The King of Kungfu in school 711-715


Chapter 711

After Tang Zichen returned to Star Ocean Academy, he was not polite and came to Yi Tianxing's house as a guest.

At any rate, Yi Tianxing was a high-ranking member of Star Ocean Academy, so the house he lived in was an antique villa, which was a very big temptation for those international students.Those international students were only qualified to live in such a good one, and there were only a limited number of them, only fifty in total.

After eating at Yi Tianxing's home, Yi Tianxing wanted to keep Tang Zichen down to stay.

"No."Tang Zichen directly refused.

"It's already late, and you haven't even found a place to stay on your first day at Star Ocean Academy today."

Tang Zichen said, "Just tell me where there are villas for foreign students to stay."

"Oh, also, with your strength, you can grab a villa to live in at any time, well, go this way, there are fifty beautiful manors over there, only international students who have reached the Innate Great Perfection are eligible to live in the manor.But there are only fifty manors, and currently in our academy, there are a total of more than eighty international students with innate great success, which means that more than thirty of them, the weakest innate great successes, can't live in such a nice manor, but your strength is more than enough."

"Thank you, but how come there are so few international students who have reached Innate Great Perfection?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Oh, that's because, as soon as many international students reach the Innate Great Perfection, they choose to leave and return to their respective countries, after all, any international student who reaches the Innate Great Perfection must have been here for quite some time."

"Also, I'll leave first then."

Tang Zichen left Yi Tianxing's villa. One Second Remember to Read the Book

After Tang Zichen left, a woman came out and asked, "This Tang Zichen is just from the Innate Domain, isn't it a bit too self-effacing for you to call yourself brother to him."

"Yang'er, you don't understand, this Tang Zichen came to Star Ocean Academy for the first time today, but his strength has already reached the first level of the Innate Domain, and his real fighting power is far beyond the first level.I think Tang Zichen's ranking can be ranked in the top 20 among all the current Innate Domains.Yang'er, it just so happens that you're going to update the ranking list tomorrow and put Tang Zichen in the 20th!The list of it, he killed the white armored sea lion today, the Black Man Devil Snake, that's strong enough to rank twenty, if it wasn't for the fact that he's only at the first level of the Innate Great Perfection realm, the variables are too great, I'm afraid he could be ranked in the top 10.It's just that his realm is the first level of the Innate Great Perfection after all, if he fought against real people, he might not be so powerful, the variables are too great, ranking 20, it's almost the same."

The woman behind Yi Tianxing said, "Even so, it's not like you're taking the initiative to call him your brother."

"Yang'er, to tell you the truth, Tang Zichen can absorb power, if the dean's rumors are true, then Tang Zichen has the key to open a treasure ah, this shows that in the future, Tang Zichen is likely to gain power, in that case, why not become brothers with him long ago, if he does gain power in the future, we can also rely on ah, can't we live in the Star Sea for the rest of our livesAh the Academy.If you can't gain power, then it's one more friend with powerful talent, so why not."

"Oh, Tian Xing, just say what you want, in that case, I'll do the same as you and consider him a friend."

Yi Tianxing turned around and hugged the woman, apologizing, "Yang'er, I'm sorry, these years, you followed me, it's been hard for you, don't worry, I will, I will."

"Don't say that, you know me, I don't

Isn't it nice to be sexless, as we are, when it concerns this."

Yi Tianxing looked at the woman with a guilty face.

This woman, called Yang Huan, was his girlfriend, quite pretty, with strength at the peak of the middle Unity Realm, a bit more powerful than Yi Tianxing in real combat, and was one of the administrators of the Star Ocean Academy.

They were very much in love, but unfortunately, when he was young, Yi Tianxing was sexually impotent due to his practice going astray, and visited an unknown number of healers, no one was able to treat him at all, he belonged to the difficult and miscellaneous type, this type of problem could not be cured by ordinary healers, and ordinary healers were not willing to spend their energy to study this type of problem, they were more willing to study the injuries left behind after a battle, this was the oneEating Fragrance.

Later on, Yi Tianxing heard that there was a very powerful healer at Star Ocean Academy who specialized in difficult and miscellaneous types of problems, so they came to Star Ocean Academy.

Unfortunately, this very powerful healer of the Star Ocean Academy had a strange temper and wouldn't give them a cure, and every time they went to plead with him, they made all sorts of difficulties, and after decades, they still hadn't given him a cure.

No choice, Yi Tianxing could only use his perseverance to move this healer, hoping that one day, he would be moved to heal him and make up for what he owed his wife.A pair of Star Ocean Academy lovers, Yang Huan a normal woman, her mouth said she didn't care about this at all, but Yi Tianxing knew that she didn't care, but endured.

"Yang'er, while going out."Yi Tian Xing said.

"Tian Xing, forget it, he won't cure you, don't beg him anymore."

"No, I can't give up, I'm sure I'll move him with my true feelings, he'll be touched by my perseverance one day."After saying that, Yi Tianxing flew away.

Of course Tang Zichen didn't know about Yi Tianxing's private affairs, it wasn't a glorious matter, and no one else would know about it.

As the saying goes, every family has its own problems.

Tang Zichen indeed came to a manor, each manor was very large and the living environment was many times better than Yi Tianxing's villa.

Unfortunately, there were only fifty manors.

Star Ocean Academy deliberately created fifty such luxurious manors, presumably to stimulate those international students and make them struggle to live in the mansion.

Tang Zichen came directly to one of the manors.

Right now, in this manor, a man from the first level of the Innate Great Perfection lived there, this man was from the Sun Empire, the thirtieth prince of the Heavenly Emperor.

"Your Imperial Highness, I'll give you a back pounding."

"Your Imperial Highness, I'll warm your bed."

A few female students, also from the Sun Empire, were fawning over the Crown Prince of Heaven in the hall of the manor.

"Hahaha, it's really cool, come on, serve me well, and when we return to the Sun Empire, there will be no less benefits for you."That heavenly prince prince said.

Just then, an international student from the middle innate stage ran in and shouted, "Your Highness Crown Prince, it's bad, there's a man outside the manor, he said that he wants you to move out in ten minutes, he wants to live in this manor."

"What? Who dares to gripe like that?"The emperor's son was furious.

"I don't know ah, I don't know."


Right at this moment, Tang Zichen had already flown in, and had wanted to be polite and have a message passed on, but on second thought, there was no need to be polite at all, no matter who lived here, they were going to rob someone's manor, so what was the point of being polite, so he just flew in.

Tang Zichen looked at the innate man in the hall and said, "I'm going to live in this manor, you guys can go out."Tang Zichen's tone was very direct, making it sound like he was going to live there, making it sound as if this was Tang Zichen's house, it was really very unpleasant to hear.

"Hahaha, hahaha, you have the guts to say one side again."The Sun Country's prince said furiously, and without even bothering to find out how he ranked on the Star Sea Academy, Innate Great Perfection Battle God Ranking, he rashly came to rob his manor, looking for death.

Tang Zichen said, "Fine, for the sake of your deafness, I won't be angry with you, say it again, I want to live in this manor, you guys should move out immediately, thanks for your cooperation."

"Fuck you."The Sun Country's prince was trembling with anger.

At that moment, a woman behind him scolded Tang Zichen, "Hey, do you know who you're talking to?"

"I don't know, and I don't need to know,"Tang Zichen said.

"Good, then listen carefully, you are now speaking to His Highness, the 30th Crown Prince of the Sun Empire, the Sun Empire's Crown Prince, do you dare to offend him?Don't roll away yet."

Tang Zichen did not move, not to mention the prince of the Sun Empire, even the prince of the Yanhuang Empire, in this Star Ocean Academy, Tang Zichen did not care at all.

"I don't care if you're from the Sun Empire or the Moon Empire, I'm going to live anyway."

"Die."The Sun Empire's prince killed towards Tang Zichen. First URL

However, Star Ocean Academy didn't allow private fights, only public duels, so I guess he didn't dare to kill anyone.

"Wow."Tang Zichen slashed, his blade ripping into the Sun Empire's prince, and in the blink of an eye, the Sun Empire's prince's clothes were torn apart, leaving only a pair of pants.

"Ah."The Sun Empire's prince was shocked, it was an expert, he thought, it was a foreign student who had just been promoted to Innate Perfection.

Tang Zichen said, "Do you want to fight again?I don't mind going to the dueling stage with you, I've heard that it's possible to kill people at the dueling stage."

"You, aren't you an international student who has just been promoted to Grand Perfection?"The Sun Empire's prince gritted his teeth.

"Oh, I don't need to report to you, I just need to tell you that I want to live in this manor."

The prince of the Sun Empire said, "I am the 30th prince of the Sun Empire, I am now ordering you as an imperial prince, don't rob my manor, there are fifty manors here, how about you go rob somewhere else?Is that face enough?"

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "I'm tired, I don't want to toss."

"What do you mean, I'm at least a prince of an empire, you really won't give any face at all?"The Sun Empire's prince's face chilled.

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "No give."

"You, you don't want to piss me off."

"The Sun Empire, it's not a powerful empire, it's just a small country, why should I give you face."

"Grass you?."The prince of the Sun Empire was very angry at being insulted and hit in the face by Tang Zichen like this.

Tang Zichen's eyes chilled and he snorted, "You have the guts to say it again, my patience has a limit."

"Do I grass you."The Sun Empire's prince cursed loudly, though he

The strength of the man wasn't the strongest, but, none of the other Innate Great Perfection foreign students of Star Ocean Academy were willing to bear too deep a grudge against him, after all, he was the prince of an empire, with great future potential, not to mention possessing strong genes, and in case he inherited the throne and became an emperor of an empire in the future, then it would be too late to regret offending him now.In this world, no one is stronger than an emperor of an empire.

However, Tang Zichen actually didn't give him the slightest bit of face as a prince of a country, and he even said to his face that the Sun Empire, a small country only, made him angry.

The prince of the Sun Empire gritted his teeth and said, "If you have the guts to report your name, once I step into the Unity Realm in the future, or when I become a king one day, I will definitely not let you go, if you have the guts to report your name."

Tang Zichen trailed off, "Listen carefully, my name is Tang Zichen, if you want to take revenge, please come to me in the Yan Huang Empire in the future."

"Good, Tang Zichen, wait for me, when I step into the Unity Realm, it will be the day I seek your revenge."

Tang Zichen said, "The day you seek my revenge will be the day I kill you."

"You you you."The prince of the Sun Empire was trembling with anger, he had never encountered anyone who didn't take him so seriously, normally, whenever they heard that he was a prince, they wouldn't dare not to give him any face, not for the present, but also for the future.Unless, this Tang Zichen was also a prince, a prince of the Yanhuang Empire, otherwise they wouldn't dare to disregard him so much.

"Let's see."The prince of the Sun Empire snorted and prepared to leave with a few of his female student men.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Wait."

"What?What do you want?"

Tang Zichen looked at the two female students and said, "I don't have any manpower today, so let these two female students stay and serve me."

"What did you say?"

"I said, let the two female students stay and serve me, fetch me foot baths and such, and they will be returned to you when I establish my homeland someday and receive my men,"Tang Zichen said.

The prince of the Sun Empire roared, "Tang Zichen, you really have a monk's face, we're all princes of one country, don't go too far."

"Uh, prince?Who's the prince?I'm not a prince, am I?"Tang Zichen said.

"What? You're not a prince?"

"Of course not, I don't want to be some bullshit prince."Tang Zichen said tongue in cheek, in fact, if he could choose, Tang Zichen would really like to choose to be born into a royal family, life would also be less struggle for so many years.

"Grass you?, so you're not a prince of the Yan Huang Empire, mother than, not a prince what are you gripping in front of me."The prince of the Sun Empire yelled, learning that Tang Zichen was not a prince, his guts grew, while his anger grew even more.

Tang Zichen said with a dark face, "You just scolded me again."

"How about I just scolded you, what the hell are you, what status do you dare to move on my head."

Tang Zichen flew up with a Ghost Wheel duel.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped the Sun Empire prince's face.

"Phew."One of the Sun Empire princes flew into the ground.

"You dare to hit me."

Tang Zichen said, "I warned you that it would be rude to curse again, but you still curse me.What does a prince of the Sun Country have to do with me, I'm not from the Sun Country, you're using your identity as a prince of the Sun Country to oppress me, it's ridiculous.Don't say you, even if it's the prince of the Yanhuang Empire, I may not give face."


Tang Zichen looked at the prince of the Sun Empire for a moment of shame, in the Yanhuang Empire, Tang Zichen was already depressed enough being oppressed by those trash princes, it was hard to come to the Star Ocean Academy and leave that wrong place in Wangjing City, I didn't expect that a prince of the Sun Empire would still want to oppress him with his identity, Tang Zichen was really ashamed, fire up, go up and do a few more slaps to balance the depressing anger of being oppressed by the prince of the Yanhuang Empire in Wangjing City.

"Good, Tang Zichen, I remember you, one day, I will make you regret, even if you are not from the Sun Empire, with my future identity, I am enough to make you die without a funeral."

Tang Zichen was upset with his threat, heck.

Tang Zichen cast another Ghost Wheel Decision.

Blinking, he arrived in front of the Sun Empire prince.

"Pah, pah, pah."Tang Zichen slapped him a dozen times in a row.

The Sun Empire prince's face swelled up.

"You you you."

Tang Zichen said, "If you don't get out of here, it won't be as simple as a slap."

"Just you wait."The prince of the Sun Empire shouted and flew away very angry.

His two beautiful international student maids, who had wanted to leave as well, were left behind by Tang Zichen. Remember the website

Tang Zichen didn't know why they were left behind, Tang Zichen didn't want them to warm their beds or anything, a leftover that was played with by a dog prince, Tang Zichen wasn't interested, maybe it was to irritate that Sun Empire prince.

At this moment, on the outside fence of Tang Zichen's manor, there stood a man who had just seen what had just happened.

Tang Zichen said, "Come out, don't hide on the fence."

Only then did the man immediately fly in, Tang Zichen had already spotted him.


"Who are you?Why are you standing outside my manor spying on me?"Tang Zichen said, while sizing up the man, who was at the second level of the Innate Great Perfection realm.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I was just passing by and happened to see it, so I stopped to take a look.By the way, my name is Zhuang Compulsion, I'm also an international student from Star Ocean Academy's Innate Great Perfection, and I live right next door to you."

"Pretending to compare?"

"Yes, your name is Don Zichen, I just found out from listening to your conversation."

"Oh, that's a strange name, your parents are really good at naming names."

"Brother Tang, you misunderstood, I'm Zhuang Compulsion, not a pretender."

"Alright, Brother Zhuang Compulsion, since you are my neighbors, why don't you come in for a cup of tea, I'm new here and I don't have any friends yet, let's get to know each other."

"Good, that's exactly what I was thinking."Zhuang compelled him to nod, he was also curious as to why Tang Zichen dared to be so disrespectful to the prince of a country.

Tang Zichen immediately ordered those two female students from the Sun Country just now, "Go, make tea."

"Hmph, you'll regret it, we, His Highness the 30th Prince, won't let you go."

Tang Zichen said, "I don't want to bully the weak, but it doesn't mean that my patience is limited, you should know that Star Ocean Academy is a place where the weak prey on the strong, if you disobey me again, I don't mind letting you eat silk."

Only after Tang Zichen finished threatening like this did the two female international students go to make tea.

Tang Zichen and Zhuang Compulsion sat down in one of the manor's pavilions.

"Brother Tang, what did you mean when you just said, "First time here,


"Oh, it's my first time coming to Star Ocean Academy today."

"What, first time here?But your strength?"

"Who says you have to start at the lowest level of early innocence for your first visit?I'll be an Innate Great Perfection as soon as I arrive, can't I."

"Brother Tang, you're too strange, you've already reached Innate Great Perfection, why are you still coming to Star Ocean Academy, many people, who have spent decades here, finally reach Innate Great Perfection and then can't wait to leave, but you, you've just arrived."

"Oh, the situation, you don't understand."

"Brother Tang, that one just now was a prince of the Sun Empire, why do you still dare to offend him like that?"

"I'm not from the Sun Empire, so why can't I offend him, and I have no intention of going to the Sun Empire to develop my career, nor do I need to be afraid of him.Brother Zhuang Compulsion, have some tea."

"Hehe, Brother Tang, are you really not afraid, or are you not afraid ah, unless you are also a prince, otherwise, no one in general would be willing to hold a grudge against a prince of a certain country ah.Think about it, a prince who can come to Star Ocean Academy to study abroad, this means that his talent is higher, the possibility of inheriting the throne in the future is higher, once he does inherit the throne in the future and becomes a king above all people, then there will be something you will regret."

"Why would there be something I regret."

"I know you want to say that you're not from the Sun Country, but you have to know that the king of any empire, even if it's a very small one, his power is no longer limited to his own country.He has too many powerful people under his hands, even if it's far away, it's enough to send someone to exterminate you.To be honest, in our Star Ocean Academy, there are several imperial princes, these imperial princes, we normally wouldn't mess with them, messing with imperial princes, there's only bad and no good, so why bother."

"Hahaha, Brother Zhuang Compulsion, but I, Tang Zichen, don't like to be threatened, he hasn't become a king yet, even if he does, so what, who can guarantee that I will be less powerful than him in the future, it's not certain who won't be spared.Of course, if you don't have confidence in your future, then forget I said it."

"Brother Tang, you seem to have confidence in your future.However, I have to remind you of one thing."

"Please say."

"The Sun Empire has a very talented and strong person in Star Ocean Academy at the moment, and although he's not from that Sun True Village just now, they're at least from the same place, right?His name is Kimaya Haru, 22nd in the Battle God Ranking, and a strong third level of Innate Perfection.If I'm not wrong, that Sun True Village prince just now, he was insulted at your place, he will definitely go after this Mu Ya Qing, so be careful oh."

"Sun True Village?Kimaya Haru?"

"Yes, that prince just now, called Sun Real Village, the Sun Empire, the Sun Family, well."

"Oh."Tang Zichen snorted inwardly in disdain, the third level of the Innate Great Perfection?If he really dared to come to Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen guaranteed that he would regret it.

Tang Zichen felt that he was definitely above the third level of Innate Perfection, although, he was only at the first level.

"By the way, what's that War God List you were talking about?"

"It's the Innate Great Perfection Battle God List, ah."

Tang Zichen and Zhuang Compulsion drank tea and chatted for over an hour, and Tang Zichen also learned a bit more about Star Ocean Academy, such as the 'Innate Great Perfection Battle God Ranking'.

This Battle God Ranking wasn't based entirely on strength, but rather on the dueling honor, realm, and future potential of a certain Innate Great Perfection international student, all factors were counted together.

That Zhuang Compulsion, he was ranked 46th on the Battle God Ranking, having killed a total of 18 top ten grade sea beasts.


Tang Zichen let Zhuang Force go back after he had almost finished chatting with her.

Tang Zichen called up the two female students from the Sun Country, who were still cross-eyed at Tang Zichen.

"What are your names?"

"Hmph, why should I answer you."

Tang Zichen was a bit displeased that the two female students were a bit disinterested.

"You guys are in my hands, and you dare to be so uninteresting."

"We're from the Sun True Village, you'll regret it."

"Bang."Tang Zichen really didn't want to follow the nonsense of the two female international students, he had wanted to leave them behind to use them as maids for a bit, but now it seemed that there was no need.

With a slap, Tang Zichen crippled the two female students from the Sun Country.

"Scram."Tang Zichen said coldly, why would Tang Zichen give them a chance with someone so unself-conscious, fortunately he wasn't Mu Qianji, if he was, he would have killed them directly.

The two female students were shattered by their meridians and crawled out of Tang Zichen's manor. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen was the only one left in this promising manor.

Tang Zichen planned to go recruit some new foreign students to work under him tomorrow and hang around here for a few months to see.

I don't know how Mu Qianji is doing now.

Tang Zichen felt baffled, why did he think of her for no reason, he had rejected her countless times in his previous life, why did he keep thinking of her now?

Tang Zichen closed his eyes and allowed himself to enter cultivation.

Tang Zichen strived to break through to the second level of the Innate Domain earlier, already touching the second level, but it was just hard to break through up there, Tang Zichen was on fire, I really wanted to just go and suck a few people's spiritual energy, so that the breakthrough would be even faster.

However, beyond the innate domain, without Mu Qianji to help him, Tang Zichen is difficult to suck, and the innate domain, sucked not much effect, that Black Man Devil Snake during the day, so strong, sucked also not much effect, at least have to suck dozens of such, before a little impulse.But to kill dozens of sea beasts, and such a strong one at that, Tang Zichen would probably get tired and then be killed instead.

So, the God Sucking Great Law was against the heavens, but the price was just too high.

At this moment, the Sun Empire prince who had just left, Sun True Village, was flying towards a certain manor.

"Your Imperial Highness, where are you going?Aren't we going to rob someone else's estate?"

"What's the robbery, does that Tang Zichen he thinks that this is how this prince is going to be?No way, I'm going to look for Kimaya Haru right now, Kimaya Haru is the strongest foreign student from my Sun Empire who came to Star Ocean Academy, although he's not one of my people, I'm at least a prince of the Sun Empire, this prince was insulted here, any citizen of the Sun Empire should stand up."

Sun Makamura soon arrived at a manor.

"Your Highness, Sun Shimura, what do you want from me."An imposing looking man said, his tone wasn't very respectful to Sun Shimura, but he wasn't arrogant either, just the most basic of manners.

"Kimaya Haru, can't you see that my face is swollen?"

"Uh, Your Highness, what's wrong with you?"

"Muya Haru, although you are not one of my people and you do not have to follow my orders, I am at least a prince of the Sun Empire, and you are ultimately loyal to the Sun Empire no matter who your allegiance is to.Now that my prince has been humiliated, by the Yan Huang Empire

A trash of the country beat up and stole my manor, and, this person also insulted my Sun Empire by speaking out, what do you say yourself, what should you do?"

Muya Haru was startled, hesitated, and said, "Are you telling the truth?"

"Nonsense, if you don't believe me, come with me to find him now."

Mu Ya Qing nodded and said, "If it's true, I, Mu Ya Qing, will kill this man and I will propose a duel against him and kill him at the dueling stage.I, Kimiya Haru, will never allow anyone to insult the Sun Empire."

Sun Shimura said with satisfaction, "Mu Ya Qing, I will report your loyalty to the Sun Empire to the Emperor, so now come with me to find that Tang Zichen and see if he really dares to insult our Sun Empire."


Tang Zichen was cultivating when he suddenly felt a strong man flying in.

Tang Zichen opened his eyes, and at a glance, he saw the Sun True Village, which he had left before, and an unseen strong man flying in, the unseen strong man was at the third level of the Innate Great Perfection realm, Tang Zichen had already guessed that it must be the so-called Mu Ya Qing, it seemed that the next door neighbor Zhuang Force had just reminded him correctly, this dog prince of the Sun Empire had really gone to look for Mu Ya Qing.

It was a pity that Tang Zichen didn't take any Mu Ya Qing into his eyes at all.

"Tang Zichen, you're still in the mood for cultivation."Sun Zhenchun shouted, standing seven or eight meters in front of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm not only in the mood to cultivate, I'm also in the mood to beat you up."

Sun Zhencun looked at Mu Ya Qing who was beside him, then said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, if you dare to disrespect my son, you are disrespecting the Sun Empire by disrespecting me."

Sun Shimura intended to irritate Tang Zichen by making Tang Zichen insult the Sun Empire, and then let Mu Ya Qing hear it, making Mu Ya Qing take action.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Mention your bullshit empire in front of me again and I'll be rude to you."

"You dare to insult our Sun Empire."Sun True Village yelled.

"A country of bullets, if you weren't ungrateful, you wouldn't deserve to be insulted by me, Tang Zichen."

At this point, Kimiya Haru couldn't help it, although he didn't have a good feeling towards Sun Makura either, much less allegiance to Sun Makura, but he was at least loyal to the Sun Empire, and even more so, a citizen of the Sun Empire, seeing Tang Zichen insult the Sun Empire, he was furious.

"Your name is Tang Zichen?"Mu Ya Qing raged.

"Yes. Are you avenging this dog country's world son?Don't report your name yet."Tang Zichen said contemptuously, thinking that he was afraid of finding a 22nd place in some war god list?

"Tang Zichen, you dare to insult my country and show such disrespect to my Sun Empire."

"Hahaha, I'm not a member of your Sun Empire, why should I be respectful."

"Well, Tang Zichen, originally I didn't believe that someone would dare to insult the Sun Empire so openly, but now that I've seen it with my own eyes, I already have to believe it, very well."

Tang Zichen said, "Don't be nice and endless, just tell me how you want it to drop."

Mu Ya Qing sneered, "Tang Zichen, for the sake of the Sun Empire, I will take your life, tomorrow I will appeal to the Heavenly Star Pavilion and go to the dueling stage with you, you just wait."

"Hahaha, just wait, I thought you would kill me now, but it turns out I still have to wait for tomorrow."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen, I won't fight with you privately, if I want to kill, I'll do it openly on the dueling stage."Saying that, Kimaya Haru flew away.


"Idiot."Tang Zichen laughed a handful of shame as he watched Kimaya Haru fly away.

Sun Shimura didn't immediately fly off with Kimaya Haru, but proudly said to Tang Zichen, "Tomorrow, wait for me."

Tang Zichen flew up.

"Bang."Tang Zichen slapped Sun Shimura's chest.

"Crack."The ribs on Sun Zhencun's chest broke several times, and the man flew out more than ten meters.

"Clown, bounce around in front of me again, I'll kill you, what kind of thing are you."Tang Zichen also flew up and stomped on Sun Zhencun's chest after hitting him, causing Sun Zhencun to die of pain.

"You."Sun Zhencun now saw Tang Zichen's gloomy face, and realized that this guy truly didn't care about his Sun Empire ah, and was actually a bit scared.

"Get lost."Tang Zichen provoked a kick and kicked the Sun Zhencun out of the manor.

The next day, before Tang Zichen woke up from his sleep, he was awakened by the shouts of a man outside.

"Brother Tang, are you up?"

"Brother Tang." First published at

Tang Zichen climbed up, cultivating until late last night and sleeping late this morning.

The person calling out to him from outside was Zhuang Compulsion who lived in the next manor.

"Brother Zhuang Compulsion, what's the matter early in the morning?"

"Brother Tang, something big has happened, you've been given a duel notice to deal with it, if you don't deal with it for more than 24 hours, then it's assumed that you've agreed to this duel, and Star Ocean Academy will forcefully send you to the dueling stage.Brother Tang, do you know who the person who wants to duel with you is?It's Muya Haru from the Sun Country, ranked 22 on the War God's List, the third level of the Innate Greatness ah."

"Oh, I know, I'll take care of it."Tang Zichen went to the Heavenly Star Pavilion after washing up, since he didn't know the way, Brother Zhuang forced him to accompany him.

Tang Zichen asked, "If I don't agree to the duel, how will the Heavenly Star Pavilion deal with it?"

"The Heavenly Star Pavilion will first look at your reason, if it's because of the difference in realms, you can refuse, if we are all in the same realm and can't coordinate with each other to deal with it, then you have to agree even if you don't."

Arriving at the Heavenly Star Pavilion, the strong man called Long Tian Ya from yesterday asked, "Tang Zichen, there is a man called Mu Ya Qing who wants to duel with you, the reason is that you insulted his empire and also assaulted the Sun Empire's prince, Sun Zhen Mura, do you have anything you need to defend in this matter, if you haven't done any of this, you can boldly speak to me."

Tang Zichen shook his head, "No need to tell me, I did."

"So, what Kimaya Haru said is true."


"Well then, his reason for wanting to duel you is established, now you can refuse this duel, you will not be able to refuse this duel without a valid reason."

"No need to refuse, I agree, when will the duel be?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Whenever you want, Kimaya Haru is already waiting for you at duel platform number one early in the morning, you can just go over there within 24 hours, Tang Zichen, good luck.You've just come to Star Ocean Academy and you've been given a dueling book, you're also really sad."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Senior, I don't feel sad, alright, then I'll go to the dueling stage now."

Tang Zichen walked out of the Heavenly Star Pavilion.

Zhuang Compulsion was busy saying, "Brother Tang, you're too dry, are you sure you won't be killed by Mu Ya Qing?"

"Kill me if you want. If I'm killed, it means I'm not a good student. Now, let's get to the dueling stage. I've got a lot of work to do today. I need to find some men.


Tang Zichen arrived at the dueling stage, and sure enough, Muya Haru was already waiting on the dueling stage, and there were many people around the dueling stage as well.

"Tang Zichen is here."

The onlookers were looking at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen flew directly into the dueling stage number one.

"Tang Zichen, I didn't expect you to come so quickly, well, let's have a quick battle."Mu Ya Qington drew his sword.

Tang Zichen said, "I have limited time, hurry up."

"Hmph, are you in a hurry to reincarnate?Well, I'll fulfill you, any faster you want."Kimiya Haru said.

In the crowd of spectators, Sun Mamura shouted, "Kimaya Haru, cut off his head, or you will be ashamed of the Empire."

"Buzz."Muya Haru killed with a sword, it was really quick enough.

Tang Zichen didn't draw his sword, nor did he take out his blade.

Tang Zichen used his lullaby on Mu Ya Qing, when he dueled with the sea beast before, he couldn't use it because the sea beast wasn't affected by his lullaby.Now that he was dueling with a human, he would have to try out the power of his lullaby.

Suddenly, Mu Ya Qing stopped attacking, his eyes turned dull, and the sword in his hand that was originally killing Tang Zichen fell to the ground.

Tang Zichen was startled and delighted, "Damn, my lullaby, it's so powerful, gosh, I'm afraid it's not weaker than Mu Qianji's Heavenly Devil Art, a third level of Innate Perfection, attacked like this by me, hahaha."

Tang Zichen said, "Mu Ya Qing, kneel down for me."

Mu Ya Qing kneeled down, his consciousness completely enchanted by Tang Zichen.

"Ah."The onlookers were all silly.

"It's mesmerism, Tang Zichen can even do mesmerism, and it seems like it's very powerful."

"Damn it, is there any heavenly justice, yesterday his martial arts skills were already so powerful, but he can still do mesmerism."

The onlookers were filled with jealous envy and hatred as they looked at Tang Zichen.

Sun Shimura shouted, "Kimaya Haru, get up, kill him."

Tang Zichen looked up at Sun Zhencun and ordered to Mu Ya Qing, "Go up, catch Sun Zhencun on the dueling stage and give me a good beating until he dies."

"Yes."Kimaya Haru immediately raised his head and flew towards Sun Shimura.

"Ah."Within a moment, Sun Shimura was caught by Kimaya Haru and thrown on the dueling stage.

"Bang bang."Sun Makamura was hit so hard by Kimaya Haru that Kimaya Haru disowned him like he had mad cow disease.

At that moment, a man flew down from the stage, this man was a late innate foreign student.

"Stop fighting, Mu Ya Qing, if you kill Seiko, your family is finished, your parents, your brothers and sisters, all of them are waiting to be beheaded."That person who flew down shouted.

However, Muyaaru didn't stop, and his words didn't stimulate Muyaaru to regain his spirit.

Helplessly, that person turned to Tang Zichen and said, "This senior, why don't you be merciful and go around, and really let Mu Ya Qing kill the prince, will you be happy?You'll get Mu Ya Qing's entire family killed, I hope senior will show mercy."

Tang Zichen grunted, mercy my ass, to learn from Mu Qianji, ruthless heart, Mu Ya Qing's entire family was beheaded by the Sun Empire, it's none of his business.

"I beg Senior to be merciful, spare them."The man knelt down.


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