The King of Kungfu in school 811-820


Chapter 811

Tang Zichen slapped the pavilion owner to the ground and immediately began the treatment.

The treatment went smoothly, and soon the pavilion master woke up.

"What's wrong with me?Song Xiaolou, why are you here?"After the pavilion master came to his senses, he was busy saying.

"Master, you're crazy, Second Young Master Song is here to treat you, it was Blue Pearl who went to beg him to come."

"I don't want him to treat you, give me a go."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Dog bites Lu Dongbin, you don't know what's good for you.However, I'm not looking at your face, I'm looking at the fact that Miss Blue Pearl likes me for a fight."

The pavilion master yelled, "Who likes you, tell me clearly."

"Of course it's your daughter, if you don't believe me, ask your daughter ah."

"Blue Pearl, you."

"Father, you've just recovered, go get some more rest."Bluebeard changed the subject.

"Blue Pearl, make it clear to me, do you really like him now?" First web site

"Father, I."

Tang Zichen said, "Pavilion Master, Miss Blue Pearl's first kiss is all for me, oh hahaha."

"What, Blue Pearl, it's not true, it's not true."

Blue Pearl stared at Tang Zichen, not knowing how to defend herself, so she lowered her head and didn't say anything.

"Ahhhhh."The museum owner yelled out in pain, seeing his daughter looking like this, he already knew it was true.

"Father, don't do this."

"Get out of here, get out of here, I don't have a daughter like you."The museum owner yelled.

"Father, oooooh."Blue Pearl cried out.

Tang Zichen said, "It's best if you don't, then I'll pick up a beautiful girl and go home to be my wife, hahaha, thank you, pavilion master."Tang Zichen laughed, picked up Blue Pearl and bounced on both feet, and suddenly a huge force popped a spider crack in the ground, while the man shot off into the sky hundreds of meters away.

Tang Zichen carried the Blue Pearl away.

"Song Xiaolou, let go of me."

"Blue Pearl, didn't you hear your father say that there's no such thing as a daughter as you, so I'll just pick it up and take it home as my wife."

"You, my father is just saying angry words."

"I don't care."

Tang Zichen returned to Song's house with Lan Zhu in his arms.

He just happened to run into Song Xiaolou's grandfather.

"Xiaolou, why are you carrying Miss Lanzhu back."

"Haha, grandpa, the owner doesn't want this daughter anymore, so grandson picked her up and brought her home."

"Huh, there's still this good thing."

"Grandpa, I won't bullshit with you then, grandson just picked up a beautiful girl and came home, there's still a lot to do."

"Go go go, grandpa understands, hahaha."Song Xiaolou's grandfather gave Tang Zichen an 'I get it' look.

Tang Zichen shot off to his courtyard with Blue Pearl in his arms as Blue Pearl shouted.

"Song Xiaolou, let go of me."

"Song Xiaolou, don't, you don't."

"Ahhh, Song Xiaolou, I'm begging you, I'm still young, don't."

Less than ten minutes after Tang Zichen returned to Song Xiaolou's house with Song Xiaolou in his arms, the owner of the Qingju Pavilion hurriedly arrived.

The owner of the Qingju Pavilion knew what kind of person Song Xiaolou was, he was just saying angry things, but Song Xiaolou would really spoil his daughter, so he immediately rushed over.

"Song Xiaolou, Song Xiaolou."The owner of the museum shouted and flew in.

"Stop."At that moment, Song Xiaolou's grandfather suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Of course Song Xiaolou's grandfather wasn't a good person, if he was, how could the former Song Xiaolou be so bad.


nbsp; "Senior, just now Song Xiaolou grabbed my daughter and left, I came to look for my daughter, I still hope that senior will be accommodating."The pavilion master said.

Song Xiaolou's grandfather snorted: "What to grab, my grandson will not do such shameless things, he just picked up a person back."

The pavilion master gritted his teeth, "Senior, my daughter was really caught by him, well, picked up, and begged senior to let me bring back my daughter."

"No, Little House is probably on business right now."

"Ah, work?To do what?"The pavilion owner's body shook.

"Nonsense, aren't you a man who does everything, and if you go in there and disturb my grandson and scare something out of him, are you responsible for that?Get lost."

"Senior, I'm begging you."

"Get lost."


"Scram."Song Xiaolou's grandfather waved his hand and blasted the pavilion master several thousand meters away.

At this moment, Song Xiaolou's grandfather chuckled, "Xiaolou, you can do your business at ease, grandfather will watch the door for you."

The Qingju Pavilion Master was on fire, but, there was no way, what could be done when encountering such an old bastard.

An hour later, in Tang Zichen's room, Tang Zichen and Miss Lanzhu had already cooked the rice.

The blue bead girl glared at Tang Zichen, but did not make a fuss, things have already happened, and besides, she liked Tang Zichen inside.

Tang Zichen stroked Blue Pearl's face and murmured, "History, I don't know what your fate is, I wonder which handsome man ended up marrying you, what a pity."

"What did you say?"

"Blue Pearl, you're so beautiful, it's all so real, it doesn't even feel like a memory stone anymore."

"Song what?"

"It's nothing, it's best if I don't tell you, telling you will make you feel desperate instead."

"Sick, Song Xiaolou, I can warn you, now that I'm yours, if you fail me in the future, I'm not done with you."

"Oh, to be honest, if I had a choice, I really wouldn't want to fail you."

"Why are you always saying strange things."

"Well, I'm afraid your father has been waiting a long time, so get out."

"What did you say?My father is here?"

"Yeah, it's been a long time coming, but my grandfather won't let him come in and bother us."

"You, your family are not good people,"Blue Pearl cried, scrambling up to get dressed, then ran out of the Song house and sure enough saw her father sitting outside the front door.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath, then smiled.

In this memory world, Tang Zichen could do anything, and it was indeed quite refreshing.

Tang Zichen felt that it would be nice if his life in the real world could also be as easy and relaxing as it was here, doing whatever he wanted.

However, Tang Zichen felt that why couldn't the real world live such a relaxed and comfortable life?

This trip to Canggu City was coming to an end.

Before it ended, Tang Zichen went to look for Xiao Cui and stayed with her for one night, which was a farewell.

As for Blue Pearl, she hadn't been seen since that day, and I heard that her father had sent her to another city and wouldn't allow her to continue to interact with Song Xiaolou.

As for that beautiful girl Yang Xi who assassinated Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen hadn't seen her again until he left, it was quite a pity, if there was still the next time he entered Cangmu City, Tang Zichen wanted to look for her, her home address Tang Zichen knew.

Then, Tang Zichen smiled and left the world.

The moment Tang Zichen exited, the entire Canggu City suddenly everything stood still and then disappeared like the lights went out.

Tang Zichen's body, the lower village in the village entrance river.


Don Zichen woke up from the river.

Tang Zichen wiped a handful of river water from his face.

"Brother Tang."At that moment, a voice came out.

Tang Zichen turned his head to see that it was the chief of the world's village, Jindolph.

"Jin Daofu, thank you for your help."

"Haha, Brother Tang, how was the harvest this time?"

"Oh, not bad, by the way, where's my heavy sword?"

"A heavy sword?"Jindolph's brow furrowed.

"Didn't your heavy sword dive into the well with you when you entered Pale Twilight?"

"Ah, shucks."Tang Zichen was quite depressed, he had entered too quickly and forgotten to give the heavy sword to Jindolph for safekeeping, Tang Zichen had jumped into the well with the heavy sword in his arms, so there was no way that the heavy sword, which was so heavy, could have known where it was from the underground river.

"Will I still be able to jump into the well and find it?" Remember the URL

"I'm afraid I can't, the structure of the memory stone is very complicated, when the memory stone is not open, you jump into that well, there is nothing, if you don't believe me, just go and take a look."

Tang Zichen went back to the entrance of the memory stone in Canggu City and jumped into that well from the entrance, after about ten meters deep, Tang Zichen landed at the bottom of the well, Tang Zichen found that the bottom of the well was engraved with many inexplicable runes, this kind of runes, at first glance it looked a bit like the kind of tiny circuitry on the motherboard of a computer, but it was completely different.Tang Zichen had an illusion that this was a very high-tech product.A high-tech product that completely surpassed this era.

Tang Zichen didn't see the heavy sword at all and returned to the ground in desperation.

"Did you find it?"

"No, it's really strange, I jumped into the well with my heavy sword in my arms, and now that it's not on, I jump into the well again and find nothing, and I don't see any exit, so how did my body float out of the underground river?"

Jindo laughed, "Not me, I don't know about that."

"This memory stone, it seems like it's not as simple as a stone, I saw many runes on the stone wall in the well, like a circuit board."

"Oh, I don't know, if I'm not wrong, when the memory stone is opened, there will definitely be an opening in the well, our human body is like a cell phone's sd card, inserted into it, the body went inside the memory stone, your heavy sword also went inside the memory stone, but the heavy sword didn't come out again."

"It's just that."Tang Zichen was helpless, a good heavy sword was gone like that, unless he smashed the memory stone open, he might still be able to find it again.

However, it was nothing, anyway, Tang Zichen's current use of the heavy sword might not be as strong as his empty hand strength, after all, the heavy sword was only sixteen thousand pounds, and his empty hand could exert fifty thousand pounds of strength.

Tang Zichen left the World Village and immediately returned to the Martial Arts Academy.

Upon returning to the Martial Academy, he found that the Martial Academy had already taken its winter vacation.

At this moment, it was in a certain dormitory.

"Why isn't brother Zichen back yet, could something have happened."

"Bah, bah, don't talk nonsense, what could happen to the memory stone."

At this moment, Tang Zichen flew over from afar.

"Brother Zichen."Xiaomeng was the first to jump on it.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Mei Qian, Xuan'er, Xiaomeng, you haven't gone home yet, it's winter break, I thought you've all gone home already."

"How can that be."Xu Mei Qian gave Tang Zichen a blank look, fifty days without seeing you, I miss it a lot.

Tang Zichen looked at Xu Mei Qian and smiled

Dao: "Not bad, you have now broken through to the Houtian Perfection realm."

Tang Zichen looked at Li Xuan'er again, and Li Xuan'er had also broken through to the Houtian Perfection Realm.

Xiaomeng, on the other hand, had already broken through to the Innate Realm.

"Brother Zichen, I've taken some Iron Tree Heart La."

Tang Zichen said, "Xiao Meng, your talent is high, try to break through on your own and don't rely too much on external things, it will be good for your future."

"Mmhmm, I've only eaten a very small amount of it."

Li Xuan'er asked, "Zichen, did you gain anything when you entered Canggu City?How far along are you in your healing now?"

Xu Mei Qian also looked nervously at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled, "I've now reached the level of a fourteen-grade healer."


They were all shocked when Tang Zichen said fourteen-grade, it was too incredible.

"Oh, let's go, let's go resurrect Liu Xiangyun together, we can't keep her waiting any longer."

"Mmhmm."Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan Er were excited, including Tang Zichen.

Several people arrived at Professor Lin Han's house.

"Zichen, come here."

"Brother Lin Han, I'm here to resurrect Xiangyun, I think it's time."

"Ah."Lin Han's body trembled, in fact, Lin Han had always thought that this was something out of this world, Tang Zichen was just asking for a psychological comfort, it wasn't really possible that he could do it.

"You're not joking, are you?Didn't you say that you need at least the power of a thirteen-grade healer to do that?"Professor Lin Han looked at Tang Zichen half-heartedly.

"Hehe, Brother Lin Han, to be honest, I'm already a fourteen-grade healer now."

"What."Lin Han almost fell over in shock, fourteen-grade?Is this still human?

Tang Zichen ignored Lin Han's shock and entered the basement.

Liu Xiangyun's body hadn't changed much from fifty days ago.

Xiao Meng asked, "Brother Zichen, how are you going to resurrect it?"

Tang Zichen's eyes were very firm and said, "Very simple."

"Ah, it's still very simple?"Professor Lin Han was trembling with shock, Tang Zichen's eyes showed very great confidence, Tang Zichen dared to say the very simple four words, indicating that Tang Zichen already had a plan in mind.

"Now Xiang Yun's body has been preserved by me using the Life Preservation Technique, her body is not damaged in any way, it's equivalent to just dying, only, her body temperature is gone.Next, I will use the 'Return to Heaven Technique' to gradually generate temperature in Xiangyun's body, once Xiangyun's body temperature is back to temperature, then Xiangyun's body will return to the half hour when she just died and her body temperature hasn't disappeared, then, I will use the Return to Life Technique to make Xiangyun's heartbeat beat again."

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, although the treatment process he had rehearsed in his mind countless times, it was still full of tension to actually start implementing it.Although he said it was simple, as if it was only two steps, only he knew how many variables were involved, and it was impossible to tell.

"Alright, I need a quiet environment, you all go out, no one will be allowed to enter the basement and disturb me for three days."Don Zichen said.

"Does it take that long?"

"Can't actually determine exactly how long it will take, but if you don't succeed in three days, then you don't have to continue."

"Good, you cheer up."

"Brother Zichen, cheer up."


Several people left the basement, leaving only Tang Zichen alone.

Tang Zichen looked at Xiang Yun and said, "Xiang'er, you cheer up too, so let's begin."

Tang Zichen's first step, the Heaven Returning Technique.This Return to Heaven Technique was estimated to take Tang Zichen at least two days.

In order to be more precise, Tang Zichen first stripped all of Liu Xiangyun's clothes without leaving a single trace, it wasn't that he was a rogue, but he wouldn't allow any mistakes to happen.

Tang Zichen took out thousands of silver needles, and for this treatment, Tang Zichen also combined many of his own learned medical skills, so Tang Zichen's confidence was still relatively high.

Tang Zichen was about to insert silver needles all over Liu Xiangyun's body, almost any of the more important, regular acupuncture points on Liu Xiangyun's body, both surface and internal, Tang Zichen was going to insert a silver needle, the reason why he was going to insert silver needles was to better artificially control her body.

Now, Tang Zichen was to artificially control her acupoints, and then try to make her human body functions artificially run, only running, can produce body energy, the reaction is body temperature.

Every step, every acupuncture point, was crucial, even one mistake would be a total loss, or, the artificial destruction of her body, and once it was destroyed, there was no way to fix it.Unlike a living person, it could still be healed.

"Phew."In the blink of an eye, half a day passed, and Tang Zichen spent half a day just inserting the needle.

At this moment, at the exit of the basement, Xu Mei Qian Li Xuan'er and the others were anxiously waiting there, as if they were family members waiting outside the door of the operating room.

Time passed by minute by minute, and in the blink of an eye, a day passed. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen was burning with anxiety.

"Ah, why, why is there still no response?"Inside Tang Zichen's heart, although the treatment process had been calculated in detail, it was not as effective as he had imagined.

Tang Zichen was very worried and stopped.

"I have to be calm, the more I have to deal with this situation, the more calmly.I've done all the steps I should have done, why isn't Xiangyun's body responding?Why?Why is that?"

Tang Zichen patted himself on the head.

A few minutes later, Tang Zichen had a flash of insight and said, "Could it be that Xiangyun's body is in a freezer?After all, any previous calculations I had done in my head hadn't calculated that.However, if she's not in a freezer, her body will decay, and even a very, very small decay will fail completely ah.How do I reconcile these two contradictions?"

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, the treatment was going on here, he was already riding a tiger, if it didn't work, death, there was no way back, if he didn't want to come up with a way to carry on, he would declare Liu Xiangyun completely dead.

Tang Zichen thought for a while and said, "No way, I don't have time to think, now I can only try to use my internal force and input it into Xiangyun's body pores to slow down the decay of her body, then I will use my own body temperature to transition it to her, and finally proceed again, if there is no more reaction, I won't have time to rehearse how to treat her."

Tang Zichen immediately began to follow the new method.

Tang Zichen also stripped naked and removed all or part of the silver needles on Liu Xiangyun's body first.

Tang Zichen held Liu Xiangyun tightly, allowing his body temperature to transition to Liu Xiangyun.

Slowly, Liu Xiangyun's body was slightly warmer, but it wasn't her body's energy.


nbsp;Without delay, Tang Zichen reinserted the newly removed silver needles as quickly as possible and with 100% accuracy guaranteed, then, Tang Zichen again performed the previous steps of the Return to Heaven technique.

About two hours later, a miracle finally occurred.

Xiangyun Liu's body produced a reaction.

"Haha, there's a reaction, I did it right."Tang Zichen was so excited that he almost didn't cry

Tang Zichen continued to artificially control Liu Xiangyun's acupuncture points, allowing Liu Xiangyun to artificially generate bodily functions.

Gradually, after about five hours, Liu Xiangyun's body temperature became higher and higher, and by the sixth hour, Liu Xiangyun's body surface temperature had reached the state of the newly dead for half an hour.

Tang Zichen didn't hurry, and continued on, and after another three hours, the temperature of Liu Xiangyun's body surface had reached the state of just-dead.

"Yay, now I can proceed to the second step, the Resurrection from the Dead technique."

Tang Zichen immediately removed the silver needle and began the second step.

The first step was successful, the second step was even easier, after all, Tang Zichen had successfully performed the Resurrection from the Dead technique more than once, it was nothing more than the perceived ability to make Liu Xiangyun's heartbeat return to beating and her brain work again, which was, to put it bluntly, much more advanced artificial respiration.

It only took Tang Zichen fifteen minutes to get Liu Xiangyun's heart to beat.

Unfortunately, it stopped after only a dozen beats.

Tang Zichen was a little worried that something unexpected would happen, he made Liu Xiangyun's heart beat again, but it stopped again after a dozen times.

"Ah, how did this happen?This didn't happen before when you performed the resurrection of the dead?Xiangyun's body temperature was dropping rapidly every second, if she delayed any longer, her body temperature would be gone again, and the previous first step would be a waste of time.To carry out the first step again, I'm afraid there won't be enough time, ah ah, why is this happening?"

Tang Zichen freaked out.

This unexpected and unexpected situation was simply unpredictable.

"Hoo, calm down, calm down."

"The more this happens, the more important it is to deal with it calmly."

"I can definitely come up with a solution, one step closer, one step closer."

Tang Zichen grabbed his hair and told himself that he would definitely be able to, even though he was anxious inside.

At that moment, it suddenly occurred to Tang Zichen that his technique of bringing the dead back to life was to make the heart of the deceased beat through artificial control, and then achieve resurrection.

In modern medicine, there is also a similar first aid method, that is, artificial respiration, only that artificial respiration is very low level compared to resuscitation.

When Tang Zichen thought of artificial respiration, his eyes immediately lit up and said, "Can I, combine the two, while I restore Xiangyun's heartbeat, I will then perform this world's first aid means, artificial respiration?In that case, can you make Xiang'er's heartbeat last?"

"We can only fight it out."

Tang Zichen immediately performed the Resurrection from the Dead technique again, and Liu Xiangyun's heartbeat soon started beating, and according to the previous, it would stop after a dozen beats.

However, this time, Tang Zichen performed artificial respiration at the same time before it had even stopped.

Tang Zichen used to not know how to use artificial respiration, it was after coming to this world that he learned some, only, Tang Zichen used to be very disdainful of such a low-level first aid, never thought that today is the key to decide the fate of Liu Xiangyun.


Sure enough, after administering artificial respiration at the same time, after beating a dozen times, Xiangyun Liu's heart didn't stop again, but kept beating at a very slow rate of about less than twenty beats per minute.

"Hang in there, Xiang'er."Tang Zichen said as he looked at Liu Xiangyun, and to help her heart beat, Tang Zichen also pressed on her heart.

The heartbeat frequency of twenty beats per minute continued like this for about half an hour before Liu Xiangyun's heartbeat sped up to thirty beats, then two hours later, it sped up to fifty beats.

Tang Zichen was overjoyed, Liu Xiangyun's heartbeat had reached more than fifty beats per minute, was this the rhythm of success?

As such, Liu Xiangyun's heartbeat remained at more than fifty beats per minute, and after that, after three hours, it didn't raise any higher, but more than fifty beats per minute was already in the normal category, Tang Zichen wasn't worried, what he was worried about now was whether or not she could wake up.

After all, a vegetable also had a heartbeat.

Carrying out this step didn't mean that it had succeeded, perhaps, in turning into a vegetable.

If it was a purely normal person who turned into a vegetable, Tang Zichen had plenty of ways to do it, but for one like Liu Xiangyun who turned from a dead person to a vegetable, Tang Zichen was helpless.

"Hoo, Xiang'er, cheer up, after that it's up to you."Tang Zichen saw that also Liu Xiangyun's physical condition had stabilized, so he removed the silver needle from Liu Xiangyun's body, then put her clothes on and carried Liu Xiangyun out of the basement.

"How's it going?"

As soon as they walked out of the basement, several people jumped on them, including Professor Lin Han and his wife. The first website

Tang Zichen said, "Xiang'er's breathing and heartbeat have returned, but, she hasn't woken up yet, so now it's up to her to wake up."

"Heavens."Professor Lin Han was incredulous, looking at Tang Zichen with eyes full of adoration, at this moment, he really wanted to kneel down to Tang Zichen, because, he was so adoring.

"Great, Xiangyun will be able to wake up, for sure."Li Xuan'er said excitedly.

"Alright, I'll carry her back to her room first, give her a hot bath and change into a clean set of clothes."

Lin Han's wife said, "The room is ready, come with me."

Xu Mei Qian also said, "Clothes to wear my clothes."

Tang Zichen carried Liu Xiangyun into the bathroom and filled the bathtub with hot water, then put Liu Xiangyun into the bathtub to soak, Tang Zichen could actually prepare some potions, but could only get them later.

Now the hot water soak is also beneficial, and may be able to help her wake up more quickly.

Right now looking at Liu Xiangyun, she was no longer white like before, but her skin was a bit more red like a normal person.

But why isn't she waking up?By all rights, she should have woken up.But this was something that was already full of surprises, after all, her body was vacant for a year and a half, any situation was unpredictable.

After giving Liu Xiangyun a bath and dressing her in clean clothes, she then let Liu Xiangyun lie down on the bed and put on the blanket.

Tang Zichen himself was tired because he was too concentrated these days, so he was mentally fatigued, and after covering Liu Xiangyun with the blanket, Tang Zichen himself fell asleep without noticing.

The people outside saw that Tang Zichen was asleep and didn't go in to disturb him.

After Tang Zichen fell asleep, it was the next morning when the birds outside the window chirped and woke Tang Zichen up.

At this time, Tang Zichen felt a hand caressing his face.

Tang Zichen immediately turned his head and looked at Liu Xiangyun.

However, Liu Xiangyun's eyes were still closed.

Tang Zichen could tell with a glance that Liu Xiangyun was pretending to be asleep.

"Xiangyun, you, you're really awake?


Liu Xiangyun was still pretending to be asleep, not knowing for what reason.

"Xiang'er, say something, don't pretend to be asleep."Tang Zichen excitedly grabbed Liu Xiangyun's hand.

Liu Xiangyun opened her eyes for a moment and frantically pulled her hand back and moved it back.

"Xiang'er, you're really awake."Tang Zichen cried out in excitement, waking up to find that Liu Xiangyun was awake, what a blessing, but why did Liu Xiangyun feel strange.

"Xiang'er, speak up."

That's when Liu Xiangyun said, "You, who are you?"

"Ah."Don Zichen froze.

"I'm Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen?Me, do I know you?"

"Hahaha, it's okay, your brain hasn't recovered yet, slowly you will, you'll get to know me.My Xiang'er, you're finally awake."Tang Zichen excitedly hugged Liu Xiangyun and gave her a big kiss on her forehead.

Liu Xiangyun didn't resist because although she couldn't remember Tang Zichen, she had a deep feeling within her that this person must be her closest, very familiar, very familiar, otherwise she wouldn't have touched Tang Zichen's face just now.

But at this moment, Liu Xiangyun suddenly coughed dozens of times in a row.

"Pfft."A mouthful of blood spurted out.

"Ah, what's wrong?"

"I, I don't know, my chest is so tight."

Tang Zichen immediately checked Liu Xiangyun and said, "It's okay, you still have internal injuries, after all, you died because of this injury."

"Ah, died?Did something happen to me?"

"Don't ask anything now, just a day or two and you'll remember, after all, your brain was blank for a year and a half."


At that moment, Li Xuan'er walked in.

When Li Xuan'er saw that Liu Xiangyun was talking to Tang Zichen, her whole body froze there.

And when Liu Xiangyun saw Li Xuan'er, she first froze, then felt particularly familiar, and after a few seconds, she blurted out, "Xuan, Xuan'er."

"Xiang'er, you, you're awake."Li Xuan'er was so excited that she covered her mouth, unable to stop sobbing out, her eyes full of tears.

When Xu Mei Qian heard the sound, she also ran up in a panic.

When Liu Xiangyun saw Xu Mei Qian, she similarly felt so familiar, but couldn't call out for a moment.

"Xiangyun."Xu Mei Qian also couldn't help but cry.

Li Xuan'er and Xu Mei Qian both went up and hugged Liu Xiangyun tightly, unable to control their weeping, but every tear was filled with happiness.

Professor Lin Han, his wife, and Xiao Meng were also standing in the room.

Professor Lin Han's inner feelings, really can not be expressed in words, formerly a dead person lying in an ice coffin, is now a living person, not with my own eyes, really can not believe that this is true.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't cry for now, Xiangyun is hungry, get her some food first, after that, I'm going to treat her internal injuries."

"I'll go."Lin Han's wife was busy.

"Thank you, Mrs. Lin."

After Liu Xiangyun had eaten something, Tang Zichen immediately treated her internal injuries, these internal injuries were too low for Tang Zichen to treat in a few minutes, the reason why he had to wait to eat before treating her was because he wanted Liu Xiangyun's body to have more energy, after all, to treat the body, it was also necessary to have its own energy.

After Liu Xiangyun's internal injuries were healed, Tang Zichen took Liu Xiangyun, to walk around the Martial Arts Academy, so that she could see familiar scenes and be able to recover her memories even more.


"This is your old dorm."

"Well, I remember, I had two roommates, but, I forgot what they were called for a while."Xiangyun Liu said.

"Haha, good, your brain is starting to fire back up, in a day or two at most, all your things, including your martial arts skills and whatnot, will be back.You're not suffering from amnesia, it's just that your brain has been vacant for too long."

Just like that, a day later, Liu Xiangyun's brain completely recovered.

"I've fully recovered now, my last memory is that one night, a man in black broke into my room, and before I knew it, he grabbed me out of the room, then I screamed, he knocked me out, then I knew nothing, and when I woke up again, it was yesterday.Zichen, now you can tell me what really happened."Xiang Yun Liu said.

"Okay, I'll tell you."

Tang Zichen detailed the beginning of Liu Xiangyun's murder, then Tang Zichen's enmity with the Huo family and so on, and finished, telling Liu Xiangyun all the important things that had happened in the past year and a half.

"So I missed out on so much, the last I remember, you had only just stepped into the Houtian realm, and now you've reached the Unity realm, even the unattainable Innate realm in my mind has been surpassed, alas, I've missed out on so much.That damned Huo Xiaowei."

Tang Zichen said, "Huo Xiaowei is already dead, and the hatred between me and the Huo family is no longer just about Huo Xiaowei, by the way, Xuan'er's parents died."

"What? How did they die?"

"The Huo family's strongest man killed it." Remember the URL

"The Huo family is so damned."

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled, "This time back in the Yanhuang Empire, I will never let the Huo family go."

"Ah, you're going to take action against the Huo family?"

"It's time, I didn't have that ability before, but now I've stepped into the first level of the Early Unity Realm, and my fighting power is far more than just the first level, so this time, when I return to the Yan Huang Empire, I'm bound not to spare the Huo Family."

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded from behind, "The Huo Family has a total of three strong individuals who have surpassed the innate, so it's not the most appropriate time for you to take action against the Huo Family right now."

Tang Zichen knew from the voice that it was Shangguan Rou.

When Liu Xiangyun turned back and saw Shangguan Rou, she was busy saying, "Shangguan Rou, what are you doing here."

Shangguan Rou smiled at Liu Xiangyun, "Congratulations, Liu Xiangyun, you're alive again, by the way, Tang Zichen should have told you that even if Tang Zichen and I aren't lovers, we're still considered lovers, right?"

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was a bit embarrassed, "This, let's talk about it later, Shangguan Zou, you seem to know more about the Huo family, what's the situation of the Huo family?Why do you think it's not the most appropriate time for me to take action against the Huo Family."

Shangguan Rou said, "The Huo family has a total of three Unity Realm ancestors, two of which are in the early Unity Realm range, and the strongest ancestor, who is in the middle Unity Realm."

Tang Zichen grunted, "In any case, no matter what, this time back, at least two of the Huo family's Unity Realm's will be exterminated, and the remaining one will be exterminated later."

R /> "Tang Zichen, it's not difficult to raise your strength again, so why are you in such a hurry."

"Alright, I'm asking you, that ancestor of the Huo family that I met with, what kind of strength is he?"

"He should be the weakest of the Huo family's three unity realms, and is mainly responsible for the Huo family's affairs in Wangjing City, and he's a member of the Wangjing City Palace Guards, with a realm around the late stage of the unity realm, and that's about all I know about him.The Yanhuang Empire, the General Family, has about three to five strong Unity Realm members."Shangguan Rou said.

Liu Xiangyun was confused, "How do you know so much?"

Shangguan Rou smiled, "I'm at least a child of a royal family, how could I not know."

"You're from a king-level family?"Xiang Yun Liu frowned in disbelief.


"Impossible, I just heard Tzu-Chen introduce the family hierarchy of the Yan Huang Empire, Tzu-Chen said that the king-level families are very powerful families, if you are a child of a king-level family, how honorable are you, how could you run away to a small place like Linjiang City."

"Che, up and down the country, any place has children of our Shangguan family, who told you that children of royal families can only snail in big cities, you are too ignorant of the children of our royal families.I'm not going to lie to you, every royal family, that's thousands of years of inheritance, the family population is huge.My Shangguan family has thousands of branches and hundreds of thousands of descendants in total.My Shangguan family, under my grandfather's lineage, business was mainly concentrated in the area of Tian Nanfu, Linjiang City was within Tian Nanfu, what's strange about me following my father to Linjiang City to expand my business territory, and at that time, my martial talent hadn't yet been revealed, not to mention my talent for enchantment, I had no status in the family at all, but was just a marginal child that no one cared about.Moreover, even if I was a true child of the family, I couldn't just stay within the family headquarters, I was really lonely.In the past, that brain-damaged chick Song Yu'er, she was also a child of a royal family, isn't she also in Linjiang City.What you said about honorable status, that's just the children with powerful talent alright, like me now."

"What? Song Yu'er is also a child of a king-level family?"Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun were both shocked.

"Yeah, it's just that Song Yu'er is even worse than me."

"Why is it even worse than you."

"When I, Shangguan Zou, used to be at White Cloud High School, although my martial arts talent hadn't been shown yet, I could at least order a three-legged cat.But Song Yu'er, she can't even count a three-legged cat, later on, my talent for mesmerism was revealed, and Song Yu'er, it's said that she's still like that now, she's no longer on the same level as me at all, although she's also a child of a royal family, but she'll always be the most marginal child, in the family, the status of nobility has nothing to do with her, this kind of child, even if she comes from a good background, her future won't be too good, the future to marry her, by no means strong, because without strong genes, which strong man would want her, so in the end, she would probably have to marry some rich merchant and lesser bar, just like her father, Song Dai Tian, who ended up marrying a daughter of a rich man with little family heritage.I, on the other hand, was fortunate that my talent exploded later on, or else my fate would be the same."Shangguan Zou was now saying that it was a moment of celebration, that was terrible.If others didn't understand, they thought that the children of big families all had noble identities, but in fact, they weren't at all, without talent, they were just a fringe child, and in the end, they could only marry with some rich merchants or something, and were gradually reduced to ordinary.

Liu Xiangyun said, "So much so, Song Yu'er is quite pitiful."


"Cut, what's so pitiful about it, it depends on who it's compared to, if it's compared to an ordinary commoner, she's in a gentry, she doesn't know how good of a life she has, of course, if it's compared to a stronger person at a higher level or something, or a gifted child of the family, then it's truly pitiful, her whole life is just to be mixed at the level of a gentry."Shangguan Rou felt very superior inside, it wasn't that she didn't have sympathy, but she was celebrating herself, because once when she was at Bai Yun High School, Shangguan Rou also thought that her future would be to mix at the level of the gentry, and was glad that she didn't, now, her mesmerism was about to reach the point where she was on par with the strongest in the Unity Realm, she was already standing at the highest level in the world, and was no longer just at the level of a gifted child.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, let's stop discussing others, we're also getting ready to return to the Yanhuang Empire, it's going to be New Year's Eve soon, do you guys want to spend New Year's Eve on Martial Island."

Liu Xiangyun was busy saying, "Mmhmm, I want to return home right away, my father must be very surprised to see me alive."

Tang Zichen nodded, there was one more thing Tang Zichen forgot to say, about Liu Xiangyun her father got married, it was a marriage that Tang Zichen had brokered.

Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er learned that Tang Zichen was ready to return home, they were busy saying, "Zichen, you seem to have forgotten one thing."

"What is it?"

"Yang Yijian."

"Ah."Tang Zichen only remembered after this reminder from Xu Mei Qian.

Before entering Canggu City, Yang Yijian was being hunted by the innate experts of the four Island Guardian Families, because Yang Yijian had created a martial art called One Sword, which the Island Guardian Families felt was the property of the Martial Island.

"By the way, how is Yang Yijian doing now?Caught in the act?"Don Zimmer asked.

"It's been caught, just a week ago." A second to remember to read the book

"Holy shit, is that Yang Yijian okay?"

"I don't know, the Protectorate Family must have forced him to hand over the secret of the One Sword, but Yang Yijian is also really hard-headed and refuses to hand it over, and now I'm kind of convinced that Yang Yijian really created it himself."

"Good, then you guys wait for me here, I'll go to the Guardian Island Family and bring Yang Yi Jian back."

"Be careful."The four women instructed at the same time, and then the four of them felt a little embarrassed.

Xiao Meng was laughing on the side.

Tang Zichen looked at the four beauties and smiled, "The current me, do I still need you guys to worry.The Protectorate Family is no longer a huge thing in front of me."

Shangguan Rou said, "Why don't I go with you, after all, the strength of my enchantment technique has already surpassed the peak of innate greatness, and I'm one step away from being a twelfth grade enchanter."

"Suit yourself."

Shangguan Rou immediately followed Tang Zichen and flew away.

Xu Mei Qian, Li Xuan Er, Xiao Meng, and Liu Xiangyun were left.

Liu Xiangyun asked, "Is a twelfth-grade mesmerist very powerful?"

: "Twelve-grade mesmerist is equivalent to a strong person who has reached the Unity Realm in martial arts, meaning, if Shangguan Rou becomes a twelve-grade mesmerist, her mesmerism can now compete with the Unity Realm."

"Wow, Shangguan Rou has changed, she's no longer on the same level as us."Xu Mei Qian sighed.

"This person, Shangguan Rou, used to want to surpass Zichen at Baiyun High School, always wanted to go against Zichen, but unfortunately, she couldn't even surpass the

And now, she's in love with Tang Zichen, I really didn't expect it, I don't even know how far the two of them have developed, it looks quite ambiguous."

"Is there any need to guess?They've been together at Star Ocean Academy for almost a year, and I don't believe the relationship is still pure.However, what I find strange is that Shangguan Rou and Tang Zichen didn't announce that they are lovers."

"Shangguan Rou is from a royal family, and she's so powerful now, so Shangguan Rou is definitely going to marry some prince in the future, and maybe, her family has already arranged it all.In order not to cause trouble for Tang Zichen, so there's no announcement of a couple, I guess."

Tang Zichen and Shangguan Rou flew to the Four Great Island Protectorate families.

Tang Zichen remembered that the Four Great Island Guardian Families had three major experts who transcended innate nature, which were also the three strongest Unity Realms open to the public, so outsiders called them the three strongest people in Martial Island.However, insiders knew that the President of the Martial Academy, the heads of the World Village and the Novice Village were all in the Unity Realm, but they were hidden and not open to the public.

The senior Qin Feng that Tang Zichen had met before, he was the third ranked strongest of the three strongest people in Martial Forest Island, that is to say, the weakest of the three unity realm powerhouses of the Island Protector Family, the other two unity realm powerhouses Tang Zichen hadn't seen.But Tang Zichen had heard from the chief of the World Village that the other two, respectively, were at the peak of the early Unity Realm, and that person was called Wei Chen; there was another one who was at the third level of the early Unity Realm, called Huang Bai; and then there was Qin Feng, at the second level of the early Unity Realm.

At first, this Qin Feng wanted to take Tang Zichen as his disciple, but now, Tang Zichen had sped him a few streets away.

Shangguan Rou said, "The people from the Four Great Island Guardian Families must be very surprised to see you, you've stepped into the Unity Realm at such a young age."

"If they're sensible, they'd better behave themselves and hand over Yang Yijian to me, or else don't blame me."Tang Zichen said.

Soon, Tang Zichen arrived at the Wei Gu Family.

Tang Zichen guessed that the Wei Gu Family was the most powerful, the head of the four major island protector families, so Yang Yijian was definitely being held in the Wei Gu Family.

Sure enough, Tang Zichen arrived at the Wei Gu Family and slightly hypnotized one of his disciples to find out.

Yang Yi Jian was being held in the Wei Gu Family's dungeon, and if Yang Yi Jian didn't reveal the secret of the One Sword, he would be locked up until he died.

Tang Zichen wasn't in the mood to break into the dungeon either, so he directly shouted over the Wei Gu Family, "Everyone listen up and release Yang Yijian, otherwise, don't blame me for being rude, I'll give you five minutes."

Shangguan Rou said, "Just break into the dungeon directly, why bother waiting for five minutes, it's such a hassle."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I, Tang Zichen, am now above them, how can I lower myself to break into the dungeon, I'm not here to rob the dungeon, I'm here to pick up people openly and honestly."


At this time, the Wei Gu family flew out three unity realm powerhouses, these three unity realm powerhouses just happened to be gathered together today and came out when they saw a wave of unity realm powerhouses appear.

"It's you, Tang Zichen."Senior Qin Feng was the first to recognize Tang Zichen, and he was the only one among the three who knew Tang Zichen.

Qin Feng was astonished and incredulous when he saw Tang Zichen's aura, which was just like the first level of the Early Unity Realm.

Tang Zichen had no affection for Qin Feng and said, "Qin Feng, don't be surprised."

"Tang Zichen, you, how are you at the early stage of the Unity Realm?"Qin Feng said.


The other two Unity Realm powerhouses were busy saying, "He's the Martial Academy student who made a big mess of the four Island Protector Families, Tang Zichen?"

"Yes, that's him."Qin Feng nodded his head.

Wei Chen and Huang Bai both turned pale, back then, Tang Zichen made a big fuss about the Four Island Guardian Families and beat up the new disciples of the Island Guardian Families from that year, they had heard about this, but they didn't expect that person back then to be in the same realm as them now.

"Tang Zichen, what a genius who beat up the new disciples of my four Island Guardian Families back then."That Unity Realm powerhouse called Huang Bai said.

But Tang Zichen said, "Alright, I don't have time to chat with you guys, I'm here to pick up someone today, bring out Yang Yijian, Yang Yijian is my friend, I'm taking him away."Tang Zichen's tone was straightforward, but it was a bit of an order from the other party, making it very unpleasant to hear.

Even though Tang Zichen was indeed a genius who shocked them, he was currently only just stepping into the early stage of the Unity Realm, and the three people in front of him, one was at the peak of the early stage of the Unity Realm, one was at the third level of the early stage, and one was at the second level of the early stage, so whichever one of them was a senior.

"Tang Zichen, don't be too cocky, you are indeed a genius, but that doesn't mean you can be cocky in front of us, you can be unbridled in Martial Island, no matter how genius you are, you haven't reached the point of being unbridled in Martial Island."Senior Qin Feng said, sounding as if he was very unkind, because, Qin Feng was filled with jealousy now, and remembering that he had taken Tang Zichen as his disciple, and now that Tang Zichen had caught up to him in the blink of an eye, this was a very unpleasant feeling.Moreover, Tang Zichen had previously slashed the buttocks of his eldest disciple Pan Yun, for which Qin Feng even went to look for Tang Zichen, but he couldn't find him, and he had planned to catch Tang Zichen some other day to take revenge, but today he found out that Tang Zichen had come as a Unity Realm, and only he knew how it felt.

Tang Zichen said, "Qin Feng, I, Tang Zichen, am not acting recklessly in Martial Island today, but in the four Island Guardian Families, don't raise the matter to Martial Island, you three alone are not yet able to represent Martial Island."

"You."Qin Feng saw Tang Zichen's arrogant tone, and his face turned cold.

At this moment, many disciples of the Wei Gu Family gathered around, some of them were very surprised when they saw Tang Zichen, but they were clearly no longer on the same level as Tang Zichen, even though everyone was the same age.

"Hahaha, Brother Tang, it looks like you came prepared today, who is Yang Yijian to you?What if we don't let him out?How will you?"The most powerful Wei Chen finally spoke. First URL

Tang Zichen said, "Letting go or not, it's not up to you."

"Good madness, really good madness, a district of the early first level of the Unity Realm, must not even have stepped into the Unity Realm for a few days, how dare you come to our Island Protectorate Family as a frog in a well to be mad.My Island Protector Family, even so many surrounding empires don't dare to move, do you really think that with our four Island Protector Families, and those village heads and deans?"Huang Bai said.

Tang Zichen said, "Why is there so much nonsense, don't pull the strong man behind the curtain of Martial Island with me, what I'm doing now only has to do with your four major island protecting families, release Yang Yijian, otherwise, I'm going to do it."

Qin Feng snorted, "Big Brother Wei, Big Brother Huang, you see, he's too arrogant, he's only just stepped into the Unity Realm and he's so arrogant, I can't bear it anymore."

Qin Feng couldn't help but look like he was about to strike.

Wei Chen said, "Tang Zichen, fine, I'll give you a chance for the sake of your great talent, it's for the sake of meeting each other another day."

"How?Do you want me to fight you?Well, one at a time, or together?"

"What did you say?Say it again.

Over?"Huang Bai was busy, wondering if he had misheard.

Tang Zichen said loudly, "One at a time, or together?However, I personally suggest you guys should come along."

"Hahaha."All three of them laughed, but it was by no means really funny, but rather an angry laugh.

Wei Chen said, "Qin Feng, you go on, teach him a hard lesson, so that this younger generation will remember, and only today will they know what it means to respect their seniors."

"Good."Qin Feng clenched his teeth, and his entire body fiercely shot up at Tang Zichen.

Unfortunately, the second level of the Early Unity Realm was too low for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen blasted out with a random punch.


"Clatter."Qin Feng's entire body skeleton broke, and his entire body was blasted into a stone wall.

"Ah."Wei Chen and Huang Bai were both scared silly.

"This?"For a moment it seemed like he couldn't react.

Tang Zichen said, "I've already said that it's best to go together and have to be heroes, now it's fine, it's not a bad injury, but fortunately, I didn't injure Qin Feng's fundamentals for the sake of the fact that you are after all the Martial Island Protectorate Family.Now, I'll give you two choices, first, immediately release Yang Yi Jian and I'll leave with him; second, I'll beat you into the same position as Qin Feng and then I'll leave with Yang Yi Jian.You guys choose."

"Tang Zichen, you?"Wei Chen and Huang Bai both looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

Tang Zichen snorted, "So it seems that you guys have chosen the second one, so let's go together."

Wei Chen and Huang Bai looked at each other, then attacked Tang Zichen at the same time, and with one strike, they brought out their strongest strength.

Wei Chen was using a sledgehammer that weighed an estimated two thousand pounds, which Wei Chen considered himself to be a very heavy weapon.

And Huang Bai was using a sword that was very ancient, somewhat like the swords in the game.



A hammer, a sword, killing Tang Zichen.

It had to be said that Tang Zichen did feel the pressure, after all, one was at the peak of the early stage of the Unity Realm and the other was at the third level, and the pressure of a joint hand was not small.

However, it was merely pressure.

Tang Zichen raised his fist fiercely, the Herculean Power in his body was rapidly running, of course, running the Herculean Power was also very consuming of Tang Zichen's internal strength, with Tang Zichen's internal strength, it was estimated that he could only throw four punches, all four of which could reach 50,000 pounds of strength.After four punches, Tang Zichen's internal energy consumption was sharply reduced, and without internal support, it was an individual who knew that it was impossible to reach the strongest power.

Therefore, Tang Zichen had four punches, but it was enough.

With a flash, Tang Zichen first blasted at Wei Chen.

"Boom."Wei Shen's sledgehammer came off and flew away, and his body was blown into the stone wall by Tang Zichen's punch.

Then Tang Zichen flashed again and blasted a punch at Huang Bai.

"Boom."Huang Bai was also suddenly blown into the stone wall, and no matter how skillful or powerful the sword in his hand was, it was crushed into crumbs in front of absolute power, and even the sword was twisted into a pockmarked shape.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled a breath, although the process was very short, but Tang Zichen two punches out, the internal strength on his body was sharply reduced by half, two more punches, the internal strength on his body was depleted, Hercules, is also a consumable product.


After a few minutes, Wei Chen, Huang Bai, and Qin Feng, the three of them, climbed up ashes, and they were all extremely ugly at the moment.

Tang Zichen said, "Aren't you going to release Yang Yijian now?"

"Tang Zichen, how can you be so powerful."Wei Chen said, feeling very upset.

"It's you who are so bad."

"Tang Zichen, did you gain some powerful martial arts skills from the Martial Island's memory stone?If so, this is property belonging to Martial Island, so you'd better hand it over."Qin Feng said.

Tang Zichen became furious when he heard that.

"Boom."Tang Zichen blinked, a Ghost Wheel Duel flashed, and a punch struck Qin Feng's chest.

"Clatter."The bones in Qin Feng's body made another clattering sound, and his entire body blew into the stone wall again.

Wei Chen raged, "Tang Zichen, why did you suddenly hurt someone."

Tang Zichen also raged, "My level of strength has nothing to do with Martial Island, if anyone says anything about what Martial Island's memory stone learned, don't blame me for being rude."

Wei Chen and Huang Bai also trembled when they saw the anger in Tang Zichen's body. Remember the website

Tang Zichen shouted, "Aren't you going to release Yang Yijian yet?"

After a few seconds, Wei Chen ordered down, "Release Yang Yijian."


After a few minutes, Yang Yijian was brought out and saw at a glance the image of Tang Zichen and the Island Protector Family's transcendent innate experts confronting each other, and trembled deeply inside.

Seeing Tang Zichen again, he was actually so powerful, Yang Yijian felt extremely trembling.

Tang Zichen looked at Yang Yijian, his body was very disheveled and bad, and it was obvious that he had been tortured and his body was bloodstained.

Tang Zichen said, "Yang Yijian, come home with me."

Yang Yijian busily said, "Thank you, Senior Tang for saving us."

"We're friends, aren't we?"


"Go."Yang Yijian followed Tang Zichen away in full view of the crowd, flying off in the direction of the Martial Academy.

"Senior Tang, why are you so strong all of a sudden?To think that we entered the Martial Arts Academy in the same year, it's only been two years so far, but you've already been able to face off against the Protectorate Family's experts who have surpassed innate, and I'm only in the late innate stage, and all of this is still just me fighting to the death."Yang Yijian said.

"Brother Yang, don't call me senior, it's meaningless."

"Hehe, thank you for still looking up to me so much, I, Yang Yijian, have no teeth to forget."

"Alright, I originally wanted to save you fifty days ago, but I was delayed by something."

Yang Yijian smiled, "Good thing you didn't save me."


"Really, if you had saved me fifty days ago, then I would still be just an early innate, and now being able to become a late innate is what I accomplished precisely under the pursuit of the strong people of the Island Protector Family ah."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Brother Yang, your talent has exploded, in just fifty days, stepping from early innate to late innate, it's inevitable that you will step into the Unity Realm in the future."

"I hope so, in fact, if you hadn't saved me today, I might not have survived, even if I did end up handing over the secret of the One Sword.Because, the Island Protector Family feels that I might surpass the innate in the future, so they must kill me to avoid one more problem in the future.Brother Tang, you've saved my life, but of course, it's my own fault that it would come to this."


; "How so?"

"Brother Tang, to tell you the truth, I actually did learn the secret of my one sword from the memory stone."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, it wasn't even self-created by Yang Yijian, but it was indeed learned from the memory stone.

"Then why did you say it was self-created?"

"Brother Tang, don't laugh at me, I'm not doing it for the sake of a false name, one of the most important reasons, the strong men of the Island Protector Family hunted me down, it can stimulate me to improve my martial arts strength quickly, it will be very helpful for me to cultivate a sword, so I have been fighting against them, the purpose is to stimulate me to improve my realm even faster, as well as to cultivate a sword faster.In the end, I broke through very quickly with them hunting me, but I didn't expect it to make them think that I had great potential and turned from hunting to killing."

"I see, but you did the right thing."

"Anyway, thank you for saving me, you're my eternal benefactor."

"Alright, Brother Yang, I think you're a good person, you have a matter in front of you now."

"What is it?"

"Brother Yang, will you be my brother forever?Even if I die, I will not betray or forsake you."

"Nonsense, but don't you mind if I'm so weak?"

"Hahaha, Brother Yang, you're too modest, alright, now I can tell you the truth, I have the Iron Tree Heart, and there's enough of it, if you stay with me, I'm willing to help you improve your strength with the treasures I've acquired."

"Oh my god, Iron Tree Heart."Yang Yijian was shocked.


"Tang Zichen, I swear that I, Yang Yijian, am definitely your most faithful brother, although I have always considered you as a brother inside, but I have been afraid to say it for fear of not being worthy, and I also feel shameless and not worthy at all."

"Hahaha, Brother Yang, you're too polite, then from now on, we'll be inseparable brothers, if I have something good, I'll naturally share it with my brother."

"Good, I'm also willing to shed my head and blood for my brother."

"Throwing my head away is unnecessary, because I won't let any of my people die easily, go, go back to the Martial Academy first, then I'll give you some iron tree hearts."


Tang Zichen and Yang Yijian returned to the Martial Forest Academy.

Tang Zichen dared to call Yang Yijian his brother because he had confidence in Yang Yijian, Yang Yijian was still a very worthy and courageous person to associate with.

Tang Zichen felt that in this world, it was time for him to make some brothers who could cut through his ribs.

In that world, he had a group of brothers and sisters who had passed their lives, and in this world, he would definitely have such trustworthy brothers as well, Yang Yijian was the first, no, Yi Tianxing was the first, and Yang Yijian was the second.

There was also Professor Lin Han, it was a pity that his martial arts strength was low, otherwise he was also a very reliable man.

Back at the Martial Arts Academy, Yang Yi Jian met Xu Mei Qian and the others.

"Liu, Liu Xiangyun?"Yang Yi Jian suddenly saw Liu Xiangyun and his entire body was silly, seeing ghosts.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Don't be stunned, Xiangyun has been resurrected by Tang Zichen."

"No way, that's okay?Zichen, what level of healer are you, anyway?"

"Truth be told, I'm now a fourteen-grade healer, but not all fourteen-grade healers can do such a thing as resurrection, alright, One Sword, we're almost back to the Yan Huang Empire."

A few hours later, Tang Zichen and the others got on a plane to the Yanhuang Empire.


Tang Zichen and the others were sitting on the plane, which was flying to Tian Nanfu.

"Yi Jian, where is your hometown?Why don't you come with me to Linjiang City for New Year's Eve."

"Haha, I'd rather not, I haven't been home for so long and I'm eager to go home."

"Yi Jian, what was your family's attitude when you were being hunted by the Island Protector Family?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Uh."Yang Yijian was stunned, then silent.

After a few seconds, Yang Yijian said, "No matter what my family's attitude is, that's my family after all, besides, I can understand my family, it's not that my family doesn't help me, it's that there's simply nothing I can do.My family is only a Shi class family, but the four Island Guardian Families have three Unity Realm powerhouses, so I don't hate my family for not helping me."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, "I understand."

Yang Yijian smiled, "Forget about me, brother Chen, don't you have a family too?Are you really not going back to the Tang family?If the Tang family knew that you've now stepped into the Unity Realm, tsk, I really don't know what their expression would be.The Unity Realm ah, this is having the power to enter the core circle of Wangjing City, they would definitely regret it."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, "I'm not like you, I was originally expelled from the family, then I had a hard time accepting to return to the family, however, I was chased by the Huo family and the Tang family abandoned me once again in order to save themselves, so it's impossible for me to return to the Tang family, I really don't have the slightest relationship with the Tang family anymore.Moreover, I don't have any immediate family members in the Tang Family anymore, and when I was hunted down and killed by the Huo Family, my parents and other immediate family members had all been beheaded by the Huo Family."Speaking of which, a surge of hatred arose within Tang Zichen, although those parents and relatives were the former Tang Zichen's relatives and had nothing to do with Tang Zichen's soul, they were, after all, this body's relatives, and, moreover, fresh lives.

Tang Zichen secretly clenched his fists, the Huo family, Tang Zichen swore that he would not let go, and when the New Year was over, it was time to go and settle this feud.

Yang Yijian said, "I'm sorry for bringing up your sad story." One second to remember to read the book

"Oh, it's fine."

Yang Yijian was sorry, thinking that mentioning Tang Zichen's family reminded Tang Zichen of sad things.

The plane arrived at Tiannanfu.

Yang Yijian didn't follow Tang Zichen to Linjiang City for New Year's Eve, but changed planes to another residence, as did Shangguan Rou.

Xu Mei Qian, on the other hand, because she had been apart from Tang Zichen for too long and couldn't bear to part with her, so she didn't go back for New Year's Eve and followed Tang Zichen to Linjiang City, gone, Li Xuan'er was a native of Linjiang City, going home was a sure thing, even though she no longer had any relatives.

Liu Xiangyun is nervous as soon as she gets off the plane, her father thinks she's dead and hasn't seen her father in so long.

After getting off the plane, Tang Zichen said to Liu Xiangyun, "Xiang'er, there's something I need to tell you."

"I already know, my father got married."

"Oh, it seems that Xuan'er told you, yes, I brokered the marriage, the other party is an earthly emperor of Tian Nan Province, your stepmother is a 34 year old minister, of course, soon to be 35, her name is Cai Jieyun.This person has no martial arts skills, but she is very capable, and she is the Minister of Finance of the Tennant's House.You can imagine this Tiannanfu as a country, and the Cai family is in control of this country, but it doesn't belong to the Cai family, the Cai family just

In lieu of management, one must obey the higher court, that ancient court of the Yanhuang Empire in Wangjing City.It's just that the court mainly controls the entire empire in terms of influence, and doesn't interfere with the economy and other aspects of management at all, so the Cai family is an earthly emperor in Tian Nanfu, and as long as they don't get caught by the imperial watchdog, they can cover everything with one hand.I think your father should be having a very good time, and for my sake, even the strongest person in the Cai family wouldn't dare to do anything in front of your father, let alone anyone else."

"Mmhmm, thanks."Liu Xiangyun said gratefully, Tang Zichen had arranged her dad very well, even if she did die, she would have rested in peace.

"Oh, still so polite with me, who am I to you, and who are you to me."

Liu Xiangyun blushed and gave Tang Zichen a glance.

Li Xuan'er asked, "Then are we going back to Linjiang City right now?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "There's no rush, the day after tomorrow is the 30th day of the Lunar New Year, and since I'm in the Tennant House, and Uncle Liu is married to a woman from the Cai family in the Tennant House, how can I just ignore it.Moreover, I'm still not sure if Uncle Liu is in Tiannan Prefecture or Linjiang City."

Tang Zichen immediately came to the Cai family.

The Cai family's doorman immediately reported that the Cai family's patriarch and other innate experts knew about it and immediately flew out to greet him, literally as if the court had sent some big shot down.

"Pay your respects to the senior."Several innate experts of the Cai family immediately bowed deeply when they saw Tang Zichen, they felt from Tang Zichen's body that Tang Zichen's momentum could crush them invisibly to death.

Tang Zichen smiled, "There is no need to be polite, today, when I returned to Linjiang City for New Year's Eve, I passed by the Tennant House, I came to visit you all, and also to see if my Uncle Liu is here."

"Welcome senior's arrival, it really makes my Cai family humble, come, immediately prepare to welcome your guest in accordance."

Tang Zichen waved his hand, "These mundane rituals are dispensed with, it's fine to go in and have a few cups of tea."

"Senior Tang Zichen, please."

Tang Zichen was unceremoniously surrounded by a few innate experts from the Cai Family and entered the Cai Family.

Those few innate experts of the Cai family were truly inexpressibly shocked when they felt Tang Zichen's unfathomable strength.Before last year's New Year's Eve, when he was married to the Cai family, Tang Zichen was still at the early innate stage, having just acquired imperial talents, as well as becoming the auxiliary minister of the Forty Princes Yan want.But when they met again today, Tang Zichen's momentum had made them unable to see through it, and the genius was really different every year.

Cai Lingpeng, the Cai family's patriarch, asked carefully, "Senior Tang, what kind of strength do you dare to ask for now?"

"Hahaha, what do you think?"

Cai Lingpeng said, "I'm sure senior you've already stepped into the Innate Perfection, or even the Innate Great Perfection, how else could you possess such a powerful aura."

"Hehe."Tang Zichen didn't say that he had already stepped into the Unity Realm, or else these people would have to be scared to death.Moreover, even if he was an Innate Perfection, it would be enough to crush this Cai family, because this Cai family's patriarch was just a late Innate.On the other hand, the strongest person in the Cai family was only a late innate, but they were able to take charge of a Tiannan Prefecture, which was equivalent to taking charge of a country, which was enough to show that in this world, it was very useful to be an innate expert.That was why, the martial arts practitioners of the Yanhuang Empire all hoped to step into the innate one day.


As for the Unity Realm, it was not something that ordinary people dared to fantasize about.

Tang Zichen drank tea at the Cai family, and several Cai family patriarchs respectfully made tea for Tang Zichen and the others, they were usually in high positions, but right now, in front of Tang Zichen, they were like an inferior.

"Alright, thanks to Clan Chief Cai for the tea, it's time for me to return to Linjiang City."

"Good, I've already had the plane arranged for you, it's at the Cai family's internal airport."


A few clan leaders of the Cai family escorted Tang Zichen to the plane.

As Tang Zichen walked away, several clan chiefs looked at the sky, wondering what they were thinking.

One of the deputy clan chiefs said, "What kind of realm is Tang Zichen in anyway?The aura on his body is so strong."

"Definitely an innate success, too terrifying talent, if he continues like this, won't the future be overturned."

"Tsk tsk, what a human being, qi, forget it, we're not even on the same level, if we say compare again, we'll make people laugh.Fortunately, we were wise enough to marry him in the first place, and now we're in charge of the Tiannan Mansion and more stable again."

"That Bai family has always wanted to divide our territory, I heard that they are moving up and down, and are very close to the sons and daughters of several royal families in Wangjing City, we don't know if they will divide our territory one day ah, if Tang Zichen is willing to give us a hand, that would be great." First URL

Tang Zichen took a special plane back to Linjiang City.

As he was about to arrive at his home, Tang Zichen said to Liu Xiangyun, "Xiang'er, wait outside first, I'm afraid that if you go in suddenly like this, your father's heart won't be able to take it, so you can come in to meet me after I've made it clear to your father."


Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian and the others entered the villa first.

In the villa, Willow Chenming Willow Chenming was in the living room not knowing what to do, and, Tang Zichen smelled shit right away.

As soon as he entered the living room, he saw that Willow Chenming and Cai Jieyun were tossing a baby, changing the baby's diaper, and Willow Chenming's face was smiling, obviously very happy, and the baby looked like it had just turned a month.

Tang Zichen was stunned, Willow Chenming saw Tang Zichen was also stunned, then great joy to: "Zichen, you can come back, I thought you would not come back this year for the New Year, quick, quick, come in."

Cai Jieyun was also busy calling out, "Senior Tang."

Tang Zichen looked at the baby and said, "This is?"

"Haha, Zichen, this is my son, just a month old."Willow Chenming said with a smile on her face.

"I go, no way, so quick, only got married last New Year's Eve."

"Hehehe."Both Willow Chenming and Cai Jieyun laughed a little awkwardly.

Tang Zichen saw the smile on Liu Chenming's face, and then remembered Liu Xiangyun, he couldn't help but feel some emotions inside, Liu Chenming now had a son, although it was heartbreaking to lose his daughter, but eventually he would gradually forget the pain he felt when he lost his daughter because of his son.

"What's the name?"Tang Zichen asked.

Cai Jieyun said, "Call Liu Hengming."

"Liu Hengming, huh, it seems I'm really going to be a brother-in-law, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, but Liu Chen Ming was dark, so happy day, he didn't know why Tang Zichen suddenly said to be brother-in-law, deliberately brought up Liu Xiangyun, this past year, Liu Chen Ming really didn't want to think of his daughter, it was too painful, he could only use time to heal that pain.Fortunately, the birth of his son has distracted him a lot and made him happy.


; "Zichen, sit down, don't stand there all the time."Willow Chenming was busy, then quickly asked the nanny to help, throwing the poopy diapers and other garbage outside.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Uncle Liu, you don't have a son and forgot about your daughter, do you."

"Zichen, don't be like that, how could I have forgotten my daughter, I'm just afraid to think about it."

"Alright, Uncle Liu, no offense, I just wanted to tell you that I've resurrected Xiangyun."

"What."Willow Chen Ming's entire body was dumbfounded.

"I knew you would overreact, I told you before that I would bring Xiangyun back to life one day, see, you really did think I was trying to comfort you, you must have never believed me on that."

"Zichen, you, you're not kidding me."

Tang Zichen patted Liu Chenming's shoulder and said, "Uncle Liu, how could I joke with you about such things, Xiang'er is outside the villa."

After saying that, Tang Zichen shouted, "Xiang'er, come in."

Liu Chenming immediately rushed out of the villa and immediately saw that Liu Xiangyun was walking into the iron door outside the villa.



Father and daughter crying and hugging together, Tang Zichen and the others did not disturb, went to make tea in the living room, and then teased Liu Chenming's son.

Li Xuan'er angrily said, "Don't tease him, what are you teasing when people are asleep."

"Alright, hahaha."Tang Zichen put Willow Heming back into the crib.

It took ten minutes before father and daughter Liu Chen Ming walked in.

"Tzu-Chen, thank you."Liu Chenming suddenly knelt down in front of Tang Zichen.

"Uncle Willow, don't discount me, get up."Tang Zichen immediately helped Willow Chenming up.

Liu Chenming suddenly knelt down to thank Tang Zichen, it wasn't just because of one reason for resurrecting Liu Xiangyun, there was another reason, this year, as the son-in-law of the Cai family, Liu Chenming was living a really superior life, he now held a group in his hands with a market value of more than 100 billion, and his wife Cai Jieyun was the Minister of Finance of the Tienan Province, which was equivalent to the Minister of Finance of a country, as far as mixed gentry circles were concerned, it was really noThe said.Tang Zichen had given him too much.

"Uncle Liu, don't be like this in the future, what I did to you was just a show of hands.Alright, you have a nice chat with Xiangyun, I'll go out with Xuan'er Mei Qian."

Next, Tang Zichen, Li Xuan'er and Xu Mei Qian Xiaomeng left the villa.

Xu Mei Qian used to be a police officer here at any rate, it was rare to come back, so naturally, she went to the Public Security Bureau to look for her former colleagues, and Xiaomeng also followed Xu Mei Qian.

Tang Zichen was left with Li Xuan'er.

Tang Zichen accompanied Li Xuan'er to pay his respects to her parents.

Li Xuan'er was in a somewhat depressed mood when she saw that Liu Chen Ming was now living such a good and happy life, her family was reunited, and that she had married a woman from the Cai family and rocked up to become someone from the entire Tennan Mansion's gentry circle.

In the beginning, she and Liu Xiangyun both became Tang Zichen's girlfriend at the same time.

Now, Liu Xiangyun's father was doing so well, and her parents, because Tang Zichen had died, were also both Tang Zichen's women, so why was there such a big difference, maybe her parents didn't have the life to enjoy it.

Tang Zichen shook Li Xuan'er's hand and said, "Xuan'er, I know what you're thinking, you saw Xiangyun her father had such a good life, while your parents were killed by me, also my woman, I didn't give you anything, but instead I caused you to become an orphan."


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