The King of Kungfu in school 791-800


Chapter 791

"Hmm, you don't allow that?Today is the anniversary of your death next year, so you can go to hell, you harmless son of a bitch."The pretty girl holding the knife against Tang Zichen said.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Beauty, you are holding a knife to my neck, but you are slow to act, you seem to be quite kind."

"It's impossible for me to be kind to someone like you."

"Yo yo, you know why I didn't resist at all?"

"That's because you are incapable of resisting me at all, you're nothing if you're not relying on your family, you're an inner class trash."

"Hahaha, pretty girl, I'm quite fond of you, so stay with me tonight."Tang Zichen said.

At this time, the man called Qing Shu snorted, "You still don't know when you're dying."

Tang Zichen looked at the man and said, "You and this beauty seem to like each other ah, but looking at you, it seems like you haven't completely pierced that layer of relationship well, such a beautiful beauty, you actually haven't slept with her till now, wouldn't it be a bargain for me."

"Go to hell."The man called Qing Shu couldn't take it anymore and killed Tang Zichen with a sword.

However, in the next second, Tang Zichen didn't splatter blood on the spot as everyone expected, but rather.

Tang Zichen clamped two fingers on Qing Shu's sword. Remember the URL

"Ah."The man named Qing Shu was taken aback, completely not expecting him to kill up with his sword, but he was caught between two fingers.

Tang Zichen's two fingers folded with force, and with a clatter, Qing Shu's sword segmented into several pieces and scattered on the ground.

"How did this happen?"The four assassins were shocked.

Tang Zichen said to the beautiful woman holding the sword to his neck, "Beauty, aren't you going to move the sword away?"


Tang Zichen's internal strength was suddenly scattered, and with a clatter, the sword against his neck broke into a dozen pieces, with only a hilt left in the beautiful woman's hand.

"You."The beautiful woman was horrified and looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

The other woman said, "Song Xiaolou, aren't you, aren't you trash?Why is it that the realm is only the inner gate and so strong, it's impossible."

"Hahaha, how can I, Song Xiaolou, be something that you ignorant little children can know about, go away, I won't kill you today."

"Go."The man called Qing Shu was busy.

The four assassins were suddenly ready to withdraw, but were afraid that Tang Zichen would go back on his word like, very wary as they retreated.

Tang Zichen trailed off, if they really wanted to kill them, how could they be wary?

Tang Zichen didn't want to kill them, after all, he wasn't the real Song Xiaolou, and he didn't know if this Song Xiaolou had died tonight in real history, most likely, after all, people like Song Xiaolou who did all the bad things must not live long.

"Wait."Tang Zichen suddenly shouted.

"What?Trying to kill us again?"That pretty girl named Yang Xi said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "No, I still have something to say.

"Hmph, we don't have time to talk to you, you can kill if you want to, if we can't succeed in killing you today, we can definitely take your life when my uncle returns in the future."

Tang Zichen said, "Beauty, your name is Yang Xi, right."

"So what if I am," said the pretty girl named Yang Xi.

"You are very pretty, this young master is very interested in you, do you want to be a friend?"

"Hahaha, ridiculous, I'd hate to kill you, eat your blood, drink your flesh, would I be friends with you?"

Tang Zichen said, "Beauty, you're a bit nervous talking oh, you should be drinking my blood and eating my flesh, not eating my blood and drinking my flesh."

The man called Qing Shu said, "Yang Xi, don't talk nonsense with him, let's go."

Saying that, the four assassins flew out of the window.

But, but as soon as they flew out of the window, a furious voice came from outside, "Want to leave, no way?"

It turned out to be that Tang Zichen's sidekick, Wang Cai.

The four assassins were depressed and were discovered by Wang Cai, four youngsters who came in to kill Tang Zichen, who was really young.

"Fight him, one of them will go if we can."One of the men said.

The man named Qing Shu also said, "I told you why the dog thief let us go, but it turns out he didn't want to do it himself, a dog thief is a dog thief."

At that moment, Tang Zichen's voice came from the window, "Wangcai, let them go."

"Ah, Second Young Master, how can this be, they're here to kill you."Wang Cai was busy.

Tang Zichen said firmly, "I said let them go, you let them go, no nonsense okay?"

"Young Master, if you let go of the person who tried to kill you, there will definitely be trouble in the future."Wang Cai was a bit disobedient, after all, in his eyes Tang Zichen was a waste young master, he wasn't really loyal to Tang Zichen, the reason why he was protecting Tang Zichen was because of the Song family, not Song Xiaolou.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, "Wang Cai, if you resist me one more time, I won't be polite to you."

"Yes, Second Young Master."Wang Cai saw that Tang Zichen was angry, which let him go, although he wasn't afraid of Tang Zichen, but if Tang Zichen went to the Eldest Young Master or the Old Master to complain, he would be finished.

"Let's go."Only then did the four assassins cautiously leave, somewhat unable to understand Tang Zichen's eyes, how come this Song Xiaolou has changed a bit.

Tang Zichen no longer paid attention to them, and went back to his room to continue sleeping, these were not his life for Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen's main purpose was to learn the healing arts, everything else don't waste time if you can.Although, that beautiful woman just now was very beautiful, and any normal man might have the desire to possess her.

The next day, Tang Zichen woke up early.

"Knock knock."There was a knock on the door from outside.

"Second Young Master, are you up?"

"Up, what's up?"

"Second young master, the eldest young master asked you to go there."


In order not to cause any complications, Tang Zichen still went there, moreover, Tang Zichen didn't want to expose his strength, because exposing his strength, a trash suddenly turning into a strong man, would definitely cause a storm, in that case, how would Tang Zichen still learn the healing arts, he would be dealing with those irrelevant people every day.

Tang Zichen came to a pavilion where a man around thirty years old was drinking tea.

Tang Zichen knew that this was Song Xiaolou's big brother, the most talented young man in Cangmu City, who had reached the peak of Innate Perfection at the age of twenty-nine.

Tang Zichen didn't expect that the world in this memory stone was the same as the real world outside, and in the real world outside, those who could reach the peak of Innate Great Perfection around the age of thirty were geniuses.

"Big brother."Tang Zichen called out in Song Xiaolou's tone.

"Well, second brother is here."Song Qintian smiled.

"What does big brother want with me?"


"Brother, it's nothing, I asked you to come over and have tea with me."

"Brother, I won't have tea with you if I have something to do. I'll be busy first."

"Brother, what do you want to do in such a hurry?"

"I won't hide it from you, I want to go to Qingju Pavilion to learn healing arts."Tang Zichen didn't hide it, but he didn't say healing, because Tang Zichen was afraid that this Canggu City didn't have the term healing, only medical arts, just like that world of Tang Zichen, there was just no term healing, they were all collectively called medical arts.

Song Qintian laughed and said, "Second brother, ah, you're a good dude doesn't do, what kind of healing art do you learn."

"Big brother this is unknown, I can't be a dude all the time well, I want to learn some skills, besides, I'm quite talented in this area."

Song Qintian seemed to be a bit impatient, and said, "Alright, second brother, you shouldn't go to Qingju Pavilion in the future."

"Er, why?"

"Second brother, don't think I don't know what you're up to, you're running away from the Qingju Pavilion for no reason other than you're attracted to the daughter of the owner of the Qingju Pavilion, Miss Blue Pearl.Big brother is telling you right now, Miss Blue Pearl, you can't move."

"Er, how do you say that."

"I said that you can't move because, I like Miss Blue Pearl, if you dare to touch him, don't blame big brother for not loving you as a younger brother."Song Qintian's tone didn't seem to have any intention of putting Tang Zichen in his eyes, after all, he was a younger brother who relied on the family's authority, others were just fine, but if it involved the family's interests, I'm sure he wouldn't dare to be reckless. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen was really depressed, Tang Zichen certainly wasn't afraid of this 'big brother', the reason why Tang Zichen came here and called him big brother with Song Xiaolou's tone of voice was just because he didn't want to cause any complications and went to study medicine in peace.

But heck, there would be so many obstacles.

What Blue Pearl girl, Tang Zichen had no interest in anything, he only wanted to learn medical arts.

However, no one at all believed that Tang Zichen really wanted to learn medical arts, they all thought that Tang Zichen was running to the Blue Pearl girl.

"Alright, second brother, go and get busy, other women, whatever you like, big brother supports you, but you definitely don't touch Miss Blue Pearl, go."

Tang Zichen walked out of the gazebo.

Inwardly, with a snort of disdain, this so-called big brother, where is Tang Zichen's opponent, although he is at the peak of the Innate Great Perfection, Tang Zichen's real body's realm is also at the peak of the Innate Great Perfection, but, Tang Zichen will definitely spike him.

Wang Cai asked, "Second Young Master, where to go now then?Why don't you go to the Hundred Flowers House ah, looking for Miss Little Cui."

"To hell with the Hundred Flowers House, you're the one who has to go looking for chickens, your whole family."Tang Zichen scolded.

Wang Cai was stunned, a bit overwhelmed, and said inwardly, "Aren't you usually the most popular to go to a green house?"

"Second Master, where to now, then?"

"Nonsense, of course we're going to the Qingju Pavilion."

"But, didn't the eldest young master just make it clear to you?You're not allowed to go to Qingju Pavilion."

"Fuck it's clear, do I have to be controlled by someone else where I'm going?Go to the Greenhouse."Tang Zichen said firmly.


"Slap."Tang Zichen slapped over, and Wang Cai's face appeared angry, but he quickly controlled it, although he could pinch Song Xiaolou, Song Xiaolou wasn't something he could fight, so it was better to endure.

"Go to Qingju Pavilion."



Wang Cai rushed to the beast cart and left the Song family, heading straight to the Qingju Pavilion.

Tang Zichen was here to learn the art of healing, anything that hindered him, he would do anything to sweep away, those that had nothing to do with healing, Tang Zichen wouldn't bother to pay attention to them, such as the beautiful woman who came to assassinate him last night.If he really wanted to pay attention to it, such a beautiful woman would have to stay to warm her bed, but Tang Zichen didn't.

Tang Zichen must devote himself to learning the healing arts of this world, improve his healing arts, and go back to save Liu Xiangyun.

Tang Zichen sat on the beast cart, and many people saw Tang Zichen's beast cart along the way and gave way for fear of getting in Tang Zichen's way.

Tang Zichen smiled, It seems Song Xiaolou is really a sadistic person, which made the people on the street afraid.

He drove all the way to the Qingju Pavilion.

The gatekeeper of the Qingju Pavilion didn't dare to stop him and allowed Tang Zichen to enter.

Entering the Qingju Pavilion, Tang Zichen immediately saw many many patients, but also many doctors, each doctor had a separate cubicle, there was a long line outside of each cubicle, many patients were waiting to be seen, and there were also very strong patients.

"Damn, isn't this a hospital?"Tang Zichen said.

That's right, the Qingju Pavilion was a hospital, or equal to a hospital, only not as complicated as a hospital.

Tang Zichen counted that there were more than thirty doctors in total in the Qingju Pavilion.

There was also a hall with boxes of herbs on the walls all around, many men and women in green clothes grabbing medicine, and many patients waiting to get medicine, just like a hospital's window for getting medicine.

Tang Zichen took a look at it and found it quite interesting.

Then, the owner of the Qingju Pavilion was the director.

At that moment, when Tang Zichen passed by a doctor's cubicle, he saw a sign hanging at the door, which read, "Blue Pearl, a fifth-grade junior doctor, specializing in internal medicine, neurology, and any trauma treatment.Cost of visit, from 120 silver coins."

"Yoho, there's actually this thing."Tang Zichen couldn't help but think of a modern hospital with names like the attending doctor hanging on the door as well.

Tang Zichen walked away.

However, after taking a few steps Tang Zichen stopped.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Blue Pearl?The blue beads on that sign?Is it that blue bead from Song?"

"Fine, then I'll go in and see just how beautiful this Blue Pearl is that would make both Song Xiaolou and his big brother fall for this woman."

Tang Zichen immediately backtracked, walking to the door of the cubicle he had just been in, Tang Zichen quietly pushed the door open.

Inside, a plainly dressed woman, who was diagnosing a patient's condition, saw Tang Zichen push open the door and burst into anger, "Song Xiaolou, what are you doing here again, get out."The eyes seemed to be very annoying, as if Tang Zichen was a mangy dog, a look that made Tang Zichen feel uncomfortable as well, but he wasn't Song Xiaolou after all, there was no need to care about things that had nothing to do with him.

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled and closed the door.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Worthy of being the woman that made both Song Xiaolou and his big brother fall in love with her, she is indeed beautiful, better than the beauty that came to assassinate Song Xiaolou last night, beautiful, unearthly beauty."

However, Tang Zichen didn't stop to admire it and walked straight away, it wasn't like Tang Zichen had never seen a beautiful woman before.


Tang Zichen was about to go to the owner of the Qingju Pavilion to see how well he was able to learn medical skills from him.

At that moment, a patient who was passing by put a note on Tang Zichen's hand.

Tang Zichen was busy taking a look , where was the passing patient, this person who stuffed a note into his hand was a woman, the same woman who was raped by Song Xiaolou when Tang Zichen entered last night, seemed to be the wife of the third disciple of the Qingju Pavilion Master.

"Erm, why is he stuffing me with a note."Tang Zichen immediately opened the note, while the woman walked away.

The note read, "Tonight at twelve o'clock, come to my room."

"What the hell."Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, could it be that this woman, too, was not a serious woman?Or was it that Song Xiaolou was very good at that, and although he was forceful, he gave this woman a quick life?

Tang Zichen threw the note, when the woman turned around just in time to see Tang Zichen throwing the note, she was shocked and ran up to pick up the note in a panic, while looking at Song Xiaolou with resentment.

Tang Zichen smiled, "You're a real woman, that's interesting."

"Song Xiaolou, what do you mean."

"Nothing meaningful, don't bother me anymore."

"You." First URL

"You what you, I have no interest in you."


"Alright, I'm asking you, where is the owner of the Qingju Pavilion?"

"Hmph."The woman turned around and left, very depressed look, in fact Tang Zichen guessed right, although last night he was Song Xiaolou that, but, but inside she could not hate on, but also want to do it again, so today to see Song Xiaolou again, can not hold back at all.In the evening, she will separate her husband, to go to the next room to sleep, her husband is an honest doctor, do not know how to make love, and she looks pretty beautiful, the body is very well maintained, more and more dissatisfied with the honest husband.So she had the out-of-wall factor buried in her bones.

"If you don't tell me, I'll tell you what happened last night out loud."

"Don't, don't, Song Xiaolou, I'm afraid of you.The owner is in the pharmacy."

"Where's the pharmacy?"

"In the backyard, of course."


Tang Zichen immediately went to the backyard and found the pharmacy.

At a glance, Tang Zichen saw the owner of the Green Residence Pavilion, who seemed to be studying something at the moment.

However, what Tang Zichen didn't expect was that the owner of the Green Residence Pavilion was actually a strong man at the peak of the early Unity Realm.

Tang Zichen had originally wanted to use a lullaby and have him teach himself the art of healing.

But now, that plan was foiled.

It was impossible for Tang Zichen to use the lullaby on him at the peak of the Early Unity Realm, and even if he fought, Tang Zichen couldn't beat him because Tang Zichen was without his heavy sword, and he was at the third level of the Early Unity Realm, and the third level wasn't necessarily a sure win.

Tang Zichen was helpless, but Tang Zichen still walked in.

The owner of the Qingju Pavilion looked at Tang Zichen with killing intent in his eyes and said, "Song Xiaolou, you still dare to come, believe me I'll kill you."

Tang Zichen smiled, no wonder Song Xiaolou wanted to use despicable methods on Blue Pearl, but couldn't succeed, with a father of the Unity Realm, how could Song Xiaolou get his way so easily.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Pavilion Master, I'm only here to learn the medical arts."

"Get out of here, don't blame me for twisting off your head if you don't."

"Oh, pavilion master, you won't kill me, my grandfather is the number one expert in Canggu City, my grandmother is the number two expert in Canggu City, no matter which one, you are no match, so you won't kill me."

"You."The museum owner gritted his teeth, his eyes really, really wanted to kill this trash, but Tang Zichen was right, the consequences of killing this trash would be severe.

"Song Xiaolou, a dog jumps over the wall even when it's desperate, don't push me, I don't dare to kill you, it's just that I'm scrupulous about your grandparents, if I can't help it one day, I'll definitely kill you.So, you'd better not try to touch my daughter again, otherwise, I'll kill you even if I risk my life to avoid it."The Pavilion Master's killing aura surged wildly, his daughter was his last bottom line.

"Hahaha, pavilion master, can you stop mentioning your daughter to me?I know you have a beautiful daughter, but I really don't feel like touching your daughter.Like I said, I'm here to learn the art of healing from you."

"Get out."The museum owner yelled, and it looked like he was about to do it.

Tang Zichen was helpless and said, "Alright, I'll go out first, but I truly am here to learn healing from you, I'm not touching your daughter for you, believe me."

"Roll."The Pavilion Master struck with a palm.

Tang Zichen immediately flinched and exited the pharmacy, although Tang Zichen had no heavy sword and was no match at all, but the pavilion master didn't use his full strength and was also afraid of killing Tang Zichen, so he left room for error, and Tang Zichen easily dodged his strike.

However, the owner of the Qingju Pavilion was shocked, "Impossible, although I don't dare to kill him, I did try to slap him away just now, but how could he dodge so easily?Isn't Song Xiaolou an inner-door level trash?"

The owner was very surprised to see that Tang Zichen hadn't been cleaved by him, and wondered if Song Xiaolou had been hiding his strength all along, and wasn't an inner-level loser at all.If that was the case, then Song Xiaolou was too mysterious, and everyone in the city knew that he was the deprived second youngest of all the rich and famous.

Tang Zichen did not go far, Tang Zichen was here to learn medical skills, it was impossible to leave easily, unless, this Qingju Pavilion Master's medical skills were not as high as Tang Zichen thought, Tang Zichen was wasting his time, so that he would leave.

At this moment, a physician happened to pass by, Tang Zichen immediately attacked him with a mesmerizing attack.

"Tell me, is the Qingju Pavilion Master's medical skill high?"

"My master's medical skills have reached the eighth grade."

Tang Zichen didn't know how many grades in the outside world were equivalent to the eighth grade they were talking about, so for the time being, he didn't know if it was severe or not.

Tang Zichen continued to ask, "The Pavilion Master is your master?"

"Yes, all the physicians here, except for Blue Pearl who is his daughter, are his disciples."

"So, how far have you reached in your medical skills?"

"I'm at level five in healing."

"How high is level five in healing?"

"Level 5 is just a measure of strength in treating battle injuries, in terms of treating difficult illnesses, there is no limit to how many levels, it all depends on ability."

"So, what level of battle injuries can you roughly treat at your level five level?"

"Level 5."

"Your sister, are you able to treat this patient?"Tang Zichen pulled over an injured patient not far away."

"Yes, he can be treated if his injuries reach the level of fifth grade below."

Tang Zichen tested this injured patient, and his injuries were roughly at grade nine.

Tang Zichen pulled another one over and asked, "What about this one?"


"No. His injuries must be at least on the level of 5th grade, and I'm only under 5th grade."

Tang Zichen tested the wounded man, and it would probably take a 10-ranked healer to heal him.

Then, Tang Zichen judged that the healing levels in this world were the same as the healing levels, one level down equals one grade, one grade up equals two grades; two grades down equals three grades, two grades up equals four grades.

That Blue Pearl just now, a physician under grade five, is a ninth grade.This Blue Pearl was only sixteen years old, and a medical skill this high at sixteen was indeed very genius.

"Alright, I'll ask you again, is your master an eight grade upper or lower?"

"Our master is a physician under the eighth rank."

"Under the eighth rank, that's a fifteen-grade healer, haha, it really is strong, in the outside world, it seems like I haven't heard of a fifteen-grade healer, right?"

Tang Zichen remembered that in the Yanhuang Empire, the strongest healers were only fourteen grades, of course, we can't rule out the fact that Tang Zichen didn't know much about them, after all, Tang Zichen wasn't familiar with the Yanhuang Empire Palace at all.

"Alright, there's no more business for you, you can go."

Tang Zichen disarmed the mesmerizing attack on that physician just now.

This Qingju Pavilion Master was actually a fifteen-grade Healing Master, Tang Zichen had not come to the wrong place, Tang Zichen must improve his medical skills. Remember the URL

But what about the fact that there was no way he could teach Tang Zichen?

It seemed that it was necessary for Tang Zichen to have his identity cleansed before learning the medical arts, to make his reputation as a dude evil youngster better, or at least to show the people of the Qingju Pavilion Master that the once evil youngster had gradually turned into a good guy and was working hard to change himself, so that he might even be able to accept Tang Zichen again and instruct him in the medical arts.

"How do I change my image?"Tang Zichen sat quietly thinking.

At that moment, Wang Cai walked up to Tang Zichen and said, "Second Young Master, Young Master Liang is here."

"Who is Young Master Liang?"Tang Zichen immediately used the lullaby.

"Back to the second young master, young master Liang is your good friend, he is the son of the Liang family in Canggu City, his talent is stronger than yours, but it's not high, and now it's the Houtian realm, he is the second dude in Canggu City besides you, robbing and bruising porcelain, he is all evil."

Tang Zichen was delighted, he was worried about how to clear his identity, so let's take this Young Master Liang and start, Tang Zichen had to change his image, he had to get rid of his relationship with Song Xiaolou's former dog friend.

Tang Zichen asked, "What is Young Master Liang doing in Qingju Pavilion?Trying to run Blue Pearl too?"

"No, Young Master Liang knows that the Blue Pearl is the one you like, Second Young Master, and doesn't dare to touch it.Young Master Liang has taken a liking to the Pavilion Master's 19th disciple, Mo Xiaoqi, and is here to pick up Mo Xiaoqi."

"Oh, good to come."

Tang Zichen saw at a glance not far away, a playboy holding a folding fan, pushing open the door of a physician cubicle.

Tang Zichen immediately walked up.

There was a sign on the door of this physician cubicle: "Mo Xiaoqi, Fourth Grade Upper Physician, specializing in xxx."

"Get out of here."

"Xiao Qi, don't be angry, I'll treat you to dinner tonight, okay, I'll let Xiaolou bring Blue Pearl with her, the four of us have company.Aren't you and Lanzhu good sisters?It's just right to go together, you say okay."

"Get out, if you don't get out, I'm going to call out to my master."

"Xiao Qi, believe me, I really mean it, you're absolutely right to follow me, my family has plenty of money, after that I'll be my aunt, eat and drink spicy food every day, what's the point of sitting in the clinic ah."

When Tang Zichen arrived at Mo Xiaoqi's cubicle, he heard voices inside.

Tang Zichen pushed the door and walked in.

> "Hey, Xiaolou, I knew you'd come too."When Young Master Liang saw Tang Zichen, he immediately came up and patted Tang Zichen's shoulder.

At that moment, another person came in outside the door, it was the magnificent young girl, Blue Pearl.

Blue Pearl immediately asked, "Sister Xiao Qi, are you alright."

Only then did Tang Zichen look at Mo Xiaoqi, and found that this Mo Xiaoqi was also quite beautiful, although not as beautiful as Blue Pearl, but also a generation of beauty, and the assassin called Yang Xi last night was indistinguishable, age then, significantly a few years older than Blue Pearl, about eighteen or nineteen.

"Blue Pearl, I'm fine, this bastard, here we go again."Mo looked at Young Master Liang with great disgust.

At the same time, he also looked at Tang Zichen with great disgust.

Blue Pearl said to Tang Zichen, "Song Xiaolou, haven't you rolled over yet."

Tang Zichen laughed speechlessly, this kind of disgusting mangy look they had was really uncomfortable.

At this time, Young Master Liang laughed, "Xiaolou, you also make an effort, tonight I'll invite Xiao Qi, you invite Lan Zhu, the four of us go and get drunk."

Tang Zichen was really funny, so unaware of his own self-consciousness, and he was still not drunk.

"Pah."Tang Zichen turned around at once and slapped Young Master Liang to the ground.

"You."Young Master Liang looked at Tang Zichen furiously, even giving a few of his teeth away.

Blue Pearl and Mo Xiaoqi were both taken aback.

"Little Lou, what are you doing?You're crazy, why are you hitting me."Young Master Liang was very angry.

"The one who beat you, you pervert, how dare you come to Qingju Pavilion to harass the physician."Tang Zichen said with righteous indignation.

And Blue Pearl and Mo Xiaoqi, who were standing next to him, heard Tang Zichen's words and gave a cold laugh.

"Song Xiaolou, you're crazy."


"Crazy you sister, the one who beat you, if you dare to come to Qingju Pavilion again in the future, I'll beat you up."

Young Master Liang was furious, "Song Xiaolou, don't go too far, saying that I came to harass the physician?Well, then what are you doing here?Don't tell me you're here to see a doctor.You mother than."Young Master Liang wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, then climbed up.

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped him down again.

"Song Xiaolou, don't force me."Young Master Liang was about to get angry, Song Xiaolou an inner sect level trash, if it wasn't for his family's power, how could Young Master Liang be friends with him.

Mo: "Blue Pearl, what are they doing?"

Blue Pearl snorted, "Don't talk, I'd like to see what kind of show they want to put on."

Tang Zichen saw the cross-eyed stares of Blue Pearl and Mo Xiaoqi, he knew that no matter how much he beat Young Master Liang, I'm afraid it would be useless, he couldn't reverse his image, in their eyes, it was just dog bites dog, and it was still an act.

"Just saying."Tang Zichen sighed and kicked Young Master Liang out.

He was about to say something to Blue Pearl and Mo when a man ran in and said, "Blue Pearl, it's not good."

"What's wrong?"

The man who ran in looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Song Qintian is here."

"What's he doing here?"Lan Zhu looked at Tang Zichen with great disgust, his brother and younger brother were here, it was really disgusting.

Tang Zichen's heart thudded inside, secretly saying, "Song Qintian?Isn't that Song Xiaolou's big brother?Oh crap, this morning he also told me not to go to the Qingju Pavilion again, but I came here and he came to me to find Miss Blue Pearl again, I don't know what will happen."

But Tang Zichen inland wasn't worried, Song Qintian was no match for him at all, Tang Zichen just didn't want to cause any complications before he didn't bother to fix him.


Blue Pearl immediately walked out, and gave Tang Zichen a very disgusted stare as she passed by him.

Tang Zichen was helpless.

Outside, when Song Qintian saw Blue Pearl, he immediately came up and smiled, "Blue Pearl, it's been a long time since you've been here, how have you been?"

Song Qintian tried to be cute, but it was annoying no matter how you looked at it, and originally Blue Pearl didn't hate Song Qintian that much, she just simply didn't like it.However, since Song Xiaolou started coming to harass her, she hated even Song Qintian along with her, and Song Xiaolou had only started coming to harass her in the last week.

"Song Qintian, please leave the Qingju Pavilion, I'm sorry, you're not welcome here."

"Blue Pearl, what's wrong with you?Why are you so disgusted with me?Even if you didn't like me before, you didn't resent me so much."

"There's no reason why, it's disgusting to your two brothers in the Song family anyway."

Song Qintian said, "Is it because my brother has been harassing you for the past few days?Don't worry, I've warned my brother this morning that he'll never bother you again."

"Heh."Blue Pearl snickered.

At that moment, Song Qintian saw Tang Zichen who was looking around not far away.

Song Qintian was furious, he had already warned his brother this morning, so why would Tang Zichen still appear here? One second to remember to read the book

Song Qintian was furiously walking towards Tang Zichen.

"Little Lou."Song Qintian shouted, his shout was heard by the entire Qingju Pavilion, who looked towards him.

Tang Zichen turned his head to look at Song Qintian and said indifferently, "Something wrong?"

Tang Zichen doesn't even call a 'big brother' now, because Tang Zichen already knows that there's no way not to make an issue out of it, since that's the case, Tang Zichen doesn't need to hide himself, just explode, and then, let everything go.

"Xiaolou, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, do I need to report back to you on what I'm doing here?I've made it clear, I'm here to learn the art of medicine."

Song Qintian's gaze was cold, although he usually took quite good care of this brother, but this was because of his family, but if this brother disrespected him or even violated his interests, this would be a different story.

"Xiaolou, I made it clear to you this morning that you are not allowed to come back to Qingju Pavilion from now on, but you actually ignored my words, well, it seems that I have usually spoiled you really badly, which caused you to even dare to ignore my words now.I now order you to immediately get out of here and promise not to come back to Qingju Pavilion from now on, otherwise, don't blame me for not remembering your brotherly love."Song Qintian shouted.

Everyone was looking at the two of them brothers while pointing at them, wondering if they were secretly mocking something.

Tang Zichen left his mouth in disdain and said, "Song Qintian, I'm only here to learn medical arts, if you mess around with me again, don't blame me for not giving you any face."

"Fine, let's see how I'll teach you a lesson, you have no skills at all, but you actually dare to talk back."After saying that, Song Qintian waved his palm and fiercely slapped it down towards Tang Zichen.

However, Song Qintian's slap stopped in mid-air when it reached halfway.

Because, Tang Zichen had one hand on Song Qingtian's arm, making it impossible for Song Qingtian to continue the fight down.

Just kidding. Tang Zichen had practiced Hercules and had a terrifying arm strength of thirty thousand pounds, even ten Song Qintian couldn't compare to Tang Zichen's strength.


Qintian was angry and shocked, angry that Tang Zichen dared to fight him, his big brother, shocked that Tang Zichen, an inner-level trash, was able to stop him from slapping him, although he didn't show any strength, but he was an Innate Great Perfection ah, this was already terrifying enough.

Tang Zichen said, "Song Qintian, get the hell out of here right now, or else don't blame me, my patience is limited."

Song Qintian raged, "Little Lou, I'm your brother, you."

"Pah."Tang Zichen couldn't hold back any longer, and with a slap and a whoop, Song Qintian was slapped by Tang Zichen and flew out of the gate of Qingju Pavilion and out onto the street.

"What."Many people were shocked, because, everyone knew that Song Qintian was the number one young genius in Canggu City, but he was actually slapped and flown by Tang Zichen.

Song Qintian, who was currently flying out into the street, fell to the ground and was dumbfounded, however, he wasn't seriously injured as he felt that the gravity when he landed on the ground seemed to have been dealt with in a special way, i.e. Tang Zichen did it on purpose.

Yes, when Tang Zichen fanned him out, he deliberately controlled the force so that he landed in the lightest way possible, Tang Zichen did this because Song Qintian was, after all, the big brother of this body of his, giving this Song Xiaolou just a face.

"How could Xiaolou be so strong?This must be a dream, it must be."Song Qintian, who had fallen to the ground, looked dumbfounded as he talked to himself.

In the Qingju Pavilion, everyone including Blue Pearl and Mo Xiaoqi looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, an inner sect level trash that everyone knew was too mysterious to suddenly erupt with such great strength.

Tang Zichen walked up to Blue Pearl and said, "Blue Pearl, listen to me, the only person who interests me in this Qingju Pavilion is your father, I have no interest in anything else.I'll go back today, I'll come back another day, I hope you won't misunderstand my intentions then."

After saying that, he turned around and left.

That Blue Pearl was stunned there, looking at Tang Zichen in bafflement, but of course, her disgust for Tang Zichen would not go away just because of that.Her first feeling when she came back to her senses was that it must be some kind of show again.

Blue Pearl suddenly shouted, "Song Xiaolou, wait a moment."

Tang Zichen stopped and said, "What is it?"

"Song Xiaolou, I want to tell you something, since that's the case, I don't want to hide it, I'm going to announce in public today that I, Blue Pearl, already have someone I like, and he's Lin Yu."

"None of my business."Tang Zichen walked out of the Qingju Pavilion.

Blue Pearl's eyebrows furrowed, Song is none of his business, if Song Xiaolou was acting, then he should have immediately irritated him and then revealed his original form.

Tang Zichen walked out of the Qingju Pavilion and directly got into the beast cart.

"Second Young Master, where are you going?"Wang Cai was busy asking, Tang Zichen had just slapped Song Qintian away, he had also seen it and was still in shock at the moment.

"Second Young Master, where are you going now?"The wangchai asked twice before the don came back to his senses.

"Whatever."Tang Zichen echoed.

"Then let's go to the Hundred Flowers House."

"Drive."Wang Cai immediately drove to the Hundred Flowers House.

He soon arrived at the Hundred Flowers House.

"Second Young Master, here we are."

"Oh."Tang Zichen was bored anyway, Hundred Flowers House it is, so let's see who that Little Cui is.


"Aigoo, Second Young Master Song is here, Second Young Master Song, please, Miss Xiao Cui is waiting for you."

Tang Zichen was taken by the pimp to the fifth floor of the Hundred Flowers House, and at the door of a luxurious room, the pimp said, "Second Young Master Song, go in, Little Cui is waiting for you inside."

Tang Zichen didn't say anything and immediately entered the luxurious room, and sure enough, a wonderful young girl greeted him.

"Second prince, you're here."That wonderful maiden was busy smiling.

Tang Zichen was a bit surprised in his heart, "I didn't expect a green house woman to be so beautiful."

This woman called Xiao Cui was very pretty, completely as good as that assassin last night, it was too bad that she was so pretty also as a chicken, but it made Tang Zichen look a bit sexually impulsive.

"Second Young Master, let's sit down and have a drink."That Little Cui handed over a glass of wine.

Tang Zichen put the glass down and smiled, "Since we're here, let's have a shot regardless."

"What did you say?"That Tweety probably couldn't understand what Tang Zichen's come a round meant.

"Hahaha, take off your clothes."Tang Zichen said with a wink.

In the Qingju Pavilion did not learn medical skills, Tang Zichen was already not in a good mood, by chance to come to the Hundred Flowers House, see this Xiao Cui so beautiful, Tang Zichen openly, regardless of whether she is a chicken, anyway, this body is not his. The first website

But at this moment, Tang Zichen suddenly felt that someone was using a charm spell on him.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed: "This Xiao Cui actually used mesmerism on me, well, then, I rather pretend for a while, to see what she's up to, I told you, well, such a beautiful woman, how can she be a chicken."

Tang Zichen acted as if he was bewitched, his eyes dazed.

Tang Zichen did feel that this Little Cui's mesmerizing technique was very clever, perhaps above his lullaby, if it wasn't for the fact that Tang Zichen's spirit as well as his realm was stronger than hers, he might have really been charmed by her.

At this time, the little cui thought Tang Zichen was bewitched, with a disdainful snort: "Bitch, even you are worthy of my body, you are just a tool for my money.Have a good time dreaming your spring and autumn dreams."

Tang Zichen's mouth was now splitting into a smile, he already knew that in the past, Song Xiaolou came here, he didn't even have any nastiness with this Xiao Cui, it was all because he was bewitched, and then he thought something had happened.

Tang Zichen suddenly rolled over and pressed Xiao Cui onto the bed.

"Ah."Xiao Cui exclaimed, shocked that the person who was bewitched by her suddenly got up and was crushed by her.

"You, you."

Tang Zichen said, "How much longer do you want to use mesmerism on me?"

"It's impossible."Dao.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Today, no matter what, I'm going to really get you for once, and it won't be in vain for the gold and silver I've spent on you all these days."

"Let go of me."Xiao Cui immediately struggled, but Tang Zichen's power was too great, it was impossible for her to struggle with her.

Xiao Cui immediately used hypnosis again, attempting to hypnotize again, but it was only then that she realized she couldn't hypnotize Tang Zichen at all.

"Ah, how did this happen, what has happened?Why is that?"Jade was horrified.

"Tear."At that moment, Tang Zichen tore with force, tearing off Xiao Cui's blouse.

Xiao Cui wanted to yell, but suddenly, Tang Zichen's mouth blocked it.

Xiao Cui struggled hard, but she was unable to break free.

"Phew."A few minutes later, Tang Zichen exhaled deeply and laughed, "It's unbelievable that you're still a nestling ah."

"Oooh."Xiao Cui sobbed, she wanted to die.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly and pressed down again.


sp; It took about half an hour for the movement to end.

Xiao Cui's eyes were already swollen from crying.

Tang Zichen said, "I spent money, this is right and proper, to blame only you are not good at it, hahaha."

Tang Zichen put on his clothes, he was actually quite ashamed inside, although this was the memory world, but after all, it was the first time in his life that he used strength on a woman.

Xiao Cui's eyes stared at Tang Zichen, but her eyes were filled with curiosity about Tang Zichen.

"Why are you like this?"Jade sat on the bed and covered herself with the blanket, then asked.

"Which one do you mean?"

"Don't pretend, you used to be a loser and I easily bewitched you."

"Hahaha, I don't need to explain to you."

Tang Zichen said, turning around and walking away.

"Hey, are you just going to leave?"

"Or else?And you want me to do it again?"

"You wish."

"Then what else do you want?"

"Song Xiaolou, aren't you, aren't you curious about me?Won't you ask about me?"

"Not interested."Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

Xiao Cui depressedly lifted the blanket and suddenly, her flawless white body was revealed, but Tang Zichen was already gone.

"Ahhhh."Xiao Cui looked at the blood stains on the bed sheet and yelled in depression.

Tang Zichen left the Hundred Flowers House, Tang Zichen had no interest in knowing about why Xiao Cui was posing as a chicken, he wasn't from this era, otherwise, he might have even tried to find out what kind of plot or purpose Xiao Cui had.Unfortunately, this was just a world of memories that had long since turned into the dust of history, so what if it was meaningful to know.The only thing that was meaningful to Tang Zichen now was learning the art of healing.

"Wait?"Tang Zichen suddenly stopped walking.

"Xiao Cui's hypnosis technique seems to be quite clever, if the only thing that has any meaningful depth to Xiao Cui, then, it's the hypnosis technique on her."

"If, I can learn her hypnosis technique, maybe, it's another powerful technique, even if I no longer have the heart to practice it myself, I can totally give it to Shangguan Zuo Well, the art is not overwhelming."Tang Zichen thought about it and fell back to the Hundred Flowers House.

Yes, this time, Tang Zichen held the purpose of learning hypnotism.

Since medical arts weren't so easy to learn, let's see if we can learn some powerful techniques.

When he returned to Xiao Cui's room, Xiao Cui was already dressed and was sitting in front of the dressing mirror with her eyes dazed.

Tang Zichen saw at once that she was crying.

Tang Zichen handed over a flower in his hand.

Xiao Cui was shocked, came back to her senses, wiped her tears and yelled, "You went and came back, you want to scare people to death."

"Little Cui, hehehehe."Tang Zichen immediately went up and hugged her.

"Let go of me."

"No let go."

"You bastard, you took away my virginity, you'll pay the price."

"Haha, ridiculous, I paid for it."

"Get out of here, I never want to see you again."

"But it's too late, I want to be responsible for you."

"Well, are you worthy of me?"

"Go on, you're a green woman, how could I not be worthy."

"Do you know what I am?"

"It's definitely not a good status to come to a green house."


"Fuck you."

"All right, Jade, let's sit down and talk."

"There's nothing to talk to you about."

"Aren't you curious about me anymore?"

"It's just a trash in the Song family."

"If I were a trash, would I be able to get your body?Xiao Cui, although your realm is not high, but mesmerism is really good, seeing as you're not very old, mesmerism can reach this stage, powerful ah? Do you want to know what realm I am?"

"If you want to talk, talk, or get out."

"Oh, I'm at the pinnacle of innate greatness."


"And I also know mesmerism."After saying that, Tang Zichen cast a mesmerizing technique on Little Cui.

"Take off your clothes." Remember the URL

Xiao Cui obediently took off her clothes.

Then, Tang Zichen lifted the enchantment.

Although Xiao Cui was shocked inside, she immediately went forward and slapped Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen laughed and said, "What a great body, seeing such a wonderful body, the slap was so worth it."

Xiao Cui blushed and glared at Tang Zichen.

"You, you're also a Vertigo Master?"


Right at this moment, a man broke the window and entered, Xiao Cui was shocked, fortunately she had already put on her clothes.

Tang Zichen's eyes immediately looked at the man who broke the window, it was a strong man of the Unity Realm, but only at the first level of the early Unity Realm.

Fortunately it wasn't strong, or else Tang Zichen wouldn't have been so easy to deal with, only at the first level of the Early Unity Realm, Tang Zichen was completely fearless.

"What person?"Tang Zichen asked.

The man's eyes filled with anger looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Song Xiaolou, today I'm here to take your life."

"Take my life?Then report it."

"Good, then I'll let you be an understandable dead ghost.My name is Yang Kai Shou, I've been away from the city for a few months and you actually killed my aunt, if I don't take your head off and take it to pay my respects today, I'll follow your surname."

Tang Zichen already understood, definitely with the four people who assassinated him last night, last night that beautiful assassin said before leaving that when her uncle came back to take his dog's life, it seems that this person is her uncle.

"Okay, I remember now."

"Then, you can go die."

"I'm afraid you can't do it if you want me dead."

"You don't think that your wangchai can protect you, do you?His body's downstairs."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked, Wang Cai was dead.

Xiao Cui was busy, "Song Xiaolou, he, he was a strong man of the Unity Realm."

"I know, thanks."

"Then, then why don't you run."Little Cui reminded in a small voice.

Tang Zichen smiled, it seemed that this Little Cui had been slept on by Tang Zichen, and her heart was a bit towards Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen was such a bad dude that she actually reminded Tang Zichen.

At this time, that unity realm man coldly said to: "You this chicken, good people do not do, prefer to be a chicken, today you go to give Song Xiaolou to accompany the funeral."

Xiao Cui was a little ashamed, Song Xiaolou was such a bad person, she was actually a little on Song Xiaolou's side inside, was it because she had given him her body?You can't tell right from wrong anymore?

Tang Zichen said calmly, "You can kill me if you want, but please don't take out your resentment on someone unrelated."

"Irrelevant?Shouldn't this bitch actually speak to someone as evil as you, and shouldn't she be allowed to go to your funeral?"


p; "Wow."The Unity Realm man drew his sword.

Tang Zichen said, "Do it, I'd like to see your strength."

"Swoosh."The Unity Realm man's sword broke through the air and came like lightning.

Tang Zichen was shocked inside, what a strong sword, the early first level of the Unity Realm in this world was clearly stronger than its counterparts in the outside world.

However, Tang Zichen wasn't weak either.

Tang Zichen didn't use the sword, his body Hercules Divine Power was functioning, and then Hercules Divine Power gathered in his right arm, and then he punched straight at the opponent.

Tang Zichen circulated the Herculean Divine Power, and the power of a swing on his arm was incomparably great, although there was no heavy sword, the power of a blow on the arm was definitely more than five thousand pounds.

Yang Kaishou felt like a boulder was crashing into him head-on and there was no way to dodge it.

"How could it be such a strong punch."Yang Kaishou was horrified, and the sword in his hand was suddenly suppressed by Tang Zichen's punch, and even if he applied it, its power had been greatly reduced.

As expected, Tang Zichen's thousands of pounds of heavy fist came crashing down.

It shattered Yang Kaishou's sword in one blow.

"Bang."Yang Kaishou's body flew out from the place where he had just broken the window to come in.

It was a shame how he came in and went out.

"Wow."At this moment, Xiao Cui was already stunned, was this still Song Xiaolou?A punch blew the Unity Realm away.

After being blown out of the window, Yang Kaishou covered his chest and quickly escaped, and, his face white, he was clearly injured.

Tang Zichen watched him flee into the distance, but didn't go after him, after all, this wasn't Tang Zichen's grudge, there was no need to waste any more time, he just expected that he wouldn't come back to get killed.

Xiao Cui also ran to the window, looking at the fleeing Yang Kai Shou, busy saying, "Song Xiaolou, how could you, how could you, he, he's a strong man of the Unity Realm?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "I've defeated the peak of the Early Unity Realm at my strongest, so this isn't anything."

"What? You, are you Song Xiaolou or not?"

Tang Zichen looked on, "Well, I'm not Song Xiaolou, I'm from another world, I just have a soul occupying Song Xiaolou's body."

"Ah, another world?The soul takes over the body?"

"Yes, maybe you can't believe it, but it doesn't matter."

"No, I believe it, the soul shifting technique, the legend, is it similar?"

"Yes, the real me, my name is Tang Zichen, but don't tell anyone about this yes, my current identity is Song Xiaolou, if Song Xiaolou's parents and relatives find out, they will definitely not be able to accept it, and then it will also bring me trouble."

"Ah."Xiao Cui looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, and Tang Zichen didn't know why he was telling the truth.However, Tang Zichen didn't tell her that this was a memory stone, every single one of them had actually died long ago, that would definitely be very cruel, Tang Zichen didn't want to tell her the truth so cruelly.

"Alright, I'll leave first."

"Song...Tang Zichen, you."

"Is there anything else?"

"I, never mind, it's fine."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Could it be that you're planning to tell me who you are?Well, then tell me, I'd like to see if your status is really noble."

"I'm sorry, Tang Zichen, I actually lied to you, you're right, how could someone with an honorable status come to a green house.I'm just a woman from a poor family, I'm just here to cheat some money, I'm cooperating with the pimp, we'll each earn half the money, I just didn't expect that I fell into your hands, but I don't blame you, I'm not good at learning.Tang Zichen, you said you are from another world, so I really want to leave this world, will you take me away?I'd be a cow for you, I just want to get out of this place.", she seemed to loathe this place.


Tang Zichen looked at Jadeite in confusion, wondering why she would have such an idea.

To take her out of this world?To the world from which Tantzichen came?Is this a joke?

It's like a centuries-old photo, can you bring out the person in the photo?

The same reason.This was a memory world, it wasn't like it was a real world, even if it was an alien world, it wasn't that easy to break the space.

"I'm begging you."Xiao Cui looked at Tang Zichen thirstily.

"Don't be silly."

"Why?Is there no way for you to go back?"

"No way."

"Then how did you come to be in our world?"

"Struck by lightning."

"Don't lie to me, there's got to be a way you can get out of here, take me with you, okay?" One second to remember to read the book

"Okay, don't be silly, I'll leave if it's okay."Tang Zichen flew out of the window.

Xiao Cui stood in front of the window, her eyes seemingly sad as she watched Tang Zichen leave.

Tang Zichen understood that there were always some people who were particularly world-weary and wanted to leave this world, but unfortunately, it was simply impossible.

Tang Zichen didn't want to waste any more time, he only had fifty days, today was already the second day, he had to enter the Qingju Pavilion in five days and start being guided by the Pavilion Master, must.

Tang Zichen walked down the street, the people on the street seemed to know Tang Zichen and avoided Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was depressed, was Song Xiaolou that scary?

"Catch the thief."Someone in the front suddenly shouted.

"Thief you sister, do you know who I am?I'm the young master of the Yun family, and I'll take this cane you've got my eye on."

"Catch the thief."

"Bang."That old man was knocked to the ground with a slap.

"Shout again and I'll kill you."

Many people on the street saw it, but no one dared to go up because the other party was the young master of the Yun family, and although the Yun family was not as good as the Song family, no one dared to mess with it.

At this time, Tang Zichen walked up.

"I'm also interested in this crutch."Tang Zichen snatched that crutch over.

"Yo, it's Second Young Master Song, okay, okay, you'll naturally give it to you if you fancy it."That young master of the Yun family also had no complaints.

Saying that, Tang Zichen handed the cane to the old man who was knocked to the ground.

That old man looked at Tang Zichen with fear.

"Old man, take it back, no one dares to steal the crutch from you anymore."Tang Zichen said.

The old man looked at Tang Zichen baffled, and finally took the crutches tremblingly, this old man certainly recognized Song Xiaolou.

At this moment, not only the old man, even many people on the street who saw it also felt baffled, this Song Xiaolou had taken the wrong medicine.

The young master of the Yun family was busy saying: "Song Xiaolou, are you crazy?What are you doing?You're funny, aren't you, being nice?"

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped over.

"Song Xiaolou, you?"

"You just injured this old man, how much medical expenses did you pay, take it out yourself, don't make me do it."

"Song Xiaolou, you're sick."

"Bang."Tang Zichen knocked out that Yun family's young master with a punch, then searched the money bag he was carrying and kicked him away.

"Old man, this is the medical fee he compensated you for, you should leave now."


"Don't ah, don't go yet."

"Thanks, thanks."

The people around looked at Tang Zichen in bewilderment, could it be that the infamous Song Xiaolou was about to change his evil ways?


sp; No matter what, this thing Tang Zichen did this morning quickly spread among a portion of Canggu City's population.

Tang Zichen's first step in reversing his image was to go out completely.

Tang Zichen only needed to continue doing good deeds, which would definitely erase the notoriety, so that the owner of the Qingju Pavilion might have the possibility to guide Tang Zichen's medical skills.

Other than that, there was no other way for Tang Zichen to improve his medical skills.

It was impossible for Tang Zichen to force that pavilion owner to guide Tang Zichen's medical skills, not to mention that Tang Zichen's strength couldn't win a fight, and even if he did, people wouldn't be willing to guide him, and threatening him would only guide him in the wrong direction.

Tang Zichen didn't continue to do good deeds on the street after doing a good deed.

If he did too many good deeds in one day, people would instantly think that he was acting on purpose.

When Tang Zichen passed by a street, he suddenly saw a house in front of him filled with white lanterns and white cloth, as if they were having a funeral.

Tang Zichen walked in and saw a familiar face on the hearth, it was the same Yang Kai Shou who just wanted to take his head in a green house, Tang Zichen also saw a girl kneeling on the ground wearing mourning clothes, this girl is the beauty who came to assassinate him last night.

Tang Zichen immediately walked into the spiritual hall.

Those people were shocked when they saw Tang Zichen, especially the man who had just been beaten up by Tang Zichen at the Green House, his lips were still white at the moment and he seemed to be seriously injured.

"What are you doing here?"At that moment, the assassin called Yang Xi struck Tang Zichen with a sword.

"Ka-ching."Tang Zichen battled her sword in one fell swoop.

That Yang Kai Shou said, "Little Xi, you retreat, even I am not his match."After saying that, Yang Kai Shou looked at Tang Zichen with anger and snorted, "Song Xiaolou, do you still want to come and destroy the corpse?"

Tang Zichen said, "I'll take one incense stick and leave."

Tang Zichen finished the three incense burns, kowtowed a few times, then got up and walked to Yang Kai Shou and said, "Stand still."

After saying that, Tang Zichen stabbed several silver needles into Yang Kaishou's body.


About a few minutes later, Tang Zichen said, "Your injuries have been healed."

Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

Those people all looked at Tang Zichen in bafflement.

Tang Zichen didn't want to do anything, he happened to come across them, just a pillar of incense, after all, he was killed by Song Xiaolou.

Tang Zichen then returned home.

Wang Cai had been killed, Tang Zichen had no followers left.

"Second Young Master, you're back, the Master and Old Master have been looking for you for half a day."A servant said.

"Looking for me for what."

"You should go now."

Tang Zichen actually knew, it must have been the morning Tang Zichen slapped Song Qintian away.

Tang Zichen arrived at the lobby, and sure enough many people were waiting for him.

Tang Zichen walked in.

A middle-aged man asked, "Is what industrious Tian said true?"

Tang Zichen knew that this person must be Song Xiaolou's father.


"You, you really slapped Flying Qintian?"An old man asked, this old man was Song Xiaolou's grandfather.

In his heart, Tang Zichen wondered if he had any good things, such as merit methods or anything, but there should be none, as reaching this level was already not a factor in merit methods.Just think of Tang Zichen's martial arts, if it was broken down, his swordsmanship would only be ninth grade martial arts.


"I don't believe it."A woman said, this woman was Song Xiaolou's mother.

"Oh, it doesn't matter."

Just then, the woman suddenly attacked Tang Zichen, attempting to test his martial arts skills.


"Boom."Tang Zichen slapped his head without turning back.

"Wow."The woman flew away in a flash.

"Ah." the crowd looked at Tang Zichen in shock."

"How dare you, even a mother dare to hit."That middle-aged man shouted.

Tang Zichen smiled, "She wants to test me, how can she test me if I don't hit her, besides, I didn't hurt him.Alright, I'll leave if there's nothing else."

Tang Zichen was about to walk out of the hall, just as he left, a very sharp sound came from behind him, no, to be precise, it was stabbing, the sound was so sharp that it had become like a sword that would stab someone, and invisible.

"Ah."Tang Zichen felt a pain in his head, no, his whole body hurt, precisely it was impossible to know which part of his body hurt at all.

Tang Zichen was no match at all, but, Tang Zichen struggled to turn back, he still understood who had launched the sound attack on him, yes, a very strong sound attack.

It was an old woman with white hair, this old woman was Song Xiaolou's grandmother, the second best expert in Canggu City, her martial arts realm was the middle stage of the Unity Realm, but, she could be classified as the second best expert in Canggu City, it was obvious that she didn't rely on martial arts, but, the sound attack, she was completely able to fight with any level of the late Unity Realm, this was the reason why she was the second best expert in Canggu City.

However, a few seconds later, that old woman stopped her voice attack.

The inexplicable pain in Tang Zichen's body only ended, too strong, Tang Zichen was no match at all, in terms of realm Tang Zichen was only in the innate realm, not a realm at all yet. The first website

"Grandmother."Tang Zichen called out in Song Xiaolou's tone of voice.

There was a reason why Tang Zichen called her grandmother, her voice attack was so strong, then she must have the secret of sound technique, if she took this secret back to Li Xuan'er, maybe in the future Li Xuan'er could also reach such a powerful level.

That's why Tang Zichen made sure to get the secret of her sound method, that's why Tang Zichen called her grandmother.

"Little Lou, tell Grandmother honestly about everything that happened to you."The old woman ordered.

Tang Zichen clenched his teeth, it seemed that now, he could only rely on deception and make up a reason to explain.

"Grandmother, I can't say."Tang Zichen made up a mysterious reason.

"Why can't you say it?Can't even I talk?"

"Grandmother, I, well, I can only give you one person to tell, and you can't tell anyone else, or else it will kill you."Tang Zichen had to make up a mysterious story to keep it hidden.

"Okay, follow me."

Tang Zichen was taken to a secret room.

"Little Lou, now you can talk to Grandma."

Only then did Tang Zichen say, "Grandmother, actually, I'm not a dude, I'm actually a genius."

"Little Lou, Grandmother has watched you grow up since you were a child, will you still not know if you are a genius Grandmother?Say, what the hell happened to you?"

Tang Zichen was a bit horrified to see this old woman a bit stern, her voice attack was too powerful.

"Grandmother, it's true, I have a master behind me, all my skills were taught by him, but he made me have to keep it a secret and told me to act like a loser, this is so that I can better do what he needs me to do in the future."

"How did I not know you were in

Say what."

"Grandmother, believe me, it won't do you any good to know, the man behind me, not to mention you, is no match for even a hundred grandparents.I don't know his exact realm, all I know is that he is at least at the Unity Realm Great Perfection, and he said that after he trained me up, he wants me to accomplish something very important, as if it has something to do with the Emperor."

The old woman looked at Tang Zichen in confusion.

"Grandmother, that's all I can say, and that's all I know.So, I've been acting like a dude all these years."

"If that's the case, then why are you displaying your martial arts skills again today?"

"It's because, yesterday, the master behind me came to see me, and he suddenly told me that the operation was going to be brought forward, and that the task that I needed to complete had already been left to someone else, as I hadn't reached my strength yet.However, this matter must not be revealed in advance, otherwise, if their operation fails, they will probably think that I have leaked some secrets."

"What? Mysteriously, could it be that someone is trying to usurp the throne."

"Maybe so, grandmother, you'd better stop asking questions, although our Song Family is the number one family in Canggu City, looking outside, our family isn't much."

"Alright, I won't ask you anymore, it's good that you're not trash, in the end."

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly, "Grandmother, your sound attack is so powerful."

"Of course, it's a pity you don't have the talent for it, or else I would have taught it to you

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Grandmother, what kind of technique are you practicing?"

"Tai Xuan Yin, what, you really want to learn ."

"If grandmother is willing, of course I want to try, I may not necessarily not have the talent for it, I'm not hiding it from grandmother, I'm not only talented in martial arts, I also know medical arts, I'm up to the fifth level.Also, I also know the art of enchantment, and I've reached... lower sixth level."Tang Zichen didn't know if in this world, mesmerism didn't have a grade as well, so he promptly changed it to under grade six and didn't know if it would reveal itself.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen had gambled right, in this world, mesmerism was also measured by how many grades it was.

"No way, it's really fake."The old woman was shocked.

"Of course it's real, I won't lie to you, although big brother is the first young man of Canggu City, he's worthless in front of me."

"Little Lou, it's hard to believe this is true."

"Hehe, grandmother, I'm your grandson, you and grandfather are both so strong, how could you give birth to a trash like me."

"Hahaha, yes, I told you, how could we have such a useless grandson, so it's hidden so deeply, you're the ultimate genius ah."

"Hush, grandmother, keep a low profile, although I'm not needed to complete the tasks behind the scenes now, God knows what those people behind the scenes want, they have secretly trained me, maybe, there will be a day when I'll be needed."

"Okay, Grandma is happy and won't press you any further, so take care of yourself.Come to my room at night, I'll teach you the Tai Xuan Yin, if you have the talent, you'll learn it."

"Thank you, Grandmother."Tang Zichen was delighted inside.

It was finally time to get Tai Xuan Yin.

Tang Zichen asked, "Grandmother, how advanced is this Tai Xuan Yin?"

"Hahaha, Xiaolou, it's not that Grandma is lying to you, Grandma's Tai Xuan Yin is one of the ten best sound methods in the continent, it's a tenth grade martial arts secret."


"Wow."Tang Zichen was overjoyed, in terms of rank, it was even a level higher than Tang Zichen's swordsmanship.

The old woman added, "My Tai Xuan Yin, coupled with an onyx jade bust I obtained previously, and my unique iron mouth air flow, grandmother's attack power with a casual whistle now reaches the peak martial power of 14th rank."

"Wow, no wonder Grandma is so powerful."Tang Zichen busily flattered.

That Tai Xuan Yin was only a tenth grade martial art, if it was only Tai Xuan Yin, it would only be able to exert the power of a tenth grade martial art, it was too weak for a strong person in the Unity Realm, so how to exert a stronger power later was all up to the individual to comprehend as well as create.Just like Tang Zichen's saber technique, it was only nine grades, but Tang Zichen with the heavy sword could exert the power of thirteen grades, of course, it was the more inferior thirteen grades of martial arts power.

Tang Zichen used a mysterious story to fool the Song family, but of course, there was no telling if they would suspect, anyway, Tang Zichen said it so mysteriously that even if they did, they would only think that Tang Zichen didn't want to tell the truth.

That night, Tang Zichen headed to the old woman's room.

Then, Tang Zichen memorized the secret of Tai Xuan Yin, and when he returned, Tang Zichen taught it to Li Xuan'er.

"Grandmother, then I'll go back and practice it properly."


Tang Zichen left happily.

After Tang Zichen left, an old man said, "Old woman, do you really believe that?" Remember the URL

"So what if you don't believe it, if Little Lou is lying to us, it's obvious that he doesn't want to tell us the truth, since he doesn't want to tell us the truth, why should we force him, anyway, no matter what the truth is, but his strength is on display, our grandson is not an inner level waste, that's enough."

"Also, hahahaha, what a pleasure, I thought it was a waste, but I didn't expect it to come as such a big surprise, hehe, Little Lou's talent, spike his big brother don't know how many streets to go."

The next day.

Tang Zichen was ready to set off again to the Qingju Pavilion.

After all, Tang Zichen's purpose was to learn medical skills and rescue Liu Xiangyun, anything else was of secondary importance.

Of course, the mesmerizing technique on Hundred Flowers House Little Cui, if possible, Tang Zichen wanted to learn it and go back to practice it himself or give it to Shangguan Rou.

Before Tang Zichen even walked out the door, he ran into his big brother Song Qintian.

Song Qintian looked decrepit, and his body was full of alcohol, if I'm not mistaken, just now Qing Lou or something like that back.

"Yo, Xiaolou, where are you going so early?"Song Qintian said in a yin and yang manner.

Tang Zichen looked at him, the reason why this big brother was so decrepit overnight had a lot to do with Tang Zichen, because Tang Zichen was suddenly so powerful and talented, imagine how hard it hit him.

"Big brother, good morning."

Tang Zichen didn't bother to talk nonsense with him and walked away.


"Uh, big brother, is there anything else?"

"Are you going to the Greenhouse again?"

Tang Zichen nodded his head without hesitation, "Yes, I Qingju Pavilion."

"Hahaha, yes, you're stronger than me now, of course you can ignore my feelings, you can do whatever you want."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Song Qintian, Miss Blue Pearl doesn't like you, wake up early, alright, I don't want to waste my time talking nonsense with you."

Tang Zichen turned around and left.

Not far away, a voice came out, "Xiaolou."

"Hey, grandpa, it's you."It was an old man, calling from a pavilion a few dozen meters away.

Tang Zichen.

Fly into that pavilion.

"Lou, where are you going so early?"

"Grandpa, I'm going to go to the Qingju Pavilion."

"What are you going to the Qingju Pavilion for."

"Oh, didn't grandma tell you, I'm also good at healing ah, of course I'm going to study healing, I want to improve my level of healing, I'm currently on the fifth level, I want to mention the seventh level up or down."

"Uh, you're not for that Blue Pearl girl."

"Of course not."

"I thought you were approaching the Blue Pearl girl with the purpose of studying medicine."

"Grandpa overreacted, I don't need to disguise myself as a dude and a loser anymore, so I don't have to do so many bad things that make me sick of myself.Unfortunately, my image has become so ingrained that the owner of the Qingju Pavilion, who doesn't guide me in healing anyways, has no choice but to slowly make him change his impression of me."

"Grandpa, I'm leaving first."

"Little Lou, you really want to learn medical arts?"


"Well, Grandpa will give you a hand."

"How are you going to help me?"

"Hahaha, the Qingju Pavilion Master owes me a favor, I'll personally go and speak to the Pavilion Master and ask him to teach you the medical arts, I don't think he'll refuse, even if he's not happy, he'll agree."

Tang Zichen was delighted, it really seemed to go well, saving Tang Zichen from continuing to waste his time trying to get his image right.

"Thank you, Grandpa."

"Then let's go."


Soon, arrived at the Qingju Pavilion and met with Miss Blue Pearl.

This time, Miss Blue Pearl didn't go out of her way to chase Tang Zichen away, because, Song Xiaolou's grandfather also came along, the number one expert in Canggu City, who dared not give face.Moreover, Tang Zichen hadn't even looked at Blue Pearl since he entered the Qingju Pavilion, which made Blue Pearl a bit confused.

"Pay your respects to Senior Song Jin."At the pavilion master's pharmacy, the pavilion master paid homage to Song Xiaolou's grandfather.

"Hahaha, pavilion master, there's no need to be polite, I'm looking for you today, I have something to ask for."

The owner of the Qingju Pavilion looked a little upset, he thought, he came to find him about Song Xiaolou and the Blue Pearl, did he want him to promise the Blue Pearl to Song Xiaolou?

"Please speak, Senior."The pavilion master said calmly.

"My grandson, Xiaolou, he also likes medical arts, so I would like to beg the pavilion master to help me guide him in the medical arts."

"Senior, please forgive my incompetence."The pavilion master thought that Tang Zichen's reason for coming here to learn medical arts was just to approach Blue Pearl under the guise of learning medicine.

Song Xiaolou's grandfather looked unhappy and said, "What, so disrespectful?You once owed me a favor, so consider this as repaying me that favor."Song Xiaolou's grandfather was rude, it seemed that Song Xiaolou's grandfather wasn't a good person, and he was a bit about to get mad when he saw that the museum master wasn't giving face.

"Senior, Song Xiaolou doesn't really want to learn medical arts, he's just taking the opportunity to approach my daughter, please forgive me for refusing."

"Pavilion Master, don't worry about this, my Xiaolou is so outstanding that he may not be interested in your daughter, you're overly worried."

"Er."The pavilion master was stunned.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Pavilion Master, I'm truly here to learn medical arts, and to be honest, I'm currently on the fifth level, better than your daughter."

The pavilion master scowled, even better than his daughter?What bragging comparison.

Tang Zichen said, "Then how about this, let me compete with your daughter, and if my medical skills surpass your daughter's, you will sincerely instruct me, how about that?If I lose, then I won't take another step into the Qingju Pavilion."


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