The King of Kungfu in school 76-80

Chapter 76

Cao Yan looked at Xie Lin Yu and really wanted to tell him that Tang Zichen was already hitting on Li Xuan'er and had warned him not to touch her yesterday at the construction site.

However, Cao Yan didn't dare to say it because he had already violated the Evil Youngster Agreement by trying to secretly chase Li Xuan'er in secret.

At this moment, all the students in the school were in class.

Suddenly, the school radio rang out.

"Hey hey, please Tang Zichen go to the 5th floor of the staff building to attend the plenary meeting of the Evil Youth Committee, the announcement is played again, please Tang Zichen, Senior Class 32, please go to the 5th floor of the staff building to attend the plenary meeting of the Evil Youth Committee after hearing the announcement."

Tang Zichen was stunned when he heard the announcement, everyone was in quiet class at this time ah.

In class 32, it happened to be the class teacher Chen Tianming's class, Chen Tianming was lecturing, but a sudden announcement interrupted him.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and has been working on the new product for a long time.

Chen Tianming stopped his lecture and smashed his chalk against the lectern table, pain held inside.

The entire class of 32 students all looked at Tang Zichen, including Liu Xiangyun.

The first time I was in the class, I had to wait until the end of the class to make a public announcement, but now the whole school is in class. The first website

Tang Zichen didn't intend to go to any plenary session.

Chen Tianming saw that Tang Zichen wasn't going to leave the class and said with a black face, "Continue with class."

Just then, Chen Tianming's phone rang, and when he looked, it was Jin Hu calling him.

Chen Tianming was upset again, he ended up picking it up, just to see what, exactly, Jin Hu wanted to say.

"What for?"Chen Tianming didn't have a good mood.

"Teacher Chen, is Tang Zichen in the class?"Golden Tiger asked.

"What can I do for you?"

"That, you inform Tang Zichen and tell him to hurry over for the meeting."

Chen Tianming really wanted to smash his phone, what's with the meeting, making it so grand, as if it was more important than the class.

Chen Tianming said, "Don't interrupt my class anymore, I don't have time, you have to inform yourself."

Jin Hu's eyebrows furrowed, and he said angrily, "Teacher Chen, it would kill you to inform, take the phone to Tang Zichen, don't force me to do anything wrong to you."

Chen Tianming glared at Tang Zichen and said angrily, "It's for you."

Tang Zichen picked up the phone.

"Hello, who is it."

"It's me, Jin Hu."Jin Hu seemed to have the backing of the committee and spoke loudly.

"What for?"

"Tantzin, hurry over to the meeting."

"What if I don't go?"Don Zichen said.

"You're on your own with the consequences then."

Tang Zichen just felt funny.

Chen Tianming huffed, "Tang Zichen, please don't disturb the other students in class here."

Tang Zichen put down his phone, in that case, Tang Zichen went to hold a meeting of the Evil Youth Committee.

Tang Zichen left the class and went to the fifth floor of the staff building, a small room, this was the staff meeting room, only very few staff usually met here.

Tang Zichen walked in, five people were sitting inside.


bsp; Three of them knew each other, namely Wu Minghao, Jin Hu, and Cao Yan, while the other two did not know each other, and the five of them looked at Tang Zichen in unison.

"Tang Zichen, you've finally come."Xie Linyu said.

Tang Zichen didn't know this Xie Linyu, looked at Xie Linyu and smiled, "I'm sure the number one villain of Baiyun High School is you."

Xie Linyu was stunned, Tang Zichen actually misunderstood him as the number one evil teenager of White Cloud High School, Fang Hong was the number one evil teenager, this point Xie Linyu didn't dare to argue with Fang Hong, after all, Fang Hong was stronger and more evil than him, once Fang Hong was even stronger than three girls in the grove, this record hadn't been broken by any other evil teenager.

However, Fang Hong, who was sitting next to Xie Lin Yu, was upset: "What makes you so sure that he is the number one Evil Shao?Couldn't it have been me?"

Tang Zichen looked at Fang Hong and smiled: "This student, your face looks a bit weak, except for a lustful look between your eyebrows, you don't have any domineering face.And this one beside you, who is tall and big, with well-developed limbs, unkind eyes, and a fierce, grudging look between his eyebrows as if he had snatched his daughter-in-law, must not be weak in martial arts, trying to ask if such a person is not the chief evil, who is, so I conclude that he is the number one evil in Baiyun High School."

Fang Hong was furious, went so far as to say that he only had the image of a lusty gangster between his eyebrows, without any dominance, cursing: "I grass you?, you actually said that I look less domineering than him."

Tang Zichen said, "You really don't have the fierceness of a human parent."

Fang Hong roared, "Tang Zichen, listen to me, I'm the number one evil youngster of Baiyun High School, Fang Hong, do you have eyes?"

"Uh, you're the one, huh, so it's a mistake, no wonder His Excellency's tone is so unpleasant."Tang Zichen smiled, facing the gazes of several evil youngsters with a look of devoid of confidence.

Xie Lin Yu was afraid that Tang Zichen's words would make Fang Hong unhappy with him, he was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, you should cut the crap so much, it's time for a meeting, why don't you sit down and prepare for the meeting."

"Fine."Tang Zichen sat down, but wanted to see what kind of meeting was going to be held.

Xie Lin Yu said, "Fang Hong, people don't have eyesight and don't recognize you as the first evil youngster, this is his eye problem, why are you angry with him, hurry up and have the meeting."

Fang Hong glared at Tang Zichen and said in a serious manner, "Alright, everyone is here, let's start the meeting officially."

A few villains all glared at Tang Zichen and then looked at Fang Hong.

Fang Hong said, "Tang Zichen, today's meeting is mainly about you, the few of them are going to complain about you."

"Complaint against me for what?"Tang Zichen smiled.

"First, when Cao Yan was about to rape Song Yu'er yesterday, was it you who ruined his good fortune?"

"Yeah."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Tang Zichen, why are you sabotaging Cao Yan's good fortune, when Cao Yan had already stated that we were all campus villains, and you still insisted on this, didn't you?"

Tang Zichen said, "Cao Yan wants to rape women, do I have to see the strongest and not save them?"

Fang Hong knocked on the table, "Tang Zichen, you're wrong, you've violated our basic code of villainy.Why are you being rated as an evil youngster by the students?Not because you're good, but because you're evil.What is the most basic rule of evil?Cao Yan, you tell Tang Zichen."

Cao Yan snorted and said, "The basic rule of an evil young man is: only do bad things, not good things."

Fang Hong said, "Tang Zichen, do you hear me?You're merely trying to justify your actions yesterday, and the whole school knows what kind of person you are.However, the fact that you will find reasons to defend yourself in the face of my questioning is an indirect indication that you are full of scruples within you, that's not bad."

Tang Zichen laughed, "I'm full of scruples towards you inside?Are you sure you didn't tell a joke?"


Fang Hong said, "If you didn't have scruples against me, when I questioned you as to why you were destroying Cao Yan's good deeds, why did you have to make excuses that it was to save people.You could have said openly and honestly that you also wanted Song Yu'er, so the fact that you're making excuses is enough to show that you're full of scruples towards me inside."

"Funny, forget it, then let you continue to be self-righteous."Tang Zichen rolled his eyes, these people, look what they want to do.

Xie Lin Yu snorted, "Tang Zichen, everyone knows that Song Yu'er is the one Cao Yan has been chasing, it's fine if you don't help Cao Yan rape Song Yu'er, it's fine if you sabotage him, it's fine if you sabotage him, you still tie him up at the construction site, your behavior is despicable.Cao Yan complained to the committee today, the committee will definitely give Cao Yan justice."

"Haha, good justice, I'd like to see what kind of justice you want."Tang Zichen laughed.

Fang Hong knocked on the table and said, "Tang Zichen, please be serious.In addition to Cao Yan complaining about you, there is also Jin Hu, Jin Hu said that all the injuries on his body were caused by you, right?"

Tang Zichen nodded his head, "Yes."

"Tang Zichen, don't you have any sophistry?Since you are also a member of the committee, you naturally have the right of cunning, and if you feel aggrieved by any of the complaints, you can plead your case."

"No, really, none of the complaints have aggrieved me, all of them are not aggrieved."

"Tang Zichen, your tone is upsetting to me, you've done something wrong and you're crowing so much,"Fang Hong said.

"Haha, is that right?"

"Tang Zichen, Jin Hu has been chasing after Liu Xiangyun for a long time, and even I want to consider that Jin Hu is chasing after him and can't break the basic agreement between the evil youngsters, and yet you want to hit on Liu Xiangyun, you say yourself, are you still human?" Remember the URL

Tang Zichen said, "You forgot, I'm an evil youngster, evil youngsters don't talk about any rules, if an evil youngster still talks about basic agreements, then it's not an evil youngster."

"Uh."Several Evil Shao were stunned, what Tang Zichen said seemed to make some sense.

Fang Hong snorted, "Tang Zichen, you're saying that because you don't care about the other Evil Shaoos?"

"It's already obvious well, when did I ever put you guys in my eyes, you guys listen up, Liu Xiangyun, no one is allowed to touch her.As for Song Yu'er, you guys can do whatever you want."Tang Zichen warned, taking this opportunity to warn these evil youngsters not to harass his lady.But Song Yu'er was none of Tang Zichen's business, and that bodyguard of Song Yu'er's, Liu Yue, was no vegetarian, and her martial arts skills were definitely much better than these few evil youngsters.

Jin Hu, who was sitting on the side, was very upset and wanted to be angry, Liu Xiangyun had been the one he was chasing, and even Fang Hong and the others didn't steal from him, but now he was stolen by Tang Zichen, and acted as if he deserved it.

Jin Hu endured his anger and pleaded, "Fang Hong, you know, I've been chasing after Liu Xiangyun for a long time, Tang Zichen was mine before he became an evil youngster, you have to decide for me ah."

Fang Hong nodded and said, "Tang Zichen, Liu Xiangyun was indeed pursued by Jin Hu first, please follow the order of first come first served.If Jin Hu fails in his pursuit, then only you can go after her, this is the basic guideline issue of the Evil Younger."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen burst out laughing, what a day!

Big joke.

Tang Zichen said, "In a word, whoever dares to touch Liu Xiangyun, just weigh up the situation."

At that moment, Cao Yan said angrily, "Tang Zichen, you just said that Song Yu'er did whatever everyone else did, so what did you mean yesterday?Since you're not going after Song Yuer, why did you ruin my day yesterday?Fang Hong, you have to make decisions for me too, Tang Zichen is deliberately trying to make things difficult for me."

Fang Hong said, "Tang Zichen, how do you explain this?"

"Explain my ass, although I don't have any affection for Song Yu'er, I have to admit she's beautiful and I can't bear to see such a beautiful girl defiled by a pig, that's all."Tang Zichen said.

Cao Yan slapped the table and yelled, "Who are you calling a pig."

"Of course I'm saying you're a pig."

"You."Cao Yan was enraged to death, but what could he do if he couldn't beat someone and Tang Zichen understandably said he was a pig.

Fang Hong said, "Cao Yan, don't get excited, the committee will definitely give you justice, sit down first."Fang Hong made a roundabout, Cao Yan looked at Tang Zichen's arrogant look, he really wanted to stab him to death.

Fang Hong said, "Tang Zichen, you are disrespecting the Evil Younger like this, if others are equally disrespecting you, do you feel better?Tang Zichen, let's not talk about this between you and Cao Yan.Let's say you don't allow everyone to touch Liu Xiangyun, but you know what, you think the only one chasing Liu Xiangyun is Jin Hu?Wrong, Jin Hu is only chasing her among the villains, besides us few villains, there are genius masters, there are top students, and there are campus fanatics in the school.There are plenty of people chasing after Liu Xiangyun, and it's because of the great competition that we villains should join forces instead of competing with each other."

"Campus Fanatic Shao?"Tang Zichen really didn't know that Baiyun High School had campus mad youngsters in addition to campus evil youngsters.

Fang Hong said: "Nonsense, the five campus rampant youngsters are just as famous as our six campus rampant youngsters.The difference is, we are hated by everyone because the villains never do anything good.The Campus Five Mad Youngsters are different, they are mainly mad before they are recognized as Mad Youngsters."

"I sweat."Tang Zichen was speechless, how bored were the students of this Baiyun Middle School, they were both evil and mad.

"We six Evil Shao, and five Mad Shao, have always been on opposite sides, Mad Shao looks down on us Evil Shao, and we Evil Shao also look down on them Mad Shao.Tang Zichen, I'm not afraid to tell you that your Liu Xiangyun, apart from our Evil Shao's Jin Hu chasing after her, the Five Major Maniacs' Chen Zhijie is also chasing after her, so you can see for yourself.Do you think you can get Liu Xiangyun if you stop the Golden Tiger?"

Tang Zichen felt like laughing, the mad young man has come to join the fun, this Baiyun Middle School, it's too complicated.

Fang Hong turned his head and said to Jin Hu, "Jin Hu, forget it, since Tang Zichen wants Liu Xiangyun, then you let him have him, you've been chasing Liu Xiangyun for a long time anyway, it's not like you'll be able to catch up."

Jin Hu huffed, "I swear he can't chase after him either, Chen Zhijie of the Five Mad Men has most of the advantages over him."

Cao Yan busily asked, "What about me?Am I just going to be bullied by Tang Zichen for nothing?"

Fang Hong said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, you set up a table for ten or eight at noon and invite Cao Yan and all the evil youngsters and everyone else for a meal, let's leave this matter at that, what do you think?"


Tang Zichen smiled, "I don't have any money."

Fang Hong saw that Tang Zichen was not giving face and grunted, "Tang Zichen, can't you see that I'm already trying my best to coordinate between you and the other evil youngsters, and you still don't want to show a little bit of meaning?You like Liu Xiangyun, I've asked Jin Hu to transfer to you, shouldn't you set up a few tables to accompany Cao Yan?"

"Haha, why should I pay for it?Is Cao Yan still justified in raping women?"Tang Zichen laughed.

Xie Lin Yu said angrily, "Fang Hong, see, Tang Zichen doesn't give a damn about the Evil Youth Council, it's better not to talk to him."

Fang Hong said, "Tang Zichen, how about doing me a favor?"

Tang Zichen looked at Fang Hong, I heard that this Fang Hong, once in one day in the school's grove raped three girls in a row, that's why he was named the number one evil young man in Baiyun Middle School, how could Tang Zichen be with them, Tang Zichen snorted, "It's still somewhat possible if it's not for your face, but if it's for your face, then it's completely impossible."

Fang Hong's face pulled down and roared, "Tang Zichen, so you are definitely going against everyone, going against the basic agreement of our evil minority."

"Hahaha, so what if I break it?"Tang Zichen asked.

Xie Lin Yu yelled, "Tang Zichen, we are all evil, I advise you not to be so arrogant."

"So what if I'm arrogant?Xie Lin Yu, you just need to remember that my name is Tang Zichen, if you feel that you have the strength to play with me, Zichen doesn't mind accompanying me to the end, hehe, Zichen I love to take action against those who think they have superior abilities."

Xie Lin Yu saw Tang Zichen's fearless gaze and his body trembled. One second to remember to read the book

Fang Hong said, "Tang Zichen, don't be so grippy, do you really think you can fuck anyone by yourself?Do you know how many little brothers I have?Those genius experts at the school don't even dare to mess with me, what are you, you really want to force me to call someone?"

Tang Zichen said, "No harm, you can call out everyone you know, Zichen doesn't mind playing with you.Oh, I'll let you guys understand that Tzu-Chen never talks empty words.I have a hundred ways to make you guys stay, but you, there's nothing I can do about it."


"You all see, this kind of person, there's nothing more to say."Cao Yan was furious, originally Tang Zichen invited a table of ten or eight to give him an apology, he could also forget about this matter, he could also explain to his parents back home, so he wouldn't be so ashamed, but who knew, Tang Zichen didn't even give this face.No, he didn't even give Fang Hong's face and said such arrogant words.

Xie Lin Yu stood up and said with a gloomy face, "Tang Zichen, I heard that you are very good at martial arts and the three of them are no match for you, since you are so tuggy, you must be overconfident, so let me learn from you."

Tang Zichen laughed and sighed, "What kind of three-legged cats are trying to learn my martial arts skills."

"What did you say?Could it be that you despise me?"Xie Lin Yu raised his eyebrows and asked.

Tang Zichen nodded, "You still have the self-awareness to know that I look down on you."

"You?"Xie Lin Yu was angry and furious, he didn't expect to really look down on him.

"Fuck you, Tang Zichen, I've been putting up with you for a long time.I've just been putting up with you, and when Fang Hong wanted to give you a chance to apologize, I would've taken action to teach you a lesson."Xie Linyu slapped the table.

Tang Zichen said, "It seems like I'll have to fight you guys today."

"Tang Zichen, I count you as having self-awareness and knowing that there's no less than a battle with me."Xie Lin Yu also used the same words back to Tang Zichen.

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"Hahaha, you'll regret fighting me."

"Do I regret you."Xie Lin Yu rushed towards Tang Zichen.

Fang Hong didn't say anything at the moment, in fact, he had endured Tang Zichen for a long time, but he felt that Tang Zichen wasn't easy to provoke, that's why he didn't attack from the beginning, giving Tang Zichen a chance first, and trying to avoid a bad fight if he could.But I didn't expect Tang Zichen to be so dragging his feet that he wouldn't even invite a few tables to apologize, and he even made such a crazy statement.At this moment, since Xie Lin Yu couldn't tolerate Tang Zichen anymore, he could take this opportunity to see if Tang Zichen was really strong.

Everyone was focused on Xie Lin Yu, especially Jin Hu, Cao Yan and Wu Minghao, who wanted Tang Zichen to be taught a lesson to kill his power, for not giving a damn about other youngsters.

Xie Lin Yu rushed in front of Tang Zichen and suddenly his head banged into Tang Zichen.

Xie Lin Yu's strongest martial art was Iron Head Kung Fu, and his head was as hard as stone.

Tang Zichen's hand grabbed the top of Xie Linyu's head in an instant and it was difficult for Xie Linyu's head to move forward.

Tang Zichen grabbed Xie Lingyu's head and threw it out the window.

"Clang."It broke the glass and threw him out of the window.

"Ah."A few of the villains were shocked, Xie Linyu's iron head was useless in front of Tang Zichen, throwing him out in one go.

Tang Zichen looked at Fang Hong, then swept his eyes at Cao Yan, Jin Hu, and Wu Minghao respectively, and said, "Who else is there?"

Jin Hu, Cao Yan, and Wu Minghao all trembled, while Fang Hong's brows furrowed.

Xie Lin Yu climbed up from the outside corridor and looked at Tang Zichen with a palpable heart.

The scene was quiet, no one even spoke until several minutes later, Fang Hong broke the silence and hummed, "Tang Zichen, you're really good at two things, no wonder you feel so bold against me."

Tang Zichen looked at Fang Hong and said, "Again, just remember, my name is Tang Zichen, if you feel you have the strength to play with me, I don't mind playing with you to the end.If you feel that you don't have the strength to play with me, just be a little more peaceful in front of me."

Cao Yan, Jin Hu, Wu Minghao, and Xie Linyu all looked at Fang Hong expectantly, Tang Zichen had said so, if you have the strength to play with him, you will accompany him to the end, whether Fang Hong has the strength to play with Tang Zichen or not, go ahead and say it.

Fang Hong's face was drawn, the words toppled him into a corner, he was indeed scrupulous about Tang Zichen's strength.

Wu Minghao was busy saying, "Fang Hong, say something instead, didn't you just say that you have a lot of little brothers?Then you should have the strength to play with Tang Zichen ah, hurry up and say it."

Tang Zichen saw that Fang Hong was hesitant and very scrupulous, and smiled, "Oh, I, Tang Zichen, love to play with people who think they have superior abilities."

Fang Hong gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, don't be overly arrogant, my stomach is a bit uncomfortable today and I need to go to the hospital to get some medicine first.I won't play with you for the time being, but remember, I'm Fang Hong, the number one evil youngster of Baiyun High School, I'm going to play with you, and I also have a hundred ways to make you get nowhere."

"Hahaha, I remember, since you have an upset stomach today, forget it.Remember what I said, give me some peace in front of me."

Tang Zichen walked away with a pop at the corner of his mouth.

Jin Hu, Cao Yan, Wu Minghao, Xie Linyu, the four of them looked at Fang Hong all disappointed for a while, and expected him to play with Tang Zichen, Nima, what rotten excuse, stomach pain.

However, the four of them didn't dare to say anything, after all, Fang Hong's power wasn't something they could fight against.


Tang Zichen went back to his class, the English teacher was in the middle of the lesson, the English teacher's eyes were full of contempt for Tang Zichen, his mouth softly hummed, "Scum".

There was a reason why the English teacher dared to despise Tang Zichen so much.

One of the campus mad youngsters, Chen Zhijie, was the English teacher's cousin.

With Tang Zichen's martial arts skills naturally heard what he said, Tang Zichen was a little depressed, how he became like a street rat.However, Tang Zichen couldn't go up and beat him up, after all, he didn't curse out loud.

Tang Zichen didn't care if people called him evil, but he couldn't be despised and abused all the time.

Tang Zichen felt that he could either change his image and let everyone know that he was a good person, or he could simply be even more evil so that everyone would not dare to despise him anymore.

Tang Zichen put this aside for now.

Tang Zichen picked up a pencil, in his previous life, Tang Zichen also used a brush to draw, his drawing level was also well known in the Jianghu, drawing a random landscape painting and getting it on the market was at least a hundred taels price.The most painted is naturally the portrait of the little sister.

And right now, Tang Zichen tried to use a pencil to draw.

Tang Zichen's mind was filled with a pure and beautiful face, it was his Miss Liu Xiangyun.Unknowingly, the beautiful face of Liu Xiangyun in Tang Zichen's mind was vividly printed on the paper.

Tang Zichen was satisfied with the first portrait of his era.After school, let's give it to her. First URL

At that moment, fellow tablemate Wang Qiang looked over and was taken aback.

"Holy crap, Zichen, you're awesome, you draw too much like that, right?That divine charm, I almost thought it was a real person."Wang Qiang, in surprise, involuntarily called out.

Wang Qiang's shout immediately alerted the English teacher and looked over angrily.

Tang Zichen smiled modestly, "Fine, but this pencil is quite detailed, so it's more delicate than a brush."

And the English teacher yelled, "What are you two doing?Stand up for me."

Wang Qiang scrambled to stand up, and Tang Zichen had to stand up as well.

The English teacher walked up to Tang Zichen and looked at the portrait on the table.However, the English teacher didn't admire Tang Zichen's divine drawing, but was angry that he was drawing beautiful women in his class.

The English teacher picked up Tang Zichen's portrait, tore it into several pieces, then pulled it into a ball and threw it into the trash.

Tang Zichen endured his anger, this is too much of a bully.He originally wanted to give the portrait to the lady, so that she would have a better impression of him, but he didn't expect the English teacher to tear it up for no reason.

Actually, it wasn't for no reason, everyone knows that one of the five madmen, Chen Zhijie, who is the English teacher's cousin, is also pursuing Liu Xiangyun.Tang Zichen now draws Liu Xiangyun's portrait, he must not like it in his heart, the English teacher naturally hopes that his cousin can pursue Liu Xiangyun, so he tears it up as soon as he sees Tang Zichen's portrait.

Tang Zichen said, "Teacher, isn't it a bit too much for you to tear my portrait?"

The English teacher glared, "What?Trying to threaten me with your identity as an evil young man?"

"I just wanted to talk to you on the matter, why did you rip my portrait, I don't think I'm interfering with your class, do I?"Tang Zichen was upset.

"You drew a pretty girl in my class, it's not a no if I don't kick your ass

Wrong.Let me tell you, Tang Zichen, other teachers may be scrupulous about your evil status, but I'm not.You scum, a good senior three class five not stay, what to come to class 32?Get lost."

Tang Zichen snorted, "What do you have to do with me coming to class 32, this teacher, don't force me, to be honest, I'm forcing myself to endure inside right now."

"No need to endure, hit me if you have the guts, you campus villains, aren't you evil, then beat me to death, or maim me, come on, do it, maim me."

Tang Zichen tried his best to endure, this teacher somehow tore his painting, and he also had such an arrogant tone and appearance, as if Tang Zichen was an evil youngster, no matter what he did to Tang Zichen, he was the side of justice.

Wang Qiang saw that Tang Zichen was holding both fists, he was busy grabbing Tang Zichen's fists and whispered, "Zichen, don't be impulsive, it's not good to hit the teacher, you might get expelled."

The English teacher glared at Wang Qiang and said, "Why are you pulling him?Let him beat you up. He's a schoolyard thug, isn't he? He's a bully and a big shot.I just want to see if he dares to beat me up today.If you don't have the guts, then I despise you, a bullishly evil youngster who doesn't even dare to beat up a teacher, what kind of evil youngster is he, don't pretend to be an evil youngster in the future.In the future, just be honest in my class and don't give me any meaningless things to do."

Tang Zichen said, "This teacher, you tore my portrait in the first place, I merely said whether or not it was too much, and didn't say anything, but you, you cannonballed to attack me, I said one sentence, you said ten, I now suspect that you are the vicious youngster in school."

The English teacher yelled, "Don't be pushy with me."

Tang Zichen laughed, okay, this time he endured, who made him not a real vicious youngster.

Tang Zichen went to the classroom trash pile, just thrown that ball of paper to pick up, the portrait and then glued up is, do not bother with a teacher general knowledge.

The English teacher saw Tang Zichen still dared to pick it up, his face was cross, picked up the paper ball, swoosh, and threw it out of the window.

Tang Zichen looked at the English teacher with a fiery look and said angrily, "What a bully."

The English teacher's cousin was a campus mad youngster, naturally not afraid of Tang Zichen these campus evil youngsters.

The mad youngsters were the nemesis of the vicious youngsters.

Wang Qiang pulled on Tang Zichen's clothes and told Tang Zichen to calm down.

The class looked at Tang Zichen in silence, thinking that the English teacher was really brave not to be afraid to fight with the vicious youngsters.Of course, we all knew that the English teacher was so brave because his cousin was the Mad Major, otherwise he must be like other teachers who didn't dare to offend the Evil Major.

The English teacher roared, "Behave yourself, or else get lost, what else is the scum reading and polluting the campus.Sit down, I have to go to class."Wang Qiang was busy sitting down and pulled Tang Zichen down as well.

The English teacher walked back to the podium.

At that moment, the class erupted into a thunderous applause.

"Pah-pah."The applause resounded through Class 32, obviously, this was because everyone saw the English teacher bravely fighting the evil youngster, fighting the evil youngster Tang Zichen down, moved by the teacher's fearless spirit, the evil youngster was fighting also felt very cool, could not help but applaud.

"Alright, stop applauding, go on with your lessons, don't let these scum affect your lessons."The English teacher laughed.

The class quieted down and began to go to class.

However, Tang Zichen felt a tightness in his chest.


"Why?Why is that, exactly?I am not afraid to take on the role of a loser, robbing the rich and giving to the poor, but also to help justice, killing people to pay for their lives, I let myself into injustice, but can never be recognized by the people of this world.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that are available on the market.This teacher, without any reason, tore my portrait and insulted me, but I put up with him.But he gets applause and cheers from the whole class, why on earth is that?"

Tang Zichen's heart swelled with injustice, others had injustice, he transformed into a defeated red dust to seek justice for them, but now he himself was suffering from injustice, what should he do?

"I am the number one youngest in the world. In my world, I was so glamorous, so chivalrous, who didn't worship and admire.And now, I've been reduced to being like a street rat, ridiculous.Am I really willing to be like this?"

"No, I'm not happy about it, and in that case, I don't have to keep what's left of my inner chivalry.Isn't everyone calling me a lesser evil?Did I do all the wrong things?Am I not a good person?Fine, I, Tang Zichen, will do as you wish, I'll be an evil lesser that makes you tremble."

"Bang."Thinking of this, Tang Zichen suddenly slapped the table with a bang, startling the entire class that was in class.

Tang Zichen stood up, his eyes filled with a fearless look, as if the world was not in his eyes, at this moment, Tang Zichen seemed to have returned to his previous life.When he came to this world, he was too stoic, that's why he lost his original self.

Teacher, what is it, the world he had never put in his eyes.

"Tang Zichen, what are you doing?"The English teacher yelled, now he was even bolder again than just now, after all, Tang Zichen had just been gripped by him and didn't dare to say anything.

Tang Zichen didn't want to say anything and walked directly to the podium.

When the English teacher saw Tang Zichen approaching, he seemed a little afraid.

Tang Zichen grabbed the English teacher by the collar in full view of everyone and said, "If you respect me a foot, I'll respect you a foot, if you don't respect me, why should I respect you." Remember the website

"Bang."After saying that, Tang Zichen punched the English teacher in the abdomen.

"Ah."Many of the girls in the class suddenly screamed out in shock.

"Puff."The English teacher spurted out a mouthful of blood, Tang Zichen's quick eyesight twisted his head, and the blood didn't spray on him, but on several students in the front row, including Liu Xiangyun.

Tang Zichen didn't overdo it, so he punched him and then released the English teacher.The English teacher fell under the podium with her stomach covered.

Tang Zichen stood on the podium, and all the students in the class looked at Tang Zichen with trepidation.

Tang Zichen said, "Remember, all of you, just because I'm holding back doesn't mean I don't have a temper.I was rated as an evil youngster by you, it doesn't mean I'm a bad person, to tell you the truth, I, Tang Zichen, since I came to this world, I have never put all of you, what evil youngster, what mad youngster, what genius expert, what rich second generation, what golden girl, what Baiyun Middle School, what Linjiang City, this youngster has never put you in my eyes.So, I endure, I stoop to compromise, I keep a low profile, and I laugh off all of your self-righteousness.I did what I thought was chivalrous, I acted on my own heart, but I didn't expect that my low profile would be taken as cowardice, as a laughing stock, or even as a psychopath."

The entire class trembled physically.

Tang Zichen's words were too arrogant, what evil youngster, what evil youngster, what genius expert, what rich second generation, and also what Baiyun Middle School, Linjiang City, all didn't care about.Tang Zichen didn't even put Linjiang City in his eyes, what did he think of himself?


Over, everyone was indeed shocked by the boldness that Tang Zichen had emerged at the moment, I'm afraid that no one in the entire Baiyun Middle School dared to say such words, not even the whole of Linjiang City.

Tang Zichen looked at the English teacher who had fallen to the ground and grunted, "And you, I have even less regard for you, I endure you in respect, but you grabbed my image of an evil young man, the identity of a scum student, and trampled on it wantonly.If you think you have the strength to play with me, I, Tang Zichen, don't mind treating you as a rival, are you sure you have the ability to be my rival?If not, then be less angry with me."

After saying that, Tang Zichen walked off the podium and directly left the class.

The class president panicked and picked up the English teacher, a few students helped carry him and sent him to the infirmary.

At that time Jin Hu came back, not knowing what had happened, a question only to find out, it turned out that Tang Zichen was drawing a beautiful woman in class, the English teacher was very annoyed, tore Tang Zichen's drawing of a beautiful woman, the result was Tang Zichen hit, seems to be injured not lightly.

Jin Hu was also quite surprised, Tang Zichen dared to openly hit the teacher, although he had also hit, but that was a secret fight.

After Tang Zichen left the classroom, in the lawn downstairs, he finally found his painting after several minutes of searching.

Tang Zichen was busy taking it back to the classroom, putting the pieces together one by one.

Wang Qiang took out glue and volunteered to help Tang Zichen glue it together.

All the students in the class were trembling with fear, not daring to look at Tang Zichen again.

It was quickly glued, but it seemed to have alarmed the school, with the director of the Education Department, the principal, and several other leaders coming.

And Tang Zichen was still seriously gluing his portrait.

The headmaster entered the class and said angrily, "Tang Zichen, you are really lawless."

Tang Zichen glued his portrait, folded it up, put it in his pocket, and said, "He tore my portrait, and most importantly, he wantonly trampled on my dignity, shouldn't he be beaten?"

"It's just a portrait, Tang Zichen, you've gone too far."

Tang Zichen just snorted, people have different perspectives, Tang Zichen only needed to be right within himself.

The teaching director didn't say anything, however, the teaching director was confused, Tang Zichen was a pretty sensible and reasonable person before, why was he a bit unreasonable today.

The headmaster snorted, "Tang Zichen, you better pray that nothing happens to Teacher Chen, or else you'll have to watch yourself."

Tang Zichen's face was expressionless, he didn't listen to the principal's threat at all, still the same words, he didn't even put the whole Linjiang City in his eyes, what was he afraid of.

The headmaster and the others left soon after.

Liu Xiangyun plucked up her courage and walked up to Tang Zichen, this time even if the whole class knew about her relationship with Tang Zichen, she still had to scold Tang Zichen, as her bodyguard, beating the teacher down, it was a disgrace to her father.

"Tang Zichen, come with me to the roof, I have something to say to you."Liu Xiangyun said in a biased tone.

Tang Zichen said with a blank expression, "Sorry, I'm not in the mood right now."

"What."Liu Xiangyun was startled, how could Tang Zichen speak to her like that, before Tang Zichen was at least considered polite to her, although he was an evil young man, but apart from that toilet incident, he hadn't exactly committed any bad acts against her after that, let alone spoke coldly to her.But now, she was about to ask Tang Zichen to go to the roof and educate her, but was coldly rejected by Tang Zichen.

"Hmph."Liu Xiangyun grunted in aggravation, Tang Zichen spoke so coldly, as if she was a bit lost in her heart and overestimated her position in Tang Zichen's heart, so she had to slink back to her seat.


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