The unknown Heir 896-897


Chapter 896

"Don't you remember anything, Fan Lao?"

    Chen Hao asked towards Fan Lao in confusion.

    Fan Lao shook his head slightly, his face full of confusion, he couldn't remember what had happened to him at all.

    "Old Fan, why did you swallow the Ghost Pearl?"

    Chen Hao stared at Fan Lao questioningly.

    If Fan Lao hadn't swallowed the ghost bead, then Fan Lao wouldn't have turned into what he was just now.

    "I swallowed the Ghost Pearl?"

    After hearing this, Fan Lao was fiercely shocked and stared at Chen Hao with wide eyes, asking.

    "That's right, you just swallowed the Ghost Pearl, causing you to turn into a crazy person and attack us!"

    Chen Hao recounted everything that had just happened.

    Fan Lao hurriedly looked at the ghost bead on the ground and became a bit incredulous.

    "But I really can't remember anything, I only know the moment you gave me the ghost bead, and then I don't know what happened!"

    Fan Lao didn't joke about it.

    Chen Hao looked at Fan Lao, and felt that Fan Lao wasn't lying anymore.

    It seemed that the problem was with the ghost bead, and there was definitely something wrong with the ghost bead itself.

    But Chen Hao himself had touched the Ghost Pearl, so why was he fine?What kind of weirdness exists in this?

    After soothing for a while, only then did Chen Hao ask Brother Chen to bring a white cloth and wrap the Ghost Pearl in his backpack.

    It was better not to carry such a scary thing close to your body, who knew what would happen later.

    Soon, the five of Chen Hao finally sort of found the exit and left the Ghost Clan's territory.

    After leaving, the five of them were not at the foot of a mountain, but rather on a high mountain.

    By now, the entire outside was already whistling with the north wind, and it was even drifting with goose feather snow.

    "How come it's snowing in this place!"

    After taking a glance at it, Brother Chen burst out in alarm.

    "Never mind all that for now, let's find a place to hide!"

    After taking a glance at the condition of the surroundings, Chen Hao reminded the four of them towards Brother Chen.

    Then, the five of them searched the mountain.

    After searching for a while, they found a pitch-black cave.

    Chen Hao's five people hurriedly entered the cave, while the entire outside was already in the rhythm of snow and storms.

    It was fortunate that the five of them had found a suitable place to hide in time, otherwise, the five of them would have had to be buried by the snow on this high mountain.

    "Eh?It stinks, what's the smell in here?"

    As soon as they entered the cave, Brother Chen pinched his nose and tightly frowned in alarm.

    Hearing Brother Chen's words, the four of them, Chen Hao, had of course smelled the pungent and extremely foul odor, which really made their stomachs churn and they couldn't help but want to vomit.

    But there was nothing they could do right now, they could only stay here and wait until the storm passed before going out again.

    "Bear with me, this is probably where some animals stay!"

    Chen Hao looked at Brother Chen and said to the four of them.

    After saying that, the five of them sat down separately, sitting at the entrance of the cave and waiting for the storm to pass.

    Only that the storm seemed to have no intention of stopping at all.

    Before they knew it, the five of Chen Hao closed their eyes one after another to do a temporary rest, they hadn't rested for a day or night and were already exhausted.

    It didn't matter about this sleep, what mattered was that they were completely unaware of the situation of the cave they were in.

    After a while, they only saw two red dots suddenly light up in the cave.

    The red dots shone from time to time, like eyes.

    In the next second, a huge white bear slowly walked out of the cave.

    When the white bear saw the five Chen Hao sitting at the entrance of the cave, its gaze stared straight at the nearest brother Chen.

    The five of them were still unaware of the danger, and had been immersed in sleep and rest.

    Brother Chen even snored, which attracted the white bear's attention even more.

    The white bear approached Brother Chen, sticking out his tongue from his mouth, and then licked wildly at Brother Chen's face.

    "Geez, stop it, Brother Chen, let me sleep for a bit longer, has the snowstorm outside stopped yet ah?"

    Brother Chen, on the other hand, didn't care so much and stretched out his hand to pat his face and said.

    When he slapped his hand onto something furry, it suddenly made Brother Chen wake up, he felt something wasn't quite right.

    At this time, Chen Hao and the four of them were already concentrating on Chen, none of them had expected that there would be a big white bear living in the cave, and they were so close that they could feel the scent and temperature emitted by the bear.

    Chen Hao quickly motioned towards Brother Chen, indicating to him not to move.

    Brother Chen slowly turned his head and came eye to eye with the white bear.

    Instantly, incomparable fear came within Brother Chen's heart.


    Immediately afterwards, the white bear gave a shriek and opened its mouth.


    With a loud shout, Chen Hao directly pulled up the three people beside him, Brother Chen and Zhen Ji, and then they quickly rushed out of the cave.

    It was good that he didn't run, but when he did, he made the white bear excited, knowing that he was a carnivore, of course he craved fresh meat, let alone a living person.

    No, the white bear also rushed straight out of the cave and chased after Brother Chen in the direction of his escape.

    Brother Chen subconsciously looked backwards and saw that the white bear was actually chasing him, but he was terrified.

    "Brother ah, don't chase me!"

    Brother Chen shouted loudly as he ran, his voice revealing despair, it was the first time he had been chased by a white bear, it was so miserable.

    On the other side, Chen Hao asked Zhen Ji to arrange the three of them in a safe place and then rushed towards Brother Chen's direction.

    "Brother Chen, run towards me!"

    Chen Hao shouted a loud reminder towards Brother Chen.

    After Brother Chen heard it, he immediately reacted and turned a head towards Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao was now also showing his Star Profound Sword, he was going to kill this big white bear.

    Brother Chen raced towards Chen Hao's direction.

    "Brother Chen, leave it to me, you go hide!"

    Chen Hao reminded towards Brother Chen.

    After saying that, the white bear had arrived before Chen Hao's eyes.

    Without saying a word, Chen Hao directly wielded the Star Profound Sword in his hand.


    A crisp tearing sound cut through.

    Just seeing the Star Profound Sword cut through the white bear's belly, but it was only a layer of skin, and it didn't hurt the white bear at all.

    The white bear was now annoyed and stomped its clawed heel on the ground ferociously before launching another fierce attack at Chen Hao.

    In the blink of an eye, the white bear reached Chen Hao's eyes.

    The white bear forcefully lifted his Nor'easter paw and slapped it down towards Chen Hao's head.

    If this was slapped, even if he didn't die, he would still be without half a life.


But of course, Chen Hao would not give it that chance.

    Chen Hao tumbled out towards the ground and sliced right underneath the white bear's abdomen before using the Star Profound Sword in his hand to pierce into the location of the white bear's abdomen.

    This time, it finally pierced through the white bear's belly.


    The white bear felt the intense pain and shrieked at the sky.

    But this wouldn't kill the white bear completely, it only made it become even crazier, feverishly attacking towards Chen Hao continuously.

    One man and one bear were just jumping around on the mountain like this, looking very funny.

    However, at this moment, the white bear switched its target, aiming at the four Chen brothers who were hiding on the side, and directly turned its head towards Chen Hao.

    "Watch out!"

    Chen Hao warned loudly towards Brother Chen's four men.

    Brother Chen's four people hurriedly reacted and dodged away from behind a large tree.


    When the white bear hit the tree, the powerful impact shook Brother Chen and his four men back.

    Zhen Ji was then unsteady on her feet and stepped on air, her entire body slicing down towards the valley.

    When Chen Hao saw this, he immediately rushed up with an arrow step and kicked the white bear, knocking it right off the mountain and into the valley.

    Then, Chen Hao was ready to rescue Zhen Ji.

    However, due to the soil around them being too loose, Chen Hao just grabbed Zhen Ji and they both fell down.

    "Brother Chen!"


    Seeing the two fall into the gorge, Brother Chen and Yu Xinton shouted loudly.

    It took about a long time before Chen Hao and Zhen Ji gradually woke up.

    When they woke up, they were both surprised, not expecting that they hadn't fallen to their deaths, but were hanging from a branch.

    "Zhen Ji, are you alright?"

    Chen Hao was concerned and asked towards Zhen Ji.

    Zhen Ji shook her head slightly and replied, "I'm fine, but my arm hurts a bit, I think I twisted it!"

    Saying this, Zhen Ji rubbed her own arm.

    Chen Hao quickly grabbed Zhen Ji's arm to check it out and gave it a gentle squeeze.

    "Fortunately, the bones aren't broken, so it should just be a sprain!"

    After some inspection, Chen Hao gave an answer.

    Hearing Chen Hao's words, Zhen Ji was relieved.

    "Then how are we going to go down now?"

    Jenji took a look underneath, it was still quite a distance from inside and it was still so dark that you couldn't see what was going on underneath.

    "Wait, did you hear anything?"

    At that moment, Chen Hao looked to Zhen Ji and asked.

    After saying that, the two of them quieted down and listened carefully to the movement coming from below.

    After listening for a while, they both revealed their surprise and reacted, looking at each other and exclaimed, "It's the sound of running water!"

    "Yes, yes, that's the sound of water, there should be a river down there!"

    Chen Hao said with a firm nod of his head.

    "You wouldn't be thinking..."

    When Zhen Ji saw Chen Hao's look, she immediately understood and looked at Chen Hao and said.

    Chen Hao revealed a smile, the only person who could understand his thoughts so quickly was Zhen Ji.

    "You understand me, we have no other way but to take a chance!"

    Chen Hao preached towards Zhen Ji.

    There was no other way for them to go down from such a high distance, the only way was to take a gamble and fall down into the river below.

    "Okay, then, I'll listen to you!"

    Zhen Ji did not oppose Chen Hao's proposal, but simply agreed to it.

    She believed in Chen Hao so much that she would die with him even if she died, not to mention that they might not die yet.

    "Are you ready?"

    Chen Hao asked with another glance at Zhen Ji.

    Zhen Ji nodded her head firmly.

    When the words fell, Chen Hao hugged Zhen Ji tightly and then planted her head towards the bottom.

    The two of them fell down quickly.


    Seconds later, they fell into the river with a huge splash.

    As it turned out the two had gambled correctly, there was a river below.

    The river saved the two's lives.

    Chen Hao never let go of Zhen Ji from the beginning to the end, pulling Zhen Ji and swimming to the shore.

    At this time, the two of them were already drenched to the skin, the water of this river was very cold, it was all snow melted from the mountains.

    Zhen Ji was already shivering from the cold.

    Chen Hao knew that they had to get warm immediately to do so.

    So without saying a word, Chen Hao rushed into the surrounding bushes and moved out many trees, then proceeded to make a fire in the oldest way possible.

    After one action, a slight fire ignited and soon all the trees were set on fire.

    "Jenji, come on, take off your clothes and dry them quickly for warmth!"

    Chen Hao hurriedly reminded towards Zhen Ji.

    When Zhen Ji heard this, she hurried to Chen Hao's side, took off her clothes, and then sat next to Chen Hao.

    Chen Hao grabbed Zhen Ji into his arms and they sat by the campfire to warm and dry up.

    Zhen Ji was pressed against Chen Hao, and a blush instantly appeared on her face.

    Under the illumination of the fire, it looked so shy and adorable.

    Chen Hao hugged Zhen Ji tightly, giving Zhen Ji an incomparably strong sense of security.

    This sense of security was something only Chen Hao could bring to Zhen Ji.

    "Chen Hao, it's so good to have you by my side!"

    Zhen Ji then raised her head to look at Chen Hao smiling and preaching.

    Chen Hao would also smile and slap Zhen Ji's forehead.

    "In the future, I will always stay by your side to protect and love you!"

    Chen Hao opened his mouth and responded towards Zhen Ji.

    Zhen Ji immediately nodded her head for a while, she certainly believed what Chen Hao had said, as long as Chen Hao stayed by her side, she really wasn't afraid of anything.

    After more than half an hour of baking, the two of them's clothes were finally dried.

    They hurriedly put on their own clothes and then left the bush.

    They had to hurry to meet up with Brother Chen.

    Chen Hao and Zhen Ji moved quickly along, weaving through the entire forest.

    However, at this moment, a dark wolf suddenly sprang out from the bushes and bit Chen Hao directly.

    Chen Hao's reaction speed was extremely fast, and he hit the wolf on the head with a single punch.


    This wolf whimpered, then fell to the ground and died of exhaustion.

    Chen Hao's punch wasn't light, it killed the wolf directly, with a thousand pounds of power.

    But this was good, this wolf was considered to be a warmth in the snow, sending warmth to the two of them.

    "Zhen Ji, you're hungry, aren't you?Never eaten wolf meat before, have you?"

    Chen Hao then looked at Zhen Ji and opened his mouth to ask a question.

    Zhen Ji was stunned and shook her head, she naturally understood what Chen Hao was thinking, it seemed that Chen Hao wanted to eat the wolf.

    "That's fine, I've never eaten it either, it's just as well that we're lucky enough to have a taste of wolf meat today, we don't have anything to eat right now anyway, so we can use it to fill our bellies!"Chen Hao also suggested towards Zhen Ji.


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