The King of Kungfu in school 801-810


Chapter 801

The owner of the Qingju Pavilion gave a sneer, "My daughter learned medicine from me since she was a child, and now at only fifteen years old, she has become a level five below medical level, and you want to compete with my daughter in medical skills?Don't insult my daughter.Song Xiaolou, is it really that hard for you to give up?I swear I won't let anyone hurt my daughter, you want to get close to my daughter, don't even think about it."

Tang Zichen said, "Curator, it seems that no matter how I explain, you think that I came here with the intention of getting close to your daughter."

"Isn't that so?"

Song Xiaolou's grandfather said angrily, "Pavilion Master, aren't you a bit ungrateful."

"Senior, I'm sorry, this is about my daughter, even if you kill me, I'm still the same, at the worst, I won't open this medical museum."The owner of the Qingju Pavilion said resolutely.

Tang Zichen said, "Pavilion Master, I'll reiterate to you once again, I really didn't hit on your daughter, and, let me compete with her in a medical match, if I lose I'll leave immediately."

"No need."

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath.

Song Xiaolou's grandfather raised his palm and said, "Bastard, I'll chop you to death, how dare you do this to my grandson."

Tang Zichen was busy stopping him, "Grandpa, don't move him, since that's the case, I'm not going to force him, maybe it's fate, destiny prevents me from improving my medical skills so easily."

Tang Zichen turned around and walked away, Tang Zichen didn't blame the museum owner, things couldn't have gone so smoothly. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen was even thinking about committing suicide at the moment.

After committing suicide and returning to the world village, then re-entering the memory stone, his identity would be different again.

Tang Zichen really thought of committing suicide.

However, Tang Zichen couldn't do it, because in his belief, suicide was the most cowardly thing to do, how could Tang Zichen do such a thing.

At this time, Song: "Xiaolou, don't worry, it's not like he's the only one in the world who knows how to heal, grandpa will find you a more powerful physician, there are too many physicians, there are many more powerful than him."

"Ah, no way, grandpa, are you serious?"

"When has Grandpa ever lied to you."

"But where are you going to find out?And, how many days will it take?"

"Don't worry, grandpa will find you a physician who is better than him within three days."

"Thank you, Grandpa."Tang Zichen was overjoyed.

What a willow's darkness, I thought I was going to commit suicide and re-enter this place, but I didn't expect that this old man could find him an even more powerful physician.

"Grandpa, then it's not too late, let's go find it for me now."Tang Zichen said anxiously.

"Just leave this sort of thing to your servant, now come home with me, I'll write a personal letter and then have my servant bring my letter to invite Grandmaster Guan Dong.Master Guan Dong is a physician on the eighth level, and his medical skills are much more powerful than this Qingju Pavilion Master."

"Mmhmm, thank you grandpa."Tang Zichen was excited, great, really great.

Tang Zichen ran into Miss Blue Pearl again as she was walking out of the Qingju Pavilion, Tang Zichen didn't even look at her.

Tang Zichen was also pouting because the pavilion owner said he wanted to get close to his daughter, so Tang Zichen didn't even look at Blue Pearl.

That Blue Pearl repeatedly saw Tang Zichen ignoring her and became more and more puzzled.

Lan Zhu walked up to her father and said, "Father, Song Xiaolou has changed so strangely."

"How so strange."

"When he first came to the Qingju Pavilion, he touched me as soon as he came in

face, but he still didn't even look at me when he just left."

The owner of the museum said, "He's deliberately pretending, pretending that he doesn't care about you, when in fact he's always thinking about you in his heart."

"No, Father, the eyes can't lie, I don't see Song Xiaolou's eyes as if he's pretending at all."Lan Zhu said.

The pavilion master didn't say anything, he just snorted, he didn't believe that Song Xiaolou wasn't faking it.

Lan Zhu said, "Father, there's one more thing I haven't told you, I went to the street this morning and heard some neighbors say that Song Xiaolou actually did a good deed yesterday."

Tang Zichen returned to the Song family.

His grandfather immediately wrote a letter and had it delivered immediately.

For the next three days, Tang Zichen only needed to quietly wait for the arrival of that sixteen-grade healer.

"Qingju Pavilion Master, now I'm not begging you, it's just a pretty daughter, as if everyone would hit on her, it really makes me sick."Tang Zichen said inwardly, but of course, Tang Zichen was also speaking in anger, after all, it was very disgraceful to be rejected.

Three days later, an old man arrived at the Song family.

"Xiaolou, come over and pay your respects to Senior Guan Dong, he is the Master Guan Dong I told you about, a physician on the eighth level, when he was young, he was very close to me, once I was a secret agent in the Great Interior, and he was the Imperial Doctor."

Tang Zichen busily stepped up and paid his respects, "Senior Guan Dong, Junior pays his respects to Senior Guan Dong."

"Hahaha, Xiaolou, there's no need to be polite, you're eager to learn the art of medicine."

"Yes, I won't hide it from senior, currently senior's medical skill level is on the fifth level, it's just that, I feel a bottleneck, no matter what, I don't know how to raise it again, I still hope senior will guide me."

"Wow, no way."Senior Guan Dong was shocked.

"Little Lou, you're so young to be a physician on the fifth level, you're really a genius."

"Oh, senior fallaciously praised."

Senior Guan Dong immediately said, "No, you are such a genius, I have to take you as my disciple."

Tang Zichen immediately worshipped, "Master is above, please accept my disciple."

"Hahaha."Senior Guan Dong laughed out loud.

With that, Tang Zichen worshipped Senior Guan Dong as his master and began his journey to learn medicine.

Because Song Xiaolou's grandfather was a friend of Senior Guan Dong, and Tang Zichen's talent was singularly high and accepted him as a disciple, so Senior Guan Dong had no reservations about Tang Zichen, this was not just a favor to Song Xiaolou's grandfather, he himself wanted someone to inherit your mantle.

In a blink of an eye, twenty days passed.

In the Song family's backyard, the place had been converted into a pharmacy.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Suddenly, a loud laugh came from the dispensary.

"Twelve-grade healer now, I've finally reached twelve-grade healer."Tang Zichen said excitedly.

Tang Zichen's healing level had soared wildly in the past twenty days, Tang Zichen had studied with all his heart and without any distractions ah, and was guided by a sixteen-grade healing master, this sixteen-grade healing master also taught without reservation.

Only, Tang Zichen could sense that this Guandong Senior, his healing skills were slightly inferior to Tang Zichen's uncle, and it was unknown how much inferior.

It seemed that Tang Zichen's teacher uncle in that world was still more powerful.

"Xiaolou, you're really a medical genius, it's only been twenty days and your medical skill level has reached the upper sixth level, tsk tsk, to think that I was almost forty years old when I reached this level."Senior Guan Dong chuckled, he was very satisfied with Tang Zichen.


At that moment, Song Xiaolou's grandfather walked in.

"How's the learning going, Xiaolou."

"Haha, big brother Song, your grandson is really a medical genius, now he's at my forty years old level."

"Wow, no way, really worthy of being my grandson, hahaha."

The two old men let out a loud laugh, however, Tang Zichen didn't have any pride, Tang Zichen was determined, if he didn't improve his healing technique this time, Liu Xiangyun would die, how could medical skills not soar when Tang Zichen was so determined.

However, Tang Zichen's goal was never to be a twelve-grade healer, to save Liu Xiangyun, he had to reach at least thirteen-grade, and, at the very least, that meant that the higher Tang Zichen's healing technique was, the higher the chances of saving her, so Tang Zichen's fifty days would be a constant onslaught, the higher the better.

And currently, having already spent twenty-five days, Tang Zichen only had twenty-five days left to study at this memory stone, a total of fifty days.

Just like this, Tang Zichen had never slept, nor did he sleep at night, any medical books in this world, Tang Zichen read one after another, he himself did not know how many medical books, how many master's written journals he had read.

How hard Tang Zichen worked, it simply made his grandfather, as well as his predecessor from Guandong, feel sad to see.

Late at night, Tang Zichen was still concentrating under the lamp, reading the book and making notes.

Outside the window, the two old men watched Tang Zichen silently. The first website

"Brother Song, why is Little House so desperate?For nearly a month, he hasn't closed his eyes at all, he's been studying the medical arts desperately during the day, and at night he's been reading books all night long, he's studied at least hundreds of physicians' notes this month, and read thousands of books.It's so hard, you see, he's lost a lot of weight."

"Alas, Guandong, I actually don't know why he's gone, let's go to bed, it hurts to watch, this child, he's so determined to do things, no wonder he's so strong in martial arts.If it were anyone else, how many people would be able to do so desperately."

"Yeah, he's both talented and even more desperate."

It was dawn, Tang Zichen put down his books, he had read fifty-six books in this one night.

These fifty-six books, Tang Zichen had memorized almost everything.

Tang Zichen's unforgettable skills were also put to great use, along with his genius and hard work.

Tang Zichen held a purpose in his heart, he must save Liu Xiangyun, he must, only succeed, not fail, so even if he was exhausted, Tang Zichen would fight.

The fifty-six medical books he read last night, not every one of them was a master, there were also some written by people whose medical skills were lower than his.

However, Tang Zichen was going to study them all so that he could gather the best of a hundred schools of thought, so that he could progress with more understanding.

Now, all the medical books that could be turned out in the entire Canggu City had been turned out.

Tang Zichen had no more books to read at the moment.

"Xiaolou, go take a break and have breakfast."Song Xiaolou's grandmother walked in and said.

"Grandmother, these thousands of medical books and writings have all been read, go get me some more, the more the better."Tang Zichen said.

"Xiaolou, why do you have to work so hard, honestly, all the medical books that can be found in the entire Canggu City right now have already been found for you."

Tang Zichen said, "No, there's still one place that I haven't gone to find."

R /> "Where?"

"Qingju Pavilion, Qingju Pavilion must have medical books, less than a few hundred books in their collection, excluding some duplicates, less than a few dozen books that I haven't read.Grandmother, please help me go to the Qingju Pavilion, borrow all their books there, and return them to them when I'm done reading them."

"Well, you should take care of yourself."

"Oh, I'm fine."Tang Zichen said with fatigue in his eyes.

Song Xiaolou's grandmother left and brought a group of people to immediately go to the Qingju Pavilion to borrow books.

Tang Zichen rubbed his temples and said, "When, exactly, will I be able to become a Thirteenth Healer?It's almost a month now, alas, time is so short.The higher you go, the harder it is to progress in medical arts, I've seen a month, I've seen less than two thousand medical arts, hoo, Tang Zichen, keep fighting for Xiang Yun."

Tang Zichen went to have an early dinner, eating and studying yesterday's notes as he ate.During the day, Tang Zichen would be studying practical techniques with Kanto seniors, which was important.

At the Qingju Pavilion, Song Xiaolou's grandmother led a group of people and forcibly emptied the Qingju Pavilion's books when the owner didn't want to.

The owner of the Qingju Pavilion was angry but helpless, and they believed that Tang Zichen was retaliating for not instructing him in the art of healing.

In the evening, Tang Zichen continued to read the medical books that the Qingju Pavilion had moved, which included many of the Qingju Pavilion owner's writings, as well as many of his notes and such, which were another valuable source of information for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's medical skills progressed day by day.

Finally, on the thirty-fifth day, Tang Zichen's medical skills were once again upgraded.

"Yay, finally, I've become a Thirteenth Grade Healer, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, Thirteenth Grade Healer, he could already try to save Liu Xiangyun, but that wasn't enough, it wasn't even 100%.

Therefore, Tang Zichen's healing skills must improve further, and finally reach fourteen-grade, or even, fifteen-grade.

"Grandpa, have the medical books that were shipped from the Great Interior arrived yet?"

"Xiaolou, it will be here tomorrow, this time you can thank your master ah, it was your master who used his interpersonal relationships to move a batch of medical books from the palace grounds, these medical books are absolutely fine ah."

"Well, thank you grandpa, and thank you master."

The next day, Tang Zichen continued to pick the lamp late at night to read again.

However, in the middle of the night, there was a sudden knock on the door.

Tang Zichen opened the door, and a woman dressed as a maid stood outside the door, and the woman looked at Tang Zichen grudgingly.

Tang Zichen took a closer look and realized where this was a maid, this was clearly the Hundred Flowers House's Xiao Cui.

"Song Xiaolou, how ruthless you are."Xiao Cui's gaze was furious, and she said with great resentment, as if Tang Zichen was a heartless person.

"It's you. Why did you come to my place in the middle of the night."

"Song Xiaolou, did you really forget about me, did you get me and have no interest in me, and you haven't come to find me for over a month."Xiao Cui Dao.

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed, honestly, not to mention Xiao Cui, these days, Tang Zichen had even forgotten who he was, then there was still the mood to think about a young woman.

"Alright, if there's nothing else, just go back, I still have to study."

"Little Lou."Suddenly, Xiao Cui threw herself deep into Tang Zichen's arms.

"Uh, Xiao Cui, what the hell are you doing."


"Little Lou, I, I can't help it, I really, I miss you so much, I've been waiting for you to come to me every day, but, every day, I've been waiting and waiting and you never came, so I couldn't help it, I came to you myself.After I came here, I realized that you've been studying medicine all these days, Xiaolou, don't drive me away, I really miss you."It was strange to have developed feelings for Song Xiaolou.

"Oh, Xiao Cui, we have such deep feelings for each other?"

"People gave it to you the first time, what more do you want."

"Haha."Tang Zichen stroked Xiao Cui's chin, it seems, Xiao Cui ever since she was turned into a woman by Tang Zichen a month ago, tasting the love between a man and a woman, she was secretly looking forward to it, but unfortunately, every day, she was disappointed in waiting, so, the love for Tang Zichen in this disappointment, more and more accumulated, to the point of uncontrollable, finally, falling into, falling in love with Tang Zichen.

Since there was a beauty sent to his door, Tang Zichen did not want to be a guardian or a hypocrite, and directly pulled Xiao Cui into the room, after which the sensation, need not go into detail.It wasn't until hours later that Tang Zichen let Xiao Cui leave, originally Xiao Cui refused to leave, but Tang Zichen had already wasted a few hours, can't waste any more, must continue reading.Xiao Cui was helpless and walked away with a deep resentment in her eyes, and when she left, off to the side, Tang Zichen also said that he would not be allowed to be disturbed again within half a month.

Xiao Cui was heartbroken.

Tang Zichen felt that he was not too heartless, and changed his words, "Before I leave this world, I will come to find you."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed, then continued to bury his head in his reading.Having just let off some steam on Little Cui, Tang Zichen also felt much happier physically and mentally, and was much more energetic when reading, what a strange thing to say.

And so, Tang Zichen continued to struggle for five days.

What Tang Zichen himself did not expect was that Tang Zichen's medical skills were once again elevated.

"Yay, fourteen pints now, oh my god, fourteen pints now."Tang Zichen was horrified, in almost forty days, if you count the time wasted, that's forty-five days, Tang Zichen went from being a ten-grade healer, to a fourteen-grade healer. Remember the URL

"Hoo, Xiangyun, wait for me to come back, I will resurrect you, I will, I will, ahhh."Tang Zichen shouted in excitement.

Tang Zichen had read so many medical books, hundreds and thousands of masters' insights, this accumulation could be imagined.

So, Tang Zichen's medical skills, in terms of treating battle wounds, reached the level of fourteen grades, and in terms of treating difficult diseases, Tang Zichen himself honestly didn't know how high.

Moreover, Tang Zichen had now designed the complete plan for treating Liu Xiangyun, so as long as he waited for him to return, he could start treating Liu Xiangyun.

At this moment, Tang Zichen couldn't say how excited he was.

All of this came about when Tang Zichen read the writings of a master named 'Ma Yong', Tang Zichen's medical thoughts were somewhat similar to Tang Zichen's uncle in his previous life, which gave Tang Zichen a very great help in recalling his uncle's medical skills.Perhaps, Tang Zichen even suspected that his uncle in that world, he might have inherited medicine from this school of Ma Yong.There were also many different schools of medicine, different inheritances, and different philosophies.

"Phew."Tang Zichen put down the book.

"I'm already one hundred percent sure that I can save Xiangyun, and now, my medical skills are almost at a new bottleneck, and it's going to be very, very hard to move forward again, not in a few days."

"This memory

Stone, having fifty days, in the blink of an eye I've been in for forty-five days, only five days left, these last five days, I want to take a break and have some fun."Tang Zichen walked out of the backyard pharmacy.

"Phew."Tang Zichen stood on the street, his body and mind had never been so happy, relaxed and comfortable.

"Huh."At that moment, Tang Zichen discovered that his realm had changed.

"Me, when did I break through to the Unity Realm?Oh my god, the martial arts bottleneck that has plagued me for so long, I've finally broken through, I've stepped into the early stages of the Unity Realm."Tang Zichen was overjoyed.

What a double joy, not only is there hope of saving Liu Xiangyun, even the realm has somehow broken through, you know, Tang Zichen completely forgot about martial arts these days, and poured his heart into medicine.

"Yay, such a good thing, we must celebrate, and then, easily leave Canggu City."Tang Zichen walked forward as he basked in the sun, the direction he was advancing was the Hundred Flowers House, Tang Zichen was undoubtedly going to find Xiao Cui, what could be better than celebrating on a woman.

"Help, help, my father has fainted."Just then, Tang Zichen heard someone shouting in front of him.

At this moment, Blue Pearl Girl also happened to be strolling in the same place.

When Blue Pearl Girl heard that someone had fainted, she immediately ran up.

"Don't worry, I'm a physician from Qingju Pavilion, I'll take a look."

Miss Blue Pearl immediately examined the man who had fainted, but, after examining him for a while, she couldn't diagnose anything.

Miss Blue Pearl blushed, "I, I can't diagnose it, I have to take it back to the Qingju Pavilion and have my father come, or have a more advanced physician come.However, it's still several blocks away from the Qingju Pavilion, and I'm not sure if the patient will come in time, and something will happen in the middle of the day."

The patient's family burst into tears, "Ooooh, why is this happening."

"Ma'am, don't worry, we'll take the patient to the Greenhouse now."

Just then, a voice came out, "By the time you bring him to the Qingju Pavilion, the patient will be dead."

Blue Pearl looked towards the place where the voice came from and saw that it was Song Xiaolou, and snorted.

Tang Zichen walked up and said, "Idle people get out of here."

"Who are you calling an idle person."

"I'm talking about you, since you don't have the ability to save a patient, you shouldn't be in the way here."

"Hmph, acting as if you can save the life."

Tang Zichen didn't bother to powerful the blue bead girl, reaching out his hand and massaging the patient's brain a few times.

"Cough cough."Just at that moment, the patient woke up.

"Ah."Blue Pearl was shocked, she didn't even know anything yet, what exactly was the disease, and how Tang Zichen saved it.

The patient's family thanked Tang Zichen a thousand times and kowtowed to him, and said that Tang Zichen's medical skills were amazing, even the physicians at the Qingju Pavilion couldn't compare.

"No need to thank you, it's fine now and will never happen again."After saying that, Tang Zichen walked away and headed to the Hundred Flowers House.

At that moment, someone in the crowd of onlookers said, "He's Song Xiaolou."

"Wow, Song Xiaolou is so good at healing, isn't Song Xiaolou a bad guy, has he really changed his evil ways, I haven't seen him out doing evil for over forty days."


"Yeah, it's been so long since I've seen Song Xiaolou come out to do evil, I'm still a bit uncomfortable."

"I've heard that Song Xiaolou has raided all the medical books in the city to dive into the medical arts, and now that I see that he's really two-timing it, it seems that this matter is true ah, he's really diving into the medical arts ah."

"Let's hope that he really has changed his ways."

The surrounding crowd of onlookers whispered.

Naturally, Miss Blue Pearl also heard the discussions of the people around her, and also, Blue Pearl also knew that the Song family had indeed searched for medical books throughout these forty days, and even some of the nearby towns had been spared, and all of her father's Qingju Pavilion had been emptied of medical books as well.It turned out that Song Xiaolou really wanted to learn medicine, and she just showed her hand, as if she was even more powerful than her.

Miss Blue Pearl said inwardly, "I don't believe that Song Xiaolou has really suddenly changed her nature."

Tang Zichen passed by Miss Blue Pearl's side, but, Tang Zichen didn't even look at her and just walked away.

"Hey, Song Xiaolou, what do you mean, why don't you even look at me differently."Miss Blue Pearl shouted at Tang Zichen.

However, when Tang Zichen heard Blue Pearl's shout, he still walked away without looking back.

"Hey, Song Xiaolou."Blue Pearl shouted again, but Song Xiaolou had already walked away, as if she was very disdainful of her.

Lan Zhu was very disgusted with Song Xiaolou, but being ignored by Tang Zichen one after another had really whetted her appetite, and it seemed like she was a little uncomfortable inside, having been stuck with him before, but now she didn't care. One second to remember to read the book

"Is Song going to compete with me for medical skills?Okay, I now accept your challenge."Miss Blue Pearl said.

Tang Zichen laughed disdainfully, "Miss Blue Pearl, that patient just now would have died in front of you if it wasn't for me, thanks to you having the face to say that you're not worthy to compare medical skills with me.Letting your father compare with me is more like it."

"Song Xiaolou, who knows if you just bribed someone else to act again."Lan Zhu said, in fact, she doubted it was Tang Zichen who had paid her with money to deliberately perform in front of her.

At this point, the patient just now as well as the patient's family got upset and said, "Miss Lanzhu, you are too bullying to say that, you are not capable of doing it yourself, fortunately Song Xiaolou was kind enough to save one of my husband's lives, but you said that we were acting, it's too much.My family can testify for Song Xiaolou on this matter."

Lan Zhu blushed, "Alright, alright, even if it's not acting, that, everyone may encounter something that they are particularly bad at, or particularly good at, anyway Song Xiaolou, do you dare to accept my challenge."

Tang Zichen looked back at Blue Pearl and said, "Okay, this is what you said, you're the one who challenged me, today at two o'clock in the afternoon, I'll go to your Qingju Pavilion to accept your challenge, go back and tell your father, so he won't think that I ran to Qingju Pavilion to approach you again."

"Hmph, who's afraid of who."Blue Pearl pouted.

Tang Zichen turned around and walked away, Blue Pearl was very depressed as she saw that Tang Zichen was very defiant and high and mighty.

Tang Zichen was now a fourteen-grade Healing Master, a mere nine-grade Healing Master was no match for Tang Zichen, even when Tang Zichen hadn't raised his level, Miss Blue Pearl was not even as good as Tang Zichen, now, it was simply self-defeating.If she wanted to take her own humiliation, then Tang Zichen would fulfill her, as well as the master of the Qingju Pavilion.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Hundred Flowers House, directly before

Head to Hundred Flowers House Xiao Cui's room.

"Where's Xiao Cui?"

"Second Young Master Song, Xiao Cui has gone back."

"Where did she go?"

"It's home, I guess."

"Going home?Where is her house?"

"This is the address of her house."

Tang Zichen got the address of Xiao Cui's house and immediately went to her house, Tang Zichen had wanted to celebrate and have a quick fling with Xiao Cui, but unfortunately it was so unfortunate.

The first thing you need to do is to go to her house and be quiet.Before, she really wanted to leave this world, and it seemed that there must be a reason why she hated it so much, and it was only eight o'clock in the morning, so there was plenty of time.

Tang Zichen followed the address to a street in Canggu City, then found a small mansion.

"Mother, I really don't want to go to the Hundred Flowers House."

"You have to go even if you don't want to go."

"Mother, I'm begging you."

In the mansion, someone seemed to be heard talking, this mansion was quite beautiful, although it couldn't compare to that mansion of the Song family, but it was also something that only people who lived a very honest life could afford to live in.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "I'm the daughter of a poor family, her house doesn't fit the characteristics of a poor person, right?"

Tang Zichen listened attentively to the conversation in the courtyard.

"Little Cui, if you don't go to the Hundred Flowers House, how will you be able to support such a large family?Your brother is the third generation of our family, he has to excel in the future.Now that your brother is on the rise, she needs a large amount of spiritual medicine to aid in her training and such, and these things, where would they come from without money.If it weren't for my mother and my old age, I would have gone to work at the Hundred Flowers House myself.Xiao Cui, you must understand that you are a girl, you were born to dedicate yourself to the male members of your family.Anyway, you should hurry to the Hundred Flowers House and try to get some more money, you still need eight hundred taels of gold this month, and your brother wants to purchase a better sword."

Xiao Cui looked haggard, she was nothing more than a tool for her family to make money, her family favored boys over girls, girls seemed to have no meaningful existence at all, if it wasn't possible to make money for the family, it could be completely abandoned.Every month, she had to take home at least a thousand taels of gold, it wasn't like this gold had fallen from the sky, it was all from her posing as a young woman in the Hundred Flowers House and using enchantment to trick her.However, she was tired, she really didn't want to continue to live like this, she really wanted to find a soul mate and run away with him, have her own love, and family, instead of just dedicating herself to this family.Her mesmerism was okay, but it was only able to mesmerize the weak ones, and she would love to find a master to develop in this area, but she couldn't, she had to be like a blood cow, constantly supplying blood to the family.

She wanted so badly to leave this place and go live her own life.

For some reason, at this time, she thought of Song Xiaolou.

When Xiao Cui looked up, she really saw Song Xiaolou standing in front of her, Xiao Cui smiled bitterly and shook, did she really fall in love with Song Xiaolou?It was so blurry-eyed.

But then Song spoke, "Is that why you want to leave this world?Are you disappointed in the family?"

"Ah, you."Xiao Cui realized that it wasn't her eyes that were blurry, but the real Song Xiaolou.

"Song Xiaolou, you, why did you appear here."Xiao Cui was surprised.


"I went to the Hundred Flowers House to look for you, and the pimp said you weren't there, so I came to your house to look for you."

"Oh, then, then go to the Hundred Flowers House.", she seemed to know that Song Xiaolou was going to find her to vent.

"Don't get me wrong, I didn't go to find you to vent."

"Come on, I've seen too many men, you're not going to vent to me, are you looking at me?How do you look at me, the second young master of the Song family, how do you think of me except when you are venting, last time I was foolish enough to go to your house to look for you, but after sending you to your door and letting you vent, you directly sent me away mercilessly and warned me not to bother you again."

"Xiao Cui, I really misunderstood, if I'm such a person, why would I come to your house to find you."

"Cut it out, do you dare to swear that you went to the Hundred Flowers House today, you really wanted to see me?No thoughts of venting with me?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen had nothing to say, yes, he did think of going to the Hundred Flowers House early in the morning to celebrate, celebrating, naturally he couldn't avoid that what.

"Alright, I don't blame you, it's my whims."

Tang Zichen said, "I just heard your conversation with your mother."

"Oh, you want to feel sorry for me."

"I'm going to find your mother." First URL

"Stay out of my family business."

However, Tang Zichen had already gone inside, and Little Cui couldn't pull Tang Zichen out.

When Xiao Cui's mother saw Tang Zichen, she was first stunned, then she busily called out, "Second Young Master Song."

Little Cui's mother naturally knew Song Xiaolou as well, not many people would not recognize the infamous Song Xiaolou, and even if they didn't, they had heard of the name.

"You're Xiao Cui's mother?"

"Yes, I don't know what Second Young Master Song has come to my house for."

"I'm here to seek justice for Xiao Cui, what do you take Xiao Cui for, a tool to make money?Have you ever thought that she also has a future, and she's going to pursue her future instead of spending her life in a green house to maintain your extravagant family."

Xiao Cui's mother laughed, "Second Young Master Song, you're meddling a bit too much, aren't you."

"What? You still feel upset."

"Second Young Master Song, between you and Little Cui, it's just a relationship between a prostitute and a lady, if you're really that close to Little Cui, then fine, take out a few tens of thousands of taels of gold and redeem Little Cui's body."

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped her away.

"Mother."Little Cui was busy jumping on her, after all, it was her mother, she wouldn't take her mother's anger anyways.

"Song Xiaolou, what are you doing?"

At that moment, Xiao Cui's mother immediately launched a mesmerizing attack on Tang Zichen, but it turned out that she also knew how to mesmerize, and, the level was a little higher than Xiao Cui.

"Looking for death."Tang Zichen immediately counterattacked.

Suddenly, Little Cui's mother was jumping and jumping in place like a fool.

"Mother, what's wrong with you, Song Xiaolou, you have to let my mother go."

It took several minutes before Tang Zichen disarmed the lullaby attack.

Tang Zichen walked away.

Xiao Cui's mother sat on the ground in horror and said, "Isn't he, isn't he an inner-level trash?Why is that."

"Mother, Song Xiaolou is not trash, everything is hidden by him." ..

Tang Zichen left Xiao Cui's house and soon after, Xiao Cui chased after him.

"Thank you, Song Xiaolou."

"Thank me for what."

"Thank you for fighting for me, but this is my life, I have no reason to blame my family, if you really want to help me, take me out of this world, if

I don't exist in this world anymore, then I can let go of all this in peace."Xiao Cui looked at Tang Zichen eagerly, she hadn't even given up yet.

"Little Cui, we'll talk about this later."


Tang Zichen could only coax her like this, anyway, Tang Zichen would end this memory stone in a few days, and the entire memory stone world would suddenly disappear like a light going out, and when it came back in, the entire memory stone would start all over again, and Xiao Cui wouldn't remember any Tang Zichen at all.

It wasn't that Tang Zichen didn't help, but it was simply impossible.

"Then let's go to the Hundred Flowers House now."Xiao Cui thought that Tang Zichen would consider taking her away, so she was a hundred times more solicitous of Tang Zichen, blushing shamefacedly, needless to say knew what she was doing by taking the initiative to go to the Hundred Flowers House.

"I'm not going today, lest you say I'm looking for you just to vent again."Tang Zichen shook his head.

"People are just joking la, count me in for venting to you."

"Don't go."

"What's wrong with you, I've said count me in to find you to vent, and you're still angry."

"You're really looking to vent to me?"



Xiao Cui blushed, "So shy, don't ask."

"Then don't go."

"I really can't do anything with you, although people are girls, but they are also the first to taste that, they will also want to well."

"Hahaha, good, since it's you who wants to, then reluctantly go with you to the Hundred Flowers House, hahaha."Tang Zichen hugged Xiao Cui and flew up, heading straight to the Hundred Flowers House.

Tang Zichen and Xiao Cui were at the Hundred Flowers House, they ordered a table of delicious food and drank to help them enjoy themselves, so happy.

One o'clock in the afternoon.

"Alright, I'm leaving."

"Where to?"

"To the Qingju Pavilion, I promised Miss Blue Pearl that she would challenge me to a healing."

"I'll go with you."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Qingju Pavilion as promised.

The Qingju Pavilion had already made preparations, and when Tang Zichen arrived at the Qingju Pavilion, Miss Blue Pearl was already waiting for Tang Zichen.

"Song Xiaolou, you've really come."

"Miss Blue Pearl, it was you who challenged me, not me who challenged you, I already don't care to challenge you, but since you're so self-defeating, I'll fulfill you."Tang Zichen said, looking to the side at the silent Qingju Pavilion Master.

Tang Zichen said again, "Pavilion Master, your daughter should have told you, don't think that I'm coming to your medical hall again to get close to your daughter."

The Qingju Pavilion Master snorted, "Song Xiaolou, show your real skills before you talk nonsense, I've already prepared the patients, four patients in total, all four of them have injuries under grade 5, how do you plan to compare?"

Don Zichen said, "And how do you plan to compare?"

"Compared to the treatment time, the treatment time break wins."

"Okay, then there will be two patients each, Miss Blue Pearl is a girl, I'll let her pick first."

Blue Pearl said, "There is no need to pick, these four patients have the exact same injuries, my father purposely let an innate expert fight to be fair."

"So very good."Tang Zichen also believed that someone as innocent as the Qingju Pavilion Master would definitely not cheat.

Tang Zichen and Blue Pearl, two patients each.

Now they were comparing the treatment of battle wounds, not the complications aspect, after all, the complications aspect really couldn't choose the exact same condition and couldn't be fair.

"Begin."With a single command, Tang Zichen and the Blue Pearl girl started treating at the same time.


Tang Zichen took out the silver needles in his left and right hands at the same time, and even treated them at the same time.

Tang Zichen's move immediately startled Miss Blue Pearl and even the museum owner.Treating two patients at the same time with his left and right hands?Is this something a normal person can do?It was something that almost no one could do, or at least they had never heard of that physician being able to do it.

Tang Zichen's left and right hands were each like two people at the same time, and many of the onlookers, physicians, patients, etc., marveled at it.

In less than thirty seconds, Tang Zichen withdrew the needles and said, "My treatment is complete."

"Ah."Lan Zhu was trembling, she hadn't even finished one yet, she needed about four to five minutes to treat one, which was the fastest speed.However, Tang Zichen had only taken thirty seconds, and they both finished healing at the same time.

The owner of the Qingju Pavilion was also stunned when he saw Tang Zichen heal so quickly, Tang Zichen was so fast, what level of physician had he reached?A question was born in the mind of the Qingju Pavilion Master, it was really hard for him to imagine that Tang Zichen was even more talented than his daughter.

"How is that possible."Blue Pearl looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth lifted and he snorted coldly.

Blue Pearl asked, "You, you actually know how to heal."

"Hahaha, joke, did you think until now that I've been attracting your attention and hitting on you?You're too presumptuous."Tang Zichen looked towards the Qingju Pavilion Master and said, "And you, Pavilion Master, you must have also thought until now that I've been trying my best to gain your daughter's attention, including today's contest, right?"

The Qingju Pavilion Master didn't say anything, because Tang Zichen was right. Remember the URL

"I pooh, it's disgusting, I really think of my daughter as the most beautiful woman in the world, every man must like her when he sees her."

Tang Zichen originally wanted to call it his girlfriend, but, in the end, he didn't, because in terms of posture, Blue Pearl was indeed a notch prettier than Xiao Cui.

Tang Zichen said, "Forty days ago, I was a physician on the fifth level, now, I am a physician on the seventh level, Master of Qingju Pavilion, I am now officially issuing a challenge to you, I know you are a physician under the eighth level, but, I will not challenge you to challenge anything else, I will challenge you to treat difficult diseases, tomorrow at eight o'clock in the morning, in front of Qingju Pavilion, let's have a contest, do you dare?"

The owner of the Qingju Pavilion snorted, "What is there to be afraid of, since you are out of your depth, I will fulfill you."

"Well, tomorrow, prepare yourself for three difficult patients, I don't mind letting you know about their conditions in advance, because, I have no fear of you at all,"

"Hmph, big mouth, do you think my eighth-grade medical skills are false, don't worry, I will never take any advantage of you, I will let you know what it means to be a frog in a well."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed loudly and said, "Master Qingju, do you know why I don't challenge your medical skills today?Firstly, because I still need time to find patients, and secondly, because I have other challenges for you today.Pavilion Master, I see that your talent in martial arts isn't weak either, you're not very old, you're only in your fifties, but your martial arts realm is at the peak of the Early Unity Realm, so your talent in martial arts is also strong, I, Song Xiaolou, am stronger in martial arts compared to in medical arts.Pavilion Master, I dare you to fight me now."

"Ridiculous, with you?You're right. My talent in martial arts is perfect.

All no weaker than in medicine, Song Xiaolou, are you looking for death?"

Tang Zichen released the momentum on his body, but of course, Tang Zichen released the momentum on his soul, after all, the body wasn't his, and he had to take the trouble to release it to release the pressure of the realm, or else others would see him as an inner class.

"Ah, unity realm."Sensing Tang Zichen's realm, the museum owner was shocked.

"Song Xiaolou, you, you're actually in the early stages of the Unity Realm."The Qingju Pavilion Master looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, reaching the Unity Realm at such a young age, this was too terrifying.

Many of the onlookers were shocked, Song Xiaolou, who had always been considered a waste, was actually hiding his strength, his true strength, he had already reached the Unity Realm.

At this moment, in everyone's eyes, Song Xiaolou's image was suddenly turned upside down, becoming tall and unreachable.

Miss Blue Pearl was also completely trembling, Song Xiaolou's medical skills had just made her unbelievable, and now, Song Xiaolou was even more unbelievable as a strong man of the Unity Realm.Song Xiaolou's image in her mind, dude, trash, waste, peaked in an instant, unable to not peak, because, Song Xiaolou's current state was beyond her reach, that is, a genius in such a state was someone she was completely unworthy of.

The owner of the Qingju Pavilion said, "Song Xiaolou, I don't deny that you are indeed a genius for reaching the Unity Realm at such a young age, but unfortunately, do you think that you are qualified to fight me?You're only at the first level of the Early Unity Realm, if I'm not mistaken, I'm afraid you've only just broken through to the first level of the Early Unity Realm, you're still far away from me, are you qualified to fight me?"

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Whether or not you're qualified, you'll only know if you've fought."

If Tang Zichen hadn't stepped into the Unity Realm by now, then Tang Zichen would definitely not be a match, but now that Tang Zichen had stepped into the Unity Realm, even though the Pavilion Master was at the peak of the Early Unity Realm, it didn't mean that Tang Zichen didn't have the ability to fight.

"Hahaha, joke, my hall is at the peak of the Early Unity Realm, how can you be challenged by a first layer.Since you are so ignorant of yourself, then I will fulfill you."After saying that, the Pavilion Master bounced on both feet and his entire body flew towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen saw that the Pavilion Master didn't use a weapon and didn't intend to.

Tang Zichen's power Qi was great anyway, so he might be stronger without using weapons and relying entirely on strength.

However, when Tang Zichen thought of strength, he was reminded of his Herculean Power, which had been trained to the seventh level, but could no longer continue.

Now that Tang Zichen had stepped into the unity realm, could he continue to practice at the eighth level again?

If it was trained to the eighth level, then Tang Zichen's arm strength would reach a terrifying 50,000 jin.

If it reached 50,000 pounds, I'm afraid that Tang Zichen wouldn't even need a heavy sword, he could blow his opponent to pieces with a single punch, because, Tang Zichen's punch was too powerful.

However, at this moment, the Pavilion Master had already attacked, Tang Zichen didn't have time to try to practice the eighth level.

"Boom."Tang Zichen's Herculean power was infused into his arm, and he greeted it towards the Pavilion Master, and with a loud explosion, Tang Zichen and the Pavilion Master both flew back.

Tang Zichen didn't use his weapon, and didn't have any advantage against the Pavilion Master who was so many realms higher.


The punch against the punch, Tang Zichen, despite his immense strength, was still unable to offset the difference brought about by the realm, and his arm fractured.The Pavilion Master, however, was trembling at the moment, he thought that he could blow Tang Zichen away with one punch, but as a result, they were both blown away at the same time, his arm was shaking, because, Tang Zichen's strength was too great, if it wasn't for the realm advantage that allowed him to unload most of his strength in time, he would have fractured his arm.

As for Tang Zichen's arm fracture, it was not caused by the pavilion master's strength, but rather the pavilion master's use of dark energy while unloading Tang Zichen's strength had collapsed Tang Zichen's arm.

After all, Tang Zichen's realm was so different, it was fine if he used weapons, but once the two of them came into direct physical contact, then Tang Zichen's body was not at all as tough as the Pavilion Master's, which was why Tang Zichen's arm was collapsed by him.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath inside, it seemed that relying on his hands had almost no chance of defeating the pavilion master, using swords together, there might be a slight chance, as for the mesmerizing technique, Tang Zichen's as the realm so much lower, he could not mesmerize him at all.

However, Tang Zichen saw that the Pavilion Master also seemed to be having a hard time, his arms were trembling slightly, and I'm sure the blood in his body was also boiling.

The surrounding onlookers didn't know the inside story, they only saw a blow that broke Tang Zichen's arm while the pavilion owner was fine.

"Song Xiaolou, don't be embarrassed, you're no match for our master."

"Hahahaha, still daring to challenge my master, facepalm it."

A few of the pavilion master's disciples scoffed, but then the pavilion master bellowed, "All of you, shut up."

Only then did those few disciples panic and shut up.

The pavilion master saw his own disciples mocking Tang Zichen by speaking out, and he himself felt flushed because, only he knew how much it made him tremble that Tang Zichen, as someone so much younger than him and so much lower in his realm, was able to go up against him like this, and those disciples even mocked Tang Zichen for it, it was so ignorant that the pavilion master himself felt flushed. One second to remember to read the book

At this moment, Tang Zichen closed his eyes.

Yes, in Tang Zichen's mind, he immediately turned over the eighth level of the Herculean Divine Skill, Tang Zichen was going to try to see if he could practice the eighth level of the Herculean Divine Skill.

If Tang Zichen practiced it, 50,000 pounds of arm strength, any pavilion master's realm is high, it simply can't be blocked, when the strength reaches an amount, the others are already useless, Tang Zichen can absolutely blow him to pieces with one punch, absolutely, 50,000 pounds of one punch, I don't believe who dares to come up and let him try.

Tang Zichen detected it in his mind, after stepping into the unity realm, he was able to comprehend the eighth level of the Herculean Divine Skill.

"Haha, I can practice it, and it shouldn't take long."

However, now that he was in the middle of a battle with the Pavilion Master, Tang Zichen couldn't say that he would pause for a while, so he had to delay for a few minutes, and Tang Zichen was confident that he would be able to practice the eighth level of the Herculean Divine Skill within three minutes.

Tang Zichen had two minds in his head as he practiced his Herculean Divine Kung Fu and said, "Pavilion Master, truly worthy of a genius, without using any weapons, a tight punch made me break my bones."

"Hmph."The pavilion master snorted and said, "Song Xiaolou, you are no match for me, although I admit, you are indeed a genius, now, get lost."

"Hahaha, Pavilion Master, is it too early to say that I'm not your opponent."

"What?You still want to fight me?How are you going to fight me when your arm is still in a broken state."

"Tsk, thanks to you being a physician.

Already my medical skills, a district fracture is nothing."

"Even if you can recover instantly from a fracture, it doesn't change the state of the damage, do you think, you can still exert one hundred percent strength with a damaged arm?"

For some reason, the Pavilion Master was a bit scrupulous of Tang Zichen, as if he didn't want to continue fighting with Tang Zichen, God knows if Tang Zichen had any more backstabbing tactics, geniuses like Tang Zichen often possessed very many tricks.

"Hahaha, Pavilion Master, I am the one challenging you today, and this duel will not stop before it is completely split into winners and losers.Moreover, I just tested it out and didn't show my true strength, and now that I've tested it out, you, I, Song Xiaolou, have no fear at all, unless, you also haven't shown your full strength yet."

"Joke, I just used my hands only, I didn't use any weapons, how did I put out my full strength, Song Xiaolou, don't be presumptuous."

"That's best, get your weapons ready and bring out your strongest battle strength."Tang Zichen said.

In Tang Zichen's mind, the eighth level of his Herculean Power was about to be completed, and he had just spent about three or four minutes bullshitting with the Pavilion Master.

Tang Zichen immediately twisted his newly fractured arm over, and then spent a minute to finish healing himself, so that Tang Zichen recovered to his peak, and at the same time, the eighth layer of Tang Zichen's Herculean Divine Kung Fu, was also practiced.

Tang Zichen clenched both his fists, feeling like his fingers were about to burst by themselves, this feeling was too good.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, he, the power of one punch, could already reach 50,000 jin, 50,000 jin ah, what a terrifying number.

A mere peak of the early Unity Realm, Tang Zichen didn't believe that he could block Tang Zichen's 50,000 jin punch.

At this moment, the Pavilion Master was also ready, and he had a large sword in his hand, somewhat like Guan Gong's large sword.

At this moment, the Pavilion Master said inwardly, "I must viciously defeat him, I am at the peak of the early stage of the Unity Realm, if I cannot defeat him, I will lose face, and so will the Qingju Pavilion, I must defeat him as fast as possible, so that he will still dare to be so insolent."

"Song Xiaolou, can we begin?"The pavilion master said with a large sword.

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth lifted and said, "Of course, pavilion master, take out your strongest power, and this time, I will not hold back."

"Hmph, then watch the moves."

"Drink."The pavilion master jumped up and shouted, a slash in the air, like lightning, swooshing down at Tang Zichen, this slash, with infinite power, was a slash of the pavilion master's full strength.

However, Tang Zichen was stronger.

Tang Zichen shouted, Herculean divine power was in operation, his whole body's strength gathered in one punch, this punch, reached 50,000 jin, one could even say, a few hundred jin more, but a few hundred jin more was negligible.

"Boom."In full view of the public, one blade, one punch, the two phases bombarded together.

Fifty thousand pounds of power, it was no longer just a punch, it was like a big truck, slamming into it at high speed, and everything it encountered was crushed to slag.


The pavilion master's large blade, when it touched the power of Tang Zichen's punch, it split apart and shattered, even the handle of the blade shattered.

"Boom."The heavy punch landed on the pavilion owner's body, and in an instant, it blew away like a sandbag, spoiling a house a few dozen meters away.


There was silence, incredulous eyes looked at Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen actually defeated the pavilion master at the peak of the Early Unity Realm with one punch, although the pavilion master was a physician, he was also very talented in martial arts ah, even the pavilion master's talent was far stronger than Song Xiaolou's grandfather, because the pavilion master was only fifty years old to reach the peak of the Early Unity Realm, and Song Xiaolou's grandfather, although he was currently the number one expert in Canggu City, but, he was already more than a hundred years old, God knows if the pavilion master's strength had surpassed Song Xiaolou's grandfather when he was more than a hundred years old.

However, he was punched away by Tang Zichen, who was only in his twenties and, moreover, had only just stepped into the Unity Realm, and all sorts of incredulous gazes were gathered on Tang Zichen.

It wasn't until several seconds later that a voice shouted, "Father."Only then did the crowd wake up and see Miss Blue Pearl running towards the building where the pavilion master had bombarded.


"Pavilions Master."


Many people rushed up as well.

Tang Zichen didn't pay any attention to the Pavilion Master, but was internally excited about his fist.The power of Tang Zichen's fist reached fifty thousand pounds, so much power that any fighting technique was meaningless in front of this kind of power, which meant that Tang Zichen was now most likely stronger with his empty hand than even using a heavy sword.

The weight of the heavy sword was only 16,000 jin, but the power of a punch with the empty hand was 50,000 jin, so the empty hand was probably even stronger.

I'm afraid that at any level in the early stages of the Hop-One Realm, he was already without a match.

: "Little Lou, you're too strong." The first website

"Hehe."Tang Zichen laughed.

At that moment, the Pavilion Master had crawled out of the ruins and didn't seem to be very seriously injured.

Tang Zichen had struck with all his might, without reservation, but the pavilion master had not been seriously injured, nor had he died, which indirectly indicated that the upper limit of Tang Zichen's strength was estimated to be just at the peak of the Crushing Unity Realm Early Stage.This also indicates that Tang Zichen's upper limit of strength was just at the peak of the Early Unification Realm. The Middle Unification Realm was still unreachable, because the difference between the Early Unification Realm and the Middle Unification Realm was another huge gap.

The museum master walked up to Tang Zichen and said, "Song Xiaolou, count me in for underestimating you."

"Oh, no need, remember, we have another duel tomorrow morning, you've already lost to me in martial arts, and I don't want you to lose to me again tomorrow morning in medical arts."Tang Zichen said.

"No way, medically I will never lose to you again, never."The museum owner gritted his teeth.

"I hope so, otherwise, you're too useless as a pavilion master, at least, in front of me."

The Qingju Pavilion Master's face was ugly.

Tang Zichen turned around and left.

Miss Blue Pearl, who was helping the Pavilion Master, saw that Tang Zichen didn't even look at her again from the beginning until he turned around and left, feeling depressed inside, Tang Zichen really didn't take her seriously at all, and was even a bit anxious.

"Hey."Blue Pearl Girl couldn't help but yell out.

"Do you still have something?Could it be that you still want to spar with me?"Don said without turning his head.

"Me."Miss Blue Pearl was tongue-tied, she didn't know what she was shouting for, as if it was purely to attract Tang Zichen's attention.

The museum owner was busy, "Blue Pearl, what are you doing."


Tang Zichen walked out of the Qingju Pavilion with Xiao Cui.

Next, Tang Zichen went back to the Song Family.

The story about Tang Zichen's punch that flew off the Green Residence Pavilion Master quickly spread throughout Canggu City.


sp; Tang Zichen's grandparents came to Tang Zichen at the first opportunity, and Tang Zichen unreservedly displayed his strength, surprising Tang Zichen's grandparents so much that they surrounded Tang Zichen for an afternoon before dispersing.

The name of Tang Zichen being the true first genius of Canggui City had spread as a result.

Tang Zichen sat on a rattan chair in the courtyard, and although everyone in the city was already talking about him, Tang Zichen was not happy at all.

It was because this was just an imaginary world of memories, no different from dreaming, except for the fact that Tang Zichen's strength was real.

"Then I'm going back.".

"Don't go back, stay at my place for the next few days."Tang Zichen said.

"I'm not such a person, but don't worry, I won't go to the Hundred Flowers House, I'll be brave enough to resist my fate to my parents."


Xiao Cui didn't know why, but she suddenly made up her mind to rebel against her parents.

Perhaps because, she saw that Tang Zichen was so powerful, and she had already developed a love for Tang Zichen, so she suddenly made up her mind to become stronger and no longer become their money-making tool all the time for her family, only when she was stronger could she really be worthy of Tang Zichen in the future, but of course, Tang Zichen didn't care if she really thought that way.

The next morning, Tang Zichen went to the Qingju Pavilion early in the morning.

Unexpectedly, Tang Zichen's grandparents, as well as his parents and others, followed Tang Zichen to the Qingju Pavilion to watch Tang Zichen and the owner of the Qingju Pavilion pk medical skills.

Moreover, when Tang Zichen arrived at the Qingju Pavilion, he found that it was already crowded with people.

Tang Zichen had defeated the Pavilion Master yesterday and it was a sensation in the city, so it was impossible not to pay attention today.

Under the attention of many people, Tang Zichen and the owner of Qingju Pavilion walked out and stood in the main hall of Qingju Pavilion.

Today, the Qingju Pavilion suspended its business for a day because too many people were coming.

Tang Zichen asked, "How do you want to compare?"

"Song Xiaolou, you want to compete with me in treating difficult diseases, this aspect has always been my strong point, I'll ask you again now, are you sure you want to compete with me?"

"So many people are here, do you think I'm joking?Oh, is it possible that you think I'm deliberately trying to catch your daughter's eye again?"

"Hmph, Song Xiaolou, don't talk about my daughter."

"Hahaha, it's you who takes your daughter too seriously, yes, maybe I did like your daughter before, but that was before."

At this moment, not far away, Lan Zhu's heart jumped violently, there was a feeling that couldn't be explained, this feeling, as if she regretted or hated to go back to the past, if she knew that Tang Zichen was hiding so deeply in the past, she said nothing to dislike that Song might already be with Song Xiaolou.

"Song Xiaolou, even if you were powerful, I wouldn't like you, nonsense, difficult patients, I've already asked Blue Pearl to prepare ten, how do you want to compare?Don't worry, I didn't even know about these ten people beforehand, I don't care to take any advantage of you."

"Okay, these ten patients, we will treat them randomly, for a total of half a pillar of time, whoever heals the most within a pillar of time will win, how about it?"

"Suit yourself."

"Then, prepare to begin."

After lighting an incense stick, Tang Zichen and the pavilion master began treating ten patients at the same time.

Both of them were chosen at random, but for these ten patients, Blue Pearl purposely picked the ones with almost serious conditions.


Tang Zichen was the first to choose a woman who was suffering from an inexplicable disease, complete dementia, in fact all ten patients, almost all of them were mentally ill.

It took Tang Zichen three minutes to treat the first one.And by this time, the owner of the Qingju Pavilion was already treating the second one, one step ahead of Tang Zichen.

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, the Qingju Pavilion Master was actually faster than him.

Tang Zichen had to overtake him, or else he would lose.

Tang Zichen immediately recalled Qingju Pavilion Master's notes and such in his mind, to understand his treatment method, to know himself and his enemy.

The second patient, Tang Zichen took two minutes to heal, and at that moment, the Qingju Pavilion Master also happened to be healed.

The two were almost in sync.

Both of them were currently cured two to two.

"Go for it."Many onlookers shouted, feeling that Tang Zichen and Qingju Pavilion Master were as strong as each other, but it was two to two.

There were still six patients left on the scene, who would win the final victory would depend on who healed more of these next six.

"Whew, no, I must calm down, I've read too many medical books, so it's caused me to think too confused and my treatment methods are too mixed."Tang Zichen secretly told himself internally. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen calmed himself down and didn't pay attention to the pavilion master's situation, he wouldn't lose face even if he lost anyway, so why rush and create psychological pressure on himself?

The third person, Tang Zichen spent three minutes healing, this person's situation was more serious.

Tang Zichen was not going to pay attention to the pavilion master, but when he went to choose the fourth patient, he found that the pavilion master hadn't chosen yet, which meant that when healing the third person, Tang Zichen was ahead of the speed.

Sure enough, Tang Zichen looked towards the pavilion owner and saw that the pavilion owner was still treating the third person and, looking at him, his brows were furrowed.

Yes, the pavilion master was healing the third person, he had a problem, he was actually a bit tricky at the moment, he didn't know how to treat him.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, didn't have this problem, because Tang Zichen had read too many medical books, so even though Tang Zichen's treatment plan was too mixed, Tang Zichen was the one who could find a cure for any patient he had.The Pavilion Master, on the other hand, only studied his own line of medicine, so he definitely wasn't as extensive as Tang Zichen, and once he ran into a problem, he immediately slowed down.

"Yay, he's run into a problem, haha, I'm going to immediately grab this opportunity and get ahead of him."

Tang Zichen immediately treated the fourth person.

The fourth person took Tang Zichen a minute to heal.

The score of the scene immediately became four to two, Tang Zichen was four and the pavilion master was two, as the pavilion master was still treating the third person.

Tang Zichen immediately began treating the fifth person.

However, the fifth person's condition was also very complicated, and Tang Zichen seemed to have encountered some difficulties.

However, Tang Zichen had seen so many medical techniques, Tang Zichen suddenly remembered that in one of the medical books he had read, someone seemed to have described this disease.

Thus, it only took Tang Zichen three minutes to heal the fifth one.

And at this time, the museum owner's third one had yet to be healed.

The live score became five to two.

Tang Zichen was ahead by three.

Tang Zichen now only needed to heal one more before the end of the game, then Tang Zichen had won.


Tang Zichen immediately proceeded to heal the sixth patient


Tang Zichen had encountered the sixth patient's situation before, so Tang Zichen felt that the sixth patient wouldn't take long.

And the pavilion master's treatment of the third patient seemed to be coming to an end soon.

The live score was still five to three now.

However, it was a bit delicate at the moment, because out of the ten patients, apart from the seven who had already been cured, there were only three left, and these three, respectively, were the one that the pavilion master was treating, the one that Tang Zichen was treating, and the other one that was waiting for treatment.

So, if the pavilion master finished treating first, then the last one would definitely be chosen by him to go, and then the final score would be six to four.

If Tang Zichen finished his treatment first, then the last person chosen by Tang Zichen would be seven to three, and the final score would be seven to three.

This was a big difference, six to four and seven to three, they weren't on the same level at a glance.

"Master, come on, there's only one last patient left, hurry up, or else you'll be chosen by Song Xiaolou."Qingju Pavilion Master's disciples shouted.

The Qingju Pavilion Master was clearly speeding up, he was treating the third one, unfortunately he ran into problems, it took him ten minutes, in those ten minutes, Tang Zichen was a few minutes ahead of him at once.

The Qingju Pavilion Master felt a bit nervous, the defeat was now decided, but, in full view of the public, he didn't want to lose to Song Xiaolou by three to seven, to lose would be four to six, so he had to get the last patient before the others.

Likewise, Tang Zichen was also nervous, Tang Zichen thought in his heart, since he was going to win, let's win in a more glorious way, seven to three, everyone would know at a glance that the strength surpassed the pavilion master by a large margin, four to six, the level would not be much different.

Both of them were treating the one on their hands as fast as they could.

Just when everyone was nervous, finally, Tang Zichen was the first to finish treating the sixth patient, and Tang Zichen immediately jumped on the last one, pulling him to his side.At this time, the pavilion owner had also finished treating the third, but unfortunately, his fourth, but he had no chance and watched Tang Zichen treating the seventh.

About three minutes later, Tang Zichen healed the seventh one.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath, and then laughed out loud.

"Before a pillar of incense was up, Song Xiaolou won the match by a score of seven to three... Song Xiaolou's healing skills won this match by far surpassing the Qingju Pavilion Master."

"Pah-pah."Many people applauded and began to cheer.

The Qingju Pavilion Master was feeling so ashamed at the moment.

Yesterday, in martial arts, being at the peak of the early Unity Realm, he was defeated by Tang Zichen, and today, in medicine, being at the lower eighth level, he was defeated by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen laughed and didn't say anything, turning around and walking away, all the onlookers also scattered with Tang Zichen.

Soon, only the master of the Qingju Pavilion was left, as well as those disciples of his, and everyone remained silent, the Qingju Pavilion, which had just been incomparably lively, was extremely quiet at the moment, just like the master's heart.

It was like a dream for Tang Zichen to go from begging the pavilion master for medical guidance to finally surpassing the pavilion master.

Tang Zichen's fame was once again sweeping through Canggu City, and everyone seemed to have forgotten how evil Song Xiaolou had been in Canggu City in the past, and they were actually cheering for Song Xiaolou without even realizing it.

Of course, this was mainly because Tang Zichen had already made amends to all the people he had harmed.

At noon, Tang Zichen was lying on a rattan chair, cozily basking in the sun.

Although the entire city was still talking about the morning's battle with the Pavilion Master, Tang Zichen himself had forgotten the same.


Tang Zichen murmured, "The night after tomorrow is the day this trip to the Memory Stone ends, and with a snap, the entire world disappears, opens again, and returns to its initial state."

Tang Zichen sighed deeply, feeling that this imaginary world was repeating the same cycle over and over again, and sometimes, it felt so damnable, but the people who were in it couldn't perceive it at all.

Just at this moment, a maid walked in, "Second Young Master, someone wants to see you."

"Who wants to see me?"

"It's Miss Blue Pearl from the Greenhouse Pavilion."

"Uh."Tang Zichen sat up, Blue Pearl?

Tang Zichen was a bit surprised that this Blue Pearl actually came to take the initiative to find him, it was really strange, when he first entered this world, but Tang Zichen knew very well how much she hated Tang Zichen.

Of course, this also showed Tang Zichen's charm, Tang Zichen had replaced Song Xiaolou's soul, and in just less than fifty days, he was charming.

"Let her in."

"Yes, Second Young Master."

Not long after, Miss Blue Pearl walked in, Tang Zichen looked at Blue Pearl and had to admit that this sixteen year old girl was too beautiful, much more beautiful than Xiao Cui.Tang Zichen looked at her as if she was a fresh and delicious apple, if Tang Zichen was from this world, he would definitely chase after her. A second to remember to read the book

"Miss Blue Pearl, I didn't expect you to come looking for me."Tang Zichen said with his gaze high and with a hint of sarcasm.

Blue Pearl cried, "Song Xiaolou, my father is crazy, please save my father."

"Uh, what do you mean?Is the librarian crazy?"

"Ever since he lost to you, he's locked himself in the pharmacy alone and by lunchtime he's gone insane."

"Huh, no."Don smiled, the resilience was too weak.

"If he's crazy, he'll find a physician to treat him, aren't there many physicians in your Qingju Pavilion."

"Oooh, all the physicians at the Green Residence Pavilion are helpless, they can't cure it, Song Xiaolou, I'm begging you."

"Then why do you think I'll be able to cure it?"

"You, you, you have surpassed my father's medical skills, you can definitely cure it."

"Hahaha, so, Miss Blue Pearl is personally admitting that my healing skills surpassed your father."

"Song Xiaolou, are you willing to help or not."

Tang Zichen said, "Helping is a trivial matter, the question is, why should I help?"

"You're also a physician, a physician's duty is to save lives, isn't it."

"Hahaha, what if I say fart, Miss Blue Pearl, think of how your father treated me when I begged him to study medicine, do you think, I'm going to help someone who treats me like that?It's none of my business if your father is crazy, maybe that's what he got for doing that to me in the first place."Tang Zichen looked indifferent.

"Song Xiaolou, count me in for begging you."

"If it's useful for you to beg me, do you need to talk so much nonsense?"

"Oooh, so what do you want, do you, do you want me to give you my life in return?Well, if you can save my father, then I'll give you my body in return, is that okay."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen let out a loud laugh and said, "Miss Blue Pearl, do you think that I, Song Xiaolou, am so short of a woman, a woman who has no feelings for me, do I need one?"

"Who says there are no feelings."Blue Pearl got out, saying it only to realize that it seemed like the wrong thing to say.

"Hey, what do you mean there are feelings?Make it clear to me, I don't want to engage in scandal."

"I, I, Song Xiaolou, are you willing to make a move to save my father or not."

"If you don't come clean, I don't have the time to do it."

"What do you want me to say, I don't have anything to say."

/> "You just said, who said there are no feelings?What's the implication of that?Could it be that you like me, Song Xiaolou?I know how much you loathe me, but if you dare to deceive my feelings, then I'll be blamed for being rude."Tang Zichen's face sank.

Blue Pearl stomped her foot in anger, biting her lips and said, "Okay, I said, Song Xiaolou, I like you."

"What did you say?"

"I like you."

"Louder, I can't hear you."

"Ahhhh, Lou Song, I like you."Blue Pearl said shouting, blushing.

"Hahahaha, Blue Pearl girl, I heard you right, you like me, how come you don't hate me anymore, the sun is really beating out of the west."

"Song Xiaolou, I, I, I don't know, disgusted with you that was before, can you stop wasting your time, if you really don't save my father, then I'm leaving."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Alright, seeing as you like me, I'll agree to save your father."

"Mmhmm, thanks, then leave now."

"What's the hurry, sooner or later you have to save him, it's not a moment too soon, Blue Pearl, come here."

"What for."

"Come here."

Blue Pearl cowered and walked to Tang Zichen's side.

Tang Zichen condescendingly stroked Blue Pearl's face and said, "Beautiful, really beautiful."

Blue Pearl blushed and lowered her head, biting her lips lightly.

In a flash, Tang Zichen pushed Blue Pearl against the wall.

"You, what are you doing?"

"If you like me, what else do you think I can do."


Tang Zichen kissed it fiercely.

"Ah, you rascal."

"N-no."Blue Pearl struggled desperately, but still, she was gnawed on by Tang Zichen for a long time, and finally had no choice but to let Tang Zichen gnaw on her, but gradually, she made her own consciousness blurred, and she didn't know what she was doing.

A good few minutes later.

"Ah, what am I doing, it's impossible, I, I."Blue Pearl came to her senses and realized that she was kissing Song Xiaolou, and her whole body was bad.

"Hahaha, come on, Blue Pearl girl, go save your father."

"Hmph, damn it."Blue Pearl glared at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't pretend, you're kissing me, you're clearly not resisting at all inside, instead you feel sweet, am I right?"

"You, you don't think, I'm not going to feel sweet."Blue Pearl was very depressed and glared at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Qingju Pavilion, and sure enough, the owner of the Qingju Pavilion had really gone mad, and was now singing and dancing in the main hall of the Qingju Pavilion, and a group of disciples took him without withdrawing.

Many of them saw Tang Zichen coming and said respectfully, "Second Young Master Song, you're here."

"Second Young Master Song, I adore you so much."

"Second Young Master Song, give me your autograph."

Blue Pearl yelled, "What time is it, all of you back off, don't affect Song Xiaolou's treatment."

Tang Zichen looked at the pavilion master, the madness was quite serious.

"Pavilions Master?"Don Zichen called out.

"Hey, who are you, are you my grandfather?Grandpa, you came to see me."The museum owner hugged Tang Zichen and said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's so ironic that you were so tuggy before, but now you want me to save you."

"Come on, Song Xiaolou, cut the crap."Blue Pearl shouted, Tang Zichen found that Blue Pearl was actually bolder towards Tang Zichen after he kissed her.


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