A Dish Best Served Cold 121-125


Chapter 121

"You are?"

  Ye Fan was stunned, but didn't expect anyone to recognize him here.

  "Mr. Chu, I'm Li Xiaohong ah.I interned at Red Flag Bank before, and we met the last time you came to our bank to withdraw money."This girl was obviously a bit excited to see Ye Fan again, her pretty face was all red.

  "Oh, so it's you."Ye Fan just remembered this greenish young girl in front of him, when he went to Red Flag Bank to withdraw money, Ye Fan was humiliated, and this girl in front of him helped him say a lot of good things.So now that Li Xiaohong said it, Ye Fan also remembered it.

  "Xiaohong, how did you get here and become a waitress here?"Ye Fan's impression of Li Xiaohong is not bad. In this world where materialistic desires are rampant and the poor love the rich, it's rare to find a girl like Li Xiaohong who has such a pretty face and a kind heart.

  It was just that Ye Fan couldn't help but wonder how Li Xiaohong, who was working in the bank before, had fallen to this state now.

  "Could it be?Did Xu dismiss you?"Ye Fan asked curiously.

  "No, Mr. Chu."Li Xiaohong quickly explained.

  It turned out that Li Xiaohong worked at the bank during the day, while she worked part-time here at night.

  Li Xiaohong had just graduated and was an intern, her salary was so small that it was barely enough for herself, and there was nothing left after paying rent and food expenses.Previously, because of Ye Fan, Xu Lei promoted Li Xiaohong to be her assistant, but Li Xiaohong was too young to do the job, so she messed up a lot of things, and in the end, she felt guilty and resigned, and returned to work at the bank counter again.

  So her salary was still the same as before.

  "My mother's birthday is coming up soon, so I want to earn more money and buy her an emerald bracelet.For so many years, it's been my mother who has been paying for me and my brother, and this birthday, I want to give my mother a big surprise."As she said this, an inexplicable light shone in Li Xiaohong's eyebrows.

  She had been working here part-time for almost three months.

  Working at the bank during the day and then coming back to the restaurant as a waitress at night, working nearly eighteen hours a day, Li Xiaohong didn't even have a bit of time for leisure and entertainment.


  Of course tired.

  But Li Xiaohong had no regrets, and was even tired and happy.

  As long as she could see her mother's happy and satisfied smile on her birthday this year, then all her efforts in the past three months would be worth it.

  "Mr. Chu, take a look, does this bracelet look good?"

  As she spoke, Li Xiaohong had carefully taken out a tightly wrapped, exquisite bracelet from her bosom.

  Today the bank paid her salary, plus the accumulation from the previous two months of working part-time, she had undoubtedly raised enough money, so she immediately couldn't wait to buy this bracelet.In a few days, the restaurant will settle her salary again, and she will use it to pay the rent and the food expenses for this month.

  The poor children are early home, where every cent should be spent, Li Xiaohong has already planned.

  Ye Fan smiled gently, "Well, it's pretty.But it should be very expensive, right?Is it worth working so hard for a bracelet?"

  "No, Mr. Chu, you don't understand.I'm willing to work hard as long as it makes my mother happy."

  "I have been without a father since I was a child, and it was my mother who brought up both my brother and me by herself.She didn't bother to eat, wear, or dress herself, and the only accessory she had was a plastic bracelet bought for two dollars from a roadside stall."

  "Mom gave so much to me and my brother, her best years of youth, her best years of beauty, and her own health.Now that I've graduated from college and I'm working, I'm trying to make good money so my mom doesn't have to work so hard."

  "This bracelet is the first gift I gave my mother, and in the future, I will give her more and better gifts."

  As she said that, Li Xiaohong's eyes reddened, and Ye Fan clearly saw the glistening tears on Li Xiaohong's pretty face.But she was still smiling, and her smile was so bright and beautiful, like a lotus flower in June.

  At this moment, Ye Fan was suddenly stunned, from her body, he seemed to see his own shadow.Their origins were so similar.

  "Mr. Chu, I'm sorry, I've talked a bit too much.Can't talk any more, there are still several tables of wine I haven't served yet.I have to hurry."Li Xiaohong wiped her eyes, then turned her head and hurriedly went to serve tea and wine.

  Looking at the woman who was running upstairs and downstairs with several bottles of beer in her arms, Ye Fan found it hard to believe where a girl as delicate as this could get this strength.

  "Let me help you."

  Ye Fan went up and held those beers from Li Xiaohong's arms, but helped her send them together.

  At this time, in a room on the second floor.

  Suzy was having a dinner with two friends.

  She had just returned to China, and her former best friends, so naturally, they had to get together.

  "Xixi, where's Mu Orange?Why didn't you ask her to come along."The one who spoke was a woman wearing heavy makeup, dressed in a outfit that was not as luxurious as Suzy's, but all of them were also brand names of high value.

  Her name was Qian Qian Yang, and she and Qiu Mu Orange and the others were all former classmates and knew each other.

  "Hey, Qian Qian, don't mention her, that guy, he's a workaholic.Working late all day long, I called out to her several times today, she said she was busy and couldn't come."Susie drank a glass of red wine, but said angrily.

  "Oh?Didn't I hear our chow mein is married?Why are you still fighting so hard to let your husband raise her?"The one speaking at this time was a thin man with white short sleeves and a Rolex watch on his wrist, he was also extremely handsome.

  "Xue Lin, I'm telling you, don't mention that husband of hers, I get angry when I say this.Do you guys not know what kind of a thing that husband Mu Orange married is?Born in the countryside, he's a complete country bumpkin.Not to mention no background, he's also incapable and eats dry rice all day long for Mu Orange to raise.The key is that he's not even good enough to come to the Qiu family and become a son-in-law?"

  "As bad as it has to be, it's a hundred thousand miles away from my man-god."Susie poured herself another glass of wine.

  "No way, right?"

  "To think that back then Mu Orange was also the famous flower of our school, married to someone, so bad?"The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest and most popular person in the world.

  The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the old man, who is not as good as you are, but now he is not as good as you are.

  Xue Lin also lamented from the side, even saying that Mu Orange had married the wrong person.

  "Isn't that so?"

  "If Mu Orange had agreed to your quest back then, it wouldn't be so hard now."Suzy felt a pang of distress for her best friend, but she felt furious at the same time.

  After marrying such a wimp, she had previously asked Autumn Mu Orange to divorce him as soon as possible, and Autumn Mu Orange wasn't happy about it?

  "Isn't that like trampling yourself?"Susie poured another glass of wine, then noticed that the bottle was empty and called for the waiter to bring it.

  "Here's your wine."Soon, someone brought the wine up and stood there, waiting for Susie and the others to get it.

  Suzy frowned at once, "No eyes?Why don't you open the wine and put it on the table for us?How come this restaurant calls itself an upscale restaurant and the waiters are so unprofessional?"

  Su Xi's temper was already explosive, and now that she had drunk some wine, her temper was even worse, and she lashed out at the wine giver.However, when Suzy saw the face of the wine delivery person, she was shocked and sobered up by three points of alcohol.


  "You...Aren't you that Ye Fan?"

  "Orange's wimpy husband?"

  "Why are you here?And give out drinks?"

  Suzy was confused, she didn't expect to see Ye Fan here?


"Didn't you go back to the country to see your mother?"

  "Why come here as a waiter to do this kind of servant's work."

  "Don't go back yet!"

  "If this gets out, Mu Orange's face will be disgraced by you sooner or later!"

  Suzy was full of apprehension, then angrily snapped at Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan just looked at her and didn't say anything, turned around and went downstairs as well, continuing to help Li Xiaohong with the wine.

  "Sissy, this waiter, is he really Mu Orange's husband?"

  "How thoughtless does Mu Orange have to be to marry someone like this?!"After Ye Fan left, Yang Qian and Xue Lin were also filled with incredulity and asked Suzy in amazement.

  "It's a waiter?"

  "That's too bad."

  "Mu Orange isn't even mixed up as well as my nanny now, but does her husband at least have a proper job?"Yang Qian unimaginably sighed, but in the end, she sneered.In her eyebrows, however, there was a bit more disdain and contempt for Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Things really are unpredictable, who would have thought that the once glamorous school flower would be living such a miserable life after falling from the altar.Xixi, you should also advise Mu Orange, if she keeps living with this kind of person, she's doomed to become two worlds with us in the future and can't even play together."

  Yang Qian's words seemed to be concerned about Qiu Mu Orange, but they were actually ridicule, and her tone was full of superiority.

  It seemed, in her eyes, Qiu Mu Orange, who was the daughter of the Qiu family and the beautiful school flower back then, had now completely devolved into oblivion, and was no longer qualified to play in the same circle as a lady from an upper class family like hers.

  Su Xi naturally heard that, but what Yang Qian said was the truth, economic conditions determined a person's circle of life.

  If Qiu Mu Orange remained obsessed with not divorcing Ye Fan, I'm afraid that it would be really difficult for Qiu Mu Orange to blend in with their circle of rich ladies in the future.

  "No, I can't let Mu Orange continue to be wrong like this."

  In between the words, Suzy instantly got up and went downstairs.

  At this time, Ye Fan was still helping Li Xiaohong with the wine.

  "Do you have time, let's have a chat."As Suzy walked over, the smell of an expensive perfume greeted her.

  Looking at the fashionably dressed, exquisitely dressed woman in front of him, Ye Fan nodded.

  After all, she was Mu Orange's best friend, so Ye Fan naturally had to give some face, so he followed Suzy over.

  Suzy found an empty table and sat down, then ordered two cups of tea.

  "The perfume on me, does it smell good?"

  After Suzy sat down, but asked softly to the Ye Fan in front of her.

  Ye Fan didn't know why Suzy suddenly asked this, but he just nodded politely and hmmmed.

  "Do you know what kind of perfume it is?"Susie continued to ask, but she didn't wait for Evan to answer, she said to herself, "This is Creed perfume, English name is Creed. it's the favorite luxury perfume of European and American royalty, dignitaries, and stars. creed perfume only receives 15 private orders a year, the price starts at 30,000 US dollars, every one of them is legendary."

  "This kind of perfume is also not common in our upper class circles, so it's normal that you don't know about it."

  Suzy said slowly, but Ye Fan didn't say anything, just a slight frown.

  "Miss, the tea you ordered."

  At this time, the tea that Suzy had just ordered was also delivered, after receiving it, she took a light sip and continued, "And this tea, do you know what kind of tea it is?"

  Still, without waiting for Evan to answer, Suzy continued.

  There was no need to wait either.

  In Suzy's opinion, it was impossible for a country bumpkin like Ye Fan to understand this.

  This world was inherently unequal, and there was already a gulf between the lower class and the upper class.

  Just like that Creme de la Creme perfume, don't say that he had ever smelled it, before this, he was afraid that he had never even heard of it.

  That was the gap.

  "It's called Wuyi Rock Tea.And the one I'm ordering right now is even more precious among them, also known as Da Hong Robe."

  "The annual production is less than a hundred pounds, and with a price, it's difficult to taste unless one is a person of authority."

  "But this kind of tea can be tasted a few times a year in our circle."

  Throughout, Suzy's tone carried a high level of contempt and superiority.

  By saying this, she was undoubtedly trying to make Ye Fan know the difference between him and Qiu Mu Orange, and the rest of them.

  At this time Suzy faintly contained a smile as she lightly sip her tea, looking at the man in front of her who came from the countryside, waiting to see his inferior expression, waiting to see him frustrated.

  However, she was disappointed, and throughout, Ye Fan's appearance was so calm.Only as if the water had stopped flowing in a flat lake, his own words just now didn't even make the slightest change in his demeanor.

  Suzy frowned as she put down her teacup, her eyes full of displeasure, and coldly said, "I've said so much, don't you understand what I mean?"

  "Your marriage to Mu Orange was a mistake from start to finish."

  "You come from a humble and incompetent background.Your greatest insight was only the one acre of land in your hometown, and you've only seen one sunset in your entire life.Now that you've joined the Qiu family and come to the city, you can only work as a waiter, the lowest of lowly jobs."

  "And Mu Orange, she comes from a wealthy family and graduated from a prestigious school.Whether it's family background, knowledge, or recuperation, the difference between you is too great."

  "And Mu Orange is talented, her future achievements are by no means limited to this small Yunzhou.Even, if she marries into a noble family and gets the help of a noble husband, then, Mu Orange's stage will be the provincial capital Jianghai, or even a bigger metropolis."

  "You two, you are originally from two worlds.These three years of wedding banquet, haven't you seen the difference between you and Mu Orange clearly?"

  "Let go of her, leave Mu Orange alone, and stop bothering her."

  "Her life should have been glamorous, but now you're dragging her down in the shadows of gray."

  Suzy said coldly, her condescending tone full of contempt and defiance towards Ye Fan.

  From the very beginning, Suzy had opposed Qiu Mu Orange's union with Ye Fan.In the past, she was abroad and the whip was out of reach, but now that she was back, as Mu Orange's best friend, she had to abort this wrong marriage.

  In the middle of the restaurant, there was a lot of noise all around.

  Some people toasted, some joked, some raised their glasses and sighed, and some borrowed wine to dispel their sorrows.

  Life was nothing more than that.

  At this time, Ye Fan, just like that quietly sitting there, looking at life, let Susie's words echo in his ears, the sunset light shone in, falling on Ye Fan's body, but sprinkled a shadow.

  At that moment, Ye Fan suddenly laughed, with banter, with mockery.

  "What are you laughing at?"Suzy's eyebrows furrowed even deeper, and the sound of Ye Fan's laughter made her extremely unhappy.

  "I'm laughing at your self-righteousness and your lack of eyesight!"

  Ye Fan suddenly got up, and his clear face was suddenly eerie.The icy cold laughter was like muffled thunder, but it actually exploded here.

  The Ye Fan at this time, it was as if he had changed into a person.Proud and full of coldness, there was actually endless might contained within his eyebrows and eyes.

  "I come from a humble background?"

  "I'm incompetent?"

  "Don't you think it's too high to think of yourself and too small to think of others?"

  "Do you really think that what you know is the truth?What you saw, is that the truth?"

  "You have no idea what kind of existence is standing in front of you at this moment!"


"How about expensive perfume?What about rare and precious tea?The ones you are proud of are worthless in my eyes!"

  "What's more, whether I'm worthy of Mu Orange or not is a matter between the two of us, what's it to do with you?"

  "What the hell are you?"

  "What right do you have, to dictate to me and Mu Orange what to do?!!!"

  Ye Fan's words were eerie, full of coldness, a few words in a row, but the sentences were like a knife, like gold and stone falling to the ground, throwing sound.

  Moreover, every time Ye Fan said a sentence, he took a step forward, his body momentum, soared several points, until the end, even more angry, full of anger exploded.

  Under Ye Fan's anger, however, Suzy was so frightened that her pretty face was pale and colorless, and her face was filled with fear, and finally her petite body trembled, and she actually tumbled right off the chair.Full of trepidation.

  Before this, it was hard for Suzy to imagine that this countryside loser from a humble and incompetent background could show such strength and majesty?

  Especially since Ye Fan's words just now actually made Suzy walk on thin ice like an abyss!

  As if standing in front of her at this moment was not a humble and incompetent son-in-law, but an extremely high-ranking and powerful tycoon?

  Susie was shocked, she couldn't even fathom that a hillbilly could feel this way about herself.

  After saying that, Ye Fan also left, leaving a frightened Suzy, flabbergasted, lost in thought for a long time.

  "Xixi, what's wrong with you?"

  "Could it be that trash husband of Autumn Mu Orange has made a move on you?"

  "This kind of poor loser has a temper, not to mention a poor man's temper!"At this time, Xue Lin and Yang Qian heard the commotion and came downstairs as well.

  Seeing Suzy, who was sitting on the floor with a frightened brow, they even came up to ask.

  Only then did Su Xi calm down from the trembling she had just experienced, after she took a look at Ye Fan who was still serving tea and wine in the restaurant, her original trepidation dissipated and she snorted angrily, "A waiter, and so much breath?"

  "What else do you do besides talk big?"

  "It's just by telling lies and maintaining your mere dignity."

  Su Xi naturally didn't believe in Ye Fan's words earlier.

  It was only believed that Ye Fan was saying such arrogant words in order to maintain his mere self-respect.

  After all, if Ye Fan was really a big man, how could he do such a lowly job of serving people in a restaurant.

  However, at this time, Suzy was clearly not in the mood to stay here any longer.After she stood up, she said that she wasn't feeling well and resigned herself with Xue Lin and Yang Qian.

  "Xixi, give us a call when you get home."

  Soon, Suzy left, and only Yang Qian and Xue Lin were left from the original meal.

  The meal had just been eaten for a short time, so Yang Qian and Xue Lin were in no hurry to leave, chatting with each other.But chatting and chatting, they also talked about those old classmates.

  For example, who started a company and became a big boss, or who got promoted and became a deputy county governor, but the discussion was more about those class beauties who married a good husband.

  "Back then it was our class that had the most beauties, especially Mu Orange, who was the school flower.I thought that in the future Mu Orange would definitely be the best married in our class and have the most prosperous life.But now it looks like she's the worst instead.I can only say that Mu Orange doesn't have that life."Yang Qian pretended to sigh with regret, but in her heart, she was happy.

  Instead, Xue Lin couldn't help but sigh, regretting that he hadn't persistently pursued Qiu Mu Orange back then, or else he wouldn't have let her suffer as much as he did now.

  With a heart full of regret, Xue Lin drank several glasses of wine in a row.

  Xue Lin truly felt sorry for Qiu Mu Orange.

  While the two of them were talking, but there was a bit of a commotion downstairs.

  When Xue Lin and Yang Qian looked downstairs, they saw a slightly green and tender young girl who seemed to have bumped into someone, and one of the dishes in her hands fell to the ground, shattering the plate and splashing oil all over the man next to her.


  "No eyes, huh?"

  "Bumping into people?"

  "What the fuck else can you do if you can't serve a dish?"

  The speaker is a middle-aged old man, wearing a suit, quite a beer belly, at this time angry curses.

  Li Xiaohong's pretty face was pale with fright at that time, lowering her head and apologizing: "Supervisor Wei, I'm sorry sorry, I...I didn't mean it."


  "It's over if you didn't mean it?"

  "There's a sentence for manslaughter, and you think the court will find you not guilty just because you say you didn't mean it?"

  "Motherfucking chicken, do you know how expensive this suit is for me?"

  The restaurant director's face turned livid with rage, and he gritted his teeth to curse Li Xiaohong.

  However, when this old man was angry, he looked up but found that Li Xiaohong was not bad looking.

  I hadn't even noticed before that their restaurant had a waiter with such a mark.

  Almost instantly, a few shades of covetousness and lewdness appeared on Supervisor Wei's old face.

  "Well, you fortunately bumped into me, this supervisor has always been sympathetic to his subordinates, so I won't pursue you."

  "Are you a newcomer?What did you used to do?"The anger on Supervisor Wei's face dissipated, so he began to get close to Li Xiaohong.

  When he heard that Li Xiaohong was still a college graduate, but this director's eyes were even brighter.

  Before in the Internet, he heard many people said that the current university life is very good, director Wei has long wanted to take care of a female college student to play, has been suffering from the lack of opportunity.But now...

  Supervisor Wei's smile became even more obscene, then he looked at Li Xiaohong and inexplicably smiled: "Xiaohong, I have a job here that also serves people, not only is it easier than your current job, it makes more money, it only needs to be done at night, and when it's done well, I can give you ten thousand openings a month, how about it, do you want to come?"

  Hearing Supervisor Wei's tone of voice that clearly had ill intentions, Li Xiaohong was slightly terrified, then shook her head: "Thank you Supervisor, but no, it's quite good to be a waiter.Supervisor, if there's nothing else, I'll be busy first."

  Li Xiaohong was about to leave after saying that, however Supervisor Wei was annoyed and pulled Li Xiaohong, preventing her from leaving.

  "Shame on you, shameless thing."

  "This supervisor gave you this job because he thinks highly of you?"

  "Playing innocent for me here, are you girls college out selling less?"

  Supervisor Wei said angrily, the words were hard to hear.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the box you've been putting in your arms, but it slips out and falls to the ground, revealing the jade bracelet inside.

  Li Xiaohong even went to pick it up, but was the first to get it in Supervisor Wei's hands.

  "Heh, I was wondering why you were acting as if you had done something wrong, but you were stealing something?"

  "How dare you steal even from a guest?"

  "No, supervisor, I bought this, not stole it.If you don't believe me, there's still the invoice with my name on it."Li Xiaohong panicked and explained in succession.

  However, Supervisor Wei pretended not to see, still scolding coldly: "Bought?Jokes aside, where would you, a despicable waiter, have the money to buy something so expensive."

  "You just stole it."

  "I fucking told you to steal!"

  "I fucking told you to act innocent!"

  Caracal laughter, but Supervisor Wei picked up the emerald bracelet and slammed it down directly on the ground.


  Li Xiaohong cried out and went to stop her, however it was already too late.


  A crisp sound.

  The emerald bracelet clattered to the ground and instantly shattered.

  Followed by the shattering, there was also Li Xiaohong's heart.


When the emerald bracelet landed on the ground, when the birthday gift she gave to her mother shattered, Li Xiaohong only felt her heart, which was also broken.

  No one could understand how Li Xiaohong's heart was torn apart at the time.

  Tears flowed out almost instantly, and she ran over and squatted on the ground, holding the broken bracelet in her hand, crying unceasingly.Tears have blurred her eyes, the miserable sobs actually so helpless.

  Supervisor Wei, however, was still smiling coldly, without pity: "This is a lesson for you."

  "Next time when you're serving the plates, remember to be more discerning!"

  Looking at Li Xiaohong who was kneeling on the ground weeping, this old man, however, was full of disdain and contempt.With a cold snort, he was about to leave.

  "Supervisor Wei, isn't it a bit too much for you to act like this towards a woman who is not deeply involved in the world?"

  However, at this moment, a cold voice, however, quietly sounded from the front.

  Supervisor Wei's eyebrows furrowed, thinking that it was some big man meddling in his affairs.He was thinking of how to deal with the situation when he looked up and saw Ye Fan walking towards here with a few bottles of beer in his hand for the customers.

  Supervisor Wei laughed, "Heh, what kind of person do I think I am?So it's another dog thing that doesn't know how to live."

  "You're a little waiter who doesn't do well with your tail between your legs, and you dare to meddle in this supervisor's business?"

  "Who the fuck gave you the courage!"

  "Get your ass back to work, piss me off and I'll have you rolled up and out of here!"

  Supervisor Wei cursed angrily.

  Previously Li Xiaohong's refusal of his request had already made him very unhappy.Now he was surprised that a waiter came out to contradict him.

  This Director Wei was in charge of the restaurant and was used to making a name for himself, how could he tolerate two lowly waiters contradicting him like this?

  "Mr. Chu, I'll be fine."

  "I'm used to it, I'm just an insignificant girl, I don't deserve you to stand up for me."

  "What's more, it's all my fault, I didn't do my job, I offended someone~"

  Li Xiaohong was crying miserably with tears streaming down her face.

  At this time her eyebrows and eyes are red, but stopped Ye Fan, do not want Ye Fan because of her conflict with others.

  Until now, Li Xiaohong still took all the blame on herself, saying that everything was her own fault, she didn't blame others, so that Ye Fan didn't offend anyone because of her.

  After all, she was well aware of her own insignificance.Born in the countryside, she was nameless.In the eyes of those big people, she was as small as a tiny bit of dust.

  Because of her family, Li Xiaohong had suffered too much ridicule and humiliation since childhood.

  She was used to it all, used to going against the grain, used to carrying humiliation.

  She was insignificant and didn't deserve this for Ye Fan.

  However, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear to Li Xiaohong's discouragement.The steps forward did not stop, still slowly approaching the middle-aged old man.

  "Supervisor Wei, do you really think that we didn't see what just happened?"

  "It was obviously you who bumped into Xiaohong, but instead you falsely accused Xiaohong of not having eyes."

  "And even if Xiaohong was at fault, it's just fine if you blame her for a few things, at most she'll compensate the restaurant for some losses."

  "But, why did you break that bracelet?"

  "Do you know what you're breaking?"

  "It was a gift from Xiaohong to her mother, a piece of filial piety from Xiaohong."

  "For this bracelet, she worked two jobs and worked two jobs."

  "She worked hard day and night for three months."

  "A hundred days and nights of hard work, and then you broke it in one fell swoop."

  Ye Fan faintly said with a smile on his lips, but who knew what kind of sensibility was contained within Ye Fan's smile at this moment?What suppressed anger.

  "By the way, I almost forgot."

  "You're the Chief Steward, you're a big man, you're high above the world, where can you appreciate how difficult it is for us poor people?I'm afraid that you don't know all that I'm saying.Nor do you want to know~"

  "You're fucking right!In front of you poor pussies, this supervisor is a big shot, an existence you can't afford to mess with.Don't tell me I'm going to drop a bracelet on her, I'm going to beat her up and fuck her today, so what can you poor pussies do to me?If you know what's good for you, hurry up and get out of here, otherwise, this supervisor will even deal with you today."Supervisor Wei was also furious, a lowly and despicable waiter, who had turned against God, also dared to tell him what to do in public.

  "A poor loser who can't even cure you?"Supervisor Wei cursed coldly.

  And Ye Fan's appearance was also completely cold at this point.

  "If that's the case, then there's nothing more to say."

  "Eh?What are you doing?You brat, are you going to do it to me again?"Hearing Ye Fan's words, Supervisor Wei panicked a bit and spoke angrily.

  Ye Fan smiled morosely, "You're right."


  "Bastard, how dare you?"Supervisor Wei was shocked, and his old eyes immediately widened.


  Immediately after, in the restaurant, only an explosion was heard.

  Ye Fan turned around and kicked the old man directly in the stomach.

  The scream, the Wei director of several hundred pounds of body even directly flew up, along the way I do not know how many tables and chairs, smashed the number of plates of wine, and finally like a useless dog, ruthlessly smashed on the ground, blood mixed with bile and then vomited all over the ground.

  Fall to the ground unable to stop rolling groaning, like a dog lying down, but can not even stand up.

  At this moment, everyone was confused.

  The entire restaurant silent.

  Even Xue Lin and Yang Qian, who had been watching the development of things here on the second floor of the restaurant, had their eyes widened.

  Apparently, no one had expected that a lowly and despicable waiter would charge in and kick the restaurant's supervisor in a fit of rage?

  What's he doing?

  Is he crazy?

  He wants to rebel!

  Everyone looked at each other, only finding it unimaginable and horrifying.

  As Xue Lin trembled, he also lamented, "Mu Orange, this door-to-door son-in-law, also has some bloodlust."

  "What bullshit bloodiness?This is just looking for death.Just wait and see, this Sheng Tian Restaurant has a big background, and I'm afraid this country bumpkin will be in trouble now that he's in trouble."Yang Qian, however, sneered as she tried her best to belittle this waste of a husband of Qiu Mu Orange, while gloating and preparing to watch the good show.

  Sure enough, not long after, several big men came out in a swarm upstairs.

  In particular, the one walking in the middle of the room had powerful eyebrows and eyes, a flower dragon tattooed on his arm, and eyes full of fierce fury.

  After descending down the stairs, his men then moved a taiji chair for him and sat on it.

  "This...This is, Brother Panther?"

  "Second Master Li's men are in charge of this part of Yunzhou's eastern suburbs, ah!"

  "I'll go, Brother Panther is out."

  "That youth, I'm afraid he's dead~"

  "He's finished!

  "No one can save him~"

  The appearance of the man called "Brother Leopard" was like a boulder entering the sea, creating a huge wave.The whole restaurant suddenly exploded, discussing about it.The eyes that looked at Ye Fan were filled with pity and misfortune.

  Obviously, in the eyes of the crowd, Ye Fan, a waiter who had now beaten Brother Leopard, was designated to be finished!

  At the second floor, Xue Lin, who had been watching things unfold, frowned and got up to go downstairs.

  "Xue Lin, what are you doing?"Yang Qian asked evenly.

  Xue Lin returned, "This Leopard knows my second uncle, I'll go down and intercede.That Ye Fan is no good, but after all, he is Mu Orange's husband, they are all classmates, we can't see death without saving him."

  Yang Qian, however, advised, "What's the point of meddling in this nonsense?This hillbilly is so proud that he dared to hit even Sissy just now, and it's good for such people to suffer a bit.Otherwise, if they don't learn a lesson, they'll cause trouble next time."

  Yang Qian was saying sarcastic things on the side, but she stopped Xue Lin from going down to help.


Seeing Yang Qian blocking it, Xue Lin eventually didn't go downstairs and sat there to continue watching with Yang Qian.

  What Yang Qian said was also right, it wasn't a bad thing to suffer a bit for such incapable countrymen.After all, only a moat would make one wise.

  "Hopefully, after tonight, he'll recognize himself."

  "From now on, behave with your tail between your legs and cause less trouble for Mu Orange."

  Xue Lin sighed, but his words were filled with sympathy for Autumn Mu Orange.

  The reason why he wanted to go down to help Ye Fan just now was just for the sake of Autumn Mu Orange's face.As for Ye Fan, an incompetent door-to-door son-in-law from a humble background, if he hadn't gotten involved with Autumn Mu Orange, this kind of person, Xue Lin also didn't care about.

  These self-proclaimed upper class circles were born with a sense of superiority towards poor pussies like Ye Fan.

  The restaurant hall.

  It was now quiet.

  The guests who were originally discussing the matter were also taking a few steps back to hide in the distance and watch coldly.Many of them were still looking at Ye Fan with compassion and sneering with cold words.

  "Young people nowadays, ah, what a newborn calf."

  "A waiter who dares to beat up even a supervisor?"

  "That supervisor is Leopard's man."

  "I'm afraid he's in trouble now~"

  While the crowd was watching, the man with the flower arm called "Brother Panther" had already arrived downstairs.

  "Please, Brother Leopard, take your seat!"

  "Please, Panther, take your seat~"



  Several of the men placed a taiji chair in the middle of the room, then stood respectfully on either side, inviting Leopard to take his seat.

  "Hmm."The flower-armed man nodded and hmmmed.Finally, he sat down with a large spine, legs crossed, an unlit cigar in his hand, and a feminine woman with a thousand short black silk skirts in her arms.

  "Panther, fire!"

  The subordinates saw the situation, then went forward, took out a lighter, bowed and then gave Brother Panther a light.

  Looking at the flower-armed man in front of him like an earth emperor, but the surrounding guests are envious of the crazy.

  What is life?

  That's the fucking life!

  Like a king proudly taking his seat, beauty in his arms, others lighting cigarettes.

  "Worthy of a leopard!"

  This appearance alone was all overbearing and pretentious.

  "Kid, my man, did you just hit him?"The flower-armed man was smoking a cigarette, smoke in front of him, and a faint voice, but it was quietly sounding in the restaurant.

  When he said this, the flower-armed man didn't even look at Ye Fan, but lowered his head, admiring the alluring snow white under the skirt collar of the woman in his arms.

  "Brother Leopard, nasty~"

  At this time, there was even a delicate snort from the woman in his arms who wanted to resist.


  Naked contempt for Ye Fan!

  That's right, how could a small waiter like Ye Fan get into Xu Bao's eyes?

  Throughout all this, Xu Leopard didn't look at Ye Fan squarely.

  However, Ye Fan looked at Xu Leopard who was making a fool of himself in front of him, but he sneered and laughed, "Surely what kind of master is there, what kind of dog is there?"

  "A word of advice, control your men and teach them to be individuals."

  Faced with Xu Bao, however, Ye Fan had no fear, his cold and morose words, but he didn't give him any face.

  "Bastard, you're looking for death!"

  Xu Panther's men were instantly furious and stepped forward to teach Ye Fan a lesson, but Xu Panther held out his hand to stop him.

  "Down to a bloody man, Brother Leopard admires you."

  "Just, seeing as you are young and ignorant, I won't make it difficult for you today."

  "Kneel down and apologize, and this matter will be over.In addition, I won't give you any more of these losses in my shop, and the hospital bills of my men, so let your parents bring three hundred thousand to compensate you, and lead you back by the way."

  "Otherwise, Brother Panther will first remind you that the consequences, I'm afraid you won't be able to bear them."

  Xu Bao's words suddenly became eerily calm, and a majesty was suddenly emitted, and many people's faces changed.

  At the same time, which of the big men beside Xu Panther were also then ferocious, and the baseball bats in their hands had been taken out, as if as long as Ye Fan said a word of silence, these people would immediately pounce on them.

  "Yes?"Ye Fan sneered, "Then let me remind you, if you mess with me, you won't be able to bear the consequences."

  I'll go!

  "This kid Bill~"

  "You're still pretending at this hour?"

  "Isn't this stupid?"

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, the room full of guests burst out laughing, full of ridicule and sneers, looking at Ye Fan as if he were an idiot.

  "This wimp husband of Mu Orange has a hole in his brain, right?"

  "Brother Leopard is the second Li's man, and he dares to contradict him?"Yang Qian looked at this scene and was happy, her smile full of mockery.

  Xue Lin also shook his head.

  This Ye Fan, I'm afraid he's dead this time!

  Sure enough, after hearing Ye Fan's words, Xu Bao's appearance completely went cold, and even the hand that had been wantonly playing with the woman in his arms stopped.

  "Bastard, since you insist on seeking death, then I'll fulfill you."

  "Alon Amu, go up and break one of his legs!"Xu Bao gave an order.

  "Don't, let's go together, I'm in a hurry."Ye Fan faintly returned.

  "Cao Nima, you're looking for death!"Xu Bao and the others immediately blew up, and in anger, those big men were about to fuck Ye Fan with their weapons.

  However, at this time, Ye Fan suddenly raised his hand.

  When Xu Bao saw this, he thought that Ye Fan was wimping out and laughed, "What, now you know you're afraid?"

  "What the fuck were you doing earlier!"

  "Why don't you kneel down and apologize to me?!!!"

  Xu Bao shouted angrily, the others are also like looking at the odd man generally look at Ye Fan, thought this man really has some blood, now it seems to be nothing more than a wimp, was scared this hasn't done anything yet wilted.

  Yang Qian also sneered disdainfully, picked up her phone and opened the video, just waiting for a moment when Ye Fan kneeled down to record it, and then posted it on the Internet, so that Qiu Mu orange this wimp husband fire.

  However, just as everyone was waiting to see Ye Fan kneel down, the hand Ye Fan raised was put to his ear: "Hello, which one?"


  At that moment, the audience was silent.

  The corners of Xu Bao's eyes were close to rotting.

  The entire crowd was also stunned.

  What a day dog!

  How could they have never imagined that the reason they dared to reach out just now was to damn well answer a phone call?!!!!


  Xu Bao only felt, greatly humiliated!

  The people on your side have picked up their weapons and are ready for a dry fight, but people are good, and they're still enjoying their phone calls.

  At this moment the restaurant is silent, everyone is startled and stupefied looking at Ye Fan alone in that phone.


  "Oh, have you arrived already?"

  "I've run into something here."

  "Okay, you guys come over.It's at the nearby Shengtian Restaurant."


  Soon, Ye Fan hung up the phone, but now he found everyone looking at him with a different kind of gaze.

  "Alright, go on."Ye Fan put down the phone and said indifferently.

  "Continue you paralysis!"

  "Do you think I'm playing house with you again?And you can pause midway?"Xu Bao was so angry that he cursed.

  "But, just now, listening to that phone call of yours, you were shouting for help, right?"

  "Okay, I'll have fun with you today, thoroughly, can't you?"

  "Other than Second Master Li, who have I, Xu Bao, ever feared gathering in this Yunzhou?"Xu Bao laughed sardonicly.

  When Ye Fan heard this, he was happy, "Coincidentally, the phone call just now was from Second Master Li.He said he wants to invite me to his house for dinner."


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