The King of Kungfu in school 531-550


Chapter 531

"Tang Zichen, they are all family members, no need to be polite."That Tang family elder smiled and looked amiable.

The Tang family's seventh elder said, "Tang Zichen, the last time I came to see you, you said you had to think about it some more before agreeing to return to the family, it's been so long now, how well have you thought about it?This time, the elders and second elders came here personally, you should know how sincere the family is, right?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen looked at the two old men he didn't know, and it became clear in his heart that they were the Tang family's elders and second elder.

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled.

Only, if they returned to the family, then wouldn't the marriage with Qi Xueyun be valid.

Tang Zichen said, "Then, my marriage with Qi Xueyun can be withdrawn?If it can be retracted, I'll agree, if not, then we'll think about it again."

The elder said, "There's no need to consider it, we've already sent someone to return your marriage with the Qi family for you."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was stunned, not expecting it to be so quick, Tang Zichen saw that it was really withdrawn, and for some reason, suddenly felt a bit sorry for it, a bit sorry for Qi Xueyun.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed and said, "Then it's agreed, go back, I, Tang Zichen, belong to the Tang family that is.Alright, you can go back at ease, don't bother me again if there's nothing wrong."

The elder smiled, "Tang Zichen, welcome back to the family, tonight, at the Genius Restaurant, you must come to the banquet."

"Alright."Tang Zichen nodded his head, thinking it was just a reunion dinner, he didn't think much of it and agreed. One second to remember to read the book

"Then you go to class first."

The three Tang family elders left happily and immediately went to find Tang Zhenghao.

Tang Zhenghao was currently recovering from his injuries, along with Tang Zilan.

"Knock knock knock."

Tang Zhenghao heard the door to his villa being knocked on.

"Guo Guo, go open the door."Tang Zhenghao said in a bad mood.

"Oh, good."Murong Guoguo went out to open the door, for the past few days, Murong Guoguo had been taking care of Tang Zhenghao, although they fought that day, but no matter what, they were engaged to be married, Murong Guoguo saw that Tang Zhenghao was defeated by Tang Zichen and was in an extremely depressed mood, so she forgave Tang Zhenghao for slapping her that day.

Murong Guoguo opened the door and was taken aback when she saw that it was the Tang family elder, the elder of any family was considered a big figure in the family, but he actually appeared here, it seemed like this was a serious matter.

"Grand Elder."

"Guoguo, huh, is Zhenghao here?"


The three elders of the Tang family walked in and saw Tang Zhenghao recovering from his injuries, as well as Tang Zilan, they couldn't help but wrinkle their brows, Tang Zichen had really done it too, it seemed like he really had a lot of resentment towards the family.

"Elder, you have to make decisions for me, sooooo."Tang Zilan burst into tears and knelt in front of the three elders.

"Tang Zilan, don't say anything, we all know the matter."The eldest elder said.

Tang Zhenghao was in a slightly better mood when he saw the elders personally handling the matter, the fact that the elders were personally involved showed how much importance they attached to him.

"Zhenghao, how are you doing?"

"Grand Elder, I'm fine, by the way, this time you personally came, are you going to severely punish Tang Zichen.Tang Zichen seduced Guo Guo and tarnished the family's reputation, this kind of person, even if he has strong talent, is still a bane to the family after all, I hope that the elder will deal with it impartially."Tang Zhenghao said.

The elder sighed, Tang Zhenghao thought that he was here to do him justice, but the truth was, a matter that was cruel to him, the elder didn't know what to say for a moment, let alone

How Dao said.

For a long time, the second elder said, "Zhenghao, Zilan, you should rest first, remember to come to the Genius Restaurant at night, Tang Zichen will also come."

"Good."Tang Zhenghao was delighted, and he would deal with Tang Zichen at the Genius Restaurant at night.

Tang Zilan was also happy inside.

The three Tang family elders didn't say anything more and soon left first.

Not long after the three Tang family elders left, someone came knocking on the door again.

"Guoguo, open the door."

Murong Guoguo walked out, opened the door and was taken aback, it was the Murong family's elders, she never expected that even the elders of her family would come, how serious is this ah, the elders ah, usually do not leave the family easily.

"Grand Elder, why are you you here."Murong Guoguo asked.

"Guoguo, come out here, there's something I want to talk to you about."


Guoguo followed to a short distance away.

"Grand Elder, did you come to Martial Island specifically because of Tang Zichen's beating of Tang Zhenghao?"Murong Guoguo asked, she clearly remembered when Tang Zichen peeked at her bathing, then her family was also very angry and came several elders.Today, it might be the same as back then again, and much worse.

But the Murong family elder asked, "Guoguo, how are you and Tang Zhenghao?"


"I mean, are you and Don Jung-Ho, living together?"

"Ah."Mugo blushed and nodded.

"Ugh."The Murong family elder stomped his foot and grumbled somewhat, "Why are you in such a hurry, even if it's your fiancé, you could have been in no such hurry, alas."

"Elder, I don't understand what you mean.Although I do live in Tang Zhenghao's villa, but I just want to be more clean, no other meaning, Tang Zhenghao and I, still innocent, I didn't even let him hold my hand, I told him that everything can only wait until after the big wedding.Tang Zhenghao is uncomfortable, but he doesn't dare to force himself on me."

"Haha, that's good."The elder of the Murong family laughed as he heard this, it really scared him to death, he was afraid that they would be disliked by Tang Zichen for having cooked over cooked rice.

"Alright, Guo Guo, come to the Genius Restaurant tonight, now I won't say that much."

"Oh."Murong Guoguo nodded, how come they are going to the Genius Restaurant again, just now the Tang family elder also asked Tang Zhenghao to go to the Genius Restaurant.

"Then you can go back first."

The Murong family elder went to one of the second year classes again, looking for another woman named Murong Shengnan from the Murong family.

Soon after, a woman with a shaved boy's head came out, and with a glance, she almost looked like a man.

The elder of the Murong family sighed, not knowing if that Tang Zhenghao would dislike it, he said in his heart, Shengnan you are also really, well shaved what boy's head.

Murong Shengnan, since childhood is a boy character, appearance will not be mentioned, because appearance and the word 'beauty', is not at all compatible, even with the word 'woman', are a bit incompatible, because, too much like a man.

Murong Shengnan came up with a rough voice and asked, "Grand Elder, how is it you."

Murong family elder frowned, this speaking voice, won't it be gentle, at least not so coarse, sounds like a bit of a woman, right.

"Shengnan, come to the Genius Restaurant at night."

"Ah, what is it?"

"Don't ask so many questions, just come tonight."



That night, Tang Zichen had wanted to take Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian to the Genius Restaurant, but Tang Zichen didn't have much affection for the Tang family, and for a reunion dinner, there was no need to bring his own women there as well, as well as make a good relationship.Therefore, Tang Zichen went to the Genius Restaurant by himself.

At this moment, on the sixth floor of the Genius Restaurant, in a private room, Tang Zhenghao and Tang Zilan had arrived, and Murong Guoguo had also arrived together.

Apart from them, in the private room, there was also the Tang family's elder Tang Qi Zheng, the second elder Tang Minglang, as well as the Murong family's elder Murong Bo, and the tenth elder Murong Ke Yuan.

"Knock knock."At this moment, there was a knock at the door of the box.

"Come in."

A person walked in, everyone thought it was Tang Zichen, but it turned out not to be, but Murong Shengnan.

Murong Guoguo was surprised to see Murong Shengnan, how did she come here.

Tang Zhenghao hadn't seen Murong Shengnan before, seeing that it was a stranger, he said, "This gentleman, you've come to the wrong place."

When the two elders of the Murong family heard Tang Zhenghao say 'this gentleman', their eyebrows furrowed, Tang Zhenghao actually saw her as a boy.

Murong Guoguo was busy reminding, "She's not a girl."

"Uh."Tang Zhenghao was embarrassed. First URL

Murong Shengnan said, "Great Elder, Ten Elders, I'm here."

Murong Bo said, "Shengnan, sit down, there's one more person to wait for."


Murong Shengnan took his seat, then looked at Tang Zhenghao, Tang Zhenghao had just called her sir, she didn't seem to be angry.

Tang Zhenghao said inwardly, "Damn, the Murong family even has a man-woman."Tang Zhenghao didn't know that this man-wife, was about to turn into his fiancée, or else he wouldn't have the heart to sneer at people here.

Everyone was relatively silent, no one spoke, the two elders of the Tang family, as well as the two elders of the Murong family, all felt a little awkward with each other, after all, what was about to happen wasn't very nice.

Murong Shengnan couldn't endure the silence of the scene, so he asked, "Elder, what is it?Have to wait for someone who?"

Murong Ke Yuan said, "Tang Zichen."

"Ah, Tang Zichen?You mean the super genius, Tang Zixin?My idol."Muyoung Shengnan was shocked.

"Yes, that's him."

"So, what does it have to do with me?"Murong Shengnan asked, although she admired Tang Zichen, it didn't mean that Tang Zichen was related to her.

Murong Bo asked, "Shengnan, do you have a boyfriend at the Martial Arts Academy?"

"Uh, why does the elder ask that?Me, where do I have any boyfriend."Murong Shengnan said, there was half a sentence she didn't say later, everyone treats me like a man, what kind of boyfriend am I still looking for.

"It's good that you don't have a boyfriend, Shengnan, today's matter does have something to do with you, it's about your life's work."

Hearing this, Tang Zhenghao and Murong Guoguo both trembled, as if they had thought of something.

And Tang Zilan was straightforward and shocked, "No way, Tang Zichen is getting engaged to Murong Shengnan?"

"Pfft."Tang Zhenghao tried his best to control himself from laughing out, but, he still couldn't hold back a puff of laughter.

Tang Zhenghao looked at Murong Shengnan, his heart was violently happy, Tang Zichen was engaged to a man-woman, oh my god, this was too cool.The first thing you need to do is to think about the fact that you're going to be able to get your own personalized product.

, and felt sick to vomit out the next night's meal.

And Murong Guoguo looked at Murong Shengnan, could not believe it, Murong Shengnan was engaged to Tang Zichen.

I don't know why, Murong Guoguo inside a bit unconvinced, why feel unconvinced, she can't say, just feeling, she is much better than Murong Shengnan, but can't get such a good man.So, when Murong Guoguo got this news, there wasn't any gloating inside, it seemed like she was still a little jealous.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zilan already hated Tang Zichen, but right now he didn't care so much and let out a loud laugh.

The Tang family elder said, "Zilan, stop laughing, what's so funny."

Only then did Tang Zilan hold back from laughing, but the pleasure in his heart, not to mention, it was as if Tang Zichen had finally gotten his comeuppance.

Murong Shengnan's entire body was dumbfounded at this point.

After reacting, Murong Shengnan busily said, "Elder, don't, don't betroth me to Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen is my idol, I'm not worthy of him at all, I don't want to defile him, please.Even if you really want to marry with the Tang family, then you've found other sons and daughters of the Tang family ah, it's really not possible, Tang Zilan can ah."

Tang Zilan was still secretly laughing, but when she heard Murong Shengnan's words, she became angry, "Grass you, who wants to marry with you, a man-woman."

The elder of the Tang family reprimanded, "Zilan, don't be so unqualified, like what."

Murong Bo also said, "Alright, all don't talk, wait for Tang Zichen to come, it's not convenient to reveal it yet."

Tang Zilan was very angry and looked at Murong Shengnan and warned, "You speak a little more carefully."

Murong Shengnan said, "I don't want to tarnish my idol, if I really want to marry with your Tang family, I suggest following you."

"Grass you fucker still say."Tang Zilan's lungs were about to burst.

Tang Zhenghao held down the agitated Tang Zilan and advised, "Zilan, don't get excited, they are just saying it, it's not like they are really following you."

Tang Zilan raged, "It's not okay to talk, damn it."

At this time, Tang Zichen had already arrived at the downstairs of the Genius Restaurant.

Tang Zichen asked the waiter, and the waiter said it was on the sixth floor, room XX.

Tang Zichen flew up to the sixth floor.

"Knock knock."

"Come in."

Tang Zichen walked in.

Tang Zichen was a little surprised at the sight of so many people.

Tang Qi was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, sit down, let me introduce you, this is the Murong Family's elder, Murong Bo, this is the Murong Family's tenth elder, Murong Ke Yuan, I'm sure the others don't need to be introduced."

At this time, Tang Zilan snorted, "There's also a fiancée."

Tang Zichen looked at the woman who looked like a man-woman, but right now, this Murong Shengnan was full of uncomfortable faces.

Tang Zichen suddenly understood the meaning of Tang Zilan's words, fiancée?No wonder the Tang patriarch went to break off his marriage to Qi Xue Yun so quickly, it was because he wanted him to get engaged to someone else, it seems that this man-woman-like woman is his new fiancée, making it so formal today, with the two families sitting together, it must be this.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen burst out laughing, his laughter was filled with disdain, Tang Zichen was free to marry whomever he wanted in the future, he returned to the Tang family and reluctantly agreed, he didn't expect to actually get a fiancée for him, it was ridiculous.

At this time, Tang Zhenghao said, "Tang Zichen, this is the family's arrangement, don't make nonsense."


"Hmph."Tang Zichen snorted coldly and sat down, he wanted to see if the elder of the Tang family really dared to bring it up, if he did, Tang Zichen swore that he would have nothing to do with the Tang family from now on.

Murong Bo said, "Alright, everyone's here, so we can get down to business.That, Tang Qi Zheng, it's better for you to say it."

"No, no, no, it's better for you guys to talk about this yourselves."Tang Qi Zheng refused, perhaps he didn't know how to face Tang Zhenghao, so he didn't want to bring it up on his own side.

Murong Ke Yuan said, "No one dares to say it, so I'll say it."

Everyone looked at Murong Ke Yuan.

Murong Keyuan took a deep breath and said, "Tang Zhenghao and Murong Guoguo, they have been engaged for years, but after the unanimous decision of all the elders of our Murong Family, we want to replace Murong Guoguo's marriage partner in the Tang Family with Tang Zichen.Of course, we also know that this is very sorry to Tang Zhenghao, so to make it up to Tang Zhenghao, we have decided to send another woman from the Murong Family to marry Tang Zhenghao, and she is Murong Shengnan."

"What."Tang Zhenghao yelled and stood up, his face livid.

Murong Guoguo was also startled there, not to mention Tang Zilan, her mouth wide open.

Tang Zhenghao's eyes looked at the Tang family elder, as if he was asking him if it was true.

Tang Qi Zheng nodded and said, "Zhenghao, what he said is true, I hope you understand, you lost to the Inner Sect's Tang Zichen last time, which made many of the Murong Family's elders uncomfortable, that's why they requested that the marriage partner with Murong Guoguo be replaced with Tang Zichen."

"No, that's impossible."Tang Zhenghao slapped the table and yelled. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen's expression was a bit strange at the moment, originally Tang Zichen was so angry that if he dared to say that he was married to Murong Shengnan, he would announce his withdrawal from the family on the spot.However, I didn't expect things to take a drastic turn, but it was actually a case of switching Tang Zhenghao's fiancée to him, and Tang Zhenghao marrying Murong Shengnan, this was too dramatic.

Murong Shengnan said, "I don't have a problem with it, as long as it's not with Tang Zichen, I'll go with the family arrangement, Tang Zichen is my idol anyway, I don't want to tarnish Tang Zichen, everyone else, whether it's Tang Zhenghao or Tang Zilan, I'll accept it."

Tang Zilan was furious, "Grass you don't mention my name."

Tang Zilan was also very angry, but to give such a beautiful sister-in-law, to Tang Zichen, why would anything good be given to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said to the furious Tang Zhenghao, "Tang Zhenghao, this is the family's arrangement, don't make a fool of yourself."

"I'm messing around your mother."Tang Zhenghao saw Tang Zichen's expression of gloating at him and became even more furious.

Tang Zichen was extremely unimpressed with this Tang Zhenghao, and had wanted to refuse on the spot, but Tang Zichen suddenly didn't want to refuse so quickly, it was fine to be angry with Tang Zhenghao.

Tang Zichen smiled at the Tang family's elder and said, "Elder, then, from this moment on, Murong Guo Guo is my fiancée?"

"Yes yes yes."The two elders of the Murong Clan were busy nodding their heads before anyone else.

"Hahaha, good."Tang Zichen walked up to Murong Guoguo and took her hand, pulling her to a seat beside him.

Murong Guoguo was completely blinded at the moment, but it was as if there wasn't the slightest hint of resistance in her heart, but instead there was a bit of titillation, just now she thought that Murong Shengnan was married to Tang Zichen and was a bit disgruntled in her heart, but right now she was a bit titillated.

Tang Zhenghao saw his fiancée, being pulled by Tang Zichen's hand to sit down beside him, with red eyes


Tang Qi Zheng sighed, "Zhenghao, don't be like this, it's your destiny not to get it, so why bother, alas, you can't blame the family, after all, it's not the family that can unilaterally decide.If we don't agree to a replacement, then the Murong family will also choose to withdraw from the marriage, and you also won't get it."

"Ahhhh."Tang Zhenghao roared more than a little, as if what belonged to him was suddenly gone.

Tang Minglang, the second elder of the Tang family persuaded, "Zhenghao, regarding Murong Shengnan, if you're willing, you can marry her, if not, you don't have to, you can decide for yourself, of course, as a family, it's best to marry."

"No way, I only want Guoguo, she's my woman, she's mine, ah ah ah, Tang Zichen, you fucking give it back to me, otherwise, I'm not done with you, I'll kill Liu Xiangyun."Tang Zhenghao yelled at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen wanted to just about get it over with and reject the marriage on the spot, but, seeing Tang Zhenghao still threatening to kill Liu Xiangyun, his anger sprang up.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Tang Zhenghao, don't challenge my bottom line, as for Murong Guoguo, she is already my fiancée."Tang Zichen didn't finish his sentence, and in front of Tang Zhenghao, he kissed Murong Guoguo on the lips.

"Ah."Murong Guoguo's body trembled.

Tang Zhenghao was trembling all over, his fists clenched, no one knew better than him that this was Murong Guoguo's first kiss, and he originally wanted to get Murong Guoguo's first kiss when he got married, but now, without it, this feeling was worse than death.

Tang Zichen didn't know that this was Murong GuoGuo's first kiss, thought they had long since unknown how many times they had fucked, a kiss after a bit of regret, really dirty their lips, why bother with Tang ZhengHao this foolishness anger.

Tang Zichen wiped his lips, turned around and flew out of the window, not bothering to stay here, as for Murong Guoguo, he would retire, but not now, if Tang Zhenghao's attitude is a little more sincere, even kneeling down to beg him, then, Tang Zichen will definitely retire on the spot, give it back to him is, who cares about his fiancée.Unfortunately, Tang Zhenghao actually threatened him, instead of begging him.

After Tang Zichen flew out of the window, the Murong family elder was busy saying, "Guoguo, from today onwards, your fiancé is no longer Tang Zhenghao, it's Tang Zichen, so don't hurry up and go after him."

Murong Guoguo was somewhat uncomfortably startled.

"Hurry up."Murong Bo bellowed.

"Oh."Murong Guoguo seemed to be dizzy and headed for the window.

Tang Zhenghao shouted, "Guoguo, don't, don't leave me, don't."

Murong Guoguo bit her lips and said, "I'm sorry, Tang Zhenghao, I, I'll listen to the family's arrangement, you'll find a better one."

After saying that, Murong Guoguo flew out of the window and went after Tang Zichen.

"No."Tang Zhenghao tore up the sky and yelled, watching Murong Guoguo fly away, Tang Zhenghao thought that Murong Guoguo would resist just like him, the two of them would resist together, maybe there was still a chance to redeem themselves.However, Murong Guoguo didn't even resist, not only did she not resist, but even after he pleaded with her, she refused, saying that she listened to the family's arrangement.

The two Tang family elders sighed deeply, what a sin, but what can be done.

Murong Guo Guo went to chase after Tang Zichen and quickly caught up, mainly because Tang Zichen wasn't flying fast, just flying slowly to his dormitory.

"Why are you following me?"Tang Zichen looked back at Murong Guo Guo, just impulsively kissed her, now all feel regret, Tang Zhenghao kissed something, dirty, should have known that he should not be angry with him.


"My family elders sent me to chase you."Murong Guo Guo blushed and said."

"Don't follow me."

"Tang Zichen, am I, am I your fiancée now."Murong Guoguo asked, feeling a little emotional and still having trouble believing it was true.


"Ah, but, you didn't refuse just now and you kissed me, you didn't just accept it very well."

Tang Zichen said, "I didn't refuse just now, but I just wanted to make Tang Zhenghao suffer a blow and make him beg me, as for kissing you, I regret it myself, heck, I have to go back and brush my teeth."

"Why?"Murong Guoguo was a bit sad to hear Tang Zichen say that.

"There is no why, you just need to remember, I will never want Tang Zhenghao to play with leftovers, you understand, so don't say it so clearly, so as not to say that I am discriminating against you, don't follow me anymore."

Tang Zichen accelerated and flew away, Murong Guo Guo didn't catch up, there was a loss in his eyes, originally there was a hint of titillation inside.Tang Zichen was handsome and super talented, there was no reason for her to dislike him.She and Tang Zhenghao, didn't have any real feelings for each other, but were just accepting the family's arrangement, so it wasn't sad at all to cancel her marriage with him now.However, with Tang Zichen, it was as if there was a bit more than just accepting the family arrangement, and now that Tang Zichen hadn't cancelled the coupling yet, just stating his attitude, it felt a bit psychologically difficult.

Tang Zichen returned to his own dormitory and sighed deeply, Tang Zichen didn't take this seriously, it was just a farce, Tang Zichen was free to marry whoever he wanted, this Murong Guoguo, he didn't have any psychological pressure at all, he could go and retire whenever he wanted.The psychological pressure on Murong Guoguo was far less than that on Changsun Wu Yan, at least Tang Zichen was still more or less a little bit smitten with Changsun Wu Yan, and her adoration for Tang Zichen also made Tang Zichen somewhat guilty.And Murong Guoguo, huh, could retire at any time without any burden, so she didn't take it seriously.

Right now, at the Martial Arts Academy, the Poison Arts Department. A second to remember to read the book

Qi Xueyun was studying poison arts.

These days, Qi Xueyun was working very hard to study poison arts, she didn't know why she was working so hard to learn, perhaps, it had something to do with a certain person.When she learned of a certain person, who had stepped into the Inner Gate Great Perfection and had defeated the Houtian Supreme Student, she subconsciously redoubled her efforts, as if, she wanted to be more worthy of someone.In the future, it was going to be given to a man's wife, he was so powerful, if she didn't try to make herself closer to him, she would definitely make people dislike her, so she was already working hard, but, became even harder, even though, she hadn't seen him for a long time, but, she was all in her heart.

Just at that moment, a man walked in.

"Yukun."That man had a melancholy look on his face.

"Elder."Qi Xue Yun turned back and saw that it was one of the family elders.

"Ugh."That elder of the family sighed.

"What's wrong?"

"Rue Snow, I'll tell you something."

"What is it?"

"The Don's family, they've backed out of the marriage."

"Oh."Qi Xueyun nodded with a calm face.

"Seeing that you look calm and don't really care, I'm a little relieved, it's okay, Xue Yun, your talent isn't bad, in the future when you become a powerful poison master, you'll find a great man."

"Mm."Qi Xueyun nodded again.


Okay, I'm going to go ahead and check on the other children of the family."


After the elders of Qi Xue Yun's family left, Qi Xue Yun was still there studying the poison art, but, unknowingly, two lines of tears flowed down her face....

These days, Martial Island was open to the public again, so there were many people from various families again at Martial Academy.

At Liu Xiangyun's dormitory.

"Liu Xiangyun, someone is looking for you, downstairs."

"Oh."When Liu Xiangyun arrived downstairs, she saw several one man standing outside.

Liu Xiangyun trembled all over.

"Dad."Liu Xiangyun ran up, Liu Xiangyun didn't expect her dad to come to Martial Island, she hadn't seen her dad for so long for the first time since she was a child.



Father and daughter hugged each other, and Liu Xiangyun cried out, too surprised and excited.

"Xiang'er, don't cry, daddy hasn't seen you for so long, let me take a good look at you."

Liu Chenming smiled and looked at his daughter, after being apart for so long, he felt that his daughter had changed a lot, at first glance it seemed as if she was not as weak as before.

"Dad, why did you think of coming to Martial Island."Liu Xiangyun asked.

At that moment, a few men came up behind, and Liu Xiangyun took a look.

It was the elder of the Chu family, and without thinking about it, he must have wanted her to return to the family, and then he brought her dad.

"Oh."Liu Chen Ming smiled helplessly, if the Chu family elders hadn't found him, he might not have known that outsiders could go to Martial Island.

One of the Chu Family's elders came up and said, "Xiang Yun, your father is also ready to return to the Chu Family and remarry with your mother."

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun looked at Liu Chenming incredulously.

Liu Chen Ming sighed as if he wanted to say something, but couldn't say it straight.

"Why?She abandoned us in the past, but now she's actually asking my father to remarry her."Liu Xiangyun said looking at one of the elders of the Chu family.

That elder of the Chu family laughed, "Xiangyun, the past is all in the past, it was your mother and your grandparents who wronged your father and daughter in the past, not the Chu family, and what they did to you does not mean that it was the Chu family that did it to you.To be honest, I didn't even know that we, the Chu family, had a child named Liu Xiangyun out there before."

"But I don't want to have anything to do with the Chu family anymore, so please don't bother us."Liu Xiangyun said firmly.

"Xiangyun, I'm the elder of the Chu family, I've dropped everything in the family and have come here personally, isn't that enough weight and sincerity?The family owes you for the past, don't worry, the family will make it up to you."

"I don't need to, I'm living a good life now, please leave."Liu Xiangyun remained resolute.

The elder of the Chu family said, "Xiang Yun, even though you hate the family, you cannot deny that the bloodline in you was given to you by the Chu family.Nowadays, our Chu Family's talent is withering, and it is in dire need of some fresh blood, your boyfriend, Tang Zichen, he is bound to be a strong man in the future, making friends with strong people and prospering, don't you want the family to prosper?No matter what, it's still your family.If you return to the family, then with your relationship with Tang Zichen, you can definitely marry him very smoothly, and Tang Zichen can be considered half of our Chu family's son.Xiangyun, what will it take for you to be willing to come back to the family, your father, I all personally went to Linjiang City to invite him here."


Liu Xiangyun looked at his dad with complicated eyes, the elder had even gone to her dad personally, face and sincerity were indeed given.

"I can't answer you right now."Liu Xiangyun said.

"There's no rush, you guys take your time to think about it, anyway, just think about it, even if you don't think about it for yourself, you still have to think about it for your dad, you can't let your dad live at the bottom all the time, back to the family, naturally there's family protection, at least you won't be bullied by those irregularities and other forces."

"Alright, you guys go ahead, I'll tell you guys when I've thought about it."


The Chu family's elders left immediately.

"Dad, why did you promise them to go back to the Chu family ah, and remarry her."Liu Xiangyun was busy grumbling to Liu Chenming.

"Xiang'er, I didn't say I'd remarry your own mother ah, I've no feelings for her already, what's the point of remarriage, it was the elders who forced your mother to ask for a you and me remarriage."

"Ah, what to do then."

"Xiang'er, don't worry about this, it's not the main problem, the key is you, do you want to go back to the Chu family, now the reason why the Chu family wants you back so badly is just because of Tang Zichen."

Liu Xiangyun suddenly had a bright idea and said, "Dad, in that case, if I break up with Zichen, then the elders of the Chu family will not want me to return to the Chu family anymore." First URL

"I guess so, if it wasn't for Tang Zichen, why would the Chu Family Elders come to you personally.Let's leave it at that, let's go find Tzichen."


Liu Xiangyun immediately took Liu Chenming with her and went to look for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen was in his dormitory, getting ready to take a shower before going to stay at Xu Mei Qian or Liu Xiangyun's dormitory.

"Knock knock."

Roommate Wang Xing opened the door.

"Liu Xiangyun, you're here, Tang Zichen is inside."

When Tang Zichen heard the voice and walked out of the room door, he was stunned to see Liu Chenming.

"Ah, Uncle Liu, what are you doing here."

"Hahaha, Tzichen, long time no see."

"Uncle Liu, please come in, you're welcome."

Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun sat down, and his roommate Su Jinhe was busy pouring water.

"Thank you."

"Uncle Liu, when did you come, why didn't you say anything when you came, I'll pick you up ah."Tang Zichen smiled.

"There's no phone here, and I couldn't find you ah, so I followed the Chu family's elder and went to look for Xiang'er first."

"The elder of the Chu family?"Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, how did so many elders come to the Martial Academy all of a sudden, he was just having dinner with the Murong Family Grand Elder, the Tang Family Grand Elder at the Genius Restaurant.

Liu Xiangyun pursed her lips, "He came specifically to find me, wanting me to return to the Chu family."

"Oh, it's a bit interesting that the Grand Elder personally came to find you back home."Tang Zichen smiled, but actually Tang Zichen already knew why inside.

Liu Chenming said, "Zichen, don't laugh, the reason why the Chu Family Grand Elder would come looking for Xiang'er is naturally you, if Xiang'er returns to the Chu Family, then a marriage with you would be in order, otherwise, why would the Chu Family Grand Elder personally come.Right now Xiang'er is struggling with this."

Tang Zichen said, "Xiangyun, you can do whatever is in your heart, you don't need to think about it so much."

"However, if I refuse, they will definitely come to me over and over again and will be annoyed with me, so I came up with an idea, I'll pretend to break up with you so that they definitely won't look for me again."Xiangyun Liu said.

"Fine, let's do that then."Tang Zichen turned his head and asked Willow Chenming, "Willow

Uncle, you came from Linjiang City, that, how is Xuan'er?"

Liu Xiangyun was also busy saying, "Yes, Dad, how is Xuan'er she doing now."

Liu Chenming smiled, "Don't worry guys, she's fine."

"She's still in school, I guess."Liu Xiangyun said.

Willow Chenming shook her head, "No, she's not in school most of the time, she's considered a celebrity in Linjiang now."

"Celebrity?What's going on?"Tang Zichen was excited.

"She signed up for The Voice of Earth and made it to the top one hundred, when I came here, she was out of town for the top fifty competition, and everyone on the network said that she has a good chance of making it to the top ten."

"Wow, Xuan'er is awesome."Liu Xiangyun clapped her hands and smiled.

"Then she won't be in danger, right?"Tang Zichen asked, Tang Zichen was a bit worried, after all, the face value was there.

"I don't know about that, but I don't think there should be any danger, because she has a strong man with her to protect her, and this strong man was sent by Dongyang County, the master of the Green Sun Gate."

"Oh, I'm relieved about that.That Qing Yang Gate's Gate Master, at any rate, is at the middle stage of the inner gate, the person he sent there is at the early stage of the inner gate anyway, right?"Tang Zichen nodded his head, it seemed that seeing that Green Sun Gate Master was quite capable of doing things, taking this Gate Master as his junior brother at that time was a correct choice.Li Xuan'er was living inside the city, it wasn't too dangerous to have a strong person from the inner sect to protect her.

After that, Tang Zichen and Liu Chenming continued to chat for half an hour, then Tang Zichen arranged for him to sleep in his room, and Liu Chenming asked Tang Zichen, "Where are you going to sleep then?"

Without blushing, Tang Zichen replied, "I'm going to sleep in Xiang'er's dormitory."

"Ah."Liu Chen Ming was stunned.

And Liu Xiangyun blushed all over.

"Oh, well, then I'll stay in your room, you guys go ahead."

"Okay, good night."Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun flew out of the dormitory together.

Liu Xiangyun gushed, "That's great, my dad must know everything."

"Uh, know what?"

"Knowing that we've already had sex."Xiangyun Liu was very ashamed.

"Haha, just know, it's not a natural thing, okay, nothing to be embarrassed about."

Liu Xiangyun was still blushing.

Not long after she left, Liu Xiangyun suddenly said, "Zichen, look, those two in front are the Chu family's elder and the other elder."

"Uh, so strong."Tang Zichen didn't expect to run into the Chu family elders, but they didn't seem to see Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun.

Liu Xiangyun said, "Zichen, since it's so strong to run into each other, let's put on a show."

"Fine."Tang Zichen knew what to act.

On the path not far away outside the Academy Hotel, the Chu Family Elder and another Thirteen Elders were walking slowly and slowly.

Suddenly, the thirteen elders said, "Hey, Grand Elder, isn't that Liu Xiangyun?"

"Seems like it."

"Is the one in front of her the legendary Don?"

"Go up and say hello."The elder of the Chu family said.

But at that moment, they suddenly saw that Tang Zichen pushed Liu Xiangyun hard and said, "Liu Xiangyun, we've broken up, so don't pester me anymore, okay?"

Liu Xiangyun cried, "Tang Zichen, you're not human, you were with me when you were weak in Linjiang City, and now you've played me all over and abandoned me."


The Chu patriarch, who had wanted to go up to greet him, stopped for a moment.

"What's going on."

"Oh my god, it seems like, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun have a conflict, don't go up yet, let's see."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Liu Xiangyun, what kind of beauty would I want now that there will be none, there are plenty of people whose talent is stronger than yours, whose strength is higher than yours, and whose appearance is prettier than yours.Let's get together and break up, why should we get entangled, break up peacefully, we are still friends."

"Tang Zichen, you're not a human being, woohoo."

"Liu Xiangyun, why bother, with your looks, you will find a good one, sorry, I already like other women, don't bother me in the future."Tang Zichen said he wanted to leave, Liu Xiangyun hugged him and cried, "Don't go, I really can't leave you, I can't live without you, please give me another chance, what's wrong with you, I will change, don't leave me, oooooh."

Tang Zichen plucked away Liu Xiangyun's hand holding him, pushed Liu Xiangyun to the ground and said, "Liu Xiangyun, don't trample yourself okay, can't we leave each other a good memory, do you have to make it so unpleasant?You should know I could have chosen a better woman with the talent I have now, and besides, I'm tired of being with you, it's not fresh, so, sorry."

"You bastard, woohoo."Liu Xiangyun sat on the floor crying, and Tang Zichen flew off mercilessly.

Tang Zichen looked back at Liu Xiangyun, seeing her crying so sadly, Tang Zichen's heart ached, this silly girl's acting skills are too strong.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.

The head of the Chu family, who was watching in the darkness, is now foolish. Remember the website

"Elder, this?"

"Alas, I didn't expect Tang Zichen to be such a person who likes the new and hates the old."The Grand Elder raged.

"Grand Elder, I told you, Tang Zichen's talent is so strong, their relationship can't stand the test, there are several couples that are weak and still together when one side is strong.Tang Zichen he now what kind of beauty will find no, what I expected to happen, it really happened."

"What a waste of my strength."The Chu family elder snorted in anger, and came here personally....

"I told you, you didn't have to get there at all, did you?"

"Go up and see her."The Chu family elder walked up.

Liu Xiangyun, who was crying, was startled.

Liu Xiangyun wiped her tears, climbed up and left.

"Wait a minute."The elder of the Chu family shouted.

"What's the matter, came to see me joke."Liu Xiangyun said.

"You're too much of a loser, you can't even catch a good talent.It's just that it's useless to say anything."

"You guys go away, there's no way I'm going back to the Chu family, and I'm already worthless, aren't I."

The elder of the Chu family was impatient, "Come on, I haven't complained about you being indiscreet, but you're downright sarcastic over here."

"What do you want."

The elder of the Chu family glared at Liu Xiangyun in anger and said, "Liu Xiangyun, you're at least an outer gate, even without Tang Zichen, you're not worthless, and you might still have the potential to step into the inner gate or even the Houtian in the future.Therefore, it's impossible for you not to return to the family.I now order you to return to the family, since you have broken up with Tang Zichen.

, then there is no need for me to discuss with you gently, I am now ordering you, not discussing with you, nor do I need to discuss with you, give me back to the family."After saying that, the two Chu family elders walked away, seemingly in a bad mood.

Liu Xiangyun was stunned there, not knowing what they meant.

"I've already broken up with Tang Zichen, why are you forcing me to return to the family?Does the Chu family even lack children of my level."Liu Xiangyun shouted.

The elder of the Chu family said without turning back, "You think you have a choice?Unless you scrap your martial arts skills, you'll have to go back to your family, I'm not in the mood to talk to you calmly right now, so don't make me angry."

Liu Xiangyun was depressed.

After the Chu patriarch left, Tang Zichen flew up.

"How's it going?What's the attitude of the Chu patriarch?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"I don't know, seeing that you broke up with me, their attitude towards me immediately changed, their tone is fierce as hell, they still want me to return to the family, and it's the tone of an order, it's no longer the tone of pleading with me, if I don't agree, I'm afraid that I'll be tied back, I really don't know what they're trying to do."

"It seems that whether I am with you or not, that only determines their attitude towards you and your position in the Chu family.It's easy to understand, you're at least a martial arts practitioner, an outer gate, and a student accepted into the Martial Arts Academy, there's no way they don't want you like trash, and there's no way you're worthless, their Chu family, and a large number of their children can't even get into the Martial Arts Academy, so how could you be worthless.Besides, with your appearance, when you return to the family, you can also marry a powerful person in the future, the Chu family's elders are not stupid."

"So that's how it is, then it's really redundant for us to act out this drama,"Liu Xiangyun said, then glared at Tang Zichen and said, "You've just been so cruel to treat me like this, huh?"Liu Xiangyun feigned anger with a huff.

"Haha, I've said acting, but you're still so into it, and you're really crying so hard, you're so stupid you're blaming others."

"Will you really do this to me in the future?And then really say such cruel things to me?"Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen with sadness in her eyes.

"Don't be silly, I was afraid that you would abandon me."

At this moment, the elder of the Chu family, who had returned to the college hotel, said, "Let's split it up, with Liu Xiangyun's face value, it's not difficult to find a very promising genius, so go back and search for one."

"Grand Elder, but she may not be willing to return to the family."

"Since she's no longer related to Tang Zichen, how can she decide, if she doesn't go back, arrest her too, she has the Chu family's blood flowing through her body, it's only right and proper to arrest her back."

"Also, it's only right and proper."

The next day, most of the outsiders left Martial Forest Island one after another, and there was a limit to how long Martial Forest Island was open to the public.

Likewise, it was time for the Martial Forest Academy to enter the World Village for the second time to practice.

The second time to enter the World Village was also for twenty days, and after this time, this semester also meant the end of the year, summer vacation, and Tang Zichen couldn't wait to go home to see Xuan'er.

However, Tang Zichen's goal was still clear, this time when the world village came out, he would definitely step into the Houtian, definitely.

If it was even this difficult to rush up to the Houtian, then it would become incredibly difficult for him to step into the Innate within two years, because the Houtian realm was far more than a hundred times harder than the Inner Gate.


"This time, we must step into the inner gate ah."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

Soon, Tang Zichen and the others arrived at the northern entrance of the World Village.

"Fellow students, this time it's still the same as last time, the place to practice is Forgotten City."A vice president said.

"Alright, let's all jump down by ourselves."

This time everyone was experienced, and no one doubted that jumping into the well would be dangerous anymore, so everyone just jumped in.

Tang Zichen was no longer the first to jump into the well this time.

Still the same as last time, I don't know how long it took for Tang Zichen to open his eyes.

The last time he opened his eyes, he woke up in a hearth, and he didn't know where he was waking up this time.

Tang Zichen took stock of his surroundings, several people were around him and shouted, "Get up, loser."

"You're a useless piece of trash, get up yet."

"Go to hell, trash." A second to remember to read the book

At that moment, a big foot kicked hard into Tang Zichen's stomach.

Tang Zichen subconsciously rolled over and dodged the kick.

"Yoho, you can even dodge it."A sarcastic voice came out.

Tang Zichen looked towards the man, he was the one who had just kicked him, and right now, the man was standing in front of a woman who was tied to a tree trunk and was now looking at Tang Zichen and crying, his mouth shouted, "Curtain Neng, you have to run away, oooooh, they will kill you."

Tang Zichen was a bit confused, the last time he woke up in the spirit hall, what happened this time, he woke up to a group of people beating him up, and there was also a woman who appeared to be his wife tied up.

Tang Zichen took a deep breath and took a sweeping glance, the situation was probably clear.Looking at the people who were beating him up, there were five of them, all five of them seemed to be very strong, at least they were at least Inner Door Perfection, and one of them, the one who just kicked him, was at least Inner Door Perfection.

What a guy, as soon as he entered Oblivion City, there were so many strong people beating around Tang Zichen, this was exactly what Tang Zichen wanted.

Right now, the woman who was tied under the tree was crying out for Tang Zichen to run away and leave her alone.

Tang Zichen looked at the woman tied under the tree, she was quite pretty, clear and gorgeous, and didn't know if these people wanted to steal his 'wife'.

After Tang Zichen probably understood, he snorted at the five men, "Looking for death."

The five people looked at each other inexplicably, they couldn't understand why this middle stage Inner Gate called 'Curtain Energy' suddenly had such a strange look in his eyes.

"Swoosh."Just as they were confused, a human head fell down.

Tang Zichen instantly chopped off a head.

"Ah."The remaining four people were stupid enough to kill someone.

"Swoosh."Just as they were dumbfounded, three more heads fell down.

So far, those four, who were probably of perfect internal strength, had all had their heads cut off by Tang Zichen.

"Ah."That 'wife' tied to the tree was also dumbfounded, what strength her man had, she knew, there was absolutely no way she could beat these five people, even the weakest one was much stronger than her man.Of course, it couldn't be said that the man, at the moment, was still considered a lover, because she was still on her way to elope with 'Tang Zichen', and hadn't even left the city yet, when she was caught up by the people her father had sent, namely the five people in front of her.

However, in the blink of an eye, like her lover boy had taken a golden gun pill, he had killed four of them, and the strongest one was still left.

"You, you,

Why have you suddenly become stronger?"The remaining one asked in shock, incredulous.

Tang Zichen snorted, "If you dare to touch my wife, you'll end up like them."

"Hmph, your wife?You trash, also match the word wife, our lady is the most favored daughter of the city lord and the fiancée of Miaotian Feng, what kind of thing are you, how dare you seduce the lady and try to hijack her."

At this time, the woman tied under the tree shouted, "No, it's not curtain can abduct me, I'm the one who willingly went with him, let him go."

"Miss, the lord of the city has given orders to kill without pardon."The man's eyes chilled, then he looked at the four dead men on the ground.

"Curtain Neng, you're going to die."

"Shoo."The other side killed with a sword.

"Buzzing."Tang Zichen felt his ears buzzing, the other party's sword, with a strong tremor, buzzed like a bee, affecting Tang Zichen's visual nerves, Tang Zichen felt, his eyes were a bit confused, the other party's sword turned misty.

"Chi."In the next moment, Tang Zichen felt a pain in his arm.


Tang Zichen flinched back with a Ghost Wheel Duel, and his hand touched his arm, and sure enough, there was blood all over his arm.

Tang Zichen was hit by the sword in one move, and his arm was stabbed, but it wasn't serious.

Tang Zichen looked at his opponent in shock.

This Ancient Era's people, they were all very strong and talented, about which Tang Zichen knew from his last visit.

Therefore, this man in front of him, who was also approximately an Inner Gate Great Perfection, was so strong.

Tang Zichen, who was known as the most talented person in the history of the Martial Academy, was no match for this man.

"Curtain Neng, run away, you're no match for him, leave me alone, run away."The woman tied under the tree cried out.

"He's going to kill you."

Tang Zichen jumped on both feet and killed up again, Tang Zichen didn't believe that someone who was almost in the same realm would be so invincible.

"Swoosh swoosh."Tang Zichen wielded his sword, the sword whistle emitting a dragon roar.

"Descending Dragon Sword Technique."

"Buzz."At that moment, the man came with another sword attack, also buzzing, and Tang Zichen turned dazzled as he looked at his sword.

"Ah."After barely seven or eight strokes against him, Tang Zichen was stabbed in the chest again.

Tang Zichen was really horrified, oh my god, people in this era were really strong.

At this moment, in one of the alleys of Oblivion City, an old woman came directly to a house, and in the courtyard of that house, she dug out a wooden box, which was precisely the Taiyao Guiding Image, and this old woman was precisely 'Xu Mei Qian'.

As soon as Xu Mei Qian entered Oblivion City, she went straight to this place, and not long after, another woman rushed in outside the door, around thirty years old, dressed as a Taoist nun.

They stared at each other relatively speechlessly, then the woman dressed as a Taoist nun asked carefully, "Mei Qian?"

"Xiangyun."That old woman smiled.

"Haha, it's really you, Sister Mei Qian, how did you turn into an old woman."

"Xiangyun, last time you were the city lord's favorite daughter, how come you've turned into a Daoist nun this time too."

The two of them teased, a Daoist nun and an old woman, but their souls were that of Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian, who had both come straight here to look for the Taixian Guiding Diagram that Tang Zichen had said they were looking for.


"Did you find the view map?"

"Found it, here's the view map."Xu Mei Qian opened the box she had dug out and took out an old Tai Sui Guessing Chart.This Taiyao Guessing Chart was exactly what was obtained by Tang Zichen last time.

Of course, some people might be confused, wasn't this Guessing Chart taken by Tang Zichen?Why are you still here?

Remember, this wasn't a real world, this was just an ancient history recorded with a memory stone, equivalent to a 'video' taken tens of billions of years ago, and the video was twenty days long.Tang Zichen and the others were just consciousness entering the 'video'.

That was why Xu Mei Qian and Liu Xiangyun and the others had turned into old women and nuns.

In other words, Tang Zichen was very depressed at the moment, his arm and chest were injured.

Obviously, Tang Zichen was no match for this person in front of him, although everyone seemed to be equally accomplished at the Inner Gate.

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "It seems that I must use my strongest strength."

Tang Zichen's strongest power was the Blades and Swords combination.

"The Killing God Saber Technique."

"Descending Dragon Sword Technique." First URL

Saber and Sword Combination.

Tang Zichen immediately displayed a combined blade and sword, with one hand and the other, the sword was picked up from the ground.

At this moment, the other party's face changed, as if sensing that Tang Zichen had become stronger all of a sudden.

"Buzz."The man also punched out his sword.

Each time the sword came out, it would emit a buzz like a bee.

This buzzing sound caused Tang Zichen to see his sword dazzle as if millions of swords were in front of him, and then there was no way to resist.

Tang Zichen had already injured his arm and chest, but fortunately it wasn't a serious problem, it was all thanks to Tang Zichen's Ghost Wheel Duel, otherwise the sword would have already gone through the chest.

"Dang dang dang."

A burst of golden iron sounds were emitted.

The two of them were fighting most directly.

After Tang Zichen's two swords were combined, his attacks and defenses reached an airtight level, so he didn't fall into a disadvantage for a while.

However, the opponent's sword wasn't a vegetarian, it was strong, and Tang Zichen felt like he was going to be pierced by his sword at all times.

The last time Tang Zichen faced Tang Zhenghao, he didn't feel this kind of pressure either.

This, was the opponent.

At this moment, the city lord's daughter, who was tied under the tree, was also stunned that her lover boy, who had suddenly become so strong, was able to fight against the first guard under her father's hand.

She couldn't seem to believe that this lover boy in front of her was both familiar and strange at the same time.

However, Tang Zichen was defeated after all.

Because Tang Zichen's swords were too fast for his heart calculation, his spirit quickly tired, and his opponent's swordsmanship was brilliant, Tang Zichen could not attack for a long time.

Moreover, Tang Zichen was completely unable to find the opportunity to cast the Yin-Yang Finger.

"It's just a matter of time."Tang Zichen knew that he really couldn't win against this person, and now if he didn't withdraw quickly, he would probably be killed, and the result of the kill would be that Tang Zichen's consciousness would exit Oblivion City, and then end this adventure early, all for nothing.

Tang Zichen made his decision right then and there, withdrawing first, it wasn't worth the risk.

Tang Zichen shouted, "I will definitely come back again, wait for me."

After saying that, Tang Zichen performed the Ghost Wheel Determination and disappeared into the spot, then showed up a dozen meters away.

"Trying to run, no way."

The man chased after Tang Zichen.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen cast the Ghost Wheel Duel a few times and disappeared.

Tang Zichen didn't know how many streets he had circled and finally came to a street.

"Phew, that battle just now was really the first time I tried to lose a battle, but it's pretty cool, that's what I want.When I'm ready again, I'll definitely go to the City Hall again to challenge that person and then defeat him, only by fighting again and again like this can I step into the Houtian realm faster.This Oblivion City adventure, I'm going to step into the Inner Gate in one place."

Tang Zichen was walking down the street when Tang Zichen realized that many women around him were aiming at him.

"Hm?Why are so many women staring at me?A return rate this high?"Tang Zichen looked puzzled.

Tang Zichen didn't care so much, as he passed by a street side shop that sold brass mirrors, Tang Zichen looked into the mirror and realized that he was a super handsome guy.

"I go, this body is actually a super handsome guy, no wonder I just walked down the street, the turnout is so high, it's really quite handsome, more handsome than my own appearance Tang Zichen.No wonder that city lord's daughter, she eloped with this guy, it's all because of looks."Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, I'm sure that in the real history of the ancient times, this man who eloped with the city lord's daughter had already been killed by the people sent to capture him.

"I don't know if Xiang'er and Mei Qian have gone to look for the Taiyang Guiding Image, but let's just say, I'll go check it out."

Tang Zichen immediately went straight to the place where the Taiyang Guiding Diagram was buried.

At this moment, Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian, were sitting in that courtyard, looking at the Taixian Guessing Chart together, as if they had forgotten the time and place.

"Who are you guys?What are you guys holding."An old man walks in from outside the house, this old man is the master and grandson who live here, and this Taiyang Guanyin is the treasure passed down from his ancestors.

Xu Mei Qian and Liu Xiangyun were awakened.

"Ah, the Taiyang Guanyue Diagram, a treasure passed down from my ancestors."

"Give it back to me."The old man pounced on it and grabbed it.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Old grandpa, lend us the view and we'll give it back to you."

At that moment, the old grandfather fell to the ground and was slapped unconscious.

Tang Zichen emerged behind him, and it was Tang Zichen who knocked out the old man.

"You are?"When Xu Mei Qian saw this handsome looking man in front of her, she was confused, of course she couldn't recognize this was Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen looked at an old woman and a young Daoist nun in front of him and couldn't guess which one was Liu Xiangyun and which one was Xu Mei Qian.

At this moment, however, when Liu Xiangyun saw Tang Zichen, she was surprised, "Isn't this the lover who eloped with the city lord's daughter?"

Liu Xiangyun was surprised to see the lover who had eloped with 'her' the last time she came to Oblivion City.The last time she entered Oblivion City, Liu Xiangyun possessed the City Lord's daughter and was tied to a tree as soon as she came in, and then a few people sent by the City Lord beat up a very beautiful looking man, the very beautiful looking man, Tang Zichen at the moment.

Tang Zichen didn't have a good mood, "I'm your husband, Tang Zichen."

"Ah, Zichen, it really is you, why are you such a handsome handsome man this time."Xu Mei Qian smiled.

Tang Zichen looked at that Daoist nun and said, "Xiang'er, it really seems to be you, when I first entered Oblivion City, I was beaten up by several people as soon as I woke up, and a woman who called herself my 'woman' was tied to a tree trunk.I later learned from their conversation that it turned out to be the city lord's favorite daughter, and at that time I suspected that it couldn't be the same identity you had when you entered Oblivion last time.Now, as it turns out, it is, and you've recognized this body of mine."


Xiangyun Liu also said unexpectedly, "Yeah, what a coincidence, you just saw that, the woman who eloped with you, the last time I entered, I crossed over on her.Only, it ended differently, the last time I was tied to that tree, then the people sent by the city lord killed 'you', then I was brought back to the city lord's residence, I used my status to my advantage and kept fighting with some people.Ten days later, the City Lord's daughter's fiancé came to marry her, and then I committed suicide and left Oblivion City.But now, 'you' didn't die, it's so amazing that this different ending is so different."

"Well, that person sent to kill me, there were five of them, four of them were killed by me, there was also a leader, he was too strong, I fought him with all my strength, but in the end, I couldn't beat him, I'll leave first, I'll find him next time."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Xiangyun said, "He is the first guard under the City Lord's hand, called Meng Ying, his talent and strength are very strong, of course, he is not the strongest, the strongest is the fiancé of the City Lord's daughter, in ten more days, he will come to marry the City Lord's daughter."

"Really? Hehe, it's a bit interesting, this adventure is quite to my liking, with so many talented and strong people coming to play with me."Tang Zichen smiled.

Liu Xiangyun instructed, "You have to be careful, although you're not really dead here, it means that your consciousness will exit Oblivion City, the sooner you die, the sooner the adventure will end, it's a rare opportunity, naturally the longer the better."

"Of course I know this, alright, let's leave here first, view map to take with us."

After that, the three of them quickly left, one was a big handsome man, one was an old woman, and one was a little Daoist nun, totally not the same type of people walking together, it looked very strange.

"Where to now?"Xu Mei Qian asked.

"Mei Qian, what is your status?"

"Me, the peasant woman who grows vegetables."Xu Mei Qian said very depressingly.Everyone entering Oblivion City was random, no one knew what identity they would be, and this Oblivion City, was very large, the total population was estimated to be no small million, so all sorts of identities were possible.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Mei Qian, the last time you came in, you seemed to have the identity of a peasant woman as well, you're too memorable, you've had the same identity twice." Remember the website

"Well, last time I planted a field, this time I planted vegetables, depressing."

Xiangyun Liu said, "I'm a Taoist nun from the Taoist Temple, just in a corner of Forgotten City, why don't you come back to the Taoist Temple with me, there's plenty of places and it's quiet, we'll study the Taiyang Guanxue diagram there first."


The three of them came to a Daoist temple together.

"Huiyue, it's early in the morning, where have you been?"A Daoist nun with a bitter face asked, her voice revealing worry and reproach in her voice.

This body of Liu Xiangyun was a Daoist nun named Huiyue, who was quite young and pretty, and didn't know why she chose to become a monk, but of course, when Liu Xiangyun crossed over here early in the morning, she went straight to look for the Guanyue, and didn't bother with so many identities and such.

Liu Xiangyun was a bit baffled as she looked at the Daoist nun who questioned her and stammered, "I went out to do some business."

"Going out to do something, aren't you not allowed to run off on your own, if anything happens, you're on your own, don't blame us for not taking care of Shui Yue."The bitter-faced old Taoist nun said.

"Yes, it won't happen next time."

"Who are these two people?"The old Taoist woman looked at Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian again.

Liu Xiangyun was unsure of how to answer when Tang Zichen busily said, "I'm here to burn incense."

"What about this one?"Old Daoist woman looks at Xu

Mei Qian said.

Tang Zichen originally wanted to say that it was his wife, but at the sight of Xu Mei Qian's appearance as an old woman, he changed his words and said, "She is my mother."

When Xu Mei Qian heard this, she looked at Tang Zichen with a face full of resentment, and Liu Xiangyun covered her mouth and stole a smile.

"Alright, you guys can go in if you want incense, Huiyue, you shouldn't hurry back to the backyard."

"Yes."Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian and hurriedly returned to the backyard of the Taoist temple.

Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian walked into the Taoist temple, which had many statues and no idea what kind of Bodhisattva it was, it seemed to have different beliefs.

Tang Zichen lit a few pints of incense and paid his respects to Xu Mei Qian first.

Xu Mei Qian said, "What should we do, that old Taoist nun seems to be watching very closely, Liu Xiangyun's identity, I feel a bit unusual.Why is it that every time Xiangyun is able to get a high status ah."

"Oh, no matter what identity, it's all a dream, okay, after burning incense later, we sneak to the backyard that is, although not to cause trouble for this Daoist temple, in case there is a situation that we can't control it's not good, maybe we'll end this adventure early."


At this moment, in the backyard, Liu Xiangyun returned to her room, and this morning, she woke up in this zen room of this Daoist temple.

Liu Xiangyun found this zen room of hers to be more exquisite and luxurious than all the other zen rooms, and better than the one that hosted it.

Liu Xiangyun was a bit confused, she was just the weakest little Taoist nun, so why did she live in better conditions than the host of this Taoist temple.

Liu Xiangyun took off her Taoist robe and removed the Taoist nun's hat she wore on her head, and suddenly, her long, flowing hair was spread out.

Although it wasn't Liu Xiangyun's own body, she was a girl who loved beauty and still couldn't help but tidy herself up.

Sitting in front of the vanity mirror, Liu Xiangyun immediately saw in the bronze mirror, an exquisite beauty with her hair loose.

"Wow."Xiangyun Liu herself was stunned, she woke up in the morning and went straight to look for the observation picture, so she herself had never seen the face of this body of hers.Right now after returning and sitting in front of the bronze mirror, she was shocked by the appearance of 'herself'.

"What a beautiful Daoist nun."Liu Xiangyun said inwardly, she couldn't help but feel a bit proud of herself, the last time she entered Oblivion City, she crossed over to the city lord's daughter and was another beauty, this time she came in and crossed over to a Daoist nun and was also a beauty, she was too lucky.

In comparison, Xu Mei Qian was just depressed, both times she was a peasant woman.

Not long after, Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian finished burning incense and sneaked into the Daoist nun's backyard.

"Xiang'er."Tang Zichen shouted quietly outside, as he didn't know which room was Liu Xiangyun's.

"Branch yah."The courtyard door of one of the zen rooms with a separate courtyard opened.

"I'm here."

Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian flew in.

"Wow, Xiangyun, it looks like you're really not a simple little Taoist nun, living in a zen room with a separate courtyard."Xu Mei Qian said.

"I woke up here this morning, I don't know anything about the identity of my body, anyway, whatever her identity is, we're only here for twenty days, once the twenty days pass, the entire Forgotten City starts all over again.And no matter what her identity is, the real world is already a distant history.All right, Michelle, let's start working on the view map."


It was only then that Liu Xiangyun realized that both Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian were staring at her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?Especially you, and you're lusting after it."Liu Xiangyun glared at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Xiang'er, I didn't expect you to be such a beautiful woman when you took off your robe and hat."

Xu Mei Qian also said, "Yes, Xiangyun, you're too lucky, you're a beautiful woman twice, how can you make me, who is a peasant woman twice."

"Come on, it's not me."Liu Xiangyun turned around and closed the courtyard door, Tang Zichen looked at Liu Xiangyun's model body, that form and curve, it was really beautiful, the body must be extremely good.

Tang Zichen had a bit of an odd feeling inside, this little Daoist nun made him both familiar and strange at the same time.

Xu Mei Qian and Liu Xiangyun immediately began to quietly look at the imagery.

Tang Zichen, however, was a bit bored.

Xu Mei Qian looked up and said, "Zichen, why don't you go do your thing, there isn't any point for you to be here."

"Alright, then I'll come over when I'm free."

"Hmm." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen left the Daoist Temple and Tang Zichen stood alone in a secluded place.

Quietly pondering the scene of the battle with the first guard under the city lord during the day.

Tang Zichen's goal now was to defeat him and improve himself through battle.

Tang Zichen pondered for a night and finally, Tang Zichen found a way to break that man's swordplay.

His sword skills dazzled Tang Zichen, so Tang Zichen's idea was simple, blindfold him.

However, if he blindfolded his eyes, his strength would definitely be greatly reduced.

Fortunately, Tang Zichen had undergone special training in this area in his previous life.

Tang Zichen used a cloth and blindfolded himself.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen began practicing with his sword, also with both swords together, Tang Zichen now began to have to practice with both swords together every time, so that he could also gradually develop his mental calculation speed and strengthen his mental strength, otherwise, he would be mentally fatigued in less than ten seconds every time.

Currently, Tang Zichen's one-mindedness could only last about nine seconds, and then he would become mentally fatigued, and as soon as he became fatigued, he would not be able to continue with his one-mindedness at all.

A person can't do dual use of one mind, two hands doing different things, in his heart, he has to calculate the actions of the two hands separately at a very fast speed, and also the brain's cooperation, is by no means an ordinary person can do.

However, Tang Zichen's power after performing the combined blade and sword in one mind was clearly not the mighty effect of 1+1=2.


Tang Zichen was blindfolded, and at the eighth second, his spirit began to fatigue, and his hands immediately began to go haywire.If this were to happen in a battle, a mess would be waiting for death, no different from suicide, so Tang Zichen would stop the one-mindedness before it even got messy.

"Phew."After a night of training, Tang Zichen had regained the feeling of his previous life even while blindfolded.

Tang Zichen felt that he might be able to challenge that first guard of the city, Meng Ying.

As the sun rose the next day, Tang Zichen headed straight to the City Lord's residence.

However, the City Lord was definitely a very powerful man, and Tang Zichen would definitely not be able to beat him at the moment, so

Tang Zichen was also cautious, disguised as a servant and sneaked into the City Lord's residence through the back door.

Only, Tang Zichen wasn't sure where that first guard of the City Lord, Meng Ying, was, so he could only slowly feel his way around and find a chance to duel with him.

Unconsciously, Tang Zichen came to a large hall outside, Tang Zichen pretended to be pruning flowers and plants while his ears listened to the voices in the large hall.

"Still haven't found that curtain can?"A man with a dignified voice said.

"City Lord, that brat disappeared without a trace, and yesterday that brat, for some reason, suddenly increased in strength and killed four of our men, in the end, not even Meng Ying could take him down and let him escape."

"This poor kid, Curtain Neng, can't be a genius ah, even though he has some strength, it's impossible that he couldn't even take down Meng Ying."

"City Lord, what about continuing the city-wide search for Curtain Neng now?"

"No need, I haven't found him in one night, I think he's already left town.Anyway, make sure to give me a firm guard, in half a month, the white flag will come to welcome the bride, don't make any mistakes."

"Yes, City Lord, don't worry, Meng Ying is guarding Miss there, inch by inch, this time, I will definitely not let Miss have the chance to elope with that brat again."

"Well, go down."

Tang Zichen, who was outside pretending to build flowers and plants, heard the conversation inside and said in his heart, "It seems that that person called Meng Ying has been guarding the City Lord's daughter, I have to find him and duel with him first.What a bummer, my target is Meng Ying, not the City Lord's daughter ah, the City Lord's daughter has nothing to do with me, I just want to defeat that Meng Ying."

Tang Zichen quietly left, asking around, the City Lord's daughter's boudoir was in the northeast corner of the City Lord's residence, an exquisite and beautiful courtyard.

Unfortunately, the outside of that courtyard was already being guarded by many, many guards at the moment, not even a fly could enter, so Meng Ying was naturally inside the courtyard.

Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of those ordinary guards, but if he rushed hard, then he would definitely alert the city lord, and God knows how many strong people were still inside the city lord's residence.Tang Zichen could only fight with Meng Ying alone at most now, one more would be absolutely impossible, and then there would only be death.Tang Zichen hadn't even stepped into the inner gate yet, so how could he end this adventure so quickly.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath, he had to think of a way to bypass the guards and enter the city lord's daughter's boudoir courtyard, then fight that first guard, Meng Ying.

Tang Zichen left for now to think of a way.

At that moment, Tang Zichen looked at the ground and suddenly thought of a problem.

"This world, I don't know if there are any underground water drains or the like, it is reasonable to say that there are some, otherwise, where would so much sewage on the ground drain to, I'm still looking to see if I can find an underground drainage outlet, and then find a way to enter the city lord's daughter's boudoir from the underground water drains.

Tang Zichen searched and searched.

Finally, the emperor did not disappoint, Tang Zichen in a garden bush, saw something like a manhole cover.

"This thing must be able to be opened, there must be underground water drains underneath, yay, finally there's a way to bypass the guards and directly enter the city lord's daughter's boudoir.Meng Ying, wait for me, I'll definitely defeat you this time."

Sure enough, that manhole cover-like thing was instantly pulled apart by Tang Zichen, and a few meters deep below was an underground water drainage canal.

It was just that the underground drain emitted a foul smell, which made Tang Zichen a bit torn.


Tang Zichen jumped down only when the air in the underground water canal was almost exhausted and the smell was no longer very strong.

The underground aqueduct here was very large, and the aqueduct was even higher than Tang Zichen's, Tang Zichen's feet stepped on the stone wall of the underground aqueduct, and without a single stain, he quickly flew forward, leaping towards the city lord's daughter's boudoir.

Tang Zichen explored the exit three or four times, and finally, Tang Zichen found an exit of the underground canal inside the daughter's chamber of the city master.

Tang Zichen quietly leapt out, just in a hidden place behind a small building.

Tang Zichen went around to the front of the small building and immediately saw a man standing in front of it, it was the city lord's first guard, Meng Ying.

Tang Zichen walked out.

"Hm?"Meng Ying's eyebrows furrowed, completely unexpected to suddenly see Curtain Neng, Curtain Neng being the real name of this body of Tang Zichen.

"How did you get in here?"

Tang Zichen drew his sword and said, "Never mind how I got in here, Meng Ying, I'm specifically here to find you today."

"How dare you."Meng Ying gave a sneer.

"Do it, the purpose of my search for you today is to defeat you." First URL

"Ridiculous, even you are my opponent."

"Whether it's a rival or not, one test will tell."

"Curtain Neng, at this time now, you are still able to appear here, and you're really not afraid of death, so I'll fulfill you."

"Hmph, don't take yourself too seriously."Tang Zichen snorted coldly.

Meng Ying frowned in confusion as he sensed that Curtain Energy seemed to have changed into a different person.

"Curtain Energy, then, die here."

"Swoosh."Meng Yington drew his sword.

Tang Zichen immediately blindfolded his eyes with a cloth.

"What are you doing?Are you trying to fight me blindfolded?Are you looking for death."Meng Ying asked.

Tang Zichen said, "The one who is looking for death may not be me, but today, it's either you or me."

"What a big mouth."

"Buzz."Meng Ying blinked and killed with a sword.

Tang Zichen's two ears moved, and all the sounds around him were transmitted to his ears, and he was able to discern his position by listening to the sounds.

"Swoosh swoosh."Tang Zichen also instantly combined his two swords, because he was blindfolded, so Tang Zichen had to listen to the sound to discern his position, which was equivalent to three uses of one mind, Tang Zichen felt very stressed, I'm afraid that in less than five seconds, Tang Zichen would be mentally fatigued.

Therefore, Tang Zichen must ensure that within five seconds, he finds an opportunity to use his Yin-Yang Finger on Meng Ying and hit him hard first, otherwise, Tang Zichen will die today.

However, Tang Zichen had confidence in himself, he was blindfolded and already undisturbed by the opponent's swordsmanship, so within five seconds, it might not be impossible.

"Buzz."Meng Ying's sword attacked, Tang Zichen's ears were able to identify the location of the incoming attack, and it really wasn't disturbed in any way.

"Dang."Tang Zichen's two swords joined together in a flash and intertwined with Meng Ying's sword.

At this moment, Meng Ying's face changed slightly, the greatest advantage of his sword technique was the interference of the sword shadow on the enemy, the true and false could not be identified.

However, Tang Zichen was actually able to see without using his eyes, and without using his eyes, he was actually able to be so precise and sharp.

The Meng camp, which had been full of advantages, suddenly had no advantage.

Tang Zichen only had a limited amount of time, only five seconds, and at this moment, he couldn't care less about fighting with Meng Ying, and his entire body flew towards him despite his injuries.

Finally, Tang Zichen broke through Meng Ying's sword defense.

"Yin-Yang Finger."

Tang Zichen didn't have time to hesitate at all and used the Yin-Yang Finger.



Victory or defeat, it was in the blink of an eye.

Tang Zichen's Yin-Yang Finger accurately hit Meng Ying's body at a very deadly acupuncture point.

Tang Zichen, however, was also stabbed through the shoulder by Meng Ying at the last moment as he gave up his defense in order to strike.

Tang Zichen had to admire this Meng Ying's strength, it was too strong, Tang Zichen had not suffered unjustly from this sword.

Both of them were silent.

Tang Zichen slowly took off the cloth on his eyes.

Tang Zichen's finger was still pointing at Meng Ying's chest, while Meng Ying's sword was just as still stuck in Tang Zichen's shoulder.

Meng Ying's face was a little pale, his lips were trembling slightly, he seemed to feel that somewhere on his body, like a balloon, was leaking, the wind was blowing into his internal organs.

"You, you were actually able to hurt me."Meng Ying's voice trembled and said.

Tang Zichen snorted, "You're wrong, it wasn't to hurt you, but to kill you.However, you also surprised me by stabbing me through the shoulder, Meng Ying, I admire your talent and strength."

"Hahaha, it's not that easy to kill me, do you think that simply piercing through my body will cause my death?"

Tang Zichen said, "You're wrong again, what I pierced is not your body, but your vitality point, are you feeling your body chilling at the moment."

Meng Ying opened his eyes wide and looked at Tang Zichen.

"Oh, don't doubt it, my familiarity with all the veins of the human body is not something you can imagine."

"Impossible."After saying that, Meng Ying felt his heartbeat gradually weaken, as if he had no strength left in his body, then within a few seconds, Meng Ying's feet weakened and he fell down.

"You you you."Meng Ying only uttered these few words, and then he snapped out of breath.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath, finally, he had defeated this City Lord's First Guard, but he was injured himself, but Tang Zichen found it exciting that his own life had just been on the line.It was fortunate that this wasn't reality, otherwise Tang Zichen wouldn't dare to bet his life on it, this adventure was indeed quite good.

Tang Zichen pulled off the sword that was stuck in his shoulder.

At that moment, a woman came down from the small building, the daughter of the city lord.

"Curtainnen, you."The city lord's daughter looked incredulously at Tang Zichen, and the dead Meng Ying on the ground.

"What are you trying to say."

"You, how have you changed so much, you actually killed Meng Ying, that's impossible, if you really had this talent and strength, then, then my father, might not have stopped us from being together in the first place."The city lord's daughter said, she felt, a bit unrecognizable to Curtain Canopy.However, it wasn't Curtain Neng in the first place, it was Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen turned to leave, and the city lord's daughter was busy saying, "Curtain Neng, don't go."

"Miss, what else do you want to do."

"You, you even call me Miss again, do, you don't call me A Ling anymore."

Tang Zichen smiled, in fact, he just didn't know what her name was.

"A-ling."Tang Zichen only called out at this point.

"Ah Ling, I'm leaving."

"Where are you going?Aren't you here to take me away?"The city's daughter asked.

"Me."Tang Zichen had come to fight a duel with Meng Ying, but what to do now.

"I'll deal with Meng Ying's corpse first."Tang Zichen pulled Meng Ying's corpse to the back and threw it into the underground drain at once, then returned to the front of the small building.


The City Lord's daughter threw herself into Tang Zichen's arms.

Tang Zichen sighed, pitiful, he wasn't curtain-neng.

"Curtainnen, go up to your room and I'll bandage you up."

"Okay."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Arriving at Ah Ling's boudoir, there was a delicate fragrance.

Ling fetched clean cloths and bandaged Tang Zichen up.

"Curtain Neng, take me away."A Ling pleaded.


"I'm marrying White Flag in half a month, and I really don't want to marry him, you're the one I love."

"White flag, huh."Tang Zichen smiled and asked, "How is White Flag's strength now?"

"He's Meng Ying's senior brother, and he's much stronger and more talented than Meng Ying." Remember the URL

"Is the realm also higher than Camp Meng?"

"That's not true, but he is much more powerful than Meng Ying, Meng Ying is no match at all in the hands of White Flag, who is the first genius under the Ark Division."

Tang Zichen's eyes gazed, not expecting that there was someone so much more powerful than Meng Ying.

"If White Flag is so powerful, then why are you in love with me, why don't you like him."

"Curtain can, stop it okay, you already know my heart, love is not measured by talent, even if your talent is bad, I just love you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "It must be 'my' face value, it seems that this is also an age of face, huh?"

"Curtain can, what did you say?What's the face value?"


"Just then, footsteps were heard not far outside the walls of the boudoir, and a guard was shouting, "Greetings to the city lord."

"No, my father is here."Ah Ling's face went white.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows also furrowed.

"Quickly hide."

"No, I'd better go first."Tang Zichen didn't want to take any chances, if he died, his adventure would be over, so it was better to go.

"It's too late."Ah Ling didn't even know that Tang Zichen came in at the underground aqueduct, I'm afraid the people of this world didn't think of this either, the above ground aqueduct was something that everyone overlooked.

Ah Ling pulled Tang Zichen into her boudoir bed.

"Hiding under the bed?No, my father will know in a minute."

"Hiding in the closet, even less so."

"Well, where to hide?"

At this time, Ah Ling saw the water in the large wooden barrel in the room, this was the bath water that the girl had just prepared for her.

Ah Ling immediately has Tang Zichen: "Quick, you hide in the barrel, hold your breath, in the water can isolate the breath coming out of your body, so it's not easy to find you."


"Don't ah, come on, if my father finds out, he'll kill you."


For the sake of his life, Tang Zichen resolutely jumped into the barrel and lay at the bottom, where the water of the barrel was floating with many red flower petals, giving off an enticing fragrance.

At this moment, Ah Ling had heard the sound of someone coming up the stairs outside.

As soon as Ling bit her teeth, she no longer hesitated, immediately took off her full body clothes, entered the barrel, and sat down in the barrel.

"Fuck."Tang Zichen cursed in his heart, Tang Zichen never expected that Ah Ling would take off her clothes and sit in, Nima, Ah Ling's ass was sitting directly on Tang Zichen's face, what could be more gorgeous and exciting than this, Tang Zichen was simply unable to describe the depressed mood at this moment.If she was still a pure girl, it would be fine, but if she wasn't, then Tang Zichen was in trouble.

With the sound of a flipping bead curtain, a middle-aged man walked in.

It was the City Lord.

"Ling'er, where's Meng Ying?"

"I don't know."Ling said indifferently.

"Ling'er, are you still mad at your father?"

"Don't dare."

"Ling'er, the room smells of blood, did something happen?It's not like you're trying to do something stupid, is it?"The city lord asked, and he had a really good nose for it.

Ah Ling snorted, "As a father, is this something you should be asking?"

"Ah, sorry, it was father's negligence."The city lord was busy apologizing because he knew from Ling's meaning that it was her menstruation, which was not something he could ask.

This Ah Ling was also really resourceful.

"Ah Ling, then you rest well and don't think about it too much.By the way, to tell you one thing, that curtain can be caught."

"Ah."Ling was stunned, and in her heart, she said, "Isn't Curtain Neng well under me, he must have lied to me."

"What did you do to him?"Rei was busy asking angrily, since acting is a good idea, let's all act together.

"Oh, Ling, the curtain can die."


"Ah Ling, from now on, you'll be at ease with Bai Qi, in half a month, Bai Qi will come to marry you.Alright, I'm not going to tell you more, you rest more."

The city lord turned around and left.

"Curtain Neng, woo."A Ling pretended to lose her voice and cry.

When the city lord left, A Ling got up in a panic, and Tang Zichen burrowed out of the water and let out a deep breath.

He saw that Ling was hurriedly getting dressed, and her face was red.

Tang Zichen saw Ah Ling's blushing face and wondered a little if this Ah Ling had never had sex with Curtain Energy before.

"Ah Ling, you have a great body."Tang Zichen smiled, trying to get a word in edgewise.

"Oh."Ah Ling said with a shy face.

"That, you just sat on my face."


"Why are you ohhhh."

"What do you want then."

"Arlene, would you like that?"Don Zimmer asked probingly, but of course, Don Zimmer was aiming for a condom, well, Don Zimmer was bored.

"I, I don't know."Ling lowered her head and said, she was already dressed at the moment.

Tang Zichen could tell from her sentence that Ling and Curtain Neng, never happened, otherwise she wouldn't have said that she didn't know.

"Alright, A Ling, I should go."

"Curtainnen, are you sure you won't take me with you?"Arlene cried.

"Uh, this."Tang Zichen had a bit of a headache.

"Curtain Neng, don't you love me anymore?"

"Ling, I really can't take you with me."

"Why?Is it because I won't give it to you?Then you can come by all means."Saying that, the weeping Ling took off her clothes and was suddenly naked all over again, and she had just put on a green shirt for now.

"Uh, Ah Ling, put your clothes on quickly."Tang Zichen's eyes couldn't help but scan Ling's body, feeling his throat a little dry.

"What the hell, why is it so real, it's just consciousness entering ah, surprisingly it feels the same as the real thing, no wonder the last time Uranus went to get a woman, it really is no different from the real one."

Ah Ling suddenly jumped on Tang Zichen's body and held Tang Zichen tightly without letting go.

"Ah Ling, don't catch cold."

"No, if you don't take me away, I won't wear it, curtain can, I'll give you everything, please don't abandon me."

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath, feeling the heat coming from Ling's body, a little out of control.


"Fuck, do I want it?It's come to this, should I remain a decent person or a non-decent person for a bit?Even if this is cheating on me, it should just be mental cheating, I'm not physically cheating at all."

"Hoo, hoo, hoo."Tang Zichen breathed raggedly.

After struggling for a few minutes, Tang Zichen finally lost control and suddenly stopped Ling at the waist....

Two hours later, Tang Zichen got dressed and said, "Ling, just stay at home for now, I'll visit you as soon as I can, and when that white flag comes, I'll come to your door again and defeat the white flag."

"You can't defeat the white flag."

"That's not necessarily true, alright, I'll leave first."

Ah Ling looked at Tang Zichen grudgingly, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen ignored her so much and jumped down the window and went out.

"What are you jumping to the back for?"

It wasn't until then that Ling realized that Tang Zichen had come in through the above-ground water canal.

Tang Zichen took Meng Ying's corpse out of the above ground canal and then came out on a street a few kilometers away from the City Lord's residence, leaving Meng Ying's corpse on the street while Tang Zichen himself disappeared far away.

Tang Zichen walked down the street and sighed, "I didn't even hold back, I still had sex with the city lord's daughter, even though it's just consciousness, but it's so real, it still makes me feel like I betrayed them, alas." One second to remember to read the book

"It's just a dream, everything here, just think of it as a dream."

"In half a month, I will defeat White Flag, I must, then, from now on, I will continue to strengthen myself.Let's go back to the Daoist Temple first to see Xiang'er and Mei Qian."

Tang Zichen returned to the Daoist Temple.

Both Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian were still observing their thoughts, Tang Zichen saw how serious they were, so he didn't disturb them.

Tang Zichen left the Daoist Temple again and prepared to go find someone to fight, who looked to be of similar strength, so he deliberately provoked him.

As Tang Zichen walked down a street, he saw a man in front of him who was quite strong.

Tang Zichen blasted out with a mouthful of saliva.

"Pah."That spit spat on that strong man's neck.

"Who."That strong man was furious, not knowing who was so uncouth.

Tang Zichen smiled, "It's your grandfather me."

"You, who are you?Why are you spitting on me."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm not happy with you, so what do you dare to do, come and hit me."

"Shoo."The other party became furious and attacked Tang Zichen.

"Boom."The other party's fist was so powerful that it almost felt like it was going to break the air, and Tang Zichen felt a wave of heat hit him.

Tang Zichen met it with a sword.

A few minutes later, Tang Zichen hadn't been able to knock him down, instead he was constantly retreating.

"Hahaha, good, that's how it is."Tang Zichen laughed, Tang Zichen liked to fight with the strong, but of course, couldn't be too strong, or else he would be killed.

Ten minutes later, Tang Zichen was defeated by the other party, this person, at least at the inner level, it was normal for Tang Zichen to be defeated.

"I'll kill you."That person wanted to kill Tang Zichen, but Tang Zichen immediately fled with a Ghost Wheel Duel.

"Want to escape?No way."The man caught up to him, but alas, didn't catch up.

"Phew."Tang Zichen, who had managed to escape, gasped for breath.

Tang Zichen rested for two hours and came back to the street.

Tang Zichen walked around the street and found another target, this target had the same strength as the boxing expert just now, she should also be an internal beginner, however, she was a woman.

"Hey, you, what the hell are you talking about, get on your knees and sing conquest, what?

Can't sing?Then you want to die."Tang Zichen pointed at that strong woman's nose.

That strong woman asked, "This little brother, are you talking to me?"

"Not talking to you, is it talking to a ghost."

"This little brother, I'm new to your land, I'm not familiar with your land, so why bully others, if I have offended you in any way, I hope that you will forgive me."The woman said.

"Uh."Tang Zichen was too embarrassed to continue provoking her when he saw how polite she was.

"Alright, alright, it's alright, just kidding with you, this is our Forgotten City's way of welcoming outsiders."

"Oh, thanks."

The strong woman walked away.

Tang Zichen sighed and continued to look past other targets.

An old man in grey clothes printed into Tang Zichen's eyes.

Tang Zichen went up to provoke him again.

Tang Zichen deliberately bumped into him as he passed by him, while at the same time, Tang Zichen deliberately kneed him in the stride.

The old man didn't say anything and looked at Tang Zichen with half-lidded eyes.

Tang Zichen said in an arrogant tone, "Hey, old man, how dare you block your grandfather's path?I don't believe grandpa killed you."

"Little brother, you're crazy."

"Mad you sister, you old immortal, living in the world is really a waste of air and food, why don't you go die, I pooh."Tang Zichen spat up another mouthful of water.

That old man didn't even dodge it, but when the spit was spat in front of him, it was shattered by an invisible barrier.

"I go, Innate Abstruse Qi."Tang Zichen was shocked when he saw this scene, and without even thinking about it, he applied the Ghost Wheel Duel to escape.

Tang Zichen roared inside, "Nima, what's the point of pretending and hiding the realm."

Tang Zichen was furious, provoking an old man who was actually an innate expert of the hidden realm.

One of the most obvious manifestations of an innate expert was innate abstruse energy.

Possessing Innate Abstruse Qi, no one under Innate could touch it.

Even a cannonball would not be able to break their Innate Abstruse Qi, which was why, with so many differences between Innate and Houtian, no matter how powerful the Houtian Grand Perfection was, it was simply not a match for Innate.

Of course, innate masters weren't so easy to achieve, and those big families were only a few innate masters.

Tang Zichen was completely open-minded and used the Ghost Wheel Duel continuously.

If he couldn't escape, he would really be kicking the iron plate this time.

"Phew."After Tang Zichen had performed the Ghost Wheel Duel several times, there was little internal energy left in his body, and his entire body had become fatigued, but he had managed to escape from two streets.

Tang Zichen stopped with a great gasp for breath.

"Have you run enough?"At that moment, that old man's voice came from behind Tang Zichen's back and actually stuck to Tang Zichen.

"Ah."Tang Zichen immediately pulled his legs out again and ran.

"God help me, I don't want to die so soon yet, I still want to continue my training and break through to the Houtian.In half a month, I still have to go and defeat the City Lord's daughter's fiancé, White Flag ah."Tang Zichen pleaded with the heavens in his heart, and right now he was blue in the gut with regret.

Tang Zichen's internal strength was exhausted, all of it spent on escaping, and he had already escaped thousands of meters away as fast as he could.

That old man shouldn't be so perverted as to still be chasing after him after so long.

"No strength left?Keep running."Just at this moment, the old man's voice sounded again behind him.

When Tang Zichen turned around, the old man was smiling at him and, his smile made Tang Zichen look creepy.

There were only two words in Tang Zichen's mind, it's over, it's time to end the adventure.


"Senior, are you going to kill me?"Tang Zichen knew he couldn't escape, so he simply stopped running, if he wanted to end the adventure then so be it, it wasn't really death anyway, otherwise, Tang Zichen wouldn't really be able to be so calm.

"Kid, you're about to die, but you're still so calm."The old man said with a shrewd gaze at Tang Zichen.

"Senior, you are going to kill me."

"Give me a reason not to kill you."The old man said.

Tang Zichen said, "I don't want to die yet, is this reason enough. "

"If you don't want to die yet, why are you looking for death?"

"How would I know about your hidden realm, I'm provoking you, but I just want to have a fight with you to enhance my own combat experience, alright, let's do it."

The old man laughed darkly and suddenly grabbed his palm on top of Tang Zichen's head, a strong innate abstruse energy enveloped Tang Zichen.

After a few seconds, the old man released Tang Zichen and said, "Kid, you have a nice body, I was worried about finding a suitable body to perform the soul transfer for my apprentice, since you happened to meet me so coincidentally, it seems this is destiny, it's arranged by the heavens.I'm sure my disciple will like you.My disciple used to be just very ugly, no woman always liked him, this time, for my master to find him a handsome one, it's really perfect, this must be the fate of the heavens."

"I'll go."Tang Zichen didn't think that this old man didn't want to kill him, no, it was also equal to killing him.

"What are you doing?" First web site

"Isn't that clear enough?I'm looking for an excellent body for my apprentice to perform soul shifting."

"A great method of soul shifting?The long-lost method of soul shifting?"Tang Zichen was startled inside, in Tang Zichen's world, the Soul Shifting Great Law was legendary, and no one even knew if it was nothing.

But he didn't expect to hear about the Soul Shifting Great Law in this ancient world of memory stones.

The old man snorted, "What do you mean, it's been lost for a long time?It was created by the old man himself, so how can you say it's lost."

"You created it?Gosh."Tang Zichen was a bit shocked, the Soul Shifting Great Law had only appeared since this person, and there must be more than one version of the Soul Shifting Great Law.

"Cut the crap, follow me."

Tang Zichen was lifted and quickly flew away.

Tang Zichen was a little worried, if it was killing him, then Tang Zichen wasn't afraid, the worst case scenario was to exit Forgotten City for training.

But if it was a soul shifting technique, there was no telling if his consciousness would actually be shifted.

"No, definitely not possible, this is the recorded world of the memory stone, it is nothingness, only I am here to acquire things, and there is no reason for me to be acquired by the nothingness here."

Tang Zichen was taken by the old man to a remote house, a house that was eerie and scary.

"Bang."Tang Zichen was thrown by the old man and thrown into a hall that had no decorations and was made to look like a shrine, which was chilling.

Next to this hall, there was a table with something like a glass bottle that was filled with a murky liquid and had something soaking in it.

"Ah, a human head."Tang Zichen was suddenly shocked, the thing inside this bottle was a human head.

The old man snapped loudly, "What's all the fuss about."

"That's a human head in there."Tang Zichen said.

"He's my apprentice."

"Ah, your apprentice."Tang Zichen suddenly understood, no wonder the old man was looking for a body for his apprentice-brother

Body, performing the great method of soul shifting, it turned out that his apprentice had no body at all.

"Don't move."The old man bellowed, then his finger quickly clicked on Tang Zichen's body, "Pah."

Tang Zichen's body was unable to move as he was pointing at it.

However, Tang Zichen snorted inwardly with disdain, "Using pointing points on me?Are you kidding me?Pointing is nothing more than stopping a few of my body's acupuncture points from functioning, causing my body to be unable to move.But I'm a Tenth Grade Healer, what acupuncture points can point me?"

Tang Zichen instantly relieved himself of his acupuncture point.

"Well?"The old man was taken aback when he saw that Tang Zichen had unlocked his own acupoint.

"How did you undo the acupuncture point?"

"I'll tell you if you let me go."

"Hmph, dream on."The old man didn't seem to have any interest, but yeah, pointing acupoints wasn't a profound technique, only stronger people pointing acupoints at weaker people would be effective.A weaker person pointing at a stronger person, and a stronger person easily rushing through the acupuncture point, a very chickenshit technique.

The old man held the bottle with the human head over, then reached in with his hand and grabbed the hair of the human head inside the bottle.

"Wow shit."Tang Zichen wanted to vomit when he saw it, and the face of the head that was grabbed out was yellow with the murky liquid, and his eyes were staring at it.

"Trying to scare people to death."

The old man placed the head on the table.

Then he turned to Tang Zichen and said, "Kid, if there are any last words, say them quickly, or else you won't have a chance."

Tang Zichen's body trembled, at this moment Tang Zichen was a bit torn inside, was it better for him to commit suicide right now, or not?

If he doesn't kill himself, what if he does perform a soul shifting spell and really does some damage to Tang Zichen's soul?

However, with a final bite, Tang Zichen still didn't believe that an ethereal figure inside a memory stone could do any harm to his one true consciousness.

"Nothing left to say?"The old man asked.

Don Zichen said, "Wait, my last words are, I want to take a shit."

"What a waste of time."The old man grunted, his hand was now on top of Tang Zichen's head, and his other hand was on the top of that man's head.

"Soul Shifting Great Law."

The old man unleashed his entire body to perform the Soul Shifting Great Law.

Tang Zichen felt his whole body trembling, the top of his head was smoking, and likewise, that person's head was also smoking.

Then, Tang Zichen's body was rapidly rotating around the old man, faster and faster, always faster and faster, as fast as an engine, Tang Zichen had already been turned dizzy, extremely fast, it seemed to produce centrifugal force or something, Tang Zichen felt a something in his body leave the head, while at the same time, another something entered the head.

Not long after, Tang Zichen's body stopped rotating.

That old man laughed and said, "Success, worthy of the many years of careful preparation by my husband, hahaha."

When Tang Zichen heard the old man's words, he was puzzled, "Success?I'm still in Curtain Noh's body, why does he say it worked?"

Yes, although Tang Zichen felt the extreme speed of the rotation, Tang Zichen's consciousness was still in Curtain Energy's body after the rotation.Therefore, Tang Zichen felt baffled by the old man's words of success.

At this time, the old man looked at the head of that person and said, "Kid, now your soul has been transferred to the head of the person that my apprentice saved and transferred to your body, hahaha."


Tang Zichen immediately felt it, and sure enough, there was a newly emerged soul in Curtain Energy's brain, in addition to his consciousness, but, it was a dead soul.

"I go, so that's how it is."

Tang Zichen understood that he couldn't transfer Tang Zichen's soul, the soul that the old man had transferred was the original curtain canon's dead soul, swapped with the old man's apprentice's soul.Tang Zichen's consciousness, however, was still in Curtain Energy's body.

The old man looked towards Tang Zichen and shouted, "Apprentice, can you hear me?Apprentice?"

Tang Zichen laughed in his heart, Apprentice you son of a bitch.

However, Tang Zichen didn't mind impersonating his apprentice and playing tricks on him.

Tang Zichen said, "You, you are, who are you?Me, and who am I?"

When the old man saw Tang Zichen speak, he relaxed and laughed, "Haha, it really was a success, the first time I performed the Spirit Shift Method, I didn't expect it to be successful."

"Who are you?"Don Zichen asked.

"I am your master."

"Then, who am I?Why can't I remember anything?"Tang Zichen deliberately said, what a pit stop. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen would now pose as his apprentice and then see if he could trick something useful from this old man, for example, if there were any powerful techniques or something.

This old man, at a glance, was not an ordinary person, even being able to create a great method of soul shifting was truly extraordinary, perhaps, he was far from being an innate expert, anyway, Tang Zichen was completely unable to guess, but merely guessed that he was an innate expert by virtue of his innate abstruse energy, what if he was more than that.

The old man said, "I am your master, you are naturally my disciple.Disciple, you were harmed by my enemy and almost died, but fortunately, my master had the corpse liquid and soaked your head in it to preserve your soul.Waiting for the future after I create the Soul Removal Method to bring you back to life.Disciple, do you know that this wait is eighty years."

"What? Eighty years?You mean to tell me that the head I'm in has been soaking in body fluid for eighty years?"

"Yes, I blame my master for being foolish, not being able to create the Soul Shifting Technique in time, it took a whole eighty years to make it big, I'm ashamed of you ah."

Tang Zichen was shocked, his disciple had been dead for eighty years and his head had been soaked for eighty years, but this old man's feelings towards his disciple were truly somewhat touching.

"Master, what is corpse fluid?"

"Corpse fluid is the thick liquid that comes out of a decomposing corpse."

"I'll go."Tang Zichen almost vomited, feeling that the large jar of murky liquid was all the liquid that flowed out after the corpse decomposed ah, to be so disgusting.

"Disciple, you've been dead for eighty years after all, memory loss is normal, I will slowly help you get your memories back, and may even never get them back again.But it doesn't matter, I will always be there for you, and I will never let anyone bully you again.You can start cultivating again now, and I'll teach you my most powerful techniques, you'll be very strong."

Tang Zichen busily asked, "Master, what is the most powerful technique?Tell me about it."Tang Zichen was excited, this was what he was waiting for ah, otherwise who the hell else would impersonate his disciple.

"Hehe, I'll teach you my Sucking Power Technique."

"Sucking power great method?"Tang Zichen was horrified, in that world of Tang Zichen, he had also heard that in the ancient times, there was a long, long lost discipline

The technique that was so long that I don't know how long, called the Sucking Gong Dafa, could suck the power of others for his own use.This Sucking Gong Dafa was very overbearing, once he got his power, anyone he came in contact with would have their power sucked out of them, and if they couldn't get rid of it in time, they would be sucked into a dry corpse.

"I'll go."Tang Zichen was dumbfounded at the moment, the legendary power sucking method that had been lost for n billion years had actually appeared here.

It seemed that this Oblivion City really hid many unfathomable secret treasures ah, depending on who was fortunate enough to discover them.

This time, if it wasn't for the curtain energy body controlled by Tang Zichen that was seen by this old man and caught up to move his soul, then this Sucking Power Great Method wouldn't have been uncovered.

"Master, quickly teach me the Sucking Power Great Method."Tang Zichen said.

The old man smiled, "Don't worry, Master will teach you, you should first familiarize yourself with the body now, after all, your soul, you just moved your soul to this body."

Tang Zichen really wanted to curse, familiarize your sister, quickly teach it.

Originally, this sucking power method was a method that people in the Devil's Way aspired to, however, Tang Zichen didn't care about the righteousness of the Devil's Way now, so he learned it first.

And so, Tang Zichen posed as the old man's disciple.

The old man told Tang Zichen many things about the past, but Tang Zichen said that he couldn't remember anything, and the old man didn't have any doubts, after all, after eighty years of soaking in corpse fluid, memory loss was perfectly normal.

"It doesn't matter, as long as you're alive, it's better than anything."

"Master, how am I going to start practicing martial arts ah, when are you going to teach me the Sucking Technique ah, I want to learn it and go out and try to suck a few people."Tang Zichen said.

"The Sucking Power Technique is not as easy to learn as you think."

"That's all the more reason to start learning it right away, I have limited time,"Tang Zichen said anxiously.

"Huh? Why did you say time is limited?"

"Oh, I mean, I want to go out and suck a few people right away to see the effect, so I have limited time."

"Apprentice ah, if you meet a strong person whose strength surpasses you by a lot, you'd better not suck ah, if you accidentally put your life on the line, the other party will turn on you if they are too strong."

"Ah, so ah, wouldn't that be of little use, I thought I could kill all strong people in seconds."

"What's a spawn?"

"Oh, it's just not much use, maybe I've just woken up, my mouth is a bit knotted and I have a speech impediment."

"Oh, how useless, at least you have one more means of opposing others, it's not so easy for them to defeat you."

"I thought that I could suck any strong man dry when I learned the great method of sucking."

"If others let you suck and don't resist, that's natural.But, apprentice, ah, there is no such good thing in the world, people are not fools to let you suck.Moreover, any technique under the world can only guarantee that you are less likely to be defeated by an opponent of the same level, a stronger person at a higher realm will definitely be stronger than someone lower, if you are not as good as someone else, it's not so easy to use the Sucking Power Technique on someone else ah."

Tang Zichen could only nod his head.

"Sucking power great method, you suck other people's power, you can consume their power and increase your own power at the same time, what else is stronger than this Sucking power great method?"

"Then teach me quickly."


"It's not too late for you to familiarize yourself with your body, and then you can start practicing once you're skilled at controlling it."

"I'm already familiar with my body,"Tang Zichen said.

"You just moved your soul to this body, so how can you familiarize yourself with the body so quickly."

"I'm really familiar with this body, Master, come on, I'm going to start practicing martial arts."

The old man gazed at Tang Zichen with a deep gaze, not knowing what he was thinking.

Tang Zichen's heart thudded, could it be that this old man had seen through it, right?

That would be the end, not only would Tang Zichen not be able to learn the Sucking Power Technique, he would perish as a result.

"Master, what's wrong with you?Alright, alright, then there's no rush to practice martial arts."Tang Zichen said.

The old man suddenly said, "No, I suddenly want you to do something for me."

"Uh, what is it?If even you can't do it, I can't do it even more, with your strength, there's nothing you can't do in this Oblivion City, right?"Tang Zichen looked at the old man in confusion.

"No, I can't do it, apprentice, I'm not the strongest in Forgotten City, and there are people stronger than me." One second to remember to read the book

"Ah, who is it?"

"That's Bian Mingyu."

"Oh, what do you want me to do for you?Is it that after helping you do that, you can start teaching me the Sucking Power Technique?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Of course, this matter is the hatred of my life.Unfortunately, I wasn't able to defeat Bian Mingyu's joint efforts."The old man had an angry look on his face.

"Tell me, what do you want me to do?"

"When I was young, I was chasing a girl at the same time as Bian Mingyu, and that girl's name was Mo Qingqing, and at that time, Bian Mingyu was more handsome and more powerfully gifted than me.However, Mo Qingqing still liked me more and she was ready to get married to me.But on the night of the marriage, I realized that this bitch was joining forces with Bian Mingyu to deceive me.The purpose was my family heirloom sword, and that night, I drank a lot of wine, and when I woke up, my family heirloom sword was lost.Also, my lifeblood was also, also, cut off."

"Ah."Tang Zichen opened his mouth wide, so the old man didn't have a lifeblood.

Tang Zichen really didn't know what it felt like to not have a lifeblood.

"Master, but I look at you, you still have a chin and a beard, you don't look like a eunuch."

The old man glared, "Who told you that I'm a eunuch, I just have my lifeblood cut off."

"Oh."Tang Zichen was incredulous, in that case, the old man's life was simply more miserable than a eunuch's, because he obviously still had human desire, but he didn't have a human vessel, this was simply a live hold ah, eunuchs at least didn't have any desire anymore.

"Master, if it's been cut off, why don't you go pick it back up?"

"Pick up, how to pick up, it's impossible, can't."

"Oh."Tang Zichen didn't ask any more questions, in this era, there was definitely no such profession as a healer, and I guess the medical aspect was so mediocre that he couldn't even pick up the lifeblood.

"Disciple, now that you have a body and are so handsome, I think you can take out an evil breath for me, and after this evil breath, my heart will be a bit more peaceful, then I will start teaching you the Sucking Technique."

"I respectfully follow Master's arrangement, what do you want me to do?"

"I want you to seduce her and then dump her badly."

Tang Zichen broke out in a cold sweat and said, "Are you kidding me?Seducing the man who cut off your life?She's an old woman, I'm afraid."

"No, I'm not talking about her, I'm talking about her granddaughter.This bitch, back then, not only bullied

Cheating my feelings, stealing my sword, stealing it is just as bad as stealing it, but also cutting my life roots, how can I let them go.Unfortunately, I'm no match for the couple on my own.Now, I want you to seduce the granddaughter of that pair of sluts, then ravage her and trample on her, and finally cut off her breasts and then abandon her, so they can also taste that."The old man said fiercely.

Tang Zichen broke out in a cold sweat.

He was here to learn the Great Law of Sucking Power, not to help him take revenge.

"Disciple, you are so handsome, you will definitely be able to do it, I'm counting on you for revenge, only you can return what they did to me back then to their granddaughters and let them experience this pain."

"Master, but this is a grudge from your last generation, can I get involved?"

The old man smiled, "Didn't you want to learn the Sucking Power Technique?"

"Ah, I thought you said you'd teach me when I got physically familiar with it?"Tang Zichen was a little confused as to why he was suddenly asking him this.

At this moment, the old man suddenly pressed one palm on the top of Tang Zichen's head, and an innate abstruse Qi enveloped Tang Zichen.

"What are you doing?I'm your apprentice, though."

"Kid, stop acting."At that moment, the old man put Tang Zichen away.

"What do you mean, acting?I can't act."

"If you pretend again, don't blame me for actually killing you."The old man's face was cold.

Tang Zichen suddenly realized that his identity had been discerned.

"When did you realize it?"Don Zichen asked.

"What, no more denials?"

"You've got it all figured out, what am I denying."

"Kid, you want to learn my Sucking Power Technique?Unfortunately, you were in too much of a hurry, so I could see that you were an impostor."

"You're the one who first took me as your disciple, so now that you've seen through it, what are you going to do about it."

The old man sighed sadly, "It seems that my great method of soul shifting has not succeeded at all, poor, I have killed my disciple."

At this moment, the head was already rotting because it was free from the immersion of the corpse fluid.

"If there's nothing else, then I'll leave first."Tang Zichen immediately wanted to leave.


"What else do you have to do?If you want to kill me, do it."

"What's your name?"

"Curtain Energy."

"Curtain Neng, what I just told you is what I told you, you fulfill my wish for revenge and I teach you the Sucking Power Technique."

"So, you knew me before you said this."

"Yes, I was going to play it safe and ask you to help 'Master' accomplish something, but you rejected me."

Tang Zichen said, "I helped you accomplish this wish, and you're really willing to teach me the Sucking Power Technique?"

"Of course."

"How do I know you're not lying?"

"The old man has no family in this world anymore, the only family member, my disciple, has not succeeded in moving his soul, completing my wish for revenge is all I have, if you can help me complete it, so what if I teach you the Sucking Power Technique, anyway, my disciple can't come back anymore, my Sucking Power Technique can't be left without a successor because of that."

Tang Zichen felt like the old man was telling the truth, as he sounded a bit sad, or maybe his disciple was depressed because he hadn't succeeded in moving his soul.

"Okay, I believe you, what exactly should I do?"


The old man said, "You get to know Mo Qingqing and Bian Mingyu's granddaughter, her name is Bian Phoenix, and make her fall in love with you and love you to death, at least to the extent of my original emotional obsession with Mo Qingqing.Then, when the time is almost right, you will seduce her to steal her grandfather's Qingcheng Sword before abandoning her and cutting off her breasts."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "That's too cruel.

However, Tang Zichen was worth doing it for the Sucking Power Law, and although it was cruel, everything here was just a dream.

"Okay, deal."

"Then go ahead, I'll give you one day, after one day, your progress must reach the level of knowing her."

"Give me the address."

The old man gave Tang Zichen an address and said, "You have to be careful yourself, Bian Mingyu and Mo Qingqing are both super strong people who live in seclusion in Oblivion City, if you are not careful and cautious, you will be the one to die when the time comes.When you go to get to know Bian Phoenix, you must test wisdom and not rob by force, this Bian Phoenix's strength is not to be underestimated.I'm afraid it's not weaker than you."


Tang Zichen sighed and flew away, the old man really let Tang Zichen go.

However, as soon as Tang Zichen left, the old man quietly tracked him, of course he would follow Tang Zichen the entire time to see if Tang Zichen would really go to help him with his revenge plan, if it was a lie, then absolutely pinch Tang Zichen to death.

Tang Zichen went straight to his destination to get to know that person called Bian Phoenix. First URL

"Hello, is Bian Mingyu's house here?"When Tang Zichen arrived, he asked a passerby.

"Why are you looking for Master Bian, he lives in the front, that most luxurious residence is now Master Bian's home."The passerby said.

"Master Bian?Why do you call him Master Bian?"

"Oh, he's a wealthy merchant, called Master Bian, of course, and he's very old now, and his family's business is left to his son and daughter-in-law to manage,"Passerby B said.

"Master Bian has a granddaughter, called Bian Phoenix, did you know that?"

"Oh, you said side phoenix, seen it once, it's beautiful."

"Alright, thank you."

Tang Zichen walked towards the Bian residence.

It seemed the old man was right, Bian Mingyu and his wife Mo Qingqing, they were super experts, but they were low-key, no one knew they were super experts, only that they were a rich businessman.

"How do I get to know Bian Phoenix in one day?Besides, we don't know what she looks like yet.It's a spoiled child, it seems that Bian Mingyu and Mo Qingqing, really did spoil this granddaughter, that's why the old man asked me to make a move on her and carry out a revenge plan.It wasn't my business originally, but it had to be done for the sake of the Sucking Power Law, and besides, that Mo Qingqing, she did go too far with that old man when she was young, deceiving his feelings, stealing his ancestral sword, and also cutting his bottom.This is merely their own karma and retribution, what does it have to do with me."

Tang Zichen arrived outside the main gate of the Bianfu residence, which was indeed a very imposing residence.

After squatting outside for a while, a few servants who were out shopping for food came out of the gate.

Tang Zichen followed them and asked, "Where is Bian Phoenix?"

"Who are you?What do you want with our lady?"

"She, she owes me something unpaid, and one of you tell me where she is."

"Miss is in the house of course."

Tang Zichen was in a bit of a pickle, he definitely couldn't go into the Bian residence.

"When will Bian Phoenix come out?"Don asked casually.

"How do we know, I suppose, in the afternoon, the lady usually goes for a walk around the streets in the afternoon."


nbsp; "Good."

Tang Zichen continued to squat.

At around three in the afternoon, finally, Tang Zichen saw a woman dressed in gold come out, accompanied by a few little girls.

"She must be Bian Phoenix."

This noble-dressed woman had a cold and arrogant look about her, as if looking at everyone else's was grippy, and she was feeling rich and white.

Tang Zichen followed her, then after some distance from the Bianfu, Tang Zichen saw that Bian Phoenix stopped at a shop selling musical instruments on the street.

"Boss, how do you sell this?"Bian Phoenix picked up a flute and said.

"Miss Bian, you're really good at it, this is our latest incoming flute, it's made using ivory, and it has a very nice sound."

"Really."Bian Phoenix didn't know anything about music at all and was half-hearted.

"How much does this cost?"Bian Phoenix asked.

"Miss Bian, this ivory flute is more expensive because it's the latest import and is made of good material, so it costs five hundred gold."


Bian Phoenix didn't want that much and ordered the maid to buy it and bring it back.

"Wait."At that moment, Tang Zichen saw the opportunity and immediately came out.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual product, and then you'll see that it's not a problem.I'm really not used to you, so, sorry."

The owner who sells musical instruments snorted, "What kind of person are you, do you know anything about music?You know how to compose?Do you know how to play the flute?Get out of my way, don't get in the way of my business."

Bian Phoenix looked at Tang Zichen, his eyebrows furrowed, and said, "It's you, curtain can."

Tang Zichen's heart thudded, Bian Phoenix actually knew him.

Tang Zichen was going to ask, how do you know me, but if you ask like this, Tang Zichen was afraid that he would wear it out, so he didn't know what to say for a while.

At this time, the boss was busy saying: "Miss Bian, don't listen to this man's nonsense ah, if you don't believe it, I'll play a song for you on the spot, you listen to it yourself, is this a fine product."

After saying that, the boss immediately picked up the ivory flute and played it.

Bian Phoenix said, "It does sound good, nice, boss, I trust you, I'll buy it."

Tang Zichen said, "Bian Phoenix, his flute sound, can only be considered third-rate, so third-rate, you even say it sounds good, it seems vulgar is vulgar."

"Curtain can, who are you calling vulgar."

"If you don't believe me, come with me."

"Where to?"

"Just follow me."

Tang Zichen flew to a river where there was a clump of bamboos.

Tang Zichen cut a section of bamboo and then dug holes in it, and soon, a disciple was finished.

Tang Zichen immediately played the flute.

The sound of the flute was melodious and full of beautiful echoes.

The phoenix listened fascinated, and when Tang Zichen finished playing, he looked at Tang Zichen with a little surprise.

Tang Zichen asked, "Now, do you still think that his ivory flute is a fine piece of art?If you still think that his ivory flute is a fine product, then go ahead and buy it, I won't stop you."

After saying that, Tang Zichen walked away without looking back, and after a few steps, Tang Zichen threw back the flute he had made and said, "Bian Phoenix, this flute, it's for you."


Bian Phoenix busily took the flute and looked at Tang Zichen's back, his brow furrowed.

"Why did you give me the flute?"Border Phoenix asked.

"It's just a random production, it's not a fine product."Tang Zichen said in a tone full of pretending to be cool, and didn't even look back.

"Your flute sounds great, when are you going to play the flute again?"Border Phoenix asked.

"I play the flute here every afternoon,"Tang Zichen said.

Tang Zichen walked away, and Bian Phoenix took the flute and went home.

As Tang Zichen walked down the street, the old man suddenly appeared.

"Curtain Neng, it seems you're an expert at picking up girls, hahaha, I've really found the right person to find you."The old man laughed.

"I'll go."

Tang Zichen was a bit torn inside, Bian Phoenix was a nice beauty and a bit lonely, if she really got her, then, really do that to her?

It's just a dream, Coco, and Don Zichen can't bear it. Remember the URL

"You've been spying on me."Tang Zichen said with dissatisfaction.

"I was afraid that you would run away, but you really did go to Bian Phoenix in the first place, which shows that you are trustworthy and you are really taking this to heart, so I can stop spying on you from now on."The old man said.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm just trying to learn your Sucking Power method."

"Don't worry, as long as you help me fulfill my wish for revenge, I will definitely teach you, Curtain Energy, I hope you won't disappoint the old man."

"Hmph, prepare your Sucking Power Great Method."

The old man said, "Call me Evil Cloud from now on, and also, this matter is not allowed to be revealed in the slightest, otherwise, not only you, but I will also be in trouble.If Bian Mingyu and Mo Qingqing join hands, I'll have no choice but to run away."

"Of course."

"Then goodbye, I hope you will soon make Bian Phoenix fall in love with you and be willing to steal her grandparents' Qingcheng Sword for you."

"I'll try my best."Tang Zichen didn't have any confidence at all that he would be able to accomplish this, this Bian Phoenix, didn't seem to be a nymphomaniac type of woman, how could he get her?Moreover, it had only been twenty days in total since Tang Zichen had entered Oblivion City, and now that three days had passed, time was so short.

"If there's anything, go find me."


After the old man left, Tang Zichen quietly arrived at the Daoist Temple to find Liu Xiangyun and Xu Meiqian.

Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian had finished their day of observing and were getting a bit closer.

"Xiang'er, Mei Qian."Tang Zichen shouted.

"Tzu-Chen, you're back."When Liu Xiangyun saw Tang Zichen, she immediately pounced on him and hugged him.

But Xu Qian Mei Qian did not.

"Mei Qian, why don't you come up and hug me."Tang Zichen smiled.

Xu Mei Qian huffed, "I'd better forget it, I'm just an old woman now, if I really come up to hug you, I might be kicked away by you."

"Hahaha, Mei Qian, how come, you're my woman."

"Really?Well then, let's kiss."Xu Mei Qian came up and her lips went up to Tang Zichen.

"Ow."Tang Zichen saw Xu Mei Qian's lips come up, that old woman's mouth, disgusting ah, and suddenly vomited.

This scene, a bit like a movie on Earth, Journey to the West, Zixia Fairy's soul transferred to Piggyback, and then the supreme jewel said it would not dislike her, Zixia Fairy let the supreme jewel kiss her to prove it, the result of the supreme jewel tried several times can not get off the mouth, but also vomited owl.

/> "Hmph, I knew it."Xu Mei Qian walked out of the room with a toot, Tang Zichen saw Xu Mei Qian also toot her mouth, and almost vomited again, a forty or fifty old woman toot her mouth to sell her adorableness, how deadly is this ah.

Liu Xiangyun giggled.

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Xiangyun, she at the moment this face value is very high, the body is also super great, so Tang Zichen hugged her are reluctant to let go.

Tang Zichen asked, "Xiang'er, if I'm having that with you now, but this body isn't your own, then is it considered cheating?"

"Ah, you want ah."Xiang Yun Liu blushed.

"Can't I?"

"But this body isn't mine, if you want it, wouldn't it be spoiling someone else, someone's good Daoist nun, by you."Liu Xiangyun said.

"This isn't the real world, this is just the record world ah, and it's from an unknown era, long dead, what's there to spoil or not spoil."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Xiangyun hesitated and nodded, "Alright, then I'll have to apologize to this little Daoist nun."

Tang Zichen saw that Liu Xiangyun had nodded, and then he hugged Liu Xiangyun and headed to the inner room.


"It hurts like hell."

"What's wrong?"

"The little Daoist nun in this body of mine, she, she's still..."

"Ah, no way."

"Why lie to you, it hurts like hell."

"Hahaha, Xiang'er, it's not bad to let you experience the feeling of breaking your dick twice."

"I don't want to."

"No, you can't."

"Too damned, you've spoiled someone's innocent little Daoist nun."

Xu Mei Qian lay on the roof and laughed somewhat speechlessly as she heard Liu Xiangyun and Tang Zichen talking.

Xu Mei Qian wasn't angry that Tang Zichen didn't dare to kiss her just now, she was just deliberately teasing Tang Zichen, even if Tang Zichen was willing, she wouldn't let Tang Zichen kiss an old woman.

An hour later.

Tang Zichen, Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian were sitting in the courtyard, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun's affair was already over, Liu Xiangyun looked guilty inside, sorry for this body of the little Daoist nun.

"I almost died today."Tang Zichen said.

"What did you run into?"

Tang Zichen told the story of how he ran into that old man today.

"What should I do now?That old man's Sucking Power Technique is definitely a great technique ah, I'm afraid that no one else in the entire Martial Island knows about it except me."

"How do you know?What if someone from Martial Island had already come in here and learned from that old man, or forced that old man to teach."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "It's absolutely impossible.That old man, his martial arts skills are very high, I'm afraid that Wulin Island might not even be a match for that Qin Feng, even if Qin Feng came in here and met that old man, there would only be one way to die, so if I get that Sucking Power Method, I'll definitely be the first one to get it."

Xu Mei Qian said in a difficult manner, "But you have to help him complete his revenge plan if you want him to teach you the Sucking Power Technique."

"Yes, such a powerful person can't be forced to teach it by force, I really want to get that Sucking Power Great Law, so I decided to help him complete his revenge plan and go after Bian Phoenix, will you guys support me?When I get the Sucking Power Method, I'll teach it to you."

"But, if you do chase after Bian Phoenix, do you really want to do such a cruel thing to her?Cut off her breasts?Even though this is a fantasy world, it's still brutal."


"That's what I'm struggling with."

"The Sucking Power Technique is indeed a very domineering technique, and if one learns it, then one possesses a very great advantage in the future."

"So, I'm definitely, open-minded."Tang Zichen said.

Neither Liu Xiangyun nor Xu Mei Qian said anything else.

The next day, Tang Zichen left the Daoist Temple.

Liu Xiangyun and Xu Mei Qian continued to observe while Tang Zichen headed to the same river yesterday early in the morning.

I'm not sure if this is the case, but I think it is.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

However, that somewhat arrogant look of Bian Phoenix, looking at anyone with a grippy personality, I'm afraid it's not so easy to be attracted to Tang Zichen.

"This afternoon, will she come to hear me play the flute, this will be the key ah.In addition, Bian Phoenix recognized me yesterday, and also called out my name, curtain can, is it, she and I already know each other?So, what was my relationship with her in the past as Shannon?It's really faint.Can only see the random condoms."

At about three o'clock in the afternoon, Tang Zichen was standing under a bamboo bush by the river, playing his flute.

"Tick tock tick tock tick tock..." One second to remember to read the book.

The beautiful sound of the flute floated out.

However, Tang Zichen played the flute for an hour, and that side phoenix didn't even appear.

"I'll go, waste my expression."Tang Zichen was seething.

"Didn't the Bian Phoenix ask me yesterday when I could still play the flute?I've said I'll be here every afternoon, but she? I've been playing for an hour and haven't seen anyone come, Nima, I really think I'm so laid back and elegant, what flute am I playing here ah, flaming."Tang Zichen sat in his spot and stomped his feet, a bit exasperated.

He wanted to learn the Great Law of Sucking Power, soaking the side phoenix was the only way, and that old man called Evil Cloud was too strong for anyone to be able to coerce him into teaching it.As for the Soak Side Phoenix, whether or not she would come to listen to Tang Zichen play the flute this afternoon would determine a message, whether or not she was interested in Tang Zichen's flute.

"Alas, I see, I won't be able to learn this Sucking Power Technique, it's a technique that was used in the ancient times, in my world, this technique has been lost, if I can learn it, it's really very useful."

"Bian phoenix, you're damn right you're here."

Just as Tang Zichen was imagining things, a woman came out from a bamboo bush behind him and said, "Why aren't you blowing up."

"Uh."Tang Zichen turned around and saw that it was Bian Phoenix, and was filled with surprise.

However, Bian Phoenix was a frown, because, curtain energy shouldn't see her so excited.

"You're here."Tang Zichen was suddenly back to being cool.

Bian Phoenix said, "You're moiety waiting for me."

"How could I be, I've been playing the flute here every day, not just today."Tang Zichen said.

Bian Phoenix said, "Curtain Can, you play the flute here every day, that Li Ling Na, you have no plans to go back?"

"Uh, Li Ling, who's Li Ling?"

Tang Zichen's head spun, immediately thinking of the City Lord's daughter, calling her Ling, could it be that the City Lord's daughter's full name was Li Ling?

As expected, this side phoenix, and the city lord's daughter, A Ling, knew each other, even, A Ling and side phoenix were probably friends, then, the identity of curtain canon, and A Ling have gotten into elopement, as a friend side phoenix, definitely know curtain canon, and may even be very familiar.

"Oh shit."Tang Zichen inwardly grieved, which meant that it was much more difficult for Tang Zichen to pick up Bian Phoenix again.

"I'm leaving first, the flute you just made, didn't

There's yesterday's good sound."Afterwards, Bian Phoenix walked away.

Tang Zichen had just been anxiously waiting for her to come, so it blew rotten.

How did Tang Zichen know that Bian Phoenix had already come, but she was sitting in a dark place and didn't meet with Tang Zichen, so it was good to hear her voice.

"Looks like I'm going to go find Ling tonight and ask her if Bian Phoenix is her friend, it's going to be very difficult to pick her up without figuring out Bian Phoenix's relationship with Curtain Energy."

That night, Tang Zichen headed to a street around the City Lord's residence, Tang Zichen once again entered the underground aqueduct, and through the aqueduct entered the City Lord's daughter's boudoir.

"Knock knock."Tang Zichen knocked on the window.

The City Lord's daughter, Ling, opened the window.

"Curtain Neng, you've finally come."The City Lord's daughter threw herself into Tang Zichen's arms.

Tang Zichen had already given City Lord's daughter, Ling, that last time, so Ling believed within herself that she was Tang Zichen's woman, always expecting Tang Zichen to come, and throughout the day, she didn't know how many times she had to open the window and take a glance at the entrance to the underground drain downstairs, expecting to see Tang Zichen come out from there.However, the constant disappointment.

"Ah Ling, I'm here, aren't I."

Tang Zichen felt the body temperature coming from the City Lord's daughter and sighed in his heart, the women of this era seem to be particularly simple, thinking that if they fall in love, they will be in love for the rest of their lives, no breakups, no divorces.

Tang Zichen kissed the City Lord's daughter, passionately and she rolled a certain single.

"Ah Ling, your father should not come at night, right?"

"No, my father is more comfortable with me now."

"Well, that's good."Tang Zichen nodded.

"By the way, I ran into Bian Phoenix yesterday."Tang Zichen said, deliberately leading the conversation to talk about Bian Phoenix as a person.

The City Lord's daughter smiled, "I already know, she came to see me and she said that you're very good at playing the flute."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was startled.

"Curtain Neng, since when did you know how to play music, you didn't even say you could before."

"Oh, you didn't even ask before."

"Curtain Noh, can you play me a tune."

"Here, it's not good in the middle of the night."

"It's okay, it's far from my father's place, he won't be attracted to it."Saying that, the city lord's daughter took out a flute.

When Tang Zichen saw the disciple, he recognized it, wasn't this the flute he gave her yesterday for hooking the border phoenix?How come the lord's daughter has it?

"This flute?"

The City Lord's daughter said, "The Phoenix brought it to me, and she said that you left it behind yesterday when you were playing the flute by the river, and gave it to me for safekeeping."

"Uh-oh."Tang Zichen had a sense of frustration inside, Bian Phoenix gave the flute given to her to the city lord's daughter, this is, the press didn't have any feelings for Tang Zichen's ah.

He heck, Tang Zichen had a fire inside, what a waste of two days of expression ah.


"Curtain Neng, what's wrong with you?"The City Lord's daughter asked.

"No. By the way, when did the side phoenix come to see you."

"This morning, Phoenix she was in a bad mood."

"What's wrong?"

"The man she liked, died, do you think she'll be in a good mood."

"Uh, who was the man she liked?"

"Meng Ying, the first guard under my father's hand, was killed by you."



Tang Zichen was really speechless, the City Lord's first guard, Meng Ying, was actually the man that Bian Phoenix liked.

Well, it was almost trivial for Tang Zichen to complete his mission and pick up Bian Phoenix, not only had the man Bian Phoenix liked just died, but he was also friends with the City Lord's daughter, it was simply impossible to do so.

"Why do you look so pale?"The city's daughter asked.

"Oh, it's nothing."

Tang Zichen now felt like there was a mountain of gold in front of him, but he couldn't get it.

"Go to sleep."

The next morning, Tang Zichen left the City Lord's residence, having slept with the City Lord's daughter last night, God knows what.

In the morning, Tang Zichen was on the street, continuing to provoke some strong people and then fighting with them, thus improving himself.

In the afternoon, Tang Zichen headed to the same small bamboo bush from yesterday to play the flute.

This time, Tang Zichen played more seriously, and did not care if the side phoenix came, after an hour, Tang Zichen this left. The first website

Just like this, ten days passed in a flash, every day, Tang Zichen went to provoke others in the morning, played the flute in the afternoon, and practiced his sword along with it, in the evening, he occasionally went back to the Dao Hall to meet up with the little Daoist nun, and occasionally went to the City Lord's Palace to roll around with the City Lord's daughter, and soon ten days passed.

"Only the last ten days left, ten days after the end of the Forgotten City's adventure, but, I can't even see Bian Phoenix's face now, how can I still pick up her, how can I learn the Sucking Power Method without picking her up, is it really fated that I won't be able to learn that Sucking Power Method?"Tang Zichen stood full of desolation by the bamboo bush by the river.

Just at this time, the side phoenix came out from the side.

Tang Zichen hadn't seen her for six or seven days.

"You're here."

Bian Phoenix said, "The sound of your flute is really getting better and better."

"So, you've been coming here every day to hear me play the flute?"


"So how come I didn't see you?"

"I don't want to meet with you, I'll be around to listen."

"Oh, why don't you show up and be nearby to listen."

"I don't want to cause a misunderstanding, you're Ling's man."

"I hear you're in a bad mood these days?"



"Didn't Ling tell you?The man I loved, who died, was Meng Ying, the first guard under Ling's father."Bian Phoenix said.

"My condolences."Tang Zichen consoled, Bian Phoenix must not know that Meng Ying was killed by Tang Zichen, or else the moment would have been rattled for sure.

Bian Phoenix said, "Actually, the first person I started liking wasn't Meng Ying."

"Uh, then who was it?"Tang Zichen asked.

Bian Phoenix sighed, looked at Tang Zichen and said, "You really don't know anything, huh?"

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, what did Bian Phoenix mean by that?Could it be that the first person she fell in love with was Reneng?In other words, the owner of this body of Tang Zichen?

Tang Zichen said in surprise, "You don't mean to tell me that the first person you liked was me?"

Bian Phoenix smiled bitterly, "Yes, Rei and I, we met you and fell in love with you at the same time, but, A Ling revealed her love for you before I did, and, you also liked A Ling more, so, I chose to forget.Later, I met Meng Ying, although his appearance is average, but his talent and strength is very strong, even I am no match for him, so, I forgot about you and fell in love with Meng Ying.Unfortunately, Meng Ying indeed does not like me, he likes A Ling."

/> "What."Tang Zichen was surprised, love triangle relationship ah.

It is the first time that the company has been involved in the development of a new product.

Tang Zichen said, "Phoenix, I'm sorry."

"Why are you telling me you're sorry, you're not sorry."Bian Phoenix said.

"I really didn't perceive your feelings for me."

"Oh, it's okay, you like Ling, so naturally you don't feel me."

"No, at first, I actually made a choice between you and Ling, I thought I wasn't good enough for you, so I never set my sights on you in the first place."Tang Zichen began to fill his mouth with lies.

"Ah."Bian Phoenix's body trembled.

Tang Zichen continued, "Moreover, Ah Ling expressed her love for me, so I became devoted to being good with her."

Bian Phoenix asked, "Why did you think you were not good enough for me?Ah Ling is the daughter of the city lord, she is more noble than me, I thought that you should choose her."

"Oh, Phoenix, don't pretend, your grandparents, are very powerful experts, the city lord is nothing in front of your grandparents."

"You, how do you know?"

"Don't ask me how I know, but anyway, I just heard from a strong man once who said that your grandparents are hidden here and are the strongest experts hidden in Oblivion City.So, I never felt worthy of you in the first place."

Bian Phoenix was in a complicated mood.

"What if my grandparents aren't hidden experts?"

"That, I don't know."Tang Zichen gave a difficult look.

Bian Phoenix smiled bitterly, "What's the point of talking about this now, you and A Ling are so in love, this is the best ending, besides, it's all in the past.The person I love the most now is Meng Ying, poor, he didn't even know who killed him."

Tang Zichen asked, "You really love Meng Ying?"

"I guess so, I've been depressed every day for the last ten days since he died."

"What did you like about him?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I don't know, his talent is strong, I'm not even an opponent."

Tang Zichen said, "But the person he likes is not you, but Ling, since people don't like you, why do you need to like him, besides, I don't think his talent and strength are strong."


"When I eloped with Ah Ling, Meng Ying came after me with a few guards, but he didn't succeed, Meng Ying's strength, wasn't stronger than mine."

"Curtain Neng, your talent has always been much worse than Meng Ying's."Bian Phoenix said in disbelief.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Phoenix, if you don't believe me, let's have a sparring match."


After saying that, the Bian Phoenix came running up towards Tang Zichen.

"Killing God Saber Technique."

"Descending Dragon Sword Technique."



In one move, Bian Phoenix retreated several steps, her attack didn't hurt Tang Zichen any, but was instead forced back by him, which showed that she wasn't even a match for Tang Zichen.

"Curtain Energy, you, why are you suddenly so powerful?And you're double-minded, for God's sake."Border Phoenix looked stunned.


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