the grain of the stone mound.

"That's it?"

Chen Hao was filled with confusion as he looked at Hong Weng and asked.

"Wait!" Hong Weng signaled for Chen Hao to refrain from talking.

Then, only the sound of water flowing could be heard throughout the cave.

With the sound of gurgling water, one after another clear water flow appeared on the stone pier, gushing towards the center of the pier.


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