A Dish Best Served Cold 116-120


Chapter 116

"My God, Orange, tell me, you don't really like her already, do you?"

  After Ye Fan left, Autumn Mu Orange had returned to the office, while Suzy was clearly unhappy and still chasing after him.

  "Like isn't quite right yet, but I think we should start trying to accept him already."

  Autumn Mu Orange leaned against the window, the coffee in her hand bubbling with heat, but she turned her head to look out the window at the fading back, a strange smile spreading at the corners of her mouth.

  "Holy shit, Orange, how can this be?"

  "Have you forgotten what you told me in the first place?You said that your future intended man must be superbly cultured, superbly dressed, not from a noble family, but at least bookish, he must be a talent of a thousand miles."

  "But look at him, which point meets your criteria?"

  "Let's not talk about the background, just that dress alone, he's a turtle!"

  "He's not even good enough for you.Orange, you'll have to divorce him later!"

  "My Suzy's best friend deserves a better man to spoil her and love her."

  To Ye Fan, Suzy was obviously extremely disgusted, not only because of Ye Fan's origin, but in short, she despised every aspect.

  "A man who is but a little bit successful, who would come as a son-in-law?"

  "What's the difference between a softy like this and a wimp?When your grandfather's side loosens up, you must get a divorce.This lady will find you a better one."Suzy sat on her desk and said solemnly to Qiu Mu Orange.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange remained calm, she leaned against the window and smiled faintly, "Xi Xi, actually, Ye Fan is not as bad as you say."

  "At least, he can be brave enough to stand up when I'm in danger."

  "Also at least, he was able to stand up for me when I was being humiliated."

  "I can feel that his goodness towards me is genuine."

  "In the past, I felt that Ye Fan was an ordinary person, even somewhat mediocre, but the deeper I got to know him, the more I felt that there was something unusual about him as well.It's like a mystery that one can't help but explore."

  When Qiu Mu Orange said these words, but before her eyes, there was an image of Ye Fan's stepping forward at the Jiang Hai Sheng Tian Restaurant, where one person ravaged several people.And remembering the light that bloomed in Qiu Mu Orange's eyes at the birthday banquet when all the big names from all parties came together to pay their respects and no one saw it.


  "Orange, you won't get your heart stolen by that jerk just because of that birthday banquet at Jiang Hai's your grandma's house, you really think he's a big shot, don't you?"

  "It's not like you don't know his background, no ability, no background, what kind of big shot do you think this kind of poor loser from the countryside can be?"

  "I see ah, the reason those people went to give Ye Fan that day was not because they respected him, but they took him for a fool and first gave him great favors to be grateful for, and then finally made Ye Fan work for them willingly.Even going to fight to the death for them."

  "I've seen this kind of thing a lot, this kind of person has a special name, "White Glove"!"

  "And Ye Fan, presumably, is the white glove of the powerful, doing the dirtiest deeds for those with the most power."

  Suzy said to Qiu Mu Orange in a fury.

  Of course Qiu Mu Orange didn't take it to heart, after all, these things that Suzy said were too mysterious to have heard of in a normal day.Of course he wouldn't believe Suzy's words.

  "Xixi, you're being overly concerned.I know this person Ye Fan too well, even if he wants to be a white glove for the rich and powerful, he has to be able to do that first.Moreover, although he has always been obdurate in the Qiu family, and he has always worked hard at home, I can feel that inside, he is still very proud.There's no way he'd be willing to be a lackey of the rich and powerful."

  "Besides, I don't care if he's a big shot or not."

  "Well, I've got to get to work.Don't you affect me here, I'll see you tonight."

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't want to chat anymore, so she gave Suzy an eviction order.

  "Orange Orange, think about what I just said.I'm afraid that you're too simple and have been cheated."Before Suzy left, she still didn't forget to admonish Qiu Mu Orange and belittle Ye Fan.

  In the end, Suzy couldn't do anything about it, so she sighed and also went home first.

  "I've rented a house over at the villa in the eastern suburbs, remember to come find me at night.You damned chick, do you hear me!"Su Xi and Autumn Mucheng have been playing together since they were young, being best friends and childhood friends, they are naturally very close.So even if she called Qiu Mu Orange chick, Qiu Mu Orange didn't get angry, and instead even smiled helplessly.

  "This woman, after staying abroad for so many years, her sex still hasn't changed at all ah."

  After laughing, Qiu Mu Orange didn't think about it anymore and continued to work.

  She had just signed the contract with the Red Flag Group last night, and funds were coming in, so many projects had to start getting ready as well.

  However, in the afternoon.

  Qiu Mu Orange's phone, however, suddenly rang with a series of WeChat notifications.

  "Mu Orange, quick, there's a big show!"

  "Get on Twitter!"

  "Get on Twitter~"

  "Look at the microblogging hotspot!"


  "Our Autumn family is famous?"

  WeChat was sent by her mother, Han Li, and Suzy also sent some, also asking Qiu Mu Orange to go online to check it out.

  When Qiu Mu Orange was confused, she opened Weibo.

  On the hot search list, an eye-catching title popped into view.

  "Amazing news!!!"

  "3.68 million!A certain wonderful family in Cloud City ate a sky-high dinner and ended up in the police station!"


  After Qiu Mu Orange clicked in, it was filled with overwhelming discussions and mockery from netizens, and there were even videos with photos.

  "Isn't this the Cloud View Hotel?"


  "Uncle?Aunt Er?"

  Qiu Mu Orange's eyes widened at that time, and her heart trembled tremendously.

  Seeing the end, Qiu Mu-Orange finally understood.

  These damn people, weren't they all from their Cloud State Autumn Family?

  I dare say they didn't have the money to pay the bill after dinner at the Cloud View Hotel last night and they were all sent to the police?

  No wonder!

  This day in the company did not see a single person in the Qiu family, but it turned out to be a pot of gold by the police.

  It was originally extremely humiliating, but Autumn Mu Orange was unable to hold back and puffed out a laugh.

  After all, these people were originally going to celebrate her promotion, and in the end, Jiang Hong and the others were dog-eyed and went halfway to curry favor with the Qiu Mu Ying family.

  Now it was good, the big meal had been eaten and the good wine had been drunk.But they were all sent to the police station in one pot.

  Qiu Mu Orange suddenly wanted to see the expressions of his aunt and the others at the moment, they were probably turning blue into liver.

  In the meantime, when she was laughing, Han Li opened her phone and asked her to go to the old house, saying that the old man was holding a family meeting.

  The Qiu family's old house.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the old man's face, as if he had been gossiped up.

  On the high seat, Master Qiu's old face was livid, looking at the descendants of these bastards under the stage, the whole angry shiver ah.

  "Rubbish, a bunch of rubbish!"

  "And you have the nerve to come back?"

  "Because of you, now my Qiu family is famous.Not only Yunzhou, but the entire Jiangdong, and even the whole country is famous."

  "Just this afternoon, dozens of friends called me to ask me what's going on.All the reporters from Jiangdong TV are going to interview us.Ask us how we eat."

  "Now that the whole country is famous, are you satisfied?Happy?"

  "Vanity all satisfied?"

  "Isn't it all more respectable?"

  "Eat over three million, why don't you motherfuckers go to heaven!"

  Old Master Qiu was simply furious.

  He had never dreamed that his hallowed Qiu family would become famous in this way.

  "Because of you bunch of brutes, my Qiu Shui's old age is in jeopardy ah!"


The Qiu family hall.

  Master Qiu cleaved his head to the house full of people and cursed for a while.

  After all, this time, their Qiu family had lost a lot of face.

  Only one family of the Noda family was spared, Qiu Mu Orange, and the other four families were all arrested.What was even more ridiculous was that the second aunt, Jiang Hong, had even called out her mother's family to rub shoulders with them, and ended up being sent to the police station along with them.

  Han Li, who was eavesdropping outside the door, and Qiu Lei and his wife were close to dying of laughter.


  "Mu Orange, these people really deserve it!"

  "Let them be dog-eared!"


  Master Qiu was still cursing, saying that the Qiu family's crowd below was also red in the old face and ashamed of themselves.Until now, Jiang Hong was still pinning the pot on Chu Wenfei .

  Saying that Chu Wenfei was going to treat them, and telling them to order whatever they wanted and pick the expensive ones.

  "You guys still have the nerve to blame Wenfei?"

  "Wen Fei was polite with you guys, and you guys really listened.Then Wen Fei told you guys to go to hell, are you guys going or not?"

  "If Wen Fei's father hadn't stepped in with the money to settle this time, you guys would still be squatting inside right now!"

  Master Qiu was furious and scolded these people for being old-faced and ashamed of themselves.

  It was only after dark that the old man let them roll back and reflect.

  When you go out, Jiang Hong and other Qiu family members, but just in time to see the gloating face of Han Li and others who hold a smile.

  "Hmph, you guys don't have to be so happy!"

  "If you hadn't gotten into Xu Lei's good graces and paid your bills, your family wouldn't be any better off than us?"

  "Still not allowed to open?!"

  Qiu Mu Ying rudely pushed Qiu Mu Orange away, and with an iron face, she left without looking back.

  Obviously, that dinner last night had undoubtedly completely disgraced Qiu Mu Ying's family.If it wasn't for the fact that Chu Wenfei's father had come out in the end to peddle the situation, it was feared that after just this storm, the Qiu Mu Ying family would be completely unable to behave in the Qiu family.

  However, even so, the attitude of Jiang Hong and the others towards Old Fourth's family was clearly not as respectful as before.

  Isn't this nonsense?

  If Old Fourth's family hadn't been acting tough, they wouldn't be in this mess today.

  "If you don't have that much money in your pocket, don't be such a fucking pussy!"

  Jiang Hong cursed lowly in anger, turned around and went home.

  Tonight's family meeting broke up like this, and after Qiu Mu Orange's family went up to comfort the old man, they left as well.

  As promised, Autumn Mu Orange went to her best friend Suzy's house.

  "It should be here, right?"

  Looking at the single-family cottage with European style in front of her, Autumn Mu Orange then called Suzy and asked her to come down and open the door.

  "Orange Orange, you open it yourself, I'll give you the password."

  Susie seemed to be busy, anxiously said and hung up the phone.

  With a bitter smile, Autumn Mu Orange also opened the door herself.

  "Sissy, what are you up to?"

  "Aren't you afraid of attracting hooligans by dressing so revealingly?"

  When Qiu Mu Orange went in, Suzy was only wearing a light gauze skirt, the light underneath the skirt was invisible, and there was an alluring snow white underneath her thighs.

  When Qiu Mu orange saw this, he was speechless.

  This woman, didn't even wear underwear!


  "Orange, don't talk, be quiet and listen."

  However, Suzy made a motion to silence, and her entire body was like a nymphomaniacal kitten lying by the window, listening very enchantingly.

  Only then did Qiu Mu Orange notice that there was even a faint sound of music coming from outside the window.

  The sound was low and melodious, like the bright moon in the mountains and the clear breeze in an empty valley, beautiful and sweet.Even Qiu Mu Orange was stunned for a split second, only to feel that under the sound of the tune, all of her tiredness that filled her heart was cleared away.

  "What a beautiful tune?"

  "Is this...Is this a harmonica?"

  Qiu Mu Orange lost her voice and exclaimed.

  "Orange Orange, don't talk~" but Suzy was dissatisfied with Qiu Mu Orange disturbing this melodious tune, and suddenly whispered angrily.

  Thus, a long silence.

  This side of the night, surprisingly, there was only the beautiful sound of the song, mixed with the clear breeze flowing, along with the moonlight cleansing.

  Until the end, the song was gone, but the after-effects remained.

  The first thing you need to do is to look at the direction the song came from, but you are startled and lost.

  "Hey, the tune has stopped, what are you still looking at?"Qiu Mu Orange, however, asked.

  "Look at the handsome man.Look, Mu Orange, the man in the white shirt on the balcony next to me.He's the one playing that harmonica just now, so handsome."

  "What to do, I feel like my heart has been stolen by him."

  "Did you say he has a girlfriend?"

  "That tune just now, it's beautiful with a touch of sadness, did he encounter something sad?"

  "If I go over there now to comfort him, will that handsome guy fall in love with me~

  Suzy couldn't stop saying it.

  Autumn Mu Orange was speechless: "Look at you like that, like a kitten in heat?Can you be a little more reserved?"

  In the midst of the conversation, however, Qiu Mu Orange was also curious to look out of the window, she wanted to see what kind of handsome man had made her best friend's mind wander.

  However, when Qiu Mu Orange looked over, she only saw a back figure.

  In the dark night, he was wearing a clean white shirt, leaning against the window, his body slightly bent, the cool night breeze blowing his clothes slightly flying.

  Looking at this back figure, Autumn Mu Orange's petite body suddenly trembled slightly, and her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly: "Ye Fan?"

  "What Evan?"

  "Oh shit, couldn't that be your wimpy husband?"

  "Orange Orange, you're not really in love with him, look who's Ye Fan."

  "Please, don't insult my male god!"

  "My male god is tall and handsome, and from a good family, and he knows music, so where is this rare talent in the world that your wimp husband can compare to?"

  "It's just a pity that it's too dark to see my male god's face hey."

  "But to be able to play such a beautiful tune and live in such a nice upscale villa like me, I'm sure he's from the same noble background as me and is a rare and beautiful man in the world."

  Suzy had completely fallen, even shouting at the male god.

  Qiu Mu Orange looked at that backdrop once more, then also shook her head with a smile.

  And yes, how could that vulgar fellow Ye Fan understand something so refined.Moreover, he was probably already back home in the countryside at this time.

  "But Xixi, you're not overly narcissistic, are you?And a beautiful man like you, are you a beautiful man?"

  "Go go go, I mean my male god.Orange, I've decided that I'm going to try to take him down.He lives right next to me, it's like a generous gift from God."

  "Orange Orange, when you're looking for a husband, you have to look for someone like my male god.The family is good and talented, and then look at your wimp husband, compared to my man-god, it's just a cloud of difference~"

  In the room, the two girlfriends were fighting with each other.

  In the other house, however, Ye Fan sneezed and closed the window in a row.

  "It's summer, the night breeze is quite cold."

  "I don't know if that woman Qiu Mu Orange is sleeping, I'm not here, if I stir the blanket at night, I'll see who will cover you."Ye Fan said to himself, then he put down his harmonica and prepared to drink some water.

  At this time, however, a phone call came in, "Little Lord, according to your instructions, I have secretly ordered people to enter Jiangdong and do my best to find the killer's whereabouts.As soon as there is news, I will immediately contact Little Lord."

  "Mm."Ye Fan nodded and was just about to hang up the phone when he seemed to remember something, then said, "Right, let Copper Mountain come to Yunzhou.I'm still not sure about Mu Orange's side, so have Copper Mountain secretly protect her."


  A long silence.

  After Ye Fan finished saying this, the other side of the phone, however, was slow to respond.

  "Hmm?Why don't you talk?"Ye Fan frowned.

  "It's fine, Little Lord.It's just a bit sad, to be cared for like this by Little Lord, that girl called Mu Orange must be very happy."

  Ye Fan but then suddenly remembered the fierce look of Autumn Mu Orange when she made her kneel to rub the floor, and shook his head and laughed, "That silly woman, she doesn't necessarily feel that way."


Shortly after Ye Fan ended his call with Han, Li's call came back in.

  "Mr. Chu, there are only seven days left before the Taishan Martial Meeting.Look, do you have anything you need to prepare, such as any energy replenishing medication, or a weapon while you're at it, or need a few helpers or something?"

  "After all, this Taishan Martial Meeting is a matter of life and death for this entire Jiangdong, so I hope that Mr. Chu..."

  At this time, nearly three days had passed since returning from Jianghai.One of the reasons why Old Man Li made this call was to remind Ye Fan not to forget about the Taishan Martial Battle in seven days, and the second was to see if Ye Fan was prepared for anything.

  It's a matter of life and death for him, so naturally, Li Laosi is particularly concerned.

  However, Ye Fan said indifferently: "No need.It's just a mere Wu He Rong, defeating him, one hand from me is enough."

  Ye Fan's tone was plain, but the arrogance and dominance, even through the cell phone, still came over him.

  "Then.... that's good."Li laoji smiled with an angry smile, perhaps Horton's pretending to have taught them too deep a lesson before, so Ye Fan's confident words, but it did not dispel the worry in Li laoji's heart.

  However, he didn't dare to ask any more questions, and only told Ye Fan that on the night of his departure, he would host a banquet at his home to celebrate Mr. Chu's early farewell, so that Ye Fan must come.

  "Mm."Ye Fan nodded, "I'll contact you when the time comes."

  Ye Fan then hung up the phone.

  In the Cloud View Villa, the worry in Li Er's heart, however, was still thick.A long time after Ye Fan hung up the phone, Second Master Li still looked like his heart was heavy with worry.

  "Second Master, Mr. Chu is so full of words, he must have his chest full, what are you still worried about?"The two Jinbao Yinbao brothers on the side, however, advised.

  Li shook his head and sighed long and hard, "That Thai boxer last time, he was so full of words.But now, the grass is three feet high on his grave."

  "An arrogant soldier is bound to lose, if Mr. Chu had responded cautiously, I wouldn't have been so terrified.But that attitude of Mr. Chu's, it's called confidence to put it nicely, and to put it badly, it's arrogance."

  Thinking about Ye Fan's uncaring attitude just now, Li Lao Er sighed once again.

  Increasingly worried, was it really appropriate to put the life and death of Jiangdong in Ye Fan's hands alone?

  "It seems that we still have to discuss with Chen Ao and the others, we always have to leave something behind."

  But Li laoji was considering in his heart and said worriedly.

  Tonight's Jiangdong is by no means calm.

  The big bosses from all over the world held a video conference, all with a heavy face, discussing the matter of the Taishan Martial Meeting seven days later.

  Naturally, Ye Fan didn't know about these actions of Old Man Li and the others.

  After he put down his phone, he just looked at the calendar, today was the eighth day of the eighth month of the solar calendar.

  By this calculation, the Taishan Martial Club in seven days would be the 15th of August.

  Ye Fan lightly smiled, without any sense of urgency, picked up the harmonica, so he leaned against the window and continued to gently play it.

  This harmonica was given to him by his mothers when he came to Yunzhou.

  Ye Fan grew up listening to the sound of his mother's harmonica.

  In Ye Fan's memory, the sound of his mother's harmonica contained many things.

  There is the nostalgia for her beloved one, the nostalgia for the past years, and the hope for her son to become a dragon, but more than that, there is the heartbreaking sadness beneath the sound of the harmonica.

  Ye Fan's mother, who had suffered a lot in her life, never remembered what her mother had complained about, or perhaps she had just expressed all her emotions through that beautiful melody.

  "Mother, it won't take long.One day, my child will lead you and step into the Chu family's gates openly and honestly.Let those who once humiliated us and scorned us all kneel down to you and forgive you!"Ye Fan's eyebrows were firm.

  The night was bright and the moonlight was like water.

  The cool night breeze, wrapped around the melodious tune beneath Ye Fan's mouth, drifted far, far away.

  Not far away, Suzy, who was in the room, was completely obsessed.

  "It's over, Orange, I feel like I've completely fallen."

  "This tune, it's so intoxicating~"

  Suzy couldn't stop sighing, but Autumn Mu Orange, who was on the side, was speechless.

  "You're a worthless woman~"

  But all that said, the harmonica sounded really good.

  For the next few days, the sound of the harmonica would sound as scheduled every night.No matter how busy she was, Suzy would squat in front of the window every night, looking at the man who played the harmonica from afar, who was in her heart.

  Sometimes after a busy day, Qiu Mu Orange would come with Suzy after work to listen to the melodious music and let the melody wash away her tired body and mind after a long day.

  Of course, Qiu Mu Orange simply liked the sound of the harmonica, while Suzy was completely lost, thinking every day about how to get to know that person.She even wrote several love letters, just waiting for the day when she got drunk and had the courage to send them to someone.

  "Foolish woman in love~" qiu mu orange laughed helplessly for a while, her heart was also curious, she also wanted to see what kind of person could play such a touching heavenly music.

  The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and the company is now in the process of developing the new product.

  After all, the Qiu family had always treated Qiu Mu orange badly, and now that Qiu Mu orange was in sole control of a project, there must have been quite a bit of resistance within the company.

  On this matter, Qiu Mu Orange could only go and talk to Xu Lei.But the last time Xu Lei was angry with Ye Fan, but after that did not answer Ye Fan's phone at all.

  Ye Fan had no choice but to personally go to the Red Flag Bank to find her.

  "Mr. Xu, come out and talk, I'll buy you a coffee."Ye Fan invited with a sincere face, and Xu Lei stared at him, but in the end, she eventually subsided and agreed to Ye Fan's invitation.

  "Beauty Café, you can go over first, I'll be there afterwards."Xu Lei said.

  "Mm."Ye Fan didn't ask Xu Lei what she was doing, so he also turned around and went to the nearby Liren Cafe to wait.

  The Beauty Cafe was an upscale restaurant in Yunzhou, and the name was enough to tell that the cafe's main audience was upper class people with superior economic conditions.Especially urban beauties like Xu Lei.

  Ye Fan found a window seat and sat down.The decoration in the cafe was also unique and pleasing to the eye.

  Ye Fan looked at the time and estimated that Xu Lei would be arriving soon.

  However, just at this time, a waiter led two customers over in front of him.

  Seeing the visitors, Ye Fan immediately frowned.

  What kind of bad luck was this, how did we meet them?

  "Gentlemen, here are your reserved seats, please sit down."The waiter said politely.

  Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying nodded and sat down against the seats as well.


  "Ying Ying, isn't that that door-to-door son-in-law of yours?"As soon as Chu Wenfei sat down, he saw Ye Fan next to him.

  Qiu Muying turned her head to look over and was also shocked, then a touch of disgust came to her heart.


  "What a day dog."

  "Why is this turtle here?"

  "A wimp, is this a place you can come to?"

  "Where's the waiter, how do you run this store, what kind of cats and dogs do you put in here?"


"Where's the store manager?"

  "Get your store manager out here."

  "We're paying all this money for high-end service, not to come here and have coffee with a country bumpkin!"

  Qiu Mu Ying was full of contempt.

  Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife already had a bad attitude towards Qiu Mu Orange's family, and after the last scandal at the Cloud View Hotel, they naturally hated Qiu Mu Orange and the others even more.

  If it wasn't for Qiu Mu Orange, why would they think of inviting guests to dinner.If they didn't invite guests to dinner, how would the couple make such a big scandal in front of the family.

  Now that they couldn't do anything about Qiu Mu Orange, couldn't they do anything about Ye Fan, the wimp.

  Now that they got the chance, Qiu Mu Ying naturally screwed Ye Fan to death.

  Soon, a fat store manager in a suit came out.

  This fat shopkeeper seemed to know Chu Wenfei and the others, and when he saw Chu Wenfei, he was respectful: "So it's young Chu, your guest."

  "Hmph, you still know that we are distinguished guests."Chu Wenfei snorted coldly, obviously also unhappy, "Shopkeeper Hu, there are thousands of cafes in Yunzhou, but why do I, Chu Wenfei, come to your shop so often, isn't it because your shop has a high style and high grade, worthy of my Chu Wenfei status."

  "But now, you have a high-class cafe, but you have mixed in a country bumpkin, a rat turtle in a pot of good porridge miserable.The entire cafe's grade was instantly lowered.Shopkeeper Hu is putting everyone into it, could it be that he is preparing to smash his own sign?"

  Chu Wenfei's words were so heavy that the fat shop manager's face immediately went white.

  After all, what a high-grade cafe like them valued most was the brand.

  If the brand was gone, their competitiveness would naturally be gone as well.

  So the fat store manager quickly apologized in fear, "Chu Shao, calm down, I'll blow that turtle out."

  "Hurry up and go!"Chu Wenfei drank again.

  The couple then looked smug as the fat store manager went to blast Ye Fan.

  "Are you a member of this?"The fat shopkeeper walked over and directly asked in a cold voice.

  This cafe of theirs was a membership system, and in order to maintain the high-end nature of the cafe, it was only open to members, which was why he asked Ye Fan if he was a member right off the bat!

  Ye Fan shook his head, "First time here, no."

  Sure enough!

  Once the fat store manager heard that, the last of his scruples were gone, and he just scolded, "Not that said shit!"

  "Get out of here."

  "A turd, is this a place you can come to?"

  "No money and you're still pretending to be poor, so why don't you get out?"The fat shopkeeper said in an angry voice.

  Ye Fan, however, frowned and returned faintly, "I was invited here by a friend."


  "What friend, beggar friend?"

  "You're not funny, you hick."

  "What kind of friend could a redneck like you have that has the money to invite you here?"

  "Get out of here yet!"Qiu Mu Ying roared with a sardonic smile, but to Ye Fan, she was filled with contempt and disgust.

  It only felt that being in a cafe with this kind of person was a great shame to her.


  "Don't get in the way here!"Chu Wenfei was also unhappy and drank.

  The fat shopkeeper likewise cursed angrily and told Ye Fan to leave the place immediately.

  The other people in the café, who had obviously noticed the place, also showed their disgust when they saw the shabbily dressed Ye Fan.

  "These days, a poor loser even dares to come to the upper class circle."

  "Not even looking at what kind of virtue he has?"

  There were snickers from the other guests around, everyone's eyes looking at Ye Fan with pity and a teasing smile on their lips.

  Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei were also smiling disdainfully, full of pride.

  Ye Fan, this is the difference between you and us.

  You poor loser, you only have the part of lying down outside.Here, how can you be qualified to come here?

  However, in the face of the crowd's snickers and anger, there was only that lean figure in the cafe, sitting there alone, his eyebrows lowered, and no one knew what he was thinking about.

  "Still not getting out?"

  "Do you really want me to kick you out?"

  Seeing that Ye Fan still didn't leave, the fat shopkeeper became even angrier, then he took care of the people and prepared to forcefully drive Ye Fan away.

  However, while Qiu Mu Ying and his wife were waiting to watch the good show, a cold voice, suppressing a fierce anger, was quietly sounding outside the cafe.

  "I'll see who dares to tell him to get lost?!!!"


  A clear and cold drink, with endless majesty and anger, was only like a gale that swept through the entire cafe in a split second.

  That huge aura, majestic momentum, but trembled everyone in the cafe.

  Under the shock of Qiu Muying and the others, they turned around, and everyone only saw a noble and cold silhouette at the entrance, stepping in with elegant steps, welcoming the gazes of the crowd then walked in.

  What kind of woman was that, all of her body was emitting a great aura as if she was a queen, and her majestic and dignified aura shocked everyone at that time.

  "This...This is..."

  "Yunzhou's richest man, the president of the Red Flag Group, Xu Lei!!!"


  "The richest man in Cloud State!"

  "My God, how did this strong man get here?"

  Seeing Xu Lei, the cafe was suddenly silent, so everyone was trembling in fear and lost their voices.

  Even the fat store manager himself was trembling with tremors and the fat on his face was trembling wildly.

  In between the trepidation, they hurried to greet him.

  "Xu...Xu has come to welcome you, please forgive me for being so distant."

  Xu Lei had come to this cafe before, and the reason why the Beauty Café had become so famous in the past few years was because that one time Xu Lei's visit had completely knocked out the cafe's extravagant and distinguished positioning, after which it had attracted a group of wealthy men and women from self-proclaimed upper class families to flock to it.

  Now Xu Lei has arrived again, the fat store manager is naturally surprised and delighted.

  The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that they are able to use Xu Lei's name to advertise for free.

  Seeing Xu Lei, Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife were also trembling with shock and also got up to welcome them, "General Manager Xu, what a coincidence, you've come too."

  "I'm the general manager of Qiushui Group, we met last time, our group just reached a cooperation with you?

  Qiu Muying and her husband and wife were respectful and smiling, and reached out to shake hands with Xu Lei.

  However, Xu Lei did not even look at them, directly bypassed them, exquisite high heels tapping the ground, just changed a makeup Xu Lei, beautiful and eye-catching, under the gaze of everyone, directly walked towards Ye Fan, and then in the countless people's shocked and violent gaze, sat down opposite Ye Fan.

  "Mr. Xu, you're here."

  "It's just a coffee, so why are you so formal and going home specifically to change your clothes?"

  "It's really pretty."

  "It's almost catching up to my Mu Orange."

  Ye Fan smiled faintly, it was obvious that Ye Fan did not expect that Xu Lei had just said something was wrong, so she had gone home to change her clothes.But where did Ye Fan know that Xu Lei had not only changed her clothes, but even purposely put on makeup.

  Xu Lei was naturally beautiful, even if she was plain faced she was intoxicatingly beautiful in normal days, so she rarely wore makeup.

  "It's rare that you personally invite me, so of course I have to take it seriously.I'm not like some people, who are that rude and disrespectful."

  Xu Lei clearly still remembered the last time, and spoke with a bit of resentment.

  The two who were laughing and talking, but the others in the cafe were all dumbstruck.

  The large room was silent at the moment, and the sound of a pin falling to the ground could almost be heard as well.

  As for Qiu Muying and her husband, they were even more confused as they looked at the scene in front of them, as if they had been struck by lightning.

  "Mr. Xu actually...He actually came to see Ye Fan?"

  "But how is that possible?"

  "He's a country bumpkin, a humble son-in-law on the doorstep, what does he have to do to be treated like this by Xu?"

  Qiu Mu Ying's eyes were red, incredibly low roaring, the whole person almost went crazy.

  As for the fat store manager who had just chased Ye Fan away, he was even more instantly sitting on wax, his face blue as shit.

  "This time, I'm afraid it's a big deal."


The fat shopkeeper had never thought to death that Ye Fan was actually invited by someone.Moreover, the person who invited him was the richest person in Yunzhou City, the beautiful CEO of the Red Flag Group, Xu Lei.

  The fat store manager was scared out of his wits when he looked at Ye Fan, who was laughing and joking with Xu Lei.

  He thought that he was afraid that he would be planted this time.

  He now only prayed that Lord Ye Fan would forget what just happened.

  However, it was only for a moment, how could Ye Fan forget?

  At this time, Ye Fan, after taking a small sip of coffee, lightly smiled and said, "Mr. Xu is very beautiful today, but it's a pity that the shop you're looking for isn't very beautiful."

  The voice that Ye Fan spoke was not small, and the entire café heard it.The fat shop manager was naturally no exception.

  Almost instantly, the fat store manager's face went white, and with a heart full of fear, he hurried forward and said in a bitter voice, "This gentleman, it was all my fault just now."

  "It's my eyesightlessness that offended Mr. Xu's distinguished guest."

  "Please forgive me, sir~"

  The fat shopkeeper's forehead was filled with cold sweat and he apologized repeatedly.

  However, Ye Fan looked at him with a teasing face, "I remember just now, that's not how you said it.Saying that I'm a country bumpkin, that I don't deserve to be here, and that you're going to tell people to kick me out?"

  Xu Lei's pretty face undoubtedly darkened instantly upon hearing this.

  "Shopkeeper Hu, you really have a lot of nerve."

  "A guest invited by me, Xu Lei, how dare you offend like this?"

  "I see that you don't want to open this shop anymore."

  "Don't ah Xu~" the fat store manager was about to cry in fear, this store was his lifeblood, if it really closed, how would he support his family in the future.

  "Mr. Xu, I'm really wrong, I really didn't mean it."

  "It's all them."

  "Yes, it's all of them, they're the two dogs who keep saying that this gentleman is a hick and a poor loser, asking me to drive him away, I've listened to them all ah."

  The fat shopkeeper said repeatedly, his entire person was almost humble to the dust, and in the end, the fat shopkeeper was even more direct misfortune, pinning the entire pot on Chu Wenfei and Qiu Mu Ying.

  "How dare you, you bastard, how dare you curse us?"Hearing that this fat store manager dared to call them dog and man, Chu Wenfei was undoubtedly instantly angry and loudly scolded the bar.

  "I'll roll Nima!"

  "Still pretending to be here?"

  "I almost got killed by you two idiots!"

  The fat shopkeeper kicked straight over, flipping Chu Wenfei and his wife over.

  Now this fat shopkeeper would like to kick these two dogs to death.

  If it wasn't for them, how could he have offended Ye Fan, and naturally, he wouldn't have offended Xu Lei ah.

  "Gou Ri's, get out of here now!"

  "Two idiots, how dare you offend even Head Xu's distinguished guest?"

  "Don't hurt me if you want to die!"

  The fat shopkeeper was angry and furious, and his red eyes beat and scolded Qiu Muying and his wife.The two of them, Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying, who dared to stay any longer, climbed up and ran away, but they were in as much of a mess as they wanted to be, where they still had half of the pride and dignity they had when facing Ye Fan.

  It was just that until the end, Qiu Mu Ying and her husband couldn't figure out what on earth Ye Fan, a son-in-law at the door, could do to have General Manager Xu accompany him personally.

  After Qiu Muying and the two left, the cafe was undoubtedly a lot cleaner immediately afterwards.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a wide range of products and services, including a wide range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.

  What else could the fat shopkeeper say but to nod his head and say yes.

  After the fat shopkeeper left in fear, Xu Lei looked at Ye Fan, but she puffed out a laugh.

  In front of Ye Fan, this strong woman from Yunzhou, but she didn't put up such a big show like she usually did, but instead, her face was smiling and affable and intoxicating.

  "What are you laughing at?"Evan asked.

  "It's nothing, I just thought it was funny when you were just fixing people up.Where did you learn all those words from?"Xu Lei smiled and asked.

  "This is all my valuable life experience that I've learned on my own."Ye Fan returned.

  "Alright, let's not talk about that, let's talk about the matter of Qiushui Logistics.Your group's cooperation with Qiushui Logistics is still going well, right?"Ye Fan was obviously still more concerned about Qiu Mu Orange's current situation.

  He had been away from the Qiu family for several days, but he knew nothing about Qiu Mu Orange's situation.

  Xu Lei nodded, "I asked the head of my group before I came here, and it's going well.But Mr. Chu, as far as I know, your wife doesn't seem to be very popular in Qiushui Logistics, she was nominally promoted to project manager, but the people in the Qiu family don't seem to obey her much."

  "Right now, the Qiu family relies on her to cooperate with our group, so for a short time, they're quite polite to that wife of yours.But in the future, when the cooperation is stable and mature, do you think Qiu Mu Orange will still be able to stay in this position?"

  "The Qiu family is a family business, and for this kind of business to climb high, it's not a person's ability that counts, but the means to coax people.Whoever can coax the old man of the Qiu family to be happy will be able to hold great power.Mr. Chu, what do you think, that wife of yours, Qiu Mu Orange, how is her means of coaxing people?"

  Hearing Xu Lei's words, Ye Fan's appearance also gradually became heavier.

  That silly woman Qiu Mu Orange was lonely and arrogant, where would she be able to coax people?

  "If you can't coax people, then I would advise you to plan ahead.In my judgment, I'm afraid that Autumn Mu Orange won't be in this position for long."Xu Lei lightly sipped her coffee and said lightly.

  Ye Fan nodded, "It's indeed time to make other plans."

  "Also, with Mu Orange's ability, Qiushui Logistics is really too small for her."

  This afternoon, Ye Fan and Xu Lei chatted for a long time until late afternoon, before they each left.

  Returning to the villa, Ye Fan looked at the date, August 13th.

  There were only two days left until the Taishan Martial Meeting.

  However, there was still no news from Han Lao's side.

  "It seems that before the martial meeting, there's no way to uncover that obtrusive guy."

  By the window, Ye Fan stood with his hands in the negative, looking out at the peaceful lake sky, but his eyes were full of gravity, and there was a flash of cold mane in his eyebrows.No one knew Chu Yun, what was really on Ye Fan's mind at this moment.

  This night, the sound of the harmonica did not sound again.

  The next morning, Li called again, saying that he was hosting a banquet for Mr. Chu at home tonight to see him off, and again invited Ye Fan to definitely come.He asked where to pick up Mr. Chu.

  Ye Fan pondered, then said, "Come to the eastern suburbs of Yunzhou first, and call me when you get there."

  After Ye Fan said that, he also hung up the phone.

  The day passed quickly.

  In the evening, Ye Fan took a shower and felt a little hungry, so he found a restaurant nearby and prepared to eat something to pad his stomach first.

  "This Yunzhou, there's even a Shengtian Restaurant?"

  "I just don't know if it's the same one as that Sheng Tian Restaurant in Jiang Hai."

  Ye Fan lightly laughed, and then he also walked in towards the restaurant.

  However, as soon as Ye Fan entered, he was greeted by a fidgety waitress, who didn't see anyone and directly bumped into Ye Fan, pouring beer in her hands all over Ye Fan.

  "I'm sorry~I'm sorry~" this waitress is obviously not very old, like a new college student, full of fear to apologize to Ye Fan, that pretty face frighteningly pale.

  Ye Fan saw the situation and smiled, "It's fine, go busy.Be careful next time."


  "Eh?Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu?"This waitress was just about to thank him, and after looking up and seeing that it was Ye Fan, she was shocked, and all of her beautiful eyes then widened.


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