The King of Kungfu in school 726-730


Chapter 726

"All right."Tang Zichen clapped his hands and said.

Yang was busy asking, "Is it recovered?"

"Yes, it's restored."

"So it's ready for use right away?"

"Ah."Tang Zichen was startled, Yi Tianxing could not wait to find a crack in the ground at the moment, and Yang Huan blushed all over after realizing that she was acting in too much of a hurry.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Theoretically, it can be used immediately, but to be on the safe side, it is still recommended to recuperate for a week before using it, of course, if you guys are really in a great hurry, then so be it, if there are still any problems behind it, the worst that can happen is to find me again.Then, I'll leave you guys alone, I'll leave first."

"Thank you, Brother Tang."Yi Tianxing was grateful.

Tang Zichen smiled back and said, "Don't push too hard."

Yi Tianxing and Yang Huan blushed all over.

Tang Zichen flew away with a loud laugh.

As soon as Tang Zichen left, the events at Yi Tianxing's house were self-evidently as intense as a volcano erupting, and Tang Zichen's instructions seemed to have been forgotten by them. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen had just left Yi Tianxing's house a short distance away when he saw a man face to face.

"Tang Zichen, I've been waiting for you for a while."

"Senior Long Tian Ya, what are you waiting for me for?Can I help you?Do you have doubts about the duel you just fought?"

Long Tianya said, "Tang Zichen, to be honest, I have something to ask for."

Tang Zichen smiled, having already guessed that Long Tianya was so pleasing to Omar Shi, he must have something to ask of Omar Shi.

"Senior Long Tianya, you don't need to beg me, Omar Shi's medical skills are the best in the world."

Long Tianya said, "Tang Zichen, I didn't intend to come to you, after all, I don't want my condition to be known by more people, but Omar Shi even blackmailed me to kill you by continuing to treat me.How could I Wanderlust agree to that, so I came to you with a hard scalp."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Omar Shi is really despicable, so, Senior Wanderlust, if I don't help you, are you planning to kill me and go back to Omar Shi?"

"Tang Zichen, am I, Wanderlust, such an unprincipled person in your mind?I, Wanderlust, am in charge of the Celestial Star Pavilion, the Celestial Star Pavilion is dedicated to handling Academy dueling matters, if I am such an unprincipled person, how am I still in charge of the Celestial Star Pavilion."

Tang Zichen looked at Long Tianya, this Long Tianya, even though he had come to beg Tang Zichen, he didn't speak in a humble manner and didn't have any lowly people, which showed that he was indeed a more principled person.

"Well, in that case, I'll do you this favor, I originally had one more condition, and that was to go and beat up Omarsh, but now it seems that you won't agree to it."

"Of course I won't agree to it, but I figured Omarsh is just a pure healer, and you're a double genius, so why bother with someone like that."

"Alright, let's go to your house and heal."

Tang Zichen came to Wanderlust's home, Wanderlust's illness was in his thigh, when he was young he was bitten by a crocodile that had been practicing all the time, after that, his thigh kept growing a few crocodile scales, it was very disgusting.

However, many healers were unable to treat it, and it had been tormenting him for a long time.

Tang Zichen carefully diagnosed it, shook his head and said, "Sorry, this disease of yours is really a bit special, it's not so easy to cure."

"Even you can't be cured?"Long Tian Ya looked at Tang Zichen with disappointment.

Tang Zichen shook his head.

"No, I can heal, it's just that my healing power isn't enough, I'm sure I'll be able to heal after I reach an Eleventh Grade Healer, I'm still a Tenth Grade Healer.If you're willing to wait, I'll heal you after I reach eleventh-grade healing master."

"Alright."Lang Tianya nodded regretfully.

Tang Zichen asked, "Why didn't he heal you, Omarsh?He is at least a twelve-grade healer, and healing is more powerful than me."

"Omarsh said that he needed to heal me twenty times, once every six months, until I could be healed after twenty, and he's healed fifteen times now."

"Oh, I don't know if he's telling the truth or not, but anyway, if I can heal you in an hour after my healing power reaches eleven times, I can do it.I'm sure Omarsh doesn't want to have you healed that early."

Wanderlust snorted, "I didn't expect that someone like Omarsh, who has taken quite good care of him all these years, would be biased in every way even if I were to duel with you today."

"Oh, if Omarsh heals you so quickly, how long will the care you've taken of him last?If it's once every six months, twenty times is ten years, and you'll have to be very respectful to him for all of those years."


"Alright, Senior Wanderer, that's basically all I have to say, go back first, I'll inform you once I reach the eleventh grade healing mastery."

"When will you be able to reach the eleventh grade?"

"Don't worry, I, Tang Zichen, won't allow myself to take too long, within a year, or even half a year, or even a few months, I must reach Eleventh Grade Healer."Tang Zichen still had Liu Xiangyun that he needed to save, so Tang Zichen wouldn't allow himself to spend too long, he couldn't afford to spend too much time.

Long Tianya left and Tang Zichen calmed down to study the healing technique.

Waiting for tomorrow, he would go back to Yi Tianxing to see if he could enter the Star Ocean Academy's arsenal, choose a few good quality weapons, and then go down to the sea to practice.

Forget about today, how would Yi Tianxing have time to take care of him, he must be in the middle of a crazy what.

The reason Tang Zichen agreed to help Long Tianya is also thinking that, in case of entering the weapon storage, there is also a place where Long Tianya can be of use to help, besides, one more friend is better than one more enemy.

At this moment, in a certain bungalow.

"Ahhhh."Shangguan Rou shouted in depression.

A woman watching her from outside the door said, "Shangguan Rou, just stop yelling, it's useless, you won't be able to leave."

Shangguan Rou pleaded, "Senior Fan Lianhua, I'm begging you, help me go find Tang Zichen, okay?"

"Shangguan Zou, you're still daydreaming ah, a person of Tang Zichen's level is an existence that our heads can't even look up to, at least a genius on the same level as senior Gordan, and you still want to go delusional?You are thinking that you can attract Tang Zichen with your appearance."

"Please, if you can help me, I will definitely be grateful to you."

"Who wants your gratitude, Shangguan Rou, you're too naive.By the way, the head has made a deal with senior Gordan, today senior Gordan will come over to lead people, after that, you will be Gordan's Garden Lady, and I hope to promote you more."

Shangguan Rou was smart, and said, "Fan Lianhua, okay, remember this, when I become Gordan's woman, I will be the first one who won't let you go, you should know that if I really become Gordan's woman, I can definitely get you killed."

"Ah."The woman guarding outside the door shuddered, her face white with fright.

Shangguan Rou was inwardly happy, yay, finally she could be allowed to inform Tang Zichen.


"Shangguan Zou, what do you mean."

"Fan Lotus, when I become Godan's Garden Lady, you wait for me."

The woman guarding outside the door looked angry, "Shangguan Rou, I have no grudge against you, why are you doing this to me."

"No injustice and no hatred?You're stopping me from getting out, and that's no offense?"

"It's not like I'm watching over you right now and I don't want to, I'm just following the head's orders, you're capable of finding the head."

"Don't worry, I'll find her, you because I'll let her go?Of course, she may have a deal with Gordan, she may not die, but you, hmm, you're the victim."

Fan Lianhua said anxiously, "Shangguan Zuo, an injustice has been done, do you do this to your conscience, I'm not the one who ordered it."

"Hahaha, Fan Lianhua, you are also afraid ah, well, don't say I didn't give you a chance, let me go now, or, send a message to Tang Zichen for me, so I can spare you."

"Shangguan Zou, if I let you go, the head will not spare me."

"Then go and deliver the message for me, so that the head doesn't see you when he comes back, you have no choice."

"Fine, I'll go and deliver the message, I hope you'll do as you say, and you shouldn't think of escaping now, because you won't be able to escape from Star Ocean Academy no matter how much you try." First URL

Tang Zichen was studying healing arts in his homeland.

This aspect of the healing arts had been delayed by Tang Zichen for a long time, and he would have to put more effort into this aspect in the future to try and save Liu Xiangyun as soon as possible.

"Is Senior Tang Zichen here?"Shortly after, a woman's voice sounded outside.

"Someone looking for me?"Tang Zichen immediately flew out and stood on the gate of his manor, only to see a woman with an ordinary appearance and late innate strength.Tang Zichen's first impression was that she was here to sell, because after Tang Zichen became famous, not many female students had come to sell, whether they wanted to be Tang Zichen's vent for once, or whether they wanted to be his bed-warming woman, they were all here for some very practical benefit, either for guidance or protection.

"You're here to sell it too, sorry."Don said directly.

"Ah."The woman was stunned and blushed, in fact, she had just looked at Tang Zichen up close and was stunned, so she gave Tang Zichen the chance to speak first.

"Senior Tang Zichen, I'm not here to sell, I came to find you for something."

"I don't know you, speak up, what is it."

"Senior Tang Zichen, do you know Shangguan Rou?"

"Shangguan Zou?What's wrong with her?"

The woman was shocked when she saw that Tang Zichen really knew Shangguan Rou, and immediately felt a hint of jealousy towards Shangguan Rou, why, why did Shangguan Rou really know Tang Zichen.In her eyes, Tang Zichen was clearly the unattainable 'strong and talented and handsome', strong, talented and handsome.This was like the 'rich and handsome' and 'rich and beautiful' among ordinary people ah.

"Speak up, what's wrong with Shangguan Rou?"When Tang Zichen saw the woman's silly state, he asked loudly.

"Oh, Shangguan Rou asked me to come find you, she's in a bit of trouble, she's being imprisoned by our head, and our head wants to dedicate her to an innate great perfectionist named Gordan.Don't let our head know that it was me who informed you, or else you'll harm me, goodbye."The woman hurriedly left, still feeling very unfair fate inside, why could Shangguan Rou know such strong and talented handsome, but she couldn't meet them.


Tang Zichen's brows furrowed after hearing this.

Originally Tang Zichen had completely forgotten about Shangguan Rou's existence these past few days and had never thought of her, but was a little surprised to suddenly receive the news of her imprisonment.

It seemed that Shangguan Rou had a bit of bad luck coming to Star Ocean Academy.

"Although I know her, my relationship with her is neither an enemy nor a friend, so why should I mind my own business, she should naturally know when she comes to Star Ocean Academy that the weak have no rights, and if I go to help her, I'll instead break the rules of Star Ocean Academy, what's the point of her making herself stronger under my protection."Tang Zichen turned around and returned to the manor, not bothering with Shangguan Rou's matter.

However, when Tang Zichen returned to the house, Tang Zichen was a bit torn.

"Shangguan Rou will have people come to inform me, it must be very much in need of me to save her, even though her relationship with her is ordinary, but wouldn't it be a bit unkind of me to leave her alone.Moreover, she's going to be dedicated to another man, as far as I know, Shangguan Rou shouldn't have had a boyfriend yet, losing her purity like this, I'm not there to save her now, will she really hate me in the future?Although I didn't give her any attention at all, but, but after all, I had known each other once, and was one of the first people I met when I came to this world."

"It's just a matter of time, then go save her once, just once."Tang Zichen turned around and flew out of her manor.

Once he flew out of the manor, Tang Zichen remembered that he had no idea where Shangguan Rou was now.

"I'll go."

Tang Zichen was incomparably depressed, Star Ocean Academy was so big, where would one go to find Shangguan Rou?Ghost knows where she was imprisoned.

In a certain small bungalow, that Fan Lotus had gone to Tang Zichen, but she had another person guarding Shangguan Zuo, so Shangguan Zuo couldn't escape.That way neither Shangguan Zuo nor the head was offended.

Soon after, Fan Lianhua returned to continue her guarding.

"Shangguan Rou, I've already gone to look for Tang Zichen, as to whether he's coming or not, I don't know."

"If I find out that you are lying to me, I won't spare you."

"Don't worry, if you have a chance to see Tang Zichen in the future, you can verify with him.Shangguan Rou, I didn't expect that you really know him, why are they all women, our fates are so different, why do you know Tang Zichen again, and be wanted by senior Gordan."

Shangguan Rou snorted, "Who made you look so ugly."

Just at this moment, two people came not far away.

It was Shangguan Rou's head, the woman named Wang Haixing, and the strong innate man named Gordan.

"Senior Gordan, you can't keep your word."Wang Haixing chuckled.

"Don't worry, if what you said about Shangguan Rou is really that beautiful, I'll definitely give you a detailed explanation of the Great Perfection's true meaning."

"Senior Gordan, don't worry, Shangguan Rou is definitely a beauty, and I'm afraid I'm certain that she's the number one beauty in the Star Ocean Academy."

"Is that so?Is that really such an exaggeration?"

"There really is, I've been in Star Ocean Academy for decades, and Star Ocean Academy only has a total of thousands of international students, so at least most of the women have seen it, but I haven't found any other beauties."

"Hahaha, if you really are the number one beauty in Star Ocean Academy, then I will never treat you badly.However, there's no reason why no one at Star Ocean Academy should have found such a beautiful woman, she would have been snatched away long ago, how do you explain this?"


"Senior Gordan, this Shangguan Zou was just enrolled in school a few days ago, I found her when she first enrolled, and she was wearing a mask, I made her keep it on, and her true face has only been seen by me and a few of my henchmen."

"Quick, quick, quick, I can't wait to meet her."

"Senior Gordan please, my house is just ahead."

Shangguan Rou was anxiously waiting for Tang Zichen to arrive when a man and a woman came in first outside, the woman was Wang Haixing, the head of this Goddess organization.

The man beside Wang Haixing pointed at Shangguan Rou and asked, "Is that her you're talking about?"


"It looks ugly now."

"Senior Gordan, you're wearing a mask now, after you let her take it off, if you can still say the word very ugly, I'll take your surname."

Gordan stepped forward and ordered to Shangguan Rou, "Take off the human skin mask."

Shangguan Rou huffed, "Why should I."

"Yoho, is the sex quite strong, no matter, I like this, it's called passion, these years, a large number of women actively come to me to beg me to fuck, obey me a thousand times, do everything to please me, this kind of woman I'm tired of, but you are the kind of sex strong, let me bright ah, hahaha."Gordan laughed, but Wang Haixing beside him was embarrassed, and the woman he said actively came to his door a thousand obedient to let him fuck included her. Remember the URL

Wang Haixing said, "Shangguan Rou, be obedient, don't resist, you are powerless to resist, Gordan, what I told you, a strong man at the third level of the Innate Great Perfection, his strength, ranked 16th on the War God's List, you really don't lose out if you can be his garden lady.You've also heard him say that the women who wanted to be his Garden Lady over the years, no one has even reached the standard."

"I pooh."Shangguan Rou was furious and spat at Wang Haixing.

Wang Haixing raged, "Little bitch, you're looking for death."

Gordan laughed, "Wang Haixing, little slut can't curse oh."

"I'm sorry, Senior Gordan."Wang Haixing was busy putting away his anger.

"Alright, take off her mask and let me see if she's really as beautiful as you say she is.

"Good."Wang Haixing dashed up with a flash and ripped off Shangguan Rou's mask in a second.

Shangguan Rou was caught off guard and was torn a bit painfully.

At this moment, that Gordan was standing there stupidly, his eyes obsessively looking at Shangguan Rou.

"Senior Gordan, Senior Gordan?"Wang Haixing called out several times with no response.

"Senior Gordan, are you still satisfied?"

"Ah, satisfied, satisfied, hahahaha, it's really a great beauty, you said she's the number one beauty of Star Ocean Academy, I think that's wrong, she's not only the number one beauty of Star Ocean Academy, she's the number one beauty of the world, hahahaha."Gordan laughed loudly.

Wang Haixing compensated with a smile and despised in his heart, "Pervert, judging people by their looks, can beauty be a meal?I haven't failed to serve you all these years, but you're not even willing to explain the Great Perfection True Meaning to me.Now that you see Shangguan Rou, that look in your eyes, I'm afraid you're even willing to give her your soul, it's so unfair."

Although Wang Haixing felt unfair inside, she had been played by Gordan hundreds of times, but she couldn't resist seeing Shangguan Rou once.But she also had to admit that this world was not only an era of strength, but also an era of faces.

"Senior Gordan, it's good that you're satisfied, so take it with you."Wang Haixing said.

Gordan's eyes looked at Shangguan Rou and couldn't stop smiling.


Shangguan Ruo said furiously, "Don't come over here, I know Tang Zichen, he'll be coming for me soon."

Gordan was stunned, "Tang Zichen?"

"Yes, Tang Zichen is my friend."

"Don't tell me it's the same Tang Zichen who's very hot these days and just defeated Omarsh at the Astral Plaza?"

"Crap, scared."

"Hahaha, scared, I pooh, that's because he hasn't met me, if he does, I'll make him turn into shit."Gordan a mouth, these days Tang Zichen is indeed very famous, almost about to become the dream of all female international students, even last night, a female international student who came to him for a warm bed, also shouted the words "Tang Zichen, you are so handsome" in his sleep, which made Gordan very unhappy with Tang Zichen.I didn't expect that Shangguan Zuo, who came to see him today, would also say Tang Zichen, which made Gordan even more upset.Tang Zichen was nothing, but just a little more handsome than the other Great Perfection international students, if he wasn't a little more handsome, which woman would pay attention to him.

Shangguan Rou coldly snorted, "You'd better tell Tang Zichen that to his face."

"If he dares to appear in front of me, I'll say it to your face."Gordan spat and said.

Right now, in mid-air, a person was standing there, it was Tang Zichen.

After searching for a long time and asking around, Tang Zichen finally got a toss of information and came over to look for it, and it was really here.

Only, as soon as Tang Zichen arrived, he heard someone spouting off from below.

"If you dare to mess up, Tang Zichen will but let you go."Shangguan Rou threatened, right now she was going to collapse inside, why hadn't Tang Zichen come yet.

"Hahaha, I'm the one who won't let him go, these two days, there's talk about Tang Zichen everywhere, what's the number one handsome man in Star Ocean Academy, what's the number one strong and talented handsome man in Star Ocean Academy, I pooh, it's so damn disgusting, just wait, one day, someone will tell everyone with the truth, the so-called strong and talented handsome man is just a hollow vegetable.Shangguan Rou, you and I will make up our minds, if Tang Zichen is so ignorant of himself, I will make him regret coming to Star Ocean Academy."Gordan said with a raving mouth.

Shangguan Rou looked towards Wang Haixing and said angrily, "Wang Haixing, wait for you, you bitch."

Wang Haixing snorted, "Shangguan Rou, don't overreach yourself, so what if I wait, don't tell me if Tang Zichen will really come to save you, even if he does, where so what.With Senior Gordan here, how dare Tang Zichen be arrogant and see?Senior Gordan will make him regret being human in minutes."

Just at this moment, a cold voice filled with disdain came from mid-air: "Yes?"

Wang Haixing as well as Gordan looked into the sky.

Gordan's face changed, he actually didn't sense Tang Zichen's presence.

And Wang Haixing was shocked to see Tang Zichen appear, and couldn't help but move a few steps behind Gordan.

Shangguan Rou saw Tang Zichen descend from the sky, excited and surprised, looking at Tang Zichen, for the first time, I felt that he was so handsome, that every movement, every expression, even the breeze blowing the hair, all so touching, really worthy of the 'strong and talented handsome' that attracted all the female students of the hospital.

Tang Zichen slowly floated down in mid-air, his eyes staring at Wang Haixing.

Gordan didn't expect Tang Zichen to really appear.

"Tang Zichen, you actually came, you really surprised me."Gordan said.

Tang Zichen, however, didn't even look at Gordan and kept staring at Wang Haixing, who was uncomfortable with the stare.

Gordan saw him speak, but Tang Zichen wouldn't even look at him, it was very bird fire.


"Don Zichen, I'm talking to you."Gordan snorted in an unkind tone.

Tang Zichen looked at Wang Haixing as if he hadn't heard and said, "Did you just say that you're making me regret being a human being?"

"I, I."Wang Haixing backed away in fear.

"I've lived for so long, but I've never heard words that make me regret being a human, and today is the first time I've heard it, but you, a woman with a perfect innate nature, actually saying that it makes me regret being a human, it's ridiculous."Tang Zichen sneered.

Gordan found that he was being ignored by Tang Zichen, and the fire in his heart continued to rise.

Wang Haixing was suffering from Tang Zichen's stare, so he was simply open-minded and arrogant, humming, "Tang Zichen, don't pretend to be here, senior Gordan is here, what can you do, I told you, so what, if you dare to touch me, senior Gordan will definitely make you regret being a human being."

Tang Zichen said, "Good, I remember you."

Only then did Tang Zichen look at Gordan and snorted, "You're the one who's making me regret being Gwhatever Dan?"

"Tang Zichen, I'm Gordan."

"What are you trying to do, Gordan?Raping women?"

"None of your business, Shangguan Rou is already my Godan's Garden Lady, if you know what's good for you, you'd better get out of here right now, otherwise, I'll really make you regret being a human being." A second to remember to read the book

"Hmph, just you aren't worthy of stealing a woman from me, gosh what dan, I'll give you one last chance now, get out, don't think of messing with Shangguan Rou in the future, otherwise, you'll regret it."

"Hahaha, Tang Zichen, no one in this Star Ocean Academy has dared to threaten me yet, what the hell, you kid, how dare you threaten me, don't you know that I'm ranked sixteenth on the War God List?"

"What is the War God List?Is it something that the lower the IQ, the higher the ranking?"

"Tang Zichen, you actually scolded all the strongest people on the War God List, you are bold enough."

Tang Zichen's face chilled, impatient, "G what dan, you don't deserve to talk too much to me, you've talked to me a bit too much, I'm giving you this last chance, don't not cherish it."

"Yah yah."Gordan's body was trembling with anger, Tang Zichen actually said that he didn't deserve to talk too much to Tang Zichen, what the hell, he Gordan was also a prominent innate great perfection foreign student in Star Sea Academy, an innate great perfection first layer, but he actually didn't take him seriously like that.

"Go to hell."Gordan shouted, and suddenly his fists were like cannons, flying towards Tang Zichen.

Wang Haixing saw Gordan take out his supreme martial art, and the Meteor Cannon came out, he was so happy, right, fuck this girl.

However, Tang Zichen didn't even consider this Gordan to be on the same level as him, although Gordan thought that he was higher than Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen didn't think that in Tang Zichen's eyes, he had to be at least at the peak of the Innate Great Perfection to be on the same level as him, this Gordan was clearly not, he was only at the third level of the Innate Great Perfection.

Tang Zichen was not polite anymore, a Ghost Wheel duel went up.

"Wow."Tang Zichen struck out at the same time with a blade and a sword.

Gordan didn't even have any chance to evade.

Tang Zichen didn't put out much strength in the first strike as a test, and if it didn't work, the second strike would be coupled with a lullaby attack.

However, Gordan simply couldn't low block Tang Zichen's first strike.

"Boom."Gordan's entire body was struck and flew back, drenched in blood and covered in wounds from Tang Zichen's saber and sword qi.


nbsp; "Ah."Gordan was silly.

Wang Haixing was also silly.

Wasn't Gordan's Meteor Cannon very powerful?

Wang Haixing roared in disbelief, "Senior Gordan, didn't you use the Meteor Cannon?Why is it so overwhelming?Take out the full force of your meteor cannon ah."

Gordan was already depressed enough when he was defeated by a blow from Tang Zichen, but Wang Haixing was roaring about some meteor cannon, and he became even more depressed.

Tang Zichen hummed, "So that punch you just used was a meteor cannon, sure enough, a good cannon."Tang Zichen's voice was full of sneers.

Gordan was very unpleasant to hear, but, at this moment, he must also give himself a step down, saying loudly, "Tang Zichen, my Meteor Cannon did not use its full strength at all, otherwise you would never have been able to beat me like that."

"Is that so?Then please exert your full strength ah."Tang Zichen trailed off, because Tang Zichen had already seen that he was giving his full strength, and he was still talking about not giving his full strength here, how shameless.

"I, I, I caught a cold a while ago, so I can't exert my full strength for now, Tang Zichen, wait for me, I'll come back to you when I've recovered from my cold."After saying that, Gordan flew up and fled in a mess.

"I pooh, still have a cold."Tang Zichen scowled for a while, not even looking for a reason to find an advanced one, he had the nerve to say it even if he had a cold.

At this moment, Wang Haixing saw Gordan fleeing in the middle of the night, her heart was very disappointed, in her mind, but she treated Gordan as a very strong strong man, did not expect to meet Tang Zichen was so vulnerable, and in the end, with a cold only, fled in a mess.

Shangguan Rou was delighted inside, looking at Tang Zichen's heart, as if she had never been so moved in her life, at this moment, she was willing to give Tang Zichen everything inside, even if Tang Zichen was just playing with her.

Tang Zichen wasn't in the mood to play with her, and his eyes looked at Wang Haixing.

At this moment, Wang Haixing's face was ashen, she thought that Gordan, no matter how bad she was, would be able to fight Tang Zichen to a draw, but she didn't expect such a heavy defeat.

Tang Zichen originally wanted to go up and slap her, but Tang Zichen didn't.Because this Star Ocean Academy was inherently a place where the weak were the prey of the strong, Tang Zichen had no reason to blame her for why she did this to Shangguan Rou.Then again, Tang Zichen, as a strong man with an innate perfection, beating up a woman who was an innate perfectionist and didn't have much grudge against him, Tang Zichen didn't care to do it.

"Be careful with Shangguan Rou in the future, you're on your own."Tang Zichen said and flew straight away.

"Hey."Shangguan Rou stomped her foot in depression, Tang Zichen actually left like that, Tang Zichen saved her, at this time he came over a little to gently greet her, he would win the hearts of the beautiful people and make Shangguan Rou fall into his arms ah.However, Tang Zichen actually wasted such a good opportunity to throw himself into the arms of Shangguan Rou, Shangguan Rou was depressed, perhaps, Tang Zichen did not need Shangguan Rou to throw herself into the arms of him at all.Tang Zichen had already rescued Shangguan Rou, there was nothing for him to do anymore, of course, he just flew away, and had to go back to study the cure.

Wang Haixing and those few henchmen were finally relieved to see Tang Zichen gone.

Looking at Shangguan Rou again at this moment, their eyes changed.

Shangguan Rou huffed, "What, still not opening the door, could it be that you still want to imprison me."

Wang Haixing hurriedly went up to open the door.

Shangguan Rou didn't even look at her, she just flew up and went after Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, you stop."At the entrance of Tang Zichen's manor, Shangguan Rou caught up with her.

"Shangguan Zou, do you still have something to do?"Don Zichen turned back and asked faintly.


"Hey, Tang Zichen, you just saved me, I was just moved, how did you run away like that, you're too much of a spoiler, you even come up to casually comfort me, I'm sure I'll throw my arms around you ah, it's rare to make this Miss so want to be a nymphomaniac for a while."Shangguan Rou said in an exasperated tone, she herself didn't even notice, her tone, very whiny and petulant.

"Hey, you speak."

"Shangguan Zou, what exactly are you looking for me for?"

"You, what an elm head."

"I'm going to study healing, so take care of yourself."Tang Zichen said and flew into his manor.

Shangguan Rou followed him in.

"Such a big manor, are you the only one living here?"


"Then will I live here from now on too?You want to talk or not?I'll be your man."

"I can't afford it."

"Hey, why are you acting like you're rejecting people so much, you don't really hate me." First URL

"Alright, I don't hate you, but I don't like you either, and now that you've been saved, you should do whatever you want."

"Tang Zichen, I don't know what to do, I've also left the Goddess Organization now, this Star Ocean Academy, the biggest test for everyone is the duel once a month.By the way, I haven't even had my first monthly duel yet, and I don't know if I'll die in my first duel."

Tang Zichen asked, "You're practicing mesmerism, what kind of sea beasts are dueling with you?If your mesmerizing technique doesn't work on sea beasts, won't you only be dead?"

"I heard that the dueling platform will arrange a match with me, I don't think it will arrange a duel that makes me die for sure."

"Since you know you're going to duel, why don't you hurry up and try to cultivate your mesmerism, you're an eight-ranked mesmerist now, if you cultivate it to nine, won't your strength increase."

"Ninth grade, how can it be so easy, besides, all my mesmerizing techniques were taught by my master, but my master doesn't want to teach me more profound ones anymore."

Tang Zichen said, "How about this, I'll teach you my enchantment technique, but of course, you may not have the talent."

"Fine, thank you."

Tang Zichen nodded slightly and said, "No need to be polite."

Tang Zichen wasn't stingy and directly imparted the lullaby to Shangguan Rou, which was learned from someone else anyway, and wasn't an unheralded secret.

It was just that Tang Zichen was worried that Shangguan Rou wouldn't be able to learn the lullaby, after all, the lullaby was a bit special, and Tang Zichen had only spent a few hours at first to train it to the fifth level.

Now, Tang Zichen had practiced to the ninth level, and if he reached the tenth level, he could fight with an early Unity Realm powerhouse.

After Tang Zichen taught the lullaby to Shangguan Rou, Shangguan Rou hurriedly went to practice, whether she had the talent or not depended on how many layers she practiced to in a few hours.

Tang Zichen continued to study the healing technique.

About five hours later, Shangguan Rou walked out of the room.

"How was the practice?At what level of practice?"Tang Zichen asked without looking back.

Shangguan Zou suddenly came up, caught off guard, and kissed Tang Zichen on the cheek.

"What are you doing?"Tang Zichen busily flinched away, and glared.

Shangguan Rou smiled, "Thank you.

You, who taught me such a good secret book, I originally thought it was a very poor mesmerizing technique, but after just practicing it I realized that the lullaby you taught me was really so profound, many times more profound than the charming technique that my previous master taught me.I was very touched, I didn't expect that you would be willing to teach such a precious secret to me."Shangguan Rou was moved from the bottom of her heart right now, it was like an ordinary person giving him tens of billions.

"Alright, I'll impart it to you, but whether you have the talent or not is a matter of your chance, don't be so nonsensical, how many levels have you practiced now?"

Shangguan Rou said, "The eighth floor."

"What."Tang Zichen had been careless, but was shocked to hear that she had practiced to the eighth level.

"How is that possible, you've only been practicing for a few hours."

Shangguan Rou saw how surprised Tang Zichen was, busy asking, "Is it hard to practice the eighth layer?I think it's so simple, the first five layers, I practiced them all in a few minutes, it felt like playing a game, it was very simple at first.Also, I feel like this lullaby, it's like it's tailor-made for me, but after I practiced the eighth layer, the ninth layer I feel a bit difficult, I was in a hurry to come out and report to you, so I didn't continue to delve into it, wait until I practice a good handful more in the evening, by tomorrow, I should be able to practice the ninth layer, even the tenth layer I'm very confident."

Tang Zichen monster-like looked at Shangguan Rou.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Although I taught her the lullaby, I thought she didn't have any talent to practice it, but I didn't expect that her talent in practicing the lullaby was incredibly high.Could this really be the will of the gods?Shangguan Rou was able to learn the lullaby from me today, this is a chance that belongs to her, it's her opportunity, perhaps, I learned the lullaby from the Liuli Kingdom, it's just that Heaven's Will arranged for me to teach it to her, this lullaby, how does it feel like it's made specifically for her.If this goes on, Shangguan Rou is bound to become a strong generation, not much inferior to Mu Qianji.No, now that she's trained to the eighth level of the lullaby, there's no rival under the innate perfection, Shangguan Rou probably still doesn't know that she's changed from a weakling to a strongman overnight.As expected, talent is the most frightening thing, it can make you make no progress in your life, or it can make you become strong overnight."

"Tang Zichen, tell me, what level do I belong to now that I've trained to the eighth level?"Shangguan Rou asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Under Innate Perfection, you no longer have a match."

"What?"Shangguan Zou was shocked.

"You're joking."

"Do you see my face like I'm joking?"

"Oh God, how is this possible?"Shangguan Rou looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"That's the truth, if you practice the ninth level of Lullaby, then there's no rival under the Innate Great Perfection, if you practice to the tenth level, then congratulations, your mesmerism has reached the level of a strong Unity Realm, that is, you can assess to become a Thirteenth Grade Mesmerist."

"Ah, gosh, this is too much of a step, isn't it?Is this a dream?"

"Oh, yes, talent is so terrifying, nothing can resist the word 'talent', you have extraordinary talent in lullabies, I'm afraid the old me can't compare.Of course, the current me may not be."When Tang Zichen's mental strength wasn't so strong before, his talent in practicing lullabies couldn't even compare to the current Shangguan Rou, but now that Tang Zichen's mental strength was getting stronger and stronger, Shangguan Rou wouldn't necessarily be able to compare to him.

"Thank you, Tang Zichen."

"No need to thank you, this is a chance that belongs to you, you have this chance, even if I don't pass it on to you, you may still learn it from other ways."Tang Zichen said.

"Anyway, thank you, you've been so good to me, I don't know how to thank you."


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