Dish Best Served Cold 107-111


Chapter 107

However, just as Qiu Mu Ying was proud of herself, at this time, Ye Fan, who was silent at the side, came out.

  "Grandpa, I don't think this is right."

  "Since you've decided to give this project to Mu Orange to handle with full authority, you shouldn't restrict Mu Orange's power."

  "The cooperation with the Red Flag Group is long-term and requires a strong person in charge.What's more, grandpa, you don't know that because Mu Orange exposed my fourth uncle's family's selfishness the year before last, Autumn Mu Ying has been gaping at Mu Orange.I think it's very inappropriate for you to let them cooperate."

  Ye Fan, however, advised.

  However, when they heard Ye Fan's words, the faces of Qiu Mu Ying's family turned ugly.

  Wang Qiaoyu even scolded Ye Fan in public, "You piece of trash, our Qiu family deliberates, does this have your say?"

  "And you think it's wrong?Who the hell are you, Mu Orange didn't even speak, what right do you have to interject here?"

  Not only Wang Qiaoyu's family, even Qiu Mu Orange's parents were now cursing at Ye Fan.

  "Fuck, are you an idiot?"

  "You shut up!"

  "Don't get my Mu Orange involved if you want to die."

  Han Li scolded, at this time she was so angry that she wanted to kick her son-in-law to death.

  Master Qiu has been hard pressed to reuse his daughter, what if it's because this wimp is nosy and angers the old man and then removes his own daughter's position.

  Master Qiu was also full of displeasure and glared at Ye Fan, snorting angrily, "Bastard, if you want to stay in this family, you should put your position right.There's no place for you, the door-to-door son-in-law, to interfere in the affairs of my Qiu family."

  "This is my appointment to Mu Orange, what does it have to do with you?What right do you have to be here pinting?"

  However, in the face of Master Qiu's indignation, Ye Fan was not afraid at all and smiled calmly, "Grandpa, what I just said is not just my opinion, but also Mu Orange's meaning."

  "Right, Mu Orange?"

  Ye Fan looked to the side at Qiu Mu Orange.

  The crowd listened, but they all laughed as if they had heard the world's funniest joke.

  "Returning Mu Orange's meaning, you're a wimp, what qualifications do you have to represent my daughter's meaning?"

  "Mu Orange, tell him that you obeyed your grandfather's appointment."Han Li sneered and laughed, full of sarcasm.

  Wang Qiaoyu and the others also looked like they were watching the joke.

  "This Ye Fan, what an idiot too."

  "A disagreeable door-to-door son-in-law who really thinks he's Mu Orange's husband?"

  "If grandpa hadn't ordered it back then, Mu Orange would have married a poor loser like you?"

  "Saying that now is like shooting yourself in the foot!"

  The crowd looked at Ye Fan, but they all looked at him as if he was an idiot.

  After all, in the eyes of the crowd, there was no way that Qiu Mu Orange would disobey Master Qiu for the sake of Ye Fan, let alone hit Master Qiu's face in public for him.

  "Mu Orange, speak, let him die."

  "My Qiu Shui's granddaughter, could it be that she still won't listen to me and go listen to a wimp?"Old Master Qiu was also full of disdain, his majestic and low voice then sounded, and his gaze towards Ye Fan was full of arrogance and contempt.

  From the beginning to the end, Ye Fan had never entered the eyes of the Qiu family.

  Now when Ye Fan stood on the opposite side of the Qiu family, naturally no one said a word for him.

  However, just when everyone thought that Qiu Mu Orange would obey the old man's order, who would have thought that Qiu Mu Orange was expressionless and said coldly, "Grandpa, what Ye Fan said is exactly what I wanted to say."

  "Mu Ying and I have worked together many times, but none of the experiences we've had together have been pleasant."

  "So, if grandpa puts me in charge of this cooperation with the Red Flag Group, then please trust my ability and let me be in charge alone."

  "If you don't trust my abilities, then please ask grandpa to find someone else to be in charge."

  Qiu Mu-Orange's reply shook everyone.

  "Mu Orange, what are you talking nonsense?"

  "It's good that your grandfather let you be the top hand, with Mu Ying helping you share the pressure you can also save some heartache, why do you still want to take sole power?Engage in one-upmanship?"

  "Apologize to your grandfather!"When Han Li heard this, she became anxious then and quickly rebuked to her daughter.

  "Mom, you don't know anything, so just shut up and stay calm!"Qiu Mu Orange is obviously also by his mother to stupid cry, she does not understand anything at all, and still here gibberish help.

  Master Qiu's face has completely sunk, his old face livid, with indignation: "Mu Orange, I'll give you another chance to re-organize your language.Mu Ying assisted you, it was a joint decision between me and your uncles after discussion.Mu Ying is more capable and experienced than you."

  "Do you really want to listen to that wimp while disobeying me and a bunch of your uncles?"Master Qiu suppressed his anger.

  "Grandpa, that's interesting.If Qiu Muying is really that good, then why didn't she negotiate the loan from Red Flag Bank?Why didn't she talk down the cooperation with Xu as well?"

  "If by now grandpa still insists that Mu Orange isn't capable enough, I think it would be better to just let Autumn Muyoung be directly and fully in charge of the project, why go the extra mile and involve Mu Orange in it and drag Autumn Muyoung's hind legs?"Evan laughed back.


  "Did I talk to you?"

  "You incompetent son-in-law, is it your place to interfere?"

  "Get the hell out of here!"

  Seeing Ye Fan interrupting again, the old man Qiu was almost angry to death, slapping the table when he angrily told Ye Fan to get lost.

  Qiu Guang and Qiu Luo were also regretting bringing this bastard Ye Fan here.

  As for Qiu Mu Orange's parents, they were also furiously cursing Ye Fan for causing trouble for their daughter.

  "Grandpa, there is no need for you to get angry.Ye Fan's words were exactly what my granddaughter wanted to say."

  "Since grandpa thinks that I'm not capable enough, then granddaughter won't fight for anything, let my sister Qiu Mu Ying be in charge of this project.I'm involved in it, but instead I'm dragging Mu Ying's back leg."

  "Grandpa, you go to bed early, Ye Fan and I will roll this way."

  While everyone was complaining about Ye Fan, who would have thought that Qiu Mu Orange was suddenly returning.

  After saying that, it also turned around right then and there, ignoring the iron blue faces of the crowd present, and followed Ye Fan then left.

  Only the crowd behind him was left, looking at each other.

  The Qiu family hall was dead silent.

  Wang Qiaoyu and the others were dumbfounded, Han Ling Qiu Lei and his wife were also filled with consternation, and Master Qiu was even trembling with anger.

  Apparently, the scene just now where Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange couple were singing and making up was beyond everyone's expectation.

  "Lao San, you...When did your daughter and that Ye Fan, get so close?"The head of the Qiu family, Qiu Guang's eyes twitched, full of incredulity.

  Before this, who in the Qiu family didn't know how much Qiu Mu Orange loathed Ye Fan.

  When she married Ye Fan back then, Qiu Mu Orange even went on hunger strike to protest and wouldn't even eat at the same table as Ye Fan.

  But just now, when Ye Fan said one sentence, Qiu Mu Orange echoed it.This is like a show of love between husband and wife.

  In the end, even Master Qiu and his husband and wife dared to dislike the uncle's words.

  "I...We don't know ah."The two Han Ling couples were also clueless, completely unaware of what was going on.

  Did their daughter really fall in love with that wimp on this trip to Jianghai?


Yunzhou City, Willow Garden District.


  "What about his father, the daughter I gave birth to?"

  "I knew it, our Mu Orange is by no means a creature of the pool."

  "Now that the bitterness is over, we've finally turned over a new leaf and become masters."

  "With great power, and one person in charge of the entire big project, the good days for our family in the future have finally arrived."

  After learning that Qiu Muying had been kicked out of the project department and her own daughter was solely responsible for the cooperation with Red Flag and the group, Han Li was so happy at this point.

  She even said that she had to celebrate tonight.

  Qiu Lei also agreed: "Haha, that's right, we must celebrate the promotion and salary increase of our Mu Orange.We'll go to a restaurant with the three of us tonight.I never thought that I, Qiu Lao San, would be able to make a name for myself with my daughter.I'll see who else will look down on us in the future in the Qiu family."

  Qiu Lei also felt a sense of relief in his heart.

  Now that Qiu Mu Orange was in an important position, and the project she was in charge of was a matter of life and death for the Qiu family, it was easy to imagine how important it was.Now that his daughter was being used by the old man, of course, Qiu Lei and his wife were also raising their eyebrows.

  But Han Li, who was on the side, heard Qiu Lei's words, but on a whim, "Since we're celebrating, let's put on a big show and let all those relatives of yours who looked down on us before come over to have a look, especially Old Fourth's family, and ruthlessly press their sharpness."

  "Eh?Mom, what are you up to again?"At the side, Autumn Mu Orange, while looking at the company documents, stuck a fruit with a toothpick.At this point, when she heard her parents' words, she was helpless to ask.

  "Mu Orange, you don't have to care.Mom won't harm you."Han Li hehely smiled and immediately picked up her phone and sent out a ten yuan red envelope in the WeChat group.

  Immediately afterwards, a group of people blew up, all of them idle old ladies.

  "Yo, ten?"

  "Her third aunt, rare, huh?I can't believe you're handing out a ten-pack, didn't you used to hand out a quick one?"

  At this time, the group's reply was Autumn Mu Orange's second aunt, Jiang Hong, but anyone with a discerning eye could see that this was sarcasm.

  Han Li: "Haha, it should be, after all, my Mu Orange has been promoted, our pattern as a mother has to be raised a little."

  "In the evening, everyone come to that food court on South Liu Yuan Road and have a barbecue, our family's treat."

  "To celebrate Mu Orange's promotion, everyone must come."

  After Han Li finished speaking, she then sent out a series of smug smirked expressions.

  Hearing that Han Li's family was treating, the group livened up.


  "It's rare for her third aunt to be generous for once, we'll definitely be there."

  "I knew it, this child Mu Orange will have a great future."


  "In the future, our Qiu family is counting on Mu Orange to make us rich."The second aunt, Jiang Hong, and the others in the group even agreed, constantly brushing off their congratulations.

  Although the entire Qiu family didn't treat Qiu Mu Orange's family before, when people like Han Li and her husband and wife spoke, the family group didn't even carry any human reasoning.But now that Qiu Mu orange has been promoted and rushed towards Qiu Mu orange, these relatives naturally have to hold the meeting to give face, and even receive speeches positively.

  What's more, someone is treating guests to a barbecue, not going for nothing, there is an advantage not to occupy the son of a bitch.

  "Thank you all."

  "When Mu Orange earns a lot of money, then treat all the relatives to better food."

  At this moment, Han Li was smiling as she typed, it was the first time she felt this feeling of being the host of the hosts, and she only felt proud of the spring breeze.

  However, as soon as Han Li's side finished speaking, suddenly, five red envelopes in a row were sent out directly.


  "A hundred for the big bag!"

  "Five in a row!"

  "Ho ah~"


  "This Lady Chu is the one?"

  "I want a big hug!"

  A series of five brush a hundred large bag, the group suddenly exploded, those younger people are shouting to embrace the thighs.

  At this time, the group note as "Mrs. Chu" people spoke.

  "A few uncles and aunts, today is the January anniversary of my marriage to Wen Fei."

  "Tonight, Cloud View Hotel, a full banquet, Lafite and Maotai tube enough."

  "Everyone remember to come."

  After saying that, Mrs. Chu @ all the relatives in the group, except for Autumn Mu Orange's family.

  The entire time, Mrs. Chu didn't send a single expression, faintly texting and pretending to be a pusher in the group.

  When the crowd took a look, they were surprised and delighted ah.

  "So it's Ying Ying ah, why did you change the remarks?"


  "Taking such a bold and generous move, who else could it be if it's not our Autumn Family's great beauty Ying Ying?"


  "I go, the Cloudview Hotel?A five-star hotel, huh?"

  "A top-notch hotel second only to Haiyuan Court!"


  "Rafi Mautai is still enough pipe?"

  "Our niece is rich!"


  "O Mrs. Howe!"

  "It's good to be married to a good husband~"


  "Ying Ying, I want to hug my thigh~"

  The entire WeChat group had exploded at this time, almost the entire Qiu family was applauding and exclaiming, and some people even brushed off several thumbs up expressions on their faces.

  "Ying Ying don't worry, the uncles will definitely hold the party."

  "We'll definitely be there tonight."

  "The next generation of our Autumn family will have to count on Ying Ying."

  "Look at people, one shot is a five-star hotel and thatched wine."

  "I don't want a certain family member, who has no money and still acts generous, giving out ten yuan red envelopes, treating guests to a meal or a barbecue at the street stall.You don't mind getting dirty, but we're afraid of getting sick?"

  "Is that all the pattern this family has to offer?If you climb high now, it will hurt more to fall in the future."Just now, the second aunt Jiang Hong, who was fast Qiu Mu Orange has a brilliant future, but insinuated in the group ridiculed.

  Others followed suit, ridiculing the Qiu Mu Orange family with one word from you and one word from me, and comforting Qiu Mu Ying, saying that this project Qiu Mu Orange will definitely not do well, and that sooner or later it will still be your responsibility, and that the Qiu family is all about you.


  However, no one paid any attention to Han Li's complaints, and the people in the family group simply ignored them, still going out of their way to praise Autumn Muyoung, talking about how good she was, and taking the opportunity to belittle Autumn Muyoung Orange.


  "Autumn Fall, look at your group of relatives, they're a bunch of snobs and wallflowers~"

  "It was just one face, and now it's another."

  "It's just a bit of stinking money, isn't it?"

  "And that Qiu Laoshi's family, a month of marriage and a fart party ah, she just deliberately humiliated us on purpose."

  "It really pisses me off~"

  In the room, looking at those statements in the WeChat group, Han Li was almost angry to death.

  Qiu Lei was also filled with anger, and only felt that Qiu Mu Ying and her family were deliberately in their face ah.

  "Hmph, they love to come or not, we'll eat ours."Qiu Lei raged.

  However, Han Li was shaking her head, and after thinking about it, she said, "That won't do, I haven't eaten the Full House yet, and there are tens of thousands of bottles of red wine I also want to drink."

  Qiu Lei was stunned, "What do you mean?"

  Han Li ignored him, then continued to speak in the WeChat group, "Ying Ying, congratulations.Our family and Mu Orange are definitely going to give you a show tonight."

  "What?His third aunt, aren't you going to celebrate your daughter at night, so busy, I think it's better if your family doesn't come."This cheeky look of Han's also stunned the crowd in the group.

  "It's fine, we'll celebrate another day."Han Li matched the expression of a haha giggle.

  At this time, however, Lady Chu spoke again, "Third aunt, I'm so sorry you're late.We've just had seats booked for just the right people.There's no more sitting for your family."

  "How about Third Aunt, you guys should go to the roadside stall and have a barbecue, after which my husband will reimburse you.Anyway, I'm used to the roadside stall's rice my sister Mu Orange is used to eating, and she can't eat the Full House kind of mountain and sea food, and I guess it doesn't fit your family's appetite."

  After "Madame Chu" spoke, the WeChat group was then all laughing expressions, and the rest of the Qiu family echoed.

  "Ying Ying is right, her third aunt, ah, you take Mu Orange with you, it's better to go eat at a roadside stall."

  "The Cloud View Hotel is not for you guys~"


  In the villa, Qiu Mu Ying, who had finished sending the message, looked at the WeChat message and a smug sneer appeared on her lips.

  "Qiu Mu Orange, fight with this Miss, I'll make your family lose face!"


Willow Garden District.

  Within the room, Han Li and her husband and wife were already close to being mad.

  The old faces were red, and those words of Autumn Mu Ying had undoubtedly disgraced their family.

  "It's all your fault, you're a wimp."

  "If it wasn't for nothing, how could our family be humiliated like this."

  After being frustrated in the WeChat group, Han Li, however, spread her heart full of suffocation and humiliation all over the house, arguing and screaming at Qiu Lei.

  So much so that Qiu Mu Orange, who had returned to her bedroom, was also disturbed.

  "Mom, what are you guys arguing about again?Can we be quiet now, I'm still in the office?"Now that the office that belonged to her in the company hadn't been packed out yet, Autumn Mu Orange could only deal with company affairs at home first for the next day or two.

  "Read the WeChat group yourself."

  "That cousin of yours, Qiu Mu Ying, is simply not a thing."Han Li was trembling with anger and scolded viciously.

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't know what was going on, so she also picked up her phone and opened WeChat, and then she saw the already 99+ messages in the family group.

  Qiu Mu Orange looked over one by one, and when she saw the humiliation that Qiu Mu Ying had inflicted on herself, as well as the disparagement that everyone in the Qiu family had inflicted on her, Qiu Mu Orange's face undoubtedly turned ugly as well, and she felt angry and furious.

  "Mom, what are you trying to do!"

  "Who asked you to buy them dinner?"

  "Did you ask my permission?"

  "Now it's done, humiliating the entire Autumn family."

  "The little bit of dignity your daughter earned back so easily is all lost to you!"

  "You don't need to be in charge of my business from now on!"

  Qiu Mu Orange's entire being was also pissed off, and her eyebrows were red as she yelled at Han Li.

  She was not only angry at the Qiu family's snobbishness, but also at her own mother.

  She wanted to go out of her way to treat her guests, but how did Qiu Mu Orange not expect that halfway her own mother would also turn her head, run to kneel and lick Qiu Mu Ying's face to scrounge up food and drink, and the key was to pull her own name?

  "Would you shame not to take me with you!"

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't want to stay at home for a moment now, she was simply fed up, it was just as well that the Qiu family was giving her a hard time, her own mother was also not fighting to embarrass her.

  If it wasn't for Han Li's desire to show off, how could they lose this face today?

  "Look at the good daughter you've raised!"

  "And you're blaming me for it?"

  "Who is she to yell at me when she married a wimp herself and got our family into trouble?"

  Behind her came Han Li's angry curses.

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't want to hear any more and left with a bang as she closed the door with red, swollen eyes.

  This kind of parents, this kind of family, she really had enough.

  Sometimes, Qiu Mu Orange really wanted to leave this home, this home that was full of grumbling and fighting all day long.

  Even those few days in Jianghai, Qiu Mu Orange felt that it was easier than staying at home.

  However, she couldn't do it after all.

  No matter how bad and mercenary Han Li was, she was still her mother after all.

  How could she ignore the grace of birth and upbringing.

  "Mu Orange, what's wrong?"

  As soon as Qiu Mu Orange went downstairs, she met Ye Fan who was back.

  In the past, Ye Fan was seldom at home, Qiu Mu Orange had to go to work, and Ye Fan went to stay outside by himself after finishing his chores, waiting for Qiu Mu Orange to get off work.

  There are some people he can't afford to provoke, but he can still afford to hide.

  At this time, when Ye Fan had just returned, he saw Qiu Mu Orange's red eyes and couldn't help but wonder.

  Qiu Mu Orange rubbed her eyes and faintly said, "It's fine, the sand got lost in my eyes."

  In that family group, there was no Ye Fan at all.So, the things in the group, Ye Fan didn't even know.

  He didn't know that Han Li was going to celebrate for Qiu Mu Orange and ended up getting hit in the face, let alone that Qiu Mu Orange invited the Qiu family to the Cloud View Hotel for a big dinner with the reputation of Lady Chu.

  But even if Ye Fan knew, I'm afraid he wouldn't care and would just laugh it off.

  All along, these people, Qiu Mu Orange Chu Wen Fei, were just little people in his eyes, and if it wasn't for Qiu Mu Orange, they were afraid that it would be difficult for them to contact Ye Fan in this life.

  Seeing that Qiu Mu Orange didn't want to say anything, Ye Fan didn't ask any more questions, but said softly, "Do you have time tonight?"

  "What for?"Autumn Mu Orange looked at Evan.

  "Nothing to do, you've been promoted, celebrate.Let's go out for dinner."

  "No go."Celebrating again, when she heard this, a few hints of anger emerged again in Autumn Mu Orange's newly calmed heart.

  Apparently, Autumn Mucus Orange had remembered the family group again.

  There was no need to think about it, now she, Qiu Mu Orange, had definitely become the laughing stock of the entire Qiu family.

  Moreover, Autumn Mu Orange could also see that that Autumn Mu Ying was also deliberately humiliating her by inviting the whole family to dinner, but not allowing their family to go.Moreover, it was also chosen at the same time as celebrating her promotion, which was clearly an attempt to see her laugh.Showing off her Qiu Mu Ying's wedding banquet where everyone came to congratulate her, and her Qiu Mu Orange's promotion banquet where no one cared.

  Ye Fan wasn't surprised and seemed to have expected Qiu Mu Orange's reaction.

  After all, after all these years of marriage, but Autumn Muyoung Orange had never gone out to eat alone with Ye Fan.

  "Really not going?"

  "This is the president of the Red Flag Group, Xu Lei Xu who put up the scene."

  "Aren't you afraid that if you offend General Manager Xu, then the cooperation will blow?"Ye Fan smiled faintly.

  When Qiu Mu Orange heard this, her pretty face lifted and said anxiously, "Why didn't you say earlier, where and when?"

  "Moreover, the status of Xu is honorable, and this banquet shouldn't be invited by Xu, it should be invited by us."

  Qiu Mu Orange was a woman with a strong work ethic, she didn't go to Ye Fan's dinner party, and now Xu Lei's dinner party, of course she had to go, after all, it was a matter of company importance.

  "You don't have to worry about that.When the time comes, Xu will send a car to pick us up.Wait for the evening, we'll just wait at home."Before Ye Fan finished speaking, Autumn Mu Orange then left the district.

  "I'll go to the company first to prepare the materials for meeting General Manager Xu, I won't be back for lunch."

  Looking at the mannish and intoxicating silhouette in front of him, but Ye Fan's lips curled up and smiled faintly, "Mu Orange, sooner or later you will know that no matter how noble Xu Lei's identity is, it's not as good as you."

  "In my eyes, Ten Mile Spring Breeze is not even as good as you alone~"

  Time, it was soon evening.

  The family WeChat group was once again lively.

  "Ying Ying, we're leaving ha?"

  "I'll meet you in front of the Cloud View Hotel."

  "That his third aunt, have you found your barbecue stall for the night, do you want us to give you a ride?"



  In the family group, the Qiu Mu Orange family had been reduced to a laughingstock, with many people speaking up, full of ridicule.

  Han Li looked so angry that she ended up just turning off her phone and stopped watching .

  "Hmph, it's just a broken meal, isn't it?"

  "We don't care yet?"Han Li cursed.

  But at this time, Qiu Mucheng has already returned home early, make-up and dressing up, changing into a delicate and capable professional OL fashion.

  The slim skirt will Qiu Mu orange slim perfect body, all outline out, slender jade legs, snow white skin, sexy high heels, three thousand green silk high erected, this time Qiu Mu orange is a few less cool, more professional temptation, more beautiful and charming.

  "Mu Orange, Xu's car is here, come down."

  The phone rang, it was a call from Ye Fan.

  Qiu Mu Orange gave a hmmm and also went downstairs.

  Downstairs, a Mercedes-Benz S600 was parked there.Xu Lei personally came to pick it up, but after seeing Qiu Mu Orange, she smiled slightly, "I've long heard that Miss Qiu's face is stunningly beautiful and intoxicating, but today, I really find it pleasing to the eye.No wonder it has enchanted some people so much that they are willing to give up the beauty of the entire world for you."

  Ye Fan at the side pretended not to hear, but turned his head to look elsewhere.

  Qiu Mu Orange smiled somewhat shyly, "Mr. Xu is joking."

  After that, the three of them didn't stop any longer, Xu Lei drove the car, and the three of them left the community and drove towards a restaurant.

  At the same time, outside the Qiu family's old mansion, the number of cars, but also all together set off, get up to go to Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei's two invitations to the banquet.


  The wind was chilly and the wheels were flying.

  The orange light tore open the sky, the number of cars, two groups of people, but gallop in the Yunzhou night.

  Under the moonlit night, all that is like a beastly engine roar.


Cloud View Hotel.

  By the time Chu Wenfei and the others arrived, the sky was already dark and the lights were beginning to come on.

  At this point, it was exactly the time when the nightlife had just started, and the number of people going out to eat was also high.As one of the few five-star hotels in Yunzhou, the Yunjing Hotel naturally had many guests, and there were already cars parked in front of the hotel.

  "Ying Ying, Wen Fei, there are so many cars, is there still a parking space inside?"Qiu Mu Orange's second aunt Jiang Hong, however, was worried.

  Qiu Mu Ying waved her hand, but calmly smiled: "Rest assured, my husband is who, Mr. Chu of Yunzhou.You forget the last time, this hotel's young master Shen Fei are personally out to meet.As long as my husband is here, anything is a small matter, all of it will be settled for you."

  Chu Wenfei also cleared his throat at this time and faintly pretended, "Second aunt, with me here, you guys, just let a hundred hearts go."


  "Still, Wen Fei has face."

  "Unlike that wimpy husband of the Qiu Mu Orange family."

  "Ying Ying, you don't have to worry about that project with the Red Flag Group.Sooner or later it will be yours, Autumn Mu Orange simply isn't that material and can't handle it."

  Jiang Hong and the others praised Chu Wenfei while comforting to Qiu Mu Ying.

  Between a few people talking, but in front of them, there came over and knocked on Chu Wenfei's window: "Sir, there are no parking spaces and the road is blocked, you guys wait here first and let the car in front go out."


  "Make us wait?"

  "Don't you have eyes, you know who we are?"

  "My husband, even if your hotel CEO sees you, he has to respectfully call out to you as Mr. Chu.In this Yunzhou, where is there a place for us to wait for others only?"This just pretended in front of his own second aunt, and right after the security guard told him to wait here, Qiu Mu Ying naturally was not happy, and directly scolded that security guard without good temper.

  The security guard also came to the temper, grinned: "Well, you still don't listen to the well-intentioned advice.Then, if you have the ability to drive forward?You're all responsible for the dismemberment.You guys have more money to pay for it."

  "A broken Mercedes-Benz C-class, but it also has the nerve to play big and put up a fight here."

  After the security guard said that, he didn't bother to pay attention to them, and turned around and went to direct other cars.

  "Honey, don't listen to them, let's squeeze forward."

  "Waiting here on this hot day, is it going to kill us in the heat?"Qiu Muying, however, did not know the importance of it.

  However, Chu Wenfei looked at those cars in front of him, what Porsche, Maserati, all of which were multi-million dollar luxury cars, and suddenly his scalp went numb.

  If this damned thing really rubbed up against it, how much would it have to pay?

  "Ying Ying, just wait.The traffic ahead is jammed, we can't squeeze through."Chu Wenfei consoled.

  Qiu Muying had no choice but to curse and complain there.

  At this time, however, Qiu Mu Ying noticed a Mercedes-Benz S600 driving over from the road, not turning at the gate, but going directly to the other gate of the hotel.

  The gate opened automatically, all the way unimpeded, and the car just casually drove into the Cloud View Hotel without any hindrance at all.

  When Qiu Mu Ying took a look, she then called out to a security guard and asked, "How did that car just drive in so casually?"

  "That's the supreme passage of our hotel, no one in general can go there."The security guard explained.

  Qiu Mu Ying's eyes lit up as soon as she heard it, then she smiled, "We're not ordinary people.Honey, let's go, let's turn around and take that supreme passageway over there."

  Chu Wenfei's heart, however, was a bit empty: "Will it work?"

  "Why can't we.You've forgotten, Shen Jiuyi Shen has specially invited us.Your hall Mr. Chu, taking a supreme passage is still not smooth.These commoner passages are only taken by those turtles."Qiu Mu Ying was very proud, then greeted a group of relatives to also go over with them and enjoy that superhuman supreme service together.

  Soon, a few cars from the Qiu family drove over, and the security guard who had been scolded by Qiu Mu Ying before, saw Chu Wenfei and the others had gone to the supreme passage, and sneered, "Just you guys?A bunch of turtles, still taking the supreme passage and humiliating themselves?"

  As expected.

  When they reached the door, Chu Wenfei and the others were stopped, not even opening the door for them, let alone letting them in.

  Qiu Muying was not happy and got off to theorize with them, pointing in the direction of the Mercedes Benz just now while angrily asking, "By what authority?Why the hell should they be allowed in and we can't?!"

  "Why so much on what grounds?This supreme passage is not something you're qualified to enter, so get out of here!"The security guards but directly drove people, are not willing to talk nonsense with them.

  At this time, the previous Mercedes-Benz S600 has been turned off and parked, the car door opened, a man and two women three figures walked down from the car.

  By the dim light, looking at the three figures that stepped out of the car, as well as the somewhat vaguely blurred outlines of their faces, Jiang Hong Qiuguang and the others were stunned.


  "That guy, why does he look so much like Autumn Mu Orange?"

  "Damn, that man's back looks a bit like that wimp Ye Fan, too!"

  The Qiu family crowd was trembling.

  "Fart Autumn Mu Orange!?"

  "How can they afford to drive a Mercedes if they're a family of turtles?Still the top of the line is an S600."

  "Not to mention, this is a five-star hotel, so where do they get the money to eat here, let alone take the Supreme Passage?"

  Qiu Mu Ying, however, said disdainfully.

  The others also nodded: "Also, with that poor look in his family, and married to a wimp husband, if he doesn't rely on others, he probably won't be able to go to a five-star hotel to eat in his life."

  The Qiu family didn't think much more about it, only thinking that they were wrong.

  Qiu Muying yelled at the security guard at the door again, and when they saw that the other party was dead set against opening the door for them, they had no choice but to run back to the same place with a grey face and continue waiting.

  The first thing that happened was that they were not able to open the door, and they had no choice but to run back to the same place and continue waiting.Rather, Wang Qiaoyu was still there, "I guess that security guard is new and doesn't know Wenfei.If not, my family's Wenfei appeared, what can't be done?".

  "Shen Jiuyi is dying to stammer, the hotel CEO honors Mr. Chu, and my Wenfei is a big family."

  The others listened and just nodded and smiled.

  Finally, after Chu Wenfei and the others had warmed up outside for half an hour, the way to this entrance was finally clear, and the family then drove in to the hotel.

  "Sir, do you have a reservation?"At this moment, a man dressed as a waiter walked over.

  Chu Wenfei looked at him, "Are you the boss here?"

  The waiter was a little confused, but still answered honestly that it wasn't.

  "That says nothing.Let your CEO come over, even if I, Mr. Chu Wenfei Chu, arrive, tell him to come over and receive."Chu Wenfei said arrogantly, pretending to be something else.

  Many people around him looked over sideways and thought to themselves, who is this big rack, and who is the dignitary?

  The waiter was stunned and didn't dare to disobey, so he actually went upstairs to report.

  In a moment, a middle-aged man dressed in a suit came over with a smile, "Sir, I'm sorry, but our CEO has something to do, let me take care of the reception.I'm the front desk manager here, if you have any requests, feel free to mention them, after all, they are all Mr. Chu's relatives."

  This manager obviously recognized Chu Wenfei as well, the last time Shen Jiuyi cleared the room for a banquet to invite Ye Fan, he was there, so he naturally knew that these people were all Ye Fan's relatives.So, punching Ye Fan's face, he was polite to them as well.

  "Just a small manager, but you also know us?That's fine, make it work."

  "See all of us, find the best seat in the house.Also, that full table from last time, a table for another set."

  Chu Wenfei said with so much arrogance that his nostrils were almost facing the sky.

  "Wen Fei's face is really big, the manager even came to greet him personally."On the side of the second aunt Jiang Huang but lamented, however she light into Chu Wenfei, but did not pay attention to the road ahead, directly hit one person.

  "Sorry, sorry."The non-rich and noble in this, Jiang Hong is afraid of bumping into some big person, even respectful apology.

  "It's fine, Second Aunt, I don't mind."

  "Ha, then thank this gentleman..."

  Seeing that the other party didn't mind, Jiang Hong then let out a sigh of relief and turned around to make way for him.

  But, slow down, why did that voice just now sound familiar?

  You call yourself "Auntie"?

  Is it?

  As if Jiang Hong had realized something, he looked up.


  "Why are you here, you wimp?"

  Jiang Hong called out directly.


Jiang Hong was mad, her whole body was like seeing a ghost.

  She had never thought that the person she just bumped into was that door-to-door son-in-law Ye Fan.

  "Still don't mind?"

  "I'll fuck you up!"

  "You're a wimpy son-in-law, do you have the right to mind?"

  "What a laugh, a son-in-law on the doorstep, a poor bastard in the country, you girl here to put up a show for me and say you don't mind?"

  Jiang Hong was all pissed off and laughed, only thinking that Ye Fan was an idiot, simply a frakking idiot.

  If you were a big man, it would be appropriate to say this.But you're just a poor loser from the countryside who got lucky enough to enter their Qiu family, or a lousy son-in-law, and you still don't mind?

  "Where the fuck do you get the confidence!"

  Jiang Hong scolded disdainfully, only feeling that it was simply bad luck to be met by such a person.

  The others were attracted by Jiang Hong's words and apparently forgot to come over, seeing Ye Fan here, they were all shocked.

  "Ye Fan?"

  "Holy shit, you're really shady!"

  "I didn't drag you here last time, you followed me here in deadly shame, and this time, you're so brazen?"

  "Did we fucking let you come?"

  Qiu Mu Ying was also cursing furiously.

  It was the first time she had seen such a shameless person,.

  "That's right, what a shameless person, invincible."Second Aunt Jiang Hong also scolded in disgust.

  "Second aunt, Autumn Mu Ying, don't misunderstand.We didn't come here with you, but someone invited us to have dinner here, it has nothing to do with you."At this time, Autumn Muyoung, who had just come out of the toilet, apparently also saw Jiang Hong and the others, came over and said coldly.

  As soon as Wang Qiaoyu heard this, she laughed, "Just you guys?Treating you to dinner, or in this five-star hotel?Don't be ridiculous, I think you guys just want to get in my Wenfei's good graces and come here to rub it in."

  "Last time you rubbed up against me, but you're still coming this time.I've never really seen a couple as brazen as you."

  Chu Wenfei also came out at this time and smiled faintly, "Mom, meet them with people like them.Since people say they have a dinner party and won't come with us, let them be.People have money."

  "That's right, Manager Wang is it, did you hear what they said, although the couple and I are relatives, they don't eat with us, so when you count, count separately.We count ours, they count theirs.For the two of them, what should your hotel count, no need to give them free discounts or anything like that because of me."

  "After all, it's not easy for everyone to make money, and no one's money comes from a big wind.This kind of mercenary person who always wants to take advantage of others should definitely not be used to it."

  "Did you hear that?"

  Chu Wenfei patted that manager Wang's shoulder, but he was smiling coldly.

  Manager Wang didn't dare to speak, but instead looked at Ye Fan.

  Ye Fan also nodded, "Yes, Manager Wang.Just follow Mr. Chu Wenfei Chu's words, and settle the account later, how it should be settled, no need to worry about anyone's face."

  The corner of Ye Fan's mouth, however, carried an inexplicable smile, and after saying that, he also left with Qiu Mu Orange.

  "This wimp, he can really pretend ah?"

  "I really think that this five-star hotel can be afforded by any random person."

  "Without my Wenfei to pay the bill, I'll see what you'll take when you pay the bill later."The Autumn Muying family smiled proudly.

  "That's right, that's right.This couple is really a strange couple.Wanting to scrounge up food and drink without saying anything, but still so proud?"

  "It's just a puffed up face!"The Qiu family crowd also scoffed, looking at Ye Fan and his wife as if they were watching a joke.

  "Alright, two jumping clowns are just clowns.What are the uncles angry with them, don't spoil the good mood tonight."

  "Everyone quickly take your seats."

  "We'll eat with open arms later."

  "Order whatever you want, just pick the expensive ones."

  "I, Chu Wenfei, don't mind money!"

  Chu Wenfei is very bold, anyway, that day Shen Jiuyi has said, he Mr. Chu eat here, all free of charge, he is afraid of nothing.This forced not to pretend for nothing.

  So, Chu Wenfei and his wife then greeted the crowd and took their seats.

  When ordering the meal, Chu Wenfei was also very bold.

  One page at a time, the prices were ordered without even looking at them, without blinking an eye.

  "Wenfei, it's ready.We can't finish the Full Han banquet already, so what's the point of ordering so many more dishes?"

  "Isn't this a waste?"Jiang Hong and the others were even advised.

  Chu Wenfei and Autumn Muying, however, did not care at all.

  "It's fine, Second Aunt."

  "Our family doesn't care about money!"

  "Order a few more, and try all kinds of dishes."

  "And take a look at the wine, a few uncles as well."

  "Don't worry about the price, order whatever you want, and have a few bottles if you want."

  What is bold!

  That's fucking heroic!

  The Qiu family was close to being hoovered up by Chu Wenfei.

  Soon, the wine and food began to be served.

  The Qiu family ate a table full of luxurious dishes, and drank the light easily thousands, heavy easily tens of thousands, and even the collection level of expensive red wine, but it was so comfortable.


  "Ying Ying has a good husband ah."

  "Wen Fei this son-in-law is good!"


  "Qiao Yu, we're really envious of your family."


  "We're all in Ying Ying's good graces this time~"


  "Other than a face, what else can Qiu Mu Orange compare to Ying Ying?"

  "My parents are incompetent and my husband is a loser~"


  "Especially that Ye Fan, just a poor countryside loser~"

  "Compared to Wen Fei, he's an ass!"


  "Ying Ying, you are, ah, destined to trample Autumn Mu Orange under your feet for the rest of your life~"

  "Qiu Mu Orange married a loser. Her life is over. She'll never catch up with you."


  At the dinner table, Qiu Guang, Jiang Hong and the others were drunk, but they had no qualms about saying anything.

  But without exception, they were all words that touted Qiu Mu Ying's family .

  At this time, Chu Wenfei and his wife were almost floating in the air, complacent to the extreme.

  This kind of feeling of being touted, it's so good.

  And while eating and drinking on this side was high, Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange and the others were also talking to Xu Lei in the private room.

  "Mr. Xu, when are we going to sign that contract?"The first time she ate with a legendary woman like Xu Lei, but Autumn Mu Orange was a little nervous and didn't know what to say at all, so she ended up having to talk about the contract.

  "As long as your husband is willing, at any time."This graceful and graceful woman, even the way she sat was so elegant.

  At this time, Xu Lei Qing was sipping red wine, looking at Ye Fan and smiling faintly.

  Ye Fan gave a bitter smile, "You two, don't get involved in my affairs.I'm just here to rub it in."

  Qiu Mu Orange also thought that Xu Lei was joking, then asked, "Mr. Xu, there are some payments in the contract that I've modified again, would you like to take a look?But don't worry, Mr. Xu, these contracts I've added are all beneficial to your company."

  Xu Lei nodded, "Just let your husband look at them.If he thinks it's okay, I'm fine with it."

  Ye Fan: "........"

  The corner of Ye Fan's eyes twitched, full of bitterness, Xu Lei, this demon, would die if she didn't involve herself, right?Isn't that deliberately increasing the tension between husband and wife?

  "You really know how to joke, Mr. Xu."Qiu Mu Orange also Xu Lei laughed awkwardly, and then stared at Ye Fan fiercely.

  That look seemed to say again, go home and settle the score with you.

  However, at this time, someone knocked on the door outside the private room.

  "Come in."Ye Fan replied.

  Qiu Mu Orange privately kicked Ye Fan lightly, secretly saying, are you the master or is Xu always the master, where is the reason why you say come in?

  Ye Fan was even more helpless.

  At this time, the people outside had come in, and it was indeed that manager Wang who was at the front desk before.

  Seeing Ye Fan, Manager Wang greeted him respectfully, then smiled bitterly and said, "Mr. Chu, originally, those outside are your relatives, and for your sake, our hotel should have waived the bill, but their consumption tonight is a bit too high, so..."

  Manager Wang was going to say that he could only give them a discount, and I'm afraid that a free bill won't work.

  But as soon as Ye Fan heard that, he laughed.

  "Manager Wang, didn't you just say that?"

  "We'll count us, they'll count them.For those people, what should your hotel count, without having to give them free discounts or anything like that because of me."

  "After all, it's not easy for everyone to make money, and no one's money comes from a big wind.This kind of mercenary person who always wants to take advantage of others should definitely not be used to it."

  Ye Fan repeated Chu Wenfei's previous words again, if Chu Wenfei and the others were here, they would probably have to be angry with Ye Fan.

  "Alright, Mr. Chu.Since you've spoken, we'll do as you wish."As soon as Manager Wang heard this, he had no more worries and turned his head to do it.

  "Right, that I'll ask, how much did they eat tonight, exactly?Let this five-star hotel of yours be overwhelmed?"But Ye Fan was a little curious.


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