The King of Kungfu in school 781-790


Chapter 781

"I don't understand this either, or it could be true that he created it himself, but the four Island Guardian Families had to force him to teach it to them, it's the property of Martial Island.Yang Yijian is now being chased to Damian Mountain, but he should be fine for the time being, Yang Yijian is extremely talented, and it's not very easy to catch him for the time being, it's been two months now, and not even Yang Yijian's shadow has been found, and the four major island protector families have also killed several innate experts."

"Yang Yijian has killed the innate experts of the Island Guardian Families, it seems that this is more serious, once Yang Yijian is caught, he will most likely be crippled or even killed."

"Well, Zichen, could it be that you want to interfere in this matter?"Dean asked.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Yang Yijian is my friend, is there any reason for me not to interfere?Besides, if I don't interfere, Yang Yijian will be caught and die sooner or later."

"Also, it seems that you are a valuable person to Yang Yijian, except that the four Island Guardian Families aren't so easy to deal with, are you sure you're not afraid of getting into trouble?This wasn't originally related to you in any way.Although I really know that you are now an auxiliary minister to the Forty Princes of the Yanhuang Empire, Martial Island is not governed by the Yanhuang Empire, and it is still far away, and your master, Prince Yan Yu, is not a powerful prince."Dean said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Don't ever say the word master again."

"Uh, aren't you an auxiliary minister to the Forty Princes?"

"Oh, yes, but he's not my master, alright, don't worry about those things, I came to Martial Island for a purpose.Let me ask you, how many memory stones are there in total in Martial Island?"

"I don't know the details, all I know and it's open to the public is three.The first Oblivion City, the second, Falling Leaf City, and the third, Pale Twilight City.I don't know if there are any of the rest."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I've heard that Martial Island isn't as simple as the outside world knows, right?What do we outside know, that Martial Island has the four protector families and the Martial Academy, but there are actually hidden forces that aren't even announced to the public?"

"Yes, but I don't know the details, perhaps the four major island guardian families would know better.As you know, Martial Island can exist independently, it can't be as simple as the surface, Martial Island is an island, but it's not small, and it has a unique memory stone, if no more hidden forces existed, it would have been invaded by some surrounding empires in minutes.The four major island protector families might be related to the hidden forces." First URL m.ka.

Tang Zichen remembered something and asked, "Dean, just now I heard you say outside that that Pan Yun was jealous of you owning the Martial Academy, why did you say that?This Martial Academy is said to have a long history, how did you become the head of the Martial Academy?"

"I was also handed down to me by the last generation of old deans."

"The last generation of deans?"

"Yes, the last generation of the dean he was a very, very old man, thirty years ago, I was also a student at the Martial Arts Academy, and, in my year, I was the winner of the Freshman Competition, and then I gradually grew up.Because I didn't have a family background, so after I graduated from the fourth grade, I remained in the Martial Arts Academy as a teacher, then as the vice president, and suddenly one day, the old president told me that he wanted to pass the position of president to me.That's how I became the dean of the Martial Forest Academy."

"You're really lucky, to be able to pick up a dean like this as well, no wonder that Pan Yun is jealous of you, by the way, that old dean, is he powerful?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I don't know about that, it's definitely an existence beyond innate anyway, after the old dean passed the position of dean to me, I haven't seen him again, and I've managed the Martial Forest Academy with fear and trepidation all these years, I had thought that a dean with my strength so weak would not allow the Martial Forest Academy to be violated.Fortunately, no one dared to touch the Martial Forest Academy, or rather, no one dared to act rashly on Martial Island.


"Well. Alright, I'll be off then, remember, what I give you must be kept secret, revealing it will lead to your death."

"I understand."The dean nodded cautiously.

Tang Zichen left the dean's office building.

Tang Zichen remembered Qi Xueyun, who was also definitely at the Martial Arts Academy.

Tang Zichen immediately went to the Martial Arts Academy's Poison Arts Department.

"Is Qi Xueyun here?"Tang Zichen arrived at Qi Xueyun's former classroom.

"Qi Xueyun, someone is looking for you."

Not long after, Qi Xueyun came out and was shocked when she saw it was Tang Zichen, but she didn't make any moves, just nodded slightly and said, "You're here."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled helplessly, but yes, Qi Xueyun wasn't his girlfriend, so naturally she couldn't be as excited to see Tang Zichen as Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan'er were.

"Did you want to see me for something?"Qi Xue Yun asked.

Tang Zichen was almost angry with her, Nima hasn't seen her for so long, come to see her, but actually asked if something was wrong.

"Between us, are our feelings this shallow?I haven't seen you for so long, does it have to be something to come and see you?"Don said.

"Oh."Qi Xue Yun understated the oh sound.

"Forget it, I really can't find a topic with you, seeing as you're quite good now, in terms of poison arts, you should be progressing fast, how many Poison Masters are you now?"

Qi Xue Yun said without any hesitation, "Nine pins."

"It's only nine pins."

Tang Zichen said that it was only nine grades, but Qi Xueyun didn't have any expression.

"Haha, nine grades is pretty strong, after all, you're still so young, only nineteen years old."

Qi Xueyun still only looked at Tang Zichen without saying anything, it wasn't that she didn't say anything, but she simply didn't know what to talk about.

Tang Zichen pulled out a Dao from his body, "Here is something precious, don't ask me what it is, you currently take one capsule a day, when the effect gradually fades at a later stage, then slowly increase the dosage, if you take all of it, then look for me again."

"What is it?"

"I told you not to ask, just remember, there is a market for even one of these things, and talking about it is a recipe for death, remember, even your family can't talk about it."

"Thank you."Qi Xueyun took it, Tang Zichen didn't tell her much, Qi Xueyun was definitely not a person who liked to talk nonsense.

"Alright, I'm leaving first, you keep working hard."

After Tang Zichen turned around, Qi Xueyun suddenly said, "By the way, I'm engaged to be married."

"Uh, you're engaged again?"

"Yes, a family marriage."

"Nice, congratulations, reveal which one is the stronger handsome one?"Tang Zichen smiled.

Qi Xue Yun said, "A scion of a kingly family, called Song Shi Chang."

"Song Wang Family, ah."Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen also remembered something, when he participated in the Young Healer Competition, among the top three, there was a girl named Song Danying, who saw how powerful Tang Zichen's healing skills were and admired them so much, she told Tang Zichen that she wanted to marry Tang Zichen and said that her family was a royal family.Unfortunately, Tang Zichen directly rejected it.Presumably, Qi Xue Yun's new fiancé would be from the same family as that Song Danying.


"Congratulations, you have a new fiancé."


"What's the strength of this one called Song Shi Chang?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I'm not sure, the family booked me, it should also be an imperial talent that would marry with my family, I'm sure it's not something very outstanding, or else the preferred target would definitely be a princess or something."

"Oh, also, then you're busy, I'll leave first."

Tang Zichen had nothing to do and left.

Qi Xue Yun's eyes were a little disappointed, she didn't know why she had to tell Tang Zichen, and after telling Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen didn't react much and seemed to genuinely congratulate her, making Qi Xue Yun inexplicably a little disappointed.

Tang Zichen went back to his former friend Wang Xing, and Su Jinhe, and chatted with the two of them separately, but Tang Zichen didn't give Wang Xing Su Jinhe Tie Shuxin for the time being.

Tang Zichen can't just give it to someone on sight, he must make him feel at ease enough and be genuinely his person, otherwise Tang Zichen will only be asking for trouble, and if it spreads out that Tang Zichen has so many iron tree hearts on him, I'm afraid it will be incomparably troublesome.

After it was over, only then did Tang Zichen fly to the world village, ready to enter the memory stone and study the healing technique.

If Tang Zichen wanted to break through a level in his healing arts, he would have to enter the Memory Stone to find a chance to do so again. Remember the website

"Who is it."An old man suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stopped Tang Zichen.

This old man was just like the village chief of the novice village, he also had white hair and unfathomable strength.

Of course, 'unfathomable' was for the former Tang Zichen, to the current Tang Zichen, it would be a bit ridiculous to talk about unfathomable again.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen pulled the heavy sword off his back and held it up in his hand and said, "I know you're the Chief of the World Village, I'm telling you clearly that I need to enter the Memory Stone, if you want to stop me, then it's better than this sword in my hand."Tang Zichen told this old man very clearly.

"Hahaha, I still remember you, you're a student of the Martial Academy, your name is Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen, you haven't been here for a long time."The old village chief laughed.

"Yes, I didn't expect that I would make you remember me."

"Tang Zichen, you really are a genius, you've broken through to the peak of the Innate Great Perfection in just a short time, it's equivalent to stepping into the Unity Realm with half a foot, awesome."The village head grandfather said.

"Alright, let's cut the useless words, just tell me if you're trying to stop me."

"Tang Zichen, you're no match for me, go back, the day when the World Village will be open to the Martial Arts Academy hasn't arrived yet, but it's coming soon, in ten days, the World Village will be open to the students of the Martial Arts Academy, at that time, I'll give you a face, three memory stones, I'll let you enter whichever one you want.This is considered my little support for the geniuses."

The corners of Tang Zichen's mouth lifted slightly, this old man used to be unfathomable, but now, he was just an early Unification Realm second layer, it was completely easy for Tang Zichen to defeat, unless he was also a genius who went against the grain with Tang Zichen, but it was obvious that he was so old and only at the early Unification Realm second layer, he couldn't be a genius.

Tang Zichen said, "What if I have to go in?"

"Tang Zichen, don't challenge my patience, I'm responsible for guarding the world village, not allowing entry is not allowing entry, don't be arrogant in front of me, although I know that you will definitely surpass me in the future, so you didn't put me in your eyes, but at the moment, I'm stronger than you, you'll do whatever I say."The old man's face pulled down a bit.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Senior don't be angry, I'm just showing my determination to go in, I'm not trying to make things difficult for you."

"Then you're definitely going in?"


"Well, if you can beat me, then I'll let you in."

"That's what you said."

"Hmph."The old man snorted, in his heart, he somewhat despised Tang Zichen, belying his pride and having no self-awareness.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen struck up with his sword, Tang Zichen's sword didn't have any moves, it was the simplest and purest sword.

However, the old man was as horrified as Mount Tarzan.

"Wow."The old man failed to even catch Tang Zichen's move, and his entire body retreated tens of meters in defeat, relying on a large tree before stopping.

"Pfft."As the old man stopped, he felt a mouthful of blood being smothered in his chest and spurted out.

Tang Zichen walked up and asked, "Senior, are you alright, I didn't do anything heavy."

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, you didn't strike hard, while I was seriously injured, are you telling me that I'm simply vulnerable?"

"Senior has misunderstood."

"Tang Zichen, count you out, I couldn't stop you from entering the world village, the only student I couldn't stop over the years.What realm are you in anyway?Are you hiding the realm?"

Tang Zichen said, "Senior thinks too much, I don't have a hidden realm, my realm is the peak of the Innate Great Perfection."

"Then why are you so powerful?"

"Weng."Tang Zichen lifted the heavy sword in his hand and said, "Does senior know what my sword is called?"

"Called what?"

"The Dragon Spirit, it weighs sixteen thousand pounds."

"What."The old man's face changed.

Tang Zichen put the heavy sword back on his back, fortunately, Master Long Qingyun had made a special back buckle for Tang Zichen, otherwise Tang Zichen couldn't carry it on his shoulders, because there was no rope that could pull such a heavy sword down.

"Sixteen thousand pounds."The old man's heart was horrified as he looked at Tang Zichen.

"Senior, can I enter the World Village now?"Don Zimmer asked.

"I could let you in, but it would be useless for you to go in there."

"Why would it be useless."

"How do you enter the memory stone without activating it?"

"Uh, the memory stone still needs to be activated?"Tang Zichen heard about it for the first time.

"Nonsense, there is a kind of stone called 'thunderstone', thunderstone is a stone that has been struck by lightning for tens and hundreds of years, this kind of thunderstone, with strong lightning power, this is the energy source that activates the memory stone, and it's the lowest level of energy, a long, long time ago, the thing that activates the memory stone was something much higher .It's something that's in the records, and I'm not sure anymore.Now you have to enter the memory stone, you must have the thunder stone."

Tang Zichen asked, "You don't have a thunderstone on you?If you don't have the thunderstone on you, how did you turn on the memory stone?"

"Yes, I do have the thunderstone on me, but I'm in charge of the thunderstone, I can't give it to you.Moreover, the memory stone will be opened in ten days, so if I let you in now, what do you want me to open in ten days."

"Then I'll only go in for ten days."

"No, if you really want to enter the Memory Stone, I can introduce you to someone."


"The old president of the Martial Arts Academy."


"Ah, the old dean."Tang Zichen had just learned of the old dean's character from the dean, but didn't expect to meet him so soon?

"The old dean has thunderstones there?"

"No, the old dean manages another one, the memory stone that is not open to the public, you're such a genius, you find your old dean, he should let you in."

"Okay, thanks."

"Alas, come with me."

The village chief of the Heavenly Village, helplessly led Tang Zichen to a certain place, flying fast, but Tang Zichen was still able to keep up.

As he passed by the novice village, the village chief of the novice village suddenly flew up and intercepted him, laughing, "Jin Daoist, where are you going, passing by my place, why don't you come down and say hello."

The old man of the Heavenly Village didn't have the good fortune to say, "Old Lin, don't block me, I have something."

The village chief of the Novice Village saw Tang Zichen and smiled, "Tang Zichen?Why are you hanging out with the world's village jindoos?"

"Meet senior village chief."Tang Zichen paid homage to the village chief of the novice village, who was also at the second level of the Early Unity Realm.

As such, Tang Zichen could also defeat him with a single move. One second to remember to read the book

The village chief of the Novice Village did not look at Tang Zichen anymore, but said to the village chief of the world village, "Since you have passed my place, come down and play two games with me, or you are not allowed to leave."

"Old Lin, I don't have a problem with it, but I'm afraid this Tang Zichen won't be willing."The village chief of Tianxia Village turned back to Tang Zichen and said, "Tang Zichen, don't say I didn't warn you, it will take at least three days and three nights for me and Old Lin to kill a game of chess, if we kill a few games, I'm afraid it will take ten days."

The village chief of the novice village said, "Jin Daofu, it's not easy to come here, accompany me to play two games will die ah, Tang Zichen is a little kid, what do you care what he does, put it aside first."

Tang Zichen busily said, "I'm sorry, Senior, I have urgent business, I still hope that Senior will make way."

"Tang Zichen, I don't care what you want to find Jin Daofu, you first step aside, I want to kill a few games of chess with Jin Daofu, what is more important to you than me killing a few games with him?Hurry up and retreat."

Tang Zichen, still taking off his heavy sword, said, "What if I don't?"

Tang Zichen felt that since he had the strength, he didn't bother to talk nonsense with them, so let's use strength for everything.

"Yo, Tang Zichen, you actually drew your sword on old man."The village chief of Novice Village was a bit angry.

"Senior Village Chief, it's really inconvenient today, please let me and the Village Chief of the World Village leave, if you don't let me leave, then speak with your sword."Tang Zichen said loudly.

"Hmph, good arrogant brat, not even looking at how many catties you are, thinking you're a genius, you're relying on your talent, let me tell you, I, Lin Bai, have been in the Novice Village for so many years, what kind of genius have I not seen.Since you're so bullying and don't know how to respect your seniors, I'll let you learn a lesson."

Tang Zichen said, "It's not that I don't respect senior, it's just that senior doesn't take me seriously, and if I don't draw my sword, you won't release me.If I have to kill a few games of chess, Senior won't even consider my pleas, so I'll only draw my sword.Then, put down all your pretensions and use your strength, if you really have the ability to leave me behind, then I, Tang Zichen, will be good enough to serve you tea on the side while you kill the chess."

"Good arrogant brat, it's been a long time since I last saw you, thinking that your strength has increased, you've started to be so defiant that you don't even care about the village head of my novice village, ah, well, then I'd like to see what you, the Innate Great Perfection, are capable of."After saying that, the village chief of the novice village suddenly put his hand

The cane in the middle smashed towards Tang Zichen, although it looked like a child's fight, a smash, but, being in the center of the vortex, Tang Zichen only knew that his casual smash was very powerful, Tang Zichen could not resist in a million ways if he did not make a counterattack.

Tang Zichen's Dragon Soul Heavy Sword wiped.

"Buzz."The air rippled with a buzzing sound.

"Bang."The village chief of the Novice Village flew away in a flash, completely unable to block Tang Zichen's strike low.

"Ah."The village chief of the Novice Village was dumbfounded, he had just felt that he was tall in front of Tang Zichen, but at this moment, he looked at Tang Zichen and felt that Tang Zichen was taller than him.

The village chief of Tianxia Village saw Lin Bai being defeated by Tang Zichen with a single move and laughed, feeling so much more psychologically balanced, both he and Lin Bai had been defeated by Tang Zichen with a single move, and no one was better than anyone else.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, can we go now?"

"Tang Zichen, you, you."

"Senior, if you're not convinced, then come again, to be honest, I just completely suppressed my strength, otherwise I'm afraid that Senior may not be able to stand and speak."

The village chief of the Novice Village was not very happy with Tang Zichen's words, but it was what made him unable to reply, as expected, using strength to speak was the easiest way to handle this.

The village chief of the Novice Village nodded and said, "Well, in that case, we can only kill a few games with Jindolph another day."

"Thank you Senior for letting me go."Tang Zichen flew forward.

Jin Daoist smiled at Lin Bai and said, "Old Lin, don't be depressed, I was also knocked away by him, neither of us is any better than the other, neither of us is a match for Tang Zichen, this kid is really a pervert, let's just go along with him, I'll take him to the old dean now."

"I'll go too."

"Hey, you even want to go."

Tang Zichen flew for nearly two hours, accompanied by the two village chief old men, and finally arrived at a quiet valley, which was already far away from the Martial Academy, and should have gone in the central part of Martial Island.

"What people."Just then, a man dressed as a disciple appeared at the entrance of the valley, blocking the three Tang Zichen.

The village head of Tianxia Village, Jin Daofu, was busy laughing, "Little child, don't you even recognize me?"

"Ah, it's Uncle Jin and Uncle Lin, my disciple pays his respects to the two uncles."

"Alright, don't be rude, where's your master?"

"Master his old man is in the valley."

"Quickly take us inside to find him."

"Two masters please."

Tang Zichen sized up this boy called Little Child, about fifteen years old, although he was young, but his realm was quite strong, he actually reached the Houtian Great Perfection at fifteen, this was very powerful, even Tang Zichen's previous life, he hadn't reached the Houtian Great Perfection at fifteen.Of course, it couldn't be said that this little child was more powerful than Tang Zichen, some people were very talented in the early stages, but not in the later stages.Just like being very good at reading in elementary school didn't mean that one was also good at junior high school.

"Wait a minute."At this moment, that little child looked towards Tang Zichen and said, "Master doesn't like outsiders entering, who is this?"

Jin Daoist of Heavenly Village said, "Child, he was brought by me to pay his respects to your master, let him go in too."

"Oh, go in, then."


Tang Zichen's three men entered the valley.

At this moment, on top of a cliff within the valley, a young woman was practicing her sword.

Lin Bai of the Novice Village said, "Little child, is that your master's new disciple?"

"Back to Uncle Lin, yes, she's my little sister."

At this moment, however, Tang Zichen was shocked.

"Han Xiaomeng?"

That's right, the woman who was practicing her sword on the cliff was Xiaomeng.

Tang Zichen really didn't expect to see Han Xiaomeng here, before Xu Mei Qian said that Xiaomeng was taken away by a strong man, but it turned out that she was taken away by the old president of the Martial Arts Academy.

The one who called the little child paused and shouted towards Xiaomeng, "Sister Han, Uncle Lin and Uncle Jin are here, so why don't you come over and pay your respects to the two uncles."

When Xiao Meng heard the shout, she immediately stopped practicing her sword and looked over this way, Xiao Meng was shocked, her body trembled violently, and she incredibly saw Tang Zichen.

Xiao Meng immediately disregarded everything, threw her sword and flew over towards this side. The first website

The village chief of the Novice Village chuckled, "Old Dean Brother's new disciple, what manners, as soon as he heard we were coming, he threw down his sword and ran over."

Jin Daofu, the village head of Tianxia Village, also laughed, "Yes, there are really not many children who are so polite nowadays, I like this child, hahaha."

Moe flew over, but it passed in front of the two village chiefs.

"Ugh."The laughing two old men were suddenly without smiles, only to see Xiaomeng without looking at them, jumping straight into Tang Zichen's arms.

"Brother Zichen."Xiaomeng shouted.

The old man from the Heavenly Village sighed, "Waste of expression."

"That's right, it's rare to see a child so ill-mannered nowadays."

"Xiaomeng, you're even here."Tang Zichen said in surprise.

"Brother Zichen, aren't you here to find me?"

"Well, no, I didn't know you were here."

"By the way, didn't you go to Star Ocean Academy?"

"Star Ocean Academy is back."

"Wow, brother Zichen you've returned from your studies, so you must be a strong innate person now La."

"Oh, okay."

"Cough."At that moment, the little child coughed a few times, as if he wanted to remind Meng of something.

"Cough."The little child coughed a few more times.

Unfortunately, Xiaomeng's heart was on Tang Zichen at the moment, and she didn't even hear him coughing.

"Sister Han, your long white brother is coming back.".

Xiaomeng didn't hear it, but Tang Zichen did, and asked, "Xiaomeng, who is Elder Brother Changbai?"

"Oh, it's just one of the older brothers."....

"A very important one of the older brothers?"Tang Zichen saw this little child reminded like this, and wondered if Xiao Meng was in love with some long white senior brother, otherwise why would he need to remind the long white senior brother to come back.

Little Meng looked at Tang Zichen puzzled and said, "No, a very ordinary senior brother ah."

"Uh, a very ordinary senior brother ah."Tang Zichen looked at that little child, at this moment, that little child's face was a bit unhappy and said, "Sister Han, how can you say that, how much Senior Brother Changbai has taken care of you, you wouldn't be unaware of it, how dare you say that he's just a very ordinary senior brother, if Senior Brother Changbai hears about it, I'm afraid he'll be very disappointed."

Xiao Meng pouted, "It was just a very ordinary senior brother, he's just like you guys."Xiaomeng also felt aggrieved, did she say the wrong thing.

Xiaomeng might not understand, but Tang Zichen had been

Understand, that Changbai senior brother, definitely liked Xiao Meng, and all the other senior brothers knew about it, only Xiao Meng himself probably didn't know anything yet, only treating him as an ordinary senior brother.

Just at this moment, an old man suddenly appeared in mid-air.

"Old Jin, Old Lin, you guys are here."That old man said.

"Haha, senior brother, you're a new disciple, you really don't know how to be polite."The village chief of the novice village said.

The old man looked at Xiaomeng and Tang Zichen, Xiaomeng was still holding Tang Zichen at the moment, the old man couldn't help but say, "Xiaomeng, haven't you held him enough?You didn't see Uncle Shifu here?"

Dao: "Master, this is what I told you about, Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen busily paid his respects, "Senior Tang Zichen, pay your respects to Old Dean Senior."

This old dean, Tang Zichen didn't dare to be rude, as he was at least at the late stage of the Unity Realm.

"You are Tang Zichen?I've heard of you and heard that you are the first day genius in the history of the Martial Academy, now it seems that you are so young to reach the pinnacle of innate perfection, you do have the ability to become the first day genius."

"Senior Dean is overly flattered."

"Alright, what brings you to my place?"

"I'm not hiding anything from Senior, I want to enter the memory stone, I have something important."

"The memory stone is not something you can enter just because you say so, besides, my memory stone here is not open to outsiders, besides, I am only managing the memory stone here, it doesn't belong to me, you go back."

Tang Zichen said, "Senior dean, I hope that you will fulfill your wish."

Xiao Meng was busy pleading, "Master, just agree, my brother Zichen is really talented, he will definitely gain a lot by going in."

The old dean said, "Tang Zichen, although you are the first day genius in the history of the Martial Forest Academy, that doesn't make me take extra care of you, because no matter how genius you are, you have nothing to do with the Martial Forest Academy.Unless, you stay in the Martial Forest Academy forever, so that you are qualified for me to be extraordinarily kind to you, do you understand?That's why it's useless for you to come over and beg me, you've only spent half a year at the Martial Arts Academy, and your strength has nothing to do with the Martial Arts Academy's training, it's all about your own opportunities.Alright, go back."

Tang Zichen nodded, since the old dean had said this, there was nothing left for Tang Zichen to plead.

If he didn't give Tang Zichen any help today, if Tang Zichen gained power in the next day, he naturally wouldn't have anything to do with him, just a mutual disinterest.

"Good, much ado about nothing, sorry for the intrusion, senior takes his leave."Tang Zichen said with an arch of his hand.

Xiaomeng was busy saying, "Brother Zichen, I've only just met you, don't leave so soon ah, we haven't even talked properly ah."

"Xiaomeng, your master isn't welcoming me, I'd better go."


"Xiaomeng, go back to sword practice."

"Shifu, I don't.".

The old dean said sternly, "Do you hear me, go back to practicing your sword."

Xiao Meng shook her head, "Master, don't push me, if I have to choose between you and brother Zichen, I will definitely abandon you, if you push me again, don't take me as your disciple."

"You you you."The old dean was so angry that he wanted to jump, he didn't think that Xiao Meng would actually say it so bluntly.

Tang Zichen was also shocked, he was busy saying, "Xiao Meng, don't make a fool of yourself, how can you treat your master like that, and not make amends to him."

"I don't."Inside Xiaomeng, Tang Zichen was the closest person, the worst-case scenario was to stop practicing martial arts with Master.

"Hmph."The old dean threw his sleeves and turned around and flew into one of the houses in the valley, presumably a little sad in his heart.

Although Tang Zichen's mouth blamed Xiao Meng, but inside he was quite happy, it seemed that he really did not save this girl for nothing, knowing who was her family.


This old dean didn't give Tang Zichen a little help, and Xiao Meng also felt that she didn't like him anymore, appearing repulsive.

"Brother Zichen, let's go outside the valley and have a good chat."


Xiao Meng took Tang Zichen's arm and cheerfully flew to the outside of the valley.

Behind him, the little child shouted, "Sister Han, you're hurting Master too much."

Little Meng didn't care at all.

Coming to the outside of the valley, Tang Zichen worriedly said, "Xiao Meng, you just did that, will your master be angry ah, you actually said in public that you would rather give him up, as a master, really very sad, I would have a bad conscience if I harmed you because of this."

Xiaomeng said, "Brother Zichen, I get angry when you say that, you don't treat me like family anymore.Although he has been accepted as a disciple, his importance to me is completely incomparable to yours, you are my family."

"But the old dean is also your family member."

"What kind of relative is a master."

"It's not right for you to do that." Remember the URL

"It was originally well, I came to the martial arts academy originally wanted to practice in the martial arts academy, but I didn't expect that he suddenly came out of nowhere and said that he wanted to take me as a disciple, then I agreed, then I followed here, originally thought, he would teach me something powerful, but what happened, he told me every time, a good piece of jade, must be sharpened first, so to sharpen and sharpen me, he didn't teach me anything."

Tang Zichen said in shock, "No way, you've been here for so long and he hasn't taught you anything?"

"No, later on, I couldn't stand it anymore, then I let that Changbai senior brother teach me, thus, I learned a martial art, called the Horizontal Lotus Sword Technique, I went, after learning it I realized that the Horizontal Lotus Sword Technique, is trash, and it's also claimed to be Master's strongest martial art."

Tang Zichen said, "Xiao Meng, how can you say that?It's too rude."

"Really, this so-called Transverse Lotus Sword Technique cannot even be compared to the God Killing Blade Technique and the Descending Dragon Sword Technique that you taught me."

"That's natural."Tang Zichen didn't doubt this, because Tang Zichen's God Killing Saber Technique and Dragon Descending Sword Technique were both ninth-grade martial arts, just one step shy of reaching the highest level of basic martial arts.The so-called basic martial arts were the martial arts that could be recorded in writing, and the highest martial arts that could be recorded in writing were tenth-grade martial arts.Therefore, any martial arts secret under the world was below the tenth grade, because, any martial arts that exceeded the tenth grade could not be recorded in words.Just like the martial art that Tang Zichen was currently displaying, its power reached thirteen grades, but, if Tang Zichen were to record it with words, it simply couldn't be recorded, because, it could only be intended but not conveyed, and, to produce a move of thirteen grades of martial art power, it was no longer a factor acting out.

Tang Zichen said, "A day is a day, and a lifetime is a lifetime, Xiao Meng, no matter what, you should also respect your master, perhaps, he really wants to sharpen your will first."

Xiao Meng trailed off, "Brother Zichen, there's something else I haven't even told you."

"What is it?"

"Don't get mad if you say it."

"Say it."

"Brother Zichen, it's like this, after Elder Brother Changbai taught me the Transverse Lotus Sword Technique, I felt it was inferior to your Killing God Saber Technique, then I stopped practicing the Transverse Lotus Sword Technique, I continued to practice the Killing God Saber Technique, but, I didn't expect to be seen by my Master, who asked me where I learned the Killing God Saber Technique, so I told the truth, you taught it to me!


"Then what?"

"And then, then Master said, no wonder you were so good at the Martial Arts Academy before."

"Ha, yes, the fact that I was so powerful at the Martial Arts Academy before was indeed directly related to my two martial arts skills."

"Then, my master said that the God Killing Blade Technique you taught me must have been learned from the Memory Stone."

"Bullshit."Tang Zichen was furious, he actually, actually counted his God Killing Blade Technique as having been learned from the Memory Stone, Tang Zichen this was clearly brought from another world, it was really too shameless.

"Xiao Meng, then what?You're not just telling me that, are you."Tang Zichen asked.

"Of course not, then my master asked me to write down the secret of the Killing Blade Technique and put it away in the Hidden Sword Pavilion in the Late Man Valley." ..

Tang Zichen said, "Xiao Meng, you must have written down my God Killing Saber Technique."

"Brother Zichen, I've told you that you didn't learn it from the memory stone, it's your own, but, my master and the others didn't believe me, they must have said that you learned it from the memory stone, the memory stone belongs to Martial Island, it's your chance to learn it, but it's also their right to write it down.So, in the end, I had no choice but to write it down, and it's now being collected by my master in the Hidden Sword Pavilion in the Valley of the Dead."

Tang Zichen raged, "It's so damn shameless, I thought that the old dean, who is the old dean of the Martial Academy, would be different from the four Island Guardian Families, but I didn't expect that it's still not far off.Moreover, I just came here and asked to enter one of the memory stones here that is not open to the public, but I was directly rejected.What a fire, to take away my God Killing Sword Technique, yet I'm not even allowed to enter the memory stone."

"Brother Zichen, do you blame me?"

"What do I blame you for doing, you also must have run out of ideas before you would, and you were constantly brainwashed by them, you might have also thought that I really learned my God Killing Blade from the memory stone, that's why you ended up giving them the secret."

Xiao Meng nodded apologetically, "Brother Zichen, you're right, I really thought back there that you learned it from the memory stone, I'm sorry."

"It's okay, it's not your fault."

Tang Zichen stood up.

"Brother Zichen, what are you going to do?"

"No, I'm going back into the valley to find the old dean."


"Just now I was thinking of forgetting about it, I have no choice but to not allow me to enter the Memory Stone, but now I feel that I can't just let it go, I gave them my God Killing Blade Technique, but I don't even have a chance to enter the Memory Stone, I'm too unhappy."Tang Zichen finished speaking and flew up, heading for the valley.

"Brother Zichen, wait for me."Xiaomeng also followed and flew in.

At this moment, in a large hall within the Valley of the Deceased.

The village chief of Tianxia Village said, "Brother, why don't you let that Tang Zichen enter the Memory Stone?By all rights, he's the first day genius of the Martial Forest Academy, so you should support him.Although you're not the president anymore, the Martial Academy still operates under your secret supervision, and the Martial Academy belongs to your management, that's never going to change."

The village chief of the Novice Village said, "Yes, brother, I thought you would allow him to enter the Memory Stone once."

The old dean said, "I don't know why I didn't want to let him in, Tang Zichen is a person of great opportunity."


"Before that, he had only spent half a year at the Martial Arts Academy and had only entered the Forgotten City twice, but he only entered twice and acquired two martial arts secrets in the Forgotten City, one of which, the God-killing Saber Technique, has already been included by me in the Hidden Sword Pavilion, but the other one, however, has yet to be, because she can only begin one style.The three of us have been in the Forgotten City's memory stone no less than a hundred times, but what did we get?It's partial that Tang Zichen has gone in twice and gained so much.Therefore, I really don't dare to let him enter the memory stone I have here anymore."

The village chief of the Heavenly Village said, "Is senior brother because of jealousy?"

"Maybe so, his opportunities are too scary, I'm afraid that if I let him in, he'll get a whole bunch of goodies again, the memory stone here is not open to the public in the first place, and I have the power to not allow him in."

"Also, in fact, not only senior brother you, even I'm a bit jealous of Tang Zichen, he's too young."

At this moment, Tang Zichen's shout came from outside, "Old Dean, please come out and speak."

Tang Zichen and Xiao Meng had already entered the valley again.

Soon after, the old dean and the two village chiefs flew out.

The old dean looked at the eyes, "What else do you guys want?"

Tang Zichen said, "Old Dean, I heard that you forced Xiaomeng to give you the secret of a martial art that I taught her?"

Old Dean frowned, "Tang Zichen, you're wrong, you were able to enter the memory stone and learn, it's your chance, but after all, the memory stone is something from Martial Island, it's only right and proper for us to ask to collect it.Don't tell me that you invented that God Killing Saber Technique on your own, I don't believe it.However, we didn't reveal this to the public, or else the four Island Guardian Families would have to force you to hand it over."

Tang Zichen snorted, "You're wrong, my God Killing Saber Technique is mine, I didn't learn it at the Memory Stone, you have no reason to take anything back from me, and now you're still being so grandiose." One second to remember to read the book

The old dean said, "Tang Zichen, we are not your enemies, so you don't need to use such a personal tone, we only do what we have to do.By the way, I've had people inquire about you, before you entered the Martial Academy, you were very ordinary and even a person who was expelled from your family, so I have very definite reasons to believe that the Killing God Saber Technique was acquired by you from Forgotten City."

"Fuck, that's too shameless, well, since you have already taken it in, it's too late for me to say anything, so I'm dedicating a martial arts secret book to you for no reason, are you going to mean to let me enter the memory stone you managed once?"Tang Zichen demanded.

However, the old dean shook his head without hesitation and said, "No."

"Old Dean, originally I thought you were a good person, but I didn't expect that you were no different from the Four Great Island Guardian Families, on the surface you look like a famous and decent family? but inside you are all the same.I offered you an advanced martial art for no reason, but you are such bullies."

"Tang Zichen, we aren't bullying anyone, I hope you won't be forceful, honestly, we don't want to have any grudges with you, please go back, by the way, you don't belong to the Martial Arts Academy anymore, so the next time the Memory Stone of the World Village opens, you won't be able to enter it."The old president said.

"What?Are you doing too much desperate?"Tang Zichen was furious, just now he was thinking, since he was deadly not allowed to enter, then wait ten days later, the world village

Open, go to those three memory stones that are open to the outside world.But I didn't expect that the old dean would actually say that the three memory stones open to the public in the world village were not allowed to enter either, bullying people too much.

"Tang Zichen, you're no longer a student of the Martial Academy, it's been a year and a half since you left the Martial Academy, the memory stones on Martial Island were originally only open to students of the Martial Academy, as well as the disciples of the four major island guardian families, I definitely didn't lie to you, you should have known that already, you said that I'm doing it a bit too much."

"Grass you."Tang Zichen flared up and couldn't help but burst out a foul sentence.

"Tang Zichen, you're at least a genius, can't you be a little more civilized?If you really want to enter the Memory Stone, it's not like you can't, I know you learned two martial arts in Oblivion City, there's another one besides the Killing God Saber Technique, right?"

Xiao Meng was busy saying, "Master, that martial art Zi Chen can only learn one and a half moves, not all of them."

"Hahaha."But Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

"Old Dean, it seems that you want to take back my Dragon Descending Sword Technique as well."

"Tang Zichen, if you really learned it from Oblivion City, give it to me so that I can take it back to the Hidden Sword Pavilion, it's already the property of Martial Island, I hope you'll support it."

"Support you, old dean, I'm not hiding anything from you, the Descending Dragon Sword Technique is not at all only one and a half moves, I know all of them, how about it?Isn't it tempting to take it back?"

"Tang Zichen, if you write it down, I'll let you enter the World Village's memory stone today."

"I pooh, this is my personal stuff, including the Killing God Blade Technique, it has nothing to do with you, why should I give you the right to take it back, shameless."

"Tang Zichen, why be so stubborn, you've already learned it, why do you need to keep it all to yourself, why not share it with everyone so that every future disciple of the deceased valley can learn it?Why should one man have it all to himself."The old dean advised.

"Fuck off you."Tang Zichen yelled.

It didn't matter if it entered the memory stone or not, the key was that Tang Zichen himself brought something from another world, but was framed as having obtained the memory stone, there was a bit of fire.

At this moment, someone flew in from outside the valley of the deceased, and many people who saw it shouted, "Elder Brother Changbai."

In no time at all, that long white senior brother entered the valley of the deceased.

Senior Brother Changbai didn't bother to see what was happening in the valley, and as soon as he entered, he shouted happily, "Senior Sister Meng, look what Senior Brother has brought you.Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, see?This is the unique blue chrysanthemum of Martial Island, pretty, give it to you."Long White Senior Brother grabbed a large handful of blue chrysanthemums in his hand and excitedly held them in front of Xiaomeng, perhaps because he was too excited and too eager to please Xiaomeng, so he didn't even look at what was happening at the scene, as well as Tang Zichen who was standing a few meters next to Xiaomeng.

Tang Zichen saw the angry looking man holding the blue chrysanthemum, who looked to be around thirty years old, with the peak of the Innate Perfection realm on his body, the same level as Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen lifted his heavy sword at once and roared, "Get lost, I'll kill you if you don't get lost."

That Changbai senior brother then looked at Tang Zichen and said in astonishment, "Who are you?"

Tang Zichen's heavy sword was raised in the air and said, "Stay away from my little moe."


"Heh, what kind of thing dares to act rashly in the Valley of the Dead, Moe, who is he?"Senior Brother Changbai was a bit nervous.

Xiao Meng said, "Senior Brother Changbai, he is what I said, Brother Tzichen, my closest relative."

"Tang Zichen?You're the Tang Zichen who was on the rampage at the Martial Arts Academy a year ago?"Elder Brother Changbai's eyes were filled with incredulity and said.

"It is your grandfather me."

"How is that possible."Senior Brother Changbai's body trembled, a year and a half ago, he had also heard about Tang Zichen, but at that time, when he heard others say how powerful the Martial Academy's Tang Zichen was, he would only be filled with disdain and a disdainful scowl, because, at that time, Tang Zichen was only at the inner level, not even Houtian, and he, at that time, was already an Innate Perfectionist, and Tang Zichen was not at the same level as him at all.

However, the person standing here today was said to be the same Tang Zichen from back then.

Changbai looked at Tang Zichen in disbelief, a year and a half ago, less than Houtian, how come the Tang Zichen who was less than Houtian reached the peak of Innate Perfection right now?

How is this possible.

When Tang Zichen saw that Changbai was still foolishly standing in front of Xiao Meng holding the blue chrysanthemum while his eyes were looking at him, Tang Zichen immediately pulled Xiao Meng behind him.

Changbai recovered from the shock of seeing Tang Zichen and busily said, "Xiao Meng, come over here Brother Changbai."

Tang Zichen saw that Changbai still had an affectionate tone, couldn't help but sneer, also Changbai senior brother here, idiot, did he think that Xiao Meng would be better with him? First web site

Xiao Meng shook her head: "Don't."

Changbai saw don't want, his heart ached, people caught in the whirlpool of feelings are so fragile inside, just a little bad look and tone from the person he likes can make his heart ache for a whole day.

"Xiao Meng, what's wrong with you?I'm your brother, Changbai?Usually with your closest brother Changbai, ah."Changbai thought that Xiao Meng wasn't blinded by Tang Zichen to act like she didn't know him.

Xiao Meng felt a moment of disgust and said, "Alright, Senior Brother Changbai, don't be silly, this is my brother Zichen, my beloved family member."

"What is it."Changbai's heart jumped violently.

"Oh, Senior Brother Changbai, do you really want me to say it so broken?"

"Moe, how come I don't understand anything?I've only been out half a day. Do you know what I was doing this morning?I went out to pick blue chrysanthemums for you. Why has everything changed since I got back?You don't even recognize them. Look, Xiao Meng, the blue chrysanthemums are so beautiful. Don't you like flowers the most?I almost fell into a pit of ten thousand feet to pick this blue chrysanthemum, you."

Xiao Meng said, "Thank you, Senior Brother Changbai, you don't have to bother, I don't like blue chrysanthemums."

"How come, don't you like flowers the most?"

"Yes, but it also depends on who gave it to me, if it was given to me by Brother Zichen, even if it's a dog's tail grass, it's prettier than the blue chrysanthemum you're holding, I've made it so clear, Brother Changbai, there are plenty of good women in the world, you'll meet better ones than me."

"Hahaha, is this the legendary good guy card?"Changbai laughed out loud.

Just then, the old dean couldn't hear any more and roared, "That's enough, Changbai, you stand down."


"Stand down."

The old dean said to Han, "Xiao Meng, long

Bai is good to you at any rate, but you treat him like this, how can you live with your conscience."


"Don't call me master anymore, I am not your master, Han Xiaomeng, from this moment on, you are not my Yingtian's disciple, go away."Old Dean said.

Xiaomeng huffed, "If you don't call me, I'm not happy to be your disciple, what did I get when I came to your what deceased valley?I didn't get anything, and in the end, it was Elder Brother Changbai who taught me a set of trashy horizontal lotus sword techniques, and it's useless to me, I'm really wasting my time here, and the worst part is that it's been almost a year, and I've only been inside the Songxiang City once.As for my current early innate realm, this has nothing to do with you.I'd rather hang out with my brother Zichen, and I'll bet that hanging out with him is definitely ten thousand times better than being here.I didn't really want to be here in the first place anyway, but it's just because the Martial Academy really doesn't suit me."

"Xiao Meng."Tang Zichen was busy interrupting mouthlessly, that old dean was already looking unhappy, so it was better to say less.

Go down.

"Farewell."Tang Zichen pulled Xiaomeng to fly away.

"Wait."At that moment, Changbai yelled.

Xiao Meng turned back, "Is there anything else?"

"Wait, Tang Zichen, did you think I would let you take Xiao Meng so easily?Hugh, today, Xiao Meng must stay for me."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Just you?Or is it by your master?"

"Buzz."The cold sword in Changbai's hand drew, emitting a cold, bright light that shone like sparks provoking a shedding.

Changbai instantly killed Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen scowled, death-defying.

As Tang Zichen's heavy sword slashed, a monstrous weight pressed down, and the sword that Changbai struck at Tang Zichen was suddenly bent by the invisible weight.

"Ka-cha."As Long White's sword snapped, Long White also instantly smashed into the ground, and the ground blasted out an utterance.

At this moment, the old dean's pupils shrank, looking at Tang Zichen in disbelief, he originally wanted to see who was stronger and who was weaker, his own disciple, who was now at the same level as Tang Zichen, and he was very confident in Changbai, because Changbai was his most talented disciple, but he didn't expect Changbai to be so vulnerable, as if he was not at the same level at all.

Instead, the village chiefs of the World Village and Novice Village both sighed, everything was expected.

Tang Zichen looked towards Changbai on the ground and said disdainfully, "With just you, you are not worthy to fight me, if you dare to be wild in front of me again in the future, don't blame me Tang Zichen for being rude to you, hmph."

Tang Zichen looked at the old dean again, seeing that the old dean was livid and staring at him, Tang Zichen snorted, "What are you looking at, could it be that you think again that this heavy sword in my hand was taken from the memory stone?You want it back again?Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed loudly, his laughter filled with sarcasm, then turned his head and flew away.

Until Tang Zichen flew away for several minutes, the old dean was still livid.

The reason why the old dean was livid was because he didn't even think that Tang Zichen was so powerful, his strength completely spiked his proud apprentice, this made the old dean feel a little bit of fear, in his heart, he even regretted a little bit why he didn't give Tang Zichen a convenient chance to enter the memory stone, why he didn't want to let him enter the memory stone because of that little bit of jealousy in his heart, was it really worth it to offend a junior who was even more powerful than his apprentice?




The two old village leaders called out several times before the old dean came back to his senses.

"Brother, what are you thinking about?"

The old dean closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and said, "I never thought that he was so strong in talent, so strong that it's frightening, my apprentice Changbai, talent is strong enough, he reached innate perfection before the age of thirty, it's very likely that he will surpass me in this lifetime, but actually, he's not a match for Tang Zichen, it's really too frightening.I don't know if I'm too foolish to hold a grudge against him."

The village chief of the Heavenly Village said, "Senior Brother, I'm sorry, actually, I have something that I haven't had the chance to tell you yet, not that we didn't tell you in the first place, but because it's a bit hard to tell you."

"What is it?"

"Hey, brother, actually, Lin Bai and I will bring Tang Zichen to you because, because."Jin Daoist's old face was a bit red.

"Because of what?"

"Because, Tang Zichen defeated both Lin Bai and I. Neither of us were a match for Tang Zichen, so that's why we had no choice but to bring him to you ah."

"What?Are you kidding me?You two are the early second level of the Unity Realm, how is that possible." Remember the URL

"Senior brother, it's true, although we are at the second level of the early stage of the Unity Realm, we are not a match for Tang Zichen at all, it's so humiliating, if it were an outsider, we wouldn't dare to be known ah."

"Oh my god, Tang Zichen has only stepped half a foot into the Unity Realm, but he's not even a match for you guys, Tang Zichen's talent has actually far exceeded my imagination, where can Changbai be on par with him."The old dean muttered to himself, at this moment, he seemed to be regretting inside.

"Why didn't you guys say so earlier?"The old dean chided.

"Brother, we, we really didn't expect it to end up like this, and we didn't know that you would be so disrespectful to Tang Zichen, alas."

"Hoo, I really am getting more and more confused the older I get, what good would it do me to offend such a genius, why am I so confused, hurry up, go and invite Tang Zichen back, just say, everything is good to discuss."The old dean seemed as if he had woken up from a dream.


"Go quickly."The old dean shouted.

It was only then that the village chiefs of Tianxia and Novice Village chased them out of the valley.

The old dean didn't go after them himself, although he regretted not giving Tang Zichen face, but he was at least a late stage of the Unity Realm, and it would be a bit disgraceful for him to go after Tang Zichen himself.

Tang Zichen and Xiao Meng had just flown out of the valley when shouts came from behind, "Little Brother Tang, please stay behind."

Upon turning back, it was Jindolph and Lin Bai.

"What do you guys want?"Tang Zichen's heavy sword pointed at them at once.

"Brother Tang, don't misunderstand, we were ordered by the old dean to come out and retrieve you."

"Retrieve me?If you want to die, try it."Tang Zichen said disdainfully.

"You've got it all wrong, recovering you means that you want to enter the memory stone and everything is negotiable, that's what the old dean himself said.Our old dean saw how powerful you are, and we also told the old dean that you even defeated us, so the old dean just woke up suddenly, and expect brother Tang to come back with us, don't worry, the old dean will never refuse your request this time, if you want to enter the memory stone, then enter."

"Hahaha, ridiculous."

"Brother Tang, let's go.


"No need, I, Tang Zichen, don't care to enter the memory stones here, Senior Jin Daoist, if the memory stones of your world village are willing to open up for me, then I, Tang, would be interested in taking a trip."Tang Zichen said.

The two old village chiefs sighed.

Jin Daoist said, "Alright, Brother Tang, since you don't want to enter the memory stones of the Valley of the Dead anymore, then I won't persuade you, let's go, I'll take you to enter the memory stones of the World Village now, you can enter whichever one you want."


Tang Zichen flew away with the chief of the World Village, while the village chief of the Novice Village returned to the valley to report.

"Brother, Tang Zichen no longer cares to enter the valley of the deceased, he is now following Jin Daoist and going to the Memory Stone of the World Village."

Old Dean saw Tang Zichen's disdain, his heart was still a bit upset, he was at least a strong man of the late Unity Realm, he had already given Tang Zichen face, but he was actually disdainful.

The old dean said with a snort, "Since he's disdainful, let's leave it at that, it's just a genius, what's there to be proud of, whether the rest of his life is really great or not, everything is still unknown.I, Ying Tian, am at least at the first level of the late Unity Realm, and am considered to be at the top level in this world, if not for his talent, he may not be qualified to speak with me.If he can't surpass me for the rest of his life, he's useless to me fart, ridiculous."

Tang Zichen came to the world village.

Jin Daoist said, "Tang Zichen, the World Village three memory stones, Oblivion City, Falling Leaf City, and Cangdus City, you choose which one you want to enter."

Tang Zichen thought about it, he had already entered the Oblivion City twice and was quite familiar with it, but the purpose of Tang Zichen entering the memory stones this time was to research the healing technique and rescue Liu Xiangyun, so Tang Zichen had to choose the place that was the best in terms of healing.

Tang Zichen asked, "Senior Jin Daoist, tell me honestly, which of the three memory stones has the most developed world in terms of healing arts."

"Uh, did you go in to learn the healing arts?"

"Not hiding anything from you, yes."

"Haha, you're asking the right person about that, these three memory stones, I've been in there no less than a hundred times.Then, I'll recommend you to enter Canggu City."


"Canggu City has the strongest healing technique among the three Memory Stone Worlds, because, Canggu City has a Qingju Pavilion, this Qingju Pavilion is full of healers, and it can be said that this Qingju Pavilion, the healers in it are very powerful, the level is far beyond our world, you will definitely gain something if you go here.It's just that it's up to you whether or not you can enter the Qingju Pavilion and learn the techniques."

"Thank you, then enter the Qingju Pavilion."

"Good, then follow me."

Tang Zichen came to a place that resembled a wellhead, and Jin Daoist said, "Tang Zichen, this memory stone is the most advanced of the three memory stones, and it's only open once a year, and it's only for students in the fourth year of the Martial Arts Academy, or disciples of the Guardian Island Family who are above the Houtian level, for 50 days.Of course, if you want to come out early, you can commit suicide inside."

"Okay, thank you, Senior."

Tang Zichen jumped into this well.

Shaking, Tang Zichen didn't know how long had passed, when he opened his eyes and woke up, he found himself standing naked in a room, on one of the beds in the room, the sound of a woman crying was heard, moreover, many torn clothes were spilled on the floor, it was obvious that a rape had just happened here, and the body that Tang Zichen entered was the rapist.


"Holy shit, what could be more depressing than coming in here and turning into a rapist?"Tang Zichen was depressed.

Tang Zichen looked at the weeping woman on the bed, her looks were average, Tang Zichen then looked at himself in the mirror, the body he entered had an average appearance, but was well-dressed, so it must be a person of high status.

"Hey, how are you?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Oooh."The woman just kept crying.

"Don't cry."

"You're defiling me, I don't want to live, oooh."

Tang Zichen looked at the bed, there wasn't any falling red or anything like that, and said, "Stop crying, you're not an innocent girl, let's just pretend nothing happened."


"You what you, I don't have the energy to waste with you here right now, if you piss me off, I really will just kill you and be done with it."


"Alright, I'm asking you, where is the Qingju Pavilion?"Don Zichen asked. One Second Remember to Read the Book

"You."The woman looked at Tang Zichen baffled.

"Say, where is the Green Residence?"

"Song Xiaolou, are you crazy?"

"Er, Song Xiaolou, well, I am Song, where is the Qingju Pavilion?Don't blame me if you don't tell me."Tang Zichen threatened, Tang Zichen didn't care about her so much, his main purpose of coming in was to learn healing, but he wouldn't delay for anything else, this woman would just kill him if she would interfere, this was the memory world anyway.

"Say, where is the Qingju Pavilion?"Tang Zichen pressed the question.

The woman said, "Are you Song Xiaolou or not?"

"Your sister, do I or not Song Xiaolou have anything to do with Qingju Pavilion?If you don't tell me, I'm going to do a murder."

"This is the Greenhouse."The woman said.

"Ah, this is the Qingju Pavilion?"Tang Zichen was taken aback, no way, such a coincidence.

"You're not Song Xiaolou?"

"Come on, I'm not Song Xiaolou."

"Then what are you?"

Tang Zichen grabbed the woman and said, "Don't talk to me, I'm not in the mood to talk to you, just answer whatever I ask you."

The woman nodded her head in fear.

Tang Zichen asked, "First of all, who are you?"

"I'm Qingjuguan, Liu Dongtang's wife."

"Who is Liu Dongtang?"

"The third disciple of the owner of the Greenhouse Pavilion."

"And who am I, then?"

"You're Song Xiaolou."

"What is Song Xiaolou's identity?"

"Song Xiaolou is the youngest son of the owner of the Song family."

"Why did Song Xiaolou show up at the Qingju Pavilion and rape you?Is it also one of the disciples of the Qingju Pavilion?"

"Uh, no, Song Xiaolou is a dude who relies on the Song family's power and influence in Canggu City, and does nothing evil.Because you have a crush on the daughter of the owner of the Qingju Pavilion, you often come to the Qingju Pavilion and want to pursue the owner's daughter, but the Blue Pearl doesn't even like you, so you often want to use dark tricks, unfortunately, the Qingju Pavilion isn't easy to mess with, many powerful people owe the Qingju Pavilion a favor, and you simply can't use dark tricks to get the Blue Pearl.So, you actually did it to me tonight, sob."Saying that, the woman cried out.

Tang Zichen roughly understood the current situation he was in, he was the dude of the biggest powerful family in Canggu City, he was all evil, and also, he wanted to pursue the daughter of the owner of the Qingju Pavilion, but

Is unable to chase, so repeatedly use despicable means, but still can not get, so, very depressed Song Xiaolou, on the Qingju Pavilion owner's third disciple's wife to rape, that is, this woman on the bed.

Tang Zichen was depressed inside, his purpose of coming in was to learn the healing arts, but what the hell, the identity of his current body was the most loathed person in Qingju Pavilion, how else could Tang Zichen learn the healing arts in Qingju Pavilion?

"Phew, whatever, just take one step at a time, if you really can't do it, kill yourself, quit Canggu City and then re-enter Canggu City, then your identity will change again.

Tang Zichen said to the woman on the bed, "Don't tell anyone about this."

"Yes, I won't say it out."The woman said in a trance.

Of course, Don Zichen used a lullaby on her.

"Forget what happened tonight, forget who you were raped by tonight, everything that just happened was just a dream you had."

"Well, it was all just me dreaming."

"Go to sleep."

The woman went to sleep in no time.

Tang Zichen jumped out of the window, and when he jumped out, it was the street outside.

It was about midnight at this moment.

After Tang Zichen jumped out onto the street, a small boy busily ran up and shouted, "Second Young Master, it's done so quickly, isn't it refreshing, I think I just heard that woman's screams."

Tang Zichen stared at the boy, it was obvious that this boy was Song Xiaolou's sidekick, and he definitely had a hand in planning the rape of that woman tonight.

"Second Young Master, where to now?Are you still going to spend the night at Jade's place?Are you okay now?Why don't you don't go to Little Cui tonight and go again tomorrow night to let your body rest."The little boy advised.

Tang Zichen grunted, "Hundred what flower house, go home."

"Yes, young master."Not long after, that sidekick drove a beast cart over.

Tang Zichen got on the animal cart and followed.

It was now the middle of the night, Tang Zichen definitely couldn't go to learn the healing arts ah, definitely had to come back tomorrow during the day, so Tang Zichen went home first, fortunately there was a follower, or else he wouldn't even be able to find where his home was.

On the way back, Tang Zichen asked, "What's your name?"

"Ah, Second Young Master, what's wrong with you?"

Don said, "Whatever I ask, you answer, got it?"

"Got it."The follower was immediately transfixed by Tang Zichen.

"What's your name?"

"Back to Second Young Master, my name is Wang Cai."

"I go, Wang Cai."Tang Zichen laughed, what kind of world is this, can Wang Cai be a person's name too?

"Okay, Wang Cai, tell me, what is my family's situation."

"Second Young Master's family is the largest family in Pale Twilight City, Second Young Master is the son of the owner of the Song family, one of the highest ranking young masters in the Song family, Second Young Master's father is one of the top ten experts in Pale Twilight City, and Second Young Master's grandfather, the previous owner, is the number one expert in Pale Twilight City."

"Oh, no wonder the Song family is the most powerful family in Cangdus City."

"Yes, the second young master's mother is the lord of Canggui City, the second young master's sister is the captain of the city guard of Canggui City, the second young master's brother is the most talented young man in Canggui City, and also, the second young master's grandmother is the second best expert in Canggui City."

"I go, so awesome, then wouldn't I be able to call the shots in Canggur City."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Yes, that's why Second Young Master you are the most famous dude in Cangmu City, doing nothing evil and daring nothing, Second Young Master has so much protection, you can do whatever you want in Cangmu City."


"So, I'm known to everyone in Canggu City."

"Yes, Second Young Master is the bad guy that everyone in Canggu City knows, and many young girls were raped by him at one time."

"Oh, what a jerk."Tang Zichen cursed inside, in true history, this Song Xiaolou, he must have died miserably in the end.

Tang Zichen asked, "Tell me, what strength of my grandfather?"

Wang Cai said, "Second Young Master's grandfather is a strong late stage of the Celestial Unity Realm.Second Young Master's grandmother is a strong mid stage of the Celestial Unity Realm, Second Young Master's father is at the early stage of the Unity Realm, and Second Young Master's mother is at the peak of the Innate Great Perfection.Second Young Master's brother is at the second level of the Innate Great Perfection."

"Oh, that looks quite strong."Tang Zichen was a little surprised, since this identity's grandfather was the first expert, then the late stage of the Unity Realm was the most powerful existence in this memory stone, unexpectedly.

"Then, what about me?"

"Second Young Master you don't have any cultivation talent, so the strength is very weak, so the family is blind to anything you do and refuses to treat you badly."

"Understood."Tang Zichen detected his own Qi, and sure enough, it wasn't strong, but he was only an inner gate.

Tang Zichen took another look at the follower and was taken aback, this follower was actually a strong innate person.

Soon, to the Song family. The first website

Since everyone was asleep, Tang Zichen went back to his room and slept as well, but fortunately, with Wang Cai leading the way, Tang Zichen took it easy and, with Tang Zichen using a lullaby, Wang Cai had to be good and say everything.

"Alright, Wang Cai, go sleep in your room as well."Tang Zichen saw that Tang Zichen was going to sleep in the same room as him, so he kicked him out.

"Second Young Master, I've always slept in the same room as you ah."

"Erm, why do you want to sleep in the same room as me?"

"The second young master, the master ordered, because the second young master has done all kinds of bad things and has lost his virtue, he will have many enemies, in the past, there were people who wanted to kill the second young master while he was sleeping.So, since then, the Master has made me sleep in the same room as the Second Young Master, and as long as the person does not exceed my strength , it is impossible to kill the Second Young Master, and if the person whose strength surpasses mine, he must be powerful, and will certainly be very conspicuous when he enters the Song family."

"Oh, is that so, huh, no need tonight, you go back to your room."

"Alright, I'm sure it will be fine, Second Young Master, then I'm leaving, good night."

"Good night."

At this moment, in a restaurant about a thousand meters away, a man was staring at Tang Zichen's room.

At that moment, the person staring said, "Look, that guard from Song Xiaolou has left, it seems like they're not sleeping together tonight."

Then, three people came together to take a look, including the one who had just been staring, two men and two women.

"We finally got our chance to do it. " one of the women said through gritted teeth, the woman was very beautiful looking, but, with a murderous look in her eyes towards Tang Zichen, she seemed to hate him very much.

Another man said, "We've been lurking here for two months, and we've finally found a chance to kill this dog thief, quickly, get ready, act tonight, be sure to succeed."

"Well, be sure to succeed, avenge Grandma Yang, this Song Xiaolou, if he didn't rely on his family, he's nothing, if he didn't have an innate guard by his side, he would have been chopped to death on the street."

"Alright, cut the crap.

Say, action, we disguise ourselves as guards and enter the Song family, the momentum we have won't attract the attention of those few Unity Realm powerhouses in the Song family."


At this moment, Tang Zichen had no idea that someone was coming to assassinate him, of course, it was precisely Song Xiaolou who was assassinated, and had nothing to do with Tang Zichen, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen occupied Song Xiaolou's body.

Tang Zichen lay on his bed, thinking in his heart, "Tomorrow, I'll go to the Qingju Pavilion, and I don't know if I'll be able to successfully enter the Qingju Pavilion to learn the healing arts, and I don't know how strong the healing arts are for the owner of the Qingju Pavilion.Jin Daoist of Tianxia Village said that it far surpasses the outside world, and I'm sure if not, but I hope that this time I can come in and wish for my wish to be fulfilled, smoothly improve my healing technique, and successfully save Xiangyun from death."

Tang Zichen didn't think about anything else, he was now throwing his whole heart and soul into his healing art, he had no time left.

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen heard movement outside.

"Hm?Is there really someone here to assassinate me?No way, as soon as Wang Cai doesn't sleep here, someone will come to assassinate me right away, hehe, how much this Song Xiaolou is hated."Tang Zichen didn't have any worries, just a slight smile.

Sure enough, within a few breaths of time, the window was suddenly opened, then a figure jumped in at once, heading straight for Tang Zichen's bed.

However, Tang Zichen didn't react immediately, because with Tang Zichen's strength, he could have killed the other party at the last moment.

"Don't move."In the next moment, a knife was placed against Tang Zichen's neck.

There were also suddenly a few more people in the room, two men and two women, among them, the one who was holding a knife against Tang Zichen's neck was a woman, and the woman was very beautiful, slim and charming.However, the way she looked at Tang Zichen was very frightening, as if she wanted to eat Tang Zichen.

"Who are you guys?"Tang Zichen asked nonchalantly.

"Hmph, Song Xiaolou, today is the end of you."One of the men said.

Tang Zichen said, "Aren't you guys going to report your names?"

The beautiful woman holding a knife to Tang Zichen's neck gritted her teeth and said, "Song Xiaolou, have you forgotten us, and even if you have forgotten us, have you forgotten even my grandmother?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "I'm sorry, I really forgot, who made me do too many bad things, so many that I can't remember."

"Song Xiaolou, today is the day you die."That beautiful woman said.

Tang Zichen didn't have any tension, because Tang Zichen was confident enough to unleash his innate abstruse energy the moment she did it, or to perform a lullaby, or to strike back, in short, Tang Zichen wasn't worried at all that he would die at the hands of these little brats.

"Yang Xi, do it quickly and cut off his head."A man said.

However, the pretty girl holding the knife against Tang Zichen was a bit unable to do anything.

"Yancy, this villain killed your grandmother in the street, kill him now."

"But, what's the difference between us killing someone just like that and him, or we'll force him to write down his crime and send him to the government."

"Yang Xi, are you stupid, the Song family is in Canggu City with one hand, send him to the government office?Kill him quickly.After you kill him, you and Qing Shu will fly away, find a place where no one knows you, and live like immortals. " said another one of the women.

"Mm."The beautiful woman blushed and looked tenderly at the man called 'Qing Shu'.

Just then, Tang Zichen laughed, "You guys want to go live like immortals, what a beautiful thought."


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