The King of Kungfu in school 721-725



Tang Zichen snorted, "Senior Long, you heard it, this is him agreeing to the challenge himself, why don't you go back to the Heavenly Star Pavilion and issue this notice so that all the international students in the academy can watch, if I, Tang Zichen, am indeed inferior in skill, I will apologize to him in public, otherwise, don't blame me for tearing off someone's hypocritical mask."With that, Tang Zichen flew away.

After Tang Zichen flew away, Wanderlust asked, "Master Omarsh, did you really agree to his challenge?"

"Is there any reason for me not to agree?"Omarsh raged.

"Master, you are the top of the world after all ah, with Tang Zichen, this twenty year old kid, will it lower your status, I think, it degrades your status, so you should consider coming."

"No need to consider it, since he is so unaware of his own identity, then I don't mind fulfilling him, Senior Wanderer, send out an announcement, tomorrow at 10 am, Heavenly Star Square."

Half a day later.

"Heard about it?Tomorrow morning at the Celestial Star Plaza, Tang Zichen will fight against Master Omar Shi."

"Isn't Omar Shi a legendary healer?He can beat Tang Zichen?But Tang Zichen isn't even a match for Kimaya Haru."

"No, they're not competing against martial arts, but healing arts, the direction of difficult diseases."

"Tang Zichen still knows healing arts?"

"Yes, I was incredulous when I heard this news, and I went to the Heavenly Star Pavilion to confirm that it was really him." Premiere URL

At a certain manor.

"Your Imperial Highness, forget it, Tang Zichen, this person possesses great opportunities, this person is not simple, this kind of person, even if you can't become friends, you shouldn't make enemies."

"No, I'm the 30th prince of the Sun Empire, how can I let people bully me like this."

"Your Imperial Highness, Tang Zichen spiked me in martial arts, and he spiked me in mesmerism, this kind of person, Your Highness is really cautious ah."

Just at this moment, a man outside hurriedly came in.

"Reporting to Your Highness, reporting to Senior Muya Haru, I just passed by the Heavenly Star Pavilion and saw a piece of news about Tang Zichen."

"What kind of news?"

"Tang Zichen is challenging Omar Shi, tomorrow at 10 am, at the Heavenly Star Plaza.Your Highness, Senior Kimaya Haru, now that the academy has spread the word, I've heard that Tang Zichen is also great at healing, this person is truly an extraordinary genius."

Mu Ya Qing was shocked, looked at Sun Shimura and said, "Your Highness, Your Imperial Highness, heard that, this Tang Zichen, great in martial arts, great in mesmerism, and now there are rumors that he can heal, and he even dares to challenge Master Omar Shi, think for yourself, should this kind of person continue to tangle with him."

Tang Zichen's challenge to Grandmaster Omar Shi was quietly, spreading through Star Ocean Academy.

Everyone who knew Tang Zichen, or who had heard of Tang Zichen's reputation, was taken aback.

Originally, they were still surprised that Tang Zichen's Ecstasy was so powerful, but then came the news that Tang Zichen could also heal and was challenging Master Omar Shi tomorrow, it was really a wave that hadn't yet settled.

The three words Tang Zichen, in less than three days, left a deep impression in the hearts of many international students at Star Ocean Academy.

Tomorrow morning's Healing Master pick

The battle was bound to cause quite a stir.

It would be fine if Tang Zichen lost miserably, but if he won again, then it would be as if there was no justice.

At this moment, in one of the small bungalows of Star Ocean Academy, Shangguan Rou was sitting on a common dormitory bed, looking very depressed.

Not long after, an innate perfectionist woman walked in and said, "Shangguan Rou, how are you thinking about it?"

"Tou, there's no need to think about this at all, I came to Star Ocean Academy to improve my strength, not for any other."Shangguan Rou said.

"Oh, Shangguan Rou, I understand what you mean, who doesn't come to the Star Ocean Academy to improve their strength.However, you know the rules here, it's only about strength, regardless of anything else.Moreover, this is an opportunity, if you're really willing to be Godan's Garden Lady, it will definitely be beneficial to you.As you all know, Gordan is the old Garden Lady of Star Ocean Academy.He established a home that has existed for thirty years, and he is now a supremely strong man at the third level of the Innate Great Perfection, and he is ranked 16 on the Innate Great Perfection War God List, so he really won't fight for such a person?To be honest, I once really wanted to be his garden lady, but unfortunately, people didn't like me.You, on the other hand, are different, you're incredibly beautiful, and being able to be such a strong garden lady, he'll make you endlessly useful with some random guidance."

Shangguan Zhuo trailed off, "He is good at martial arts, while I am enchanted, the two are completely unrelated, what does he instruct me in?Can I be of any use to you?Head, you're treating me like a three-year-old."

"Anyway, Shangguan Zou, you must consider it."

"Head, a day ago, you told me to consider it for a day and then give you an answer, I said I didn't have to consider it at all, a direct answer wouldn't do, you had to let me consider it for a day.Now it's been a day, I'll give you an answer, no, what do you want now?"

"Shangguan Rou, you should think about it for another day, anyway, you can't not cherish this opportunity."

Shangguan Zou huffed, "Head, you're not asking me to consider at all, you're forcing me to say yes, if I say no again a day later, are you asking me to consider another day?You're simply trying to force me to agree.Head, if this is forcing me to agree, then I, Shangguan Zou, will no longer call you Head, I will immediately quit your organization, I don't believe I can't join other people's organizations."

Shangguan Zou's head burst out laughing, "Shangguan Zou, this is what you forced me to do, I was talking to you properly, you had to force me to tear my face off with you ah.Shangguan Zou ah Shangguan Zou, you seem to be too naive, where do you think this is?This is in the Star Ocean Academy, no one can say NO here, it's only about the level of strength.The reason I asked you to consider it is to give you face, not to discuss it with you, okay?You're really rubbing your nose in it, but you're playing rejection, are you in a position to say no?"

"What do you want, Wang Haixing?"Shangguan Rou was angry inside, it turned out that it was not to consider her, but to inform her, but without tearing her face off, so she said to consider her.

"Shangguan Rou, in a word, you don't have the right to choose, you only have the obligation to obey, you, Mrs. Garden, are set to be."

"Impossible, I can tell you, this lady is not so easy to bully."

"Hahaha, is that so?Then you come out with the strength that is not good for bullying ah, otherwise, you're just a submissive dog in front of my mother."

"Wang Haixing, you think you can bully people like this just because you're an innate perfectionist.I'm not afraid to tell you, the famous Tang Zichen, I know him, you'd better be careful."


"Aigoo, it really is big, actually knowing the famous Tang Zichen, then I really have to be more careful, hahaha, hahaha."Wang Haixing let out a disdainful shameful laugh, of course she wouldn't believe that Shangguan Rou knew a strong genius like Tang Zichen.Not to mention Shangguan Rou, even he simply couldn't look up to an existence of Tang Zichen's level.

Shangguan Rou was depressed, and she didn't blame others for not believing in her, after all, Tang Zichen was in the Star Ocean Academy, so pushy that she couldn't even look up to her head, not to mention that no one would believe that the lowest level international student like her knew an existence of Tang Zichen's level.

"Shangguan Rou, don't be depressed, just resign yourself to your fate, besides, senior Gordan isn't a bad person, I haven't wronged you, and by the way, I've helped you.With your beauty, even if you don't become Lady Garden, sooner or later you will be coveted by other men, you really think you can get out of the mud ah."After saying that, Wang Haixing walked out of the group dormitory room and said to a man outside the door, "Guard her, don't let her leave half a step."

"Yes, Chief."

"I'll dedicate her to Gordan after I've talked to him."

"Head, is it true that Gordan will explain the true meaning of the Great Perfection to you?"

"I can only take a gamble, my time in Star Ocean Academy is not short, I need to quickly break through to the Innate Great Perfection to go, this time Shangguan Rou is beautiful, now it seems that Gordan is very impressed, so the chances are not small."

"Ahhhh."Shangguan Rou yelled in the room, she heard the conversation outside.

Shangguan Rou really wanted to go to Tang Zichen, but she was now on a completely different level from Tang Zichen.In the past, when she was in the Yanhuang Empire, she hadn't felt it and thought that everyone was on the same level, so she was determined to make Tang Zichen suffer a loss at her hands once.However, now that she had arrived at this Star Ocean Academy, she deeply understood that she was no longer on the same level as Tang Zichen.Just look at everyone's situation now, she was reduced to a prisoner without personal freedom, the lowest level of existence in the Star Ocean Academy, while Tang Zichen was an existence that couldn't even look up to the head who ruled her fate, the gap ah.

Tang Zichen's image, in Shangguan Rou's heart, suddenly became so high, in fact, she herself was also a bit inferior, not daring to tell people that she knew Tang Zichen, for fear of being ridiculed.

If she hadn't been forced to do so just now, she definitely wouldn't have said that she knew Tang Zichen, and as a result, she really was ridiculed. Remember the website

As for Shangguan Rou's master, Mu Qianyi, she had disappeared from the Star Ocean Academy, as if she had no reputation at all, as if no one knew of her existence, so there was no need for Shangguan Rou to mention it just now.

Shangguan Rou didn't know that the reason why Mu Qianji didn't have a reputation was because Mu Qianji didn't care to duel with the foreign students and sea beasts here.

The next day, at the Heavenly Star Square, from eight or nine o'clock in the morning, there were many international students coming, as many of them had heard that at ten o'clock today, Tang Zichen would be dueling with Master Omar Shi here, and everyone was curious to know if Tang Zichen really knew healing, and if his level of healing really dared to compare with Master Omar Shi.

In the Heavenly Star Plaza, there were three people standing at the moment, all three of them were found by the Heavenly Star Pavilion, patients with difficult diseases, one of them was born deaf, but it didn't affect his cultivation, so he was also a foreign student's

Man.The second was born blind in one eye, and even after surgery to replace his eye, he still can't see, this man only has one eye, but he is gifted and an international student.The third suffers from dementia, but the symptoms of his dementia are not always present, and he only gets sick when he hears the sound of a gong, which takes about ten minutes to recover.This strange disease, for which there is no cure, is also the pain of this man's life.

Today, the Heavenly Star Pavilion had found these three people, as 'props' for Tang Zichen and Omar Shi to fight it out.

Tang Zichen arrived at the Heavenly Star Plaza at around ten in the morning.

"Yoho, quite a crowd."Tang Zichen was surprised to see so many international students watching, and he didn't know if it was because he had heard about him or because he had heard about Omar Shi.

At this moment, Omar Shi had already arrived.It was sitting on a chair on the side of the Tianxing Plaza.

Tang Zichen flew down.

Long Tian Ya said, "Tang Zichen, it's so late, you've only come, do you know that Master Omar Shi, has been waiting for you here for a long time."

Tang Zichen looked at Long Tianya with slanted eyes, this Long Tianya, why is he so pleasant to this Omar Shi?It was reasonable to say that Tang Zichen was a martial arts prodigy, and no matter how powerful Omarsh was, he was only a healer, there was no need for Wanderlust to accuse Tang Zichen in every way because of a healer, right?Then, there is only one reason, this Oma Shi has grace for Wanderlust, or, this Wanderlust, there is a request for Oma Shi.And I'm afraid that the reason for having a request from Omar Shi is in the majority, if there is grace, after all, it's the past, if there is a request, it's the one that didn't happen, so there must be something wrong with this Wanderlust, and there must be something wrong with this Wanderlust as well, that has a request from Omar Shi.

Tang Zichen chuckled, "Senior Wanderlust, between me and Omar Shi, who is stronger and who is weaker, it's still not certain, you're acting like you're trying to please Omar Shi right now, is this really good?"

"Tang Zichen, I don't know what you're talking about, alright, since you're here, don't delay, get ready to start the duel."After saying that, Wanderer turned his head to honor Omarsh, "Master Omarsh, are you ready?"

"Hmph, a mere yellow-haired child, do I still need to prepare because of him?"

"What Master said is also true, I'm afraid you'll be able to win even if you're not awake yet, but I'm overthinking."

Tang Zichen laughed shamefully, "It's so crazy, I can win even if I'm not awake yet, I hope I won't be disappointed."

"Tang Zichen, where is all this nonsense."

"Wanderlust, I hope you're fine begging me."Tang Zichen said inwardly, this Long Tianya always used an accusing tone, which made Tang Zichen not too happy, even though he was as strong as Yi Tianxing.

Long Tianya said, "Tang Zichen, Master Omar Shi, I have prepared three patients for this duel for you, Heavenly Star Pavilion.Let me introduce them now, this is patient number one, he was born deaf, he can't identify the cause and no hospital can treat him; this is patient number two, he was born blind in one eye, it's the same even if he changes his eyes; this is patient number three, every time he hears the sound of a gong, he will immediately have a seizure and become demented, it will take ten minutes for him to return to normal.These three people, all of them are international students from Star Ocean Academy, their diseases, and their lifelong suffering, today they are willing to be props for you to compete, and they also hope to be cured by you."


Tang Zichen asked, "Senior Wanderlust, how does this compare?"

"I'm not done yet, but the process of the competition is the same as the auction.Patient number one, for example, will be auctioned for as many minutes as you need, and in the end, whoever needs fewer points will be allowed to cure him, and if the other party is cured, the other party wins.If the other side isn't cured, then only the other side gets to heal.If the other side heals and doesn't heal, then, start the shoot over, and if they heal, they win.Do you understand all the rules?"

"It's not like you're stupid, of course you understand."

"Alright then, let's start with patient number one, each of you will diagnose him first, then start calling time."

Tang Zichen and Master Omarsh diagnosed for a few minutes each.

After they both finished diagnosing, Wanderlust said, "Master Omarsh, you start shouting."

Omar Shi grunted at Tang Zichen, when he shouted, "15 minutes."

Tang Zichen shouted, "10 minutes."

Omarsh said angrily to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, are you messing with me?"

"Cut, Master Omarsh, I think I can completely heal him in 10 minutes, if you can't, don't be ashamed."

Wanderlust blurted out, "Once in 10 minutes, twice in 10 minutes, is there any lower?" One second to remember to read the book

At that moment, Master Omarsh shouted, "9 minutes."

Without even thinking about it, Don said, "8 minutes."


"Eight minutes once, eight minutes twice, Master Omarsh, do you have a lower time?"

Omarsh bit out, "Seven minutes."

"Six minutes."Don Zichen followed without even thinking about it.

"Don Zichen, you're intent on messing up aren't you?"

"Sick, who messes with you."

"Six minutes once, six minutes twice, Master Omarsh, do you have a lower time than six minutes?"

Omarsh shouted with a hard scalp, "5 minutes."

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "This patient number one, his realm has already reached the middle innate stage, but his ears still can't hear, obviously this disease is very difficult, it's not as simple as ordinary people being deaf, I don't believe that Omarsh can really be cured in 5 minutes, since that's the case, I'll let him cure it, so that I can understand his strength first."

Tang Zichen stopped shouting.

"Five minutes once, five minutes twice, five minutes three times, deal.Master Omarsh, patient number one is yours to treat, if you are not cured, then Tang Zichen will take over the treatment.If Don Zichen is likewise not cured, then the round will be reshot."

Omarsh went up to treat patient number one with a hard scalp, in fact, at this moment, Omarsh regretted inside that he should have known not to shout with Tang Zichen, because he simply didn't have the confidence to be cured within five minutes, and was cornered by Tang Zichen.

As time passed by, the whole place was silent, and everyone watched without blinking at Master Omarsh treating Patient No. 1.

Soon, five minutes passed.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Time's up."

Omarsh, who was gathering his concentration, was shocked.

"Time's up so soon?"Omarsh looked to the waves.

Wanderlust nodded, "Master Omarsh, five minutes are indeed up, have you, uh, healed yet?"

Omarsh's face was white, oh crap, he didn't heal in five minutes.

"Hahaha, Master Omarsh, you didn't heal in five minutes oh, so, according to the rules, I will take over the healing, and I just shouted for six minutes, I only need to heal in six minutes to win, is that right, Senior Wanderlust?"

"Right."Wanderer nodded.

Omarsh grunted, "I don't believe that you can heal."

Omashi sat down on one side of the chair and watched in exasperation as Don Zichen took over the treatment.

Don Zichen began treating patient number one.

Tang Zichen already had an initial impression of Omashe's level of medical skill, it was very average.Of course, Tang Zichen was referring to the level of difficult cases, and at the moment, the competition was also about the level of difficult cases.

Four minutes later, Tang Zichen suddenly shouted, "Yay."

Suddenly, Omarsh bounced up from his seat when he heard Tang Zichen's yay.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior Wanderer, I'm healed."

At this time, that number one patient, who was pleasantly surprised, cried, "I, I, I really heard it, oooh, I heard the voice, oooh, thank you, Doctor Tang, thank you."

"Pounce."Patient number one kneeled down to Tang Zichen, kowtowing incessantly.

Omarsh was now extremely pale, he hadn't been healed in five minutes, but Tang Zichen had been healed.

"Wow."The surrounding audience shouted in awe, Tang Zichen was so powerful.

Originally, they had only come to watch Tang Zichen duel with skepticism, but they didn't expect that Tang Zichen was really capable, it was really unexpected.

"Thank you, Doctor Tang."Patient No. 1 was so grateful that he couldn't express his gratitude to Tang Zichen with words.Omarsh saw Patient No. 1 kowtowing to Tang Zichen, that wasn't good in his heart ah, this should have been kowtowing to him.

The first time I was in a position to do so, I had to go through a lot of trouble, but it was not easy.

"Alright, get up, no need to kowtow."Tang Zichen helped Patient No. 1 up, saving people was the essence of happiness, as expected, right now, seeing Patient No. 1 kowtowing so gratefully, Tang Zichen was also very happy inside.Not like Mu Qianji, killing without blinking an eye, ruthless heart is called madness, so save people, perhaps only for more madness.

Patient number two and patient number three, both looked at Tang Zichen with great anticipation, and wondered, who they would be healed by.

Omarsh grunted, "Don't hurry up with round two."

Wanderlust shouted, "Tang Zichen, the second patient is about to start, before you start, you both have five minutes each to diagnose, Master Omarsh will start first."

Again, Omar Shi began to diagnose, it was definitely more advantageous to start diagnosing, but Tang Zichen was lazy, this Long Tianya was so pleasing to Omar Shi, I really hope he was sick, don't come begging Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen and Omarsh diagnosed patient number two separately, both of them knew what they were doing.

Omarsh shouted, "10 minutes."Omarsh's bottom line was actually not 10 minutes, but 7 minutes, but he was trying to suppress Tang Zichen, so he started shouting from 10 minutes and gave himself more leeway.

However, Tang Zichen's bottom line was even lower.

Without even thinking about it, Tang Zichen shouted, "5 minutes."

"What."Omarsh was furious, he thought Tang Zichen would shout 9 minutes, but he didn't expect Tang Zichen to go straight to 5 minutes.That's a shame, his bottom line was seven minutes, and five minutes he was no longer sure of a cure.

"Don Zichen, you're shouting time maliciously."Omarsh said angrily.


Tang Zichen said, "If you think I'm malicious, you don't have to follow, I'm not forcing you to follow, really."

"Ahhhh."Omarsh's beard was quivering with anger.

After a moment's hesitation, Omarsh was open-minded, he must not let the image of his patient kneeling down and kowtowing in gratitude appear again, never.

"Three minutes."Omarsh shouted with one bite, he didn't believe that Tang Zichen would continue to shout down.

Don Zichen smiled and said without missing a beat, "One minute."

"Ah."Omarsh was so angry that he almost fell over.

One minute even dared to shout out, oh my god.

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, I don't believe that you can be cured in one minute, okay, since you're maliciously stealing time, I'll let you do it, I'd like to see if you can be cured in one minute.If you can't be cured in one minute, then I'll take over and win you by taking over in just three minutes."

"Then we'll see."Tang Zichen grabbed patient number two and went up to treat patient number two.

Patient number two Tang Zichen had encountered this kind of case before, so Tang Zichen was very confident that he would be cured within a minute.

Time ticked by, second by second. The first website

At this moment, in the crowd, Mu Qianji also silently watched, Mu Qianji looked at Tang Zichen's serious look, unconsciously, thought of once that world, every time the wind and clouds serious look, the most attractive to her, have to admit, Tang Zichen serious look, really handsome.

Now a lot of female students screamed, hating to pounce on Tang Zichen to possess the same.

Master Omarsh was very nervous, counting the time second by second.

As he counted to forty-five seconds, Tang Zichen shouted, "Over."

"Wow."There was a cheer from the audience, as well as an incredulous exclamation of surprise.

Master Omarsh grunted, "Impossible, patient number two, you said yourself, can you see with that eye of yours?You blindfolded your other eye and looked at me with your previously blind eye, may I ask, how many?"Master Omarsh compared a 'two' with his finger.

Patient number two blindfolded his other eye, then looked at Omashee.

"Say, how many is that?If you can't tell, you just don't see it at all, you're TO."

At that moment, patient number two looked at Omarsh and said, "Omarsh, hello two."After that, Patient Two turned his head and knelt down to the Don.

"You."Omarsh's beard trembled with anger when he heard patient number two say that he was good second.The contrast between being so disrespectful to him, but kneeling down to Tang Zichen, was too strong, as if he was slapping him in the face in red.

"Doctor Tang, thank you, I was born blind in one eye, I'm finally better, thank you, Doctor, please accept my three bows."

The second patient heavily kowtowed three times.

Omarsh was extremely upset inside.

Tang Zichen snorted at Omar Shi: "The world's top specialization master, but that's all.Senior Wanderer, three patients, I've healed two, so, two wins out of three, am I winning?"

Wanderlust: "Tang Zichen, who told you that three wins and two wins, first of all, these three patients, their conditions are not of the same difficulty, patient number two is the least difficult, patient number one is the second most difficult.The third patient is the most difficult, far more difficult than both number one and number two combined, he has neurological and other brain problems, or maybe mental problems, which is far more difficult than curing number one and number two.That's why the third game is the key to victory.If in the third game, Master Omarsh wins, he still wins this duel, do you still have any doubts?"

"OK."Tang Zichen didn't argue, indeed, patient number three's problem was the most difficult, involving dementia, which wasn't so easy to treat.So, number three was indeed far more difficult than number one and number two combined.

Omarsh snorted, "The hardest number three, just happens to be what I'm good at, Tang Zichen, just wait."


;Tang Zichen also hummed, "I'm so sorry, the number three question is also something I'm good at."

The crowd was excited, it was really full of gunpowder, both of them were good at it, and I don't know if anyone was lying.

"Let's get started then."Wanderlust said.

Tang Zichen and Omarsh diagnosed the third for ten minutes each, it was more difficult after all.

"Two hours."Omarsh was the first to shout out the time, his bottom line was one hour, so he started out shouting higher, giving himself more extra ground.

This time, however, Don didn't want to waste time and just shouted out his bottom line

Don shouted, "Ten minutes."

"What."Omarsh was furious.

"Master Omarsh, do you have a lower time?"Wanderlust asked.

"No. I'd like to see if the bastard can really be ten minutes, and if he can't in ten minutes, I'm bound to be able to in two hours."Omarsh was betting that Tang Zichen couldn't in ten minutes, and if he couldn't, he'd win.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen wouldn't give him a chance, because, Tang Zichen didn't speak, he was really good at this, and when he practiced medicine with his uncle in his previous life, Tang Zichen had encountered less than a dozen cases of these kinds of difficult patients, which were typically caused by abnormalities in the brain's essence points.

Tang Zichen got a gong.

"Dang."When the gong struck, patient number three quickly fell ill and became demented.

Tang Zichen immobilized him and then started working on his treatment.

Patient number three's condition was even milder than Tang Zichen had expected, and Tang Zichen was delighted inside, which showed that Tang Zichen didn't need that much time, so let's make it quick.

Five minutes later, Tang Zichen shouted, "Over."

"Ah."Omarsh fell to the ground, five minutes and he was healed, Omarsh knew very well that he would need at least an hour.

At that moment, patient number three suddenly got up and said, "Did I recover myself?"

"No, I'm the one who healed you."After saying that, Tang Zichen picked up the gong and struck it hard a dozen times in a row.

Patient number three never became demented again.

"Ah, I, I, I'm really healed."Patient number three cried in excitement.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, don't get too excited, don't get excited and turn into a psychopath."

"Thank you, Doctor Tang."Patient number three kowtowed his head.

Tang Zichen nodded, looked at the frustrated-looking Omar Shi and snorted, "Even you are worthy of comparing yourself to me, and you still have the nerve to say you're the best in the world, I pooh."

"You."Omasee looked at Tang Zichen, and although she was angry, she couldn't refute.

Tang Zichen said, "Omar Shi, Yi Tianxing senior begged you to help him, but you, who coveted his wife, implied that Yi Tianxing dedicated to you his wife, don't think that no one knows about this, with your character, I yuck.I'm not afraid to tell you, Senior Yi Tianxing's illness, I, Tang Zichen, cure it in thirty seconds, do you really think, only you can treat him?"

"You you, you bloody well won't, not with my high moral standing."

"I pooh, you know it yourself."

At this moment, in the crowd, Yi Tianxing had also already come to watch, he was already shocked to see Tang Zichen's medical skills so high, but now, he heard Tang Zichen say that he only needed thirty seconds for his illness.

Yi Tianxing was trembling all over, thirty seconds, the problem that had tormented him for decades, Tang Zichen only needed thirty seconds.

"Scram."Tang Zichen shouted.

Some of the surrounding crowd of onlookers also shouted, "Get lost, not worthy to be compared to Tang Zichen."

Omarsh now had nowhere to put his old face, he snorted angrily and flew away wolf first, this matter wasn't over, Tang Zichen had caused him to lose face in front of so many people, this matter wasn't over.


Tang Zichen looked at the way Omar Shi flew away in anger and snorted at the corners of his mouth, Tang Zichen didn't care about him at all.

This Omar Shi, he was merely a healer, unlike Tang Zichen, he was not only a healer, but also a martial arts practitioner.Omar Shi's martial arts realm was only a mere inner door, so how could he still fight with Tang Zichen, so Tang Zichen was very disdainful of him.

Wanderlust looked at the Omar Shi who flew away, then at Tang Zichen, as if he was a bit hesitant inside, not knowing how to deal with it.

In the end, Wanderlust hesitated for a moment, and with a bite, he still chased after Omar Shi.

Wanderlust chased after Omarsh's villa.

"Master Omarsh."

"Wanderlust, why are you still looking for me, Tang Zichen isn't very capable, is he, healing is so powerful, why are you looking for me if you don't go to him."Omar Shi said in exasperation, not knowing who she was angry with.

Wandering inwardly said, "Omar Shi you are also really sick, you yourself lost pk with Tang Zichen, take what anger from me, if I didn't have a need for you, I wouldn't bother to look at your face here."

"Master Omarsh, Tang Zichen dared to challenge you, he must have come prepared, so why should you be so frustrated, victory or defeat is a matter of war."

Omarsh sneered, "Prepared?So you're colluding with him?"

"Don't talk nonsense about that, Master Omarsh, how I colluded with Don Zichen.Omarsh, that illness of mine, you?When are you going to give me the next treatment ah, I've been treated fifteen times before, you said that after twenty times, it will be healed, is it true ah.Today is the sixteenth treatment, when are you going to give me a treatment?"Wanderlust opens the door. Remember the website

"I'm sorry, Wanderlust, but I'm not in the mood to heal you when I'm such a bad healer."

"Uh, Master Omarsh, just a few more times before the healing is done."

"Well, Wanderlust, if you really want me to keep healing you, fine, go kill Tang Zichen."

Wanderlust laughed, "Master Omar Shi, why force people, the reason I don't look for Tang Zichen is because you've been treating me all along, I don't want more people to know that I'm sick.Master Omarsh, I've also taken quite good care of you, but I never thought that you would take it out on me when you lost your own medical skills to Tang Zichen."


Lang Tian Ya's anger flew away, so he had no choice but to bite his teeth and go beg Tang Zichen to heal him.

At the Heavenly Star Plaza, everyone left one after another, leaving behind a sea of praise and adoration for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen also returned to his villa.

Tang Zichen was trying to hesitate whether to take the initiative to find Yi Tianxing.

At the moment, at Yi Tianxing's house.

Yi Tianxing was looking sad and miserable.

"Tian Xing, Tang Zichen's medical skills are so good, why don't you go and plead with Tang Zichen."Yi Tianxing's wife said.

"Alas, I'm hesitating too, but."

"What exactly are you hesitating about?"

"I, I, I don't understand either."

Just then, Tang Zichen's shout came from outside, "Brother Tian Xing, are you there?"

Tang Zichen thought again and again, it would be better if he took the initiative to come to Yi Tianxing, after all, he had a good impression of Yi Tianxing, and taking the initiative to treat him would make him more grateful, though he might be a bit ashamed.

"Ah, Tang Zichen."

Yi Tianxing's wife, however, walked out in a panic, seemingly more anxious than Yi Tianxing, the woman, said no

In mind, but inwardly, it was actually quite caring, all of this, Yi Tianxing saw in his eyes, and secretly sighed, women are really mouthy.However, his wife hadn't done anything to cheat on him during his twenty years of incompetence, which made Yi Tianxing very grateful.

"Tang Zichen, you're here."Yi Tianxing's wife, Yang Huan, smiled.

"Yi's wife."

"Eh."Yang Huan nodded enthusiastically and looked at Tang Zichen expectantly.

Tang Zichen couldn't help but tremble inside when he saw her gaze burning, probably because he had just heard Tang Zichen say at the Heavenly Star Plaza that he only needed thirty seconds to heal Yi Tianxing, so Yang Huan felt hope, and the desire that had been suppressed for decades suddenly burst out like a flood.

"Sister-in-law Yi, where is big brother Tian Xing?"

"He's in the house, did you come to see him about something?"Yang Huan asked knowingly.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Sister-in-law Yi, I know all about Big Brother Tian Xing, so let's talk openly."

"Oh."Yang Huan smiled with a blush.

Tang Zichen walked into the house.

"Brother Tang, you're here."Yi Tianxing looked embarrassed and smiled.

Tang Zichen said, "Brother Tian Xing, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry into your privacy, I originally went to look for you yesterday, I just happened to see you kneeling in front of Omar Shi's house, so I was confused, after that you really went to fetch water, I learned about you from Omar Shi's disciple.I was very angry that that Omarsh wanted you to dedicate your wife to him, so, in a fit of anger, I went to war with him."

Yang Huan was furious, "Brother Tang, how did you, how did you know about this?He doesn't even know about Skywalker, does he?"

"Sister-in-law Yi, Big Brother Skywalker is honest, and Omax probably cares a lot about his reputation, so it was only a very subtle hint, so Big Brother Skywalker has not been able to guess it, I guess."Tang Zichen said.

Yi Tianxing said furiously, "This bastard, I can't spare him."

"Oh, Brother Tian Xing, you, you're also too much of a degenerate, you're a strong man at the peak of the middle Unity Realm, and you're on the upper echelon of the entire world, but you're kneeling at his door."

"I, I, Brother Tang, you don't understand."Yi Tianxing was embarrassed.

Tang Zichen looked at Yang Huan, Yang Huan was indeed very pretty, national beauty, and her appearance didn't look old, an ordinary person was thirty years old.

"Big brother Tian Xing, I understand, you don't want to owe your sister-in-law, that's why you aggravate yourself so much.Alright, there's no need to be indebted to your sister-in-law in the future."

Yi Tianxing looked at Tang Zichen gratefully.

Yang Huan was also filled with blazing eyes and asked, "Brother Tang, you really, can thirty seconds?"

"Mrs. Yi, of course it's true.However, whether it's thirty seconds, I don't know, I was just at the Tianxing Square, I only said that to stimulate Omar Shi, how exactly, I still have to test it to know."

"Then you immediately give Tian Xing a check ah."Yang Huan said anxiously.


Tang Zichen immediately checked Yi Tianxing and found that it was a bit serious, no wonder Yi Tianxing couldn't repair it on his own even though he was in such a strong realm.

"How is it?"

"I won't hide it from you, Brother Skywalker's Origin Essence Vein, destroyed, doesn't exist."


"But it doesn't matter, I'll just build him up, go use other places to move the meridians over and become the Origin Essence Vein."

Tang Zichen spent more than half an hour to finally heal Yi Tianxing, the reason it took so long was because of Tang Zichen's more serious attitude.


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