King of Kungfu in school 66-70

Chapter 66

Tang Zichen was depressed inside, he really wanted to go and clean up that Li Ziming in the middle of the night, but unfortunately, he could only think about it.

Just then, Tang Zichen saw the computer on the desk in his room.

"Hey, today Wang Qiang said that if there is anything you don't understand, you can go on, on can know everything.Wang Qiang also said that in modern society, even mobile phones are smart, not to mention computers."

Tang Zichen thought of this, his heart was happy: "Just now I was worried about not knowing Li Ziming's house, now I don't have to worry, I'll try to check on the computer."

Open the computer.

Tang Zichen figured it out and quickly learned to use the mouse.

However, Tang Zichen didn't know about Baidu and kept on the computer desktop, moving the mouse around.

"How do I check Li Ziming's house?"Tang Zichen was depressed, feeling so complicated, his computer mouse moved for half a day but no one paid attention to him.

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen's computer desktop suddenly automatically opened a txt page, a line popped up on the page: "Hello, don't ask me who I am, I just want to say, this lady is here, besides, your computer's protective wall is good."

Tang Zichen was stunned, not knowing what it meant.

Tang Zichen tried to type, but Tang Zichen's first exposure to computer typing was very, very slow.But he knew a little bit of pinyin, because he learned it while typing on his phone in the afternoon. One second to remember to read the book.

At this moment, in a city far away from Linjiang City, in a certain room, a girl was lying on her bed, smiling, "Hacking into 100 computers every day, today's mission is complete, yay."

In this room, there were many pictures on the wall, a little girl, the little girl was wearing an orange rimless glasses, under the glasses was a little baby fat childish beauty, looking very pure and cute.Looking at the face, it felt very childish, but the boobs were adult-sized.

This girl looked at the screen, wanting to see the horrified expression of the other party she had invaded, but suddenly realized that the other party had been typing for a long time before she could barely make out a single word of the alphabet.The little beauty frowned, and sent a message anyway, having completed her mission of hacking 100 computers today.

"Hey, even if you're using a computer for the first time, you're not that slow at typing pinyin, right?You belong to a snail."This line of information was displayed in Tang Zichen's computer desktop txt file almost in the blink of an eye.

Tang Zichen had learned to type with his phone in the afternoon, and he had to combine words with spelling, but he didn't know pinyin before, so he typed very, very slowly.

Finally, Tang Zichen typed out a line: "Are you an intelligent person?"

That little beauty on the other side frowned for no apparent reason, and then returned with a very dashing, "Sorry, I'm a hacker."This little beauty loved to hack into other people's computers, but she wouldn't destroy other people's computers, she just loved to hack into other people's computers and leave a to here or tell the other person very handsomely, "I'm sorry, I'm a hacker.At this point, she feels very free.For example, when she told Tang Zichen that she was a hacker, she felt very happy.She was about to receive Tang Zichen's incredible and stunned gaze as well as tone of voice.

However, Tang Zichen's typing was too slow and slow, making her wait to collapse, but she still wanted to wait, she wanted to see how surprised or angry Tang Zichen was when he learned that she was a hacker and hacked into his computer, this is the time when she felt the most fulfilled.

Tang Zichen scrapped and typed another line: "Chi

Noh, can you help me find Li Ziming's house?"

Tang Zichen didn't know what a hacker was, and didn't see this when he watched TV.

The little beauty's eyebrows furrowed and repeated, "Sorry, I'm a hacker."

Tang Zichen typed another line: "Intelligent person, I need to find Li Ziming, help me find the address of Li Ziming's house."

The little beauty was depressed, was he blind?I've said I'm a hacker, and he's still intelligent man intelligent man, sick.

Little beauty did not see the other party surprised and incredulous, but instead intelligent endlessly, very depressed.This is the first time she has encountered the situation in all these years, before other people, after discovering the hacker, were very surprised, some would even scold her.But what happened today?

"Say it again, I'm a hacker."Over again.

"Are you really an intelligent person?Why don't you listen?"Don Zichen typed a very confused line.

"Chi you sister ah, I am a hacker."That 16-year-old beautiful little hacker fire up, all said several times, she is a hacker, but also intelligent intelligent, intelligent sister can ah.

A minute later, Tang Zichen typed another line: "Intelligent person, I want to go to Li Ziming's house, tell me the address, okay."

"Ahhhh, don't make me speak foul, I'm not an intelligent person, I'm a hacker, hacker, hacker, important thing to say three times.Do you understand what a hacker is?And smart endlessly."The little beauty on the other end was depressed, "I don't know why I'm talking so much to this idiot."

A minute later, Tang Zichen typed another line, "Hacker?Is that your code word for intelligence?Okay, Hacker Intelligencer, can you help me find Lee's house?"

"Ahhhh, heavens, I've hacked countless computers and I've never seen such an idiot.I can't believe they think I'm an intelligent person, is there an intelligent person in the world as smart as Miss Ben?"The pretty little hacker freaked out, but of course, she was talking to herself.

A few minutes later, that pretty little girl was speechless: "Forget it, just be intelligent, what am I competing with an idiot."

Then, the pretty little hacker sent a curious message, "Who is Li Ziming?What do you want with him?"

"Intelligent man, you finally willing to help me, Li Ziming is our here, a rich second generation, hit someone at school, but still not sent to save her, live to see her die."

The little beauty immediately searched and saw the news that Tang Zichen was talking about.

The little beauty immediately began to search for information about Li Ziming, and at once found out Li Ziming's phone number, qq number, qq password, and of course, home address, and even the little beauty hacker used her phone to locate that Li Ziming was at home at the moment.

The pretty little hacker herself didn't know why she was helping this idiot, perhaps, this idiot was different from the owner of any of the computers she had hacked before, she didn't find a smooth feeling on Tang Ziming, but instead engaged in a depression.

"Found Li Ziming, his home address is xxx, his computer number is xxxx, and his location at the moment is xxx."

"Thank you, intelligent man, sure enough the computer can find anything it wants to know."Tang Zichen was delighted, Wang Qiang didn't lie to him, the computer was so amazing, it really was a world away from the human brain.

The little beauty snorted in depression, she didn't bother to explain to this idiot that she was a hacker, she was a good hacker and was used as an intelligent person by a computer idiot.


Tang Zichen turned off his computer when he learned Li Ziming's address, and that little hacker beauty was depressed, helping him without even saying a polite word.

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "Li Ziming, I will come to you soon once I lose the red dust, you must seek justice for the poor people, let you ambush the law and be punished as you deserve."

Tang Zichen went downstairs, where Xiaohuan was helping Wu Ma mop the floor.

"Young Master."Xiaohuan was busy calling out when she saw Tang Zichen, making it sound like Tang Zichen was the owner of this villa.

"Xiaohuan, come out, I have something to ask you."

"Yes, Young Master."

Tang Zichen called Xiaohuan outside and asked, "Where is the Fragrant Garden Villa?"

This was the address of Li Ziming's house, and although Tang Zichen knew the address, it was hard to know where it was without asking someone.

"Young Master, this is the Fragrant Garden Villa area.".

"Uh, this is it?"Tang Zichen was stunned.

"Yes, this villa is Fragrant Garden 18." First URL

Tang Zichen nodded and told Xiaohuan to go back to work.

In his heart, Tang Zichen said, "I never thought that Liu Xiangyun's family lived in the same place as Li Ziming.Fragrant Garden Villa Area 39, it's very close."

Tang Zichen had planned to go to look for Li Ziming in the middle of the night, but not expecting to live in the same neighborhood, Tang Zichen couldn't hold back, and immediately left Liu Xiangyun's house without a word, disappearing into a dark corner to look for Li Ziming.

At this moment, a few kilometers away from Liu Xiangyun's house on the hillside, in an equally luxurious villa.

Li Ziming's family, as well as several other big names, were sitting in the living room drinking tea and chatting.

Tang Zichen immediately took out his phone to shoot video, which might capture some favorable evidence to ambush Li Ziming.

"Ziming, this is Dean Bai, you were able to be acquitted this time thanks to his help.That certificate of acute untimely onset psychosis was obtained with help."A middle-aged man said.

A youth was busy saying, "Uncle Bai, you have tea."This youth was Li Ziming.

"Oh, Ziming, there's no need to be so polite, your father and I have been friends for many years, what's the big deal about this favor."Dean Bai smiled.

Li Ziming asked, "Uncle Bai, is acute untimely onset psychosis a real illness?"

That Dean Bai and Li Ziming's father both laughed, Li Ziming's father said, "Ziming, you're also following the foolishness, this is just a piece of evidence to justify you, how can there be such a disease."

President Bai said, "The human brain is the most complex, is there anyone who can prove it."

A few minutes later, Li Ziming's father said, "Dean Bai, thanks to you this time, this small token, you take it."

"This, how is this a good idea."

"It's only a million, what's so embarrassing about it, isn't the rest of my son's life worth this check for a million?Keep it."

"Hahaha, Qing Yuan, you, ah, are so polite, you're not even treating me as an old friend anymore."Dean Bai let out a cheerful laugh.

Outside the villa's living room, Tang Zichen was glued to the wall, his cell phone camera pointed at the house, Tang Zichen said under his breath, "What a nest of snakes and mice."

About half an hour later, Dean Bai and the others left.


bsp;After President Bai and the others left, it seemed that Li Ziming and his father were the only ones left in the living room.

Only Li Ziming said, "Dad, I heard Second Wolf say that the father of that dead ghost, Zhang Dali, is not satisfied with today's court verdict.He has already gathered a group of relatives and is preparing to go to the main gate of the city hall tomorrow to make a big deal out of it.If this matter became big and became the big news in the entire Dongyang County, then I'm afraid that it wouldn't be so easy to clean up the mess.Even if the court has already ruled, it's probably going to be re-sentenced, Dad, you have to save me."

Li Ziming's father snorted disdainfully, "Don't worry, I've already ordered it, I'm afraid that Zhang vigorously doesn't have the heart to cause trouble anymore."

"Dad, why are you so sure?"Li Ziming was busy asking.

Li Qing Yuan laughed: "I've asked people to go to Zhang Li's house, tonight Zhang Li's wife will fall ill and go to the hospital to save her, the rest of the day, Zhang Li's wife will spend in the hospital, do you think that Zhang Li still has the heart to go to the city hall to make trouble?"

"Dad, this idea is just too good, Dad, you're too smart, I admire you too much."

Li Qing Yuan said proudly, "I'm sure that the gang is already on their way to Zhang Dali's house now, or even, they might have already arrived."

Tang Zichen, who was eavesdropping on the wall outside, was shocked, the insidiousness and complexity of this society was truly far beyond Tang Zichen's expectations.

It was feared that the people sent by Li Qing Yuan to Zhang Li's house had already arrived at Zhang Li's house, and Zhang Li's wife would fall ill from then on.

Tang Zichen's chest was tight at this moment, how could there be such a vicious and cruel person in this world? Zhang Dali had just lost his daughter, and his wife was about to fall ill again, all thanks to the father and son inside the villa.

The company has been in the process of developing a new product for the company, which will be used in a variety of industries, such as food processing, food processing, and food processing.

Tang Zichen put away the filmed video, then immediately rushed to Zhang Li's house to see if it was too late to save something.

"Li Ziming, it's still early, I'll let you guys get away for a few more hours, tonight, once I lose the red dust I'll come and beat you up, then I'll hand the video over to the police."Tang Zichen left Li Qing Yuan's house.

At noon, when Li Xuan Er invited her guests for lunch, Li Xuan Er said that the freshman girl who was run over and killed lived not far from her house.So Tang Zichen only needed to go to Li Xuan'er's house to find Zhang Li's house.

After Tang Zichen returned to Liu Chen Ming's house, he immediately drove his BMW and left in flames.

Although Tang Zichen knew that it might be too late to stop it, he still had to go forward to see it.

Of course, before Tang Zichen left, he didn't forget to instruct Jin Gui to keep an eye on the family's movements and immediately call him if anything happened.After all, protecting Liu Xiangyun was his main business, and a defeat of red dust was only his side business.

Tang Zichen drove the BMW in the direction of Li Xuan'er's house.


At this moment, in a house not far from Li Xuan'er's house, a man in his forties was using paint to write large characters on a piece of paper.

"Return my daughter's life!"

"Severely punish the murderer."

This middle-aged man in his forties was exactly Zhang Dali, the freshman girl who had been run over and killed was his daughter, and right now he had written many banners, ready to go to the city hall gate tomorrow to cause a scene and draw attention.

And in the living room, a woman in her forties, crying with a black and white photo in her hand, she was Zhang vigorously's wife.


"Oooh, Mei, you died so wrongly.Why did the heavens do this to me, why, now the murderer is still at large, sooooo."The woman was crying with her daughter's portrait in her arms, and it was heartbreaking to hear.

Unfortunately, they did not know that there was more cruelty to come.

No, it was already here.

"Clang."Just then, there was a sudden clang at the door of the house, as if something had fallen over.

Zhang vigorously put down the paint in his hands and walked out of his home, but it turned out that a flower pot in front of his home had been smashed for no reason at all.

Zhang vigorously looked around and wondered who was so itchy to smash his flower pot, his family was already so pitiful and still did this to him, Zhang vigorously suffered for a while and didn't say anything, bending down to pick up the pieces of the flower pot.

But he didn't know that this was just a diversion.

At this moment, his wife had fainted and two mysterious men were standing in the living room of his house.

One of the men took out a syringe and injected a needle into the waist of Zhang's wife.

Then, in an instant, he jumped away from the window.

When Zhang vigorously finished cleaning up the flower pot fragments and returned to the courtyard, he found his wife collapsed on the living room floor and ran forward in a panic, calling out to his wife, but her wife was unconscious, but still had a death grip on that picture frame in her hand. Remember the URL


Tang Zichen finally arrived near Li Xuan'er's house and parked his car at the intersection, ready to use his light power to enter the poor area and find Zhang Dali's house to see what was going on, hoping that everything was still in time and that the people sent by Li Qing Yuan hadn't yet succeeded.

Unfortunately, when Tang Zichen arrived, Zhang Dali's wife had already fainted for more than half an hour and was waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

At Zhang's house, many neighbors came, including Li Xuan'er.

"Wife, wake up."

"Wife, what's wrong with you, why hasn't the ambulance come yet, oooooh."

Zhang vigorously cried helplessly, he only had one daughter, and his wife suddenly fainted again before his daughter's matter was finished.

When Li Xuan'er saw the helpless Zhang vigorously, it reminded her of the other day, when she was in the hospital, just as helpless when she didn't have the money to save her father, when thanks to the help of a nobleman, she was able to get through the difficult time.However, Zhang vigorously didn't have such good luck and didn't have a nobleman to help her.Thinking of this, Li Xuan'er's heart was bursting with gratitude for the nobleman, Tang Zichen.

Li Xuan'er looked at the crying Zhang Dali and sighed inwardly with grief.

The left and right neighbors were discussing.

"Pity, the only daughter just died unjustly, and his wife suddenly had some kind of problem and fainted unconscious."

"It's probably because she was too sad that she fell unconscious."

"Now we can only wait for the ambulance, it's been half an hour and the ambulance hasn't come yet, what took them so long."

"The ambulance saw that we're from a slum area, where would it hurry, if it was a rich man who called 120, I'm afraid it would have gone as fast as possible.Alas."

The neighbors were all talking, but no one could help Zhang vigorously at this time, the most they could do was wait for the ambulance to come and help carry the patient.

Li Xuan'er secretly touched her tears, she really wanted to help Zhang vigorously, but she was incapable.

At this moment, a voice came from behind the crowd of onlookers, "Everyone disperse."

Soon after, Tang Zichen squeezed into the crowd.

When Li Xuan'er saw Tang Zichen appear here, she was shocked and busily shouted, "Tang Zichen?"For some reason, Li Xuan'er was delighted to see Tang Zichen for a while.

Tang Zichen looked at Li Xuan'er, smiled and nodded, then walked towards Zhang Li.

Everyone didn't understand who Tang Zichen was and what he was doing, but looking at Tang Zichen's confident look and appearance, they all put the

Eyes focused on him.

Tang Zichen sighed, he was finally out of time.

Tang Zichen squatted down beside Zhang and said to Zhang, "Put the patient down first."

"Who are you?"Zhang vigorously looked up at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry about who I am for now, I'll see what's going on with the patient."

At this time, Zhang vigorously only tried to trust Tang Zichen.

Li Xuan'er came up and said, "Tang Zichen, why did you appear here?"

Don's eyes looked at the patient, but his mouth said, "I..."

Tang Zichen suddenly found that he couldn't explain why he appeared here, he couldn't reveal the identity of One Defeat Red Dust, Tang Zichen immediately said in a hurry, "I came over to find you for fun, but unfortunately I couldn't find your home, seeing that it's so lively here, I came up here to take a look.I'll leave you alone for now, I'll take a look at the patient."Tang Zichen placed his three fingers on the patient's pulse.

When Li Xuan'er saw this, she asked in surprise, "Tang Zichen, you know how to heal?"

Tang Zichen said as he diagnosed his pulse, "Know a little bit."

Li Xuan'er was surprised, not expecting Tang Zichen to know medical skills, though only slightly.

Tang Zichen closed his eyes and carefully diagnosed the patient's physical condition.

Many of the neighbors who were onlookers quieted down and looked at Tang Zichen with eager eyes, seemingly putting their hopes on Tang Zichen, hoping that Tang Zichen could really help the poor and helpless Zhang Dali.

After some pulse cutting and diagnosis, Tang Zichen found that the patient's problem appeared in the kidneys, that is, the patient had acute problems with kidney function.

Zhang, not knowing Tang Zichen, looked at Li Xuan'er and asked, "Li Jia Xuan'er, who is he?"

Li Xuan'er was busy, "He's my classmate."

Li Xuan'er was busy asking, "Tang Zichen, do you see anything?"

Tang Zichen said, "Acute kidney failure."

"How do you know?"

"What I diagnosed by cutting my pulse, it should be eighty-nine, as for the cause of the acute debilitation, we still need to judge again."

Zhang was busy asking, "How do we treat it?Please save my wife."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't worry, I will save your wife, now let the patient wake up first."

Tang Zichen's hand pressed on the patient's waist and stimulated several acupuncture points of Zhang's wife.

Unfortunately, Zhang Dali's wife did not wake up.

It seemed that the situation was far more serious than Tang Zichen had imagined.

Tang Zichen said, "Can you give me a few embroidery needles."


Zhang vigorously immediately found some embroidery needles and took them to Tang Zichen.

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen nervously.

Without professional tools, Tang Zichen could only use embroidery needles at this time.

Tang Zichen pierced several needles on Zhang's wife's waist and head.

It really didn't take long for Zhang's wife to revive.

"Wife, how are you?"Zhang vigorously cried in excitement when he saw his wife waking up.

The neighbors who were watching cheered and looked at Tang Zichen with a changed look in their eyes.

They all said to Li Xuan'er, "Li Jiaxuan'er, this classmate of yours is really something."

"Li Jiaxuan'er, how do you know this classmate ah, he came to play with you, he can't be your boyfriend."

"Don't talk nonsense."Li Jiaxuan'er blushed and her heartbeat sped up a bit, she felt quite proud to be in Tang Zichen's light.


Zhang was busy saying thank you to Tang Zichen, his gratitude to Tang Zichen was inexpressible and could only be deeply transformed into two words of thanks.

Li Xuan'er's gaze was somewhat different, Tang Zichen did not expect Tang Zichen to have two skills, really underestimated him.Suddenly thought of just Tang Zichen said that he had come to look for her on purpose, Li Xuan'er did not feel her heartbeat quicken a bit.

However, the next moment, Li Xuan'er thought of Tang Zichen is driving a BMW, martial arts skills and high, we are simply not the same world, the bottom of her heart sighed deeply.

Li Xuan'er asked, "Tang Zichen, is Aunt Zhang alright now?"

Tang Zichen shook his head, "I just revived her, I'm not treating her well.But don't worry, I'll give her medicine and I'll find a way to make her better."

Tang Zichen knew that it must have been that person from Li Ziming's father who had caused her to have this acute decline in her kidney function, Tang Zichen could have prevented this from happening, but it was too late after all, Tang Zichen vowed to do his best to cure her.However, Tang Zichen didn't know much about the chemicals in this era, so he didn't know what the other party had done to Zhang's wife, and Tang Zichen couldn't vouch for whether or not he could treat her.

At that moment, the 120 ambulance came.

The neighbors helped and brought the patient to the ambulance.

Only after the ambulance left did the neighbors disperse.

Soon only Li Xuan'er and Tang Zichen were left.

Li Xuan'er felt the atmosphere was a little awkward all of a sudden. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen's mind was thinking about what happened regarding Li Ziming and his father, this pair of father and son, what inhumanity.Tang Zichen vowed that he would definitely go to find them at midnight tonight.

When Li Xuan'er saw that Tang Zichen was silent, she blushed and took the initiative to ask, "By the way, Tang Zichen, did you say you were here to find me?"

"Ah."Tang Zichen was busy coming back to his senses and nodded, "Yes."

"What do you want from me at this late hour?"Li Xuan'er said, her heart was even a bit nervous.

Tang Zichen said, "It's nothing, just passing by here, I heard that you live here so I came over to take a look, I didn't expect to see that family surrounded by many people just now."

"Oh."Li Xuan'er was a little lost when she heard Tang Zichen say that he was passing through here.

"Right, go to your house, I haven't been to your house yet."Tang Zichen said.

Li Xuan'er thought to herself, my house is shabby and rundown, there really isn't one eye-catching thing, plus there is a patient, there are medicine boxes everywhere, cotton swabs, more messy, or not to my so bottom side.

Li Xuan'er smiled tactfully: "Next time, next time I'll invite you to my house when I'm ready, okay."

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, "Yes."Tang Zichen was a little embarrassed, it was also true that going up to someone's house in the middle of the night was misleading.

Li Xuan'er sighed in her heart, she didn't know why she didn't want Tang Zichen to see the worst side of her, was she afraid that Tang Zichen's image of her would drop?Li Xuan'er threw her head back and realized that she, who was never vain, cared a lot about her image in front of Tang Zichen and what Tang Zichen thought of her.Otherwise, why else would she be afraid of Tang Zichen going to her house and seeing it in such disarray and disarray.

"How is your father?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Preparing to go to the province for surgery in a few days."Li Xuan'er said.

"Well, this world's medical arts are so clever that they can replace the human spine, a medical skill that I can never do."Tang Zichen said with emotion.


Kaylee Lee said, "Why this world?"Li Xuan'er felt that Tang Zichen spoke in a strange tone, as if he wasn't from this world.

"Oh, it's nothing.It's getting late, and I have nothing to do, I'll go back first."Tang Zichen didn't dare to stay here any longer, in case something happened at home, it would be the end, and it was already past eleven o'clock at night.

Li Xuan'er said, "I'll send you to the main road outside, there are many small alleys here that fork off, so it's easy for people who aren't familiar with them to take a wrong turn."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head, and did not refuse to take it, because Tang Zichen felt that walking with Li Xuan'er like this, the two of them were very peaceful inside, and for the first time since coming to this world, they felt so peaceful.

Li Xuan'er said, "That family just now is the family that was hit and killed at school at noon that we were talking about."

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

"Zhang Li is really pitiful, his daughter just died, and now his wife doesn't know what kind of disease she has, thanks to you saving them tonight, I thank you for them."

"No need, it's what I should do if I see an injustice in the road and pull out a knife to help."

Soon they walked out of the alley and onto the main road outside.

Tang Zichen's BMW was parked on the side of the main road.

Tang Zichen walked to the side of the BMW and said, "This is my car."

"Oh."Li Xuan'er looked at Tang Zichen's BMW and felt so classy, but the more classy it was, the more inferior she felt inside.

And Tang Zichen didn't know that it would make Li Xuan'er feel inferior inside.

"Why don't you go up and sit down?"Tang Zichen said that Tang Zichen liked his BMW very much, so inviting Li Xuan'er to go up and sit on it had absolutely no other meaning.

Li Xuan'er smiled and shook her head, "No, it's getting late, you should go back early too."

"Alright, I'll go back first then."Although Tang Zichen quite liked talking to Li Xuan'er, he was afraid that an accident would happen at home, so he had to hurry back.

"Well, bye."Li Xuan'er waved her hand, and Tang Zichen drove up the BMW and disappeared at the end of the main road.

A wave of desolation ran through Li Xuan'er's heart.

Li Xuan'er patted herself on the head and secretly said, "What's wrong with me?I didn't have to walk him out, the alley was full of forks, but he just walked along it, so why did I offer to walk him?Why do you feel at ease walking and talking with him?Now that he's gone, I feel a sense of loss inside again."

"Could it be that I'm really interested in Don?"

"No, that's impossible."Li Xuan'er immediately denied herself.

"I'm not even good enough for him, if my neighbors see me, they'll think my family is poor and I've gone to list big money, I don't want it."

"Li Xuan'er ah Li Xuan'er, wake up a little, Tang Zichen is such an outstanding boy, how can he look at you, a poor girl, can't even have the slightest idea.He's just a nice guy who is willing to help everyone in need, and I'm just one of the people he helps.People are looking for, and it's that kind of a thousand gold lady, not a poor girl like me."

Li Xuan'er mocked herself as she walked, and soon returned to her own home, as soon as she entered the door, she smelled the strong smell of medicine, and the ruined and dirty house, her heart laughed and sighed bitterly, just like this, where is she worthy of Tang Zichen, thanks to her inside she still dared to have some interest in Tang Zichen, Li Xuan'er swore that she would suppress her heart and stop thinking nonsense.


However, Li Xuan'er also had to admit that when she stood with Tang Ziming, she felt safe inside, as if she wasn't afraid of anything anymore.

And at this moment, at Li Ziming's home.

"Mr. Li, things have been taken care of, Zhang Dali's wife has been sent to the hospital for rescue, and the ambulance has been made half an hour late in order for the potion to have a greater effect.I'm afraid that Zhang Li's wife won't be able to get better anymore, and she'll end up simmering for a few years, then her body collapses and dies."One of the men reported.

Li Qingyuan smiled: "Well done, fighting me, you don't have the strength to fight.This time, I'll see if Zhang is still in the mood to go to the city hall and cause trouble."

"Mr. Li, now that his wife is like this, how can he still be in the mood to cause trouble ah, the hospital will be his home from now on."

Tang Zichen returned home in flames.

"Jin Gui, nothing has happened at home, right?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Back to Young Master, no, Miss has been doing her homework in her room, Miss is a diligent reader."

"Oh, that's good, you go rest."

Tang Zichen came to the balcony and looked at Miss's room, there was still a light.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Miss, it's getting late, go to bed early." The first website

"Not for you to worry about."Liu Xiangyun's voice could be heard from the room.

Hearing Liu Xiangyun's voice and steady breath, it seemed that she was calming down and Tang Zichen was slightly relieved.

Soon, the light in Liu Xiangyun's room went out.

But Tang Zichen didn't sleep because Tang Zichen still had things to do, and although he had photographed the evidence of Li Ziming and his sons, it didn't mean that Tang Zichen let them off the hook.

"Li Ziming, Li Qingyuan."Tang Zichen clenched both fists, this father and son were really deranged, not looking for them to vent their anger, it was really a pity for the common people who were victimized by them.

It seems that tonight a defeated red dust will be out again, now the police are all still looking for him, so soon to come out again to show his face, Xu Mei Qian will have another headache.Xu Mei Qian gets orders from her boss that she must catch One Defeat Red Dust.

Once midnight passed, Tang Zichen left the villa quietly.

Li Ziming's house is in the same place, which is convenient for Tang Zichen's business.

Tang Zichen arrived at Li Ziming's house with a light breeze.

Tang Zichen leaned on the outer wall, detecting the sound of breathing in each room, and judging from the sound of breathing which room was Li Ziming's room.

Soon, Tang Zichen found Li Ziming's room.

Li Ziming was taking a shower in the bathroom of his room, and while he was doing so, Li Ziming answered a phone call.

"Hey, I'll be right here, did you get that chick for me yet?"

"Brother Ming, don't worry, we've tied her up, that chick is yours tonight, I heard that she hasn't fallen in love yet oh."

"Fuck, squatting in a guardhouse for half a month, I haven't touched a woman in so long, I'll have fun all night tonight, hahaha."Li Ziming was laughing in the bathroom.

And right now Tang Zichen was standing in Li Ziming's room, waiting for Li Ziming to finish his bath.

It was ridiculous that Li Ziming still wanted to play all night.

Soon, Li Ziming finished his bath, humming a song, with a towel around his body, and walked out of the bathroom.

Half a month before the verdict, Li Ziming had stayed in the detention center, so half a month without banging a woman, Li Ziming had just been released today, he had already been holding a fire, plus he was in a happy mood, ready to have fun tonight.So, he secretly had someone go and arrest that beautiful girl he had been coveting for a long time.

Li Ziming went to the cloakroom and prepared to get dressed, but, he suddenly felt a person standing in the corner of the room and turned his head sharply to look.

Sure enough a masked black man in night clothes was standing in the corner.

"Ah."Li Ziming was shocked.

"You, who are you?"Plum was busy asking.

"Pah."In the next second, Tang Zichen's finger tapped on Li Ziming's shoulder, Li Ziming felt his body go numb and wanted to shout out, but his voice became hoarse after passing through his throat, so he couldn't shout out no matter what, he could only: "Dad, help."

Unfortunately, such a small hoarse voice might not even be heard in the same room, let alone another room.

"Who are you?"Li Ziming looked at Tang Zichen in pain.

Tang Zichen said, "Li Ziming, answer my question honestly, or you will be in pain."

Li Ziming was in excruciating pain right now, his body so numb that he couldn't move, his throat so dry that it was tearing.

Li Ziming nodded his head in pain.

Tang Zichen asked, "Who is the woman you just said on the phone that you tied up?"

Li Ziming said hoarsely, "Yes, it's Wenqi."

"Where is she being tied up by your people at this moment?"

"In, at the Excelsior Hotel."

"Which room in the hotel?"Tang Zichen learned smartly and actually knew which room to ask, which he learned from when Xu Mei Qian interrogated him earlier and asked him which room he lived in in that building in the Songtao neighborhood.


"Good, because your knowledge has saved you from a painful meal before you became an invalid."

"What, before you're an invalid?"Li Ziming looked incredulously at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen nodded: "Right, people like you, not to turn you into an invalid, really sorry for your own conscience, just asked you words, inadvertently heard that you kidnapped a woman again, looks like you are also going to rape her, hehe, you people, really bad deeds, God can not tolerate, I a defeated red dust, tonight, justice for those victimized by you, turn you into an invalid, and then turn youEvidence of the crimes of father and son is given to the police so that you can be brought to justice."

"What? You you are a lost cause?"Li Ziming opened his eyes wide, One Defeat Red Dust he knew, a wannabe burglar, I heard that he was very good at martial arts.

"Yes, I am One Defeat Red Dust, I came here tonight specifically to find you."Tang Zichen said.

Li Ziming was blinded, the legendary wannabe burglar actually came to find him.

"Don't you you specialize in robbing houses, why are you looking for me."Li Ziming asked fearfully.

"Fuck you, who specializes in robbing homes, I'm robbing the rich to help the poor, as for me looking for you, I'm seeking justice for others.Li Ziming, you know the evil you've done yourself, today I'll turn you into an invalid once I lose, and leave the rest to the police."

"Ah."Li Ziming panicked, as if he couldn't even believe that this was true, he had just been acquitted today, he had held back for half a month and was going to be released tonight, how could he become an invalid.

Tang Zichen saw Li Ziming's unwilling eyes and laughed, "You won't have the chance to go get high in this life, you'll have to wait for the next life, hahaha."

Li Ziming's body trembled, and with difficulty, he lifted his hand and pointed at Tang Zichen, "You, you don't have any right to cripple me."

"You also don't have any right to harm others, I didn't kill you, it's benevolent enough, I just don't want to dirty my own hands, you don't deserve to die by my hands yet, but turning you into an invalid is unavoidable, save you from coming back to scourge others after you get out of prison."

Tang Zichen didn't want to talk nonsense with Li Ziming, pointing his finger at a certain point on Li Ziming's body.

"Puff puff puff."The meridians on Li Ziming's body all self-destructed.

The rest was left to the police.


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