The King of Kungfu in school 81-85

Chapter 81

The class was soon back in session.

At that moment, the class teacher, Chen Tianming, entered the class in a rage, he was not there just now and rushed to the school after learning about this incident.

"Tang Zichen."Chen Tianming yelled after entering the class, he had been unhappy with Tang Zichen for a long time, and today was considered to be a complete outburst of his displeasure.

Tang Zichen gazed at Chen Tianming.

The class instantly quieted down and looked at both Tang Zichen and the class teacher.

"Tang Zichen, how dare you hit the English teacher, you want to rebel."Chen Tianming yelled in anger.

Tang Zichen said righteously, "So what if I hit it, so what if I want to rebel, are you capable of doing anything to me?If not, please don't mind your own business."

"You."Chen Tianming was furious and was about to spit blood, but Tang Zichen was telling the truth, he was indeed incapable of doing anything to Tang Zichen.

"You're in my class, you beat up the subject teacher, and you still tell me not to meddle, do you think I'm the class teacher for show?"

Don Zichen said, "Or else what?Mr. Chen, let's not talk darkly between the obvious people.You took me didn't withdraw, in the future regarding my matter, you better turn a blind eye yourself, otherwise it's your body that's angry, that's my advice to you.Of course, if you think you're capable of fucking with me, forget about it."

The students in the class were secretly shocked, was this Tang Zichen's nature showing itself?Turned arrogant and cocky today. A second to remember to read the book

"Okay, Tang Zichen, although I can't do anything to you, but I believe Baiyun Middle School, naturally there is someone who can clean up your mess."

"A district school, whoever has the ability to clean me up, tell him to let the horses come."Tang Zichen scowled.

This statement not only made Chen Tianming angry to death, even all the students in his class were angry to death, District One Shabby School, how much disdain is this for Baiyun Middle School ah.

"Fuck, Tang Zichen is so grippy, someone will definitely take care of him, how can my Baiyun Middle School be something he can be so disdainful of."Jin Hu secretly said, while being very happy, because the more grippy Tang Zichen was, it meant that more powerful people would look at him unhappily, and then someone would naturally make a move to teach him a lesson.When Jin Hu saw how grippy Tang Zichen was, he really wanted to see Tang Zichen being beaten to a pulp, it was exciting to think about.

Chen Tianming laughed and scoffed, "Well, since that's the case, I have nothing more to say, I don't want to pay attention to anything you do from now on, Tang Zichen, good luck.I heard that the headmaster also knows about this matter, the headmaster has two choices, either fire you or completely fix you."

Tang Zichen snorted, "The headmaster's nose was crooked by me, I'm sure it's not even healed yet, has he forgotten the pain so quickly?"

The class was shocked to hear that Tang Zichen had even beaten the principal?No way.And Jin Hu was even more surprised, because he was the one who didn't dare to touch the principal... Is Tang Zichen really that grippy?Nima ah, this is to steal Fang Hong's first evil youngster position ah.

But Chen Tianming said disdainfully, "Don't stick gold on your face, how dare you hit the principal?That's just the principal and you cut martial arts, martial arts is not as good as you mistakenly injured just."

Everyone was relieved when they heard the class teacher's explanation, and said, well, even if Tang Zichen is crazy and draggy and grippy, he can't hit the principal.This Tang Zichen, also too shameless, trying to deceive everyone, thought he really gripe into such, did not expect to be revealed by the class teacher.

Chen Tianming left, and the geography teacher came to class.

The geography teacher also heard about the last lesson, and was quite sympathetic to that English teacher, but he would not make any comments, don't accidentally set the fire, so the geography teacher went to class in peace, and his

The lesson also passed without any accidents, uneventfully.

Tang Zichen had said that people respected him a foot and he respected them a foot, and the geography teacher didn't do anything about it, so naturally Tang Zichen wouldn't do anything to him either.

However, although Class 32 was quiet for the moment, it exploded in another place.

That was on the campus of Baiyun Middle School.

Tang Zichen's assault on Teacher Chen Xue was posted.

Tang Zichen arrogantly said that what kind of evil young man, what kind of crazy young man, what kind of genius expert, all of them didn't care, not even Linjiang City didn't care, and this part was also put on the campus.

At the same time, Tang Zichen's conversation with Chen Tianming, saying that the Baiyun Middle School District was a ragtag school that had the ability to clean him up and let the horses come over, was also exploded into the forum by several people at the same time.

These few posts, immediately exploded Baiyun Middle School's campus forum, especially Tang Zichen those arrogant words, 'district a shabby school' a few words, seems to sting the nerves of all students, so that all students who saw very upset.

No more lighting mosquito coils: "Nima, I've never seen such an arrogant person in the history of the world."

Minute clock: "I think he's psychotic, he really owes it to himself."

They all laughed: "It's the itchy skin that does it, he's really looking for a fight."

Treeworld: "Haha, this Tang Zichen is finished, the teacher of class 32, Chen Xue, is Chen Zhijie's cousin, who is Chen Zhijie?Nobody doesn't know, right, one of the five most famous Mad Youngsters of White Cloud High School.Tang Zichen will definitely be cleaned up by the mad youngster Chen Zhijie, so feel free to watch the forum."

Yu Xiaomou: "I hope Chen Zhijie, beat up this arrogant and ignorant Tang Zichen."

That barren sadness is very perfunctory: "Sit and wait for this idiot Tang Zichen to be beaten, dare to say that Baiyun Middle School is a broken school, this idiot does not seem to understand Baiyun Middle School at all."

The wind moves with the shadow: "Maybe Chen Zhijie is already on his way there."

Anyway, the White Cloud Middle School forum had exploded.

At this moment, in another building of Baiyun Middle School, the second year of senior class 11.

A boy was sitting in his seat, constantly using a ballpoint pen to write the words 'Liu Xiangyun' on his book, his entire book was almost all about Liu Xiangyun.He was writing Liu Xiangyun's name all the time when he was fine, and he dreamed of Liu Xiangyun.

This person was one of the five mad youngsters, Chen Zhijie.

At that moment, a student ran in and shouted, "Brother Jie, something big is wrong?"

"What's the big deal."

"Your cousin Chen Xue was hospitalized and beaten up."

Chen Zhijie snorted in disbelief, "How can that be, he even came to school with me in the morning, who dares to beat up my cousin in Baiyun High School, I still have this confidence."

"Really, it's that new evil youngster Tang Zichen, don't believe me, go look at the campus forum, the forum is so hot that you don't even know."

"Ah."Chen Zhijie immediately opened his phone and entered the campus forum.

After a few minutes of looking at it, Chen Zhijie's face became as angry as the color of porcupine liver.

"I'll fuck you, Tang Zichen."Chen Zhijie let out a scalawag-like growl.

Chen Zhijie immediately walked out of the class and went to find Tang Zichen.

As he walked, Chen Zhijie said to himself, "Tang Zichen, I fuck you, if I don't cripple you, I'll follow your surname."


Chen Zhijie felt very angry, he was at least a campus mad youngster, but someone dared to beat up his cousin, if he didn't take care of Tang Zichen today, then his honorary title of being one of the five mad youngsters would be tarnished.Who would still dare to call him a Mad Major in the future?I'm afraid he's embarrassed to call himself a madman.

When Chen Zhijie arrived at class 32, the fourth class was already in session.

"Bang."In his rage, Chen Zhijie, kicked the front door of the class, and the door panel flew to the lecture table, and the teacher who was in class was almost smashed to death.

All the students in the class shrieked at the sudden flying of the door panel.

Especially Liu Xiangyun, who was sitting in the first row under the lectern, was hit by the lock that flew out from the door, and the back of her hand was bruised and swollen.

Chen Zhijie's face was full of anger, as if a ferocious god stood there, he did not feel anything for the door plate almost hurt someone, nor did he see Liu Xiangyun's hand injured.

Chen Zhijie walked in with a black face, everyone saw the anger in his eyes and thought that he was going to kill someone.

The class was silent, their eyes staring at Madman Chen Zhijie.

Only Chen Zhijie yelled, "Tang Zichen, if you're a man, stand up for me."

Everyone suddenly swept their eyes towards Tang Zichen, in fact this scene was already expected, from the moment Tang Zichen hit Mr. Chen Xue, this scene was destined to happen.

Tang Zichen didn't know this person, but this person bellowed his name directly, Tang Zichen didn't hesitate to stand up from his seat. The first website

When the class saw Tang Zichen standing up, there was a creepy atmosphere, one was a mad young man and the other was an evil young man, in the past, the mad young man and the evil young man were scrupulous of each other and rarely had a head-on collision.

Today, one mad and one evil, it seemed like they were really about to do it.

Chen Zhijie stared at Tang Zichen and roared, "You're fucking that bitch Tang Zichen?"

When Tang Zichen stood up, he saw the injury on Liu Xiangyun's hand.

Tang Zichen's eyes were cold, the only meaning of Tang Zichen staying at the school for him was to protect Liu Xiangyun, and now Liu Xiangyun was hurt, something Tang Zichen couldn't tolerate.

Tang Zichen simply ignored Chen Zhijie's aggressive gaze and walked next to Liu Xiangyun, indeed he saw a bruise and swelling on the back of Liu Xiangyun's hand, Tang Zichen was on fire.

"How are you?"Tang Zichen asked Liu Xiangyun.

Liu Xiangyun put her hand under the table and said, "Nothing."

Tang Zichen domineeringly took Liu Xiangyun's hand away.

"What are you doing."Liu Xiangyun was in a big hurry, Tang Zichen was now actually taking her hand to her face.

Tang Zichen took Liu Xiangyun's hand, then spat on the back of Liu Xiangyun's hand, using his saliva to apply and gently massage her bruised area.

"Wow."The class shouted when they saw this scene.

Xiangyun Liu was angry and furious, Tang Zichen spit on the back of her hand to smear it, it was so disgusting.Liu Xiangyun blushed and tried very hard to pull her hand back, but Tang Zichen was too strong, she couldn't pull her hand back no matter what, so she had no choice but to be helplessly in front of everyone's eyes as Tang Zichen took her hand and used his spit to smear the bruise with his spit.

However, it was Chen Zhijie who was even more depressed at the moment, he found that he seemed to be ignored, everyone's eyes were focused on Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun, and he stood there unheeded with a black face like a fool.

Chen Zhijie's lungs were about to explode, it didn't matter if people in the class ignored him, but Tang Zichen ignored his existence and saw him coming, but he still had the heart to belittle the woman he liked, Liu Xiangyun.<

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"Bang."Chen slammed the table.

"Tang Zichen, can't you fucking see that I'm here?"Chen Zhijie growled.

Tang Zichen didn't even look at Chen Zhijie for a second and asked Liu Xiangyun, "Is it better?"

Liu Xiangyun felt depressed and saw that Tang Zichen had stopped applying saliva, which immediately drew back her hand, but the bruises and swelling on the back of her hand were really soothing.Liu Xiangyun blushed and snorted, "It's up to you."

Chen Zhijie could no longer describe the anger within him when he saw that Tang Zichen was actually ignoring him.

"Tang Zichen, you're looking for death."

Tang Zichen then turned his head to look at Chen Zhijie and said with a cold gaze, "I don't care who you are, you hurt my Liu Xiangyun, I will never forgive you lightly today."Liu Xiangyun was really incomparably depressed when she saw Tang Zichen talking about my family's Liu Xiangyun, so ambiguous.

Chen Zhijie felt angry and amused, and gritted his teeth, "Tang Zichen, make no mistake, today is the day I will not spare you lightly."

"Report your name."Tang Zichen said indifferently.

"I'll grass you up."Chen Zhijie was annoyed, Tang Zichen asked him to report his name, it seemed to insult him, because he was a campus fanatic, no one doesn't understand, right, Tang Zichen still pretended not to know, what did he mean.

Tang Zichen also couldn't help but yell, "I'll let you report your name."

Tang Zichen's roar, using his internal force, suddenly made the ears of the entire class perk up, including Chen Zhijie.

Chen Zhijie's 'mad' momentum just now seemed to have been stolen by Tang Zichen for a moment, and Tang Zichen's momentum overpowered him instead.

"Ahhhh."Chen Zhijie's nostrils were smoking with anger, the first time since he had become a mad young man that he was so angry.

"I'm your grandfather."Chen Zhijie instantly attacked Tang Zichen with a punch, vowing that he would never be able to extinguish his full-blown rage if he didn't beat Tang Zichen to the ground today.

Tang Zichen easily grabbed Chen Zhijie's fist, and Tang Zichen would never show any mercy.

"Ka-chow."Tang Zichen twisted and clicked, and Chen Zhijie's arm instantly fractured.

"Ah."Chen Zhijie screamed out in pain, he never expected that Tang Zichen was so strong and completely fearless of his ancestral fist.

Tang Zichen had been very hot today, so his hands were no longer as gentle as before.

Tang Zichen pressed Chen Zhijie's head on the blackboard and said, "I don't care who you are, if you come back to me in the future to pretend to be any kind of a match, I'll make you never want to practice martial arts in your life.Do you hear me?"

"Let go of me."Chen yelled, pressed against the blackboard, his nostrils pressed against the blackboard, sucking in chalk dust, and it was painful.

"I asked you something, do you hear me?"

"Grass you, I'm the Mad Younger Chen Zhijie."

Tang Zichen was slightly startled, so it's the campus's top five Mad Shao Chen Zhijie, no wonder he dared to come looking for you.

"So you're the so-called Mad Major Chen Zhijie?With that wimp face you have now, I really don't know where your madness is.I heard that you are also chasing after Liu Xiangyun, I am now advising you to stay away from Liu Xiangyun in the future, otherwise you will regret it for the rest of your life, I can easily make you a eunuch, believe it or not."

Chen Zhijie had lost his mind, he couldn't accept it, he was being abused like this by someone, it would be fine if he was an ordinary person, but he was a mad young man, how could he have the cheek to call himself a mad young man in the future.So the higher Chen Zhijie stood, the more painful it was to fall, and now his eyes were bloodshot, although he already understood that he wasn't on the same level as Tang Zichen, but inside he just couldn't submit.


"I believe in your mother, don't let go of me yet."Chen Zhijie yelled in anger, he himself didn't know how much chalk dust he had inhaled.

Tang Zichen snorted, "So meditative and incorrigible."

Tang Zichen saw that below the school building was a tree, if he were to be thrown from the sixth floor, he would definitely hang on to the tree and not fall to his death.

Tang Zichen immediately lifted up Chen Zhijie and threw him outside the classroom.

"Swoosh."Chen Zhijie's body instantly flew out of the corridor and fell downstairs.

"Ah."Chen Zhijie screamed in shock.

As expected, Chen Zhijie's body was hung by a tree, everything was under Tang Zichen's control, injury was inevitable, but death was not to be feared.

"Ahhhh."Hanging on the tree Chen Zhijie is still in shock yell, Tang Zichen even directly to throw him downstairs, ah, want to fall to his death ah, Chen Zhijie scared to pee out, the soles of his feet a cold.

At this time, downstairs just a beautiful woman in police uniform looked up, saw Chen Zhijie was thrown down a scene, the beautiful woman in police uniform is Xu Mei Qian.

Xu Mei Qian saw Tang Zichen standing in the corridor on the sixth floor, and immediately saw that it was Tang Zichen who had thrown a student down.Xu Mei Qian couldn't help but frown, this Tang Zichen, was too bold to drop someone from the sixth floor, if the tree trunk didn't hang on, wouldn't it be a fall to death.

Xu Mei Qian immediately leapt, her body lightly leaving the ground, performing lightness and flying to the tree branch, bringing Chen Zhijie back to the ground with a pull.Xu Mei Qian smelled the smell of urine on Chen Zhijie's body, and immediately threw Chen Zhijie to the ground after landing. Remember the website

Tang Zichen was shocked to see Xu Mei Qian suddenly appear in the campus, and she even used her light power to save Chen Zhijie, he didn't expect this beautiful policeman's strength to be so good.Tang Zichen wasn't sure if he could win against Xu Mei Qian with his current power, but she wasn't wasting her time to become a captain.It seems that this world is not without masters, but Tang Zichen has not met one yet, this Xu Mei Qian is a master.

After Xu Mei Qian saved Chen Zhijie, she asked a police officer to send Chen Zhijie to the infirmary, then she herself brought another police officer into the stairs.

Less than a minute later, Xu Mei Qian arrived at the sixth floor where Tang Zichen was.

"Tang Zichen!"Xu Mei Qian walked over to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was confused, wondering what this beautiful policeman was looking for him.

"Have my identity of a defeated red dust been exposed?"Tang Zichen's heart thudded, once exposed then the future wouldn't be so easy.

"Tang Zichen, what are you doing?"Xu Mei Qian asked with a straight face.

Tang Zichen said, "Captain Xu, didn't you see it, why do you have to ask knowingly."

Xu Mei Qian was furious: "Tang Zichen, you just threw someone down like that, you are trying to kill someone, have you considered the consequences."

Tang Zichen laughed, "This isn't death."In fact, Tang Zichen was naturally confident that he wouldn't fall to his death before throwing Chen Zhijie off the building.

"What if the tree trunk below didn't happen to hang on?"

Tang Zichen puffed out his hands and said helplessly, "That's just his own bad luck gob, he can't blame me for his own bad luck."

"You."Xu Mei Qian couldn't argue with Tang Zichen's rogue theory.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Officer, you're not here to find me, are you?"

"What do you think?"Xu Mei Qian looked at Tang Zichen with deep meaning and suddenly

Thinking back to the last time I caught Tang Zichen in detention and locked him up, Tang Zichen escaped in no time by twisting and bending the iron pillars of the ventilation window.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Tang Zichen, the last time you ate a bully meal, you didn't cooperate, I detained you, and you escaped on your own, you won't forget this incident, right?"

Tang Zichen said, "How could I forget this matter, because ah, that detention center of yours is the most trashy detention center I've ever seen, so I'm impressed and can't forget it."

"Tang Zichen, you broke out of prison on your own, and you still have such an arrogant tone?If it wasn't for the one defeat of red dust happening behind me, I would have arrested you, a rogue who defied the Public Security Bureau."

"Hahaha, Captain Xu, so, you're here to arrest me today?Captain Xu, why do you need to do this unnecessarily, even if you arrest me back today, it's useless, your broken detention center can't hold me at all."

Xu Mei Qian was very annoyed when she saw that Tang Zichen had escaped privately and was unrepentant, and also sarcastically mocked their broken detention center.

"Tang Zichen, do you believe I'll send you to jail?"

Tang Zichen had seen the prison on TV and laughed, "Captain Xu, that place in prison is not as tight as your detention center."

"You."Xu Mei Qian was annoyed.

At that moment, the policeman beside her was busy reminding, "Team Xu, business is important."

Captain Xu suddenly remembered the purpose of today's visit and said, "Tang Zichen, I came to find you today because I have a case that I need your assistance in investigating."

"Captain Xu, is there anything else I can assist you with?"Tang Zichen asked cautiously, he was actually quite afraid of exposing a defeat, mainly because Tang Zichen didn't want to cause trouble, he was having a hard time starting to live a stable life.

"Tang Zichen, there is a case that I need your assistance in investigating."

"Case?What case?"Tang Zichen's heart really thudded, could it really be that his identity was exposed in one defeat?He would have to run away now, even if his martial arts skills were high, he wouldn't be able to live in peace if he was pestered by the government.Of course, running away is no big deal, it's just like finding another job as a bodyguard in another city, but Tang Zichen doesn't want to go through that again.Now here with a house and car and income, life is just stable.

"Forget about the case for now, come with me to the school's security office."

"Oh."Tang Zichen didn't intend to resist and followed Xu Mei Qian.

Everyone in the class thought that Tang Zichen had been arrested for hitting the teacher, and when Liu Xiangyun saw Tang Zichen being taken away, she hesitated, but took out her phone and called her father.

"Hey, Xiang'er, why are you calling me all of a sudden?"Willow Chenming smiled on the phone and asked.

"Dad, Tang Zichen has been arrested by the police."

"Ah, why?"Willow Chen Ming was shocked.

"Tang Zichen beat up the English teacher during two classes, and I heard that he broke his ribs.The English teacher's cousin just came back for revenge and was also thrown down the stairs by Tang Zichen, but luckily he was hung up by a tree below."

"Ah."Liu Chen Ming cold sweat, dumbfounded there, Tang Zichen also too much trouble, only just received a call from Cao Xilang in the morning to complain and express his dissatisfaction, it's only half a day, Tang Zichen is in trouble again.

"Dad, what now?Tang Zichen was arrested by the police, they will definitely investigate that he was the bodyguard you hired."

"Xiang'er, don't worry yet, I'm already on my way back, I'll deal with it when I get back."

"Good."Liu Xiangyun was happy to hear that her father was coming back.


On the Baiyun Middle School campus forum, a post exploded again.

"Tang Zichen blows up Chen Zhijie with a single move and throws Chen Zhijie off the sixth floor, but luckily a tree downstairs catches it, or Chen Zhijie would have fallen to his death."

This post had thousands of comments in just ten minutes.

Many people had predicted that Tang Zichen would be beaten up by Chen Zhijie, never thinking that it would turn out this way.

"This Tang Zichen is too ruthless, he just threw someone off the sixth floor, mama, I swear, Tang Zichen is definitely qualified to sit on the throne of the number one evil youngster of Baiyun High School."A student called 'Who's young and frivolous' said.

"I propose that Tang Zichen be regarded as the No. 1 Evil Youngster of Baiyun High School."Another one called 'Flying Dreams of Youth' said.

Just like that, Tang Zichen was instantly recognized as the Number One Villain of Baiyun High School, and Fang Hong's Number One Villain status was replaced by Tang Zichen.

In a corner of the school, Fang Hong smashed his phone and cursed, "Damn it, Tang Zichen, count you cruel, my No. 1 Evil Youngster throne was taken away from me like this."

Tang Zichen came to the school's security office to assist the police in investigating the so-called case.

"Captain Xu, what do you need me to assist you in investigating, hurry up and say it, I still have to go back to study."

Xu Mei Qian huffed, "Just you still study, you are a scum student, don't think I don't know." One second to remember to read the book,

"Oh, so you even know my famous name."Tang Zichen gave a heave.

"The newly promoted Sixth Evil Shao of Baiyun Middle School, you think I don't know, but just now, seeing as how you dared to directly throw a student off the sixth floor, I think you should be named the First Evil Shao.Luckily for you, that student didn't fall to his death, or else I wouldn't be bringing you here to assist in the investigation right now, but just locking you back up at the police station."After saying that, Xu Mei Qian heavily placed a handcuff in front of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen picked up the shiny silver handcuff, took it in his hand and pulled hard, and with a loud clatter, the chain of the handcuffs fell off the ground.

"Ah."The male cop beside Xu Mei Qian was shocked.

Tang Zichen said, "Captain Xu, this quality is too poor."

"You."Xu Mei Qian looked at Tang Zichen with some surprise, and had to admit that this Tang Zichen was somewhat capable.

"Tang Zichen, you actually have two skills to pull off the handcuffs so easily."

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, alright, what did you find me want to assist with, it's alright I'm going back to class."

Xu Mei Qian looked at the badly pulled handcuffs, very depressed, "Let you assist with a case about a defeat of the red dust."

Tang Zichen when really surprised, he was doing so secretive, and he could still find his head.Although it was assistance, being able to find him for assistance at least meant that he was already involved with the One Defeat Red Dust in some way.

Xu Mei Qian asked, "Tang Zichen, what were you doing from yesterday evening to early this morning?I hope you'll answer me honestly, and if your answer makes me feel suspicious, I'll immediately take you back to the police station for an in-depth investigation."

Tang Zichen said, "Yesterday evening after school, I went back to the Songtao neighborhood and drove my BMW away.Then I went to my boss's house, that is, Liu Chenming, and since you found me, you also know that the

I'm a campus villain, then I should also know that I'm the campus bodyguard that Willow Chen Ming was looking for.After returning to Liu Chenming's house, I've pretty much been staying at home."

Xu Mei Qian said in a serious manner, "In the early hours of this morning, Li Ziming and Li Qingyuan and their sons were both crippled, do you know about this?"

"Of course I know, I saw the news."Tang Zichen nodded, his face not showing the slightest flaw.

"According to our police investigation, before Li Qing Yuan became an invalid, he sent someone to Zhang Dali's house and injected Zhang Dali's wife with the XXX potion, because it was too strong, Zhang Dali's wife would not revive and would likely die after barely a few months.However, you appeared at Zhang vigorously's house in time, and without knowing what tactics you did, you were able to revive Zhang vigorously's wife.The time was about ten forty-five minutes.Tang Zichen, you just said that you were at Liu Chenming's house all night, you're obviously lying."

Tang Zichen smiled, "I forgot to say, I was going to come out for a walk, I just happened to pass by that place and remembered Li Xuan'er, so I was going to go and play with Li Xuan'er, but I didn't expect to run into something happening at Zhang Dali's house, so I just went along to save her, after all, I'm also considered a jianghu, a doctor is kind."

Xu Mei Qian said, "We investigated the intersection surveillance, and after you set out from Liu Chen Ming's house, you drove a BMW with a license plate number of xxxx and headed straight to the Floating Tang District, and you continuously overtook cars on the way, and your speed was not slow, so you were obviously in a hurry to get to your destination.So, you just said you were just out for a walk, which is a lie."

Tang Zichen almost broke out in cold sweat, they were too professional, did they really want to expose the identity of a defeated red dust?

"Officer, do you really want me to tell the truth?"

"If you don't have a definite reason to explain your actions, we will arrest you as a suspect, you better not make fun of yourself."

Tang Zichen said, "Well, I did lie just now, but I did go to look for Li Xuan'er, Li Xuan'er is the school flower, you know that, there is no boy who doesn't like it.I'm in a hurry to go because it's already past ten o'clock, if you don't believe me, you can go ask Li Xuan'er."

Xu Mei Qian said, "Don't worry, Li Xuan'er will come over right away.In addition, we investigated that before Li Ziming and his son were wasted, they had a woman tied up to the hotel and were going to perform a rape, but when Li Ziming died about half an hour later, a mysterious man appeared at the hotel and saved the woman, we highly suspect that the mysterious man is One Defeat Red Dust, he should have happened to learn about this when he was wasted Li Ziming and his son, so after he wasted Li Ziming and his son, he went to the hotel to save theThe woman who was kidnapped."

Tang Zichen said, "This has nothing to do with me anymore, right?"

"It was originally not related to you, but it's because you showed up at Zhang vigorously's house that it's related to you."

At that moment, a policeman walked in and said, "Captain, Li Xuan'er is here."

Li Xuan'er walked into the guard room and looked at Tang Zichen, who was somewhat restrained in the face of the police.

Xu Mei Qian said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, you go out first, I'll ask Li Xuan'er alone."

"Good."After Tang Zichen walked out of the guard room, he immediately used his 'Thousand Mile Sound Transmission Technique', Xu Mei Qian thought that if she took Tang Zichen out of the room, Tang Zichen wouldn't be able to hear their conversation, how could she know the high level of Tang Zichen's skill.

Xu Mei Qian asked, "Li Xuan'er, what is your relationship with Tang Zichen?"


"Ah."Li Xuan'er was stunned.

"Are you and Tang Zichen a couple?"

"No."Li Xuan Er shook her head busily.

"Why did Tang Zichen appear at Zhang Li's house last night?Did you know that?"

Kaylee Lee thought about it and replied, "He's here to play with me."

"Does he like you?"

"I don't know about that."

Xu Mei Qian thought for a moment and asked, "In the midst of your interactions with Tang Zichen, did he do anything weird or unusual?"

Li Xuan'er thought about it and shook her head, "It doesn't seem like I have, or haven't found out yet."

"Well, how did you and Tang Zichen meet?What kind of person do you think he is?The school recognizes him as a lesser evil, don't you think?"

Li Xuan'er was about to say, No it's not, Tang Zichen is a good man.However, Tang Zichen's voice suddenly sounded in Li Xuan'er's mind, "Li Xuan'er, don't panic, it's me, Tang Zichen, I'm outside using the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission Technique to talk to you.The worse you make me sound, the better, remember, the worse the better." First URL

Li Xuan'er was horrified, Tang Zichen knew what kind of Thousand Miles Voice Transmission Technique, I'm sure Tang Zichen had heard her conversation with the police.

Xu Mei Qian noticed that Li Xuan'er had changed a bit, she was busy asking, "You just had a sudden change in complexion, can you tell me what's wrong?"

Li Xuan'er calmed down, Tang Zichen did whatever he wanted him to do, Li Xuan'er said, "Tang Zichen is not a good person, he writes lust-filled love letters to Shangguan Zou, and he also heard that he bullies girls in the ladies' room, he is the school's villain."

Xu Mei Qian looked at Li Xuan'er's face and smiled, "Are you sure you have told the truth?According to my investigation, last night at the intersection of the Floating Pond District, you and Tang Zichen were walking and talking, so if Tang Zichen is such a bad person, why don't you seem to hate him?"

Li Xuan'er was startled, she is also a flexible person, when she immediately said: "Because, Tang Zichen is different from those other people who are after me, Tang Zichen is high in martial arts, he is also more handsome, and then Tang Zichen also knows how to heal.Most importantly, Tang Zichen is my father's savior. Last Saturday, my father was critically ill in the hospital and desperately needed 100,000 yuan.If it wasn't for Tang Zichen's help, my dad would have lost it."

Xu Mei Qian asked, "Tang Zichen gave you 100,000 directly?"

Li Xuan'er shook her head: "No, there was a request, he said I must give my body to him."

Xu Mei Qian slapped the table in anger: "I told you this evil young man can't do anything good, sure enough, shameless ah."

Li Xuan'er felt a little guilty inside for making Tang Zichen sound so bad, but she did as she was told.

Li Xuan'er said, "Don't scold him like that, if he hadn't helped me, my dad would have been gone, so I don't care how evil Tang Zichen is at school, I'm grateful to him."

Xu Mei Qian advised, "Li Xuan'er, Tang Zichen just threw a student from the sixth floor and almost killed someone, Tang Zichen is a very evil young man, I think it's better for you to stay away from him.As for the money he paid for you, you don't need to be touched, it's just a shameless deal.How about this, I'll give you a hundred thousand, you return it to Tang Zichen, and don't deal with him in the future."

Li Xuan'er smiled, "Captain, thank you for your kindness, no need, I know what to do."

Xu Mei Qian wrote a phone number for Li Xuan'er and instructed, "If Tang Zichen does anything to you, you should call me immediately."


"Alright, there's nothing more to it, you can go back."

Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan Er walked out of the guard room together.

Tang Zichen was standing a few meters away, and when he saw them come out, he was busy smiling, "Captain Xu, is there anything else I can help assist?"

Xu Mei Qian said, "Tang Zichen, don't be wild, you'd better restrain yourself, if you commit a crime, I'll come and arrest you immediately."

"Hahaha, Captain Xu, no send off."

Xu Mei Qian huffed and left with a few policemen, she was not in the mood for a campus villain now, arresting One Defeat Red Dust was the most important thing, regarding Tang Zichen's suspicions, she ruled out, because Tang Zichen, a shameless villain, took advantage of the danger and exchanged Li Xuan'er's body for 100,000 yuan, his character was too bad, it could never be One Defeat Red Dust.Although Xu Mei Qian wants to arrest One Defeat Red Dust, Xu Mei Qian feels that One Defeat Red Dust is by no means a person like Tang Zichen, One Defeat Red Dust is at least a person with chivalry, this Xu Mei Qian has basically agreed.However, a thief is a thief, and Xu Mei Qian, as a policeman, must arrest him.

However, after taking a few steps, Xu Mei Qian suddenly turned back to Tang Zichen and said: "Tang Zichen, I advise you to be more peaceful, if you do not restrain yourself, be careful in the middle of the night, a defeat of the red dust to your home to waste you.Just think of Li Ziming and Li Qing Yuan and his son, you'll know that people who do evil are exactly what One Defeat Red Dust is looking for."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, it was a surprise that Xu Mei Qian used One Defeat Red Dust to threaten him.

Xu Mei Qian saw Tang Zichen stunned there, thought Tang Zichen was scared, proudly snorted, let's see if you brat dare to be arrogant again, didn't think that One Defeat Red Dust could be used to scare those who are multi-tasking and unrighteous.

After Xu Mei Qian left, school was almost over.

Tang Zichen said to Li Xuan'er, "Thank you, Li Xuan'er, let's go have lunch together."

"Sure."Li Xuan'er nodded, but her heart was a bit lumpy like.

"Are you wondering why I want you to make me sound as bad as possible?"

"Well, but if you don't want to say it, I don't want to know."

Tang Zichen smiled, "There's nothing I can't say, my image is already evil, so I don't want you to say I'm a good person again, people may not believe it, instead, it makes them suspicious, once they are suspicious, the more trouble there will be, I hate being pestered by these cops."

"Oh, so, the police were just investigating One Defeat, did they suspect you of being One Defeat?"Li Xuan'er was a little nervous to ask, after all, One Defeat Red Dust was a great gift to her family.

Tang Zichen laughed, "How could that be, but I do admire him, so even though I'm an evil young man, in my heart, I wish to be like him.Xu Mei Qian investigated me, it must be because of why I appeared at Zhang Liqian's house, had I known that there would be trouble, I wouldn't have bothered to help that Zhang Liqian's wife last night, but instead, I got myself into trouble."

Tang Zichen really diverted his attention at once, Li Xuan'er was busy saying, "Alright, people investigating you for a bit, it's not like they're arresting you, there's no need for you to be nervous, if it wasn't for you saving her last night, Aunt Zhang might still be unconscious."

"Oh, let's go to eat first, what's the point of caring so much, after eating go to the hospital to see Auntie Zhang, I'll also drop by to see Auntie Zhang's condition again and give her treatment."


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