A Dish Best Served Cold 112-115


Chapter 112

Cloud View Hotel.

  "Wenfei, it's getting late, I have something to do at the office tomorrow, why don't we call it a day?"

  Qiu Guang, the eldest member of the Qiu family, looked at the time, but said to Chu Wenfei.

  Chu Wenfei had perhaps drunk a little too much wine, and his face had a slight blush to it, after hearing Qiu Guang's words, he then nodded, "Good, listen to uncle.Let's stop here tonight."

  "Uncles and uncles, please bear with me if there is any improper hospitality."

  "Thank you, Qiu Family, and all the uncles, for giving me Chu Wenfei to cultivate this one excellent wife."

  When some people drank too much wine, their words started to become more frequent.

  Chu Wenfei was undoubtedly clearly this kind of person, thanking both uncle and aunt again.

  Qiu Muying awkwardly compensated, "Uncle, you guys forgive me, my Wenfei is like this, he talks a lot when he drinks some wine."

  "What's there to forgive or not to forgive, this shows that Wen Fei is a refreshing person."

  "Ying Ying, you've found a good husband, follow him well, maybe our Qiu family will count on you all in the future."

  "Alright, alright, let's all leave.

  Qiu Guang greeted everyone and was about to leave.

  However, at this time, Jiang Hong and others are seeing a lot of dishes are not finished, even most of the dishes only a few chopsticks, feel the waste, will let the waiter pack.

  Chu Wenfei but a heroic wave: "Second aunt, no, what to pack, are a small amount of money, waste is waste, this young master has money."

  "Later, if you want to eat, then give me a word, niece-in-law will bring you to eat."

  "I'll go!"

  "O Wen Feihao!"


  "If you have this heart, Second Aunt will be satisfied."

  Chu Wenfei's words suddenly drew another sideways glance from the crowd, and the Qiu family's crowd was envious and saddened.

  Thinking how rich this Chu family has to be, how come Qiu Mu Ying's life is so good, married to this rich husband.

  Chu Wenfei had spoken, so Jiang Hong and the others didn't pack those meals anymore.

  But those who didn't finish the Maotai, red wine and the like, but Jiang Hong and the other Qiu family members were the one who took a bottle or two, ready to take it home and drink it slowly.

  After all, these were all good things, the worst bottle was several thousand.

  In this way, the Qiu family members were satisfied with their food and wine, and finally each of them held a few bottles of good wine, like a group of robbers, just like this, ready to walk out of the hotel.

  In passing by the cashier, Chu Wenfei is not even look, hugging his daughter-in-law's slender willow waist, swinging out.

  While walking, he also proudly pretended to Wang Qiaoyu: "Mom, how is your son-in-law?How does it compare to Jiang Yang?"

  Jiang Yang was the son-in-law of Old Five's family, the son of a high cadre.



  "How can Jiang Yang compare to you, he's just taking his father's credit."

  "What about the third family's son-in-law, Ye Fan?"Chu Wenfei continued to ask.

  "That's even more incomparable, that Ye Fan is a wimp.In front of my son-in-law, he's nothing."Wang Qiaoyu said proudly, and Chu Wenfei's performance tonight had undoubtedly made her doubly proud.

  The others also echoed.

  "That's right, that Ye Fan, a poor country bumpkin, is not on the same level as you, Wenfei."

  "He came to eat at this hotel this time, I guess he won't be able to pay for the checkout later and will be detained here by the hotel!"

  "When the time comes, the couple will definitely ask us to borrow money, so let's all remember to turn off our phones or pretend we can't see.Aren't Qiu Mu Orange and the others showing off, then let them show off."Jiang Hong laughed and gave the attention of the crowd.

  "Good, that's a good idea!"The crowd was also all smiles.

  "By the way, Wenfei, aren't you going to pay the bill?"At this time, Jiang Hong saw Chu Wenfei pass by the front desk, but there was no hint of wanting to check out, and was suddenly puzzled.

  The first time I heard this, Qiu Muying raised her pretty face, proudly fell: "Second aunt, you don't know this.The big boss of this hotel, Shen Jiuyi, all respectfully called my husband Mr. Chu, Mr. Chu came to eat, is to give face to their hotel.It's good that they don't give us money, why do we need to give them money?"

  Chu Wenfei at this time lit a cigarette and pretended to take a drag, then also with a proud face containing a smile, "Yes, second aunt.I'm eating here, all free of charge.General Manager Shen personally gave the order last time, who in this hotel dares to charge me?!"

  The crowd trembled even more.I thought I'd have to be a little more respectful to this fourth family in the future, and have Shen Jiuyi personally order a meal to be free of charge, how big of a person and how strong of a background this must be.

  However, just as the crowd was complimenting, manager Wang at the front desk came over and politely greeted, "A few uncles, and Mr. Chu, are you still satisfied?"

  "Satisfied, satisfied."

  "I didn't expect the manager to personally come to send it off, this Wenfei's face is just great."The crowd saw Manager Wang personally come to greet him, but they respected Chu Wenfei even more.

  "Well, Manager Wang, you've come."Chu Wenfei had a big rack and an old-fashioned tone as he said in a deep voice, "I'm very satisfied with today's dinner.But the only thing I'm dissatisfied with is that the security guard at the VIP passage at the entrance of your hotel, who doesn't know the nobleman, didn't even let me in, I think, it's better to change a few people with long eyes."

  Manager Wang nodded his head and smiled, but his heart was speechless.

  I thought to myself that that VIP access was not something that people like you were qualified to enter, this guy probably really thought of himself as some kind of person.But if it wasn't for Ye Fan's face, with his arrogant tone of voice, Manager Wang would have slapped him over.

  But Manager Wang still returned in a good voice, "Thank you for Mr. Chu's suggestion, we will consider it."

  "If there are no other questions, then come over here and settle the bill."


  The corner of Chu Wenfei's eyes drew back then, and his face then sank.

  Jiang Hong and the others were also stunned.

  What's this situation?

  Didn't Chu Man Fei just say he's eating for free?

  What the fuck is this?

  "Manager Wang, what did you just say?I'll give you one more chance to organize your language."Chu Wenfei was very unhappy and gloomy.

  Manager Wang, however, was confused, not knowing what he had said wrong: "It's just the checkout ah, don't you have to check out after dinner?"

  "Insolent!How dare you ask my husband to pay the bill for a small manager like you?None of your CEOs would dare."

  "I think you don't know who my husband is, my husband is Chu Wenfei, Shen Jiuyi has to respectfully call Mr. Chu when she sees him."Qiu Mu Ying scolded in an angry voice.

  Manager Wang was flabbergasted, Qiu Muying thought that Manager Wang was afraid, and continued to hold her hands and snicker, "Know that you've caused trouble, you lowly fellow, you still don't apologize to my husband."

  "Dao your mother's head!"Manager Wang is obviously also angry, a slap directly paste Qiu Mu Ying face, mixed voice cursing.

  "Return your husband?Your husband is nothing!"

  "You're the first ones to take the piss at the Cloud View Hotel."

  "In this law-and-order society, do you still want to eat a tyrannical meal?"

  "This manager is busy and doesn't care to bullshit with you.Either check out and get the money, or call the police."

  "You guys are on your own?"

  "A bunch of clowns, and they can't cure you?"

  In between the words, Manager Wang immediately waved his hand, and a dozen security guards hulked over, immediately blocking the entrance.


"You...What are you doing?"

  Seeing the black and over a dozen big men coming around, Qiu Mu Ying and the others' faces were scared white, and the Qiu family was even more terrified, actually raising the red wine in their hands to their chests, looking like they wanted that bottle to defend themselves.

  "Not doing anything?"

  "Either pay up, then call the police."

  "In short, if you don't pay up, none of you here will leave."

  This manager Wang was obviously angry as well.

  Originally, he didn't want to put an end to things, after all, he was Ye Fan's relative.But who would have thought that this group of people were so arrogant, especially that woman just now, insulting him unreasonably and lowly.

  Manager Wang was also a respectable person, how could he tolerate such insults, naturally he was angry.

  "Wen...Wen Fei, what should we do?"Wang Qiaoyu also panicked, she was afraid of getting beaten up.

  The Qiu family was also pale, and besides being terrified, they also felt humiliated.

  Because so many people were taking pictures of them with their cell phones, and if it went viral at night, the Qiu family would be famous on the internet tomorrow.

  "Wenfei, forget it, take the money."Qiu Guang's old face couldn't hang on, and advised Chu Wenfei to take the money to settle the matter.

  But Qiu Mu Ying refused.She didn't care about the money, what she cared about was face.

  Tonight was originally to show off her husband's face, if this took the money, what was the meaning of this dinner?

  All, even though Autumn Muyoung was slapped, she still screamed in anger, "Bastard!"

  "How dare you hit me, you despicable thing?"

  "You're screwed!"

  "Where's your boss, we want to see your boss."

  "You'll see, tomorrow your CEO will tell you to get lost!"

  Qiu Mu Ying roared madly.

  When Manager Wang heard this, he laughed, "To meet our old boss, you guys are also worthy?"

  "Again, check out and get the money, or let me call the police!"

  Manager Wang smirked and said that he had already taken out his phone, ready to call 110.

  "Wenfei, forget it, check out.It'll be a great shame if we get caught in this."Qiu Guang and the others walked the business world, all of them were people who wanted face.

  Chu Wenfei was obviously afraid of this as well, if he really went in, his father wouldn't have to kill him.

  In the end, Chu Wenfei walked over and paid the bill nicely.

  "Running into a manager with eyes like you, I, Mr. Chu, admit my bad luck."

  "But just you wait, your CEO knows about this, you'll have good luck!"Chu Wenfei gloated and glared at Manager Wang before heading to the front desk to settle the bill.

  "Say it, how much!"

  "Really think that Ben Shao is missing your money."

  Chu Wenfei snapped, then threw a bank card at the front desk.

  "Sir, the private room fee, set menu fee, and various drinks, after the discount."

  "Total, 368,000."

  Looking at the numbers on the bill, Chu Wenfei sneered, "Heh, how much do I pawn, making your hotel feel so bad.Isn't it just over 30,000?There are forty thousand in this card, all for you, swipe the card."

  Chu Wenfei said disdainfully, holding a cigarette in one hand but pretending to be very.

  "Sir, please take a closer look.It's not 30,000, but 3.68 million."


  3.68 million?

  Chu Wenfei was confused, and he was still slightly drunk, but after hearing this number, his entire body sobered up at that time.

  A pair of eyes were staring out at him.The cigarette in his hand was going to fall off from his hand in fright and fall to the ground.


  "Is there a mistake?"

  "Over three million?"

  "You guys are fucking kidding me!"

  Chu Wenfei was mad.

  I thought that this meal would only last a few hundred thousand at most.But Nima, Chu Wenfei had never thought to death that this meal would last three million.

  "Fuck you!"

  "I really think I'm innocent!"

  "Three million, bullshit!"

  "So this is a rip-off."

  Chu Wenfei exploded then, cursing at Manager Wang and the others.

  Manager Wang, however, remained calm and grinned, "Little Liu, type out the list for him.Let this gentleman take a closer look at it, and mark every item of expense clearly for him.Save saying that we are a big shop bullying customers."

  Then, that front desk attendant gave him a list of all the expenses according to the manager's instructions.

  Looking at the long list, Chu Wenfei's old face, however, was almost blue into a liver: "There...Is there that much?"

  "What, you don't want to admit it even now?A table for the Full House alone is several hundred thousand, and you guys still want the top set menu, or two tables, that's nearly a million.Plus those wines, you guys can order all the collector's editions, and the most expensive bottle of Lafite red wine is 320,000."

  "How many bottles did your family drink, don't you have some compulsion in your heart?"

  "Also, you each brought two bottles of good wine with you before you left, and the two bottles in the hands of that old woman behind you, Oxbow Mountain 1949, are tens of thousands of dollars bigger.The worst is still Flying Maotai."

  "I've been a manager for so many years, but it's the first time I've seen such a strange group of you.Eat and drink enough but also one person to carry home two bottles of wine."

  "Do you really think our hotel money is a gale force wind is it?Still thinking about waivers, go dream about your spring break!"

  Manager Wang was also enraged by this group of people, he now finally understood why this family was so unscrupulous in eating and drinking, he dared to come for the free order.

  "What impudence!"

  Manager Wang cursed coldly.

  Qiu Guang and the others knew that they were at a disadvantage and turned red, but they also had no face to refute anything at all.

  "Wen Fei, forget about it, let's settle the bill."

  "It's normal to spend two or three million on so many expensive wine items."

  Qiu Guang and the others just wanted to hurry up and finish checking out and walk away, standing here wasn't humiliating enough.

  As for the three million or so spent, much?

  Of course more, but they didn't care, it was Chu Wenfei who took the money anyway.

  Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Muying also thought about resting the matter and leaving here quickly.The big deal is that they will find the experience to settle the score later.

  "That's right, why are you fierce, we Wenfei big family, we have plenty of money, it's not worse than your two or three million."

  "Wen Fei, pay out the money and hit them in the face."Jiang Hong also urged.

  Hit your paralyzed face ah!

  Chu Wenfei was on the verge of tears, so angry that he wanted to kick this group of Qiu family members to death.

  Two or three million?That's easy for you guys to say.

  If you can, pay up!

  Chu Wenfei only has a little over a hundred thousand dollars, even if he takes out all his savings, he can at most raise half a million dollars, not even a fraction of that, how is he going to pay the bill?

  "Wenfei, don't just stand there."

  "Hurry up and pay up so we can leave."

  "It's not humiliating enough for our whole family to be stuck here."Jiang Hong was still holding two bottles of red wine in her arms at this point, looking around at those pointing video taking pictures of passersby going, but anxiously urging Chu Wenfei.

  "You damn well shut up!"

  "Three million is putting it lightly, where am I going to get you guys that much money?"

  "The meal is for all of us to eat together, and the most I'll take on me is half a million.The rest of the three million, you Qiu family can think of something."

  "It's simply a bunch of bandits, the wine you drink in your room isn't enough, and you go out and carry a few bottles to your home?Why don't you guys move people's hotels?"

  Chu Wenfei couldn't care less about saving face now, and he directly tore his face from the Qiu family.After all, it was over three million, it was all money.

  Qiu Guang, Jiang Hong and the rest of the Qiu family were dumbfounded then, their faces as green as if they had eaten shit: "Wen...Wen Fei, why are you like this?"

  "You're the one who said you'd treat us, how can we pay for it?"

  Or three million?

  Their Autumn Water Logistics sale was worth less than ten million.

  Obviously, the Qiu family couldn't afford to pay that amount either.


Surely, those who sell their cars and homes can get enough.

  But apparently, no one wants to do that.

  The Autumn family didn't even want to take a dime.

  "That's right, you're the one who said you'd treat us, so why should we get any money?"

  "I was bragging so loudly that it was all fucking blowing!"

  "No money to act like a big tail wolf here?!"

  "Causing our family to be embarrassed with you here."

  In front of the money, these relatives of the Qiu family undoubtedly showed their ugly faces and were no longer as respectful and polite to Chu Wenfei's family as they were earlier.

  Especially second aunt Jiang Hong, who had just been the most active in sucking up to Chu Wenfei, was also the loudest in scolding Chu Wenfei now.

  "Whoever treats the guests takes the money."

  "Let us spread the money, dreaming!"Jiang Hong put it very desperately.

  On one side was her own husband, and on the other side was her own relative, Qiu Mu Ying was suddenly in a dilemma as well.

  However, Autumn Muyoung thought about it and advised Chu Wenfei: "Wenfei, it's only three million, let's just pad it out.If you don't have that much, you'll have to ask your father for it.After all, we're the ones who put on this dinner party tonight, and if we let my uncles follow the money, how can I still behave in my mother's house in the future!"

  Chu Wenfei got antsy when he heard that!

  "And you're looking for my dad, why don't you fucking look for your dad?"

  "You bitch, you're still fucking thinking about your face!"

  "I should have listened to my dad in the first place, I shouldn't have married your stupid ass!"

  Chu Wenfei was really angry, and by now, Qiu Mu Ying's first thought was still face, or her own vanity.

  And let him call his father?She's so fucking nice!

  "Come on, don't even want to spread the money, right.Let's spend it then."

  Chu Wenfei didn't know if he was drunk or what, but in a fit of anger he thought of breaking the jar, what the heck.

  "Yo, isn't this Second Aunt and Great Uncle?"

  "What's all this arguing about at this nice dinner?"

  At this moment, a soft laugh came from behind.

  I saw that Ye Fan and his wife had finished their meal and walked out.

  "You wimp, shut up!"

  Qiu family is angry head, to hear the words of Ye Fan, but did not look directly cursed.

  As for the food can not afford to pay this matter, naturally no one said, not fucking humiliating?

  "Well, what are you proud of, you poor bastard?"

  "Let's see if you're still laughing when we pay later."Jiang Hong and the others snorted coldly.

  However, while the Qiu family was waiting for Ye Fan and his wife to make a fool of themselves just like them, who would have thought that Ye Fan and the others would just leave without even looking at the cashier.Even that manager Wang opened the door for them respectfully, with a smile on his face, and said to leave slowly.

  "What's the situation here?"

  "Are you guys blind, can't you see that loser didn't pay?"But Qiu Mu Ying was furious.

  But Manager Wang smiled back and said, "They don't have to pay."


  "Are you guys stupid?"

  "Why don't you make them pay!"Qiu Mu Ying was furious then.

  The Qiu family crowd was also furious and only felt unbalanced.

  A loser had come here to eat without having to pay.

  And they were instead being detained here?

  "Mr. Xu!"

  While the Qiu family was furious, Xu Lei was already walking down from upstairs.Her charming figure and noble demeanor attracted the attention of the crowd when she appeared.

  Manager Wang hurried forward to greet her.

  Xu Lei nodded her head, then she also went over in the direction where Ye Fan and the others left.

  Seeing Xu Lei, Qiu Mu Ying and the others hurried forward like they had grasped the last straw: "General Manager Xu, we are from Qiushui Group, the group that is going to work with you.We're in trouble, see if you can speak to the manager so that he can give us a waiver."

  Qiu Mu Ying and Wang Qiaoyu and the others were chasing after her, yet throughout all of this Xu Lei didn't even look at them.

  "Okay, stop dreaming."

  "What kind of status do you guys have, and you're still thinking of talking to Manager Xu?"

  "Take it or leave it, right?"

  "If you don't pay up, I'll call the police."Manager Wang had run out of patience and gave them an ultimatum.

  As for Ye Fan, but he had already returned home with Qiu Mu Orange, not knowing that the Qiu family had been detained by the Cloud View Restaurant.

  "Mu Orange, I haven't been home for a long time.I'll go back tomorrow to see my mom."After arriving home, but Ye Fan suddenly gave Qiu Mu Orange said.

  "When will you be back?"Autumn Orange asked.

  "It might be a while to stay."

  "Yeah."Qiu Mu-Orange nodded and didn't ask much.

  After all, it was true that Ye Fan hadn't gone back to see his mother for a long time since he became a door-to-door son-in-law.Now that Ye Fan suddenly wanted to go back, Qiu Mu Orange didn't stop him.

  With a hmmm he turned around and went back to his bedroom.

  That indifferent look, as if Chu Yun's mother had nothing to do with her.

  Ye Fan saw this, but he shook his head, slightly lost, turned around and went to the study.

  "Ye Fan, I'm leaving early for work tomorrow, so go to the station by yourself.This is some nourishment for the body, take it with you when you leave."

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange, however, brought out two boxes of nourishment from the bedroom and handed them to Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan's face, which had been slightly lost, smiled, "I'll thank my daughter-in-law of the Ye family on behalf of our mother."

  "Who gave you our mother?"Hearing Ye Fan's unorthodox laugh, Qiu Mu Orange's beautiful eyes suddenly stared at Ye Fan as if she was embarrassed, putting down her things and walking back to her room then closed the door.

  In the bedroom, Qiu Mu Orange touched her own slightly blushing pretty face.After so many years, it wasn't until Ye Fan mentioned it at this moment that she, Qiu Mu Orange, realized that she, Qiu Mu Orange, was also already someone else's daughter-in-law.

  That feeling of suddenly having an extra pair of parents apparently made this lady of the Qiu family feel strange.

  "It's been so long, but I haven't seen his mother yet."

  Thinking of this, however, Qiu Mu Orange was inexplicably feeling a bit guilty.

  These three years, this wife of his was indeed too incompetent.

  "No, since when am I his wife?"

  "I'm the woman who's going to divorce him in the future!"

  At this time, Qiu Mu Orange was humming like a child.

  Until now, Qiu Mu Orange was still stubbornly holding on to her last pride.

  It seemed that today's Qiu Mu Orange still didn't dare to face the reality that she was about to be completely conquered by Ye Fan.

  The next day, shortly after Qiu Mu Orange went to the office, Ye Fan finished cleaning the house, - carrying the garbage also went downstairs.

  Downstairs in the neighborhood, Xu Lei was already waiting there early.

  Seeing Ye Fan carrying garbage downstairs, Xu Lei then lightly laughed: "Mr. Chu is really a good man who cares about his family.It must be very happy to be your wife."

  Ye Fan smiled back, "Yeah, I think so too.But it's a pity that you don't have the chance, you'll only be envious."

  But Xu Lei wasn't angry, still smiling faintly, "That's not necessarily true.I'm still very confident in my charm."

  "Really?Then we'll see."Ye Fan finished throwing away the trash and got into Xu Lei's car as well.

  "Have you found the house yet?"

  "Don't worry, it's all done.As per your request, suburb of Yunzhou, single house, secluded, quiet, mainly far from here."Xu Lei returned.

  "Well, then take me there."

  Ye Fan was expressionless, watching the sycamores beside the road swiftly passing by in his sight, but his heart was whispering in secret.

  "Mu Orange, for the sake of safety with you, I can only leave you for a while."


  The wheels flew, and the black Mercedes-Benz, carrying Evan tore through the sky, quickly moved away.

  In the east, the rising sun rose in the east, and the huge sun wheel stained the sky red!

  The old mansion of the Qiu family, who woke up with a start, but found the old mansion a lot emptier.

  In order to take care of Master Qiu as well as to facilitate the discussion of the company, the oldest and second oldest family of the Qiu family lived in the old mansion.


  "Autumn Light?"


  "This one, where are the people?"

  I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  In the next second, the old man's old face went white, trembling and terrified.

  "You...What did you say?"

  "You all got arrested at the police station?"

  The old man was confused.


Last night, Chu Wenfei and the Qiu family ate so many meals at once at the Yunjing Hotel, and couldn't get the money out, so of course the Yunjing Hotel called the police.

  The entire Qiu family was almost wiped out in one pot, all brought to the police station.

  The Shen family is quite powerful in Yunzhou, and is even more of a popular figure in front of the Second Master Li, so there are naturally people in the police station.

  In short, the officer in charge of the case told Qiu Guang and the others to raise enough money and wait to go to jail.

  The Qiu family was obviously panicked, and if Chu Wenfei didn't take the money, they had to turn to the old man for help.

  "A bunch of disgraceful guys who can eat their way into the bureau?"

  "Say, how much, I'll send it over to someone."

  "Having to stand up to you things, my old face of Qiushui has been disgraced by you."Master Qiu was so angry that his body was shaking.

  As he said that, he went back to his room to get the money.


  "Over three million!"After hearing the number, Old Master Qiu's entire face went blue.The whole was so angry that he was almost seven-toned.

  "For one meal, did you guys eat three million?"

  "Bastards, are you fucking animals?"

  "Animals aren't as edible as you are!"

  "And you blame people for not paying for Wen Fei, are they brakes, spending three million just to hire you animals."

  "Want me to also not be the wronged person."

  "You bunch of disgraceful things, just stay inside, you'd better be sentenced to a few years."

  "It's not enough to screw Wen Fei for the stupid things you did, but to screw me and make me pay you this money?"

  "Go to your dog dreams!"

  Master Qiu was obviously mad, and his old face was shaking.

  He had never thought that he would end up giving birth to such a bunch of fucking losers after a lifetime of wisdom!

  "Seeing that he's rich, I griped hard."

  "Now that you've annoyed him and put him down, you deserve it!"

  "With no money for food and being arrested by the police, why does my Qiu family have such a bunch of disgraceful things."

  In the empty old mansion, Master Qiu was shaking with anger, and only felt that all the face he had accumulated in his life had been lost to this group of trash.

  In the end, Master Qiu naturally didn't care about this mess they were in, if the money was just a little, more than three million, did he, Qiushui, still sell the old Qiu family mansion for this group of brutes?

  The matter of the Qiu family, but Ye Fan and the Qiu Mu Orange family did not know.Ye Fan also only knew that the Qiu family went to the Yunjing Hotel last night to eat high and spend a lot of money, but had no idea that in the end this group of strange people saw too much money to take and ended up being sent to the police station.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  It's simply heavenly retribution!

  At this time, Ye Fan was still in Xu Lei's car, preparing to go to his next residence.

  "Mr. Chu, do you have time, do you want me to take you for a walk around Yunwu Lake first, and then return to the villa to rest at night.The scenery of Yunzhou is still very nice."Inside the car, seeing that Ye Fan didn't say a word, just sitting quietly on the back driver, his eyebrows slightly closed, as if he was taking a nap, but Xu Lei was the first to speak out to break the silence.

  "No need, I don't have time, let's go straight to Cloud Suburb Villa."Ye Fan directly returned.

  Xu Lei was slightly lost and just gave a hmmm.

  However, at this time, Ye Fan's phone rang, called by Autumn Mu Orange.

  "Are you leaving?Do you still have time now, if so, come to the office."The phone came from Qiu Mu Orange's faint voice.

  Ye Fan put on a smile and quickly said, "There's time, there's time.I'll be right over."

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, Xu Lei in front of him almost died of anger.

  This guy, who acted as if he was indifferent to himself, was so enthusiastic and positive towards Qiu Mu Orange: "Don't you have no time?"

  Xu Lei's words carried a bit of anger.Some women, when they were angry, were all that charming.

  Ye Fan smiled bitterly, "Squeeze it or something."

  "Well, if that's the case, then you can squeeze in more time."

  In between the words, Xu Lei immediately braked to a stop, once again throwing Ye Fan on the road.

  "Not an hour from here to your wife's company, there's still time to squeeze in anyway, it's not bad."

  "Also, the key to you, the house address has been sent to your phone.Go over there yourself, this lady will not accompany you."

  "Don't look for me if you need anything in the future, Miss Ben is very busy."

  After Xu Lei split her head and said that, she spun around and drove away.Only Ye Fan was left there alone with his bitterness.

  This damn it, this is angry?

  Ye Fan was also helpless.

  It's not that Ye Fan wanted to trouble Xu Lei, it's just that last night Qiu Mu Orange talked to her about cooperation, and Ye Fan found an opportunity to ask her to do a small favor for him.

  This kind of thing that costs money, looking for Xu Lei is undoubtedly the most convenient.

  But recalling what had just happened, Ye Fan suddenly felt that he was indeed somewhat sorry for Xu Lei.

  After all, a figure like this who was a star in the moon's eye was bound to be very facetious.Ye Fan had undoubtedly embarrassed Xu Lei somewhat by being like that just now.

  "Forget it, at worst, just apologize when we see each other next time, it's better to find a wife."Ye Fan didn't delay any longer, so he quickly found a taxi and went over.

  When he arrived at the downstairs of the company, Ye Fan found that Qiu Mu Orange was already waiting there.

  At this time, she was carrying something in her hand, and the packaging was exquisite.Beside her, there was also a fashionably dressed and beautiful woman standing.

  These two women stood there, and they suddenly attracted the attention of countless passersby around.

  Beauty was undoubtedly an eye-catching presence wherever she went, not to mention that now there were two at once, all of them slim and handsome, so naturally the turnaround rate exploded.

  "Mu Orange, are you looking for me?"

  "Mm."Seeing Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange nodded, "Here are the cosmetics my friend brought from abroad, highly moisturizing, highly nutritious, slowing down the aging process, very suitable for people of your mother's age, bring them along as well."

  Even though Qiu Mu Orange's tone was somewhat cold, Ye Fan's heart was inexplicably somewhat touched.

  This woman, although she looked a bit cold, she was still very hot inside.

  However, before Ye Fan could say thanks, the beautiful woman next to Autumn Mu Orange was surprised: "Mu Orange, he's not the door-to-door son-in-law who "married" you, is he?"

  "Holy shit, you even gave him what I gave your mother to carry?"

  "He's an incompetent, incompetent son-in-law!"

  "What do you think you, are you crazy?"

  "That's high-grade cosmetics."

  "I remember his family is from the countryside, a countryman, can a countryman use these fancy cosmetics?Isn't that a waste?"

  Su Xi was simply all shocked.

  She didn't expect that her best friend Qiu Mu Orange had waited here for half a day just to wait for Ye Fan, the wimp, and also let him bring these expensive cosmetics with him.

  In these few years, although Su Xi has been abroad, but she and Qiu Mu Orange is in constant contact, she married a door-to-door son-in-law things Su Xi of course knows.

  Although Suzy was meeting Ye Fan for the first time today, it didn't prevent her from being disgusted with Ye Fan.

  After all, her own talented and good-looking best friend ended up marrying a poor loser with no money, no power, and no ability, and Suzy also felt injustice for Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Xixi, you should cut the crap, Ye Fan is not as bad as you think."

  "Damn, you still speak for him?What's wrong with you, Orange, didn't you tell me you hated him before, could it be that now you've been conquered by him?"

  "Oh God~" squealed Susie unbelievably.

  "What are you babbling about?"Qiu Mu Orange glared at her and instructed her to keep her mouth shut, then told Ye Fan to hurry up and leave before she missed the bus home.


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