The King of Kungfu in school 71-75

Chapter 71

Tang Zichen didn't leave right away because Li Ziming's father, Li Qingyuan, Tang Zichen found out wasn't a good guy either, even ten thousand times more reprehensible than Li Ziming.

Li Qingyuan sent someone to do something to Zhang Li's wife, and it looked like he was going to let Zhang Li's wife struggle in the hospital for a while and then die, dragging Zhang Li down so that Zhang Li would not have the energy to go to the city hall to cause trouble.

With such actions and malicious intentions, such people were still free to live, Tang Zichen had to be suspicious of the loopholes in the laws of this world.But this kind of thing Tang Zichen didn't bother to bother, he only did what he wanted to do.

Tang Zichen stuck to the outside wall again, looking for Li Qingyuan's room.

On the grass below the villa, there were two Tibetan Mastiffs lying on the ground, when the Mastiffs seemed to sense Tang Zichen's presence and were preparing to roar.

Tang Zichen immediately pulled down two tiles.

"Swoosh."The two tiles instantly sank into the heads of the two mastiffs, and the two mastiffs died before they could even make a sound.

Tang Zichen sighed, he was very dissatisfied with his current martial arts skills, but even the mastiffs were able to detect his existence, if it was his previous martial arts skills, God would be unaware of it.

A few minutes later, Tang Zichen entered another room.

It was precisely Li Qing Yuan's room.

However, Li Qing Yuan had already fallen asleep. Remember the URL

There was a woman lying next to Qing Yuan Li, and it was his wife.

Tang Zichen's internal strength surged, and a small gust of wind was blowing in the room.

Li Qing Yuan woke up from his sleep while his wife was still dead asleep, as Tang Zichen had already shot his wife unconscious.

Li Qing Yuan was shocked when he saw the person standing in his room.

"Who are you?"Li Qing Yuan panicked and asked.

Tang Zichen said: "You can call me One Defeat Red Dust."

"One Defeat Red Dust?Aren't you you the one who hit the house?"

"Exactly."Tang Zichen was very depressed, he disliked the term 'house robber', it seemed that no one believed that he was robbing the rich and giving to the poor, they all treated him as a house robbing barker, no wonder the police were looking for him with all their might.

"What are you doing in my house if you're not robbing houses?"

Tang Zichen said, "Wherever there is injustice, I am there.Li Qing Yuan, you disregarded life and made people put Zhang Dali's wife to death, such an evil act, do you admit your guilt or not."

Li Qingyuan was furious, "What do you want?"

"I'm here to seek justice for Zhang vigorously."Tang Zichen.

"Justice?"Li Qing Yuan's face changed, he had just subconsciously thought that he was here to rob him.

Li Qing Yuan was about to shout out, his bodyguard was sleeping next door and was a martial arts expert.However, a sudden force nudged at his shoulder, and Li Qing Yuan couldn't shout, his voice turning extremely hoarse.

"You don't need to struggle anymore, since I'm already here, there's no way you can continue to be free and happy today.Besides, your son's meridians are completely broken, becoming an invalid who can't take care of himself, shouldn't you keep company with him?"

"What, my son, you you you."

"Yes. Before I came to your room, I had already collapsed the meridians all over Li Ziming's body."

"No."Li Qing Yuan's voice was hoarse and filled with rage as he shouted out.

"If you had known earlier, why would you have done that, you don't take others seriously, likewise, others don't take you seriously either, people vs.

People are very fair among themselves.For example, right now, you are simply like a straw dog in my eyes, causing me to have no desire to respect you."

Li Qing Yuan cried, "You didn't do that to me."

"Che, do you have the right to hurt Zhang Li's family?There are many other people I don't know about?"

"No."Li Qing Yuan wanted to struggle.

Tang Zichen pointed his finger.

"Pffffffffffff."The meridians in Li Qingyuan's body were severed, just like his son, he got his retribution, of course, this was only Tang Zichen's retribution, followed by the police's retribution, this time with sufficient evidence, no matter how hard his relationship was, he couldn't escape the law.Of course, it wouldn't do for Tang Zichen to privately sever his meridians, but Tang Zichen had even done a robbery, why would he be afraid of one more such crime?

Tang Zichen sighed.

Tang Zichen looked at the woman who was still sleeping on the bed, shook his head, and then then quietly left.

Tang Zichen remembered the woman who was tied up by Li Ziming to the hotel and was going to play all night tonight, and sighed helplessly, it seems that things are not over yet, at least go and rescue that innocent woman.Of course, the criminal evidence about Li Ziming and his son that was filmed tonight had to be handed over to the Public Security Bureau.

And right now, in Li Qing Yuan's room, Li Qing Yuan's wife woke up from her sleep.

Li Qing Yuan's wife turned on the bedside lamp, and when she saw him a husband, she yelled.

"What's wrong with you?"Li Qing Yuan's wife screamed in fright, immediately got up, and went to the next room to call that man.

Soon, several of Li Qing Yuan's men came and rushed over and immediately called the police.

However, at that moment, Li Qing Yuan's wife's scream was heard from the upstairs room again.

Several of his men rushed upstairs in a panic.

They saw that Li Ziming, like his father, was lying motionless on the bed, just like his father, who was also wasted.

Soon, the police came, in the middle of the night, Li Ziming and his son were wasted, and also really deserved it, the police also knew that Li Ziming and his son were not good people, and did not sympathize with them.

"Captain, quickly, come quickly, One Defeat Red Dust appeared, he crippled Li Ziming and his son in the middle of the night."

Xu Mei Qian was struggling, because two days had passed since One Defeat Red Dust had burglarized the house, and the director had asked her to arrest One Defeat Red Dust in three days, but it was about to expire, and One Defeat Red Dust was nowhere to be seen.The police have also been able to find out if there is any evidence that the victim has been involved in any of the crimes.

And at this moment, Tang Zichen appears in a hotel, Tang Zichen is a bit torn, he can't openly go in from the hotel lobby to save people, because it would be easy to expose himself.Li Ziming father and son a waste, the police will definitely investigate, must know that it is a defeat red dust to do, the police already wanted him, Tang Zichen can not want trouble.

No choice, Tang Zichen can only sneak into the hotel room 908, but, Tang Zichen on the outside wall, to find the hotel room 908 is not easy.

At this moment, in the hotel's room 908.

A voluptuous woman with a voluptuous body, who was also wearing a professional woman's outfit, was lying on the floor with her hands tied behind her back, with a black cloth over her head, her mouth still sealed with tape, and naturally, needless to say, her feet were also tied up.

In this room, there were also three men sitting, these three men were smoking and chatting.

One of the men looked at the woman on the floor and said, "Damn, this woman's body is also too good, if this continues, I really can't stand it anymore, I really can't hold it anymore."


The other one said, "You, even if you can't hold it, you have to hold it, this is Ming's girl, and Ming is going to be cool when he comes later."

"But, this chick is so pretty and sexy ah, lying on the floor again, I really can't control myself."

"You're not afraid of dying to touch her, I heard that this chick is still a virgin, you'll be broken as soon as you touch her, if not, then it doesn't matter if we two or three have a good time before Ming comes, Ming may not know, but a virgin won't work."

"Fuck, you said this woman, I heard 22 years old, graduated from college, how to still virgin ah."

"Oh, some people are just more clean."

This woman's name was Wen Qi, she was 22 years old and had just graduated from college.After graduating from college, she relied on her parents' support as well as her own skills to open a clothing company, and now the company is just starting to take off, so she works late by herself every night.She hadn't found a boyfriend in all these years, not that she was demanding, but she hadn't met anyone she was interested in.Tonight she left the company very late as usual, but she didn't expect that as soon as she reached the underground garage of the building and walked out of the elevator door on the minus two floor, a black bag suddenly put her head up.After that, she was brought here, Wen Qi is not a crybaby woman, always keep her head cool.However, in a situation like this, she was a weak woman, there was nothing she could do to keep her head cool because she couldn't even do basic talking, or she could still negotiate with a few kidnappers.

Wen Qi knew that it looked like the other party only wanted to sleep with her without knowing.

As Wen Qi listened to the kidnappers, one of them couldn't help but try to come up and move her several times because Wen Qi was just too tempted, but the other two stopped her.

Wen Qi was terrified of what was about to happen tonight.

Right now, Wen Qi hated why she didn't fall in love in high school and college and give her first night out, or at least to the man she fell in love with, instead of tonight, being taken by force.

Unfortunately, there are no regrets. One second to remember to read the book

Wen Qi tried everything, but there was no way to save herself, and calmly she also began to collapse inside, now she only hoped that the kidnapper, who hadn't come yet, would leave her alive after he finished defiling her.

Two lines of tears, unconsciously slipped from the corner of Wen Qi's eyes.

Wenqi hoped that there was a miracle in this world, that someone would appear out of nowhere and save her.

Wen Qi swore that if anyone could save her at this moment, she would marry him.

Unfortunately, this is just a self-delusion in her despair.

The more Wenqi thought about it, the more painful it became, and the more tears flowed, but she didn't cry out, because crying might make the kidnapper who couldn't resist touching her lose his grip.

Tang Zichen crawled and lay on the outside wall of the hotel without a sound.

The place where Tang Zichen was lying down was the 9th floor of the hotel, Tang Zichen couldn't know which room was room 908, so he could only rely on sound and other ways to determine.

At this moment, when Tang Zichen passed by the outer wall of one of the rooms, he heard the breathing of four people inside and also heard one person say, "Why hasn't Ming come yet."

"Don't worry, he should be here soon."

From the ledge, Tang Zichen could already see the woman lying on the floor tied up.

"Finally, I've found it."

Tang Zichen instantly jumped in.

"Who is it?"

The three kidnappers immediately looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Lang Lang, how dare you rob the people's daughters, today I'll break one of your fingers, I hope you remember today's lesson, change your evil ways and behave well in the future."

After saying that, Tang Zichen threw a knife in his hand, and the dagger passed in front of the three kidnappers, and the next moment, the three fingers were all together

It fell to the floor.

"Ah."The three kidnappers immediately screamed, each of them having broken a finger.

"Pah-pah."Tang Zichen instantly rushed up and knocked the three kidnappers unconscious.

The woman lying on the ground struggled desperately, as if she saw hope of rescue.

Tang Zichen stepped forward and untied the black hood on the woman's head, and when he saw the woman's face, Tang Zichen was indeed shocked, what a beautiful woman, no wonder Li Ziming was desperate enough to kidnap her and come to the hotel for a good time.

"N-no."The woman looked at Tang Zichen and nuzzled, but unfortunately Tang Zichen was already blindfolded.

Tang Zichen tore the tape off the woman's mouth.

"Thank you, Enron."The woman was saved and burst into tears of gratitude, she fantasized if there was a miracle, she never thought someone would actually fall from the sky and save her.

"You're welcome, you're free now, you can go home."Tang Zichen untied the rope from the woman's body.

The woman excitedly threw herself onto Tang Zichen's body and cried, "Thank you, oooooh."

The woman was rescued, not sure if she was excited or sad, her old strength collapsed and she cried powerfully.However, Tang Zichen pushed her away and said, "You still don't run, wait until these three people wake up."

However, this woman called Wen Qi did not run, and immediately picked up the rope and tied the three people up.

Tang Zichen was a bit surprised, this woman was quite calm, if it were any other woman, she would have hated to leave this place immediately and call the police, but she tied up the kidnappers first.

Wen Qi tied up the three kidnappers, and only then did she look at Tang Zichen and wanted to ask the grandfather's name.

However, the room was already empty of Tang Zichen's figure.

Wen Qi was surprised, "What an expert, who is she, why did she save me, why did she know I was here?"

Half an hour later, Don had returned home and was asleep, as if the night had nothing to do with him.However, what happened tonight was destined to be a sleepless night for some people.

An hour later, at the hotel, several policemen took the three kidnappers with broken fingers into a police car.

Wenqi and his parents were standing off to the side.

Wenqi's father looked very angry.

"Who dared to touch my daughter."

Wen Qi said, "Dad, I've just gotten words out of those three kidnappers, it's Li Qing Yuan's son, Li Ziming."

"What?Li Qing Yuan's son?"Wen Qi's father was filled with anger, however, Li Qing Yuan was not easy to provoke, Li Qing Yuan had a relationship with the three major irregular forces of Linjiang City, the Hua Long Tang, and Li Qing Yuan's eldest son, Li Zidan, was even more of a figure.

Wen Qi's mother asked with a palpable heart, "Qi Qi, who is that man in black who saved you?"

"I don't know."Wen Qi was grateful, when she hadn't been saved, she said to herself inside that if anyone could save her, she would definitely marry him, although she was just too desperate to fantasize like that at the time, but she didn't expect the fantasy to actually happen.

In her heart, Wen Qi said, "Man in black, I don't care who you are, as long as I am allowed to find you, I will definitely marry you, and I hope that I will be able to meet you again."

Wen Qi hugged Tang Zichen at that time, so Wen Qi could sense that the man in black was tightly muscled, well-defined bones, and had a very strong air of youth, definitely a young man, no more than thirty at the most.Therefore, Wen Qi's heart wished to meet that black-clothed man again, and she vowed that no matter how that black-clothed man looked like, she was willing to marry him.But she was worried that there might not be another chance to meet him again.The man in black also saw her beauty and figure, but he did not do anything blasphemous, nor did he get excited about her. Wen Qi believed that the man in black was definitely of high moral character.


At this time, at a construction site not far from Bai Yun Middle School.

Inside the dark construction site building, there were three tied up boys chained to a concrete pillar.

"Oooh."Cao Yan couldn't help but cry out, since he was tied up by Tang Zichen in the afternoon, no one had rescued them until now.

"Brother Yan, what time is it now?I'm so hungry, it's dark all around and I can't see anything, I'm so scared."One of Cao Yan's younger brothers also cried.

"What should we do, do we really have to wait until your construction site starts before we can be found?"

"Tang Zichen, I'm not done with you."Cao Yan yelled, his body was cold and hungry, never having suffered this kind of crime before.

"Brother Yan, I heard that this construction site of yours had a death a few days ago, that's why it stopped working, isn't it, could there be a ghost ah."

Cao Yan's body trembled and said in fear, "Don't say that, there are no ghosts in this world."

"Brother Yan, this is your family's construction site, what if those unjustly dead migrant workers are looking for you, I'm so scared, maybe those unjustly dead migrant workers are standing behind us."

Another little brother was busy saying, "Fellow ghost brothers, don't look for me ah, this is not my home construction site ah."

Cao Yan shivered all over his body and looked around, reaching out and seeing nothing.And remembering the accident that happened at this construction site a few days ago, it was suddenly creepy.What if those unjustly killed migrant workers really came out looking for him? First web site

"Ahhhh, Tang Zichen, I hate you."Cao Yan yelled in fear, hating Tang Zichen to the marrow of his bones.

The next day, Tang Zichen woke up, washed his face and brushed his teeth, then ate breakfast and got ready for school, seemingly forgetting about last night's events.

While Tang Zichen was eating breakfast, the TV on the dining room wall was playing the morning news, and Liu Xiangyun watched the news without blinking.

"At one o'clock in the morning today, the last burglary, the one defeated red dust that claimed to rob the rich to help the poor, finally showed up again and collapsed the meridians of Linjiang City's famous entrepreneur Li Qingyuan as well as his son Li Ziming, making their father and son become invalids who can't take care of themselves, let's watch the live report."

The TV screen switched to the scene, and a reporter pointed to a room and said, "This is the scene of the crime, last night at about 1 a.m., Li Ziming was crippled of his meridians and collapsed on this floor, unable to move, disabled for life.According to the dictation of Li Ziming and his son, the man in black claimed to be a defeated red dust, let's interview what Interpol Chief Xu Mei Qian said."

A policewoman who wore a police uniform but couldn't hide her hot body and had an angelic face appeared on the screen, it was Xu Mei Qian.Tang Zichen saw Xu Mei Qian on TV again and had to marvel at it, this hot chick was indeed beautiful, just not too gentle.

Xu Mei Qian face is very bad, the last time a defeat red dust burglary thing is still gone, and now come to waste people, but also justice, but this time Xu Mei Qian is not very disgusted, because she also dislikes Li Ziming and his son, they have this ending, but also deserved it, of course, she is a police officer, deserved this, and can only say in her heart.

"Team Xu, I heard that you've been here all night investigating, have you made any progress yet?"The reporter asked.

Xu Mei Qian said, "This bastard, I underestimated him, it seems that his martial arts skills are much higher than I expected, leaving no trace of him."

"Last time a defeated red dust burglarized more than three million, threatening to rob the rich to help the poor, while this time threatening to stretch the

Justice Chang, what do you think?As you know, Li Ziming was just acquitted by the court yesterday, do you think there's any connection between the two events?"

Xu Mei Qian's eyebrows furrowed, as a police officer, she couldn't give her personal opinion on such matters too much.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Regarding the fairness of the verdict in Li Ziming's case, I won't comment on it, it has nothing to do with the content of my job.I only know that my duty is to protect the safety of the citizens of Linjiang City.This thief, One Defeat Red Dust, who fantasizes that he is the embodiment of justice, has broken the law, and I will do whatever it takes to bring him to justice."

Liu Xiangyun looked at the TV and said, "Li Ziming was even scrapped, but many people should be supporting One Defeat Red Dust this time."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Miss, do you also think that Li Ziming should be scrapped?"

Liu Xiangyun said, "It's none of my business, Li Ziming is not a good thing, and One Defeat Red Dust is definitely not a good thing either."

"Why Miss, I admire the chivalrous spirit of One Defeat Red Dust."Tang Zichen said brazenly, admiring himself.

"No matter what crime Li Ziming has committed, private individuals do not have the right to abolish his meridians, if everyone in this world was like this, the world would have been in chaos long ago, there are no rules."

"I don't agree with Miss, I still support One Defeat Red Dust, and I'm proud of him."Tang Zichen's mouth was agape.

Liu Xiangyun disagreed with Tang Zichen, and the corner of her mouth also turned away from talking to Tang Zichen.

At this moment, the entire Linjiang City was boiling with news about the one defeat of the red dust that had ruined Li Ziming and his son.

After dinner, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun each drove to school.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car and see if it's a good idea to take a look at the car.

Li Xuan'er and Liang Ying are walking out of the alley, preparing to take the bus to school, and they are talking as they walk.

"Xuan'er, it's so exciting to wake up this morning and see the news from the early hours of last night."

"Well, One Defeat Red Dust is really a great warrior, robbing the rich and helping the poor, and upholding justice, when we invited Tang Zichen to lunch yesterday, I was thinking that it would be nice if someone could come out to do justice, but I didn't expect that someone would really come out."

Liang Ying said, "Yes, a lot of people share our thoughts, and it's heartening to see this news.However, a lot of people also feel that what One Defeat Red Dust did was wrong, and think that he lynched himself.Xuan'er, what do you think?"

Li Xuan'er shook her head, "I don't understand, but I don't believe that One Defeat Red Dust would wrongfully accuse good people and abolish their father and son, there must be a reason for that."

"Well, even though many people on board say that One Defeat Red Dust is too ruthless, I also believe that One Defeat Red Dust is a good person."

Tang Zichen drove the BMW to the school.

Almost everyone in the school was discussing Li Ziming and his father's annulment, and Tang Zichen didn't participate in the discussion at all so as not to reveal any traces.After all, a defeat of red dust is just his side job, once he is found out he is a defeat of red dust, definitely can't sit in the classroom as easily as now, work to lose, also have to run away, maybe even implicate Liu Chenming.It was rare for Tang Zichen to settle down in this world for a while.

The first class of the morning soon ended, and Tang Zichen spent the entire class playing with his phone, striving to thoroughly understand this world as soon as possible.


At this moment, in a certain luxury villa in Linjiang City.

Cao Yan had taken a shower.

Cao Yan was tied up by Tang Zichen at the construction site yesterday until four o'clock in the morning, then he was rescued back to his home by his family.

Cao Yan walked downstairs and found more than a dozen people sitting in the living room, his parents, uncles and uncles all had frosty faces, an extremely strange atmosphere in the living room.

"Yan Yan, aren't you going to sleep more?After all, it was already five o'clock when you were rescued home in the early morning, and you only slept for a few hours."Cao Yan's mother said in distress.

Cao Yan gritted his teeth, "I can't sleep, Tang Zichen made me suffer so much, how can I sleep, if I go to school now."

Before Cao Yan had gotten up, Cao Yan's father and others were chatting in the living room about this matter, and the consequences were expected to be severe.

Sure enough, Cao Yan's father said angrily, "That Tang Zichen, who tied my son up at the construction site, this matter must not be stopped."

Cao Yan said, "Dad, I'll solve this matter myself."Cao Yan didn't want his family to send experts to the school to help him clean up Tang Zichen at the moment, after all, if the other villains knew about this, they would definitely be ridiculed, the hallowed campus villains, but he was so useless.

"Yan Yan, didn't you say that Tang Zichen's martial arts skills are better than yours?How do you fix it?"

Cao Yan snorted, "There are many people in the school whose martial arts skills are better than mine, have I ever been bullied before?I'm going to school."Cao Yan drove away from home. Remember the URL

After Cao Yan left, Cao Yan's uncle said, "Yan Yan doesn't let his family get involved in his school, but we can't let that Tang Zichen bully Yan Yan ah."

"I've investigated, that Tang Zichen is the campus bodyguard hired by Liu Chenming for his daughter, how about giving Liu Chenming a call and knocking him around, if Liu Chenming still doesn't know how to repent, then don't blame us for being rude to him at the mall."

Cao Yan's father nodded and immediately found out Liu Chen Ming's phone number, everyone was a respectable figure, so finding Liu Chen Ming's phone number was easy.

"Hello, hello, who's there."Willow Chenming quickly picked up.

"Mr. Liu, it's me, Cao Xilang."

Liu Chen Ming was a little surprised to hear that the other party was Cao Xilang, they didn't usually have much of a friendship and hadn't worked together in the mall.

"Hello hello, why is CEO Cao suddenly looking for me?"Willow Chenming was busy being polite.

Cao Xilang, however, said without smiling, "Mr. Liu, is that Tang Zichen the bodyguard you hired?"

"Uh, yeah."Willow Chenming's heart thudded, but she was asking Tang Zichen.

"Mr. Cao, what are you trying to do by inquiring about my daughter's bodyguard?"Willow Chen Ming was confused.

"Hmph, Mr. Liu, you really hired a good bodyguard ah, yesterday afternoon, your bodyguard tied my son to a construction site near the school and even took off his clothes, for twelve hours, my whole family searched all over the city before finding it at four in the morning.How would you feel if your daughter was mistreated like that?"

"Ah."Liu Chen Ming was shocked, he had no idea there was such a thing.

"Mr. Cao, could this be some kind of misunderstanding?"Willow Chenming said apologetically.

"I wouldn't have called you personally if it was a misunderstanding, Mr. Liu, I would advise you to teach your bodyguard how to behave, and stop bullying my son at school, or I won't be polite either."

"Okay, I'll talk to him, don't worry, this won't happen again."

Hanging up the phone, Willow Chenming was helpless for a while

It was indeed not good to be found on his head.This Cao Xilang, is a local, no matter the black and white forces, naturally not Liu Chenming, an outsider can be compared, offending Cao Xilang definitely no good.

The first thing that I want to do is to ask Tang Zichen to stop bullying Cao Xilang and complain to him.

Willow Chenming also dang really helpless, hired a bodyguard so good at bullying people.

However, Tang Zichen's phone was off.

So, Willow Chenming had to call her daughter.

Liu Xiangyun was a little surprised to receive a call from her dad, who normally wouldn't call her at this time of the day.

Liu Xiangyun immediately went outside the classroom to answer the phone, although she was in class right now, she was a top student and her teacher wouldn't have any problem with it.

"Dad, why are you calling me in class?"Liu Xiangyun was confused, worried if something big had happened.

"Xiang'er, why is Zichen's phone off?"Liu Chen Ming asked.

Xiangyun Liu said, "No, I just saw him playing with his phone when I walked out, is there something wrong?"

"Ugh, did Zichen tie up that Cao Yan yesterday to the construction site near the school?Tying people up until five o'clock in the morning, Cao Yan's father Cao Xilang has just complained to me, warning me not to let Tang Zichen bully his son again, or he won't be polite either."

"Ah?Is there such a thing?I don't know ah, but yesterday afternoon, Tang Zichen did leave the class in the second period and was nowhere to be found until the evening after school, so I drove off without waiting for him."

"It seems it's really him, so tell him for me and stop bullying that Cao Yan ah."


Hanging up the phone, Liu Xiangyun returned to her class and looked at Tang Zichen, Liu Xiangyun felt that she had to talk to Tang Zichen.

After class, Liu Xiangyun deliberately walked to the back of the classroom, as she passed by Tang Zichen, Liu Xiangyun whispered, "To the roof of the school, I want to find you something."

Tang Zichen was stunned, it was the first time a lady had taken the initiative to look for him at school.

After Liu Xiangyun said that, she quickly walked out of the classroom and up the stairs, waiting for him at the stairs before Tang Zichen.

When Tang Zichen arrived at the stairs, Liu Xiangyun was standing at the top of the stairs waiting for him.

"Miss, what kind of wind is this today, you took the initiative to look for me."Tang Zichen smiled.

Without joking, Liu Xiangyun said, "Tang Zichen, my dad just called me."


"Do you know why my dad called me?"

"I don't understand."

"Tang Zichen, you ran off after only one class yesterday afternoon, did you tie Cao Yan up at a construction site near the school?"

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Xiangyun in confusion and nodded his head without denying, "Yes."

"Just now Cao Yan's father called my father, Cao Yan's family went through the whole city until four in the morning to find Cao Yan, he was tied up by you at the construction site for twelve whole hours."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Found him so quickly, I thought it would take a few days, this bastard, count him lucky."

Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen's tone, as if he still thought it wasn't big enough.

"Tang Zichen, you're still laughing, you screwed Cao Yan, everyone else is putting the blame on my dad, do you really want my dad to be an enemy here all over town?"


Tang Zichen really didn't know if it was still possible to happily bully people when such a trivial matter would actually find its way to Liu Chenming's head.

Liu Xiangyun said, "I don't want to say more, anyway, my father told you to stop bullying that Cao Yan, or Cao Yan's father will really be rude."

Tang Zichen said, "If you're not polite, then you're not polite, I'm not afraid."

"You're not afraid, my father is afraid, I told you long ago that a truly qualified bodyguard is one who ensures that his employer's family is safe and sound, not whether he is good at martial arts or not, you are good at martial arts, but you have repeatedly caused trouble for my father.You're not afraid of others, but if they can't handle you, they'll take my dad, and me, down.In the business world, if you offend one more opponent, you might lose tens of millions."

"Alright, alright, I remember, I just won't bully Cao Yan anymore."Tang Zichen was speechless.

Liu Xiangyun nodded, seeing that Tang Zichen did not argue and confront her, she was quite satisfied.Although she felt that Tang Zichen was not good in terms of character, she had to admire him in terms of martial arts, after all, that Cao Yan was not a good person, but he was cleaned up by Tang Zichen to the point where his parents stepped in.

Cao Yan arrived at the school.

Cao Yan first called Fang Hong.

"Hey, Cao Yan, what's up?"

"Fang Hong, I demand a plenary meeting of the Evil Minority Committee."

"Why do you want to convene a plenary meeting of the Evil Villain Committee?"Fang Hong asked. A second to remember to read the book.

Fang Hong was the No. 1 villain of Baiyun High School, the chairman of the villain committee.

Cao Yan said furiously, "You know that, don't you, Tang Zichen?"

Fang Hong said, "I know, the sixth recognized campus villain, I'm also about to talk to him, congratulations he's become an honorable member of the villain committee, let him set up a table of ten or eight to celebrate."

Cao Yan said, "No need, I asked for a plenary meeting of the Vicious Youngsters Committee just to file a complaint against him, this son of a bitch, everyone is a campus vicious youngster, yet he doesn't give me any face at all.I've been chasing Song Yuer, and yesterday I couldn't take it anymore, so I caught Song Yuer and raped her at the construction site.Who knows Tang Zichen this son of a bitch, he wants to get Song Yuer's favor, even on my hands, I was tied to the construction site, Song Yuer rescue.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on the development of the new product for more than a decade.I demand a plenary meeting, do you agree or not?"

Fang Hong cursed, "My grass, just becoming an evil youngster and daring to hang like this, between us evil youngsters, there is an agreement, we don't steal each other's women, we don't infringe on each other's interests, he is blatantly stealing your woman, this is too lawless, this meeting, must be held."

"Good, I will immediately inform the others."

Cao Yan's heart was happy, this time, let's see how everyone will take care of Tang Zichen, he can't do it alone, but the power of the entire Evil Youth Committee is enough to take care of Tang Zichen.

Soon, on the fifth floor of the staff building, in a small room, the five Evil Shaws were all together.

They were the first Evil Shao Fang Hong, the second Evil Shao Xie Lin Yu, and then the committee members Jin Hu, Wu Minghao, and Cao Yan.

The second Evil Shao Xie Lin Yu asked: "Why are we holding a plenary meeting today?What's the theme?"

"About Tang Zichen, yesterday Tang Zichen stole Cao Yan's woman and tied her up at the construction site for over twelve

Hour."First Evil Shao Fang Hong said.

"My grass, this newly promoted Evil Shao is too ignorant of the rules."Xie Linyu scolded.

Cao Yan, who was on the side with a gloomy face, felt very ashamed to talk about this in front of the other Evil Shaws, if the other students of the school knew that one of the five Evil Shaws, he was tied up at the construction site, he would definitely lose all his face and not need to mix.

At that moment, everyone saw that one of the lesser villains, Jin Hu, didn't look too good.

"Jin Hu, why do you look so pale?By the way, your face is swollen. What's wrong with it?It's easy to ruin our Evil Youngster's reputation if you go out with such an image."

Jin Hu was a little afraid to say it, but decided to say it anyway.

Jin Hu gritted his teeth and said, "I won't hide it from you guys, I'm also going to file a complaint against Tang Zichen for the injuries I received."

"Ah."A few villains were shocked, they thought that only Cao Yan had been fixed by Tang Zichen, but they didn't expect that Jin Hu had also been fixed by Tang Zichen, especially Cao Yan, who was even more surprised, seeing that Jin Hu was still bruised and swollen, not only felt a pity for him.

At this time, everyone looked to the side of the silent Wu Minghao.

Fang Hong said, "Wu Minghao, you have a plaster cast on your hand, what the hell is wrong with you again?"Fang Hong that depressed, three of the five people who came to the meeting of the villains, all three came with injuries.

Wu Minghao said, "If I tell you that I was also beaten by Tang Zichen, would you believe me?"

"What?"A few people wiped cold sweat, and thought that Jin Hu had already been beaten by Tang Zichen, but Wu Minghao was even worse, beaten until he broke his bones.

Wu Minghao said, "I was one of the first to be beaten by Tang Zichen, last Friday, but I didn't know he was Tang Zichen at the time, until I read the posting on the school yesterday, and I realized that the person who beat me, and the person who smashed my car to scrap, was the new villain, Tang Zichen.This matter my family has already called the police, my one million plus car can't be smashed for nothing.Even if Cao Yan doesn't bring it up today, I'll bring it up for a plenary meeting of the Evil Shao Committee."

Fang Hong and Xie Lin Yu looked at each other, both saw shock and fury in each other's eyes, Tang Zichen quietly, and beat up three of the five vicious youngsters.

Fang Hong said, "It seems that it is very necessary to convene this full meeting of the Committee of the Five Evil Youngsters today.Why hasn't Tang Zichen come yet?"

"Jin Hu aren't you in the same class as Tang Zichen now?Why didn't you call him?"

Jin Hu was depressed, "Don't mention it, I haven't been to class yet.I used to be in the class and could walk across the room, but now Tang Zichen is sitting in the next row to me, heck, I'm uncomfortable all over.I'm going to change classes, otherwise I'll be suppressed by Tang Zichen, and I won't be able to pretend to be sick for a long time."

Wu Minghao said, "Change classes?Don't you want to chase after Liu Xiangyun?If you don't chase after me, I can take over, and then don't blame me for ignoring the Evil Young Protocol."

Jin Hu snorted, "Tang Zichen is also hitting on Liu Xiangyun, why else do you think I would have a mega fight with Tang Zichen?"Jin Hu would really put gold on his face, three punches and two kicks were taken care of by Tang Zichen, and he still had the nerve to call it a mega battle.

Cao Yan was furious: "Tang Zichen saved Song Yu'er yesterday, deliberately trying to gain Song Yu'er's goodwill, but I didn't expect him to try to hit Liu Xiangyun again, this is too much."

Xie Lin Yu snorted, "Fortunately, Tang Zichen didn't hit on my Li Xuan'er, otherwise I would have made him regret coming into the world."


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