The unknown Heir 905


Chapter 905

"Brother Chen, who is it?"

    Brother Chen looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    "I don't know, it's a man, he's the one who sent this envelope, saying he wants to play games with me, psycho!"

    Chen Hao didn't have the good sense to preach.

    What time is it, still playing games with themselves, Chen Hao didn't want to bother with so much.

    It really made them a little worried, and they thought that the Fire Ghost King hadn't died.

    As for this man's identity, Chen Hao didn't want to know either.

    After hearing Chen Hao's words, the three Chen brothers didn't ask any more questions, they felt that it might really be just a prank.

    But everything was not as simple as Chen Hao imagined.

    On this day, Chen Hao took Brother Chen out to buy something together.

    They hadn't rested for a long time, so today they wanted to buy some good things and cook a meal together.

    Chen Hao went to the supermarket with Brother Chen and came out of the supermarket with two large bags of stuff in each hand.


    Just at this moment, a loud bang cut through.

    The powerful impact instantly overturned the entire surrounding area, and countless cars and shop windows were shattered by the explosion.

    Chen Hao and Brother Chen were also overturned by the wave and fell to the ground, scattering everything in their hands.

    That's right, a car not far in front of their eyes had exploded.

    "Division.Brother Chen, it's our car!"

    Brother Chen reacted and looked towards the blown up car, immediately screaming out at Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao immediately got up and walked up to check it out.

    Sure enough, at a glance, it was indeed his own car.

    The car had been completely scrapped, and it was still on fire.

    Soon, the military engine department and firefighters arrived at the scene, and checked the car and put out the fire.

    Chen Hao and the two of them were once again invited back to the military engine department.

    "After investigation, your car was fitted with a kind of fuse, and the firefighters found some debris at the scene, so it seems that your car has been deliberately tampered with."

    "But fortunately, neither of you were in the car, and you dodged a bullet!"

    An inspector came in with information and looked at Chen Hao and Brother Chen to tell them.

    "Do you know who did this to you?"

    The inspector was again asking the two towards Chen Hao.

    After hearing this, Chen Hao flinched for a moment before replying, "I'm not sure, it's probably someone playing a prank."

    But don't tell me if the other inspectors believed this, Chen Hao and Brother Chen themselves didn't believe it.

    However, Chen Hao didn't want to involve the people from the military machine department, it seemed that this matter was definitely related to the man who had called last time.

    At this time, Chen Hao's heart was incomparably angry.

    It was unthinkable that the other party would dare to make a move against him, so Chen Hao would definitely not let them go.

    Immediately afterwards, Chen Hao and the two of them went through the formalities and left the military engine office, returning home by car.

    Seeing Chen Hao return home safely, the stone in Zhen Ji's heart was once again put down.

    When they found out that Chen Hao's car had exploded, not to mention how scared and worried they were.


    Then at that moment, Chen Hao's phone rang.

    Chen Hao didn't need to guess to know that it was definitely that strange man calling.

    Chen Hao directly answered it.

    "Bastard, what exactly do you want?Let me find you, and I'll kill you!"

    Chen Hao cursed angrily at the other party.

    "Oh, Mr. Chen Hao, don't get angry, I was just playing a little joke with you, who didn't want you to play games with me."

    Just hear the other party respond with a very strange voice laughing at Chen Hao.

    A small joke?

    This was a big bang, and to be called a small joke by this person was really too much for Chen Hao to endure.

    "What exactly do you want to play?"

    Chen Hao calmed himself down and questioned the man on the other end of the phone.


    "Mr. Chen Hao, I know what you're capable of and I admire you for it, so this game can only be played by you and me."

    "Do you remember that purple envelope I gave you?There's a six-pointed star pattern on the paper, which represents each different area where a different thing happens, which could be a person or a thing, and it's all up to you to find out."

    "Right.There are winners and losers in the game, but if you win, I can give you an address where you can save that person, and of course, if you lose, that person will have to die!"

    Just listening to the strange man, he recounted the rules of the game to Chen Hao.

    "You bastard, what if I don't agree?"

    Chen Hao cursed angrily again.


    "Mr. Chen Hao, I'm sure you must have felt the power of that explosion, right?If you don't play with me, then I can't guarantee where the next explosion will occur, and you'll be responsible for the deaths of all those people who died because of you!"

    The strange man laughed at this and said.

    "Well, Mr. Chen Hao, it's your decision, someone will give you a new envelope tomorrow morning, play or not!"

    The strange man then reminded Chen Hao again, and then just hung up the phone, not giving Chen Hao any chance to reply at all.

    Chen Hao angrily threw the phone aside.

    "Brother Chen, what exactly does this man want to do?"

    Brother Chen also asked with a tight frown.

    "Looks like we have no choice but to play games with him right now!"

    Chen Hao had no choice but to compromise.

    Moreover, he didn't even know the other party's true identity right now, so he could only follow what the other party said to find clues.

    From what he could hear on the phone, Chen Hao knew that there must still be a few hostages in the hands of this strange man, and if Chen Hao didn't play, then these hostages would definitely be in danger, and then Chen Hao would truly be a sinner.

    This night, Chen Hao did not sleep, and it could be described as a sleepless night.

    Early the next morning, Chen Hao went to the office by himself.

    As soon as he arrived at the door of the office, Chen Hao saw a letter placed at the door of the office, and it was indeed the same familiar purple color.

    Chen Hao immediately picked up the envelope, then opened the door and entered the office to check it out.

    Opening the envelope, there was a sentence written on the paper inside.

    "Fly three thousand feet down!"

    Seeing this sentence, Chen Hao had a moment of confusion.

    Wasn't this an ancient verse?

    What does it mean to give yourself an old verse from the other side?

    What exactly did this contain represent.

    Chen Hao then began to open his computer, searching for any clues and information about this ancient poem.

    Only that Chen Hao couldn't figure out what this ancient poem could mean at all.


    Just then, Chen Hao's phone rang.

    Chen Hao immediately took it out and saw that it was a news text message.

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