The King of Kungfu in school 716-720

Chapter 716

Tang Zichen looked at the bloodied Sunjin Village, which seemed to be dying, while Kimaya Haru still had demented eyes and was attacking madly.

"Senior, please spare them."The man kowtowed and pleaded.

Tang Zichen asked.Why are you pleading with them?"

"I'm also a member of the Sun Empire, begging for mercy from my predecessor, if Mu Ya Qing kills the thirty princes of the Sun Empire, all of his family will be beheaded, dozens of lives ah, begging for mercy from my predecessor."

Tang Zichen looked, and sure enough, Sun Realm was already about to be killed.

"Senior granting mercy."

Tang Zichen sighed, just that, it was originally Tang Zichen who went to rob Sun Zhencun's house first and then caused a series of events, if Tang Zichen was still unforgiving at this moment and let Mu Ya Qing kill Sun Zhencun, then Tang Zichen felt that he was not a bit too much.It's obvious that he was the one who robbed the house first, provoked others, and ended up killing them, as well as implicated in the death of Mu Ya Qing's family, is this Tang Zichen still the righteous Wind Lightning?What's the difference between this kind of him and the witch Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen thought of this and disarmed his enchanting attack on Mu Ya Qing.

"Ah."Muya Haru came back to her senses.

Sun Shimura was already dying, about to be killed alive by him.

"What's going on?"Kimya Haru was shocked. Remember the URL

The person who had just pleaded for him was busy explaining a few things.

Mu Ya Qing looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, he had just thought of killing Tang Zichen, but now he looked at Tang Zichen thinking how ridiculous that idea was.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Mu Ya Qing, even you deserve to kill me, ridiculous, originally I wanted you to kill the Sun True Village and then I would kill you, killing two birds with one stone.However, this foreign student from the Sun Empire just like you came down to plead with me to let you go so that I wouldn't get your whole family beheaded by the Sun Empire, and I only let you go because he begged me with all his heart."

Mu Ya Qing lowered his head and said with difficulty, "Thank you."

Mu Ya Qing was completely out of temper, what temper could he have with a person who was so powerful in mesmerism, he didn't even need to do anything to take care of him, and along with that, he also used his hand to kill the Sun True Village, such a person was simply not something he could compare to.Now, it was clear to Mu Ya Qing why Tang Zichen was so unconcerned with the Sun Country prince and dared to insult the Sun Country, because, he was really strong.

Tang Zichen saw that Mu Ya Qing had also said thank you to him, and the reluctance in his heart was lifted a little bit, it seemed that this Mu Ya Qing, was still quite self-aware.

Tang Zichen snorted lightly and directly flew away.

Mu Ya Qing looked at the dying Sun Zhencun, who had fallen on the dueling stage, with a burst of fear, if, he really killed the Sun Empire prince, then his whole family would be finished, although Tang Zichen was the real culprit, but just his failure to protect him was enough for him to drink, besides, he was still killed by his own hands.Mu Ya Qing looked at the late innate man standing next to him and said, "Inu Zheng, thank you."

"No need to thank me, it's just that you're lucky, this Tang Zichen is quite easy to talk to, if he was a violent man, he wouldn't care if your family lived or died."

"Anyways, thanks.Hoo, I didn't expect that Tang Zichen is so strong, he's only at the first level of the Innate Great Perfection, but I'm completely unable to defeat his bewitchment technique."

"No, even if he doesn't use his mesmerism, you may not be able to defeat him, yesterday, he was here

, killed two sea beasts in a row, the white armored sea lion and the black man devil snake, the white armored sea lion, you might be able to fight, but you might not win the white armored sea lion, and the black man devil snake, you're definitely not a match."

"What."Mu Ya Qing's face changed greatly, just now he thought that if Tang Zichen's mesmerizing technique wasn't so powerful, how could he have fallen like this, however, this time he heard that Tang Zichen had killed the white armored sea lion and the Black Man Devil Snake, Mu Ya Qing was shocked, he already knew within himself that even if Tang Zichen used martial arts, he wouldn't be a match, because, Mu Ya Qing didn't even dare to challenge the white armored sea lion, let alone the Black Man Devil Snake.

Tang Zichen left the dueling stage and was going to collect two hands down today, otherwise Tang Zichen living alone in such a huge manor was oddly meaningless.

Zhuang Compulsion had been inching towards Tang Zichen because, he had deeply worshipped Tang Zichen, he wanted to follow Tang Zichen, and, he also wanted to worship Tang Zichen as his big brother.

"Big brother, please accept my knee."

"No, no, I won't take it."

"Big brother, really, I'm not joking, I just found out that you are the one who killed the white armored sea lion and the Blackman Devil Snake yesterday, and your mesmerizing technique is so powerful, big brother, please don't pity me, boldly take my knee."Zhuang Compulsion said in a deadpan manner.

At this time, a voice suddenly came from beside him, "Since people are so deadly, just take it, it's not bad to have another bed-warming little brother."

Tang Zichen turned his head and didn't even notice when Mu Qianji was following him.

Tang Zichen was a little surprised, this witch's concealment skills were really powerful, so quiet.

Zhuang Force was shocked and shouted, "Who are you and when did you follow behind me."

Mu Qianji snorted, "Just you are worthy of having me follow you?"

Zhuang Compulsion was embarrassed.

Mu Qianji was meant to be following Tang Zichen, not following him, and he wasn't worthy of having Mu Qianji follow.

Tang Zichen said, "Mu Qianji, why are you looking for me?What have you been doing between yesterday and today?"

"Nothing, Tang Zichen, this is your bed-warming little brother, nice."

"Mu Qianji, there's nothing wrong with my sexual orientation, don't talk nonsense."

"Hahaha, I don't have time for your questions, I'm just asking you, I found something interesting, do you want to join in?"

"What's interesting?"

"I have discovered that in the southwestern aspect of the waters of the Star Ocean Academy, some tens of thousands of miles away, there is a Water Ape Kingdom at the bottom of the sea, and you, of course, could be full of danger, or you could die there."

"Water Ape?"

The Zhuang Compulsion beside him was shocked, but he said, "Brother Tang, never go there, it's one of the forbidden places stipulated by the Star Ocean Academy, ah, and those who go there haven't come back alive."

"Brother Zhuang Compulsion, what's going on?"

"Brother Tang, that sea is the territory of the Water Ape Clan, throughout the ages, the Water Ape Clan has built a huge Water Ape Empire there, we can't go there indiscriminately ah, we can't even go down to the bottom of the sea, let alone the Water Ape Empire.That Water Ape is human-like, but they are just as much of a higher martial civilization."

Tang Zichen understood that Mu Qianji probably found the Star Ocean Academy meaningless and wanted to go somewhere else for a while.

"Mu Qianji, what's your purpose in going to this place?Obviously, you're not strong enough to break into such a place."

"Tang Zichen, you don't dare to go?"

"It's not that I don't dare, but I haven't found the point of going there yet, and if there were any treasures there, and they were very tempting, I would consider it.But right now, it's just going to satisfy curiosity, and in order to satisfy curiosity, I'm not considering going to a place where I will perish one hundred percent of the time."

"How gutless."

"You have the guts to go yourself."

Mu Qianji stared in depression, in fact Mu Qianji didn't dare to go, that's why she invited Tang Zichen to be bold, if Tang Zichen dared to go, she would take a risk, but like her, Tang Zichen didn't dare to go either.

Zhuang Force said, "Brother Tang, if you really don't want to stay at the academy and want to go for an adventure, you could have applied to the academy to join the sea beast squad and go to the bottom of the sea to capture sea beasts, in that case, you would be on the edge of life and death, and your adventure would not only be dueling with sea beasts once a month, but you could also be dueling with sea beasts every day.Why go to a Water Ape Empire that is so far away, not even the strongest beyond the innate, you will only be looking for death if you go, not to mention that the Water Ape Empire spans such a long distance across the sea."

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "How will the Sea Beast Squad join?"

"Just go to the Heavenly Star Pavilion and apply."

"Then why didn't you go?"Mu Qianji asked.

"I, I, to be honest, I don't dare to go, the mortality rate is too high, think about it yourselves, go to the bottom of the sea to capture a sea beast ah, is to capture back alive, this is far more difficult than killing a sea beast, moreover, again at the bottom of the sea, in the territory of the sea beast, if you encounter a group of sea beasts, if you escape slowly, it is likely that there is not even a bone left, how would I dare to join." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said, "Sea Beast Squad, I'm somewhat interested."

With a snort, Mu Qianji turned around and walked away, Mu Qianji had also cancelled her plans for the Water Ape Empire, it sounded like the Sea Beast Squad was good, she was already thinking of joining.

Tang Zichen said, "Brother Zhuang Compulsion, I'll leave you alone, it's not too late, I'm going to the Heavenly Star Pavilion to inquire about joining the Sea Beast Squad."

"Ah, you really want to join, brother Tang, why bother with your life, it's really no joke."

"Haha, Brother Zhuang Compulsion, didn't you say that you want to hang out with me, if you really want me to take your knee, then join the Sea Beast Squad with me."

Tang Zichen caught up with Mu Qianji, Tang Zichen could guess that Mu Qianji must be going to the Heavenly Star Pavilion.

"Tang Zichen, I advise you not to be impulsive, I'm half a foot into the Unity Realm, and I have no rivals in the Star Ocean Academy anymore, so I find it boring and think of going somewhere else to have fun.And you're only at the first level of the Innate Great Perfection, you're not strong enough to handle that much, I advise you not to be impulsive, wait until you've stepped into the peak of the Innate Great Perfection realm, then join the Sea Beast Squad."Mu Qianji said.

"Che, you just invited me to some Water Ape Empire, but now you're even advising me not to join the Sea Beast Squad, what kind of mentality is this."

"I won't protect you."

"Who wants you to protect, ridiculous."

"Hmph, Wind Lightning, you're looking at it now as if it's completely different from what it once was, well."Mu Qianji smiled proudly.

"What do you mean,

Where it's different."

"Once you were to me, you were rejecting people's eyes, but why isn't that the way you look at me now, hahaha, Windy, don't tell me that you've developed a crush on me, it's ironic."

"Ridiculous, I still have the same three words for you as I once did, three words, dislike."

"This is best, lest you get sad again after being rejected by me, in that world, you are blind and can't see me, in this world, it's no longer useful for you to see me, originally I and you, still want to turn against each other like before, but, now in this world, only you are the only one who can talk to me, I just decided not to turn against you."

"Haha, I don't care, even if you turn against me, you may not be able to do anything to me, I know you too well, you are powerful, it's nothing more than your enchantment, and those malevolent-hearted sorcery, other than that, in terms of martial arts, you are too far behind me, to be frank, you are just powerful in those side-steps.Therefore, you will never be able to compare to my little junior sister, my little junior sister, the Heroine Goddess, how can you, this witch, can be compared to you, once vicissitudes of the sea, except for the witch mountain is not a cloud, I won't fall in love with you, you don't have to worry."

"Shoo."A knife was suddenly pointed in front of Tang Zichen, Mu Qianji said furiously, "Don't mention your little sister to me, or I'll kill you."

"Oh, don't mention it, I'm not in the mood to irritate you."

"Hmph, with your little junior sister she irritates this princess me?"

"Really? Then why do you get so emotional when you hear about my little sister."

"Hahaha, Wind Lightning, if it wasn't for you protecting her every time, I would have shredded that little bitch into a million pieces, in front of me, that little bitch is simply unbearable."

"She's a few years younger than you, and you're good at it, wait until she grows in strength and who's stronger and who's weaker, then we'll decide."

"Well, Wind Lightning, I originally wanted to forget the old grudge, but you forced me to do that."Mu Qianji's gaze was cold.

Tang Zichen shuddered, honestly, Tang Zichen was really afraid of her, that gaze just now, the reason why Tang Zichen shuddered was because he remembered the past, because she really would do anything ah.

"Alright, alright, Mu Qianji, just kidding with you, what's the point of being so serious, now in this world, only the two of us can have a good chat, and there's no going back, so why bother."

"You're the one who made me do it."

"Alright, I take back anything I said to you, I've even forgotten about my senior sister now, not to mention that grudge with you."

"Hmph."Mu Qianji snorted and withdrew his knife.

Tang Zichen sighed inwardly, it wasn't that Tang Zichen was afraid of her, but if Mu Qianji really wanted to make an enemy of her, with her unscrupulous approach, those relatives of Tang Zichen were considered finished, Li Xuan'er, Xu Mei Qian, Liu Chenming, probably none of them would escape.Tang Zichen didn't have the confidence to be able to stop her unscrupulous actions, because she was too good at this aspect of side-stepping, Tang Zichen himself would be at a disadvantage, such an enemy, a nightmare.Moreover, this was all in the past, so what was the point of dwelling on it now.

Therefore, Tang Zichen would rather admit defeat, not wanting to entangle with her, the relationship was considered slightly better, and now they have turned the other cheek, too meaningless, do not want to be enemies anymore.

The two of them didn't speak anymore, and one by one, they arrived at the Heavenly Star Pavilion.

"What for?"

"I heard there's a Sea Beast Squad, I want to join."Mu Qianji said straightforwardly.

"Oh, the Sea Beast Squad, not everyone can join, first of all, the mortality rate is very high, ten people who join, after ten years, I'm afraid there will only be five still alive, it must take a person with great courage to join.But I look at you guys, you don't seem to have that kind of courage."

Mu Qianji snorted, "I came to join on my own initiative, what makes you think that I don't have this kind of courage."

The strong man from the Heavenly Star Pavilion said, "Because, in your heart, you believe that you will definitely not die, that's why you came to join, instead of you coming to join only because you are prepared for the possibility of dying at any time, there is a very big difference between the two, go back and think about it.What about you, Tang Zichen, didn't you go to duel with Kimaya Haru?Why are you running back again."

"Oh, Senior, I also wanted to join the Sea Beast Squad."

"Not everyone can join the Sea Beast Squad, you haven't met the conditions yet."

"Ah, what are the conditions?"

"At least reach the third level of the Innate Great Perfection, you're only at the first level, so you haven't reached your conditions yet, so go back all of you."

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji left the Heavenly Star Pavilion.

Mu Qianji snorted, "Who cares to join the Sea Beast Squad, I'll go down to the sea by myself." First URL

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Mu Qianji, people told you to go back and think about it, naturally they have their reasons, maybe the bottom of the sea is really a very dangerous place."

"Tang Zichen, I'm going to go down to the sea now, are you going or not?I can understand that you don't dare to go to the Water Ape Empire, but if you don't dare to go to the sea for an adventure, then what's the difference between you and that Zhuang Compulsion, both are useless men."

Tang Zichen said, "No need to irritate me, of course I'll go, but I don't want to go with you."

"Why don't you dare to go with me?"

"I want to go by myself,"Tang Zichen said.

"Okay, Tang Zichen, count you as having guts, well, in that case, I'll go by myself as well, goodbye."

"Good luck."

Mu Qianji flew away, Mu Qianji thought that Tang Zichen didn't dare to go, but it was unexpected that he wanted to go alone, which was unexpected of her.

Tang Zichen let out a deep breath and said under his breath, "It's just that, let's go to the bottom of the sea to explore the situation first, I do need some excitement now.However, before I go to the sea, I must replace my weapons, my sword and swords are extremely ordinary, I must find a way to get a good weapon, and I don't know if the Xinghai Academy has a weapons arsenal.I'll go ask Yi Tianxing, with Yi Tianxing's connections, I'm sure I'll be able to go to the weapons depot and get two weapons."

Tang Zichen did as he said and immediately went to Yi Tianxing's home.

Originally, Tang Zichen was going to collect a few of his men today, but when he was disturbed by Mu Qianji, he ruined the collection of his men.

Since that was the case, it was better not to care about the men for now, Tang Zichen had come to Star Ocean Academy to practice, and improving his strength was the most important thing.

Tang Zichen came to a villa area, this villa area was inhabited by Star Ocean Academy's staff, and a villa not far ahead was Yi Tianxing's.

As Tang Zichen passed by a certain villa, he saw a familiar figure, kneeling at the entrance of that villa.

"Hey, isn't the person kneeling at the front door Yi Tianxing?Why is he kneeling in front of someone's villa?"Tang Zichen was confused inside, Yi Tianxing was a very strong strong in Tang Zichen's mind

The one who was at the peak of the middle Unity Realm, why would he kneel in front of someone else's villa in such a lowly manner?

Tang Zichen didn't fly up right away, after all, it wasn't a glorious thing to do, and it would be disgraceful for Yi Tianxing to know.

Tang Zichen was watching from afar, originally going to look for him.

At that moment, Yi Tianxing shouted, "Senior Omarsh, please."

Tang Zichen watched from afar without uttering a word, which one was Senior Omar Shi?Is he very strong?It actually made Yi Tianxing kneel down.

About ten minutes later, a person dressed like a disciple came out and said to Yi Tianxing, "My master said that the pond in front of that is dry, so go to the sea and fetch water to fill the pond, and then consider this matter."

"Fine, as long as I can help, not to mention one pond, even if it's a hundred ponds, I'll go fetch water to fill them up myself."Yi Tianxing immediately picked up a bucket and really intended to fill up a pond of this size with water.

Tang Zichen couldn't help it and flew up.

"Senior Yi."

"Ah, Tang Zichen, you, what are you doing here."

"Senior Yi, I just happened to have something to look for you."

"Oh, you, you didn't see anything just now."Yi Tianxing looked a bit embarrassed, hoping that Tang Zichen hadn't seen anything, otherwise it would be a bit humiliating.

Tang Zichen said, "I saw everything, Senior Yi, why are you trampling yourself."

"Alright, Tang Zichen, you don't understand, I'm not free today, you go back first."Yi Tianxing flew away.

Tang Zichen didn't go back, he looked at the villa just now and immediately flew up.

Tang Zichen had to ask what was going on.

"Knock knock."Tang Zichen didn't force his way in, but still politely knocked on the door so as not to cause any misunderstanding.

Not long after, a disciple-looking person came out and said, "Letting you go to the seawater irrigation, err, who are you?"

Tang Zichen said, "I'm Yi Tianxing's friend."

"What, have you come to plead for Yi Tianxing as well?Don't waste your energy, our master won't easily agree to treat him."

"Treatment?"Don's mind thudded, but it didn't look like it was a matter of force.

"You wouldn't know, would you?Yi Tianxing is sexually incompetent, when he was young, he practiced kung fu and forked his meridians, the bottom was ruined, in today's world, only my master can treat him."

Tang Zichen already understood what was going on, no wonder Yi Tianxing was so embarrassed.

"Oh yeah, dare I ask how many grades of healing master your master is."

"It doesn't matter how many grades of healer, because Yi Tianxing's problem is not a healer who specializes in this area of difficult diseases, even if it's thirteen or fourteen grades, only my master is a professional healer who specializes in this area.If Yi Tianxing had any other way, would he kneel in front of my master's door for decades?"

"Decades, Yi Tianxing has been kneeling for decades, your trash master, but you didn't even give someone a treatment, it's too much."Tang Zichen was furious, this kind of person, bullying as if he was the only one who could, and then the bull couldn't be bothered.

"Excessive?Hahahaha, excessive is excessive, who let only my master in the world can solve the problem for him, my master privately said, perhaps, Yi Tianxing will only consider making a move if he keeps kneeling for another twenty years."

"Why?Why target one person so much."


"No why, my master doesn't like Yi Tianxing, who let him be an inconsiderate person, my master prefers to let him, have a beautiful wife but can't do anything, hahaha."

Tang Zichen squinted his eyes in thought and seemed to have heard something, this person said that Yi Tianxing was incapable of understanding things and then said that he was partial to letting Yi Tianxing have a beautiful wife, then the implication was that this person's master must have coveted Yi Tianxing's wife.If Yi Tianxing was sensible enough to dedicate his wife for one night, or dedicate a few months out, he would have solved the problem for him.Yi Tianxing should have been unaware of the other party's hint, or knew but wouldn't, judging from Yi Tianxing's performance, nine times out of ten, this man's master didn't tear up his face to directly explain, so Yi Tianxing foolishly kept kneeling and begging.But unbeknownst to him, the other party had already hinted that they wanted him to dedicate his wife before they would consider it.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Could it be that your master has some thoughts about Yi Tianxing's wife."

"Uh, don't say anything nonsense, my master didn't say that, don't tarnish my master's reputation."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'd like to see if your master is really the only one in the world who can treat Yi Tianxing anymore."

"Then you should hurry and find a powerful healer and see if you can find one, if you can find one, Yi Tianxing would have already found one himself, with Yi Tianxing's strength, I'm afraid that he would have already searched everywhere."

Tang Zichen said, "I won't lie to you, I'm the Healing Master, Tenth Grade Healing Master Tang Zichen."


"You?Ten pints?"


"Even if you're a tenth-grade healer, where so what, our master is a twelfth-grade healer, our master specializes in any difficult disease." Remember the URL

Tang Zichen said, "Okay, that's good."

"What do you want?"

"Go back and tell your master that I'm going to challenge him, no more than anything else, only the art of healing difficult diseases, let your master get ready, I'm going to go to His Excellency's War Letter of the Celestial Star."Tang Zichen flew away.

Tang Zichen was upset with that man's master, bullying him too much, so Tang Zichen was going to defeat him in public in the medical arts, to show him that he wasn't the greatest when it came to difficult and miscellaneous diseases.

Of course, Tang Zichen was a tenth-grade healer after all, while the other party was a twelfth-grade, if it was compared to treating battle wounds, Tang Zichen would definitely be inferior.However, if it was compared to treating complications, Tang Zichen wouldn't necessarily lose to him, complications were very partial, and those healers who only studied how to treat battle wounds, many of them were not good at it.Because of the general healers, their research direction was to heal battle wounds, difficult and miscellaneous diseases patients were few and unpopular, not many healers would spend a lot of energy to research in this direction.

It just so happened that Tang Zichen's research in this area of difficult and miscellaneous diseases was quite deep, because Tang Zichen's uncle, in his previous life, was very good at this, and Tang Zichen was naturally good at this as well.Of course, it wasn't that Tang Zichen was good at this aspect, but on the other hand, he wasn't good at battle injuries, and likewise, on the other hand, Tang Zichen was just as good at battle injuries.

Tang Zichen came to the Heavenly Star Pavilion.

"Why are you here again?Could it be that you still want to join the Sea Beast Squad?"Senior Waves of the Heavenly Star Pavilion said.

"Wrong, I'm here now with the Sea Beast Squad no

Relationships, besides, I'm not going to join the Sea Beast Squad."

"Well, it might be wise for you to join the Sea Beast Squad, and I'm telling you this in a personal tone, after all, the mortality rate is so high."

"No, I'm not joining the Sea Beast Squad because, well, I don't care anymore."

"Yoo-hoo, not rare anymore?What does that mean?"

"It's not rare, meaning, I'm going solo, Star Ocean Academy doesn't have a rule that international students aren't allowed to go down to the sea to practice on their own, right, I don't even want to team up with Mu Qianjie anymore, we're going solo."

"What a death-seeking act, you specifically came over to the Heavenly Star Pavilion, are you trying to tell me that you don't care about the sea beast squad?Or do you want to get mad at me for going it alone?If so, there is no need, for, my only command to you is to write the elegy in advance."Lang Tianya said that he was ashamed of Tang Zichen for saying that he went down to the sea alone.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to care about his shame and said, "I came over to the Heavenly Star Pavilion, it's something else, I want to go down to the battle to help with the announcement."

"Go ahead, what war do you want to place, who do you want to fight."

"I want to fight."Tang Zichen suddenly realized that he didn't seem to know that healer's name.

"I don't know his name, I only know that he lives in the Star Ocean Academy Worker Villa Area, Villa 28, he's a 12th grade healer, I want to challenge him and compete with him in the healing aspect of treating difficult diseases, please bother to make an announcement for me at the Heavenly Star Pavilion."

"What? You're going to compete with my next door Master Omaxi in healing arts?"

"To be precise, it's the healing arts in the area of difficult diseases."

"Tang Zichen, are you kidding me?"

"Senior Wanderlust, would I joke about the Heavenly Star Pavilion?"

"Are you sure you don't have a fever, Don Zichen?Do you know Master Omarsh?"

"I don't understand, this person has a moral problem, so I don't need to understand."Tang Zichen cut to the chase, this person assassinated Yi Tianxing and tried to play with Yi Tianxing's wife, this character is too bad, although he didn't very clearly hint, Yi Tianxing stupidly never deciphered that meaning, but a hint is a hint, whatever you express or imply.

"Tang Zichen, since you don't know, let me popularize it with you, Master Omar Shi, is our Star Ocean Academy's specially hired, the most powerful healer, specializing in difficult and miscellaneous diseases, even if you look at the entire world, healers specializing in difficult and miscellaneous diseases, those more powerful than Omar Shi, can't find a few, you, a twenty year old kid, actually challenging someone, I won't agree to it."

"Why don't you agree?Is the Heavenly Star Pavilion still able to stop being given a war letter?"

"Tang Zichen, if you challenge other international students, then, whatever you want, but you are challenging our Star Ocean Academy's specially hired healers, and some of the world's top masters in the field of difficult diseases, this is not a challenge, but a provocation, an insult, not only to Master Omar Shi, but also to Star Ocean Academy, understand?Do you know that Omarsh is a sign of our Star Ocean Academy in terms of difficult and miscellaneous diseases, and many outsiders will mention in passing that Star Ocean Academy has a top healing master who specializes in difficult and miscellaneous diseases.You, do you still want to continue the challenge?"

Tang Zichen huffed, "Nonsense, of course return his displeasure, he must be challenged, if he doesn't dare to accept my challenge, then let's make a public announcement in the entire courtyard."

"Tang Zichen, you really are a frog in a well, with no self-awareness, this battle will not be waged, and the Heavenly Star Pavilion will not help you to defile one of the academy's specialization masters."

Tang Zichen saw that the Sky Star Pavilion's Wanderer really didn't look like he was going to place a war, when he immediately said, "Fine, then I'll go find him personally."

"Tang Zichen, don't bother Master Omarsh, do what you need to do."Long Tianya shouted.

"Senior Long Tianya, even if you don't give a letter of war, you still want to stop me from going to find him?No kidding."

At the moment, in the villa that had just been there.

An old man with hair as curly as a black man's asked, "Who were you jabbering with just now."

"Master, he said he was Yi Tianxing's friend."

"What? He also wants to come and beg for me on Yi Tianxing's behalf?"

"Master, it's not as if he's here to beg you."

"Then what did he come to do."

"I don't know." One second to remember to read the book

"I don't suppose you've said anything to him, have you?"Master Omarsh asked a little worried.

"Master, I, I seem to have missed my words."

"What did you misspeak?"Omarsh's face went cold.

"Master, I, I don't know, I just said that I was just saying that that Yi Tianxing doesn't know anything, and you preferred to let him have an empty beautiful wife.But that man, he heard it right away."

"Heard what?"

"He said that you, you wanted to hit on Etiantian's wife, and Etian dedicated his wife before he considered treating him."

"Insolent, who told you to talk nonsense."

"Master, I, I didn't mean to, I didn't think he would be able to guess like that, I thought he was just like Yi Tianxing, he didn't know what it meant at all."

"You, you, you're trying to ruin my reputation."Omarsh was very angry, he was a highly respected man, although he did want to sleep with Yi Tianxing's wife inside, and had very subtly hinted at Yi Tianxing over the years, but he was very, very subtly hinting ah, he didn't dare to openly hint, for fear that people would know and ruin his image.I only hope that Yi Tianxing is a sensible person who can fathom his thoughts, and then secretly and quietly, he will send his wife here, so that no one else will know, and he also subliminally succeeds, killing two birds with one stone.

Master Omarsh, to be precise, wanted to be both a whore and a chastity marker.

However, he never expected that his disciples, who were his disciples, would mess up some of the things he said in private, causing Tang Zichen to catch on to the meaning.

"Pah."Omarsh slapped his disciple to the ground.


"You bastard, when did Master tell you that I wanted to sleep with his wife."

"Master, I didn't say that you wanted to sleep with his wife, Yi Tianxing is inconsiderate and preferred him to have an empty pretty wife, that was originally what you said before, Master."

"Pah."Omarsh was furious.

"If my reputation, thus, is ruined by you, I will not spare you."

At this moment, outside the villa, Yi Tianxing was flying back from a distance with a wooden barrel in his hand, the barrel was filled with seawater, and Yi Tianxing really wanted to make a trip to use the barrel and bring the seawater back to fill the pond ah.

Yi Tianxing didn't know anything about what had just happened, he only had one wish in his heart, he must not let his beautiful wife endure the pain of being alone, he must be cured.

After Tang Zichen left the Heavenly Star Pavilion, he flew to the villa area.

"Tang Zichen."On the ground, a man suddenly shouted.

"Mu Qianji, didn't you go to the bottom of the sea for an adventure?"Tang Zichen stopped to ask, and the person who called out to him was none other than Mu Qianji.


Tzu-Chen, didn't you say you're going alone?Why are you still here?"

"And why are you still here?Don't tell me you're afraid to go it alone."Don Zichen said.

"It's obvious that you don't dare to be alone."

"Alright, Mu Qianji, I don't have time to bullshit with you, I still have things to do, I have to get ready for the sea adventure before I leave, if you really want to team up with me, then wait until I'm ready."

Mu Qianji snorted, "Since you want to team up with me so much, I'll do it for you."

Tang Zichen looked at her with a speechless smile, it was obvious that she was the one who wanted to team up with Tang Zichen, but to insist that it was Tang Zichen who wanted to, Tang Zichen was a big man and didn't bother to see her in general, he just flew away.

"Hey, where are you going?"Mu Qianji shouted.


"Doing what?"

"Nothing to do with you."

"Who loves to pay attention to your business."Mu Qianji flew away with a huff.

In Omarsh's villa, Omarsh was still angry, he was afraid that this would spread and ruin his reputation, he was the top healing master in the entire world, specializing in difficult diseases ah.

Omarsh inner anger: "This Yi Tianxing you are also really, stupid disgrace, you earlier understand the intention, quietly dedicate your wife to me for a few nights, I also willingly give you treatment on it, will not come out of such a thing, really an elm head, decades, is a fool also understand what is called subterfuge it."

Just then, there was a yell from outside, "Omarsh, come out."

"What man."Omarsh flew out and saw that it was a handsome young man.

"Who are you?"

"Why didn't your apprentice tell you that?I'm the one who just came here, a friend of the Eskimo."

"It's you, what do you want?What my apprentice just told you is all his own nonsense and has nothing to do with me."

"Yo-hoo, you're scared, what a respected healer, trying to be a bitch and make a chastity mark."

"I'll be rude to you if I talk nonsense again."

"Come on, Omarsh, I'm here to challenge you to a battle, I'm also a healer, don't you specialize in the difficult aspects of healing?It just so happens that I'm also very good at this. Dare you to challenge me?In public."Tang Zichen said provocatively.

"Hmph, little yellow-haired boy, who are you to be old enough to challenge me?"

"You're just a twelve-grade healer, what's so tuggy about calling me a yellow-haired kid, that's because you're jealous of me being young and promising."

"Young to see it, promising?Forgive my old eyes."

"I'm a tenth grade healer, nonsense, I'm going to the Celestial Star Pavilion, the Celestial Star Pavilion is mindful of your high esteem and doesn't dare to issue a notice, so I'm here to find you, Omarsh, if you have the guts to fight, if you don't have the guts, forget I said it."

"A mere tenth-grade healer, and you're screaming at me."Omarsh raged, but inside he was shocked, this yellow-haired boy was really a tenth grade?That's too young, isn't it?Of course, on the lips he showed disdain.

At this time, the Heavenly Star Pavilion's Waves flew in.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior Waves, it just so happens that you personally ask if Omar Shi will accept my challenge, and if he dares to tell you personally that he doesn't dare, then I, Tang Zichen, will stop."

"This."Lang looked at Master Omar Shi.

Master Omar Shi's lungs were about to explode, a yellow-haired kid was provoking him, he was the world's top in terms of difficult diseases.

At this moment, in front of Wanderlust, he didn't dare to say no to it.

"Fine, yellow-haired little child, if you want to humiliate yourself, then I'll do it."Omarsh shouted.


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